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Collected by Djian
updated oct 25 - 2008

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M+/fm, , nc, Rape, Interr, TG, Exhib, Slavery

Kidnapped on Their Wedding Night
By Ted E. Bear

Considering their bad living conditions,
the leader decided to capture a slave or
two to serve his gang's daily needs.

Kidnaped on Their Wedding Night
M+F, M+M, NC, Rape, I/R, TG, Exhib, Slavery

Chapter 1 - Capture and 1st Day

This story is fiction, and should be treated as such.
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The Hogs were known as a vicious, dangerous motorcycle gang that dealt in
drugs, guns, and just about anything else that was illegal. Most of it's
members were on someone's wanted list. Dean, the current leader had
decreed that the gang needed a whore to take of the unattached members of
the gang as some of the "old ladies" were complaining about having to
service so many of their "old man's" friends and that there should be a slave
or two to take care of most of their needs with the official "old ladies"
pitching in to help.

Dean had hatched a plan, that at first brought a lot of complaining, but the
more the gang tossed it about, the more they liked it. The plan was to grab a
bride and groom on their wedding night, hopefully with the bride still in her
wedding gown. He didn't want to just arbitrarily grab anyone, he wanted to
get a virgin bride who was at least 5'6 and built like a brick shit house. In
part so that she would be able to handle the pounding that her body was going
to get on a regular basis, and in part so that she would have the tits and ass,
that he knew his men liked. While he knew that a white girl would have been
preferable in many ways, he decided on a black girl, as her family was less
likely to try and find her, causing the gang additional problems that he didn't
feel that they needed just now. In addition, she would be told that she was to
be their sex slave, just like back in the pre-Civil War South, where she'd wear
what they gave her to wear, do what she was told to do, allow anyone to have
sex with her, except for her husband, who would have to watch as she took
on white man after white man after white man, and finally if she didn't do as
they told her, or just for their amusement, they would punish her with a public
whipping or other torture.

It was these last two ideas, that turned the gang around to agree with him and
they began checking into upcoming black weddings. They did their research
on the Internet as to up coming weddings and then checked out what the
brides looked like. It was four months before they came upon the perfect
bride. Moesha was just 18, but would turn 19 just before her wedding to
Zack, a 23 year old graduate engineering student. Zack was 5'9" and weighed
only150 pounds, putting him at a six inch and eighty pound disadvantage
over the average gang member.

Moesha, was a real black beauty at 5'8" and 120 pounds. Her long, thick,
straight (yes straight, with only a slight kink to it) hair fell to the middle of
her back. While her skin was on the dark side of the spectrum, it wasn't quite
as dark as Zack's and she actually had green eyes. While overall it could be
said that she was voluptuous, with a 39E-23-37 figure, both her arms and legs
were on the thin side and she had dainty feet and hands. Just as her enormous
tits stuck out in front of her body, her compact, protruding ass stuck out in
back. In other words she had a really sexy package to offer.

Although they were four years apart in age, they had known each other from
their neighborhood and church since they were little kids, having lived around
the corner from each other, in a lower middle class neighborhood of working
blacks. Their families attended the same hellfire and brimstone Southern
Baptist church, that preached abstaining from sex until married and not
drinking, period and both were members of the church's youth group. Their
group of neighborhood friends were all the same, getting together to play
football, base ball, go to the movies, etc.

It was easy to see what Zack fell for in Moesha's beauty, but he fell in love
with her when she was just a skinny little girl, before the curves and tits came
in because he loved her mischievous little ways and her constant giggling.
Moesha fell for the older, more mature, handsome but somewhat nerdy boy,
who seemed to be on the fast track out of this poor neighborhood. Both were
good students and Moesha had just completed her first year of college with
straight A's.

As the couple left their reception in Zack's car, the gang followed at a
discreet distance, until they got on desolate area of the expressway and then
forced the newly wed couple to the side of the road.

Zack got out of the car and just as he began to ask what's going on, one of the
gang members jammed one of those electrical zingers into his side, holding
there until the groom passed out. Moesha saw what happed and quickly
became afraid for her own safety, but at that very moment her door was
yanked open and she too was zapped into unconsciousness. The unconscious
couple was then loaded into another car and taken to the gang's hideout/club
house. While they were on their way to their destiny, two other unconscious
black kids of roughly the same height and build were put into the newly
wed's car which was then pushed over a cliff with the gas tank exploding
setting the car on fire until all that was left was burned out frame with two
sets of bones inside.

They were in luck as the bride and groom where both still in their wedding
clothes. Moesha looked absolutely beautiful in white wedding gown and veil
as she lay knocked on now on a big couch. Zack had been stripped and tied
to sturdy chair so he would have a front row view of his wife's violation and

The two came around almost at the same instant. They remembered being
kidnaped out on the highway. Zack immediately noticed that he was naked,
tied securely to a very sturdy chair that his bride was at least still dressed, but
that they were surrounded by these grubby bikers.

"You won't get away with kidnaping us!" he said bravely, considering his

"Listen Niger, we will get away with it. After we nabbed you two, we put
two other people in your car and sent it off the road, over an embankment.
You car burst into flames and is now nothing more than a burned out hulk
with the bones of one black man and one black women. Everyone will
assume that you ran off the road and crashed, killing both of you. No one's
even going to look for you!" Dean advised him.

Hearing this, Moesha sat up and said, "You mean our folks is gonna think
we're dead?"

"You got it honey!" He advised her and then went on to explain their new
status in life. "We've been short on women for some time and the wives and
girl friends have been accommodating not just their husbands and boy friends
but also all of the unattached men here. We decided that we needed a fuck
toy and you've been selected. After tonight, when all of your firsts will go to
the high bidder, attached or unattached, you will be available to any
unattached man at any time of the day or night. If you currently are not being
used, any woman who wants to have a sexual interlude with you has the next
set of rights and finally on the pecking order list of priority, any couple who
wants a three way can include you. I wouldn't count on too many of the later
two however, as there are thirty men without mates that you will constantly
be satisfying with your body."

While Dean explained this to Moesha, Zack screamed out
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" and broke into tears upon hearing his wife's
unbelievable fate.

"Listen Niger, we could have killed you, but we didn't, as we assumed the
lady wanted you around for some unknown reason. With that little shriveled
dick of yours, I have no idea why she'd want you. I thought all black men
had these big dicks, like mine." he said pulling his twelve inch semi-hard
cock out of his pants.

Moesha gasped, in fear and awe. While she remained unfucked, she had
jerked Zack off several times to keep him happy until the wedding. She
couldn't believe how much bigger than her husband's cock this white cock
sticking out not far from her face, and realized that it wasn't even fully hard
yet so that it would get bigger still. It easily had to be twice as thick and
twice as long. "How will I get something that big into my little hole?" she
thought to herself.

"You should be honored," he started up again with Moesha, "you were
actually picked over 500 other women about to be married. We thought that
you had the most to offer our little group, especially your beauty." he said,
somewhat lying about the criteria.

Zack saw the quick evil smirk as the man said that and he retorted, "You
mean you liked the size of her tits!"

"That was only part of it, but obviously you seem fixated on them Niger."
Dean came back with.

"Stop this! Both of you! You're talking like I'm not even here, like I'm a
thing not a person! I've got feelings too you know! God Damn Men!" she
spit out.

A big "Oooooo" and lots of laughing came from the assembled bikers
angering the new bride even more but she realized that she better walk a little
more carefully.

"O.K. ladies and gentleman, lets quite down and get back to the real business
of this evening, breaking in our new little fuck toy. We need to find out how
much this cute little cunt knows about sex. So Moesha, why don't you tell us
whether you've ever, sucked a guy's cock?" Dean asked.

"You can rape you all day and night, but I don't have to help you humiliate
me." she said stoically.
Just then two bikers moved over next to Zack as Dean said, "Either you tell
us or well crush Zack's balls. I can guarantee you that is quite painful. So
either you begin talking right now, or they will smash those axe handles
repeatedly into your husband's nuts, even after he's passed out."

Moesha looked over at Zack and knew that they would do what they
threatened. Zack said like a hero, "Don't worry about me, don't humiliate

Moesha couldn't take the possibility that he couldn't give her a baby if they
crushed his nuts and even more, didn't want him hurt because of her and said,
"No, I've never had oral sex."

"Since you're a virgin, I don't need to ask about fucking and don't deny it
because we suspected it before we nabbed you and checked it out after we got
you here. Have you ever taken it in the ass?" he asked.

She blushed and whispered, "No."

"I think we know what we need to know, so onto the first bid, which is really
three bids. Bid 1a is to be jerked off by her right hand, and she is right
handed. Bid 1b is to get jerked off by her left hand and bid 1c, is for fucking
her feet." Dean announced, then added, "Remember, this open to all
members, not just those who aren't attached. And ladies, don't stop your
men because you too will bid to use her later."

Everyone knew that the bidding would start at $250 this round and eventually
it wound up at $600 for getting jerked off by her right hand, $450 by the left
hand and $1,000 for her feet. The three men quickly stripped off their, shoes,
socks, pants and underwear, at least for the two who wore them. While they
were getting ready, Moesha was lifted and carried to a sturdy table built just
for her deflowering. The table was just wide enough to be under her
shoulders and hips and that's also how long it was, from shoulders to hips,
meaning her head, arms and legs had nothing to rest on. While two men
carried Moesha, another two picked up the chair with Zack in it and placed
him where he could see everything that was going on.

The two men getting jerked off had shorter appendages than their leader but
were just as thick as he was, while the man's cock doing her feet was slightly
thinner but longer. She couldn't believe how well endowed these men were
and knew that it would make things tougher on her virgin body. The men
standing on either side of her, each picked up a hand and placed it on their
cocks, the contrast of her black hand on their white cock was stark, further
turning the men on. Moesha, without having to be told, instinctively wrapped
her hands around the offered pricks, but couldn't get her short fingers all the
way around either one of them. Her hands felt warm on the fully erect white
cocks that she was now holding tightly in her hands and both men could also
feel the warmth of her small hands on their tools. The men had positioned
themselves so that as she jerked them off, their pricks were pointed right at
her veiled face. She didn't immediately begin moving her hands up and
down their shafts until the men simultaneously began moving her hands for

The man getting ready to fuck her feet, was taking more time, as he first
removed her high heeled white shoes, and then removed her stockings. First
he raised her skirt up to her waist, displaying her tiny, virtually transparent
white thong, panties and then he unhooked her stockings from her white silk
and lace garter belt, slowly rolling them down her legs as he rubbed and
pinched the insides of her thighs as he did so, making her tremble and moan,
much to her husband's dismay. After removing both of her stockings, he
lifted each foot, one at a time, to his nose and smelled them. Then he sucked
her toes, licking between them, further arousing the highly religious, black
bride, making her juices flow so copiously that her pantied crotch was now

One of the members guarding Zack, pointed his bride's arousal out to him,
warning him not to say anything if he didn't want an axe handle to the ribs.
Zack sat there, fuming over how his wife could get so turned on by all of this
unwanted, despicable attention.

As if reading his mind, Dean came over and asked softly, "Don't understand
how this can turn her on?"

Zack didn't answer quick enough, and one of the other gang members hauled
back and slugged him in the stomach so hard that he knocked all of the air out
of Zack's lungs.

Dean then asked again, looking the man in the face, "Well Niger, do you or
don't you understand how she can get so turned on by doing this?"

Zack being still winded, simply shook his head no.

"Hey you guys stop for a second!" Dean ordered.

The two men getting jerked off made Moesha stop jerking on their cocks
while the other man hadn't started yet, simply looked over at them.

"Remember this is in part a show. Entertainment for our members. Moesha,
I can see that your panties are soaked and your nipples are really erect, tenting
your dress. Are you getting turned on by this? You know the sexual
attention of three real men, not like the small dicked husband you have over
here." Dean asked the captive bride.

She didn't even hesitate, shaking her head she said, "No."

"Then why is your pussy so wet, your nipples so hard and your breath is
getting ragged?" he asked.

"I don't know." she replied.

"I don't think that you're getting a little turned on, I think you're getting
turned on a lot, and so does Zack here. He's getting all mad and sulky about
you're getting so turned on playing with the white boys' cocks. He obviously
doesn't think if things were reversed that he'd be turned on. I'm going to
show him and you just how wrong he is. Darlene, come over here and give
our new friend Zack one of your best blow jobs ever. Getting right on the
edge of cuming then leave him alone. Let's see if, as he is suggesting, that he
won't get turned on." Dean announced.

Darlene was young also, just a few years older than Moesha. She was a blue
eyed blonde, who had a body that made her look like a live Barbie doll, tall
and thin with huge tits. Like Moesha, she too had been kidnaped and used as
a sex toy, until she fell in love with one of the members, and then she became
an "old lady".

She started off stripping off her t-shirt and unhooking her bra, to expose her
gigantic tits to the newly wed groom. She rubbed her jugs over his face and
made him suckle her nipples before moving down to his cock. His resolve
wasn't doing very well as he was already semi-erect, which pointed out by
Dean in an on going commentary of what was happening, mainly for
Moesha's benefit, or detriment, depending on your prospective.

Darlene wrapped her tits around his stiffening black cock, making sure that
her nipples just touched his belly. Then she moved her chest up and down on
his shaft until it was totally hard, a point Dean made sure that everyone
assembled knew about. She then went down on him, easily sucking his
average sized cock fully into her experienced mouth and began bobbing her
head up rapidly up and down on the black shaft, getting him real quickly right
to the edge and all of a sudden just stopped, making Zack moan, as he was so
close to shooting off, but now with no stimulation, there was no chance of

"See Niger! You don't have to love, or even like someone to biologically
respond to the right stimulation. Your wife is going to do a lot of responding,
because we know how to stimulate a woman. She'll respond to us like a
bitch in heat, which is exactly how we want to keep her, as hot as a bitch in
heat, constantly in search of another cock to be shoved into one of her holes,
and sometimes all of her holes. Because we know how to do this, as the
saying goes, don't try this at home. While she may love you, and respond to
you out of this love after we release you two years from now, she'll never
respect that puny thing that you call a cock." grabbing his own tool, he
continued, "This is a cock, what you have is a pee pee, a little dick. Your
little dick will never stimulate her like our cocks can and will till she'll be
ruined for having sex with you ever again, she'll be so stretched out that
she'll never even really feel your cock inside of her. I intend to prove that the
longer that you're with us, but that's for another time and place. Now guys,
resume having your fun."

Moesha began jerking the two cocks off that were still in her grasp, while the
third man picked up her feet, placing his semi-hard cock between the arches
of her dainty feet, immediately pulling her feet up and down his shaft as he
humped his cock in rhythm with her feet's movement. It wasn't long before
all three of their cocks began leaking their pre-fuck lubricant, which got all
over both of her hands and feet, making her cringe in disgust as she continued
pumping the cocks in her hands while man down below moved her feet while
pumping his hips.

The men she was jerking off were nearing their peak and kept demanding that
she pump them faster and harder. They also warned her that even while they
were cuming, that she better not slow down and to keep their cocks pointed
right at her face. Good thing that they warned her, because right after the
warning, first the man on right followed almost immediately by the one on
her left began cuming. Their sperm flew smacking right into her veil, and
leaking through onto her face. Both men shouted their encouragements,
telling her to just keep pumping their cocks until they told her otherwise.

Moesha, had never felt so humiliated in her entire life. Her gorgeous,
expensive veil was now covered in sperm from the two men she had just been
forced to beat off, and right in front of her husband to boot. She couldn't
even look at him she was so embarrassed. Just as the last bit of cum dribbled
out of the cock in her left hand, she felt something wet on the inside of her
thigh. At first it didn't register, but as the second blast struck her thigh, right
below her pussy, the excess running downwards, she realized the man
fucking her feet was cuming on her legs. By the time that the three men were
finished with her, her face, hands, feet and thighs were covered in sperm, and
Moesha lay there crying that she would get raped on her wedding night like

After he came on her feet, with his cum covering them and her legs, she was
made to roll her stockings back onto her legs, attach them to her garters and
then put her white high heels back on. She grimaced as she stood in her heels
now filled with cum.

Dean next bid off the rights to be the first to get a blow job from the new
bride, who not only had never done so before, but thought that it was a
disgusting act, something that only animals did. He wanted to be her first but
let the bidding continue until it slowed down and then bid $200 more than the
last bid, and won the prize.

Two men picked her up, placing her down in front of their leader on her
knees. The position also placed her less than a foot in front of her husband,
sideways, so he could see her swallow Dean's entire long, thick cock. Dean
quickly got naked from the waist down and stood in front of the new bride,
who looked at his white cock in fear, that it would choke her to death taking it
all the way into her "mouth and throat" as they had advertized this bid.

Fortunately for her, he was not fully erect yet. He talked her through the
entire ordeal. First she had to get his cock under her sperm covered veil, then
lick it all over to lubricate it with her spit. Then she had to lick his entire ball
sack before sucking, one, then the other then both of his balls into her mouth,
as her husband watched in disbelief that his innocent young bride could do
such filthy, vile acts with a stranger.

As Dean kept sneaking looks while Moesha worked on his cock and balls and
he instructed her what to do next, he noticed Zack's disgust over what she
was doing and knew exactly how to handle it, after he was finished getting
her to suck him off. He finally stopped her ball playing and made her lick his
shaft again to get it real slick. Before she took him into his mouth, he
reminded her that he was in control, and that she had better do what he told
her to do, when he told her to do it, with no delays, and do it the way he told
her to do it.

She then raised up, opening her mouth wide, and started taking this stranger's
cock into her virgin mouth. He told her to take an additional inch, back off
three inches, take four, back three, take an additional four and not to stop
until her lips were pressing into his belly, his cock fully impaled in her throat.
For a beginner, Moesha didn't do too bad, but she had gagged and backed off
before she should have twice. As much as his thick cock stretched her throat
out, showing evidence of his cock deep inside of it, she eventually managed
to get all of his cock into her mouth and press her lips to his belly. She was
then ordered to pull off as fast as she could until just the head of his cock was
still inside of her mouth. Then, without even pausing, to ram her mouth and
throat back down onto the cock until her lips were again pressed up against
his belly. She was told to keep this up, even as he came in her mouth, until
she had made him cum twice inside of her mouth. She was also told that she
better swallow every last drop of his sperm or he'd think that she didn't like
his sperm, which would hurt his feelings, and earn her a punishment

Moesha may have totally disliked what she was forced to do, but it was like
some hidden animal instinct took over, as she rapidly moved her mouth up
and down his shaft, her tongue flicking rapidly back and forth along the
underside of his huge cock as it slid over her tongue. It may not have been
the best blow job that Dean had ever been given, but it certainly was a good
one, surprisingly so considering Moesha's inexperience and vocal disgust at
having to do it. While she rapidly bobbed her head up and down on his long,
thick, steel hard shaft, Darlene, explained how she could tell that a man was
about to cum in her mouth and what she had to do to swallow it all.

As he began to spray his first load into her loudly sucking mouth, Dean
announced so everyone knew for sure that he was dumping his first load into
her, "Cuuuuuuummmmmminggggggg!"

