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Karen's Bitch Training 1
By vulgus

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To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my
previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

I was sitting in my dark living room sipping on a mixed drink and
fuming. It was nearly midnight. Because my fifteen year old
daughter had been caught sneaking out in the past I had checked
her room before I went to bed and found that she was out again.
Now I was sitting in the dark and staring at the clock on the VCR
and waiting for her to come home so that I could kill her. Well,
not really. But I was furious and she was going to know it.

In the last year it seemed like my entire life was just going to
hell. My husband and I had split up. Well, I kicked him out. All
we ever did was fight anymore. We fought about everything. We
fought about money and sex and the best way to raise our teenage
daughter. We fought about the house and the cars and the bills
and my shopping habits. But mostly we fought about sex. Towards
the end neither one of us seemed to have a civil word for the

I would like to be able to say that our problems were entirely my
husband's fault. That would not be accurate. I realized even
while it was happening that it was mostly my fault. Not entirely.
But mostly.

I can't tell you why I made no effort to even meet him half way.
It isn't that I didn't love him anymore. I still love him and I
think that he still loves me. We just couldn't stay in the same
house any longer.

I have to admit that I have nearly spent us into the poorhouse. I
must be one of those compulsive shoppers. I spent more money than
we had every month and the more my husband yelled at me about it
the more I spent.

As for the sex, I have never been very fond of sex. It always
seemed so dirty, so demeaning. In the beginning I kept my
feelings to myself and did what I could to make it pleasurable
for my husband. But soon after our daughter was born I lost all
interest and it became more difficult to allow myself to be used
that way. And long before our relationship had devolved into a
good imitation of the warm up to a bout of professional wrestling
I had become untouchable. I have to admit though that once the
sex stopped altogether it was a relief for me. I miss having a
man around sometimes. I miss being held and having someone to
cuddle up to. But I don't miss the sex.

After a particularly loud and mean spirited argument one evening
I insisted that my husband leave and not come back. The second
thoughts didn't start until he had been gone for a few days.

We both have lawyers now. We are going through what they call a
trial separation. Our daughter is staying with me but she blames
me for the breakup. We are only just barely able to be in the
same room long enough to eat dinner.

Lori is two months away from turning sixteen. She is a beautiful
girl in the body of a beautiful young woman. She is intelligent
but far too headstrong. Her resentment since I threw her dad out
has begun to fester into open hostility. That hostility has lead
to fights that are reminiscent of the arguments that I was having
with her father before he left. She has become all but
unmanageable. She has started to dress like a slut and on several
occasions I have caught her sneaking back into the house after
midnight. If I didn't need the child support money that I'm
getting from her father I'd send her off to live with him.
Unfortunately my job doesn't pay well enough to support my
shopping habits without the extra money I get from him.

I am only thirty-two and I'm not ready to let myself go. I have a
great figure and it is important to me that I dress well and that
my wardrobe is stylish and current. My job as a secretary isn't
the most satisfying or high paying job but it was the best that I
could do when I started working after Lori entered the fourth
grade. Since I didn't finished high school and I had never worked
before I was pretty darned lucky to get that job.

I finally heard a noise at the front door and I heard my daughter
sneaking in. I was all ready to start yelling at Lori. I didn't
know what else I could do to punish her. She was already grounded
but she ignored that. I had taken away her cell phone but she
bought another with her own money. I have no idea where she got
the money.

I waited for Lori to come in so I could let her have it but she
didn't. I heard noises from just inside the front door and I
realized that she was with a boy and that they were making out by
the door.

I lost it. I stormed through the living room and into the foyer
and when I saw the boy she was with I started screaming at them.
Boy! Young man was more like it. He looked like he must surely be
in his twenties. It was hard to tell though. I'm not that
familiar with black people. It was hard for me to judge.

This young black man had his arms around my fifteen year old
daughter! His hands were on her backside and they were kissing,
if you can call it that. It looked like they were trying to
swallow each other! It was the most disgusting thing that I had
ever seen.

I shrieked at them. I grabbed Lori's arm and jerked her away from
that animal and when he turned to face me I slapped him as hardas I could.

I screamed at him to leave my house immediately and demanded that
he never speak to my daughter again.

He stood there rubbing his cheek with his hand. He was glowering
at me and towering over me. I suddenly was struck by just how
large he was. He was at least six feet tall, probably a couple
inches taller than that. He must have weighed well over two
hundred pounds and there did not appear to be an ounce of fat on
him. He was wearing a dark t-shirt and his muscles stuck out all
over the place. His arms were huge.

Still, despite his rather amazing physique and his advanced age
relative to my daughter, I was not yet aware of the peril I was
in. I was in my house and he was the young man sneaking my
daughter home at midnight. I was the mother and I was in charge.
It wasn't until I saw the look in his eyes that I started to feel

He dropped his hand from his cheek and I saw the fury in his face
and I realized at last that I was not in control here. I tried to
bluff. I yelled at him to get out before I called the police.
When this threat elicited nothing but a sneer from him I knew
that I was in trouble.

I was just about to yell at him again, to demand that he leave.
Before I could open my mouth Lori pulled her arm out of my grip
and in a disturbingly quiet, calm, somewhat mocking voice she
said, "Mother, I would like you to meet Kevin. He is my
boyfriend. I guess you probably got that impression when you saw

Kevin and I were staring at each other in a battle of wills that
I was starting to feel myself losing. We stared at each other in
silence for what seemed like an eternity before he said, "I am
going to overlook what you just did because I realize that you
don't know any better. But you are going to experience a lot of
pain if you are not a fast learner bitch. You don't ever hit me.
You don't hit any man. You don't every raise your voice to me.
You do not raise your voice to any man. Your daughter was right.
You need to learn your place in the world just like she did."

I gasped loudly and exploded, "BITCH! Don't you dare come into my
house and call me a name. How dare you! Get out! Get out this

The next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor holding my face
and gasping for breath. He had hit me! No one had ever hit me
before. Never! Not once in thirty-two years had anyone ever
raised a hand to me. I was too shocked to even cry!

I sprang to my feet with the idea of attacking him and scratching
his eyes out but somehow I found myself back on the floor rubbing
my other cheek. I never even saw him move his arm!

I screamed and jumped up again and the next thing that I knew he
had my arm twisted up behind my back and he was holding a handful
of my hair and I was powerless.

Kevin slowly lifted my arm higher behind my back until I stopped
struggling. I started to scream at him to release me but as soon
as the first syllable left my lips he lifted my arm even further
and my scream turned into a cry of pain.

When I was finally subdued he pulled me close and calmly said,
"You were warned bitch. Now you are going to have to be

He turned to Lori and said, "I need some rope. Do you have any?"

Lori, as calm as can be, replied, "I think there is some in the
garage. I'll get it."

As she turned away I called out, "Lori! What..."

That was as far as I got before Kevin lifted my arm and cut me
off. He leaned forward and with his lips right at my ear he said,
"Hush bitch. You are finally going to learn your place. It is a
shame that people have spoiled you this way. You are such a
pretty bitch."

I stood there, helpless and in shock as his lips moved lightly
over my neck which had been exposed by his firm grip on my long,
blonde hair. I started crying quietly but I think that I was
crying more from the frustration I felt at being so totally
helpless than anything else.

I wanted to scream at him to take his hands off of me, to take
his lips off of me. The nerve of this young man! But until he
turned me loose I didn't dare make a sound.

I was feeling so violated. I was violated by his very presence in
my home. But now, to be held helpless while he brazenly kissed my
neck! My god! This verged on being rape!

Rape! As soon as the word flashed through my mind I shuddered.
Surely he wouldn't! My daughter was here. He was her boyfriend.
No. He wouldn't try that.

As if he was reading my mind the hand that was holding my hair in
its firm grip suddenly released me. Kevin still had my arm
twisted up behind my back and I could not move. But his free hand
now came to rest on my shoulder before sliding down to cup my

I struggled for only a second before the increasing pressure on
my arm forced me to stand still as this young black man who had
come into my home and effortlessly overpowered me gently but
boldly began to caress my breast through my blouse and bra.

I moaned as the horror of the situation I was in finally began to
sink into my brain. I don't know if Kevin mistook my moan for
something that it wasn't or if he was just being facetious when
he leaned his head down and whispered, "Be patient you sweet
little bitch. First I have to punish you. Then will come the

I shook my head violently and in not much more than a loud
whisper I said, "No! No you can't!"

In response his tongue came out and lapped at my cheek like a dog
might. Then he chuckled and said, "You will learn bitch. Soon you
will learn not to say no. You do not ever say no. Not to me, not
to any man. I'm going to teach you. I suspect that it will be a
painful lesson for you. But you will learn. Your daughter has
learned. She is much happier now. You will be much happier once
you have learned your place."

Lori came back into the foyer with her hands full of rope. She
saw her boyfriend's hand on my breast and smiled. I knew that she
resented me but how could she countenance this?! Her boyfriend
was going to punish me and then rape me! Surely she didn't

Kevin guided me into the living room and ordered Lori to turn the
lights on. Once the lights had been turned on he looked around
but apparently he wasn't satisfied with what he saw. He took a
piece of rope from Lori and tied my arms behind my back. He
looped it up around my neck before he tied it off so that I had
to hold my arms up behind my back at an unnatural and
uncomfortable angle to keep from choking myself.

He tied that rope off and then tied my ankles together. He stood
up when my ankles were secure and said, "I want you to wait right
there bitch. Don't move, don't speak."

He turned and headed for the garage. I was too terrified to just
stand there. I had begun to realize that I was in no position to
make demands. I was forced to plead.

I pleaded with Kevin to let me go. Or at least I tried. I started
to. As soon as I opened my mouth he turned around and scowled
fiercely. He stepped back over to where I stood helplessly bound
in the middle of the room and as if he were speaking to a
misbehaving child he said, "You just don't listen very well do
you bitch? Did you not hear me just now? Did you not hear me say
'don't speak'? You may be more difficult to train than I

He turned to Lori then and said, "Give me your underwear."

I watched in dismay as Lori reached under her skirt and pulled
her panties down. She handed them to Kevin. He wadded them up and
turned back to me and said, "Open your mouth bitch."

I stared at him aghast. It was obvious what he planned. There was
no way that I could allow him to put my daughter's soiled
underwear in my mouth. I just couldn't!

He shook his head and grabbed a handful of my hair again. He
twisted and pulled on my hair and when I screamed in pain he
shoved my daughter's panties into my mouth. I heard her giggle as
she watched him torment me and that made my despair at this
horrible situation just that much deeper.

I struggled to push the panties out of my mouth with my tongue
and when I did I made another horrible discovery. My daughter had
had sex tonight! This man had had intercourse with my young
daughter! The evidence was now resting on my tongue. As soon as I
realized it I began to gag and when I did Kevin slapped me again.

I looked up at him and he brought his face right down to mine. He
smiled and said, "If you throw up you might drown. I would be
sorry if that happened. I am really looking forward to training
you. So please control yourself bitch."

I managed to control the urge to vomit. It was difficult. But I
didn't want to drown in my own vomit.

As Kevin turned and walked away I looked at Lori. I pleaded with
my eyes. I knew we had our problems. But how could she allow
anyone to treat her mother this way?!

Lori smiled sweetly and moved closer to me. She leaned forward
and kissed my cheek and said, "Don't worry mother. Once you are
trained you will be so much happier. You just need to learn how
to please a man. Kevin is going to make your life so much easier.
And wait until you see his big, beautiful cock. You're going to
love it. And not just him mother, he has a lot of friends with
big, black cocks. Once you have been trained you are going to be
so much happier. You'll have something to occupy your time
besides spending daddy into bankruptcy. Sex is a lot more fun
than shopping mom. You'll see."

I shuddered in revulsion. I couldn't believe that this girl was
my daughter. I didn't know her at all! She wasn't just allowing
her boyfriend to torture and rape her mother. She was taking
pleasure from it!

Kevin came back from the garage and climbed up onto the coffee
table. I watched as he tapped on the ceiling looking for a beam.
When the sound told him that he had located a beam he screwed a
large hook into the ceiling. When it was firmly in place he
climbed down and moved the coffee table out of the way. He pulled
me closer and when I was standing under the hook he braided a
length of rope into my hair and looped it through the hook in the
ceiling. He pulled it taut and tied it off with no slack at all.
The slightest movement pulled painfully at my hair.

When he was satisfied he untied my ankles and stepped back to
examine me. He seemed pleased with his handiwork, judging by the
smile on his face. He stepped closer once more and said, "Now to
get you ready."

He reached out and began to shred my clothing with his bare
hands. He gripped the front of my blouse and tore it apart.
Buttons flew all over the room. The violence of his actions only
added to my steadily building terror. He pushed my blouse down my
arms and allowed it to drape over the ropes that secured my
wrists. His large hand came up and reached between my breasts. I
saw his muscles bulge as he jerked on my bra. The pain in my
shoulders and back before the surprisingly strong garment let go
caused me to cry out into the nylon panties still stuffed into my
mouth. But this strong young man would not be denied and in
seconds my bra was hanging at my waist and my breasts were

I had always been very self-conscious about my body, especially
my small breasts. Well, they weren't that small now. Until I
became pregnant I was just barely a B cup. After Lori was born
they had grown to a C cup. They had gotten slightly smaller when
my body recovered from childbirth but not much and I was happier
with them now. But I was not in the habit of showing them around.
The only people who had seen my breasts were my husband and my
OB\GYN. The only two places that I was ever nude were in the
bathroom and the bedroom, and not that often in the bedroom. I
had never really been that comfortable with my husband seeing me
undressed. He complained about it at first but that was the way
that I was raised. There was nothing wrong with being proper.

Now this...this rapist that my daughter was dating was tearing my
clothes off and I could do nothing but allow it. I had never been
so humiliated in my life!

Kevin stood back and examined my breasts and smiled. He was
obviously pleased. He turned to Lori and said, "Go out to my car
and get my camera out of the trunk. I want some pictures of

Lori spun around and hurried from the room as her boyfriend
reached out and cupped my breasts in his hands. His hands seemed
huge as they enveloped my breasts. He leaned down and one at a
time he took each of my nipples into his mouth and teased them
with his tongue. I felt them react to his touch and it made me
furious that my body would betray me that way. I wanted
desperately to pull away from him but every move I made pulled
painfully at my hair. Finally I just closed my eyes and tried to
control the terror that was building up inside of me.

I was going to be raped. I had always been very careful and I had
been reasonably certain that I would never fall victim to this
particularly heinous crime. I had always been convinced that most
of those women who were raped were at least in part responsible
for their own fate. They had undoubtedly dressed inappropriately
and placed themselves in a dangerous situation. I never made
those mistakes. Now I was going to be raped in my own home and my
daughter was an accomplice! It was just too horrible to

I heard my daughter come back in and as her vile boyfriend
continued suckling on my breasts she began to move around us
taking pictures. After she had taken a dozen pictures he stepped
back and took the camera from her. He took several pictures of my
naked breasts and then he ordered her to finish undressing me.

I could only groan in helplessness as I felt Lori move up behind
me and unfasten my skirt. Kevin continued taking pictures as my
daughter removed my skirt. He laughed when my skirt was around my
ankles and made fun of my "granny panties" as Lori hooked her
thumbs in the waistband and slowly slid them off of me.

Kevin took more pictures as Lori slid my panties down. When I was
naked he lowered the camera and they stood together and made fun
of my full bush of pubic hair. He stepped closer and grabbed a
handful of my pubic hair and as he pulled painfully he chuckled
and asked, "Damn bitch! Don't you ever trim this shit?!"

I just stood there crying. What else could I do?

Kevin took a knife out of his pocket and ordered Lori to finish
removing my blouse and my bra. When they were gone he took a few
more pictures and then he handed the camera back to Lori and
said, "I'm going to punish her now. I wish I had brought my movie

Lori volunteered, "We have one. Do you want me to get it?"

Kevin nodded and asked, "Do you have a tripod?"

Lori nodded and ran out of the room.

While she was gone her boyfriend began exploring my body with his
large hands. I felt so dirty as he slid his fingers through my
exposed pubic region and then went behind me and explored the
area between my buttocks that had never been touched by a man.
His large finger pressed against my anus and he said, "I don't
even have to ask. I know there has never been a cock in here. I
bet you've never sucked a cock either, have you bitch? The amount
of cherries I'm getting from you and your daughter are really
starting to add up. I popped her cherry pussy and her cherry ass
and her cherry mouth. Now I'm going to pop your cherry ass and
your cherry mouth. And I bet your cunt is so tight it's just like
a cherry. A bitch as uptight as you are has never been broken in
right. But don't worry bitch. By the time I invite my friends
over to fuck you, you are going to fuck and suck like a pro."

My mind was reeling. What kind of monster was this man?! How did
my daughter fall into his clutches?! How long has he been
molesting her?

Kevin's fingers moved out from between my buttocks and caressed
them before he moved back around and cupped my pubic mound. He
smiled and said, "Before I fuck you that hair is going to have to
go bitch. You look like a fucking sheep!"

I felt his fingers moving and one of them began to penetrate me.
I was completely dry of course and I grunted in pain as his large
finger was forced into my vagina. Relief washed over me as he
pulled his finger out of me. He looked at me and through my tears
I could see the disgust on his face. He stared me right in the
eye as he put his finger in his mouth and wet it and then slowly
returned it to my vagina.

It made me furious that I couldn't even shake my head. I was
totally helpless as he slowly teased my labia and then I felt his
finger move inside of me. His finger was nearly as large as my
husband's penis and as that realization came over me I suddenly
remembered that stereotype about black men and wondered if it was
true. I had never been very comfortable with my husband's five
inch penis. It was the only one that I have ever seen but I had
heard about black men and now that it appeared that I was going
to be raped by one I was concerned.

Her boyfriend was still working his finger into me when Lori
returned with the camera and tripod. She smiled as if she was
amused at what this vile young man was doing to me and asked him
where he wanted the camera.

She set it up nearby and started it and then, while she came
closer and began taking pictures with Kevin's digital still
camera he pulled his large leather belt off and wrapped the
buckle end around his hand a few times.

Despite the pain in my scalp I shook my head violently and
twisted around, trying to pull my hair free of the rope that held
me in place. I managed only to amuse my tormentors. I caused
myself more pain and more humiliation when my breasts began
bouncing around as if to amuse them.

Kevin moved out of sight behind me and after a short pause I
heard his belt swish through the air and I felt an explosion of
pain on my butt. I screamed into my gag and tried desperately to
think of some way to make him understand that this was wrong,
that he couldn't do this to me.

