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Collected by Djian

A Breeding Cow For The Farm Club
by anonym

Cara struggled to free herself from the lather collar that had been placed upon her neck and padlocked.
All she knew was that she was now in a darkened room resembling the dudgeons of old Europe.
She could see a small opening in the door that allowed some light into the room.

Outside she could hear distant voices and the sounds of animals. Cara continued to try and remove
her collar and as she did she brought on the attention of those outside in the hallway. Suddenly the
door swung open and in stepped a woman who most would consider attractive. The woman yelled,
"You little bitch! I told you to leave that fucken collar alone!" With that Cara felt a sharp pain as the
woman rose her whip and cracked Cara across the ass. Cara reached down to rub the pain away and realized
that she was standing there naked. Cara began to speak and the woman yelled, "Shut the fuck up you breeding
bitch! You will be making noise soon enough!" With this the woman snapped her fingers and two men rushed
into the room grabbing Cara by the wrists. One man placed a lead on Cara's collar while the other tied ropes to
her wrists. With a jerk she was taken from the darkened room and lead into the hallway. Cara could now see a
series of doors along this hallway which appeared to be stalls similar to the one she had just left. As she was
lead down the hall to a lighted area at the halls end Cara began to smell the musky scent of animals. She
struggled to get free and as she did came the crack of the whip of her ass. She had been followed by the woman
who had treated her so harshly. Cara cried out and pain and inquired of her captures, "You aren't going to kill me
are you? What is this place?" With that the woman replied, "Quite the contrary my dear! We are going to fulfil
your every pleasure!" Soon they reached the halls end and Cara was lead into the room. It was a large riding
stable with a floor that was covered in sawdust. She could smell the aroma of the farm as she looked around and
saw a bench in the middle of the room. The bench had an opening in the middle to allow access to what lied
above it. Standing next to the bench were two women dressed in coveralls. Cara tried to plant her feet into the
sawdust to keep from being lead any further. Crack! The whip found its mark and Cara cried out with pain. The
woman behind her yelled, "You fucken bitch! You are going to do what the fuck we tell you! Now get your ass over
to the bench!" Crack! Cara was whipped again by the woman. Cara quickly began to walk to the bench. As they
reached the bench Cara could see that it was padded and that it contained a set of handcuffs on each side of it.
She was suddenly lifted by the men and tossed down onto the bench belly first. Her hands were quickly cuffed and
her legs tied to the bench. Her pussy was now exposed for all to see as her ass extened of the bench and her legs
were pulled forward. Cara began to cry and tried to struggle for freedom. As she did the ropes were pulled
tighter and she soon found herself unable to move. Cara's tits dropped down through the opening and were
allowed to dangle freely beneath her. Cara now being tied to the bench found that the two woman near the bench
had approached her and were rubbing an oli on her naked body. This oil had the musky scent of animals and gave
off a very pungent odor. Cara could do nothing by allow this to happen as she knew that any reistance would
result in punishment. Soon one of the women began to rub the oil on Cara's ass and down between her asshole
and cunt opening. Cara jumped a little as she felt this but soon relaxed. As Cara was relaxing a bit she felt an oil
covered finger enter her cunt lips. Soon there were two fingers in her and more oil was being poured onto her
ass and cunt. Cara soon began to totally relax and found herself enjoying the sensation of the oil and rubbing.
Cara now began to enjoy the attention she and her pussy was getting. She was oblivious to the world around her
and was caught up in the pleasure she was experiencing. Cara now was completely relaxed and began to moan
with each touch to her pussy lip. Soon Cara began to beg, "Fuck me. Oh yessss! I need a cock... Please........!" With
that she heard a voice say, "It's time! Bring him out!" Cara for an instant became frightened and began to come
back to reality. But she soon returned to her intoxicated state wanting a cock in her. Cara continued to plead for
relief for her sexual frenzy. She lie there moaning, "Oh fuck I need a cock. Any cock! Please you can't do this to
me.... Fuck meeeeeee......!" Cara now looked up and across the room and saw Hengest a male friend of her's
leading a small Jerrsy bull towards her. Cara knew this was a bull for she could see a set of testicles hanging
down and flopping between the animals legs. She also saw a hairy sheath extending under his belly. Cara looked
at Hengest and yelled, "You fucker! I knew you were behind this! " Hengest merely laughed and said, "Cara were
chatted on the interest about this now you really feel what's it like." Cara struggled to fee herself and soon felt
the harsh pain of the whip across her ass. As Cara felt the pain she also heard the woman say, "You are a little
bitch! Now we are gonna breed you like a nice cow and then milk you! If we have to you will be here until its done.
Now shut the fuck up and relax!" Hengest now lead the bull around behind Cara. As the bull passed her Cara could
smell the musky aroma of bull cock. She also could see that the tip of the bulls penis was now protruding from its
