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Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture
By Semiater (

This is the story of 5 high school Cheerleaders' who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading - Semiater (

Chapter One

It was a crappy night out, raining, cold, all and all miserable. The funny thing is, I wasn't even supposed to be at the shop. It's my garage, but I have a guy that runs the place for me, and I usually sit at home "managing" from a far. It's a good life, I can't complain.

I was sitting at the counter watching some of the Monday night football game. I was in the shop trying to get a bunch of paper work done, and I ended up staying late. Everybody else was gone and wouldn't be back in till morning, and the game had already started, so I figured I'd stick around till half time, and then head home after that.

I was pretty pissed when I heard the knock on the window, I figured it was some idiot thinking I'd turn on the pumps so they could get some gas. I never would have answered the door but I knew they could see me behind the counter, since I'd forgot to drop the blind on the window like I should have.

When I got to the door I saw these two cute girls, all decked out in their high school cheerleading outfits, wearing those little white shoes, and the short skirts. The two must have been cold, they barely had anything on in the way of clothes, and the way it was raining, they looked like drowned rats, but cute little drowned rats.

I could feel the aching in my loins immediately as I opened the front door, hell, I thought I might get a blow job out of it at least.

"Thanks Mister, our car broke down and our cells don't work out here." I led the pair into the shop, making sure to close the blind so nobody else could see inside now.

"Do you think we could use your phone?"

"Well, what's wrong with your car, want me to tow it in and see if I can do anything with it?" The two girls looked at each other, they were so cute, and the way the rain trickled down their foreheads, I could almost imagine their matted hair having been caused by a long fucking session, at least I wished it had.

Even under the little vest of their uniforms I could see they both had great bodies, young, lithe bodies. They both looked to be about 17 or 18.

"What are you doing out tonight, its horrible weather." I had to make sure nobody knew where they were, or that they had called anybody yet about the car, my mind was already concocting plans.

"We had a football game in Ada, we drove instead of riding on the bus, and then on the way home, we must have turned down the wrong road, and, well we're lost." The girl was obviously a little scared. It only made my balls ache even more.

"What's wrong with the car?"

"I don't know, we were driving along, and then hit this big puddle, and it kind of died."

"Hum. Where's it at?"

"Well, it's down this road," she pointed to the west, "and then there is this sign with a big windmill on it, and we're down the road there."

"How the hell did you get on that road? It's a dead end that leads to nowhere." I had to do everything to cover up my smile, I knew exactly where they were talking about, and there wasn't anything up the road, nobody would have driven past them and seen them there."

"I don't know, we turned down there thinking it was the way to the highway, then we'd got to the dead end, we were coming back and hit this huge pothole puddle thing, and then the car kind of died." I could see the girl shivering as she recounted the story for me.

"Please mister, could you give us a tow and see if you could get it started." She pulled out her wallet and flashed a couple credit cards.

"So nobody knows you're out this way, and you said your phone doesn't work?" It was probably a little bit risky to ask so explicitly, but I had to know, and my mind was racing with plans. Like I said, I've got a pretty good life, I've got the only shop for a 20 mile radius, I do lots of work on tractors and farm equipment, I've got other people to do the work, so I have a lot of free time. I've had the place for 15 years, inherited it from my dad when he passed, and now I've expanded it to a huge business, junk yard, little bit of a dealership, you know, man of all trades and hard work equals success kind of thing.

"No mister, we got lost. We were following the team bus, but in the rain and everything, we kind of lost them. Our phones don't work out here." I knew there wasn't a cell phone tower for 50 miles, not many of the farmers had use for them so they were never built, to my great joy.

"We walked all the way here and didn't see a soul. Mister, we've got 3 friends still sitting in the car, it's cold out, could you please go pick them up? Please?" Though she was young, the girl obviously was well practiced in using the pouting look to get men to do things for her.

"My name is Pat." I extended my hand.

"I'm Tara, and this is my friend Lisa." Tara was probably 5'8", she had long straight blonde hair, at least it would be straight again when it dried. The way she did all the talking, I kind of figured she was the captain of the squad, probably the most popular girl in school, and girl most jacked off to girl in classmate fantasies.

Lisa, the other girl, she wasn't quite as tall, maybe 5'6", her breasts seemed to be larger, the curve of her outfit at least gave that indication. Lisa's hair was blonde too, but it looked to be via the hairdresser, and not natural.

"Hi, Tara, Lisa, I guess it's your lucky night. I should have been out of here a couple hours ago, but I stayed late to do some paperwork, and boom, you come along. Let's see what I can do for you." I had them in my grasp, I could see the relief in their eyes, they actually thought they had been incredibly lucky, in a few hours, they'd know the truth, that I was the lucky one that night.

"You said you've got three friends in the car still?"

"Yeah. It's cold out their."

"Well, I can't fit you all in the truck when I pick up the car, so do you mind staying here? Then I'll bring them back and see what I can do about your vehicle?"

"Oh that would be great mister."

"Here, why don't you set all your bags behind the counter here and I'll take you down into the lounge and you can warm up and relax. You can call your parents from there if you want." I handed each of the girls a towel from the shelf. I made sure that they left all their stuff behind the desk, even though I knew their phones wouldn't work here I didn't want to take chances.

"Just follow me." I led the girls through one of the "employee only" doors, then down into the pit, though they didn't know it was the pit, at least not yet.

"Sorry about the dirt and grime, this is a working garage and the lounge is kind of hidden away." I turned on as few lights as possible so they wouldn't get too nervous. When I got them to the pit door, I knew I was set. "Just head into the lounge and I should be back in a few minutes with your friends." I didn't turn the lights on till they were well inside and I'd slammed the door shut. I could hear them screaming instantly when they saw their surroundings, I loved it. I knew they were seeing the inside of the oil pit, the car parked over head, and I knew they had to know what was happening now.

I rushed upstairs into the garage. The girls' voices were shrill, and I could hear the fear clearly in their screams. I peered under the car, I could just barely see the two there. There was no way they could get out, the pit was a good 7' deep, and there was a car parked over top, so as young and flexible as they might be, they weren't getting out of there.

"Girl's" I tried to address them, but they were screaming loud and couldn't hear me. I let them wail for a few minutes more.

"Please mister, please, please, let us go, please…" I didn't bother to respond to their pleas, I just waited for them to go quiet. They continued to sob as I started speaking.

"Don't worry girls, I'll be back soon enough with your friends. I apologize that it's kind of dirty down there, but let me take care of your car, get your friends in line, and then I'll take you to a nice warm place, be patient. We'll have a good time after that."

"Pleaaaaasssseeee!" I could hear them crying out to me as I hopped in the rig and started off to pick up their friends. I guess it was a little cruel, but I turned off all the lights in the garage, only the florescent glow of the sign gave off any light at all. I can just imagine them huddling together. Hell, in a week or so, if everything goes right, I think I'll have those to do more than just huddle together.

I couldn't help but rub my dick as I drove to the spot where Tara said they broke down. Believe me, I've never done anything like this before. Oh, sure, I've got a blowjob or two from a grateful girl with a broken down car, hell, I fucked a couple, but I've never thought of doing anything like this. But the opportunity is just too damn good. I mean, five girls, five teenage cheerleaders at that, hell, how lucky can you get?

The car was right where I thought it would be. I didn't bother to turn on the flashers, and I cut the headlights as quick as I could, no use drawing any attention to myself, even though I know nobody would see me. The road connected to one of Old man Patterson's back fields, and there isn't a house for a mile around, the girls had done a good job getting off the main road for me.

I had to knock on the window, the girls in the car were too afraid to get out on their own.

"Hi there, my name is Pat, Tara and Lisa sent me to pick you up and see if I could get your car running back at the shop." I saw the ease flash over their eyes when I told them Tara and Lisa had sent me.

"Why don't you three go hop in the truck, the heat is on, it's probably a little more comfortable than the car. Just leave your bags in here though, there isn't a lot of room in the cab, we'll get to the station and straighten everything out there." I love trusting kids. I was even more pleased that my three newest captives were equally as beautiful as the first two. I didn't get names, but there was another blonde, one of those tall thin girls, probably 5'8", and she was absolutely stunning, and seeing her, it was pretty damn hard covering up my erection. A whole world of ideas flashed through my mind when I watched her climb out of the car.

There was also a brunette. She was probably only about 5'2", maybe 5'3", though, when I get her into some high heels, she'll definitely look pretty hot. I couldn't tell for sure in the dark and the uniform, but she looked like she had big tits.

The third girl was a redhead, not fiery red hair mind you, it was more soft, almost a strawberry blonde, just the way I like them. She looked to be about 5'6", and her body looked incredible, thin, decent breasts, long legs. I'd sure got lucky, whatever school they were from produced some hot cheerleaders.

I walked the girls up to the cab and helped them up. I don't think they even minded that I touched their asses as I got them in.

"You can see if you can get something on the radio, you might be able to get a station, the two-way is down though." It was only down because I'd disabled it, I didn't want to give them any ideas at all to try and call for help.

It's amazing how fast you can get something done when you're dick is demanding you get the girls home. I got their car up on the flatbed in record time. I brought along a cover just in case. I knew I would dump the car in the junkyard tonight, then crush it tomorrow or the next day. I was already thinking about getting Jim—my manger—out to the house to help with the girls, hell, I might even offer him one of the girls for his own.

I hopped back into the cab, I didn't even care if they saw the bulge in my pants at that point, though I don't think they did.

"Hey girls, I think we're all set. I think I can get your car fixed tonight and then get you on your way." I popped the truck into gear and started off for the shop. I couldn't wait to get back.

"So we weren't properly introduced. Again, my name is Pat." The brunette was pressed so close against me I could feel the heat of her body. I 'accidentally' grazed her thigh as I got the big truck up to speed on the highway. The blonde spoke first.

"My name is Monique."

"I'm Emily." I liked the strawberry blonde already, and I loved the name.

"I'm Jayme." Taking a look now the brunette definitely had big knockers. It was hard to keep my mind on the road when I started thinking about what I could do to those tits.

"We should be back at the shop in a couple minutes." I'd already decided I'd take the truck and their car into the back garage, we used it for storage mostly, but it would be the best place to unload. Once I closed the door there wouldn't be anyplace for the girls to run, which was perfect.

I pulled the rig into the garage without incident. I'd decided I'd get them out of the truck and walk them over to the tool cage, it would be a good place to hold them till I got their car dumped in the junk yard.

"Girl's, I'm going to drop you off here for the moment, see that cage over against the wall? There is a door inside that leads to a nice lounge, that's where Tara and Lisa are. Then I'll get your car up on the hoist and see what's wrong with it. Okay?"

"Sure, that sounds good. Do you think we could call our parents to tell them what's up?"

"Yeah, that's not a problem, though I think Tara and Lisa said they were going to tell everybody where you were when they called home. There is a phone in the lounge, so you can call if you want anyway." I helped the girls out of the cab, copping a feel just for the hell of it, though soon enough, I knew I'd be able to do whatever I want with them.

I led the girls over to the cage, I had to undo the padlock for them, I don't think they suspected anything at all. I was such a gentlemen, letting them all go first, I don't think they had a clue what was up till I slammed the door shut and put the padlock back on.

"Whaaa…" Monique couldn't even finish her cry, it was classic. I think for the first time they realized that the cage was just that, 4 walls, and a fenced in ceiling, there was no door to a lounge anywhere.

"What are you doing, let us go. Where are Tara and Lisa???" The three girls were so cute in their little cheerleading outfits, I almost just wanted to stare at them for awhile, but already I was getting sick of their screaming. Jayme had hold of the fence and was trying to rip through it, but I knew she wasn't going to get anyplace.

"Let me take care of your car, then a little later we'll head off to my house for a good time." I knew it would make them scream more, but it was kind of fun. I liked making them even more scared, and I still had a lot to take care of before I could get them home for the real events I planned.

I hopped in the cab and started backing the rig out of the garage. My mind was racing. I already knew where I'd keep the girls till I got things really fixed up. I'd bought my house a number of years ago, the place was huge, and in the basement the previous owners had run a dog breeding business. There were still like 10 kennels down there, and a bunch of dog cages used for transport. I'm so glad now I'd procrastinated on getting rid of the crap. I'd been meaning to do it for years, but now, it turned out to be the perfect spot to keep them until I got the basement finished up just like I dreamed of. I think there are even some dog whips and leashes down there. I'll probably have to do some shopping on the net for all the other toys I'd love to use on the girls, but I think I'll have enough to keep them occupied for awhile.

I took their car out to the back part of the junkyard, really it's not even the junkyard, it's this fenced in area out by the trees. Nobody ever goes out there, and with the cover on, I should have a couple days easy to crush the thing.

After I dumped the car off and locked the fence up again, I drove back into the front garage and parked. I'd pulled all the girls' crap out of their car already, I knew I'd probably have to have a good old bonfire one of these nights.

I heard Tara and Lisa screaming in the pit as I moved their stuff from under the counter.

"I'll be right with you girls. I picked up your friends. They're doing fine, they're out in a cage on the back lot."

I walked into the office and got a huge duffle bag, I dumped all the girls' stuff in and then put it in my truck. It was going to be a tight fit in the cab, even though I had a quad cab. Hell, then I realized I might as well put the girls in the bed, I've got a cover, maybe the cold would get them a little more in the mood to behave when I get them home?

I went into the shop and grabbed a handful of nylon ties, they'd be good to bind the girls' wrists with.

"Hey Tara, Lisa, it's almost time to take you to my place." I could hear them blubbering in the pit. It was kind of fun to make them scared. I almost couldn't believe I was doing this, it's not like I'd planned it or anything, but when 5 beautiful teenage cheerleaders fall into your lap so perfectly, what else can you do? Serendipity, you've got to love it.

I went out to my truck and laid an old sleeping bag in the bed. I had the nylon ties and I grabbed some duct tape to gag the girls' mouths' with. I'd already got all their possessions in the truck and hidden their car, I didn't have to worry about security tapes or anything like that. There are some nice things about living in a small town, crime isn't really a problem so we'd never bothered to invest in cameras, or anything like that at the shop. Well, crime was low, with the exception of me and 5 kidnapped girls now.

I put my head under the car that covered the pit. I could hear Tara and Lisa balling, they tried to beg me to let them go, but I had no desire to listen.

"Girl's, it's time to head home. We're just going to have a little fun, and then everything will be all right." I lied, but it doesn't really matter. "I'm going to open the door to the pit, I want you, Tara, to come out first. Don't think about doing anything stupid, just behave and everything will be all right. I want you to walk to me, I'm going to put a nylon strap around your wrists and then gag you with a bit of tape. After that, when I call for you, Lisa, I want you to come out and I'll bind you too." I listened to them sob, it was joy to my ears.

"Have you girls ever heard of a tazer?" I paused, letting them think about what I said.

"One of the farmers left one here at the shop a time ago, it's for use on cattle. If you get any ideas, well, I'll have to use it on you, and I don't think either of you would like that." I held the cattle prod over the pit and pushed the rubber button, a glorious blue arc of electricity shot from the points of the prod. I don't know if I'd really have the heart to use it on one of the girls, but I think the threat was all they needed.

I went down to the pit and opened the door slowly.

"Tara, I want you to come through the door, walk towards my voice, keep your hands up behind your neck. Understand?" I could hear her sniffle out a response. I saw her shadowy figure move down the narrow hall from the pit. When she reached the stairwell I had her get to her knees. I was a little disappointed she didn't fight more as I pulled her hands into the small of her back and zipped off one of the nylon ties, I pulled it tight, I'm sure it hurt, but I didn't want her going anyplace. She tried to beg me to let her go before I put the tape over her mouth, but I really didn't feel like listening. With my hand up under her elbow I moved her up the stairway and left her at the top of the steps.

"Lisa, it's your turn. Be a good girl like Tara and everything will be all right." I saw Lisa emerge from the pit door. My dick was aching. I thought I might cream my shorts, but I managed to get Lisa bound and gagged without making a real mess.

Once I had the two at the top of the steps it was easy. I had the truck parked just out the back door where there were no lights. I picked up each girl and tossed her onto the rolled out sleeping bag. Before closing the lid on the bed I decided to put a nylon tie around each of the girl's ankles.

I could barely see them in the dark, but I loved the gentle, desperate mewing I heard. I shut the cover on the bed and drove into the back garage, ready to pick up my three passengers from the cage.

I was damn near ready to blow with anticipation by the time I got to the back garage. I couldn't stop thinking about the two girls lying in the back of my truck. God they looked so cute in their little cheerleading outfits. I was having a hard time deciding which girl I was going to take first. I planned to take all of them in turn, and I hoped at least a couple were virgins still, but who knows anymore? If nothing else I'm sure none of them had been taken anally yet, and I can just imagine how tight their asses are. Oh I can't wait to hear them scream as I force my prick up their cute little butts.

The three girls in the cage were yelling when I pulled the truck in. I didn't even try to cover up my erection when I started toward them.

"What are you doing? What are you doing? Let us go, please!" Jayme's scream echoed through the large back garage. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I moved towards them.

"Girls, girls, I know you can't wait, but it's only going to be a few minutes more." I held the cattle prod up for all of them to see.

"Do you know what a cattle prod is?" I pushed the button and the spark arced from the two points.

"I want you all to get on your knees and put your hands up behind your head. I'm going to come in there and put a nylon strap around your wrists. Don't think about doing anything heroic, otherwise you'll get to feel this prod, and from what I've heard, it's not too pleasant an experience." I stood outside the cage waiting for the girls to put their hands up behind their heads. They were all sobbing, I loved the way their bodies shuddered. Monique was the first to obey, she hesitantly put her hands up behind her head, her gaze was locked on me the whole time. I knew then, looking into those big hazel eyes, she was going to share my bed tonight.

"Come on girls, be good like Monique and put your hands behind your head." When I pushed the button on the prod again, the other two girls moved their hands up behind their necks.

"Good girls. Now sit still and we'll get you home." I failed to mention it was my home, though I think they were getting the idea now.

They were all sobbing hysterically as I unlocked the door to the cage and walked in. Even if they fought, I knew I could overpower them. I'm not the smallest guy in the world. Yeah, I'm a little out of shape, but not too bad. I'm 6'1" and 250, I know what you're thinking, 250, that's more than a little out of shape? Well, put it this way, I used to be big into weightlifting, and I still put up my fair share, so it's not like its all fat, and I know I could take all three girls if I needed to, but I didn't think it would come to that. Not the way their bodies trembled, and not based on the volume of their cries, they sounded too desperate to put up that much of a fight.

I grabbed for Jayme's wrists and pulled them into the small of her back, the nylon band went easily around her tiny wrists and I cinched the plastic tight.

"Pleeeaaaasseee." She could barely stutter out the words. I tore off a piece of duct tape and sealed it over her mouth, I enjoyed the break from her cries. I rubbed her long hair and bent down to whisper in her ear.

"We're going to have a lot of fun princess, just relax."

I had hold of Emily's wrists, I put the nylon band on, pulling it tight so there was no way she could get out. Her lips were trembling, and the tears streaked down her cheeks as I put the tape over her mouth.

Monique's whole body shook as I put the plastic around her wrists. I reached around her and cupped her breasts through the cheerleading outfit, they weren't huge, but even through the fabric I could tell they were perfectly formed, and so young and taut. I pressed my hips into her back. I could hear her whimper louder as my hard cock touched her body. I cut another piece of tape and pressed it tight over her mouth.

"It's time for you to meet up with Tara and Lisa again, they're in the back of the truck." I helped Monique from her knees and started leading her out of the cage toward my truck. I let the tailgate down, then lifted up the cover on the bed. After the initial period of squinting against the lights, I loved the look of shock on Tara and Lisa's face as they saw Monique there, the tape over her mouth and her hands bound behind her back.

"I told you I'd go pick up your friends, I'll get Jayme and Emily in a second." I put my hand up between Monique's legs, I could feel the gentle bulge of her sex as I lifted her up into the bed. I helped her into position next to Lisa.

Stepping back, I loved the way the three looked laid out in the back of the truck. I wrapped a tie around Monique's ankles so she couldn't hope of getting away. I loved the way their bodies twitched uncontrollably in fear.

"Let me go get your friends and we'll get out of here." I hopped off the tailgate and went to get Jayme and Emily. They were still on their knees, their big eyes followed my every move. I helped them up and held their elbows tight, I pushed them towards the truck, my dick was about to explode. I was tempted as hell to just take one of them there, to drop those cute little panties and ram home, but even though I knew nobody would come in, I thought it wiser to get them to my house, then I could have all my fun in the privacy of my own place.

It was kind of a tight fit to get all 5 girls into the back of the bed. I'd debated whether I should put a blanket over them or let them feel the chill of the night air, in the end I decided to keep them a little warm, I tossed an old blanket over top of the three writhing girls.

I stood there looking down on them.

"Don't worry girls, we should be home in about 10 minutes. Believe me, I can't wait." I couldn't stop smiling. My brain was racing, all the things I'd ever fantasized about, now I was going to make it happen. I'd experimented a little with BDSM, I had a few girlfriends over the years that liked to be tied up, but it was all a game, they didn't really get into it the way I'd wanted too, that was all going to change now. I had five slaves to do with as I pleased.

I shut the lid on the bed of the truck and slammed the tailgate shut. I couldn't wait to get home.

I went through the shop one more time. I made sure that there were no sign that would make the girls' presence known. I took a look at the pit to make sure there was nothing on the floor, or that they wrote notes on the walls. It took awhile, I thought my dick was going to explode, but I just wanted to make sure. When I finally climbed up in the cab I was dying. I couldn't even stroke myself through my pants, I knew if I did I'd cream my shorts, and I wanted to save all my cum for my new prizes.

The ride home was terrible. I wished the miles would melt away, it felt like I was high, there was so much excitement and adrenaline running through my body I almost felt sick. When I finally pulled my truck into the garage I had to just sit there for a second, I couldn't believe what I'd done, I'd kidnapped 5 girls, and soon, I was going to rape them all and keep them as my slaves. I should have felt guilty, but you know, I didn't.

When I got out of the truck I thought about getting the girls right then, but instead I went into the house. My two dogs were on me the moment I got through the door. I suppose they were a little anxious, I was a couple hours late feeding them. They were good boys, two big black labs. I'd got them both as puppies, and now, at 2 and a half they each weighed over 110lbs. Spike was the alpha dog between the two, and Shadow followed along obediently wherever he went.

I didn't bother trying to make anything up for them. I'd grilled up a couple steaks the night before for myself, I figured what the hell, I'd treat the boys to that, and then I could get my dick in Monique a lot sooner, since I'd decided on her. There was just something about her, the way she moved. There was an endearing nervousness that turned me on, I can't explain it.

After I'd dealt with the dogs it was off to my new prizes. I loved the way the five pairs of eyes followed my every move. With their hands and legs bound I had to slide the girls out one by one from the truck. First I put Tara over my shoulder and carried her down into the basement. I could hear her trying to beg, but the tape did an effective job of muffling anything she tried to say.

I carried Tara down the stairs, and then took her off into the unfinished side of the basement. I had a good 1500 sq ft of space, I'd debated for years what to do with it, but now it was perfect, I knew I was going to build my own dungeon to keep my pets.

I set Tara down on the floor. At first I was going to put her in one of the cages, but then I decided that the girls probably needed to use the bathroom.

"Now Tara, don't think about doing anything stupid, if you girls behave, you'll be all right. Do you understand?" The terrified girl nodded her head.

"I'm going to put you in the bathroom and then get your friends. I'm going to untie you, be smart, don't do anything stupid." I cut the nylon bands on her wrists and ankles. There was a bathroom on the unfinished side of the basement, obviously the previous owners had planned to finish off the apace, but never got around to it, just like me.

I shut the door and left Tara inside. I was able to make sure she couldn't get out by wedging the door shut. Only three more to go…

I was pretty damn tired by the time I got Jayme, Lisa and Emily into the basement. I left them all locked in the bathroom when I went to get Monique. I'm sure the later arriving girls might have liked some privacy when they used the toilet, but I wanted to get them all used to having no more rights but what I gave them.

Unlike the other girls I got Monique out of the truck and carried her into my bedroom. The dogs were barking and yelping at her as I carried her into my room, but they meant no harm. I laid Monique down on the bed and then got the dogs out. Seeing her there, bound as she was, I desperately wanted to fuck her, but I had to take care of the other girls first.

