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Babbysitting Jeremy

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Copyright (C) 2003 Norm DePloom. ALL Rights Reserved
This story may not be reproduced in any form for
profit without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
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All the characters and events in this story are
fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is
entirely coincidental.

Babbysitting Jeremy
Part 04

Norm DePloom

It didn't take me long, after the first time I felt Jeremy's
hard little-boy cock pushing into my cunt, to realize that
I loved being penetrated. Even my first ass fuck by
Jeremy's father was great, once I'd gotten used to the feel
of being stretched to the point that it felt like I was going
to rip. I've already said that I spent the week between
being fucked by Jeremy and being fucked by Jeremy's father
fantasizing about being used like a 'mindless sex toy'
while I masturbated. As long as I can remember, I've
pictured myself as being the living equivalent of one of
those life sized blowup fuck dolls. I must admit that by
the time I'd finished my first evening with the Hoovers I
had no greater ambition in life than to have a man, any man,
push my body into whatever position he wanted, enter
whatever hole he pleased, and fuck me purely for his own
gratification. In my mind, the only thing that could top
that would be for the man to pull his spent cock from my
body, then call all of his friends for them to come over
and take turns penetrating and fucking me. Even before Mr.
Hoover drove me home that night, with his cock planted
firmly in my mouth, I had started to think of myself as
'Little Whore', and was resolved to ask all of my friends
to call me L. W.

But, getting back to where I left off, as soon as Mr. and
Mrs. Hoover finished cuming, I sat on the floor next to
Jeremy, and waited to find out who was going to fuck me next,
and what position they wanted me in. Without even giving
it any thought, I spread my legs as wide as I could and
pushed three fingers into my wet cunt. Jeremy, still lying
on the floor, moved over so his face was only an inch from
my crotch and stroked his hard dick while he watched my
fingers fuck in and out of my pussy. Mr. Hoover, now as
naked as his son and I were, sat down next to his wife, who
was the only one still wearing clothes, and all of the
Hoovers watched the show as I fucked myself.

"Jeremy," Mrs. Hoover spoke to her son, "go in the bedroom
and get the dildo from the bedside table."

"Yes mom," Jeremy answered, obviously disappointed to be
deprived of his oppurtunity to watch my fingers moving in
and out of my wet pussy. At the time I had no idea what
a 'dildo' was, but found out when Jeremy returned moments
later with an absolutely huge rubber cock. Even my lust
drenched mind noticed that Jeremy not only knew what a dildo
was, but knew where to find it in his parent's bedroom.

"Go ahead, Little Whore, fuck yourself with that," Mrs.
Hoover said with an air of challenge as her son held the
huge sex appliance out towards me. I took the rubber cock
from Jeremy and looked it over. I could barely get my hand
all the way around the shaft, and the head flared out so
dramatically that I was afraid it would scrape the inside
of my cunt raw. Not one to back down from a challenge, I
laid back on the floor and, after spreading my legs as wide
as humanly possible, and with only fleeting concern about
where the device may have been last, began to work the
massive head of the dildo between my pussy lips. Jeremy
lay down beside me again, with his face only an inch from
the action, and resumed stroking his cock while he watched
me work the sex toy into my body. Looking from Jeremy's
face to that of his mother and father, I suddenly realized
how much it turned me on to have people watching me. With
a loud moan, I pushed and felt my cunt lips stretch to
accommodate the huge head of the rubber dildo.

"Oh, god, that feels so good," I said, as I pushed the first
half of the monsters into my wet, wide-open pussy.

"Come here," Mrs. Hoover, said to her naked, hard-cocked
son as she moved off the couch onto her hands and knees.

"Jeez, mom," Jeremy said, obviously not wanting to leave
his position with his face close to my dildo-stretched cunt
lips. Mrs. Hoover pulled her son over and, still on her
hands and knees enveloped his hard cock with her mouth. I
found the sloppy, slurppy sounds and moans coming from
Jeremy's mother's mouth extremely exciting. Jeremy,
taking after his father, grabbed handfuls of his mother's
hair and pumped his dick into her willing mouth while he
looked over his shoulder and watched me force the last of
the rubber cock into my cunt.

