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Collected by Djian

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The Manison

This is my first attempt at a story. It contains nonconsentual torture and
is strictly fictional. I dot condone any of the actions described except as
fantasy. More chapters to follow.

The Mansion Epilogue
By Mad Dog

The Master walked down the busy New York Street. He had one arm around the Bitch
and one around Chang. An entourage of guards and slaves bracketed them.

The Bitch's brow was knitted in pain. The Master usually made her go topless and
almost never allowed her to wear a bra. This morning the Master had given her a
bra to wear. Unfortunately for her, it was lined with course sandpaper-like
grit. Now, several hours later, the jiggling of her heavy breasts against the
grit had rubbed her large pink nipples raw. Every motion just increased the pain
and the Master was taking every opportunity to molest her tits and really grind
the teats into the sandpaper.

Chang had fared no better. A huge spiked butt plug was digging into her anal
walls with every step. The Master had found how much she hated having anything
put in her ass and took great pleasure in keeping the tiny hole painfully
stretched. The butt plug he had forced into her today was the most painful yet.

The Master observed the other pedestrians with satisfaction. The fashions for
women had changed since they had gone back to being property. Short tight skirts
were worn under revealing blouses as women found it necessary to please their

Businesses were starting to adjust to the new reality. As they walked, they
passed a shop called the Tortured Tit. Various torture devices were displayed in
the window. A large breasted woman hung from the ceiling of the display window
by her hands. Her tits were brutally crushed by an ornate tit press made of two
teak boards and stainless steel threaded clamps. Two large spherical weights
hung from the tit press, stretching the base of her tits.

One nipple, protruding from the press, was pierced by a 3-inch barbless
fishhook. Another heavy weight pulled the nipple down from the edge of the

A clamp similar to a battery jumper cable clamp crushed the other nipple.
Another heavy weight pulled that nipple downwards. The display slave's face was
twisted in pain and streaked with tears.

A young couple stood at the window. The man looked in the window lustily while
the young woman looked worried and clutched his arm, "Please, Jack! You don't
need to go in there! I promise I'll learn to suck cock!" The Master smiled as he
walked on. Indeed, all was unfolding as it should.

They got to the door of the restaurant. A gorgeous black woman in a very short
red skirt and halter-top opened the door for them. As they entered, a
middle-aged woman with snow-white hair greeted them. She was tall with the
cleavage of large breasts showing through the deep neckline of a small waistcoat
that ended just above her navel. Below the waistcoat, she wore black satin

The woman identified herself as the maitre de. She escorted them to a coat check
area. She took the Master's leather coat and handed it to a short buxom woman
dressed in black leather panties and a bra made of 2 small metal rings and
leather straps. The coat check girl's large tits were forced through the small
rings so they bulged on her chest.

The coat check girl placed the leather coat on a hanger and walked over to a row
of naked women hanging from rings set into the wall. All the women had alligator
clamps connected to each nipple with a short chain connecting the clamps.
Several of the women writhed in pain as 2 or 3 coats hung from the chain
attached to their nipples.

The coat check girl approached a woman who already had 2 coats painfully
stretching her nipples. As she approached the suffering woman, the victim begged
"GOD NO! NOT ANOTHER AGGHHH!" as the hanger was hooked on the chain between her

The maitre de led them to another room where 12 beautiful naked women stood.
"Please, choose your server." The Master walked from woman to woman, pinching
nipples and forcing his fingers in cunts and asses.

He stopped behind a muscular woman in her 30's. She was 5 ' 4" tall with short
cut sandy blond hair. Her measurements were 35-25-37 with firm breasts topped
with medium sized dark pink nipples.

The Master reached between her full ass cheeks and drove 3 fingers into her ass.
"OOOWWW!" she cried as she stepped forward slightly from the force of the
thrust. The Master continued twisting his fingers in the tight hole as he said,
"This cunt will do." He pulled his fingers out of her ass and held them up to
her mouth. She dutifully sucked the fingers into her mouth and sucked her shit
off them, gagging occasionally.

The maitre de handed the Master a book with pictures of women suffering from
various torture implements. He casually flipped through the book. "I'll have the
sharp toothed nipple clamps, the large weights, the cunt stretching garter and
the extra large butt plug." The blond server's eyes opened wider and she

The maitre de nodded and left the room. A few seconds later she returned
carrying a tray with the requested items.

The Master handed a pair of black silk stockings to the server. She took a seat
and pulled them on to her shapely legs. As she rose, the Master handed her a
black garter belt. She wrapped it around her waist and fastened it. She attached
the clips to the tops of the stockings.

