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Collected by Djian

Fat Charlie
By V.P. Viddler

"Kiss the floor, Miranda," Fat Charlie said.

And the girl who was lying on her stomach with her wrists tied together behind
her back did as he said, her long blonde hair spreading over the polished wood
floor as her soft lips pressed against that floor as if kissing a lover with
utmost passion.

"Kiss it good," Fat Charlie said, and Miranda's head moved from side to side as
she caressed the hard wood with her mouth, her tongue licking at it, little
whimpers coming out of her throat. Her body writhed slowly against the floor,
her breasts flattened on it, her hips fucking it. She was fucking that floor for
Fat Charlie.

And Fat Charlie laughed.

Later, in bed with her, I told her to do to me what she had done to the floor.

In the morning Fat Charlie made her lie naked across the table while we ate. Her
hands were still tied. Fat Charlie used Miranda's hair for a napkin.

And when we finished eating he used her breasts for an ash tray. And he used her
yelling mouth as a convenient hole to fuck in. Her howls choked on his sperm
when he shot it down her throat.

Fat Charlie was a filthy slob. But I couldn't disguise the fact that I loved
what he did to Miranda. I loved it all. Charlie knew that. Miranda knew that.

Miranda begged me to take her away from Fat Charlie. I told Fat Charlie about
it. Fat Charlie brought six of his cronies around and turned them loose on
Miranda. I watched as they used her. As she crawled for them. As she fucked and
sucked and drank piss, I looked her in the eye and I smiled.

Fat Charlie hung her up by her wrists and all of them whipped her. I took hold
of the long yellow hair and pulled it, pulling her head back, tautening the
helpless arch of Miranda's body as they whipped her breasts, and while she
screamed I gazed into her tortured eyes. I kissed her contorted mouth and I
fucked her twisting, squirming body in the ass as they lashed and lashed all
over her.

In bed that night I held her hair and fucked her and made her tell me all about
what had happened to her. I kicked her out of the bed and told her to crawl to
Fat Charlie's room and suck his cock. Miranda hated to suck Fat Charlie's cock.

Fat Charlie was her father.

I was her brother.

Miranda had seduced me with her body to get me to take her away from Fat
Charlie. I had fucked her naked body for four days before I told Charlie about
that. Charlie had laughed and spread her out on the living room floor and pulled
her body as tight as it would go and burned her all over with cigarettes for
hours and hours. She screamed so loud and squirmed and writhed and twisted so
hard that I came just from her pain, and my come spattered on her body, and Fat
Charlie laughed and told me to fuck her. And I fucked Miranda's tautly stretched
naked, aching body while she howled and bucked under me, and then I fucked her
mouth, and we kept her there for days, fucking and burning and torturing her.

And now when Fat Charlie tells her to kiss the floor, Miranda kisses it
passionately, fucking it with her body, and whimpering...

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