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Collected by Djian

Wanda stories

Role Reversal
by wanda

Laura Martin arrived at work with the same familiar feeling of dread. She had taken this job out of desperation and continued to work here out of a fear of living on the street. When her husband had died in a car crash, she had suddenly found herself without a means of support and had learned too late that her husband had not believed in life insurance. With just enough money in the bank to cover the funeral expenses she had begun looking for work. She had found this job, a secretarial position. She had realized when she did the interview that her boss Franklin Jones was a sexist pig, but having little choice she accepted the position. She figured that she could handle almost anything with the exception of poverty.

She had arrived for work her first day wearing a sensible pant suit and low heels. She immediately felt out of place when she saw all the rest of the women wearing short skirts and heels. Laura had gone into her cubicle and started to work but was immediately called in Mr. Jones office.

“Laura, I guess I should have told you that we have a dress code here. Women are required to dress like women not good-looking men. I will let it pass this time but tomorrow I want you to dress appropriately. Are we clear on this?”

“You realize Mr. Jones that is probably a violation of equal employment laws. You can’t require me to wear a dress unless you require the same thing of your male employees.” Laura informed him.

“I fear that I have underestimated you. I thought that you wanted this job. I guess that I was wrong on that point.” Jones told her. “I can have your check for you in 20 minutes. Is that what you want, a check for one hours work?”

Laura slumped back into her chair. She knew that she was beaten. “I am sorry Mr. Jones. I do need this job and if I have to wear a skirt to keep it, I am willing to do so.”

“Now that is more like it. And just so we understand each other nothing below the knee. Now get back to work.” He demanded.

Laura went back to her cubicle, completely humiliated. She needed this job but she vowed to be looking for another one as soon as possible.

She had shown up for work on her second day wearing a plain white blouse, a black skirt that came just to the top of her knees and four-inch pumps. Mr. Jones had taken particular delight in remarking on her dress. “Now doesn’t that feel a lot better, honey. Not nearly as confining as pants, don’t you think? And you look so much better. I can see you almost attracting a man.”

“What an ass,” she thought. But she held her tongue and went in and started work.

Franklin Jones was a sexual predator. He knew that he had the perfect job, running an office in which he was the only man and where he had the power over his female employees. He had gotten most of the women in the office into his bed and he knew it was only a matter of time before he would have the new girl there as well. He had beaten her down on her first day and soon he would have her groveling on her knees. After all men were the superior beings and a woman’s place was to service them.

Every day he pushed his authority a little farther. First he started off by calling her honey. Then he told sexist jokes in her presence and then he started commenting on her body. When he thought she was conditioned enough, he invited her out for drinks.

“I am sorry, Mr. Jones, but I am not ready to start dating again. My husband has been dead for less than a month.”

“A month without sex. No wonder you are so uptight. Here let me massage your shoulders. It will help remove the tenseness from that beautiful body.”

As he approached her Laura lost all control of her emotions. When he was about to touch her she brought her knee up hard into his crotch. Franklin Jones crumbled to the floorclutching his groin with his right hand and bracing himself from falling completely with his left.

When he regained enough composure to breath he spat at Laura. “You fucking bitch. Who do you think you are? You are through here. Get the fuck out of my office.”

Laura’s first inclination was to bring her knee up and smash his nose, but she knew that would leave evidence of an assault. While she might be able to find another job, she was definitely not ready to go to jail. So instead she raised her right foot and place the heel of her shoe on top of his left hand. She stepped down just hard enough so he could not pull away. Then she applied a little more weight and was rewarded when she heard him groan with pain.

“Now, what did you call me little man? Before you answer you might want to consider the fact that a woman’s high-heel can exert more pressure per square inch than the foot of an elephant.” She stepped down a little harder just to make her point.

Just then Lynn, one of the other secretaries stepped through the door. “What is going on here?” Lynn asked.

“Oh, nothing much.” Laura announced. “I am just letting Mr. Jones do what he has wanted to do for a long time. He asked if he could kiss my foot. Isn’t that right, Mr. Jones?”

When he hesitated, Laura ground her heel harder into the back of his hand. “Yes, that is correct. Lynn would you mind leaving us alone?”

Lynn turned as if to go and then stopped. “Oh, I don’t think so. I want to see you kiss her foot. And while you are at it maybe you would like to kiss mine. Or would you like me to call the rest of the girls in to witness this little act of debauchery?”

“I think that is an excellent idea, don’t you Franklin? Bring all the girls in and let him kiss everyone’s feet. I noticed that Charlotte was wearing boots. Would you like to lick them for her, Franklin?” And she ground her foot harder into the back of his hand.

“Yes, yes, bring all the girls in. I will be glad to lick Charlotte’s boots.”

Without Jones’ knowledge, Laura had pressed the intercom button, which broadcast everything to the rest of the building. In a few minutes, every woman in the building began filing into Franklin Jones office. Each woman had a huge smile on her face. Every one of them was looking forward to seeing Mr. Jones humiliate himself. One woman even brought a video camera.

With fifteen angry women surrounding the sexist pig, Laura felt confident enough to take her heel off of his hand. Mr. Jones immediately tried to rise only to be shoved back down by thirty hands. “ Let’s get his clothes off, one woman shouted.” And then many hands started to strip him. It was going to be a long day for Franklin Jones.


A man wearing a brown uniform delivered the package to the home of Virginia Jones. Virginia signed for the package noticing that the label had her name on it and the words personal and private. There was no return address, which Virginia found strange. She also found it odd that it was wrapped in plain brown paper. At first she was hesitant to open it. After all with all that had happened since 911 everyone was becoming skittish. Finally, however, her curiosity got the better of her and she began tearing at the brown paper. Inside was an unmarked videotape. No other message accompanied it. She twirled the tape in her hands for a few seconds and then took it into the living room and popped it into the VCR, turned on the TV and hit play.

The first few frames were of the gray snow that you get when the lead has not reached the actual tape. And then the real show began. The first thing she saw was her naked husband, Franklin on his knees in the midst of a large group of women. She could not see their faces but she surmised that they probably were his female employees. The same women who he too particular delight in putting down and belittling. One after another they pushed forward and demanded that Franklin kiss their feet. One black woman wearing high boots actually demanded that Franklin lick her boots, which he did.

“Why that bastard,” Virginia thought. “He is always pretending to be so macho and here he is groveling on his knees. I wonder what my father would think if he saw this tape?”

Virginia’s father owned the company where Franklin served as lord and master. Like Franklin, he believed in absolute control of women. Virginia had known for years that her husband was cheating on her with his female employees. She had even made the mistake of complaining to her father, once. His reply had shocked and hurt her.

“Virginia he is just being a man. That is what men do. He doesn’t mean anything by it. Maybe if you were a little more affectionate with him, he wouldn’t need to seek pleasure outside of marriage.” Her father had told her.

Now Virginia turned her attention back to the tape. It had panned away from her miserable husband for a few frames. Now it had returned to him and Virginia was shocked to see that Franklin was no longer naked. It was much worse. He now wore a pair of women’s panties and a bra. His lips were smeared with bright red lipstick and someone had clipped on a pair of large earrings. And then the camera turned to a close up of his crotch. The pansy actually had a hard on.

