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Collected by Djian

Bonkgirls stories

These stories you are about to read is a work of fiction. Certain elements are loosely based on real people and real events however they've been embellished for dramatic effect and all names of people, places and other identifying details have been changed. This and many of the stories I write contain themes of non-consensual sex and forced submission along with blackmail and other activities which are illegal in real life. Please note that the real events surrounding everything written by me were all entirely legal and all people participating did so within the framework of "safe, sane and consensual" as defined within the BDSM scene to which I belonged when the events took place. I hope you enjoy my tales. All feedback may be addressed either to alt.sex.stories.d or by email to bonkgirl@yahoo.com




An unlikely loss of
M/f, humil, kinky, no sex

A Peculiar Initiation
MMM/f, nc, humil, no sex

Enslavement (40kb)
MF/f, cons, humil, toys, BDsm

Letter to Mr C
M/f, humil, toys, anal

Modeling Nude
M/f, humil, recul, bond

Saturday Serendipity
M/f, humil, forced oral

Serendipity Says ... Buttplug (6kb)
M/f, humil, blackml, toys

Serendipity Tales
M/f, D/s, exhib,
humil, blackml

Lunchtime with Serendipity (22kb)

Rendezvous With Serendipity (56kb)