I grabbed the sleeping bag and blanket from the truck and carried it down into the basement. I was pleased to see that none of the girls had taken the tape from their mouths when I left them alone in the bathroom.

"Did you all take care of your business?" I could see the tears streaming down their cheeks.

"Come on." I stood back and pointed the girls toward one of the kennels, they were for pretty big dogs, so they were about 6' tall, maybe 6-7' deep, and about 5' wide. I knew the chain link was connected well, it could handle 150lb danes beating against it, and I knew it could handle my new pets too.

I tossed the blanket and sleeping bag into the cage in preparation for the girls.

"Go on, get in there." I could hear them sobbing louder as they got in the cage.

"I'll bring you down some water and something to eat in a few. You can take off the tape, though I don't want to hear any of your bitching." There was a part of me, something deep down that made me feel bad about taking the girls, but with the aching in my balls, I knew my guilty conscience wasn't going to win out.

I filled a couple gallon jugs full of water, then grabbed a bunch of granola bars and some apples for the girls. I knew they'd be fine until morning. The sleeping bag and blanket were big, I knew they'd have to huddle together, but that kind of turned me on anyway.

Tara started to say something when I dropped off the food and water, but I only had to put my finger to my lip and she shut up.

"Have a good night sleep girls. I'll check on you in the morning, then we can get to know each other a lot better." I left one of the lights on across the way, I thought it would be a little too cruel to leave them completely in the dark.

I made up a little dinner for myself and Monique. Nothing flashy, just some chicken and a salad, though I am a pretty damn good cook this was something just to tide us over.

Monique started whimpering when I walked in the door. I set the tray of food next to her on the bed, but I wasn't going to release her hands just yet. I lay next to her, I got close, I could feel her try to wiggle away, but there wasn't much she could do.

"So, are you hungry?" I could see her nod ever so slightly, her eyes were wide and locked on me. I ripped the tape from her mouth, she wailed out when I did, twisting her head side to side from the pain. She started to say something, but I silenced her immediately.

"You will do as I say, without hesitation. You won't speak unless I tell you to, and you won't do anything unless I tell you to. If you behave, I'll treat you well." She started to cry as I grabbed her breast, I softly massaged her mound through the fabric.

"Do you want something to eat?" She nodded. I grabbed a couple pillows and propped her up. I took a forkful of salad and brought it to her lips, I gave her a bite, then one to myself.

"When I have you trained, you'll feed me." I gave her a shot of juice, she drank it down greedily.

I enjoyed having control over her, even if it was just feeding her. I slid my hand up under her short skirt and ran my fingers over the bulge of her pussy. I didn't slide my hand inside her clothes, not yet at least. I knew that after I fed her I wanted to make her strip for me. I'd already formulated at least some of my plan. I loved the way I could feel her muscles tense as I moved my hand over her skin.

When we'd finished the salad, I rolled Monique over onto her belly. I cut the straps from her wrists and ankles, though she didn't try to even move when she was free.

"Get up, go use the bathroom, you've got 20 minutes. Don't think about doing anything stupid, got it?" I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and lifted her head up so she was looking me in the eyes.
Understand?" Terrified she nodded.

"Good, get into the bathroom, make yourself look good." It didn't matter, she was naturally beautiful, and the fear, that was what had me so horny I couldn't even stand it.

The time seemed to pass so slow, I stared at the clock for about five minutes, but it felt like time was moving backwards. Finally I started cleaning up the place, I locked the phone in the end table, and hid away anything that my new pet could use to escape. I still had a lot of work before I could do the things I wanted to with my slaves in the house, but I'd have fun tonight, that's for sure.

I could hear her crying when I knocked at the bathroom door.

"Time to earn your keep baby." It was a little crude to say, but I was desperate, I couldn't wait anymore. I opened the door, Monique was cowering in the corner of the bathroom.

I'd already taken the liberty of stripping, and I loved the way her eyes focused on my prominent erection.

"Get out here slut." I motioned her toward me with my finger. The girl's whole body shuddered as she got to her feet. I thought she'd collapse to the ground the way her knees buckled.

I sat on the edge of the bed and took in the glorious sight of my new pet. I pointed to the floor in front of me.

"Strip for me cunt." Monique's hands shook so bad I didn't know if she'd be able to manage the act of stripping, but I was going to eat up her struggles.

"Pllleeeeasssse Mister." I think she was surprised how fast I moved, I was up and slapped her hard across the face before she even knew what happened. I grabbed a handful of her beautiful blonde hair and arched her head back so I loomed over her.

"I said strip for me slut. Don't ever talk back to me. If you don't strip, I'll do it for you, and I'll tell you this, you'll wish you'd obeyed me." I let go of her hair and sat back on the edge of the bed. My heart was beating so fast, the adrenaline was flooding through my bloodstream. I can't explain the feeling, but I loved it. My prick throbbed in pure excitement.

Monique was crying as she started pulling down the zipper on her little cheerleading vest. What makeup she had left streaked down her cheeks. Part of me wished I had a camera set up, but the truth is I don't think I'd ever forget the image of her there.

Monique twisted her body out of the little vest. She pulled her skin tight shirt out of the band of her waist. I could tell she had nice breasts, nothing huge, but definitely nice, and firm.

Her stomach rippled in convulsions as she lifted the shirt up over her head. She tried to cross her arms over her sports bra, but I could already tell by what I saw, that I was going to have a great time with this girl.

I needed only to point at her little skirt to get her moving again after she'd hesitated, she undid the clasp and let the fabric fall around her ankles, leaving her standing there in her little blue outer panties.

"Come on, get it off!" Monique tried to delay all she could, but even she knew it was inevitable. She slid the outer panties over her hips till she was standing there in only her bra, and her cute sport panties.

I shifted my body as if I was going to stand, Monique yelped and jumped back a few inches. Before I had to say anything, she started lifting her bra over her head. She tried to hold it over her chest for an instant, but then thought better of it and let it fall to the floor.

I couldn't help but smile, I'm sure it made her all the more nervous, but I didn't care, I just knew I needed my cock in her mouth before I shot my load on the floor.

Monique's hands trembled so bad I didn't think she'd be able to get her panties to the floor, but she inched it down her thighs. When I saw her smooth, shaved mound I was in heaven. She jerked away as I got to my feet and moved toward her.

"On your knees!" I grabbed her by the neck and forced her to the floor. "Suck my dick slut!" I forced the head of my cock to her lips. I grabbed a clump of her hair in my hands and twisted till she screamed. "I said suck my cock cunt!"

I almost blew as I forced my prick in between her tight moist lips. I heard her gag as I forced all 8" of my dick down her throat. I felt her tongue moving over the bottom of my shaft involuntarily as she struggled for breath. I clamped my hands on the back of her head and held her on me till I thought she was going to pass out.

I only pulled out for an instant, long enough for her to gasp for breath before I slammed my hips forward and made her swallow me again. I knew I wasn't going to last long, but I wanted to get a couple good thrusts in before I blew in her mouth. I felt her hands at my hips trying to push me away, but with the urgency I felt to cum, nothing was going to keep me from having my prick deep in her sweet little mouth.

I felt it deep in my loins. I've never felt my balls contract like that. I felt the cum shoot from my dick, and it kept coming, my balls pulsed and shot a huge load deep in Monique's throat. I could hear her gagging as I held the back of her head tight, forcing her to take my whole length in her mouth. I didn't think it would ever stop, my balls jerked and squeezed more cum out, I bellowed out in a primal roar. I kept cumming so much it hurt.

After what seemed like an eternity I knew I'd spent my load. I looked down at my new prize as I eased my rampant cock from her mouth. I could see the cum seeping around her lips, and she started to cough up my seed.

"Swallow it slut, swallow it!" I arched her head back as she gasped for breath. "Swallow it down cunt!" I saw her big hazel eyes looking up at me, pleading, begging me to stop, but there was something animal in my need to see her drink all my sperm down.

I let go of Monique's hair and let her collapse to the floor after she'd desperately swallowed all my cum. She lay in a heap sobbing as I went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. My balls still tingled.

Monique was still lying on the floor, in the midst of her cute little outfit, when I came back into the bedroom. I had to lift her off the ground and onto the bed.

"Get on your knees!" Monique pushed her ass into the air and got to her knees. I grabbed for her wrists and pulled them back to her ankles, spreading her legs wider I duct taped her wrists to her ankles, her face was forced down into the mattress. I pulled off her shoes and socks and left her like that. I loved the way her hair cascaded over her head and spread out on the bed.

I laid down on the bed next to Monique's head, she turned to face me, I could see the tears streaming down her cheeks. I pushed the hair out of her face.

"How'd you like that slut? Have you ever given a blow job before?" I saw her nod in abject humiliation. "Tell me, do you like the taste of cum?" I watched her close her eyes and stutter out the word no.

"Well, you'd better get used to it." I reached up under her body and pinched her nipple between my fingers.

"Have you ever had vaginal sex Monique?" When I heard her sobbing I knew the answer was no, and she knew I was going to pop her cherry soon.

"How about masturbation?" I didn't hear her response, but I didn't much care.

"Well, I'm going to make you cum Monique, you've been a good girl." I got up from the bed and walked to my dresser. I've always loved seeing women orgasm, so one of the toys I'd picked up over the years was a Magic Wand vibrator.

Monique did what she could to watch me after I plugged in the vibrator. I had the G-Spot attachment too, but I didn't think I'd need it, not tonight at least.

I heard her whimpering when I flipped the switch and the vibrator started going. I heard her squeak as I pressed the head of the vibrator into the folds of her sex.

"How do you like that?" I saw Monique's legs start to shudder as I moved the head of the vibrator up and down over her sex, her whole body convulsed when I touched the vibrator to her clit.

"Please…stop…please…" I didn't listen to her words, I pressed the head against her clit and gently spread her labia with my fingers. I moved my fingers over her sensitive flesh, I could already feel the moisture spreading from her pussy.

I flipped the switch on the vibrator to high and pushed it harder against Monique's clit, I could hear her cries growing louder.

"That's it slut." I got between her legs and let my tongue dart into her sex. I licked her, spreading her young flesh wide, tasting the pink as I held the vibrator to her clit.

Monique's legs started to shake, I could see her tits jiggling. I loved the mixture of want, and disgust in her movements. I could see her hips gyrating, pushing back onto my tongue, rubbing against the vibrator's head as she cried out, begging me to stop.

I forced a finger into her pussy, not deep, just enough to tease her body.

"That's it cunt, fuck me, fuck my finger." I could hear her start to pant, her nipples were hard and I pushed the head of the vibrator against her breast, she involuntarily groaned.

I slid my finger from Monique's snatch, it was wet with her juices. I forced my mouth over her pussy and started delving my tongue into her body and over her clit.

I could hear her moaning louder. With my hands free I reached up under her body and grasped her breasts, I twisted and molded her flesh in my hands, driving her on.

"That's it slut, cum for me!" I sucked on her clit, nibbling on the hard little bud with my teeth. I could feel her hips moving, I knew she was about to cum. I swabbed my tongue over her labia, pushing her to the edge, I wanted to hear her scream out.

"STOP, STOP, Please, stop!!!" I could hear the desperation in her voice, but that only drove me on further. I could hear her panting, her cries were like the screech of an animal, the muscles of her thighs convulsed as she arched her head up and screamed.

I bit down on her clit, not hard enough to do damage, but enough so she could feel it.

"Cum for me slut, cum for me!" Monique wailed, her whole body trembled, I could see her leg muscles spasming…

I didn't even wait for her body to stop reacting. I pushed the vibrator against her clit again.

"God no, please, please, stop, please!!!" I know her pleas were sincere, but I wanted to make her cum again.

"Come on slut, I'm going to make you cum again." I milked Monique's breast, squeezing it like an udder as I moved the vibrator up and down over her labia. Her nipples were hard, and I loved the way they felt as I pinched them, making her scream in pain.

"Cum for me cunt." I let go of her tit and forced my finger into her pussy, not deep, but enough to make her moan. Her body was covered in a sheen of perspiration, it was gorgeous. I loved the way her tight little pussy throbbed under my touch, contracting, squeezing me. The vibrator buzzed against her clit and I knew she was about to cum again.

With my finger in her pussy and the vibrator on her clit I moved my tongue over her engorged labia. She tried to jerk away but there was nothing she could do. I could hear her panting, gasping for breath as she was about to orgasm again.

"Please, please, please…" I drove my tongue between her labia while I pinched her clit hard. I still had the vibrator forced against her body.

I've never seen a girl's body react like hers did to an orgasm, Monique screamed as her legs bucked, I thought she'd fall off the bed the way they contracted so hard. I could hear the duct tape making little cracking sounds as every muscle in her body convulsed.

"That's it slut, cum for me, cum for me!" I ran the vibrator up and down over the length of her sex, with particular attention to her clit. She screamed like mad, I could tell there was a part, deep down, that liked it.

Monique was still moaning when I got off the bed, I hurried to the closet and pulled out a leather belt. It was an old and well worn belt, but I knew it would do the job. It was a good inch and a half wide and I doubled it over so I'd have better control.

I don't even know if Monique saw me approaching, her body was writhing, I could see her forcing her chest down, rubbing her nipples against the bed spread. I don't know if she even heard the swish through the air, but I know she felt it when the leather struck her engorged labia. I would have loved to see her eyes go wide when she felt the bite of the belt, but I was too busy bringing it down again, almost in the exact spot as before. I heard her high pitched scream echo through the room as I kept bringing the belt down on her body, I didn't want to whip her too much, I just wanted Monique to feel the bite of the leather on her hypersensitive flesh. The sound of the belt on her skin was pushing me over the edge, I wanted to beat her more with the belt, but I couldn't hold out much longer.

I rolled Monique over onto her back. The way her wrists were taped to her ankles it spread her legs nicely. I brought the belt down on her tits a few times, I caught her hard little clit dead on with the belt, raising desperate screams.

I tossed the belt aside and climbed on Monique's body, my dick was hard and I was ready to blow again. She was still wailing in pain from the belt when I slammed my prick into her virgin cunt. I could feel her stomach muscles contract under mine. I drove my dick all the way inside her, till I felt my balls slap against her ass. I loved the way I could feel her thighs against my hips. I grabbed for her hair and clamped my mouth down on hers. There was nothing she could do, I slammed into her again and again, I couldn't help it, I wanted to hurt her as I fucked her. I knew she'd remember her first time forever.

I knew I was about to cum so I buried my prick full in her pussy. I felt the sperm flood her, my balls contracted, it was almost painful as I pumped her full of my cum, though I can't tell you how good it felt. I could feel her breasts crushed against my chest, I could feel her body shudder as she sobbed.

I don't know how long I laid there on top of her, my dick still hard and buried in the soft warmth of her pussy. I whispered into her ear.

"God you've got some kind of tight pussy. We're going to have a good time." I rolled off Monique. I ran my hand over her belly, and over her pussy, my semen dribbled out of her little cunt. Her hair was disheveled, her body was covered in sweat, makeup was streaked over her face, and I could still see her little pussy throbbing and twitching. The red marks where I'd laid the belt down on her tits were still visible.

With a knife and cut Monique's wrists and ankles free. Her legs flopped down on the bed, splayed wide.

I ran my fingers over her swollen sex, I could hear her moan as I slid my finger into her pussy.

"We're going to have a lot of fun babe. I'm going to fuck that pussy of yours everyday, and I'm going to make you masturbate for me, I love seeing you cum." I couldn't wait to get on the net and drop a couple thousand dollars on sex toys and bondage gear, but I'd wait till the next day for that.

"Get up, go into the bathroom, clean up, take a shower if you want, then we'll go to bed." I ran my hand over the inside of her thighs. "Do you want anything more to eat, or drink?" She seemed to disenheartened to react much, but I saw her nod softly no.

"Go, get in the bathroom!" I loved the way she moved. Even with the pain and humiliation she felt, she had a certain grace in her movements. She had the most beautiful legs, long, thin, gorgeous!

I went down and got a glass of water and some snacks, I needed to take care of my girl. When I got back up into my room, I could hear the shower running, I was pretty sure I could hear her crying.

I felt a little tingle in my balls when thought about the girls down in the basement. I wondered if any of them had got to sleep yet? Really, it didn't matter, the longer they stayed up, the more ready they were going to be when I started in on them. I still couldn't believe it was all happening. When I woke up this morning, I never would have thought, hell, dreamed, that these 5 gorgeous teens would enter my life.

I heard the shower stop running, I couldn't wait for my girl to get out of the bathroom. I didn't have any more plans for her tonight, just to get some sleep, but I couldn't wait to get her in the bed next to me.

After about 5 minutes I started to get impatient.

"Hey slut, hurry up, get your ass out here!" I heard her sob just a little louder, then I heard the door open. I was already on the bed, I had the sheets pulled back waiting for her.

"God you're a beautiful little whore." Monique had her hands crossed over her chest, and the palm of her hand trying to cover up her sex.

"No slut, arms at your side, never try to cover yourself from me, do you understand?" She nodded, a resigned, hopeless nod. Her hair was still wet from the shower, her nipples were hard and her breasts were absolutely gorgeous.

"Come here, get in bed." I motioned her over to me.

"Please…" I put my finger to my lip and she went silent. Instinctively she tried to cover herself again, but then I could tell she remembered and dropped her hands to her sides.

"Good girl." She sat on the edge of the bed. I grabbed for her elbow and pulled her onto the bed. She yelped as I twisted her arm, but I got her on her back.

"Give me your wrists!" She looked up to me with her wide hazel eyes.

"Relax I just need to tie your wrists and ankles, then we can go to bed." I took her wrists in my hand, I could easily hold them in one palm, I looped rope around one wrist, then pulled it around her other wrist, snugging them together so she couldn't get away. I didn't pull it too tight, just enough so it wouldn't come lose.

"Pick up your legs…" I could have crawled to the foot of the bed, but I wanted to see how flexible she was. Monique kicked up her legs until they were perpendicular to her body, I grabbed the back of her thighs and forced her legs down till her knees touched her breasts.

"Hold your legs like that." I looped more rope around her ankles till I knew she wouldn't be able to work it free.

"You can put them down." I lay down next to her, I could feel Monique try to move away.

"Don't move away from me, ever, I own you now. Let's get some sleep." I pulled the covers up over top of us. I could feel her body shaking as I put my arm over top of her breasts. I whispered in her ear.

"We're going to have a lot of fun together Monique, just behave, and I'll treat you right." I flipped the lights off and closed my eyes resting my head on her shoulder. I could feel her heart beating, I knew she was uncomfortable with me holding her, but I didn't care. My mind was filled with all the things I needed to do. I needed to get the house in order and ready for my new cadre of slaves. I couldn't wait to get online and buy all the toys I was going to need. I could feel my dick getting hard and bulging against Monique's thigh as I faded off to sleep easily.

Chapter Two

I couldn't believe how rested I felt in the morning. I found my cheek pressed into Monique's breast. I was a little surprised to find her sleeping, breathing softly, seemingly contented.

I eased out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. I could already feel the aching in my loins, I knew I needed to fuck her again, bad.

When I got out of the shower and headed back into the bedroom I could see Monique's eyes flutter open. It was 10am, I couldn't' believe I'd slept so long, but it had been a late night. I unlocked my phone from the end table. I dialed the garage and asked for Jim. It took a few minutes, but soon my lifelong buddy was on the phone.

"Hey, Jim, what's up? I watched Monique staring at me. I'm sure she had no idea what I was doing.

"Yeah, I stayed at the garage late and did some paperwork. You wouldn't believe what happened, I can't tell you about it now, but I want you to come over tonight, I'm sure you'll love the reason why." I winked at Monique.

"No, I can't explain now, but you'll like it." I sat on the edge of the bed and cupped my new pet's breast.

"You can't come tonight, well, you'll have to come over tomorrow. You've got to, believe me, you want to. By the way, there is a car in the back lot, out by the trees. Don't let anybody out there, keep it quiet, we'll have to crush the thing, some night if you know what I mean." I pinched Monique's nipple till she let out a yelp.

"Don't plan anything for the weekend, you'll have to stay here." I crawled in the bed next to Monique, I pushed my body up against her, wrapping my arm around her as I talked to Jim on the phone.

"Yeah buddy, you'll love it. Take care of the garage for me. I won't be in for a couple days. Later." I hung up the phone and clamped my mouth down on Monique's. She tried to jerk away, but she couldn't. I slid my finger up between her legs, spreading her labia I forced my finger into her pussy.

"Please, I'm sore, please, stop." She tried to push me away with her bound hands, but she didn't have the strength.

"Monique" I scowled down at her, then pushed my finger deeper in her pussy.

"Do you want me to make you cum again slut?" I used my thumb to massage her clit. She whimpered softly as I drove my finger to the knuckle.

"That was my buddy Jim on the phone, he's going to come over one of these nights, don't worry though, I won't let him fuck you, you're mine alone."

My dick was aching. I knew I couldn't last much longer, so I got to my knees and untied the rope between her ankles.

"Spread those legs like a good girl Monique." She started whimpering as she spread her legs.

"I'm sore, please…" I grabbed for her bound hands and lifted them over her head.

"Don't worry babe, you'll get used to it." I got between her legs and ran my hands over the insides of her thighs. She cried out as I let my weight down on her pelvis, I used my hand to guide my prick into her pussy, it was a tight fit.

"Come on slut." I inched the head of my cock into her body. I grabbed for her tits and started squeezing, driving my hips forward, sinking my prick to the hilt.

"Oh God that feels good!" I let out a guttural roar, I've had my share of women, but I'd never buried my prick in a girl where it felt so good, I couldn't believe that little pussy could feel so amazing.

I started moving slowly, I didn't have the urgency to batter her sex like the night before. My hands were clamped on her breasts, God it felt so good.

"That's awesome babe, such a tight little pussy. Wrap those legs around me baby." I could see the tears forming at the corner of her eyes. She whimpered, but lifted her legs over my back.

"Good girl." I clamped my mouth down on hers, letting my tongue explore.

I grabbed for Monique's wrists and held them over her head as I continued to move my body over hers, driving my prick home in her pussy. I loved the feel of her hard nipples against my chest as I slow fucked her, I could hear her grunt every time I buried my dick in her.

I knew fucking her wouldn't make her cum, at least not yet. She tried to turn her head away from me whenever she could, but whether it was her mouth, or her ear, I let my tongue run over her skin while I whispered to her. I kept going for a good five minutes, I'm sure it was agonizing for her. She locked her legs over my back like I told her, I loved the way her calves felt on my ass.

"I'm cumming, I'm going to cum in your cunt slut." I quickened my pace, I could feel my balls slamming against her ass.

"Squeeze me tight bitch, clamp that pussy down on me." I tried to hold off as long as I could, but I felt my balls contract and I shot my load in her belly. I heard myself growl out as I rammed home a few more times, pumping all the cum I could into her tight snatch. I forced my mouth on hers and made her kiss me till I collapsed my weight on hers, exhausted and spent.

"I love your pussy, you're so fucking tight I can't believe it!" I stared down into Monique's eyes, the tears ran down cheeks as she looked up at me.

I don't know how long I laid there. Monique kept her legs wrapped around me until I started to get up, then she let them fall when I told her too. After I climbed off her she left her legs splayed open, flat on the bed, I stood to her side, I could see the cum seeping out of her snatch.

"If you're a good girl Monique I'll treat you well. I like you, but if you don't obey my every command, well…" I could see her breasts quivering in the cool room. I walked toward the bathroom and thought about all I had to do. I needed to go check on the other girls. I'd decided that I'd keep Monique in the spare bedroom till I made better arrangements, I could lock her in there, there was nothing she could do to get in trouble, and their was a bathroom. I had to play with my other toys some, then I'd be back to fuck Monique later.

I still couldn't believe my luck, who would have known 5 cute girls would enter my life and become my slaves…sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

I washed up, it was like my dick was in a constant state of arousal now. I wasn't sure what girl I'd take next, or what I'd do to her, but I hoped her pussy would be as inviting as Monique's.

I let Monique shower while I made up breakfast. The dogs were going crazy, so I had to feed them. I was glad I had the doggy door so I didn't have to worry about letting them out. I couldn't keep my mind off the girls.

I found an old collar in the garage, it wasn't perfect, but it would do the job until I got something more proper for Monique. I made a few quick modifications so she couldn't take it off. I found a couple old brass travel locks and a length of chain.

