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My Rent Whores 2

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My Rent Whores
Rent Whores
Part 2

Norm DePloom

Most of the next day was occupied with watching the
work crew running the cable from trailer to trailer in
preparation for installing the 'security system'. As
soon as I woke up I checked out the whore-cam and the
teen slut-cam, both of them were sound asleep so I
went to the refer and snagged a brew and a couple of
slices of pizza that couldn't have been more than four
days old. I took my breakfast back to my recliner and
watched a replay of the teen slut fucking herself from
the night before. The pizza was a little tough from
being in the refer for so long, but I figure I
probably needed the exercise. When I wiped the pizza
remains off my fingers onto my gym shorts I realized
that I could not remember how many days I had been
wearing this pair of shorts. That plus the encrusted
remains of previous meals embedded in the fabric, and
the stiff discolored area in the front where my cum
drippings had mixed with the cunt juices from any
number of my whores, were a definite indicator that it
was time for a clean pair. I snagged another brew
from the fridg on my way to the bedroom where I got
what turned out to be my last pair of clean shorts
from my top dresser drawer. Tossing the dirty pair
into the reeking pile of dirty clothes in the corner
of the room I made a mental note to have one of my
whores do my laundry. I went back out to my recliner
and called Debbie's trailer.


"So you did spend the night," I said recognizing the
voice on the other end of the phone line, "you don't
sound very happy, didn't she lick your pussy for you?"

"She ate me out three times last night, but she's
acting real standoffish this morning, she's in the
shower right now."

"That's just her post-fuck guilt complex kicking in.
I want you to go get in the shower with her."

"Great." Betty replied, cheering up at the thought.

"If she objects just tell her I told you to do it, and
as soon as you've washed each other's cunts get your
asses over here." I started to put the phone down
then lifted it back up to my ear. "And don't bother
wearing anything except your robes."

"Duh, well of course." She responded with the tone of
one acknowledging the obvious. Just as I hung up
there was a nock on the door. Since I had my gym
shorts on and I wasn't in the process of pumping some
whore's orifice I yelled, "Come in" without bothering
to get out of my recliner. The door opened and Jeremy
came in carrying a heavy cardboard box which he almost
dropped, caught then almost dropped again as he put it
down on the coffee table.

"This," he announced, pulling out a thin rectangular
metal box, trailing a mass of tangled wires, "is the
main control." Jeremy stood there with a proud grin
on his face.

"Great." Was about all I could manage.

"My guys are outside right now starting to run the
cable." Jeremy went on to explain that the cable
would be buried under just a few inches of dirt, and
that it would make a complete circle from my
doublewide to every trailer in the park then back to
my doublewide.

"I want you to put camera in the trailer clear down at
the end of the park first," I told Jeremy as I watched
him hook up the cables. "Debbie, my newest whore is
down there, you'll get a chance to fuck her shortly."

"When you turn this on," he single mindedly continued
his explanation when I was finished, "the main camera
in each trailer will show up in a little box on your

"The main camera?" I really hadn't thought beyond
just having a camera in each whore's bedroom.

"Yep," Jeremy grinned at my sudden increase in
interest, "there's going to be a camera in every room
in each trailer."

"Alright Jeremy." I stood up and gave him a high-five
on my way to the kitchen for more brew.

"If you enter the trailers number with the remote
control then all the camera feeds from that trailer
will appear in the boxes." Jeremy pause to suck on
the beer bottle I'd handed him. "Then if you enter
the camera number that feed will show full screen and
the sound will come on so you can watch them and
listen to them, just like you can with the cameras I
installed yesterday."

"That's great," I said looking at the remote control
and imagined what it was going to be like to spy on
all of my whores all day long. My cock started
getting hard with anticipation. "I'm going to make
sure my whores are going to fuck your brains out."