The Master took 2 short elastic strips from the tray. A heavy springed clamp
with sharp teeth was attached to one end of both elastics. A garter clip was
attached to the other end. He knelt in front of the servant and slapped the
inside of her thighs, forcing her to stand with her feet apart. He hooked each
elastic strip to the top of a silk stocking. He pulled one of the clamps up and
pinched a cunt lip with the other hand. He squeezed opened the clamp and let it
snap shut on her cunt lip. The server flinched in pain. As he let go of the
clamp, the elastic stretched the cunt lip stretched down over 3-inches. The
server’s legs shivered as she leaned her head back and hissed in pain.

The server gritted her teeth in anticipation as the Master repeated the
procedure with the other cunt lip. The server took deep slow breaths, trying to
maintain control through the pain.

The Master pointed to a small table and ordered the server to lie back on it.
Two guards grabbed her feet and pulled her legs apart and back. The server
grunted loudly as her cunt lips stretched even further.

The Master picked up a huge 8-inch long butt plug. It bulged out to 4 inches in
diameter. Raised plastic spines were spaced around the surface in a spiral from
the narrow tip over the widest part of the bulge. If the torture plug were
pushed straight in, each successive spine would hit a slightly different spot on
the sphincter.

Placing the rounded tip of the plug against the small bud of her asshole, the
Master slowly applied increasing pressure. Gradually, the tiny hole expanded and
the punishment plug worked its way in. As the plug expanded the hole, the spines
pushed their way through the stretched sphincter. By the time the thickest part
of the plug pushed through, the server was screaming for mercy as her body
bounced in the grip of the guards.

With the huge plug firmly planted in her ass, the server was allowed to get up.
She painfully rolled to her side and slid off the table.

The Master reached down and grabbed a tuft of pubic hair and used it to pull the
server closer to the tray held by the maitre de. He took a nipple clamp and
snapped it on the server's left nipple. She cried out and bent forward, lifting
her left foot in pain. As she regained her composure and straightened, the
Master had the second clamp ready and snapped it on her right nipple.

While he waited for the server to recover from the crushing pain in her nipples,
the Master took the 2 large weights from the tray and hooked them to the nipple
clamps. The server started to sob as the weights pulled her tits downwards.

Nodding his satisfaction, the Master followed as the server shuffled in agony to
a banquet table. As they entered the room, several tables were occupied. At one,
a buxom black server with her tits tightly bound, was having an empty wine
bottle shoved up her cunt as she cried out in pain. At another, a slight blonde
server was having her cunt hair burnt off by the candle in the center of the

As his entourage approached the table, he noted a middle-aged couple sitting at
a table. She was staring at the Master’s server and snapped at her companion,
"Look at that. I don’t know what made you think you could bring me here even if
it is your birthday!" The man looked sheepishly down, "Yes, dear, I’m sorry."

The Master grabbed a slight 16-year-old from his entourage and led her over to
the couple. Looking at the man he offered, "I’d like to trade this young woman
for your bitch." The man’s eyes opened wide and the older women spurted, "How
dare you! We want nothing to do with you, do we Fred." The man didn’t speak and
just stared at the girl. She was 5’ 1" tall and very slender. She wore a see
through white blouse that showed small pert tits with bright pink nipples. Her
plaid skirt was very short and showed firm legs wearing knee socks. She was
blonde and her skin was very light.

The woman tired of waiting for a response and punched his shoulder, "You wait
until I get you home!" The Master continued to stare at the man "Perhaps you
would care to try her first. Kat, convince this gentlemen to make the trade or
it will be very bad for you."

The young woman opened her blouse and held up her small tits, "Please sir, I’ll
be a very good slave! My tits are very sensitive." Reaching down she lifted the
front of her short skirt showing a tuft of fine blonde pubic hair. She spread
her legs and pushed her crotch forward. Using 2 fingers she pulled her cunt lips
aside, "My pussy is really tight. You can use it any time you want. Here feel
it." Kat walked over and took Fred’s hand and pushed it into her crotch. He
instinctively thrust a finger into her tight cunt as she wriggled to let it deep
inside her. The older women just stared open mouthed.

The Master spoke, "Try her ass. It’s very tight. She hates things up her ass but
she’ll let you use it any time you want. Won’t you Kat." The young woman nodded
sadly as she turned around and bent over. Fred didn’t hesitate and pushed a
finger in Kat’s tight hole as she gasped from the intrusion. The older women
started to look worried, "Fred, this has gone far enough. Tell this man that you
aren’t interested and we’ll just forget this ever happened."

Fred seemed preoccupied with making the young woman squirm on the end of his
finger. After a few seconds, he looked up, "Do I understand you? I give you my
wife and I get this girl?" The Master nodded smiling, "Kat, suck his cock."

