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Karen's Bitch Training 2
By vulgus

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To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my
previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

Karen's Bitch Training, Part II

My hopes were dashed when I got to my front door and found it
open. I opened the storm door and stepped inside. Kevin was in
the kitchen getting a beer and he saw me enter. He called out to
me to join them out by the pool.

I dropped my purse by the door and went to the kitchen. I am not
much of a drinker but I needed a drink desperately. I stopped and
made myself a strong highball and then I went out onto the patio.

As soon as I opened the patio door I heard the rap music. I hate
that stuff passionately. I was so distracted that at first I
didn't notice my daughter bent over a table with our next door
neighbor fucking her from behind. When I looked up and saw them I
almost dropped my drink.

Kevin was suddenly standing beside me smiling. He said, "I had
the music up a little too loud earlier. Your neighbor came over
to complain and I thought that this would be a good way to make
it up to him. From now on, any time he comes over I told him he
could fuck you or Lori. You don't have a problem with that do

I drew a deep breath and sighed. I could not stand our next
neighbor. He had always been a pain in the ass. He complained
about everything that we did. The slightest noise was enough to
have him over here pounding on our door and demanding that we be
more considerate and threatening to call the police.

It isn't like we were noisy neighbors. Lori sometimes played her
music too loud by the pool when we weren't home but my husband
and I were quiet people. We didn't have parties and we didn't
play loud music. We didn't do yard work at inappropriate times.
Our neighbor was just a pain in the ass with nothing better to do
than complain.

He looked happy now though. He was reaching around and squeezing
Lori's tits and rocking back and forth slowly, enjoying a long
slow fuck. Our neighbor, Hugh Lee, had always been annoying but
he had gotten worse since his wife died three years ago. She had
kept him in line as much as she could. Now he had his own parties
and late night poker games but he still would not tolerate the
first sound from our backyard.

When his wife was alive he never would have had the nerve to be
in my backyard fucking my fifteen year old daughter. I had a
feeling that this was going to get out of control quickly.

Kevin stood watching my daughter with me for a moment before he
said, "I am going to cut you some slack cunt. I probably forgot
to tell you that you are not allowed to wear clothes in the house
anymore. I suggest you get that dress off in a hurry."

I groaned. I was becoming aware of how much I groaned, moaned and
sighed lately. It was all I could do. Protest was out of the

I took another large sip of my drink and set it down. It took me
no time at all to get out of my little sundress. I dropped it on
the closest chair and thought about how much more humiliating it
was to be naked in front of Hugh Lee than it had been to be
exposed and molested by those strangers on the bus and at the bus
stop today.

Then I was struck by the idea that my life was so full of
humiliation and degradation that I was rating them. The worst was
probably being beaten and raped by Kevin, because that had been
the first and the most painful. Next on the list would be getting
raped by the four men that I work with. This, watching my
neighbor fuck my underage daughter, rated above the incidents on
the way home today because I knew and detested this man and
because according to Kevin this would be an ongoing thing. I
would have to submit to this ogre whenever he wished.

I grabbed my drink and gulped down the last of it and went back
in the kitchen and made another strong drink. I returned to the
patio and Kevin sent me over to where Hugh was fucking Lori and
told me to say hello to him.

He had been so enjoying my daughter's charms that he wasn't even
aware that I had come home.

I went over and stood beside them. Hugh looked up and leered at
me as he looked at my naked body. He looked me up and down and
said, "Shit Karen! You're damn near as hot as your fucking

Kevin was standing behind me and he interjected, "Hugh, what did
I say about that?"

Hugh looked confused for a second and then he smiled. "Sorry
Kevin. It's hard to think with this little bitch's cunt wrapped
around my dick. Damn she's hot! Don't worry. I won't call the
cunt by her old name again."

Hugh continued fucking my daughter as he reached out and explored
my body with his sweaty hand. He squeezed and pulled on my tits
before letting his hand move down to my pussy. I was forced to
spread my legs as he worked two fingers into my pussy and his
face lit up when he discovered how wet I was.

He lifted his hand and showed everyone his fingers and said,
"Look at that! The fucking cunt is turned on. She likes watching
her daughter get screwed and getting felt up by her next door
neighbor! I never would have guessed."

Kevin told me to put my drink down and he guided me around to the
other side of the round patio table that Lori was bent over. He
made me lean down and my face was only inches from Lori's as I
felt him working his large cock into me. Once he had it started
he said, "Okay bitch. I want to hear about your day now. Tell me
all about it and don't leave out anything."

I had tried to shut those horrible events out of my mind. Now it
took me a moment to marshal my memories and think about what I
was going to say. I started from the time I was forced to give
Mr. Johnson his first blowjob this morning. I told the three of
them everything that I could remember. Any time that Kevin felt I
wasn't including enough detail in my narrative he slapped my ass.

As I described my day and all of the men who had raped and
degraded me Kevin was getting more and more excited. His large
cock began pounding into me harder and my tale was interspersed
with frequent grunts as he bottomed out and his belly slammed
into my ass.

Hugh was apparently enjoying the story too because he was soon
pounding Lori nearly as hard as Kevin was pounding into me.

My tale ended when I came out onto the patio and saw my daughter
being fucked by our next door neighbor. After I was forced to
relate to them how I felt when I saw that and learned that I was
now available to my neighbor whenever he wanted me I was able to
put my head down and hold on while Kevin devoted his entire
attention to fucking me.

I had wondered if I would lose control when he fucked me again. I
don't how much all of the groping and constant assaults
contributed to it but I was soon in the throes of yet another
orgasm. I closed my eyes and I heard myself whispering, "Oh god
no. No. No. No."

I felt Lori grab my hand and I looked up to see her grimacing as
she had an orgasm. That is the last thing any mother should have
to see. But I was already cumming and I couldn't help myself. I
gripped her hand with my own and I started cumming just as she

Kevin and Hugh were still fucking us though and I quickly felt
myself getting close again. I almost screamed when just before I
came Hugh said to Kevin, "Do you mind if we trade off for a
while? I want to see what momma's cunt feels like. I've never
fucked a mother and daughter before."

I felt Kevin pulling his impressive cock out of me and I groaned
in disappointment. I had been so damned close!

But it wasn't so bad. Hugh hurried around and I felt his cock
enter me as soon as he was in position. He wasn't as well hung as
Kevin but for a fifty year old white man he wasn't bad. He plowed
his cock into me and started fucking me hard as soon as he was
in. In only minutes I was back to the brink of orgasm and I came
twice before he sped up even more and shot off in my pussy.

He left his cock inside me and watched Kevin fucking Lori until
his cock softened and slipped out of me. I continued to lay my
head on my arms on the table until I heard Kevin say, "Hey cunt!
You have some housekeeping to do. You got that nice man's cock
all dirty. Get down there and clean him up. I thought I taught
you better than that!"

I instantly pulled my tired body off of the table and bent over.
I took Hugh's soft cock into my mouth and sucked him clean. When
his cock was clean I licked his balls and he pointed out a couple
of areas on his thighs that he wanted taken care of.

By the time I had him clean Lori was cleaning Kevin's softening
cock. When she finished we were directed to lie down on a lounge
chair cushion and clean each other while they sat nearby and
sipped a cold beer.

I helped Lori stretch a cushion out on the deck at the feet of
the men. She guided me down on my back and I realized as I
watched her kneel with her knees on either side of my head that
being on top was probably the most advantageous position to take.
Not so much because I would now be supporting her weight as we
ate each other's pussy for the amusement of the men who were
sitting nearby, although that was a consideration. The biggest
drawback was that with her being on top her pussy would be
draining into my mouth whereas she would only have to lick up the
juices near the opening of my pussy.

Just as I worked that all out in my head it occurred to me that
it had been less than twenty hours since Kevin entered my life
and here I was concerned not with the idea that I was about to
perform cunnalingus on my daughter for their amusement or that my
daughter and I had just been taken at the same time by two men
while leaning over a patio table and holding hands. Instead I was
concerned that I was going to be the one who had to eat the most
cum out her freshly fucked pussy!

I couldn't help wondering if any woman could so easily be turned
into a sex slave or was it just me. I had always thought of
myself as a strong, independent woman who was quite capable of
taking care of herself. When I kicked my husband out I knew that
money would be tight but I had no fear and no doubt that I would
get by on my own and be able to raise my daughter too.

On a conscious level I couldn't believe that a man could walk
into my home and beat me with a belt and suddenly I was a craven
coward and a sex slave willing to provide sex to any man that
demanded it. Well, perhaps willing wasn't the right word. But I
had suddenly seemed to lose the ability to say no to a man, any

That was as far as I got on that train of thought before my
daughters red, swollen, cum-covered pussy appeared over my mouth
and her mouth began eagerly cleaning mine.

I licked all around her pussy and then took her mound in my mouth
and began exploring her opening with my tongue. I noticed that
although I still thought that what I was doing was disgusting I
wasn't as sickened by it as I had been the first time, early this
morning while I was being raped for the first time by Kevin.

Lori didn't seem to mind at all and I heard her moaning with
pleasure as I did what was required of me. I tried to ignore the
comments of the two men sitting near us. I also tried to ignore
the feelings of pleasure that began to build again. It just
wasn't right that a woman should receive sexual pleasure from her
teenage daughter!

But I was! I tried to fight it but I felt those sensations
beginning to build and my breathing was becoming labored and the
strangest thing happened then. Lori tensed up and made a strange
noise before clamping her teeth down on my pubic mound and for
some reason when the pain hit I screamed into her pussy and I
came nearly as hard as I had when Kevin had fucked me last night.

As soon as I realized what I had done I started crying again. I
was getting sick to death of my own crying but this whole
situation was just more than my confused and exhausted brain
could deal with.

Lori had no such misgivings. She came several times before Kevin
finally let us stop what we were doing.

She stayed over me for a few moments and caught her breath and
then she slowly rolled off of me and stood up. I sat up and
looked around for my drink.

I saw it on the table where Lori and I had just gotten fucked and
I got up and hurried over and took a couple of big sips. The ice
was melting and watering my down my drink so I went ahead and
gulped down the little bit that remained.

When I had put my glass back down Kevin said, "Me and Hugh really
enjoyed that girls. That was a real hot show. So now we would
like you to put a couple of cushions down here and suck us off
because we are both pretty horny right now."

I wanted to scream. Would it never end?! I watched Lori grab a
cushion and start to drop it in front of Kevin but he stopped
her. "No baby. Hugh wants to see what it's like to have a cute
little teenager suck his cock."

Lori looked disappointed as she moved over and dropped down
between Hugh's legs. As she dipped her head down and began
sucking Hugh off Kevin said to me, "Get over here cunt. Let's see
if you learned anything today."

I dropped my cushion between his thighs and looked at his nearly
hard cock. As I dropped to my knees I saw that although it had
seemed gigantic last night when I saw it for the first time it
wasn't really that much bigger than Jon's. I had a rough time of
it today but I had eventually taken Jon's cock into my throat. I
hated it. But I did it.

I had seen Lori take Kevin's cock into her throat so I guess that
even though I knew it would be hard I would probably be able to
do it. I leaned down and licked and kissed his cock until it was
hard and then I started taking it into my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lori sucking off our
neighbor and it looked like she was enjoying herself. I was
becoming more and more anxious to get her alone and talk to her
and find out just what Kevin had done to her in the last three
months to turn her into the, god I don't know, sex kitten? Slut?
Whatever she was now.

I started sliding my mouth down Kevin's long, fat cock and from
the very beginning I used that trick that Lori had taught me. My
throat was still sore from all of the cocks that had forced
themselves on me today. But as much as I dreaded what I was about
to try to do there was one thing that I dreaded more, Kevin's

I slid my lips about half way down his shaft and the large knob
at the top of it collided with the back of my throat. I didn't
gag this time though. It didn't go down but I was getting this
gagging thing under control.

I drew back and tried again with the same results and then again.
I could sense Kevin getting impatient and the fear was mounting.
I remembered what last night had been like and I resolved to do
anything to avoid that helpless feeling again, not to mention the

I went down on him again and again I was brought up short. But
this time I didn't withdraw. This time I kept pressing and the
pain was almost unbearable when suddenly something gave and his
cock slid into my throat. If I could have I would have screamed
in amazement as I found myself with my lips stretched so wide
around the base of his cock that I was afraid that they would
begin to split.

Through my tears I glanced up at Kevin and I was disappointed to
see that his expression never changed. My neighbor had been
impressed though. I heard his exclamation of surprise and I
actually felt pride! I hated myself for it. But none the less I
couldn't help feeling proud of myself for what I knew was a major

I stayed that way for as long as I could in order to allow my
body to get used to having Kevin's cock in my throat. When I
absolutely couldn't go another second without air I slid my mouth
back to the tip of his cock. On the next attempt it went down
much easier. Don't misunderstand. It still hurt like hell. And I
hated doing it. It was still degrading and dehumanizing. Still, I
couldn't help feeling a secret pride that I had done it.

I noticed that Lori had finished sucking our neighbor's cock and
he had pulled her into his lap so that he could molest her cute
young body with his hands while the three of them now watched me
sucking on Kevin's horse cock. I hoped they had not had sex too
many times today because I didn't think that I could keep this up
for very long.

I kept driving my mouth up and throat up and down on Kevin's cock
for a very long time before Lori said, "Mom, he likes it when you
tickle his asshole with your finger. And remember, when he starts
to get close, cradle his balls in your hand and tickle the
underside of them. That really gets him off."

Twenty-four hours ago I would have died rather than touch my
finger to someone's asshole. Now I was grateful for the
suggestion! I slid my hand into position and began to tease his
opening with my finger and I cradled his balls in my other hand.
I didn't get the impression that he was close to cumming but if
it was something that he liked I was getting desperate to try
anything to end this painful blowjob.

I guess Lori's suggestions helped a little because in about eight
or ten more minutes I felt him tensing up and I began tickling
the underside of his balls while he grabbed my head and held it
close to his belly and shot his cum down my throat.

I was just grateful that it was over. He let me go before I got
desperate for air and I gently took my mouth off of his softening
cock. I half expected him to compliment me for being able to take
him into my throat so soon after my very first blowjob this
morning. I guess I should have known better. He just stared down
at me and after a moment or two he said, "Damn it! Are you dying
for another fucking beating you stupid cunt?"

He must have seen the shock on my face. He shook his head in
disgust and said, "I remember Lori telling you last night that
after you suck a cock you lick up the last few drops of cum when
it goes soft. Do I need to put you back in the ropes to get your

I exclaimed, "Please sir! I'm sorry, I forgot. Please don't do
that. I'll be good. I promise. Oh god. I'm so tired and I hurt so
much. I'm trying to do everything you told me. I swear I am."

He sighed and said, "Well! I'm still fucking waiting you dumb

I quickly put my head back in his lap and gently lifted his soft
cock in my fingers. I licked the tip clean and licked up the
small puddle of cum on his belly.

As I cleaned him up I was in tears again. I had been expecting
praise! Now, here I was on the verge of being tied up and whipped
again. I gently placed his cock back where it had been and I
knelt between his legs and covered my face and cried. I knew I
was going to lose my mind. I wasn't sure that I already hadn't.

They watched me cry and Kevin and Hugh had a nice long discussion
about my training and what was expected of me now. Hugh was
obviously intrigued. After they had talked for a while I heard
Kevin offer to train a cunt for Hugh since he didn't know how
long it would be before he got tired of Lori and me. He was fond
of an attractive mother and daughter team of cunts.

When they had finished their conversation I felt a sudden slap on
the side of my head and Kevin said, "That's enough rest. Take
your baby cunt in the house and make us something to eat."

I got to my feet and put my cushion back on the lawn chair. Then
I grabbed my empty glass and Lori and I went into the kitchen to
make supper. I had no desire to do anything but go to bed but I
wasn't going to say anything to Kevin.

We made a simple supper of pork chops and home fries. I just had
a small salad. We served the men outside and joined them. I was
falling asleep at the table and after we ate and the table had
been cleared I finally couldn't stand it any longer. I begged
Kevin to let me go to bed. It was almost nine o'clock and I had
one more day of work before the weekend. I knew it was going to
be a hard day. They all would from now on. But mainly I was
exhausted after last night and today.

Kevin got a disgusted look on his face but he said, "I guess an
old lady like you needs your beauty rest. If one of us gets
another hard on I imagine your baby can handle it. Go ahead cunt.
Go to bed. There are some bags on your bed. Your new clothes are
in them. Hang them up before you go to bed."

Shit! I had forgotten about the new clothes they were going to
buy for me. I said goodnight and wearily climbed the stairs. I
dumped the clothes out of the bags and got some empty hangers out
of my closet.

I put the dresses on hangers and as I did I briefly examined each
one. Every one of them was worse than the one that I wore to work
today. Most of them had sheer tops. They were all just as short
as the one I had worn today. A couple of them had slits in the
sides and one of them was cut so low in the back that the top of
the crack of my ass was sure to be visible.

Wearing those things to work was going to be terrible. I had to
pray though that he wouldn't make me take the bus again. I could
just imagine what would have happened to me today if I had been
wearing some of these garments.