Seconds later there was that noise again and again I felt the
horrible pain as his belt came in contact with my tender flesh. I
screamed once more into the gag and struggled to stay in place.
My body's natural desire to avoid this horrible pain caused me to
move away from the only place that I could stand without pulling
at the hair on my head. Every time he struck me with that thing I
jumped and nearly fell as the rope pulled me back into place.

The first half dozen lashes struck on my buttocks. Then he began
to work the belt down my legs. When he had finished covering my
legs in welts he moved up and tried to whip my back. Because of
the way my arms were restrained behind me he wasn't able to whip
my back very well. So he moved around in front of me.

When I realized that he was going to continue whipping me I
nearly passed out from the terror. I was crying hysterically now.
The pain was unimaginable, unbearable. I would have done anything
at this point to make it stop. I would even have allowed him to
rape me.

But he wasn't finished. Through my tears I watched his arm go
back and I saw the violent stroke coming as he brought the belt
down on my breasts. I think that at that moment I did pass out,
if only for a second. The pain in my scalp when my legs went out
from under me was like a bucket of cold water bringing me quickly
back to awareness.

I tried closing my eyes but I couldn't. I had to watch. I had to
know when the pain was going to come. His arm went back again and
again. And again and again the pain washed over me as that heavy
piece of leather beat violently against my breasts and my stomach
and down my belly to my upper thighs. I have no idea how long it
lasted or how many times he struck me. It seemed to go on for
hours. I know that it didn't. But it seemed like it.

He finally dropped his arm to his side and stood in front of me
looking me over. When I had calmed down a little, when my crying
had become a little less hysterical, he put his finger under my
chin and lifted my head. He looked me in the eye and asked, "If I
remove that gag now and untie your arms will you stand still and
remain quiet?"

I nodded my head as much as I was able to.

He smiled and said, "If you disobey me it starts again."

I nodded again and he reached between my lips and pulled my
daughter's soiled underwear out of my mouth. I gasped for air and
tried desperately to get moisture in my mouth but I uttered not a

He stared at me for a few moments before he moved behind me and
untied my wrists. The pain in my wrists and shoulders and the
chafing from the rope that went around my neck were finally gone
and I sighed in relief.

Kevin moved back in front of me and in the voice a parent might
use on a recalcitrant child he said, "I took it easy on you
because you've never been properly trained and didn't realize the
rules. If I have to punish you again it will be much worse. But I
won't have to punish you again. Will I?"

I groaned in pain and breathlessly answered, "No! Oh god no!
Please. I'll be good. Don't punish me again. Please."

Kevin smiled and said, "Sir. You must always address me as sir.
Me, my friends, men on the street, every male is sir to you.
Don't forget."

I quickly answered, "No sir. I won't forget. I promise sir."

I was still restrained. My hair was still tied to the rope that
went up to the hook in the ceiling. But even if that rope had
been removed I was far too terrified to do anything but obey. I
wasn't thinking of the horrible fate that awaited me. I was only
grateful that the whipping had stopped. I hated myself for it,
but I realized that I would do anything to avoid being struck by
that belt again.

I tried not to think about what "anything" meant. Kevin had
already been quite clear about that. But I didn't want to think
about it. I just knew that I couldn't take that whipping again. I
had never been struck before and I would do anything to avoid
being struck again.

Kevin instructed Lori to go and get everything that I would need
to shave my pubic area. While she was doing that Kevin examined
my bruised body with his fingers. As his fingers grazed lightly
over my abused flesh he said, "So, you have learned your lesson
after only one punishment session?"

I quickly responded, "Yes sir! I promise!"

He chuckled and asked, "You are going to try to tell me that in
only fifteen minutes you have become a completely changed woman.
You have seen the error of your ways and I will never have to
punish you again?"

I immediately swore that I had changed.

He cupped my red, sore breast in his large hand and said, "I have
never seen a bitch as fucked up in the head as you were that
could change after just one whipping. I suspect we'll be doing
that again before very long. That's alright bitch, don't bother
to argue. I'm sure you have good intentions. But it won't be long
before I have to whip you again. And remember what I said, I took
it easy on you this time because you didn't know any better. I
might be wrong though. Your little girl was a fast learner. Maybe
you are too. We'll see."

I tried to force that image out of my mind as his hand mauled my
breasts. He ran his hands over my stomach and then back up and
said, "I have to give you credit bitch. For an old broad you are
in pretty damned good shape. Lori said you have a swimming pool
out back. Don't you ever go outside? You have the whitest skin I
ever saw."

I winced as his hand moved over the red stripes on my stomach. I
answered, "I go out sometimes, in the morning and evening. I
always use lots of sun block though. I try to take care of

Lori finally came back into the room and set everything down on
the coffee table. Kevin freed my hair from the rope but left the
rope hanging from the hook. I assumed that its presence would be
a constant reminder, as if one were needed. He sat down on the
couch and told Lori to get the movie camera off of the tripod and
record my first pubic shave.

When Lori had the camera ready Kevin instructed me to pull the
coffee table over in front of him and spread the towel out and
sit down where he could see what I was doing. While I was doing
that Lori moved around behind Kevin and recorded everything on
the disk.

I pulled the table around and spread the towel out and sat down.
I spread my legs and tried not to think about the two of them
watching and the camera catching my every move. I picked up the
scissors and after a pause to look at my pubic hair for the last
time I started carefully snipping it off.

I am a natural blonde and although I had a lot of pubic hair it
was light colored, almost red, and the hair was very fine. I
hated cutting it off because I had heard that if you shave it off
it was much more coarse when it returned. But I was certainly not
going to say no to Kevin.

I trimmed until there was only stubble remaining. I had to pick
up the pile of hair I had cut off and move it out of my way
before I continued. I moistened the entire area with the damp
cloth and then I spread a layer of shaving foam all around and
let it sit for a moment.

I could feel their eyes on me as I picked up the safety razor and
began to shave. It was so humiliating. But after everything else
that had happened since I caught these two in my foyer this
evening, and everything else that was to come, this was only a
minor humiliation. I knew there was far worse to come.

I shaved all of the stubble off and Kevin made me spread more
foam on my mound. He ordered me to spread my legs even farther
apart and place my heels on the edge of the coffee table. I sat
there, splayed wide, and he took the camera back from Lori and
said, "Okay girl, you get down there and go back over it. Make
sure she didn't miss anything."

I watched in shock as Lori came around and knelt to the side so
that Kevin could watch as she shaved my mound for the amusement
of her boyfriend and whoever he might show that movie to.

When Lori had finished she used the damp cloth to wipe me off and
then Kevin ordered me to lie back and lift my legs and spread
them. It didn't even occur to me to refuse. Nor did I consider
refusing when he said, "Okay bitch. Spread those cheeks so she
can make sure you aren't hiding any hair around your tight little
asshole. I like my virgins hairless."

I had avoided looking at my daughters face but now I glanced at
her and it broke my heart to see nothing but amusement as I
reached down and spread my buttocks open so that she could
inspect my nether regions for her boyfriend. What could he have
done to her to make her like this?! Or could it really have been

Lori inspected my...that area for stray hairs and after a moment
Kevin asked, "Well, did you find any?"

Lori answered, "A few. Do you want me to shave her there?"

He replied, "No. We don't want any stubble there. Pull them

Lori got up and came back with a pair of tweezers and with
apparent glee she pulled a half a dozen hairs from back there.
She ran her hand through the space between my buttocks and
pronounced me hairless.

Kevin then permitted me to sit up. He ordered Lori to clean away
the shaving supplies and I stood up to fold the towel up and hand
it to her. She returned a moment later and Kevin ordered her to

Lori didn't even hesitate. Neither did she seem the least bit ill
at ease as she quickly stripped off her only two garments, a
t-shirt and a miniskirt. I couldn't help noticing her perfect
little body. The last time I had seen her less than fully dressed
was when I helped her buy a training bra when she was eleven. I
had noticed her growing up of course. But still, it was a shock
to see her naked and mature body, especially under these

Once Lori had undressed he ordered her to stand beside me. He
looked at our naked bodies and smiled and said, "Damn! You two
could be fucking sisters! Lori, how come you didn't tell me your
mother was such a hot bitch?"

Lori shrugged and said, "I've never seen her naked before.
Besides, she's such a frigid bitch it just never occurred to me.
She doesn't turn me on. I had no idea you'd want to fuck her
skanky ass. She drove my father away and he is the nicest guy in
the world. I figured no guy would want anything to do with her."

Kevin shook his head and responded, "That was your father's
problem you stupid cunt. He didn't know how to treat her. He let
the bitch get away with thinking she was too fucking good for
him. She has a hot little bod. She just needs a strong man to
train her. You just wait. When I'm through straightening this
bitch out she'll be the perfect wife for your old man."

Kevin put down the movie camera and picked up the digital and
took a dozen pictures of Lori and me standing side by side. He
made us turn around slowly and took pictures until we faced him
again. He smiled and said, "The guys are gonna get a kick out of
these. They're gonna love you, bitch."

I tried not to think about the meaning of that.

Kevin stood up then and stood in front of me. I kept my eyes
down. I was too scared to look him in the face.

He waited for a moment and when I didn't look up he said, "Look
at me bitch."

I cringed as if he had struck me but I looked up and struggled to
look him in the eye. He grinned at me and asked, "Remember what
you said bitch?"

I wasn't sure what he was referring to. He saw the confusion in
my eyes and he said, "Did you forget already? You said that you
will be good now. You promised that I wouldn't have to punish you
again. You told me that you had learned your lesson."

A shiver ran through my body as he mentioned punishment. I
responded quickly, "No sir. I haven't forgotten. I'll be good. I
promise sir."

His grin grew wider and I knew that he didn't believe that I
would keep my word. I knew that what was about to happen to me
would be very difficult for me to deal with. But my entire body
was still burning from that horrible whipping and I had no
intention of giving him any reason to do that again, that and

He just said, with a great deal of skepticism, "We'll see. I'm
going to ask you some questions now. If I catch you in a lie..."

He didn't finish his sentence. He simply reached out and traced
one of the whip marks on my chest. That was all the threat that
was necessary. He knew it too. He saw it in my eyes.

"First question," he said. "How many men have fucked you?"

I was proud of the fact that I had been a virgin when I married
and that I had never cheated on my husband. But I hated answering
these personal questions from a stranger, especially in front of
my daughter. I was cowed though. I didn't even think of not

I tried to look back down at the floor. It was hard enough to
answer these kinds of questions without having to look this
strong, violent young man in the eye. He would allow me not even
that amount of privacy though. He lifted my chin back up and
said, "Don't look away bitch."

I sighed and answered quietly, "One sir. I have only had sex with
one man, my husband."

He laughed and said, "That isn't what I asked you bitch. I asked
you how many men have fucked you. Try again."

I felt myself turning even redder. I had never used that word in
my life. I glanced at Lori. She laughed and said, "Fuck mom. The
word is fuck. That's what you call it when dad put his cock in
your cunt. He fucked you. Not very often, apparently. Not often
enough. But on those rare occasions when you spread your legs for
him he fucked you."

I stared at Lori in shock. Those horrible words just rolled off
of her tongue like the most natural thing in the world. I never
allowed her to use foul language, not even damn! What kind of
people was she hanging around with! But then I looked back at
Kevin and my question answered itself.

I finally steeled myself and answered, "Only one man has fucked
me sir."

He saw how difficult it was for me to say that word and it really
amused him.

"Second question," he said. "How many cocks have you sucked?"

I hesitated even longer with this question. I wasn't sure how to
answer it. I saw Kevin getting impatient and I blurted out, "I
never sucked a cock sir. I kissed one a few times but I hated it.
It was so demeaning. I just couldn't do it. It is so nasty."

He laughed again and said, "I didn't think so. I'm not even going
to ask you if anyone has every fucked your tight ass. I know
that's a cherry."

He stood there, close enough to touch, and he said, "Take my cock
out bitch. Take it out and hold it in your hand while we talk."

I didn't look down. I couldn't. I kept my eyes on his as I
reached out and felt for his zipper. My fingers encountered the
large bulge in the front of his pants and before I could stop
myself I pulled my hands back as if I had stuck them in a fire.

His grin got a little wider but he just stood there and waited
for me to obey his last order.

I reached out again and this time I found his zipper. I pulled it
down carefully and reached in. I felt around for his cock and
when I found it I gasped. I had to look down to confirm what I
was feeling. It was huge!

It was easily twice as long as my husband's and nearly three
times as big around. It was not going to be possible to pull it
out through the opening in his pants. I unbuttoned the button on
his jeans and reached inside his boxers. I wrapped my fingers
around his large, hot shaft and as I gripped him I realized to my
great dismay that he was not completely hard yet! It felt like a
huge snake.

I glanced over at my fifteen year old daughter's smiling face and
thought surely there was no way he was able to get this huge
thing inside of her small body!

Lori knew what I was thinking. She said, "Don't worry mom. You're
going to love that fat cock once you get used to it. I do."

I turned back to Kevin and he said, "Tell me about your husband's
cock bitch."

I almost whispered, "It's smaller. It's much smaller."

I saw his expression change and I realized what I had done. I
quickly interjected, "Sir! It is much smaller sir. My husband's
cock is about five inches long and perhaps three quarters of an
inch in diameter. It is...what else? What else do you want to
know about it sir?"

Kevin said, "Shit! No wonder you're frigid. You're still a
fucking virgin. You've never had a real cock in your cunt. You
don't even know what it's like to get fucked. I'll never
understand how he knocked you up with a tiny pecker like that."

I had no answer for that. I just stood there with his twitching
penis in my hand and waited for the next question.

He reached down and started moving my hand slowly up and down on
his shaft. After he showed me what he wanted he took his hand
away. I continued to move my hand the way he wanted and he asked
me, "Did you ever fool around with another woman?"

I shook my head violently and responded, "No sir! I would never
to that! That's an abomination!"

He said, "I'm not sure what an abomination is. But you better
just get the word never right out of your screwed up head. If I
tell you to eat a cunt you're going to eat a cunt. And just in
case you are wondering, I like to watch a woman eating cunt. It's
even more fun if they are a mother-daughter team."

As I contemplated what he had just said I felt the bile rise in
my throat. I didn't think that I could do it. It would be hard to
choose between the beating and...and having sex with my daughter.
But then I realized that if I refused, if I said no to this man
he would beat me until I did whatever he wanted anyway. Oh god! I
just didn't think I could do it without getting sick.

He was watching me. I knew that he was enjoying playing with my
mind. I felt his penis getting harder as I slowly massaged it and
I was sure that the expression on my face was turning him on more
than what I was doing with my hand.

Kevin watched me in silence for a long moment before he said,
"Last question bitch. Has anyone ever eaten your cunt?"

I shuddered again. Everything out of this man's vile mouth seemed
to be calculated to be revolting.

I thought back to the few times in our sixteen years of marriage
that my husband had tried to get me to let him do just that. I
remembered still how offended I had been that he had even
suggested such a disgusting thing.

Kevin was getting impatient for his answer. I took a deep breath
and responded, "No sir. No one has ever eaten my cunt."

Cunt! I had always thought that was the most demeaning, crude,
disgusting word in the English language. I would not permit it in
my presence and if I heard it come from the mouth of anyone I
knew I never forgot and I never forgave. And now I had said it.

I had stood right here in front of my daughter and said that no
one had ever eaten my cunt. I had said fuck and cock. Three of
the most odious words I knew of. And although it was well after
midnight I knew that the night was just getting started. I
realized that I was certain to say and do a lot worse before this
monster was satisfied.

Kevin reached down and grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and
pulled it off. It had been obvious that his body was well
developed but watching his muscles ripple under his dark black
skin was terrifying. I couldn't help but appreciate his well
sculpted body. Nor could I help looking at him and thinking that
he could snap me like a twig with almost no effort at all.

He dropped his t-shirt and worked his sneakers off with his toes
and kicked them away. Then he said, "I'll let you finish
unwrapping your present now bitch. Let's get this show on the

More than anything I didn't want to do this. I was terrified
after actually seeing his huge sex organ. He pushed me to my
knees and I grabbed the waist of his jeans and carefully pulled
them down without dragging his boxers down with them. I glanced
up as I worked them down his legs and it was obvious that he was

I heard Lori chuckle and then she said, "Jesus mom. Get on with
it. It doesn't bite."

Kevin placed his hand on top of my head and balanced himself as
he stepped out of his jeans. I placed them on the coffee table
and then I reached back up and slipped my fingers into the
waistband of his underwear. I slowly worked them down over his
massive penis and then stopped and stared in awe as it bounced
right in my face.

The shaft seemed to be even darker than his dark skin. The
massive head was much lighter with a huge opening in the tip.
There was a clear liquid oozing out of the hole. On a few
occasions I had been aware of my husband's organ oozing this
disgusting liquid but I almost never touched or even looked at
his sex organ.

I did not think much of the male sex organ. They were a necessary
evil. They were ugly and smelly and unpleasant and I always
thought that it was a terrible mistake that they were a necessary
part of procreation.

Now I was on my knees in front of this depraved young black man
and his organ was only inches from my face. I became aware of the
unmistakable odor of sex. He had had sex with someone tonight. I
didn't have to think about it too hard to realize that he must
have been with my daughter. I had already tasted the evidence
when he had pushed her panties into my mouth before he whipped

As much as I hated it I couldn't help but be impressed by his
swollen organ. Terrified, but impressed. It must be at least ten
inches long, if not longer. It was so close to my face I couldn't
accurately judge. And it looked as big around as my wrist.

I glanced at my wrist then and I realized that it might even be
larger than my wrist! I thought that this thing would surely kill
me. But then I thought of Lori and how much she claimed to enjoy
having it used on her. I couldn't imagine it though. Not in me.
(I found out later that Lori had measured it and it was actually
just over nine inches long and just under four inches around at
the base. I suppose that it just looked so much larger in my face
and seeing it for the first time like that.)

I came out of my trance and finished removing Kevin's shorts. I
dropped them on his jeans and waited for my next disgusting

Kevin sat down on the couch and spread his legs. He said, "Okay
bitch. I'm going to start you out slow, just to show you what a
nice guy I am."

Lori giggled and kept taking pictures.

Kevin said, "I want you to come over here and show me and Lori
how happy you are with the new cock in your life. I want you to
kiss my balls and my cock and then lick them. I'll let you know
when I get tired of that."

I shuffled a little closer to him on my knees and I leaned down.
As my face came closer to his crotch I was struck again by the
odor of sex. I looked closer and I could see white flakes around
the base of his organ and clinging to the hair on his testicles.

I wanted desperately to beg him to let me wash him. I knew that
he would refuse though. There was no doubt in my mind that the
idea of forcing me to clean him with my mouth after he had sex
with my underage daughter amused him greatly. How did a person
become so depraved?!