The teen kneeled at Fred’s feet and opened his fly. Reaching in she took his
cock out and proceeded to give an expert blowjob punctuated by deep throat
fucking. The older woman gasped, "Fred, stop that immediately!" Fred frowned and
snapped "Leanne, shut up!" as he returned to enjoying the blowjob. Leanne’s face
turned red. Fred leaned slightly back in the chair, "Mister, you got a deal!"
Leanne’s mouth gaped. The Master turned to the Bitch, make our new possession
realizes what pain really is.

The Bitch waved 2 guards over who quickly ripped the clothes off Leanne. She was
5’ 7" tall with a lean hard figure. Her hair was chestnut brown with the
occasional gray streak. Her cunt hair was also dotted with gray. Her tits were
small with dark nipples. Her over all measurements were 34B-25-36.

She struggled and swore as the powerful guards pulled her over to the Masters
table. The Bitch took several of the candles on the table and lined them up in a
row. She used a napkin to pick up a table knife by its tip and held the length
of it over the candle flames. As she did so, the guards laid Leanne back on an
empty table. Two more guards grabbed her feet and pulled her legs apart.

The Bitch held the knife in the tip of the flames for several minutes. The she
lifted the knife out and rapidly walked over to Leanne and rammed the hot knife
into her cunt. Leanne’s screams filled the restaurant as she writhed in the
powerful grip of the guards. As Leanne’s yells turned to pained sobbing, The
Bitch turned to the Master "I think a hard fuck by a big cock would be most
educational for the cunt."

The Master smiled and got up as the Bitch pulled the knife out of her cunt and
the guards pulled her legs back. The Master pulled his erect cock out and drove
it into the burnt cunt. Leanne screamed and begged, "PULL IT OUT, HUURRRTTS!"
Relentlessly, the Master pounded at her punished cunt. Leanne’s cunt felt like
it was on fire, as her burnt cunt walls were rubbed raw by the abuse. In the
meantime, the bitch was heating another knife over the candles.

After several minutes, the Master pulled his cock out and held it to the face of
the older woman and came on her face. Leanne wept in humiliation. She was so
spent from the painful fuck she didn't struggle as the guards bent her over the
table. However, as the Bitch touched the second hot knife to her sphincter her
muscles tensed and her eyes opened wide as she screamed again. Rapidly, the
bitch crammed the hot knife into her anus as Leanne bounced up and down in the
grip of the guards.

The Master turned to Fred who was still enjoying Kat’s cock sucking "She’s not a
very good fuck, would you like to keep her. Leanne turned her head from her bent
position, "Please, Fred! Take me back! I’ll do anything!" Fred laughed, "I’d
much rather have this one." Pointing to the young head bobbing up and down on
his cock. The Master shrugged "You can have them both if you want. If not, the
Bitch here will enjoy torturing her when we get home."

Leanne’s pleas became desperate as she promised to perform any act Fred wanted
if he would take her back. Fred pulled Kat’s head off his cock and told her to
sit in a chair. He turned to Leanne, "Suck her cunt! You better make her come or
I’ll turn you over to this gentleman permanently."

Weeping in humiliation, Leanne knelt in front of the younger girl and
tentatively started licking her pussy. Fred shook his head, "I think we need to
make you want to make her come." He knelt behind Leanne and lined his cock up
with her burnt ass hole. Leanne started to straighten, "God no! My ass is burnt!
Not there!" Fred grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head back, "You’d rather
go with him?" Leanne shook her head and bent forward again.

Fred put his cock head against the small hole and thrust forward as Leanne cried
out. He set up a hard rhythmic fuck as her cries continued. "You better start
sucking because we’re not going to stop until you make Kat come!" warned Fred.
Leanne desperately started licking the young cunt between gasps of pain as her
sore ass was viciously buggered. After a few minutes, Kat’s body started to
tense and she came to a shuddering orgasm. The sight of the young girl coming in
his wife’s face finally sent Fred over the edge and he came in his wife’s ass.
As he stood, Leanne collapsed on the floor weeping.

Fred turned to the Master, "I’d love to have them both. What’s the catch?" The
Master shrugged, "Just keep that cunt in her place." Fred smiled, "Sure!" The
Master handed him a card, "Call that number if you change your mind and want to
get rid of her. One of my agents will pick her up."

The Master returned to the table and Judith, his secretary, touched his arm, "We
have to get back to the Mansion soon, we have some politicians and a Judge
coming in from Sweden." The Master shook his head, "Ah, no rest for the wicked."

The End

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