"Ah-right." Jeremy grinned and took another suck on
his beer bottle. I was beginning to wonder what was
delaying our morning entertainment and wondered out
onto the deck of my doublewide with Jeremy following
close behind. Leaning against the railing I watched
as the two wet-haired cunts came around the corner of
the trailer now occupied by Cathy and her teen slut
daughter, Barbie. When the men burying the video
cable stopped working to whistle and make obscene
suggestion Betty paused and, after turning to face the
men, opened her terry cloth rob and struck a pose
while the volume and obscenity of their suggestions
reached a peak that I'm sure attracted the attention
of every whore in the park. Debbie tried to hide
behind Betty obviously hoping the men would ignore her
in favor of the more willing whore.

"Debbie," I yelled using my hands for a megaphone.
Debbie turned to look at me. "Show them what you've
got." I could see her blushing even at this distance,
as she shook her head 'no'. "Do it," I screamed at
her, "or else." I knew I didn't have to elaborate on
the 'or else'. Debbie with great reluctance and, I'm
sure even though I could not see them, tears in her
eyes, turned toward the rowdy men and opened her robe.
Betty put her arm around Debbie and, although their
backs were to us I could tell she was playing with one
of Betty's boobs for the work crews entertainment. I
let that go on for only a couple of minutes before I
clapped my hands and yelled at them to get their cunts
over to my doublewide. Betty held her robe open and
pranced all the way to my trailer, swirling in circles
and generally showing off her well-proportioned naked
body to anyone who wanted to look. Debbie in
comparison pulled her robe tightly around her body and
walked quickly, with her head down to hide her tears
and red face. In spite of the wet streaks down her
cheeks I'm sure that her flushed face was do as much
to excitement as to humiliation.

"OK, stop right there," I told them as soon as they
had climbed the stairs to the deck of my doublewide.
The two whores stopped side-by-side, one with her robe
hanging open revealing her young tits and full patch
of kinky pubic hair. The other holding her robe
tightly closed for security. "Take 'em off." I
commanded. Betty whipped hers off, draped it over the
deck railing then began to pose in the most obscene
positions showing off her firm young body for Jeremy
and his work crew. While the men whistled, cheered
and yelled obscene suggestions Debbie removed her robe
only to hold it in front of her and peak over the top
of it with a face colored red with humiliation.
Debbie seemed to have forgotten that the deck of my
doublewide could be seen from the street. When
passing motorists began to slow down and honk their
horns she finally realized that her bare ass was
available for every passing male to gawk at. I only
let it continue for a couple of minutes before
ushering the two naked whores into my doublewide, I
didn't want the ruckus to deprive the new whore and
her teen-twat daughter of their beauty sleep.

"OK," I turned to Betty and Debbie, "inside." Jeremy
signaled for his crew to get back to work, which they
did, understanding that any 'bonuses' would depend on
them getting the job done quickly. Once inside I
dispatched the naked Debbie to the kitchen for more
brews while Betty rubbed her petit naked body up
against Jeremy and cupped his crotch with her hand.
By the time Debbie made it back with four bottles my
half hard cock was peeking out the bottom of my gym
shorts. I took one of the frosty bottles and pushed
it against my reluctant little whore's tit so I could
watch her nipple getting hard while I slipped my other
hand down her back and between her butt cheeks. My
dick continued to grow, pushing my gym shorts higher
up my thigh. I removed the beer from Debbie's nipple
so I could down a few swallows while I pushed my
finger into her from behind.

"Go over there," I said gesturing with the bottle, "I
want to watch you two whores fuck my good friend

"Please, no," she whispered almost inaudibly, "I never
agreed to anything like this, I only agreed to have
sex with you for the rent on my trailer, not anyone
else." She looked at me pleadingly. It was time this
slut admitted exactly what she was.

"You Know what your choices are," I reminded her as I
dug my finger deeply and roughly into her cunt and
pushed the tip of my thumb against her quivering ass
hole. "Either you're my whore to do with as I
please," I could feel her sphincter relaxing, allowing
my thumb entrance to her ass, "or you're a homeless
bitch with two sons to feed." Debbie's body jerked as
my thumb forced its way deeper inside her body. She
whimpered in submission and a single tear rolled down
her cheek as she stepped away from my probing hand to
join her fellow whore who was undressing Jeremy. I
sat in my recliner and, stroking my hardening cock,
watched as my two trailer park sluts worked together
to fuck my guest. Nothing better in the morning than
a couple of cold brews and a hot live sex show.