I took a deep breath and held it and touched my lips to Kevin's
testicles. I held my breath for as long as possible and moved my
pursed lips around his crotch as he had instructed. As I did my
daughter was right in my face with that camera taking picture
after picture of my humiliation.

After a minute or so Kevin laughed and said, "You look like a
fucking chicken pecking away like that. I said kiss them you
stupid bitch, not peck at them. Is that how you kiss? No wonder
your fucking husband left you. You can't fuck, you won't suck and
you kiss like a fucking chicken! Now do it right or I'll get the
ropes back out."

I tried as much as possible to breathe through my mouth but I
think I was getting used to the smell after spending several
minutes with my face buried in his crotch. And of course he was
sitting there now with his legs splayed out so he was getting
aired out, so to speak.

I started over, actually kissing the wrinkled, hairy skin of his
testicles. I covered the sack with light kisses and then I kissed
my way up the shaft of his very intimidating penis.

His penis began to throb more violently as I kissed it and with
each throb more of that clear fluid oozed out and covered the
large knob at the top of the shaft. By the time I had kissed my
way up the shaft that fluid was beginning to run down the sides
and my lips were coated with it by the time I had kissed my way
to the tip.

Kevin stopped me then and told me to lick my lips before I
started licking his balls. I felt like gagging as I ran my tongue
around my lips and tasted the gross, slimy lubricant that was
oozing out of his sex organ. Once I got past the idea of how
nasty it was to be here on my knees between the legs of this
young black man and licking his bodily fluids from my lips I
realized that there was almost no taste at all. The idea of it
was nauseating but the fluid itself was mild, almost without any
flavor at all.

I finished licking my lips and tentatively ran my tongue over his
large testicles. This time there was a taste. I suppose it was a
mixture of tastes. I could taste his salty sweat and the dried
residue of his recent sexual tryst with my daughter. I tried not
to think about it as I slowly moved my tongue around his

I coated his wrinkled sack with saliva and started to lick the
base of his penis when he stopped me. He lifted his legs and
scooted forward in his seat and ordered me to lick the crack
between his buttocks and then to lick his anus. Except that those
weren't the words that he used.

I stared at him in shock for a few seconds. I knew that I was
going to end up performing fellatio on him. But this! Did people
actually do that?! One look at his face, however, and I knew that
whether people did it or not I was going to do it.

I tried not to look. I stared at his muscular chest as I bent my
neck at an uncomfortable angle and lightly worked my tongue
through his sweaty, hairy crevice. I shuddered in disgust as my
tongue moved through that dark, dank, incredibly nasty part of
his body. The taste of his sweat was stronger here, and there was
another flavor as well. It was a dark, musky taste that I tried
not to think about. I probably knew what it was, but I just
couldn't think about it.

I forced myself to continue. I moved my tongue through that nasty
crevice and over his anus several times before I stopped and
concentrated on the anus itself. He really enjoyed it. His eyes
closed and he moaned in pleasure as I worked on him with my
tongue. His body tensed up and trembled as I moved my tongue
around. I had no idea that that part of the body was such a
sensitive erogenous zone. On the other hand, I didn't care. It
was not information that I had any desire to use in the future.
This was the most disgusting, demeaning act that I could

Kevin let me work at his anus for a long time. I was shaking from
working with my neck at such an uncomfortable angle and my jaw
and my tongue were so tired that I was afraid that I was about to
lose the ability to control them when he finally dropped his legs
and told me to resume where I had left off.

I noticed that his shaft was now nearly covered in the fluid
leaking from the tip. He must have been very excited by what he
had just made me do. I hoped he would not want to do it again. I
hated having to use my tongue on his sex organs. But the other,
what he had just made me do, that was disgusting beyond

I returned to licking his shaft and now I was cleaning the fluids
from his taut black skin with every touch of my tongue.

He had regained his composure and was now watching me with that
arrogant smile back on his face. I continued to work mindlessly.
I couldn't think about what I must look like with my mouth
ministering to a large, black sex organ, a sex organ that had
recently been in my young daughter's vagina! If I thought about
it I'd go crazy.

It seemed to take a long time but I finally licked my way to the
top of that large symbol of male dominance. As I slathered the
knob atop his throbbing shaft with my tongue he smiled and said,
"You're doing better than I thought you would bitch. Maybe I
won't have to beat you again after all, at least, not for a
while. I don't doubt that you'll fuck up eventually. Your head is
too screwed up for you to come around this quick. But that's
okay. I'll do whatever it takes to make a good bitch out of you.
I'm just that kind of a guy. Now, wrap your lips around that cock
and show me how much work you need to do before you can be a
decent cocksucker. And be careful. I don't want to feel your
teeth. If you bite my cock bitch, I'll pull every fucking one of
them out with a pair of pliers and you can live the rest of your
life on a diet of nice hot cum. I've done it before."

I believed him. But even as terrified as I was I didn't know how
I could take enough of that monster penis into my mouth to
satisfy him and yet keep from touching it with my teeth. Still,
the mental picture of this sadist removing my teeth with a pair
of pliers was quite a training tool. I didn't think that I would
be able to satisfy him with my mouth. But I was determined that
my teeth would never touch him.

I wrapped my lips around the thick, wet knob and slowly,
carefully began to slide them down the shaft. He watched
patiently for several minutes as I tried to suck on the three
inches of his penis that I was able to force into my mouth. He
watched my inadequate performance in amusement and then he said,
"Okay bitch, I'll admit you're trying. You ain't worth a shit at
it, but you are trying. Use your tongue stupid."

I had been trying very hard to keep from touching his penis with
anything but my lips and the roof of my mouth. Now I began moving
my tongue over the underside of his shaft, all the while trying
desperately to avoid touching him with my teeth.

He let me work for a few more minutes and then he said, "Take a
break bitch. Sit back and watch how it's supposed to be done.
Lori, show your mom how to suck a fucking cock. Whoever let this
bitch grow up this fucking stupid oughta get their ass kicked."

I sat back on my heels and watched in disbelief as my sweet,
petite, fifteen year old daughter wrapped her small hand around
his large shaft and bent over and took it into her mouth. She
tightened her lips around it and began driving her mouth down,
taking more and more of him into her mouth with each stroke
until, with a strange uncomfortable noise her lips suddenly slid
all the way down until they were stretched to the limit around
the base of his organ. I could actually see the swelling in her
throat as his penis entered her!

It made me gag to watch but she slowly pulled back to the tip and
did it again, and then again as I watched in disbelief.

After she had done that a half a dozen times he pushed her away.
Then he smiled at me and said, "I don't expect you to be able to
do that, yet. It took me almost two weeks to train her. I'll
start you out easy on some smaller cocks first. Then you can work
your way up to me. I'm not unreasonable. Now, get back to work. I
don't expect you to do what your little girl just did. But I want
to see you doing better than you just did. You need to get a
mouthful of cum and find out what it tastes like. You are going
to be eating a lot of it from now on so you need to get used to

I think that by this point my mind was becoming numb. I had no
idea what time it was. If I had to guess I would estimate that it
had been almost two hours since I discovered Kevin groping my
daughter in the foyer. Since that moment my already crumbling
life had been turned upside down. I had been subjected to more
perversion in however much time had passed since midnight than in
the entire preceding thirty-two years of my life. I was
physically and mentally exhausted and terrorized beyond my
ability to cope.

I think that, as I steadied his penis with my hand the way my
daughter had and placed my lips back around the large knob my
mind was all but disengaged. I was almost beyond caring that I
now had a black man's penis in my mouth and my daughter was
taking high quality digital pictures of my efforts.

I began to slide my lips down Kevin's shaft once more, this time
using my tongue to tickle the underside. I managed to take a
little more of it into my mouth this time. I kept trying to force
more of it into the back of my mouth but every time I got to a
certain point I began to gag uncontrollably.

Kevin finally said, "Lori, help the stupid cunt out."

Lori put the camera down and knelt beside me. My eyes were so
full of tears that I couldn't see but I felt her naked body
beside me and her hand took mine and placed it around the base of
Kevin's penis. She spoke softly as she began to instruct me on
how to move my hand on his shaft while I sucked on that portion
of it which I was able to take into my mouth.

I followed her instruction and as I sucked she placed her hand on
the back of my head and said, "Now mom, the hardest part to get
over is the gag reflex. I learned that if I attempted to swallow
before I worked my lips down his cock then after a few times I
didn't gag any more. You still won't be able to take it into your
throat yet. Not until you have gotten used to doing it with some
smaller cocks first. Kevin is just too well hung for that. But
you can take more than three fucking inches for Christ's sake.
Come on now. That's it, swallow first. Good girl!"

I was surprised that it seemed to actually work. It wasn't easy.
I couldn't actually swallow with that big hunk of male meat in my
mouth. But the effort seemed to reduce the gag reflex
significantly. Soon I was taking nearly five inches of his penis
into my mouth.

Lori seemed satisfied and took her hands away, letting me
continue on my own. As I sucked she said, "Kevin is going to cum
pretty soon. It is important that you don't spill any. That's
like a major insult. You never spill a man's cum when you suck
his cock. Sometimes they will want to cum in your face or on your
tits or something. But if you are sucking their cocks you have to
be careful not to let it spill out of your mouth. That's
important. If the guy isn't cumming down your throat the trick is
you pull back and wrap your lips around the head of his cock and
finish him off with your hand. Unless he has a real big load of
cum you can hold it all in your mouth. Don't try to swallow until
he is finished. Not unless it is about to overflow. Don't freak
out. Just stay calm and let your mouth fill up and then, after
you've drained his cock you can swallow. Then you lick the last
few drops off of the head of his cock. But be careful because it
is very sensitive for the first few minutes after he cums."

I was listening so intently that at first I didn't even notice
the absurdity of me, a grown woman, getting fellatio lessons from
my young daughter.

The lessons were helping though. I was no longer choking or
gagging and now that I was using my hand on the portion of his
shaft that I couldn't get into my mouth I could sense that he was
getting closer to reaching orgasm. I had mixed emotions about
that. I dreaded having a mouthful of that disgusting stuff. But I
was anxious to get this over with. My mouth and my arm were both
getting very tired.

Lori was sitting back watching me now and at the appropriate time
she said, "Okay mom. Do what I told you now, and start moving
your hand real fast. Oh yeah, and use your other hand to cup his
balls. He likes that a lot."

I reached my left hand up and cupped his testicles and began
moving my right hand rapidly up and down his shaft. I moved my
lips back to the head and as soon as I did I felt the first
stream of hot male sperm hit the back of my throat. I couldn't
help it. I gagged. But I didn't pull away and I didn't stop what
I was doing.

Lori lightly moved her hand over my back and in a calm voice
said, "You're doing great mom. Just relax and let it happen."

I forced myself to calm down and let my mouth fill up with
Kevin's ejaculate. I had just about reached the point that I was
going to have to swallow when he finally stopped cumming. He
reached out and held my hand and my head still and said, "Okay
bitch. You can relax now. Not bad for a first time. Me and Lori
will make a cocksucker out of you yet. Now, I don't want you to
swallow yet. Sit up and hold my cum in your mouth until I tell
you that you can swallow it. I want you to get used to the

I sat up on my heels with my mouth full of his ejaculate. It felt
hot in my mouth. I know it was all in my mind but it was almost
burning me. I forced myself to calm down and for the first time I
tasted the disgusting slime that comes out of a man's penis when
he has an orgasm. It was very unpleasant. It was bitter, acidic,
bleachy, it was every bit as horrible as I imagined that it would

I managed to hold it in my mouth though. I had not lost the
terror of what this man might do to me if I displeased him. I
doubt if I would ever forget the pain of that horrible whipping
as I stood tied helplessly to a hook in my ceiling. That had been
a life changing moment.

Now I sat on my heels and stared at Kevin and my daughter. She
had moved up beside him on the couch after Kevin ejaculated into
my mouth and now she was holding his softening penis while he
held her in his arms and pulled and squeezed on one of her not
quite mature breasts.

They were watching me with amused looks on their faces. I would
expect nothing less from him but I couldn't imagine that Lori
would have grown to hate me so much in so short a time that she
could derive pleasure from the torment that I was suffering now.

She was though. Her face, so sweet and even now so angelic,
positively glowed as she sat there and cradled that large black
phallus that had just filled my mouth with slime and allowed that
uneducated black man who was at least five years her senior to
paw her body that way.

I was suddenly struck by how completely I had failed as both a
wife and a mother. I had alienated my husband and thrown him out
and I had apparently turned my daughter into a slut to be used
and abused by black men even to the point that she would allow
one of them to beat and rape her own mother. As a result I now
sat at the feet of a young black man that I had met for the first
time two hours ago with my mouth full of his slime and my body
red and sore as a consequence of being beaten with a thick
leather belt. Perhaps I deserved what was happening to me after

Kevin finally let me swallow the mouthful of slime he had
deposited there. They both watched in amusement as I choked it
down. When I had managed to swallow it and keep it down Kevin
turned to Lori and asked, "Is my car locked?"

She answered, "I don't know. The camera was in the trunk. I
didn't check the doors."

He tapped her butt and said, "Go out and check and then we'll go
to bed."

Lori stood up and started to dress but he stopped her. "That's
alright babe. You don't need that shit. It's late. Nobody is
going to see you."

I watched in dismay as Lori slid her feet into her sandals and
walked calmly out of the house in the nude. I was so concerned
with my daughter's nudity that at first I missed the import of
what Kevin had just said. Then it hit me. Oh my god! He wasn't
leaving! He was spending the night here!

I know that he and Lori both had spoken of future sexual abuse.
Somehow, even with that threat hanging over my head I never
expected this monster to stay the night. Where would he sleep?!
With my daughter? With me? Oh god, I couldn't take any more. Not
now. Not tonight. I had to go to work tomorrow! No, not tomorrow.
Today. In a few hours. I finally glanced at the clock. It was
almost three in the morning. I had to get up at seven. I was

I saw him watching me. I was no mind reader but I knew without a
doubt that he was just waiting for me to complain. He was hoping
for an excuse to torture me again. I was determined that I was
not going to give it to him.

Lori came back in and informed him that his car was locked. Kevin
stood up and ordered me to my feet. When I was standing he
ordered me to lead the way to my bedroom. I struggled to keep
from crying. I had never felt so much despair as I did at that
moment. I struggled to my feet and led the way up the stairs and
down the hall to my bedroom.

I had been naked for nearly three hours now but I was conscious
of it all over again as they followed me up the stairs. I could
almost feel Kevin staring at my buttocks as I climbed the stairs.

Once in my bedroom I pulled down the bedspread and the covers and
then I asked for permission to use the bathroom.

Kevin nodded and then to my dismay he followed me into the
bathroom with Lori trailing along behind. I turned and waited to
see what he wanted. Lori lifted the lid on the toilet but left
the seat down. Kevin stood there and Lori held his penis while he
urinated. I don't know if it was on purpose or not but her aim
was terrible. By the time he had finished the toilet seat was
covered in drops of urine.

They moved back and watched me with smiles on their faces. I
didn't know what to do. I had to pee so badly but there was no
way that I could sit down on that nasty seat now. Or at least I
didn't think that I could. It turned out that I could.

Kevin sighed and said, "Come on bitch. I don't have all night. I
still want to fuck your cunt before we get a little sleep. Now
you fucking know what we are standing here waiting to see. Do you
really want me to lose my temper?"

I shuddered in revulsion and sobbed quietly, "Oh god. Why are you
doing this to me?"

Kevin chuckled and said, "I'm your god now bitch. And I'm doing
it because it amuses me. You're life before I got here tonight,
that's over. Your ass belongs to me now. You have gone through
life with your brain so full of shit. You thought you were so
fucking hot that your shit didn't stink. I'm going to educate you
bitch. You are going to learn that you are just a cunt. Your
place here on this planet is to make men happy. That is what you
were born to do. You have a lot of years to make up for. If you
don't want to sit on that pissy toilet seat there is an easy way
around it. Get down on your knees and lick it clean first. But
one way or the other you are going to sit down and take a leak
before I take your ass back in the bedroom and fuck you. You
decide, but do it now."

The tears started again. I couldn't help it. I didn't want to cry
in front of him. I don't even know why really. It was like if I
cried then I was admitting that I was weak and that he could
break me. But that was silly. Because I was weak and he was
breaking me. The tears were my only refuge now.

I finally forced myself to sit on the wet toilet seat. When I was
seated he pushed my knees apart and stood there staring down as I
struggled to pee. Even though it felt like my bladder was about
to burst I had a terrible time letting it go with him staring at
my vulva like that. Eventually it was either let go or burst and
slowly at first the urine began to dribble out of me. The stream
rapidly grew to a flood as my bladder let go and I sat there in
his mess with my legs spread wide and urinated for his

Meanwhile, he stood right in front of me and Lori stood behind
him and played with his massive male member right in my face. As
the stream of urine dwindled to a last few spurts he ordered me
to open my mouth. As soon as I had obeyed he pushed the head of
his penis between my lips and I gagged once more as I tasted the
traces of urine that remained there.

My mouth watered in protest and I was forced to swallow. Soon the
nasty taste was gone and there was just the taste of his flesh on
my tongue. We remained there like that for several long minutes
and between my lips and tongue and Lori's hand his organ was soon
growing to its full length again.

He stepped back and watched as I wiped my freshly shaved mound
and stood up. He ordered me to clean my ass off before coming to
bed and as he left the room with Lori I obtained his permission
to brush my teeth. I wanted desperately to get the taste of his
slimy ejaculate out of my mouth.

When I was alone I stood and stared at myself in the large mirror
over the sink. The red stripes on my body had faded. They were
still visible but they would obviously be gone by morning. The
biggest change in my appearance was the absence of pubic hair. My
body looked obscene this way. Looking at my slender body from the
waist down I looked like a young girl. It was disturbing that a
grown man would want a woman to look like this.

I finally stopped staring at myself and brushed my teeth, twice.
Then I used a damp cloth to remove the urine that was drying on
my backside. When I could delay it no longer I went back into the

I don't know why, but I was taken aback when I entered the room
and saw Lori on her hands and knees on the bed and Kevin ramming
his manhood into her from the back. I had never had sex in any
position other than the missionary position and watching them now
only served to confirm my original opinion that doing it the way
they were doing it now was obscene. Lori's breasts were bouncing
wildly and she looked like an animal kneeling and submitting to
this large black man who was taking her from behind as if she
were nothing but a piece of meat put on earth to satisfy his
carnal desires.