I hung the dresses up and opened the shoe boxes. There was a pair
of black pumps with what looked like six inch heels and a pair of
knee high boots that looked even worse. I checked the sizes and
they were my size. The highest heel I had ever worn was probably
the four inch heel I wore today. And after all of the walking I
did my feet felt like they were on fire. Wearing the things that
they bought for me today, Christ! I didn't know how I could do

I had planned to take a shower and go to bed but I was so tired
that I didn't think I could take a shower. I was afraid that I
would fall asleep in there. I started to crawl into bed even with
the horrible taste in my mouth and the residue of Kevin's cum on
my body. But something he had said this morning piqued my
interest and I went back into the closet and check the tags on
the new clothes they had bought me.

There were a dozen new dresses and the cheapest one was just
under one hundred dollars. One of them was nearly two hundred!
The shoes were expensive too. I remembered Kevin saying something
this morning about getting his money back for my new clothes and
I wondered what horrible things I would have to do to repay him
for almost fifteen hundred dollars worth of clothes that only a
total slut would wear of her own free will.

Suddenly I was awake. I tried to imagine how I could possibly pay
him back and some pretty nasty scenarios flitted through my
exhausted mind. I started to get in bed again but as I lifted my
leg to get in bed I smelled Hugh's cum which I noticed had oozed
out of me and dried on my thighs and I realized that I couldn't
do it.

I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower and brushed my
teeth and then I finally went to bed. By the time I turned the
light out it was ten o'clock. I started to do the math in my head
to see how much sleep I could get but I was sleeping before I
finished the equation.

The next thing I knew the alarm was going off and it was seven in
the morning. I shut it off quickly and got out of bed as quietly
as possible. I hadn't heard a thing but Kevin and Lori were
sleeping beside me all wrapped up with each other.

Kevin hadn't told me to wake him so I snuck into the bathroom and
took a shower and brushed my teeth as quietly as possible. I
tiptoed out and picked up one of the new dresses at random and
grabbed the new shoes. The dresses were in no particular order.
They were all bad and there wasn't that much difference between

I took the dress and the shoes to the kitchen and dressed there.
I was wobbly in the shoes but they weren't as uncomfortable as
they looked. I walked around the kitchen for a few minutes until
I got used to them.

I decided not to look in the mirror to see how the dress looked.
I could see that my breasts were plainly displayed through the
sheer top. The skirt was actually a little longer than the one I
had on yesterday. This dress was a size larger than Lori's,
though it was still a size smaller than I normally wore.

I had time to make coffee but I was anxious to leave before Kevin
came downstairs and came up with some new idea to make my life
even more miserable. I grabbed my purse and went out into the
garage. I opened the garage door and drove out of there as quick
as I could. I was still kind of groggy though and since I was a
little early I stopped at a convenience store for some coffee.

When I pulled into the parking lot I saw that there were at least
a half a dozen cars parked out front. I knew from experience that
most of those people would be inside getting a cup of coffee to
sip on while driving to work. I thought long and hard about going
in there with this dress on and my breasts so exposed. I might
just as well have been topless. But I convinced myself that I was
going to have to go ahead and get used to dressing like this in
public. For the foreseeable future I was going to dress like a

Actually, it was even worse than that. For the foreseeable future
I was actually going to be a slut.

I finally steeled myself and got out of my car. I went in and all
conversation stopped. Every head turned to watch me as I made my
way to the coffee pot. I poured myself a cup of coffee and for
the entire time that I stood there preparing my coffee I could
feel the eyes of a half dozen men on my tits. I felt my nipples
grow and push against the sheer material of my top and it
infuriated me. These men were all going to think that I was
enjoying this!

I got in line and I noticed that after the men in line in front
of me paid for their coffees and cigarettes or whatever they had
come in for, they all stood to the side and watched my slow
approach to the counter.

I finally got to the counter and paid for my coffee and while I
was waiting for my change one of the men finally spoke. "Nice
dress! Do you come in her often?"

I didn't even look up. As calmly as possible I responded, "Thank
you." Then I grabbed my changed and rushed to my car. I tossed
the change in the passenger seat and hurriedly left the parking
lot. I sipped my coffee and drove to work slowly. I had no desire
to arrive one second before I was required to be there.

After I pulled into the parking lot at the office I sat in my car
and drank the last few swallows of my coffee. I was still five
minutes early but there was no sense putting it off. I got out
and went inside. Since I knew what was going to happen I locked
the door.

I put my purse in my desk drawer and stood up and took a few deep
breaths before I went to the door of Mr. Johnson's office. He was
sitting back in his chair waiting for me.

I started to knock but our eyes met and I put my hand down. I
stepped inside and approached his desk and his eyes crawled over
my body. He knew how much I despised him and he was really
enjoying how hard this was for me.

He grinned and said, "Man! Kevin wasn't kidding. You look pretty
fucking hot in that dress bitch. I almost hate to have you take
it off. Almost. Strip bitch.

I reached behind my back and fumbled with the zipper. My hands
were shaking and it took me a moment to get it started. Despite
everything that had happened yesterday I was still nervous.

I pulled the zipper down and let the dress slip off of my
shoulders. I stepped out of it and put it on a nearby chair. I
stood up then and let his eyes take in my naked body. He stared
for several minutes before he stood up and pulled his pants and
underwear off. He returned to his seat and turned to the side and
pointed to the floor at his feet.

I moved around his desk and dropped to my knees between his
elephantine legs. I suppose that his cock wasn't really that
small. It may have been six inches long. It just seemed small
because of his huge stomach and thighs.

He didn't say or do anything so I leaned forward and struggled
with his disgusting girth until I was able to get his soft cock
in my mouth. He quickly became erect and I sucked as
enthusiastically as I could so that I could get this over with.

He must have lasted ten minutes this time and there was much more
cum than the first two times that I had sucked him off. I held
his cock in my mouth until it was soft and he pushed my head

He nearly knocked me over when he stood up. I backed up and got
to my feet and he ordered me to stand nearby. He reached into his
desk drawer and pulled out a digital camera. He began directing
me and taking pictures as I posed.

Until the night before last with Kevin I had never, I would never
ever allow a nude picture of myself to exist. Now it hardly
mattered. I was embarrassed and I hated that he would have these
pictures of me to look at anytime he wanted. But compared to the
pictures that Kevin and Lori had taken yesterday, these tame
pictures hardly mattered.

The poses were getting more obscene. I was forced to pose with my
legs spread while I held my pussy open so that he could
photograph right up inside of me. I posed bent over with my back
to him, holding my ass open and he was careful to make sure that
my face was visible between my legs. I even posed sitting in a
chair with my legs draped over the arms and masturbating.

He probably took thirty or forty pictures before he had me on my
back on his desk with my legs spread. He took a few more pictures
and then he stood over me and fucked me while I held my legs
straight up. Well, not quite straight up. His belly pushed them
half way down to my chest. But they started out pointing up.

I really didn't understand how he could cum twice in a row like
this, especially after all the orgasms he had yesterday. I would
have guessed that he was incapable of cumming at all if I had
been forced to guess two days ago. He did it though. And just
like yesterday his face was so red after he came that I wasn't
sure he wasn't dying.

He pulled me up and forced me to worm my head into his crotch and
suck him clean just as the front door opened and the agents
started arriving. He reached for his pants and started dressing
and while he pulled his pants on he said, "You know how I like to
see you clean that nasty cunt of yours bitch. Go on."

It was my turn to have a red face. This was one of the more
disgusting things that they made me do. I reached down and
managed to find a small dribble of cum. There was hardly any
there at all. It wasn't the volume of liquid that made this so
humiliating though. I put my slimy fingers in my mouth and sucked
them clean just as someone knocked on the door and we heard Jon's
voice ask sarcastically, "Is everyone decent?"

Mr. Johnson said, "Come on in Jon. I'd say she's decent. I sure
enjoy fucking her."

Jon opened the door and I saw that Pete was there with him. Jim
hadn't come in yet.

They came in just as Mr. Johnson was sitting down. He ordered me
to kneel in front of him again and when I had he made me put his
shoes for him. As I slid them on his fat feet I couldn't help
wondering how he did this at home. I would have bet a month's pay
he couldn't reach his feet.

He slid his feet under the desk and I stood up and turned to see
Pete and Jon undressing. Jon sniffed at the air and said,
"There's nothing I like more than the smell of pussy in the

I didn't get the joke but the others thought that was amusing.

Pete sat in a chair and called me over. I went to him and got on
my knees again and as I took his cock into my mouth I felt Jon
playing with my asshole.

I got nervous as his finger played over me for a long moment. I
could tell what he was thinking. Mr. Johnson interrupted his
chain of thought and gave me something new to worry about. He
said, "Remember what I told you Jon. We can't plow her ass until
we get the word from Kevin. He has something planned for it. You
don't want to screw up a good thing. Go ahead and fuck her cunt.
You'll get your chance at her ass later."

Kevin had already mentioned that my ass was one of the cherries
that he intended to take. I was trying not to think about it
though. The idea that these guys were all anxious to fuck me
there didn't do anything to calm my fears.

Jon, who had the largest cock of the four men I worked with,
began working his hard cock into me from behind and it infuriated
me that soon after he started fucking me, even with the
distraction of Pete's cock in my mouth and throat, I felt myself
becoming aroused and responding to the motion of that large cock
in my pussy.

Not long after Jon started fucking me Pete said, "Jesus Jon! When
you start working her with that big dick of yours she goes down
on you like a great white! Look at her suck that thing!"

I hadn't realized that I was doing it but as soon as he said that
I became aware of what I was doing. Even knowing it though, I
couldn't control it. I sucked enthusiastically on Pete's cock and
Jon began to fuck me even harder. Out of the corner of my eye I
saw Mr. Johnson moving around getting more pictures and I didn't
even care about that for the moment. Later, when he showed me the
pictures, I would feel even more debased than I did already. But
for now nothing mattered but the cock that was stretching my
pussy so wonderfully.

Pete came first and I eagerly swallowed the slime that shot out
of the end of his cock while groaning in pleasure. I felt Jon
speed up and I was afraid that he was going to cum before I did
but at the last second I felt his hand move around under me and
his fingers began to pinch and pull on one of my nipples. It hurt
like hell but it sent me right over the top and my pussy clamped
down on his cock. When my pussy gripped him I heard him cry out
and his hand clamped down on my tit like a vice. We were both
cumming then.

My head came up off of Pete's cock and I cried out in pleasure as
Jon filled me with cum. I was out of it for a few seconds but
slowly I became aware of my surroundings and what had just
happened and I was humiliated all over again. I hated it that he
could make me cum. I didn't like being brought down to their

Jon finally pulled out of me and without even thinking about what
I was doing I turned around and sucked his cock clean. When I
realized what I was doing, and that I had done it without being
asked I was shocked at my own behavior. I couldn't believe that I
would actually be succumbing to this training regimen of Kevin's.
Was I actually turning into a slut?!

As I was sucking Jon's cock clean I felt someone behind me and I
was shocked to find that Jim had come in and undressed while I
was being raped by his co-workers and I had been so wrapped up in
what was happening to me that I hadn't even noticed.

After Jim fucked me and I cleaned his cock I was once more forced
to eat the cum that was draining out of me. I knew that the
entire purpose of that degrading act was to demoralize me and
humiliate me but I was finding that the more I did it the less
effect it had on me. I still hated doing it but I no longer felt
sick to my stomach. It was just one more in a long line of
degrading acts I was forced to perform for these perverts.

After they watched me dress the men left me alone for the rest of
the morning. I was careful not to get up when customers came in
after the embarrassment I had suffered yesterday. I had learned
to call whichever agent had a client out front on the intercom
and let them know that their client had arrived and was waiting
to see them.

I was gang raped again at lunch time and then it was back to work
as usual. Everything was almost normal until just after three
that afternoon. Jon called me into his office and I got up and
stuck my head in his door to see what he wanted. He was in with a
man he had been talking to about leasing a warehouse near the

Jon ordered me to come in and shut his office door and I knew
from the looks on the faces of Jon and his client that I was
about to seal a deal with my body.

I stepped inside and closed the door and the client stood up and
looked me over. Jon wasted no time. He got up and said, "Take off
your dress bitch. Mr. Clark is in the mood for some of your hot

He stepped closer and patted my cheek and said, "Congratulations
cunt! Your first client! Call me when he is finished with you."

Jon left the office and I slowly took my dress off while Mr.
Clark watched with an expression of disbelief on his face. His
grin widened as I bared my breasts and when I pushed my dress
down past my hips and stepped out of it for the amusement of yet
another man he said, "I'll be damned. I thought he was jerking me

Mr. Clark quickly dropped his pants and when he didn't move I
understood what he wanted from me. I dropped to my knees and
started sucking his average size cock.

He let me work on his cock for several minutes before he pushed
my head away and pulled me to my feet. He groped my body for a
moment and then he pushed me over Jon's desk and lifted my legs
and forced his cock into me.

I was shocked when I realized that my pussy was wet. I didn't
understand it. I wasn't excited, I was humiliated. I was being
used as a whore by a man I had never actually met. His cock was
pounding into me with absolutely no concern for anything but his
own pleasure and I had been wet for him! Once more I had cause to
fear for my sanity.

Mr. Clark fucked me for five minutes or so before he leaned over
me and grabbed one of my tits in each hand and began twisting and
squeezing them brutally. I cried out in pain and he suddenly
became frenzied, fucking me even harder and squeezing my tits in
his vice like grip. I cried out again and then I was totally
humiliated when I realized that I was having an orgasm as he
raped me like a common street whore. My whole idea of who I was
had been shattered in the last day and a half. Now, as I lay
under this panting stranger who had just filled my cunt with his
cream I was furious with myself for having let him bring me to

I refused to be this kind of woman. I had to fight this! I had to
do what they told me but when this was all over, if it ever
ended, I had every intention of coming through this unchanged. I
didn't want to be the kind of woman who submitted to men and
enjoyed being used by them. The very idea of it ripped at the
core of who I was.

My chain of thoughts was interrupted when Mr. Clark finally
straightened up and pulled his soft cock out of me. I slid to the
floor in front of him and licked and sucked at his cock and balls
until he was clean. I already had his soft, slimy cock in my
mouth before I even realized what I was doing!

Mr. Clark put his pants back on while he watched me dress. When I
had my dress zipped up in back I hurried to the restroom,
informing Jon on the way that his client was waiting for him.

I had finished cleaning my crotch and I was staring at myself in
the mirror when the tears started again. I couldn't believe that
I was having orgasms with these men. I had cum with Jon at our
morning orgy and when we broke for lunch I had been brought to
orgasm by Jim. That was horrible enough. But to reach orgasm with
the clients that I was forced to service, that was more than I
could stand.

I managed to get through the last couple of hours without totally
losing my mind. I drove home and after the horrible time I had
getting home on the bus yesterday I didn't mind rush hour at all.
I was just grateful to be safe and unmolested in my own car.

When I got home there was a car in the driveway that I didn't
recognize. As soon as I saw the car a wave of despair washed over
me. I wanted my house and my quiet life back. I didn't want to be
trained. I didn't want to be a whore or a slut. I didn't want to
be forced to watch my daughter being a slut, and worse yet,
enjoying it!

I parked in the garage and went into the kitchen. I headed right
for the booze and made myself a stiff drink. I could hear voices
and laughter out by the pool as I steeled myself to go out and
let them know that I was home.

Before I could go out there the patio door opened and Kevin came
into the kitchen. He saw me and gave me a strange look. He didn't
say anything though. He went to the refrigerator and got four
beers out and went back out onto the patio without ever saying a
word. I gulped down my drink and then I removed my dress and went
out onto the patio.

The first thing I saw was Lori, kneeling in the grass and sucking
on a big black cock. There two large black men standing in front
of her and she was alternating between them. Both men appeared to
be in their late forties. Kevin was sitting at a nearby table
with another man. Kevin and his third guest turned to look at me
and I saw that this man too was in his late forties or early

I went over to Kevin and stood in front of him. His guest reached
out and ran his hands over my body and then he turned me around
and pulled me into his lap. I facing the two men that were taking
turns fucking my daughter's mouth and I was forced now to watch
as the men with Lori enjoyed her talented mouth. She would take a
big black cock into her mouth and throat and suck it until one of
the men slapped her face. That was the signal for her to switch
to the other cock and begin servicing it. I think that as
disgusting as it was to watch, the thing that disturbed me most
was that Lori didn't seem to mind at all.

The man who was holding me in his lap wasn't watching that show.
He was watching me as his hands explored my tits for a few
minutes before they dropped down to my widely spread thighs and
began to explore my pussy.

I expected it to be painful when he started working his big
finger inside my pussy. I suppose I should have been grateful
that it wasn't. Instead I was upset. My traitorous cunt was wet
again! I don't understand. This doesn't excite me! I am being
raped and I am watching two men molest my brainwashed teenage
daughter. How on earth could I be aroused?!

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the man fingering me turn to
Kevin and smile. He pulled his finger out of me and showed it to
Kevin and as he worked it back inside of me he said, "I've got to
hand it to you son. You really know what you're doing."

He laughed quietly and said, "I think we need to start calling
you the pussy whisperer."

Kevin laughed and said, "That's a good idea dad. Maybe I could
get my own show on TV and show all those pussy whipped men out
there how to train their women."

I couldn't believe it. Kevin had invited his father over to rape
us! I wondered if the other two men were relatives as well.

