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Abducted and Enslaved
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{ ASSM } {Mersereau} NEW STORY "Abducted & Enslaved, Part 5" ( MF
Mf FF FM Ff Fm Mdom Fdom nc voy sm bd oral toys ) (5/?)
The usual disclaimers: This is strictly adult material; all
characters are fictional. Events in this story are unethical,
immoral, and illegal. Readers should understand that the story
is strictly fiction and many of the events and characters in it
have no place in a civilized society. No redistribution without
attribution to the above-named author. No commercial use
whatsoever of this story.

A&E-Part 5 (Chapters 20-23) Pages 155-180

CHAPTER 20: Judith in the Stateroom

Crane knocked on the cabin door. There was no response. He
rapped on it again, this time harder. He heard some sound from
within but it was too muffled to determine its origin or sense.
He put his ear to the door. He heard it more clearly but it was
still unintelligible. All he was certain of was that it was a
human voice, but whether of a male or female, child or adult, he
couldn't tell. He turned the knob, but the door was locked.

Twenty minutes later he was back, with Yvonne.

"Wait a moment, Crane," she said. She withdrew a key from a
pocket of her uniform. "My master key will open it."

She unlatched and opened the door.

No one was in the small stateroom, but the adjacent bedroom door
was slightly open; and from it, Crane heard cat-like mewings.

* * *

Judith finally abandoned all attempts to plead with the Senator.
Even had he listened, the ballgag prevented her from conveying
anything intelligible. Whenever another man arrived, the Senator
was prepared with his belt. He had handcuffed her wrists behind
her back and, therefore, had he whipped her buttocks she could
have impeded him. But they were not his target.

When the first man arrived in the stateroom, Judith hoped that,
whoever he was, he wouldn't see her through the open bedroom
doorway, sitting as she was on the edge of the bed, nude. She
was shocked, therefore when Ellsworth told him, "She gives good
head, but fuck her wherever you please."

The man was one of the passengers that she had seen in the
casino. He came in and grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed
her face down on the bed. She heard the sound of him unzipping
his pants and Ellworth telling him, "Here. A gob of Vaseline
should ease things."

She tried to ward him off with her hands, but it was futile. He
maneuvered his greased penis between her buttocks and, by
gripping them in both hands and spreading them, he forced the
head of his organ into her anus. Within a few seconds he worked
its entire length up into her.

Judith's discomfort seemed to last forever; and at times it
bordered on agony, but eventually she heard him cry out. The
huge shaft jerked and Judith anticipated that her ordeal would
soon end.

Afterwards, as she lay trembling across the bed, she saw the man
transfer money to the Senator.

As soon as he left, Ellsworth made a phone call and within a few
minutes a second man was in the cabin.

When he entered the bedroom and saw her handcuffed wrists the man

"I'll see if she's as good a cock-sucker as you say she is,

When he removed her ballgag and it was possible to speak, she

She didn't look at the man but at Ellsworth, and she cried,
"Senator, tell this man to leave."

She looked over at him, feeling a mixture of humiliation,
embarrassment at her nakedness, and anger. She tried to ignore
the man who was standing before her. He was unzipping his fly.

"Prescott, I thought that the man who was just in here was a
friend of yours. I was appalled when you took money from him.
I'm no prostitute. Please tell this man to leave."

Judith was shocked by the response of both men. The man held her
arms behind her while the Senator removed his belt and whipped it
back and forth across her breasts.

Judith cried out in pain, and tears welled in her eyes.

"Judith," the Senator told her; "I told Jim how well you suck
cock. Be a good girl now. Show him that I wasn't exaggerating.
Give him one of your best beejays; one that he'll remember."

The blows from the belt had hurt so much that giving a blowjob
was far preferable. She sat of the edge of the bed while the man
drew out his flaccid cock and, as soon as she opened her mouth,
he flopped it on her tongue.

Ellsworth has to be in dire need of funds. But I can't
understand why he didn't tell me that he was going to invite
these men in. He's treating me like a whore!

It was difficult without the use of her hands, but Judith did her
best. It quickly swelled in her mouth and soon she was able to
begin moving her head forward and back. The man helped by
gripping her shoulders and she didn't lose her balance.

When it was over, the man said, "Jesus, Senator--she is good!
That was the best blowjob I can remember. It's amazing that she
did it without using her hands."

Judith hoped the Senator was pleased. She prayed that the money
that the man handed him would be sufficient to satisfy him and
end his use of her in this way.

She was disappointed. She waited on the edge of the bed,
expecting him to undo her handcuffs. Instead, he picked up the
ballgag and forced it back between her teeth. Then he called
another man.

By the time the last man was gone, light was coming in the
window. It was morning. The Senator undid and removed the
handcuffs. Judith anticipated a bath and a few hours sleep, but
the Senator replaced the handcuffs with rope.

As she protested through the gag, he smiled down at her and said,
"This is called 'hogtying', Judith. It's very effective. I want
to be sure you remain here until I have your quarters on the
island ready for you."

After he left, Judith lay awake, wondering what his intentions
for her were. Despite what had just happened, she still hoped
that the two of them would enjoy an idyll on the island. But, if
Ellsworth's plans still included that, why had he subjected her
to such abuse? Obviously, he needed money. But, in the past,
when the Senator had been short of funds, he always informed her
of it. Furthermore, she had always helped him.

If only he had told me of his money problems, I would have helped

It wouldn't have been necessary for him to use his belt. If he
was in dire need, she might even have agreed to submit to one or
two of those men. Just to help him get by.

He'll return soon. Even though we're docked, the Senator is
aware that our steward comes in to make up the room--he surely
won't want the boy to find me like this!

The steward would eventually enter, although on some days he came
in late, after the noon hour. She hoped this wasn't one of those
days. She needed to use the toilet.

He hadn't even put her on the bed. She was lying on the bedroom
carpet, with her wrists bound to her ankles behind her back. Had
she been on the bed she could have at least wiped her face on the
sheet, but attempting to use the carpet had not been a success.
She couldn't get the odor out of her nostrils, and her eyelids
and areas of her face were sticky and caked and so, probably, was
her hair.

Her shoulders hurt dreadfully, as did her jaws. They had ached
even before the Senator shoved the ballgag back in her mouth.

But the worst was her bladder. She tried not to think about
that. She didn't know how long she could tolerate the discomfort
before giving in.

She may have fitfully slept, but she didn't recall sleeping. She
was certainly awake when she heard the knock; she tried to yell
through the gag. She heard a man's voice, but only a few
indistinct words. Then it became silent, and she concluded that
he had left.

Oh god. Maybe our steward heard me and he won't enter the room
because he thinks that the Senator and I are still in bed!

Perhaps she could work her way into the other room. The bedroom
door, although nearly closed, was not shut. If she could get
close to the outer door, she might be able to pound on it with a
foot or her head in order to attract attention.

Her bladder was becoming more uncomfortable by the minute. She
imagined several times of trying to get to the bathroom but, if
she did, how could she possibly work herself onto the toilet?

Oh god--the phone! Why didn't I think of it before?! If I can
get into the living room . . . maybe I can pull it onto the
floor by the cord!

She worked herself painfully across the carpet toward the
bedroom door, using her arms and legs. It was agonizingly slow,
and she soon she realized that she could achieve more by rolling.
Even that required contortions, not just to move but to move in
the right direction.

As she neared the bedroom door, there was another knock at the
outer door. Judith was uncertain what to do; she was now afraid
to cry out. Whatever sound she could make would be muffled and,
if the steward heard someone within he would probably not enter.
She remained silent, hoping he would enter the room.

CHAPTER 21: The Cock-Length Solution

The Academy was a structure of white stucco over concrete blocks,
with a crimson tiled roof, gaily colored canopies, and black
shutters. It was located on the flat top of a hill and faced the
sea, a walk of about a hundred yards down from its front steps.
Its four walls formed a long rectangle and the building seemed,
judging from its four rows of windows, to be four stories high.
In fact, when one included the elaborately finished basement, it
held five floors. That basement was where most of the training
took place. Appropriately, it was located below ground level and
devoid of windows, which rendered the cries from within, whether
they happened to be ones of pain or ones of pleasure, virtually
inaudible from without.