Kevin finally acknowledged my presence and ordered me to get up
on the bed beside my daughter. I obeyed and as soon as I did
Kevin withdrew from her body and moved over behind me.

Lori groaned in obvious disappointment as he removed his large
male organ from her small body. She rested her head on her arms
and caught her breath and she stared at me as her boyfriend
pushed my legs a little further apart and began sliding his slimy
organ through my recently denuded slit.

I groaned in despair as he wedged the fat knob between the lips
of my vagina and tried to force himself into me. Despite the
slime on his manhood my vagina was quite tight and dry and he was
having a very hard time entering me.

He tried several times to force that thing into me and each time
I grunted in pain. At last he stepped back and said, "Lori, momma
is dry as a bone. Crawl under there and get her ready for me."

I couldn't help myself. I exclaimed, "Oh god no! She's my little

No one paid any attention.

I watched in horror as my daughter moved around and as if it were
the most natural thing in the world she turned over on her back
and crawled under me until her face was directly under my vagina.
I felt her hands grip my butt and her head move up between my
thighs. When her tongue finally came into contact with my labia I
squealed and my body shuddered involuntarily. For the very first
time a tongue began to invade my vagina.

Even though I was appalled I was forced to admit to myself that
it felt...I don't know, it felt very erotic. It felt pretty
damned good actually. But even so I could not get past the horror
that it was my daughter doing this to me. My teenage daughter was
performing cunnalingus on me! It would have been disgusting if my
husband was doing it. It was so much worse under these obscene
circumstances. She was my baby! My baby girl's tongue was in my
vagina! If I were to be struck my lightening at that moment and
killed I would not have minded. How could I every look her in the
eye again?

Just as I was thinking that this must surely be the ultimate
degrading act that a mother could be forced to submit to I was
proven wrong once again. Kevin said, "Don't just kneel there
bitch. It's only fair that you return the favor. She's working
hard to give you a little pleasure even after you took away her
cock. Get your mouth down there and make it up to her."

I groaned yet again. Groaning in despair seemed to be my main
form of communication now. I had avoided looking at Lori's sex.
It was right under my face but I had no desire to see it. I
looked down now and looked at it. I had never seen a vagina up
close like this. Her sex was red and swollen and there was a
great deal of moisture around the opening. I stared in disgust
for several moments, fighting desperately to keep from losing the
contents of my stomach. I had all but forgotten about the tongue
that was even now moving in and out of my own vagina.

I stared for a moment longer until Kevin gave me a reminder of
why I was doing the things that I was doing. I felt his hand come
down violently on my still tender backside and I lurched in pain.
I didn't exactly scream. It was more of a squeak. It hadn't
really been all that painful I suppose. But it served to remind
me of my position in life now.

I slowly lowered my head to my daughter's crotch and tentative
slid my tongue through the gooey, unclean entrance to her body.
She shivered in pleasure as my tongue excited her sex. I, on the
other hand, was all but overcome by the strong smell of her
excited, sweaty crotch. It occurred to me that the sex act that I
had seen when I emerged from the bathroom just now had not been
the first time this evening that these two had engaged in
intercourse. There was no telling what I might discover as my
tongue plumbed my daughter's depths.

But it didn't matter. The choice was not mine to make. I began
licking the entrance to her vagina just like she was doing for
me. Once I had cleaned the area up with my tongue the smell
wasn't so bad. And as the bodily fluids disappeared so did the
strong taste that I had initially encountered.

Lori began to moan into my vagina as I licked her and while I
won't admit to enjoying it the sensations were becoming hard to
resist once I had gotten numb to the horror of what I was doing.

It was several minutes before I felt Kevin's penis return to my
own opening. I felt Lori's hand guiding him and this time his
organ entered me easily. Well, perhaps easily is not the right
word. I felt my vagina being stretched like never before. I had
been drugged to the point of unconsciousness when I had given
birth to Lori. So I can't compare what I was experiencing now to
that traumatic event. But though I didn't remember the actual
delivery I thought back to it now as Kevin's huge organ stretched
my vaginal opening beyond anything that I could remember. It
forced its way slowly, inexorably to my very core.

Every time I thought that there could be no more I was amazed to
find that it just kept going and going. I kept waiting for the
pain to start. I couldn't believe that I could take such a large
object inside of me without suffering from it. It felt
uncomfortable at first. That huge pole went deeper and deeper and
my body stretched to engulf it. But he entered me so slowly that
I suppose my body adjusted as he took possession of me.

I had never felt anything like it before. It was such a confused
mass of different feelings, different sensations, different
emotions. I was humiliated first and foremost. I was being raped
by a man I didn't even know. But I wasn't just being raped. I was
submitting. I would have laughed in the face of anyone who had
suggested that I would submit to a man like this.

Beyond that though, there was something primordial about being
taken this way. I had been overpowered and forced to submit and
now I was voluntarily submitting to being plundered by a male sex
organ that was far larger, or perhaps I should say far superior
to any I had ever imagined.

I didn't like sex. I had never liked sex. But somehow this was
different. This was not being made love to by my safe, mild
mannered, easily controlled husband who placed me on a pedestal
and treated me with nothing but love and respect.

I was being taken. That is such a simple sentence. Only four
short, common words. But that is the most accurate description of
what was happening to me. The problem was that as much as I hated
that it was happening, the sensations that my body was feeling
and reacting to were beyond my control. As strange as it sounds I
felt like I was being split in two, but in a good way. I felt
like I was being conquered by a caveman. For just a moment I
understood the thrill that submissive women get from being taken
by a strong man and used for his pleasure. I felt that thrill,
but then I immediately felt guilty for succumbing.

I crouched on the bed in that humiliating position of
supplication on my hands and knees with my daughter stretched out
under me. Her vaginal opening was inches from my face and I could
smell her arousal. Her hands had begun to tease my breasts and at
first I hadn't even noticed. My entire attention was focused on
the huge pole that was just now bottoming out inside of me.

I felt Kevin's belly come into contact with my buttocks and I was
so full of his sex organ that I could hardly breathe. On a
conscious level I knew it was impossible, but I could almost
swear it was pressing against my lungs. I was breathing in short
little pants. I heard myself. I sounded like an animal. I feared
that before he finished with me I would be an animal.

Kevin left his rod buried inside of me for a long time before he
started slowly withdrawing it. He pulled it back out almost as
slowly as he had entered me. I felt it slowly being removed from
my body. It went on and on until I was afraid that he was
removing it completely.

I suddenly became aware that I was afraid that he was pulling out
and I hated myself for it. But at that moment I very much wanted
that large black penis inside of me. I was just about to yell at
him, to beg him not to pull it out of me when he started sliding
it back inside of me.

It went on and on after that. Each incredible stroke was slightly
faster, slightly more urgent than the last. At some point I
realized that I was resting my face on my daughter's warm mound
and making strange noises that I can't even describe.

My nipples had become hard and Lori was teasing them with her
fingers. Kevin was driving his manhood into me now with violent
strokes and I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life.
When I realized that my face was resting in Lori's crotch I
didn't lift my head. Instead I began to kiss her and lick her and
murmur into her wet opening. For the first time in my life I was
losing control and even though I realized it and I hated myself
for it, I had no chance of stopping it.

I had never achieved orgasm with my husband. I had never achieved
orgasm before tonight at all. I was a proper and dignified woman
and I would never stoop to masturbation. I had never been able to
allow myself to relax and enjoy the mediocre sex that my husband
provided. I must admit though that I did handicap him severely. I
had severely limited the kinds of foreplay that I would permit
and the amount of time I would put up with it. There were only so
many places on my body that my husband was permitted to touch and
they had to be touched in an acceptable manner.

It was inevitable now though. I felt the orgasm building as my
body was plundered by that strong black man with the oversized
sex organ and there was no stopping it now. It scared me when it
started. I had gone thirty-two years without an orgasm and to be
honest I had always wondered if they were not a myth. I felt it
washing over me now and I screamed and clamped down on my little
girl's body as the most wonderful feeling in the world washed
over me and took complete control of my body.

It didn't end there. Kevin wasn't anywhere near finished. He
continued to pound his meat into me. If anything he was becoming
more violent. And I loved it! In seconds I came again and then
again. I lost count as I had one huge orgasm after another until
all of a sudden everything went black.

I don't know how long I was unconscious. When I next became aware
of my surroundings I was lying on my back. Lori was lying on one
side of me and Kevin was lying on the other staring at the
ceiling. He was still out of breath so I assumed that he had just
finished with me.

I struggled to sit up and I was surprised to find that nothing
hurt. Well, my vagina was a little sore but not bad considering
what it had just been through. My biggest fear though was that I
was going to look down and see a gaping opening between my legs
with my labia all extended and hanging down like dying leaves.

My sex was red and appeared slightly swollen. Beyond that, and
the shave of course, I could detect no difference in my body.

I collapsed back onto the bed, relieved that my body seemed to be
intact. But then the memory of what had just happened to me kind
of fell on me like a ton of bricks. I was so humiliated by the
idea that I had surrendered to this animal. Not so much that I
had surrendered physically, but that I had surrendered my mind,
my senses to this beast who had just raped me. I covered my face
with my hands and cried quietly.

My daughter and Kevin both seemed to be amused by my reaction to
this humiliating situation. Lori rolled over and rested her arm
on my stomach. Her lips were right by my ear when she said
quietly, "Jesus mom! Lighten up. It's just sex. You're too
fucking up tight."

That from my fifteen year old daughter! I heard her chuckle and
her fingers moved down to tease my tender mound. She said, "You
weren't crying a few minutes ago. You came so hard you passed
out. I told you, all you needed was a big dick and a good hard

I couldn't believe the filth coming from my daughter's mouth. Was
she this way because of me? No, it was this beast lying on the
other side of me, this man who had molested and corrupted her. He
had done this to her. I was sure of it. Could he corrupt me like
this?! No, I'm sure that wasn't possible. I had never felt so
dirty in my life as I did at this moment. As if to underline that
feeling of being dirty I felt Kevin's seed begin to seep from my
opening and ooze down between my thighs. It felt like a large
amount of liquid but I was too embarrassed to look.

He had already had sex with my daughter this evening and I had
been forced to satisfy him with my mouth. Surely there was a
limit to how much of that slime his body could produce!

Just then I felt Kevin nudge me with his elbow. I turned my head
and looked at him for the first time since I had regained

He didn't bother to look at me. He just said, "No one said you
could rest bitch. My cock is filthy because of you. Get down
there and clean me up."

I knew him well enough by this time to know what he was demanding
of me. For just a second I thought of telling him to go to hell.
But then I remembered that horrible beating and I knew I could
not say no to this man. I didn't think that my mind could survive
another of those horrible beatings.

Lori giggled and rolled off of me. She said, "Go ahead mom. I
suck his cock clean all the time. Don't worry. You'll get used to
it after a while."

I slid off of the bed and dropped to my knees. I moved between
Kevin's legs and stared in disgust at his crotch. This was the
first time I had seen his penis when it was not erect. It was
nearly as large in its flaccid condition as it had been when
erect. I hated him and I hated his...his sexual equipment. But I
had to admit to myself that it was impressive. I wanted nothing
to do with it. But it was impressive.

It was also nasty and slimy and covered with the liquids that sex
produces. I could smell it from a couple of feet away and it made
my stomach turn.

Lori slid off the bed and knelt beside me. I would give anything
to do something about that smile on her face. She leaned closer
and put her arm around my shoulders and gently urged me towards
her boyfriend's crotch. As she did she said, "Come on mom. It
isn't that bad. And you don't want to end up dangling from that
hook again do you? Kevin wasn't kidding. He did take it easy on
you earlier. If he really loses his temper he can get pretty

I didn't doubt it for a moment. I took a last deep breath of
breathable air before I leaned forward and began licking Kevin's
thighs clean. I tried desperately to keep my mind blank as I
gathered our combined juices with my tongue and swallowed them.
It was just about the nastiest thing that I could imagine doing
and it was made so much worse by my daughter's pretty, innocent
looking face resting on his stomach now and watching me
gleefully. Several times she pointed out something I had missed
and I was forced to lick up some small trace that remained,
clinging to his pubic hair or hiding in a fold of the loose skin
of his now relaxed testicles.

I licked his testicles clean. I thought about how much sperm this
man had produced this evening and realized that with testicles
this large it must have been no problem. When I had finished
cleaning his testicles with my tongue I moved up slightly so that
I could clean his penis. It was lying to the side, resting on his
pelvis. There was a small puddle under the opening in the end
where the ejaculate that remained in his organ after he pulled it
out of me had drained out and formed a small pool. I cleaned his
organ with my tongue and then gently turned it over with my
fingertips. I scooped up the puddle of cooling sperm and then I
cleaned the other side of his slimy penis.

As I worked my tongue up his shaft it twitched but thankfully did
not grow and become erect again. I think I would have gone mad if
I had been forced to service him one more time.

I finished and looked over at the clock on my nightstand. It was
now almost four in the morning. How on earth was I going to get
through this day? I sat back on my heels and said, "Please sir, I
have to go to work at eight. I'm so tired. I need to get some

He replied, "Go clean your nasty cunt and come to bed. I think
you finally wore me out, for now."

I went back into the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth and
washed my face and my crotch. When I got back into the bedroom
Kevin and Lori were curled up together on my bed. Kevin had his
back to me. He ordered me to come closer and then he asked me
where I worked and what time I had to be there.

I told him about the small real estate office where I worked as a
secretary and that I had to be there at eight.

He asked about my boss and the other employees.

I told him about Mr. Johnson, the owner and manager and the three
agents that worked there. When I had finished describing the
people that I worked for he tossed me a pillow and ordered me to
sleep on the floor beside the bed. He told me to wake him up when
I got up in the morning.

There were tears of despair in my eyes as I curled up on the
floor beside the bed. I was naked and uncomfortable and my
future, which had seemed bleak five hours ago, now was a dark,
terrifying void that stretched out before me like a cross between
a slasher flick and a porn movie.

It would have been bad enough if this evil man who seemed to have
turned my daughter into a teenager from hell had just raped me
and left. That was not his intention. He had told me that he
intended to train me, to turn me into a, god I don't know, some
kind of a slut, a sex slave. It suddenly struck me. He was going
to turn me into the kind of woman that he had already turned my
daughter into!

I was too tired to think right now. I would get a few hours sleep
and go to work. Once I was alone in my quiet office I would
figure out what to do. I suppose that I will have to call the
police. The idea of giving them the details of what happened to
me this morning turned my stomach. But if I didn't get help from
someone then there is no telling what this monster would force me
to do.

With that resolved, if only temporarily, I fell into a deep sleep
despite being cold and uncomfortable curled up on the carpet with
nothing to cover my nudity.

By the time I heard the alarm in the morning it had been going
off for nearly fifteen minutes. I came awake slowly and hurried
to shut it off before Kevin became annoyed. My few hours of sleep
had been disturbed by one horrible nightmare after another. It
was hard to feel rested after only three hours sleep and that
punctuated by dreams of being tied up and whipped and raped over
and over again.

I looked over at Kevin. He was still asleep in my bed, still with
his arms around my little girl. I was having a hard time not
thinking of Lori as my little girl, despite the things that had
happened last night. I could only hope that once I got that man
out of our lives she would somehow be able to return to being a
normal teenage girl.

I tried not to think of how unlikely that was.

I wanted desperately to leave Kevin sleeping there and sneak out.
It pained me to see him lying there naked in my bed with my
equally naked daughter in his arms but I dreaded waking him to
find what new torments he had in mind for me today.

I was too cowed to disobey him. I gently nudged him until he
opened his eyes and looked up at me groggily. He didn't seem to
recognize me at first. But it was only seconds before the evil
grin returned to his face and he pulled his arms from around my
daughter and sat up.

He ran his eyes up and down my naked body and despite what I had
been through with him last night his gaze was like spiders
crawling on my skin. I shuddered in revulsion but I didn't move
when he reached out and clasped my left breast in his hand and
said, "You look pretty fucking hot for an old lady that just woke

He stood up finally and said, "Come on bitch, let's go take a
shower. That should wake us up."

I followed him into the bathroom and while he turned the water on
in the walk-in shower I hurried to the toilet and relieved
myself. He grinned at me as he stood in front of me with his
large, semi-hard penis dangling inches from my face and listened
to the stream of urine flowing into the toilet.

I prayed that he would not demand sex of me this morning. I was
exhausted as it was. I wanted nothing more than to dress and
hurry to my office and figure out what to tell the police so that
I could get this evil man out of my life.

I wiped myself and stood up and flushed the toilet. Kevin pulled
me into the shower and aimed the spray at the side wall. I didn't
understand how he expected us to shower like that but I knew he
had a reason and I knew that I would hate it.

I was right. He pulled me into his arms and held my body close to
his. He leaned down and kissed me and wormed his tongue into my
mouth. I stood passively, allowing him these liberties because I
had no choice.

That was not the proper reaction. There was a sudden sharp pain
on my backside and without being told I knew what he wanted. I
began to return his kiss, if somewhat listlessly. We kissed for
several moments before I felt something warm and wet spraying up
between us. It was a moment or two before I realized what it was.
He was urinating on me!

The spray covered my stomach and when I started fighting to pull
away it shot up between my breasts, almost to my chin! I squealed
in horror and out of nowhere his hand came up and slapped me so
hard I saw stars.

The stream had stopped but he was glowering down at me and I knew
I had screwed up. He didn't yell at me. Instead, in a quiet,
firm, terrifying voice that was so low I had to struggle to hear
it he said, "Don't you ever try to pull away from me again you
fucking cunt! You still don't get it. Your body doesn't belong to
you anymore. It belongs to me now and I'll do any fucking thing I
want with it. If I want to piss on you, you stand right there and
enjoy the heat. If I want to shove my cock up your cunt and piss
in your fucking cunt you stand there and smile and wait for me to
finish. If I want to give you a piss enema you turn around and
spread your cheeks and let me shove my cock up your ass and fill
you with piss. And if I tell you to get down on your knees and
let me piss down your throat then you drop and open your mouth.
Now get your ass back over here and wait for me to finish or we
are going out tonight and I'll let every fucking bum in town piss
on you."

I was crying quietly again as I shuffled closer and allowed my
body to come back into contact with Kevin's. In a moment I felt
the hot stream start again and I pressed tightly against him so
that the stream could reach no higher than my belly. Even so it
was the most disgusting thing I could imagine. I realized that I
kept having that thought. Each new act that he came up with to
torment me was the most disgusting thing I could imagine. I
started to wonder if I could actually lose my mind from being
debased this way. I felt like I was quickly losing my grip on
reality. I knew why I was submitting to him. I was terrified of
what would happen if I didn't. But I had thought that I was
stronger than that. I had always thought that I was the kind of
woman that would resist if I were attacked. I pictured myself
fighting, not submitting to one terrible, debasing act after
another. Was it really this easy to dominate a woman? Was it
really this easy to dominate me?