My focus was still on those other two men who were raping my
daughter's mouth, although in Lori's case I'm not sure you could
call it rape. In those few moments when she didn't have a large,
black cock in her mouth she looked like she was having a good

I saw one of the men cum in her mouth and after she swallowed she
was able to concentrate on the second cock she had been tasked
with pleasing. The second man came quickly once she devoted all
of her attention to him. Once she had swallowed that second load
the three of them came over and took seats around the table.

The four men talked for a few minutes and I learned that the lap
that I was sitting on belonged to Harry. Harry was, as I had
guessed, Kevin's father.

One of the other men was Harry's twin brother Henry. The third
man, they were calling him TC, was a neighbor, a close friend,
and a distant cousin.

I had probably been in his lap for close to an hour when Harry
said, "We need to be going gentlemen. But before we leave I think
I'm going to knock off a little piece of momma here. She may not
be fifteen but she has a damn fine cunt."

Harry pushed me off of his lap and bent me over the table that we
were all sitting around. I felt everyone watching me as he
lowered his pants and began forcing his cock into me. It didn't
take very long at all before I realized where Kevin had gotten
his cock from. His father's cock felt every bit as long and as
fat as Kevin's.

I fought desperately not to show it as my body began to react to
being taken by that big cock. But once again my body knew what it
liked and wouldn't listen to me. In minutes I was moaning in
pleasure and losing control as that big rod pounded into me. I
hated what I was becoming. But on some level I realized that my
confused brain resented very much that I had gone this long
without ever enjoying this kind of pleasure before.

The problem with that was, I didn't know if that was an honest
reaction or if I was starting to think that way because of being
so constantly raped and humiliated over the last two days. Could
I actually be succumbing to Kevin's training?!

Harry brought me to several very nice orgasms before he came. As
soon as he pulled out of me I bent over and sucked his cock and
licked his balls until he was clean. As I cleaned him he was
telling the others what a good fuck I was. He was very
complimentary in a lewd, crude sort of way. Everything Harry said
was something that I would have slapped someone's face for saying
before Kevin began raping me and sharing me with so many others.

It disturbed me that I had somewhat mixed feelings about what he
was saying and the circumstances under which those comments were
being rendered.

Harry and the other two men got dressed after I had finished my
clean up chores. They ignored Lori and me and said goodnight to
Kevin and left.

As soon as they left, Kevin sent Lori and me up to take a shower.
He told me to run a razor over my pussy again and made Lori
responsible for making sure I was smooth.

We went upstairs and took a shower. I shaved as ordered and Lori
ran her hand over my pussy to make sure I was smooth enough. We
dried off and I brushed my teeth and my hair. I followed Lori
back out into my bedroom and as I did I realized that we had not
spoken a word to each other today. We didn't seem to have a
relationship at all since our mother-daughter relationship had
been destroyed by Kevin. We were just two people living in the
same house. No not even people really. We were two sex objects
who were now owned by Kevin.

That realization shook me. But not as bad as it should have and I
suddenly understood that he was doing it. Kevin was breaking me.
He was breaking my will, my spirit. In only two days I had become
a sex object, a toy. No, not even two days. After only one
beating I had submitted to him and everyone else he ordered me to
submit to. There was no end in sight either.

Kevin was waiting for us in the bedroom. He had tiny little
skirts for us to put on. Tiny was not an exaggeration. It was
hardly more than a large, black strip of cloth that extended four
inches down from my waist. I noticed that Lori was wearing hers
low on her belly and it just barely covered her privates. It was
harder for me. I had a larger waist than Lori.

I struggled to push it down enough to cover my pussy and the
bottom of my ass. It worked marginally well. I somehow didn't
think it was going to stay there once I started moving around.

Kevin watched me trying to make myself presentable and street
legal. He was enjoying my discomfort for a few minutes but he
quickly became bored and said, "That's enough bitch. I didn't buy
those to protect your modesty. You look pretty hot with your ass
hanging out."

I stopped trying to adjust the skirt and he tossed me a crop top
and ordered me to put it on. I had never worn a crop top. I
thought they were much too revealing and something that only a
slut would wear. This one was even worse.

I slipped it on and the material was so thin that my nipples were
plainly visible. It was lying loosely draped over my tits and
only just barely covered my tits before ending in an uneven
fringe that only added to the overall slut effect.

But the worst part was the large black lettering across the
front. In big, bold, black letters it said "I GOT GANGBANGED!"
and on the second line it said "I LOVED IT!!!".

I looked over at the matching crop top that Lori had just put on
and it was just as suggestive. Across the front in large red
letters it said, "WANNA FUCK?".

I hated these shirts but I gathered from Lori's expression that
she found them amusing. I turned to look at myself in the mirror
and I looked like nothing so much as a hooker. A cheap hooker at

I had no idea where we were going but I knew I was going to hate

Lori and I followed Kevin out to his car. We all sat in front
with Lori in the middle. I tried not to watch as Kevin's hand
came to rest on her upper thigh and as he rubbed his finger over
her pussy she reached over and rested her small hand on the large
bulge in his slacks.

We went through to the other side of town and into an area that I
was unfamiliar with. It was after nine in the evening and I was
exhausted. I had lost count of the number of times I had been
raped today. Well, I hadn't lost count. I didn't keep count. But
it had been a lot and if that had been all that I had to do today
I would be very tired. But in addition to being forced to
sexually service the four men at work, a client, and finally
Kevin's father I also had to keep up with my normal work load.

I actually didn't mind that part. I appreciated the distraction.
It gave me an opportunity to think about something besides all of
the sex and the horror that my life had become.

Kevin parked on a side street just off of the main drag but we
were in a part of town that was becoming run down. There were a
lot of empty buildings in the area. We got out and walked a half
a block to what appeared to be a deserted warehouse. Kevin pushed
a doorbell and after a short pause the door opened and a large
black man admitted us. He nodded at Kevin and Kevin said, "Hey
Buddha! How're they hanging man?!"

The man's face never changed and he didn't respond. He let us in
after giving Lori and me a passing glance. I had the impression
that he had seen Lori before. The little entryway that we were
standing in was dark until the door closed and a curtain was
pulled over it. I could hear the faint sound of rap music coming
from somewhere further inside.

As soon as the curtain covered the door a dim overhead light came
on. The doorman turned to face Kevin and Kevin handed him a wad
of money and then raised his arms. The man ran his hands over
Kevin and I got the strange feeling that I was in an old movie as
I watched Kevin getting frisked.

He finished patting Kevin down and turned to Lori. She grinned as
if she was having a great time and stood with her arms in the air
while the man, well, I can't call it patting her down so much as
he felt her up. When he was finished her top was resting above
her tits and her skirt was nothing but a black belt around her

When he had finished feeling my daughter up he turned to me. His
expression had still not changed. He stepped closer to me and
said, "I haven't seen your ass in here before. Am I gonna have a
problem with you?"

I shook my head and raised my arms. His large, rough, black hands
lifted my top and groped my breasts before sliding down and
lifting my skirt and forcing my legs apart. I felt several
fingers worming their way inside of my pussy and then his hand
slid down over my ass and explored the crack. I was relieved that
at least he hadn't tried to force his fat fingers inside of my

He must have known that he wasn't going to find anything on me or
my daughter. It was obvious from the way that we were dressed
that we weren't hiding anything. If anything we were hiding far
too little.

As soon as he stepped away I pulled my top down and worked my
tiny skirt back down into place. Lori had already adjusted her
little outfit. As soon as we were ready we followed Kevin through
another door.

Once we had passed through the second door and into the club the
music was louder but not so loud as to be obnoxious. It was still
rap and I still hated it but it was at least at a volume that was
tolerable. I assumed that this was some sort of illegal,
unlicensed club and they had to keep the noise down to avoid
attracting law enforcement.

I looked around and saw small stages scattered around the room
and on each stage was a naked woman dancing sensuously. Only one
or two of them seemed to be dancing to the music that was
playing. One of the girls was oriental and I saw a couple that
were black but there were nearly a dozen more and they were all
white. The customers were all black.

Kevin selected some empty seats near one of the stages and we sat
and looked up at a dancer that looked younger than Lori. She
glanced at Kevin and smiled but she ignored us. I looked up and I
was looking right into her pussy only about three feet from my
face. That was all I needed to see and I looked away quickly.

Another naked white woman came up behind us and took our drink
orders. She greeted Lori by name. I had to wonder how much time
Lori had spent in here. I also found myself wondering if she had
done anything besides drink, not that it wasn't bad enough that
she was already drinking alcohol at her age.

The waitress soon returned with our drinks. I sipped on my glass
of cheap white wine and stared at my hands. I had never been in a
strip club of course. No one was stripping in here. All the women
seemed to be naked all the time. But I didn't know what else to
call it. I was sorry for those poor girls that were forced to
exhibit themselves like that. It was so degrading. But I didn't
want to see it. And I had the nagging feeling in the back of my
mind that I wasn't just here to drink and listen to music.

It wasn't long before I had all of my questions answered. A man
came over and held a whispered conversation with Kevin. I saw the
man hand Kevin some money and then grab Lori's arm and walk away.
I watched as Lori was led through a side door and I glanced up to
see Kevin watching me. He saw the shock and the fear on my face
and he just smiled.

Before Lori returned another man approached Kevin and two minutes
later he was pulling me through that same side door that Lori had
gone through. I gasped and almost lost my balance when I stepped
through the door. We were in a large room. I mean huge, about
half the size of an airplane hangar. There were no interior
walls, just one large undivided room. And everywhere I looked
there were mattresses lying on the floor. And a large number of
those mattresses were occupied by black men copulating with young
white women.

The man that had apparently paid to fuck me stopped and looked
around and then led me down a narrow aisle between rows of
mattresses and past couples fucking in every position you could
possibly imagine to a mattress which was right next to Lori and
the man who had paid to have sex with her.

The man that was fucking Lori from behind looked up and grinned
and without missing a stroke he called out, "Hey brother! I see
you brought momma in to play. Let me know if her shit's any good.
I might try her later."

My escort ordered me to strip and I was too afraid not to. It
took almost no time to get out of my two tiny garments and while
he watched me undress he was unfastening his pants and pulling
them off. It was incongruous I know but I couldn't help thinking
that with all the men that had raped me lately, and every time
one of these men had sex with me I considered it rape, only Kevin
had been naked. Every other man that had used me in the last two
days had kept his shirt on!

I was soon on my hands and knees beside Lori with a cock fucking
me violently. It was a very violent fuck, as so many of them were
lately. But I wasn't aroused and I found myself gazing around the
room and wondering about all of those young white women. I
wondered how many, if any, were here voluntarily. I wondered how
many were like Lori and had been brainwashed. I also wondered how
many of them were like me and being forced to submit to these
rapes for fear of being beaten beyond my ability to endure.

There were tears pouring down my cheeks. How could I have sunk so
low? I am now a common prostitute. No, I'm even lower than a
prostitute. I don't even get any of the money he makes selling my
body to strange men for sex. And worse yet I'm working on my
hands and knees right beside my fifteen year old daughter. How
could I have allowed myself to be taken so low?

I listened to the two men who were using us. They commented on
our relative merits as fuck meat. They commented on how tight our
pussies were and the sizes of our tits and the shapes of our
asses. They stopped raping us for long enough to switch places
for a couple of minutes so that they could compare how our
pussies felt on their cocks.

Once they had compared they switched back and fucked us violently
until they attained an orgasm. I had heard Lori squealing in
delight but I hadn't enjoyed it. I was too despondent.

After they had both cum and we had performed our standard clean
up duties I reached for my two whorish articles of clothing but
Lori stopped me before I could put them on. She led me to a small
ladies room where we could freshen up and prepare for our next

One wall of the small room was lined with toilets that were
placed so close together that when seated our hips nearly touched
the hips of the women on the toilet beside us as we sat in
embarrassed silence and allowed the cum to drain out of us for a
couple of minutes. As I sat there with my daughter beside me on
one side and a girl on the other side of me who I knew was not
yet eighteen, I listened to the other girl's conversations. Some
of the others were crying. Most were quiet, morose looking, and
kept to themselves. They were obviously not here because they
enjoyed what they were doing. There were a few that were laughing
and joking quietly with a friend but those seemed to be the

Lori and I finished on the toilets and washed up at the long row
of sinks. There were piles of small, clean, white washcloths that
we could use to freshen up with. I tried not to look around as I
used a cloth to wipe my pussy clean. It was such a personal thing
to do in front of twenty other women, even if they were all going
through the same process.

I finally put my clothes back on and followed Lori back out to
our seats. My small glass of very bad white wine had gotten warm
but it took the taste of that dirty black dick out of my mouth so
I sipped on it for a couple of minutes until another man came
over and paid for my services.

I was taken into the back room a dozen times over the next two
hours. I was fucked by a dozen black men of all descriptions.
They ranged in age from no more than eighteen to one guy that was
at least sixty. Except for that first time I was always on my own
and I was always on my back except for one man who just wanted a
blowjob. It was so dehumanizing, so demeaning. After each
anonymous fuck I sat on one of those equally dehumanizing toilets
and cried quietly as another strange man's cum drained out of

After about two hours a group of men came over to the table and
one of them spoke with Kevin for a few minutes. The spokesman
handed Kevin a large wad of money and the bored young woman who
was dancing on the small stage in front of us was sent away.
Kevin leaned over and said something to Lori and she got up and
took my hand. She pulled me to my feet and led me to the stairs
that led up onto the stage in front of us.

I followed along like the mindless sex toy that I was becoming.
Once we were on stage Lori started undressing and she told me to
take my clothes off too. I looked around at the crowd of men who
had gathered to watch and fought back the tears as I removed my
slutty outfit for their amusement.

When I was naked Lori took me into her arms and began to make
love to me. I stood their woodenly at first while she kissed my
unresponsive lips and ran her hand over my body. After a couple
of minutes she whispered, "Do you really want to piss Kevin off

At first I wasn't sure. Maybe it would be better to let him kill
me and put me out of my misery. I couldn't go on like this
forever. But the memory of that beating was still too fresh. I
just couldn't go through that again.

I began to return Lori's kisses and slide my hands over her firm
young body. I told myself that it was nothing that I hadn't done
before. We kissed and caressed for several minutes and then Lori
pulled me down to the floor and we moved into a sixty-nine
position. As I began to lick her pussy I realized that I could
taste the traces of cum from her last customer. I suppose that
she could taste mine as well. I had tasted so much cum in the
last two days that it didn't even bother me. What bothered me
still was that I was rolling around on the floor with my little
girl for the amusement of a crowd of strange men while we
performed cunnalingus on each other.

I felt her educated tongue between the lips of my pussy and it
was pleasant but I was far too despondent to enjoy it. I heard
the comments of the crude men all around us who were excited by
watching a mother have oral sex with her teenage daughter and I
couldn't imagine that I could have sunk so low in only two days.

Something inside of me, something very stupid inside of me
finally couldn't take this any longer and rebelled. I pushed my
daughter off of me and scrambled to my feet. I screamed at the
men around me that I couldn't do this and I called them every
obscene name that I could think of.

Kevin glared at me but I didn't care. I wasn't going to do this
anymore. I grabbed my top and my skirt and headed for the stairs.
I was getting out of here. I got down the stairs and managed
about two steps before Kevin stood beside me with his hand
wrapped in my hair and almost lifted me off of the floor. I
screamed and scratched at his arm and tried to kick him until he
slapped me so hard that I saw stars.

I went limp for a moment and he turned to the crowd and said,
"Okay boys, free pussy. She's all yours for the rest of the

A couple of large men grabbed me and before they carried me away
Kevin turned to the man that had let us in and said, "I'll pick
her up tomorrow sometime."

I started kicking and screaming furiously when they started to
lead me into the back. The large man that had frisked me when we
came in took two steps and suddenly punched me in the stomach. As
I gasped in pain his meaty hand came up and slapped me nearly
unconscious. His hand grabbed a handful of my hair and held my
head up and his large, ugly face was only an inch from mine when
he hissed at me, "This is going to be the longest night of your
fucking life bitch, if you live through it."

As soon as he let go of my hair I started screaming again. We had
drawn quite a crowd and I couldn't even guess how many men
followed as I was carried into the back and thrown down on a

I jumped up immediately but I was surrounded by a sea of leering
black faces and there was no escape. I screamed at them to let me
go. I made all sorts of empty threats. They seemed to find me so
terribly amusing.

The two men that had carried me in had removed their pants and
they stepped up and with almost no effort they forced me down
onto my hands and knees. I cried out as the first large cock
entered my pussy and struggled as the other man worked his cock
into my mouth and began fucking my face.

For just a second I thought about biting him. But through the red
haze that had come over my brain came the image of my teeth being
pulled out with pliers and I finally stopped fighting. I had
lost. I had lost more than I realized at the time. I would be
paying for the scene I had made out there on that stage for a
long time to come.

I had already been fucked by a dozen men since arriving at that
sex club a few hours ago. That wasn't even a good warm up for
what was to follow. For the next five or six hours I was
constantly being fucked in my pussy and my mouth. As soon as one
man shot his cum into me he moved out of the way and there
waiting was another big black cock. I couldn't count them of

After the first dozen or so men my mind had crawled into a little
space and seemed only vaguely aware of what was happening to my
body. I knew that my thighs were getting covered with cum and I
couldn't imagine that they would still want to have sex with me.
It didn't occur to me until much later that it wasn't really sex.
It wasn't about that at all. It was about teaching me a lesson.
They were punishing me with cock and with cum. I was being put in
my place.