On each of those five floors, a single wide corridor extended its
entire length, terminating in a stairwell at each end. In the
center of the building, on its western, sea-facing side, was a
large elevator, used principally by clients. The rear of the
elevator and of the exterior wall of the shaft behind it were of
some transparent material, glass or perhaps acrylic. These
windows provided the elevator's occupants with majestic views of
the ocean. It was popular even with those athletic types who
preferred the stairs for exercise; on clear evenings, it was
crowded with guests who appreciated the beauty of the orange-red
sun sinking into the sea.

Another elevator was located across the hall from it. While
similar in size, this lacked the transparent wall. It was used
primarily by the kitchen staff and by workmen for transporting
heavy items, including mundane ones like refrigerators and sofas,
but also items that were unique--or almost unique--to the
Academy. These included pillories and racks. Some were
necessary to replace worn or outdated ones that were used daily
in the T.C. and D.R. Most of these, however, were transported up
the elevator to the suites and apartments of clients. These were
utilized primarily during parties.

The presence of one of these devices in an apartment was the
norm, and it served two purposes: First, it provided freedom for
the party host to mingle among his guests without the necessity
of leading his new purchase about on a leash. Second, it
provided a source of diversion for his guests throughout the
evening, and if the festivities lasted long enough each would
have her provide for his sexual gratification in whatever way
took his fancy.
The topmost floor of the Academy was called the "fourth" by its
occupants. It housed suites for Crane and his wealthier clients.
It also held Crane's office. The floor below it, the third,
housed apartments. These were smaller than the suites and served
to house less influential (or less wealthy) clients and Crane's
hired staff. It held the doctor's and dentist's office and a
beauty salon. Several bathrooms, in addition to ones in
apartments, were also on the floor, accessible from the hall.

The second floor held the Kitchen and Dining Room, the Coffee
Shop, an Exercise Gym, offices, and bathrooms. The ground 'Main
Floor' held the rooms that were most used by clients during their
daytime hours. These included the Main Lounge, the Executive
Lounge, the Bar, the Boutique, the Auditorium, and several very
large baths. At the north end, closer to the dock and closer
still to the Pet Shop, were the Storage Room and the Reception
Room. At the building's opposite end was an indoor pool, the
area of which was as large as that of the other two rooms
combined. This was used by clients and, if they wished and
brought them along, by their slaves.

The basement was below ground level and as the attentive reader
doubtless recalls, it was devoid of windows. It housed the slave
cells, the Power Plant, the Machine Shop, the Discipline Room,
and the Training Center. Baths were adjacent to and accessible
from each of these rooms.

* * *

Unlike Kelly, Nina was a light sleeper. The metallic grating
sound as the guard unlocked her cell door awakened her.
Preferring not to lie awake tense while awaiting the raucous buzz
of the alarm, she threw the covers to the foot of the bunk and
sat up. She stretched for a few moments on its edge, yawning.
Then she stood up. Naked, her B cup breasts bouncing, she
trotted into the bathroom and entered the shower stall. Thank
god I don't have to sleep like a slave anymore!

She turned on the water, standing back until it became hot. She
closed her eyes and let the spray hit her, full force. She
emptied her bladder, visualizing the yellow and colorless streams
mixing and coursing down the drain together. She lathered her
lithe body. She washed under her arms, idly fingered her cunt--
which was slightly lubricated by the soap--until her clit
hardened. She worked the bar between her cheeks with her other
hand, sliding it up and down rapidly until it was even more
slippery than her cunt. Once, when she had been new to the
island, she had been mortified when a male slave, ordered to by
his Mistress, had subjected her to analingus. Ever since then,
Nina was scrupulous about scrubbing between her ass- cheeks (or,
as her Master had called them, 'arse-cheeks').

Correction. I don't have to sleep like a new slave anymore.

During her entire first month on the island, she had had to sleep
coverless on a bare bunk, handcuffed and naked.

Nowadays, new girls were so fortunate! Their training was much
shorter than hers had been; so they had to sleep for only a few
days like that. After she was trained, a girl usually moved into
her Master's suite or apartment unless for some reason he wanted
her in a cell. For many girls, living with her Master proved to
be a great life; a luxurious one. Of course, for others, it
wasn't so good.

After rinsing herself, Nina unhooked the shower head and turned
it to pulse. She spread her legs.

It was a pleasant start for the day.

Ten minutes and three orgasms later she stepped out onto the tile
and began drying herself.

It was going be an eventful day, but that wasn't the reason why
Nina arose early. For her, the day would be easy and pleasant.
All of the other blue girls--even Kelly--would have to prepare
for the arrival of the new shipment, so no formal training had
been scheduled.

Kelly was still snoring in the bunk across from her. The chubby
blonde slept like the dead. Nina didn't bother anymore to remain
quiet after she got up, whether it was in the middle of the night
to use the toilet or when like now, she arose before the alarm
went off.

Ten minutes later, with a bit of lipstick and eye makeup on, she
clanked open the cell door. The noise caused Kelly to turn on
her bunk, but almost immediately she began snoring again.

Nina trotted up two flights to the Second floor. The Coffee Shop
was the last door on the left before the elevator.

Pedro grinned when he saw her. "Morning, Nina! Two
chocolate-covered donuts and black coffee, right?!"

He had the hots for her, but he wasn't her type. Pedro was still
too much a kid. His mustache, rather than making him look
mature, appeared silly. It looked like he'd glued it on.

"Make it plain this morning, Pedro. I'm putting on weight."

"Gee, Nina--you don't look it. You look just right to me." He
poured her coffee. Then he went to the glass cabinet.

That was nice of him, but I don't want to get involved. He'll
want more than I feel like giving.

Nina sipped the coffee. This Colombian was wonderful! Her
shadow suddenly appeared against the wall in front of her, and
she felt warmth on the back of her neck. The East window was
behind her. She turned to look out. The sun was already bright
and high over the palms and the jungle. Everything sparkled.

It must have rained last night. I wonder what the new girls will
be like? It's fun to start in on new ones; they get so

In the afternoon she and Kelly would go down to watch the
auction. She couldn't say that watching it was exactly exciting,
but it was always fascinating to see the new girls, all pretty
and some, so young. Each would be dressed in elegant and
formal--formal for the island, anyway--gowns.

The excitement for Nina was one of anticipation. She always got
turned on when she watched the girls come on stage and she
imagined anticipating the shock that faced each one when, a short
time later the girl would be bound onto the Reception Wall naked,
and Nina would stuff one buzzing vibrator up her cunt and another
up her ass.

Sometimes it got hectic, keeping each girl aroused for several
days and still preventing her from climaxing. With some--a
few--females, that was impossible. With those, Crane pretty much
allowed the trainers free rein. It would have been ridiculous
for him to have ordered her to whip a female who could come as
she was getting fucked in the ass while her ankles and wrists
were bound onto the four arms of an 'H' frame and her cunt was
completely untouched. This morning the in-house slaves were
either in their cells or in their owners' apartments. Nina could
do as she pleased. She had been anticipating that all during the
previous day.

That buxom blonde Holly and her brunette roommate had arrived the
island from Mike's cabin cruiser instead of on the cruise ship.
Their training was out of sync with that of the previous group.
She and Kelly trained those two girls when they felt like it.
Crane had some interest in the brunette; so sometimes he
participated, but not often.

Finished with her donuts, Nina smiled at Pedro and slid from the
stool. She hastened to the stairwell and trotted back

I hope the Ex is available. It'll be a pleasure to use it
without another trainer waiting for it. I wish we had more than
just one. But it does take up a lot of floor space. If the Shop
made a second one, we'd have to move out two stocks to make room
for it.

Holly and Janine were in cell B8. Nina didn't bother to rise to
her tiptoes as she usually did in order to put an eye to the

Mom and Dad should have been taller. Being short is such a

She unlocked the metal door and opened it. Janine was awake.
Her eyes were open and on Nina as she entered.