Moesha had to really work hard to swallow it all, so as not to get punished,
but this is where her inexperience caused her to fail and some squirted out of
the corners of her lips. But like a trooper, she didn't miss a beat, afraid that
any and every infraction would cause these beasts to punish her, and she was
sure that they got some sort of a sadistic kick out of punishing a woman, and
was also sure that it would probably be both painful and sexual in nature.
Dean only noticed a temporary, slight softening, but quickly returned to a
fully erect state, as she continued sucking rapidly up and down his long shaft,
moving him towards his second orgasm and an end to her ordeal.

Dean used to plenty of sex and rougher sex, was able to hold out quite a long
time before he came for the second time. He used this time to embarrass and
humiliate both of their captives as he droned on and on about how good a
cock sucker Moesha already was, telling them how good everything that she
did was, and indicated that within a month she'd, be a world class cock
sucker. When he blew his second load into her sucking mouth, he again
hollered out, "Cuuuuuuummmmmminggggggg!", but this time, instead of
letting her continue moving up and down his shaft, he grabbed her by the
back of her head, forced her all the way down onto his spewing shaft and held
her there, until he emptied his balls into her mouth.

When he let go of her head she pulled fully off of him, choking and sputtering
and gasping for air. She was immediately lifted and placed in front of her
husband. Dean told her to passionately kiss him, to let her husband know
how much she loved him, and to lift her veil in doing so. Moesha was feeling
quite green behind the gills after having Dean's huge rod impaling her throat
and swallowing two loads of his salty cum. She quickly realized that she was
going to barf, and tried to turn away and pull away so she wouldn't do it all
over her husband, but two members held her tight in position just over his
face as all of the food that she had eaten at the reception plus a good amount
of cum spewed out of her mouth, spraying her husband on his face and head,
then dripped down onto his shoulders, back and chest.

For several minutes the gang just laughed and made jokes about Zack, how he
looked and smelled and how Moesha needed to learn to hold her sperm.
When the laughing ended, Zack was taken outside, still tied to his chair, and
sprayed down with a pressure cleaner, then brought back in.

"Moesha, you made several punishable mistakes while sucking me off."
Dean advised the captive bride. "You hesitated several times about going
further down on my cock and then when I came the first time, you didn't
swallow all of it, some of it sprayed out of your mouth. For your crimes
against my gang and me, you've earned yourself 100 whacks across your
nipples with this wicked looking paddle. However, because it's your
wedding day and you've been doing all of the work, so far, we'll allow Zack
over here to take your punishment for you. If you elect to take her
punishment, you'll suck one cock while getting it up the ass by another. Are
you going to let your poor wife who's already had to beat off two strangers,
while a third fucked her feet on his massive dong, and then she had to suck
me off, twice, take 100 wacks with this vicious paddle or are you going to
play queer for us."

Zack was a homophobic, really afraid to ever have anything to do with gay
men, even just talking to them. Now this man was asking him if he wanted to
be one, to save his wife an excruciating whipping of her really sensitive
nipples. He wasn't sure that he could do it. Dean noticed the uncertainty in
the man's eyes.

Moesha looked her husband straight in the eyes and pleaded hyterically,
"ZACK! My god, they're talking about paddling my nipples 100 TIMES!
You can't make me go through that! Please Zack, do it!"

Dean added, "Listen Niger, if you think this is a one time thing, you're
wrong. While Moesha here will become out fuck toy, you'll be made into a
sissy boy, wearing makeup like a woman, a corset with a bra built in to make
you shapelier, rubber boobs to fill the bra cups, garter belts, stockings,
dresses, and panties. Then we'll prostitute you out to the gay crowd where
you'll get to be as good a cock sucker as your wife and have your ass filled
with so much cock that it will never shrink back to size. So really choice
isn't whether you're going to suck cock and take it in the ass, but whether you
do it today and save your wife the pain of a nipple punishment, which I can
guarantee you will be extremely painful for her, or put off the inevitability for
two days, when we start pimping your services. So what's it going to be, a
little humiliation on your wedding day or let your pain be painfully

Zack relented and agreed to take her torture for her. As he was untied from
the chair, he attempted to get away and was stopped by a fist to his face,
breaking his nose, making him bleed. Without attending to his bleeding nose
he was led to boxy sort of device. He was pushed forward over it and his
back secured in place by a leather strap drawn over it and cinched tightly in
place. His wrists and ankles were then also secured in place. A ring gag,
attached to a full head harness, was forced into his mouth, which forced his
jaws fully open, and cinched tightly behind his head, biting into the edges of
his mouth. With his mouth fully open, a rope was attached to the D-ring on
the top of the harness and pulled back until his head was all the way back
forcing Zack to look straight ahead, thus positioning his mouth perfectly for

His mouth and ass where next auctioned off. There was nothing usual about
the man with the rights to his mouth, but someone named Donkey, won his
cherry ass.

"Damn, I'm sorry Zack!" Dean said sarcastically. "Donkey here was the
high bidder for your ass and I've got to tell you, that he makes my cock look
as small in comparison as your's does to mine. We don't usually let him near
virgin anything, but we decided to make an exception in your case, for all of
the trouble that you've caused us. Moesha, it's now your turn to return the
favor, to save your husband quite a lot of pain, and to do that, your going to
have to get his ass hole ready to take on this gargantuan cock, on that looks
like it belongs more on a large animal, instead of a man. Will you do it?"

Moesha felt that she had no choice, but agreed to do it anyway. She was
made to get down on her knees behind her husband. First she was told to eat
his ass out, by pulling his cheeks apart and then sticking her tongue into his
ass and fucking him with it. Almost as soon as her tongue was inside of him,
she could taste the foul taste of his excrement. She made a face but continued
fucking her tongue in and out of it. She was made to do this for a full ten

Then she was given a lubricant to put on her fingers and told to start off with
two fingers fucking her husband's ass. She slowly worked her long finger
nailed fingers into his tender ass and as she began moving them rapidly in and
out of his butt, she was made to twist them around inside of his guts, tearing
at the tender lining with her long, sharp nails. She was also instructed where
to press and stroke inside of his rectum, and sure enough he got real hard and
came, just from her fingering his ass hole, bringing shrieks of queer and sissy
boy, cuming while getting it in the ass. This continued as he came again with
three fingers, then with four fingers and again with her hold hand inside of his
ass, pumping him hard and fast. He was now prepared for donkey to rape his

The man getting the suck job stuck his big cock into Zack's mouth, through
the ring, as for as the head of his cock, telling Zack to lick all over it. Zack
complied but was completely disgusted at playing with the cock head of
another man with tongue, tasting his juices as they leaked out of his cock.
Suddenly he felt Donkey's enormous prick head press up against his ass, and
braced for the worse.

"This will only hurt for a week or two." Donkey joked as he pressed the head
into Zack's tight virgin passage.

Zack nearly passed out as the cock head stretched the sphincter to it's
maximum limit, and slid in, with a loud, lewd "plopping" noise. Once seated
, the two men looked at each other and nodded. They both shoved their tools
into Zack's mouth and ass, as hard and as fast as they could. Drawing a
mumbled, garbled wail from the bound man as he simultaneously took a large
cock into his throat, and had his ass excruciatingly stretched past it's limit,
tearing it open in spots and making him bleed.

The two men didn't let up on him, immediately going into a fast, hard fucks,
raping him at both ends. In spite of his painful ordeal, he sprayed his jiz three
times while being raped like a girl. He even passed out once but they were
ready for that, waiving an ammonia capsule under his nose, which quickly
brought him back to the painful reality of what he had to endure. After the
two men came inside of him, they pulled out and Dean made sure that he
knew that he too came three times, because of his attitude towards his wife's
getting turned on when she was being abused.

Next on the bidding block was Moesha's prize cherry, which went for $5,000
to one of the better endowed men, as no virgin would ever willing give her
most prized possession willingly to him, so he didn't mind paying for the
privilege, occasionally, and this was one of those occasions. He stripped and
sat in a chair similar to the one was back in. Like her first blow job, the chair
was right in front of Zack and turned slightly sideways for him to get the best
angle to watch the white cock disappear into his new bride's cunt and then
reappear, so he'd know how deep that she was taking it.

Moesha, prepared to loose her cherry, by having two of the gang's women,
hold her skirt way above her waist as she pulled her panties off. The skirt
was then released and she had to turn seven times lifting her skirt first in front
and spreading her legs, to show what she had to offer to those in front of her.
Then she dropped it in front and lifted it up in back, bending over and
spreading her legs wide to give those behind her a good view of both pussy
and ass.

After displaying herself to the gang, she walked over to the winner, still in her
wedding dress, two of the gang's women then pinned the bottom of the dress
up above her waist, so everyone could see her fucking the winner. She then
straddled his lap, lowered herself towards his cock, taking his cock in her
dainty hand and aiming it at her opening. As she lowered herself down onto
the head of his mighty prick she was stopped and told to hold still right there,
with his prick embedded inside of her.

"Now here's what we want you to do," Dean instructed, "You will plunge
down onto his cock, tearing away your virginity, as fast and as hard as you
can, not stopping until he's all the way inside of you. You'll then stir your
cunt with his dick until I tell you to begin fucking him. Put your hands
behind his head, running your fingers through his hair. Once you start
fucking him you will begin telling him how much you want him to make you
cum, how good his huge cock feels inside of you and how much you want
him to cum inside of you, getting you pregnant. Now listen to me. I don't
want to hear words like penis or pregnant, I want to hear words like cock and
prick and knocked up and bastard child. I want you to say these things in an
excited manner and they have to sound like they're coming from your heart,
in other words that you really mean it. If you don't, you'll get those nipples
paddled this time. I also want you pounding your pussy on and off of his
cock so fast and so hard, that you'll think that you're going to hurt that cock
inside of you. Is all of this clear so far?"

Moesha nodded, unable to speak as she felt the cock inside of her still virgin
pussy twitching and spasming.

"Good, then there is no excuse for making any mistakes. One last thing, as
you bounce on his pole, rub your tits against his chest. Now get moving!
Loose that cherry!" He said and slapped her hard on her ass, making her

Moesha, took a deep breath and pressed her ass down as hard as she could,
the man's cock tearing her virginity away with a painful wrench and
stretching her previously unused muscles mercilessly. Even before she
bottomed out, the air was knocked out of lungs as this stranger's cock filled
her to the brim. As soon as she got air back into her lungs, she began to
rotate her hips around and around on his huge cock, stretching her out even
more. Dean leered at her with an evil grin as he let her stir herself up for five
minutes before he gave her the signal to begin fucking the man deep inside of

She braced her feet on the floor and pushed up with all of her might, but to
her surprise, her pussy clamped down of the cock inside of it slowing her
upwards progress. As she plunged back down onto it, she began her banter of
telling her partner how good his huge cock felt inside of her, stretching her
out so much and filling her up. She begged him to make her cum, explaining
how badly she needed it. Later on she also began begging him to cum inside
of her, knocking her up with their mulatto bastard. She truly sounded
convincing as she fucked rapidly up and down on his cock.

Unfortunately for her, not only was he very well endowed, he also could hold
back cuming, making a woman really work for it. Some of the women in the
gang had a nickname for him, "All day/All night" from what it seemed like it
took to make him cum. Moesha ended up fucking him for an hour and a half
before he spilled his seed into her milking cunt. During that time she herself
came over a dozen times, squealing out in joy and trembling like a leaf in a
heavy wind each time that she did. If at first it wasn't truly heart felt begging
for him to make her cum again or knock her up, it definitely was be the time
he finally did cum in buckets inside of her. In fact she was a sex crazed
woman by the time he came inside of her. Her legs were exhausted and her
pussy quite sore by the time they disengaged and just before she did, she
planted a passionate kiss on his lips and thanked him for the ride.

"Any time you want another go at it just let me know!" he told her.

This made Moesha blush, realizing what she had just said and did right in
front of her husband, and pulled off of the softening cock inside of her no
longer virgin pussy.

"One more fuck, then we'll give you a break to remove your dress. We'll
even get it cleaned and repaired for you. Would you like to have something
to eat or drink?" He explained.

"I got to go to the bathroom real bad." she said plaintively.

Dean nodded and someone rolled a port-a-potty over. He then said, "Just sit
down, your dress is already pulled up and do your thing."

Moesha was shocked that he wanted her to do such a smelly disgusting thing
like that in front of everyone, and said incredulously, "Right here!"

"Yes, right here. You will no longer have any privacy. You won't even be
allowed to put your on Tampex in or take it out. You won't be allowed to
wipe yourself, someone else will do it for you or it won't be done at all." he
explained to the captive bride.

She shook her head and sat down before she peed on herself. The port-a-
potty was set up facing the bulk of the members, with her back to her
husband. As she sat down, she pressed her knees together and was told that
whenever she sat down, from now on, she had to sit with her legs spread wide
open, to always display her most private sexual charms to everyone."

She blushed and opened her legs wide apart so everyone could see her pee
shoot out of her pussy. As she peed, cum, mixed with her own blood and
juices also poured from her cunt, embarrassing the captive bride. She ended
up also taking a shit.

When she was finished, Dean walked up and patted her pussy dry but left
cum leaking out of her cunt and didn't wipe her ass. He instructed her to get
up, walk over to her husband and bend over with her ass in his face. He then
instructed the husband to lick his wife's ass clean and that were be penalties
for not doing so quickly and thoroughly.

Zack, now a broken man, quickly licked his wife's ass clean of her leavings
from the dump she just took. As the gang jeered him about being an ass
licker and a sissy boy.

When he was finished, she ate a quick sandwich and drank a beer, it was that
or nothing, so she drank it, not caring for it's bitter taste. After she finished
eating, her ass hole was bid off and also went for $5,000 but to one of the
smaller cocks in the gang. With her skirt still pinned up above her waist, she
got down on her hands and knees, placing her head on the floor and spread
her legs wide apart again. The man prepared similar to how she had prepared
her husband for his anal rape, except the man didn't use his mouth, and only
finger fucked her ass with between one and four fingers.

He then made her suck him hard. He kneeled between her wide spread legs
and lined his cock up with her most private of holes, placing his cock head on
her tiny openings. His cock was so thick that there didn't look like there was
any way that he'd fit it inside of her tight ass. He slowly and steadily pressed
in until the head quickly slid in with a loud plop. He had been instructed to
go slow and easy on her, as they didn't want to ruin their toy the first time
that they used it.

He slowly and steadily pressed into her yielding anal muscles, making the
poor woman moan in pain as the big cock stretched her out. He fucked into
her ass slightly, pulled back, the pressed in again, going a little further into
each time. By the time she felt his balls slap into her ass cheeks, she felt as if
he must be as big as a telephone pole as that is what it felt like burning inside
of her ass. She also felt, that even though she had just taken a dump, that she
had to shit real bad. He left his cock fully impaled in her ass for several
minutes, letting the black bride get used to having a dick up her dark hole and
then slowly pulled back until just the head was still trapped inside of her ass.

With each new push and pull he picked up speed, until he was viciously
fucking her ass. Well before he got up to speed, Moesha noticed that the pain
was becoming pleasurable and cursed her body for betraying her feelings as
she began to fuck her hips back onto his cock, matching his timing exactly.
She also started moaning and groaning, but now not from pain but rather
from the pleasure this disgusting sex act was providing her. Before he
dumped his load into her ass, she, herself, came twice and once more when
she felt him cuming deep inside of her rectum. Without even having been
told to do so, she was begging him to cum in her butt, just before he did just

Through with yet another humiliation, she was helped out of her dress and
bra. The gang was truly impressed with her huge, firm tits, that seemed to
defy gravity with just the smallest sign of sagging as they jutted proudly from
her chest. Capping her tits were two large, puffy areolas that stuck out two
inches from her tits, looking like small tits themselves. Her nipples were very
thick and also stuck way out from her areolas. Looking at them, Dean just
knew that he'd like to turn her into a milk maid, his mouth watering just
thinking about suckling the milk from them. But he'd have to choose between
putting nipple rings on her and having her produce milk. Well he'd decide
that later, there was other business to attend to now.

Once naked, other than her garter belt, stockings and high heels, he made her
offer her tits to everyone in the room to sample, as if they were hors
d'oeuvres. This wasted almost two hours as Moesha went around the room
asking, "Would you like to feel and taste my tits?"

When she finished, her breasts were slightly bruised and her nipples very sore
from being bitten, suckled, pinched, twisted and pulled on. A tit fuck was the
next thing bid. Moesha took another pee before getting her tits fucked. She
was laid back on the table for this one. The winner greased the insides of her
tits and then straddled her chest. After whipping her nipples several times
with his long prick, he placed it between her well greased tits and made her
press her tits tightly around his cock. He then made her pull her chin down to
her chest and open her mouth. Before starting, he told her that she had to lick
his cock every time it poked out above her tits.

He then slowly pressed his cock through until his balls mashed into her orbs.
Moesha licked the offered head and shaft until he slowly withdrew it back
into her tit flesh. He slowly picked up speed making sure the girl knew what
to do with prick as it came into her view. As he picked up speed, he made
her begin tweaking her nipples, while still pressing her tits tightly around his
cock, threatening her with punishment if her nipples didn't stay hard.

"Not very likely!" she thought to herself, "They've been rock hard since all of
this started!" but complied with his demands anyway.

He fucked her tits for twenty minutes before cuming, and when he did, he
pulled out from between the trapping mammaries, spraying her face and tits
with his leavings. Moesha didn't cum this time, but she did like the way it
felt having a big cock sliding between her tits.

Moesha was cleaned off before her last ordeal, before being allowed to sleep.
They bid off a five cock fuck - one in her cunt, one in her ass, one in her
mouth and one in each of her hands. The man to fuck her in this five way
fucking lay down on his back on a blanket thrown on the floor, his cock
jutting straight up. She came over to him, kneeled down, and sat on his cock
until it was fully impaled in her recently deflowered cunt. She then leaned
forward as two men approached her, one in front and one from behind. The
man behind her split her ass cheeks open wide placing his large cock to her
dainty little rosebud and slipped into her ass, helped out by all of the cum still
in there, while the man in front of her force fed her his sausage until his balls
rested on her chin. Two more men approached her from her sides, kneeling
down next her, naked from their waists down. She took their cocks in hands
and began stroking them. As she did, the other three men began fucking her.

She couldn't believe how full and how tight her cunt and ass felt, each filled
to over flowing with a large cock. The sensation of feeling the two cocks
rubbing against that thin tissue of skin separating her ass and cunt was driving
her wild as she thrashed around on the three cocks inside of her while jerking
off two more. Here she was a deeply religious woman, who truly believed
that this kind of sex was against her religious teachings, and just hours ago
she was married, yet here she kneeled with three cocks inside of her and two
more in her hands, moaning and groaning from the pleasure that she was
receiving from the three inside of her and bucking around on them like the
biggest whore in the world.

She lost count of how many orgasms that she had while putting on the vile
show for and with these animals. It was 8:00 in the morning and she was
dead tired, not to mention sore everywhere.

"On last thing, then you can go to bed. Your ass hole is way too tight to
comfortably take cocks as big as ours regularly. It needs to be stretched out
so that eventually you can even accommodate Donkey with no pain. We're
going to start with this 8" dildo." He said holding up a light pink plastic
dildo, relatively thin compared to what she was forced to accept inside of her
already. The base, just above the stopper, was smaller than the rest of the
dildo to allow her sphincter to trap it inside of her butt. The stopper was
much wider around than the rest of the dildo so that it wouldn't go into her
ass, and was capped with a ring to grab onto it with."

