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Collected by Djian

Jenny Gets a Car
By V.P. Viddler

"Do you know what I saw on my way home from school today, Daddy?"

"I don't think I want to know, Jenny."

"But, Daddy -- I saw this great little car --"

"I don't want to hear this, Jenny."

"It's just a small car, Daddy -- a tiny tiny car, a Toyota, actually, is what it
is. And it only costs --"

"Stop, Jenny. Stop right now."

"Daddy --"

"No, Jenny. Just no."

"Daddy -- how do you think I look today?"

"Don't, Jenny. Don't start this. I don't want to start this."

"But don't you think I look all right? Look at this, Daddy. Do you like what I'm
wearing today?"

"Jenny -- don't. You know I don't want this."

"Don't you, Daddy?"

"I -- no. Damn it, no. Go upstairs now."

"All right, Daddy. But just tell me if you like my outfit, okay? How about this
skirt, for instance. Do you think it suits me, Daddy?"

"Jenny -- don't."

"I thought you might like this shirt, Daddy. Or do you think it's too short?
Just a bit? But then, you don't mind looking at me in short skirts, do you,

"Damn it, Jenny, I said go upstairs."

"All right, Daddy. Anything you say. I'll go up slowly, all right? And you can
watch my legs as I climb the stairs, and you can look up my skirt and watch my
thighs moving."

"Jenny, for god's sake --"

"You like to watch my legs, Daddy. I know that. You think my thighs are nice,
don't you, Daddy? You think they're sexy."

"Jenny -- for god's sake --"

"You can see almost all of my thighs now, Daddy, with this short skirt, but if
you want to see more of them, I can lift it up for you. Would you like that,

"Jenny don't do this, for Christ sake, I don't want this, you know I don't, I
don't want to --"

"Look, Daddy. Look at my legs. Aren't they pretty? You can look as much as you
want to; I'll just stand here and hold my skirt up for you. Do you want to touch
them? I could just walk across the room to you and you could put your hands on
them, Daddy. I know you love that. Shall I?"

"I don't want to do this, for god's sake, Jenny, why are you doing this --"

"Because I want that car, Daddy. You know that."

"But this -- you're my daughter, my own --"

"That never stopped you before, Daddy, did it?"

"You little bitch. I don't want this, damn it. I don't want to be this way."

"But you can't help it, can you, Daddy? You can't stop yourself. You know you
can't. You want me."

"Oh, god."

"You want my body, Daddy. Don't you?"


"Oh, Daddy, what a liar you are! But you're still looking at my legs, Daddy. And
what about my top? Do you like it? It's such a pretty thing, I think, sort of
orangeish, wouldn't you say? I know it's a little bit tight on me, but you don't
think it's too tight, do you, Daddy? Of course, I should wear a bra with it, but
I'm not. You can probably tell that, can't you, Daddy? It just clings to my
breasts, doesn't it? All around. And look how it shows my nipples -- oh, that's
wicked, isn't it? They just stick out like anything; but that's because they're
all hard, Daddy; they grow so hard and stiff when a man is looking at me that
way, the way you are, Daddy."

"I'm not, damn you. Damn you, Jenny. I'm not."

"But you are, Daddy. You can't help it. It's like you want to strip all the
clothes from my body, and just touch it all over, run your hands all over it,
and then just throw me down and do it to me. That's what you'd like to do, isn't
it, Daddy? Throw me right down on this floor and take me, take my body, do it to
me until I --"

"No! Stop. Jenny. I won't. Not this time. It's no good. Go away."

"Would you like me to take my top off, Daddy? Shall I show you my breasts? Don't
you want to see me naked? Touch me, naked? I'll strip for you, Daddy, and you
can --"

"Oh god help me. No, Jenny. I won't. Don't. I won't do it. I won't buy you a
car. I don't care what you do. No car. Do you understand? No!"

"All right, Daddy. All right. I'm just going to sit down now. I'll sit right
here, but don't worry, I'll keep my skirt high so you can still look at my
thighs. Okay? Do you want me to take my top off anyway?"

"I don't care. I don't care what you do. It won't change anything."