The brunette lay curled up in a fetal position, with her knees
nearly as high as her wrists, which were linked by handcuffs and
a short chain to her collar. Her position was the usual one that
new slaves assumed when in their cells; it was the optimum
position to conserve body heat, and every new slave discovered
that. Janine's head was toward the far wall; her rear was
visible from the doorway.

Nina smiled at the sight that met her eyes.

Janine abruptly blushed and thrust her legs out, straightening
her body.

She realized I could see her furry oval and the pink lips within
it. Holly was on the opposite bunk, still asleep and curled up
as Janine had been.

Nina exclaimed loudly, so as to awaken the blonde, "Time for

Satisfied that she'd startled the blonde (Holly abruptly opened
her eyes), Nina turned to the brunette and helped her up.

"You and Holly shower together," she told the girl. "As long as
you're here, it's the way you'll shower. You wash Holly and
she'll wash you."

"Why don't you give us blankets?" Janine complained, shivering.
"I can't sleep! Why are you keeping us handcuffed with our hands
up like this? My arms are killing me!"

"Crane's orders," Nina said, coolly.

"The handcuffs make sure that you don't play with yourself.
Anyway, once you start working for us in the kitchen, your arms
will get plenty of exercise."

Holly was awake and sitting with her bare feet on the carpet.

After allowing the two girls to use the toilet, Nina led them
into the shower. She slipped shower caps over their heads.

"Face the spray," Nina advised Janine. "and spread your legs."

Nina handed the blonde a wash cloth and a bar of soap. "Wash
her, Holly. Kneel when you wash her cunt. When you're done with
the rest of her, be sure to give her a good scrubbing between the
cheeks of her ass."

She turned on the faucets. To avoid getting her dress wet, she
stayed close to the side wall, holding the shower curtain as
added protection. She waited until the spray was hot. Then she
closed the curtain and sat on a bunk to wait.

After a few minutes, she re-opened the curtain and looked in, to
be sure that Holly did as she had been told.

Janine looked embarrassed as Holly washed her. Nevertheless, she
stood obediently, until her friend had finished.

They reversed roles, and afterwards Nina handed them towels, and
she returned to the cell, waiting on a bunk.

* * *

As the two untrained slaves sat side by side on Janine's bunk,
Nina fastened leashes to their collars.

"Come on," she told them, "This morning we're going to the

"B-But, what about our clothes?" Janine protested. With a motion
of her head she indicated their training uniforms, which hung
from a pair of hooks on the rear wall.

Nina smiled. "Today you'll start training naked. Now, no more
back talk. Get up, both of you."

Holly immediately stood up. Janine gave Nina an angry look but,
after a brief hesitation, she obeyed.

Nina jerked on the leashes. Stumbling, the two girls followed
her from the cell. Nina gave the heavy door a push with her foot
and it closed with a metallic clang.

She turned away from the stairwell and led them farther into the
building. They passed a long series of cells on each side,
reaching the elevator doors. Just past them on each side were
pairs of varnished dark wooden, louvered doors. Each was labeled
with a brass plaque. The one on their left stated, 'D.R.'.

They entered the one on their right, labeled 'T.C.'.

Nina glanced about the room. She was pleased at the sight. The
three of them had the room to themselves. All of the racks and
pillories were empty and, directly before them, facing the entry
doors was the Ex.

Crane had originally intended the rack to be placed there. His
purpose in selecting its location, which was to provide
passers-by with a stimulating view of the stock's occupant had,
she knew, been well-served. Nina opened both doors inward,
pushing them back against the entrance wall on each side. It
left the doorway wide open.

"Which of you would like to ride on it?" she asked.

Nina watched the two girls look at the rack. From their wide
eyes, she gathered that they had both surmised how the girl on it
would be mounted.

They can probably guess a few of the ways she can be used as

"Well?!" Nina asked. Neither of them spoke.

"If one of you doesn't volunteer, I'll whip you both. Holly gets
it on the ass, but you . . ." she said, looking at Janine, "get
it right on your tits."

"Oh no, please, Mistress Nina!" Holly exclaimed; "Don't do that;
I-I'll get on it."

"No you won't, Holly," Janine countered, her face flushed. "I'll
do it. I'll get on this thing."

Nina led Janine to the junction of the two boards. She put her
arms around the brunette, lifted her, and sat her down on the
center of the 'X', facing the doorway.

The device was made of polished wood the color of chocolate and
was supported above the floor by four wooden stools, one beneath
each outstretched arm of the 'X', while a manacle was fastened on
each wooden arm above each stool.

Two arms of the device faced the doorway, their ends straddling
it. Nina lifted and fastened Janine's left leg onto the left of
those two arms, clamping the manacle about her ankle. She
repeated the operation with Janine's right ankle on the right
hand arm.

The arms of the 'X' that extended into the center of the room
supported a sling that resembled a small hammock. Nina drew the
brunette's shoulders back until her head lay on the sling. She
undid Janine's handcuffs, straightened out her arms and recuffed
her wrists to the arms of the 'X' that held the sling.

Nina stood back to admire the sight. Janine was held with each
of her limbs bound onto an arm of the 'X'. Her spread legs and
genitals faced the open doorway.

Nina led the blonde between the two arms of the Ex facing the
doorway and turned the nude girl so that she faced Janine. "You
were roommates in college, weren't you?" Nina asked.

Holly looked surprised by the query, but she simply nodded and
replied, "Yes, Mistress."

"Did the two of you have sex together?"

Holly blushed. "No! We never did anything like that, Mistress

"That's a pity. Your training would be shorter if you had.
Well, that's what we'll work on today."

"No, please!"

Nina laughed. "Holly, you're so na ve! There's nothing to be
scared of. Once you get used to it with Janine, you'll enjoy it.
Then you'll want to do it with other girls."

Holly grimaced, but made no reply.

"I'll be easy on you to start, Holly. Bend over Janine's tits.
Suck them until they're hard."

Holly looked down at her roommate, bound naked on her back, and
then back at Nina. She hesitated, blushing. Nina withdraw the
strap from her belt.

"Will I have to persuade you?"

"No, Mistress."

Holly bent over the brunette. She supported herself by leaning
her hips against the junction of the two boards. Tentatively,
she enclosed a nipple with pursed lips.

"Don't be dainty," Nina said; "Suck hard. We're need to
accomplish a lot this morning. Evidently you need a bit of

She swung the strap and struck the blonde's buttocks hard. Holly
made no sound and her loss of balance may have been simply from
surprise. Her mouth pulled from the teat and she fell face down
on top of Janine. Her hair lay all about, on Janine's belly,
throat, and face.

Impeded by her bound wrists, Holly struggled back to her feet.
She shook her head, trying to move her tresses behind her
shoulders and out of the way.

"Hard, I said. Make them stick up!"

Holly put her head back down and sucked. Then she licked, moving
her head in a rapid nodding motion. In less than a minute both
of Janine's nipples projected up like towers crowning hills.

"Good girl," Nina said. "Keep them like that. O.K.?"

The blonde assented with a nod. She increased the speed of her
lapping tongue.

Nina moved behind her.

"Now, spread your legs."

"Mmm?" Holly responded, her mouth pursed about a nipple.

Nina struck the blonde's buttocks again, with a hard blow. It
caused Holly to emit an "Mmmf!" but she kept the teat in her

Holly moved her feet apart in a toe-heel-toe motion. Without
having the support of her hands, the awkward movement was
necessary in order to avoid losing her balance. It stopped when
her legs, halfway from her knees to her hips, butted against the
wooden arms of the Ex. It left her standing with her legs

Occupied with her task, she didn't observe Nina withdraw a
vibrator from her bag.

Nina knelt behind the blonde. Looking between Holly's spread
legs she could see the brunette's cunt and gaping labia. Nina
reached forward with the vibrator and inserted the tip between
Janine's pink inner labia. She flicked the switch.

