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I wake up
And the day feels broken

I tilt my head

Try to get an angle

The evening I've always longed for
It could still happen

93 (104kb)
M+/f, nc, D/s, humil, setup, spank, mexico - april 2010

A Lesson In Civic
Responsibility (196kb)
MMM+/f, nc, Blackml, cum cum, piercing, exhib, whore - feb 2007

A Very Pony Weekend
M+/f, humil, slavery, exhib,
BDsm - jan 2009

A Very Pony Weekend Continues (44kb)
M+/f, humil, slavery, exhib,
BDsm - june 2011

Abducted and Enslaved
MF+/fm, nc,voy, BDsm,
oral, toy -
jan 2005

Abducted Bride
M+/f, nc, humil, kidnap
drug, whore, slavery -
april 2008

Adventures of Brooke
M+/f, teen, reluc, ws, fist
BDsm, slavery,spank -
june 2008

Allergic Reaction (146kb)
M/f, nc, humil,blackml - jul 2007

Amy Undercover Cop (208kb)
MMF+/f, nc, abduct, modification, D/s, bondage, anal, gang, humil, slavery - nov 2010

Arab slave (32kb)
M+/f, nc, bondage, interr, oral, anal, Slavery - sep 2007

Aunt Charlotte (57kb)
M/f, incest, nc, humil, D/s - mar 2006

Barbara Enslaved
MF+/f, nc, humil, kidnap
, whore, slavery -
mar 2005

Becoming a Bimbo (44kb)
M/f, cons, D/s, humil, BDsm, - dec 2011

Blackmailed Sister (72kb)
M/f, reluc, inces, beast - dec 2006

Black Man's Meat (188kb)
MF+/f, nc, slavery, interracial, rough
- feb 2009

B&D Wife (158kb)
MF+/ff, nc, kidnape, slavery, rough, anal, breast, piss - jul 2007

Beaten Prisoner Wife (212kb)
MF+/f, D/s, reluc, anal, oral, humil, teen, spank - sep 2007

Boarding School Sex Training (360kb)
M+/f+, D/s, reluc, anal, oral, blackmail, humil, teen, spank, toys - oct 2006

Bondage For Daughter
M+/ff, reluc, humil, bondage spank, mother/daughter - nov 2006

Bound Hooker (150kb)
MF+/f, cons, D/s, humil, BDsm, - july 2012

Brenda Learns
A Lesson (94kb)
M+/f, nc, cons, spank,
bnd, oral, anal
- jan 2007

Cameron (120kb)
MMM+/f, D/s, humil,
blackml, slavery, strib, exhib - jul 2008

Captive cargo (412kb)
MF+/f, nc, kidnape, slavery, humil, oral, anal, on the sea

Captive in Hong Kong (212kb)
MF+/f, nc, slavery, humil, modelling
- 2004

Captured (113kb)
M/f, nc, kidnap, D/s,
humil, slut, tattoe, beast
- march 2004

Cassies Come-uppance
MF/f, teen, reluc, humil,
drugs, incest
- jun 2003

Chained Trained Wife (208kb)
M+/f, rape, anal, oral, bond, spank, biker

Chance of a lifetime
M/ff, nc, D/s, humil
, slut - feb 2006

Changes (32kb)
M/f, D/s, humil,
slut, piercing, teen

Cheerleader Pictures (333kb)
M+F/f, nc, humil, BDsm,
teen, beast, piercing, every thing....

Cheerleading Coach (79kb)
M+/f, reluc, humil, teen - oct 2002

Cheerleading rape and torture (105kb)
M+/fffff, nc, kidnap, beast, , humil, teen

Chicago Scheherazade (576kb)
MF/f, reluc, BDsm, tort, humil, rough

Coerced (236kb)
MF+/f, nc, humil, exhib, oral, beast

The Conversion of Karen (203kb)
M+/f, nc, reluc, kidnap,
BDsm, slavery

Cedric (65kb)
M/f, exhib, voy, cheat, D/s - dec 2004

Convicted Wench
M+/fff, slavery, punishment, humil, historical - march 2006

Cruel vengeance (196kb)
MF+/f, nc, bondage, slavery, spank, rough - aug 2004

Cycle (123kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, kidnap
drug, rough, basement
- 2004