I carried the food up to my bedroom, Monique was still in the shower. I didn't want her to feel it was a place of refuge, so I walked in without knocking. I think she wanted to cry out, but already she was learning better. I had her get out of the shower and I dried her off. I liked running my hands over her body, I could feel her muscles tense as I pressed the towel against her, moving it up between her legs and rubbing her raw. I knew she was sore, but I continued to push the soft fabric into her battered cunt.

When she was dry I took her back into the bedroom, the food was laid out on the bed and I made her sit on the edge of the mattress.

"It's time for you to start acting like my slave. Feed me cunt." I laid back on the bed, she was right next to me and I ran my hands over her belly, then grasped her tits.

"Come on, I'm hungry." Monique's hands shook as she picked up the fork and started to scoop a bit of eggs.

"I like ketchup mixed in with my eggs slut, but not too much." I loved the way Monique whimpered, it was such a soft delicate sound. She grabbed for the bottle of ketchup and squirted on a few drops. Her eyes looked to me for approval.

"Good, now mix it in." I could still tell she was terrified of me, and I wanted to keep it that way.

"Give me a bite." The fork trembled in Monique's hand as she lifted it to my mouth. I let her drop the eggs in as I pinched her nipples hard.

"Good girl, now give me some eggs and a piece of bacon together, that's the way I like it." I knew it would take a while to teach her all my likes and dislikes, but I was sure as hell going to have a good time doing it.

I let her feed me till I was full, never taking my hands off her tits. I decided to softly caress her breasts when I was pleased, and, like the time she poked me with the fork, twist her nipples when I was pissed so she'd feel it and remember.

There was still a pile of eggs and bacon on the plate. I debated putting it on the floor and making her eat it like a dog initially, but I decided to be nice and just let her eat it with the fork.

"Go ahead, the rest is yours." I watched her eat as I let my hand slip down between her legs. I forced my finger into her pussy just as she was taking a bite. God she was one hot girl.

I couldn't resist humiliating her a little after she'd eaten the remainder of the food.

"Lick it clean." Monique started to lift up the plate.

"No, leave it on the bed, but I want you to lick it clean." There was something erotic in watching her tongue dart over the place, sopping up every last drop of food.

"Good girl." I twisted Monique toward me and clamped my mouth on hers. I forced her lips wide and started frenching her. I could feel her body tense, but I made her return my kisses. I had one finger deep in her pussy, making her squirm.

I pushed her away from me.

"I've got to go deal with your friends. Get on your knees." I pointed to the floor in front of me. I think she thought I was going to make her blow me again, she could see my dick was hard, and her breasts jiggled as she got into position.

"Here, put this on. It's your collar, it's only temporary, till I get something nicer." I handed her the old dog collar. I'd modified it so I could lock it in place and she couldn't remove it. She stared at the smooth black leather in her hands.

"Well, what are you waiting for, put it on!" I saw her breasts quiver as she started to sob, but she put the collar around her neck.

"Here, let me help. I grabbed the collar and aligned the buckle. I pulled it snug so she wouldn't be able to get her fingers up under the leather. When I had it fitted right, then I snapped the little lock in place, making sure she couldn't get it off.

"God that's beautiful." I held up a little mirror for her to see. I could tell she wasn't as pleased as I was, but it didn't matter what she thought.

"Here." I handed her an oversized sweatshirt of mine. "You can put this on, but remember, if at anytime I want to see you naked, you're to take it off immediately. If I tell you to do something, your reaction is to be immediate. I don't care whether it's for you to get to your knees so you can blow me, or if I tell you to bend over the side of the bed so I can fuck you, you are to obey, do you understand?" Monique nodded, her big hazel eyes locked on my face.

I grabbed the length of chain and locked it in place to her collar. It wasn't really heavy gauge steel, but it would hold her.

"Come with me." I walked in front of Monique and tugged her along with the chain. I could hear her sobbing. I led her off into one of my guest bedrooms.

"I'm going to leave you here today. There is a bathroom over there, there is a TV you can watch. I'll be back for you later." I had a handheld drill with me. There was an exposed beam in the wall, and I drilled through it. I'd picked up an eye bolt from my garage shop when I made breakfast. It wasn't a permanent solution, but it would work for now. I ratcheted the bolt in place with locking nuts, then took the other end of the chain attached to Monique's collar and locked it in place. There was no place she could go now.

"Wait here." I left the room, taking my tools with me. I came back a few minutes later with a camcorder and a dildo one of my girlfriends had left at my place years ago. I set the camera up on the dresser so it had a perfect shot of the bed.

"You're my cum slut slave now Monique, every two hours I want you to turn on the camera, and I want you to masturbate for me. I tossed the dildo and some lube on the bed. "You can use this, or whatever way you like, but I want you to cum for me. Then later, we'll sit down and watch the video. If you don't, well, orgasm, I'm going to have to punish you. Understand?" I don't think the girl knew how to react.

"There's a glass for water in the bathroom. There is some fruit in there too. Be a good girl, I'll check on you later." I slammed the door shut behind me. I tied rope on the doorknob so she couldn't open the door, even though I knew the chain attached to her collar wouldn't let her. It was now time to play with my other toys. I put on a pair of sweats and a shirt and started down to the basement.

Chapter Three

The girls were all huddled close together under the blanket when I came downstairs.

“Hello my pets.” The girl Emily started whimpering, and Tara stood up screaming.

“What are you doing to us? Where is Monique, you can’t keep us like this!”

“You’re right Tara, I have such better plans for you. Look at all this empty space.” I spread my arms to the 1500 sq ft of unfinished basement.

“You are all now my slaves, and I’m going to build my own little dungeon to house you, just be patient.”

“You fucking pervert, you can’t do this to us, let us go!” I just smiled at her, I think it infuriated her even more. She grabbed the fenced door and tried to shake it open.

I started toward the door, Tara took a step or two back. Her eyes were locked on me as I undid the lock.
“Come here slut!” She didn’t move, but she couldn’t have expected that I could pounce so fast. I had her by the arm, then took a clump full or hair in my hand and tugged her out of the kennel screeching. She tried to punch me, but I was easily able to overpower her. I threw her down on the ground outside the kennel then locked the other girls inside.

Tara, with venom in her eyes came at me. She didn’t see the cattle prod till the last second when I forced it into her belly and pulled the trigger. She collapsed instantly on the floor, writhing in pain. I was on her in a second, I got her over onto her stomach and wrapped her wrists in duct tape.
“How do you like that cunt?” I rolled her over onto her back and slapped her hard across the face a couple times. She was still blubbering in pain from the jolt. Looking in her eyes I saw shock, I don’t think the little spoiled rich bitch had ever been told no.
I lifted Tara up by the back of her neck and pressed her face against the kennel where her friends were.
“Tara has volunteered to teach you what will happen if you defy me!”

Tara was still stunned with the effects of the tazer, and the other girls were babbling, cowering as far back as they could in the cage. I dropped Tara on the floor, I knew she couldn’t go anyplace with her wrists bound and the door to the basement shut. I headed up into my workshop, it was a mixture of an automotive garage, and woodworking shop. Soon enough I’d be using the shop a lot, building my fair share of apparatuses to play with the girls on.

I first went for my hunting knife, Tara wasn’t going to get the option of stripping for me. In the shop I found an old radiator fan belt, but better still, I found this old metal workhorse my dad had made, it must have weighed damn near 100 lbs, if not more. It looked like any workhorse, but it was metal, pop had welded the thing up years ago. When I saw it there in the corner, I knew it would be perfect.
The girls were sobbing as I carried my toys back down into the basement. I kicked Tara in the gut as I walked past her.
“Get to your knees you whore!” I set the workhorse down in front of the kennel, I wanted the other girls to see it all. I tossed the rest of the crap on the floor and then grabbed Tara by the hair.
“Get the fuck up cunt!” She screamed as I dragged her to her feet by the scalp. When I had her upright I bellowed at her more. “You’d better fucking stand still!”

I slid my hunting knife up under Tara’s hip and the elastic band on her panties. I’m a fanatic about sharp blades, so the metal cut easily through her panties, and her skirt. I could hear her wallowing in terror.

The blade cut as easily through the other side as it did the first, her little outfit fell to the floor, I could see the small patch of trimmed pussy hair.
Cutting away Tara’s vest and shirt was even easier. I cut away the fabric leaving here there only in her bra.
“Are you ready to show me your tits you slut?” I had to hold Tara up by the elbows, her knees threatened to buckle at any moment. “Hold still cunt,

I wouldn’t want to cut you, yet.” Tara yelped as I brought the blade up under her sports bra. I moved slow, more to agonize her than anything. She was naked in no time and I let go of her elbow.
“Push out those tits, show your friends!” Tara was balling like a child.
“Get on your knees slut!” Tara fell awkwardly to her knees. I took the fan belt and looped it around her neck. I twisted it so it contracted and closed down on her flesh. I could hear her gasping as it constricted her airway.
“Want me to choke you right now whore!” I watched Tara’s face go red. I heard the girls in the kennel start begging me to stop. They went suddenly silent as I turned back to glare at them, all three moved away from the door.

I had no intent to choke Tara though and let the belt come free. I could hear her take in deep breaths.
“No, I’m not going to choke you, I’m going to whip your ass bitch, maybe it’ll teach you to behave a little better.”
I took the belt from Tara’s neck and got behind where she knelt. I picked up some alligator clips I’d found out in the garage. I pinched the ends and opened the serrated jaws. Tara’s body started to shudder and she tried to crawl away, but I grabbed her around the neck and pulled her to me. I pinched her right nipple till it went hard.

“I told you to behave and I’d be good to you.” Tara screamed as I closed the sharp metal teeth shut on her nipple. She tried to twist her torso thinking it would knock the clip off, but I knew it would hold.

“Hold still slut!” I grabbed for her other nipple.

“God, please, no!” Tara screamed, spittle shot from her mouth as I closed the second clip on her other nipple. I let her scream long and hard as I picked up my knife. I don’t know what she thought I was going to do, but her body was shaking like a leaf. I cut the duct tape away from her wrists.

“Bend over the workhorse slut. Grasp the corners with your hands!” The alligator clips looked gorgeous on her tits, I love the way they sparkled in the light.

“I said bend over the work horse!” Tara was a blubbering child as she bellied up to the metal frame, it was the perfect height, the horizontal bar came to her belly, and when she bent over, it was perfect. Her cute little ass was up in the air, and when I taped her legs to the corners, it would spread her pussy nicely.

I knelt down and held her right wrist to the post, I wrapped duct tape around her arm till it was pinned to the metal pole.
“Please, please, stop this!” I was mere inches from her face, tears dripped from her chin.
“You had your chance slut!” I wrapped her other wrist with tape and then started on her ankles. Once I had the tape around her legs she was posed perfectly, her legs were spread, her toes were barely in contact with the ground.
Even though Tara fought against the frame like mad, it barely budged.
“Please, Please…” Tara continued to beg between spasms of tears. My dick was aching.

I picked up the radiator belt from the floor. I moved full circle around her, I knew she could see the hard black rubber in my hand. I turned to the girls in the kennel, I tried to cover my excitement so I could give my little speech.
“I’m keeping you all as my slaves. I expect you to obey my every command, I expect, and demand, that you do whatever I say. I’m going to give you just a little sample of how I will handle disobedience.” I laid my hand on Tara’s ass, I could feel her muscles contract and twitch under my touch.
“I want you all to fucking count how many times I whip Tara, I want to hear your voices loud and clear, otherwise I’ll start over until you learn to follow directions.”

I twisted my body in a flash and used all my strength to bring the belt down on Tara’s ass. The sound was incredible, it ripped through the basement like a bolt of lightning, then I heard Tara scream. Her head arched up as the radiator belt recoiled from her flesh.
“I didn’t hear you!” I yelled at the caged girls as I brought the belt down again on Tara’s body, I hit almost the exact same spot again. Already a deep red welt had formed on her skin and I heard the girl’s in the cage scream out two.
“Think again.” I turned and smiled at the girls in the kennel. “This is number two.” I brought the belt down as hard as I could on the back of Tara’s thighs. The metal workhorse clanked off the ground maybe an inch as Tara’s whole body bucked. Her scream pierced the room.

Again and again I brought the belt down on Tara’s body, the red welts formed almost immediately and crisscrossed her thighs and ass.
The girls in the cage screamed out the count, but I didn’t care how many times I whipped Tara. I’d given my lesson, and I was having fun whipping her body.

Tara’s head went limp after my last blow and I figured that was enough. I dropped my sweat pants and bellied up behind the bent, unconscious, girl. As I slammed my dick forward into her tight pussy and she came to.

At first I’m not sure she grasped what was going on, her mind was clouded with pain, but quickly enough I knew she felt my dick to the hilt in her snatch.
“God you’ve got a tight pussy too!” I roared with lust as I felt my dick encased by Tara’s tight cunt. I grabbed her by the hair and arched her head up. I pounded into her body like a jackhammer. The metal frame clanged forward with each crushing thrust. My body was filled with adrenaline, and like Monique the night before, I wanted to batter Tara’s pussy with my prick.
“I’m going to cum in your pussy slut. I’m going to fill you with my sperm!”

Tara started screaming when she felt my warm spunk flooding into her belly. In spite of the pain, I knew it was the abject humiliation she felt me pumping her full that made her bellow.
“That’s it, milk my cock, squeeze me tight!” I let go of Tara’s hair and collapsed on her body, my prick still impaled in her snatch.
It took a few minutes for me to catch my breath again. As I slid my cock from her tight, warm pussy and I was in heaven.
I started moving slowly toward the kennel door.
“Get over here Lisa.” Her body was trembling as she shuffled toward the door. I undid the lock and had her come outside.
“Get on your knees!” I pointed to the floor in front of me
“Clean my dick slave!” The tears streamed down her cheeks. Tara was wailing still, bent over the workhorse, my cum filling her pussy.

I grabbed the back of Lisa’s head, my dick was covered in cum and Tara’s slime. I forced the length of my shaft into Lisa’s mouth, I heard her gag as I slammed my prick in, I could feel her tongue and throat convulse at the intrusion. I closed my eyes and arched my head back, groaning as I made Lisa suck my cock.
“Lick me clean, lick all my cum and Tara’s juices from my prick.” I loved the way Lisa, in her terror, swabbed her tongue over my cock. I was almost ready to cum again as she licked me clean.
“That’s good slut.” I pushed her back so she fell on the floor. I walked over to where Tara was bent on the frame crying. I bent down and grabbed the alligator clips and squeezed them open, I took them from her breasts. There was a bit of a delayed reaction, then she started screaming as the blood flowed back into her nipples. I massaged her tits between my fingers, making her feel every ounce of pain.
I stood straight up and loomed over Lisa, she was still on the floor, too afraid to move.
“As I said, if you behave, I’ll treat you well, if not, I’ll do whatever I need to do to make you learn.” I grabbed Lisa by the arm and lifted her upright.

I took out my knife and cut the tape off Tara’s wrists and ankles.
“Take your friend to the bathroom, I think there is some ointment in there.” Lisa helped the weak legged Tara into the bathroom.
“Get over here Emily.” I opened the kennel door, she was sobbing. Jayme watched my every move.
“So tell me Emily, how old are you?”
“I…I….I’m 17 sir.”
“So, have you ever had sex?” I could see her trembling, her whole body convulsed.
“N…no…no sir.” I smiled at her.
“Good, why don’t you ease those panties down so I can see that little pussy of yours.” Her body started to tremble even more, the tears fell down her face and she stared up at me with those big blue eyes.
“Emily, have you already forgotten about Tara?” She started sniffling and moved her hands reluctantly to the waist band of her panties. She looked up at me for approval, or maybe one last desperate plea.
“Come on Emily, get those panties down around your ankles and spread your legs.” Her knees were shaking so bad I thought they’d buckle. After she had her panties down, she held up her little skirt so I could see. She had a cute little patch of red hair neatly trimmed.
“Why don’t you spread those cunt lips for me Emily.” I could see her cringe, but she didn’t hesitate. She had nice long fingers, with a fresh coat of nail polish, though her nails were short.

Emily spread her labia for me, showing the pink of her pussy.
“Do you want me to feel?” She started crying harder, she tried to respond, but couldn’t. I put my index finger in between her spread lips, I could see her hands trembling as I ran my fingers along the length of her pink snatch.
“That’s a nice little pussy Emily, can you squeeze my finger?” I thought she was going to lose it.
“Please…” There was such a desperation in her plea.
“Okay.” I pulled my finger from her body.
“You can pull up your panties, get back in the kennel.” Emily quickly pulled up her drawers and ran back into the cage. Jayme had her arms opened wide and hugged Emily tight as I locked the kennel door.
“Are you two starting to understand what I expect of you?” Emily was still held firm in Jayme’s arms.
“Yes Sir.”
“Good.” I turned and headed toward the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom without knocking.
“Go to your cage Lisa. Kneel at the door and wait for me. Don’t think about being a heroic fool, just do it.” Lisa got to her feet and skirted as far away from me as possible as she scurried out the door.
Tara was lying on her stomach, Lisa had done a good job of spreading balm on the welts. I knelt next to Tara and grabbed a clump of hair. I didn’t twist it hard, but enough so she had to look up at me.
“You’ve got a nice pussy, too bad I wasn’t the first.” She just stared into my eyes, I could see the fear I now instilled in her.
“I would hate to do more damage to that body of yours.” I reached out and pinched her nipple, eliciting a yelp of pain. I could clearly see the markings of the alligator clip on her flesh.

“Do you understand what I expect of you?” She nodded softly, I saw a tear run down her cheek.
“I expect complete and utter obedience. Don’t fuck with me. You are my slave now, when I say to get on your back and spread your legs so I can fuck you, I want you to do it without thinking, then I want you to wrap your legs around my back and fuck me back so I cum harder, understand!” I arched her head back and clamped my mouth on hers, forcing my tongue in her so she felt completely used. I loved the feeling of power.

I let go of Tara’s head and stood up.

“I want you to go back to your kennel, if you behave I’ll get you something to wear.” Tara struggled to her feet, I knew her body ached. I moved slowly behind her, watching the red lines on her ass and thighs wistfully. She fell to her knees next to Lisa.
“Is anybody hungry?” I heard a soft chorus of yes’s. I opened the kennel door and let Lisa and Tara inside.
“Come over here Emily, you’re going to help me make lunch.” Emily was precious, she whimpered and tried to hold onto Jayme, but she’d already learned not to screw with me and she came toward me like any good pet. I locked the door behind her leaving the other girls in silence. I followed

Emily up the stairs, her cute butt enticing me on.

When we got into the kitchen I could see her whole body twitching in fear.

“So you understand to behave Emily, right? I’m trusting you now, and if you violate my trust, I’ll have to punish you, and you wouldn’t want that, now would you?” She really did have lovely eyes.

“No sir.” She even cast down her eyes when she responded, it was so cute.
I moved toward her, she backed away till her hips bumped into the counter.
“You know I’m going to fuck you one of these days, don’t you?” She didn’t respond.
“Why don’t take off your top so I can see your tits.” She started crying again, though I don’t think the tears had ever gone that far below the surface.
“Come on Emily, be a good girl and show me your breasts.” I didn’t think she could do it, but the fear must have driven her on.
It wasn’t much of a striptease, but I still enjoyed it. She tried to cover her breasts with her hands after she’d taken off her top, and she had the most gorgeous flat belly.

“Put your hands to your side Emily.” Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were so perky, her pink nipples were hard as rocks as she stood there before me.

She tried to move away from me, but I cornered her at the counter. I clamped my hands on those beautiful, youthful, tits. I held her nipples between my fingers and pulled gently. Her skin was so soft and pliable. I love the feel of her flesh in my hands.

“God I can’t wait to fuck you Emily.” She was whimpering softly and I let go of her breasts.

“I guess we should make up some food, don’t you think?” Emily nodded and went for her top.

“No, no, you’re so cute like that, and I have an idea.” I dug through the drawer and pulled out a pair of wooden clothespins. “Let’s try these out.” I closed the first wooden pin so the long side was against her chest. Emily let out a little cry as the first pin’s spring closed on her nipple. Then I did the next and stood back.

“That is so fucking cute Emily!” I knew she didn’t feel the same, but it didn’t really matter. We spent the next 20 minutes putting together an assortment of sandwiches and fruit for the girls.

“Monique is down the hall.” I pointed in the direction of her room. “It’s on the left, why don’t you take this sandwich and drink to her, but I don’t want you to talk to her, understand?” Emily nodded and headed down the hall. I knew she was embarrassed as hell being naked above the waist and having the clothespins on her tits.

I had big plans for the two of them, Monique and Emily, I couldn’t wait to get them on the bed together and have them eat the other out. They were both so cute and shy, and I knew neither would like it, at least at first.
I waited for Emily to come back, I still had so much to do.

My cute little girl came into the kitchen, she didn’t look too happy.
“Good girl.” I reached my hand out and ran my fingers over her belly, instinctively she recoiled. I could feel her stomach muscles convulse.
“Why don’t you take the rest of the food down to your friends.” I could see her trembling. I helped her grab one of the plates and I’d got an old T-shirt for Tara to wear.

Emily moved with infinite slowness down the stairs. I knew she didn’t want her friends to see her like this. I still couldn’t believe my luck, 5 gorgeous young teenagers had fallen into my lap.

The girls were huddled in the corner of the kennel, wrapped in the blanket.
“Meal time.” I opened the door for Emily to go inside. Without speaking she handed out the food. I loved the way she moved, there was a timidness that I knew was brought on by shame. There she was, naked from the waist up with clothespins clipped to her tits.
Emily rushed back to my side as soon as she’d passed out the food.
“If you girls promise to be good, I’ll leave the cage door open, then you can use the bathroom.” I knew they couldn’t go anyplace anyway, the way the basement was set up there were locking doors between the kennels and the stairway.
“Will you behave?” The girls nodded.
“Okay.” I tossed the old shirt to Tara and then grabbed Emily by the arm and lead her upstairs, making sure the doors were locked.

I let Emily eat her meal and use the bathroom. I waited patiently, watching her eat her food. It was obvious she was self conscious with me looking at her, but I loved looking at her body, and those little clothespins on her tits, I have to say it turned me on.
When she was done eating I took Emily straight to the den and got on the computer, we had so many toys to order.
“Why don’t you take off those panties?” I was seated in my chair, Emily was a few feet in front of me. Her hands were trembling so much I didn’t think she’d be able to get out of her shorts. I’m sure she could see the bulge in my sweats, and I think she thought I was going to fuck her.
“Come on Emily.” Her stomach twitched as she slid the little skirt and panties down around her ankles.
“God you’re such a cute thing. Come here, sit on my lap.” I could hear her sniffle as she sat on my thighs, her knees off to the side.
“No, straddle my leg.” I made her swing her leg over my thigh so sat astride me, her pelvis on my upper leg.
“Good girl.” I reached around her body and up between her legs, I started playing with her clit. I could feel her body jerk as I touched her love bud. She was whimpering as I touched her.

“Grind those hips babe. Do you want me to make you cum?” She didn’t answer. I moved my free hand to her left breast and opened the clothespin.
“Ouch.” It was so cute, her sweet little voice. I worked her nipple as the blood flowed back in.
“Tell me Emily, have you ever let the boys play with your tits, they’re so nice.” She didn’t reply. I opened the other clip and let the blood flow back into her nipple.

“We’ve got work to do.” I brought up the net and did a quick search for sex toys. There were tons of pages.
“Look at all these links Emily, do you have a favorite? Have you ever bought a dildo for yourself?” I wanted to embarrass her. I leaned in close so my chest was against her back. I found a page that looked good and started flipping through the categories.
“We need some whips, don’t you think?” I started adding just about everything to the shopping cart, crops, paddles, I was indiscriminate.
“Look at that flogger Emily, I bet you can’t wait till I use that on your tits, can you?” I grabbed her breast and started playing with it.
“Give me your hand.” I grabbed her left hand and pulled it behind her.
“Rub my dick.” I put her hand on my cock, she didn’t want to, that was obvious, and she started moving fast.
“Move slow, don’t make me cum in my pants.” I could barely concentrate on the screen, even through the fabric I loved the feel of her soft hand on my dick.

I made Emily lead us through the webpage looking for more toys, gags, vibrators, dildos, leather, it didn’t matter, I pretty much bought one of everything. I loved the nipple clamps I saw on the screen, clovers, weighted ones, I couldn’t wait for the shipment to arrive. I couldn’t wait to use them all on the girls’ bodies.

