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My Rent Whores
{ASSM} "My Rent Whores" Part 01 expanded. (M/F, hum, anal etc.)
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 08:10:04 -0500

Twice as long as it was the first time.

My Rent Whores
Part 01
Norm DePloom

I own a trailer park. If the phrase 'trailer park
trash' pops to mind, hold that thought. When I
decided to buy a trailer park I had only one thing in
mind, not making money, but getting pussy, or 'puuus-
say' as my friend likes to call it. Now I have a nice
little park with thirty trailers that I rent like
furnished apartments. I have my own doublewide parked
right at the entrance where I can keep track of all
the comings and goings, so to speak.

I specialize in renting to young single mothers who
are struggling to make ends meet with their no-skill
jobs, and are usually overjoyed to find a place that
will take their rug rats. One advantage that they see
immediately is other single moms to help with
childcare as they work their different shifts.

Then, inevitably, the day comes when they can't quite
make the rent payment. At that point they either
become one of my rent whores or they, and their brats
hit the street. When this turning point comes in
their lives they naturally sort themselves into three

The first group is made up of those who suggest to me
that they are willing to pay their rent with sex.
These tramps are whores already they just haven't
admitted it yet. I accept their offer but discount
their sex and make them perform more often to pay
their rent. I treat these sluts real nasty and call
them whores to their faces. You'd be surprised at how
many of these sluts really get off being treated like
that. I'll tell you more about some of them later.

The second group won't suggest it themselves, but
will, with varying displays of reluctance, accept the
offer after I make it. They think they're not whores
because they didn't make the offer themselves. I
start this group out a little slower and take a little
more time working them around to the really perverted

The final group consists of the upright, moral and
sometimes church going young mothers who are genuinely
outraged at my suggestion. These are my favorites. I
relish the test of wills that can only end in their
reluctantly allowing me access to their bodies, or
their keeping their principles and finding somewhere
else for themselves and there offspring to live.

But this story isn't about anyone in any of those
three groups. This story is about Cathy. Cathy was a
real, walk the streets, hang out in bars, suck your
cock for twenty dollars whore. Normally I wouldn't
rent to a professional whore, if she fucked me for the
rent it would just be business. On my scale Cathy
would have to gang fuck my entire fantasy football
league, three at a time for a month in front of a
video camera to pay a months rent. I'm sure the
league members would enjoy it, but let them figure out
their own scams to get pussy. I rented to Cathy
because of her daughter, Barbie.

Barbie was thirteen years old, and still a virgin, I
could just sense it. But in this neighborhood she
wouldn't remain one for long and I figured I might as
well be the one to relive her of that awful burden and
if possible turn her into my on little whore in the
process. I knew it would take more than overdue rent
to force Cathy to sacrifice her daughter despite her
being a whore, and a cheap whore at that Cathy was in
other ways a good mother.

I offered Cathy the trailer right next to mine, one of
the nicer ones. Cathy observed that it appeared to be
occupied. I told her they were moving out in the
morning and that she and Barbie could move in the next
afternoon. Cathy paid her deposit and left. I felt
like I should wear rubber gloves to handle the cash
she handed me.

After Cathy and Barbie left I called Debbie, the
current resident of the trailer I had just rented to
Cathy, and told her to get her whore ass over here
right now. I'm sure she was cooking dinner for her
twin sons, but I heard her screen door slam just a
second after I hung up the phone. Two seconds later
she burst through my front door, and, after a wave of
my hand dropped to her knees between my spread legs.
Pulling the crotch of my gym shorts to the side she
enveloped my hard cock in her hot wet mouth. I idly
ran my hands over her hair as her head bobbed up and
down in my lap and silently reminisced about Debbie's
first steps into whoredom.

Debbie was exactly the type I loved to rent to. She
was a morally upright, mother of twin boys who was
trying to survive without a man, with minimum work
skills. For almost a year I sat on my porch and
watched Debbie take her sons to Sunday school and
Church every Sunday. Debbie still takes her sons to
church every week, but now she stops at my doublewide
first, dressed and ready for church, to perform
whatever sexual act I demanded before leaving. It
always brings a smile to my face, thinking about
Debbie setting in church with the taste of my cum in
her mouth, or with my sperm oozing from her body's

After months of patient waiting Debbie finally came to
me with her sad tale, asking me to extend her more
time to pay the rent. I figured she'd finally run out
of friends and relatives to borrow that little extra
she needed each month to keep going. I told her
bluntly that she could get a week's worth of rent paid
if she would suck my cock. After slapping my face
and, calling me a filthy disgusting monster, she ran
from my doublewide back to her trailer.

Remembering that slap I pulled Debbie's head up from
my lap with a handful of her hair then slapped her
hard on each cheek. When I released her hair Debbie
immediately sucked my cock back into her now well
trained mouth and resumed her slow, head bobbing,
blowjob. She has come to accept receiving these slaps
as punishment for her daring to hit me that first

The next morning I was waiting, padlock in hand when
Debbie and her sons stepped out of the trailer.

"From know on-" I informed Debbie as the lock snapped
closed. "- you will be on my special weekly rent
program." I turned and stared into her defiant eyes.
"The only way that padlock comes off is if you pay me
a months rent in cash, or a weeks rent the other way."
I spoke euphemistically to avoid her having to explain
things to her sons.

"Now go ahead and take your kids over to Martha's, go
to work and think about your options." I finished,
then walked back toward my doublewide. Martha was one
of my long time rent whores. She'd been sucking and
fucking to pay her rent for almost five years and had
gotten used to the idea of not having to put out cash
for her rent. By this time she had sunk into whoredom
to the point that she occasionally took paying gigs,
putting on shows for my friends or clients with one or
two of the other rent whores. Since she got paid cash
for these shows and the subsequent fucking she had
completed her metamorphosis from a rent whore to just
a whore in general.