“Wait till I get my hands on that bastard,” Virginia thought. “In fact I think I will plan a little special surprise for him when he gets home tonight.

When Franklin Jones got home and opened the door he was surprised that he did not smell dinner cooking. He called for his wife and got no reply. “Where to hell could that bitch be?” he wondered. He passed into the living room and there was his wife. She was sitting watching a talk show. She was dressed in a short leather skirt, a white blouse and a leather vest over the top. She also wore high black leather boots with at least a five-inch heel.

“Virginia, what in hell is wrong with you. Why isn’t my dinner ready? And what are you doing in that whores outfit?”

“Franklin calm down, I don’t want you dying of a heart attack. At least not before I have a chance to make you as miserable as possible. And as far as the way I am dressed, I thought that you liked your women dressed like this. If you want dinner, I suggest you get busy and fix it yourself. I am through waiting on you hand and foot.”

“I have no idea what has gotten into you, but you better get over it real quick. I wear the pants in this family and you will do what I tell you or you will be really sorry. Do I make myself clear, bitch?”

“Franklin, I used to think you wore the pants in this family until I saw what you look like in panties and a bra. You know, you look kind of nice as a sissy.”

All the wind suddenly went out of Franklin Jones. He didn’t know how his wife knew about what had happened at the office but somehow she did. Now he was going to have to do some serious damage control.

“Virginia, I don’t know what you have heard but I am sure that I can explain. Why don’t you tell me what it is you think you know?”

“Oh, I am sure you can make up some kind of lame excuse, but maybe you should see what is on TV first.” And with that she pressed play on the VCR.

Her husband was very quiet as he watched the tape. She looked at him and was satisfied that all the color had drained from his face. Oh, yes he was going to pay for everything that he had ever done to make her unhappy. When the tape got to the part where it showed him wearing the lingerie, he got up and ripped the tape out of the machine.

“Alright, enough is enough. Someone obviously had this fake tape made. It is a good joke but right now I don’t find it funny.” And with that he tore the tape out of its plastic cover.

“What do you think that accomplished? Do you think I am so dumb that I did not make copies?” Virginia asked him.

“I told you that the tape was a fake. What do you intend to do with those copies?”

“That depends on how well you accept your new station in life. If you do everything I tell you and make sure to please me, then nobody else has to see the tape. If you do anything to aggravate me in any way, the tape will go straight to my father. He has turned a blind eye to your macho philandering, but I don’t think he will be as accepting to a sissy running his business. In fact I believe he would rather see a real woman running the business than have a fake one trying to do so. What do you think?”

Franklin knew that what his wife said was true. Her father would never allow him to continue working for his company if he actually saw that tape. He could never forgive a man that groveled in front of a woman: no less one that wore a woman’s clothes. He figured at least for now that he would have to give in to his wife’s demands.

“Ok, Virginia, what is it that you want?”

“Oh, for starters, I would like you to get on your knees in front of me like you did for those other women. I took a little walk in my new boots today and they are quite badly soiled. Get down on your knees and clean them with your tongue. And then we will have a little talk about what your new life is going to be like. And if you know what is good for you, you will not keep me waiting.”

Franklin Jones sank to his knees like the dog he was. He crawled across the room towards his wife and began to service her boots. “She is right,” he thought. Her boots were badly soiled. Obviously she had not been careful where she had walked. He had to try not to think about what kind of filth might be on her boots to keep his stomach from turning. When he was finished with her uppers, he started to get up.

“And just what do you think you are doing?” she asked.

“I did what you asked, I thought we could talk now.”

“We will talk when you are finished with your task.” She told him. And with that she raised her foot and pointed her sole towards his mouth. “And when you are finished licking the soles, you may suck on my heels for a while. You can pretend that you are sucking the real thing. After all, that is what you really want isn’t it? To suck a real cock?”

“Virginia, please don’t say things like that. You know that I would never even consider such a thing.”

“Oh, you not only will consider it, you will do it if I tell you to. I am thinking of taking a lover and you know I have never been fond of giving head. But I would want my man to be happy. So I figure if that is what he wants then you could fill in for me.”

Franklin Jones life was indeed about to change.


Franklin Jones was a beaten man. His wife had kept him on his knees servicing her boots for over two hours. His tongue was sore and had been stretched so that the cords that held it hurt. His mouth tasted of dirt and he was sure that his tongue was black from everything that he had ingested. To top it all off his mouth ached from sucking on her heels. He was totally humiliated. The wife that he had dominated for so many years now had the upper hand. Franklin was not used to being the one on his knees.

When she finally acquiesced to allow him to rise she had demanded that he go fix dinner. Franklin had never cooked a meal in his life and had no idea of where to start. He thought ofordering a pizza but one look at Virginia’s face told him that would not be a wise choice. And so instead he rummaged around in the cupboard trying to find something in a can that he could heat up. After what seemed like a long time he finally found a can of spaghetti and meat balls. Now he had another problem. Where would the can opener be? He certainly was not going to ask Virginia for help, so he set about opening every drawer. But, alas, he did not find a can opener. He was beginning to learn where the silverware was at least.

“What in hell is taking you so long?” Virginia called from the living room.

“I am sorry dear, I can’t seem to find a can opener.” He replied.

“What a worthless piece of shit you are. It is right on the counter next to the microwave. You have never had any trouble finding your way into another woman’s bed. How is it that you have lived in this house for 15 years and don’t even know your way around the kitchen?”

With that encouragement from his wife, Franklin finally managed to get the can open and even heated on the stove top without managing to burn it. But neither he nor his wife relished the meal. She allowed him to serve her a plate and then demanded he fix her a stiff drink of whiskey and soda. When he had brought her that, she told him to put his plate on the floor and eat it like the dog he was. To her amazement he followed her instructions.

Virginia Jones smiled inwardly to herself. Franklin was indeed going to pay for all the years of suffering he had put her through and with interest.

It was now nearly 10PM and Virginia told her husband she was going to bed. “You however will clean up the kitchen including hand washing the dishes. When you are through with that you can sleep on the floor beside my bed. You will never again share my bed.”

When Franklin awoke the next morning his body was sore from sleeping on the floor. His cheeks still hurt and his tongue was so sore that he had trouble brushing his teeth. He went downstairs to get a cup of coffee only to discover that it had not been made the night before. He rummaged around in the canisters and found the coffee. It took him another 15 minutes to find the filters. Not knowing how much coffee to put in the machine, he filled the filter to almost the top. He then filled the water cavity and turned the coffee pot on. He was feeling pretty proud of himself when he went back upstairs to get ready for work. He would show his wife that he could survive without her.

He showered and shaved and then began looking for something to wear. Virginia had always in the past laid out a set of clothes for him. It amazed him to think of how dependant he had become on her. He now began to worry that if he could not make peace with his wife he might have to learn to take care of himself. Of course he could always find a mistress that would provide for his basic needs. His wife should have learned that she couldn’t buffalo him. He found the clothes he was looking for and soon was downstairs pouring himself a cup
of coffee. His first sip told him he had badly miscalculated how much coffee to put in the machine. “Oh, well,” he thought, “I will just pick up a cup on the way to work.”

And with that he headed out the door.