“That’s enough.” I made Emily stop rubbing my cock, I was going to blow. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have her suck me off, or let the fearful anticipation continue to build in her.

“Get on your back!” I pushed her off my lap and onto the floor. I dropped my sweats and fell on top of her, straddling her hips.

“Jack me off, I want to cum on your tits.” I could see her eyes go wide with shock. She didn’t move so I grabbed her hand and made her circle her fingers around my prick. I held her hand in mine and started moving her up and down over my cock. I closed my eyes and bellowed as I was ready to blow.

“Faster!” I made her jack me off harder, I was just about to cum. Her soft hand on my cock felt so good.

“AAAAAHHHHHHH.” My prick jerked and I shot my cum over her body. I could heard Emily whine as a long line of white sticky sperm shot over her belly, up onto her tits, and over her neck.

“AHHHHH.” My prick kept shooting, dribbling cum over her body, I made her hold me tight.

“God that felt good.” I made her squeeze the last few drops from the head of my prick as I continued to savor the orgasm.

“Get on your knees.” I could see the revulsion in her eyes when she saw the streaks of cum that ran over her torso.

“Lick me clean.” Her eyes went wide.

“Wha…I c….Please…” I grabbed the back of her head and drew her mouth near my prick.

“I said lick me clean.” Reluctantly Emily stuck out her tongue, she eased it toward the head of my cock like a timid kid dared to lick a 9 volt battery on a dare.

“Come on.” I could feel the strain in her neck muscles as I brought her tongue into contact with my manhood.

“Lick me up!” In the midst of choking back the tears Emily ran her tongue over the head of my cock.

“That feels so good, good girl, keep it up.” I loved the feel of her soft, moist, tongue on me. I was already feeling ready to cum again.

I made Emily clean me for a good five minutes. It was a joy to see her suffer through the humiliation, her tongue weaving over my still hard cock. I even made her take my balls into her mouth, god it was incredible.

I let go of the back of Emily’s head.

“Just wait till I start fucking that little pussy of yours, then we’ll have a really good time.” I loved the way she looked down at the cum that streaked her torso. I knew she wanted to get into the fetal position and cry.

“Come on, lets get you cleaned up.” I grabbed Emily by the arm and got her to her feet. I think she thought I was going to take her to the bathroom, but instead I led her down the hall to where Monique was.

We walked in without knocking. Monique was on her back, her legs spread wide, and reluctantly pushing the dildo in and out of her cunt. She wasn’t putting much effort into the act, and I knew when I watched the tape with her later we’d have something to discuss, but there were other needs at the moment.

The look of horror in both girl’s eyes was precious, Monique completely humiliated at being caught masturbating, and Emily at seeing her friend with the big black dildo stuffed in her twat.

I pushed Emily toward the bed.

“Get on your back.” Monique sat up, she started pulling the fake dick from her pussy.

“No, leave it in, push it deeper and clean the cum off Emily.” I think for the first time Monique saw my cum in lines on her friends chest and tits. I made sure to stay out of the line of the camera, I knew I’d love to see the scene later, when I made Monique watch it again with me.

I moved close to the bed, I reached between Monique’s legs and pushed the dildo as far in as it would go. She yelped as the wide shaft filled her.
“That’s better. Clean up Emily, lick all that cum up. We wouldn’t want it to go to waste, would we?” Emily lay absolute still on the bed. I knew she felt completely degraded. I don’t know how close of friends she and Monique were, but I’m sure neither could have ever imagined this level of contact.

The chain attached to Monique’s collar jingled as she inched toward Emily’s body. She kept looking at me, as if I would grant a reprieve.
I needed only to nod my head in her direction and she got over Emily’s body.

Monique started at Emily’s belly, I watched in sadistic glory as her tongue darted over Emily’s flat stomach. I loved the way Emily grabbed the linens in her hands and balled them in her fists. Her stomach twitched, her muscles rippled like waves on the sea.

Monique was utilitarian in her cleaning efforts, though I knew she was filled with revulsion. She moved up Emily’s body licking the drops and lines of cum. I could hear Emily crying louder as Monique’s tongue moved towards her breasts. With the way her body reacted though, I knew the sensations were intense.

Emily arched her head up to look when Monique ran her tongue over her breasts.
“Monique.” Her head jerked up from her work and looked at me. “Make sure her nipples are clean and sucked dry.” I knew there was no cum plastered on Emily’s nipples, but I wanted Monique to give them some attention.

In spite of the fact that Monique wasn’t trying to make the scene erotic, it was to me. They almost looked like a pair of lovers, coupled on the bed.
“Monique, why don’t you give Emily a kiss, if there is any cum left in your mouth, give her a taste.” Monique looked up at me with those sweet hazel eyes, I knew she wanted to cry. It had already been humiliating enough to lick her friend clean, and now I was making her give Emily an open mouth kiss.

“She hasn’t tasted my cum yet, I wouldn’t want you to have all the fun.” Monique pushed the hair off Emily’s face and planted a kiss on her friend’s lips. Emily tugged hard on the linens as Monique drove her tongue into her mouth.

I had to rub my dick through my sweats, I wanted to cum bad again, but I needed to hold off till later, when I came back to watch the video with Monique.

“Okay girls.” They unlocked mouths willingly.

“Good job Monique.” I grabbed for Emily’s wrist and helped her off the bed.

“I’ll let you get back to masturbating. By the way, how’s that been going?” I didn’t care, or even want her to respond, I just wanted to see her blush in shame because I’d said it in front of Emily.

I slammed the door shut with Monique staring up at me from the bed, the black dildo still jutting from her pussy. I’d be very curious to see the tape later.

I stopped in my room and got Emily a long T-Shirt to put on, even in that she was hot. I took her back into the basement to be with her friends. I knew they’d ask her if I fucked her, and I knew even though I didn’t, it would probably be more humiliating for her to have to recount the tale of what had actually happened, me cumming on her tits and then having Monique clean it up.

When I got back upstairs it dawned on me how exhausted I was. I’d had a busy 24 hours, hell, it all seemed a blur when I thought back on it, though my dick had a clear memory of the two tight little pussies I’d fucked. I decided on a nap, I was tempted to lay down with Monique, but I didn’t want to take her away from the torment I’d set upon her. I loved the idea of her staring at the clock, agonizing over the minutes till she had to masturbate for the camera again.

My dick was still hard when I laid down. Usually I got to sleep easily, but with all my new pets on my mind it was hard. I still couldn’t believe my luck. Finally I just had to let the image of my girls ease me off to sleep.

Chapter Four

When I awoke I’d forgot about what had happened for an instant, but then, the glorious reality came back to me and I remembered Monique was across the hall, and my 4 other beauties were in the basement, life is good.

Looking outside the sun was setting in the west. I still had to make dinner for me and the girls, and on the grander scale, I still needed to start preparations for my dungeon. I also had to get outfits for my girls, lacy things, leather, anything I’d ever fantasized about. There was a lot of work involved in kidnapping, and keeping 5 slaves.

I started toward Monique’s door, but then thought better of it. I needed to make her suffer longer, stuffing that big dildo in her pussy…

When I got to the kitchen the dogs were going crazy, they’d spent most of the day outdoors. I had a doggy door put in last year so they could come and go as they pleased, I had about a 10 acre fenced in yard out back, before the woods started.
Spike jumped up on me, his tail wagging like mad.

“Hey Buddy.” I knew he could sense the girls in the house. I figured I’d use the dogs later to drive more fear into the girls, though I knew the two dogs wouldn’t hurt a thing, but the girls didn’t need to know that.

I set about making food, for the dogs, and the girls, both my sets of pets. I needed to keep the girls wanting and dependent upon me. I still didn’t know exactly what I was going to do in the long run with them, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to go on the journey.

I knew Jim, my buddy, was probably going crazy with anticipation. I was probably a little cruel not to tell him more, but what can you do?

After I finished feeding the dogs I carried the girls’ food down into the basement, they were huddled together on the sleeping bag.
“Hello my pets’.” I made a tray of chicken breasts and cooked veggies along with some lemonade.

“Dinner is served.” I set the tray just outside the kennel door and leaned up against the workhorse.

“Don’t be shy, go ahead.” Tara inched out and picked up the food, taking it back to her friends. I liked that she was regaining I little of her boldness, all the better to break down the line.

I sat and watched them eat, not saying a word, just taking in the vision of my lovelies. I knew they could feel the weight of my stare on them, I’m sure they wondered what terror I would inflict on them next, but I wasn’t going to give up my hand, not yet at least.

“I meant to ask Emily, how did you like the taste of cum when you and Monique kissed?” I saw her lips quiver as I smiled.

“Well, I have some things to take care of, but I’ll see you in the morning. We will be having a visitor tomorrow, one of my oldest friends. I’m sure you’ll go out of your way to taking care of him. Sleep tight.” I kind of chuckled to myself as I locked them in the basement for the night. I wondered what they were thinking now.

I dropped food off for Monique, she was on the bed, hiding under the blankets.

“Hey my slut, dinner is served.” Her eyes followed me across the room. I saw the dildo next to the camera, about as far away from her as possible. I couldn’t help but smile.

I tapped her leg under the cover.

“I’ve got to be off for the moment, but don’t worry, I’ll be back. We’re going to watch that tape tonight.
It was hard to leave my flock, but I decided I needed to leave the girls alone for awhile and pick up some groceries. I was running out of food having all the additional guests. I did make sure to pick up some vegetable items that I had some dual purpose work in mind for. I got a few very nice, very large cucumbers.

I thought about stopping by the shop to talk with Jim, but my dick was aching again and I couldn’t wait to watch the video with Monique. I knew it was an interesting show.

After I put everything away, I sat and watched TV for awhile. I knew the longer I waited, the more Monique would stew.
Monique was wide eyed as I entered the room. She was there, the collar around her neck, sitting naked on the bed, God she was gorgeous. Instinctively she brought her arms in, trying to cover herself, subtly she brought her legs together.
I sat down on the edge of the bed.
“How was your day?” I reached out and cupped her chin, her eyes were already moist and I could tell she was about to lose it.
I grabbed the chain attached to her collar and pulled her toward me, I clamped my mouth on hers and let my tongue explore. She was so sweet my cock twitched in anticipation.

I let go of Monique’s chain and captured her nipple between my fingers.
“So, are you ready to watch the tape?” She just stared up at me. “Did you use that big dildo to fill your pussy?” I smiled, then stood up and went to the camera, I rewound the tape and hooked the outputs so it would show on the TV.

The image popped up on screen, it was a close up of Monique’s belly. Even on screen I could tell she was terrified. She moved back toward the bed, and when her face showed on screen, I could see she was crying. She sat down on the mattress and tried to cover herself as she just stared at the camera.

I stripped out of my clothes and sat on the bed next to Monique. I was already hard, and the pre-cum was dripping from the head of my cock. I pulled Monique to me. I laid on my side and moved her so she was in front of me, her body molded to mine. My dick inched between her warm, inviting thighs and I clamped my hands on her tits.

“How many times did you cum today?”

On screen Monique’s body shuddered and I could tell she had absolutely no desire to masturbate, but she was scared of me. She propped a pillow under her back and lay flat on the bed. Tentatively she spread her legs, she had amazing flexibility, something I couldn’t help but note for the future. She picked up the large black dildo, she stared at it in disbelief, it was huge and would make a tight fit in her small pussy.
“Is this the good part where you cum for me?” I twisted Monique’s nipple till she yelped. She was trying not to look at the screen and the image she’d made.

On screen Monique pushed the head of the dildo against her opening, the black rubber gleamed in the overhead light, she’d coated it with tons of lube.
I slid a finger into Monique’s pussy.

“Are you still sore from me fucking you last night?” I could feel her body shaking against mine. On screen I could hear her sobbing as the big dildo inched deeper into her cunt. I saw her knees jerk up as the thicker head of the dildo eased into her channel.
Monique held the large shaft in two hands, slowly she drove it deeper into her body, but not much. She started pulling the dildo back out again, she wasn’t putting a whole lot of effort into the act.

I thrust my finger deep in her pussy and she groaned in obvious discomfort. The video continued on, but nothing changed.
“What’s this?” I slapped Monique hard across the face, I stood up on the bed and grabbed for the chain around her neck, making her wail out in pain as I tugged her upright. “What the fuck is this?” I pointed at the screen. “I told you I wanted you to masturbate for me, this is…I don’t know what the fuck this is.” I threw her back down on the bed and went for the dildo. I tossed it at her.
“Come on, fuck it slut!” The tears streamed down Monique’s cheeks. I picked up my belt from the floor.
“Start fucking the dildo, get your fingers on your clit, do something. I know you know what to do!” I brought the doubled up belt down on Monique’s breast, the sound of leather on flesh rang through the room. She cried out, but didn’t move.

The next blow was on her pussy. I knew it hurt her by the shrill cry I got from her. She tried to cross her leg over her mound, but I grabbed her knee and brought the belt down again. On screen nothing had changed, Monique continued to barely push the dildo in her cunt.
I climbed on the bed and took hold of the dildo, I didn’t care if I hurt her, but I pushed the head of the shaft against her opening and drove it in, her whole body reacted. I forced the fake cock deep in her pussy, leaving it embedded in her for a second.
“Come on cunt, rub that clit, play with your tits.” I slowly pulled the dildo from her snatch till the head was almost free, then I slammed it back in. I grabbed for her hand and moved it over her clit. I brought the belt down on her tit again.

“Do something!” I held her hand to her body till she started playing with herself. “Play with those tits you whore.” Monique’s sobbing was intense. I started moving the dildo in and out of her pussy, as I drove it deep into her hips would arch, her legs were shaking.
I continued to fuck her with the dildo, picking up speed as I went. I loved the look of her cunt spreading, straining to take in the large black shaft. The contrasting color of her white skin against the gleaming black was driving me on.
“That’s it whore, move those fingers, I want to see you cum!” I picked up the belt and brought it down on her belly, I loved the sound, and the red mark that stood out on her skin almost immediately.

As I continued to drive the dildo home, I could see Monique’s pussy growing wetter. She was even moving her fingers with more intensity on her clit. Her nipples were hard and pointed, and I could see the convulsions in her belly.
“That’s it, tell me you want to cum, beg me to let you!” The only response I got was louder cries, but I didn’t care. I was brutally fucking her with the dildo. With my free hand I grabbed her’s and pushed her fingers harder against her clit.
“Come on slut. Tell me what a dirty little bitch you are. Tell me how you want to cum!” Monique was crying, but I could also hear the moans escaping from her chest.

“That’s it slut. You’re just a dirty whore. You want to cum, you want me to fuck you and blow in your pussy, tell me.” I grabbed for her breasts and took hold. I twisted her nipple till she screamed. I drove the dildo into her, leaving it impaled for a second in her tight hole, then taking it out, so it was almost free. She’d arch her hips, trying to keep it in her, then I’d slam the long shaft home again. She was just about to orgasm.

I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, then grabbed her hand so she couldn’t rub her clit.
“Beg me to let you cum whore. Tell me you’re just a no good cock sucker, tell me!” I could sense the hesitation, her moans were growing louder. She barely whispered out.

“What was that slut?” I twisted her nipple violently.

It was barely audible, but I could still hear her.

“Please let me cum.” I rammed the dildo back in her pussy and let go of her hand. She had her fingers on her clit in an instant, then she started to scream. I kept driving the dildo home, rotating the bulbous head inside of her, moving it up and down so she had to move her hips with the motion.
“That’s it slut! Beg me to fuck you!” I left the dildo deep in her body and moved to her breasts, I took hold of her nipples and pulled them taut.
“Beg me to fuck you cunt!” Monique was too lost in her own reverie. I flipped her over onto her belly, I couldn’t wait any longer, I was going to blow.

I pulled the black dildo out with a pop, her pussy was gushing now.

“Grab your ankles and spread your legs for me cunt!” She had the most beautiful, perfect ass. I forced two fingers into her snatch.

Monique grabbed her ankles, it spread her legs nicely. I dropped my weight on her and drove home. I almost came when I felt the muscles of her vagina contracting on my prick. It felt so good.

The uninspired masturbation scene was still going on TV. I grabbed Monique’s hair and made her look up at the screen. I started pounding into her from behind. I loved the feel of her under me, I loved the feel of her pussy holding tight to my cock.

“That’s it cunt, squeeze me tight, look at the screen, look at what a little whore you are.” I jack hammered into her pussy, I was just about to blow. “You’re such a little whore, what would mommy and daddy think? Ahhh. You’re going to cum for me every day, right bitch?” I slammed home, driving my cock to the hilt and started spurting. I couldn’t stop cumming, my balls kept pumping, filling her with my sperm. “That’s it baby, can you feel all that cum.” I held her head up to look at the screen. I could feel her body tensing under mine, her hips, the contractions in her back as she started crying again.

Finally I just collapsed on top of her. My dick still held within the warm confines of her pussy. I knew we’d made some improvement today. I was going to do the same thing tomorrow, tape her and make her masturbate for me.

I don’t know, I probably laid atop her for a good ten minutes. The feeling was too glorious to move. I got off the bed and stood over her, her head was almost hanging over the edge, her face pressed in the covers. I stared down at her for a second, then grabbed a clump of hair and made her twist onto her back. My dick was right in front of her eyes.

“So slut, when I tell you to masturbate for the camera tomorrow, you know what you have to do?” She just stared blindly up at me.

“I was speaking to you whore. Do you want me to get out the belt and reinforce our lesson?”


“No sir, no sir! Is how you are to respond.” I smacked her across the face.

“No sir!” I loved the look of terror in her eyes.

“When I tell you to masturbate are you going to do it slut?” She hesitated.

“Yes sir.” I couldn’t hold back the smirk.

“Good, now clean my cock you little cum sucker.” I didn’t really give her the option of obeying, I bent at the knees and forced my waning prick in her mouth. I could hear her gag as I forced my length into her and drove my ass crack into her face. Her tongue movements over my cock were incredible, and I had to let out a guttural roar it felt so good.

I eased up a little and pulled my cock from her mouth. Monique obeyed and used her tongue to clean me. I had her suck my balls till I was near cumming again, then I pulled free.

“I’m tempted to hogtie you for the night, unless you promise to be a good girl.” I’m not sure she really knew what a hogtie was, but she didn’t want to find out either.

“I’ll be good.” She stuttered out. I stared down at her, I wanted to make her think it was a big decision for me not to tie her up, even though I’d already decided I wanted to sleep with her. She had the most beautiful, obsequious eyes.

“Okay.” I ran my hand through her hair.

I unlocked the chain from Monique’s collar and dragged her into my bedroom. I undid the collar around her neck and pushed her into the shower.
“Clean up slut.” I slammed the bathroom door shut and sat on the bed. It had been a long day. I was looking forward to my buddy coming over. I was already thinking about some things I wanted to do. I kept thinking about Jayme’s tits and what I was going to do with them, and then, after abusing her breasts, I decided it was about time for a good old double penetration. I knew she wouldn’t like it, she seemed like the shy type and I knew it would humiliate her. I don’t know why, but she seemed the type that was forced by her mom to be a cheerleader in the first place, and I’m sure having a dick in her pussy and ass wasn’t the highest priority goal in her life.

Monique came from the bathroom without being prodded. She walked timidly toward the bed. All I had to do was point to the floor and she fell to her knees. Her hair was still wet as I put the collar back around her neck.

“If you are a good girl I won’t bind your wrists. Okay?” Her lips were quivering slightly.

“Yes sir.” I tapped the bed next to me. She climbed into the bed warily. I pulled the covers over us and held her in a big bear hug. I’m sure sometime in the night I’d have to fuck her again. Feeling that soft skinned girl against me was more than I could have asked for.

Chapter Five

I woke up with Monique in my arms. I could feel her body tense against mine as I moved, and I wondered if she’d got any sleep at all during the night?

I’d slept wonderfully, I didn’t wake up once. I’d thought for sure I’d have needed to cum, but it hadn’t worked out that way.

“Good morning slave.” I brushed the hair out of her eyes. “Are you disappointed I didn’t fuck you in the night?” Monique remained silent, I could sense the incredible disdain she was feeling and I thrust my finger in her pussy.

“I love this little cunt. Tell me you’re my whore!” I could feel her body shudder against mine as she started to cry.
“Get off the bed!” I pushed Monique off the mattress and she fell to her knees on the floor. I reached down and took off her collar.
“Get up, put your hands behind your head and show me that body of yours!” Her eyes were already moist. She stood up, hesitantly she put her arms up behind her head, I loved the way her tits looked, so young and taut.

“Spread those legs wider slut.” Monique eased her legs wide, she was so gorgeous. I could almost see her pussy twitching. I didn’t know if she was starting to like it, or if it was just the embarrassment.
“Why don’t you spread that pussy of your so I can see your cute little pink snatch.” Monique’s arms trembled as she moved her fingers down to her labia and spread her lips, showing the shining pink flesh of her pussy.
“Do you want me to stick my cock in there and fill you up cunt?” Monique just stared at the floor.
“Go kneel on the floor in the shower, rub that pussy till you’re about to cum, I’ll be in shortly!” I got up from the bed. My dick was aching, it was so sensitive I had to be careful. I called Jim on the phone to tell him to get over here by 4, I really couldn’t wait much longer, it was going to be so much fun once he got here.

When I went into the bathroom Monique was kneeling on the floor in the shower, her fingers working away at her clit, her nipples were hard and her breasts jiggled enticingly.
“Are you ready to cum you fucking whore?” When she didn’t respond I stepped into the shower and grabbed her hair, I arched her head back.
“I said are you ready to cum you fucking whore?”
“Yes, yes.” I slapped her across the face at the response.
“Yes sir, you answer me as yes sir slut!” I pinched her nipples till she screamed.
“Now you can cum slut!” On call Monique started to moan, I continued to hold her nipples in my hands, pinching them hard and twisting.

Monique’s knees were shaking so violently I thought she’d collapse on the floor, she had a finger buried in her pussy and her other hand was on her clit, rubbing hard.
“That’s it slut, tell me how it feels!” Monique was groaning, her body shuddering, I don’t know if she heard a word I said.
I pulled my hands from her tits and turned on the water, she screamed in shock as the cold water hit her, she tried to stand up but I pushed her back down.
“Tell me when the water is warm enough for my shower slut!” I could see the goose pimples break out on her skin. She tried to cross her hands over her breasts to keep the cold water from her sensitive tits.
“Is the water getting warmer yet slut? She was shivering under the tepid stream. I left her like that till the water heater started to work, and as soon as it was hot enough, I climbed in.
“Clean me good slave.” I handed her a sponge and soap.

Monique got reluctantly to her feet and started rubbing me down with the soap. She had gloriously soft hands. I placed my palms against the tiles and let her move over me. I loved the way the water ran in streams down her face and through her hair, it made her look so provocative.
“Rub those tits up against me!” I felt the hard points of her nipples against my back.
“Don’t forget to clean my dick, we wouldn’t want it dirty when I fuck your friends, would we?”
I almost lost it when Monique started cleaning my balls with the sponge. I was definitely going to get used to having this slut wash me every morning.

When I got out of the shower I had her dry me down.
“Clean up slave. You have 20 minutes, then I want you on the floor next to the bed, on your knees with your hands behind your head waiting for me!” I put on a pair of loose fitting sweats and headed into the kitchen. I started making up the meal for the girls’ lunch. Jim was going to be over early I hoped, maybe 3 if he could, 4 at the latest, and I still had a few things to do before he got here.

When I got back into the bedroom Monique was there on the floor like I’d told her. She didn’t have enough time to completely dry her hair, but I liked it that way. I liked the way it was wet and dripping on her naked skin. I loved the way there was still a film of water on her belly and between her tits, I could almost imagine it was caused by a long fucking session. I like when my bitches get all hot and sweaty for me.
“Good girl.” I held out her collar for her.
“Put it on for me slut.” I loved the way she stared at the collar with foreboding, then tenuously placed it around her neck.
“Tell me cunt, did you have a good orgasm this morning?” I clicked the lock shut on the collar. Her eyes stared up at me, there was a mixture of anger and despair in her deep hazel eyes.
“I’m going to leave you in the room again today. I want you to tape yourself masturbating every 2 hours, just like yesterday, though, I expect a lot more effort today, do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” Begrudgingly she replied.
“Tell me what you’re going to do.”
“I’m going to ma…” I grabbed her collar and pulled her so we were face to face, no more than an inch separated us.
“No slut, there are no more I’s for you. You’re my property now, a lowly piece of trash for me to do as I see fit with. You will always refer to yourself in the third person, you are my slut, my slave, my cunt, my whore, but no longer a person.” I let go of the collar. “Now tell me what you’re going to do?” I could see her cheek twitching as she sniffled out the words
“This whore is going to masturbate every two hours and tape it, she will work hard to cum...” she hesitated, “This whore will work hard to cum for you Master.” I grinned and tapped Monique on the head.
“Good girl.” I grabbed for her collar and got her to her feet. I pulled her along behind me into the other room and attached the chain so she couldn’t go anywhere. When I slammed the door shut behind me as I left, I knew that my dear Monique was truly becoming the pet I envisioned.