He handed it to her and made her first grease it up, then fuck it into her ass
until stopped by the stopper. He then cinched a tight chain around her waist.
Hanging from that chain was another chain, which he drew up between her
legs, into her slit and snugged it tightly against her still vibrating clit. He then
pulled it up between her ass cheeks, through the ring on the dildo and cinched
it tightly to the back of the chain.

He then made her follow him through the camp, which consisted of several
buildings and even more tents. With each step that she took the chain rubbed
against her clit, driving her arousal level sky high, she felt her ass lining slide
over the dildo then clamp down on it and her tits were bouncing
provocatively around on her chest, keeping her nipples at full erection.

Once he showed her the bed where she could get some sleep, she quickly
crawled in and was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

End Chapter 1

Kidnaped on Their Wedding Night
M+F, M+M, NC, Rape, I/R, TG, Exhib, Slavery

Chapter 2 - Initiation -The Next Four Days

This story is fiction, and should be treated as such.
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and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an
adult, or reading sex stories upset you, do not read any further.
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Copyright 1998, 2000 by Ted E. Bear

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After Moesha was taken to bed, Zack's ass was treated for the abrasions
Donkey had made inside of him. His cock was pierced and trapped in a semi-
erect state inside of a cock cage that wouldn't let him get totally soft and
would hurt really bad if he got an erection. His balls were placed in a soaked
leather ball sack with a little sack for each nut and tied up tightly. A couple
blow driers were then trained on the ball sack until they shrunk down
squeezing tight enough to let him know that they were trapped but not tight
enough to do any permanent damage, just enough to drive him crazy. He was
then led with a leash connected to his cock cage to where his wife was
sleeping and tied in a standing spread eagle to her door frame. She was so
completely out of it, she didn't even hear the noise that they made tying him
up, nor his moans of pain as he hung there.

When she finally awoke, she gasped, seeing her husband strung up in the door
way. "Oh my god, Zack!" she exclaimed, "What have they done to you!"

Zack moaned and explained that they had pierced his cock, placing it in this
small cage so that he was in a perpetual state of semi-erection, not allowed to
get totally soft and that it would painful for him to get hard. That the sack
around his balls were squeezing them just enough to hurt constantly but not
overly so. He also told that they had attended to his anal wounds, but his ass
hole still hurt a lot.

Moesha started to get out of bed, not realizing how sore she was, and not
remembering how turned on the chain between her legs made her with each
step that she took. She almost fell, crossing the short distance to her husband.
Her cunt, her ass and her throat all still hurt from the abuse on her wedding
night, and her ass most of all as it was still filled with that damned dildo, but
her pussy was leaking profusely from the chain rubbing across her clit from
her movement to get out of bed and take the four steps to her husband.

She hugged her naked body against his, her erect nipples burning holes in his
chest. Before she could even kiss him, his cock tried to get erect from the
feel of his wife's body, causing him great pain. "Oh my god, they won't even
let us hug without you experiencing a lot of pain!" she explained.

When the door to their cabin was unlocked, two members came in and untied
Zack, as Moesha kept asking them what they had done to her husband.

"It's part of his sissy boy training. It'll get him prepared for sucking cocks
and taking them in his ass." one of the men explained. "It's either that or
he'll hurt down there for a long time."

Zack's leash was reattached to his cock ring as the two were led to the
communal meal table. Moesha was seated next to Dean, who couldn't keep
his hands off the young black beauty, especially her huge tits, while Zack was
seated at the other end of the table, looking right at them, as his new bride's
body was constantly under attack from many hands, especially Dean's. She
just ate and talked as if nothing strange was occurring as almost constantly
her naked breasts were lifted, fondled and abused.

It was now time for the evening festivities, and Moesha, was to be the
'entertainment' and she was told to lay on the table. Dean soaped up her
crotch and placed a hot towel on it. When the towel turned cold, he put in
back in the big tub of hot water, and took another hot towel out, wringing the
excess water out and placing it on her crotch. When that turned cold, he took
out a can of shaving cream and generously applied it to her belly and crotch.
He took out a straight razor, and sharpened it on a razor strop.

He warned Moesha not to move a muscle if she didn't want to be nicked, or
worse, cut. He proceeded to shave the young black wife's crotch hairs off,
from navel to anus, leaving her as hairless between her legs as the day she
was born. After cleaning the excess off, he had her tied up in a standing
stretch. The chain was removed from between her legs. Shackles,
permanently affixed to a post buried deep in the ground held her ankles wide
apart. Her wrists were then cuffed and a rope attached to the middle. The
rope, which was attached to a pulley at the top of the post, was hauled up
until she was stretched so tautly that she couldn't move a muscle.

Dean then came forward with a little rolling tray holding all the tools that
he'd need. He turned back to Moesha and began suckling her left nipple as
hard as he could, gently biting it. When it was real hard, he backed off and
picked up a long, thick needle, holding it up for her inspection.

She gasped and asked, "What's that for?"

"I really don't know!" she assured him.

"It's going to pierce you nipple so we can put a nice big ring in it." he said
without flinching.

As he placed the needle to the base of her now erect nipple, just above where
it merged into her areola, she began screaming "NO! OH GOD! DON'T DO

But Dean pressed the large needle into and through her nipple as she
screamed in pain. Then drew it back and forth as her screams became
whimpers. He then repeated the process with her other nipple, sucking and
biting it into full erection, then piercing it. He left both needles in her nipples
for a while. He took the left one out first and replaced it with a large, heavy
nipple ring, locking it into place and repeated on her right nipple. Once the
rings were in place on the sobbing bride, he attached a spring to each of her
nipple rings and to the spring a weighty little bell. It was designed so that
with every movement that her breasts made, would cause the springs to
bounce around making the bells tinkle until they eventually stopped bouncing
from lack of inertia, usually over a full minute and up to five minutes after
her breasts stopped bouncing.

Now that her tits were done, he moved down to her clit and pierced her clit
hood, also putting a large heavy ring in it and sealing it shut. Then hung
another spring and weighty little bell from her clit ring. Now with every step
that she took, her nipples and clit would get constant gentle tugs, keeping her
in a perpetual state of arousal, to keep her looking forward to her sexual
abuse. One last thing was necessary to keep Moesha in a constant state of
sexual arousal, a pair of Ben Wa balls, which Dean slipped into her pussy.

To further impair her ability to escape, and also make her legs and ass
shapelier, was a pair of white patent leather,7", spiked high heel shoes to
replace her 3" wedding shoes. One of the girls, removed her wedding shoes,
placing the new shoes on her feet and locking them on, so she couldn't
remove them on her own. With everything in place, she was let down and

Her nipples and clit throbbed with a dull pain from the piercing. Even just
standing there, she knew these outrageously high, high heeled shoes would be
almost impossible to walk in. She could even feel how it bunched the backs
of her legs and her ass, as she was nearly standing on her toes. She hadn't
taken her first step yet, and just letting her down from her tied up position had
caused the springs and bells to bounce around, which in turn caused the bells
to tinkle and she could feel the tugging on her nipples and clit.

She was then made to walk around the dinner area ten times, her hands
locked behind her neck to raise her firm tits even higher. Even taking small,
mincing steps, to keep from falling in the ultra high, high heeled shoes, her
tits bounced around dramatically causing the springs to bounce around wildly
and the bells constantly tinkling as they yanked on her sore nipples and clit.
The Ben Wa balls inside of her pussy were even worse. They drove her
quickly to the edge of orgasm and she had six orgasms during her walk,
causing her to fall down as her legs wouldn't hold her up. She also felt her
ass gripping and releasing the dildo trapped inside with each step. Her senses
were under attack from so many different places, the only thing her mind
could dwell on was sex.

When she was finished with her walk, she gasping, not from exertion, but
from her arousal. She was given a 16 oz. bottle of beer and told to chug it,
simply put it in her mouth, tilt her head back and keep swallowing until the
bottle was empty. They wanted her drunk to loosen her up, get her into the
spirit of non-stop sex.

Next they removed the chain around her waist and took the dildo out of her
ass. Moesha was made to bend over with her head down almost to her knees,
spread her legs, and hold the cheeks of her ass open for a champaign enema.
Three magnums of champaign that had been kept in a metal bucket with ice
all day, were brought over. The cork for the first one was removed and the
bottle shaken furiously, with a finger over the top. Dean then shoved to end
of the bottle into her ass as the cold contents sprayed into her ass, making her
squeal in shock from the coldness of it. When he noticed that it had stopped
spraying, he pulled it back out of her ass, shook it again, and shoved it back
inside of her butt.

Dean had to take, each bottle out of her ass four times before all of the
contents of the three bottles were inside of her ass, the last little bit of liquid,
simply poured into her by holding the bottle straight up and letting it drain. A
small butt plug was then placed into her ass, trapping the cold, bubbly liquid
inside of her. He had poured so much champaign into her ass, that she now
looked four or five months pregnant. He made her walk around the course
again five times. This time she was escorted by two gang members, to keep
her from falling down.

Moesha was cramping up due to the amount of bubbly liquid inside of her,
churning her guts. She doubled over as the gang members held onto her, to
keep her from completely falling over.
Her body quickly absorbed the alcohol, leaving Moesha, who hadn't ever had
a drink before earlier in the day, quite drunk. When she finished her five
laps, they removed the butt plug. She farted, then the brown colored, bubbly
water sprayed from her ass in a high powered stream.

Moesha blushed, never in her life had she been so embarrassed, even when
they made her sit on the port-a-potty to pee and shit. Dean knew this. His
plan was to keep escalating her humiliation, so that things that would
embarrass most people, would be considered normal to the pretty black bride,
so that she would do it without hesitation and without even thinking about it,
having been made to do other things which were even more embarrassing.

As the sun was starting to set, they moved back inside for the rest of the
activities. Zack was led in by his cock ring and leash, while two members
helped Moesha, so she wouldn't fall down, between her inebriated state and
the ultra high heels. Tonight was basically going to be an orgy. Moesha was
going to sit on one cock, suck on another and get corn holed by a third, until
the gang members tired of it, which probably wouldn't be until near dawn.
Zack was going to be positioned right behind her and would have clean every
cock that either went into her pussy or her ass, as soon as the man came
inside of his wife and pulled out. Because his ass hole had been ripped open
the night before, they were going to leave it alone.

The springs and the balls were removed from her body, but heavier weights
on shorter strings were reattached to her nipple rings. The first man lay down
on the floor and Moesha mounted him in a sitting position and then leaned
forward, without being told, to take another cock into her mouth and a third
into her sore ass hole. In no time the four fuckers were really getting into
what they were doing. The sawing and out of her lower holes in unison,
while Moesha and her mouth fucker exactly opposite, so that as a dick slid
into her, she was going down on it and when it pulled out of her, she was
pulling off of it.

The man below her, grabbed onto her clit ring giving it short, sharp tugs. The
man she was sucking off, hooked his fingers into her nipple rings and did the
same thing. Although it hurt some, as the wounds were still fresh, it also sent
a jolt of electricity through her nipples, right to her clit and on to her womb.
She was dealing with three cocks, all fucking her fast and hard, plus the three
rings, two on her nipples and one on her clit. She was drunk and moving
quickly towards her first orgasm, while fucking, of the night.

The orgasm washed over her and she went rigid for the moment. Then, with
her body shaking she went wild humping and sucking the cocks inside of her
much faster than she had been before the orgasm struck her. Her cunt, ass
and throat were milking the cocks inside of her, begging for their owners to
let loose with their life giving seed. As her first orgasm was dying down a
second hit her. After that it seemed that she stayed in a constant state of
orgasmic bliss all night long. As fast as one man would cum and pull out, he
was quickly replaced by another.

About two in the morning, the men were all fucked out and the women took
over. One woman would lay down, her legs spread wide, Moesha then had to
sit on her face, lean forward and eat the woman out while she herself was
being eaten. A second woman, with a large strap on dildo, was also fucking
her ass.

Moesha was not into lesbian sex, thinking of it as disgusting and unnatural,
but between her drunkenness, and the fact that these talented women were
getting her off continuously, she soon was eating them out like she'd been
doing it all of her life, taking her cues from what was being done to her. She
alternated between sucking and nibbling on their clits while fingering their
pussies and sticking her tongue into their cunts while flicking their clits.

While Moesha performed like a whore with the women, Zack had to suck the
dildo clean, that had just been removed from his wife's ass. She stayed in her
highly aroused state, even with the women, although she came frequently, it
wasn't the non-stop orgasm that she'd had while fucking the men.

Just before six, the women too were all tired from eating, while being eaten
or fucking Moesha with their strap-on dildos. Moesha was a mess, she was
covered head to toe in cum and pussy juice. She was dead tired and looked it.
Dean thought that now was the time for the bride and groom to consummate
their marriage. He had Zack's cock ring removed, so that he could fuck his

"Since you two are so religious, I can only assume that you want to fuck her
in the missionary position, so Moesha lay down on your back and spread your
legs for your husband." Dean ordered.

Zack asked, incredulously, "You want me to have intercourse with my wife,
for the very first time, in front of all of you?"

"Yes Niger, that's right. It's either in front of us or not at all. Which will it
be?" Dean offered.

Zack hung his head in shame and crawled between his fucked out wife's legs.
"God! Does she ever look a mess. I'll bet her pussy is so loose from all the
fucking she's been forced to do and all the cum in there, that I won't even be
able to feel it." he thought sorrowfully to himself as he prepared to mount his
bride for the first time. His cock got a little harder, but not fully erect. It was
at least hard enough to get it into his wife's now sloppy pussy, but barely.

As he lay down on her and began fucking, Moesha asked, "Is it in yet?", as
she didn't feel the small, not completely hard prick inside of her.

That was it, his cock deflated and fell out, unable to go back in. The gang
members all laughed and taunted him about his small dick being unable to
please his wife, as she now would only respond to big dicks like theirs.

Zack's cock was put back into the cock cage while Moesha had the springs
put back on her rings and the balls put back in her pussy. They were taken
back to their cabin, and like the night before, she was allowed to sleep in the
bed while Zack was tied in a standing spread eagle in the door way. She was
so tired from being multiple fucked almost non-stop for ten hours that she fell
asleep right away. Zack on the other hand was broken hearted, as the one
chance he had been given to have sex with his gorgeous, sexy wife and he
couldn't even get it up. He cried for hours before he too fell asleep in his
uncomfortable position.


The next day at 2:00 one of the girls came in and woke Moesha. Zack was so
tired he didn't even awake, in spite of all the noise that they made. The girl
carried a change of clothes. Moesha took off her shoes, torn stockings and
garter belt. Then she was taken to the middle of the camp and handed a bar
of soap and a bottle of shampoo and told to clean up. The shower would have
been nicer if the water hadn't been so cold, but it still felt good to feel clean

After drying off, she started to get dressed. The new garter belt was a sexy
black, silk and lace one. Her stockings were also black, with a seam up the
back and her shoes, while identical in style, were also black. For the first
time since her wedding dress was removed, she was given something to wear
that would cover her intimate parts, albeit barely.

It was a red dress, made of thin stretchy material. While it had been made to
her exact measurements, it had intentionally been made very tight, hugging
her body like a second skin so that every curve and bump was clearly visible,
even her nipple rings. The front of the dress was cut in such a way as to
expose all of the top of her naked breasts to right above her areolas. The
dress was sleeveless and the arm holes too were cut low and wide to expose
part of the sides of her breasts, leaving no doubt that she was braless and
allowing easy access for sticking ones hands in to play with her tits. Under
each breast was a large flap, that also allowed for easy access to her breasts.
The short skirt fell a mere four and a half inches below her pussy, while in
back it was sucked into her ass crack, showing off her twin globes and deep

Once she was dressed, she was handed a 9" butt plug that was very thick and
a tube of KY jelly. She was instructed to prepare her ass hole to accept the
thick plug and put it into her ass. She began fingering her ass with one finger,
removing it and relubricating it several times. Then she repeated the process
with two and then three fingers. Finally she took the butt plug greased it up
really well and slowly pressed it into her ass. As the much smaller base
slipped past her sphincter, her sphincter snapped shut on it, grabbing it tightly
and trapping it inside of her. Moesha couldn't believe how full and stretched
the huge butt plug felt inside of her and knew that she would really feel it as
she walked around with it inside of her.

She was then made to masturbate, also using the KY jelly, to loosen her up
and slick her up. After fifteen minutes of masturbating, during which she
came twice, she was led over to one of the gang member who was sitting on a
motorcycle with a side car. She quickly noticed that the motorcycle was
setup differently that the others, having a custom seat extending over the gas
tank. The seat itself was further back than most and behind the seat were
stirrups, like in a gynecologist office. Then she noticed that the man on the
bike had his flaccid cock sticking out.

Dean had walked over, seeing Moesha walking over to her driver and said.
"You're going on a little three day trip for training. Doug is going to take you
there and you will go for the ride on the end of his cock. So first you need to
suck him until he is fully hard so you can slide onto his pole."

Moesha bent down, took the man's cock into her hand and began sucking on
his unwashed cock. Even though she wasn't an expert yet, she quickly had
him in a state of full erection. When she pulled off of his cock two of the
gang members lifted her, as if she didn't weigh a thing, and lowered her onto
Doug's cock. When he was impaled, balls deep, inside of her, they leaned
her back so that her head rested just in front of the handle bars. Her legs, at
the knees, were draped over a bar, and her ankles locked into the stirrups.
Her dress was then pulled down to cover the fact that his cock was in her cunt
and she was instructed to reach back and hold the base of the handle bars.

Doug started the bike with the electric starter and the big machine roared to
life. With the very tip of the butt plug pressed against he seat under her,
every vibration of the bike, vibrated the plug inside of her ass. Before they
even got out of the encampment, Moesha had a very strong orgasm.

Doug laughed at her and said, "You just can't get enough pleasure, can you?"
making the newly wed bride blush.

As they got onto the open road, he reached down, stuck his right hand into the
flap under her left tit and proceeded to maul her huge hooters. Although the
tit play was uncomfortable, Moesha was in sex heaven between the butt plug
which was being vibrated wildly in her ass and the big cock buried in her cunt
and her clit mashed up against his pubic bone. While different than getting
fucked, as she wasn't in a constant state of orgasm like when she was getting
gang banged, she did have several orgasms already and, when she wasn't
having one, she was right on the edge of having one for long stretches of
time. Therefore, she barely noticed how rough he was getting with her big
tits and nipples.

While not exactly deserted, there weren't many cars out on the highway
where they were. Doug decided that it was time to expose her tits, as he
approached a group of eighteen wheel trucks. As he pressed her left boob up
with one hand, he pulled the dress down with the other, fully exposing her
entire tit with her permanently erect nipple with the shiny gold rings through
the base. He repeated it again with her right tit, leaving both tits flapping in
the wind.