"Oh!" Janine exclaimed.

Nina moved the tip from side to side within Janine's labia,
causing them to vibrate. The brunette's clitoris was a barely
visible button, and Nina avoided it, sliding the point of the
smoothie up, over the hood, and down, vibrating the opposite

Janine emitted a louder "Ooooh!"

Her body's entire length, from her shoulders to her feet,

Nina smiled. The girl's clitoris was growing.

Nina held the smoothie lightly, slowly tracing an oval path
within the girl's vulva. The pink folds swelled, and the
brunette began breathing rapidly. Nina avoided touching the
vibrator to Janine's clit but, spite of that, it was soon swollen
and hard. Janine began to moan. Each time the vibrator slid
over the hood, her hips thrust violently upward, her buttocks
rising above the wood.

Nina put her forefinger in her mouth. She reached out with it
and tickled the pink knob..

Janine emitted a loud "Ah!"

She thrust her hips upward again, but Nina had already withdrawn
her finger. She inserted it lower down, probing between the
inner labia and into Janine's vagina. She withdrew it, dripping,
and sucked it clean.

Oh god! I did that unconsciously. This place has turned me
into a slut. What would Mom think if she saw me do that?!

Nina stood up.

"That's enough sucking of her tits, Holly. I'm pleased with you.
I hope Janine learns as fast."

Holly raised her head. "May I stop now, Mistress?"

"Yes. Now we'll start on the important things. See if you can
give your roommate a big 'O'."

"A what?"

"An orgasm. She's close. It shouldn't take long. Get on your
knees now and start licking."

Holly looked at Nina in evident disbelief. "I-I can't do that.
Th-That's perverted!"

Nina sighed.

Crane gets a prude like this every once in a while. Thank god it
isn't often!

"Holly, you have to learn to give pleasure with your mouth. How
old are you?"

"Eighteen, Mistress."

"Haven't you sucked a boy's cock? You're in college. All
college girls do that."

Holly blushed. "I don't like to talk about it."

"Well, here on the island it isn't just men who will want your
mouth. Female clients will want it, too."

"B-But, why? The clients who buy the girls are all men, aren't

"Not all. Anyway, even if a man buys you, you'll have to please
his girl friend or wife. You have to learn to please both sexes.
During parties you'll have to perform with other girls."

"Ugh! That's sick!"

"You must. Every girl who comes to this island has to. If you
don't do as I told you, I'll whip you until you do. Now, hurry
up, while Janine's clit is big! More stalling and I'll use
this whip again. Your buttocks must be very sore, they look so
pink. Now, kneel!"

"I-I . . . all right, Mistress."

Holly knelt.

Wow! Holly's mouth and Janine's labia are at exactly the same
height. What a good match!

Nina leaned over Janine and the Ex. She placed her hand upon
Janine's pubis and cupped it in her palm. She curled her fingers,
slipping the tips between the brunette's outer labia. With her
index and ring fingers, she spread the girl's swollen inner labia
and, with the middle digit, she pulled back the hood. It exposed
Janine's swollen clitoris to Holly's eyes.

"Isn't that appetizing?!"

It glistened with a film of wetness. "Put out your tongue,
Holly. Lick it!"

Holly blushed. She looked up at Nina, tears welling in her eyes.
"Please don't make me do that, Mistress Nina, please."

Nina, holding the strap in her other hand, swung her arm down the
length of Holly's naked back. The strap struck hard in the
crease between her cheeks.


Nina could see that her buttocks were definitely pink.

"Lick it!"

Nina grasped the back of Holly's head. She pushed. Janine's
labia spread further as Holly's face went between them. Her
cheeks were half hidden in Janine's furry outer labia.

Nina dropped the whip to the floor. Holding Holly's blond head
in both her hands, she pushed and worked it, moving the girl's
face up and down in Janine's vulva. From the odor, from the
ease with which she moved the girl's head, and the occasional
sounds of suction, she was sure that Holly's face was well-

"Keep licking, Holly," Nina ordered. "You have to give her a big

After about a minute, Nina relaxed her hands. She was pleased
that, although Holly drew back slightly on her haunches, she
continued her head motions on her own volition.

Janine's moans began again. This time, the upward thrusts of her
hips were fruitful, pushing Holly's head up with them, and the
intensity of Janine's moans quickly rose.

The wall phone rang.

"Keep licking her cunt!" Nina ordered, withdrawing her hands.
She walked across the room and lifted the phone from the hook.


She kept her eyes on Holly. Periodically, as Holly moved her
head in a nodding motion, Nina was pleased to glimpse the
blonde's lapping tongue moving upward between Janine's labia.

"This is Crane, Nina. I want cock-lengths on the six males that
arrived this morning."

Nina laughed. "You crack me up, Master Crane!"

There was silence at the other end.

"You are kidding, Master. . . Aren't you?"

"Nina . . . " His voice was menacing.

Nina's heart skipped a beat.

I don't dare get in the doghouse again!

"I-I . . . You mean, erect?"

"Yes, and I want them in twenty minutes."

"What?! B-But, Master Crane, that's impossible!"

"You'll find a way. I also want their diameters, at the base and
halfway up. Give the numbers to Jeff in the shop. He'll print
them and distribute them at the auction. I intend to begin the
bidding for the females in one hour."

"B-But, Master Crane, there are six males, and they're in three
cells. How can I . . . "

"No excuses!" he said, cutting her off. "If Jeff doesn't have
them in twenty minutes, Nina, I'll have you whipped hanging by
your ankles from a spreader bar." He hung up.

Nina gritted her teeth. She held the phone and stood frozen in
place, incognizant of the dial tone.

"The prick! The filthy prick!"

Nina glanced back at Holly, who was still avidly licking. Her
face glistened, and Nina could detect the female aroma even from
across the room. Janine was continually moaning now; Holly's
tongue was successfully serving in place of the vibrator.

Maybe it isn't impossible!


"Y-Yes, Mistress?"

Her face was wet from her nose down. Fluid dripped from her

Two girls might be enough. But not Janine. Where the fuck is

"Keep licking!"

"Yes, Mistress." She inserted her tongue back between the pink

Nina unhooked the phone and quickly punched three numbers.

"Salon; Donna speaking."

Oh shit, it's that garrulous Gromelski.

"This is Nina. Urgent orders from Crane. Any slaves up there?"

"Oh hi Nina! There sure are! We have two in chairs right now.
Oh, this doll I'm doing right now is simply adorable! You know
that Sarah? the one that Crane has locked up in his torture
chamber? well this, I don't know, seventeen year old, is like
her, but she has big big tits! I mean, for her size, you know.
And, Nina! like, you should see this long black hair that I'm
working . . . "

"Great, Donna! I need 'em to get cock-lengths. I'll be right
up. Don't let either of them get away. If you do, I'll fuck you
with a prod!"

She hung up, feeling a bit guilty about her language. Donna
meant well; it was just hard to shut her up.

I don't dare to take chances. Jesus, only eighteen minutes!

She grabbed a pair of handcuffs from her bag, ran to Holly. She
manacled the blonde's ankles together.

"Keep licking," she ordered; "I'll be right back!" and she ran
from the room.

Nina was sweating by the time she got to the third floor landing
but, despite being out of breath, she managed to trot down the
hallway to the Salon.

CHAPTER 22: The Senator & Lindsey

That morning, Kelly had been awaiting word that the new shipment
had disembarked. She was seated at the bar, talking with the
bartender Sammy. Training was suspended for the day, so she had
nothing to do until the females arrived in Reception. That would
probably not occur for at least an hour: There was always a
delay while new arrivals got equipped in the Pet Shop before
arriving at the Academy building.

Few of the clients, who were late risers, were up yet. The only
clients she had seen this morning had long since left for the
picnic area that was close to the beach, intent on obtaining an
early look at the new shipment as the guards led them from the

In the mirror Kelly could see three guards seated at a table
behind her, talking: Mike and Gene, and that cute Miguel. His
hair, a little long, was such a glossy jet black that it
reflected the light. Over in the corner were two trainers, the
thirtyish and blond Duke and the new kid, Jimmy, who was eighteen
and filling in for his brother Donald, who was a couple of years
older. Don had passed her in the stairwell on his way to the
ship, about to go on vacation. Jimmy was on some college break
and had come with the new clients. He was big enough; probably
he was on his school's football team.