It hurt at first. They were very rough, intentionally so. After a
while though I started getting numb and then a little later my
mind went into that place and I was almost unaware of what was
happening to me.

I have no idea what time it was when I finally realized that I
was alone. I was curled up on the mattress in a little ball. I
was nearly covered in cum and I was lying in a cold pool of male
fluids but it didn't really matter anymore.

Only a few minutes passed before I was vaguely aware that I was
no longer alone and I opened my eyes to see the man who had
frisked me when I came in last night. He was standing over me and
looking down at me in disgust. When I opened my eyes he said, "I
was gonna fuck you again but there's no way I'm gonna stick my
dick in your skanky ass, bitch. Jesus you stink! This ain't no
fucking flop house. Nobody said you could sleep. Get your nasty
ass in there and clean yourself up."

I struggled to my feet. I hurt so bad that I couldn't straighten
up. I shuffled towards the bathroom, bent over and holding my
stomach. Every step was agony. My stomach hurt, I didn't know if
that was because of the punches or all of the cocks that had
pummeled me. I knew why my pussy hurt so badly though. All of
those violent rapes, hour after hour, one right after another.

My throat was just as sore as my pussy. I hadn't tried but I'm
pretty sure that I couldn't talk if I had to. I made it to the
bathroom and sat on the toilet. I hadn't even realized how badly
I needed to pee until I sat down. I let the cum drain out of me
until I couldn't hear it dripping into the toilet any longer.
When I stood up and turned around to flush it I saw an
unbelievable amount of viscous fluid floating in the water. I
thought that most of it had drained out of me when I was lying on
the mattress. I was wrong.

I flushed the toilet and shuffled over to the sink. I stared at
myself in the mirror. I didn't even recognize my reflection. My
hair was stiff from their cum. Many of the men had used my hair
to wipe their cocks clean. Others had shot their load into my
face and hair.

My lips were cracked and swollen and there were a few places
where blood had trickled down. I don't remember being hit in the
face except for that one time I was slapped before it started.
I'm not sure why I was bleeding.

My tits were very tender. I could see scratches and several black
and blue marks. The men must have been pretty rough on them but I
don't remember it.

I leaned down and rinsed my face off several times before I
picked up a washcloth and started trying to clean myself up. I
was washing my body with the cloth when I felt someone watching
me. I looked up to see the doorman watching me from the door to
the bathroom.

I ignored him and went back to cleaning the dried cum from my
body. I had no idea what time it was. I wondered how long it
would be before Kevin came back for me. I felt a sudden wave of
fear grip my chest. What did Kevin have in mind for me when he
came back for me? He had been furious last night. The hook?

I shuddered as I remembered that horrible beating he had
subjected me to that first night. The tears started again because
I was certain it was going to happen again.

I finished cleaning myself up. Or at least I was as clean as I
could get without taking a long hot bath and using a douche.

I tossed the last of the four face cloths I had used to clean
myself up with into the bucket they had supplied. I was as clean
as I was going to get until I got home.

It couldn't be put off any longer. I turned to face the doorman
and he entered the room and came closer to examine me. He sniffed
and said, "That's a little better. I still don't think I want to
fuck your nasty ass. Get down and suck me off bitch. I didn't get
to fuck your face last night. The line was too long."

The floor was damp and dirty and I started to reach for a couple
of washcloths to kneel on. I saw his arm go back and I cowered
and covered my head.

He snarled, "I said get down and suck me off bitch! Are you
fucking brain dead?! Didn't you learn anything last night? You
stupid fucking cunt! When a man tells you to do something you
fucking do it! Instantly!"

I sobbed quietly as I dropped to my knees on the filthy floor. He
didn't offer to help so I unfastened his pants and pulled them
down far enough to expose his manhood. I gripped his soft cock in
my fingers and pulled it free of his underwear. The smell was
unpleasant but I had smelled a lot worse over the course of the
last five or six hours.

My lips cracked when I opened them to take his cock into my
mouth. The worst pain wasn't when I took his fat cock into my
throat though. The pain in my jaw was what caused me to cry out.
I hadn't tried to talk or open my mouth very far since I had
become aware of my surroundings again and realized that the rapes
had stopped. I hadn't realized just how sore my jaw was until I
opened my mouth wide enough to accommodate his cock.

It hurt like hell but of course that didn't matter. I ignored the
pain in my lips and my throat and my jaw and I put every bit of
what little strength remained in my incredibly abused body to
work. I wanted desperately to please this man, I was too scared
not to.

He watched me as I worked on his cock with a look of disgust on
his face. At one point he reached out to hold my head. But when
he saw the condition of my hair he thought better of it and
dropped his hands back to his side.

He probably only lasted ten or fifteen minutes. It just seemed
like an hour before he filled my mouth with one last load of cum.
After he came I held his cock in my mouth until he placed the
tips of two of his large fingers against my forehead and pushed
me down on my ass on the filthy floor.

I sat there crying as he stepped back and fastened his pants.
When he was dressed again he said, "Get off your lazy ass, bitch.
Get yourself cleaned up and come out to the front door."

After he left I used a few more washcloths to clean the filth
from my body again. I quickly rinsed my mouth out at the sink. I
walked through the empty room full of nasty, cum stained
mattresses. I looked around for my clothes but then I remembered
that I had been brought back here naked.

I went out and through the club to the front door. I looked
around out in the club but my clothes weren't there either. As I
passed by the bar I spotted a clock. It was almost six in the
morning. I had been here since about nine last night. Nine hours
of almost constant rape. And I didn't believe for an instant that
my day was over.

The doorman was sitting at a desk near the front door watching a
small, portable TV. When I entered the foyer I asked the doorman
if he had any idea where my clothing had gone to. My voice was
unrecognizable. I couldn't help wondering if the damage to my
throat would be permanent.

He glanced up at me for a second but then turned back to his
little television. He didn't say anything at first but then he
said, "I don't want you to open your fucking mouth again unless
someone is trying to put a cock in it you stupid bitch."

I didn't know why he was so mad at me. Maybe he just hated women.
Or maybe he just hated white sluts. I moved away from him and
stood with my back to the wall and waited. It was probably
another half an hour before the bell rang and Kevin was there to
pick me up. I cowered against the wall as he came in and looked
me over. I tried to tell him that I was sorry, though I wasn't
sure what I was apologizing for.

He interrupted me and said, "I don't like getting up at six
o'clock in the morning cunt. I hope you are well rested because
you are going to pay me back for humiliating me last night and
making me get up this early. I didn't even earn back half of what
I paid for your clothes last night. But don't worry. I have
something else in mind that will make up the difference."

I was so scared as I stood there with him almost yelling in my
face that I didn't even mention that my clothes were missing when
he told me to follow him.

I followed him out onto the sidewalk and down to the corner.
There were a few people around but it was early and it was a
rundown part of town so there didn't seem to be any decent people
around to be offended by my nudity.

We turned the corner and walked a half a block to his car. I was
grateful that I had at least been able to keep my shoes on last
night. I would have hated to be barefoot.

We passed several men who stopped and grinned and turned to watch
me as I followed Kevin to the car. But they didn't speak to me or
try to touch me or anything. They just enjoyed my nudity.

We got to the car and Kevin directed me to sit on a towel in his
back seat. He drove away and as he drove through town I tried
once more to tell him that I was sorry. I wanted to explain that
I had lost it. I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted him to
understand that I was a mother and that it was very difficult to
overcome a mother's natural instinct to protect her child.

He didn't even look back at me in the mirror. He just growled,
"Do I need to stick something in your mouth to shut you up you
dumb cunt?"

I gave up and sat back and closed my eyes. He didn't care why I
had rebelled last night. I doubt if he even minded. He was
probably looking forward to making me pay for it.

I opened my eyes when he pulled into a parking lot. We were in
the industrial district. He had parked in front of a large metal
building. There were no signs to indicate what they did here.
There were a dozen cars and SUVs parked in the lot but no one
going in or out. It didn't look like another club. But then, the
place that I had spent the night last night looked like nothing
but an abandoned warehouse.

Kevin ordered me out. I got out and shut the door and he grabbed
my arm and pulled me around behind his car. He pointed to a pile
of clothing and I recognized one of my normal outfits, the
clothes I used to wear before I became Kevin's bitch. He ordered
me to dress and while I was putting my underwear on he pointed
out some disturbing things in his trunk. I didn't recognize most
of it but I saw leather collars and cuffs. There were chains and
different kinds of whips and a large assortment of things that
looked painful and I didn't even know what they were for.

I had stopped dressing as my eyes inventoried the instruments of
torture that Kevin was showing me. I was standing in a public
parking lot in my bra and panties. But I was so upset that I had
forgotten all about getting dressed.

I finally tore my eyes away from the horrible contents of Kevin's
trunk and tried once more to beg him to forgive me. I pleaded
with him to have pity on me. I promised him that I would never
disobey him or humiliate him again.

He laughed and responded, "You stupid cunt. You made that same
promise a couple of days ago after your first beating. I told you
then that I knew you'd screw up. You dumb cunts don't learn after
just one beating. You are going to get another beating when I get
you home and I told you I wasn't going to take it easy on you if
I had to do it again. I will make you a deal though. If you do
everything that you are told between now and the time I get you
home I will take it easy on you again. Not as easy as I did the
first night. But easier than what I'm planning now. So what
happens to you tonight is up to you."

There it was. No matter what else happened to me today I was
going to be beaten when I got home. And it was going to be more
severe than the first beating. I was crying again and I was
shaking so bad that I could hardly stand. At first my mind was
paralyzed with terror. But then another horrible thought crossed
my mind. "What was he going to make me do in this building that
was so bad that he was showing me this equipment and leaving the
severity of the beating that I was to receive up to me?"

He watched me for a few moments, obviously enjoying the fear that
seemed to have incapacitated me. He allowed me to stand there for
a minute or two before he said, "Get your fucking clothes on you
stupid cunt. Are you trying to get arrested?"

My mind was numb as I reached into the trunk and pulled out a
knee length skirt and stepped into it. I nearly fell on my ass
trying to put it on. I wanted nothing more right at that moment
than to collapse and cry hysterically. I was so close to finally
going over the edge and losing my mind.

I had frozen in place again after I had my skirt on and after a
few seconds he asked, "Do I need to slap you around a little to
get you going? Put the rest of your damned clothes on bitch!"

I pulled on the conservative blouse he had brought me and tucked
it in. I buttoned up the skirt and stood shaking in fear. I
looked up to see if he was satisfied and as he closed the trunk I
asked, "Please sir, what's in this building. What's going to
happen to me here?"

He smiled and replied, "You are going to finish paying me back
for all the nice clothes I bought you. If don't want to be beaten
half to death tonight then I suggest that do everything you are
told in there. Like I said, how badly you get beaten tonight is
all up to you."

He turned and headed for the door and I followed behind him. He
opened the door and went in and when I stepped in after him I
found myself in a comfortable looking reception room. A pretty
young blonde behind the desk greeted Kevin by name and then gave
me a look that let me know she thought that I was the sort of
thing a decent person might have to scrape off of the bottom of
their shoes after walking through a pasture.

The girl picked up her phone, punched a button and said, "Mr.
Baird, Mr. Gadsen is here with...Mr. Gadsen is here."

She hung up the phone and smiled at Kevin and said, "You can go
right in sir."

Kevin went through a door and I followed him down a short hall
past several offices to Mr. Baird's office. When we entered Mr.
Baird stood up and shook hands with Kevin. Then he came around
his desk and stood in front of me.

He looked me up and down and then walked around me. When he was
back in front of me he said, "She stinks. But she looks as good
as her pictures Kevin. She isn't marked up is she?"

Kevin looked thoughtful and said, "A couple of light bruises on
her tits. Nothing that a little makeup won't be able to take care

Mr. Baird looked annoyed. He said to me, "Show me your tits

I unbuttoned my blouse quickly. I released the front closure on
my bra and held my blouse and bra open so that my breasts were
fully displayed. He bent forward and examined them, even lifting
them so that he could look at the underside. He payed close
attention to one of the bruises and then stood up and said to
Kevin, "We'll see how she comes out of makeup. We may have to
postpone this for a few days."

Kevin said, "If you want to postpone it you will have to put it
off for more than a couple of days. I'm going to beat the hell
out of her tonight. She'll think long and hard before she freaks
out on me again."

Mr. Baird got a funny look on his face. He went around to his
seat and picked up his phone and pushed some buttons. He said,
"Darling, would you come in here please. I need you to take
this...this woman down to makeup."

He hung up the phone and while we were waiting he laid three
forms out on his desk and called me over and ordered me to sign
each of them. I had no idea what they were.

Seconds later the blonde who had been out front came in. Mr.
Baird said to her, "See that they pay special attention to those
bruises on her tits. I need to know if we can use her today. Tell
them to call me."

I started to button my blouse but in a voice dripping with
disdain the blonde said, "Don't bother. Come with me."

I still wasn't certain what it was that they did here but I was
tempted to tell that young bitch off. Imagine her working in a
place like this and looking down on me! But I was fully aware of
what was happening to me when I got home. I wasn't going to say
anything to anyone about anything.

As I walked towards the door I heard Mr. Baird say, "About this

That was all I heard but I couldn't help wondering if he could
talk Kevin out of it. I had no reason to believe that was his
intent. I was just clinging to any hope at all I suppose.

I held my blouse closed as I followed the blonde down the hallway
and then down another short corridor before she opened a door and
I was in a makeup room. There were two beauty shop chairs in the
room and a man and woman were sitting in them talking.

They got up when the blonde entered and they greeted each other.
No one spoke to me. The blonde said, "Mr. Baird wants you to give
her the works. She has some bruises on her tits. See if you can
do anything with them and let him know. He needs to know if he is
going to have to postpone the shoot. So I guess you should start

The woman turned to look at me and asked, "Have you ever done
this before?"

I didn't know how to answer. "Done what?" I asked. "I don't know
why I'm here."

All three of them laughed at me. The blonde said, "This is going
to be interesting. See you guys later."

She left and the makeup woman said, "Get out of those clothes."

I took off my blouse and bra and put them on a chair. They were
both watching me but it seemed to be more to appraise me for the
work they needed to do than the leering looks I was getting used
to in the last few days.

I removed my skirt and blouse and then for the first time in a
very long time I took my shoes off. I can't describe how much of
a relief it was to get out of those instruments of torture.

They both came over to where I stood and looked me over. They
seemed satisfied with my body in general and they began to
concentrate on the bruises on my tits. They ran their hands over
them and lifted and separated until they had seen everything
there was to see.

The man grinned and asked, "Rough night last night sugar?"

I was on the verge of telling him off. Instead I replied, "Yes
sir. Getting gang raped is very tiring."

I was gratified that they actually seemed uncomfortable for a

The woman sniffed and said, "You really stink honey." She pointed
at a door in the far wall and said, "There's a shower in there.
Go clean up and wash your hair. Make it quick though. There are a
lot of people waiting around."

I took a quick shower and washed my hair. I dried off and hurried
back into the makeup room. I don't know why I was hurrying. I
wasn't anxious t find out why I was here. I guess that I was just
getting used to doing what I was told.

I was directed to one of the chairs and they began working to
cover up the bruises on my tits. They had faded slightly since I
first saw them early this morning. I guess they weren't as bad as
they could have been. There were a few feint scratches too. Both
of them began working on me with powders and creams and in just a
few minutes the marks on my tits were all invisible.

The woman went to a phone and used the intercom to tell Mr. Baird
that the bruises covered up well and I would be ready in about
half an hour.

They proceeded to cover the rest of my body with creams and
powders. They checked everywhere that hair grew but were
satisfied that I didn't need a shave. The man worked on my hair
while the woman finished my front and then they stood me up and
worked together to put makeup on my back.

When they were finished the woman notified Mr. Baird on the
intercom. They sat back in their chairs and we waited for someone
to come and get me. In the uncomfortable silence that ensued I
finally asked them, "What is going to happen to me here?"

They both laughed and the woman answered, "Apparently not much
that hasn't already happened to you. I'm guessing that there
isn't a lot that hasn't already happened to you."

They both got a chuckle out of that. I saw that I wasn't getting
anywhere with them. They thought that I was some kind of slut and
beneath their dignity. Fuck them, fuck them both!

I heard footsteps approaching and Mr. Baird came in. He looked me
all over, paying special attention to my tits. When he was
satisfied he said, "Okay, get dressed. Hurry it up."

While I was dressing he said to the couple who had done my
makeup, "Good job. There isn't anything else scheduled for today.
You can knock off now. If you want to come in and watch the show
I'm thinking it's going to get pretty amusing."

I followed Mr. Baird back out and through another door into a
huge room with a dozen people and camera equipment everywhere.
The large room was divided into smaller sets and people were
moving around doing god knows what.

There was one man who seemed to be in charge. He was running
around yelling at everyone to do this and do that and go here or
go there. It was all very hectic. It was also very intimidating.

I was standing several feet inside the door, watching all the
incomprehensible activity and waiting for someone to tell me what
to do. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I head Kevin behind
me. He said, "You see that guy doing all the yelling?"

I nodded.

Kevin said, "I told that man that you would do every single thing
that he told you to do, him and every other person on this set.
I'm going to warn you right now, you are going to hate it. But if
you screw this up I'm going to beat you to within an inch of your
fucking life. Do you understand me?"