I was so wrapped up in not losing my mind that I was unaware that
Kevin had finished bathing me in urine until he reached up and
directed the shower head back down so that we could get clean.

He made me wash him with my body wash and shampoo before he let
me clean myself. It felt strange washing his kinky hair. I had
never actually touched a black man's hair before. I washed his
hair and let the shampoo sit while I ran my soapy hands over his
strong, muscular body. There were very few places on his body
that I had not already had my fingers or my tongue but still it
made me uncomfortable to move my hands over his body this way.

He enjoyed it. I saw his penis begin to grow and twitch even
though I tried very hard to touch it as little and as lightly as
possible. I did not want that thing getting hard again.

After I cleaned him and rinsed him off he got out and dried off
while I showered myself. I knew that I needed to hurry but I kept
bursting out in tears and it really slowed me down.

I finally rinsed off and got out and dried myself. I brushed my
teeth and my hair and went into the bedroom to find that Kevin
and Lori had already selected my outfit for today. It was lying
on the bed. I didn't realize at first that it was meant for me. I
started for my closet but Lori stopped me. "Mom! Where are you
going? We already picked out what you are going to wear to work

Kevin was already dressed. Lori was still naked. School was out
for the summer and she had no plans for the day. At least she had
no plans of which I was aware. But the only garment I could see
was one of her sundresses resting on the foot of the bed. Lori is
at least two dress sizes smaller than I am. There was no way that
I could fit into one of her dresses, especially not that one
which I had refused to allow her to wear because it was too
revealing. It was much too short and the top was cut far too low.
Even if I could put it on it was totally inappropriate for a
woman my age.

Lori saw my consternation. She stood up and picked up the
sundress and held it up. She smiled and said, "I think you'll
look fantastic in this mom."

I started to explain that I couldn't, that it was too small, and
that it was totally inappropriate for the workplace. Kevin
interrupted. "Shut the fuck up and get dressed you stupid cunt!
Don't tell me you still don't get it?! Do I need to put you back
on the hook tonight?"

My knees got weak at the very suggestion. I quickly responded,
"No sir! I'm sorry sir! I just meant that Lori is smaller than I
am. I don't think I can wear that."

He chuckled and replied, "You better hope you can wear it. You
sure as hell don't want to go to work naked do you?"

I took the dress from Lori held it up. The dress buttoned up the
front to just under the bust and the top was supported by a tiny
string that went up from the bikini bra style front and tied
behind the neck. Lori had bought this a few weeks ago and when I
saw her trying it on at home I had gone ballistic. Even on her
small body it was far too revealing. Her breasts were only
partially covered. They were exposed from the sides and it was so
thin that her nipples had been visible. The skirt had only just
reached down below her buttocks. This little dress was an
invitation to rape if I ever saw one.

I knew the answer before I asked, but I had to ask. "What about
my underwear?"

Kevin replied, "I don't like underwear on my cunts. It's
inconvenient. This way they stay fresh and aired out and

He was such a gross young man!

I put my arms into the sleeves and tied the string behind my
neck. With great difficulty I buttoned it up the front. I had to
suck in my stomach and hold my breath while I fastened the
buttons. When I had buttoned them all I stood up straight and
slowly exhaled, praying as I did that the buttons would hold.

They did. But I had my doubts that they would last the day. I had
been so concerned with the buttons that I didn't notice how
outrageous it was until I turned to face the full length mirror
on my closet door. The dress was far too tight. The spaces
between the buttons were stretched open exposing little patches
of my naked flesh. But that was nothing compared to the way it
only just barely covered my breasts. I was afraid that the string
around my neck was going to break but I didn't dare loosen it. My
nipples were obvious and to my great consternation they were

That was still not the worst part though. Even looking down in my
mirror at my hemline I could just make out the very bottom of my
hairless vagina. Anyone sitting down and looking up at me would
have a much more revealing view. I could feel the back of the
dress resting on the cheeks of my butt and I knew without turning
around that at least a small portion of the cheeks of my backside
was exposed. Surely Kevin wouldn't look at this garment and
expect me to wear it out of the house, much less to work!

I looked at his smiling face though and I saw only approval. He
turned to Lori and said, "After the bitch goes to work we are
going to have to go get her some more of those. She looks pretty

I didn't want to disobey him. Well, I did want to. But I didn't
dare. Still, I needed my job and I had to point out the obvious
to him. "But sir, I'll get fired if I wear this to the office!"

Kevin just grinned that much more and replied, "Don't worry about
it slut. I'll take care of your boss."

Surely he wouldn't...oh my god!! He was going to make me go to
work like this! But he had something worse in mind. I knew it
from the look on his face. He planned on making me have sex with
my boss!

Oh no, this couldn't be happening. Mr. Johnson was a large, and
by large I meant morbidly obese, man in his mid to late fifties.
He was cold and unfriendly and if I could have gotten a better
job I would have left that place a long time ago to get away from
him. He ogled me from time to time when he thought that I wasn't
looking. But he had never made a pass or done or said anything
that I considered inappropriate and I doubted very much that he
was going to be a part of whatever Kevin had planned. He just
wasn't that kind of person.

The three sales agents in the office were a different matter.
They had all skirted close to the line of sexual harassment at
one time or another. But Mr. Johnson had them as cowed as he had
me and he would not permit that sort of behavior in the
workplace. Now it was just a question of whether or not he would
fire me or call the police. I hoped for the latter but at this
point I think I would settle for the former.

By the time I was ready it was too late for me to make coffee. On
most weekends I made a good breakfast but coffee was all I ever
made for breakfast during the week. I didn't have much time and I
didn't have much appetite.

Kevin guided me out to the garage. He took one look at my little
Saturn and shook his head. He said, "I'm not riding in that
fucking toy car."

We went back through the house and outside to his car. I glanced
around nervously but thankfully none of my neighbors seemed to be
out and about. I stood there looking at this young man's brand
new Mercedes and wondering where someone like him got the money
for a car like this.

He gave me a shove and said, "Quit fucking around and get in
bitch. You don't want to be late for work do you?"

I walked around and got in. I had never been in a nice car like
this. It was pretty impressive but I was dying to ask him how he
got the money for it. I would hate to think that I was riding
around in a stolen car.

He drove me half way across town to my office and parked out
front. Mr. Johnson's car was there. He was always the first one
in. I usually got here at about the same time he did and the
agents came in an hour later. They worked long hours most days
and they worked most weekends. Their only perk was coming in a
little late in the morning.

I prayed that Kevin would just let me out and drive away. I
didn't want to go into the office like this but as humiliating as
that would be it would be much worse if Kevin took me inside. I
didn't know what he had in mind. I had my suspicions though. I
knew that whatever it was I would hate it.

Kevin opened his door and looked over at me. He scowled and said,
"I hope you aren't waiting for me to open your fucking door for
you. Jesus you are a stupid cunt! Get the fuck out of the car

Why did he have to talk that way?!

I got out quickly and closed my door. He came around the car and
I followed him inside. Mr. Johnson was in his office with the
door open. He looked up when we came in. He saw Kevin and he saw
me in this thing that I was almost wearing and he knew that
something was up.

Kevin put on a charming smile and pulled me into Mr. Johnson's
office. He stood me in place beside Mr. Johnson's desk and
reached out his hand to Mr. Johnson. My boss shook his hand with
a quizzical look on his face and Kevin said, "Mr. Johnson. Don't
worry. I'm not here to ask you for anything. I'm here to make
your life more fun, more exciting, perhaps even more

My boss sat back and waited to find out what this was all about.
I was waiting too. But I was waiting under a dark black cloud of

Mr. Johnson kept glancing over at the way I was dressed and he
couldn't hide his shock. But to my great dismay he did not seem
to be upset.

Kevin sat down and after letting Mr. Johnson look me over he
said, "Hot isn't she?"

Mr. Johnson just raised an eyebrow and waited.

Kevin said, "Don't worry. She doesn't mind. Well, she does, but
it doesn't matter. She belongs to me now. Luckily for you I'm the
kind of guy that likes to share the joy. I started breaking her
in last night. She is a frigid bitch until you get her going. But
I have to tell you; once you start putting the meat to her she
gets really hot. Hell, she came so hard a few hours ago she
fucking passed out! Now she's new at this so you will have to be
firm with her. Don't take any shit from her. If she gives you any
problems you just let me know. I know how to straighten her out.
Don't I bitch?"

Oh god! Not here! Not in my office! But I knew what I had to say.
"Yes sir."

Kevin crooked his finger and I moved closer to his chair. He
reached out and lifted the skirt of my little sundress. I stood
docilely, making it clear that Kevin was indeed in charge of me.

Kevin allowed Mr. Johnson a moment to enjoy the view and then
pushed me away and told me to stand where my boss could see me

I moved around his desk and stood beside his chair. His face and
neck were bright red but I didn't think for a moment that he was

He looked up at my face and stared into my eyes as his hand
reached for the hem of my skirt and eased it up over my flat
belly exposing my freshly shaved crotch. He stared at my eyes for
a long time before he looked down. He saw the pain in my eyes,
the humiliation, the fear. And I saw his reaction. There was a
large bulge in the front of his pants.

Christ! Were all men like this! Is that all they want from a
woman, her body? Do they not care how we feel, what we think?

I jerked in reaction to the touch of Mr. Johnson's fingers
sliding down over my exposed flesh and I knew what the answer was
in his case. If he cared at all it was because my suffering
excited him. There was no sympathy to be found in him.

I struggled to remain still and hold back the tears as his
fingers moved over my sensitive mound. I shivered at his touch,
I'm not sure why. I certainly wasn't enjoying it! He didn't seem
to realize it though. He suddenly smiled, one of the very few
times I had ever seen him smile, and said, "I'll be god damned!"

He said, "Here Karen. You hold this up to your waist and turn
around slowly. I have been admiring your cute ass for a long
time. I'm dying to see it."

As I turned around slowly Kevin said, "I'd appreciate it if you
didn't call her that Mr. Johnson. Call her bitch or cunt. Either
one is fine. You don't want to give her the idea that she is good
for anything but fucking and sucking. That's been her problem all
these years. She thought she was more than just a hundred pounds
of fuck meat. She needs to learn her place."

I was even redder by the time I had turned all the way around. I
wasn't just humiliated now. I was furious at what that evil young
man was saying. But I was far too terrified of him to respond.

Mr. Johnson continued to stare at my exposed flesh as he spoke
with Kevin. "Let me get this straight son. You are saying that I
can do anything that I want with this bitch? I can fuck her? I
can get her to suck my cock, anything I want?"

"That's right Mr. Johnson," Kevin responded. "In fact, that is
what I want you to do. And I want you to feel free to share her
with your clients and the men that work for you."

Mr. Johnson finally tore his eyes away from my exposed body and
turned to Kevin. He was still skeptical. He asked, "And what do
you want in return?"

Kevin laughed quietly and replied, "Not a thing Mr. Johnson. It's
just a part of her training. I just get a huge fucking kick out
of how much she hates it."

He chuckled loudly and added, "You should have seen her when I
had her eating out my ass last night! Man that really messed with
her head. She's a real trip! Oh, and if you think she's hot you
should come over some evening when she isn't busy and fuck her
fifteen year old daughter. That girl is a great fuck and she
could suck the chrome off the bumper of a '59 Cadillac in about
two seconds."

Mr. Johnson looked at Kevin and I saw the excitement in his face
as he asked, "No shit, fifteen?"

Kevin just kept on grinning that evil grin and said, "No shit. I
started training her about three months ago. She's broken in good
now. She'll do anything or anyone I tell her. Hell, you should
have seen the two of them in a sixty-nine last night. I gotta
tell you, there ain't much hotter than a mother and daughter in a
sixty-nine. Fuck, I'm getting hard again just thinking about it.
I think I'll leave you two alone now and go home and fuck her
little girl again. Oh, you don't have a problem with her outfit
do you? I was going to go out and get her a bunch more like it

Kevin stood up and Mr. Johnson stood up and held his hand out.
They shook hands and my boss said, "Son, I love her outfit. I
really appreciate this. I'll make sure your bitch gets a good
workout today and I'm going to take you up on your offer. I would
love to see her and her little girl in a sixty-nine. If you ever
need anything from me don't hesitate to let me know."

Kevin handed a piece of paper to my boss and said, "My name is
Kevin. This is my cell phone number. If you have a problem just
give me a call."

Kevin started to leave but it occurred to me that my car was at
home in my garage. I called out, "Wait, sir, please. I'm sorry,
but how do I get home? Are you going to pick me up?"

Kevin glowered at me as if to say that a lowlife like me had no
business bothering him with stupid questions. He said, "Take the
bus stupid. Jesus! How did you get to be this old? You are one
dumb cunt!"

As soon as Kevin closed the door behind him my boss looked at the
clock. Then he smiled at me and under his breath he said, "I'll
be a son of a bitch."

He stared at me for a moment longer and then said, "Go lock the
front door bitch. Then get back in here and take that dress

I whispered, "Mr. Johnson, please, I..."

He stopped smiling and asked, "Am I going to have to call

That was all it took to assure my surrender. I went out into the
outer office and locked the door. I returned to Mr. Johnson's
office and slowly removed my daughter's little sundress. I heard
my boss's sudden intake of breath as I exposed by breasts. Under
his breath I heard him say, "Lovely. Simply perfect!"

I unbuttoned the dress and let it fall away from my body. I
gathered it up and held it in front of me for a second but then I
realized that I was just teasing him and I dropped it on a nearby

I felt so naked. It was so inappropriate here. Not just because I
was with my big, fat, old boss but because this was my office.
This was where I worked. This was the one place, more than any
other that this type of behavior was not permitted. Now I stood
naked and available before my fully dressed boss.

Mr. Johnson got up and went around and put a "Conference in
session Do not disturb" sign on his door and closed it. He
turned around and said, "Later, after the guys are fucking you
too it won't be necessary. I think it best just this once though.
We don't want to cause any heart attacks."

I don't know why he thought it necessary to explain himself to
me. I certainly had no choice in this matter.

He moved over to his desk and stared at me for a moment. It was
as if he still couldn't believe this was happening to him. Well,
I suppose it was happening to me more than it was to him. But he
couldn't believe his luck.

He crooked his finger and I edged closer to him. He raised his
hot, sweaty, pudgy hand and grasped my breast. He squeezed it
painfully and I saw him grin as I cringed. I swear, the more I
learned about men the more certain I was that I had been right
about them all along. They are all animals. Dirty, smelly,
untrainable animals.

He relaxed his grip and grasped my nipple instead. He was just as
cruel handling my sensitive nipple as he had been when he first
grasped my breast. He pulled and twisted and it was obvious that
this was not meant to be foreplay. It wasn't for me anyway. He
was obviously enjoying tormenting me as much as Kevin had last
night. I stood grimacing as he worked my nipple in a manner which
was obviously intended only to cause pain. But I didn't fight
him. I didn't beg him. I stood there and thought of the
consequences if I were to resist and with tears pouring down my
cheeks I suffered through it. There seemed to be no other options
for me anymore.

Through my tears I saw him glance at the clock on the wall again
and he pushed me to my knees. He stared down at me as he
unbuckled his belt. I could hardly see him through my tears but I
remembered that sound and I shivered as I remembered what Kevin
had done to me last night. It only underlined the need to obey
Mr. Johnson's every order. I knew that I wasn't strong enough to
survive another session hanging from that hook in my living room

I heard a zipper sliding down and then the sound of clothing
rustling. I felt his hand on the back of my head guiding my face
into his exposed crotch. I groaned in disgust as his large
stomach came in contact with my forehead. I was forced to duck
down and lift his stomach with my head and tilt my head backwards
to gain access to his little penis. Well, I say little. It was
small compared to Kevin's. I suppose most of them are small
compared to Kevin's.

Mr. Johnson's sex organ was average I suppose. It seemed to be
larger than my husband's, though not by much. I felt it on my
lips and I opened my mouth and started sucking it the way I had
learned this morning when Kevin began my training.

It was over so quickly I was startled. In less than two minutes I
felt a small stream of extremely bitter fluid ooze out onto my
tongue. I thought at first he had started to urinate! But I heard
him gasping and he grabbed my head in both hands and held me
tight to his shivering stomach and I realized that he had indeed
achieved orgasm. It was just a nasty, totally inadequate orgasm.
I suppose it was appropriate from this nasty and inadequate

When I realized that I was looking down on him for not being a
very good rapist I was shocked. What are these men doing to my

He held me like that for a moment and then relaxed his grip and
leaned back against his desk. He looked ludicrous that way. His
trousers were down around his calves and his huge belly hung
over, almost hiding his genitalia.

But I was the one on my knees. I was the one being sexually
abused, raped. I was the one with the horrible taste in my mouth.

I think that he may have seen the expression on my face as I
looked at him in disgust and it angered him. I knew immediately
that I had screwed up. I saw his expression change. Up until that
moment it was all about the pleasure he was getting as he used me
for his pleasure. That had just changed.

He stood up and turned around and leaned over his desk. I didn't
know what was happening until I heard his voice which sounded
like it was cold and tinged with anger. He said, "How about a
brownie to go with that cream bitch? Get your fucking face in
there. Spread those cheeks out and eat my ass. And I had better
feel some enthusiasm back there or I'm calling that phone

I gaped at his huge buttocks. I swear they were a yard wide! I
felt like I was going to be ill as I edged closer on my knees.
When I was close enough I reached up and placed one of my hands
on each of his large, gelatinous butt cheeks and with
considerable effort I spread them apart. I slowly leaned forward
and just as I had done for Kevin not that many hours ago I leaned
forward and slid my tongue through that dark, dank, disgusting
divide running down the middle of his huge buttocks.

Mr. Johnson was clean. He had obviously recently showered. Even
so, I gagged as my stomach rebelled at this disgusting task. I
swabbed my tongue down through that dank crack twice more before
I located and began to concentrate on his hairy, dark brown anus.
Even though he seemed clean there was a musty taste that revolted
me as I worked my tongue around his anal opening and then
attempted to poke it inside the way Kevin had demanded when I was
forced to do it to him.

As I worked on him he shivered and moaned in pleasure. I kept
waiting for him to tell me that I could stop. My jaw and my
tongue were getting very tired and the effort needed to keep his
cheeks pressed apart was almost more than I could stand. My face
was almost totally enveloped in his huge, flabby butt cheeks and
it was a constant struggle to get enough air to breathe.