sheath and was dripping a few drops of liquid. Cara now knew what cock she was going to get. A bulls and she
was powerless to do anything about it. As the bull was lead behind Cara he sniffed at her pussy lips and made a
lip curl with his upper lip. Cara knew that a bull done this when the licked a cows pussy that was in heat and
ready for breeding. The bull now licked Cara's cunt lips with his tounge. His tounge felt like a chain saw as its sand
paper texture made Cara jump. Suddenly Cara felt a great weight on her as the bull jumped up and lurched ahead
with his head landing just between her shoulder blades knocking the wind from her. Cara took a deep breath and
was able to regain her composure. She felt Hengest place his hand on her ass checks. Suddenly she felt a spirt of
hot liquid running down her pussy lips. The bull lurched again and Hengest grasped the bulls long pink cock and
inserted into Cara's cunt. The bull lurched again farting as he did. A loud bellow was heard and he slammed his
cock ahead. Cara now felt it enter her cunt . She felt his balls slamming against her ass checks and the bull began
to pump his cock. She could feel his cock spasm within her and with every movement of the bull she could feel hot
bul jism being pumped into her folds. Cara was now being bred by the bull. She began to relax and began to moan
and push back into the bull. Cara began to yell, "Oh yes! Fill me with the cum! I'm your little heifer! Yes big guy!
Breed me! Yes....." The bull farted and thrust again spirting more cum into Cara. Cara feeling this began to orgasm
as the bull continued to spew hot jism into her folds. As fast as the bull has mounted he retracted his cock and
dismounted Cara leaving bull jism run from her cunt. The bull was now lead away from Cara by one of Hengest's
helpers. Hengest now dropped to his knees burying his face into Cara's cunt licked all the bull come he could from
her pussy. Hengest continued to lap at Cara's cunt sending Cara back into a world of pleasure. Soon an aid arrived
back at the bench leading a large ram sheep. The sheep was paraded in front of Cara allowing her to take in his
musky scent. The sheep was lead around behind Cara as the bull had been. Cara knew that she was going to be
the ram's ewe. Without warning the ram mounted up. His cock was about 2 inches around and about 5 inches
long. It was completely black with a nob on the end. As he lurched forward Cara could feel her pussy lips
expanding to take the cock. With a slurp the ram's cock was in to his balls. He began to violent slam his cock
ahead bouncing his large balls against Cara. As the ram fucked Cara, he did so harshly that with every thrust the
bench bounced ahead from the force. Cara was now being used by the ram and was loving it. She soon found that
her pussy was clamping down on the rams cock and as she did the ram let out a bellow. She felt his cock spasm
within her spewing cum deep in her cunt. Cara no longer able to control the feeling cried out, "Oh fuck fill me
baby! Yes.. Cummmmm!" With that Cara found herself spasming in unison to the ram's thrusts and pumps. Cara
went limp and nearly passed out as she lay there being bred. Soon the ram was done and dismounted. Hengest
now appeared with a small machine that contained a hose and several attachments on it. It was a milking
machine! Cara heard a loud noise as the machines vacuum pump kicked in. Hengest now stripped naked in front
of Cara and let his cock flop out. He knelt down with the machine next to Cara and placed the milker onto Cara's
swollen tits. Cara felt the vacuum begin to pull at her nipples. At first it hurt as the vacuum began to lengthen her
nipples and send her back into her pleasure state. The machine continued to pull on Cara's nipples and within a
short time she could see white human milk flowing into the machines plastic bucket. Cara was not only bred but
was being milked as well. Hengest now signaled the others that has been helping with Cara. All stripped naked
and began to ravish Cara. Hengest now licked at Cara's cum filled pussy as did the other women there. One man
walked around and stuck his cock into Cara's face. She knew just what to do as she took his cock in her mouth and
became the human milk machine. Hengest now stuck his cock into Cara as the women licked his balls and
fingered his ass. He soon began to bounce his cock in and out of Cara. Hengest soon shot his load into Cara's cunt
mixing his cum with sheep and bulls. Now the women began to lick Cara's cunt clean of all cum. Cara could no
longer control it. She began to spasm in orgasm. Soon the man that had been face fucking her shot his load sheep
into her mouth. She swallowed every drop she could. Cara now exhausted passed out into a deep sleep. She
awoke feeling refreshed and looked around. She was in her own bedroom next to an open window. Wow she
thought some dream! Cara now began to realize that her nipples were elongated and very sore. She now looks
down and saw that her pussy was swollen and that it too was sore. She tried to pass it off in her mind as a dream.
She rationalized that she had dreamt everything and that she was sore because she had done to herself as she
masturbated in the dream. Cara jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet a large
amount of cum ran from her cunt. She now looked on the bathroom mirror and saw a note. It read, "Welcome to
our farm club! You make a great new member! Contact me and we will tell you more. Hengest!" Cara now knew
that she was not dreaming and that she was a breeding cow for the farm club! by Hengest


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