I went down into the basement, instead of going to the kennel side with the girls’, I headed off to my storage area. Right were I expected I found the old double mattress and box spring. They weren’t heavy, so I started dragging them toward the kennel. When I opened the door all the girls stared at me as I moved in with the bed.

“Hello slaves!” Very subtly the girl’s inched further back in the kennel.
“I hope you didn’t forget we have a visitor today.” Emily and Jayme moved close together, they were almost touching, as if that gave them some kind of comfort.

I set the frame down on the floor, and then put the mattress on top of it. I put it in the middle of the room, within clear site of the kennel the girls huddled in.
“Tara, get your ass out here, and take that shirt off!” I pointed to where I stood. The lines from her punishment were clearly visible on her ass and thighs still. It didn’t seem to affect her gait, so I assumed it didn’t hurt much anymore. She did have most beautiful breasts, and I loved the way they swayed as she walked.
“Get on your back!” I pointed to the mattress. Watching her hesitate, I knew she was considering the options of disobedience.

Tara climbed on the bed, she put her hands to her sides, her legs were slightly open.
“Get those legs in the air cunt, spread them and keep them up. Get that pussy ready for me!” I knew she was filled with rage, desperate to fight against me, but she also knew I wasn’t screwing around, especially not with her.

Tara put her legs in the air, I could see the muscles in her thighs straining as she held them aloft. She put her hands down between her legs and started playing with herself. Her nipples grew slowly harder as she moved her fingers over her clit.

I dropped my sweats and took off my top. I started to stroke my cock, I could see Tara looking up between her splayed thighs watching me. The way her legs started to tremble, I knew she was starting to get aroused.
I fell on her, slamming into her pussy with one brutal thrust. I grabbed for her hair and made her look up at me.
“Wrap those legs around me cunt, you’d better put more effort into this than anything you’ve ever done!” I was already pounding into her pussy, driving my prick home like a piston into her snatch. I felt her close those long, beautiful, legs around my back and lock her ankles together over my ass. I heard her grunt as I slammed down into her, she arched her hips up, fucking me back.
“Scrub those titties against me slut, I want to feel those nipples on my skin!” Tara glared up at me, but she ground her breasts against my chest.

She locked her arms around my back and bucked against my body as I fucked of her.
“That’s it whore!” The bed creaked, I could feel the sweat of our bodies mixing. Tara had a tight little cunt and I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting and squeezing me as I pulled my cock nearly out, then pounded back into her waiting hole.

I grabbed her hair and arched her head back.

“How do you like that slut, do you like my dick slamming into you? You’re just a fucking whore!” The sound of the bed creaking rang through the basement. I didn’t even bother to look up and see what the other girl’s were doing. I continued to bury my dick in Tara’s inviting pussy, driving my balls against her ass.
“I’m going to cum, fuck me bitch!” Tara slid her tits across my chest. I could feel her legs squeeze me tight as her ass hopped up and down off the mattress as I pounded down.
“AAAHHHHHHH!” I felt my sperm fill her pussy. I could feel her holding me tight, her vaginal muscles spasmed and sucking in my cum deep in her belly. I kept ramming my dick in her till it hurt.

I finally collapsed a top her, she kept her arms and legs locked around me, her head was to the side, I could see the tears streaking down her cheek as she looked away from me.
It took a good ten minutes before I was willing to uncouple from my little whore. I stood up, my cock dripping, I dragged Tara across the bed by the shoulders till her head was hanging over the edge. I didn’t bother telling her, I just bent down and thrust my waning cock in her mouth. I think she knew what I wanted her to do.

After Tara licked me clean, I left her on the bed as I pulled my dick from her mouth, she just lay there, her legs spread as I called for Emily.
“Get out here Emily, there’s food upstairs, I need to you grab it.” Emily slowly shuffled out of the kennel, she looked so scared.
I followed Emily up the stairs, I put my sweats back on, but with the sensitivity of my cock it was almost too painful.
I put all the food on a tray for Emily to carry back down to the others.
“When you’ve passed it all out, I want you to come back up here, and close the door behind you when you come back up, understand?” Emily barely looked me in the eyes, I thought she was going to start crying again.

It only took a few minutes, when she came back upstairs I took Emily into the living room and sat her down on the couch next to me. I wasn’t much in the mood to do anything till Jim got here.
Emily’s body recoiled as I pulled her to me.
“Let’s get that shirt off!” I lifted the long T-Shirt over her head. I caught myself staring at her tits, they were so beautiful, so perfect, her nipples were hard and pointed.
“God you’re so hot!” I ran my hand over her tits and belly.

I heard the dogs howl as they came in through the dog door. They were barking and wild after having spent most of the day playing outside.
“Hey buddies.” The dogs were jumping around in front of us. I could feel Emily press closer as the dogs started hopping on the couch.
“This is one of my new whores.” I introduced my dogs to my other pets. Spike forced his nose towards Emily’s naked sex, she tried to press her legs together.
“God, stop him, stop him!” Emily started screaming as Spike pressed his snout between her legs and started licking her pussy.
“Stop him, stop him, please!” I wrapped my arm around Emily and held her tight.
“Open those legs, let him have a taste, you have such a sweet little pussy.” Spikes long moist tongue lapped against her clit. I could feel her body twitch as the big lab hit the right spot.
“Spread those thighs.” I pulled her knee wide so Spike had better access. He continued to lick away, I would have made him stop, but I loved the abject humiliation it raised in Emily.

I started pulling on Emily’s nipples. She was whimpering, whining, begging me to have it stop.
“That’s enough Spike.” I pushed the big lab away. “Go get your food!” I pointed him toward the kitchen. For an instant he looked disappointed, then he bolted for his dish, Shadow followed closely behind.
I put my fingers on Emily’s clit and started rubbing.
“I think they liked you slut!” Emily was sobbing.
“Lets watch some TV.” I flipped on the tube, there wasn’t anything good on, but I was fine holding my little slave in my arms, occasionally playing with her tits, or rubbing her clit till she started to sweat. I didn’t make her cum, I didn’t want to give her the release, yet. I was still trying to figure out when I was going to fuck her.

I kept looking up at the clock. I couldn’t wait for Jim to get over. We’d known each other since we were children. I don’t think there is anything we hadn’t done together. We’d even fucked this one chick together once. We’d picked her up at the bar, some little college wench that got too drunk. It was summer so we took the slut out into the fields and fucked her brains out in the back of my truck. That was the first time I rammed my dick in a girl’s ass, Jim had his dick in her pussy and I reamed her butt good. She’d passed out at some point, and when we were through with her, we left her in her car, cum plastered to her face after we jacked off on her. I would have given quite a bit to see the look in her eyes when she looked in the mirror that morning. I don’t think there is much hotter than a cute girl with cum on her face.

I leaned over and started kissing Emily on the mouth. She tried to wrench her face away from mine, but I held her firm. She always whimpered like a hurt animal when I humiliated her, god I loved it.

I looked up at the clock again, 3:35, Jim had told me he’d try to get out early, but since I was the absent owner and he had to take care of a lot of the crap I didn’t want to, I guess I shouldn’t curse his name too much.

“I bet you can’t wait slut, my buddy is coming over.” I reached down and spread her pussy lips. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to let him fuck you, you’re my personal whore, you and Monique. I bet you can’t wait to find out what I have in store for the two of you?” Emily’s body jolted as the knock came at the door.

“Awesome, it’s about fucking time.” I got to my feet.

“Get to your knees on the floor. Put your arms up behind your head, and make sure to spread those legs wide so Jimmy can get a good look at your snatch.” Emily rolled despondently off the couch and got to her knees. Her breasts stretched as she put her hands up behind her head.

“God your fucking hot!” I had to turn away from the lovely image as I ran to the door. What good is it having five cute slaves if you can’t share them with somebody.

“Jim!” I put my hand out, I was so wired with excitement.
“So what’s so damn important that I had to come over.” I think he probably had a clue, based on the car, but he played dumb.
“Get in here. I’ve got to show you something.” I lead Jim in through the living room.
“So how’s everything at the shop?” I had to get in a little bit of business, I knew in a few minutes I wouldn’t be getting anything out of him about the shop.

“Fine, fine, nothing out of the norm, same old shit. Ted Johnson had to haul in his tractor, snapped a transm…“ Jim went speechless when we walked into the entertainment room and saw Emily there, that gorgeous body, those beautiful titties and her legs spread wide.

“Holy shit, what did you do?” Emily was visibly trembling.
“You know that car I told you about in the back field?”
“You kidnapped this little thing!” Jim was in front of Emily, he grabbed her nipple and started playing with her breast.
“Not just her, five of them, all cheerleaders’.”
“Holy shit, holy shit. I heard about them on the radio...” Jim was too engrossed in the wonders of Emily’s body to articulate more.
“Holy shit!” Jim bent down and fingered Emily’s pussy.
“Have you fucked her yet?” He ran his hands over her stomach, then moved back to her tits.
“Not this one. I’m saving this one for a personal pet. I don’t want to use her, yet.”

“Holy shit!”

“Let me show you the others.” I grabbed Emily by the arm and got her too her feet. I think she was actually happy to be pulled free of Jim’s attentions.

“I’ve got the other one I’ve picked out in the back bedroom, you can have your choice of the rest. You’re going to stay the night, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Jim couldn’t take his eyes off Emily. I walked him back to the bedroom where Monique was. At first, when I opened the door Monique wasn’t too shocked, then she saw Jim and I could see her body visibly tense.

“Holy shit!” I had to smile. I loved Jim’s reactions, he was more surprised than I could have expected.

“This is my cock whore Monique.”

“You’re keeping her collared?”

“Yeah, what do you expect, they’re my slaves.” I grabbed Emily and pulled her close. “I’m waiting to put a collar on this one till after I fuck her.”

“Holy shit.”
“Tell my buddy what you’re doing Monique.” I could see her blush. I’m sure her mouth was so dry it was hard to get out the words.

“This cunt is masturbating every two hours and taping it for Master to see.” She was talking into her chest as her face went deep red with shame.

“Let’s get downstairs, I’ve got three more, and you can do whatever the hell you want with them.” I put my hand around Emily’s neck and led her out of the room behind Jim.

“I can’t believe you kidnapped 5 girls.”

“I didn’t plan it. It just played out perfectly. They’re car broke down, nobody knew where the hell they were, and…” I really didn’t know any way of rationalizing what I’d done.

I think Jim was too much in shock to say much. We walked down the stairs and into the kennel. The room went absolutely silent when Jim passed through the door. I could see his eyes go wide.
“These are my new pets.” I held tight to Emily’s neck and moved her toward one of the dog cages on the floor.

“Get in there.” I pushed her down to the floor so she had to crawl into the cage. I think she was a little shocked as I put the pin in the door and locked her in.

I moved back to where Jim was standing, his eyes locked on the girls huddled in the kennel.

“I can’t believe you did this.”

“What, do you have a problem with it? I didn’t forget about you, I’m going to give one of them to you after all, well, that is if you want one? Don’t tell me you’ve got all celibate on me and don’t want a personal slave?” He looked at me, for a second he was expressionless, but then a small grin came to his face. I didn’t wait for any further response.

“Tara, take that shirt off and get over here. Show Jim the punishment I had to give you.” The look on Tara’s face was vicious. She took off the old T-Shirt and moved slowly toward the door.

“Get that ass over here!” When Tara was close at hand I grabbed a clump of hair and made her bend at the waist, I turned her so her ass was inches from Jim.

“Tara volunteered to show the other girls what would happen to them if they didn’t behave.” Jim ran his fingers over the red lines crossing Tara’s ass and thighs.

“Crawl back into your cage slut!” I let got of Tara’s hair and pushed her to the floor. She crawled on her hands and knees back into the cage.

“That other one, that’s Lisa. She’s not a bad cock sucker, though, I’ve just had her clean my dick after I fucked Tara’s pussy, I haven’t tested how good she is at swallowing cum yet.”

“And the other one, hell, I can’t even remember her name, but look at those tits.”

“We should call her Tits.” Jim seemed to be coming around. “Yeah, we should call her Tits, that’s a good name, don’t you think?” Jim looked at me, wonder in his eyes.

“Hey Tits, get the hell out here.” Jayme started shaking but just stood still. I could see Lisa nod her head in my direction, telling her to come to me.

“Tits, get your ass out here!” She was so nervous her knee gave way and she almost tumbled to the ground, but Tara grabbed hold of her just before she fell. As soon as she neared the kennel door I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her full into the basement. I slammed the door behind and locked it shut.

“Tits, what the fuck were you thinking, when I say to do something, you do it!” I pushed her out into the center of the room, right near the bed.

“Get those clothes off Tits.” Her whole body was shaking like a leaf.

“I…I…can’t.” The tears streaked down her face, taking any residual make up with them.

“What? Would you rather I did it for you?” I pointed to the rags that had once been Tara’s clothes on the floor.” Her hands were shaking violently. She moved slow, she was barely able to undo the zipper on her vest. I could see Jim was getting anxious, I try not to notice these things about guys, but he clearly had a hard on.

“I’ve got an idea Jim, you wait here, make sure she strips and I’ll be right back.” Jayme, or Tits, had just got the little skirt down around her ankles as I started out for the workshop.

I was only gone a couple minutes, and when I got back downstairs Jayme was in her panties and bra. I thought Jim was going to pounce on her as he watched her, barely acknowledging my presence.

“Look what I got.” I held up a couple long thin leather bootlaces, and a couple more alligator clips. They were like the ones I’d used on Tara, but the teeth weren’t as sharp.

“And look at these.” I held up a handful of lead fishing weights.

“Let’s get this bitch undressed and then have some fun.” I didn’t need to prod Jim on, he moved toward the girl with cat like quickness. He grabbed one arm and I grabbed the other. Jayme struggled mightily, kicking and screaming, but she was no match for Jim and I.
We popped Jayme’s bra off revealing her huge tits. She had big brown aureoles, we tossed her face down on the bed and ripped off her panties, we left her little shoes on, she was so cute, her body was so tight, and those tits…

“Get the fuck up your, show us those tits!” Jayme picked her face up off the mattress, she looked at me with pleading eyes, hoping that I wasn’t going to make her do it.
I smacked her ass hard with my open hand, I kept bringing down my palm till her skin glowed red.

“Come on slut, show us your tits, you should be proud of them!” I knew she wasn’t, they’d probably been an object she’d rather forget, guys staring at her breasts instead of her eyes, always trying to cop a feel.

Jayme got to her feet on wobbly knees.

“Put those hands behind your head and push out those tits!” I don’t know what size they were, but they were huge, and perfectly formed, no sags, the perfect forms of youth.

I reached out and grabbed her nipples, I twisted them violently and pulled her too me.

“How do you like cock slut?” I smiled as I pushed her to her knees.

“Go ahead Jim, it looks like you’re about to blow!” I slapped Jayme’s breast hard, it was a beautiful sound, as soon as she opened her mouth to scream Jim rammed home. He showed the girl no mercy, she wasn’t overly big in the first place, and when Jim’s cock buried to the hilt, I could see the bulge in her throat as she started to gag. I grabbed hold of her wrists before she could try to push him away and forced them behind her back.
Jim forced the length of his shaft in Jayme’s mouth, her face was going red, her tits shuddered like jell-o, her head was so tight to his body her nose was pressed into his crotch.

“That’s it cunt, swallow my cock!” Jim bellowed out. I thought the girl was going to pass out, as he started jack hammering her head on his prick. I loved the slurping sound, no, it wasn’t a slurping sound really, that doesn’t do justice to the violence, and the manic way he fucked her. She was gagging, desperately trying to take in the intrusion, I don’t know that she’d ever given a blow job before?
Jim used Jayme’s hair to ram his cock in, with each thrust I could see the bulge grow in her mouth as he got deeper and deeper.
Holding Jayme’s arms in one hand I used my other to grab those tits. They were so big I couldn’t even fit one in my palm, I dug my fingers into her flesh, ripping at those monster tits. Her nipples had gone hard, and they were so fun to play with. I could hear her react as I pinched them, though the cock in her mouth muffled most of the scream.

Jim had both hands on the back of Jayme’s head, he was driving her down on him brutally, he rammed his hips forward in one final attack as he blew in her mouth, he let out a guttural roar as the cum flooded Jayme’s mouth. I could see the sperm bubbling out of her mouth as her lips tried to make a seal on his cock.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah.” Jim held Jayme’s mouth on his cock till every last drop was drained from his prick. When he finally pulled out he started slapping Jayme’s tits.

“Holy shit, I’ve never had my cock sucked like that.” Jayme collapsed on the floor in a heap, she tried to cough up much of the sperm, but Jim had shot a good portion straight down her throat.

“Get her up on the bed.” Jim and I grabbed for an arm each, we dragged the limp body up on the bed, laying her on her back.

“I’m going to tit fuck this bitch.” I’d used girl’s tits before to try and cum, but I’d never had cushions like this to rest my cock in.

I straddled Jayme, she looked up at me with vacant eyes as I set my dick in the cleft of her breasts.

“Come on slut, push those tits around my dick.” I slapped her breast with my open hand. Her tits were red from the abuse already.

“Come on whore, make a soft home for daddy’s cock!” I was just about to slap her again when she reluctantly pushed her huge breasts together. Her mouth was wet and sticky with cum, it formed little bubbles around her lips as she breathed.

“Push harder cunt. How do you like the feel of my cock on your tits.” I started fucking her breasts. I pinched her nipples hard as I kept sliding my cock between her mounds.

“That’s it bitch, push those tits tight, make me cum.” I saw her eyes go wide. At first I didn’t know why, then I heard her whine and I looked back and saw Jim holding Jayme’s legs wide, he had his tongue buried in her pussy, and by the look in her eyes, I knew it was working. I continued to rub my ass over her chest, forcing my prick in the little channel her breasts formed.

I tugged hard on Jayme’s nipples, straining the skin as I pumped between her breasts.

“Come on whore, do you want me to cum on your face?” I pulled my dick from the glorious padding, I put the head of my cock just above her lips and started jacking off.

I didn’t have to wait long, I was so ready to blow. My cock started jerking and spurted a huge load right on her face. The sticky white sperm shot in streaks over her forehead, and I drained the last few drops into her eye, it pooled over her lashes.

As a final degradation I forced my cock in Jayme’s mouth, she coughed and tried to twist away, but I held her head still.

“That’s it cunt, lick me clean. Suck that cum from my prick!” I loved the way her tongue moved over the underside of my cock. She was probably just trying to breathe, but the movement was glorious.

I felt an air of contentment over me as I pulled my dick free.

“Holy shit. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, these girls are fucking awesome.” Jim smacked my on the back.

“Want to have a little fun with this cunt?” I pointed to the floor and the leather straps, then to Jayme laying on the bed, she just lay staring at the ceiling, the cum plastered to her face.

“What do you have in mind?” I’d obviously never told Jim about my love of breast torture. I’ve always loved the way clamps look on tits, but better yet, what they look like when wrapped…

“You’ll see.” I grinned. “Let’s get this whore to her feet!” We reached down and picked the dazed girl from the bed. I took a leather belt and pulled it over her elbows, I cinched it tight, bringing her arms together and forcing out those huge tits. I put another belt around her wrists to restrain her further.

I pushed Jayme back on the bed, I knew she didn’t have a clue what I was going to do, but the fear, the abject terror, was visible in her eyes.

“Watch this.” I took one of the long leather laces and made a noose at one end. I looped it over one of the girl’s monster tits and pulled it tight. I squeezed it so her breast constricted at the base, then I started wrapping the leather around and around, each loop making her breast bulge more.
Jayme looked down at her chest, she tried to stutter out a few words, but nothing came.

“Give me the other one.” I formed another loop and pushed it down to the base of her tit. Soon both breasts were bulging red balls.

“Lick your nipples cunt.” I forced my finger inside Jayme’s pussy, her eyes went wide with the penetration.

“I said lick them!” I started thrusting in and out as Jayme lifted her head and arched it forward. She stuck out her tongue and touched the nipple on one of her monster knockers.

She closed her thighs on my hand, I knew finger fucking her was having an effect.
Jayme barely grazed her nipples with her tongue. A few drops of cum ran down her face and onto her breasts as she moved her head.

“Jim, the clamps.” He tossed me the metal clamps I’d brought downstairs.

“No, no, you can’t, please…” Jayme’s body trembled as I brought the alligator clip near her nipple.

“Please, god, please.” The clamp had teeth, but they were more rounded, and blunt, than the ones I’d used on Tara.
Jayme screamed as I closed the teeth down on her swollen nipple. She flung her head side to side with the pain.

“That’s it whore, scream for me.” I brought the other clamp to her naked breast. She was still flailing her head side to side as I shut the teeth down on her breast.

“Get up slut!” I grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to a standing position

“Keep those legs wide!” Jayme bobbed from leg to leg like a boxer. I grabbed the largest fishing weight I could find in the pile and attached it to one of the clamps, Jayme’s already strained nipple was tugged down further. She wailed in pain even louder as I attached a weight to the other breast.

“Dance for us slut!” I’d found a wooden dowel rod in the shop, it was about 3/8” in diameter and flexed nicely. I laid a stripe down on Jayme’s tit and made her howl.

Jayme started hopping around, bouncing from leg to leg. She wasn’t moving fast enough so I laid a stripe on her ass.

“Dance for me, dance like you were cheering!” The lead weights swung from her tits, I’d clipped them in place on the clamps so they wouldn’t come free no matter how much she moved, her tits were growing redder by the second.

When Jayme came to a momentary halt I flicked the rod up between her legs. I caught her straight on the clit, her whole body jerked to life and her screams got even louder. Her monster tits bucked up and down, a film of perspiration grew on her body. She looked all the more naked with her cute gym shoes on.

“Move bitch, dance for me!” I handed Jim the rod and went to the kennel.

“Get out here Lisa!” There was a look of shock in her face, as if she was immune to my attentions. When she got to the door I grabbed for her arm and held her tight. I dragged her toward where Jayme was hopping around, the rod landing on her ass or belly every few seconds.

“Jim, take this rope and tie it around her wrists, then toss it up over the beam so she has to bend at the waist.
I dragged Lisa into the bathroom.

“You’re going to give your friend an enema. We’re going to take her up the ass later, and I want her nice and clean for my dick, do you understand?” Lisa started crying.

“Do you want to give her warm water or cold?” I turned on the taps.

“I guess since you’re not answering, you want to use cold?”

“No, no, please…” I grabbed an enema bottle from the little closet. I made Lisa fill it with warm water.

“Come on slut!” I grabbed Lisa by the arm and dragged her out into the basement. Jim had Jayme bent at the waist. He was tapping her tits slowly with the rod, not very hard, but Jayme was wailing like a banshee.

I grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her face to mine.

“I want you to give Tits here an enema. I want your tongue in her ass crack to catch any drops that seep out.” I didn’t know if Lisa could see through the tears in her eyes.

When I let go of her hair she knelt down behind Jayme, she pushed her legs wider, spreading them so she had better access. Jim stopped beating Jayme’s breasts so he could watch.

Jayme started squealing when Lisa inched the hose up her ass. Lisa had to use her finger to massage the sphincter muscle open. Both girls were sobbing uncontrollably and I loved it, my dick was aching again already.

“Here, let me have that, you take care of her!” I took the enema bag from Lisa and held it aloft, the warm water started flooding into Jayme’s ass. Her body was shaking like mad, I could see the strain in her arms as the water filled her. I pushed Lisa’s head into the crack of Jayme’s ass.

“Spread those cheeks, and I mean it, I don’t want a fucking drop to hit the floor!” Lisa started balling like a child, but she drove her tongue between Jayme’s legs.