I watched that afternoon as Debbie came home from
work. She parked her car, then walked around her
padlocked trailer to Martha's. I could just imagine
her discussion with Martha. Martha would encourage
her to accept my offer. Telling her that it was after
all 'only a blowjob' that it wasn't 'real sex' that I
was asking for. I could imagine Debbie's look of
shock and horror when she discovered that the slightly
older 'normal' looking mother of three who was
watching her children during the day was also
regularly fucking their landlord instead of paying

I pulled Debbie's mouth from my cock and watched the
line of drool dripping from her slack puffy lips.

"Finish me with your ass." I told her. I really
loved the disgusted look she gave me, even after she'd
accepted being a 'rent whore' she still hating getting
it up the ass. Which is one reason I fucked her there
so often. Despite her continuing abhorrence for this
particular sex act Debbie stood up and, after hiking
up her skirt (my rent whores are required to ware
skirts and not allowed to ware panties around the
trailer park) turned her back to me and, resting her
hands on the arms of my chair, prepared to lower her
ass onto my waiting saliva coated cock. Call me lazy,
but I much prefer to set back in my recliner and watch
one of my whores fucking herself on my cock than to
turn them over and do the work myself.

As Debbie's still tight ass sank down onto my hard
cock I remembered watching her walk back from Martha's
trailer to her own, pause to examine the padlock on
the door, then turn and slowly walk over to where I
was setting on my porch.

"OK" Was all she said looking up at me with tears
streaming down her cheeks. I signaled for her to join
me on the porch, then, when she was standing in front
of me I slid by butt down further in the chair and
pulled the crotch of my gym shorts to the side letting
my half hard cock slip into view.

"Oh my god," Debbie gasped as she looked around,
"can't we go inside." She begged.

"Start sucking or get your brats and hit the road." I
said as I stroked my cock into full erection. Debbie
sank slowly to her knees then with an obvious
revulsion that turned me on leaned forward and placed
her lips on the end of my cock. With a sob visibly
shaking her whole body Debbie parted her lips and let
my cock slip into her mouth. This was the moment I
lived for, forcing a woman to take my cock in her
unwilling mouth. I grabbed Debbie's head and, forcing
her all the way down on my cock, felt her gag as my
cock head hit the back of her mouth. Now, months
later, her gag reflex had been completely worn out and
Debbie could deep throat me as easily as any of my
other whores.

My cock twitched inside Debbie's ass as these memories
ran through my mind. She turned to look over her
shoulder as she used her arms and legs to pump her ass
up and down on my cock shaft. Reaching up I ran my
hands over her thighs and felt her muscles trembling
with the strain of supporting her own weight while she
fucked herself on my cock. I reached under her leg
and ran my fingers over her wet open cunt.

After Debbie choked down her first helping of my cum I
kept her on her knees between my spread legs, my
softening cock still in front of her face.

"From now on," I instructed her as I reached out and
stroked her tear stained cheek, causing her to pull
away in disgust, "you'll 'pay your rent' (that being
the euphemism my rent whores use for having sex with
me) every Sunday morning before you go to church."
Then I walked her back over to the trailer and removed
the padlock. I had just turned Debbie into a rent
whore. And this afternoon I was going to send her on
another step down the spiral of whoredom.

I reached around her waist with both arms and pulled
her down hard slamming my cock into her ass and
holding it there while I spewed cum into her still
tight rear hole. After my cock stopped twitching I
gave Debbie a shove and watched her land on her just
fucked ass with a loud thump.

"By noon tomorrow you have to be moved into trailer
number twenty." I informed her as she struggled to
her feet.

"But, why?" She asked with a hurt tone as she rubbed
her butt with both hands. She was being kicked out of
the best trailer in camp, and while number twenty was
a good trailer it would require her to walk the entire
length of the trailer park every time she was required
to 'pay the rent' and every rent whore between number
twenty and my doublewide would know it every time she

"Have the other rent whores help you move." I
instructed her ignoring her question. She blushed and
her eyes flashed angrily. She hated being called a
'rent whore'. "You always have the option of moving
out." I yelled after her. I'm sure she heard my
laughter all the way back to her trailer.

The next morning I sat on my porch and watched while
the rent whores, all wearing tight halter tops and
short skirts helped Debbie move her meager belongings
to trailer number twenty. Although I could hear them
consoling her I could see in their faces the pleasure
they were having seeing Debbie fall from grace, losing
the best trailer to someone new. Debbie's humiliation
deepened when word slipped out among the rent whores
that a real professional whore was being moved into
the trailer.

After Debbie gave me the key to the trailer, I waited
just long enough for her to walk back to her new
living quarters and get a real good cry started, then
I called her and told her to get her little whore ass
back up here. Every other rent whore in the trailer
park watched as Debbie, cheeks streaked with tears,
face and neck red with humiliation and breasts heaving
with sobs walked from trailer number twenty back up to
my doublewide.

"Yes?" She asked beginning to regain some of her
composure as she stood looking up at me on my porch.
I signaled her to join me on the porch. When she was
finally standing in front of me, her face red with
embarrassment and her eyes flashing anger and
defiance, I pulled the crotch of my gym shorts aside
exposing my half-hard cock. I watched as the battle
raged inside her, submit to this humiliation that
would seal her as a 'rent whore' or get her sons and
try to find another place to live. In just a few
short months she had gotten so used to not having to
pay rent with cash, so used to having that money to
buy food and clothes for her sons, that she no longer
knew how she would live if she had to start paying
rent with money. With those thoughts showing on her
face Debbie began to slowly sink onto her knees. I
stopped her when she was about half way down.