As he got along side the door of the truck, he slowed down to match the
speed and made Moesha, look up at the driver, smile and wave, knowing that
the man could see her huge naked tits. While the man kept staring glances
down at the motorcyclist and his passenger, Doug lifted her skirt so the man
could see that his substantial cock was buried inside of her shaved pussy, and
then began to fuck her for the trucker's amusement, making her fuck him
back while still looking up and smiling at the trucker.

He covered her crotch again as he sped forward towards the next truck,
repeating the scene again and with each of the other five trucks that they
passed. When he moved away from the group of trucks, he had Moesha put
her tits back into her dress while he covered their joined crotches with her
skirt. It wasn't long after that, that he turned off of the main highway onto
smaller road. He pulled out a cell phone and announced that they were five
minutes away and five minutes later arrived at what looked like a mansion
out of the old South.

Two large men in suits, untied her ankles and lifted her off of Doug's still
hard and now slimy cock. After Doug bid her and her new handlers good
bye, he left and they guided her into the house and down several hall ways to
a room. It looked very much like a doctors examining room, including a
gynecologist table. She was told to take her dress off and get up on the table,
in front of these men. Blushing, she did as they requested.

The men's eyes bugged out when her hooters came into view. While they
may not have been the largest they had ever seen, they were certainly one of
the largest natural set of tits that they had ever seen. Definitely the most firm
set and her nipples were the best too that they had ever seen and they had seen
a lot of them. She lay down on the table, her feet in the stirrups. The men
quickly locked her feet and knees in place in the stirrups with straps crossing
them to secure them. Her wrists were then pulled above her head and locked
into cuffs, allowing her only slight movement.

One man then bent down and removed her butt plug, which exited with a
loud 'PLOP' and then she farted, embarrassing her immensely. The other
man, meanwhile, had changed the positions of the stirrups, spreading them as
wide as he could and pushed them back until Moesha's ass was lifted slightly
off of the table. Just then an older lady, in a white lab coat walked in. She
looked very butch, about 5'6" and 200 pounds with a very short hair cut that
looked more like a man's than a woman's. If it weren't for her big tits,
Moesha would have sworn that she was a man.

In a husky voice the woman said, "You're owners have sent you here for
training. We are a very specialized whore house. Our clients come here to
torture and rape women. You're job is to play the part. For instance, a client
may want to roll play being an interrogator, you are a terrorist or a thief or
whatever. They will strip you and tie you into a position to start questioning
you. You will have to tell them that you won't talk. They in turn will torture
you in hopes of your talking Of course, since you don't have their
information, you can't give it to them no matter how painful the torture gets.
At some point, most of these men will also have their way with you, usually
without allowing you to build up to being ready for them to sexually use you.
Hence we call it rape. Other men may not play out a fantasy, but simply
torture then rape you. There are so many possibilities, I couldn't enumerate
them in the short time that you have to get ready to go on line this afternoon
and evening."

"We don't take anyone's word on how talented someone is or isn't. All of
our girls are trained in the same method. We will stick a special dildo first
into your cunt, then into your ass and then both. These dildos are electrically
operated and send signals back to a monitor. You have to watch the monitor
and when the green light comes on, you will have two seconds to squeeze the
dildo as hard as you can with you cunt or anal muscles. Then, when the red
light comes back on you have two seconds in which to stop squeezing the
dildo. If you don't you will get quite a shock right in your cunt or ass or both.
After you start getting good at it, the green light will glow at different
intensities, telling you how hard to squeeze the dildo fucking you. And when
you master that task, there will be no green light or red light, you'll have to
squeeze the dildo, based solely on feel. That means as you work up to it, you
better pay attention to when the green light is coming on and to the intensity
of the green light when it comes on, so that you are ready to fly by the seat of
your pants when you no longer have lights to guide you, as I can guarantee
you that the shocks are quite painful indeed. Oh yes, you better not cum
either, as there is no way for you to keep up the proper squeezing while you
are cuming."

"If you are wondering why we do this, as I told you, it is to properly train our
girls in how to properly fuck a man, or a woman with a strap on dildo. Men
want to feel you participating, and yes you can and will hump your cunt on
and off of their cocks, but it is even better for them when they feel your cunt
muscles massaging their tools as they plumb you. After you have finished
cunt and ass training, you will also get oral training. Then you'll practice
doing all three at the same time. Normally I'd have to explain to most
newbies why, but in your case, I think you already know why, don't you?"

Moesha simply nodded her head. Still not believing that she was going to be
going through "whore training" and then really practice on live paying

While the lady had been talking, one of the men knelt down in front of
Moesha's pussy alternating between sucking on her clit while fingering her
cunt and eating her cunt while using his fingers on her clit. Meanwhile, the
other man was alternating between tits, sucking on one nipple and tweaking
the other. The woman took out a long, relatively thin, reasonably flexible
dildo, with straps to hold it in place around her hips and thighs. After
greasing it up, she pressed the tip into Moesha's now swampy pussy until the
entire 10" where inside of her. She then strapped the dildo into place,
plugged the power cord in and plugged the monitor's sensor wires in.

"Let me know when you're ready, and don't be too long." the woman

Moesha took a couple of deep breaths and said softly, "Ready."

The woman flicked the switch and the dildo inside of Moesha began to
vibrate and fuck her at a relatively slow pace, pressing in and out of the
bound woman. The green light came on and while Moesha squeezed, it
wasn't hard enough to satisfy the machine, which sent an electrical shock into
the dildo.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!" Moesha screamed out in pain.
"While you did squeeze," explained the woman, "it wasn't hard enough. You
have to really squeeze hard."

But before she could finish her explanation, the green light had come back
on, Moesha again squeezed, but not hard enough.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!" Moesha screamed out in pain

"Come on honey. Squeeze hard." the woman said, trying to encourage her

The next time the green light came on, Moesha squeezed as hard as she could
and didn't get shocked.

"That's the way sweet heart." the woman said with a big grin on her face,
proud of getting the woman to comply.

After about six more green lights at the relatively low speed, the machine
picked up speed. Moesha kept up with it. She did well as long as the
machine kept slightly increasing the speed until, she orgasmed. She received
three shocks in a row as she couldn't concentrate on her squeezing while in
the throes of her orgasm.

"I told you honey, you can't cum and keep up with this machine. You're
going to have to wait to get your pleasures elsewhere and concentrate." the
woman advised.

Moesha, couldn't help it, the damn machine was fucking her better than any
man had so far. She came again only twice, before figuring out how not to
cum when it felt so good, paying the price with shocks to her pussy. As she
got better, the machine got trickier, it started varying the pace, fast, then slow,
then fast, then medium, then a few slow, one fast, two mediums, etc. The
first time it slowed way down, Moesha, having been lolled into a rhythm,
squeezed too soon and then didn't squeeze when she should have, resulting in
two back to back shocks.

"Ah I see you haven't learned. Men aren't machines, they won't fuck you at
the exact same pace all the time. You have to match your rhythm to their
rhythm, not the other way around. Have you noticed where the dildo is when
the green light comes on? You better because it won't stay on forever. I'd
like to make this part just a one hour session today, but if you can't learn we
can go for two or three hours. It's up to you." the woman explained.

Moesha then began to really notice that the dildo was all the way inside of her
when the green light came on. Although she waited to see it, she now was
anticipating it, so her reaction time got much better. Now that she had
mastered different speeds, the machine started to change the intensity of the
green light. Since Moesha mastered that very quickly she was only in that
phase for seven minutes, then the lights went dark and she was working on
feel alone. Just like the phase that she had just passed through, she was
squeezing the dildo as it bottomed out inside of her as hard as she could,
letting up on the pressure as it pulled back. Again, she made no mistakes,
even though the machine was trying to fuck her brains out as fast as it could
for the last three minutes straight.

When it shut off, she was covered in sweat and was totally exhausted from
the intense workout. She was huffing and puffing as she wasn't conditioned
for this intense of a workout.

"Not bad honey. I've seen better and I've seen worse, mainly worse. The
idea is to give you a tight, snapping pussy, .... and ass hole. Men like it tight.
They don't care how tight it is, as long as they can still stick their dicks into it
and fuck it. Beyond that, they want it as tight as they can get it. That brings
us to the next subject. Any complaints about you not fucking some guy right,
lands you right back here for a refresher course, a very long, painful, all night
refresher course. So when you're with a customer, you better make sure that
he, or she, is totally pleased with your fucking. Now let's get that big dildo
out of your pussy." she said, nodding at one of the men who walked over to

Everything was done in reverse as to how it was put in. First the wires were
disconnected, then the ties around her legs and hips, and finally the dildo was
pulled out. To Moesha's surprise, it looked bigger, both longer and thicker.

"Yes sweet heart, it is bigger. Part of the program is designed to stretch you
out, so you can take all but the most gargantuan cocks out there. You know
like some freak like Donkey in the gang that owns you with his 18" long and
5" wide cock. We just don't get enough of those to stretch our girls out
enough to comfortably accommodate a man that size. Beside we'd have to
make you stretched so much, that the normal men with their 4-1/2" to 7"
cocks would think they're fucking the Lincoln Tunnel. Now clean off your
little toy." she said as the man who had removed it, held it up to Moesha's

Moesha licked all around it, and then had to deep throat it, several times
before they were satisfied. While Moesha was cleaning the dildo with her
mouth, the man holding the dildo for her was playing with her huge tits and
the other man was lubing and stretching her ass hole for insertion. The
woman had taken out an identical black dildo and greased it up, so that when
everyone was finished, she was ready to push it in to Moesha's ass and did.

After tying it in place and hooking it up, she asked, "O.K. honey, let me know
when you are ready."

Again Moesha took several deep breaths and said, "Ready."

The woman flipped the machine on. On came the red light as the dildo deep
inside of her ass came to life, vibrating inside of and fucking her ass. Moesha
did a little better with her anal training, having gotten most of the basics
down in her cunt training, but still received several shocks during her anal
training. Like her cunt training, the anal training lasted a full hour. This time
she didn't have to clean the dildo as it was left inside of her, and her cunt
dildo was reinserted.

"As I said before, I don't need to tell you why you, especially, need to know
how to take two cocks down there at the same time, as I understand you've
already been doing that pretty regularly. The trick here is that you are now
trying to please not one but two men. You have to learn how to
independently please both at the same time. While that might not be so hard
if they fuck you in synchronization, if they are just the slightest bit out of
sync, or doing it completely opposite, your cunt has to squeeze while your ass
hole relaxes and visa versa. Then you've got one guy cuming inside of you
and your cunt or ass has to be milking his cock to get all of the cum out of
him that you can, while the other man is still fucking away, so your other hole
has to still be squeezing and releasing properly. While some think that isn't
so hard, very few women master that quickly, even on the machine. You'll
have to really concentrate on this one. Feel is everything, even with the help
of the lights. Let me know when you're ready." the woman explained.

Moesha was really afraid of this one. How was she going to keep from
cuming and have her two fuck holes properly squeezing the big dildos inside
of her. She took several breaths and then asked, "Could I have just a few
more minutes of rest before we start, I'm so tired. You know that they gang
raped me, three at a time until 6:00 this morning, and then got me up at 2:00
to come over here. Please! Just another couple of minutes for me to catch
my breath."

"O.K. Five minutes, but no more." the woman allowed.

After the five minutes, she said, "Say when."

Moesha took a couple deep breaths and said, "Ready."

The machine was turned on. Now there was two red and green lights, one for
each hole. The machine started out in sync, to allow the trainee, to get used
to squeezing both holes at the same time, but quickly got switched to
completely opposite. Moesha received six straight shocks, three to each
orifice, before partially getting into the swing of squeezing her holes
separately but still got four more before she got it right, all to her ass hole.

The machine would then fuck one hole fast and the other slow, it kept
switching this around back and forth between her passages. Then it started
'cuming' in one hole while pounding the other as fast as it could. Each
change brought new pain to the bound, black newly wed, until she figured out
how to keep up with it. Then the lights went out and she was reacting totally
by feel. The machine was even more devious than when it did her one hole
or the other. Now it have one pounding her as fast as it could, while the
pulled out slowly and then slammed back into her.

Moesha was not just struggling to keep up with the machines antics, she was
also fighting off a fate worse than death, at least for the moment, having an
orgasm. That would not only end up giving her excruciating shocks in both
of her tender, over sensitized openings repeatedly, it would also extend the
time that she was on the machine, and she wanted off as quickly as possible.

She didn't do too bad even handling the rapid fucking in one hole while the
dildo in the other hole was emulating a cock cuming inside of her. After
twenty minutes of no shocks, the woman announced, "Now you'll have to
service, all three of us with your mouth, while keeping up with the fucking in
your ass and cunt."

She got up on the table, pulled her skirt up somewhat and sat her pussy right
down on Moesha's mouth and said, "Start eating, and do a good job. This is
part of your training!"

Moesha, stuck her tongue out and began licking and sucking the woman's
pussy lips, getting her wet and ready for more intense eating. The men each
took a tit and sucked her nipples into their mouths while squeezing her tit
meat sensually. The idea was that even with all her senses under attack, her
cunt and ass still had to perform automatically. Moesha, in her tired, over
worked holes, and having been too long on the edge of cuming, did cum
twice, receiving shocks in both holes for doing so and couldn't concentrate as
well while she was forced to eat the woman while her huge, sensitive tits
were both under attack.

After making the woman cum half a dozen times, she got off of Moesha's
face, replaced one of the men, who then fed her his cock to suck. Moesha
was almost in complete control, and only got shocked when the guy came in
her mouth, surprising her. The two men then switched places and she made
no more mistakes. They kept the machine going until about ten minutes after
the second man came in her mouth, for a total time of an hour and a half,
getting both her pussy and ass, simultaneously fucked.

She was surprised when they didn't remove the dildos inside of her, but rather
simply added one for her to suck. An equally large dildo, although more
flexible, dropped down from above her head. It was attached by a rod to a
motor of some kind.

"The object of this training, is for you to take the cock, into your mouth, your
tongue constantly moving on it. If the cock, when it is pulled back, stays
back longer than a second, you are to run your tongue around the sensitive
ridge on the underside of the head. Your suction on it must vary, sometimes
hard and sometimes softly. You also need to take it deep into your throat,
without gagging, and when it cums, which it will, with real sperm, heated to
just the right temperature, you need to swallow all of it. If, when it cums, it is
in your throat, your throat muscles, like your pussy and ass muscles, need to
milk the cock of all of the sperm that it has for you. Unlike with your cunt
and ass, we won't shock you in your mouth, we'll send shocks to both your
pussy and ass instead. Since those two dildos are still inside of you, you also
need to service them, while you're sucking off the one in your mouth.

Moesha nodded her head.

"Tell me when you're ready and then open up wide." the woman instructed

Moesha took a little extra time. She hadn't gotten much sleep in the last four
days, starting with the eve of her wedding because she was so excited and
then the last two days of non-stop fucking, especially last night taking on
three guys at a time and then two women at a time for ten straight hours. She
finally took her deep breaths and said, "Ready." and opened her mouth to
receive the dildo.

The machine was tricky, after slowly entering it into her mouth, it quickly
shoved the rest in, forcing itself into her throat. Moesha was not prepared for
such a violent entry and gagged as it pressed into her throat, sending
excruciating shocks to both her cunt and ass and tearing a muffled scream
from the bound bride. Things didn't get any easier. The dildos down below
were working opposite each other with one always pounding rapidly into her
while the other would be using an erratic pattern, and they kept switching off.
Also unlike the previous trainings, the cock in her mouth was fucking her
erratically, fast then slow, then fast in and slow out, slow in and fast out. Her
mind was almost at overload state.

What Moesha didn't know, was that this last training went on until she
absolutely couldn't keep up and the shocks eventually made her pass out.
She did her utter best for two and a half hours, and after the initial getting
used to it, she didn't receive any more shocks until right near the end when
her stamina ran out and she just couldn't keep up physically any more. When
she did finally pass out, the dildo in her mouth stopped pumping her and
pulled back to just before enter her throat. The dildos in her ass and cunt,
while they stopped shocking the poor bound woman, were set on high, both
the vibrating speed and the speed in which it fucked her, causing the
unconscious woman to have many orgasms while she slept and further got her
cunt and ass used to being fucked by large cocks.


Meanwhile, back at the camp, Zack wasn't faring much better. They shaved
all of his body hair off, shoved a 9" very thick butt plug into his ass, and took
him to a lady, in a nearby city, that specialized in humiliating and torturing
men. Zack was going to be her assistant, dressed and made up like a pretty
girl, in pink frilly dresses, bra, panties, stocking and yes, 7" heels just like his
wife was forced to wear.

The woman was angry with the gang members over the condition of Zack's
ass and chastised them over sending him over with such a big butt plug when
he hadn't fully healed yet. She made him take two suppositories deep inside
of his ass, to help the healing process. Then she strung him up, by cuffing his
hands and attaching a hook to the links in the middle, then pulling him up
until he was barely able to stand on the tips of his toes.

She and her butler, then fitted him with a corset and, with the help of a
special machine, laced it up really tight, so tight that Zack could barely
breath. The corset also had a bra built in and inside the bra cup was a pair of
synthetic tits, with very long, thick nipples. They then rolled a pair of very
sheer black stockings up his already shaved legs, attaching them to the garters
that hung from the corset, and put the tight, pointy toed, high heeled shoes on
his feet, locking them on his feet, until they let him out of them.

She then lowered him down and made him look at his new figure in the full
length mirror. He wasn't an athlete, so his body had been basically the same
from chest to hips, but now in this corset, he had an hour glass figure, one a
woman would definitely want, but one which he didn't. He was bigger in the
chest, especially due to those fake double 'D' tits, and smaller in the waist,
before his hips flared out.

Next they removed his cock cage and ball sacks, replacing those with a fake
pussy, in black, that stuffed his cock up tight inside of the fake pussy, while
his balls sat inside the "pussy lips". "Don't even try to remove your pussy by
yourself. It takes a special solvent to dissolve the glue without taking all of
your skin off." his Mistress warned him, as she lowered him down.

The fake pussy was actually very interesting. First a little catheter was forced
into his pee hole so that he would be able to go to the bathroom and so that
his pre-sperm would lubricate the pussy sleeve and his sperm would leak out
of the fake pussy sleeve when he came. His cock was forced into a very
small tight sleeve that had a ring for his cock head to slip through. "Thank
god that I'm circumcised." he thought to himself as his prick head slipped
into the very tight ring. The fake pussy was made from a very soft, skin like
material that easily conducted the heat from his body, making it even feel like
a pussy. The fuck tunnel itself was just a very tight sleeve tha began just
behind his balls and as the cock slid into it, it rubbed against Zack's balls and
over his cock. Trapped as they were, inside of this fake pussy, they became
super sensitive and getting fucked, would make Zack cum and cum and cum,
just like a woman. The fake little clit, when manipulated, either by hand
and/or mouth, or when he would be getting fucked, would trip a sensor which
would send small electrical charges to the ring circling the base of the head of
his cock, also getting him off, fast and often. Of course, Zack didn't know
that when they put it on him, but would quickly find out the first time
someone played with his fake clit and fucked his fake pussy.

"I would assume that you need to go to the bathroom," Mistress said, "as I
can see that you are dancing around."

"Oh yes Mistress, please." Zack said in his deep voice.

