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I've been a member of this email list for over a year, and this is
the first time I've gotten brave enough to send a story. I hope it's
worth the wait.

~april~ I can't believe I'm in this mess.

Sir and I had a three-day weekend planned. We had both taken Friday
off from work and had all day Saturday and Sunday to play. The idea
was for 24/7 submission, no limits, no breaks from "role"…one safe
word. The safe word was there for cases of extreme emergency, and if
I used it, he would pack his bags and go home. Game over, thank you
for playing.

Friday morning, I showered and shaved my legs and pussy and cleaned
the house and got everything in order. He was due over at 11am and I
had to hurry to get everything just right. Around 10am, I unlocked
the door to my apartment and disabled the alarm, taping a note over
it with the code so that Sir could turn it back on when he got
there. I took off all of my clothes, hanging them neatly in the
closet and took out my toy bag. Sir had requested that I bind myself
to the bed, blindfolded and spread-eagled. He had also asked that I
have my headphones on and music playing. Total sensory deprivation,
so that the time would seem to stretch until he came... so that his
first touch would be so exciting.

That first touch was exciting all right. I had wrapped a choke chain
around each of the four posters of my bed, and then attached my wrist
and ankle cuffs with double-ended clips. Just before attaching the
last one, I put my blindfold and headphones on… Guns-n-Roses blaring
into my ears as loud as I could stand it, then attached my last
wrist. As a surprise bit of submission to him, I had added my ball
gag. I don't know how long I had lain there before the first touch
came. I know I had dozed off a bit. I felt a hand on my leg…
running up and down the inside of my thigh. Then I felt a hand on my
breast on the other side, squeezing my nipple. "Oh god…" I
thought. "He's reaching across my body to make me paranoid. He's so
good." Then I felt two hands wrap around that breast and squeeze…
funny thing was, I could still feel the hand on the inside of my
thigh. When the next set of hands started exploring my pussy lips
and ass, I woke up entirely and started counting hands. By this
time, there were two on my right breast, one on my left breast and
one behind my head, pulling my hair. There was one on each foot and
one on my thigh. Let's don't forget the one buried three fingers
deep in my pussy and a thumb in my ass. Eight hands equal four
guys. I lost control. I started fighting and crying and trying to
get away from their hands, but it was no use. Sir had taught me too
well how to bind myself and I was stuck. I screamed out my anger,
cursing every god I knew, silently of course.

One of the men laid the Walkman on my chest and taped it down with
what felt like duct tape. Then they freed my hands and feet from the
bed and clipped them together. One of them had apparently found my
toy bag, because he pulled the nylon hood I kept in there down over
my face. " Oh shit, " I thought, "please don't let them find all the
other toys!" Man, was that prayer too late. At least the bastards
knew enough to lube the plug before they pushed it into my ass… and
oh my god the one with his fingers inside of me was good! I couldn't
decide if I was supposed to be angry and scared or hot and bothered
when he pulled his fingers out and pushed in the vibrator. When they
wrapped the comforter around me and carried me out the front door,
angry and scared won. I started wiggling and kicking and generally
throwing a fit. I could feel that we hadn't started down the stairs
in front of my apartment, so I thought if I made enough trouble they
would just drop me and run. No such luck. One of them unwrapped the
comforter and then spanked my ass till it was raw. So there I am,
trussed up like the Christmas turkey, completely naked and exposed to
all my friends and neighbors, and now I had suffered a really intense
spanking. I gave myself over to a crying jag and settled down.

The men took me down to a vehicle. From the sound of the doors and
the feeling of space once I was inside, I think it was a van. There
was no padding of any sort on the floor, so I felt every bump and
pothole on my poor abused butt. Guns-n-Roses was spewing some
nonsense about a sweet child into my ears and I was really getting
pissed off that I had put that tape in at all. I could really use
some kung fu master telling me how to escape this hellacious
situation. The ride seemed to go on forever, so I had plenty of time
to think about Sir finding my house empty and praying he would call
the police and come find me. My body betrayed me on this ride; I
fell asleep crying. I have no idea how long the ride was or what
direction we went in.

When the van stopped, the men unwrapped me from the comforter and one
of them threw me over his shoulder. Another came up behind me and
checked to make sure that my toys were still in place, wiggling each
one a bit. I could tell that we were outside from the breeze
rippling through my hair and the warm sunshine on my back. It took
probably ten minutes for them to get me to the building where they
were going to keep me. At least that is what it felt like to me.
Damn, I wish they would turn off this music! I had decided that when
they set me down on my feet, I would swing my cuffed hands at the
nearest one and try to take him down. If I didn't make some effort
to escape, I felt like all would be lost. Were they planning to kill
me? Rape me? What? The thoughts and scenarios swirling around in my
head were almost as loud as the damned music and were driving me
crazy. I kept asking myself how long until someone noticed I was
gone. I had told all the girls at the office I would be out of town
till Monday morning and told my family the same thing. The only
person who knew where I was and that I would be missing would be
Sir. I played back every moment of the time in my house, trying to
think if I had left him some sign, hoping these men had left a ransom
note or something. What did they want from me?