"No." I told her. "Spread your legs a bit and bend
from the waist." Debbie looked at me with an intense
hatred that I had not seen since her first couple of
months as a rent whore. Knowing that not only every
other rent whore in the park, but anybody who drove
into the park would not only see her head bobbing up
and down in my lap, but also her spread cunt being
displayed for all, Debbie did as she was instructed.
Putting one hand on each of my thighs for support she
bent at the waist and lowered her mouth onto my
waiting cock. After pulling her skirt up to expose
her rear end I reached inside her blouse and pinched
her nipples while she moved her head up and down
taking my cock in and out of her mouth.

"From now on,-" I told her as she serviced my needs.
"-besides 'paying your rent' on Sunday morning before
church, you will 'pay your rent' on Tuesday morning
before work and on Thursday afternoon after work."
Not only was I moving her to a less 'prestigious'
trailer, I was also raising her rent. She'd now have
to fuck me more often to pay her rent. While I
enjoyed her hot wet mouth on my cock and played with
her swaying nipples I thought back over the steps I'd
taken her through.

After that first blowjob I had allowed her to suck my
cock without touching her and with her clothes on once
a week for about six weeks before I started reaching
inside her blouse and playing with her breasts while
she sucked. Her cock sucking had become very
mechanical and emotionless. The next Sunday when she
came to my doublewide I told her she would have to
strip before she sucked my cock.

"No." she had said actually stamping her foot and
crossing her arms across her chest. "I won't do it."
Tears began to flow. "I agreed to su-, to give you a
blowjob instead of paying rent, I never said anything
about letting you grope my naked body." She finished
a little weak considering I'd already been groping her
breasts during the last couple of blowjobs.

"You can either be a good rent whore, strip and suck
my cock bare ass naked, or I'll padlock your trailer
and you can take your to little twin fags and find
another place to live." I saw no reason to mince
words with her.

"I'm not a rent whore." She sobbed as the tears began
to flow. I waited, watching her for a minute, then
picked up the padlock I had waiting on the table
beside my chair and started to stand up. "No," she
sobbed as she began to unbutton her blouse, "I'll do
it." Her tears of humiliation mixed with looks of
rage and defiance as she removed one piece of clothing
after another finally standing in front of me totally

"Turn around, slowly," I ordered, "and keep your arms
down at your sides." I noticed that despite her
anger, and humiliation, or maybe because of them, her
nipples were hard and crinkled.

I removed my hands from her nipples and, placing them
on each side of her head, pushed her down harder and
harder onto my eager hard cock.

"I hope your sons don't come looking for you while
your 'paying the rent' in such a public manner." I
felt her increase the speed and depth of her head
bobbing, trying to get me off faster and get this all
too public humiliation over. But I wasn't done with
her yet.

"Now finish me with that cunt you've been showing off
to the whole world." Suppressing the anger I new was
growing inside her, the rage at being forced to not
only suck my cock publicly but to fuck me, to 'pay the
rent' where every other rent whore could see her doing
it, Debbie stood up then, holding her skirt up with
one hand, guided my cock into her open wet cunt with
the other.

Like I said before, forcing a woman to fuck when she
doesn't want to is the greatest turn on in the world.
My cock throbbed with power. While she used her legs
and arms to move, fucking herself on my cock, I leaned
forward and bit first her right then her left nipple
hard, making her cry out in pain. And, knowing how
much she hated it, I reached around with my right hand
and jammed two fingers into her ass. Then, grabbing
her by the hair, I pushed my lips to hers and fucked
her mouth with my tongue.

After holding her body tight against mine while my
cock jerked, repeatedly pumping my cum deep into her
cunt, I dumped her onto her ass on the patio. The
look of hate in her eyes, and the snarl on her lips
turned me into a fuck monster. I grabbed handfuls of
her hair and forced my cunt juice covered cock through
her mouth and into her throat where my softening cock
immediately hardened again. By this time I was in a
frenzy, fucking deep into her throat as she gasped for
air and held onto my thighs with both arms. Overcome
with a desire to abuse and humiliate the woman on her
knees in front of me, I viciously fucked her mouth and
throat, banging her lips against my pubic hair with
every stroke of my rock hard cock.

As I slam-fucked Debbie's mouth the anger and defiance
slowly faded from her eyes, being replaced first by a
begging look, then as my cock continued pounding into
her throat tears of submission began to streak down
her cheeks. Her body went limp, and her lips became
slack as I pulled her face tight against my crotch and
pumped another load of cum into her body.

With my cum still oozing from both her mouth and her
cunt I pulled Debbie to her feet and, after ripping
her blouse and skirt from her body gave her a shove on
the ass with my foot sending her stumbling naked down
the steps of my doublewide's porch.

"Now get your whore ass home." I told her as I
watched her walk down the path toward her new home
trying to cover both her naked breasts and her bare
crotch and ass with only two hands. "And clean
yourself up," I yelled after her, "I might want you to
pay more rent later this evening."

Just as Debbie's naked body disappeared around the
corner of a trailer Cathy's beat-up old car pulled
through the gate and came to a stop right in front of
my doublewide. I made a quick check to insure that my
wet, sticky; softening cock was back inside my gym
shorts then turned and waved to my new tenant and her
lovely young daughter.