"Suck his dick," Betty said as she pushed Debbie's
face down into Jeremy's crotch after they pulled his
pants off. Betty looked over at me and winked as she
pinched Debbie's sensitive nipples while she watched
Debbie's mouth engulf Jeremy's hard cock. Leaving
Debbie to her cock sucking, Betty released Debbie's
nipples and climbed onto the couch on top of their
victim; carefully dragging her breasts up his body as
she did so.

"Is my little baby hungry?" Betty asked as she placed
her hand on the back of Jeremy's head and pushed her
nipple into his mouth. "Does my little baby want some
milk to go with his beer?" Jeremy, still holding his
bottle in his right hand, slipped his left hand into
Betty's crotch as he enthusiastically sucked on her
offered nipple.

"Ooh, yes," Betty cooed as she moved her hips, gently
fucking herself on Jeremy's hand, "that's the way to
play with mommy." Jeremy's cock twitched so hard I
could see it move inside Debbie's mouth. I got out of
my recliner and, taking my brew with me, walked across
the room and, after pulling the coffee table out of
the way, sat cross-legged behind Debbie. I polished
off the last of the beer then began to work the neck
of the bottle into her cunt while I reached between
her legs with my other hand to stroke her clitoris.
Her moan was mostly gagged by Jeremy's hard dick
moving in and out of her mouth, but she arched her
back giving me better access to her twin holes. As I
fucked the bottle deeper into her cunt I leaned
forward and began a deep French kiss of her anus.
Betty pulled her nipple from her 'baby's' mouth then
climbed further up his body until, with one knee on
the back of the couch on each side of his head, Betty
held Jeremy's mouth tight against her cunt. Every
time I'd push my tongue deeper into the cocksucking
whore's ass, or the bottle deeper into her cunt, or
pull a little harder on her clitoris, she'd vibrate
Jeremy's hard cock with a loud moan. Every time
Jeremy got his cock stimulated with a moan from Debbie
he'd moan against Betty's cunt and every time Betty
got her cunt stimulated by a nice moan from Jeremy,
she'd moan loudly and verbally encourage him to
greater cunt licking effort. The chain reaction was
fun, but I wanted to see Debbie fucking another man at
my command, thus sealing her acceptance of her
position as one of my whores. I pulled my tongue from
her asshole and the bottle from her cunt.

"Get up there and fuck him," I ordered giving her
clitoris one final pull. All fight being, at least
for now, drained out of her, Debbie pulled her mouth
from Jeremy's cock and, standing up, straddled his
legs. Still on the floor I watched from only a couple
of inches away as Debbie grasped Jeremy's hard cock
with one hand and slowly lowered her self onto it. I
resumed stroking my own hard cock as I watched
Jeremy's dick slowly disappearing into Debbie's wet
gapping hole. Jeremy was reclining against the back
of the couch with his legs stretched out in front of
him, Betty, with her knees on the back of the couch,
was slowly fucking her pussy against his face while
Debbie, her feet up on the cushions and her front
plastered against Betty's back, was slowly bouncing up
and down fucking her cunt on his cock. Mindful of the
fact that I did not have any spare, clean, gym shorts,
I stripped off the pair I was wearing before I
crouched behind my cock-fucking whore and, holding the
base of my hard dick, seated my eager cockhead against
her tight little ass. Holding Debbie's waist, I
pushed myself into the hole I'd just spent several
minutes preparing with my tongue. Still holding onto
her hips I continued to push until I was seated deeply
inside her tight, hot ass. Debbie seemed to be
overcome with lust. With her arms wrapped around
Debby's small waist she showered the other whore's
neck, shoulders and back with kisses while she gyrated
her hips with ever increasing speed and force, fucking
herself on Jeremy's and my cocks.

"You are my whore," I leaned forward and whispered in
her ear. Debbie moaned loudly, but I wasn't sure if
it was from sexual excitement, submission, or
defiance. "Today," I continued as I pushed my hands
between the two whores so I could squeeze Debbie's
breasts and nipples, "you are going to help pay those
men outside with your cunt, ass and mouth."