The water kept filling Jayme’s ass, I could see her squirming. When the last drops seeped into her body I set the bag on her back and walked around to her head. I knelt on the ground and looked her in the eyes. I grabbed hold of the weights dangling from her bulbous breasts and tugged down.

“You’d better hold it in slut until I tell you, otherwise Lisa is going to have to lick it all off the floor, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?” I sent the weights swinging from her breasts. Jayme was blubbering. “I want you all cleaned out when I fuck your ass!”

I stood up and moved behind Lisa, she was busy catching the dripping water with her tongue. Jayme cried out as a cramp ripped through her belly.

“Please, god please…” A new, louder scream erupted from Jayme’s chest mid-sentence. The weights on her nipples shook in arcs from her red, constricted breasts.

I nodded to Jim, he knew exactly what I wanted. He moved to the side of Jayme’s bent body and started tapping the tops of her tits, not hard, but the way they were tied and bulging, the girl started screaming.
Jayme let out a horrific wail as he brought the rod hard down on her tits.

I ran my hand through Lisa’s hair as she was busily lapping away at Jayme’s ass. Jim continued to softly tap Jayme’s breasts, this time hitting them from below.

I handed Lisa a large bucket and pulled the tube from Jayme’s body. I could see her trying to clinch her sphincter as much as she could to keep the water in. I walked around to her head and got on my knees. Jim laid a vicious blow on the underside of her tits just as I was looking her in the eyes, she tried to scream and beg at the same time.

“Please, please, stop this!” I pushed away the locks of hair that fell over her face.

“Just a few more seconds slut.” Jim started hitting her tits harder with each blow. I twisted her head so she was looking at her friends in the cages.
“Smile for your friends and let it all out!” There was a loud gushing sound as the enema water exploded into the bucket Lisa held. I could see the mix of relief and shame in Jayme’s face as I held her head toward the kennel. I could almost see the disgust in Tara’s eyes.

I got up and moved to Jayme’s side, I ran my hands over her belly and I could feel her muscles contracting as she tried to expel all the water in her ass.
“Good girl, good girl, I want you all cleaned out so I can ram my dick home in your ass.” Jayme was balling, Jim had stopped using the rod on her and was running his hands over her beautiful skin.
I tossed Lisa a towel.

“Dry her off, then go dump the water in the bathroom.” I reached under Jayme’s body and removed the clips from her breasts, after a few seconds her body was writhing, she twisted from side to side, a torrent of screams rang though the basement. I knew when we undid the straps around her breasts she’d scream even more.

I stared to let down the rope holding Jayme’s wrists in the air. After Lisa had come back from the bathroom, she knelt on the floor and I was very pleased.

I pushed Jayme back down on the bed. She rolled around on her back, trying to relieve the throbbing pain in her tits. I turned to look at Lisa, she was staring at Jayme.

“Why don’t you strip for us Lisa.” There was an instant of hesitation, but barely long enough to be noticeable. She got to her feet and started stripping from her outfit like a women possessed, she got out of all her clothes in less than a minute, even her shoes. Her nipples were already hard, and I was in heaven when I saw that she was shaved clean.

“That’s awesome!” I moved over to where Lisa stood, she held her arms to her sides, but she still tried to bring them in as I moved toward her, as if to cover herself. I ran my hand over her smooth pussy, stopping long enough to pinch her clit between my fingers. I held it tight and tugged her toward me a little. She softly yelped, and moved her dainty feet closer too me.

“I bet you can’t wait for us to fuck you?” She looked demurely to the floor.

“Go straddle your friends face for awhile. Let her lick you up instead of you licking her. And I want you to play with her tits a little.” I let go of

Lisa’s clit, for a second I don’t think she knew what to do, but then she started moving toward the mattress, her breasts moving gently as she walked.
Lisa climbed on the bed, she was hesitant to crouch on Jayme’s face.

“That’s it, just straddle her face and push your pussy down.” I could see Lisa’s body jolt when her sensitive flesh touched Jayme’s. I moved over to the bed and sat on the edge. I thrust a finger in Jayme’s pussy.

“It’s time for you to repay the favor Tits, start licking your friend till she cums. And you,” I pointed to Lisa, “start playing with those tits.” Jayme tentatively pushed her tongue against Lisa’s pussy making her friend groan, and then Lisa grabbed for Jayme’s nipples and started to tug on them. Both girls whimpered softly in obvious shame.

After a few moments Lisa could barely keep her eyes open, she was bumping and grinding her hips against Jayme’s face, in her own world of pleasure she seemed oblivious to Jayme’s suffering, sometimes she tugged hard on Jayme’s tits till a loud scream erupted.
I moved in and grabbed for Lisa’s breasts, I cupped them in my hands and started molding them in my fingers. It was the final push Lisa needed, her body shook under my touch, and she flexed her thighs, squeezing Jayme’s head between. She was moaning loud, I could see her juices coating Jayme’s lips.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Lisa’s eyes shot open, suddenly brought back into the reality of what was happening. Her face went flush immediately and she opened her legs, lifting herself off Jayme’s face. I nodded to Jim and we began undoing the straps looped around Jayme’s breasts.
“Massage her tits.” Lisa moved her hands to Jayme’s breasts and began rubbing her fingers over the deflating mounds. Jayme kicked her legs as the leather came free and blood started flowing back into her tits, she beat the mattress with her feet and started screaming. Red marks crisscrossed her tits where Jim had beat her with the rod. Lisa delved her fingers deep into Jayme’s breats, antagonizing her friend’s already sensitive skin. The concentric circles of the leather shone clearly on Jayme’s breasts as Lisa expertly used her fingers making Jayme howl continuously.

I got up and pulled Lisa off the bed, her pussy was still wet and her labia were swollen. I started fingering her till her knees started to buckle.
Jim climbed on the bed. I knew he wanted to fuck Jayme bad. He grabbed her tits and squeezed tight, eliciting a pitiful wail from her, then he forced his knee between her legs and spread her wide. As soon as her cunt was exposed, Jim rammed home, brutally slamming his dick to the hilt. Jayme’s body bucked off the bed and she screamed till I thought her voice would go. Jim rabbit fucked the girl, her legs splayed wide, spasming and kicking in the air. There was absolutely no gentleness with the way he fucked her.

I pushed Lisa to her knees and forced my cock her mouth, she gagged and tried to push me away, but I held her firm and made her get me hard.
The bed creaked loud through the basement, Jim grunted with each thrust, driving his full weight onto Jayme’s hips. It didn’t take long for him to bellow, driving his dick deep, and then spending his load in Jayme’s pussy. I heard the girl stop crying out in pain and start to groan in abject humiliation.

I let Jim lay there, impaled on the girl, savoring the cushioning of her tits under his chest.

“Are you still hard buddy?” Jim looked up, his body was covered in sweat from the exertion.


“Good, flip her over so you’re still in her cunt, I want to take her ass, and I think she’s up for a double penetration, don’t you?” I didn’t have to convince him, Jim rolled Jayme over so she lay a top him, his dick never leaving her tight hole.
Jayme started crying before I even got on the bed. I spread her legs wide and forced my finger in her anus, she squealed like a stuck pig. Jim had hold of her tits and was rubbing the red swollen flesh.
Jayme turned her head to look as me when I climbed on the bed. Her body tensed as I ran my cock over the crack of her ass, then I sought out her nether hole. I grabbed Jayme by the hair and arched her head back.

“Don’t fight it bitch, it won’t hurt as much.” I pushed the head of my cock against her cute little anus. I spit down between her cheeks trying to get some lubrication. Jayme started screaming as I started driving forward. She was so tight, and her ass didn’t want to give, but I kept pushing the head of my cock against her till I started to get some penetration. Jim had his mouth locked on Jayme’s, forcing her to kiss him.
Slowly, almost centimeter by centimeter I was forcing my prick in her ass. Jayme’s body jumped with each little bit I moved forward. She was so tight it hurt, I smacked her on the ass repeatedly, driving my cock deeper.

“That’s it slut, open up for me!” I could feel the muscles in Jayme’s ass loosen slightly and I took advantage, trying to force more and more of my dick in her hole.

I started fucking her slowly, barely getting much movement, but still it was heaven. Jim thrust methodically into Jayme’s pussy, arching his hips and completing the double penetration.

Soon the two of us got into a sort of rhythm, timing our fucking perfectly, in and out of her cunt and ass like a machine. Jayme was balling uncontrollably, feeling every inch of our cocks in her holes. I took hold of hips trying for more leverage, she was so tight it was hurting me, but I wasn’t going to stop.

I started pumping faster and faster into Jayme’s ass, she was still so incredibly tight it hurt, but she seemed to be opening up little by little. I held tight to her hips and used them to fuck her harder and harder. I knew I was about to cum, I would have liked to hold out longer, but the groaning little girl impelled me on.
When I couldn’t hold it I shot my load in her ass. I rammed home, trying to get my whole dick in her, Jayme wailed out as I filled her with my cum.
“Aahhhhhh!” I pulled her hips back to drive my cock deeper. I couldn’t believe how good she felt. I smacked her ass, whipping her like a jockey on the stretch run. I thought my head would explode it felt so good.
I don’t know how long I stayed buried in the girl. I finally pulled out with a pop. As soon as I was free Jim started driving his hips up, his arms were around Jayme, pressing her tits into his chest as he fucked her like a beast.

I moved in front of Lisa and forced my cock towards her mouth. There was a fear in her eyes and she opened wide and took me in. I watched in sick fascination as Jim rammed home into Jayme’s cunt. I ran my hand through Lisa’s hair as she clamped her mouth down on my dick, her tongue was weaving over my cock when Jim roared out, driving upwards, almost lifting Jayme off the bed as he came in her pussy.

“HOLY SHIT!” Jim smacked Jayme’s ass, continuing to buck up into her pussy.
I pulled out of Lisa’s mouth and ran my dick through her hair, her soft locks felt awesome on my prick.
It took a few minutes before Jim could recover, he held Jayme next to him, crushing her tits against his body. After a few minutes he pushed her off him and got to his feet.

“Thank you SO much. We should have done something like this years ago!” I pushed Lisa toward Jim and had her lick him clean. She was slurping on his cock as we talked.

“Want to go make dinner? We’ve got to feed these girls.” Jim had his hands at the back of Lisa’s head, his muscles spasmed involuntarily as she cleaned him.

“Yeah…” he groaned, “yeah, lets do that.” He pushed Lisa off his dick. “Yeah, lets do that. My balls need a break already.” He tapped Lisa on top of the head.

“Get Jayme in the kennel Lisa.” I helped Lisa to her feet, she almost had to carry Jayme into the cage, Jayme’s legs were still twitching, and her breasts were bright red.

“I can’t believe you did this.” Jim smacked my on the shoulder as we started upstairs.

Chapter Six

When we got upstairs Jim was still looking at me with wonder in his eyes.

"I can't believe you did this. It's…it's fucking awesome. What happened exactly?." I smiled and set about making up some dinner for all my pets. The dogs were chasing each other through the kitchen and living room, barking like mad.

"Oh, I was in the shop watching some football, the game had already started by the time I got done with the paperwork and I didn't want to miss it. I was pretty pissed when I heard the knock on the window, but I'd forgotten to close the blind and I had to answer, Tara and Lisa were there at the door, desperate. They told me they were stranded, and that nobody knew about them, there phones didn't work and they hadn't seen any cars pass, so it all kind of just fell into place." Jim cut up some fruit and spread it out on the different plates.

"I can't believe it. We've got to crush that car though, and soon." A little of the lust had faded from Jim, and he was now thinking clearly, and being as pragmatic as always.

"Yeah." Thoughts of what I had to do were racing through my head.

"I'm giving Doc a call tonight and have him up here too, he'll take care of all the reproductive issues for us, and then take at least one of them off our hands."

"I haven't seen Doc for years, are you sure he'd condone this?"

"Yeah, don't you remember that little incident he had in his office right after he got done with his residency."

"Oh yeah," Jim slapped himself on the forehead in jest, "I forgot about that." I started putting together some tuna sandwiches, I was going to make the girls eat healthy, I wouldn't want them adding on any more weight to their hot little frames in captivity.

"So which one were you thinking about taking?" I asked Jim as he was making up some juice.

"I kind of liked that one you whipped. Tits is nice, but there was just something about that one..."


"Yeah, Tara, there was just something about her." Jim winked at me.

"She's a feisty one, you'd have to keep your guard up and break her good, but she is hot, and I think if you could convert her, she'd be one hell of a fun slave to have." I chuckled, I almost couldn't believe I was talking about these girls like objects, but I liked it.

"Your right, I was thinking about it a little, I think I'm going to weld up some steel collars and cuffs for her, then chain them all together where she basically has to crawl around, you know, where she can't stand up completely and she can't lift her arms, she'll kind of be like a dog. I think if I leave her like that for a couple weeks, whip her, make her go outside to pee and humiliate her with things like that, I think she'll start to break." Jim looked up and smiled. "And in the chains, I can still make her kneel and fuck her like a dog whenever I want too!" I smacked Jim on the back, I liked the way he was thinking.

"Sounds like a good idea, you'll have to make up a few pairs of chains for me too. I think Doc will take Tits, he's always had the breast fixation, and Jayme definitely fits that.

Jim nodded his assent.

"And you?"

"I'm taking Emily and Monique for sure, I have big plans for those two. They're both kind of timid and obedient already, though," I looked up at Jim, "but I'll break them even more." I laughed and smacked my fist into my palm as a gesture of force.

"I don't know about Lisa, she's kind of got the same traits too and I love that. I love ones that are already a bit submissive, but to keep three, that might be a bit much to handle by myself." Jim shrugged his shoulders.

"You've got a lot of space man, and you don't have to work much, you could do it?"

"Yeah, I suppose?"

I really didn't know what I was going to do with Lisa yet, I was being completely honest.

"Let's take this down to Monique and get a little show." I picked up a plate of food and started toward Monique's room. When I opened the door she was laying on the bed watching TV, the dildo was sitting, glistening, on the table near the TV.

"Hello slut, I can see you've been busy?" I picked up the dildo and set down the food in its place. I moved toward the bed and sat to Monique's left.

"Lay back my dear." I was close to her, my legs pressed against her side. Jim sat opposite me and framed Monique so she could barely move.

I started playing with her clit, rubbing her little nub till she started to react.

"That's a good girl." Jim had his mouth locked on one of her breasts while he ran his hand over her belly. I spread her pussy lips and moved the head of the dildo to her opening.

"But I…" She looked up at me with those sweet eyes, but I didn't care. Her face contorted as I rammed the fake cock home in her pussy. I pushed as far as it would go, her hips bucked as the dildo drove in and barely protruded from her snatch.

"Come on, get those hands down here and start masturbating for us." Jim was busy sucking away at her breast like a child in desperate need of being fed. I started pinching and tugging on Monique's free nipple, she had such beautiful breasts, they were so resilient and fine.

Monique grabbed the end of the dildo with one hand and started fucking herself while using the fingers of her other hand to rub her cit. I grabbed for her ankle and forced it into my chest so her leg was bent back over her body, Jim did the same and we forced her hips up off the bed.

"That's it cunt, rub that pussy raw." Monique was starting to moan, I could see the tell tale signs of arousal, her breathing changed, her body started to tremble. Before my eyes the girl was becoming a slut.

I pulled hard on her tit, stretching her soft supple skin. Jim had his fingers buried in her breast, mauling her flesh. He locked his mouth on hers and started to kiss her.

Monique's pussy opened wide to swallow the large dildo as she moved it in and out of her body. Her legs were shaking in my grasp and I ran my hand over the back of her thigh.

"That's it slut, work those fingers. Soon I'll have Emily up here with you then you two can go at it!" Monique was panting, she moaned louder every time Jim or I played with her tits. I could see she was wet, and her fingers continued to move faster and faster over her clit.

"Are you going to cum slut?" I bent down so my face was inches from hers. I could see the wave of humiliation pass over her.

"Yes….yes Master." I ran my hand through her hair.

"Then you may cum whore." Her whole body started to vibrate, she closed her eyes to a squint and bit down on her lip as she started to groan. She rammed the dildo home in brutal, deep, thrusts. I held her leg firm as her hips started gyrating and she screamed out in orgasm. I pinched her breast hard, twisting the nipple violently. Her body was covered in a sheen of perspiration as she continued to moan and cry out as the pleasure came over her in waves.

After a few minutes Monique's body stopped trembling and both Jim and I let go of her legs. She lay there, legs spread, the dildo still protruding from her sex. I pulled the shaft free from her pussy and brought it to her mouth, forcing it between her teeth I made her deep throat it.

"When we leave I want you to go into the shower and get yourself cleaned up for me." I undid the little lock on her collar. "After you've showered I want you to put back on your collar, and…" I handed her a pair of police handcuffs. "I want you to cuff your hands behind your back and be ready for me, kneeling on the floor. Understand?" She looked up at me, her eyes were locked on mine as the large dildo jutted from her mouth and she nodded.

"Good." Jim was already to the door, I got off the bed and followed him. Monique lay still on the mattress as I slammed the door shut, making sure it was locked from the outside.

"That girl is hot, and she hated masturbating for us." Jim turned back to me to speak, there was an intensity in his eyes.

"She was humiliated, but she still did it, and orgasmed. I don't know if she hated it or not, but making her do it, that's what makes it fun. She's starting to come around." I couldn't get the grin off my face.

I grabbed a small blanket from the hall closet and then headed with Jim into the kitchen. We picked up the food we'd made and carried it into the basement for the girls. I planned to let Emily sleep in her little cage all night. I'd decided that I was going to fuck her the next day, so I wanted her a little more pliable, and keeping her alone in the small enclosure, I think it would help?

The basement went silent as we opened the door.

"Dinner's served." None of the girls moved. Jayme was on the floor still rubbing her aching breasts with Lisa sitting to her side. Tara stood off in the corner, her face still filled with rage.

Emily looked like a cute little puppy in the cage, her sweet little face peered up at me as I opened the door and put her food and drink inside, then I tossed the small blanket in and shut the door. I knelt down so only she could hear me.

"I'm going to fuck you tomorrow, I hope you have a good nights sleep!" I could see her Emily's face go pale, I doubted she'd get much sleep thinking about me taking her virginity, but that was why I did it, I wanted her to think about it all night long.

"Eat up." I moved next to Jim and we stood in front of the kennel side by side, loving every second of the humiliation the girls' felt as they ate their dinner like animals on display in the zoo. They were all silent, I almost expected some kind of protestation from Tara, but nothing came.

We stood there for a good ten minutes, the girls' had eaten their food quickly, and I'm sure they were still very hungry. I whispered to Jim.

"You want to take her upstairs?" I kept my eyes locked on the kennel, he knew without me say that I was talking about Tara.


"Tara, get your ass out here." I opened the kennel door, I could see the confusion and despair in her eyes, she desperately wanted to combat me, but I think the memory of the lashing she'd taken was still too fresh. She shuffled slowly towards where I stood, she looked defeated, for the moment at least.

When Tara got close to the door I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her outside and pushed her to her knees on the floor. I locked the kennel door shut then looped a rope around her neck. I had no intention of choking her, I just wanted to use it as a leash. With Jim's help I tied Tara's hands together with a length of rope that dangled free from her neck and brought her palms together up near her throat, till it almost looked like she was praying. There was still free rope, and it was the perfect way to lead her up the stairs like a dog.

"Get up off your knees!" Tara struggled to her feet, without the use of her hands she had to stagger to gain her balance. I handed the rope to Jim and let him have control of her.

"Good night slaves', I guess I'll see you in the morning."

Mocking and taunting her I blew a kiss to Emily as she knelt in the small cage, I stood at the door for a moment to savor the utter degradation that shone on her eyes, then I slammed it shut and locked the girls' in the darkened basement for the night.

I followed close behind Tara as she cautiously took each step up the stairs. The lines across her ass and thighs had faded quite a bit, but they were still visible. She whimpered in humiliation as I ran my hand over the curve of her ass.

We paused by the fridge, it wasn't that late and Jim wanted to catch the end of the basketball game. I grabbed one of the long, thick, cucumbers I'd bought from a farmer at the side of the road yesterday, it wasn't perfectly smooth and it had little pointed knots running along it's length.

"I'm sure this will keep her busy while we watch the game." I handed the long green cucumber to Jim as we moved into the entertainment room, Tara couldn't see what we'd exchanged. It was hard for her to turn her head at all the way her neck and wrists were bound.

I sat in my comfortable recliner and Jim sat down on the couch. He made Tara just stand there as he held the end of the rope in his hand.

"Do you know what this is?" Jim held up the massive cucumber so Tara could see, she just stared at it wide eyed.

"Pat's ordered a bunch of toys for you girls', but they're not in yet, so we're just going to have to make do." He set the cucumber on his thigh, it was pointed straight up and must have been a good 10" long, not to mention 3" in diameter.

Jim winked at Tara and nodded his head toward the thick projection.
"Go on, mount it slut." Tara turned her head toward me, perhaps hoping for a reprieve, but I just smiled back at her.

She had to bend her whole torso down to see the huge jutting vegetable Jim held at the base on his leg.

Jim tugged on the rope that was acting as a leash around Tara's neck and he pulled her towards him, making her straddle his thigh.

I stood up and moved behind Tara, Jim had to hold the cucumber erect, so I decided to help out. I reached between Tara's legs and spread her labia. With one hand on her shoulder I started pushing her down. She wasn't gagged, but all she did was start to weep when the vegetable touched her pussy.

"That's it slut, I'm sure you've done this before." The thick green piece of produce started disappearing in Tara's cunt as I pushed down on her shoulders. I no longer had to spread her pussy lips, she'd already been penetrated and her lips were spreading for the intrusion on their own.

Tara faced Jim, her tits hung enticingly in front of him. I forced her down until her labia touched his hand which was holding the cucumber firm, she was spread wide and had a good 7" of the object inside her tight pussy.

My work done I sat down in my chair and tried to watch both the game, and Tara impaled on the vegetable. Jim pulled hard on the rope and brought Tara's face close to his.

"I want to watch the end of the game, and in that time I want you to fuck this cucumber like it was my dick, because you're just a fucking useless whore, and you need something in that pussy of yours." I could see Tara's neck straining against the pressure on the rope, she was almost to the point of tears.

Jim let the tension off the rope and lifted the cucumber off his thigh. Tara jerked upwards as she had to get up onto her tip toes.

"I said I want you to start fucking it, and I don't want you to stop till I tell you to!" Jim let the cucumber down and again rested it again on his leg. The muscles in Tara's thighs corded as she lifted herself up off the vegetable, she stopped just as the tip was about to pop free from her pussy, then forced herself back down on the huge piece of produce.

"That's it whore, you know how to do it." Tara started to move slightly faster, the thick green cucumber spread her pussy wide and it started to gleam in the light as her body began to lubricate.

After a few minutes of watching intently as Tara fucked away at the cucumber, I diverted my attention to the game. Jim seemed to stay interested for a few minutes longer in Tara than I did, but the action on TV started to get good and he too focused on the game.

Tara was granted no respite from fucking the cucumber with our inattention, she continued to ride the vegetable, her thighs moving her up and down, forcing the bulbous object deep in her pussy. Her breasts bounced and shuddered as she impaled herself continually on the cucumber. Occasionally I'd look over, loving the sight of the disappearing green shaft as it spread her pussy wide.

In spite of herself Tara started to groan as the studded vegetable rubbed her cunt, she started to grind her clit against Jim's hand each time she thrust down. It got harder and harder to watch the game as Tara was obviously about to cum. Her body was covered in perspiration as she bucked up and down, her thighs moving faster and faster.

Neither Jim nor I said a word to her, Tara had her eyes closed and was riding the cucumber like a bull. Jim looked over at me and smiled as Tara arched her upper body back, she had a gorgeous, flat stomach

"Oh God, Oh God…" Tara was humping Jim's thigh and the vegetable like a woman possessed.

"Oh God!" Tara screamed out in orgasm, when she came her whole body looked like it was on fire and spasmed out of control. Her breasts were shaking like jell-o and she drove her body down on the thick green cucumber till it was deep in her cunt.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh." It was like a tremor of muscle contractions passed through Tara's body, she trembled with orgasm and cried out in pleasure. Jim and I just stared at her, this cunt in heat.

"You're just a fucking slut, a two bit whore." Tara's eyes shot open and Jim rammed the cucumber deeper in her pussy, leaving only a small little rim of green still visible. He pushed her down on the floor.