"Let me get the keys," I said as Cathy rolled down the
car window, "and I'll show you your new home." After
watching Cathy park her car in front of the other
trailer as I reached through the door of my doublewide
with one hand and snagged a set of keys from a hook on
the wall, I strolled over to where Cathy and Barbie
were waiting. Despite having just fucked Debbie
twice, my cock stirred noticeably when I saw Barbie's
small young breasts displayed by a tight halter-top.

I made an effort not to stare too openly at Barbie's
firm, nubile young body as I walked her and her mother
through the trailer that would be their home. As we
turned to leave the room Barbie would be sleeping in I
suddenly realized how great it would be to have a
small camera hidden up in the corner of the ceiling.
That started me thinking about security systems, and
what a great cover they would be for installing a
video camera network. Cathy and her teen twat
daughter drove off to get some dinner as soon as I
turned the trailer keys over to them.

As soon as I got back to my doublewide I called my old
friend Jeremy. Jeremy worked in the security business
and specialized in video systems. I knew he would
hurry right over. He had sampled several of my rent
whores in the past and was always anxious to do me a
favor. Next I called Martha and told her to come over
in about an hour, to bring Sandie with her, and to be
prepared for a little partying.

I've already mentioned Martha a couple of times, she's
one of my longest standing rent whores. She's turned
into such a whore that I occasionally rent her out to
one of the local fraternities for fuck parties. I
usually rent three girls for $500.00 a night for all
the fucking they want. I give each of the girls
$100.00 and keep $200.00 for myself. Martha is such a
total fuck hound that she even went out on these jobs
when she was pregnant (she claims the kid is mine, I
say 'prove it'). You'd be surprised by how many of
these horny college boys want to fuck an obviously
pregnant woman. They requested her services so often I
had to start charging double for her. I split the
extra hundred with her fifty-fifty.

When one of these jobs comes up I drive the girls to
the party and collect the $500.00 in advance. Then I
stick around and drink their beer while they fuck my
whores. Mainly I hang around to make sure that the
boys don't get out of hand and really hurt any of my
girls. Humiliate them, sure; fuck them three at a
time, they expect it; but don't do them any real
permanent physical harm. These parties usually start
with my sluts putting on a sex show for the guys. You
know a little menage a lez-toi, a little daisy-chain
cunny-lick action followed by a good old-fashioned

Finally in the 'wee hours' of the morning, exhausted
and reeking of cum they pile back into my car and
compare notes to see who fucked the most during the
party while I drive them back to my trailer park. By
the time I get back to my doublewide I'm so horny from
watching my whores fuck all night I call one of my new
young fresh rent whores and make her fuck me two or
three times before I'd be ready to go to sleep. By
the time Jeremy arrived I'd already worked myself into
a frenzy thinking about my plans to spy on all of my
whores. I'd finally get to find out which ones of
them were handing out nookie without my getting a cut.

"Here's what I want to do..." I said getting us a
couple of beers and walking back out to the porch. I
explained my idea for a comprehensive 'security'
system for all my trailers, which would include small
hidden cameras in each room of each trailer and a
control center in the spare room of my doublewide
where I could keep an eye on everything. "I know
that's going to take a while to get installed," I said
after we had agreed on a price consisting of part cash
and part the services of my rent whores, "but I've
got to get a camera into that little teen twat's room

"I've got just the thing," Jeremy replied, "-how much
longer do we have before they come back?"

"Not long," I said looking at my watch, "How long will
it take?"

"Only two or three minutes for this," He grinned,
"it's just temporary, but it'll let you watch her
getting dressed and undressed until we get the
permanent system in."

"You take care of that," I suggested as I snagged the
master keys from the hook just inside the door and
tossing them to him, "-and when you get back over here
I'll have a couple of hot wet cunts that need some
good fucking waiting for you."

"Right on." Jeremy said with a grin as he took the
steps down from the porch two at a time and headed for
the trailer I'd just rented to the prostitute and her
teenage twat daughter. I chugged the last of the beer
from the bottle then, after chucking the empty into a
fifty-gallon oil drum turned trash can that was almost
full of empty brown bottles, turned to go back inside
my double-wide to call my two whores and tell them to
get their skinny little whore butts over to my trailer
for some fucking when they walked around the corner.

"Wow." Not brilliant, I know, but appropriate. They
were wearing matching hand crocheted bikinis. The
crochet stitches were placed so that large holes in
the garments allowed their nipples to be viewed
through the material. Some of their pubies were
actually sticking out through the holes in the bikini
bottoms. By the time the two almost naked sluts had
climbed up the stairs to the deck my cock was already
hard and peaking out from under the pant leg of my gym

"Hay stud." Martha said in a low sultry voice as she
plastered her body onto mine and, reaching between us
massaged my hard cock with her hand while we stuck our
tongues into each other's throats. We only broke our
tonsil-tickling kiss when we heard Sandie squeal in
surprise. She'd been watching us with such interest
that she had been totally unaware of Jeremy
approaching her from behind. The squeal had been
caused by Jeremy's sneaking up behind Sandie and, with
one motion put his arms around her and slip them under
her crocheted bikini top and directly onto her large
sensitive nipples, which were hardening rapidly under
his warm hands. As we watched Sandie reached back and
put one hand on each of Jeremy's hips then, leaning
back against him started grinding her barely clothed
ass against his rapidly hardening cock. A moment
later Martha, still holding onto my hard tool dropped
to her knees and slurped me into her extremely
talented mouth.

"We'd better take this inside." I said, reluctantly
pushing Martha's mouth away from my cock.

"What's the matter," Martha asked rising to her feet
and heading toward the door towing me along by my hard
rod, "you don't want to scare off the whore?"

"What do you need that whore for anyway?" She
continued as she wrapped her arms around my neck and
gyrated her crotch against my cock. "You have all
pussy you want."