"Okay, Daddy. If you say so. I think I'll just pull it off. You can watch my
breasts bounce around as I pull it off my body. Isn't that sexy, Daddy? I know
you think I have pretty breasts. Look at how my nipples are all stiff. That's
for you, Daddy. Wouldn't you like to touch them? I'll bet you can remember how
my breasts feel. Can't you, Daddy? Don't you think about how good it was to put
your hands on them? Isn't it exciting, Daddy? Isn't my body turning you on? It
usually turns you on, Daddy, I know. such a young, soft, firm body, isn't it,
Daddy? And you know what I can do with it. You remember, Daddy. Think about it.
I'm going to take my panties off now. Watch, Daddy. Is that nice? You do want
me, Daddy. You know you do. I know it too. You want this body so much. You can
have it, Daddy. Right now. It could be all yours. Any way you want."

"Damn you to hell! I'm not going to do it, Jenny. Damn you."

"But you can remember how it was, can't you, Daddy? How it was to be on top of
me, taking me, doing it to me, to your own daughter."

"Stop, for god's sake, don't..."

"Think about it, Daddy. How it felt to have this body underneath you, with these
legs around your waist, holding you. Think about how it was, with my body
twisting against you, twisting and squirming and bucking with you, and how my
lips felt on yours, how you kissed my mouth and bit my tongue and how --"

"No! Stop. Please, Jenny. Please. Please. I won't, I can't."

"You can, Daddy. You want to."

"No! No car. No car. Period. Okay? All right? No. Fucking. Car. That's it!"

"Well. Gosh. That's too bad, Daddy. That's really disappointing. I mean, a car
has a lot of possibilities. You can do a lot of things in a car, if you think
about it. You know, I thought that maybe you and I might go for a ride in it.
You know, out into the country or something. And you could drive, Daddy. You
enjoy driving, don't you? And I would sit right beside you. And we would talk
and stuff, and watch all that scenery and all going by, and wouldn't that be

"Jenny, look --"

"And maybe I could sort of start playing with you a little."

"Jenny --"

"Oh, nothing really naughty, Daddy -- nothing you wouldn't dig, anyway. Just
with my hand -- at first. Just playing around. My hand in your lap."

"Jenny --"

"Just to sort of entertain you as you're driving, you know? Make you feel good.
Just my hand, Daddy. Playing with you. Stroking you. You won't mind. I'll bet
you won't mind a bit. I bet you're getting hard right now, thinking about it.
Right? Aren't you, Daddy?"

"Damn you."

"You think about it, Daddy. And then my fingers, unzipping you. Oh, Daddy.
Unzipping your pants. Dipping in there. Finding you. Taking you out. Oh, Daddy.
All hard, all wanting your naughty daughter. Oh, yes. Are you hard, Daddy? Are
you hard right now? Do you want your daughter to come over and play?"

"No. No, Jenny. It's not right, it's not fair --"

"And you know, Daddy, this Toyota, it's such a convenient kind of car, doesn't
have that silly lump right in the middle of that front seat, to get in the way
and all. That front seat is all nice and flat. So what I could do, Daddy, I
could just lay down on that seat, lay right down on my tummy, okay?"

"Jenny... don't..."

"And I could sort of hitch myself up so my head could kind of rest in your lap.
You know what I'm saying, Daddy? My face would be right over your lap. Right
over your crotch, Daddy. And if I just put my head down --"

"Oh. Oh god. Jenny. Don't do this to me. I'm your father. Please. I can't stand

"I know, Daddy. I know you can't. Can I have that car?"

"Don't do this to me, Jenny. Please."

"But you like me to do it to you, Daddy. Especially what I'm talking about.
Don't you remember? Don't you recall what I can do with my mouth? Don't you
recall how nice my mouth is? And my lips? And my tongue? Don't you, Daddy?"

"You slut."

"Think about it, Daddy. Driving along. In my car. With your big stiff thing
standing up, and my face right above it, moving down. Slowly. Think of how my
hair will touch it first. My soft hair, brushing along your skin, brushing back
and forth, stroking over it. Thank about how that feels."

"I remember."

"I know, Daddy. And then my lips. Just touching you. Just very softly kissing,
lightly kissing. Kissing it. All over. Licking it. Stroking it with my tongue.
Do you remember my tongue, Daddy?"

"I remember."

"Can you feel it, Daddy? Are you thinking about it?"

"Yes. Yes. I am. I do."