"How did you like that cunt?" Tara started to sob, she was on her knees, with her hands bound to her throat she had to support herself on her elbows. She started to lift up, but Jim put his legs on her back.

"Stay there you whore, I need a foot rest." Tara's breasts dangled and almost touched the floor as she was forced to stay on her elbows and knees. I could see the little crown of the cucumber just barely protruding from her pussy.

Oblivious to her suffering Jim turned to me and pointed at the basketball game on the TV, his feet were up on Tara's back. I kicked up the recliner and laid back.

"This is a pretty good game, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's a good game." My dick was starting to ache, and I was almost ready to go spend the night with Monique again, but the game seemed to go on forever, it went into OT. I didn't think Tara could last, she kept twisting her body, scraping her nipples on the floor trying to get Jim to take his feet off his back, but he never did, he kept winking at me every time she started to whimper.

When the game finally ended, I was just about to head off for the night when Jim got off the couch and knelt behind Tara.

"Watch this buddy." Jim grabbed the end of the cucumber that was still lodged in Tara's pussy and started to inch it out. She groaned as her lips spread wide and allowed the massive vegetable out.

"Look at that cunt spread buddy." Jim ran his fingers over Tara's stretched labia.

Jim started sliding the piece of produce out again, till it finally came out with a wet pop, Tara was sobbing, completely degraded.

"I've got to fuck this bitch." Jim bellied up to Tara, she was basically in a doggy style position already with her cute ass high in the air. I heard Tara grunt as Jim rammed home, sinking his cock into her wet pussy. He started to fuck her hard, I could hear the flesh slapping loud as I got to my feet.

"I'm going to go grab Monique and hit the sack. The bedroom is set up for you." Jim grabbed for Tara's hips as he pounded into her. I could see her nipples rubbing against the carpet as he drove her body forward with each thrust.

"Thanks a lot man." I was surprised he could get out any words at all, he was almost growling at Tara as he brutally fucked her on the floor. I could hear the sounds of their mating even as I entered the room down the hall where Monique was. She was there on the floor, waiting for me, kneeling with the collar locked around her neck and hands cuffed behind her back. She started to rock nervously as I entered the room and stood next to her. I ran my hand through her hair.

"You did good slut." I pushed her head into my groin and held her next to my cock, feeling her soft moist hair on me was like heaven.

I put a hand under her arm and lifted her to her feet. I could hear Jim bellow down the hall, and Monique looked terrified as she heard the loud slapping of flesh.

We walked into my bedroom and I led Monique to the bed, I pushed her down so she was on her side and I laid next to her. I slid my fingers over her clit, then drove two deep in her pussy. I finger fucked her slowly.

"So, were you a good girl today, did you masturbate for me?" Monique held her head low.

"Yes Master, this slut tried hard today." She couldn't look at me, and I could feel her body getting wet as I thrust my fingers into her.

"How many times did you cum whore?" I started playing with her breasts.

"I…I mean, this slut orgasmed 6 times today Master." She was breathing heavily now, my fingers were wet with her juices, she spread her legs wider, allowing me perfect access.

"Is your pussy tender?" She started rocking her hips, I could see her stomach muscles contracting.

"Yes Master." I pulled my fingers free from her cunt with a suddenness she wasn't expecting, there was a look of bewilderment on her face. I put my hand to her mouth and thrust my wet fingers in between her lips.

"Lick me clean slut." Monique started lapping her tongue over my fingers, an instant before she was about to orgasm, now her face was burning red with shame as my fingers were in her mouth.

When she had my fingers clean I grabbed Monique by the shoulders and rolled her over onto her belly, spreading her legs wide with my hand. I started running my moist fingers over her ass. She yelped when I put my finger on her anus and started easing into her.

"So, I guess you'd rather I fuck your ass tonight, since your pussy is so tender?" Monique grunted as I pushed my finger deeper, she let out a small whine of despair as I got to the knuckle.

"No Master, please, please fuck my…I mean, please fuck this slut's pussy, Aaahhh." Monique cried out as I forced her sphincter opened.

"Please Master, please fuck this whore's pussy, please." I left my finger in her ass.

"Please Master." Monique tried to turn her head back so she could see me, her hands flexed behind her back as I kept my finger buried in her.

"I'm going to fuck Emily tomorrow." I pushed my finger deeper in her ass. "I'm going to keep you both as my slaves, you're going to spend a lot of time together." I loved the way her ass cheeks contracted and squeezed my hand between her bottom.

"Please Master, fuck this whore's pussy, please." There was a desperation in her voice that I loved. I twisted my finger around, making Monique sob louder.

"I don't know slut, it's so tight and inviting."

"Please Master, no." Monique's head collapsed into the covers.

"Okay slut." I pulled my finger from her ass with a pop, then rolled her onto her back, her cuffed hands were pinned beneath her as I loomed over her.

"I want you to put all your energy into fucking me then." I pinched her nipple between my finger.

"Yes Master."

I laid down on my back in the middle of the bed. I grabbed Monique under her arms and lifted her to a kneeling position.

"Get me nice and hard, then mount me." I don't know whether Monique felt relieved that I wasn't going to take her ass, or disgusted that she now had to act as her own fluffer.

It was awkward, but Monique managed to shift her body into position without the use of her hands. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and took my penis in her throat. I could feel my body tense, and react, as her lips closed over the head of my cock. I was almost hard as it was, but with her sweet mouth encircling my prick it didn't take me long to become fully erect.

"That's it slut, make me hard." Monique bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I just laid back and watched, loving every instant.

Monique used her tongue to lick the length of my penis, she took my testicles in her mouth and sucked me till I thought I'd blow. I think at that point she knew I was ready too.

"Master, may this slut take your dick in her pussy?" She looked up at me, still lapping her tongue on the head of my penis.

"Yes slut." Monique had to waddle her way into position. She almost fell when she lifted her leg over my body.

"Master, will you please put your dick in this slut's pussy." Monique was primed to impale herself on my prick. I reached out and spread her labia, guiding her down onto my pole. She was quite wet as the head of my cock disappeared into her body. She kept lowering herself down until I was completely inside her and her inner thighs were flat against my skin.

I grabbed for her nipples and pinched them between my fingers. I could feel her vaginal muscles pulsing and throbbing as she sat on my dick. I pulled her breasts taut as she started to fuck me.

"That's it slut, make me cum in your pussy." Monique started moving faster, rising up on my dick, then driving her pelvis down till she was again buried on my pole. She had to use her legs alone to lift up off me, she bucked and gyrated her hips making sure to fuck me hard. I held her tits in my hand, rubbing them, sinking my fingers deep in her flesh.

Monique's gaze was fixed on the wall, she let out an intermittent groan of pleasure, but more than anything she concentrated intently on pleasing my cock. I could feel her squeezing her vaginal muscles, trying to massage me as she rode harder and harder. Her belly was covered with a shimmering layer of perspiration as she worked to lift up off my prick.

I grabbed for the back of Monique's head and pulled her down towards me. I locked my mouth on hers.

"That's it cunt, fuck me hard." I held her chest against mine, I loved the feel of her hard nipples scrubbing against my body. She had to use her hips to fuck me, but I could feel her whole body in the act, I could feel the muscles in her thighs squeeze me as she straddled my dick.

"That's it whore." I smacked her on the ass. "Come on, make me shoot my sperm in your pussy, come on slut!" Monique was panting hard as she rode me, her ass hopping in the air, then bucking down, driving my prick deep in her belly.

I grabbed for her hair and tugged her head back, pulling her scalp hard I felt my balls convulse in a glorious spasm and I started filling the bucking girl with my cum.

"That's it whore." Monique was screaming as I pulled hard on her hair, but she kept riding me, I could feel her trying to squeeze every last drop of juice from my dick.

"Aaaahhh!" I couldn't take it, my whole body was tingling, I felt lightheaded as Monique sunk down on my body, taking me completely inside her.

"That's it slut, that's it." Monique was panting, exhausted and spent, my waning dick still filling her pussy. I could feel her breasts heaving against my chest, her hard nipples playing over my skin. I ran my hand over her back, feeling her sweaty muscles still tense from exertion.

I held Monique tight for a few minutes, then rolled her off me onto her back on the bed. She lay absolutely still, not knowing what to do next, or what I was going to do to her.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to let her hands free, or if I wanted to chain her to the side of the bed and make her sleep on the floor. I needed to bring one of the extra cages upstairs to house her in later, I wanted her there, locked up, watching when I fucked her friend Emily.

I rolled onto my side and looked down into her eyes.

"In the morning you will again go in the shower and tell me when the water is warm enough, then you will bathe me." I laid my hand on her belly, I could feel her muscles quivering under my touch.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to my groin.

"I want you to sleep with your mouth around my dick tonight." I forced her lips around my soft penis, making her suckle me. I loved the way her breath buffeted my prick. I could hear her crying as I closed my eyes, and easily faded off to sleep with dreams of my slaves.

Chapter Seven

When I woke up I could feel Monique's soft hair on my prick. I could feel her breathing gently as her lips just barely touched my cock. I stared down at her for a while, she looked so peaceful with her head on my thigh.

My thoughts suddenly turned to Emily and I wondered how she'd slept during the night? I'm sure not well given what I was going to do to her today.

Monique stirred, she must have sensed I was awake and she lifted her weary head and looked up at me, there was an instant of confusion, then she quickly locked her lips on my penis and took my hardening member in her mouth. She looked up at me with wide, terrified eyes.

I ran my hand through her hair, I knew she didn't know whether I wanted her to make me cum or just hold my dick in her mouth. I loved the feel of her moist tongue on me, her warm breath buffeting my cock, and I absolutely loved the look of the unknown on her face.

"We're going to have to have fun today slut, I'm going to pop Emily's cherry, and then, maybe I'll have you lick her clean and make her cum too?" Monique's head, her pretty blonde locks were so soft and inviting as she held me in her mouth and looked up at me nervously.

I squeezed a clump of her hair in my hand and lifted her mouth off my prick, I pushed her hard over onto her back, her eyes stared up at me, still unsure of what I was doing.

I straddled her chest and eased my cock between her breasts, forcing her soft mounds around me.

"You like it, don't you slut?" I pumped my dick between her tits with long, slow, thrusts.

"Do you want me to cum on your face, or should I save it all for your friend?" She squirmed underneath me as my dick slid over her chest.

"I bet you can't wait for me to spread Emily's legs and pump her full of my sperm, can you?" I lifted up off her chest and held my dick inches from her mouth.

"Go ahead, give Master's cock a kiss." Monique arched her head up and kissed the head of my penis, her eyes were locked on mine, trying to figure out what I was going to do next.

"I want you to go get in the shower, turn on the water and tell me when it's warm enough for me to get in." She forced up her tongue and licked the underside of my prick, it was so cute, so obsequious that I was tempted to have her blow me then and there, to have her lock her sweet lips around my cock and make me cum in her throat, but instead I climbed off her and stood at the side of the bed. I released her collar and set it on the mattress.

"Go on!" Monique rolled off the bed and shuffled toward the bathroom, she kept her eyes locked on me the whole time.

When I opened my door I could hear Tara screaming down the hall. As I walked past the guest bedroom I heard the bed creaking loud and Jim grunting, bellowing as he screamed at the girl.

"How's that cunt? My dick is going to be in you every day from now on!" Even through the closed door I could hear them clearly, Tara was yelping like a hurt animal and I thought the bed might collapse with the violence the sounds.

I knocked at the door.

"Hey Jim, lets go to the garage in like an hour." For an instant the brutal sounds of fucking stopped.

"Sure, let me finish with this bitch." The loud, violent sounds started again and I moved toward the kitchen for a quick drink of water.

I took my time heading back to my room. I knew Monique would be waiting for me in the shower and I didn't have to rush, she might actually enjoy the water on her, at least after it warmed up.

When I got back to my room and went into the bathroom, Monique was kneeling on the cool tile, her big hazel eyes were staring up at me.

"The water is ready Master."

"Good, then bathe me." I handed her a sponge and soap. It was a glorious feeling to have my slave clean me, I just stood there, letting the warm water run over my body and her smooth hands scrubbing me down. She was tentative around my prick, but a quick tug on her hair changed that. She took my penis in her mouth, cleaning the whole length of my shaft with her soft lips. I savored every second of the process. I still couldn't believe that everything had happened like it did, I was so lucky.

After I hopped out of the shower I had Monique towel me down, her soft hands moved over my skin. When I was dry, I led her over to the toilet.

"Hold my dick as I piss." She looked up at me, I could see the revulsion in her eyes, the desperate want to balk, to fight me.

"Come on slut!" She took my prick in her hands, I was almost hard, but I was able to relieve myself as she held me, it made me feel powerful, so in control of the girl.

"That's it slave." The last few drops fell from my penis and I turned my hips toward the girl.

"Clean me off." I didn't wait for her to move, I thrust my dick in her mouth and felt her throat convulse. I arched my head back and moaned in exquisite pleasure. I didn't want to lose the feel of her lips on me.

"That's it whore, good job." I ran my hand through her hair and eased my penis free of her mouth.

"Get on your hands and knees and follow me." Monique fell to her knees, but not low enough for my tastes and I grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and pushed her to the ground so her breasts were almost rubbing against the carpet.

"Come on slut." I took her out into the bedroom and put her collar back on. I grabbed one of the dog leashes and dragged her toward the kitchen, Jim's door was closed, but I didn't hear any noises coming from inside. When we got to the kitchen he was already standing there, coffee in hand, and a sparkle in his eyes.

"Hey buddy, what a fucking night!" Jim's smile stretched from cheek to cheek.

"Did you have a good time?" I asked him as I tugged Monique forward on the leash, she kept her eyes down and got into a kneeling position.

"Oh hell yeah, that pussy is so tight, and the slut, she bucks like a bronco trying to fight me when I fuck her, I love it, she's got spunk." Jim handed me a mug of coffee then took a step toward Monique. I could hear her whimper in shame as he grabbed one of her nipples and pulled on it softly.

"This is one hot slut too. I love her on her knees with the leash, she looks like a dog." Jim stood up.

"Hell, all they're good for anyway is as something to fuck!" He roared out in laughter. I could see Monique's face go red.

"Wanna go crush that car?" Neither Jim or I had on any clothes, in a different situation I'd probably have been embarrassed, but as everything was with the girls, there was some kind of power, or animal nature to it all that made it right.

"Yeah, let me put something on, and, well, let me take care of this." Jim stroked his dick, he was already hard and erect. I could see Monique try to pull away, thinking he was going to use her, but instead he headed down the hall towards his room. I followed along, keeping Monique in tow.

We were just seconds behind, but when we got to his room Jim already had his prick buried in Tara's mouth. She was hogtied on the bed, her arms and legs were pulled up in the small of her back and Jim was driving into her throat with his dick, I could hear Tara gagging as he thrust in deep.

"The little whore tried to sneak out of the room this morning…aahhhh…but I caught her." Jim smacked Tara's ass as he brutally rammed his cock in her mouth, her face was red, and the way she was bound it looked painful. Monique stared wide eyed at the scene, I caught her sneaking a glance at me, I think hoping I wouldn't get any ideas to use on her.

When he was about to cum Jim clamped his hands on the back of Tara's head forcing her mouth full on his cock. I could hear her desperately screaming, choking on the large dick as she tried to breathe.

"That's it bitch, how do you like the taste of my cum!" Jim's hips were bucking, driving deep into Tara's throat.

When Jim finished spurting his load he pulled his prick free of Tara's mouth, the cum dribbled around her lips as she tried to cough up the sperm, trying to catch her breath after the brutal face fucking.

Jim pushed Tara onto her side, her stomach was convulsing as she to spit up cum that filled her belly. He grabbed a round hair brush from his toiletry bag, it was probably 6" long with a bunch of plastic bristles, and about an inch and a half in diameter. Tara started screaming as he ran it over her pussy lips, driving the little points down into her sensitive flesh.

"That's it cunt, scream for me. Tell me how you'll be good and won't run away." He slapped her hard on her inner thigh.

"Open that pussy up slut." Jim forced the head of the brush against her spread labia, he started pushing the rough bristles into her pussy, drawing ever louder screams from the hogtied girl.

"How do you like it now slut?" There was a good 2" in her pussy.

"Pleaaasseeee….pleassse…" Tara's whole body jerked as Jim pushed the brush deeper and deeper into her cunt.

"That's it, beg for me." Almost the whole head of the brush was in Tara's body, only the handle jutted obscenely from her pussy. She was trying to beg in between screams as Jim twisted the head of the brush while pushing it in her.

Tara's thighs spasmed as Jim pushed the handle of the brush deep in her body. I could see the strain in her arms as her legs moved involuntarily, reacting to the awful penetration.

"Are you going to be a good little slut." Jim started fucking Tara with the hair brush.

"Yes…yes, please, just stop, please…" Her voice trailed off in exasperation. I loved the way Monique stared at the scene, I could tell she was terrified.

Jim let go of the hair brush, leaving it impaled in Tara's body.

I hadn't seen him grab it when we were in the kitchen, but he had a large wooden spoon in his hand and he started whipping Tara's tits with it.

"Are you going to be a good girl now?" The sound of the wood on her flesh was like a little thud. Tara was bawling, she tried to roll over onto her stomach after each blow, but Jim held her hips so she couldn't get on her belly.

"Yes…for gods sake, yes!" Tara let out a loud wail of pain as Jim laid a blow on her clit. I just watched, almost as transfixed as Monique was, though my attraction was more lust, hers fear.

Jim tossed the spoon down on the bed and rolled Tara onto her belly, she was sobbing andburied her head in the mattress and cried.

"Let's go get that car taken care of." Jim ran his hand over Tara's twitching thighs. "We wouldn't want anybody to ever find the girls' car, now would we?" He looked straight at Monique and laughed at her obvious discomfort.

For a second I couldn't react, my dick was hard and I stared at Tara bound on the bed.

"Yeah…yeah, let me get some clothes on and we'll get out of here." I tugged on Monique's leash, pulling her toward her room. She moved quickly, obediently, a few feet behind me. She hopped on the bed and knelt for me unmoving with her hands behind her neck as soon as we got in the room. I locked her collar to the chain and left her alone without a word.

It took me only a few minutes to get dressed. Jim was already waiting for me in the kitchen.

"Holy shit that felt good, I'll get that little slut to behave if it's the last thing I do!" The look on Jim's face said it all, I'd never seen such vigor, or life, in his eyes.

"Let's get this done, I want to get back and fuck that whore again!" Jim's hands trembled in nervous anticipation. We headed out to my truck and off to the shop.

It didn't take us long, I grabbed breakfast on the way in for the guys at the shop, I guess you could call it a little bribe to keep them out of the junk yard for awhile. Jim and I dragged the car from the back lot and had it crushed in less than an hour. There would be no way anybody would find a trace of the thing, but even so, we put the cube of metal on the next truck to the recycling plant where the steel would be melted down and disappear completely--the sooner the better in my mind.

We stopped at the grocery store for a few more supplies, then, finally pulled in the drive back at my place. I was pleasantly surprised to see the boxes of toys I'd ordered sitting there on the front porch, just there waiting for me to open them, it was like Christmas.

"Look at that, all the shit I ordered, it's here." I couldn't hold back the excitement in my voice. I was like a kids in a candy store, things were going so great. We grabbed all the boxes and dragged them inside.

"I gotta go fuck that girl again!" Jim disappeared back to his room, and a few moments later I could hear the faint sounds of him fucking Tara waft through the air again. I started opening boxes, I couldn't wait to see all the things I'd got.

I found one thing I was looking for immediately, a nylon strap set that I could put on my bed to spread Emily when I fucked her. I still hadn't quite decided how I was going to take her yet, but any way I finally settled on, I'm sure it would be enjoyable.

When I saw the penis gag with the dildo attached I knew I'd have to use that on my girls, I could just imagine Monique fucking the newly popped pussy of Emily with it.

As soon as I found the ball gag I went to the kitchen started making up breakfast for the girls. I couldn't wait to get Emily upstairs.

Jim popped in to help me a few minutes later.

"God she's feisty, but I love that pussy." I think both of us wanted to get down stairs to the girls, probably for different reasons, but we rushed through making food just the same. When we were done, Jim headed down into the kennels, and I went down the hall to deliver Monique her breakfast.

She was lying on the bed, head buried in the covers crying. She looked up at me surprised and a little befuddled, then she quickly popped into a kneeling position with her hands behind her head.

"Breakfast is served slave." I set the plate down on the bed and stared at her for an instant. I knew she was terrified about what she'd seen Jim do to Tara, her breasts quivered as she breathed. I smiled and shut the door behind me as I left.

When I stepped into Jim's room I found Tara bent over one of the wooden chairs, her ankles were tied to the back legs, and her arms were pulled forward bound to the front. Her ass glowed red and I could see the cum seeping out of her pussy, she had a pair of boxers stuffed in her mouth to silence her. Tara stared up at me, I think she actually wished it was me controlling her again, I'd been less rough than Jim I'm sure.

I set the food on the bed and moved behind her, I ran my hands over her inner thighs and reached around and grabbed her dangling breasts. She moaned, almost purring, wiggling her hips, I think trying to entice me and get in my good graces.

"That's it, you're just a whore to be used." I pinched her nipples eliciting a small yelp from the girl.

"Do you want some food slut?" Tara nodded her head and I tugged the boxers from her mouth.

"Please, he's…" I put my finger to my lips to silence her, I could see the desperation in her eyes.

"You're his slave now, you'd better learn to behave." I started feeding her, the tears streaked down her cheeks as she ate the food greedily, sucking down the juice I'd brought. I made her clean the dish with her tongue when she was finished.

"Please, can't you untie me, I'm…" I needed only to glare down at her for her to go silent.

"I'm sure if you're a good, obedient, slave Jim will untie you."

"Didn't you try and run this morning?" Tara hung her head low. I kind of felt like I was playing a part in a good cop bad cop routine from some cheesy television show.

I clamped my hands on Tara's tits, she had very nice breasts and an idea popped in my head.

"I'll be back in a second slut." I took my hands from her chest and headed back out into the main room, I started rifling through the boxes. I wanted to leave Jim a present when he got back to Tara. After I found the weighted nipple clamps I was looking for and went back into Jim's room.

Tara's body started squirming when I held up the clamps for her to see.

"When Jim comes back to you, I want to tell him these were a treat from me, that you begged me to put them on your nipples, okay?" Tara started whimpering as I moved close to her, I squeezed her breasts till her nipples went nice and hard.

"I've heard they hurt most right when they go on, and then again when they're taken off." Tara squealed as I closed the strong clamp on one of her breasts. I held the weight up for a second, letting her get adjusted to the pinching, then I let the mass go and her nipple stretched.

"God that's hot!" Tara was whining as the weight dangled from her tit and moved in a gentle arc as she breathed.

"I guess you're going to want to stay still slut." I tapped the weight and sent it swinging again.

"That might be hard if Jim decides to fuck you, can you imagine how much the weights will move if he starts pounding into your pussy?" I started massaging her other breast making her nipple hard, she was sobbing, I could see the muscles in her back contracting as she tried to stifle her movement. Tara yelped as I closed the weighted clamp on her tit and dug my fingers into her flesh at the base of her breast.

"Don't forget to tell Jim this was a treat from me, and maybe, if you're an obedient slut, he'll untie you." I took my hand from her breast and moved my groin to her face, I eased my pants down to the hips and pushed my hardening dick to her lips.

"Why don't you give me a little kiss?" I could hear Tara try to choke back her disgust as she stuck out her tongue and started running it over the length of my shaft, she planted a kiss on the tip of my cock.

"See, you can be a good little slave when you want to." I tugged my pants up and grabbed the plate.

"I'll talk to you later whore." I left Tara bent over the chair, the weighted clamps were swinging from her aching nipples as I headed down into the basement.

"WHOOOEEEE!" Jim was roaring out like a cowboy.

"That's it, come to daddy!" Jim held a couple pieces of string in his hands, the other ends were tied off in little loops to Jayme's nipples and he was leading her around the room like a horse being trained.

"Kick those knees higher." Jayme was panting, her hands were tied behind her back and she had no choice but to move where Jim pulled her on the reins, strutting like a pony.

"Hey Buddy, you want to try?" He held out the pieces of string for me but I declined, my eyes were locked on Emily, she was kneeling in her cage, her eyes followed me, knowing I was going to fuck her today.

"No, no, you go ahead, play." I smiled, it did look kind of fun, Jayme's nipples stretched as he tugged her around the room, her breasts were pulled into long points.