I suppose Duke is clueing the kid in on our operations. Crane's
making a mistake letting a kid like that do any training. He
ought to get another blue girl, or even Sarah, to fill in for
Don. The kid is liable to freak out when he sees naked girls.

She was a little surprised when an elderly client entered the
room; that was unusual at this early hour. She couldn't recall
the last time that any client appeared in the bar before eleven.
He was alone, also a bit odd. He took a seat at an empty table
and waved a 'come here' to Sammy. Her friend had to cut short
their conversation, and he went to serve the man. Kelly
recognized him from past years as some politician; one wouldn't
forget such a man easily: he was big, with a huge mop of white
hair and his appearance, she thought, was rather regal.

She suddenly recalled something that Nina had told her the
previous year but which, until now, she hadn't associated with
this man.

Impressive, and big, with white hair, Nina said. He must be the
one that Nina told me about. She called him a sadist. The
rental girls are scared of him.

She watched in the mirror as some sort of dispute ensued. White
Hair ended it with a loud, "See that you do, young man. It had
better be genuine. I'll know if it's spurious, and if it is,
I'll skin your black hide!"

Sammy returned behind the bar, muttering to himself. He crouched
down, unlocked a cabinet under the counter, and began rummaging
though it. Kelly heard the clink of bottles. She was curious,
but she didn't interrupt.

It took Sammy about five more minutes to make the concoction. It
was in a large tumbler and was full of green leaves that looked
like mint, which didn't grow on the island.

When he returned, she asked, "Sammy, what was that all about?"

"The fucker wanted a mint julep. He insisted that I make it with
cognac--Grande Champagne. It's just luck that I had any. I just
now remembered that I had some from last year, when it was about
all he drank, and I ordered a half case. It's expensive as hell.
I'll have to get on Mike to buy some more before this prick
empties this last bottle. He shrugged. "I doubt that he can
tell the difference from any other cognac, but you never know."

The phone rang, and Sammy unhooked it. "Yeah, both of them,
Mister Crane. . . . Sure thing." He hung up.

"Hey!" he called across the bar, "Mike and Gene! Crane wants you
by the gangway. The shipment's about ready."

Two of the guards behind Kelly rose from the table. "O.K.
Sammy," one said. "Thanks."

They both left.

Kelly glanced at her watch. It would still be about half an hour
before the captives reached the building, and there would be no
point in going to Reception this soon. She thought about sitting
with Miguel. He was a cute kid. Real cool.

I wish there weren't so many women and girls here. There's no
way I can compete. Miguel probably gets freebies from at least
half of them. All the other blue girls are hot for him too. I
wonder how many he's poking? If I could get more flab off of my
belly . . . Nina says he goes for blondes. Maybe I should start
bleaching my hair again.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the reflection of the white
haired man standing up. He moved to Miguel's table and sat down
across from the young man.

Hmm--that's unusual. Clients hardly ever talk to guards. I see
that Duke noticed, too.

The man started talking, smiling, gesticulating; evidently
explaining something.

Looks like he's buttering Miguel up.

The young man smiled back and shook his head. He began to say
something, but the old guy interrupted, still smiling. Miguel
looked hesitant, undecided.

The older man reached in his pocket. He opened his wallet.
Kelly saw him hand a bill to Miguel. Miguel shrugged and took
the money. He stood up. The old man stood up, and they left the
room together.

That looked like a bribe! Why would a client bribe a guard? The
only thing that a Master would want from him would be his key to
the downstairs cells. Everybody has to deal with the new
shipment today, so, a Master could do anything he wants down
there. I'd better tell Crane.

She looked at Duke. He'd seen the exchange, too; but he only
shrugged and shook his head.

The phone rang again.

"Kelly," Sammy said; "You're wanted in Reception."

Oh my god. I have to go. But, if Miguel gave that client his
key to the cells . . . !

* * *

On exiting the elevator, the Senator walked down the third floor
corridor, glancing at the brass numbers on the apartment doors.
Odd ones were on the left. He stopped at Apartment 333 and
knocked on the door. These third floor apartments were much
closer together than the suites on his floor. Cheap. The
apartment didn't even have a buzzer.

Madame LeBeau, it seems that your wealth isn't worth much. At
least here, it isn't. Influence, that's what counts.

He had much to do before this afternoon's auction, but already
Ellsworth felt confident of success. Men with small minds, like
Crane . . . They were na ve to suppose they could thwart him.

Ellsworth smiled.

You're in for a surprise, Crane.

"Who's there?" he heard.

"Senator Prescott Ellsworth."

He heard two female voices. He hadn't realized that LeBeau had a
slave; he hadn't thought to ask if she had one. On the other
hand, it might not be a slave; if it were another client, that
would present a problem.

The voices ceased, and he heard a door close.

One of the advantages the Senator derived from these yearly trips
was his observations of the other clients, particularly the
female ones. Back at the capital, his contacts at the agency had
developed background dossiers of each client whose names he'd
been able to obtain.

Ellsworth even had information on clients from Europe. That
lawyer, Babette LaFleur, was one of those. She had arrived on
Yvonne's liner with some paramour. He was certainly not her
husband, and he looked rather like a pimp.

I'll have Leon's background checked once I'm back in Washington.
The LaFleur woman has high level contacts in our Paris embassy.
Leverage with her will be valuable and, if she's travelling with
a criminal, I'll have that leverage. Besides, she has a good

The Senator smiled. Having leverage over a woman provided more
than the usual benefits of influence and money. Pleasure was
also for the taking.

The fellow--Leon was his first name--looked rather Sicilian.
Possibly Mafia. Unfortunately, he had only a very slight accent.
His English--British English--was virtually flawless, but
Ellsworth had detected an accent; he had to be foreign.

Footsteps, and finally the door opened. He recognized her
immediately. The Senator had an excellent memory for faces and
names, particularly for ones who might be of service to him.

Lindsey LeBeau was a brunette, with a profusion of curls that
surrounded her oval countenance. According to the dossier on
her, she was thirty-eight. Very young to have risen to VP of a
major cosmetics empire. French, but she spoke fluent English and
Spanish, bad German. She was lesbian. She didn't hide that
fact, which made blackmail somewhat dubious; nevertheless, the
tape should suffice. She couldn't possibly retain her position
in the company if her activities on the island became public.

He examined her. Her eyes were soft brown, and large. About five
nine, taller than he'd thought. But then, in previous years,
he'd had no particular reason to observe her height. Her figure
was of far more interest.

She was clothed in a bathrobe; probably she'd been in bed with
the other female, whoever she was in the bedroom behind the
closed door. Ellsworth recalled seeing her on the beach in
previous years, and he'd liked what he'd seen. Unlike Judith,
she had meat on her bones.

I wish I could see behind that door. Not just to see the other
female. It would be satisfying to know that what I've seen on
the tape took place in this apartment.

"I remember you from last year, Senator," she said, giving him a
smile. "What can I do for you?"

"I need a bit of help, Madame," he said, returning her smile. It
was his best charm-filled one. "This matter is personal, and I
feel that its substance should be a matter of confidence between
the two of us."

She knitted her brows.

The Senator felt jubilant. She wasn't the tough butch type that
he'd half expected. He'd enjoy himself with her; he felt certain
of that. He considered how far he might go with the tape as his
lever. What he'd imagined doing with that redhead on her ship he
could do with this lesbian. The boy thought he'd made a
killing--one hundred dollars for a video. If he only knew!

She looking puzzled. "But Senator, we don't know each other.
Not at all. What is it that can possibly be between the two of
us that you think we should be secretive about?"

The sash of her bathrobe was loose, and she saw him staring at
the swellings of her breasts, the cleavage of which had become
visible. She smiled, but she tightened the sash.