He stopped at the first convenience store and got himself some drinkable coffee. He took a couple of sips as he headed for the cash register. He sat the coffee on the counter and pulled out his wallet. That was when he knew that this was going to be a bad day. Not only was all his money missing but his credit cards were gone as well. He felt around in his pants pockets hoping to have enough change to pay for the coffee only to discover that he had left the change in his other pants.

“This is really embarrassing.” He said to the clerk. “I seem to have left my money at home. Would it be alright if I stopped by later and paid for the coffee?”

The clerk looked at him like he had two heads. “I don’t know what kind of a game you are playing, but no money, no coffee. I saw you drinking out of that cup on the way up here. I should have you arrested for shop lifting. Now I suggest you leave and don’t come back in here trying to run your scam.”

Franklin had never been so humiliated in his life. He thought about going back to his house and having this out with Virginia then and there. But he realized that he had an appointment with her father that morning at the office. Virginia would just have to wait.

By the time Franklin had arrived at the office he was in a foul mood. Some of that was caused by a severe headache due to lack of caffeine. When he entered the office his mood got worse. Every female employee was wearing a pant suit and low heeled shoes.

Franklin immediately sought out Laura. “Why you bitch,” he screamed. “I’ll bet you are behind this. I should have fired you the other day. Well it isn’t too late. Collect your things and get out of this building.”

Laura just looked at him with a quizzical expression. “I really don’t know what you are talking about, but if you want me to leave I will accommodate you.” Then she raised her voice and spoke to the rest of the work force. “Ladies it is time. Send your emails and let’s go.”

Franklin knew something was up. “Wait a minute, what emails?”

“Someone created a unique web site with you being the feature attraction.” Laura told him. “We decided if you tried to fire any of us we would send it to a select distribution list. Would you like to look at it before you make your final decision?”

Franklin had a good idea what was on that web site and he definitely did not want it going out to anyone he knew. “Hold on a minute. Perhaps I was a little hasty. Let’s talk this over.”

“Ok, ladies.” Laura announced. “Mr. Jones would like to have a conversation with us. Why don’t you all come in here where we can be nice and cozy?”

With that all fifteen female employees came into the large room where Laura’s cubicle was located. They surrounded Franklin Jones pressing in so that he was wedged between them.

“Now, Mr. Jones,” Laura said. “What was it you wanted to talk with us about? As you can see you have our complete attention.”

“Well, it looks like I am being blackmailed. How far is this going to go? I am willing to make a few concessions, but there is a limit to what I am willing to do.”

“Why don’t you tell us about those few concessions?” Laura had become the spokeswoman for the group.

“Well, I am sure Mr. Lewis will not like it, but I guess we could relax the dress code to include what you are now wearing.”

“That is it. That is all you are offering us?” They chimed in unison.

“What else do you want? I can’t give you pay raises or more benefits.”

“We want you to treat us like human beings.” A blonde in the back piped in.

“And no more dirty jokes,” a brunette added.

“And no more sexist remarks about our bodies,” came a demand from the outside of the circle.

“And especially no more demanding sexual favors.” Laura finished.

“I never realized that you all thought that I was a dirty old man. You have my apologies. Of course I agree to those demands. Now, can we forget this web site thing and get back to
running this office?” Franklin asked.

The women separated enough to allow him to pass. He went into his office, closed the door and immediately dropped his head to his desk. “How, could I have gotten myself into this
mess?” he thought. “And better yet, how am I going to get out of it?”

Just then the intercom, buzzed. “Yes, he asked.

“Mr. Lewis is here to see you.”

Franklin Jones was not looking forward to this meeting. Normally he would be but he imagined that Virginia’s Father would not be amused with the new style of dress in the outer
office. “Alright, send him in.” Franklin said.

As the door opened Franklin stood up to meet his boss. “John, it is always nice to see you.” And he extended his right hand in greeting.

The older man took his hand but it was a fairly cold handshake. “Franklin, what is going on around here? I thought our dress code was a little more specific?”

Franklin wished that he had more time to come up with a good story. Unfortunately it was now or never. “I overheard some of the women talking about how they hated wearing dresses to work. “I thought it might be good for morale to relax that requirement a bit.”

“So the inmates are now running the asylum?” John Lewis asked.

“Of course not sir, but happy employees are productive workers. Wouldn’t you agree with that philosophy?”

“Franklin, you are getting soft. Where are you taking me for lunch?”

“Anywhere you would like.” Franklin replied. Then he suddenly realized that he had neither money nor credit cards. “Oh, Oh,” he said.

“Oh, Oh?” asked John Lewis. “You should know those are the two most hated words in the English language.”

“I just remembered; I left the house this morning without my money or credit cards.”

“How could you do that? Did you leave your wallet in your other pants?”

Franklin thought about lying to his boss but he realized that if he was caught he would be in more trouble than if he told the truth.

“I have to tell you the truth. I had a little argument with your daughter last night and to pay me back she took my money are credit cards. I didn’t know they were gone until I stopped to get coffee this morning and didn’t have enough money to pay for it.”

“Franklin, maybe I misjudged you. If you can’t even control you own wife, how can you run a business. We’ll skip lunch today. I think you better take the rest of the day off and go get a hold of your marriage. Even if she is my daughter, you best teach her who wears the pants in your family. Do you get my drift?”

“Yes, sir. I am sorry this happened. It won’t happen again.”

“It better not. And the next time I visit this office those girls better look like girls.” And with that John Lewis stormed out of the office.

Franklin drive home resolved that he was going to get his life back. He entered the house and yelled for his wife. He was greeted by silence.

He went from room to room, but his wife was no where to be found. He finally went into the kitchen to see if he could find something to make a sandwich with. There on the refrigerator door was a note. It read, “Frankie, I will be home around seven. Have dinner ready. And it better not be from a can.”

“Like hell, I will,” he fumed. “I am through playing this game.” And he went upstairs to where he had a hidden stash of money. He had no idea why he hid it in the beginning, but now he was glad that he had.

With a thousand dollars in his pocket he headed out the door. Tonight he was going to eat and drink well.


While Franklin was storming out of the house his wife, Virginia, was just finishing her shopping. She had a special purpose in mind when she left the house and to accomplish her task she ended up in a place she had never been before, an adult bookstore and novelty shop. When she had entered she found her self quite embarrassed. Although she was the only shopper in the store she felt self conscious just knowing that the clerk was there. She almost bolted for the door when the young man came down from his perch and approached her.

“Sorry for the intrusion, ma’am but I noticed that you seemed a little nervous. Is this your first time here?”

“Yes, I guess it is pretty obvious,” Virginia told him.

“Well, why don’t you tell me what it is that you are looking for? I would be more than pleased to help you.”

Virginia studied the young man for a few minutes. He seemed sincere enough and she really did have no idea where to find the item she sought. “Well, I have a little problem with my husband.” And then she told the clerk everything that had happened.

“I think we have just what you are looking for. In fact there are a few over here on the shelf. But those are more for gags than for practical use. If you wait here I am going into the back where I have the real item.”

“Certainly, take your time. I will be right here when you come back.” Virginia said.

He was only gone for a few minutes when he returned with several items. He spent time with Virginia asking her questions about the use and finally picked one and told her that this was what she was looking for. He then told her exactly how it was intended to be used and even drew her a diagram to look at when she got home.

Virginia thanked the young man and paid for her purchase. As she was about to leave, he spoke to her.