I was so scared now that I could hardly breathe. I had no idea
what was going to happen to me but I believed Kevin. I was sure
that I would hate it, whatever it was. It didn't matter though. I
nodded my head and replied, "Yes sir. I understand you."

I heard his evil chuckle and he quietly said, "Somehow I still
don't believe you. I guess we'll see."

A few minutes later the room got quiet. All the hectic
preparations were complete. The man who had been doing all of the
yelling looked around and spotted me. He waved me over to where
he was standing. I was so scared I could hardly walk but I
managed to make it over to where he stood. He looked me over and
nodded and then said, "I understand that you have no idea what is
going to happen to you here today. Is that true?"

I nodded. I was too scared to talk.

He grinned and said, "And you have never done this before?"

I nodded again.

He chuckled and said, "Shit, this is going to be interesting."

He looked behind him and pointed out a strange looking woman
wearing an even stranger outfit. He told me that for the next two
hours I would be doing everything that woman said.

The woman's costume consisted entirely of leather straps but it
didn't cover any of the areas that were normally covered by
clothing. It merely outlined her breasts and her pubic area.
There was a large studded belt around her waist and leather
studded cuffs and a wide thick leather collar. She was an
attractive blonde in very good shape. She was the most muscular
woman that I think that I have ever seen. She looked to be in her
mid forties at least. She had a dour look on her face and the
total effect was very intimidating.

He asked, "Do you have any questions?"

I thought, "Your damned right I have questions! I have a lot of
questions!" But I just shook my head and he shoved me over
towards her and said, "Go over and introduce yourself."

I walked over to the woman in the leather harness and said,
"Hello. I'm Karen. I was told to introduce myself to you."

She glowered at me and looked me up and down like just about
every man I met lately did. She grinned slightly and then she
said, "They still haven't told you why you're here, have they?"

It was starting to annoy me that everyone asked me that but no
one would tell me why I was here. But of course I knew better
than to piss her off. I just said, "No ma'am. No one will tell me
what is going to happen to me here."

She was a tall woman. She must be nearly six feet tall. She had
great muscle definition. She looked like an Amazon. She looked
down at me and after a long pause she said, "You and me are going
to make a movie. But then, I suppose you've figured that part out

I nodded. I figured it was going to be a movie by the makeup and
the cameras and the sets. So now it looked like I was going to be
making a sex movie with an Amazonian female. I wasn't looking
forward to it. I still wasn't that fond of sex with another
female. But at least it wasn't with my daughter this time. I
didn't understand why everyone thought that I was going to get
weird about that. After last night I think I could handle having
sex with just one woman.

She laughed and said, "I can read your fucking mind. You dumb
cunt. It won't be just you and me. I don't want your skuzzy mouth
anywhere near me. I'm just going to be in charge. You are going
to do everything I tell you. You are going to hate it. But you
are going to do it. Because if you don't I am going to hurt you
more than you have ever been hurt before. And to be honest, I
hope you fight me. I hate it when I get some fresh cunt and she
gives in too easy. It takes all the fun out of it."

Oh well, I didn't want to be friends with her anyway. I stepped
away from her and went back to looking around. I realized that
everyone was watching us. Suddenly I was very self-conscious.

I tried to take a few deep breaths and force myself to calm down.
I had just about managed when the Amazon took my arm and said,
"Let's go. It's time to get started. From now on if you call me
anything it had best be mistress. Is that understood?"

She was scary woman and I had no intention of pissing her off. I
was tired and sore from last night and I just wanted to get this
over with and go home. I responded, "Yes mistress."

She guided me to the set that the people and the cameras and
lights all seemed to be focused on. As we walked she asked me,
"Do you know what a cattle prod it?"

I had never seen one but I knew what they were, what they were
used for. I started to nod but then I figured it would be more
appropriate to say, "Yes mistress."

She said, "Good. That should make things a little easier."

I didn't like the sound of that.

We entered the set. I looked around and it didn't do anything to
relieve my rapidly growing distress to see that I was in a fake
dungeon. As soon as we were on the set the guy who had been doing
all of the yelling earlier, the director I assume, yelled, "Ready
on the set?"

I glanced around and waited for someone to tell me what to do. I
still had no idea what this was all about.

The director yelled, "Action!"

The Amazon let my arm go and walked around me. I was turned so
that the camera was to my right front. It had a clear view when
she reached up and grabbed the lapels of my blouse and with one
violent motion she tore it all the way down the front sending
buttons flying everywhere.

It was so violent and so unexpected that I screamed.

She smiled and in a sympathetic voice asked, "What's the matter
pet? Did I scare you?"

I was scared! I was terrified. I was also aware of the large
microphone on a boom just over our heads and the cameras that
were recording what we did and more than a dozen people staring
at us.

Suddenly her hand came up and she slapped my face. I screamed
again but she put her face in mine and said, "I asked you a
question pet! Are you scared?"

I answered quickly, "Yes mistress. I am scared!"

She smiled and said, "Good. You have every reason to be."

She moved behind me and jerked my blouse off. Once more her
actions were violent and the blouse was nearly in tatters by the
time she had it off.

She turned me slightly so that I faced the camera and said, "Tell
me your name."

Before I could answer she reached out and gripped the waist of my
skirt and tore it apart in the back where the button and the
zipper held it together. It tore half way down the back and then
she let it drop to the floor at my feet.

Before I could form a thought she delivered a vicious punch to my
lower back. I screamed again and wheeled around. She saw the look
of pain and horror on my face and she seemed to feed on it like a
vampire feeding on human blood.

She reached out and slapped my face again. The blow came out of
nowhere and I screamed and turned away from her once more. I was
facing the cameras again and she grabbed my bra strap in the back
and twisted it and held me in place and said, "I asked you your
name, bitch!"

I cried out, "Karen! My name is Karen mistress!"

She maintained her hold on my bra strap and I felt another
explosion of pain on my lower back.

I cried out and pleaded, "Please mistress. That hurts! I can't
take it. I told you my name!"

I could hear the pleasure in her voice when she responded, "You
told me half of your name you dumb cunt. What is your name?"

I shuddered at the thought of all the perverts that would watch
this movie and know my name. But this woman was as scary as

I quickly responded, "Karen Black mistress. My name is Karen

She unfastened my bra and tore it off roughly. She walked around
me again and looked at my tits. She smiled and said, "Not bad. I
could have a lot of fun with those."

She looked me in the eye then and said, "You won't like it if I
have a lot of fun with those. So I highly recommend that from now
on you answer promptly and completely."

She moved around behind me again, leaving me facing the cameras
in my panties and high heels. When she was behind me she reached
around and gripped my left nipple between her thumb and
forefinger and began to squeeze. I felt her arm muscle bulging
against my arm as she applied more and more pressure until I
screamed in pain and reached up to try and pull her hand away.

She screamed right in my ear, "DO NOT LIFT YOUR ARMS TO ME CUNT!!
Put your arms down, now!"

I was sobbing loudly. The pain was unbelievable but she terrified
me and I forced myself to lower my arms.

She gradually eased her grip and when I had stopped panting in
pain she asked me, "What is your address Karen Black?"

I felt growing panic in the pit of my stomach, but there was no
question that I was going to do anything but answer promptly and
completely. I would have to sell my house and move now. But I
immediately recited my complete address.

I saw the crew smiling as they watched. They were all enjoying my
torment. I guess people like them and like Kevin must gravitate
towards each other.

She ordered me to turn around and take a step back. I complied
immediately and she ordered me to bend over at the waist and keep
my legs straight.

I obeyed of course. I was determined that I was going to do
anything this fucking bitch ordered me to do.

She kept me bent over for a long moment before she ordered me to
slide my underwear down.

The point of this was obvious. My ass was facing right towards
the main cameras. At this point that didn't matter. I reached for
my waistband and slid my panties down and let them fall to my

I waited for permission to stand but before that order came she
said, "Reach back there and spread those cheeks nice and wide.
Air out that nasty ass for me."

I put all those people that were standing around behind me out of
my mind. The only person that mattered now was the woman who was
causing me all of this pain.

I reached back and spread my ass cheeks as far apart as I could
and held them that way while she walked around and inspected me.

She walked all the way around me before she ordered me to stand
up and face the cameras again.

When I had complied she asked, "How long have you been sucking
cocks Karen Black?"

I quickly responded, "Three days mistress."

She asked, "Do you enjoy it Karen Black?"

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to answer honestly or not but I
think they wanted to hear the truth. I replied, "No mistress. I
do not enjoy sucking cocks."

I felt her hand gliding over my right ass cheek and she said,
"Good. That's was the answer that I was hoping for. But you are
pretty good at it already aren't you Karen? You can take huge
cocks down your throat can't you?"

I said, "Yes mistress. I have had many large cocks in my throat
in the last three days."

She moved right up against my back. I felt her nipples pressing
into me. She leaned forward and licked my neck and then she
quietly asked, "Have you ever sucked a dog's cock Karen Black?"

I shuddered in revulsion and exclaimed, "No mistress!"

I started to add that I would never do that. But suddenly I had a
horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Was that the secret
that everyone was keeping from me? Was she going to make me suck
a dog's cock, on film?!"

She kissed my neck where she had just licked me. She said, "I can
taste your fear Karen Black. You have finally figured out why you
are here today, haven't you?"

My voice broke when I tried to say, "Yes mistress."

Under my breath I whispered, "Oh god no. Please don't do this to
me. I'll get sick. I know I will."

She licked my neck again and said, "I love the taste of fear."
She paused and asked, "Have you ever had anyone stick a cattle
prod in your cunt and shock you Karen Black?"

I suddenly felt faint. My legs started to go out from under me
and I thought, "Oh good! I'm going to be unconscious!"

No such luck. Her hand reached around and before I could lose
consciousness her finger and thumb had that death grip on my
nipple again and I was screaming in pain. I started to lift my
arms to defend myself but at the last moment I remembered and let
them fall to my side.

I screamed again and she slowly released her grip. I was panting
again and she gave me a minute to recover before she said, "I
asked you a question Karen Black."

At first I couldn't remember the question. It was something about
a dog but I couldn't remember what. Then, just as she started to
tighten her grip again I remembered.

"No mistress! I have never had a cattle prod in my cunt!"

She laughed and said, "I think that you probably will today. I am
going to order you to do some very nasty things. They will sicken
you. They are nastier than anything you have ever done in your
life. They are worse than the gang rape you were subjected to
last night for six hours. The things that I am going to order you
to do are the kinds of things that a decent woman would
absolutely refuse to do no matter the consequences. But you will
do them. You probably will refuse at first. But I will then place
the end of a cattle prod in your cunt and have you dancing on the
end of it until at last you give in. You will leave this
building, if indeed you leave this building, with your pride in
shreds. From this day forward there is nothing that you will not
do if asked. I am going to break you Karen Black."

I heard the confidence in her voice and I didn't doubt for a
second that she was telling the truth. She had done this before
and she enjoyed it.

She kissed my shoulder and said, "Before we start I have a couple
more questions Karen Black. How old are you?"

"I'm thirty-two mistress."

"Are you married?" she asked.

I replied, "I am separated mistress."

She said, "I have one last question Karen Black. Tell me about
your child."

I wasn't sure what she wanted me to say. I answered, "I have a
fifteen year old daughter mistress."

She chuckled and said, "I'll bet she's a good cocksucker too,
isn't she Karen Black?"

I thought, "That's two questions." But what I said was, "Yes
mistress. My daughter is a good cocksucker."

"What is your daughter's name Karen Black?"

I'm embarrassed about it now but at that moment protecting my
daughter was the furthest thing from my mind. I answered, "My
daughter's name is Lori Black mistress."

The Amazon smiled and asked, "Where does your fifteen year old
slut daughter go to school Karen Black?"

I instantly answered, "She goes to Benedict Arnold High School

The Amazon said, "That's enough foreplay. Are you ready to meet
your co-star?"

The answer to that was a definite no. But I nodded that I was.

She said, "That's one. Are you ready to meet your co-star Karen

One what?! What the hell did I do wrong now? I guess she doesn't
want me to nod? I said, "Yes mistress. I am ready to meet my

She took a step back and said, "Get down on your knees."

As I sank to my knees she said, "Now you are not Karen Black
anymore. Now you are bitch."

She walked away and picked something up off of a table. She came
back over to where I was waiting on my knees and moved around in
front of me. She was holding a long, thin, metallic wand-like
object with a brightly colored plastic handle. I had never seen
one before but I knew what it was.

She reached out and slowly moved it over my face, down my neck
and over my tits. She teased my nipples with it for a few
seconds. Then she pulled it away and held it near my ear. She
pressed the button and I heard an electrical noise right by my
ear. My hair stood on end and I vowed that I would do every
disgusting thing she ordered to avoid having that thing go off in
my pussy.

She stood over me and said, "I am going to bring in Rex now. Rex
is a very affectionate lover. He loves to kiss his bitches. When
Rex kisses you I want you to kiss him back. I want to see lots of
tongue action. If you hurt his feelings I'm going to teach you
how to dance."

She walked across the room and opened a door. I didn't want to
watch. I didn't want to see. But I couldn't help it. I saw a man
standing on the other side of the door with a dog on a leash.

She took the leash from him and led the dog over and forced him
to sit in front of me. He must be well trained. He seemed to know
what this was all about. I wondered how many movies Rex had
starred in. He was obviously excited but he had been ordered to
stay and he did.

The Amazon moved back behind me and I had a brief moment to look
at Rex. He was a very large German Shepherd. I could see his cock
already twitching in its hairy sheath. There was just a hint of
pink at the opening.

I couldn't even remember the last time I had eaten anything but
cum. Still I felt like I was about to vomit. I was distracted
though when the Amazon touched her cattle prod to my back and ran
it down over my ass.

She said, "Before we start I am going to give you another minute
to think about this cattle prod in your cunt. It will be the most
painful thing that you ever experience in your life. It is worse
than childbirth. And when I am done you will end up obeying me
anyway. Trust me. I know. I have been through this so many

I believed her. I also believed that she was hoping that she
would get to do it to me.

The minute passed and she prodded me forward with her beloved
cattle prod. When I was less than a foot from Rex the Amazon
said, "Bitch, this is Rex. Rex, this is your new bitch. Isn't she
pretty Rex?"

Rex barked and wagged his tail but still he stayed and remained
under her control.

I could smell his dog breath and see his tongue lolling out of
his mouth. There was a steady stream of drool rolling off of his
tongue. I was feeling sicker by the second.

My tormentor said, "Are you ready to get better acquainted

I tried to respond but my voice broke. I cleared my throat and
tried again. "Yes mistress."

I could hear the smile in her voice when she said, "Rex, kiss
your new bitch."

Rex barked and leaned forward and began to lap my face eagerly. I
stuck my tongue out reluctantly and began to lick him back. Our
tongues dueled and suddenly his large, wet tongue slid right into
my mouth. It was in and out before I could even react. But then
it happened again.

I tried to keep my mouth closed tightly and just lick his tongue
with my own but that Nazi bitch ordered me to turn my head to the
side and open my mouth and put my heart and soul into it.

I felt the tears start again. I ignored them and leaned my head
over and began trying to kiss him as if he were a human with a
big nose. My mouth filled with his saliva over and over and I had
to keep swallowing. I couldn't detect any recognizable taste.
That didn't matter though. It wasn't the taste that was so
disgusting. It was the idea of what I was doing. And the idea of
what I was about to do.

I started gagging and I was sure that I was about to lose it. I
felt the cold metal wand sliding down between the cheeks of my
ass and begin to angle around toward my pussy and I froze. My new
mistress said, "Are you having a problem their bitch? Do you need
a dancing lesson?"

I forced myself to calm down and gradually I got my gagging under
control. She eased up with the cattle prod and I tried to
concentrate on kissing Rex.

I noticed two men coming in close with large hand held cameras
and getting close-ups of me and Rex. They started to back away
after a few minutes but the Amazon said, "Okay bitch. Reach your
hand down there and start getting better acquainted with your new
boyfriend. Show him how much you want to please him."

I reached my hand down and wrapped my fingers around his
throbbing cock. The camera men had stayed in for a close-up of
that. I shuddered in disgust as I felt the dog's cock in my hand.
Almost as soon as I touched him I felt a warm liquid spray out of
his cock and onto my underarm just above my wrist.

I jerked my hand away instinctively but I immediately put it back
in place. I was too afraid not to. Rex's cock continued to jerk
in my hand and with each jerk of his cock there was another small
stream of that warm liquid on my arm.

Rex was whining and getting very agitated now. The Amazon said,
"I think Rex loves you bitch. He wants you. He has the hots for
you. But you don't want to have his puppies and after all, it is
only your first date. So I think the best thing to do is give him
some head."

She moved around behind the dog and grabbed his collar. She
ordered him down in a sharp voice and he instantly dropped down
on his belly. I pulled my hand away as he dropped to the floor.

The Amazon ordered Rex to roll over and stopped him when he was
on his back. His large pink cock was sticking out of the sheath
about six inches now and throbbing constantly. I stared at it in
disgust but when the Nazi bitch ordered me to bend down and start
sucking she had that cattle prod wedged between my ass cheeks and
I obeyed instantly.