"Nooooo-oh-goddddd." Debbie's scream of deviance
ended in a guttural moan of pleasure as an orgasm
spasmed through her naked fucking body. Her whole
body undulated in a wave-like movement as she fucked
herself on our cocks. I could feel her ass muscles
rhythmically clamping down on my cock as each wave of
pleasure surged through her. I felt Jeremy's cock
begin to twitch inside her cunt just seconds before I
joined him and we both drenched her insides with our

After pulling my softening, still dripping cock from
the whore's quivering sphincter I sat on the coffee
table to catch my breath while the other three
untangled themselves from each other. Debbie stood up
and I watched a long string of Jeremy and my combined
jizz drip from her holes as she took a couple of steps
before collapsing on the floor and sobbing like a
little girl who'd just broken her favorite doll. I
watched her, interested in the extreme emotions that
admitting to whoredom often brings up in one of these

"Oh no you don't," I said to Jeremy when I noticed him
looking at her with concern, "don't you ever feel
sorry for a whore." Jeremy pulled his eyes from the
weeping cunt on the floor and looked at me. I stood
up and used a handful of Debbie's hair to pull her
head up where we could all get a good look at her red
blotchy face.

"Do you know what made our little whore start cuming?"
Jeremy shook his head 'no'. "I told her that she was
going to use her holes to help pay your work crew," I
reached down with my other hand and pinched one of her
nipples hard enough to make her wince, "and she had
the best orgasm of her life." I released her hair and
let her collapse back onto the floor. "Except maybe
for the one she had last night when Betty's fist was
up her ass."

"Shit, you say," Jeremy replied with his usual
eloquence as he looked back and forth between the
naked whore cuddled up against him on the couch and
the naked whore sobbing on the floor.

"And I think it's time for the slut to return the
favor." I repositioned the coffee table in front of
the couch so Jeremy would have a front row seat for
the action. "Get up and get us a couple more beers,"
I ordered giving Debbie a forceful nudge with my foot.
She climbed slowly to her feet and headed off toward
the kitchen.

"On the table," I said patting the top of that coffee
table as I looked at Betty. Unfolding her legs from
under her butt, Betty climbed off the couch and laid
down on her back with her head at one end of the
table. Betty bent her knees and, holding one knee
with each hand, spread her legs so far they were
almost laying flat on the table. With her wet, open
cunt on display for us Betty began to move her hips in
slow circles, like she was fucking herself on some
invisible cock. Jeremy and I followed her slowly
moving pussy with our eyes like we were a couple of
cobras watching a snake charmer weave back and forth
with his flute. I only took my eyes off her crotch
when Debbie came back with our fresh, ice-cold beers.

"Today," I announced to Jeremy as I put my arm around
Debbie's waist, "you'll have the privilege of
witnessing a woman fisting another woman's cunt for
the first time." I realized that my statement wasn't
exactly clear as to which one of them this was the
first time for. "This whore," I clarified indicating
Debbie with my bottle of brew, "has never fisted a
woman's cunt before." I looked over at Jeremy trying
to ascertain if he was comprehending what I was
saying. "The whore reclining on the table," I
continued tipping my bottle toward Betty, "has been
fisted before and loves it, don't you?" I finished
looking at Betty on the table. It was obvious that
she was getting excited just thinking about getting

"Just shut the fuck up and get on with the fisting."
Jeremy nodded his head enthusiastically, agreeing with
Betty's plea to get on with the act itself instead of
just talking about it.

"Before you start pushing your hand up her pussy," I
instructed Debbie as I urged her with my hand on the
small of her back, toward Betty waiting with wide-
spread legs on the coffee table, "let's see some of
that whore on whore cunt licking action you two were
doing last night instead of sleeping." Debbie
displayed obvious reluctance, but not outright
defiance as she slowly got down on her knees beside
the table.

