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Collected by Djian

another Amanda's Big Mistake

I have known my wife Amanda since we were in High school. We never
dated till our senior year but once we did the fireworks went off and
there was no separating us. Amanda was 18 when I finally asked her to
marry me. She was a very attractive blonde and all the guys' heads
would turn when she walked by. She wasn't a virgin when we met but
she said there was only one guy before me. To me this was great, as I
wanted to learn everything along with Amanda. What I didn't know was
how much of a tease Amanda was. When I would take her out she would
wear the shortest little dresses and I wasn't sure but I thought she
would flash a lot of guys whenever she could. I remember the first
time I took her to the beach. We live in Florida and I decided to
spend a day at the beach with her. I picked her up around noon and she
had on a nice beach dress. I didn't think much of it. We drove to the
beach and when we got there I spread out our blanket. She reached over
her head and pulled off her beach dress. My eyes popped out of my
head. She had on a dental floss bikini with just enough to cover her
cunt. You could barely see the string running thru her ass crack and
around the sides of her. Her top was also just about nothing. Both her
nipples were covered by small circles of cloth and again the string
holding everything together was very small. She lay back on the
blanket and I just stared in disbelief. She asked me if I liked her
new bikini and all I could say was WOW... We lay in the sun for about
three hours and by the time we left we had about 8 single guys and
their blankets all around us. When Amanda got up she bent over to
wipe the sand off her legs. From my vantage point (and a lot of the
other guys), I could see the edges of her cute little cunt lips. It
seemed like it took forever for her to wipe the sand off. She finally
bent back up and then put her short beach dress back on. I looked down
and my swimsuit was filled with the biggest, hardest, hard on I have
had in ages. I knew Amanda and me were going to get along great in the

We have been married for three years now and at 22 Amanda is just a
mouth-watering babe. I knew I was lucky to have her. The only thing
that bothered me with our relationship was the way she would tease all
my friends and even strangers when we would go out. I remember when my
best friend Steve and his girlfriend Brittany came over and we were
all going to go out to a nightspot for some dinner and dancing. Amanda
was upstairs dressing when Steve and Brittany arrived. I invited them
in and said we were only waiting for Amanda to come down. About five
minutes later I saw Brittany look up with a weird look on her face. I
turned around and there was Amanda walking down the stairs in the
shortest, tightest dress I have ever seen. I didn't even know she had
a dress like that. She couldn't walk without her ass cheeks showing. I
don't think she knew how short it was because when she walked down the
steps, all three of us could see that she was wearing small black
bikini underwear and they were thong type because we could all see her
ass cheeks. Nobody said a word until she got downstairs and asked if
we were ready to go. I couldn't believe she was going to go out like
this but if she were game, then I would go along with it. As we walked
to the car, the wind would blow her skirt and walking behind her it
looked just like she had no underwear on. Her g-string undies were
hidden in her butt cheeks. I wondered how we were going to make it
thru the night. Steve was quick to suggest I drive and all three of
them piled into the back seat. Watching her get into the car was a
show for all of us. What surprised me was how much attention she was
getting from Brittany. I knew Steve and I was enjoying all this but it
looked like Brittany was too. After about a 20-minute drive we arrived
at the club. I let the three out and proceeded to park the car. By the
time I got around to the clubs door they had already gone in and
picked a spot to sit. I think Amanda picked the spot because it was
very close to the band and right against the dance floor. Once we got
inside we all ordered a round of drinks and started chatting away. The
band didn't start playing for about an hour so we had plenty of time
to put some drinks down. I was slowly sipping my drinks down but
within that hour Amanda had downed three rum and cokes and two white
Russians. She was really feeling no pain when the band finally started