"It's not the whore I'm interested in." I explained.
"Go get us a couple of beers."

"You're a pervert." She said as disappeared into my
kitchen only to re-appear moments later with four
opened bottles of beer. After placing two bottles on
the table near where Jeremy and Sandie were fondling
each others private parts Martha placed the other two
bottles on the table near where I was standing with my
hard cock still sticking out from under the leg of my
gym shorts.

"Just pretend I'm a thirteen year-old." she said as
she dropped to her knees and sucked my large hard cock
back into her mouth to finish what she had started out
on the porch. I grabbed a handful of hair on each
side of her head and fucked my cock deep into her
throat, almost blocking her lusty moans. While I
fucked my whore's mouth I watched Jeremy bend his
whore over and, after undoing his jeans and letting
them drop to the floor around his ankles, pull her
bikini bottom aside so he could force his cock into
her wet cunt from behind. Holding onto Cathy's left
hip with one hand Jeremy picked up a bottle of beer
and saluted me with it.

"Nothing better than a hot wet cunt and a cold wet
beer." He opined before lifting the bottle to his
lips and drinking from it as he slammed his hard cock
repeatedly in and out of Sandie. I smiled back at
him and pushed my cock further into Martha's throat.

"Watch this." I advised Jeremy as I held my cock in
Martha's mouth and pumped my cum onto her tongue. As
soon as my cock stopped twitching Martha grabbed her
bottle of beer from the table and, still on her knees,
leaned over the bottle and let my cum drool from her
mouth into the bottle. We watched as long strings of
cum slowly swirled towards the bottom of the bottle.
After squeegying the last of my sperm from her tongue
with the mouth of the bottle Martha held it up for all
of us to see while she swirled the bottle making the
cum strings spin around in circles inside the bottle.
After downing about half of the jizz-fortified beer
Martha handed the bottle to Sandie who was still bent
over getting fucked from behind. The sight of the
woman he was fucking drinking cum-laced beer was too
much for Jeremy who buried his cock inside her and
bucked against her ass while he emptied his cum into
her cunt.

"Just a little ice breaker my favorite whores like to
use when they work a frat party." I explained to
Jeremy as he pulled his spent cock from Sandie's wet
cunt and collapsed on the couch where he chugged the
last of his unadulterated beer his pants still down
around his ankles. Martha went to the kitchen for
another round of beers then, after handing bottles to
Jeremy and myself she pushed Sandie back into a chair.
Sandie leaned back in the chair and welcomed Martha's
attention by lifting and spreading her legs opening
her cum dripping cunt for her to lick. Martha
massaged Sandie's inner thighs while she leaned
forward and, extending her tongue ran its tip up and
down the wet folds of Sandie's pussy.

"She's eating your cum out of my cunt." Sandie said as
she looked over at Jeremy who was sipping on his
second brew and smiled while Martha pushed her tongue
more deeply into her welcoming pussy. "HHMMMMM god
how I love having my cunt licked after it's been
fucked." She continued as she placed her hands on
Martha's head to hold her tongue firmly inside her.
"You know what I really like this time of day?"
Sandie asked Jeremy, whose cock was already beginning
to swell again.

"What?" Jeremy asked softly as he watched Sandie
moving her hips humping her cunt against Martha's
face. I had to remind him to finish his beer.

"I just love getting fucked, then having my cunt
licked by a real expert pussy eater like Martha then,"
Sandie paused, licked her lips then moaned as she
jerked her hips fucking herself on Martha's mouth,
"then..oh god, yes, right there, oh god yes," Sandie
leaned her head back and moaned loudly as Martha
sucked and licked her clitoris. "don't stop, oh god
yes, don't ever stop," I almost laughed at Jeremy,
setting with his beer forgotten in his hand halfway to
his mouth, his pants still down around his ankles, and
his cock now rock hard again sticking straight up in
the air.

"Then, oh god, then I need to have my ass fucked to
really finish me off right." When Sandie said that
Jeremy's cock twitched so hard I thought he was going
to cum right then. Sandie looked over at Jeremy with
her best 'innocent little girl' look on her face.
"Mister," she asked while she humped her crotch
maniacally against Martha's face, "could you fuck my
ass for me?" Letting Martha's head go Sandie stood up
and walked over to the couch where Jeremy was setting
then with expert skill turned her back toward him and,
after reaching between her legs to hold his cock,
lowered her ass onto his hard rod.

"Oh god your so big," she said looking back over her
shoulder at him and still using her little girl voice,
"I'm not sure I can take it all." She finished as his
cock slipped easily into her well used ass hole. "Oh
god, I've never had a cock this big in my ass before."
Martha and I struggled to keep from laughing out loud,
we'd both seen Sandie do this act before. She always
did this show for the groom when I rented her out for
a bachelor party. Sandie leaned back so she was lying
on top of Jeremy as she gyrated her ass on his cock.

"Could you," she asked, "finger my cunt for me?"
Always the gentleman Jeremy immediately reached around
her with both arms and began to fuck two fingers of
his right hand in and out of her well fucked and well
licked pussy while he pinched and pulled on her large
nipple with his left hand.

"Oh god yes," Sandie continued as she fucked her ass
on his cock, "you really know how to fuck a woman."
After a minute or two Sandie put her hand on his

"Do you mind," she asked him as she gently pulled his
fingers out of her cunt, "if I get Jim to fuck my cunt
while you working on my ass?"