“Ma’am my name is Joseph. If I can ever do anything for you please let me know. I would consider it an honor if I could be of service to you.”

Virginia stopped in her tracks. There was something about the way he said that statement that puzzled her. She did not want to leave without clarifying his meaning.

“What do you mean by being of service to me? Do you want to change the oil in my car or perhaps clean my windows?”

“Yes, ma’am if that is what you desire? In fact there isn’t much of anything that I wouldn’t do for you.”

Virginia couldn’t believe what she was about to say. In fact she almost decided against saying anything more and simply leaving. But she really liked this young man.

“Joseph are you any good with your tongue?”

“If you mean what I think you do, I would be willing to demonstrate. Should I lock the door?”

“That won’t be necessary. It might be more exciting if someone came in while you were working. I will just sit up in your stool behind the counter. Mind you though you can only touch me with your tongue. Can you accomplish that?”

“Yes ma’am if I can hold onto the legs of the stool for support.”

An hour later Virginia left the shop with a huge smile on her face. Joseph had given her his card with both his work and cell phone numbers. He had promised to be at her service whenever she was ready. Virginia chuckled to herself. “I acted like a brazen hussy and her I am enjoying the memory,” she thought. She vowed that she would return again to this store and soon.

She was still enjoying the after glow when she entered her house. She really was not surprised when she found that Franklin was not there. She had expected him to rebel at first. A skunk did not change it’s stripes over night. But there was a price to pay for rebellion. That her husband would soon find out. Well, no use in putting it off. And she headed for the computer.

While Virginia ate and worked at home, her husband was out having a good time on the town. He dined at a fine restaurant and flirted with the waitress. He complimented her on her firm buns, her ripe melons and told her that she definitely had the finest pair of legs in town. He was surprised when she did not seem pleased with him. He was shocked when she left his table and went over to one of the waiters. After a brief conversations she left and did not return the rest of the night. Even the male waiter that replaced her gave him poor service. When he was finished eating he paid his bill, did not leave a tip and left. “The nerve of some people,” he thought.

His next stop was to a topless bar and lounge. At least there he knew he could flirt with the women and they would not take offense. He took a seat close to the stage. Maybe if he tipped well, he might even get to go home with one of the dancers. He spent the next few hours stiffing dollar bills into g-strings.

Virginia got the call at 2AM from the local police department to inform her that Franklin had been mugged outside of a topless bar, in a seedy part of town. He was alright but needed someone to come down to the hospital and pick him up. He would be sore for a few days. “He will be a lot sorer, when I get my hands on him,” she thought.

Virginia took her time getting ready and drove slowly to the hospital. It would not hurt to let her no good husband wait a little while to think about his indiscretions. When she finally approached her husband he spat at her.

“Where the hell have you been? I could have died waiting for you to come get me.”

“Listen asshole, if I had thought that waiting would kill you, I would have taken longer.” Virginia told him.

“How dare you speak to your husband like that?” Franklin asked.

“You haven’t heard anything yet!” Virginia proclaimed. “Wait until I get you home. I have some names saved up that your tender ears may never have heard before.”

Before they left the hospital, Virginia spoke to the doctor and received information on the dispensing of the prescribed medication. She found that there was some pills to help relieve the pain and another set of pills to make Franklin sleep. She knew that there was no way he was going to get anything to alleviate his pain, but the sleeping pills might come in handy.

On the way home she made one short cell phone call. “In two,” was all she said.

Her husband was confused by that call and asked, “What was that all about? Who did you call and what does in 2 mean?”

“You will find out in due time.” Virginia answered.

When they arrived at the house, Virginia told Franklin to go up and take a shower. “It will relax you and then I will give you some medication to help you sleep.”

Thirty minutes later Franklin was sound asleep and ready for his new start in life.

When the gentle know came at the door, Virginia opened it and let Joseph in. “He is in here, sleeping like a baby. Hopefully he will not wake up until you have finished.”

“I will be as careful as I can. I may need your help with some of this.”

When Franklin awoke the next day he was shocked to find that he was restrained and unable to move. The light was off in the room where he lay and the windows had been darkened so that no light entered. He could not see what it was that held his hands and feet. But he could feel that something was definitely not the same as when he had fallen asleep.

“Virginia,” he called. “Virginia, are you there? Please let me up. I need to use the bathroom. Please, Virginia.”


The door opened and the light came on. Virginia stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips and her legs slightly spread. A scowl adorned her beautiful face.

“What are you bellowing about?” she asked him.

“Why am I tied down? I need to use the bathroom and I am in pain. Please let me up.”

“As far as the pain goes, I am afraid that I feel no sympathy for you. I do not want you wetting the bed however.” With that she crossed the room and released him, first his feet and then his hands.

Franklin shook the cobwebs from his mind and unsteadily got to his feet and made his way into the bathroom. Only then did he realize that he was wearing a pink camisole. “What the hell,” he thought. He quickly stripped it from his body and sat down on the bowl. Something did not seem right. He reached down and found that his penis was securely locked into a steel cage. He also noticed that every inch of his body that he could see was devoid of hair.

“My God, what has she done to me and why?” he wondered.

Franklin finished and wrapped a towel around his hairless body. He stood in front of the mirror for a few minutes trying to figure out what had happened to him. Finally he reasoned that he might as well go face his wife and ask her directly.

He found her in the kitchen sitting at the table and drinking a cup of coffee. She did not look up as he entered. It was as if he did not exist.

“Virginia, why have you done this to me. I was mugged last night and I am in pain. Now I wake up tied to a mattress and all my bodily hair has been removed. And to top off everything, I am locked in some kind of metal cage. Don’t you have any sympathy for me?”

“Sympathy is a word found in the dictionary and I seem to have lost my copy. As far as the chastity device is concerned, it appears that you can’t control yourself so I took it upon myself to offer my help. You have no bodily hair because I have decided to remove as much of your macho persona as possible. From this day forward you will do exactly as I tell you. If you fail to do so, a copy of the tape will be sent to a select group of people. Because you rebelled against my authority last night, I have already sent one copy to your sister.
Remember the one that you don’t get along with too well since you insist on calling her husband a sissy? I imagine that she is enjoying it right now. She might even share it with some other members of the family. If I was you, I think I would call her and try to make peace.”

“You sent that tape to my sister? How could you do that? Do you really hate me that much?”

“Hate you? I don’t hate you. I hate what you have become. I detest the fact that you treat women as your personal property instead of as human beings. I abhor that you use women for your personal gratification against their wills. And I don’t necessarily blame you all together. I blame your mother for following after you and picking up for you. I blame your father for perpetuating the myth of male dominance. I blame my father for enforcing that myth. But most of all I blame myself for allowing you to treat me as a second rate citizen for the past twenty years. I can’t do much to change your mother, except to show her what her methods have led to. I can’t do much about your father, except to burst his macho bubble. I am hoping with your help that I can do something about my father. But mostly I can and will change the way I am treated by you.”

“Well, your tape does not scare me any more. If I can’t get my employees back in line, your father will fire me anyway. So whether you send that tape to him or not matters little.”

“So your female employees have finally wised up and rebelled against your tyrannical rule? Well, good for them. Tell me what exactly have they done that daddy finds so dire that he would fire you over?”