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out on the dance floor at the very
first song. I felt a little uneasy, as we were the only couple dancing
since the band had just started playing. My cute little wife was
swinging away with the music. Her dress barely covered her when she
was standing still, with her swinging around; it rose above her ass
cheeks many times. The band and whoever was there was getting a pretty
good show. The song ended and I dragged Amanda back to our table. She
got in first and sat next to Brittany. I then got in. First thing she
did was order another white Russian. She was drinking these down like
chocolate milk and we had not eaten anything yet. It was hard to talk
because we were so close to the band so we just listened and watched
everyone. I had to go to the restroom so I got up and went. When I got
back I found that Amanda was now dancing with Steve out on the floor.
This was a slow song and she was all cuddled up to Steve. Every eye in
the house was on her. Then Steve pulled her close and it made her
dress pull way up and now you could actually see the very top of her
ass crack. I could make out the string undies leaving her ass cheeks.
I don't know if she knew how much was showing or not but she made no
attempt to pull her dress down. I was going to tell her how much was
showing when she got back but I didn't get the chance. When they came
back to the table she sat between Steve and Brittany this time. And to
my surprise I saw Steve call the cocktail waitress to the table. He
ordered refills for everyone then whispered something in the
waitress's ear. Unknown to me he had ordered Amanda a double rum and
coke. It was way more rum then coke. Amanda was very much in no pain
and she didn't even mention the fact of how strong this new drink was.
We listened to the music for another 30 minutes or so.

By now Amanda had drank about 7 or 8 mixed drinks. She was really out
there. I had seen her drunk before but not to this extent. Steve
waited to the next slow song then asked Amanda to dance again. They
both got up and went to the dance floor. I didn't want to be left
behind so I asked Brittany to dance. We got to the floor right after
them but again all eyes were on my little wife. Steve had her pulled
up very close to him, and Amanda was really just following along. I
watched as Steve's hand played with my wife's little ass cheeks.
Amanda just laid her head on his shoulder and they danced about.
Before the dance ended Steve took my wife back to the table. She sort
of had her head on the table when I got there. I knew it was time to
take her home. I mentioned to Brittany that we should take her home
but Brittany wanted to stay for another 1/2 hour or so. I said ok
since it wouldn't hurt Amanda to lay with her head on the table.
Unknown to me, Brittany and Steve were working together. A couple fast
songs played and Brittany asked me to dance with her on a couple of
them. While I was out dancing, Steve had been playing with my wife's
cutely trimmed cunt. Amanda never stopped him so he kept getting more
and more daring. Finally he couldn't get his hand into her cunt as
much as he liked so he reached down under the table and began pulling
her little G-string undies down. Amanda didn't move and in about 10
seconds Steve had her undies completely off her. He stuffed them in
his pocket and preceded to finger fuck my drunken little Amanda. When
the song ended me and Brittany headed back to the table.

Of course Steve quit playing with my wife. I didn't know he had taken
her undies off. I said it was about time to go and at that same moment
the band started playing a slow song. Steve asked me to go get the car
and bring it around front and he and Brittany would bring Amanda out
in a couple minutes. I thought this was a good ideal, so I left to get
the car. As soon as I walked out the door Brittany helped Steve get
Amanda up. She asked him if he got her undies. He said yes. Good, then
take her out for one last dance. Steve helped my wife to the dance
floor and they started slow dancing around the floor. This time when
he pulled her up close and her dress hike up, it was very easy to see
she had no undies on at all. The band kept playing but everyone else
in the place was watching Steve dance with my wife. He pulled her arms
up over his shoulders, which hiked her dress up way above the top of
her ass. It was just about to her waist. Then he maneuvered her around
so her legs were parted quite a bit and he was bending backwards so
she would have to bend forward. This allowed everyone there to view
every bit of my wife's ass and just about all of her cunt. Her cunt
hair was nicely trimmed and must have been an awesome sight. Steve put
his hand down the back of her ass and slowly worked it down to her
cunt. He started working at her cunt entrance trying to get a finger
into her. This was hard because he was still trying to dance her
around the stage. Finally his finger slipped into her and he started
finger fucking her right there on the dance stage. A large crowd had
gathered around the stage and Steve noticed many flashes from the
audience. People were taking pictures of this entire happening. The
band must have played for about 5 minutes. I wondered what was taking
them so long so I put the car into park and walked to the door. Just
as I got to the door they were walking out of the building. Steve said
it was harder getting her up then her thought. I watched as they
walked her out to the car. I thought how embarrassed she would be if
she knew how much of her undies they could see. I could still see her
string undies running out the tops of her cheeks. I would tell her how
many people saw her in her thong when she woke up in the morning.
Unknown to me, they had a much greater show then I thought. But it
wouldn't take long for us to find out the truth.