Apparently, they had figured out that I would fight when they set my
feet on the floor. My feet never once touched the floor. There were
four of them and they easily manhandled me back down onto a bed and
put me back in the exact same position I had been in at home… spread-
eagled and totally bound. At least they turned off the fucking
music! Not that I could hear any better with the hood and the
earphones still covering my ears, but at least now I could think in
peace. What in the world made me think I liked this band? Someone
ripped the taped Walkman off my chest, none too gently, and I could
feel it pull over my head, but they didn't take the earphones off,
just unplugged the jack. One of the more sadistic bastards turned on
the vibrator in my pussy at this point. I lay there fighting the
sensations for what seemed like an hour, and just before I gave in,
just as I was riding the crest of an orgasm… that sonofabitch turned
it back off. I could feel one of them hooking the headphones back up
to the Walkman and soon a voice started speaking to me. It was a
really weird voice, like one of those computer simulations.

"Ms. Jenkins, listen very carefully to this message. I am going to
lay out the rules of your existence and there is no second chance
here. One of us is fastening a collar around your neck right now.
This collar is locked on and will not come off. Your wrist and ankle
cuffs will also be locked on. If at any time during your stay with
us, you try to escape, you will be punished. If you try to harm one
of us, you will be punished. You will follow any and all
instructions that you receive, or you will be punished. All
instructions will be recorded on tapes such as this one and will be
left for you to listen to. Any time you see the Walkman, put it on
and follow all instructions to the letter.

You may see to your personal hygiene by going through the small door
to the left. You will find your meals each day left for you through
that door also. After you finish listening to this tape, you will be
allowed to remove your hood and blindfold. You will have two hours
to tend to your personal needs and eat your lunch. At that time you
will return to this room, listen to the next message and put your
blindfold back on. Do not attempt to escape, Ms. Jenkins. "
While I had been listening to the tape, several things had happened.
The men had indeed fastened a rather bulky collar around my neck.
Damned thing is heavy! They brought my arms brought down in front of
me and locked them together, with a chain leading up to the collar
from hell. The cuffs on my feet were now sporting locks as well, and
from the very limited movement I could get from them, there was a
spreader bar there too. The tape had said I could remove the hood
and blindfold, so I did. The light was so freaking bright! After my
eyes adjusted, I started looking around my room. No windows, wooden
walls, humongous four-poster bed… and only one door set in the wall
to my right. To my right? The tape had said to my left, but the only
thing to my left was a largish doggie door. Oh no, buster brown.
Not this little girl. I started examining the HUMAN door to my
right, trying to figure a way through it. I know, they said, "you
will be punished." So what, like being kidnapped and held against
your will wasn't punishment enough? The door was solid wood and very
tightly sealed to the frame. I tried the handle but it was locked
tight. " All right, girly, here is where all those kick boxing
classes come in handy," I thought to myself. I struck out with my
left foot just seconds before I remembered that they were hobbled
together. THUNK! Oh that's gonna bruise. Okay, maybe I would check
out the doggie door. It had to lead somewhere away from this
lumberjack's idea of sex heaven. Walking hobbled was a new treat; I
had to stay off my toes completely and take little bitty geisha girl
kinds of steps.