Big tits. I won't settle for just the hors d'oeuvre and entr e,
on this order. She may be close to forty, but she has a good
body. Judging from the tape, she didn't want her girl friend
with the harness to screw her in the ass. Well--I'll give her
the genuine article--and she'll tell me that she loves it.

"Is your television in the bedroom?" he asked.

She looked even more puzzled. "Yes. What does that have to do
with why you're here, Senator?"

"I'd like you to see this tape. I presume you have a VCR
attached to your TV."

"See a video? Really, Senator! You have me completely at sea.
Why should I do such a thing. You've interrupted an important
meeting to show me a video? You haven't explained a . . . "

Ellsworth grinned. This was becoming more and more pleasant!

"A meeting? Madame, any fool can see that your body is naked
under that robe. I dare say that all I interrupted was two
female queers who were muff-diving each other."

She stared at him, her face flushed. "Mister Ellsworth," she
said; "I would appreciate your leaving my apartment right now!
We have nothing more to discuss--if we ever had."

The Senator resisted a laugh. Instead he stared down at her,
silently, for about ten seconds.

To let her know I have no reason to leave.

"Well?" she said, impatiently. "Shall I call Crane's staff and
have you ejected, Mister Ellsworth?"

"I'll leave after you've watched just ten minutes of this tape,
Lindsey," he said.

She isn't the only one who can be insolent.

She stared up at him for a moment; again a trace of puzzlement
crossed her countenance.

"All right, give me the tape."

She walked with it to the bedroom door, and Ellworth followed.
He felt ebullient. This was getting better by the moment.

Lindsey knocked on the door. "Sarah?" she called.

"Yes Mistress LeBeau?" he heard. Now that he heard her more
clearly, he recognized the girl. It was the one who had been in
Crane's office earlier. Strange. The girl was obviously a slave
of the manager's; why was she here?

"The Senator and I are coming in, Sarah. Why don't you wait in
the bathroom while we're in the bedroom? We'll be there only
about ten minutes."

"All right, Mistress. Just a minute while I-I get my things."

When Ellsworth and Lindsey heard, "O.K. Mistress. I'm in the
bathroom!" they entered. Ellsworth glanced at the rumpled bed.
It was only what he'd expected. He looked about the room and
felt pleased; it was the one on the tape.

* * *

"Oh my god!" Lindsey exclaimed.

On the screen she saw a blonde girl lying on her back in her
bed; the girl's handcuffed wrists were bound to the bars at its
head. Her white blouse was open and her full breasts exposed.
Her black and white skirt was pushed up past her navel and lay
crumpled beneath her breasts, baring her entire lower body below

In the scene, even though her back was to the camera, Lindsey was
recognizable. She was naked and kneeling, with her head between
the blonde's legs. Although the camera was aimed at the bed,
her body blocked the view that the lens would have had of the
blonde girl's vulva. Instead, in the center of the screen was a
closeup view of Lindsey's buttocks and her gaping labia, which
glistened with a film of moisture.

Lindsay's head was nodding rapidly while one arm, bent at the
elbow, was moving rapidly forward and back, piston-like. Her
actions and those of the blonde, which included moans, closed
eyes and movements of her head from side to side, left no doubt
in the viewer's mind how Lindsey was using her tongue and

The blonde in the scene was a young Kelly. Her collar was a
light tan, apparently of leather, and her hair was not its
present dirty blonde but a uniform, warm gold.

There had been hundreds of tapes in the storage room, and this
one was over two years old. Ellsworth had counted more than a
dozen with Lindsey's room number on it; it seemed seemed
virtually impossible that the absence of this one tape would ever
be noticed.

The Senator was deriving as much pleasure from watching the
stunned Lindsey as from the activity on the screen. Finally the
blonde girl on the tape exhibited the paroxysms of an orgasm. At
that point, the kneeling Lindsey sat up on her haunches and moved
forward on her knees until she straddled the girl's breasts.
She gripped the girl's head with both hands and thrust her hips
forward, pressing her muff over the girl's face. She rotated her
hips like a strip teaser doing a slow bump and grind.

Ellsworth clicked the remote. The scene shrank, contracted to a
point, and vanished.

"The tape contains numerous views of your face," he said
jovially; "both in profile and facing the camera, as well as
several views of you naked, from your face to your cunt. It
shows you with another woman wearing a dildo and fucking you. If
you doubt it we can continue watching."

Lindsey was trembling. "You bastard," she said. "You're
blackmailing me."

"Yes, and I have several copies of this tape," Ellsworth said,
the lie coming easily. "You needn't attempt to destroy this copy
and hope that will gain you anything."

"How much do you want?"

Ellsworth retrieved the tape. Before returning to where he had
been standing, he examined the room more intently. Lindsey
stared at him, as if mystified by his actions. The lens of the
video camera was visible just above a sconce on the wall. It was
behind where they had been standing and it resembled an ornament.

Ellsworth chose an armchair and sat in it. Placing the tape
beside him on the cushion, he unzipped his fly.

"First," he said, smiling at her; "You'll suck my cock. That
will be a unique experience for each of us. I imagine that being
a lesbian, you've never sucked a prick. Now you'll have that

Still trembling, she stared at Ellsworth. "You can't be serious.
I suppose insulting me pleases you. Senator, tell me how much
money you want and then, please leave!"

He stopped smiling. "I'm perfectly serious, Madame. You know
what the effect would be if this . . . these tapes became public.
At the very least you'll lose your position and your career will
be ruined. I doubt that anyone would hire you again. Besides
that, it will damage your company, both in reputation and in

He withdrew his flaccid penis from his open trousers and
displayed it to her with his thumb and forefinger.

"I suggest that you stop wasting our time now, Lindsey. The
sooner you do as I say, the sooner we can go on to other aspects
of our agreement. I have no wish to ruin you, only to have you
indulge me. Anyway, you have no choice."

"Y-You insist I do that?!" she said, flushing.

Ellsworth gloated. He savored her humiliation. His penis begin
to swell; and soon it protruded above his fingers, bobbing in the

"Last year I saw you at the beach. I liked your body. It
annoyed me that you wore a swimsuit but, even so, I got a
hard-on. I decided then that I'd enjoy you; it was only a matter
of when, and how."

She was trembling, he observed, probably with fury.
"Th-The females here . . . " she began.

She choked and started over: "The slaves that Crane keeps
downstairs in the cells--are much more appealing than I am."

He shrugged. "So? It's you that I want."

"B-But . . . why that? I-I can't do that."

"All virgins say that, Lindsey!"

He delicately encircled the base of his cock with his forefinger
and thumb.

He grinned. "No matter how reluctant she may be before her first
beejay, Lindsey, a good cock-sucker dscovers that she awaits her
second with mouth-watering anticipation."

She grimaced. "Senator . . . please don't insist I do that. Do
you want me to beg you?"

"An excellent suggestion," Ellsworth said, grinning. He pointed
at the carpet. "On your knees, Lindsey. Beg me!"

She looked ready to kneel, but he put out a meaty hand, stopping

"Take off that robe. I want you naked!"

"If-If I do, then you won't insist that I do that?"

"Take off the robe!" he cried.

The Senator was aware of the commanding nature of his voice, and
he enjoyed the fear that it instilled when he imparted an angry
tone to it.

Lindsey undid the sash. She drew her robe open and let it slip
from her shoulders. It slid down her arms and fell onto the
carpet to lie behind her in a heap.

The Senator stared at her body. Firm and heavy breasts, they
projected out at him. His genitals felt turgid with lust, and he
wet his lips.

She had shaved her pubis. It was totally naked, and Ellsworth
could see her labia; they looked wet.

Poor Lindsey. I knocked on the door and interrupted her
'important meeting'--the meeting of her clit with Sarah's tongue.

Lindsey knelt on the carpet, several feet away from him.

"Senator--Please don't ask me to do that . . . I beg you! Tell
me how much money you want."

She looked up at him, avoiding any glance at his exposed penis.