"Go on." I encouraged her, "give that cunt a good
licking, pretend it's some guys mouth and give it a
good French kiss." I had not put my shorts back on,
and Jeremy still had his pants down around his ankles,
so the effect of watching Debbie as she used her thumb
and finger tip to spread Betty open then, lowering her
mouth to the other whore's pussy, push her tongue into
the fleshy hole, was obvious on both of us. I moved
my chair around to the other side of the table for a
better view, then Jeremy and I each stroked our
growing dicks while we watched the show. Debbie
worked her tongue deep inside Betty's wet cunt while
she massaged Betty's inner thighs with increasing
excitement. Moving her tongue up to Betty's
protruding erect clitoris Debbie slowly pushed a
finger into her pussy.

"Yes," Betty begged as she thrust her hips up trying
to impale her hole on Debbie's invading finger, "do
it, do it now."

"Take it real slow," I ordered contradicting Betty's
request, "tease her, make her really beg for it, make
her ache for it before you give it to her."

"Oh, god, you bastard," Betty whimpered looking at me
as she fucked herself further onto Debbie's finger.

"Betty is my sluttiest whore," I told Jeremy as we
watched Debbie working another finger into her,
"aren't you?" I asked her.

"You bet I am," Betty answered with obvious pride, "I
love to fuck, there's nothing I'd rather do than fuck,
and the bigger the cock, the more I love it." Debbie,
getting caught up in the moment, moved her hand up to
roughly massage Betty's breast while she sucked and
nibbled on Betty's clitoris far harder than most women
could have tolerated and, adding another finger,
thrust almost savagely into Betty's wide open cunt.
Betty loved it, moaning and begging Debbie to be even
rougher, and to fuck her cunt even harder. I knelt
down on Betty's right side and, pushing Debbie's hand
away took Betty's tit in both hands and kneaded it
like bread dough while I bit hard on her erect nipple.

"Yes," Betty screamed as she put her hand on the back
of my head to hold me to her breast. "Do my other
breast," she begged looking at Jeremy. He immediately
got on his knees on the other side of the table and
began to abuse her other breast in the same way.

"Oh god, oh goddamn," Betty screamed as she bucked her
hips, violently trying to impale her pussy on Debbie's
invading hand. "Fuck me you bitch." she yelled at
Debbie, who had abandoned her effort to lick Betty's
clitoris and watched glassy eyed as the nearly
incoherent, sex crazed slut used our shoulders to pick
herself up off the table and hurled herself onto
Debbie's arm.

"Ooohhhh ffffuuuucccckkkk mmmmmeeee, fffffuuuuccckkk
meeee hhhhaaarrrddd." Betty yelled as her cunt
swallowed Debbie's hand clear up past her wrist.
"YES, YES, YES..." Debbie chanted as she pumped her
whole body up and down on Debbie's slime covered arm.
Dropping the incoherent whore onto the table, Jeremy
and I stood up and stroked our hard cocks as we
watched her body jerk and twitch while Debbie
continued to pump her fist in Betty's cunt. Both
Jeremy and I came at almost the same time, spewing our
hot cum onto Betty's face as her body convulsed in
orgasmic ecstasy. After we shook the last drops of
spunk onto Betty's tits both Jeremy and I sat back
down and we each took a long swallow from our beers.
Debbie stayed, kneeling beside the table, her hand
still buried in Betty's cunt, watching as wave after
wave of muscle contractions kept Betty's body
twitching and jerking on the table. As the waves
declined in force Debbie started to pull her hand from
the other whore's pussy.

"Slow," Betty commanded, setting up and grabbing
Debbie's wrist, "oh god, pull it out slow." Debbie,
Betty still clinging to her arm, pulled her hand from
Betty's cunt at an excruciatingly slow rate. Every
half inch or so would trigger involuntary muscle
spasms to rock Betty's body. "Oh god that was good,"
Betty confirmed with a grin once the invading hand had
been removed from inside her. Debbie sat on the floor
staring at her slimy hand and wrist, apparently unable
to believe it had been inside Betty's pussy.

"I've got a job for you two," I announced, moving back
to my chair.

"What's that?" Betty asked, still recovering from
having a fist in her cunt.

"Put your robes back on," I instructed them, "get some
quarters from my dresser and take my laundry to the
Wash-O-Matic." Debbie followed Betty around looking
like she was in a daze while they put on their robes
then collected the quarters and dirty gym shorts and
headed to the laundry mart. Jeremy and I sat and
stared at each other for a minute or two after the
whores left.