"Ah, no, I guess not." Jeremy replied his mind by
this time having been turned nearly to mush by his
lust. Martha had already made sure that my cock was
hard and ready to go again when the invitation came.
I positioned myself between Sandie and Jeremy's legs
and crouched down while Martha held my hard cock and
directed it into Sandie's hot cunt. Jeremy gasped in
surprise when he felt my cock slip into Sandie's

"My god," He said in surprise as he struggled to look
around Sandie's body, "I can actually feel your cock
as you fuck in and out of her." While Jeremy and I
fucked Sandie Martha knelt down and sucked on Sandie's
nipples working them up to their full erect glory.
Sandie kept up a steady flow of moans, groans and
comments on how big we were and how great it felt for
us to both fuck her at the same time. Even though I
new she was a whore, and putting on an act it still
excited me to hear her say it. I felt Jeremy's cock
pulsing in her ass as he dumped his cum into her and
followed right behind filling her cunt again. After
we got our bodies untangled my two whores kissed me on
my cheek and left.

"Now," I said to Jeremy as we recuperated over another
round of brew, "if the cameras were installed I bet
we'd see those two in bed together for the next hour
or so."

"They're lezzies?" Jeremy asked with an unbelieving

"No," I assured him, "they're just insatiable fuck
machines who play with each other when the men aren't
around." I don't know why he was worried about them
being lezzies, but he seemed to be reassured. "Now
how do I watch that little teenage twat?" Jeremy
pulled his pants back on as he stood up, and fastened
them before walking over to his briefcase and
retrieving a small box with various shaped plug
receptacles on the back. There was also a power cord
hanging from it as well as a couple square buttons on
the front.

"I'm doing to hook this up between your cable box and
your VCR," he explained as he sorted out the tangled
cords that went with the box, "that way you can record
whatever happens."

"Great idea." I said giving him a comradely pat on
the back.

"Actually," he continued working as he talked, "I put
a camera and a microphone in each of the bedrooms.
They each transmit a weak signal on a different
frequency so you'll be able to switch back and forth
between them." While he had talked he had turned my
VCR and cable box around and was quickly rearranging

"It's a good thing these trailers are so close
together." Placing his box on top of the cable box he
turned them all around facing the way they were
supposed to then picked up the power cord and started
looking for an outlet.


"Why what?" He asked leaning over searching for a
place to plug in the plug.

"Why is it a good thing the trailers are so close

"Because," Jeremy answered as he finally found an
empty receptacle and plugged in the cord, "we can
keep the power turned down on the transmitters so
there's less chance of somebody else picking up the

"Not much chance of that." I chuckled. "The kind of
trailer park I own doesn't usually have a lot of other
people living nearby."

"Well," Jeremy continued, "it will also make the
batteries last longer."

"Great," I said moving him towards the front door of
my doublewide, "so your crew will start tomorrow,

"Yea, we'll be here in the morning."

"You want to go visit Sandie for a few minutes before
you leave?" Jeremy looked back and forth between his
parked van and the trailers, it was obvious that he
was giving it serious thought.

"Nah," he finally said with an air of resignation,
"the wife is waiting at home." He gave one long last
longing look in the direction of the trailers then
with a resigned shrug climbed into his van and drove
off. 'What a putz." I thought as I turned and walked
back inside my doublewide. First thing I did was to
rearrange the boxes on the TV so the spy box would be
closer to my chair so that, if I stretched, I could
reach the switch to change back and forth between the
whore-cam and the teen twat-cam without having to
actually get out of my chair. I checked out the two
cameras and even thought the rooms were getting dark I
could see enough to tell that I had a good view of
both the whore's bed and the teen twat's bed. I
started to get wood just watching their empty rooms on
the television and imagining what I would see after
they got home. I pulled the crotch of my gym shorts
aside so I could stroke myself while I day dreamed
about how great it was going to be when I could watch
every one of my whores in bed.

I jumped almost like I was guilty of something when I
heard Cathy's car pull into the park and come to a
stop in the gravel in front of her trailer. I made
sure the spy box was set to the camera in teen twat's
room and saw the image brighten noticeably as other
lights were turned on in the trailer. I could hear
their voices well enough to tell they were having an
argument, but not well enough to here what they were
actually saying.

Teen twat's room was suddenly flooded with light and
Barbie, the teen twat herself, walked into the room
carrying a box of stuff that she put on the bed then
started sorting through the stuff, pausing with each
item to decide where in her new room it should go. A
routine she had obviously done many times before. I
continued stroking myself gently while I watched the
slut in training putting her stuff away in the room.

I switched the box to the whore-cam just in time to
see her walk into the room naked drying herself with a
bath towel. Her breasts were nice, and her cunt was
shaved clean for that 'little girl' look her customers
probably loved, but all-in-all I preferred watching
the teen twat in her tight shorts and T-shirt cut off
just below her just starting to grow breasts. While I
watched the whore put on what could pass for a
cocktail waitress uniform.

"...if he thinks," I heard her talking to herself as
she sat on the bed and combed out her still damp hair,
"that I'm going to start fucking him for my rent like
these other women are obviously doing..." Her voice
faded as she moved further away from the microphone.
It really surprised me how much it was turning me on
watching these people when they didn't know they were
being watched. I decided I'd have to let at least
Martha in on the secret so I'd have somebody to fuck
while I was spying on everyone else. The whore left
her bedroom, so I switched from the whore-cam back to
the teen twat-cam just in time to see her enter her
daughter's room.

"I'm going to work now," she announced, "I'm working
the late shift at the club."

"That's right," I said out loud to the TV screen,
"tell her you're a cocktail waitress so you won't have
to cop to sucking cock for a living." As I watched
the whore told her twat daughter to put things away,
behave herself, not to let anyone in (especially that
sleazball who rented us this trailer, she had added)
and not to stay up too late. Teen twat pretty much
ignored a speech she obviously got every time her
mother went out to earn a little spending money with
her cunt.