"And now my mouth, Daddy. Finding you. Opening for you. Slowly. Slowly at first.
Just a little at first. Taking you in. Into my mouth. Gradually. Bit by bit.
Sliding into your daughter's mouth."

"Oh Jesus god, oh Christ."

"Yes, Daddy. Think about it. Think about my mouth. You know what it's like. You
know I can take you all the way in. All the way, Daddy. All the way into my
mouth. Into my throat. I'll hold you there. Licking you. Sucking you. I'll suck
you, Daddy. Think about me sucking you. So slowly. As you drive down that road.
Lying on my stomach. Sucking you."

"Jenny --"

"Keep watching the road, Daddy. You don't want any accidents. Just look at the
road. I know it's hard, because probably my skirt will be up around my waist,
and my bare thighs will be showing, and if anybody else should pass us on that
road, they'll probably get a real eyeful. But I don't care, Daddy, I'm just
going to go on sucking you, sucking and sucking you, until you can't stand it
any more, Daddy. Until you can't hold it back any more, and you shoot it all,
Daddy, shoot it right down my throat, and god, I hope you don't crash the car,
Daddy, because I know how you love to shoot down my throat, and I'll just
swallow it all down, think about it, Daddy, swallowing it all, your naughty
daughter swallowing again and again as you shoot into my mouth, driving that car
down that road."

"Bitch. Oh you bitch. You wicked --"

"I could do it now, Daddy. Not in a car, of course, because I don't have a car,
do I, Daddy? Yet. But I could do it anyway. Just go right over to you and go
down on my knees, all naked as I am, and put my mouth down there and --"

"You little slut."

"Am I a slut, Daddy? Do you want your slut daughter to suck you off? Think about
what this slut can do, Daddy. Think about how you like this slut body. How you
like to kiss it all over. All the things you want to do to it."

"I do, you bitch, I do, I can't help it."

"I know, Daddy. I know you do. And you can, Daddy. You can do anything you want
to it. You can have your nasty slut of a daughter any way you want her. Any way
at all. Just say I can have that car, Daddy. That's all. Just say that. That
car. Any way at all, Daddy."

"I should --"

"Think about having me, Daddy. Think about my thighs around your body. Think
about my breasts mashing into you. Think about kissing my mouth. Think about me
bouncing and rolling underneath you. Think about --"

"I should --"

"Just say it, Daddy. Say it's all right."

"I should --"

"What, Daddy? You should what?"

"I should -- punish you."

"What, Daddy?"

"Punish you. I should... punish you."

"Punish me?"

"Yes. I -- yes. I want to. Punish you."

"Punish? You -- what do you mean, Daddy?"

"Yes. Punish."

"I -- I don't -- how? How, Daddy? How do you want to punish me?"


"Tell me, Daddy."

"I -- no."

"Daddy. Do you want to punish me?"

"No. Yes. I don't know."

"If you did -- Daddy -- if you did -- punish me -- then -- could I have the car?

"I --"

"Daddy? Could I?"

"I -- don't know."

"What do you want to do to me, Daddy? Do you want to hurt me?"

"Hurt you. Yes. Yes. I want to hurt you."

"Oh. Well. Daddy. Do you -- want to spank me?"



"Kid stuff."

"Oh. Of course. You don't want to do kid stuff. I'm not a kid any more, am I,
Daddy? I'm a big girl now. A big naughty girl, and you want to punish me like a
grown-up. Is that right, Daddy?"

"Yes. That's right."

"And if I -- All right. All right, Daddy. Hurt me. Hurt me any way you want. I
know I'm a bad girl. I know I'm a naught slut daughter. And you'd like to pay me
back, wouldn't you, Daddy? You want to make me pay for all the nasty things
you've done to me. You want to hurt that body that tempts you so much. You want
me to suffer, don't you, Daddy? You want me to cry. You want me to scream. You
want to watch me in pain, shouting with pain, twisting in agony. Is that it,
Daddy? Is that what you want?"

"Yes. That is what I want. Jenny. Yes."

"And if I do that for you, Daddy -- if I let you hurt me, and cry for you and
scream for you and twist for you, and crawl for you, all you want, Daddy -- if I
do all that, then will you buy me that car? Daddy?"

"God. You're such a witch, Jenny. Such a depraved little witch."