I wrapped my lips around Rex's nasty cock and got my first
mouthful of that thin, colorless, almost tasteless fluid. Well,
not a mouthful exactly, just a small squirt on my tongue. I
managed to swallow and keep sucking as the Amazon leaned over me
and said, "Don't worry bitch. He isn't cumming yet. That's just
lubricant, just like all the men that you have been sucking off

I saw the cameras coming in close and my tormentor said, "Open
your mouth. Let the cameras see that stuff shooting in and
coating your tongue."

I rested my head on the dog's stomach and opened my mouth. I was
still using my hand around the base of his cock and it was
growing rapidly, but all the time it was shooting out that fine
spray of lubricant.

One of the cameramen came in for a close-up of the dog's cock
spraying the inside of my mouth and me swallowing. As I licked at
the tip of the dog's cock it continued to grow to an amazing
size. It was nearly seven inches long now and still growing and
it was fatter than a lot of the human cocks I had been attacked
with lately!

The Amazon said, "Okay bitch, show us what a good cocksucker you
have become in the last three days. Make your new boyfriend

I wrapped my lips around the tip of the dog's cock and started
sliding them down to the hairy sheath. As his cock entered my
throat the dog quivered and whined in excitement. I moved my lips
down to the sheath where a bulge was beginning to form. I thought
something was wrong with him at first but then I remembered that
dog's would get hung up when they mated because the male had a
knot in the base of its dick that expanded and allowed him to
fill the female with his sperm. I don't even remember how I came
to know that. His knot was growing quickly and his cock had grown
until it was even fatter than Kevin's!

The amount of liquid spraying into my mouth increased
dramatically but it was still coming in quick short spurts. Now
it was no longer almost tasteless. I could detect a definite and
very unpleasant taste.

The Amazon said, "He's cumming now bitch. He is shooting his cum
in your mouth. Don't spill any, but pull back and let us see it
going into your mouth."

I pulled back so that only the head of his cock was in my mouth
and I carefully opened my mouth so that the close-up camera could
get a nice long shot of my mouth filling up with dog cum. I had
to swallow several times before the cameraman moved back and I
was ordered to start sucking Rex again.

I was amazed at how long his orgasm lasted. It went on and on for
ten or fifteen minutes. Time does not fly when you are being
raped by an animal. Every few minutes I was ordered to open my
mouth in order to show the camera that the dog was still shooting
his cum into my mouth and throat.

Those close-up camera shots inevitably led to a few stray streams
of dog cum being shot out onto my face. By the time the dog had
finally finished cumming my face was covered in dog cum and it
was coating the hair on one side of my head.

The Amazon could tell when the dog was finished and she ordered
me to sit up. I sat up on my heels and she let the dog roll over
and she quickly led him back to the door he had come through a
half an hour ago.

She handed the dog back through the door and the man handed her
another leash. She quickly returned with another huge dog.

I watched the exchange and thought, "SHIT! I thought it was

I watched her struggling with the large Great Dane who knew
exactly what was going on. He could undoubtedly smell the first
dog's cum on me and I glanced down to see that his enormous cock
was already half out of its sheath and beginning to throb.

I was looking at the Amazon bitch when she saw the look of
consternation on my face. She smiled like a kid at Christmas as
she took her pleasure in my pain.

With a great deal of difficulty she finally managed to get the
huge beast to sit in front of me. He was very excited and not
paying that much attention to the Amazon. When he finally stopped
wiggling around the Amazon said, "Go ahead bitch. You know the
drill. Give Hector a nice big kiss and check out the equipment."

I leaned forward and the tongue duel began again. It was much
worse this time. He was more excited and his tongue seemed like
it was twice as large as Rex's tongue had been. Hector was
obviously reacting to the dog cum on my face and hair and that
made him even more excitable. He lapped my face clean but then he
seemed to want to concentrate on my mouth. He gave me the
impression that he was trying to drive that huge tongue right
down my throat!

I quickly noticed another difference between Rex and Hector.
Hector was hung like a fucking horse! Well, not quite. But his
cock was huge! I mean it. I felt it throbbing against the
underside of my arm and I looked down to see a very fat cock that
was longer and thicker than Kevin's. It must have been at least
ten inches long. I had no idea that a dog would have such a large

The Amazon said, "Okay bitch. I see you are impressed. Let's see
you put that down your fucking throat."

She didn't order Hector to lie down. I had to bend down under him
and take his cock into my mouth. It was just starting to
discharge that lubricant from the end of his cock but not the
fine spray that had come from Rex. There was so much of it that
it looked like he was peeing!

They got some close-ups of his spray entering my mouth before I
started sucking his cock. Then there were more close-ups as I
struggled to take that huge cock into my throat. I had finally
managed to swallow it when the Amazon said, "Don't make him cum
bitch. Hector wants puppies. He wants to fuck you. He doesn't
know he can't get you pregnant though. So don't say anything. He
thinks you're his new bitch and he can settle down with you and
raise a family. Don't break his heart."

I was sucking his cock just like I would for a man and the Amazon
was watching closely. When she saw the knot start to grow she
said, "Okay bitch, time to give yourself to your new boyfriend.
Turn around and lift your ass up so Hector can check out his new

I seemed to be running on cruise control now. I wasn't even
thinking about what I was doing. I just listened for my next
order and I obeyed it, no matter how obscene it was.

I let the dog's cock slip from my mouth and turned around. I felt
his tongue between my legs as soon as I turned but I was more
focused on gasping for breath for the first thirty seconds or so.
Taking that large dog cock down my throat had been nearly
impossible. Had it not been for the cattle prod resting against
the cheek of my ass I don't think that I could have done it. I
guess the right incentive can make just about anything possible.

It felt like Hector's tongue was as long as his cock as it slid
between my thighs and covered my entire crotch. Several times it
snaked up into the crack of my ass and that made me nervous. But
he concentrated on my pussy. Not that I felt a lot better about

He was up on all fours now and prancing around. He was whining
anxiously and finally he got the command that he was waiting for.
The Amazon called out, "Okay boy, fuck the bitch!"

In a second the dog was standing over my back with his forelegs
clamping down on my side. I felt the spray from his cock hitting
my ass and running down my thighs. He had begun his humping
motion before his cock was anywhere near me and as he inched up
the head of his cock began battering me. It was very painful. He
was stabbing blindly and I found that I wanted him to put it in
me just so that the pain would stop.

Finally I reached down and struggled with him as I guided the tip
of his cock to the entrance to my pussy. As soon as he felt his
cock penetrate me he lunged and began pistoning in and out of me
like nothing I could have imagined. I had my eyes closed until he
drove that ten inch cock into me with more violence than anything
that I had ever experienced. Suddenly my eyes shot open and
there, right in my face, was a camera capturing my horror and my
humiliation for the audience.

The tears were streaming down my face. They were tears of
humiliation and tears of pain. I have no doubt that they were
just what the audience wanted to see.

Hector kept pounding into me like an out of control machine and I
felt that knot growing in the base of his cock with each brutal
stroke. As it grew I felt it forcing its way into my pussy,
spreading me open painfully with each violent stroke. It was
getting bigger with each thrust and each time it stretched me
open and penetrated me it hurt more. It was beginning to feel
like it was the size of a tennis ball when he suddenly stopped
thrusting and left the knot buried in me. I felt his cock
throbbing and I realized that he was squirting his dog cum into
me with every throb of that huge cock.

He rested his head on my head and shoulder and his tongue lolled
out of his mouth right beside my face. The camera was there to
capture my horror and the Amazon was there to enjoy it. At first
I didn't feel the cum that was filling my insides. But as the
volume grew I felt myself swelling. Not painfully, but I was
aware that a large volume of very warm liquid was filling my

That wasn't enough humiliation for the Amazon though. She
squatted down beside me and said, "Don't you think you should
show your new lover how much you appreciate him bitch? Poor
Hector is doing all the work. Show him how much you love him.
Take that tongue into your mouth and suck on it like you sucked
on his cock earlier. You don't want him to think you are a cold,
frigid bitch do you? Look where that got you with your husband!
Go on bitch. Suck that big tongue right down."

I groaned and hung my head for a second. Then I felt that cattle
prod moving over my left tit and my head shot up. I opened my
mouth and took Hector's drooling tongue into my mouth like a
long, limp dick. I sucked on it gently as the cameras circled
around me getting my degradation from every angle.

As my pussy filled with dog cum and I sucked on that gross tongue
the Amazon whispered, "Just think how much the guys at work are
going to enjoy this movie when it's finished bitch. They'll never
look at you the same way again. For the rest of your life one
thing will always be true. You suck dog cocks and you let a dog
fuck you. That is something you will have in the back of your
mind for the rest of your fucking life. Every time you see a dog
you will think about what you did here today. And not just today.
I hear that they are going to bring you back often if this movie
does as well as they think it will. Maybe next time I'll bring a
pony for you. Do you like ponies bitch?"

I hadn't realized it at first, but Hector's cock had finally
stopped throbbing inside of me. He was resting over me now and
waiting for his knot to go down so that he could pull free. After
several minutes he started trying to pull free. It hurt like hell
but he didn't care. He made several abortive attempts to pull
free and then he pulled out with one quick jerk. I screamed in
pain when that huge knot escaped from my widely stretched pussy.

As soon as he pulled free the Amazon gripped his collar and held
him firmly in place and said, "Okay bitch, as soon as you suck
his cock clean you are finished."

I tried to focus on those last three words. It was almost over! I
turned to get into position and leaned down under Hector. I took
his still huge cock into my mouth. It was still dripping dog cum
but I didn't care. I just wanted this horrible experience to be
over. I sucked and swallowed until Hector pulled away and the
Amazon led him to the door and handed his leash back to the man
on the other side.

She came back over to me and patted my head. She smiled and said,
"You are a good bitch. I must admit I am very disappointed that I
didn't get to use the cattle prod on your ass. Most women aren't
as easy as you. But don't worry, there will be other chances. One
of these days you will get the chance to dance on the end of my
cattle prod."

She patted my head again, just as if I was a bitch dog. Then she
went out through the door that her dogs had passed through. I
collapsed into a ball and cried like a baby. I was aware of the
men moving around me and capturing my desperate tears and that
seemed to make everything even worse. My anguish was just
entertainment for them!

They filmed me crying on the floor for a couple of minutes before
the director yelled, "Cut! We got it! That was a definite keeper.
The perverts are going to love it. Somebody get the bitch cleaned

Two men came over to where I was lying in the fetal position,
half out of my mind and more than ready to give up the other
half. I knew that I couldn't take much more of this constant
abuse. But then, that was the point wasn't it? They enjoyed
abusing me, but their goal was to break me. They were

The two large men lifted me to my feet and said, "Come on bitch.
A nice hot shower will make it all better."

Yeah right. I was fine. Just a little dirty. Stupid old man! I'm
losing my mind here!!

The two men half dragged me to a small bathroom in the corner.
One of the men pointed out a box of premeasured douches and
suggested that under the circumstances two of them might be
appropriate. I sat on the toilet and they watched me as I
inserted the first nozzle and squirted it up inside of me. I
released the liquid into the toilet and repeated the process.

After I wiped myself they placed me in a shower stall and stood
and watched while I took a long, hot shower. I hated to admit it
but as I came clean I did start to feel better. I had to keep
blocking out what I had just done, or had done to me. And I had
to erase from my mind what the Amazon had said about coming back
here and doing this again. But as the dog cum was washed away I
kept filling my mouth with clean water and spitting it out until
I couldn't taste it anymore. It wasn't "all better", but I was
feeling more human.

I just prayed that it was over. I was exhausted and I needed to
lie down and sleep. I needed to not be raped and abused for a few
hours. My mind was becoming very brittle. I could feel it and it
scared me.

I dried off and walking under my own power now I followed the men
back out to the studio. They led me back to the set where I had
just been raped by two large dogs. I was so embarrassed by what
had just been done to me that I kept my eyes down. I was almost
certain that my ordeal was over now, at least for today.

I nearly collapsed when I looked up and saw Kevin standing in
front of me with his shirt off. His large, muscular body was
gleaming and I realized that someone had spread lotion or some
kind of oil over him and I also realized that my ordeal was not
yet over.

Kevin smiled at the despair he saw on my face. I became aware
that they were already filming again. The set had gotten quiet
and the camera men were all at work. The boom was suspended over
our heads. I shook my head and pleaded, "Please sir. I can't take
anymore. I'll lose my mind if I don't get some rest. I promise
I'll do anything you want for the rest of my life if you just let
me go home and get some sleep."

In a very reasonable, calm and quiet voice he said, "But that
isn't how you break a cunt. It's for your own good bitch. After
today you will be a nice happy slut, just like your little girl.
I broke her and I'll break you. After today your ass will be
mine. But first you have to be broken. You are a lot easier to
break than Lori. She took me nearly two weeks to break. You will
be broken by the time we leave here this afternoon. Just four
days! That may be a record. I don't think that I've ever broken
an uptight bitch like you in just four days before."

My shoulders slumped and the tears started again. I almost fell
to the floor. But I struggled to stay on my feet as Kevin asked,
"Do you know what was missing from your first beating cunt?"

I sobbed, "No sir."

He reached out and traced my face with his finger tips. He
captured some of my tears and pushed his finger into my mouth. I
automatically started sucking on it like a small cock.

While I sucked on his finger he said, "What was missing was your
screams. I didn't want the neighbors calling the police so we had
to stuff your little girl's dirty panties in your mouth to gag
you. I hated not being able to hear your screams. That won't be a
problem here though. In here you can scream as loud as you want.
And we will be able to relive the excitement over and over
because they are going to capture it all on film for us. Well,
for us and all the perverts out there that get off on that as
much as I do."

Kevin grabbed my arm and pulled me across the dungeon set. For
the first time I noticed that it had been transformed. The walls
were hung with implements of torture of every description.
Everywhere I looked there was some kind of whip or some other
implement that was designed to cause pain. I didn't know what
they were or how they would be used on me but I knew that Kevin
had been right. I was going to leave here today a broken woman.

Kevin led me to a chain hanging from the ceiling and I stood
perfectly still and allowed him to weave the leather strap
attached to the chain into my long blonde hair. When he was
satisfied with his work he wound a strap around it so that it
wouldn't come undone.

He stepped back and looked at me. It was obvious that he was
enjoying this. He had an erection already. He looked me over and
said, "Let's just make sure that's secure."

He walked over to a switch on the wall and pushed a button and
the chain began to tighten. There was some slack in it but that
was quickly taken up and soon I was being lifted up onto my toes.
I screamed in pain and lifted my arms up to grab the chain above
my head as my feet slowly came up off of the floor.

Kevin yelled at me to put my hands down and I tried. God I tried.
I released my hold on the chain and hung by the hair on my head.
I screamed over and over and I kept lifting my arms to relieve
the pain.

I felt movement and seconds later my toes touched the ground
again. Slowly I was eased down until I was able to stand flat
footed on the cold floor. I cried hysterically and begged him to
release me. I told him that I was broken. I promised him that
there was nothing I wouldn't do for him.

He just chuckled and said, "Not yet bitch. If you were broken you
wouldn't be begging me. You would accept this and take pleasure
from pleasing me with your suffering. No my sweet cunt, I'm
afraid the fun and games are just beginning."

He stepped away and when he returned he placed a wide, thick
leather collar around my throat. He pulled it very tight and when
he was finished I couldn't move my neck. My head was immobilized.

I stared straight ahead at the cameras recording my mental demise
while Kevin attached leather straps to my thighs just below my
crotch. My arms were hanging limp at my sides now and he quickly
fastened the cuffs that were attached to those thigh straps to my

He moved behind me then and wrapped a strap around my elbows and
pulled it taut. My breasts were suddenly thrust forward and I was
totally helpless. I was expecting the whip now. But there would
be much suffering before he got around to the whip.

He moved back over to the switch on the wall and pushed the
button that raised the chain. I was slowly lifted off of the
floor again and now I was helpless to relieve the pain in my
scalp. I screamed and I screamed and the cameras were right there
to record my horror and my suffering. I dangled and I twisted
helplessly, my feet six inches off of the floor.

Kevin watched me for a minute or two before he began toying with
me. He spun me around and watched me spinning in one direction
until the chain wound tight and then spinning back.

I was unable to believe that I didn't lose consciousness. The
pain was beyond anything that I could have imagined. I screamed
and I begged for someone to help me. I promised to do anything
and everything that anyone ever wanted. But mostly I screamed in

It seemed like forever before I felt the floor under my feet
again. I hadn't even realized that the chain was being lowered
until my toes touched the floor and suddenly the pressure was
relieved. Not completely though. I was only just able to stand on
my toes. Much of my weight was still dangling from the chain.

I saw movement on the other side of me and the Amazon appeared
beside me holding a box. She was still wearing that leather
harness and through my tears I could see the bright smile on her
face and the intense look of pleasure in her eyes. She looked
like she could have an orgasm just from watching me scream.

Kevin reached into the small box that she was carrying and pulled
out several huge needles. He held them up in front of my face and
asked, "Do you know what these are for?"

I had no idea. They looked like acupuncture needles but they were
about six inches long. I sobbed my answer. "No sir. I don't know
what they are for. Please sir. I beg of you. Anything! I'll do
anything. I'll suck more dogs. I'll suck off a pony. I'll eat my
daughter's cunt in a bar. I'll suck and fuck anybody anywhere. Oh
god. I can't take it anymore!"