I held onto the dildo with both hands, and fucked it
forcefully in and out of my body while I watched Mr. Hoover
lift his wife's skirt and, folding it up onto her back,
spread her pussy lips and pushed three fingers inside her
while his son continued fucking his mother's face. I was
in a state of constant orgasm from the perversity of the
scene in front of me. Was there any rule of decorum that
we weren't violating? While Mr. Hoover fingered his wife
with one hand, he stroked his cock with his other, never
taking his eyes from my frantic fucking of myself with the
dildo. I laid my head back on the floor, forgot about the
Hoovers and concentrated on the feel of the dildo as it
moved in my body. The whole room was filled with the sounds
ans smells of sex.

I opened my eyes and looked around just in time to see Mr.
Hoover lean back on the couch while Mrs. Hoover climbed up
onto the couch, straddled her husband with her spread legs,
and, with Mr. Hoover holding her skirt up so Jeremy and I
could watch, lowered her cunt onto his hard cock. I propped
myself up in a sitting position with my left hand, to get
a better view, while I continued to work the large rubber
dick in my pussy with my right hand. Jeremy appeared to
be in a quandary. He was having trouble deciding whether
he wanted to watch his father's cock fuck his mother's cunt,
or watch the dildo fuck mine. My curiosity was also piqued
I had not seen an adult cock until a couple of hours before,
and now I had the opportunity to see a cock and a cunt in
action, close up. I pulled the dildo out of my pussy and
got up on my hands and knees to crawl over beside Jeremy
to get a really good look at his parent's genitals while
they fucked.

Mrs. Hoover wasn't 'humping and pumping' on her husband's
hard dick the way I expected. She seemed to be sitting on
her husband, his cock fully inside her, without any signs
of movement at all. On closer examination, I could see that
Mrs. Hoover was tightening and loosening muscles in her
stomach, thighs, and butt. As best I could tell, she was
rhythmically 'gripping' and releasing Mr. Hoover's hard
dick with her cunt muscles. If his moans were any
indication, he seemed to love it. Their mingled sex juices
were flowing down over Mr. Hoover's balls, making them
glisten in the light from the lamp on the table at the end
of the couch. Mr. Hoover could see both his son and me
watching their coupling, and used both hands to make sure
his wife's skirt was kept out of the way, and her butt cheeks
were spread to give us a better view. As I watched, I was
struck with an idea so bold, and so perverse, that I had
no idea if anyone had ever done anything like it before.
I desperately wanted to convince Mrs. Hoover that I'd be
a good sex toy for her too, and not just for her husband
and son. Crawling forward, I pushed my face against Mrs.
Hoover's butt cheeks and, sticking my tongue out just as
far as I could, forced it into the tight, crinkled orifice
being exposed by her husband.

"Oh, Christ," Mrs. Hoover said, looking back over her
shoulder, "Is that you, Little Whore? Don't stop to
answer," she added quickly, "just push it in further." I
strained to push every possible millimeter of my tongue
that I could manage into the tight hole. I desperately
wanted to please Mrs. Hoover. She called me Little Whore,
and I was already thinking of her affectionately as 'Mamma
Whore'. Every time Mrs. Hoover clamped down on her
husband's cock, I could feel her ass gripping my tongue so
hard it almost forced me out of her body, and every time
she relaxed, I would fuck my tongue back deep into her rear.
As I tongue-fucked his mother's anus, Jeremy moved behind
me and slipped his cock into my ass.

I was reveling in perversity. Every cell in my body
vibrated with sexual excitement and every one of my nerve
endings tingled with lust. I massaged Mrs. Hoover's butt
while I worked my tongue deeper and deeper into her clasping
rear. I began to work my butt and abdomen muscles to grasp
and release Jeremy's hard dick in time with his mother's
vaginal massage of her husband's rampant cock. Jeremy
quickly adjusted his fucking to match the rhythm his mother
and I were setting. I felt at one with the Hoovers in a
way I'd never experienced before. All four of us seemed
to move as one thrusting, fucking entity, each of us
pleasuring and being pleasured by, the other members of our
fuck-group. I could feel Mrs. Hoover's entire body tremble
and spasm as each wave of orgasmic joy swept through her.
I gave myself over to the building lust and experienced one
orgasmic peak after another in rapid succession. It seemed
like we stayed locked together for hours as we each fed on
the combined energy of the group.