Debbie's Dilemma (40kb)
M+/f, nc, exhib, slut - aug 2008

Debt Slave 1 (196kb)
M+/f, nc, bondage, slavery,
punishment, feet, oral, rough
- dec 2007

Degrading Debbie (57kb)
M/f, reluc, humil, D/s - 2005

Denise (18kb)
M/f, D/s exhib, voy, slut

Enslaved (128kb)
M+/f, BDsm, slavery

Exploding Cupcakes
M+/ff,BDsm, humil,
spider, cage
- jun 2004

Fallen (26kb)
M/f, cheat - jul 2005

For Sale (208kb)
MF+/f, nc, slavery, interracial, rough
- dec 2006

Hannahs Hummiliation
M/f, nc, D/s, slut, Nikon - april 2004

Holly's Home
Invasion (213kb)
M+/f+, nc, humil; rape,
bnd, slavery, rough rough
- sep 2005

Homegame (16kb)
-/f, humil, self-bnd - feb 2003

Gillian's Descent(212kb)
MF/F, nc, blackml, prost, prison
- mai 2007

Girl Called 51(384kb)
M/fF, D/s, romance - feb 2009

I got more than I asked for (48kb)
MF/f, exhib, humil, spank - oct 2004

Incident at Ernie's (71kb)
Mf/f, nc, humil, incest, and daydreaming - 2003

In Kathleen's Kitchen (44kb)
M/f, strip, humil, D/s, youngerman
- 2005

In the Hotel Window (20kb)
MMM/f, D/s, nc, humil, - sep 2011

It was meant to be (31kb)
M+/f,D/s, humil, oral - 2005

Janet's Crime (66kb)
M+/f, nc, humil,
blackml, setup
- aug 2004

Jane Randolph (132kb)
MF+/f, nc, kidnape, slavery,spank,
- sep 2004

Joy Ride
M+/f, teen, nc, humil,
BDsm, slavery, blackml, cops
- 2006

Josie (27kb)
MF/f, reluc, humil, BDsm,gloryhole

Julies Mistake (728kb)
MMM+/f, reluc, D/s, blackml, spank, slut, slavery

Juliette, The Super Tramp (304kb)
MF+/f, modification, D/s, bondage, consensual, modif, bimbo - dec 2010

Justine's World (134kb)
M/f, D/s, slut, humil, real

M/fF, D/s, romance

Karen's Bitch Training (420 kb)
MMM+/f+, D/s, nc, rape, WS, bondage, humil, slavery, beast, rough

Karen in Trouble (126kb)
M+/f, nc, reluc, exh,
toys, gang, task

Kathy (220kb)
M+/f, nc, bondage, abduct, oral, anal, Slavery, rough - aug 2008

Kennel Bitch (20kb)
M+/f, reluctant, BDsm, bnd, beast, rough, slavery - mar 2008

Kimberly (64kb)
M+/f, reluctant, wife, D/s - 2004

Kristine (34kb)
M+/f, nc, D/s, slut, blackml - 2004

The Life of an Army Wife (324kb)
M+/f+, nc, blackml, exhib, interr, bondage, humil - nov 2006

Lindy's Tale (68 kb)
MM/f+, D/s, bondage, humil, beast
- mar 2008

The Lion's Mouth (28kb)
?/F, Bnd, ghost - 2005

New Call (60kb)
MM/f+, reluc, nc, humil, exhib, wildlife
- feb 2009

The New Girl in the Firm (45kb)
M+/fff, reluc, nc, humil,
BDsm, enema, fist, balckml
- feb 2005

Maid in India (30kb)
M/f, nc, humil, blackmail, Bollywoody
- aug 2005

Making Mine a Double
M/ff, nc, humil,bd,
blackmail, piercing
- dec 2001

Manison (440kb)
M+/f, Bdsm, slave, tortur,
rough rough -

Maria (110kb)
M+/f, mc, humil,
BDsm, whoring
- sep 2003

Marine Sex Slave
MF+/f, nc, D/s, humil, slavery
BDsm, spank, rough
- sep 2008

Morie Blackmailed
M/f, reluc, blackml - oct 2004

My Berlin Summer
MF/f, humil, BDsm,
- 2002

My Cousin's slave
M+/f, reluc, humil, exhib, teen, spank
- mar 2003

My First Day (39kb)
M/f, bd, nc, slavery - 2005

My Rival Wins; My Wife and I Lose 232 kb)
MM+/fm, nc, bondage, humil, slut, interr, blackml