"Wow," Jeremy finally said, displaying his well-known

"While the whores are washing my shorts I want you to
get the cameras installed in number twenty." Jeremy
gave me a questioning look.

"Don't you want to watch while she gang fucks your
whole crew?" I asked.

"I'll get right on it."

As soon as Jeremy left the trailer I pulled my shorts
back on, got another beer (making a mental note to
have one of my whores buy some more beer for me), then
turned on the teen slut cam. Barbie was just waking
up, the little sleepy head. She stretched and climbed
out from under the covers. She looked so cute with
her little thirteen-year-old boobies under the old
thin T-shirt, and her cotton panties. She left the
room, probably headed for the bathroom to pee. I
switched over to the whore cam. Momma whore was still
sound asleep, I guess a night on your knees sucking
cock can really wear a girl out. She'd thrown off the
blanket and her naked breasts were visible. I watched
them rise and fall as she breathed, and decided that
violating women in this way was almost as exciting as
forcing them to take it up the ass the first time.

I switched back to the teen slut cam and caught Barbie
just as she was pulling her T-shirt over her head. In
spite all the sex I'd already had that morning the
sight of her naked teenage nipples made my cock stir,
and when she pulled her panties off my dick started
straining against the fabric of my gym shorts. She
walked, naked, over to the dresser, giving me a good
look at her tight muscular ass, then got out a shirt
and a pair of shorts. I watched with growing
disappointment as she covered her body and left the
room. I'd been hoping she would finger herself again
like she had the previous night, no such luck. Just a
second later I saw her through the window as she came
out the front door of their trailer and headed for my
doublewide. I changed the TV to one of the cable
channels and sat up so my boner would be less obvious.

"Come in," I yelled when she knocked on my door. She
opened the door, but only stuck her head inside.

"Our toilet is stopped up." Her tone of voice made it
perfectly clear that she considered it to be my fault.

"What were you trying to slush down it?" I said
giving her a stern look. She blushed and turned away.
I got my snake (my other snake) from the back porch
and followed her back over to the other trailer.

"Please be quite," she asked rather earnestly, before
she opened the door to let me into the trailer, "my
mom's still sleeping, she had to work the late shift."
I was really looking forward to being the one who let
her know that her mom fucked for a living. Whether
that revelation came before, after or while I was
relieving her of her virginity made no difference to
me. I made quick work of the clogged toilet while
keeping Barbie's T-shirt covered teenage breasts in my
line of sight. Once when I squatted to feed the snake
into their toilet my cock peeked out from under the
leg of my gym shorts, I pretended I didn't know it was
happening and let it stay that way. Barbie blushed a
beautiful bright red, but never took her eyes off my
snake. I think it may have been the first time she'd
seen one.

After putting my snake(s) away I walked the two blocks
down to the Wash-O-Matic. I wanted to make sure that
my whores, especially Debbie, had followed my
instructions. Betty was wearing her terry cloth robe,
belted at the waist, with nothing on under it like I
had intended. Debbie, on the other hand obviously
still thought she had something to say about her body.
They both greeted me when I came through the door,
then Betty leaned over and whispered "I told you so."
in Debbie's ear when they saw that I was pissed off.

"Betty, go get that crocheted bikini you were wearing
yesterday." Betty disappeared quickly happy, I'm sure
not to have to deal with my anger. That's OK, I
thought as she hurried out the door, I'll punish her
later for allowing Debbie to disobey me.

"Those clothes are dirty," I told Debbie, my voice
cold with anger, "take them off and wash them." I hate
having my whores disobey me. Debbie shook her head
'no' and looked at me defiantly for a moment before
she dropped her eyes to the floor. I stepped up
almost against her, and blocked her path when she
tried to push past me.

"You suddenly have someplace else to live?" I asked
he in a very quite-but-angry tone. She did not

"You've found some poor sucker to take care of you and
your boys in exchange for access to your whored out
cunt?" Debbie's shoulders sagged and tears flowed
down her cheeks.