Kevin leaned closer and kissed my lips gently. He smiled and
said, "I know you will cunt. Don't worry. When we are finished
here you'll have all the cock you want. But first we have to
finish breaking you. These needles..., these are specially made
to skewer your tits with. I have a hundred of them but I'll
probably only use half of them. I'm going to place them against
the tender flesh of your tits and slowly apply pressure until
they puncture your skin. Then I will slowly apply more pressure
until the sharp point comes out on the other side of your tit. I
understand that it is very painful. Are you ready?"

I didn't answer. I watched in horror as he carefully placed the
first needle just behind the nipple on my right breast and began
to apply pressure using the brightly colored plastic handle. I
couldn't tilt my head down because of the leather collar holding
it in place. But I could look down with my eyes and I watched in
abject terror as the point entered my breast.

As soon as the point broke the skin I finally passed out. But of
course it's no fun torturing and unconscious victim. I was
instantly revived by the Amazon with smelling salts.

As soon as he could see that I was awake and aware, Kevin began
forcing the needle through the flesh of my breast until I saw the
point pressing against the flesh on the opposite side. I felt it
moving through my breast and I screamed over and over as he drove
it through me. When the point finally broke the skin on the other
side he moved it back and forth until he had it centered. That
was when I passed out again.

I was quickly revived. As my eyes opened again Kevin said, "I
don't think that I have ever been so turned on in my fucking
life. I don't know why, but for some reason I am enjoying doing
this to you even more than when I did it to your little girl. I
guess your mind is a much better fuck than hers. I hope I don't
shoot off in my pants before I can bury my cock in your tight
little ass. That's how you will know we are finished today cunt,
when you have every inch of my cock buried in your ass."

I groaned in pain. I didn't even care anymore. I responded, "Yes!
Please sir, Fuck my ass. I beg of you. Please end this. Fuck my
ass as hard as you want. Oh god. I beg of you!

Kevin chuckled and said, "I like your attitude cunt. But there is
a lot to do before you get to enjoy my cock stretching your ass.
Shall we continue?"

My answer was a pitiful sob.

I closed my eyes as the second needle was placed behind the
nipple on my left breast. He started applying pressure again but
then he noticed that my eyes were closed and he said, "Open your
eyes cunt. You don't want to miss any of the fun."

I wanted very much to miss "the fun" he was having. I don't think
I knew it on a conscious level yet. But I was broken. I would
obey any order now without even thinking about it. I would hate
what he made me do, but I would do whatever he wanted me to do
and I would do it eagerly, just like my daughter did. At this
moment I would do anything to avoid this pain and this feeling of
total helplessness which seemed to amplify the pain.

But he was a long way from done. The pain was all that I had to
look forward to until he decided that he was done torturing me.
Here there was no chance of release. No white night was going to
come to my rescue. There was no "safe word" that would obtain my
release. There was no promise that I could make that would bring
this torment to a close. No, his fun was just beginning.

I watched with just as much horror as the second needle skewered
my tit flesh. The pain was just as bad the second time and the
horror of seeing my flesh pierced in this manner was at least as
bad as the pain itself. A woman's breasts are one of the most
sensitive parts of her body and we protect them aggressively. We
invest a lot of our self worth in those organs because they are
such a prominent sign of our femininity and because society has
come to place so much emphasis on them. They all but represent
our very womanhood. That someone would mistreat them in his
manner was all but unimaginable.

I wasn't imagining it now though. I was forced to watch as Kevin
slowly forced one large needle after another through my tits
until it seemed that there was no room for him to insert another.
The bright plastic grips of the needles covered my breasts almost
like a brightly colored bikini.

Kevin reached into the box and removed the last half dozen
needles and smiled. He said, "I guess you had room for more than
fifty after all. If we get these last six into you somewhere
you'll have taken all one hundred. You must be pretty proud.

I would have thought that by now my body would have shut down,
would have reached the point that the pain couldn't get any
worse. The only parts of my breasts that I could see now were my
nipples. The rest of my tit flesh was covered completely with
those needles.

I had been surprised at how little blood there was. There were
small rivulets of blood trickling down my belly now, but not the
streams that I might have expected.

Kevin studied my pin cushion breasts for a moment and said, "Well
cunt, it looks like the only place left to stick these last ones
is your nipples. Did you ever wonder what it was like to have
your nipples pierced?"

It was just another of his rhetorical questions. I'm sure it was
meant more for the people who would pay to see the movie they
were making than for me. I didn't respond and he didn't expect a
response from me.

He held the next needle up in front of my pain wracked face and
asked facetiously, "Does it matter which tit I start with?"

He smiled and said, "I didn't think so."

He pressed the needle he was holding against the tip of my nipple
and began driving it straight into my nipple. I could feel it as
it came into contact with some of the other needles embedded in
my tit and was deflected. He stopped with it protruding about
four inches. He had only placed two inches of it in my tit. I
stared in horror as it bounced up and down with the heaving of my
breasts. It was disgusting to watch.

He repeated the process, driving another needle straight into the
nipple on my other breast. He worked two of the remaining needles
into the top of my nipples and the final two into the sides.

When he was finished he stepped back and admired his handiwork.
He sighed and said, "Damn! That was a lot of work. I'm

Yesterday I would undoubtedly have had some sarcastic response to
that. I would have probably kept it to myself, but I would have
thought it. Not now. Now I was broken. Now I was just fuck meat.

Four days ago I didn't suck cocks and I didn't let men fuck me or
even touch me. Now I was fuck meat.

From this time forward any man could make me do anything. Now I
was fuck meat.

The cameras had come in for more close-ups. I stared at them
blankly as they panned in and captured all the details of my
skewered breasts and my tortured face.

I probably should have been begging to have the needles removed
at this point. Actually I dreaded it. As long as they were not
moving the pain was bearable. Once he started pulling them out it
was going to start all over again.

He wasn't ready to remove them yet though. He had moved out of my
sight and I was just balancing on my toes and staring ahead into
space when suddenly there was an explosion of pain on my ass. I
heard the crack of something smashing violently into my flesh and
I screamed in pain.

I jerked away from whatever it was that had struck me and when I
did my tits bounced and I screamed again.

Kevin moved around in front of me and held up the vicious looking
leather strap that he had just struck me with. He held it to my
lips and said, "Kiss it bitch. Kiss it and thank me for making a
proper cunt out of you."

I touched my lips to the strap and kissed it lovingly. Then I
stared at the strap and said, "Thank you sir. Thank you for
breaking me. Thank you for making me into a proper cunt."

He stared into my eyes and he saw it was true now. He knew that I
was broken. He had done it before. He knew what it looked like.
But he wasn't through. There was still pleasure to be taken from
my pain. There was still a movie to be made.

He lowered his arm and brought it back and I was afraid that he
was going to whip my tits. I could just imagine the damage that
would do with all of those needles skewering my flesh. I was
relieved when the strap struck me across my stomach just above my

I screamed and jumped again. Knowing that it was coming wasn't
much help. He struck me several more times from just below my
tits to just above my knees. Each time there was a loud crack of
leather striking flesh, followed immediately by my scream of

He moved back behind me and struck my back and my ass and the
back of my thighs a half dozen times. The last blow elicited only
a groan. I was nearly unconscious now. I was in too much pain to

He put the strap down. He turned to the Amazon and asked, "Would
you mind removing those needles from her tits. The bitch is
wearing me out. I need a rest."

She smiled evilly. It was obvious that she had enjoyed my torment
as much as Kevin had. She was probably disappointed that she
hadn't gotten to take a more active role in torturing me.

She stepped in front of me and began to slowly remove the needles
and put them back in the box. As she worked she spoke to me
quietly. She said, "I have enjoyed the hell out of this, cunt. I
thought that torturing your little girl was probably the most
exciting thing I had ever done. But for some reason tormenting
you like this really turns me on. You are a fantastic mind fuck.
We'll have to bring you and your daughter in here after you
recover. That way we can compare. I have never tortured a mother
and daughter before. It's very exciting. Oh, and I thought you
should know, before your master fucks your ass I am going to get
to use my cattle prod on you."

I think she was disappointed when I didn't react. At least I
didn't react visibly. My insides turned to ice. I became so
distracted by the prospect of dancing on the end of this beastly
woman's cattle prod that I hardly felt her removing those
horrible needles. I stared straight ahead and tried not to watch
the needles coming out or the frustration on her face when I
remained stoic as she continued the torture of my breasts.

When the needles were all removed she poured most of a bottle of
alcohol over my breasts. I screamed again as the alcohol seeped
into the two hundred tiny pin holes in my flesh. That pleased

She moved away from me and when she returned she was holding her
magic want in front of my face. She pressed the button so that I
could hear the electric hum again. She had a mad look in her eyes
as she contemplated the pain that she was about to cause me. I
sobbed in fear but I didn't speak. I didn't beg or plead. It
didn't occur to me that I was depriving them of pleasure when I
didn't grovel for them. I had just accepted my fate. I was, after
all, just fuck meat.

She moved the prod over my gently, teasing me. The two small
electrodes on the tip looked like a snake's fangs preparing to
strike. As she moved the inactive prod over my flesh she
whispered, "Are you scared now cunt?"

In a flat voice I responded, "Yes mistress. I am terrified."

Her smile spread and she leaned forward. Just like Kevin had done
earlier she touched her lips to mine and kissed me gently. With
our nipples touching and her lips only an inch from mine she
stared into my eyes and said, "I can smell your fear. I can taste
it on your lips. I am going to cause you more pain than you can
imagine. That whipping, those needles, they are nothing compared
to the pain you are going to experience when I touch my cattle
prod to your tender flesh and push the button. I can't wait to
hear your screams then. You will scream so hard that it will hurt
your throat. You are going to remember me for the rest of your
miserable life."

I looked her straight in the eyes and in a trembling voice I
asked, "Why?"

She exhaled in my face and exclaimed eagerly, "Because I am so
turned on right now that I wish more than anything else that I
had a twelve inch cock so that I could rape you to fucking

She kissed me again and whispered, "But I don't have a cock. So I
am going to fuck you with my prod. Are you ready to dance

She moved back only a few inches. Her body was still nearly
touching mine. She touched the twin tips of the prod to the side
of my breast and with no warning that it was coming I suddenly
felt 9,000 volts of electricity shoot through my body. The Amazon
was wrong. I couldn't even scream!

She released the button instantly and I collapsed, hanging
helplessly by my hair from the chain that held me in place. I
felt the pain all over my body. The pain in my breast overwhelmed
the pain in my scalp as I dangled by my hair.

There was spittle dripping from my mouth and my body shivered
uncontrollably. She slapped my face and screamed, "Get up you
fucking cunt!"

Then, in a quieter voice she said, "Come on baby, on your feet.
We're just getting started."

I struggled to my toes once more and relieved the pain in my
scalp. She reached out and gently wiped the spittle from my lips
and then she leaned forward and kissed me again. She moved her
head back only slightly and sniffed at me like one of her dogs.

She backed away a little more but our nipples were still touching
when she smiled and said, "It's stronger now. It won't be long
before you piss yourself. Are you as excited as I am cunt?
Christ! If you would just touch your tongue to my clit at this
moment I would have one of the most incredible orgasms of my
life. But you can't do that of course. So let's have a little
more foreplay, okay?"

She stepped back slightly and began to move her prod lightly over
my body again. At first she watched the prod moving over my
flesh. But then she stared into my eyes as the prod slid over my
breasts again and with no warning she pressed the button again,
right over my nipple.

The next thing I knew she was slapping my face and I was once
more hanging limply by my hair from the ceiling.

She saw my eyes flutter and in a cold but quiet voice she said,
"On your feet cunt. Please don't pass out again. You don't get
the full effect when you are unconscious. That really annoys

I struggled to get back on my toes. I didn't feel totally in
control of my muscles. My legs were rubbery and weak. She moved
close again and gently wiped the drool from my lips once more.
She leaned forward then and licked the tears from my cheeks
before she gently kissed my lips again. She let the kiss linger
this time and when she broke the kiss she whispered, "Can you
smell it? That's your piss. You pissed yourself cunt. Your legs
are all pissy now. I am so embarrassed for you. I would imagine
that right now you would drink a gallon of dog cum if I would
just put down this prod, wouldn't you?"

I stared at her blankly. I heard the words and I seemed to
understand the meaning but I was in shock. That didn't bother her
though. She stepped back once more and this time she leaned down
and slowly inserted the end of her cattle prod into my cunt. She
worked it inside of me very slowly, very gently. When she was
satisfied she straightened up slightly and looked into my eyes.
The look of anticipation, the look of lust on her face was

I didn't even feel it when she pressed the button and sent all of
that electricity into my cunt. I simply went from conscious to
unconscious without even realizing that I was being all but

When I regained consciousness I was lying on the floor in a
puddle of my own piss. I opened my eyes and saw that monstrous
woman squatting over me. As soon as my eyes opened she started
pissing right in my face.

I didn't move a muscle until she ordered me to roll over onto my
back and open my mouth. I didn't even have to think about. I
wasn't totally in control of my muscles yet but I rolled over and
opened my mouth instantly. My Amazonian torturer from hell
adjusted her aim and unleashed another torrent of hot piss right
in my face. She adjusted her aim and I soon felt the thick,
acidic stream of urine landing in my wide open mouth. There was a
spray that landed on my face but most of it entered my mouth.

The taste was sickening but it never even occurred to me to try
to escape her aim. As the stream began to taper off she started
ordering me to swallow. I struggled to obey but I had a hard time
keeping it down. My stomach rebelled but when she saw me on the
verge of spitting it back up she screamed at me, "If you don't
keep that down you'll clean this mess up with your tongue and
you'll keep cleaning it up until you keep down every drop of

I finally got my stomach under control as she stepped away from
me. She stared down at me for a moment and said, "Your daughter
did a much better job. I think she swallowed half of it. You
probably just need more practice."

She turned and walked away at last and it wasn't until she was
gone from the room that I realized that I was no longer bound.
The cuffs and straps and the collar had all been removed.

I could hardly move my arms but I concentrated and I strained and
I was finally able to reach up and massage my tortured scalp.
Every move I made was torture. My entire body was wracked with
pain. The only exception was my pussy which was numb.

I wanted to sit up and get out of the large puddle of piss that I
was lying in but I didn't move until Kevin came over and smiled
down at my pain wracked body. He said, "Jesus! For such a prissy
bitch you sure stink a lot. Get up bitch."

I tried to sit up but I couldn't. I ended up struggling to roll
over and then getting up slowly onto my hands and knees. I was
panting with the exertion and had to pause before I had the
strength to attempt to get my feet under me.

Kevin watched me and enjoyed my struggles. He sounded impatient
when he asked, "What's the matter cunt? Do you like lying there
in a puddle of piss?" But I saw his face and it was obvious that
he was amused.

I answered in a respectful voice, "No sir. I'm sorry sir. My
muscles are...I'm having a hard time getting up."

He laughed and responded, "If I got one of those cattle prods
you'd get your ass up. Christ! My grandma is faster than you!"

I finally managed to stand. I wasn't very steady on my feet but I
was up. He ordered me to walk around him a couple of times and as
I moved in a circle around him I felt the strength slowly
returning to my limbs.

He laughed at me and said, "Shit! Lori got right up with no
problems. Maybe we took it too easy on her. What do you think

I answered, "I don't know sir. Maybe it's just because I'm so
much older."

He replied, "You aren't that old, bitch. You're no spring chicken
but I'd still classify you as prime pussy."

When I was moving around well enough to satisfy him he threw me a
damp down and said, "Wipe your ass and your legs clean with that,

I caught the towel and wiped down my hips and my ass. I ran it
down over my legs and removed as much of the dried and drying
piss as I could. The piss on my legs had mostly come from me when
I pissed myself. It was mostly dry now. The Amazon's piss had
been concentrated on my face and hair. That was still damp and

When Kevin was satisfied he dropped his pants and ordered me to
suck his cock until it was hard. I dropped to my knees in front
of him instantly and took his cock into my mouth. It was
encrusted with dried crud. He must have spent most of the last
couple hours while I was being tortured with a hard on. His cock
probably had been leaking lube most of that time. Now it covered
his soft cock in a thin crust.

I sucked him clean and then I sucked on his quickly growing cock
like I had never sucked a cock before. I was fuck meat now. This
was what I was good for.

When his cock was hard he held out his hand and someone tossed
him something from off camera. He caught it and handed it to me.
It was a tube of lubricant. He ordered me to grease his cock.

I obeyed instantly. I remembered what he had said would be the
final event of the day. He was going to fuck my virgin ass with
his big cock. I greased his cock up. I put as much on it as I
could get to stick. Then he said, "Up bitch."

I struggled to my feet again and he ordered me to turn around and
bend over. The close-up cameras returned and Kevin said, "Okay
bitch. Spread your ass cheeks and back up. I want you to back up
until my cock is buried as far as it will go in your tight ass."

That turned out to be just as hard as it sounded. I backed up
until I felt his cock resting on my ass. His legs were a lot
longer than mine and even standing on my toes I couldn't line us
up. I reached between my legs and nearly fell over as I bent down
and pulled his cock down to my opening. I held it in place and
struggled to back up. I was pushing with all of my might and I
was getting frantic because I just couldn't get it to go in.