He surprised me when after at least five minutes he pushed
himself off of the desk and stood up. I straightened up and let
my tired arms drop to my side. He spun around and I was
distressed to see that his penis was hard again! I had not
expected this old, extremely out of shape ogre to be able to
achieve another erection so soon.

He ordered me to stand and he roughly pushed me down on my back
on his desk. He lifted my legs and glowered down at me as my legs
framed him. He leaned down over me and in a fierce whisper he
exclaimed, "I saw that look on your face you fucking cunt. You
think I'm disgusting? You haven't seen anything yet bitch. I'm
going to turn your fucking life upside down."

As he struggled to align his re-inflated sex organ with my still
dry vagina I thought to myself, "You're a little too late to turn
my life upside down you dirty old man."

But I said nothing. I stared at the ceiling and waited for him to
use me. I only hoped that it would be as quick the second time.

He found my opening with some difficulty and as soon as the
flared head of his sex organ was lodged inside of me he rammed it
in to me violently. I cried out in pain and grasped the sides of
his desk and held on as he began to rape me even more brutally
than Kevin had last night. His girth was overwhelming and I felt
like I was being crushed as he pounded into me.

It wasn't over quite as quickly as the first time. But he didn't
last long. I doubt if five minutes had passed before he slammed
himself into me one last time and shivered as he emptied his
filthy seed into me.

He stood in place over me as his penis went soft. He was panting
and his face was bright red. I was afraid that he was going to
have a heart attack. Well, I wasn't that afraid. To be honest I
was hoping that he would have a heart attack. Just not on top of
me. His huge belly extended up over me almost to my breasts. He
was resting on his arms but the weight of his belly was almost
crushing me.

I felt his penis pop out of me and he finally stood up. I took
several deep breaths and then I sat up and slid off of his desk.
As soon as I was standing he grabbed me by the back of my neck
and bent me down and said, "Clean up that mess cunt. And if I
ever see that look on your face again I promise you the next cock
you suck will be attached to a fucking dog!"

I bent down and sucked his slimy sex organ clean and held it in
my mouth until he pushed me away. He pulled his pants back up and
put his clothing in order as he glared at me. When he was dressed
again he ordered me to spread my legs and he examined my crotch.

He stared at my exposed sex for a moment and then he reached down
and I realized that he was scraping up his spend with his pudgy
fingers. He stood up and leered at me as he said, "Open your
whore mouth."

I guess I had really upset him. He must be very self conscious
about his weight problem. I hadn't realized he was that
observant. Still, it didn't seem fair. He was raping me. It
seemed to me that I had every right to look at him with disgust.
I wouldn't make that mistake again.

I opened my mouth and he roughly shoved his fingers into my mouth
and ordered me to suck them clean. There wasn't much there. It
was a humiliating thing to do but I hardly tasted his sperm at

I sucked his fingers clean and as he returned to his seat I heard
the front door. The agents all had keys and I heard the door open
and someone came in and closed the door. I turned to Mr. Johnson
and whispered, "Please sir, can I get dressed now?"

He leered at me and exclaimed, "What's the point? No, I like you
just the way you are. The office doesn't open for another hour. I
don't see why you shouldn't stay like that until it's time to
open the front door. Hell, I wish I could keep you naked all
damned day."

He got up and went out, pulling the door closed behind him. I
stood there in front of his desk in the nude waiting for the next
indignity. As I stood there I thought about the three agents.
They were in their thirties and forties. They were on the soft
side, though they were not as obese as Mr. Johnson. One of them
had made a pass at me when I first started working here and I had
set him straight. He had seemed to resent it at first but after a
while it seemed to be forgotten. I guess he warned the other two
men about me because they always treated me appropriately.

The men in the office all seemed friendly to each other. They
joked among themselves and they often went out to lunch together.
I was always an outsider. I was never invited to their lunches or
when they got together for a drink after work. That had been fine
with me. But now I realized that there was a tension in this
office, a sexual tension. My inability to deflect that and
establish a more comfortable working relationship could come back
to haunt me now.

I was distracted from my thoughts when I heard the front door
open twice more. I knew that all three agents were in the office
now. I could hear a faint buzz of conversation for several
minutes before Mr. Johnson's office door burst open and he nodded
his head at me indicating that he wanted me to step out into the
front office.

The need to cover my nudity with my arms was almost overwhelming.
But somehow I knew that if I did it would only amuse them. I
slowly made my way out into the outer office and stood by my
desk. All four men quickly gathered around and Pete said, "I'll
be god damned. Will you look at that!"

Mr. Johnson said, "Turn around cunt, nice and slow. Let the boys
get a good look at your frigid ass."

My face was burning bright red. I was so scared that I could
hardly catch my breath. I stared at the carpet as I turned slowly
for their amusement. It seemed like every time I thought that I
could not possibly be any more embarrassed I was proven wrong.

At first the men just stared in awe as I turned slowly. Then,
first one and then all three of them began to move their hands
over my exposed female body parts. That was what I was to them. I
wasn't a woman, a person. I was a collection of interesting
female body parts that was now available for their amusement. The
fact that I had been so rigidly correct since I had started
working here, so quick to take umbrage at any off color remarks,
that just made it that much more exciting for them.

They knew that I hated this. It was obvious. I suppose that they
thought that they were going to do more than take advantage of me
now that I was in their power. They were also going to teach me a
lesson. Since midnight it seemed that every male I came into
contact with wanted to use me and teach me a lesson. For just a
second I started to wonder if maybe there had been something
wrong with me after all, something that made me incapable of
relating to men, some flaw that needed correcting. But I quickly
dismissed that silly idea.

The first of the men to actually speak since Pete's first comment
was Pete again. I detected a note in his voice that let me know
right away how much he was going to enjoy this after I had
snubbed him so rudely when I first started working here. He said,
"Not so high and mighty now, are you Karen?"

Mr. Johnson cleared his throat and Pete corrected himself. He
said, "I'm sorry. I mean cunt."

I had no response so I just stood there letting the three men
grope me. Suddenly there was a sharp crack and a sudden pain in
my butt. Pete said, "I asked you a fucking question bitch!"

I sobbed quietly and said, "No Pete. I'm not so high and mighty
now. I'm sorry I said no to you before."

Pete chuckled and said, "But you won't be saying no anymore will
you cunt?"

"No sir," I responded despondently.

Jim had been holding onto and kneading my left breast since Mr.
Johnson called me into the front office. He finally let me go and
stared at my body as he began to open his pants. Although aloof,
Jim had always been a perfect gentleman. I would have thought
that he would be the last to take advantage of me in my present
helpless condition if he did so at all. I was surprised that it
appeared he would be the first.

He pushed his slacks and his shorts down just enough to free his
penis and he stood there stroking it. He stared at me while
saying to Pete, "You two can discuss your broken hearted love
affair while I fuck her cunt can't you?"

Pete and Jon chuckled as Jim pushed me down over my desk and
began to slide his organ through the tight crack between my
buttocks. I was afraid for a moment that he was going to try to
enter me there. But after a moment or two he bent his knees and
entered my vagina from behind.

His penis was nothing like Kevin's of course. It was, however,
much larger than Mr. Johnson's and he didn't have that huge
stomach that kept him from getting close. I grunted in pain as
Jim pushed his organ into me violently and I was thankful that
there was some small amount of moisture there from when Mr.
Johnson raped me earlier.

Jim raped me violently right from the start and the other three
men urged him on with crude and vile comments about what he was
doing and about what they were going to do to me and about my
body as I jerked around helplessly on the end of his male

Pete didn't watch for long though. After only a couple of minutes
he moved around my desk and stood by my face as he slowly pulled
his zipper down. I was forced to watch as he reached in and
pulled out his organ and when it was exposed he leaned forward
and rubbed it all over my face, guiding it with his hand and
leaving a trail of his vile male juices everywhere it touched.

I was finding that no average male sex organ was quite as
threatening now as it had been. Not after having dealt with
Kevin's oversized penis. But they were still disgusting things
and I wanted nothing to do with them. Still, it was impossible to
look at them the same way after what I had gone through last
night. I wanted to vomit as Pete placed the head of his drooling
penis against my lips and began to push but I was not as
terrified as I would have been before Kevin raped me.

I allowed Pete to force his appendage into my mouth and I tried
to suck it as I had been taught. I didn't get the chance though.
As soon as the head of his penis squeezed past my teeth Pete
began to drive it into me as if my mouth were a vagina. His penis
was about seven inches long. It was probably only half as thick
as Kevin's, maybe even less than that. But even so it was of a
respectable length and thickness and he was attacking me just as
brutally as Jim was. I started gagging and I brought my hands up
to try to protect myself.

Jon and Mr. Johnson grabbed my arms and held them. I struggled
for a moment to free myself but it was hopeless. Pete grabbed my
head in his hands and resumed his brutal strokes, striking the
back of my throat with each stab of his male weapon.

I remembered Lori's advice last night and I tried swallowing just
before Pete plunged his thing into me and at first it didn't seem
to make a difference. But then, after several more abortive
attempts to slam his penis into me I guess he timed it just right
and suddenly Pete's organ slid right down my throat.

He held my face pressed tightly against his stomach and groaned
in pleasure as the others made crude comments about what they
erroneously interpreted as my rapidly improving oral sex skills.
I started to panic as he held me like that but after a moment I
realized that I could breathe and I stopped struggling again. I
relaxed and Pete took several more violent strokes and I felt him
quiver as he shot his slimy male spend down my throat.

I had been so distracted by the painful rape of my throat that I
hadn't even realized that Jim had already filled me with his seed
as well. He was standing behind me now with his organ going soft
in my vagina and his hands moving over the cheeks of my butt.

Pete finally withdrew and a moment later Jim pulled out of me
with an embarrassing wet sucking sound. He moved around my desk
and I wasn't even surprised when he offered his nasty organ to my
lips. I groaned, "Oh god, why me?" under my breath. But I opened
my mouth and when he pushed into my mouth I sucked him clean.

I heard the others making sounds of disgust as I sucked Jim's
organ clean. The worst part was that I knew that it wasn't over
yet. I realized that for the foreseeable future it was not ever
going to be over. I would be doing this for these men over and
over as often as they wished. There was no end in sight. I knew
that Kevin would never let me quit this job. It amused him that I
was being treated this way. It had been his idea!

I heard the rustle of clothing again and without even looking I
knew that Jon was preparing to use me. I lay there unmoving and
waited for him to take me. I jumped when he slapped my buttock
and said, "Well cunt, where to you want me to put my cock? Do you
want me to fuck your cunt or your face?"

I groaned. I didn't want him at all. But if I had to, and if he
was actually going to let me decide, I wanted it in the correct
place. I answered meekly, "Please sir, put it in my vagina."

They all laughed and Mr. Johnson exclaimed, "Your vagina?! You
stupid cunt! You don't have a vagina. You have a cunt!"

Jim was still standing near my head with his penis out and he
asked, "What is this cunt?"

I looked to see him stroking his organ and I answered, "It's your
penis sir."

There was silence for a moment and then I heard Mr. Johnson say,
"Jesus! You dumb fucking whore. Nobody but a doctor or a biology
teacher calls it a fucking penis! It's a cock for Christ's sake!
I can see that we are going to have to work on your vocabulary."

He moved closer and slapped my buttocks and asked, "What's that

I almost said that they were my buttocks. But I knew that would
be the wrong answer. I knew what he wanted me to say. I meekly
responded, "That's my ass sir."

He grunted and reached under me and squeezed my breast and asked,
"And that?"

I sighed and answered, "My tit?"

I felt his hand come up between my wide spread thighs and I
jumped as he slapped my mound. When his hand came in contact with
my mound he apparently got a coating of the juices leaking out of
me. In a voice heavy with disgust he exclaimed, "Fuck!" Then I
felt him wiping his hand in my hair. When he had wiped the juices
from his hand he asked, "What was that?"

I hated these words! They were so demeaning, so ugly. I had never
used them and I despised those that did. But I wasn't in charge
of me anymore. I finally answered with the word I knew they were
waiting for. "It's my cunt sir."

Mr. Johnson said, "Very good cunt. You got the girl stuff right.
Now let's try the boy parts. Go ahead cunt, name them."

I almost whispered, "Cock."

I heard him chuckle. He knew how hard this was for me. He paused
and said, "And..."

I didn't know what he wanted for a second but then I realized
what he wanted me to say.

"Balls sir."

"Very good," he exclaimed. "Maybe you aren't such a dumb cunt
after all. From now on I don't want to hear you use those fucking
medical terms anymore. I don't want you to even think them. You
need to start wrapping your mind around your new world. Because I
am already having to decide whether or not I should report to
Kevin that you tried to fight Pete off when he stuck his cock in
your mouth."

I panicked as soon as he said that. I dropped to my knees in
front of him and raised my hands in supplication. I begged,
"Please sir. I'll do anything. I didn't realize what I was doing.
I didn't mean to resist, I swear it. It was just a natural
reaction. I'm new at this. Please Mr. Johnson. I'll do anything.
You can't tell Kevin. Oh god. He'll beat me so bad this time. He
warned me and I forgot. Please sir."

I heard Pete say, "Will you fucking look at that!"

I glanced around at the three men. I don't know what I expected
from them. I hadn't expected pity or sympathy and it's good that
I hadn't because I saw none of those emotions. They stood around
me gloating and enjoying my abject terror. They were amused.

Mr. Johnson, as if dealing with a recalcitrant child said
grudgingly, "I'll make my decision by closing time. So you had
better be on your best behavior for the rest of the day."

I thanked him breathlessly. I resolved to do anything and
everything to please him today. The alternative was unthinkable.

Mr. Johnson turned to Jon and said, "It's almost time to open up.
Jon, are you going to knock off a piece?"

Jon laughed and said, "Are you kidding? I've been wondering what
it would be like to fuck this cunt since she started working

Jon ordered me to stand and when I had he ordered me to lie on my
back on my desk.

I moved into the position he demanded and he lifted my legs and
placed my heels on the edge of my desk. He already had his
semi-hard penis...I mean his semi-hard cock out of his pants and
he moved between my legs and slid it up and down my wet cunt. I
stared at the ceiling as he teased me with his cock until it was
hard. I didn't want to see it. I kept my eyes on the ceiling. But
I had the impression that it was larger than the others. It was
hard to tell without looking though.

He ordered me to line his cock up for him and I reached down and
took him in my fingers. It was obvious right away that I had been
correct. He was no Kevin but his cock was noticeably larger than
the other three men that I worked with. I glanced down just
before I guided it into me and I would guess that it was about
eight inches long and almost as big around as Kevin's.

He rested the head of his cock inside me for a moment and then
slowly pushed it inside of me. It reminded me of early this
morning with Kevin. He slowly slid it all the way inside of me
and then he lifted my legs up over his shoulder and stared down
at me lying helpless on my desk.

I had returned to staring at the ceiling but I could see his grin
in my peripheral vision and I hated him for it.

He paused a moment longer, to enjoy the feeling of my tight cunt
wrapped around his cock I suppose. Then he slowly pulled it back
out until only the large knob remained inside of me. He paused
again and then in one violent stroke he drove it all the way back
inside of me.

It almost knocked the wind out of me. I gasped for air as he
began pounding me viciously. It felt as if he was trying to hurt
me more than he was trying to achieve orgasm.

My breasts, I mean my tits began to sway wildly in time to his
rapid, vicious, violent strokes and it quickly became very
painful. I reached up to cup them with my hands and hold them in
place but he barked at me, "Put your fucking hands down bitch! I
like watching your big tits bounce around like jello. It turns me
the fuck on. You've got a nice tight cunt too. I like that. We
are going to have a lot of fun together from now on cunt. All
five of us. It's going to be one big happy office now. And I
can't wait to fuck your little girl. I've never fucked a fifteen
year old. I can't wait to see what that's like.

His sentences were punctuated by the loud sound of his flesh
slapping mine and my grunts of pain as his big cock violated my
body. But as bad, as hurtful as this was, as awful as the things
that he was saying were, that wasn't the worst part. The worst
part of this was that I was going to cum. I felt it rising in me
and I struggled with it but I felt myself losing control.

My grunts of pain began to turn into moans of pleasure and I had
to bite my tongue to keep from calling out as his big cock
pummeled me senseless. But as hard as I tried I couldn't hide

I heard Jim exclaim, "Son of a bitch! Look at that! The fucking
skuzzy bitch is going to cum! What a fucking cunt!"

I don't know if it was his words or his big cock or a combination
but suddenly I lost control and called out wordlessly. I felt my
cunt clamp down on Jon's big cock. My hips came up off the desk
to meet his violent thrusts and I screamed as my body betrayed me
by enjoying the second orgasm I had ever had in my life.

I heard the buzz of lewd comments around me. I was panting so
hard and the blood was pounding in my ears so loudly that I
couldn't understand the words at first. But I knew what they were
saying. At this moment though, it didn't matter. When Jon drove
into me with several even more violent strokes and then froze I
knew what was happening as he gripped my legs so tight that it
hurt and called me one nasty name right after another. He was
filling me with yet another load of cum and when I realized it,
to my eternal shame, I came again.

Everyone seemed to freeze in place for a very long time. There
wasn't a sound in the office as I lay there in front of the four
men that I work for with Jon's cock buried inside of me and
waited for him to withdraw.

No one moved or spoke until several long moments later he slowly
pulled his soft cock out of me. He moved around my desk and as I
sucked his cock clean I could feel a river of hot cum oozing from
my tingling orifice and beginning to drain down onto my desk.

Still no one moved, even after I had sucked Jon's cock clean. But
as he began to put his cock away and put his clothing back in
place Mr. Johnson said, "Jesus cunt. Look at you! You are a
fucking mess. Get up on your desk."

I didn't know what he had in mind but I knew that whatever it was
I wasn't going to like it. I was so weak that I had trouble
sitting up. But no one helped me. They watched as I struggled to
sit up and then, with difficulty I turned over onto my hands and
knees on my desk and finally was able to stand.

I had to bend at the waist to avoid hitting my head on the
ceiling. I stood in that awkward position with the four men
looking up at my abused body for a moment. I could feel more of
their cum begin to ooze out of me and I realized that I must be a
mess down there.

Mr. Johnson said, "Squat down bitch."

I slowly bent my knees until I was squatting facing them with my
thighs spread wide. I felt totally exposed and totally
humiliated. It was bad enough that I was forced to submit to any
man that wanted to rape me now. But being forced into these
humiliating poses made it so much worse.

Mr. Johnson bent closer and looked at my messy cunt and said,
"Hold your hand under your cunt and let that cum drain out of
you. Let's see what you've got in there."