"You ready to lose your boys to the Child Protection
Services when they find out you've been fucking to pay
your rent? What do you think they're going to do when
they find out you've been putting on sex shows,
fisting other whores while men watch?"

"Please, no, not that." Debbie sobbed. You know
you've won when the whore starts begging.

"Take your clothes off," I hissed at her angrily, "and
put them in the washer." With tears streaming down
her face, and her whole body trembling with rage and
humiliation Debbie pulled the shirt off over her head,
exposing her breasts for all the patrons of the Wash-
O-Matic to see, then pulled her shorts down her legs
and, lifting the washer lid, tossed them in with my
gym shorts. This kind of confrontation with one of my
whores always makes me hard; my cock was already
pushing the leg of my gym shorts up and peaking out at
the world. Add to that the remaining excitement I'd
gotten showing my snake to teen-slut-to-be Barbie and
I needed to fuck somebody. I don't mean that I just
needed to fuck somebody, I needed to F-U-C-K somebody.
The bank of washers we were at was at the back of the
room, and couldn't really be seen from the street,
although the other patrons were certainly enjoying the
show. I pushed Debbie down, bending her face first
over the washer.

"Spread your legs." I ordered as I pulled the crotch
of my shorts to the side, freeing my hard cock for
action. I grabbed Debbie's hair with my right hand
and pulled her head back exposing her throat, witch I
grasped with my left hand and squeezed hard enough to
scare her and make her uncomfortable, but not hard
enough to totally cut of her air. I rammed my cock up
her ass with one hard thrust that banged the washer
against the one behind it. Then I started talking,
loud enough for everyone to here, punctuating each
word with a forceful thrust of my cock into her ass.

"You... are... my... bitch... You... are... my...
whore... You... will... fuck... when... ever... I...
tell... you... to... You... will... fuck... who...
ever... I... tell... you... to... Do... you...

"Yes," Debbie gasped, barely able to get enough air to

"What... are... you..." I kept pounding into her ass
while she answered.

"I'm your whore." She sobbed with total surrender in
her voice. I held my hard cock all the way inside her
ass as I leaned over and spoke to her.

"And you love it," I emphasized the next three words
with the hardest fuck strokes yet, "don't... you...

"Yes," she wailed, "I love being your whore." My cock
started twitching inside Debbie's ass when she said
that. Even though I had practically no sperm left
thanks to the earlier fucks, it felt good to have my
cock jerking inside her ass while I came. I pulled my
dick from Debbie's ass then, pulling her up by her
hair marched her out from behind the washers so
everyone could see her naked, just fucked body.

"Anybody want to fuck my whore?" I asked the room,
still holding her by her hair.

"Sure," one of the men said, stepping forward, "how

"Five dollars, I don't think she's worth any more than
that." The man dug a wadded up five-dollar bill from
his pocket and held it out.

"Take your customers money." I ordered giving
Debbie's hair a painful jerk. Debbie reached out a
trembling hand and took the bill.

"Now hand it to me." Debbie held the bill out toward
me with a hand that was trembling so hard she almost
dropped it. I took the bill from Debbie then gave her
a shove, letting go of her hair and watched as her
naked body stumbled into her customer.

"Any hole you want," I told the man, "in fact, every
hole if you want." The man unzipped his pants and
pushed Debbie down onto her knees. I wasn't sure she
was going to get her hand inside his fly, she was
trembling so badly. She did finally manage to get his
cock free of his boxer shorts. Betty walked back in,
still naked beneath her loosely tied robe, carrying
the crocheted bikini just as Debbie sucked her first
customer's cock into her mouth. I gave Betty a stern
look. She gave me a contrite apologetic look in
return, but she knew that eventually she would be
punished for not coming to me when Debbie changed out
of her robe.

"Today is 'All the Fuck You Want For Five Dollars' day
at the Wash-0-Matic," I informed Betty as we watched
Debbie bobbing her head up and down on the man's hard
cock. "Anyone with five bucks can fuck Debbie as much
as they want to, and don't let her put those on," I
continued pointing to the bikini in her hand, "until
your ready to walk home." I watched Debbie doing her
first truly professional cock sucking for a couple
more minutes then left the laundry mat with a smile on
my face.


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