"If you want me to," she added; "I'll rent one of Crane's girls
for you. You can make her do that. Or, two if you prefer. I'll
get two girls for you!"

His organ was hard and bobbing in the air.

"Come closer, on your knees," he replied, grinning. He curled
his finger at her, beckoning.

She wiped a cheek with the palm of her hand. Blushing, she moved
forward, keeping her back erect, and avoided looking down.
Before giving her a sign to stop, Ellsworth waited until she was
so close that her large breasts protruded to each side of his
erect cock.

Ellsworth reached out and pinched her nipples. He worked them in
his fingers until they both felt as hard as his cock.

He leaned down and his eyes met hers. In a tone of intense
interest he asked, "Lindsey, will this be the first prick that
you've sucked?"

Ellsworth saw realization in her eyes. He'd been toying with
her. No amount of begging would have changed his mind.

"You disgust me!!" she exclaimed, trembling. He savored the

Her body is better than I recall. These big D cup tits and that
shaved cunt. I should persuade Crane to keep her on the island
as I did with Judith. Rent her for parties.

He released her nipples and grasped her head in his hands, which
were so large that they nearly enclosed it; only her forehead was

"Open your mouth!" he ordered.

He pulled her head down, and the warmth and moistness enclosed
his cock like a cunt. He forced her head down farther and then
he felt her resist, and that pleased him. Tightness enclosed the
head and he felt thrills surge from his loins. She gagged.

It feels like the head's in her throat--god this feels good!

He pushed, and it inched farther.

Lindsey choked. She struggled and made some unintelligible
noises of protest. Both were futile.

"Do it like this, Lindsey," he said. He pulled upward until her
mouth held only the head and then pushed down, ignoring her
gagging, until he felt the entire length of his organ engulfed.

To see if she would continue voluntarily, he released her head,
but she immediately pulled her mouth from his organ.

She gasped, "Is . . . Is that enough?" She didn't meet his eyes.

"You aren't trying, my Dear," he said. "A good cocksucker
provides her tits as well as her buccol cavity for pleasure. You
see, my hands should have access to those big tits of yours and
not have to guide your head."

He emitted an exaggerated sigh. "It's obvious that you'll
require many more lessons before you'll be proficient at this."

He pulled her head back down.

When his organs approached a climax, he pushed his feet against
the carpet to recline the back of the chair. He looked down the
length of his prone torso to observe her expression, but
continued to move her head.

He intentionally avoided warning her, but something alerted her,
for she tried to jerk her head up. But Ellsworth was too strong.

He felt the usual urge to close his eyes in order to savor the
sensations but his greater desire was to observe Lindsey's
reaction. He raised her head until just the head was in her

He felt it spurt, and the pleasure almost made him cry out.
Lindsey's eyes widened, and she struggled, and uttered muffled
protests that he made no attempt to interpret. She choked, and
she pounded his legs with her fists, but he held her.

When his spasms ceased, her cheeks were puffed out. Ellsworth

"Swallow it, Lindsey. Of course, you may prefer to hold my cock
in your mouth for the next quarter hour. That would suit me.
I'll be hard again by then, and I'll give you your second lesson
without having to wait until tomorrow to give it to you."

CHAPTER 23: Judith & Crane

Judith heard a key inserted in the lock, and the sound of the
door being unlatched. She felt hope, but also apprehension.

She heard a male voice; it belonged neither to the Senator nor
the steward: "There's no one in here."

Then Yvonne's voice. Judith uttered a muffled yell through the
gag, praying that they heard her. "In the bedroom!" the male
voice exclaimed. A moment later a man was standing above her,
with Yvonne behind him.

The man, who was tall and muscular, with a lean, tough looking
face, crouched down. Judith became embarrassed by her nudity and
the mess on her face and in her hair. However, the man seemed
unconcerned about her appearance, and he immediately set about
untying her bonds.

"My god!" Yvonne exclaimed; "What happened? Where is Ellsworth?
Has he been kidnapped? Robbed?"

"Hold the questions until I get this gag out," the man said.
"Shit, these ropes are tight!" He reached into a pocket of his
jeans and withdrew a knife. "Don't move," he advised Judith.

The moment the gag popped from her mouth, Judith exclaimed,
"Oooh, thank you!"

"What happened, Judith?" Yvonne asked, as the man helped her up.

"I'll tell you when I get back!" she exclaimed, and she ran for
the bathroom. She slammed the door and a second later she was on
the toilet and emptying her bladder, overwhelmed with relief.

When she returned, she wore a bathrobe. She had wiped her face
with a cloth.

"He left me like that!" she said.

"The Senator?" Yvonne asked. "He tied you?"

Judith nodded, embarrassed. She wasn't about to tell them what
had happened during the night. She had no idea why Ellsworth had
invited all those men in to do what they had done. If she
described it, Yvonne would never believe it. Who could imagine
that he would have done a thing like that because he needed the
money? She herself was at a loss to explain it, and she knew the
Senator better than anyone, better than his wife! Only she knew
of the Senator's sexual proclivities. Yvonne certainly wouldn't.
She, like the rest of the public, probably considered the
Senator the most upright and moral of men.

Yvonne said, "This is Crane. He's the Island Manager. Crane,
this is Judith Sterling."

Crane nodded. Judith blushed, thinking of how he had just seen
her. She was acutely aware that her hair was a mess.

"You and Prescott were indulging in some sex play," Yvonne
remarked. "Do you know where he went? And why he hasn't

"No," Judith said.

Perhaps he's mentally ill. That would explain everything--why
he's been acting so strange for the last month. I'm not going to
mention anything about what he's done, either last night or
before. It could ruin his career, like it did to that Senator
Ingles that he told me about.

"Crane," Yvonne asked; "Why did you come to the Senator's cabin?
It's lucky you did. If you hadn't, god knows how long it would
be before Ellsworth got back and undid those ropes!"

She wrinkled her nose. "There's a strange smell in here."

"It's semen," Crane said.

"See?--I was right. They were having sex."

Judith blushed. She felt horribly embarrassed. "I-I think I
should shower."

I hope I don't get pregnant. I'd better use the bidet as soon as
I can.

"Where's your luggage?" Crane asked, looking about the room.
The closet doors stood open and nothing was on the loosehangers.

"Oh!" Judith said. "I forgot. I don't have any clothes.
They're all in my two large suitcases and my carry-on."

"Didn't you leave any out to wear?!" Yvonne asked, raising her

"I did! But, after Prescott tied me up, he threw all my clothes
in my carry-on. I thought that was strange. I don't know how he
figured I could go ashore without any clothes."

Yvonne frowned. "All of the luggage has been transferred to the
island. Yours must be in your suite or apartment there. It
sounds like he didn't intend to leave you any clothing. That's
very odd, but Ellsworth has his motives. When he does something
that seems strange he always has a reason."

It sounds like she knows the Senator more than I thought shedid.

"He left the robe," Crane said.

"No," Yvonne replied. "Her bathrobe is one of a pair that my
stewards leave in each stateroom for the use of our passengers.

"I can't leave the ship dressed in a bathrobe! What am I going
to do?!" Judith exclaimed.

"Are there any women's clothing on board that she can borrow?"
Crane asked.

Yvonne looked at her. "Mine won't fit her, but she looks about
the same size as Suzi. They're probably close enough. Why don't
you wait here with her, Crane, while I see about it?"

"Oh, thank you, Yvonne," Judith said. "You're a savior."

* * *

"Is it far to the hotel?" Judith asked, as they proceeded down
the gangway. "I don't want to walk very far in slippers."

Crane shook his head. "It's all boardwalk and sand. If you
prefer, you can take them off. The boardwalk parallels the
beach, and lots of women go to the beach barefoot."

He led the way until they reached the boardwalk where, with room
for two to walk abreast, she caught up and walked beside him. He
was kind of sexy, in a masculine kind of way. Not handsome like
a movie star, but rather like an athlete, a tennis pro or
something like that. An older one; she supposed he was about

They passed a long and ugly shed that had a 'Pet Shop' sign over
the door. Judith thought that was odd. She couldn't imagine
what pets would be kept here on a tropical island. Snakes? She

"What's amusing?"