“They refuse to follow the dress code. When your father came into the office he saw them wearing pant suits instead of dresses. I tried to explain that I was trying to raise morale, but he called it the inmates running the asylum. And then he discovered that you had taken my money and credit cards so that I could not take him to lunch. He told me to get you back in line or he would reconsider my position with the company. So you see, you can’t do anything more to jeopardize my job. You have no leverage over me. You might as well give me the key to this medieval device you have me locked in.”

“I am not going to send that tape to my father. I am going to send it to your father. Unless, of course, you change your mind and decide to obey my instructions. As far as youremployees are concerned, I think that I can help you with that little problem.”

“And, just how do you propose to do that? What makes you think that they will listen to you? They believe they have me over a barrel. I doubt that they are going to give up their new found power, just because you ask them to.”

“I am not going to ask them to give up any of their power. I am going to show them how they can have more power by allowing you to keep your job. Of course, in order for me to do that, you will have to submit to my will. Think about it carefully. If you answer in the negative, I will destroy your job. And remember, when daddy sees that tape, he will not only fire you, he will make sure everyone in town knows about it. You will not be able to get another meaningful job anywhere in this city. I guess you could be taught to say, “do you want fries with that, sir?”

“Perhaps you should remember that if I lose my job, you have no means of support either,” Franklin submitted.

“I know my father is a male chauvinist pig, but he would not allow me to starve to death. In fact he might even allow me to take over your position. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the head?”

“Alright, suppose, I agree to your proposal, what would I have to do?”

“You would be required to do everything I ask. If you deviate from my instructions, I will punish you. If you refuse to do anything that I ask, I will punish you. You will be humiliated beyond your wildest imagination. I have laid some clothes out on my bed. Why don’t you go up and try them on.”

Franklin was a beaten man. He headed for the stairs to see what else awaited him.


Because of the camisole, Franklin suspected what he would find on the bed. But no amount of forethought could have prepared him for the totality of the situation. On the bed he saw a complete French maid’s uniform, complete with garters, black nylons and black high-heels. Certainly his wife did not expect him to parade around the house in this getup?

He recalled her words and had no doubt that if he disobeyed her that she would certainly ruin his life. He sat down on the bed next to the clothes and tried to figure a way out of this predicament. Try as he might he could not find anything to counteract his wife’s resolve for him to become a sissy. Until he could he knew that he would have to go along with her weird ideas. Now where do I start with putting on these strange garments?
Well, it shouldn’t be any different than putting on male clothing. You start with the innermost item and work outward. Ok, where are the panties? He searched through the pile and finally found a thin black piece of material. I guess someone could call it panties but it looked more like three strings tied together. It certainly wouldn’t hide much of a man’s genitals. He started to slip them on and found that it took him three tries just to get all the holes in the right place. Even then his steel cage hung out to the side. What a joke.

Next he figured to put on the stockings. He rotated one in his hand to figure out whether there was a direction to them. Fortunately or unfortunately they did have heels and toes. He tried sliding his foot into the long black threads only to find that his feet got stuck after just a few inches. He tried tugging on them to no avail. He was afraid that if he pulled too hard that the thin material would shatter. He thought back and remembered watching his wife put her nylons on. He had never been very good at observation but he seemed to remember her rolling the stockings into a ball and then slipping them up her legs. That was worth a try. He rolled the stocking into a ball and slipped his foot in. He soon found that he had the stocking backward and then heel was on the top of his foot. “Damn, this is going to take a while,” he thought.

After several tries he finally managed to get both stocking up his leg. He soon discovered that they had no elastic to hold them up and they started sliding back down his legs. He stood there half bent over with both his hands holding the stockings in place. Obviously that was not going to work. He couldn’t hold them and put the rest of the clothes on at the same time. He then noticed the garters. He allowed the stockings to fall and picked up the strange garment. He checked it over carefully. “Don’t women’s clothes come with any tags to indicate the front from the back?” he wondered.

By the time he had figured out the garter belt his stockings had fallen to his ankles. He reached down and grabbed the top of the left one and pulled it back up his leg. It appeared to be much darker in color and much shorter than the first time he had pulled it up. In fact it was so short that the garter would not reach it.

About that time he looked up and saw his wife standing in the doorway to the bedroom. She had a huge smile on her face and was shaking her head from side to side.

“Are you having a little problem getting dressed, Francine?” she asked.

“These things should come with instructions,” he answered.

“Well, for starters the garters go in the front and back, not on the sides. Would you like my help?”

As much as he would have liked to show his independence, he knew that doing this alone could take all day.

“I would be grateful for any assistance you would like to give,” he humbly replied.

With Virginia help and instruction he finally managed to get dressed with the exception of the shoes. She then took him into the bathroom and began applying makeup to his face. She added eye makeup and lipstick and had him look in the mirror. He was surprised that he actually looked something like a woman. If he had a wig, he might even be passable.

“I didn’t notice a wig on the bed. Did you forget that item?” he asked.

“Oh no, I didn’t forget. I don’t want you to pass for a real woman. You haven’t earned that privilege yet. For now you will simply be a man wearing women’s clothes. Now let’s go see if you can walk in heels.”

He tried slipping the heels on his feet as he would a man’s shoes. He soon found that did not work. He got the left one on but when he raised his right foot his left ankle turned. He winced in pain and immediately sat down on the bed. He then slipped the right shoe on his foot and tried to stand up. This time both ankles turned and he plopped back down. “This is going to take a little practice,” he thought.

All this time his wife was roaring with laughter. “Come on. Let’s go downstairs. You better carry the shoes in your hand. I wouldn’t want you to break a leg, falling down the stairs.”

“So you really do have a heart?” he remarked.

“No I just don’t see how you can do all the work I have planned for you if you are in a cast. Come on it is time.”

He didn’t know what she meant by it is time, but he pulled the shoes off and followed her down the stairs.

Once they were in the living room, Virginia commanded him to put the shoes back on and practice walking in them. He had almost halfway mastered the art when the doorbell rang.

“Get the door, Francine.” Virginia said.

“I can’t answer the door dressed like this. What if it is someone that knows me?”

“Oh, I am reasonably sure it is someone you know. I told you that you would endure a considerable amount of humiliation. It starts now. Get the door or I send another email of that website your ladies created.”

With his head hung with shame, Franklin made his way to the door and sheepishly opened it. His head was hung low so he did not immediately see who was there. And then he heard his sister’s laugh.

“Well, so it is true? You have turned into a cross dressing sissy. What do you think Michael?” she asked her husband.

Franklin wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

“Francine, aren’t you going to invite our guests in? What kind of maid keeps people waiting at the door?” Virginia asked.

“Yes ma’am, I am sorry. Won’t you please come in?” he spoke to his sister.

“Francine huh? What an appropriate name for a French maid. Virginia I am so happy you invited me to see this spectacle. I have always suspected that my brother was a little too holier than thou. Michael brought his digital camera to record this event for posterity. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Of course not, Debbie. In fact I will give you an Internet site where you can post those pictures. They may come in handy later. Smile for the camera, Francine.” Virginia directed.

For the next three hours Franklin alternated between being a maid, waiting on his sister, wife and brother-in-law and posing for pictures.

“There is one thing wrong with this scenario,” Debbie spoke to Virginia. “He doesn’t seem to have any breasts. Have you given any thought to implants?”