Mistress led him to the bathroom and Zack, used to standing while taking a
leak, looked confused for a moment.

"Like a woman, everything you do on the toilet, requires you to sit down."
Mistress explained.

Zack sat on the toilet seat, but like a man, Mistress explained that he needed
to sit like a woman would or he'd get pee all over the seat. When he was
finished, she told him about wiping his pussy of the excess pee, or it would
get on his panties when he pulled them up, even though he wasn't wearing
any at the moment. He wiped his pussy and washed his hands.

"Now we need some insurance pictures. Pictures showing you doing things
that only a queer would do. Thomas, he wants to show us how good he is at
sucking cock, something he'll be doing a lot of. Would you mind if he
practiced on you?" she asked.

"Not at all Madame" Thomas replied.

Zack was made to kneel in front of the butler, pull down his zipper, with his
teeth, then reach in and take the man's cock and balls out. The Mistress
started taking pictures as soon as he began kneeling in front of Thomas.
Several while he grabbed onto the zipper with his teeth and pulled it down.
He was in for a shock when he reached in to find that the butler wore no
underpants, and a bigger shock as he realized how big the man was. When he
pulled the cock all the way out, his eyes bugged as the man had a cock that
was outrageously big, not as big as Donkey's in either length nor width, but
close. He guessed that Donkey easily had to be eighteen inches long and five
inches across, and Thomas to be fifteen inches long and three inches across.

"Now don't just suck him off, I want to see you deep throating him." his
Mistress warned.

Zack licked all over the cock getting it real wet so that it would easily slide in
and out of his mouth. All the while he was preparing the butler, the Mistress
was taking picture after picture of him doing it, most getting a full shot of his
face. He then took the head of Thomas' prick into his mouth and began
bobbing his head. While he wasn't an expert cock sucker yet, the gang had
given him plenty of experience sucking their cocks, so he wasn't a stranger to
one either.

He had no problems getting the first ten inches into his mouth and throat, but
the last five inches were much harder. When his black lips were finally
pressed up against the white belly of the butler, the Mistress made him look
up at her and smile while she took several pictures. Zack had to really work
hard to get the butler off, bobbing his head up and down the entire shaft while
he played with his orange sized balls, squeezing and fondling and tickling

When Thomas finally did cum, after the first blast, which dribbled from
Zack's mouth, he pulled out, shooting his sperm all over Zack's face, while
their Mistress snapped pictures as fast as the camera reset for the next one.
She then made Zack clean Thomas cock licking up every loose piece of cum
that he could find and then suck Thomas off again. The second time was
much longer, as he already had blasted one load off, and when he came, he
only pulled back until the head of his prick was right behind Zack's teeth,
forcing Zack to not only swallow his load, but taste it as well.

With that out of the way, they had to get going as it wasn't long before the
first customer arrived. They made Zack scrape as much cum off of his face as
he could with his hands and lick his hands until they were spotless. Then
they took him to the bathroom, and finished cleaning him up. Mistress then
plucked his eye brows until they were thin lines. Next she expertly applied
his make up, including foundation, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, fake eye
lashes and nails (already painted), and lip stick. She had a special spot to do
men's makeup so that she could easily see what she was doing and they could
see what she was doing, as she did it. It was more humiliating this way,
which is how her customers liked it. Before putting the wig on, she took
several more pictures of Zack standing and sitting.

Then she put the wig on, adjusting it until it looked just right. Even Zack had
to admit, from the shoulders up, with the wig and makeup he was a gorgeous
young woman. Next came the dress, a light purple satin, silk and lace affair
with a zipper in the back, so all he had to do was to step into it, pull it up and
zip it up, which Thomas helped him do.

It was cut low in front, and with the corset pulling his chest in, there was a
small, but noticeable cleavage at the very top of the full coverage lacy black
bra, which also peeked out of the top of the dress (the top of the bra that is).
It had puffy, short sleeves trimmed in white lace on the ends. The bodice was
very tight and form fitting, showing off his corseted figure to it's fullest. The
nipples of the fake tits protruded out, tenting the dress easily defining their
size and location. As the dress passed below the tops of his hips, the short
skirt that he wore tented out, away from his body, held like that by the
crinoline slip sewn into the skirt. In short, the dress was a cross between
what the Southern Belles wore in the 1800's from the waist down, and
something Mae West would have worn from the waist up in her younger

He then was made to pull up the most delicate, most see-through light pink
panties he had every laid his eyes on. Of course, they were thong styled
panties, which when fully pulled on, slipped between the cheeks of his ass
and pressed up against his sore anus. She then took him back over to the
makeup table and touched up anything amiss and then she took more pictures,
sweet ones, cheesy ones, and indecent ones (panty, bra and beaver shots).

"Now, here is out it will work. These men come here to be punished and
humiliated, then to have sex. Some are into real women only, but none
tonight. These men know that you are my little sissy boy and will expect you
to suck them off, allow them to fuck your fake pussy and/or fuck you in the
ass or be fucked by you in their ass. Tonight I'll have to tell them that your
ass is unavailable. I'll have to give those that insist a rain check to come
back, during one day next week, to fuck your ass any time that they want.
The first customer, enjoys being whipped and while he's being whipped he'll
want to kiss you while you rub your body up against his. He'll be naked so
make sure that you rub those nipples all over him, while I beat him soundly.
He also enjoys having his cock and balls rubbed with a stockinged leg,
keeping him real hard while he's beaten, and usually cums on the girl
ministering to him. Once he cums, you immediately get down and lick any
and all cum off of him and then suck him until he cums two more times in
your mouth."

Just then the door bell rang, signifying that their first customer of the evening
had arrived. Thomas opened the door and showed the man in having him sit
on the settee in the living room.

"Well I'll have to tell you about our second customer between the two. Your
new name is Monique, and you better answer to it every time and
immediately, or you will be punished in front of which ever customer that
you have offended by not answering or not answering promptly to your name.
You need to smile at the customers and make sure that you occasionally
glance down at their crotch and when you do, lick your lips, as if in
anticipation of getting your, mouth, hands, pussy and ass on what you see.
Just imagine that it's a pussy that you're looking at, if that will help, but do it!
Oh yes, these men all get a special kick out of you keeping eye contact with
them while you're sucking their cocks, so once you get their cocks into your
mouth, look up at them and don't stop looking at them until you let their
deflated and cleaned off cocks out of your mouth. Even while they are
cuming in your mouth, you keep that eye contact up. Do you understand all
of my instructions, Monique?" the Mistress explained.

"I think so, but their were so many, I may not remember them all." he

"Well I'll help you out today, but by tomorrow, you better begin doing it all
on your own." she advised.

She then led him out to meet their customer. He was a tall, athletically built
man, whom Zack later found out was a big shot corporate lawyer. He was a
regular, coming by once every two or three weeks for a treatment.

"Well hi Sam, how have you been. It's been so long since you've been here I
began to think you didn't like me any more." she greeted the customer
hugging and kissing him on the cheek.

"No, I was out of town on business. I made this appointment as soon as I got
back, but you've been booked." Sam explained.

"I've got a brand new girl for you tonight. Sam this is Monique, Monique,
this is Sam." she said, pushing Monique towards the customer. "And look at
those tits will ya, she's stacked."

Sam wrapped his arms around Zack, as if he were a girl, pulling him tightly
against him, feeling the fake nipples burning into his chest as he bent down to
kiss the new "girl". He planted his lips on hers and immediately slipped his
tongue into Zack's mouth while his right hand moved under her skirt, into her
panties, between the cheeks of his ass and inserted his fuck finger all the way
into Zack's sore butt, drawing a gasp of pain from Monique.

The Mistress pulled Sam's hand out and said, "Not tonight Sam, Monique
had a brutal fucking down there and is temporarily unavailable for that kind
of sex, but you can do anything else that you want to her."

Sam simply shrugged and said, "Alright."

"Shall we get down to business?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress." Sam said humbly.

"Then let Monique undress you and cuff your hands." the Mistress said and
then she addressed Monique, "Sam's a tit man, so make sure that you brush
those huge hooters of yours all over him."

Zack helped Sam out of his coat, then undid his tie and unbuttoned and
removed his shirt, while pressing his fake tits into the handsome man as often
as his movements allowed for it. While he worked on the upper half of Sam,
Sam stuck his hand down between his legs, and started playing with his panty
covered pussy. Zack was surprised how sensitive his trapped sexual organs
had become. As Sam pressed his fingers between Zack's pussy lips, rubbing
back and forth, Zack's balls responded with a pleasant tingling. As he moved
easily into his slit, Zack realized that the Mistress had probably pre greased
them for this purpose. But when he started playing with the fake clit, Zack
felt the pleasant shocks around the head of his cock and felt like his cock was
quickly at full erection, even though trapped as it was, that was impossible.
Just like a woman, whose clit you would rub, Zack gasped, shot off several
big wads of cum, and soon began to moan and tremble from the intensity of
his orgasm, which he soon felt, leaking out of his fake cunt and soaking his
panties. The orgasm was so intense, that he even had to hold on to Sam,
causing him to press his fake boobs hard into the man, to prevent himself
from falling as Sam fingered him into another orgasm.

Sam laughed and said, "Mistress, I really like you're new girl, she's so

Of course Sam knew that Zack was a pretend, made up girl, but Mistress had
been very clever in the design of her latest fake pussy. On the ones before,
the clits, while physically there, did not produce this kind of response from
it's wearer, one very close, if not identical to a woman's response.

"I'm glad that you like it! This is the first prototype of my latest plastic
pussy, and you're the very first man to try it out!" she said, beaming with

"Well you've certainly hit it right again. I'm just going to have to give it the
acid test when you're through with me and fuck her!" Sam announced.

Zack wanted to die. He was a man to, even if his equipment was hidden
away under a fake pussy, and this man was going to fuck him like a woman.
He blushed just like a teenaged girl being asked about her tits. Both of them
noticed and smiled evilly at him.

Zack began taking the man's shoes off, which necessitated him squatting
down and at certain angles, his cum soaked panties were clearly visible under
the short, flared out skirt, along with the fluffy slip pushing the dress out
away from his body.

With the socks and shoes off, all that was left was Sam's pants and
underwear. Zack undid the belt, unbuttoned the buttons and unclipped the
clip, then pulled Sam's pants down. Unable to ignore the bulge in Sam's
underwear, he gave it a loving look and licked his lips, using the Mistress'
technique of thinking of it as a pussy. Sam helped by pulling one foot at a
time out of his trousers. Monique folded them nicely setting them with the
rest of his clothes and then returned for the moment of truth. She hooked her
thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down, making sure to get the top
well over his raging hard-on.

She was impressed with the size of Sam's cock, wetly licking her lips again,
as she pulled the underwear from him. For reasons beyond her imagination,
she leaned forward and sucked his cock into her mouth and she pulled his
pants, down his legs. She started to suck him off when the Mistress stopped

"We know that you're such a cock hound, but you'll have to wait to treat him
to your delights until after I've punished him." the Mistress said with a

Sam too laughed, knowing that this thin black man was a pure beginner at
being a sissy boy. Zack put Sam's hands in a tight pair of handcuffs and led
him over to where he himself had been strung up. Thomas took the man's
cuffs, hooked the chain onto them and pulled him up until he was standing on
his toes, with his legs spread wide apart. Mistress came in with a nasty
looking cat-o-nine tails and instructed him to kiss Sam while she whipped

Zack pressed his substantial fake boobs with their long, perpetually erect
nipple into Sam's chest and leaned up to kiss him, full on the lips, their
tongues dueling back and. As Mistress took her first swing, landing with a
loud snap on Sam's back, Zack pressed his knee into Sam's groin, moving it
gently and seductively over Sam's balls and prick, much as a woman would
do it to a man.

As Sam flinched and screamed out in pain, in Zack's mouth, Zack pressed
even tighter against the man, almost feeling sorry for him, but he knew that
was what the man wanted, to be dominated and punished by a woman. As
Mistress delivered blow after blow, while Monique, pressed those huge life
like tits into his chest, passionately kissed him and caressed his cock and balls
with her stockinged leg, Sam became so excited that he came twice, both
times soaking Monique's dress with what seemed to be an endless amount of
cum. Before it was over, Sam was crying like a little boy, being held in his
mother's arms from the pain inflicted by Mistress' whip.

When it was over, Thomas lowered him down. Mistress and Monique
walked him over to the bed, laying him down on his belly. Mistress and
Monique then went to the bathroom and Mistress gave Monique some
ointment and instructions how to use it. But before letting her return to their
client, she helped Monique out of her soiled dress, forcing Monique to return
to Sam in just her corset, cum soaked panties, stockings and high heeled

Monique tended gently to Sam's welted back, amazed that while each welt
looked horrible, none were bleeding. The ointment drew a lot of the pain
away, but Sam was still somewhat stiff from the experience. It didn't seem to
have any affect however, on his desire to make love to Monique. When she
was finished and back in bed, he had her lay on her back, as he couldn't and
leaned over her, the left side of his chest laying squarely on her left tit, and
kissed her full on the lips, his tongue snaking into her mouth. Monique
returned his kiss in kind.

As the passionate kissing continued, Monique noticed that his left hand was
playing with her fake right boob, and then caressed gently and lovingly down
to her fake pussy. He wiggled his hand into her very brief, tight panties and
into her slit, where he worked over her fake clit again making Monique cum
twice more.

Zack had never felt such sexual bliss, being a novice, although not a virgin
himself. The deep sexual feelings Sam was giving him, made him respond to
Sam just as woman would being handled and kissed like that. He even felt
himself thinking how safe he felt in the big man's arms and shook it off as
merely sexual fantasy brought on by the intensity of his orgasms.

Sam then ripped Monique's panties off and mounted her, sticking his cock
into the fake love tunnel. As he pressed into the tight sleeve, rubbing his big
cock over Zack's balls and cock, Zack felt another orgasm rising quickly and
sure enough, shot another wad before Sam was even fully inside of his fake
fuck hole.
Sam could feel Monique cum and began a soft chant of "Cum for me baby,

As Zack jismed, his cum drenched Sam's cock, just as a woman's cum
would, bringing a smile to Sam's face. He pumped and pumped and pumped
his cock into Zack's fake fuck hole, driving Zack insane with lust and making
him cum so many times that his balls hurt, before Sam blew his own wad into
the already soaked fake fuck hole. Zack was up to ten counting the number
of times he came while Sam fucked him and then lost count as he couldn't
concentrate on counting any more. The best he figured was he came at least
another two times, plus he had cum twice earlier so he had already cum
fourteen times and the second customer wasn't even there yet.

Monique dressed Sam, careful of his wounds, and walked him to the door,
basically naked. He asked her to wait and took Mistress aside and gave her a
glowing report of her full filling her duties. He then hugged Monique tightly
to him, squishing her breasts against his chest and they passionately kissed at
the door, before Thomas opened it, letting him leave.

"Oh Monique," Mistress squealed, "he's in love with you. He loves the way
you kiss and hug, he loved the way you just kept cuming and cuming and
cuming as he fucked you. Keep up the good work and I'll be hiring you for

Zack wasn't sure if it was a compliment or an insult. He sort of suspected a
little of both.

"Now come on don't dally, we got to get you cleaned up, made up and
dressed before our next guest arrives."

He was surprised at the speed in which she got him cleaned up, having to take
everything off, other than the fake pussy, which she actually douched. She
made him put another suppository into his ass, telling him that he'd heal
quicker with it. After the quick shower, he put on a red corset, this time with
only 'B' cup synthetic tits in the cups, but it hugged his body just as tightly,
restricting his ability to breath. Then the stockings and the high heeled shoes.
Makeup was next and then the dress. This looked just like something for a
little girl, pre-teen or very young teen. The new wig went along with the
clothes, and he now sported a pony tail.

"The next customer has two deviations, he likes to be beaten by mature
women and he likes to fuck under aged girls. You're kind of tall for such a
young girl, but it will have to do. In order for you to sound like a young girl,
you will have to take two big intakes of breath from this gas tank. It's sort
like helium, but it doesn't make your voice go so high that you sound like the
chip monks, but rather a little girl and it lasts longer. You won't get your
voice back until the morning. As he wants it done differently each time, we'll
both have to play it by ear. I'll give you cues as to what to do when. Now he
should be here any minute, so let's get your voice changed" Mistress
explained, as she handed Zack a tube connected to a small tank.

Zack put the tube into his mouth, Mistress turned the gas on and he inhaled
two big gulps of the mysterious gas.

"O.K. Lets hear how you sound." she said.
"What do you want me to say? ... Oh my god! I do sound like a little girl!"
Zack replied.

Shortly the door bell rang and the second customer of the night was admitted.

Mistress and Monique came out of the bedroom to greet their guest. "Dave,
how are you?" Mistress said as she hugged and kissed him on the cheek.
"This my new little girl, Monique. Monique, this is Dave, he's an old
customer and friend. Say hello to him."

"Hello Dave." she said leaning in to kiss him on the lips and hug him to her
fake boobs.

"You certainly know how to pick them Mistress." Dave exclaimed.

"Well what would you like to do tonight?" she asked.

"Mistress, I've been a bad boy, a very bad boy. I raped a twelve year old girl.
I need a spanking, I think over your knee with a hairbrush would do just fine.
While I'm lying over your knee, my ass high in the air so that you have a
really good target, I'd like Monique to be sitting on the floor, her skirt up to
her crotch, her legs spread wide, masturbating and playing with her tits. Of
course that will make me get hard and you'll have to punish me for that too.
Then I'd like a shot at Monique." He explained.

"Thomas, please get me my special hairbrush. Monique, why don't you help
Dave out of his clothes." Mistress ordered, like she was directing traffic.

Monique walked over to Dave and in her new, but temporary voice said,
"Ooooo, you're cute. Are you going to rape me too? I'm a bad little girl, I'm
not wearing any panties."

While Monique was unbuttoning his shirt, Dave reached between her legs
and began to play with her pussy, quickly finding her clit and rubbed it
mercilessly. Monique, knew that the rules were that she not only couldn't
fend him off, but she even had to spread her legs wider to give him better
access, so she grabbed onto his shoulders and held on for the ride as Dave
brought her to three quick orgasms before the Mistress stopped him.

"Now come on Dave, don't take advantage of her, nor my hospitality. You
know the rules, first the punishment then the pleasure. Now if you won't let
her get you undressed, I'll have to ask you to leave." Mistress admonished

"Mistress, I know this is a man, and I know you've made artificial pussies
before, but this one has him acting like a woman when I diddle his fake clit.
Is it new?" Dave responded enthusiastically.

"Yes, and I see that you like it. Fucking him gets the same kind of results,
but you can only do it in the missionary position, at this time." she replied.

"You mean she'll cum while playing with herself while your spanking me
with the hair brush?" he asked.

"Yes, definitely." she replied.

Monique had recovered from three powerful orgasms and had resumed
unbuttoning Dave's shirt. Dave held his cum drenched fingers up to her lips.
Monique opened her mouth, allowed his fingers in, and licked them clean of
her own cum before finishing with his undressing.

When Dave was fully naked, he walked over to where Mistress was sitting
and draped himself across her lap. Monique, sat on the floor, less than a foot
away from him, her legs spread wide and flat on the floor, her skirt pulled up
high enough to fully expose her fake pussy.