The next morning I woke up and Amanda was already downstairs in the
kitchen. I walked down and asked how she was doing. She looked fine
for being as drunk as she was. She said she felt fine just a little
tired. I started telling her the story of her time at the club and how
she had just about passed out. I also mentioned to her about everybody
seeing her thong undies in her short dress and how she had made a
spectacle of herself. She asked me what she usually wore when she went
to the beach. I said her thong bathing suit. She asked if her thong
bathing suit was any bigger or smaller than the undies she had on last
night. I had to admit, they were about the same. Then why should feel
bad about people seeing me like that. I couldn't really fight that
logic. I went about my day and forgot about everything. Next weekend
would be Halloween night and we had been invited to a Halloween party
at Steve and Brittany's home. I asked Amanda what we were going to
dress up as and she said she would go get our costumes this week.
Tuesday when she got home from work she had gotten our outfits at a
costume rental store. She was dressing up as a French maid and she had
rented me a Roman Soldiers costume. We both tried them on and they
looked great on us. She looked hot in her short little maid outfit
that came with a cute little black panties bottom. Very sexy but very
reserved at the same time. My outfit was great, with the sword,
shield, and all the trimmings.

We arrived at the party right on time. It was around 8pm and the party
was just getting started. We did not really know anyone but Steve and
his wife. Steve called me into his study and shut the door. While we
went in There Brittany Took Amanda over to the bar and made her a
white Russian. Again, she made it very strong and gave it to Amanda.
She drank it in about 5 minutes then Brittany made her another.
Brittany was keeping her busy with chat and drinking why Steve was
having his talk with me. Steve said there was something he wanted to
show me. He turned off the lights, turned on the VCR and we started
watching a home movie. I recognized it right off. It was of all of us
at the club last weekend. Then I watched amazingly as it showed Steve
dancing with my wife and as she danced around she didn't have any
undies on. Then the camera really zoomed in and it showed him finger
fucking my wife on the dance floor with many people around watching it
all. The real shocker came next. Steve handed my wife over to his wife
Brittany and she started dancing with Amanda. She wasn't near as easy
handed with her. She immediately pulls the back of her skirt way up
and tucked it into her belt. Now the camera easily showed her being
spun around the dance floor by another woman and her ass was clearly
in view. Then she turned Amanda around and danced with her but with
Amanda facing away from Brittany. Brittany then lifted the front of
Amanda's skirt and again tucked it into her belt. Now her entire dress
was above her waist and the camera caught it all. It also caught the
fact that at least 20 or 30 people had gathered around the dance Floor
and was watching all this. Next Brittany dropped her hand down to
Amanda's cunt and started finger fucking her while they were dancing.
Everyone was watching my wife-getting finger fucked by another woman
and I saw many flashes go off in the audience. I new a lot of people
were taking pictures of her on the floor. When the tape ended I
couldn't speak. Steve spoke right up. Your wife has been teasing many
of us for three years now. None of us could take it anymore. We now
have our partial payment. Most the people outside that you don't know
were there at the club last weekend. I invited them tonight to come if
they wanted to see a better show then they saw last weekend. That's
why there are at least 40 couples out there. I couldn't believe what I
was hearing. I asked him what he meant by a better show. Steve said if
I didn't want my wife to get this tape, and if I didn't want it to
fall into other BAD hands, I would go along with tonight and whatever
happens. I said I don't have a lot of choice do I. He walked out and
left me there to think about things. He took the tape with him.