“What a delicious idea,” Virginia declared. “I guess for now he at least needs a padded bra. I really didn’t want him looking too much like a real woman. I wouldn’t want my new boyfriend to find him attractive.”

“You have a boyfriend, Virginia?” Debbie asked. “Please tell us all about him.”

“Well, he is a young man that I met at an adult book store. He is about 21 or 22 I would guess. He spent the night with me after he had helped lock Francine in her new chastity device. He is magnificent. Much bigger than anything I have ever seen before and he is fantastic with his tongue. I hardly got any sleep at all last night. He is going to move in permanently shortly. He says he is looking forward to teaching Francine how to suck cock.”

“Oh, how marvelous,” Debbie said. “I hope that you will allow me and Michael to witness the first event. Seeing my brother, or should I say sister on his knees servicing a man is too
dreamy to miss.”

“I think that can be arranged. You would like that wouldn’t you Francine?” Virginia asked.

Franklin first got red in the face and then became angry. “Alright, you have had your fun. I am going to take this ridiculous outfit off now.”

“If you take one step out of this room, until I give you permission all the pictures today as well as the tape goes straight to my father. Now get over here on your knees and apologize to our guests. Do I make myself clear?” Virginia demanded.

Franklin knew he was hooked. He could not afford to have his boss see what he had become. “Yes, ma’am.” He sank to his knees in front of his wife and sister. Bending his head low, he uttered. “I would like to apologize to everyone. I hope you will forgive me for my temper tantrum.”

“Show Debbie that you are sincere. Kiss her feet and then go over and kiss Michael’s as well.”

Franklin bent down and planted a small kiss on the toe of his sister’s shoe. He then attempted to rise.

“Do you call that a kiss?” his wife asked. “For being so tentative you can lick her shoes completely. Do it now.”

As he stuck his tongue out to his sister’s shoe the flash of Michaels camera went off. Franklin knew that instead of finding a way out of this hole he was digging a deeper one with each minute that passed.


It was 2 AM Sunday morning and Franklin Jones had just lain down on the paper thin mattress on the floor of the spare bedroom. His back, calves, ankles and feet ached with a burning fire caused by walking on pencil thin heels for most of the day. His hands were wrinkled and dried out from being immersed in hot water mixed with dish soap and baking

After his sister and brother-in-law had left, his wife had given him a list of chores to do with the instructions that they must be finished before he retired for the night. Cleaning the refrigerator and oven was the worst part. Now as he lay down for the night his mind kept reflecting back on the day he had just spent. “Surely his wife had not meant what she said about taking a lover. She had never been enthused about having sex with him. Why would she want some other man? No, she must have been just trying to obtain a reaction from him.” He reflected. With that thought in mind he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Franklin slept poorly that night. He tossed and turned and tried to find a position to get comfortable in. When he did sleep he had nightmares about being dressed as a woman in front of crowds of people. They kept laughing and poking fun at him. And always at the front of the crowd was his wife urging the mob on to a greater frenzy. His mind finally settled down and he was enjoying the best sleep of the night, when he was awakened by a male voice.

“Come on now Francine, it is time to get up.”

Franklin rubbed the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hand and tried to focus on where the voice was coming from. When his eyes cleared enough he observed a young man standing off to the side of his mattress.

“Who are you and what do you want?” demanded Franklin.

“I am your trainer,” Joseph answered. “I have been assigned the task of teaching you how to be a good servant to your wife. Now it is time that you got up and started your day. I have drawn you a hot bath. I will help you shave the hard to reach areas and help you dress. After that you can have a light breakfast and then we will start cooking lessons.”

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but you better get out of my house before I call the police.” Franklin told him.

“Do you really want me to have to call Mrs. Jones in here? She told me that if you gave me any trouble that she would take care of the problem. I am sure you know what that means.”

Franklin decided to go along with this man for the time being. He got up and followed Joseph to the bathroom. An hour later he appeared downstairs wearing a fresh maid’s uniform complete with black high-heels.

Virginia looked him over from head to his feet. “You are looking quite nice this morning Francine. How are you getting along with Joseph?”

“Virginia, don’t you think I have been punished enough? Can’t we just sit down and talk this out, just you and me?”

“So now you want to talk. Ok, sit down. I’ll talk and you listen. You think that the little bit of humiliation you endured yesterday, makes up for the twenty years of hell you have put me through. Not even close. Here is how it is going to be. A woman has waited on you hand and foot every day of your life. Now you will do the same for me and any other women that I choose to loan you out to. Joseph has moved into my bedroom. He will take care of me at night and during the day he will teach you what you need to know to become a proper servant. When you are in this house you will dress and act as my maid. When you are at work you will wear panties, garters and hose under your clothes. If I feel benevolent, I will allow you to wear socks to cover the hose. If you anger me I will take the socks away. Any questions?”

“I can see that you have made up your mind to keep me under your thumb for awhile. You told me yesterday that you would help with the employees. How do you plan to do that? If they don’t agree, I have no job and no reason to continue this charade.”

“I will go in and have a talk with them. I am sure that once they see that you are very remorseful for the way you have treated them, they will want to have you stay on. Now we have had our little chat, I am going out for the day. You will obey Joseph no matter what he tells you to do. Do you understand?”

“Don’t you think that there are limitations to how far I will go?”

“Oh, don’t worry about my little conversation with your sister. That scene will play out in good time. But I can guarantee you that I will be there to witness your deflowering. For today Joseph will just teach you the fundamentals of how to become a housekeeper.”

With that Virginia got up from the table and left Franklin alone with Joseph.

For the rest of the morning Franklin learned how to make coffee and how to cook eggs without burning them. He also learned how to properly clean the bathrooms and other basic cleaning chores. And then Joseph made an announcement.

“Alright now it is time to go shopping.”

“Shopping, what for?” Franklin asked.

“You cannot wear the same underwear, every day. We need to go to the mall and buy you some new ones.”

“No way. I am not going into the women’s department and buy underwear.”

“I have had about enough of your infantile attitude.” Joseph declared. And with that he grabbed Franklin’s ear and pulled him upright.”

Instinctively Franklin struck out at the much smaller man. To his amazement Joseph dodged the blow without any problem. The next thing Franklin knew he was sitting on his butt with a bad mouse under his left eye. Franklin started to get to his feet only to have Joseph slap his face hard.

“We can keep this up as long as you want. This is going to be quite painful for you however. Now are you going to come along quietly or are we going to have to continue your lesson?”

Franklin knew that he was no match for Joseph. Although he outweighed him, Joseph was in much better shape. “I have had enough,” Franklin conceded. I will go quietly, but can I at least change out of these clothes?”

“Yes you can put on a pair of slacks and a plain white shirt. You will not wear socks, however and Mistress has selected a pair of women’s loafers for you to wear. Only a few people will recognize that you are wearing nylons. The shoes will pass unless you happen to run into a woman wearing the same style. Now let’s get you changed and put a little makeup on that bruise on your eye.”

An hour later they pulled up at one of the busiest malls in the city. As they wandered the halls, Joseph insisted on stopping at every shoe store and browsing. He seemed to be payingparticular attention to the women’s styles.

Franklin spoke to him, “I don’t want to start an argument, but what is it that you find so interesting about women’s shoes?”