The doggie door didn't quite make it up to my knees and kneeling down
hobbled the way I was took a moment of extreme concentration so that
I didn't end up face down on the floor again. I could just barely
squeeze my shoulders through the door from the looks of it, and had
to crawl on my hands and knees to get through. The door led
outside. I was very confused and embarrassed. I looked around for a
concealing fence or nosy neighbors and there were neither. Honestly
it didn't seem as though there was another soul in sight. The cabin,
as I could now see it to be, was situated in a large cleared out
meadow in the middle of a forest. I could tell from the lower
position of the sun that it was late afternoon. The sun felt
wonderful on my body, but since it was mid-September, I knew it would
be getting chilly later on. I looked around for the outhouse I
assumed had to be here; the tape had said to go though the doggie
door to take care of my personal hygiene. Nothing. Just a big wide-
open space. I thought for a moment about the embarrassment of
showing up at some stranger's house naked and bound like this, but
decided that if they were going to leave me this opportunity to
escape, I was going to take it. I started walking as fast as the
spreader bar between my legs would allow me to, headed straight for
the nearest section of trees. I thought maybe I could skirt around
the outside of the house in the trees and find the road. About seven
feet out from the house, I heard a buzzing noise from my collar. At
8 feet it started to tingle and by 9 feet it was getting painful.
Those bastards had put a shock collar on me and an invisible fence
around the back of the house. Walking the perimeter of the buzzing
noise, I found that I had about a 7-foot by 7-foot area that I could
explore with no pain. I spent several long moments trying to remove
that collar. From touching it, it seemed to be made of thick rolled
leather with a thin steel band on the inside to conduct the shock
around my neck. The shock box was on front with a small d-ring under
it and a padlock was on the back with a larger d-ring. Try as I
could, nothing seemed to budge this collar. I was nearly screaming
in frustration trying to get it off. I finally gave up on removing
the collar and looked my surroundings over again. As I neared the
house again, I could see two silver dishes set beside the doggie
door. One was filled with crystal clear water and the other had what
looked like soup in it. Dinner I guessed. I knelt beside the bowls
and tried to pick them up, but they were somehow attached to the
ground. Neither of the bowls budged an inch and there were no eating
utensils anywhere. Dog door, dog bowls, dog collar, no outhouse. I
was slowly getting the idea here and it was not pleasant. The real
problem was that I truly did need to go to the bathroom and the shock
collar had left me with a headache that I was sure food would help.
I sat there steaming for the better part of an hour, until my bladder
won the fight. I had to have been blushing ten shades of red as I
squatted there beside the house to pee. I also called my captors
every ugly name in the book. Another half an hour and I couldn't
ignore how hungry I was, either. Holding my hair back from my face
with one hand, I knelt beside the silver bowls and took my
first "drink" of soup. Oh god it was so good. I soon forgot my
dignity and was lapping it up in earnest. When I was finished, the
bowl was nearly as clean as it would be coming out of the
dishwasher. I had just gotten a drink of the water when I heard a
bell go off. Ignoring it, I went to drink again when my collar
zapped me.
"Ow! Goddammit, I wasn't anywhere near the line." I said, angrily.
The bell rang again and was followed 30 seconds later by another zap
from the collar. I must have used my two hours time. I scrambled to
get back through the doggie door and into my room before the next
bell sounded off.

On the bed, I could see several items: the Walkman, a rubber band and
a set of swim goggles. The last two items confused me. I put on the
headphones for the Walkman and turned it on. The strange computer
aided voice started talking in my ears.

"You were just a little bit stubborn on returning to your room, Ms.
Jenkins. Would you prefer to sleep out of doors the way you are?
Naked, bound, and unable to escape the shock collar area in the case
of a bear or another wild animal? " I couldn't help but shiver at
his words, knowing I wouldn't last long that way in the cold of the
approaching winter. The tape went on; " I believe you have started
to get the idea now, but I'll make it clear for you. We have decided
that you would make a wonderful puppy girl and you are now in
training to become one. You are no longer allowed to speak at all.
You may, of course, bark, whine or make other such puppy
vocalizations to gain attention, but you will not speak. Every time
you ignore this rule, you will be subjected to a shock from the
collar and each one will be worse than the last. You will no longer
stand on your feet unless you are directed to by one of us. Puppies
crawl on all fours. Please braid your hair and use the rubber band
to gather it." The voice paused and I surmised I was to braid my hair
now. I did so, putting the rubber band on the bottom to hold it
together. " Now put the swim goggles on You are to kneel on the
floor beside your bed and remain that way." The message clicked off
and I slowly moved to obey it. As I put the swim goggles on, I
noticed that the inside of them had been painted black, rendering me
completely blind, much more so than the blindfold had. I
mumbled, "fuck" to myself. ZAP! Went the collar. I quickly bit back
the scream that built up inside of my head. I don't know how long I
had knelt there beside the bed, panting and trying to clear away the
pain from the collar, when I felt someone messing with the Walkman.
The voice came back on. " It is late, so you will be taken to your
new bed. Sleep well, puppy girl." The message clicked off, and I
could feel a set of hands attaching something to the d-ring on the
back of my collar. It must have been a leash, I could feel it
tugging at me to follow. I stubbornly stayed where I was, pulling
back against the leash. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Who in the hell knew
rolled up newspaper would hurt so fucking much?? My ass was on fire
as I rushed to follow the tugging on my leash. I was led to a soft
round pillow and the chain attached to something on the floor. I
couldn't lift my head very far. The headphones were taken off my
ears and I could hear soft music coming into the room. One of the
men had started stroking my back and shoulders and I could feel
myself drifting off to sleep.


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