My Sister, The Sex Pawn (274kb)
M/fr, D/s, reluv, humil, incest , young

Night with Leigh
M+/f, reluc, drug, hmil, camera

Object of Affection (992kb)
M/f, nc, young man, humil, D/s blackmail
jan 2006

On French Soil (84kb)
M/f, nc, bondage, D/S

Out of my Control
M+/f, nc, rape,
slavery, flight

Our First New Home (204kb)
MMM+F/fm, mc, nc, exhib, gang,
humil, drugged

Partners (270kb)
M+/fff, teen, nc, humil, kidnap
incest, beast, rough rough -

Party Favors (152kb)
MM+F/ff, nc, rape, beast, rough

Paul and Anne (333kb)
M+F/f, nc, humil, BDsm,
teen, beast, piercing, every thing....

Penny's Mistake (999kb)
MF+/f, D/s, reluc, humil, spank, bnd, slavery

Pentonbridge Pig (608kb)
F+/ff, nc, D/s, humil, BDsm, rough
- oct 2011

Police (50kb)
M/f, D/s exhib, voy,
stripsearch, cheat

Political Submission (28kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, nc, blackml

Pony Girls (72kb)
F/f, solo, D/s, humiliation

Ponygirl Bondage (621kb)
FM/f,BDsm, humil,
rom, voy, etc..

Private Dancer (170kb)
M/f, nc, slavery, abduction

Punished Wife (240kb)
M+/f, reluc, anal, oral, humil, slut, shoplift

The Questioning
MF+/f, nc, humil, BDsm, historical

Rank has its Privileges
M/f, denial, humil

Ransom demand (280kb)
M+/f, spank, reluc, humil, bond, blackml, tort, rough

Ravaged At The Creek (77kb)
M+/fm+, spank, HighSchool, reluc, humil, blackml, tort, rough

Sarah's Smile (88kb)
MM/f, nc, D/s, humil, spank, ws, slavery
- feb 2010

M+/f, nc, humil, kidnap
- dec 2003

Server, The (218kb)
M/f, humil, D/s, incest, spank - 2003

Sexual Escapade Goes Awry: A (372kb)
M+/f, humil, BDsm, exhib, reluc slavery, blackmail - feb 2004

Single Mom
M+/f, nc, humil, blackmail, slut - 2001

Slave Tale (80kb)
M+/ff, teen, nc, humil, slavery
BDsm, modif, rough
- aug 2008

Sneaking out
M+/ff, teen, nc, humil, kidnap
photo, interrace, rough
- 2004

She knew to much (48kb)
M/f, nc, humil,bd, rape - dec 2002

Stacy (65kb)
M+/f, reluc, gang-rape, virgin, preg?
- aug 2004

Stockholm (47kb)
M+/f, nc, rape - aug 2004

Strictest Disiplin (456kb)
M/ff, D/s, cons, humil, BDsm
- aug 2011

Submission of a Shrew
Mf/f, nc, humil, BDsm - 2003

Taking Carol (915kb)
FM/f, humil, BDsm, exhib, reluc modification, slavery, blackmail - dec 2002

Taming their Babysitter
MF/f, nc, spank,
blackml, humil
- jan 2003

The Awakening of Shannon
M+/ff, BDsm , humil, slave, Add - 2004

The Collector (188kb)
M/ff, D/s, cons, humil, BDsm,, slavery
- aug 2011

The Continuing Adventures
Of Lisa James
The Party (100kb)
F/fm, D/s, humil, spank

The Continuing Adventures
Of Lisa James
The Summer Vacation (492kb)
F/fm, D/s, humil, spank

The Continuing Adventures
Of Lisa James
Something for the weekend (220kb)
FM+/f, D/s, humil, spank, exhib

The degradation
of Tricia
MF/f, recul, BDsm, exhib,
spank, blackml
- feb 2005

The Downfall of Mrs. King (72kb)
M/ff, nc, D/s, humil, blackml, daughter
- april 2010