My first reaction was to give the old lecher a dirty look but I
controlled it in time. I remembered the threat hanging over my
head. I closed my eyes but when I did I began to lose my balance.
I couldn't even hide behind my eyelids. I was forced to see the
four men watching me as I cupped my hand beneath my pussy and
strained to expel the cum that they had deposited there.

I glanced nervously at the clock. The office was scheduled to
open in less than ten minutes. There was a door not twenty feet
in front of me that was largely made of plate glass. Anyone
approaching to see if we were open yet could not fail to see me
crouching naked on my desk in front of my four male co-workers. I
wanted desperately to get this over with and I strained to expel
the contents of my tired pussy into my hand.

I was rewarded by several large, disgusting dollops of a slimy
liquid and a smaller thin stream that lasted for a couple of
minutes before tapering off. My cupped hand was full of their
disgusting fluids and the smell was turning my stomach.

When I finally stopped draining, Mr. Johnson said, "Okay bitch,
eat it."

I gasped in horror and my head swiveled around so quickly it
hurt. I looked in his eyes and I saw him hoping I would refuse. I
was instantly broken. I couldn't refuse. The consequences were
more than I could even contemplate.

I slowly brought my hand up to my face. I foolishly took a deep
breath and nearly had to vomit. I took my hand away from my face
and brought my stomach under control. I took another deep breath,
this time with my hand away from my face, and then I brought my
hand back to my lips. I stuck my tongue out and scooped up a
little of the slime and made myself swallow it.

I realized that it would take forever this way and that if I
didn't hurry it was inevitable that a customer would come to the
door and see me this way. I could just picture a couple of young
children staring at me through that plate glass.

I steeled myself and opened my mouth and placed my hand over my
mouth. I slurped up the slimy mess as quickly as I could, trying
desperately not to taste it. I consoled myself by telling myself
that it wasn't as awful as that tiny mouthful of fluid that Mr.
Johnson had deposited on my tongue this morning. I almost giggled
as I realized that had probably been his first orgasm in years.
When I realized I had nearly giggled I began to fear for my
sanity and I quickly finished cleaning my hand with my tongue. I
needed to get down from here and get dressed and get cleaned up

Fortunately Mr. Johnson realized it too and he ordered me down
from my desk. They watched me climb down and when I had my feet
back on the floor Mr. Johnson pointed out the small puddle of cum
on my desk that had drained out of me before I stood up. I fought
back the tears of despair as I leaned over and licked my desk
clean of their vile slime. It had cooled and it seemed even more
disgusting now than when it was still warm. When I had cleaned my
desk to his satisfaction Mr. Johnson invited them into his office
to watch me struggle into the sundress I had worn to work this

They gathered around and watched in amusement as I struggled into
my only garment. When I was dressed the boss said, "Okay boys.
Here are the rules. You can fuck the bitch, or whatever, in the
morning and at lunch time. Her owner told me that he will invite
us to her house now and then to fuck her and her daughter but he
wants to finish training her first and get back some of the money
that he is investing in her new clothes. But I'm warning you. If
sales start to slip or if I get any complaints from customers
then the party is over and I'll be the only one fucking the
bitch. Do we have an understanding?"

The men all nodded vigorously. I stood mute. There was nothing
for me to agree to.

Everyone stared at me a moment longer until Mr. Johnson said,
"Okay, time to open up."

I started to follow the agents out of the office when he called
us back. He said, "I almost forgot. Keep your eyes peeled for any
customers that might be more pliant if we let them spend a little
time with our office cunt. If we can make a little money using
her pretty little ass then I don't have a problem with that."

We filed out then. The agents each had a small office on the
other side of the outer office where my desk was. My job was to
answer the phones, type their letters and fill out all of the
many dozens of forms that were required and to greet customers
that came through the door and make them welcome. Well, that had
been my job. My job description had just been substantially
expanded. I was now a total slave to these four perverts as well
as Kevin.

While the men went to their offices I hurried to our unisex
bathroom and did what I could to clean myself up and make myself
presentable. Then I returned to my desk and sat staring off into
space for a long moment, fighting to control the constant urge to

Now that I was finally alone in my office I sat at my desk and
thought about the phone call to the police that I had intended to
make. I went over that humiliating conversation in my head and
tried to think how of some way to report what had happened in a
way that would assure that I would be protected from all five men
that were using me now but still would protect my dignity as much
as possible.

As I sifted through the very few options I thought that I had my
daughter suddenly popped through the door and strutted over to my
desk. She dropped a folder on my desk and said, "Kevin said that
you would be sitting here thinking about calling the police. He
told me to tell you to look at this first. After you look at it
you need to give it to your boss."

She turned around and rushed out before I could even speak. On
her way out she smiled and waved at Mr. Johnson. I assumed that
Kevin must have already told her that she would soon be getting
fucked by the men in my office and she seemed happy about it.
That was not the young woman that I had raised! I had done
everything in my power to make a proper young lady out of her and
in three months Kevin had turned her into a slut. Worse than a
slut. She was nearly as warped as he! My teenage daughter was
gleefully taking an active part in my rape and aiding her
perverted boyfriend as he enslaved me.

I stared at the folder that she had dropped on my desk but before
I could open it a young family of four came in and asked for
Pete. I got up without thinking and I saw the shocked expression
on the faces of both adults as I stood and escorted them to
Pete's office. I had forgotten for a moment just how much of me
was exposed in this little dress.

I was grateful that at least the little boy and girl didn't even
seem to notice. I would have to be a little more careful about
getting up when someone came in, especially when they had
children. I thought back to when I had been squatting on my desk
a little earlier and looking out through the door imagining how
horrible it would be if a family with children had approached at
that moment. I shuddered in horror as I imagined how traumatic it
could have been if those two young children had seen me a few
minutes ago.

I returned to my desk and after making sure that no one was
watching I slowly opened the folder that Lori had dropped off.
The first thing I saw was an 8X10 high resolution photograph of
me on top of my daughter as we ate each other's cunts. (I'll
never get used to using that awful word!)

I stared at it for a few seconds. I wanted to grab it and rip it
into a thousand pieces but I realized how futile that would be.
Besides, I had been ordered to give it to Mr. Johnson after I
went through the folder.

I turned it over and the next photograph was the same thing from
a different angle. I turned that picture over and under it was a
note from Lori asking me what the police would think when she
informed them that I had forced her to submit to me and that I
had been making her submit to my lesbian rape fantasies for

I grabbed a tissue and dried the tears in my eyes. Then I flipped
through the remaining pictures. There seemed to be at least one
picture of everything that I had been subjected to last night,
often there were several. Everything, that is, except the
terrible, mind warping beating. There were pictures of me sucking
on Kevin's massive cock. I couldn't help noting once more how
impressive it was even as I hated myself for thinking that.

There were pictures of my mouth when it was open and full of
Kevin's cum. There were pictures of Lori and me kneeling side by
side on the bed and pictures of Kevin fucking me violently from
behind. The last three pictures were of me with my tongue in
Kevin's ass.

I closed the folder and stared at it. Lori and I had gotten along
like oil and water for quite some time now. She blamed me for her
father leaving. Well, she was aware that I had thrown him out.
She loved her father and she was gradually, or maybe not so
gradually coming to hate me. I had no doubt that she would tell
the police that I had been molesting her for several years if
that was what Kevin wanted her to say.

It had become obvious now that there was no way that I could go
to the police. It would be my word against the word of everyone
around me. My only other option was to sneak away and get as far
from here as I could. I didn't know if I could deal with that
option either. I had no money in the bank. My car wasn't paid for
and if I tried to run with it I'm sure the bank would report it
stolen. I would be homeless and on foot and broke. I had few job
skills and I certainly couldn't refer anyone to Mr. Johnson for a
recommendation. I was trapped.

I sat at my desk for an hour with a half finished letter on my
computer. I stared at that closed folder on my desk and tried
desperately to think of some way out of this mess. I tried to
think of someone that could help me, someone that I could run to.
But there was no one. I had somehow managed to alienate everyone
that I was related to and I had no friends. For just a second I
wondered again if I could be the person these men and my daughter
seemed to think that I was. Could I be this cold, frigid bitch,
deserving of this sort of abuse?

But no, I was just a good woman surrounded by perverts and
helplessly ensnared, to be used for their amusement and sexual
satisfaction until I found some way out of this contrived mess. I
know that I'm not perfect. But I don't doubt that I am a good
woman and that I was a good mother to that monster that Kevin had
managed to somehow turn Lori into. This was a perfect example of
bad things happening to good people.

I was so involved in my own troubles that I almost didn't notice
Pete leaving the office with the young family that had come in
earlier. He stuck his head into Mr. Johnson's office and told him
that he was going to be showing properties and they left. I
hardly even noticed the disapproving looks on the faces of the
young parents as they left.

I took a deep breath and steeled myself. I got to my feet and
took the folder full of smutty pictures to Mr. Johnson. I handed
it to him and said, "My daughter told me to give this to you."

His face lit up and he exclaimed, "That hot little piece of ass
was your daughter?! Fuck me! I'm going to love getting into

I wanted to spit at him. Instead I looked down at the carpet and
turned and went back to my computer and returned to work. I was
getting a headache from thinking about my problems, my screwed up
life. I found it easier to let my mind go blank and let my work
consume me.

I worked furiously the rest of the morning and I was startled
when they interrupted me at noon. I had, for a few short hours,
been able to escape from my ruined life. I didn't even notice Mr.
Johnson when he came out into the reception area to lock the
front door.

I looked up when I heard the lock click and I watched him put the
"Closed for lunch" sign in the door. He turned around and leered
at me and said, "You may invite the others into my office now. I
don't know about them but I have been looking at those pictures
and I'm ready to feed you your lunch."

He turned and went back to his office and I felt the hopelessness
wash over me again as I prepared once more to be humiliated and
abused by these horrible men.

I went to each of the three agents and told them that Mr. Johnson
had invited them into his office. I was surprised to see Pete. I
hadn't even seen him return from showing properties.

We gathered once more in Mr. Johnson's office and I was ordered
to remove my dress. I thought that it should be getting easier
after what I had been through. But it wasn't. I was inherently
shy and I didn't think I would ever get used to putting my body
on display. I was just as embarrassed as I had been this morning
when they had seen me naked for the first time. I had been
married for sixteen years and I was still not comfortable with my
husband seeing me naked.

I slipped the dress off and dropped it on a chair and waited for
the perverts to start ordering me around. Before they started Mr.
Johnson called them over and showed them the folder that Lori had
dropped off. The four of them poured over the photographs
lustfully, paying special attention to those photos that showed
Lori and the ones with Lori and me in a sixty-nine. Those were
the most popular.

When they had finished going through the folder Jon said, "Do you
want to go first Mr. Johnson?"

He shook his head and said, "You boys help yourselves. I think
I'll watch you have your fun and then I'll let the bitch suck me
off again. That was a damn fine blowjob this morning. But I think
she needs more practice."

Jon said, "I agree. I can't help wondering if she can take my
cock down her gullet like she did for Pete. I saw that movie
'Deep Throat' a long time ago. It didn't turn me on so much as it
gave me a sore throat just watching. But when I saw Pete shove
his cock down her throat I thought that was kind of hot. I think
I'd like to see what that feels like."

It had not been that many hours since Pete had managed to force
his cock into my throat. I still remembered it vividly. My throat
was still sore and the idea of being forced to take Jon's
significantly larger cock down my throat was horrifying. I looked
at Jon and I almost begged him not to do that to me. But I saw
the look of anticipation on his face and I knew that I would be
wasting my breath.

Jon pointed to the coffee table in the small seating area in Mr.
Johnson's office and ordered me to lie on the table on my back.

I was so scared my legs were shaking but I managed to walk the
few steps to the table and, after removing a few magazines I
stretched out on the cold wood on my back. Jon stood at my head
looking down at my naked body as he slipped his shoes off and
then unfastened his pants and slid his pants and his underwear
down and stepped out of them.

Once he was undressed from the waist down he dropped to his knees
and his still flaccid cock fell onto my face. Jon gripped me
under my arms and pulled me closer until my head hung down over
the edge of the table. His hands moved to my tits and groped them
roughly and his crotch came to rest in my face.

He ordered me to use my tongue and I stuck it out and began
licking whatever part of his anatomy was presented to me. I
couldn't see. His balls hung down and covered my eyes. I felt his
cock growing as my tongue touched it but it was still soft when
he positioned it at my lips and began to force it into my mouth.

My lips closed around his fat cock and I started sucking it. He
wasn't satisfied. Apparently he didn't think that I was being
enthusiastic enough. His fingers closed over my nipples and I
screamed in pain as he pulled and twisted and all but lifted me
off of the table. He relaxed his grip only slightly and in a
calm, quiet, conversational tone said, "I don't think you love me
bitch. Come on darling, but a little effort into it. Let me know
you care."

I wasn't as amused as Mr. Johnson and the other to agents. I
heard them chuckling as I put more effort into pleasing Jon. I
felt his cock beginning to harden quickly as I worked it with my
lips and tongue. I knew what he intended and I assumed that it
was possible for him to cram his long, fat cock down my throat. I
had, after all, seen Lori take Kevin's monster cock into her
throat with apparent ease this morning. But knowing it was
possible didn't make the fear of what I knew was going to be a
painful act any less potent.

As his cock became erect I was only able to take about half of it
into my mouth. I remembered what Lori taught me and I began
swallowing and attempting to meet Jon's shallow thrusts. At first
nothing happened and I was afraid that I would fail and that
Kevin would find out. But I wasn't gagging and I seemed to be
slowly taking more and more of his shaft into my mouth.

I was getting scared though, because I was becoming more certain
by the moment that his cock was too fat and wouldn't fit in my
throat. I thought it might help if I could relax and let it
happen but I just couldn't force myself to relax. Jon was
applying more and more pressure though. He was determined to find
out what it felt like to have his cock buried in my throat. I
think it must have been painful for him too, those violent,
abortive thrusts that rammed into the back of my throat to no
avail. But he wasn't giving up.

His fingers once more tightened on my sore nipples and as he
twisted and pulled brutally he yelled, "God damn it bitch! Let me

I think that I must have been so distracted by the pain in my
nipples that my throat relaxed and suddenly his entire cock was
buried in my mouth. My lips were stretched wide around the base
of it and his balls slapped against my face and covered my nose
so that I could get no air at all.

There was a loud cheer from the other men in the room watching
when they saw Jon's cock enter me. My arms reached up, seemingly
without any conscious thought from me. I didn't try to push him
away though. I only grabbed his wrists and tried to relieve the
pressure on my nipples.

I heard Mr. Johnson yell, "God damn it you stupid cunt! Put your
fucking arms down. Are you trying to piss me off? I guess I need
to give Kevin a call. You still don't seem to get it."

I hurriedly dropped my arms. I had no strength anyway. I was only
seconds from losing consciousness from a lack of oxygen.

I felt Jon's cock finally being withdrawn and I gasped
desperately for air. He ignored my efforts to breathe though. I
only managed two gasping breaths before his cock once more rammed
down into my throat. It hurt like hell but as he moved in and out
of my throat I was slowly becoming numb. I learned to time my
breaths and by the time he finally stopped raping my throat and
let the head of his cock rest in my mouth as he finished himself
off with his hand I had begun to realize that I would survive
this horrible experience.

It wasn't until after he finished flooding my mouth with cum and
I tried to swallow that I realized just how sore my throat had
become. He pulled his cock from between my lips and I took a
couple of deep breaths before I attempted to swallow. I was
anxious to get his slimy deposit out of my mouth but more than
that I was concerned that his large cock had damaged me as it
pounded into my throat so violently.

The pain returned as I forced his seed down my throat. I
whimpered and reached up to hold my throat but despite the pain I
was able to swallow and I began to hope that I was going to
survive his vicious assault.

Jon finally got to his feet and I was able to see Pete and Jim
standing close by and holding their hard cock in their hands as
they watched. I tried to ignore the crude remarks and immature
jokes that the men exchanged as Jon put his clothes back on and
accepted the praise of his co-workers for a job well done.

It infuriated me that he was being complimented on what a good
job he had done raping my throat. But of course I just remained
where he had left me and held my tongue. Mr. Johnson had already
threatened to call Kevin twice. I had every intention of doing
whatever was possible to please him and his agents. I was
terrified of what Kevin might do if Mr. Johnson actually made
that phone call.

Jim smiled down at me arrogantly and spoke to Pete. "I fucked her
last time Pete. I guess I'll give her throat a try. Are you going
to try her cunt this time?"

Pete responded, "Yeah. It must have tightened back up since Jon
stretched it out this morning. I'm thinking we better get it
before it gets all stretched out by that big black cock we just
saw in those pictures. I've seen horses that weren't hung as well
as that guy. I appreciate him letting us fuck his slave in
training and I'm looking forward to fucking her daughter. But I
hope he doesn't stretch them out to much. Us poor guys with
average dicks can't compete with a cock like that."

Jim chuckled and said, "Yeah, he does make you feel inadequate.
But what the hell, no matter how sloppy her cunt gets she'll
always be able to wrap those lips around your cock. She is
quickly getting to be a pretty good cocksucker. She just needed
to realize that sucking cocks and fucking is what she was put on
this earth for. I'd hate to see that guy ruin that sweet pussy
but I have to admit, I'd love to watch him fuck her with that
huge cock of his. That would be some show."

Mr. Johnson chimed in, "Don't worry boys. You'll get your chance.
He promised me that once he has finished training her he is going
to invite us over. Why don't you two put her down on her hands
and knees and put the meat to her. It's getting late."

Jim nudged me with his toe and said, "Break time is over cunt.
Get down on your hands and knees and let's play house."

I lifted my head and rolled carefully off of the table. I got on
my hands and knees away from the furniture and waited. Both men
had already removed their clothing from the waist down. They took
their agreed upon positions and Jim began fucking my sore throat

Pete got behind me and I felt his fingers exploring my dry pussy.
He pulled his hand away and in a moment it returned. I felt him
rubbing his saliva in my opening and as he moistened my pussy he
said, "I'll be glad when she gets broken in and starts getting
hot for a good fuck. Her cunt is so dry it would tear the skin
right off your cock."

He was soon satisfied that I was moist enough and I felt the
flared head of his cock punching sightlessly at my crotch as he
fumbled for the opening to my cunt. I reached down and wrapped my
fingers around his cock and he allowed me to align his cock with
my opening. As soon as he felt it begin to enter me he drove it
into me forcefully.