"I'm cuming," Jeremy yelled, "I mean I'm really cuming."
Jeremy pulled his cock from my tight ass and walked up to
his father. "Look." he said, as he milked another drop of
fluid from his still hard cock, "jizz." Jeremy beamed with
pride as he looked back and forth from his father to his

"That's wonderful," Jeremy's mother said as she turned and,
taking Jeremy's face in her hands, brought her mouth to his
and pushed her tongue between his lips.

"I'm so proud of you," she continued, after she finaly broke
off a long exploration of her son's mouth with her maternal
tongue, "we're going to Mark this date on the calendar, and
celebrate it every year, the day my little Jeremy became
a man." Mr. Hoover smiled proudly, and tousled his son's
hair. I had abandoned Mrs. Hoover's ass by this time and
had sat back on my ankles to watch Mr. and Mrs. Hoover praise
their son for this first manifestation of his oncoming

"You Know, dear" Mrs. Hoover said, "you haven't really
fucked your new toy yet." Mrs. Hoover rocked he hips,
gently moving her wet cunt on her husband's hard cock.

"You are right, I'd hate to think that she'd go home without
having her pussy walls coated with my cum." Mr. Hoover
helped his wife up off his lap, his hard dick slapped
noisily against his stomach.

"Lay on the table again," Mr. Hoover ordered, as he rose
from his sitting position on the couch and stood at the end
of the coffee table. I was trembling with anticipation as
I climbed to my feet and moved to the table that I'd allready
occupied, twice. True. Mr. Hoover's hard cock had been
inside my pussy once, but that hardly counted since he
pulled it back out almost immediatly in order to use it to
stretch my poor virgin ass almost to the ripping point. For
all intense and purposes, I was about to be fucked for the
first time. As soon I was on my back with my legs spread
wide and my ass almost hanging off the edge, Mr. Hoover
Knelt at the end of the table. I pushed myself up onto my
elbows and watched Mr. Hoover as he grasped the base of his
cock and rubbed his large, firm cockhead up and down the
folds of my wet pussy lips. The feel of his dick moving
over the sensitive flesh between my legs sent shivers over
my body. As I Strained to keep my head lifted off the table
far enough to watch Mr. Hoover's cock enter my body, Jeremy
brought a cushion over from the couch and placed it under
my shoulders. What a thoughtful young man he was. I
desperately wanted to see the dick, not just feel it, as
my cunt was pushed open.

"Yes," I whispered, as Mr. Hoover's large, hard cock began
to stretch my sensitive tissues, "fuck me, Mr. Hoover, fuck

"Look at what a slut your babysitter is," Mrs. Hoover said
as she stroked her son's young dick. I giggled at the idea
of Mrs. Hoover calling me a slut while her hand moved up
and down her son's cock. Mrs. Hoover stuck her tongue out
at me, then we both giggled.

"Give Little Whore a real good hard fuck, dear, while Jeremy
and I watch and I try to coax some more cum from your son.
Little whore may have gotten his first cum up her ass," she
continued, "but I'm going to be the first one to taste it."
After making that announcement, Mrs. Hoover leaned over and
took her son's hard cock into her greedy mouth while she
caressed and massaged his little boy balls with a skill
developed from much practice at the arts of perversity.
Judging from what I had observed, I had no doubt that Jeremy
would soon be depositing the cum that his mother coveted
so much in her debauched, and debauching mouth.

I sighed, and moaned loudly as Mr. Hoover slipped his hard
cock fully into my almost virgin pussy. As good as it felt
to play with my own clitoris, and fuck myself with my hair
brush, it felt even better to have someone else doing it
to me. Mr. Hoover fucked me with long, powerful, steady
strokes that tugged and pulled on my clitoris as well as
pushing forcefully against my "G" spot. Between the
physical stimulation of a large hard dick fucking in and
out of my tight cunt, and the general air of nasty-ness that
saturated everything in the room, including my body, I
think I started cuming after the ninth or tenth stroke of
Mr. Hoover's cock.