She explained, and he returned the smile.

The hotel was a four storey white building, with multicolored
canopies and black shutters. A side door was the closest
entrance, but Crane by-passed it. They went along a sandy path
to the front, which ran the length of the building, and
paralleled the sea on their right. They entered a short
vestibule and Crane stopped her. "Leave your slippers here.
They'll bring in sand."

She saw openings, boxes rather, along both side walls, some
containing shoes of various types. Judith put the slippers in an
empty one and they proceeded through double doors into a large,
well-furnished room with thick carpetting that felt luxurious
under her bare feet, statuary, lampstands, and comfortable
armchairs and sofas. Soft music came from speakers. The room
was empty except for a man behind what was evidently a bar that
was opposite the door they had just entered. His elbows were on
it and he looked sleepy. "Morning, Crane," the man said.

"Good morning, Sammy. "Have you seen Kelly yet?"

"She was in earlier. I think she went to Reception."

"How about Mike and Gene?"

"Yeah, they were here. I think they're in the Pet Shop now. Or
maybe they're in Reception, too."

"Thanks. This way, Judith." He opened a door that led into a

"Oh, Crane!" It was Sammy's voice behind them.

"Just a moment, Judith," Crane said. He held her arm, firmly.
His grip felt like steel, and she had the strange feeling that he
wanted to be sure she didn't move.

"What, Sammy?"

"It's probably nothing much, Crane, but Kelly seemed upset about
something that, I think, had to do with that white-haired client.
The one that was kind of a nuisance, you know, with the
girls--last year. He was talking with Miguel about something and
they left together. That's when Kelly kind of freaked out."

"Hmm. O.K., Sammy. Thanks."

They entered the hall, proceeded down it, farther into the
building, and entered an elevator. Judith had a momentary surge
of fright when, as it rose, the back of the elevator suddenly
seemed to disappear and she saw the ocean. A split second later
she realized that the rear of the elevator and of the wall behind
it were of glass and so clean that they were nearly invisible.

During their ride up the elevator, Judith had guessed that
Crane's office was located at the top of the building, and the
view from his office confirmed it. Two of its adjacent walls
held large windows: the larger bay one faced the sea; while the
other gave a view over the jungle.

Crane's office was large, but for its size it was sparsely
furnished. Two peculiar structures of some highly polished or
finished dark wood were against the long wall which held the door
through which Judith and Crane had entered. They resembled
strange modern sculptures, but the manacles dangling from them
both indicated a purpose more utilitarian than art, and Judith
began to feel uneasy.

Three chairs stood before Crane's large desk. The center chair
was a simple wooden, armless one, with its seat containing a
peculiar center hole. The two other chairs were ordinary but
comfortable looking reclining armchairs. The wall behind the
desk contained a solitary closed door. The carpet covering the
room from wall to wall was a deep maroon, and very thick, like
that in the main room they had entered downstairs.

She smiled. "I can see that your resort hotel here is
successful. You have a nice office, but it's typically male. It
could use a few curtains and decorations--paintings and lamps,
and more armchairs. No woman executive in Washington would
tolerate an office like this for more than a day."

Crane examined her. Even with her clothes on she was attractive.
Dark brown hair surrounding the oval of her face that curled
about beneath her cheeks. Large dark eyes, probably brown
although they looked black. Slender, with her figure
well-proportioned. About five seven or five eight. Her breasts
that he'd seen earlier were well-formed and probably took B cups.
Her speech and her observations during their walk indicated
intelligence. She'd recognized several bromeliads in the forest
before they'd reached the Academy. She had correctly identified
the Heart of Fire that everyone on the island had learned to
recognize and avoid if they wanted to avoid injury.

"I'm curious, Mister Crane," she asked. "Why did you bring me
here rather than to the apartment that the Senator rented?"

"I think that you're afraid to meet the Senator again."

She reddened. "Well . . . that's almost true. I have become a
little frightened of Prescott. He's acted strangely over the
last few weeks."

"What really occurred last night?"

She hesitated. "I'd rather not discuss it."

The telephone on his desk rang.

"Excuse me," he said; "Crane."

He listened for a few seconds and responded. "O.K., Kelly. You
see that they're all prepared. I want the auction this
afternoon. Do you know where Nina is?"

After a pause, he glanced at a wall clock opposite the bay
window. "She'll be ready for the auction. Tell her to come up
at once to prepare and quarter a new one."

He hung up.

* * *

Judith went with the two girls down the hall toward the center of
the building, back to the elevator. She grew more uneasy as they
descended past the 'Main Floor' to the 'Basement'. Both girls
wore collars of the sort that she had worn when Bill and she
played at B and D. They weren't identical to those, but they
looked identical to the one that the Senator had used on her on
the ship.

The one in the blue dress was named Nina. The other, who wore a
nearly transparent blouse over bare breasts and a pleated short
skirt above black nylons, was Sarah. Neither gave Judith her
last name.

They exited into a hallway identical to the two she had already
seen, with overhead fluorescent lamps and a long carpet that
covered the floor to the doorways and stairwells at each end.
They turned left and passed double doors on each side; above the
doorway on their left were the letters, 'D.R.' in brass, while
that on the right held the letters 'T.C.'. They passed a long
series of gray metal doors on both sides that only ended with the
end of the corridor, at the door into the stairwell. Each door
contained a peephole at eye level and, above each, a painted room
identification, 'B21', 'B22', 'B23' and so on.
Halfway down the hall, they reached wooden doors on each side.
Sarah opened the one on their right and they entered a brightly
lit bathroom, decorated in pink, with a large sunken bathtub
occupying most of the floor space.

"Take off those things," Nina told her. "We'll bathe you."

The taller girl started the hot water running and added some
crystals from a box.

"How did you know that I needed a bath?" Judith asked.

I suppose that Crane told them how he had found me. I wish he

Nina shrugged. "We didn't. It's just standard here. Still, I
can see from your hair . . . well, that you need at least a

Judith flushed. Her hair must be a mess. The shorter girl's
'It's just standard here.' didn't make this place sound like an
ordinary hotel.

Crane hardly told me anything. Except for the bartender and
these two girls with collars, I haven't seen anyone else in this
huge place. I wonder what all those metal doors have behind

Sarah pointed at the bidet next to the toilet. "Have you ever
used one of these?" she asked.

"I know what they're for," Judith responded.

I can't quite believe it, but this seems more and more like
Bill's Gemini Society--a Mediterranean sex hotel.

"Would you please explain what's going on?" Judith asked. "The
enema, and the bidet, and those . . . uh, collars. To me they
suggest a sex club."

"Didn't Crane clue you in?" Nina asked, staring at Judith. "He
usually tells new girls what they're in for as soon as they

They're surprised that I guessed what this place is.

"No, he didn't. It is a sex club, isn't it!"

The two island girls glanced at each other, eyebrows raised.

The dark-haired girl, Nina, said, "Not exactly. I don't know
why Crane didn't tell you more, but we aren't going to be the
ones who clue you in. You'll have a roommate; you can ask her."

A roommate? That sounds like a dorm. Ellsworth only mentioned
apartments and suites here.

When they produced the manacles and collar, she briefly thought
to resist, but only a moment's reflection was enough to decide it
would be futile. What would be the use, with two of them?
Probably she'd just anger them and risk injury to herself.

"What about my clothes?" she said. "I think that they're in
Senator Ellsworth's apartment."

"You won't need clothing," Nina said. "Crane didn't tell us
about you, but I know this: You'd better stop asking questions.
Save questions for your roommate."

They led Judith back into the hall. She was now naked, with her
wrists manacled together and linked to her collar by a short
chain. It felt cool in the hall, and Judith began to shiver as
they turned right and went down the corridor. They passed the
elevator and doors B21 through B11 and stopped at door B8. Nina
unlocked and opened it.

To be continued . . .

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