"Come on little cunt," I continued talking to the
screen after I heard the whore leave in her car, "take
off your clothes and let me see what you're hiding
under there." Almost as if she had heard me the teen
twat stripped off her T-shirt and her shorts then,
unfortunately left the room before I could get a good
look at her naked young body. What I did manage to
see made my hard cock spasm in anticipation. Her
small developing breasts formed almost perfect cones
that were not yet big enough to start sagging. They
were topped with two silver dollar sized aureoles with
prominent nipples sticking up from the center of each
one. She left the room to quickly for me to see how
much cunt hair she had. I heard the shower start and
decided it was a perfect time to grab a beer. With my
hard cock sticking out from underneath my gym shorts
begging for a hot tight hole to fuck, I walked into
the kitchen and got a cold one from the fridge.
Setting back down in my chair, I watched the empty
room and sipped my beer while I waited.

Just as I sucked that last swallow of brew from the
bottle and was considering getting another from the
fridge the teen twat walked back into the room
toweling her naked still wet body. She had another
one warped in one of those 'towel turbans' that women
love so much when their hair is wet. My cock throbbed
into full erect-ness as soon as she appeared. Tossing
the towel she was drying her hard young body with
aside, she dug down to the bottom of her box and
pulled out a book then, laying down on the bed, her
head propped up on pillows, she began to read the book
while she lounged with her legs spread, her young
almost hairless slit pointing almost directly into the

The camera was too far away for me to read the title
of the dog-eared paper back, but soon after she
started reading her other hand started roaming over
her body, paying special attention to her nipples,
then running down across her flat tummy to her wide
spread crotch. The little twat teased herself,
repeatedly running her hand down to her cunt then back
up to her breasts. Several times she would flip
forward several pages in the book then continue
reading. She obviously knew where all the 'good
parts' were. I played my own little game while I
watched the teen twat pleasuring herself. I only
stroked my cock when she was playing with her pussy.
When she was caressing her breasts, pinching her
nipples or whenever her hand was anywhere except on
her cunt, I would refrain from stroking my hard
throbbing cock.

My little teen twat had apparently discovered
masturbation quit some time ago, she was very good at
it. She managed to drag the process out for almost an
hour before she put the book down to concentrate
single-mindedly on her greedy cunt. I timed it
perfectly and started shooting cum all over myself
just as her orgasm started. After a few minutes of
after-cum 'cuddling' with herself the teen twat
crawled under the blankets and turned the lights off.
In spite of my orgasm, watching the teen twat fuck
herself left me so hot that I just had to have some
more fucking before I'd be able to relax enough to get
to sleep. I called Debbie I figured I'd humiliate her
some more, fuck her still-tight ass then send her back
home to her down-scaled living accommodations.

"Get your whore ass over here right now." I said as
soon as she picked up the phone, then hung up before
she could back talk to me. After I hung up I had a
really brilliant idea and called Betty. "Come over to
my trailer in about five minutes." I told her.

"Great." She purred into the phone. I haven't told
you about Betty yet. Betty was only seventeen and had
a young daughter. She had moved into one of my
trailers about a year before when she was sixteen and
her kid was less than a year old. Betty had turned
whore almost immediately, unreservedly grateful for
the opportunity to live in a trailer park where she
had all of these older woman to help her raise her
daughter and more than happy to fuck me for the
privilege. It must have been shower time for the rent
whores, Debbie showed up with her hair wet wearing a
terry cloth robe.

"This is not my night to pay the rent." She informed
me as soon as she was inside the front door.

"Get your ass over here." I ordered. "From know on
you will pay your rent whenever and where ever I tell
you to." When she stopped in front of me I pulled her
robe open and looked at her naked body for long enough
to make her face turn red with embarrassment.

"You're learning." I told her as I pushed my hand
between her legs. She spread her legs, giving me
access you her cunt without being told.

"I like it when you show up naked and ready to fuck."
I pushed a finger into her and rubbed her already
swelling clitoris with my thumb.

"Now turn around and bend over." I ordered as I
pulled my finger from her rapidly lubricating pussy.
I pulled her robe down her arms and let it fall to the
floor, then squeezed some industrial strength fuck lub
on my finger and pushed it into her ass. I pulled the
crotch of my gym shorts to the side then, grabbed her
hips with both hands.

"Now set your ass down on my hard cock, slut." I felt
her body jerk when I called her a slut. As she
lowered her butt I directed my cock toward the
lubricated entrance to her tight little ass hole. It
wasn't her first time, and despite the fact that she
wouldn't admit it yet, she was beginning to enjoy the
treatment. I love this position, it allows me to
watch as my cock sinks slowly into the whores rear.
Once I was buried inside her tight hot ass I pulled
her back so she was laying on top of me looking up at
the ceiling then told her to rest her feet on the arms
of my recliner. About that time Betty came though the
front door. Betty needed no instructions, she dropped
her robe and walked naked across the room to kneel
between my legs.

"No," Debbie started to protest, trying to set up, "I
won't do anything with another woman." I had my arms
around her and my cock buried in her ass; she couldn't
go anywhere. Betty was on her knees and had her face
in Debbie's crotch before Debbie had quit talking.

"Here's how this little game works," I told Debbie as
I mauled her breasts, "I'm going to lie here and watch
Betty lick your cunt." Debbie was scowling and still
struggling in protest. "Betty's going to make you cum
over and over until your orgasm induced ass spasms
make me shoot your ass full of cum."