The force of his thrust drove me forward and before I even
realized what was happening I felt Jim's cock slide straight down
my throat. I had been so distracted by Pete that I had been
ignoring Jim for the moment. It worked out to my advantage
though. I didn't have time to panic or constrict my throat and
Jim's cock entered my throat effortlessly. I was still sore. But
I quickly started getting numb again as Jim drove his cock into
me. I was even able to breathe with his slightly smaller cock in
my throat!

Nothing was required of me but that I be there for them to plunge
their cocks into. I only had to concentrate on keeping my teeth
off of Jim's cock as it plundered my mouth. I let my mind go
blank and waited for it to be over with.

I felt my pussy begin to warm up to the rough rape. But Pete's
cock was nowhere near as overwhelming as Kevin's had been. It
was, I suppose, above average. But it wasn't even as imposing as
Jon's. The motion of his cock slamming into me now was starting
to be stimulating, but I fought it and I was able to avoid losing
control before he finished. I hated having to submit to these
men. But it was even worse when my body betrayed me and they were
able to bring me pleasure from my own rape. It had happened twice
now. Once with Kevin and once with Jon. I was determined that it
wouldn't happen again.

Jim came in my throat and he left his cock buried there for an
uncomfortably long time as it went soft. But at least I didn't
have to taste the slime that shot out of the end of his cock and
straight down my throat.

Pete lasted a very long time before he finally came in my pussy.
He pulled his cock out of me immediately. He reached over my body
and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me around. I didn't
need to be told what to do. I licked and sucked at his cock and
balls until he was clean.

Jim and Jon were both dressed by the time I had cleaned him. Pete
stood up and got dressed too. When he was ready Mr. Johnson said,
"You boys go ahead and get back to work. Close my door on the way
out. Jim, you open up and watch for customers until I finish with
this bitch."

The agents filed out and closed the door. As soon as they were
out of the office Mr. Johnson pushed his chair away from his
desk. His pants were down around one ankle and he had apparently
been playing with himself while he watched his three agents rape
me. His cock was hard and drooling and he looked disgusting.

I started to get up and go over to him but as soon as I was
standing he said, "Your pussy is drooling bitch. Clean that up.
You know what I want to see."

I sighed. I did know what he wanted to see and it turned my
stomach. But I had to please him. I spread my legs a little and
looked down. I scooped up a stream of cum that had begun to run
down one thigh and I caught a dollop of cum that was just oozing
out of me. It was nowhere near as much as it had been this
morning. I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean
and then I looked over to see if he was satisfied.

He smiled and said, "That will do. Now get back down on your
hands and knees like the bitch that you are and crawl over here
and suck my cock."

It was bad enough that I had to submit to these constant rapes. I
don't know why they thought that these horrible insults and all
of this verbal abuse were necessary. I suppose that was all part
of the fun and games. It was as much about the power as the sex.

I dropped down and crawled over on my hands and knees. I felt my
breasts swaying as I did. I could just imagine what I looked like
as I made my way over to him but as humiliating as it was, it was
just one more degrading act in a constant string of degrading

I looked up at Mr. Johnson when I was in place between his
thighs. He just smiled down at me and waited for me to take his
slime covered cock into my mouth. I leaned forward and pushed his
stomach up out of the way with my forehead. Then I took his cock
into my mouth and started sucking.

Mr. Johnson did not strike me as being particularly virile and he
had already cum in me twice this morning. I wasn't sure that he
would be able to do it again and I was afraid that I would be
stuck in this position for a very long time. For that reason I
was shocked when after only a couple of minutes I felt another
small load of extremely bitter cum on my tongue. He didn't so
much ejaculate as ooze cum. I gagged only a little before I
managed to swallow. There had been more of it than the first time
and I wondered if I wasn't priming the pump. I thought that
perhaps it had been a very long time since he had had sex and I
worried that the more we did this the more he would be able to do

He pushed my head away and held his soft cock in his fingers and
leered at me. He seemed to realize that I had guessed his secret
and I had the impression that he resented that I had figured it
out. It could have been all in my mind but I really believed

I waited for permission to rise and dress but before he permitted
that he said, "You're getting better each time cunt. All you need
is more practice." There was a small pause and then he said, "Why
don't you practice on my big toe for a few minutes."

I think I probably turned a little bit green at the very idea. He
saw how much the idea of what he had just said upset me and he
smiled even wider. Then he watched and waited.

I moved back slightly and looked down at his wrinkled, fish belly
white feet and his jagged toenails and as much as I tried not to
I felt the tears of self-pity begin to flow. I lowered my face
and tried not to breathe through my nose as I took his big toe
into my mouth and sucked at it gently.

He watched me and continued working his soft cock as if it were a
cow's teat. Several times he reached down and wiped a couple of
drops of slime on my cheeks as I sucked him.

He was obviously getting pleasure from what I was doing. I knew
that it wasn't physical pleasure though. He was enjoying the
power he had over me. He was getting even with me for the way
that the world treated him.

He let me suck on his gnarled toe for several minutes before he
ordered me to crawl over to my dress and get up. I turned my back
to him and I felt his eyes on me as I slowly crossed the room. I
stood up and on put the dress that Kevin and my daughter had made
me wear. When I had the dress buttoned up I looked at him and he
snarled, "Get to work you lazy cunt. I'll let you know if I want

I went back out into my office. Jim watched me as I crossed the
room. He was sitting in my seat, looking through a real estate
guide as I approached. I stood back and waited for him to get up
so that I could get to work.

He just grinned at me for a moment. Then he called me closer.
When I was standing beside him he said, "Lift your dress up so I
can see your cunt."

I didn't bother to glance at the door. Even if someone had been
standing there I would have had to obey. I lifted my skirt to my
waist and he reached out and inserted two fingers inside of me.

He worked his fingers in and then smiled up at me and said, "Come
on bitch. Show me how you like to fuck. Fuck my fingers like the
nasty cunt you are."

I carefully moved my hips back and forth in a fucking motion,
sliding my cunt back and forth on his fingers. I detected motion
out of the corner of my eye and I saw that Jon was watching from
his office door. I ignored him though. I carefully slid my pussy
back and forth until Jim pulled his fingers free and stood up. He
stuck his fingers in my mouth and after I sucked them clean he
said, "Get to work cunt."

Jim walked away and as he walked past Jon they gave each other a
high five and went into Pete's office. I heard them talking and
laughing but I forced myself to concentrate on my work and tried
not to think about what they must be saying about me.

The office got pretty busy soon after lunch and the afternoon
passed quickly. No one had time to torment me and I got my work
done easily by quitting time. Mr. Johnson and Pete stayed late.
Jim and Jon left a little early. I ignored them and worked
another half hour. When it was time for me to leave I
straightened up my desk and turned off my computer. I grabbed my
purse and stood up and it wasn't until that moment that I
remembered that I had to take the bus home.

I was exhausted. I had almost no sleep last night and I had just
been through the most trying work day I could imagine. Now I had
to take the bus home. I had no idea where the nearest bus stop
was or which bus to take home or even if there was a bus that
went near my house. I had never paid any attention.

I notified Mr. Johnson that I was leaving and he didn't even look
up. He just grunted. I went out and stood facing the road. I
looked up and down the road but I didn't see anything that looked
like a bus stop. I went across the street and started walking
towards home. It was almost exactly fifteen miles from my
driveway to the office parking lot. I prayed that I wouldn't have
to walk that far. I didn't think I could in these high heeled
sandals that Lori had given me to wear.

I was constantly reminded of how exposed I was as I walked.
Passersby stared at me, the women in disbelief and disgust, the
men with obvious desire. And if that wasn't bad enough many of
the cars that passed honked their horns and the young men inside
yelled out obscenities or lewd propositions. I just stared
straight ahead and tried to ignore them.

I had probably walked almost a mile without finding a bus stop
before it occurred to me that I was not walking down the main
thoroughfare where it was most likely that the buses would run. I
turned at the next intersection and walked up two blocks and
there I found a bus stop.

I crossed the street and looked for some kind of schedule or
anything that might suggest what bus I needed to take and how
long it would be before it arrived. There was nothing.

The bus stop was quickly getting crowded and I couldn't help but
notice that most of the people waiting were black and looked like
they had as hard a day as I had. It seemed like every one of them
noticed me and many of them, the men at least, continued to stare
as if I were the entertainment while waiting for their buses.

I heard some crude comments but everyone left me alone until two
younger men came down the sidewalk and took up positions behind
me. One of them stepped close and complimented me on my dress. I
didn't respond and in an aggrieved voice he said, "What's the
matter bitch? Are you too good to talk to me and my friend?"

I glanced around and saw quite a few men watching and enjoying my
obvious discomfort. Not one of them offered to come to my aid.

I whispered, "Please leave me alone. I have had a very bad day. I
just want to go home."

The second man stepped closer and stood on the other side of me.
The young man that had first spoken to me leaned in front of me
and said to his friend, "The lady says she had a hard day bro. I
don't know man. It looks to me like she spent the day on her
back. Check out this ass! And look at them tits. They ain't very
big but look at that, you can see her damn nipples."

I looked around again. I couldn't believe that with all of the
men who were watching not one of them would come to my aid.
Surely they could see that I wasn't the kind of woman that these
two men seemed to think that I was.

But then I remembered that I was being trained to be that kind of
woman. I certainly looked like a prostitute in this awful
sundress. I just put my head down and sighed. I was beginning to
think that the worst day of my life would never end.

My head shot up suddenly when the man behind me reached down and
cupped the naked cheek of my ass right there in front of all of
those people. I felt myself getting even redder but I didn't say
anything. I couldn't move. There were people all around me and
the two men molesting me were standing beside me with their
shoulders touching mine. I couldn't step back. I was being held
in place by the hand groping my ass under my skirt.

When I didn't scream the second man grinned and cupped the other
half of my ass. I was crying quietly now and I whispered, "Please
stop. I'm not like that. I just want to go home."

The first man responded, "Shit lady. You can't stand around in
this part of town dressed like that and tell me you didn't expect
someone to grab that tight little ass. Hell, if I wasn't afraid
of offending the few decent women here I'd push you down on your
knees and get myself a good blowjob. And you'd do it to. I can
tell by looking at you. You ain't gonna try to tell me you've
never sucked a big black cock are you?"

I was silent and he chuckled and said, "I didn't think so. I bet
your fucking mouth is watering right this minute. You put on a
good act but you're walking around with your shit all hanging out
and you didn't say shit when I grabbed your fine little ass. I
don't know what your deal is bitch. But don't play like you ain't
getting off on this. I bet your little pink cunt is drooling for
some nigger cock right this minute."

I was just about to try to break away and start walking again
when I heard a bus approaching. I looked up but the sign on the
front that indicated which bus it was and what its destination
was meant nothing to me.

I waited as several people got off and then a majority of the
waiting crowd climbed on. When everyone that was getting on had
done so I pulled away from the two young men and stepped up on
the bottom stair. I asked the driver how I could get to my
destination and he looked me over and waved me aboard.

I climbed on the already crowded bus and he closed the door and
pulled away from the curb. He told me how much it would cost and
I gave him the money. He handed me a transfer and told me where
to get off and which bus I needed to take to get closest to my
house. I thanked him and he eyed me closely as I tried to work my
way into the crowded bus and find a place to stand.

I was forced to squeeze through the crowd in order to get behind
the line that passengers were not allowed beyond while the bus
was in motion. As I made my way through the crowded aisle I felt
hands all over me. Most of these people had been with me at the
bus stop and had seen me being molested by those two rowdy young
men. I had already demonstrated that I would permit those
liberties. Now I was being held in a tight press of human flesh
and I couldn't even struggle as hands crawled up my legs and
began to explore my body.

I wasn't even able to grab a strap and hand on. I was trapped
between three large men who I finally realized were purposefully
squeezing me in place between their gently rocking bodies. I saw
the looks on their faces and it was no accident that I was
trapped in the small space between them.

I felt one large, rough hand on my ass and another cupping my
pussy. There was nothing that I could do but stand there and try
to keep from crying. The third man had tried to join in the
exploration of my lower body but he gave up as their large
fingers began to penetrate my body. Instead he began to work his
hand into the top of my dress. I was afraid that the tiny string
holding it in place was going to burst.

I had tried several times to pull the hands that were molesting
me away from my body. My attempts were futile but one of the men
finally found what he considered a better use for one of my
hands. He grabbed my wrist and forced my hand over the growing
bulge in the front of his pants.

I tried to pull my hand away but he held it in place and I felt
his fingers pinching my clit. I gasped in pain and looked up into
his face. He didn't say a word but I somehow knew that if I
didn't cooperate the pain would get worse.

I folded my hand around the tube of flesh that pushed against his
pants and the painful pinching stopped. His fingers returned to
exploring my pussy and I stood there rocking with the motion of
the bus with the hands of three strange men exploring my body

The bus was so full that the driver didn't stop unless someone
pulled the chain requesting to get off. But even as the press of
bodies around us began to ease the three men continued to hold me
in place. My dress was up around my waist now and the two men
with their fingers in my pussy and my ass were working them into
my as if they were fucking me with little dicks. I didn't dare
look around but I knew that others must be watching. I felt my
pussy getting wet eventually and I was grateful that the invasion
was becoming less painful. But I couldn't help being annoyed with
my body for giving the man assaulting me the impression that I
was enjoying what he was doing.

Over time we were getting pushed toward the back of the bus. But
the three men never took their hands off of me, or out of me,
until they reached their stop. I heard them talking about trying
to pull me along with them but I'm not sure if they were serious.
In any event they finally removed their hands just in time to
dash off the bus at their stop. It was several seconds before I
realized that my skirt was still up around my waist!

I heard a murmur from the men around me. The bus was still
crowded. I hurriedly pulled my dress down over my lower body. I
was tempted to look around and see how many people had noticed
but I was too embarrassed to meet anyone's eye.

A woman pushed by me at the next stop and in a loud, bitter voice
said, "Slut!"

I heard several people chuckle but I was finally being left
alone. My stop came up a short time after she got off and a dozen
other people got off with me. I stood in back of the crowd
waiting for my next bus and praying that I would be left alone. I
guess that was too much to hope for.

One of the men that had been on the bus and had watched the three
men taking advantage of me sidled up beside me and put his arm
around my waist. I tried to pull away without attracting any more
attention but he hissed at me to stand still. For some reason I
obeyed him!

His hand quickly slid down over my ass and back up under my
skirt. He teased my ass for several minutes before he looked at
his watch. He must have decided he had plenty of time because he
pulled me around behind the bus stop and forced me down on my

I pleaded with him to let me go but he ignored me. He pulled his
cock out of his pants and I saw three other men drifting back to
stand around us and watch as he pulled my mouth down over his
cock. I gave in. I couldn't fight them. I decided that the only
way to get out of this was to suck his cock and get it over with
so that he would leave me alone and I could catch my bus.

I began to suck his cock. I used my hand and sucked with my lips
and tongue instead of taking him into my throat. What the hell!
It's just one more cock. Sucking cocks is just part of being who
I am anymore! I tried to ignore the other men who were watching
and making lewd and insulting comments.

It didn't take long and as he filled my mouth with his cum I
thought to myself, "Great! I'm going to make my bus after all!"

Unfortunately, as soon as the man that had just raped my mouth
put his cock away and left without a word, one of the other three
men took his place. I ended up sucking all three of them off and
as horrible as that was, the worst part was hearing the buses
come and go and knowing that I was missing my bus.

When the third man was finally satisfied I struggled to my feet.
I brushed off my knees and wiped the tears from my eyes. I got
some dirty looks as I went back around and rejoined the crowd
waiting for buses but no one put their hands on me or forced me
to satisfy their base needs after those first four men had raped
my mouth. I know that they were all aware of what I was doing
back behind the bus stop though. I could tell by their faces.

My bus finally came. I was so relieved that I was finally able to
get a seat. I sat down next to a woman and I heard her gasp. I
looked down and saw that my slit was largely exposed. I tried to
pull my skirt down but it just wasn't long enough. I had kept my
legs under my desk all day today and tried not to think about
what I was wearing. I had almost forgotten how much of me was
exposed when I sat down.

The woman beside me stood up and hurriedly moved to another seat.
As soon as she moved a man came over and indicated with his hand
that I should move into the window seat. I shook my head but he
ignored me and sat on the edge of my seat and pushed me over with
his hip.

His hand immediately came to rest on my upper thigh, his finger
resting on my moist slit. He leaned closer and said, "I've been
watching you since that first bus stop. You are quite a slut
aren't you?"

I wanted to deny it but what would be the use. I just sat in my
seat staring straight ahead and tried to act like he wasn't

His hand clamped down on my thigh and he hissed, "I asked you a
fucking question bitch!"

I jumped and tried futilely to loosen his grip. Finally I gasped,
"No! I'm not a slut."

He responded sarcastically, "Yeah, right! Lady, I saw you letting
those two guys play with you at the bus stop on Clover Street. I
saw you letting three men feel you up on the first bus. I saw you
go behind the bus stop with four men and I know you weren't back
there talking about sports. What did you do, suck their cocks

I was crying again. He was working his finger inside of my pussy
as he recounted the horrors of my bus ride home. I had stopped
struggling with him though. I responded, "Yes, they made me suck
their cocks. They forced themselves on me just like you are now.
I didn't have a choice."

"Bullshit!" he exclaimed. "You had a choice. You could have
fought them or screamed. You were asking for it. Look at this
fucking dress your wearing! Your god damn pussy is showing for
Christ's sake! A woman doesn't leave the house looking like this
unless she is in the mood for some cock."

"I didn't have any choice! I told you, someone made me dress this
way. I didn't want to. This isn't even my dress."

He quickly responded, "More bullshit. You let someone make you
dress this way. If you didn't want to be treated this way you
wouldn't have worn that dress and you wouldn't be letting me
stick my finger in your cunt while we have this discussion."

I shook my head but I could see that I wasn't going to win this
argument. I finally just turned and stared out the window and let
him play with my pussy until my stop. I pulled the chain and got
off at my stop, watching fearfully in case he or someone else
decided to follow me. I was a little surprised that he had let me
up when I got to my stop. But he did and I hurried out into the
growing dark.

I saw that I was three blocks from the end of my street. The bus
turned at the next intersection so this must be as close as I
could get to my street on the bus. I walked to my street and
turned towards my house. I still had a long walk to my house,
nearly a mile. I had not taken bus service into consideration
when I chose my home.

It was the longest mile I had ever walked. I had never been so
tired in my life and my feet were killing me in these sandals
with the spiked heels. But twenty minutes later I finally made it
to my house. When I got there I didn't see Kevin's car in the
driveway and the house looked dark. I hoped desperately that the
house would be empty and I could take a long, hot shower and go
right to bed. I don't think I had ever been so tired in my life.

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