"How do you want to do it, Daddy? Do you want to spread my body out on my bed,
stretch me out, straining, open, helpless, for whatever you will do to me? Or do
you want to hang me up, Daddy. Think how I would look hanging naked by my
wrists, Daddy. Think of having me dangling from the ceiling, all of my body
straining, swaying, twisting helplessly in the air. Think of hanging me with my
feet off the floor, my legs straining, twitching, kicking. Think of how my
breasts will look, tight, taut, upthrust, all exposed. Think about whipping me
that way, Daddy. Think how my body would jerk and writhe and squirm and twist.
Think how my breasts would bounce and shudder at each lash. Think how my legs
would thrash and kick in agony. And think how I would scream, Daddy. Scream and
scream. Think how I would beg you to stop. Promising to be good, to do anything
you wanted. But you wouldn't stop, would you, Daddy? Think about whipping my
body all over, whipping my back and my waist and my behind and my thighs and my
calves, and whipping my breasts, Daddy, and my stomach and my hips and my thighs
again, and whipping my crotch, Daddy. Think of that, Daddy. You'd make me hold
my legs apart for you, and I wouldn't think I could do it, but you'd make me,
you'd whip my breasts until I had to do it, and I'd open my legs and hold them
that way and you'd whip my crotch, Daddy, and I'd yell and howl and go crazy
with that pain until you stopped. Is that what you want, Daddy? You could do all
kinds of things to me, I know that, Daddy. I can't even stand to think of it,
but I know you wabnt to do it all. You'll break me, Daddy. I know that. You'll
grind me into dust. And finally I'll crawl for you, Daddy. Think about watching
me crawling for you, crawling like an animal, on my hands and knees, your
begging, broken slut of a daughter. And then I would crawl to you and bow down
to you and give you my mouth, my crying, sobbing mouth, and I'd suck you as your
slave, your slut cock-sucking slave daughter. I would swallow it all if you
wanted, or if you felt like it you could shoot it in my face, right into my
face, all over my face, in my hair, in my eyes, in my nose, on my lips, until I
was dripping with it. Soaking with it. Then you could have my body any time you
want, Daddy, any time, any way at all. I would be yours, Daddy, to do with as
you wish. A toy, a thing for your pleasure, a plaything. To hurt if you want. To
punish. To possess. If you want me to, I will go naked all the time for you. Or
I will only wear very short skirts, very tight tops. So my body is always on
view for you. Always available. You could keep me tied up all the time, have me
in bondage always. My hands tied behind my back. My thighs bound together. My
hair bound to my wrists, pulling my head back, making my breasts stick out. I'd
be a sex toy. That's all. Your daughter the sex toy. And if you got tired of
that, you could call up some of your friends and lend me to them for an hour. Or
a day. Or a week. Think of making me perform for your pals, think of watching
your naughty daughter submitting to a bunch of men, going down for them,
spreading for them, fucking them at your command. Think of that, Daddy. Think
about going into a restaurant with me, and running into a man you know slightly.
`This is my daughter,' you could say. `Isn't she pretty? Do you want her to suck
your cock? Jenny, go under this table and suck Mr. So-and-so off. Do it good,
Jenny,' you'd say. And I would do it, Daddy. I'd go down under that table and I
would take his cock out and I would suck it like it was never sucked before.
`That's my cock-sucking slut daughter,' you would say. `Isn't she good with that
mouth? Any time you want it again, pal, just ask. Jenny will do anything I say.'
Wouldn't you like that, Daddy? Are you hot, Daddy? Have I got you all hot now,
do you want to punish me now? Do you want my body? My mouth? Just say I can have
that car, Daddy. And you can strip me naked and lash me onto the front of that
car, just spread my body out across the hood and lash my wrists and ankles, a
living, naked figurehead, and you can drive that car all through the town and
show everybody your naked slut of a daughter, and you could park that car right
on Main Street and watch as all the men took my body, right there on the hood of
my car, thousands of them, taking my body, having me, doing it to your daugher,
and I would twist and pull against the ropes, but in vain, and you could watch
all this time, and you could say, `How do you like your car, Jenny? How do you
like it now, you lousy bitch?' And afterwards I would kneel in the dirt and suck
you with my crying, sobbing mouth, suck you and suck you and swallow it all

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