"This is going too far." Debbie said almost in tears.
"I don't want to do this." She was holding her body
stiff, concentrating on not reacting to the tongue
work of Betty.

"The best part," I told her pinching her nipples until
she winced, "is that the more you fight and refuse to
cooperate, the longer I get to have my cock stuck up
your ass while I watch hot lezzie sex." There was a
reason I had picked Betty for this assignment. She
fucked both men and women with the same joy and
abandon and was one of the best cunt lickers I'd ever
had the privilege to know. I have yet to meet the
woman, gay or straight who didn't respond to Betty's
tongue work. I cold already feel Debbie's body begin
to relax as Betty's tongue did its magic dance in and
around her cunt and clitoris. As an extra bonus Betty
reached down and massaged my balls while she worked on
Debbie's pussy. It was almost funny how fast Debbie's
hips started pumping up an down, humping her cunt
against Betty's talented mouth and working her ass up
and down on my hard cock.

"Oh god, yes," Debbie screamed as her first cum
crashed over her body in less then three minutes after
Betty's mouth touched her pussy lips. Betty kept
working her like a musician plays a fine instrument
taking her over one orgasmic peak after another,
keeping her ass bouncing up and down on my cock while
her sphincter muscle tightened and loosened on my hard
shaft with each wave of orgasmic joy that surged
through her heaving naked body. Betty quite massaging
my balls, and a moment later after drenching her
finger in Debbie's overflowing cunt juice, began to
work her fingertip into my ass. I no longer had to
hold Debbie down; she wasn't going anywhere.

Betty continued to play Debbie like a virtuoso plays a
Stradivarius violin, pushing her into orgasm after
orgasm each one causing her ass to massage my hard
cock like a tight, well-trained mouth. By the time I
finally emptied another load of cum deep into her ass
Debbie was laying on top of me as limp as a dishrag
and panting like she'd just run a couple of miles.
Betty sat back on the floor and enjoyed the sight of
Debbie's open wet cunt and cock-filled ass while we
waited for my softening cock to slip from Debbie's
still twitching hole. After my cock finally slipped
from her cum drooling ass, Debbie continued lying
limply on top of me. Betty moved closer and when
Debbie moaned I could only assume that Betty was
inserting a finger or two where my cock had just been.
Knowing Betty's proclivities I placed a hand under
each of Debbie's knees then, pulling her legs both
further up and further apart, opened her even further
for Betty's ministrations while holding her firmly in
place for what was to come. Debbie had been left on
the verge of cum induced delirium when I pumped my
sperm into her rear, and it took her a few minutes to
realize what was happening to her.

"How far are you?" I asked Betty when Debbie started
moaning her objections and struggling to free herself
from my iron grip.

"Three fingers," Betty informed me, "I'm just now
working my pinkie in." Having seen Betty, both being
fisted and fisting other women's cunts and asses, I
could easily picture the sight of Debbie's sphincter
stretching to accommodate the increasing number of
fingers Betty was forcing inside her.

"No," Debbie begged through a loud moan, "please, no."
Was all she could get out, followed by moans of
discomfort as Betty's hand pushed further and further
into her rear. I'd seen Betty do this trick before,
and knew beyond doubt that Debbie was in for the ride
of her life. Betty was not cruel, she made sure to
apply lubricant liberally to her hand as it slipped
further inside her 'victim'. Debbie continued to
moan, and beg us to stop, telling us over and over how
much it hurt. When her hand was almost all the way in
Betty leaned forward and resumed her tongue work on
Debbie's cunt and clitoris. Slowly twisting and
pushing with her hand, sliding it deeper and deeper
inside Debbie's stretched sphincter, Betty sucked on
Debbie's clitoris and licked deep inside Debbie's
sensitive cunt with her talented tongue.

Once her had was planted completely inside Debbie's
ass Betty held it still while she concentrated on
urging Debbie closer and closer to another orgasm.
Soon, as the pleasure of the expert oral manipulation
of her genitals mixed with the extreme discomfort of
having a hand inside her bowels for the first time,
Debbie slowly began to move her hips in small fucking
motions pushing her cunt against Betty's talented
tongue and moving her ass ever so gently on Betty's
fist. The moans of discomfort and pain slowly evolved
into moans of pleasure as her orgasmic peak

With expert timing Betty pulled her hand out of
Debbie's ass in one swift motion just as Debbie's
orgasm reached its peak, leaving Debbie a screaming
quivering mass, babbling incoherently in my lap, as
the pain/pleasure of her first fisting orgasm turned
her mind inside out just as she felt that her body was
also being turned inside out. I think she actually
lost conciseness for a few minutes. Betty and I
helped her to her feet and set her down on the couch
while we waited for her body to stop trembling with
after-cum spasms. Debbie watched with a glassy eyed
stare as I sat down beside her and Betty, once again
down on her knees, sucked my cock into her expert
mouth to relieve me of the erection I had obtained
while helping her rape Debbie's ass with her fist.

"Now," I said after dumping my last load of cum for
the day on Betty's tongue, "Betty is going to take you
home." I stood up and pulled Debbie up onto her still
shaky legs. "She's going to go to bed with you."
Debbie was still too 'out of it' to protest. I put
Debbie's arm over Betty's shoulder as Betty slipped
her arm around Debbie's waist, then I draped their
robs over Betty's other arm. "She's going to teach
you how to lick pussy like an expert." I informed
Debbie as I watched the two naked rent whores walk
down the steps from the porch of my doublewide and
head down the path toward Debbie's trailer.
"Remember," I yelled after them, "you owe her a whole
shit-load of orgasms."

Then I went off to bed where visions of masturbating
teen twats danced in my head while I drifted off to


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