Dave turned to look at Mistress, held up his pointer finger and said, "One
second before you start, I want to reposition Monique."

Mistress nodded and Dave turned to Monique and said, "Monique, bend your
legs at the knees, and while keeping your legs spread, bring your heels back
to your butt."

When he was satisfied with the position, he turned back to Mistress and said,
"I'm ready."

Mistress brought the hairbrush up and then pulled it down onto his ass cheeks
with a 'whoosh' and a loud 'SMACK'. Meanwhile Monique began playing
with herself, fingering her pussy and fondling her tits. Even though the
irregular smacks of the hairbrush hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, Dave, true to his
word got hard watching Monique masturbating and fondling herself.

While Dave was being severely punished, Monique couldn't help but to cum,
twice from playing with her sensitive clit. When Mistress was through
punishing Dave, the two women helped him into the same room that they had
gone to with Sam, earlier in the evening. Like with Sam, Mistress gave
Monique, some salve to rub into his sore, bruised buttocks and removed
Monique's dress, so that she now only wore, the corset, stockings, and shoes,
and the wig, of course.

Mistress said, before sending her into the room, "He's paying to spend the
night in bed with you. You must allow him to do anything he wants,
including fucking your ass one time. I made that concession to him, only
because he has such a relatively small dick. It's average, about six inches and
not too thick, so gut it up when he takes you ass hole, which we agreed won't
be until you two wake up in the morning. Everything else, there is no limit.
No go in there and make him happy."

Monique was stunned, another strange cock up her ass. "What the hell! Is it
really different than sucking it or getting fucked in my artificial pussy?" she
thought to herself.

Dave was like an octopus, his hands were all over her all night long. When
they finally did get to sleep, they slept on their sides pressed together, Dave in
back, with his cock wedged between her ass cheeks, up against her anus and
his arm over her side playing with her fake, but realistic tits. That night, he
had fucked her four times, guess he really gets off on young girls, or at least
young sounding ones. He ate Monique to a dozen orgasms and had Monique
suck him off twice. Then the next morning, he did take her in the ass. As
Mistress suspected, it wasn't so painful because of all the suppositories that
he had taken. Finally she had to clean him off, then suck him off, before
helping him dress to leave.


Three hours later when she did come around, the dildos were removed, she
went to the bathroom, both to use the toilet and clean up. Then she was fed
and dressed to service their customers. Before getting her first assignment,
she was taken to the manager's office. He looked her over evaluating her
physical attributes and estimating her sexual talents. Moesha felt dirty as he
starred intently at her tits and shaved cunt and even more so when she
couldn't see him but could feel his breath on her cunt and ass as she stood
bent over, her head, nearly as low as her knees, her legs spread wide apart and
she was holding her ass cheeks wide apart for his inspection.

While she was in this position, he shoved his face into her crotch, his nose
pressing into her anus while his mouth worked over her pussy and his hands
were all over her tits. For fifteen minutes he worked her over in this manner,
bringing her to several orgasms while she was forced to hold that position.
She had cum so many times that her thighs were still shaking with the after
shocks of her pleasure and she was barely able to stand in those damned 7"

The manager said, "You're a very pretty young woman. We've had your
picture up in the coming attractions area for over a month. One of you in a
bikini at the beach" and showed it to her.

"My god," she thought to herself, "how long have they been planning my

"The purpose of the coming attractions area is to get interest in a girl that we
know will be coming, even before she is here. There has been a lot of
interest in you. So much so, that you're virtually booked around the clock for
your short stay. You will work four hours then sleep or rest for two hours and
then it's back to work. You're first customer won that right with the highest
bid. He's a very interesting man, with very unusual tendencies. He want's
you prepared for a strenuous four hours with him. I will warn you, that he
will hurt you. Oh he'll leave no damaging marks, but what he will do to you
will hurt a lot. He likes his women fearful of him and somewhat passive, in
other words, don't even try to fight him off, no matter how painful, whatever
he does is. He likes to hear his women whine and cry and plead for him to
stop the torture, so that's what you will do. If you don't cooperate, your
owners will be advised and they have already told us that if you don't do as
you are told, that 1) you will spend an extra day here for every bad report that
you get, and we do have a waiting list of men who'd like to get their hands on
you and their dicks inside of you; and 2) if it's more than one extra day,
you're new husband won't have a cock or balls when you see him next." he

Moesha was shocked, not only was she being tortured, and had to allow it,
but if she didn't they'd make Zack a eunuch and let him know that it was
because she didn't cooperate. These men were truly evil and devious.

"Now, take off those shoes, and put these on." he said handing her the key to
the locks.

After she was locked into the new shoes, which were tap shoes with a sturdier
four inch heel, he handed her a tube of KY jelly and two ten inch dildos, with
a wire hanging off the end. After she had both dildos inside of her, she was
led to her first client, just wearing her garter belt, stockings and shoes.

The man in the room was of average height, about 5'10" she guessed and
must have weighed over 300 pounds he was so wide. He was ugly and
balding and wore stupid looking horn rimmed glasses, right out of the 50's.

The manager introduced them, "Henry, this is Moesha, Moesha this is Henry.
I know you two are going to have lots of fun together, so I'll leave so you can
get started.."

When the door was closed, and locked from the outside. Henry spoke, "My
you really are a pretty young thing. And while those huge tits just beg to be
tortured that'll have to wait for later. Now come over here and give me a
proper kiss."

Moesha wasn't positive what he meant by a proper kiss, but remembered the
manager's warning that Henry liked his women passive, so she moved over to
him, pressing her lips against his and then opening them quickly as she felt
his tongue snake into her mouth and pressed her naked body up against his,
still clothed body. As Henry passionately dueled his tongue with her's, he
reached up and squeezed both of her tits with his huge hands as hard as he

She couldn't believe how cruel this man was being with her soft, sensitive
breasts. It hurt so bad that she began to cry from the pain as he kept
squeezing harder and harder and harder, while still kissing her so

Finally he broke the embrace and said, "Well it's time to get the work."

He went over and turned on a stereo, put a CD in and hit play. The music
came on and it was definitely a tap dance. He turned back to Moesha and
said, "O.K. here's how this works. There are sensors in your shoes. They can
detect when and how long your feet are on the floor. They also can detect
which foot, or if both or neither are on the floor. You must keep your feet
and arms in constant motion. If either foot is on the floor for more than a
second or if both feet end up on the floor together, the sensors will detect it
and send a shock to both your pussy and ass. While the machine is capable of
sending progressively higher shocks, I prefer to simply start at the highest
setting and leave it there. More incentive for you not to make a mistake.
Now start dancing!" as he made it obvious he was turning it on with the
remote control in his hands.

Moesha now understood the purpose of those wires at the back of the dildos
that she had in her pussy and ass holes. With just a second allowed per foot,
she was dancing up a storm right from the start. Five minutes passed and
fatigue was already setting in. She was tired before she started and this was
strenuous, especially with her pussy and ass filled with those long, thick
dildos. By the time ten minutes arrived, she didn't know how she was going
to keep it up

She couldn't keep it up for ever, that she knew, and she was running out of
steam rapidly. One foot must have stayed down too long, as both her pussy
and ass holes were hit, simultaneously with a high voltage of electricity,
wrenching a cry of pain from the captured bride. Unfortunately for her, it
momentarily made her freeze, which meant both feet were on the floor at the
same time and she received another high voltage shock in both of her tender
passages. Again it caused her to loose her concentration, which she never did
get back, even though she tried, tearing scream after scream of pain as she felt
she was being electrocuted, until she blissfully passed out and her customer
turned off the machine sending the shocks.

He gave her no leeway, immediately breaking an ammonia capsule open and
waiving it under her nose. As she came around, he advised her, "No sleeping
on the job. Now get those dildos out of you and those shoes off of your feet.
Here, put these ones on." handing her, her own 7" heels.

When Moesha was ready again, he led her over to a post with ankle cuffs
attached at the bottom and wrist cuff dropping down from the top. He
quickly secured her feet and arms in the cuffs and then cinched a belt tightly
around her waist.

"You have such pretty, huge tits. I'll bet they are really sensitive." He said as
he pulled over what looked like the tray that rolls under the bed with a surface
above the bed to set food on to eat, except on top of this tray was a plastic
container filled with alcohol and large headed, long pins.

He took one pin out and showed it to her, asking, "Where do you think I'm
going to put these?"

At first, Moesha played dumb, thinking that anything she said would incite
this sadist and simply said, "I don't know."

"You better guess and guess now or I'll stick them into the lining of your ass
hole, and I can guarantee you that is very painful!" he advised.

"Well, I'd guess that you're putting them in my tits, only because you
mentioned them." she replied.

"Very astute, but where in your tits?" he asked.

"I don't know. I have no idea where you're going with this. All over? I
don't know." she replied, beginning to cry now.

"No! Not all over! Guess again!" he responded excitedly looking right at her

Moesha's eyes grew big, remembering how painful getting the nipple rings
put in and cried out, "NO! Not my nipples!"

This drew a big smile on the fat white man standing in front of her. "Yes, I
think that's exactly where I'll place them." And pressed the first pin into her
left tit where the areola meets the rest of the tit, drawing another scream of
pain from the bound, captive bride, as the pin sunk slowly and painfully into
her breast. He repeated the process of slowly, ever so slowly pressing pins
into the circles surrounding her areolas, going back and forth between her left
and right tits until the pins formed a complete circle around her areolas.

The man then walked behind her, threw his arms around her chest, placed his
palms over her areolas and squeezed the meat of her tits as he squashed her
tits back in towards her chest, driving the pins even further into her now sore
tits and drawing screams of pain from the young bride. He kept this up for
ten minutes, bringing Moesha to tears. Unfortunately for her, this man loved
hearing women scream in pain from his sadistic acts and they were just
beginning as they hadn't even made it to the first hour yet, and he had her for
a full four hours. She wondered what else this sick bastard would do to her.

She didn't have long to wait to find out what was next, as he finally released
his grip on pin cushioned tits. He went over and picked up a waffle covered
paddle, about the same size as a ping pong paddle. Whereas a ping pong
paddle is rubber covered wood, this was all hard rubber.

As he walked over to her right side, Moesha pleaded with him to no avail,
"Oh God NO! Oh please don't hit my breasts with that thing! Not with the
pins still in them! PLEASE!"

The man said nothing, her pleas were like music to his ears as it meant that
she feared him and liked when women feared and respected him. He gave her
an evil smile, pulled his arm all the out and then with a "WHOOSH", swung
it back, smacking her tit dead center on her nipple, crushing the breast

"Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggg!" Moesha
gurgled in pain, both from the pins slicing further into her breast and from the
sting that the paddle made on her boob too.

He patiently waited for her cry to die down before repeating it on her other tit.
"Whoosh!" "SMACK!" came the sounds again as he put all of his weight
into his practiced swing, with a flick of his wrist, just before the paddle
smashed into her tit. He kept this up for half an hour, changing hands, and
the side he was swinging from every ten minutes. By the end of the half hour,
Moesha virtually had no voice left, she was hoarse from constantly screaming
out in pain.

He walked up to her and viciously squeezed her tits, pressing his palms onto
the pins pushing them into her huge tits. As she screamed out in pain again,
he laughed and commented, "A little tender are they? Well we'll leaving
them alone for a little bit then and work on other parts of your body."

He untied her from the post, after attaching lines from the ceiling to her ankle
cuffs and then hauled her up, upside down, legs spread so far apart that even
her inner lips were open. He then picked up a qwart, a fifteen inch, rubber
belt, one inch thick, attached to a twelve inch wooden handle.

Moesha didn't see the whip, as he approached her from behind. Her pussy
was at his chest height, just right for the maximizing of his swing and follow
through. He raised the whip high in the air, brought it down with all of his
might right on her widely splayed open pussy, sinking it in between her outer
lips. The wicked whip, due to his timely flick of the wrist, landed first on her
ass cheeks, then her pussy hole, slit and clit. It took half a second after the
sound of the crack of the whip smacking into her flesh for the pain signal to
hit her brain. When it did, she screamed out from the new pain as she
thrashed about like a fish on a hook.

Again he waited for the old pain to die down before inflicting new pain. He
wanted to savor every moment of pain that she experienced, and wanted to
make sure that she fully appreciated each stroke of the whip that he laid on
her. After the seventh stroke of his whip to her cunt, Moesha passed out from
the pain. Her pussy was swollen from the vicious strokes to her most
sensitive area. Her clit had become erect from the abuse and unfortunately
stayed that way, making it an even better target.

While she was unconscious, he lowered her back to the floor, and tied her to a
saw horse. Her arms and legs were each tied to the legs of the heavy saw
horse, causing her to be bent over with her ass high in the air, the cheeks
spread wide apart, giving good passage to her tiny anal eye as well as her
equally wide spread pussy lips.

He returned this time with what looked like a fraternity paddle, a long thick
piece of wood, with holes drilled into it. He worked all over her cheeks and
upper thighs leaving them bright red with splotches of black and blue.
Moesha was going to have problems sitting for days to come from his
beating. He then took out a crop, like jockeys use on horses in a race. He
moved around in front of her, whipped out his cock and made her start
sucking him.

Moesha was just getting into bobbing her head, up and down on his relatively
small member, when he brought the crop down right between her ass cheeks
onto her anal opening. She momentarily stopped sucking him and screamed
out in pain around his cock. That was all it took to make him cum in buckets
inside of her mouth. She almost gagged as his copious jiz rapidly squirted
out of him cock in ropes. Since she was in mid-scream, it was almost
impossible to suck hie seed down, but she somehow managed to do it, as she
didn't want to draw any more time in the training room with those damned,
shocking dildos.

He told her to keep sucking him, which she did until her had come in her
mouth five times. Each time, just before he came, with deadly accuracy, he
lashed down right between her butt cheeks and across her anus, sending
excruciating pain through the bound bride, making her scream and him to
cum, except for the very last one, which he aimed for her wide splayed pussy
instead, landing that time right on her clit, making her pass out, yet again,
from the pain.

While she was unconscious, he again moved her to a different device. This
was a devious, nasty looking thing. She sat on an adjustable seat, able to be
locked in place, closer or further from the front, to adjust to the riders, leg and
arm length. The seat itself was covered with a grainy surface, not unlike
sandpaper and contained two long, thick, deeply ribbed dildos, one for her
cunt and one for her ass. The design of the dildos would cause her cunt and
anal sphincters to open wide as the thick section of each rib passed through,
then snap shut in the deep groove, only to stretch wide open again for the next
rib. Her ankles and wrists would be placed and locked into stocks, forcing
her to lean forward. Finally there was an iron ring between her feet.

The man greased the twin rapist up as well as her ass hole, as the idea of this
device was to force her to fuck herself on them, and she'd have a problem
doing that without the help of the lubricant. He slowly impaled her onto the
two dildos until she was fully seated, her butt scraping against the coarse
material of the seat. Her wrists were placed in the stocks first, to hold the
unconscious woman upright. Then her ankles were secured. He then
attached small chains to her nipple and clit rings. One at a time he secured
them tautly, to the iron ring between her feet, stretching her nipple and clit as
much as he felt safe doing, as he knew that any permanent damage to a girl
would result in his castration, and he had no intention of getting castrated.

He waived another ammonia capsule under her nose, reviving her to her new
reality, constant pain. She quickly realized that she had been moved again
while unconscious. She could feel the fact that she was double penetrated
and knew that her sore ass was uncomfortably grinding on something grainy.
Her tormentor now held a cattle prod as he walked around her. Suddenly, he
poked it into her stomach and thumbed the firing button, sending a shock into
the bound girls belly, causing her to pull back and lift up to get away from the
damned device.

This pulling back and up, caused her to lift about half way up on the dildos
that were impaling her, but that was as far as she could go. This caused her to
really stretch her nipples and clit which were tied to the ring between her legs,
bringing her excruciating pain from over stretching her ultra-sensitive pieces
of flesh. The constant opening and closing of her twin sphincters both caused
pain and, to her shock, pleasure. Possibly the worse of all was her buttocks
and upper thighs as they landed back hard on the grainy seat, beginning to
really rub that part of her flesh raw.

"O.K. BITCH! It's like this, you're going to fuck yourself on those two
dildos, one way or another. Either I can keep shocking you to make you do it
and do it fast, or you can do it to yourself. I'd just as soon shock you and
whip you as letting you fuck yourself, because then I get to participate. Either
get that ass of yours moving and moving quickly or I'll assist you to do so."

Moesha REALLY didn't want to do it either way as it was quite painful. Not
to mention that she realized that she would probably cum as a result of the
dildos pounding in and out of her cunt and ass and didn't want this vile man
to see that he had forced her to orgasm. But since she didn't want the added
pain of that shocker, she began fucking herself up and down on the two dildos
as fast as she could move.

She soon realized that her legs were sore from the paddling her gave her
which further restricted her ability to bounce up and down on the dildos and
that smashing her ass into the seat was tearing it up. She changed her pattern
from going up as far as she could to almost all the way back down, but not
quite, to avoid the grainy surface from further tearing her ass cheeks up. She
also realized that the beatings to her pussy and anus, made her two orifices
hypersensitive, forcing her body to really each bump and crevice of the two
dildos as her body rapidly rode them.
From time to time, her tormentor would jab the shock stick into her breasts or
belly, making her move even faster to avoid being shocked again.

Right as her first orgasm smacked into her, signaled by her squealing in joy,
he pressed the cattle prod against her clit and fired three quick shocks into the
spasming woman, further intensifying both her pain and her pleasure. The
orgasm seemed to go on forever as Moesha wildly bucked on the twin raping
dildos and pulling the chains even further out and tighter, than she had up
until then, and, in spite of the additional pain it caused, she was ramming her
torn up ass cheeks onto the gritty seat and rubbing them around with the
dildos fully impaled inside of her.

As she came down from her first orgasm, the man, who was still pressing the
cattle prod tightly up against her clit, fired it again. It made her squeak from
the pain of the electrical jolt and pleasure of yet another orgasm. Again, he
kept firing electrical shocks into her clit, pacing them out far enough , to
make her wildly buck on the twin dildos. This time he didn't stop firing the
weapon, until she had the longest, most powerful orgasm of her very short
sexual life, lasting almost three full minutes.

This time as she came down, he simply demanded that she get those hips a
humping, and she did. As tired and as sore as she was, she began fucking
herself in earnest again. Her pussy was so wet that as the dildo moved in and
out of her fuck hole, it was making a loud, lewd suctioning noise.

"You slut! You whore!" her tormentor cried out, "Listen to how wet your
pussy is from cuming so hard and so long while I torture you. You love it
and you know that you love it, even if you won't admit it to me."

He kept of the chant of calling her names and pointing out the proof of why
her body enjoyed being treated this way for the rest of the session. He let her
fuck herself at her own pace, verbally reminding her to keep doing it rapidly,
which always made her speed up, not wanting to be shocked again. As she'd
near another orgasm, signified by her moans, gasps and unconscious speeding
up of her fucking rhythm, he'd shock her clit, bringing on yet another orgasm
and by continuously shocking her clit, gave her some of the most powerful
orgasms that she'd ever have.