I walked over to Emily's cage, she crouched low to the ground and moved to the back corner, away from me.

"How did you sleep baby?" I put my hand through the metal bars and rubbed her hair. Her face looked tired and she groaned in discomfort as I touched her.

"Man, you've got to check this out." I looked back at Jim, he'd stopped tugging Jayme around the room and just had her standing still next to him.

"I'll be back honey." I rubbed a tear off Emily's cheek and moved back toward Jim. He was tying the end of the string he'd held as reins to clothespins.

"You've got to check this out man, I had a great idea." He tugged on the string making Jayme cry out, testing to make sure the loops were still tight on her nipples, it was obvious they were, when he pulled on them, her breasts were drawn into long points.

Jim tossed the clothespins and string up over a pipe in the ceiling. When he had them over the pipe, Jim tugged, making Jayme get up on her tip toes to relieve the strain.

"How do you like that buddy?" Jim made Jayme dance, moving her up and down was he tugged on the string, she was sobbing softly as her nipples stretched to the ceiling.

"Check this out." Jim pulled on the string till Jayme had to get as high on her toes as she could. When the line was nice and taut he knelt between her legs and tugged on her labia with his fingers, she cried out as he closed one of the clothespins on her stretched pussy lip.

"How does that feel slut?" Jim drove his finger deep in Jayme's pussy, he looked up at me and smiled.

Taking her labia between his fingers Jim closed the second clothespin on the other side and stood up, he got inches from Jayme's face.

"What's it going to be, the tension in your tits, or in your pussy?" Jim cupped the underside of Jayme's breast and pulled down till one of the clothespins attached to her labia popped off making her yelp.

"See, it's one or the other, but if you make it pop off," He reattached the clothespin to her labia. "If either one, or both, come off your pussy." He thrust a finger in her sex again, between the spread lips of her cunt. "If they pop off, then I'm going to punish you." Jim clamped his mouth on Jayme's and kissed her, driving his tongue in her mouth almost making her loose balance.

"Hey Jim, want to help me for a second?" I moved towards Emily's cage.

Jayme was whimpering, her eyes moved around the room, desperate for a reprieve. Already I could see her calves twitching with the strain of being up on her toes. Jim was grinning sadistically as he ran his hands over her trembling stomach.

"I want to take this cage upstairs to my room." I opened the door but Emily cowered in the back.

"Come on, get out here." Emily looked up with pleading eyes as she crawled out.

"Don't move, stay on your hands and knees till we get back." She looked like a lost little puppy there on the floor as Jim and I grabbed the metal frame and started toward the stairs.

As we moved past her, Jayme's body was shaking, she tried to balance the tension between the two ends of the string as her nipples and labia were both stretched, but her legs shuddered violently.

Other than being awkward it was easy to move the cage up into my room, once we had in place I had Jim help me hook the nylon harness set up under the bed. It was perfect. There were metal rings at the four corners of the bed, ideal for spreading Emily wide open.

Jim smacked me on the back.

"I still can't believe you did this man, but I'm so happy you did!"

"Yeah, me too." We started back down into the kennels. It hadn't been but 10 minutes, but Jayme was crying out in pain. Her leg muscles had started to cramp and I could see the tension on the string attached to her labia grow as she tried to lower herself down.

"Please." Jayme spied us as we came down the stairs. Jim moved toward the trembling girl, he reached out and moved his fingers over her pussy.

"Look what I found." Jim pulled the thick leather belt from around his waist and started running it over Jayme's ass. She hopped off one leg as her calf muscles almost locked.

"Aaaaahhhh, please, please, my legs are cramping." Jim ran the belt over the underside of her tits.

"Poor baby, don't you see, that's the idea." He tugged softly on the string attached to her nipples, for an instant taking the strain off her labia, but in turn stretching her tits even more.

I moved to where Emily knelt on the ground, she inched away from me as I got close. Lisa was in the kennel, cowering as far back in the corner as she could, keeping quiet, her eyes moving fearfully between Jim and I.

Jayme screamed as her legs started to cramp again, Jim continued running the wide leather belt over her ass, not helping her state of mind.

"PLlleeaasssseee!" Jayme screamed out as Jim slid the leather up between her thighs.

I got onto my knees next to Emily and took her by the hair, turning her head so she had to look me in the eyes. I reached out and took her breast in my hand.

"I bet you can't wait for me to stick my dick in your pussy and make you a real woman, can you?" Emily closed her eyes and started crying. Jayme was wailing in the background as Jim taunted her with the belt.

"I can't wait anymore." I hopped to my feet and grabbed a length of rope from the floor, loosely looping it around Emily's neck. I started tugging her toward the basement steps just as one of Jayme's legs completely gave way and the clothespins popped off her labia.

"That's it slut." Jim took hold of Jayme's arm's, they were still tied behind her back and he wrapped some rope around the bonds around her wrists. He tugged her arm's toward the ceiling, making her bend at the waist till she was locked in a strappado, her large tits swaying beneath her body.

Emily crawled behind me past Jayme, for an instant their eyes locked, exchanging the terror they shared.

"Aren't you going to watch?" Jim was waving the belt through the air as Jayme was crying, her calves still visibly cramping.

"No, I need to get this slut ready, I need to fuck her soon or I'm going to blow." I pulled on the rope around Emily's neck, making her arch her face up.

"Smile for Jim slut, next time he sees you, you'll be a woman." Emily only cried harder as I let the tension go and moved her toward the stairs.

"Have fun with Jayme." I turned back and saw Jim above Jayme, his eyes were filled with raw lust as he waved the belt through the air.

"I intend to!" Emily and I were about halfway up the stairs when I heard the loud crack of leather on flesh, and then the pained scream of Jayme rang through the air. I could feel Emily's body go tense against the rope as she heard her friend cry out. I smiled for an instant, enjoying the fear, then led her upstairs to my room.

When I got into the bedroom I let go of the rope and undid the loop around Emily's neck.

"I want you to go into the bathroom and kneel on the floor. I want you to play with yourself while you watch yourself in the mirror.

Emily just stared up at me, I could see the fear and humiliation in her eyes.

"Go!" I loved the way her ass wiggled as she crawled into the bathroom. I watched her till she was out of my view, then I headed across the hall to Monique. She was lying on the bed watching TV when I opened the door.

"Turn it off." Monique flicked the TV off with the remote quickly.

"Emily is in my bathroom." I sat on the bed next to Monique, I grabbed for her breast and started massaging her tit.

"I want you to go in there and I want you to clean and bathe her." I dug my fingers in Monique's breast. "Make her look pretty." I pulled her nipple taut, Monique's eyes were locked on my fingers as they stretched her skin into an extended point.

"I'm going to fuck her today, and I want her ready, understand?" Monique nodded.

"I don't want you to talk, other than to tell her what you need her to do. If you promise me you'll behave, I won't gag you." I let go of Monique's nipple and held the ball gag up for her to see.

"Yes Master." I ran my hand over her belly, she laid back and opened her legs obediently as I moved down to her sex and fingered her pussy. She let out a groan as I rubbed her clit, her hips moved to me, driving my finger harder onto her body.

"Have you been playing with yourself today slut?" She continued to rub my finger with her pussy, but she held her head low, ashamed.

"No Master."

"Did you want to?" There was a hesitation.

"Yes…yes Master I did." I thrust two fingers in her sex and started driving in and out. Monique moaned and ground her pussy down on my hand.

I pulled my hand away suddenly and Monique looked up at me, her eyes wide and wanting.

"Maybe later, if you're good I'll let you cum, but for now, don't touch yourself. Put all your focus into getting Emily ready!" I got off the bed, looming over Monique.

"I don't want to hear you two talking at all, understand!" She nodded. I undid the lock holding on her collar and set it on the bed. I grabbed Monique by the neck and got her to her feet. I held her tight and started toward my room.

"Wait one second." I changed directions and pulled Monique toward Jim's room, I heard her gasp when she saw Tara bent over the chair. The bound girl's eyes followed me as I moved Monique in behind her, I pushed Monique's face into Tara's ass.

"Lick her clean." I line of drying cum ran down the inside of Tara's thigh and more continued to seep from her pussy. Tara's whole body jerked, and the weighted clamps swung into motion, as Monique ran her tongue over her skin.

Tara was whimpering as Monique lapped up Jim's cum, I could see her pussy twitching as Monique moved closer to her snatch with each swab. I watched as Monique's tongue dart in and out of the folds of Tara's pussy, and in spite of the weighted clamps on her breasts, Tara bucked in response to Monique's mechanizations.

"Stop it, please." I watched as Tara's nipples strain with the weights attached, I could hear the rope creaking as she tugged hard on her bonds.

"Please…" She turned her head and looked back at me, there was an odd look on her face, I could see her wincing in discomfort, but there was also a certain glow in her eyes.

"Please…AAAhhhhhhh!" Tara screamed out as Monique drove her tongue in her pussy, a little stream of cum ran from her opening.

Tara flexed her hand's, there was little else she could do the way she was bound. Monique ran her tongue down the length of Tara's sex, licking up the dribbling cum.

"Okay, that's enough, Tara wants you to stop." I grabbed Monique by the hair and got her to her feet. Tara looked back and locked eyes with her friend, confused and wanting. I pushed Monique ahead of me, then turned her so her hips were right in front of Tara's mouth.

"Go on, give Monique's pussy a little kiss slut." I forced Monique forward till she was almost touching Tara's lips with her sex. I reached under Tara's body and tugged down on one of the weights.

"Come on girl, return the favor." Tara tenuously shoved her tongue out, spreading Monique's labia, I could feel Monique's knees give way a little, but I held her up under the shoulders.

"Isn't that sweet?" Tara's tongue was buried in Monique's sex.

I pulled Monique from Tara's mouth and toward the door. Tara stared up at me, here eyes pleading as we were almost out the door.

"Please…" Tara's hips were swaying in need as I slammed the door shut behind me.

I forced Monique across the hall into my room, I led her into the bathroom where Emily was on her knees in front of the mirror, with her knees spread wide she was running her fingers over her pussy.

"Good girl!" Emily took her hands away from her sex immediately and I made Monique get to her knees next to her.

"Monique's going to clean you up for me." Monique couldn't look at her friend.

"I don't want you two to talk to each other at all, understand?" My two unwilling pets both nodded.

"Monique, I want you to shave her pussy too, make sure she's smooth as a baby's bottom for me." Emily tried to twist away from me as I ran my hand over her sex. "You'd might as well do yourself too!" I grinned at Monique. "All my slaves will be kept smooth." I stood up and grabbed the bag I'd left on the dressing table.

"When she's all ready for my cock, " I handed Monique the bag. "Put these cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and the collar on her, hook her spread eagle to the bed." Monique looked inside the bag, there was a set of thick leather restraints that I'd bought online.

"Make sure she's spread, and that the chains are taut." Monique looked up at me, it almost looked like she was pouting.

"While you're waiting for me, I want you to lick her pussy and play with her tits, but don't make her cum." I grabbed Monique by the hair. "If you do, then I'll punish you, and you wouldn't like that, would you?" I let go of Monique's hair, her shoulders were trembling as she knelt on the floor.

"Get started, you have two hours." I walked out of the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind me. It took all my willpower to hold off on the girl, I couldn't wait to fuck Emily.

I sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV. I was impatient as hell to get back to my slaves, but I had to be calm. The minutes seemed like hours, I couldn't even concentrate on what I was watching.

When it was finally time, my dick was aching so bad it was hard to walk. I headed to back to my bedroom, it had taken all my self control to not come back early, but I'd managed. After I stepped inside I locked the door shut behind me and took a deep breath.

I was met with a lovely sight, Emily was bound spread eagle on the bed and Monique was between her legs, licking away at her friend's pussy.

"Hello my pretty little slaves." Monique took her face out of Emily's sex, her lips were wet with Emily's juices.

"Get on your knees slut." Monique fell to the floor immediately, getting on her knees and locking her hands behind her head.

"Did you make her cum?" Monique looked up at me with fear in her eyes.

"No Master." Emily's breasts were heaving, her body was covered with a sheen of sweat and I could see her labia were engorged. I sat down on the bed next to her and ran my hand over Emily's inner thighs, she tried to clamp her legs shut but the cuffs held her open.

"Don't worry baby, I'm going to fuck you hard and pop that cherry soon, you won't have to wait long now." I put my fingers on her clit, her pussy was wet and Emily screamed as I rubbed her little bud.

"Please, please don't, let me go, please..." I loved the absolute desperation in her voice.

Emily's eyes watched me intently as I got to my feet and lowered my pants. My dick was hard and throbbing, more so than it had ever been before. I stroked myself and smiled at Emily, her arms and legs corded as she tried to pull free of the bonds on her wrists and ankles.

Monique opened her mouth and swallowed my cock without me having to say a word. She grabbed my ass and took my prick to the back of her throat.

"Hold on baby." I pushed her away.

"You almost made me cum there." I walked gingerly to the dresser and grabbed the penis gag with the dildo extension.

"Open up." I pushed the smaller penis on the gag into Monique's mouth then locked the buckles in place behind her head. She twisted her face side to side, she looked so beautiful with the gag in, kind of like a narwhale, the dildo that projected from her lips was a good 8" long, and quite thick.

I grabbed Monique by the hair and pulled her to the side of the bed, I got her to her feet so Emily could see.

"After I fuck you, Monique is going to take her turn too."

The tears were streaking down Emily's cheeks.

"No, please…" Emily turned her head away from me and was weeping, she face buried her face in the covers.

I found a leather strap and pulled it tight around Monique's elbows, I pushed her to her knees and forced her in the cage at the foot of the bed.

"Enjoy the show. If you fuck her pussy hard enough later, I might just let you cum?" Monique was sitting on her haunches, the large dildo jutting from her mouth as her hands wiggled helplessly behind her back.

I laid on the bed next to Emily, she started whining as I ran my hand over her smoothly shaven pussy.

"That's nice, I want you to always to be shaved clean." My dick was aching and I could barely take it. I rubbed myself till the pre-cum started seeping from the head of my cock.

"Are you ready for me to fuck you baby?" I slid my finger in her sex, she was wet, and I could feel her pussy throbbing.

"Please…" I rolled over onto of Emily, I propped my upper body on my elbows and eased the head of my cock to her opening, there was a jolt through her body as my prick touched her.

"That's it baby, you're nice and ready for me, aren't you?" I hovered over her, inches off her body.

She turned her head to the side as I lowered myself onto her, she groaned as my weight fell on her, I gyrated my hips, just barely easing the head of my cock deeper in her pussy.

"You're so tight, aren't you slut." Not waiting I jerked my hips forward, ramming my prick deep in her tight channel, surprising her with the suddenness, and violence, of my movements.

At first Emily looked up at me wide eyed, a look of complete shock filling her face, then she started screaming. I could feel her vaginal muscles close on my cock, squeezing me in her once virginal sheath.

I didn't bother with foreplay, I started pounding into her sex like a madman, Emily let out a pitiful wail of pain each time I buried my dick in her pussy. I used every ounce of strength to drive my hips forward, slamming the whole length of my prick into her battered cunt.

I grabbed for her hair, her chin was pinned up under my shoulder, my body covered her, I could feel her stomach convulsing in pain beneath me.

"That's it baby, now you're a whore like the rest of them." I could feel the sweat forming on my brow as I used her body without mercy, it almost hurt as I pummeled her sex, slamming my dick deep in her tight pussy, my balls smacking against her ass. I could feel her hard nipples against my chest as she let out a low, pained cry.

I humped her, pounding into her body. I didn't know how long I could hold out.

"I'm going to cum inside you, I'm going to fill you with my sperm!" My body slid over hers, the friction was intense, but wonderful. I could hear her grunting as I drove my dick deep, she kept her head to the side, my shoulder pressed up against her chin.

"I'm going to blow!" I could feel my prick start to spurt, I rammed my hips forward, making her cry out with the violence of the thrust as my cock jerked and shot my sperm in her belly in an incredible torrent.

"That's it cunt, that's what you're good for!" I rutted her hard, making her scream as I impaled my dick in her pussy, forcing the last drops of cum from my penis I collapsed on her whimpering body.

"Oh god that was incredible!" I rocked my hips slowly into the whining girl. I wrapped my arm around her head, taking her soft hair into the crook of my arm, my cheek was pressed against hers as she sobbed.

Emily yelped as I eased my dick in and out of her pussy slowly, I was still hard, and I loved the feel of her vaginal muscles holding me tight.

"What a perfect little whore." She twisted her head to the side, not looking at me, crying hard as I slid my cock from her pussy. I knelt above her, running my hand over her tits, then cupping her chin making her look up at me.

I locked my mouth down on hers, driving my tongue between her teeth. My hand moved over her belly, I could feel her muscles contract as I touched her clit. I started rubbing her till her hips started to move. She looked up at me, her eyes glazed over.

"We're going to have a lot of fun together baby!" I took my hand away from her pussy and squeezed her tits.

"A lot of fun." I rolled myself off the bed and got gingerly to me feet. Emily's eyes followed me as she tugged on the bonds that held her.

I moved towards Monique's cage, the long dildo projected from her lips and bobbed up and down as she shuffled back deeper in the metal frame enclosure.

"That's it slut, it's your turn." Monique pressed her body against the back of the cage as I opened the door.

"Come on bitch." Monique started whimpering as I came for her, she yelped as I grabbed for her hair and tugged her out of the cage.

She could do nothing to stop me as I pushed her hard down on the bed between Emily's widely splayed thighs. I climbed on the bed and forced Monique forward, till her chin rested on Emily's pussy, the dildo laying on her skin.

"No, please no!" Emily lifted her head up off the mattress, she was looking down over her body, her breasts were heaving as she breathed heavily.

I straddled Monique's back and took hold of her head, grasping her scalp I lined up the long dildo with Emily's opening, her pussy was twitching, and the muscles of her inner thighs corded as she tried to close her legs.

"PLLLEEAAASSSEEEE." I forced Monique's head forward so the large head of the shaft sank an inch into her friend's pussy.

"No, no, please, you can't." Emily screamed out as I held Monique's head still, smiling as Emily's hips bucked off the bed trying to move away from the intrusion.

I rammed Monique's head forward, driving the length of the dildo in Emily's pussy, making her scream louder than when I'd fucked her. Monique's nose was pushed hard against Emily's flesh. I held her there, the whole of the rubber shaft filling her friend's pussy.

"I want you to fuck her hard." I twisted Monique's hair in my hands till she wailed out. "If you're good I'll let you cum, if you aren't, then I'll punish you, after I whip your friend's pussy that is." I tugged Monique's head back, pulling the dildo from Emily's sex.

"Understand?" By the look in her eyes I could tell Monique's answer. I took a clump of hair at back of her head and drove the long shaft back in Emily's pussy.

Monique bunched her hands into fists as she unwillingly raped her friend's pussy with the large dildo. She started driving her head forward, ramming the dildo into Emily's sex as I sat astride her back. Emily's body jerked and she tried to close her thighs each time the fake cock slammed home.

"Oh God, please stop this!" Emily cried out, she grunted each time the prick filled her pussy, going deep into her belly.

"Please!!!" I climbed off Monique and lay next to Emily. Pinching her nipples between my fingers I played with her tits while watching Monique's hair flutter as she thrust her head forward.

"That's it slut, fuck her harder!" Monique's eyes peered up at me over the cock jutting from her mouth, Emily yelped with each thrust, her head was tossed back and she was staring blindly at the ceiling.

My dick was aching and I let go of Emily's tits, I got up and straddled her face, pushing the head of my cock against her lips.

"Open up!" I smacked her hard across the breasts and she opened her mouth reluctantly. I slammed my prick into her throat, making her gag as I filled her. My lust was without constraint and I started fucking Emily's face brutally.

"Oh God!" It felt so good, Emily's soft lips and tongue, were heaven to my prick. I could hear her choking as she desperately fought to take in air around the cock filling her mouth. I humped her face, driving my hips down, making her take me all in.

I was bent over Emily's body with my dick thrusting in her mouth, barely letting her catch her breath when I grabbed Monique by the hair and pulled her toward me, making her fuck her friend even harder.

"Come on slut!" Emily's legs jerked as the large dildo slammed into her pussy. I could feel my balls ready to spurt.

I pulled my cock free from Emily's mouth and started jacking off in her face, the first large shoot plastered her forehead, her eyes flew open when my warm cum hit her skin.

"How do you like that slut, make me cum on your face!" My prick kept pulsing and shooing sperm over Emily's pretty features, first on her forehead, then over her eye and cheek.

"Oh God!" I squeezed the last few drops of cum from the head of my cock.

"That's it whore." Emily twisted her head away as sperm dribbled on her face. She was coughing as the saliva bubbled up around her lips.

Monique continued to drive her head forward, burying the dildo in Emily's pussy. I reached out and tugged hard on Emily's nipples, making her cry out, my cum dripping off her brow into her eye.

"Holy shit you're an incredible slut!" I climbed off the bed and moved next to Monique. I knew she could sense me there, standing over her, but she kept fucking Emily's pussy not looking up.

"That's enough slut!" I grabbed Monique by the neck and the dildo popped free of Emily's body. I undid the buckles holding the gag in her mouth and she started coughing as I pulled the smaller penis from her lips, holding her still, staring down into her eyes.

"Did you do a good job fucking her slave?" Drool ran down Monique's chin, Emily's juices covered her lips and nose.

"I tried Master!" Her body was shaking in my grasp.

"Do you want to cum? Did it make you hot fucking your friend?" Her face went flush with embarrassment.

"Yes Master, please, I need to cum!" Monique held her head low.

"Did you like forcing that big dick in your friend's pussy?" She didn't respond, her face was going redder and redder with shame by the second.

"Did you like it?" I shook Monique by the shoulders.

"Yes Master." She barely whispered out the words, holding her head low.

"Then get on her and lick that cum off her face." I undid the strap around her elbows. Monique waved her arms for an instant, getting the blood back into her hands, then she climbed on Emily, pinning her friend beneath her, their breasts crushed against one another.

Monique lapped up the sticky white sperm that covered Emily's face with her tongue, she looked like an obedient dog.

"That's it slut." I knelt behind Monique and pushed two fingers in her pussy and I could hear her moan.

I twisted my fingers in her and used my free hand to rub her clit, she was wet, her juices ran down her thighs.

I rammed my fingers in her pussy, Monique's hips were bucking off Emily's as I got her ever closer to cumming.

"Are you ready to orgasm slave?" Monique let out a guttural roar as she wrapped her tongue around Emily's.

"That's it baby, kiss your friend." I rubbed her clit hard, I could feel her driving her pelvis back onto my fingers as she started panting.

"You're just a whore!" I smacked her ass, driving my fingers deep in her body. I was rubbing her clit hard when Monique started letting out a series of high pitched squeaks. Her legs spasmed and her toes were stretched, pointed as she ground her hips down into Emily's.

"That's it baby!" I slowly thrust my fingers in and out her sex till Monique's body gradually calmed. A loan moan escaped her body as her mouth was still locked on Emily's.

I pulled my fingers from Monique's pussy, they were covered with her juices. I eased two fingers over Emily's sex then slid in her opening, her body jerked as I penetrated her, I could hear her whine as I drove in to the knuckle.

"God you two are hot!" I pumped my slimy finger into Emily for a few minutes.

"I'm going to have a lot of fun with you sluts." I ran my hand over Monique's ass, her skin was so smooth. She turned her head back and looked at me.

"Good job slave, I'm impressed." Monique blushed, I think embarrassed she'd let herself get so out of control.

I climbed off the bed and stood looking down at my girls, grinning, not knowing what to do next, both their eyes were locked on me, waiting, anticipating what I'd do to them next.

"Get off the bed and into your cage!" I pointed Monique toward the metal enclosure at the foot of the bed. She hopped off the bed and crawled inside, never taking her eyes off mine.

Emily was sobbing as I undid the clips holding her spread eagle. She didn't move even after I had her completely undone, she just stared up at me, her pretty breasts heaving.

"Go on, get in the cage with Monique." Emily was bawling, she put her hand to her pussy and started sobbing louder.

"Get in the cage!" Emily got to the floor with difficulty, cupping her sex. Monique hugged Emily tight as she crawled in the cage. There was barely room for the both of them inside as I slammed the door shut.

"I'll be back for you later." I stood for a moment watching the pair huddle together, then I shut the bedroom door behind me as left them crying in a lewd embrace.

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