I experienced orgasm on top of orgasm; it seemed that every
thrust of Mr. Hoover's hard cock into my tight wet pussy
drove me to a higher peak of orgasmic ecstasy. Even as
inexperienced as I was, I knew that the intensity of my
orgasms would never have reached these mind-blowing levels
without the perversion that was accompanying the sex.
Laying on my back, my legs spread wide, with a hard cock
pumping into my wet pussy, I felt at home; I felt like I
was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what
I was meant to do. I massaged my breasts, pulling roughly
on my nipples, while I watched Mrs. Hoover work on her son's
cock in eager anticipation of her first taste of her son's
cum. Mr. Hoover grasped my hips and fucked forcefully into
my cunt while he also watched his wife's single-minded
pursuit of their child's manly fluids.

Jeremy's body shivered and jerked. His mother moaned
loudly and held him gently in her month for a couple of
moments. Then, with her face glowing with excitement and
pride, she sat up and kissed Jeremy on the cheek.

"Thank you," she said, "thank you for letting me be the
first." While watching this tender scene between his wife
and their son Mr. Hoover held his cock inside my body where
I felt the jerks and spasms of my pussy's first anointing
with male cum. I realized, even while it was happening,
that my desire was irrational, but the interaction between
Mrs. Hoover and Jeremy was so tender and loving that I, at
least for the moment, hoped that Mr. Hoover's cum would
impregnate me go that I could have a son and, one day, be
the first to taste him. Mr. Hoover held himself deep inside
my body while we all caught our breaths and contemplated
everything that had just happened.

"It's getting late," Mrs. Hoover announced, "Little
Whore's parents will be expecting her home." I knew she
was right, but I didn't want this night of perversion and
sex to stop. My disappointment must have shown on my face.

"Don't worry Little Whore," Mrs. Hoover said, "you'll be
babysitting for Jeremy a lot in the future." Mrs. Hoover
seemed to be completely over the icy rage she had displayed
earlier in the evening. I got up from the table and hugged
her, then Jeremy, and finally Mr. Hoover. After kissing
me, and massaging my naked butt with Both hands, Mr. Hoover
gathered up my clothes and handed them to me, all except
my panties and bra.

"We expect you to get used to not wearing underwear," he
explained, "did you notice that Mrs. Hoover does not wear
panties or bras?"

"Yes, I did," I answered, blushing for no good reason I
could think of.

"Use your babysitting money to buy yourself a couple of
garter belts, and some good quality silk hose." I nodded
my head in agreement, as I slipped my sweater over my head
and pulled my skirt up my legs.

"I Know your mother might notice that you're not wearing
under clothes," Mrs. Hoover said, taking over the
instructions from her husband, "so give some thought to how
you will handle that problem if it arises." Mrs. Hoover
stood up from the couch and retrieved the monster rubber
cock from the floor, where it had been left after I'd fucked
myself silly.

"We want you use this on yourself at least twice a day."
While his mother lectured me on how they expected me to use
the dildo, Jeremy came over to my side and, lifting my skirt,
explored my still naked cunt with his fingers. Mrs. Hoover
smiled when I automatically and without hesitation spread
my legs to make myself more available to he son's exploring

"Each time you use it," Mrs. Hoover continued while Jeremy
pushed three or four fingers into my pussy, which had been
left wet and slippery by my secretions and his father's cum,
"we want you to use it in your cunt, your ass, and your mouth.
Be sure you bring it back with you next Saturday, it's only
on loan." The whole time Mrs. Hoover lectured me about the
use of the rubber cock, and Jeremy fucked his fingers in
and out of my pussy, I could feel a big silly grin on my
face while my head bounced up and down like one of those
boble head dolls.

"Come on, come on," Mr. Hoover said with pretended
exasperation, "it's time for the fuck toy to go home and
rest for a while."

Even after everything that I'd done, and had been done to
me, I blushed when Mr. Hoover put his arm around my waist,
slipped his hand under my sweater, and tugged on my nipple
while he walked me to the car.

Norm DePloom

"If it were done when 'tis done,
then 'twere well It were done quickly"-


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