After the sixth orgasm, he let her stop and took her off of the device. He then
secured her arms behind her back in an arm cincher. Her hands, with a large,
foam and rubber squeezy thing in her palms was forced into the gloved end,
at the bottom of the cincher which forced her hands to grasp the object in her
hands. He slowly zipped the cincher up to her elbows, forcing her arms, from
elbows to hands, against each other, in their separate sleeves. This pulled her
shoulders way back and thus thrust her tits, with the pins still in her areolas,
way out. He then snugged up the laces, making five trips from elbows to
shoulders, pulling her shoulders back even more, until she thought that he'd
dislocate them, and then tied it off to prevent it from loosening any.

He then walked her over to a tall box, making her place her ankles on the
outside of the box and secured her ankles to the cuffs attached there. The box
was so wide that it forced her into a squatting position with her pussy just
over the top of the box and her knuckles, inside the cincher, scraping the top
of the box. He next tied lines, attached high on the wall to her nipple rings,
until again, her nipples stretched out far from her chest, turning her big round
tits into cones of flesh. He then pressed a button, and two dildos popped up
through the top of the box and slowly entered her body until they were fully
impaled inside of her. He pressed another button and both began vibrating at
a very high rate of speed inside of her making her moan and groan in
pleasure. After several minutes of this, he pressed yet another button and the
dildos began to slowly recede from her body until just the heads were still
inside of her, then it rammed fully back into her, so quickly that it knocked
the air from her lungs and making her pull back, thus stretching her nipples

Just as she caught her breath, it was almost all the way out of her and was
rammed fully back into her again, knocking the wind out of her again and
making her yank on her nipple rings. After six cycles of slowly out and
ramming it back into her, he changed the pattern. While still vibrating at the
highest setting the dildos were alternately fucking in or out of her as fast as
they could go. Whereas the former setting merely tortured her, the new one
was driving her to a lust for fucking that she never experienced before and
soon had her in the constant throes of one huge multiple orgasm that just kept
going and going and going.

As the very first one hit her lick a punch to her stomach, her began whipping
her already sore tits with a cat-o-nine-tails, not as hard as he had beaten her
before, but certainly hard enough that she felt the sting of each blow. Since
she was cuming anyway, the pain and the pleasure merged into one causing
each orgasm to peek higher and last longer. He kept her in this state for over
half an hour, leisurely whipping her tits the whole time. Invariably one of
more of the nasty, knotted tails would bite into the top of one of the pins
buried in her tits causing her excruciating pain and making her orgasm peek
that much higher.

When she was removed from this latest device, she couldn't even stand, she
had so little strength left. He carried her over to another saw horse, this one
having a 4x4 as the top bar, turned in such a way that one of the pointy edges
was facing up. He set her down on it so that the sharp edge bisected her
pussy slit. He attached the ring, at the bottom of her arm cincher, to a chain
falling from above, and then took out some of the slack, to help hold her in
place. He then secured her ankles to the foot of the saw horse, pulling her
pussy down tight onto the sharp edge. He took out some more slack in the
chain on her arm cincher and moved it around in such a way that she was
forced to put all of her weight right on her cunt slit. Finally her brought over
what looked like leaders, for fishing line, with one pound weights attached to
each, which he in turn attached to her nipple rings, causing her nipples to be
pulled way down, pulling the breasts with them.

He then took a seat in front of her, flashed her an evil grin and said, "You're
such a slutty whore, that even after cuming all those times that I made or
helped you to cum, you're going to begin to rub that tireless pussy of your
back and forth along the sharp edge of that piece of wood until you cum again
and again and again."

He obviously was going to do nothing this time to make her do anything, to
prove his point. Of course he knew that supporting her entire weight on her
abused pussy was going to be very painful, at best. That eventually, she'd do
it, no to comply with his orders, but rather to relieve the pain that she was
feeling between her legs.

Sure enough, she started by fidgeting her hips just a little. Then a little more,
and before she even realized it, she was humping her hips, back and forth
over the top edge of the saw horse. The man began to laugh and said things
like, "See, I didn't have to make you do a thing, you're doing it to yourself,
all by yourself." and things of that ilk as Moesha was rapidly humping her
hips along the top rail of the saw horse. The movement of her hips made her
breasts sway and bounce, which in turn made the weights attached to her
nipples sway and bounce, giving her painfully pleasurable little tugs on her
super sensitive nipples.

After she came the first time rubbing her pussy over the rough wood, he
unzipped his pants again and pulled his semi-erect cock out of his pants. He
greased his cock up and stepped up behind her. He threw his arms around
palming her nipples, squeezing the meat as he pressed her tits against her
chest, shaking them up and down to make the weights pull even more on her
nipple rings. Her moans of pain from the wood cutting into her cunt, the pins
pressing further into her tits and the weights pulling on her nipple rings, made
him fully hard. He pressed his now erect cock into her ass just far enough, so
that as she rode the pine, she was also fucking her ass on and off of his cock.

As he exploded inside of her for the last time and went soft, the buzzer rang
and a red light flashed, signifying the end of his four hours of abusing her.
While he didn't have to take the pins out, she would have do that for herself,
he did have to complete remove all other bondage to allow her complete
freedom of movement of all of her limbs, as useless as they'd be after four
hours of non-stop abuse.


After Dave left, Mistress helped Monique to get fully undressed and then,
after douching both her artificial cunt and her ass. She then made him put
another suppository up his ass, to further help the healing process and made
her sit in a hot bubble bath for two hours, sending Thomas in to empty and
refill the tube twice. After drying off, Mistress put her back in the freshly
cleaned black corset with the double 'D' synthetic tits with their perpetually
erect long, thick nipples, black sheer stockings, her 7" high heeled shoes and
a robe. She was then allowed to sit down with Mistress, Thomas and have

"For a novice, you did real well last night. I find that beginners, enjoy doing
female things like shopping, we probably won't buy anything today, but you
never know. It's a mind set. You need to think female constantly. You
know, you need to look good for your men. So after breakfast, we'll get you
dressed and made up and then we'll go shopping all day. I want you to notice
how other women interact with each other while we're out shopping. Oh yes,
in case you think that you can leave a note, or tip off someone, remember,
you have no idea where you're sweet little bride is. If anything were to
happen to me or even if I suspect that you've done anything, I can guarantee
you that her punishment for your behavior will be severe and painful. So
remember that her fate is in your hands."

The final admonishment crushed Zack. He was thinking exactly along those
lines, but she was right, even if he managed to get himself rescued, he didn't
even know where she was in order to rescue her, and he was sure that they
would do exactly as promised.

After breakfast but before cleaning up she gave him a pill, telling him that it
would just soften his skin and weaken his beard growing hairs. In fact, it was
a high dosage of female hormones, designed to kill his maleness and make
him, short of having a real pussy, into a woman, tits and all. She made sure
that he swallowed it, checking his mouth afterwards. He then went to the
bathroom and cleaned himself up, brushing his teeth and washing his face,
Mistress then had him put on a very tight fitting, low cut blouse, which
showed off the little cleavage created by the corset and showed off his fake
but large erect nipples; a short skirt which showed off a lot of his shaved leg
and a very small, black, thong panty. She then did his makeup and finished
by putting on yet another wig, this time with shoulder length hair. Just before
leaving, she gave him two Ben Wa balls to put in his artificial pussy, more of
an experiment to see if it would have the same affect on his artificial one that
they did on real ones.

Thomas dropped them off at the mall and Mistress made a bee-line for
Victoria's Secrets. Monique felt the balls doing their thing. It was bad
enough being tied into a corset that nearly stopped his ability to breath, and
walking around in those impossibly high, high heeled shoes, which bunched
up the back of his legs and ass, and made his hips shift back and forth like a
women trying to pick up a man, now he also had to contend with this
pleasurable feeling from between his legs that if he walked fast enough,
would throw him into an orgasm, forcing him to grab onto something to keep
from falling down.

She must have made him look at over a hundred panties, trying on at least
twenty of them. All were sheer, while half were thong styles and the other
half high cut bikinis, which still left a good deal of his ass cheeks exposed.
Each pair that he tried on, he then had to model for Mistress and their sales
girl, who was clueless that Monique was really Zack, at least from the waist
down. Because he had been so good, looking at everything and trying the
panties on in such an embarrassing way, Mistress did buy him four new pair
of panties.

They went into every young woman's boutique, and department store in the
mall, looking at all the lingerie, and sexy, seductive clothes that they could
find. They stopped for lunch at a natural food store, Mistress ordering for
both of them. They carried on a constant conversation as if they were in fact,
two women, evening giggling at jokes together. By the time they got home,
mistress felt that the trip was a huge success.

That night, Monique made love with three men, while Mistress punished
them. All three used her in all three of her orifices, with only a slight amount
of pain from the anal intercourse. Like the night before, she just came and
came and came as the men used her.

Every day, Mistress and Zack went somewhere to do girl things. While every
night they entertained two or three men. Each day he was given the female
hormone pills three times a day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mistress
closely watched what he ate, and did begin an exercise regiment, forcing Zack
while fully made up from the night before, to put on a sexy leotard to exercise
for an hour before breakfast and getting cleaned up.

While Zack's treatment was relatively painless, it was changing his sexuality,
and he didn't even see it coming, Mistress was so good at what she did. He
was kept away from his wife, and the bikers for three and a half weeks. The
changes would amazed both his wife and the bikers.


Moesha meanwhile was put through five days of hell, as man after man used
and abused her around the clock, other than quick little cat naps to regain just
enough strength to go through another four hours. In those five short days,
she was treated to almost every known torture to man, many more than once
and fucked in every hole both by dicks and dildos again in almost every
possible position that there was.

Her last night there, she even had to get on a hammock, under a mule and
fuck herself on and off of his huge cock until the animal came inside of her,
not allowing his cock out of her cunt until he quit spewing his seed. When
she finally disengaged her cunt from his cock, she then had to scoop his
leavings out of her cunt with her fingers and lick them clean until she could
scoop anymore. Then she had to lick the mule clean, and since he got hard
again, she had to beat him off until he came all over her face and tits, again
scooping up all of his mess and swallowing it. All of this was done in front
of a huge audience of men and women, much to her embarrassment.

Then for her final ten hours at the whore house, she was tied down on a
rolling cart, so that her head was lower than her ass with her face forced to
look straight ahead, an 'O' ring holding her mouth wide open, and her legs
were spread wide apart. She was then heavily sprayed with essences of bitch
in heat, and rolled out in the middle of the dog run for the on premises
kennel, which only housed male dogs from species with large cocks and there
were 50 of them. Once she was in place, with a dozen spot lights trained on
her, the dogs were all let loose in the dog run at the same time. On whiff of
the smell of a female dog in heat and they were off to the races.

At first the dogs fought, jockeying to be the first to fuck her. These dogs had
never fucked a dog only human women. They were even trained to fuck a
woman in the ass and mouth, not just her cunt. While their dicks may not
have rivaled Donkey's, they all were bigger than her own husband's, even
though she still hadn't had sex with him yet.

One dog suddenly mounted her from behind, wrapping his paws around her
chest, digging his sharp nails into her tits. After several unsuccessful
attempts at locating her pussy, he ultimately hit the mark, and rammed his
nine inches fully into her, drawing a gasp, then a moan of pleasure from the
bound newly wed. This drew a loud cheer from the assembled audience, who
was advised well in advance of the spectacle. Before she could even got
embarrassed by the crowds cheers and jeers, she had another dog to contend
with, this one mounting from the front, and sinking his long prick into her
mouth and throat.

The two animals pounded away at her furiously, much faster than any mere
man could, although some of the dildos she had fuck her over the past four
days were capable of that or even more. She knew that she should be
revolted by being forced to mate with an animal, other than a human, but
because of all the really painful things that she had been through, and this,
while humiliating, actually felt real good having two hot long dicks inside of
her fucking her so fast that she couldn't bring herself to feel too bad about
being used in this manner. It certainly, beat the hell out of getting whipped or
electrocuted in her most sensitive of places.

Her cunt and throat were well trained now, between those damned shocker
dildos and butt plugs forcing her to squeeze and release the cock or dildo
inside of her. Her hot talented pussy, had the dogs knotting up in no time at
all. Since her holes had all been stretched to even accommodate Donkey, the
knots, while uncomfortable, did not hurt her. She was tied tightly enough to
hold her in that position, but not so tight that she couldn't move to make the
coupling more pleasant for both her and her mates. She was bucking back
and forth between the two cocks sucking the one in her mouth and squeezing
it with her throat muscles, while humping back against the animal behind her.

Even more so than when the men fucked her, Moesha was in a constant state
of orgasm for almost the entire ten hours, collapsing from fatigue after they
finally released her as the sun came up. They washed her off with a garden
hose, using it's nozzle to douche both her cunt and ass, before drying her off
and carrying the unconscious woman to bed. She was allowed to sleep for
twelve hours. Then she had a big meal and took a long, hot shower, her first
hot water since arriving. She then got back into the same clothes that she had
arrived in, cleaned during her stay. Her ride back to the biker's camp was
identical to her ride here, including having Doug's cock buried in her cunt the
whole way and flashing her tits and impaled cunt at the truck drivers.

End Chapter 2

Kidnaped on Their Wedding Night
M+F, M+M, NC, Rape, I/R, TG, Exhib, Slavery

Chapter 3 - The First Couple of Months

This story is fiction, and should be treated as such. The following story is for
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Upon her return to the bikers camp, Moesha was advised of her husband's
fate, that he was now working for a dominatrix as a sissy boy, meaning that
he was being dressed up as a woman and having sex with men. They also
advised her that he would be brought back to the camp, once every other
week and it would be two weeks before he returned next. They told her that
if she did as she was told, she would be allowed six hours, of her normal
waking time, together, alone with her husband.

Moesha, quickly fell into a daily pattern of having sex with just about
everyone in camp, men and women alike. The men basically took her any
time anywhere, while the women were forced to put on a show of their
coupling with the beautiful captive bride. They would either make love in the
69 position or Moesha would be eating on woman out while one or two
banged her poor little cunt with huge, strap-on dildos. Occasionally she
would be the third in a menage a trois. She was being used so much of her
waking hours, that she didn't have much time to wonder about her husband.


Zack was rapidly transforming into Monique. In addition to picking up the
female mannerisms, his skin was getting softer, he wasn't needing to shave as
often, and most importantly he was enjoying getting fucked in his fake pussy.
While he still had a problem with taking it in the ass, he was beginning to
object less and less to sucking other men off, even ones with larger dicks,
which he seemed to get more of at time went on.

In the middle of his second full week there, he began to get concerned about
those pills, Mistress made him take, as his nipples started to get sensitive, and
when the men were fulling around with him, they seemed to always get
noticeably hard. By the end of the second week, he also noticed that his
pecks, or breasts seemed to be growing, and now, there was no question, that
his nipples had grown, both in length and width. Mistress had also rigged up
a new contraption that would link his nipples to those on the fake tits.

It entailed clamping a ring to his areolas, then when someone played with the
fake nipples, his nipples were similarly stimulated, so that he responded with
all the right facial expressions, heart rate picking up, breathing becoming
labored, and best of all, the feeling zapped itself right down to his pussy
covered cock. Zack/Monique couldn't believe the differences he was feeling
about his environment and how he was beginning to interact with people in a
more effeminate way. Even crying when a client would say something
especially harsh about Monique herself, or the way she dressed or performed.
He was sure all of this was a result of those pills, but knew it was no use
complaining, as they already told him he could swallow the pills or take a
shot from a needle in it's stead.

It was at this time that Mistress also began alternating between making him
jog an hour and a half in the morning and doing high impact aerobics in the
house. He also got his first bras at this time, as he certainly couldn't be out
jogging in anything but a sports bra, not covered by a blouse and light cotton
pants that are so tight, that the woman wearing them displays every crook and
nanny of her body. With more tit flesh there, and with it properly squished
together, his cleavage too was becoming more noticeable. Of course, he had
to even jog, with the Ben Wa balls inside of fake pussy, which always made
him cum three to six times while he was out jogging, which would leave a
nice big wet circle around his fake cunt to humiliate him as the men all
sniggered as they passed him, some even made crude comments about how
hot she must be in bed.

By the time he was to be given his day off, to see his wife, he was really
concerned, his breasts were approximately 'AA' cup sized tits, with really big
nipples. The morning that he was going home, he was forced sit around
naked, other than a robe, in full makeup, including the wig and his pierced
earrings, for his driver to pick him up. When the Bob arrived, he took Zack
into the bedroom and fucked him hard and fast in each of his holes, surprised
at how close to a real pussy, Zack's fake one was, and even more surprised at
how close to a real woman's responses, Zack's were while he was getting
fucked in his fake pussy.

The whole time that he was screwing Zack, he viciously manhandled his new
larger nipples, sometimes even making Zack cry out in lust, but usually in
pain. After the thorough fucking, Zack was allowed to remove the wig and
Mistress even helped him remove all the makeup and his artificial pussy.
Bob at first objected to her removing the fake pussy, but Mistress told him
that was what Dean, himself, had ordered. He then got dressed in the clothes
that he came in, butt plug and all.

When he got back to camp, Moesha was in the middle of a gang bang. About
fifteen men were milling around waiting their turn at one of her three orifices.
Although he knew that his wife, as he was, was being forced into doing this,
she obviously was receiving some amount of enjoyment from being used like
this. It made him wonder, if they even got out of here, if they'd ever be able
to have a normal life together, or would she at some point miss getting
screwed regularly by all those big cocks and if not wanting to get gang
banged, would at least want to get screwed by a man with a large cock. "I
guess we'll cross that bridge, when we get there." He thought to himself as
he waited, while he was forced to watch his wife perform like some whore.

Moesha didn't even notice Zack was watching her, they were fucking her so
fast and furiously until about an hour and a half after he arrived. She no
longer was getting sore from all the fucking she was getting on a regular basis
and in fact was beginning to enjoy all the attention her body received, even
though some of it was rougher than she preferred. It certainly beat the hell
out of the treatment she got at that whore house she was forced to work at for
five days, and she besides, she orgasmed several times with each fuck she
received, cunt or ass and that definitely helped soothe her otherwise rough
edges over.

It took her another three hours to satisfy all the bikers, before she got to spend
some quality time with her husband. Even though she wasn't allowed to
clean up before going to their hut, meaning her body, especially her face, tits
and back were still covered in the bikers slimy leavings not to mention having
her cunt and ass full of it as well, she looked forward to this first, truly private
time with him, hoping for sure that he'd consummate their marriage, even
though she had fucked so many other men, and animals since their wedding
night that she had lost count a long time ago. Zack took her in his arms and
gave her a big hug and kiss. Then, just as they were heading to their hut,
Dean appeared.

"Hi! How are our newly weds? Hope everything is going alright for you two
love birds." he said sarcastically. "Before you two go off alone, we'd like to
see you consummate your marriage in front of all of us. We've even brought
out a mattress just for that purpose."

They knew there wasn't a choice and Zack undressed and the two got onto
the mattress. For half an hour, Moesha, sucked him off, talked dirty to him,
ran her erect nipples up and down his chest, but nothing she did even
produced the slightest rise out of his manhood.