Joseph looked at him and smiled. “I am just trying to see what you will be wearing this fall.”

Franklin turned red in the face and then said, “Ok, can we get this little excursion over with?”

“I am sorry,” Joseph replied. “I did not realize that you were in such a hurry to get to the lingerie shops. Come on, I think I see “Victories Secrets” just down the aisle.

Franklin entered the store. He planned on grabbing a few items and getting out of there as soon as possible. He learned quickly that it would not be so simple. For one thing, he had never shopped for lingerie before. And for another there was far too much of it. He had no idea how women’s undergarments were sized or how those sizes would equate to him. He turned to Joseph for help only to discover that the other man was no wear to be seen. “Where in the world did he go?” Franklin thought.

He was about to leave when a sales woman approached him and asked if she could assist him in some way. Franklin thought about just muttering that he was just looking and heading for the exit. But he realized that he would just have to repeat the process somewhere else. “Yes, I guess so,” he replied sheepishly. “I am looking for some lingerie for my wife.”

“Well, that covers a wide variety of things. What specifically did you have in mind?” she asked.

Franklin looked down. He could not look the woman in the eye. “I am not sure,” he said in a low voice. “I guess panties and maybe garters and stockings.”

“And of course you will want the matching bra set?” she asked.

Franklin had not considered that possibility. How could he tell this woman that he was not interested in buying a bra to go with the other items? So he figured that he would just buy the thing and then discard it later.

“Why, yes of course,” he replied.

“Our matching sets are over here. If you will just follow me. Now, what size does you wife wear?”

“Size, I don’t know,” Franklin said while looking down at his feet.

“Ok, then is she about my size?” the woman asked.

Franklin was really nervous now. He stammered, “No, she is bigger than you.”

“How much bigger would you say?” asked the sales’ woman.

“I guess you could say she is about my size.” Franklin stammered.

The woman looked at him with a knowing smile on her face. “Alright then, I think I can find something you will like. What is your favorite color?”

Franklin noticed that she had not asked what his wife’s favorite color was. He figured that the jig was up. “I guess black,” he replied.

“Yes, you would look good in black. But, you wouldn’t want to wear the same color every day. We probably should get you an assortment.”

Franklin didn’t bother to answer her. He just allowed her to pick out items and hand them to him to carry back to the register. He stood by as she rang up his purchases and then reached for his wallet to pay. Only then did he realize that he did not have any cash or credit cards. He started to panic when Joseph suddenly appeared.

“Did you find everything alright, dear?” he asked Franklin.

Franklin’s face turned a multitude of shades of red all at the same time. “Where have you been? I don’t have any money or credit cards. How am I going to pay for this stuff?”

“Cool, your panties, dear,” Joseph told him. “I have you covered.” And with that he pulled out one of Franklin’s own credit cards and handed it to him.

The sales woman took the card and rang up the purchases. When she was done she put everything into a marked sales bag and handed them to Franklin. “Thank you for shopping with us, Mr. Jones. Come back and see me soon.” And then she turned to Joseph and winked. “I hope you will enjoy the lingerie as much as I did selling it.”

“Oh, I am sure he will look just lovely in it. I can’t hardly contain myself.” Joseph replied.

And then they were mercifully on their way. When they were outside of the store, Joseph turned to Franklin. “Now let’s go shoe shopping.”

“Oh my god, no, please. I have had enough for one day. Can’t we just go home now?” Franklin pleaded.

“I am afraid not,” replied Joseph. “I am following orders. Mistress wanted you to thoroughly enjoy the entire shopping experience.”


As Franklin Jones drove to the office on Monday morning, he could not help but notice how his pants legs slid up and down on top of the nylon stockings he wore. He had to admit to himself that once he gained back control of his life that this would be one sensation that he would likely miss. “God, those nylons do feel good against my shaved legs,” he thought. He also enjoyed the feeling of the nylon panties against his bottom. In fact the sensation began to arouse him. He felt the blood begin to engorge his cock and for a brief moment he was in heaven. But, then the tender flesh came in contact with the metal gage and his thoughts changed from pleasure to trying to figure out how he could get this medieval torture device off of him. He thought about going to a lock smith and having it removed but that would be the ultimate humiliation. How could he explain to a total stranger that his wife had locked him into such a device?

He entered the office and was not surprised that his female employees were still dressed in casual attire. Hopefully, his boss would not stop by today. Surely after his instructions to regain control of his office, that would be a disaster. He made his way passed the reception desk without saying anything and entered his office. He started his computer and opened his company email. As he worked on the reports that had been sent to him, he could hear a commotion of some type in the outer office. He went to the door and listened. He could hear his wife’s voice and laughter from the women she was talking to. Then he heard his wife call his new name.

“Francine, the girls would like to see you. Come in here at once.”

He thought about ignoring her but he knew that would only make matters worse. He decided until he could figure a way out of this mess that the best course of action would be to obey.

He appeared in the doorway of the large room full of cubicles to the laughter of his entire office staff.

“See, I told you,” Virginia stated. “See how well trained he is. He will not give any of you any trouble from this day forward. In fact all of you are now his superiors. Isn’t that right, Francine?”

“Anything you say, ma’am,” was Franklin’s reply.

“Good, I am glad we understand each other. The ladies were a little reluctant to go back to the old dress code, until I explained how it could be a source of amusement for them. I explained about your little retraining device and how it would be uncomfortable for you if you were to get excited. They are still a little unsure so I offered to have you show it to them. Take your pants down so that they can see it for themselves.”

Franklin hesitated. Surely his wife could not expect him to expose himself to the entire staff.

“I do not expect to be kept waiting,” Virginia snarled. “If you want to keep your job, I suggest that you obey me now.”

Franklin reached for his belt and unfastened it. He unbuttoned the top of his pants and released his zipper. All he had to do was to let go of the waist band and his pants slid down his nylon legs to the floor.

A huge roar of laughter went up from all the women watching him. Franklin’s face went beet red as he realized that they were all starting at his garter belt and nylons.

“Now that is priceless,” Laura said between laughs. “Someone get the camera. We need to add this to the website.”

And soon they did. Cameras appeared from everyplace at once and flashbulbs popped from every corner of the room.

“Alright that is enough of modeling your pretty under things for the ladies.” Virginia stated. “Now it is time to show them what they really want to see. Pull the panties down.”

Franklin had learned in a short period of time that the best way to wear garters was underneath his panties. That way if he needed to use the restroom he could take the panties down without unhooking his garters. So now he simply hooked his thumbs into the waist bands of the panties and slid them down past his cage.

“Take a close look at how it is designed,” Virginia told the women. “There is no way that he can attain an erection or remove the protection. He will be extremely frustrated if you go back to dressing the way that you use to. And remember, he is your personal servant. If your feet are tired from wearing heels have him give you foot massages. If he gets testy or annoying send him on personal errands. He is pretty good at picking out lingerie. You might want to send him shopping for you.”

Each woman in turn came close and inspected the chastity device. The all seemed to take great pressure in pulling, tugging and twisting it to make sure that it could not come off. In just a short time Franklin had gone from embarrassment to pain. By the time the inspection was over Franklin thought that he was as sore as possible. Unfortunately for him he was wrong.