The humiliating
training of Emma (46kb)
MF/f, BDsm, humil, teenage - mar 2004

The Humiliation of samantha Lee(64kb)
MM+/f, nc, kidnap, D/s, humil, BDsm, rough
- dec 2011

The Inheritance (196kb)
MM/f+, nc, humil, slavery
bnd, spank, BDsm, tort, kidnap
- feb 2009

The landlord (156kb)
M/f, reluc, cons, D/s, daughter/Mom
- feb 2011

The Loan Shark on Our Life (695kb)
M+/ff, D/s, cons, reluc, interr, humil, blackml, incest, exhib, prostitution
- jan 2011

The Object of His Affection (160kb)
M/f, modification, D/s, bondage, consensual, reluctant, rough - oct 2010

The Other Woman
MF+/f, nc, D/s, humil, slavery
BDsm, spank, beast, rough
- sep 2008

The Penthouse Slave (244kb)
MF/f, reluc, D/s, humil, spank, bnd, slavery - sep 2009

The Story of C (31kb)
M+/f, Bdsm ,exhib, humil - 2003

The Taming of the Teach
F/f, reluc, humil, halloween
- aug 2004

The Violation of Lena Giovanni (728kb)
MMM+/f, reluc, D/s, blackml, spank, slut, teen, gang, modif, prosti - sep 2008

Threeview (60kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, blackml, reluc, teen
- aug 2010

Tiffany Top top Bottom (213kb)
MF/f, teen, nc, humil, bnd - aug 2004

Toying with Tiffany
M+/f, teen, nc,
humil, blackml
- 2004

Tiffany 24-Hour Boy Toy (157kb)
M+/f, teen, nc, humil - 2004

Trippin' with Tiffany
M+F/f+, teen, nc, humil, mexican'
- 2004

Tiffany on the table (61kb)
M+/f, teen, nc, humil,
med exam
- 2004

Sammy (14kb)
M/f, D/s exhib, voy, slut - sep 2005

The Smell of Sex (181kb)
F/f, mc, reluc, humil, panty

The Subjugation of Karen
Mf/f, nc, reluc, humil, D/s - oct 2006

Summer Project (- kb)
M/f+, nc, bondage, humil,
- feb 2011

The Bitch Next Door (182kb)
M/ff, reluc, D/s, gang, lolita, exhib
- dec 2008

The Taking of Julie
Mf+/ff, mc, humil, reluc, piercing
- 2005

The Youth Training Center
MM/f+, nc, humil, slavery
bnd, exhib, spank, teen
- feb 2009

Megan's Story - YTC 2
MM/f+, reluc, humil, slavery
bnd, exhib, spank, teen
- feb 2009

My Brothers Revenge
MM/ff+, reluc, humil, slavery, blackml,
bnd, exhib, spank, teen, incest
- jul 2009

Tiffany's Abduction (40kb)
M/f, D/s, rape, anal, oral, spank, bdsm, whip - 2003

Tracy in Trouble(724 kb)
MF/f, reluc, humil,
blackml, teen, exhib, slavey, college, modif, etc - aug 2008

Vicki Learns A Lesson (68kb)
M/f+, nc, humil, exhib, spank
- april 2008

The Violation of
Lena Giovanni
M+/f, nc, humil, slavery
BDsm, interr, prostit, gang
- sep 2008

Weekend with Bili (104kb)
M/f, cons, nc, D/s, humil, BDsm, rough
- oct 2011

What I Did On My Summer
Vacation (164kb)
M+/f+, D/s, incest, cons. - aug 2007

Whip Cult (230kb)
M/f, D/s, spank - jan 2006

Whipped Waitress (276kb)
M+/f, D/s, reluc, anal, oral, humil, slut, blackmail - march 2009

Virgin on then Verge
M+/f, teen, reluc - aug 2005

Wrath (84kb)
M/f+, nc, bondage, humil,
- 2007

Writing My Future (124kb)
MF+/f, nc, kidnape, slavery, forced orgasme, shave, bondage - 2004

Wrong Time Wrong Place
M+/f, nc, humil, slavery
BDsm, interr, beast, rough
- sep 2008

Ye olde Fetish Shoppe
MMF/f, reluc, humil,
D/s, spank
- 2004

You Won'T Believe What happens to Crystal (300kb)
M+/ff, D/s, cons, reluc, humil, exhib interr, incest
- sep 2012