"False alarm, guys! I guess they won't be consummating their marriage
today. Moesha, you still get him to yourself for six hours of private time,
because that's what I promised you if you cooperated, and you have been
more than cooperative since coming back from your training at the whore
house. In fact, I'd say you're the best piece of ass here. You certainly take on
more than your fair share of the cocks and pussy to go around and haven't
complained at all. Now you two love birds go on to your room." He

"What have you done to him? He can't get it up! He certainly was getting it
up when he left." she asked accusingly.

"I haven't done a thing to him. His new mistress might, but I have no input
there, so I have no direct knowledge of what's going on there." Dean advised
her, lying through his teeth.

Although disappointing, as they weren't able to consummate their marriage
still, almost a month later, it was nevertheless a very pleasant reunion.
Although Moesha couldn't help but notice, she said nothing about the fact
that it appeared that he was beginning to grow tits, as she remembered her
own nipples getting bigger and more sensitive even before the breasts began
to really grow. She suspected that they were either turning her husband into a
woman or worse, a man with tits, a person that really belonged to neither
gender, yet was a part of both genders.


The next morning Zack was returned to his mistress, for another two weeks.
He was quite despondent about his inability to perform sexually with his
wife, while being capable of performing like a nympho with his clients. He
told Mistress about his concerns and asked her if there was anything she
could do. She told his that she had an idea and would let him know before he
went back again.

As his tits grew into a full 'A' cup size, he was given some bras, his size, to
wear when guests were not around. Also, during the second stint there, he
had all of his body hair, legs, crotch and arm pits, permanently removed and
was no longer having to wear fake nails, as his had grown long enough in the
five weeks since the wedding. He was getting a weekly manicure and
pedicure and filing his own nails in between appointments. His beautifully
manicured nails were 1/3" long. Now when he and Mistress went to the mall,
he usually wore, open toed shoes to show off his painted, manicured toe nails.

Mistress was helping him less and less with his make-up and wigs, although,
once a week several of his wigs were taken to the beauty parlor to be
professionally fixed up. Usually the wigs went with them on one of the two
days that the two "ladies" went to the beauty parlor for the afternoon.
Mistress had a full treatment, whereas Monique just had a manicure, pedicure
and a facial.

The female hormones were doing their job. Zack's skin was definitely softer,
his tits bigger and his emotions were more like those of a woman than a man.
Especially about being on the receiving end of sexual encounters. He was
really beginning to enjoy not just having a hard dick in either his "pussy", ass,
or mouth, he was also really getting into having a man hold him, hug him,
kiss him, and eat his pussy out.

This artificial pussy that his mistress would attach and remove from him was
so realistic, both to him and the men using it that he was actually beginning to
believe that it was a real pussy. His reactions were such that constant
stimulation would make him go multi-orgasmic, spewing his sperm at the
pinnacle of each orgasm. So if he came a dozen times, he spermed heavily a
dozen times, something that he knew a man was incapable of doing but a
woman could. Even his clit responded in the same manner that a real
woman's clit did, getting longer and more sensitive the longer that it was
played with. Of course, he knew that his "clit" was somehow tied to his
prick, and that the sensations of his clit being diddled with were transferred to
that most sensitive part of his own cock, right behind the circumcised head,
and in return, as his cock became erect, and more sensitized, his "clit"
became erect and more sensitized.

It was the night before he was to see his wife. Just before their first guest
arrived, Mistress told him that, after consulting with a doctor, that she had
gotten him a prescription for Viagra, and would give him a tablet in the
morning, to take with him. He was so pleased with the news, that he really
performed well for her that evening. Deep throating the first customer while
he was tied in a standing spread eagled position being whipped with a bull
whip for twenty minutes, then letting the man fuck him in both his ass and
cunt, doggie style.

The second customers were a little stranger, as the dominate partner of a gay
couple came in for punishment while the submissive partner sat and watched.
Then the two of them took Monique into her room. The submissive one laid
on his back as Monique sucked him into full erection and mounted him.
Once impaled inside of her fake cunt with the submissive partner's small
cock, the dominate shoved his much larger one in her ass. Then the two
buffeted him back and forth between them. This was Monique's first
sandwich fucking. She just came and came and kept coming, shocking the
patrons with her true to life womanly reactions to their double fucking her, as
they knew she was really a he.


The next morning, Bob showed up for his morning fuck and to take Zack
back to camp for his bi-weekly conjugal visit. Although he fucked Zack in
the ass once and made him clean his cock off between fuckings, which also
got him hard again, he couldn't help himself and fucked Zack's artificial,
tight cunt three times. Bob thought to himself, "Damn, this bitch has the
tightest cunt I've had since I raped that little girl a year ago.

While he fucked Zack, he also played with Zack's small, but larger than
before, tits and large nipples. What really amazed him was how much more
enthusiastically that Zack was fucking him back this time and even swore that
he could feel Zack opening up his pussy as he fucked into it and then grasped
his cock with his pussy as he pulled back out, but decided that he must be
imagining this as it was a REAL pussy.

Again when Bob and Zack arrived back at the camp, they were gang banging
Moesha. She was obviously enjoying every second of it from the way she
was moving and her constant moans, groans and squeals of delight when she
orgasmed, which was quite often. Zack took his Viagra when she was down
to just six men waiting to be serviced, as she worked on another three all at
the same time.

Again they were commanded to consummate their marriage in front of the
gang. While Moesha was able to get him hard enough to enter her, his cock
was only semi-hard, and seemed smaller, both shorter and thinner, than she
had remembered. While he did add his cum to that of the many bikers who
had fucked his wife before him, Moesha could barely feel his pitifully small
cock inside of her and she got nothing out of their coupling.

Moesha realized that these bikers all had bigger cocks than her husband's.
They also made sure that she had been vigorously fucked by at least thirty-
five of the guys, thus stretching her cunt way out and that Donkey was always
her last fuck just before they made Zack attempt to fuck her. She knew that
she was REALLY stretched out, after Donkey was through with his typical
half hour fucking of her cunt. But she also realized that her pussy was a well
trained machine now and still should be able to tightly squeeze even
something as small as a pencil, even after Donkey worked her cunt over for
half an hour. What she didn't realize, was even though she might be able to
squeeze down on her husband's shrinking cock, that didn't mean that she
could cum from being stimulated by such a small cock after being gang
banged with Donkey as the final man inside of her, REALLY stretching her
out of shape.

This bothered both of them and they spent most of their time together alone
talking about it. When they weren't talking they cuddled and kissed, making
up for their forced separation After Zack was returned to his mistress, Dean
made a point of constantly pointing out, how many times that Zack couldn't
perform, and the final performance where he barely performed, certainly not
well enough to get her rocks off like the gang members could and did.


Zack happily reported to his mistress, his partial success with his wife and
begged her for two pills the next time. His mistress was no fool, a happy
Zack would make happy clients and she readily agreed. As suspected he
performed just as she had assumed, with all of his heart.

Unfortunately, as the time approached for his next visit, the gang had
business to attend to in another state. Mistress informed Zack, "The gang is
going out of town on business and they won't be back until your next
scheduled visit. They've taken Moesha with them so even if you could go
over there, she won't be there anyway. I'm sorry honey. I know how much
you look forward to these visits with your wife. You'll get to see her in two
weeks. I promise you."

The news devastated Zack. For the next two weeks he sulked around the
house all day not wanting to do anything and was not as enthusiastic with the
clients. This bothered Mistress, not out of concern for Zack, but rather out of
her concern for how it might affect her own business.
She simply joked to her customers that it was that time of the month for
Monique. She was glad when the two weeks were over and he was able to
see his wife. She even gave him three Viagras and told him to use all three
on the day that he finally did go to see her.


Moesha had to travel as she always did, in a short tight dress that exposed as
much of her body as it hid, and the dress had these extra slits below her
boobs, for someone to stick their hands inside to get at her huge tits. For the
entire ride, both ways, over the six states, she was either on her back with a
cock in her cunt or on her belly with a cock up her ass. As soon as one gang
member came inside of her, she was assigned to a new gang member, to ride
his cock. In either case there was also a pair of hands squeezing her tits and
abusing her nipples as well. Just like the trip to the whore house and back,
when they'd approach a big truck, they'd expose her naked tits, show them
that she was riding a cock and make her smile and waive at the trucker, who
would look at her as if she were some big whore.

They even stopped a couple of times and let some random trucker fuck her
for a few bucks. They must have told the truckers that only her ass hole was
available as every last trucker who fucked her, fucked her ass hole and then
made her clean their cocks with her mouth. Dean took perverse pleasure in
showing her the money he got from the truckers and pointing out that she was
no longer an amateur but professional whore, now that she was charging men
for the privilege of using her body.

When they got to where they were headed, and checked into several hotels,
Dean told her, "There is a reason that we made you begin charging men to
fuck you. You are going to be used as bait. We're looking for this man." and
showed her his picture, "He likes fucking black whores in the ass. Probably
because they'll do it and most white girls, even whores won't. Any way,
we're setting you up as a street walker, picking men up so that you can fuck
them for money. You'll charge $30 for a fuck or a fuck and suck or just a
suck. You'll let the men know however that you will let them fuck you in the
ass for $100. The idea is that as the word of a new black woman with huge
titties gets around, he'll hear it and come looking you up. You'll begin work
at 11:00 in the morning and come back in at 1:00 in the morning. You start
right after breakfast, you'll take half an hour off for lunch at 4:00 and take a
dinner break between 8:00 and 9:00, whenever business slows down for a

In abject horror, Moesha asked, "What about the cops? They could arrest me
for prostitution!"

"Don't worry about them. If they do pick you up, tell them they can use you
anyway that they want for as long as they can keep getting it up. They'll fuck
you and let you go. They aren't the big moralist that you think they are.
They're men just like any of us and if they get a piece of ass, they're happy.
End of story." Dean informed her.

They made her change out of her traveling dress, into one just as short, low
cut and tight as her traveling dress, but this one was more transparent. Even
though she'd be dressed, her tits, cunt and ass all showed through, it would be
like standing out there completely naked. She was also given a black garter
belt, sheer black stockings and a pair of seven inch stiletto high heels. The
heels would bunch her shapely legs up making them even shapelier and
bunch her ass up, making it stick further out and bounce as she walked. It
also caused her to take short mincing steps, which gave her a more seductive
look and made her ass sway like the whore that she was forced to be.

From the time that she set foot out on the street, until it was time to come
back to the motel, she was kept in constant use. She'd be out for a few
minutes and someone would pull up, seeing how young, shapely and busty
she was, and ask how much. She'd give them her prices and they'd
immediately have her get into their car and drive her to her motel room to do
the dirty deed, then take her back to where they picked her up. In a matter of
minutes, she'd get picked up again. The only no no, was that she couldn't
pick up black or Oriental men, white men only.

While the greatest majority of her tricks were old, fat men with tiny cocks,
some even smaller than her husband's, that would cum as soon as they got
their pitiful cocks into her, she did pick up some young studs who knew how
to use their tools. What she didn't know was that Dean was tapping
everything that went on in her room. Her conversations with her Johns,
including consummating the deal, accepting their money and then fucking
them. He would use this latter to black mail her into keeping quiet about her
servitude to the gang.

The target finally showed up on the eighth day there and picked her up. As
soon as he got to her room, the gang grabbed him. Moesha was told to stay in
her room, that she didn't have to prostitute herself on the street anymore and
that when they finished their business with the man that they'd be going
home. They stayed two more days before leaving for home but Moesha had
no clue as to what happened between the gang and the man. The ride back
home was identical to the ride out, even down to her having to fuck several


They had arrived back at their camp two days before Zack's next visit and
Mistress told him that they were back as soon as she found out. The next two
days she had a completely different Monique working for her than the one
who had been working for her for the last two weeks.
Zack almost didn't even respond to his given name anymore, as he had to
respond to being called Monique so much. By now the hormones were really
working well. His previously deep voice was now about an octave and a half
higher, giving him a much more feminine voice. His breasts had grown,
much to his dismay, to a full 'B' cup. His large nipples seemed to be always
erect, tenting out his blouses and dresses and sending wonderfully sexual
feeling through his breasts and right to his clit, which in turn kept him in such
an aroused state that his panties were always soaked. Sometimes he could
even feel his juices, as he thought now of his seminal fluids, which because
of the catheter, would leak out of his cunt and down his legs.

There were other signs as well. His waist was getting smaller. His hips were
getting wider. His ass cheeks seemed to have a lot more cushion to them.
His legs and arms were less muscular and more feminine and shapely. Even
his hands and feet seemed to have shrunken somewhat. Lastly his hair was
beginning to get long, not long enough yet to consider it feminine, but getting
that way.

Bob showed up early and spent a longer time fucking Zack, before Mistress
took his artificial pussy off and he got cleaned up to go see his wife. As
would always be the case from now on, the gang was going to try to convince
Moesha that the husband she had married was now a fag. That she really
shouldn't love or care for him anymore because they had all she needed
between their legs to keep her happy. To this end, they had been triple
fucking the captive bride for the last ten hours straight. Even making her
double fuck two gang women at a time with strap-on dildos the size of
Donkey's cock in both of her fuck holes, while she either ate another pussy or
sucked a cock, over the two hours just prior to Zack arriving. Then instead of
his normal half hour of ravishing Moesha with his huge, animal sized cock,
Donkey spent a full hour doing so, as her last fuck before Moesha could see
her husband.

Today, instead of Zack having to hang around and watch his wife fuck all of
these animals for just two or three hours, he had to wait five hours. Then, as
was the ritual, a mattress was brought out and their first coupling in a month
was to be in front of the gang. Not only were they going to make fun of his
small cock today, they were also going to make fun of his new tits.

He had taken the three Viagras, and even before getting on the mattress with
his wife, his cock, which was even smaller than the last time, was at full
erection. Even fully hard and pounding his wife through not one but three
blasts from his cock, did nothing for her numb stretched out cunt. Although,
for dramatic affect, she did feign having an orgasm, each time her husband
came inside of her.

But her acting didn't fool Dean, who knew that her whole body shook when
she had a real orgasm, and it didn't when she pretended to have one with her
husband. He didn't want to upset her while she was spending time with him,
but he would let her know that she didn't fool him in the least, once he left.

After Moesha and Zack went to her room, she said, "My god! What have
they done to you? You have tits bigger than a lot of women! You're deep
voice is so high now!"

"They've been making me take female hormones." he advised her and broke
down crying.

Moesha held her crying husband to her big cum covered tits and rocked him.
Shushing him and telling him that there was nothing they could do to make
her stop loving him. Although she was beginning to doubt the reality of that
herself, based on what Dean kept telling her.

When he finally stopped crying he told her what his life was like at the
dominatrix's house. How he was actually transformed into a complete
woman, with the artificial pussy that made him respond to sexual stimulation
just as if her were a woman. How had to suck men's cocks, and let them fuck
his artificial pussy and his ass. But quickly acknowledged to not having to
service as many men, and that most of the men he fucked and sucked had
normal sized dicks, not huge ones like the gang members, which she had to
service with all three of her holes.

He went on to say that they were feminizing him in other ways. Such as
going to the beauty parlor twice a week for manicures, pedicures, and facials.
Having to gossip with the help and other patrons about nonsense things. He
was also taken to the mall on the other five days, in very revealing outfits,
short skirts, low cut blouses or dresses. He was forced to wear corsets to
make it appear that he had an hour glass figure and the bras were either
cupless or had a cup that only covered the bottom part of his tits, leaving his
nipples bare in either case. When he walked around the mall, his breasts
bounced and all the teenagers and some of the older men stared at his long,
bare nipples, both down his blouse or dress and as they tented the material
way out.

This visit would be the last somewhat happy visit that they had. Zack was not
allowed to take the artificial pussy off for his visits anymore and had to
service the gang members laying right next to his wife as she also was
servicing them on the fewer and fewer visits that they were allowed. Moesha,
through constant abuse, eventually did truly become their little willing fuck
toy, taking everything and anything they threw at her. Which included some
pretty horrendous torture, being fucked by three or more gangs for five days
straight, usually taking on two or three men at a time, prostituting herself for
some quick cash for the gang and being pierced. They had her nipples,
tongue, belly button, clit and pussy lips pierced, all in one sitting with no pain
killer, and then gang banged the sore woman for twelve hours straight. Her
right ass cheek was branded with "Property of The Road Hogs". Her right tit,
just above her areola was tattooed with the word "Whore", while the left one
said, "Slut". Another tattoo in the middle of her belly, between the bottoms
of her tits and her navel said, "I'm a Barbie Fuck Toy".

The gang was making her more and more into a Barbie type figure. They had
her belly lipo-suctioned by a doctor who did favors for the gang, removing
what little fat she did have between her ribs and her hips, shrinking her
already small waist of 23" down to a tiny 19". The doctor also gave them, an
illegal in the US, drug that would reroute all future fat build up from her
thighs and belly to her tits. After her tits grew another cup size, they wanted
them even bigger still, so she was given hormones to make her produce milk
and once she started producing milk, a different hormone to really make her
produce milk. Her 39-E tits grew first to 39-F and when her milk production
was at it's maximum, they became 40-G, almost H sized tits.

She not only no longer minded being fucked in the ass, she actually enjoyed
it, almost but not quite as much as regular fucking. Deep throating a cock
was now an art, something she could do but most women couldn't, and she
loved the taste of cum. She liked pussy juice too, but no where near as much
as she liked the taste of cum, fresh from a cock. Her favorite position now
was being the meat of a three hole fucking. When she rode with the gang on
their cycles, she usually had a cock in either her cunt or her ass.

As for Zack, he doesn't get to see his wife anymore. He now has 'D' cupped
tits himself, though his cock has shrunk to a mere 2". No one but he sees it
anymore as he wears his artificial pussy 24/7/365 except for the hour a week
it's removed so he can bath and clean the area normally covered by the
artificial pussy. He's been wearing 7" high heeled shoes almost every waking
moment for so long, that walking around bare foot or in anything shorter than
a 5" heel is painful. His hair has grown out so that he only wears wigs to
change the color of his hair to blonde (in three shades) or red ( in two shades).

He doesn't like how his life has turned out, being used as a sex object for all
these men, but his mistress has been good to him, salving his hurt feelings,
especially those about no longer even being able to see his own wife except in
videos of her being used and abused by the gang. He feels that she got the
worse of the deal, having to be those bastard's fuck toy, letting any or all of
them use her in any way they feel like.

He really felt sorry for her when they pierced her as he listened to her screams
of pain, followed by a brutal day long fucking while they pulled and yanked
on her freshly pierced studs and rings. Another time was when they gave the
operation which did really start giving her the shape of a Barbie doll. The last
time that they really got to him, over their treatment of her was after her
breasts really grew to balloon size after she began producing milk. He just
could imagine how hard it must be on her back to be lugging around the huge,
heavy tits, that she now sported on her chest, with no support at all. The
worst part of it all, was that her tits were constantly full of milk and her only
method of getting any relief from the pressure in her tits was to beg gang
members to suck on her tits, or else they'd let them explode before giving her
any relief.

Dear Readers and other writers. I am done with this story. If anyone else
wants to pick it up and take it further, you have my permission, as long as you
post all parts together, my three plus any that you may add.

The End?

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