I heard laughter from the large group of men and the two women
who were watching from behind the cameras and then Kevin laughed
and said, "I guess you still need a lot of training, bitch. Well,
don't worry. I have plenty of time to devote to your bitch

I felt his hands grip my hips and suddenly he thrust his pelvis
and pulled back on me and half of his cock surged into my ass.

I screamed in pain. It was nearly as bad as the cattle prod!
There was more laughter as I cried out again and again while
Kevin forced his cock deeper into my bowels. The pain was
incredible. His cock was so huge. But it never occurred to me to
resist. I was, after all, just so much fuck meat.

I remained bent over in front of him with my hands resting on my
knees for support now as he began to rape my ass as brutally as
possible. I was crying loudly and I cried out in pain frequently
as he made one vicious lunge after another into my abused body.

In only a few minutes he said, "Shit bitch. I was hoping to spend
half an hour in here. Your fucking screaming turns me on so much
I can't last. Fuck!"

With that last exclamation he held my ass pressed tight against
his body and I felt his large cock throbbing as he shot his cum
deep in my ass.

He kept his cock buried in me for several minutes and when it was
almost soft he let the muscles in my ass push it out. I dropped
to my knees instantly and took his semi-soft cock into my mouth
and throat and sucked him clean eagerly. I paid no attention to
the bitter, sickening taste that filled my mouth as I sucked his
nasty cock clean. After all, I'm just fuck meat now.

I started crying again when I found out that it wasn't really
over. For the next two hours or so I was made available to every
man in the building. They each took a turn raping my ass. After
the fourth or fifth it didn't hurt so much anymore. They had
brought in a table for me to lean on and I lay there crying
quietly and feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes I thought about
Lori and what it must have been like for her. But mostly I felt
sorry for myself. I could worry more about Lori when the pain

When nobody wanted to rape me anymore I was allowed to take
another shower. I stood under the hot water and thought about the
last two days. Not the morning and afternoon fucking with the
four men at work so much. I thought about how I had been gang
raped all night long, raped into unconsciousness. And then I had
been brought directly here and tortured and raped for most of the
day. I had seen one of the men's wrist watches while I was
sucking his slimy cock clean and I was not at all surprised to
see that it was mid-afternoon now. I had been here for almost
eight hours.

I washed my hair several times and rinsed my mouth out with water
until the nasty taste was mostly gone. I shut the water off and
dried off quickly. Then I went out to the studio, praying with
every step that I could go home and get some sleep now. Even fuck
meat needs to sleep.

My clothes were in tatters and as expected I was taken out to the
car in the nude. As soon as he got in Kevin pulled his cock out
and said, "Get down here and suck on this while I drive us home
bitch. I'll make you a little deal. If you get me off before we
get to the house I won't beat you tonight for cheating on me with
all of those men."

That was too easy. We were half way across town and it was the
beginning of rush hour. We weren't even half way home when he
came in my mouth. I held his cock in my mouth for the rest of the
trip. More than a few lucky truckers got a good look at me in
that stop and go traffic and there was a lot of horn honking at
my expense. I didn't care if they saw me now though. I mean,
after all, I'm just fuck meat.

Kevin usually pulled into the garage now that he was living in
our house. It amused him today to park in the driveway. He must
have seen that several of my neighbors were outside. We got out
of the car and walked casually into the house.

I opened the door for my master and held it for him and just as
he stepped inside I saw a blur of motion. I screamed as Kevin
dropped like a ton of bricks. I was terrified because I didn't
know what had happened and because I knew that if Kevin was
pissed off he would take it out on me and Lori.

Then my husband stepped into view holding a baseball bat in his
hands. He swung it over and over, beating Kevin nearly to death.
I thought for sure that he was going to kill him and I was
surprised to find that I had mixed emotions about that. I hated
and feared Kevin. But he was my master. I was his fuck meat.

Kevin had been beaten unconscious. My husband finally stopped
beating him and stood up straight. He looked at me and I saw the
worried look on his face. He leaned the bat against the wall and
stepped over Kevin and took me into his arms.

I tried to back away but he held me tight and asked quietly, "Are
you alright Karen?"

I almost didn't know who Karen was!

I tried to push Tom away but he wouldn't budge. I whispered to
him, "Please Tom. You don't want me anymore. I'm fuck meat now."

He gasped in shock at what I had said but he wouldn't let me go.
I was crying hard now. I tried to explain. "Tom, you don't
understand. I'm ruined. I've done things...I've had things done
to me, I'm sorry Tom. I can't even say them out loud."

He hugged me so hard it almost drove the breath out of me. He
kissed my forehead and said, "I know. I know all about it. I came
over to check on Lori and I got the whole story out of her. She
told me everything. I don't care Karen. Nothing that happened is
your fault. Nothing that happened was her fault. You were both
raped and tortured and the fault lies with the people that did
this to you. But it's over now. We'll get help for you and Lori
and we'll talk and we will work this out."

Tom took me upstairs and put me in bed. He gave me some water and
some aspirin and I don't even remember my head hitting the
pillow. I slept for almost twenty-four hours.

When I awoke it was around noon the next day. Tom was sitting by
the window staring at me. When he saw my eyes open he stood up
and came over and sat on the edge of the bed. He took my hand and
said, "I was getting worried. I was just about to call for an
ambulance to take you to the hospital."

I started crying again. He seemed so genuinely concerned. How
could he even stand to look at me after what he knew about me
now? Lori had been subjected to every horrible torment that I had
and she had revealed them all to her father. He knew about ever
nasty thing that I had done in the last four days. Hell, I
couldn't even stand to be near me!

Tom stretched out beside me and held me in his arms. It felt good
to be in his strong, gentle arms again. I could have kicked
myself for being the bitch that I was and for kicking him out.
But I still could not understand how he could even stand to touch
me after what he knew.

I finally got my crying under control and looked at Tom. I saw
the love in his eyes and I just shook my head. I whispered, "I
don't understand. How can you want me now? How can you even stand
to look at me?"

He held me tighter and said, "To be honest, I don't really
understand that myself. I was furious with you when you kicked me
out. If asked I probably would have said that I hated you. But I
had a lot of time to think about us when I was alone. I missed
you and Lori so much. I wasn't the perfect husband and you
weren't the perfect wife. If you will consider taking me back I
would like to work on that. The truth is, Karen, I still love
you. I never stopped loving you. I hate what happened to you but
it wasn't your fault and I don't hold you responsible for it. If
you will work with me on this I want to get past this."

I sat up and stared at him. He was wrong about not being the
perfect husband. I hadn't realized it at the time but now,
looking back, I could see that he had been nearly perfect. I was
just too much of a bitch to realize it. Could I make it up to him
now? Would he be able to enjoy the changes in me without holding
them against me?

I said, "Okay Tom. Let's talk. Let me go to the bathroom before I
explode and we'll talk. There is a lot to say. But first, how is

He smiled and said, "Lori is doing fine. She went through
everything you did and more. Her torment lasted for months. But
she is strong and resilient and she is doing very well. She will
never again be the sweet innocent fifteen year old daughter that
we had. But I think she is strong enough that she will come out
of this alright."

I tentatively leaned forward to kiss Tom. I watched carefully for
any sign that I disgusted him or that he wasn't ready to have
someone like me touch him but it wasn't there. He actually looked
relieved and we exchanged a sweet and loving kiss. Then I rushed
to the bathroom.

I used the toilet and washed my face and brushed my teeth and by
the time I got back into the bedroom he had two cups of coffee
sitting on the table by the window and a large fruit cup for me.

I could not remember eating in the last four days. I hadn't
weighed myself but I would not be surprised to learn that I had
lost fifteen pounds. And I had not been overweight when my
nightmare started.

I sipped my coffee and wolfed down the fruit while he sat and
watched me eat. When I had emptied the cup he asked, "Do you want

I shook my head and said, "Later, thanks."

I sipped my coffee and organized my thoughts and finally I said,
"Tom, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was such a bitch. I'm sorry I was
such a piss poor wife. Maybe you were not the perfect husband,
but you were awfully damned close. Everything that happened
really is my fault. Everything that happened between us,
everything that happened to Lori, and everything that happened to
me is entirely my fault. If I had not been such a cold, frigid
bitch we would have had a happy marriage and you would have been
here to protect us."

Tom started to interrupt me but I put my finger on his lips and
said, "No Tom, please, let me finish."

I sat back and said, "As horrible as the last four days have been
I have learned a lot about myself. I saw what people really
thought of me and I came to realize that I really was a cold
bitch. I want to make it up to you but I am afraid that now that
I have changed, and I have changed, you won't be able to get past
what has just happened to me. You won't be able to make love to
me or accept me making love to you without resenting me. You
won't be able to look at me without thinking of the things that
Lori told you."

"Tom, I have been fucked by rooms full of men. I have sucked a
dog's cock and I have been fucked by a dog. I have been pissed on
and men have lined up to fuck my ass. How can you get over

I was astonished when he chuckled. I looked at him in shock and
he said, "Jesus Karen! That's the first time I ever heard you say
fuck! Maybe you have changed!"

We looked at each other and suddenly we were both laughing almost
uncontrollably. When we were once more under control I wiped the
tears of laughter from my eyes and sat back. I said, "Tom, I
learned a lot more than how to say fuck and cock. I learned that
my cunt is not made of gold. I learned to have orgasms. I learned
how to suck a cock and I'm pretty damn good at it now. But would
you want a slut like me for a wife?"

He was dead serious when he responded, "It sounds like a dream
come true to me. I have to be honest Karen. There is hardly a
moment that went by since we got married that I didn't wish that
there was a lot more slut in you."

I leaned forward and held his hand in mine and said quietly, "I'm
so sorry Tom."

He patted my hand and said, "I know Karen. We both could have
been better at this. I know what you are thinking. You are
wondering how I can love you after what has happened. I guess
that's just another imperfection in me. Because to be perfectly
honest, some of what I heard from Lori turned me on. Not the
torture. Not the pain. But I don't hold any of what happened
against you and I don't look down on you for what you went
through. And to be brutally honest, if it has turned you into a
sexual being then I am glad it happened. Does that make you want
to throw me out again?"

I suddenly realized that I didn't know Tom quite as well as I
thought that I did. Could he be serious? I knew one way to find

I dropped to my knees and moved between his legs. I began to
unfasten his belt and as I struggled with his belt he overcame
his surprise and tried to still my hands. He smiled at me and
said, "I have no objection to what you are doing. But maybe we
should finished talking first. I want you, but I don't want to
take advantage of the horrible things that have been done to you
and make things worse. I don't want you resenting me when you are

I smiled up at him and pulled my hands free. I said, "You talk.
You know I don't like people that talk with their mouths full."

I managed to get his cock out of his pants. I felt just the
slightest twinge of regret when I was reminded that his cock was
almost half the size of Kevin's. But even so it was a pretty
cock. It was well formed and smooth and I only now began to
appreciate the beauty of it.

I leaned down and kissed it and then licked it lovingly. Then I
wet my lips and tightened them around the head of his cock and
slowly slid them all the way down to the base. He gasped and
cried out in pleasure. I didn't remember the last time that we
had made love. Or should I say we had had sex? I had never sucked
his cock and as far as I knew he had never cheated on me. This
might very well be his first blowjob ever!

As I began to suck eagerly on his cock he gripped the arms of his
chair and gasped, "Oh my god Karen! I never...I...oh shit!"

His cock may not be as large as Kevin's but I almost choked on
his huge load of cum. I had to swallow several times before I
managed to get it all down. Then I licked his cock clean and held
it in my mouth while it went soft.

I was afraid to look up and see the disdain I expected to see on
his face but when I finally got up the nerve and looked at his
face I saw only love and gratitude. I couldn't stand that and I
started crying like a baby again.

He reached down and pulled me into his lap. He held me tight and
there was a slight struggle when he tried to kiss me on the
mouth. But he won and I put my arms around his neck and held him
so tight that I was afraid I would hurt him.

His hand reached up and cupped my breast and for the first time
since I got out of bed I became aware of my nudity. I had spent
so much time naked lately that it had come to feel natural.

I saw that he was watching to see what my reaction would be to
his hand on my breast. I had always discouraged him in the past.
At the time I didn't want to be touched by him or any man. Now I
put my hand over his and smiled as I moved it over my breasts.
They were still tender from the abuse I had been subjected to
yesterday but I wanted Tom to know that I wanted to be touched
now. I had a lot to make up for and I was looking forward to it.

I kissed him again and told him how much I loved him. I thought
for just a moment that he was going to cry and it occurred to me
that I had not told him I loved him in years. The last time had
probably been not long after Lori was born!

I realized now just how much I loved him and I saw in his eyes
how much he loved me. Right then I knew that we were going to
make it. We had a lot to talk about still. But we were going to
make it.

We sat there in silence and held each other for a long time until
there was a quiet knock at the door and it opened slowly. Lori
was standing there in her bikini. She saw us and smiled and said,
"I'm sorry. I thought you were asleep. It was so quiet in here. I
was going to see if anyone wanted to go jump in the pool."

I smiled at her and said, "Lori! Come here honey."

I didn't even think about the fact that I was naked and her
father's cock was exposed between my legs. Tom was uncomfortable
but Lori didn't seem to pay it any mind. Knowing what she had
been through, or at least some of what she had been through, I
realized that nudity and sexuality were no big deal to her now
and never would be. She and I were different now and we always
would be. Hell, we had eaten each other's pussies!

I took her hand when she came close and said, "Sweetheart, I am
so sorry. What happened to you, that was all my fault. I promise
you I'm going to make it up to you. Someday I hope you'll be able
to forgive me. I'm going to be the best mother that I can be from
now on. I swear it."

She leaned over and kissed me and said, "Don't be silly mom.
Fuck, I was afraid you were going to be mad at me. I submitted to
that asshole first and I'm the one that set you up. He made me do
it but I didn't fight him."

I pulled her close and hugged her and said, "Lori, I only went
through four days of his shit. You were put through the wringer
for three months. And if I hadn't thrown your dad out because I
was such a fucking bitch then I doubt if any of this would have
happened. No baby, it's my fault."

Tom laughed and interjected, "First of all, you two need to start
watching your fucking language. Secondly, I would feel more
comfortable if we continued this pity party once I had my pants
back on. I am not used to flashing my teenage daughter."

Lori laughed and said, "Oh dad, get over it. It's just a cock for
Christ's sake. I've seen a boatload of them in the last three
months. One more isn't going to scandalize me."

He looked at her for a moment and then he said, "You know, I hate
to admit it but your attitude sounds a lot healthier than mine.
Hell, half the people in the world have cocks. What's the big

Lori leaned over and kissed Tom and said, "Way to go pop! Now,
since you guys are awake, why don't we all go downstairs and go
skinny dipping?"

Tom and I looked at each other and almost in unison we said,
"What the fuck!"

We got up and I helped him take off his clothes. Then the three
of us went swimming in the pool.

Lori and I recovered quickly from what Kevin had done to us.
There were changes of course, most of them for the better. Tom
and I get along better and are closer than we ever were. And we
are both closer to Lori than any other parents of a teenager that
I know of. We are more tolerant now, we have to be. There is no
way that Lori is going to go back to being the sweet, nave
fifteen year old that she was before this happened. Tom has had
to get used to her bringing boys home and fucking their brains
out. Because of what I went through it didn't bother me but he
had to make a pretty serious adjustment.

There was another adjustment that he had to make. But this one he
enjoyed. I found that I couldn't go back to being monogamous.
Well, I might have been able to. But when Tom found out how much
trouble I was having with that, how much I missed having sex with
my co-workers and with our neighbor Hugh we talked it over. It
turns out that he was turned on hearing about the way the men at
work used me for sex. The same was true of Hugh. We had a lot of
hot sex after I related some of my experiences to Tom and he
finally admitted that he had fantasized for a long time about
watching me have sex with other men.

So now I have sex with my four co-workers. Our relationship has
changed since Kevin left the picture, but not that much. I still
wear those slutty dresses to work. I am still submissive to them
and I still put out for the occasional client. And we still talk
about them coming over and joining Lori and me for some hot sex.
Lori is all for it. But the threats are gone and the fear is
gone. Hell! I even think that Mr. Johnson is starting to act like
a human being now and then!

Hugh was shocked when I called him over to my house one day and
told him that Kevin was gone and Tom had come back home. He was
even more shocked when I told him that he was still welcome to
come over from time to time and fuck me, even if Tom was home. In
fact, I think I was able to convince him that Tom would get a
kick out of it.

There are a few things from the darker side of this that I
suppose I need to mention. The morning after Tom beat Kevin with
the bat so badly he was found in a gutter, just about half dead.
He is suffering from severe brain damage and doesn't even know
his own name. I asked an acquaintance who was a nurse to check on
his condition and she said that Kevin would never recover. He can
walk and talk but his brain is now at about the level of a ten
year old. He has become known for his sweet disposition and
gentleness. But he will always be a ten year old.

The studio where Lori and I were tortured and filmed doing all of
those horrible things was burned down several days after I was
there. The fire was determined to be the result of arson and the
owners are suspected and are likely to be charged. Evidence was
found at the home of the two men who owned the studio. They
insist that it was planted but the case is supposed to be pretty
strong against them.

The other piece of gossip that I picked up recently was that a
woman who owned a kennel outside of town was kidnapped and has
been missing for months. Police claim that they have information
that she is being held against her will in a whorehouse somewhere
in Mexico and forced to service Mexican laborers in between her
donkey shows.

The End

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