His wife produced a ping pong paddle and announced that a demonstration would be forth coming. “Now ladies,” she began. “Remember our deal? If Francine gives you any trouble or hesitates in any way to follow your instructions, let me know. He will get ten strokes of the paddle for each indiscretion. And since he made me wait before pulling down his pants he has ten strokes coming right now. I also noticed that he pulled back twice while you were inspecting him. Therefore we will add twenty more to the original 10. I will begin by giving him the first ten strokes and then you ladies may take turns delivering the rest. Now Francine, bend over the desk.”

This time Franklin did not hesitate. Although his wife had not indicated which desk, he found the nearest one and bent over it face down.

“Now stretch your arms over your head as far as you can,” Virginia instructed.

Franklin did as he was told and a cord lashed his wrists together and pulled them tightly. This brought his waist up firmly against the desk. The other end of the cord was then secured to the far legs of the desk. All he could move was his feet slightly backwards. Even that freedom was soon taken from him as his wife quickly tied his ankles to the near legs of the desk. Franklin was now helpless and ready for torment.

Virginia then walked around and stood in front of Franklin’s head. She held the paddle under his eyes so that he could get a good look at it. It was not a smooth paddle by rather had crisscross lines across the face. “Imagine what a cute pattern this is going to make on you shaved ass, Francine.”

She then disappeared from his view. He had no trouble figuring out where she was however. The first blow landed with force and he cried out in pain. She did not strike again immediately but rather waited until his body had completely relaxed and then delivered another blow. This time Franklin screamed and then began begging her to stop.

“Since it is obvious that he can not take his punishment like a man, I guess we need to gag him. We don’t want the entire building thinking someone is being murdered. Does anyone have something we can shove in his mouth?” Virginia asked.

“I think I have just the thing,” Laura announced. With that she bent down and took off her athletic shoe and pulled off a sweat sock.

“That will do just fine,” Virginia agreed. She then rolled it into a ball and demanded that Francine open her mouth. The sock was then inserted and tied in place with a length of rope.

“There that should shut her up.”

And then the beating began in earnest. Franklin continued to scream. But now all anyone heard was a muffled cry. By the time they were through his ass was raw and tears were running down his cheeks and dripping on the floor.

“I never knew how much I could enjoy a little work out,” Virginia announced. “I think we should do this twice a week.”


While Franklin was at work on Tuesday, Joseph moved into the house. There had been no announcement or any fanfare. The first that Franklin had any inkling was when he arrived home to find Joseph’s car parked in his slot in the garage. Needless to say Franklin was not happy with thisturn of events but in retrospect he figured there was very little if in fact anything at all he could do about it.

He parked his car in the driveway and proceeded into the house by the front door. Being a cautious man, he removed his garage door opener from the visor of his vehicle and slipped it into his pocket. As he entered the house he noticed two large suitcases sitting in the hallway. There was a large note attached to them. He bent down out of curiosity and picked up the note. It read, “Francine, take these up to my bedroom. I have already cleaned out your closet and dresser. Your things are on top of your cot. Unpack Joseph’s things and put them away. Then get appropriately dressed and come down. I have a few things to tell you.”

Franklin did as he was told. Everyday it was becoming easier to follow his wife’s instructions rather than face the consequences of disobedience. As he opened the suitcases and began to unpack them, Franklin came across leather straps, whips, hoods and other items of bondage gear. “What kind of sick bastard has my wife become involved with?” he wondered. “Certainly she is not going let him use this stuff on her. She has never been kinky in anyway. If she has a desire to be whipped I would be more than happy to oblige her.”

He carefully stowed the strange items in the back of what use to be his closet and then carefully hung the clothes on the racks. Once finished and having stowed Joseph’s toiletries in the master bathroom Franklin went to his room and donned a fresh maid’s uniform. He applied makeup including bright red lipstick and eyeliner. Looking in the mirror he knew that he could pass for a woman if only he were allowed to wear a wig.

When he appeared downstairs his wife was waiting for him in the living room. “Come here Francine, I want to have a talk with you.” She announced.

Franklin walked over to where she was sitting and immediately sank to his knees in front of her. He bent his head down and planted a kiss on the toe of each of her shoes. He had come to understand that this is what she expected as a greeting. “Yes, ma’am how can I serve you?” he asked.

“Francine, tonight another man will make love to me.”

“Why are you telling me this?” he asked. “Surely you are not asking for my permission. In any event I don’t see what I can do about it.”

“On the contrary there is a lot that you can do. In fact I expect you to be a very active participant.”

“Me participate, how?”

“Well, for starters you can go draw me a nice hot bubble bath. Then you can go and select the sexist lingerie I have and lay them out on the bed. I want Joseph to really enjoy himself tonight. After you have done that you can make dinner, with Joseph’s supervision of course. Later you will understand what is expected of you. Now be a good girl and run along.”

Franklin got up and went to draw Virginia’s bath. Once that task was complete he went into her bedroom and sorted through her lingerie drawer. He finally settled on a black set complete with garters, bra and panties. The garter belt had a small red heart in the front. “The red heart does not fit,” he thought. “But the black is definitely the color of her heart.”

After helping to prepare dinner and consuming what he was allowed, Franklin set about cleaning up the kitchen. His wife and Joseph on the other hand were enjoying each other’s company on the sofa. They were holding hands and talking as if they had been lovers for a very long time. This caused Franklin to become jealous and close to a rage. “If only there was some way that I could put an end to this.” he thought. But he could not figure out how to do so.

When he was finished in the kitchen, Franklin spent the rest of the evening bringing his wife and her lover snacks and drinks. If his services were not required as a waitress, he was made to sit in front of the two lovers watching as they French kissed and prepared themselves to the ultimate act to come. By the time they had announced that it was time for bed Franklin was almost relieved. His agony would at least soon be over.

Virginia led the way upstairs with Joseph close behind. It was obvious that he was more than ready to consummate the new relationship. Franklin was the last to reach the bedroom as he was not in any hurry what-so-ever.

“Alright, Francine, you may help Joseph off with his clothes. Start with his shoes and work upward. When you have removed an article of clothing I want you to kiss the flesh directly underneath. For instance when you have removed his shoes and socks you would kiss his feet. After each kiss I want you to tell Joseph how pleased you are that you will receive the honor of watching him make love to me. And it better sound sincere. Do I make myself clear?”

Franklin did as he was told. He removed Joseph’s socks and shoes and then told him he was pleased to have him here to make love to Virginia. He then removed his pants and not knowing exactly where to kiss he planted a kiss on each knee. Virginia then told him she wanted to save the best for last and instructed Franklin to stand up and remove Joseph’s shirt.

As Virginia watched her husband undress her new lover a strange feeling came over her. She had never looked forward to the sex act. Even though she had let Joseph perform orally for her, the thought of allowing him penetration never crossed her mind. But now her body was betraying her. She could feel moisture forming inside of her and little electric shocks were going from her nipples to her breasts. She could feel goose bumps rising on her skin and she felt exceedingly warm. She knew that it was not the impending act of sex that aroused her but rather the power she attained from the degradation of her husband. It was as if she could wash away all his years of infidelity with this one act. Somehow she knew that when Franklin took hold of Joseph’s penis and guided it into her that she would be able to let go of all those years. And then a smile came to her face as she remember an old saying “revenge is a dish that is best served cold”. “Not in this case,” she thought.

The end.

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