When I finally came out of the room I saw Amanda, Steve, and Brittany
all sitting on the couch drinking drinks. I also noticed my wife
seemed to be feeling no pain. Steve got up and turned the music up
louder. He encouraged everyone to start dancing and really get the
party going. He asked my wife to dance and while they were dancing,
Brittany took Amanda's drink and refreshed it at the bar. This kept
going for about 2 hours. After about 2 hours Amanda was again so drunk
she could barely keep her eyes open. She was falling over onto Steve's
shoulder as she sat on the couch. About the same time Brittany brought
her a new drink. Each drink they had fed her was filled with more and
more alcohol till at the end it was just about pure rum with just some
flavoring. Steve waited about another 20 minutes then told Brittany to
go put on a slow song. He then helped Amanda up (as she needed it) and
guided her to the dance floor. They were the only couple dancing and
Amanda was just about asleep on his shoulders. While he was dancing he
slowly reached down under her maid outfit and reached under her
shorts. He rubbed her cunt and looked for any reaction from Amanda.
When he got none he knew it was time. He slowed down his dancing and
hooked both hands on the sides of Amanda's black shorts that came with
her outfit and started slowly pulling them down. The first few inches
were slow but as soon as he cleared her hips they fell right to the
floor. Along with them also were her black bikini undies. He lifted
her feet out of them then continued to dance with her. In her maid
outfit, the dress didn't even come to the bottom of her butt cheeks.
And he was now leading her around the living room floor completely
nude from the waist down. Her nicely trimmed blonde bush was easily

All of a sudden everybody there went to their handbags and pulled out
cameras. I saw many flashes going off, and some guys were filming with
VCR cameras. About every two minutes a different guy would break in
and dance with my young drunk wife. Every time somebody else was with
her, more flashes would flash. Plus every guy had to get his kicks by
fingering her hot little cunt. She seemed oblivious to everything that
was happening. After about 1/2 hour of all the guys dancing with her,
they decided to lay her down on the living room couch. The music was
loud but now nobody was dancing. They were all watching what was
happening to Amanda. She looked like she was totally passed out. I was
way back in the crowd and I knew if I made a scene, it would be bad
for everyone. I knew it had gotten way out of hand but in a way; I was
turned on at the same time. I watched Steve slowly start to strip my
wife of what little costume she had left on. Again, flashes keep going
off and one guy hadn't stopped filming with his VCR camera since this
thing had started. I could finally see that now she was completely
naked. Steve then said it was now time to pay this little cunt teaser
back. He was first. He pulled out his dick, walked over to my nude
wife, opened her mouth and put his dick into her mouth. Next a guy
with a real expensive camera came up and took a picture. As soon as
the guy snapped the picture, another guy took Steve's place. Guy after
Guy, picture after picture. They didn't spend long there with her but
they all had their picture taken with their cocks in her mouth. Next
thing I know they are putting her clothes back on her and everyone was
leaving. Steve told me to take this cock teaser home and I would be
hearing from them soon. I took her home, put her to bed and then
stayed up all night wondering what would happen. How many people had
her pictures? What would they do with them? Was I going to have to
tell her what happened? We were in real trouble and it wasn't going to
get any better.

I didn't see Steve or his wife for about a week. I was going to tell
Amanda about everything but I was hoping it would just disappear.
Well, Friday night I got a call from Steve. He asked me to meet him
outside. He was going to have a party again tomorrow night at his
house. I was to get Amanda or to his house around 7pm and I was not to
be late. Then at 8pm I would get a phone call. I was to say it was
from work and I had to run to the office for about an hour. And Amanda
was to stay at Steve's party until I returned. I objected
And told him no way. He pulled a couple pictures from his pocket. Each
one was of Amanda with a different giving him a blowjob. Steve told me
to bring
That cock teaser over or these would be all over town and the
Internet. And have her wear something appropriate for the tease she
is. I just put my head down and walked back inside. I wanted to tell
Amanda about everything but I didn't think she would be able to handle
it. When I walked in Amanda asked me what was up. I said Steve and
Brittany are going to have a little party tomorrow and just wanted to
make sure we could make it. I looked to Amanda to see what her
reaction would be. She smiled and said great, what should we wear. I
told her we might go out partying afterwards so we should dress like
we are going out to dance. I suggested she go out tomorrow and buy a
new outfit for the occasion. I knew she would love that and I knew
nobody would be disappointed. The next morning I gave her some money
and told her to buy something nice. She came home around 3pm with some
packages. I asked her if she found some nice things. She smiled and
said you would just have to wait and see. Around 6:30pm we started
getting ready. It took me a whole 10 minutes but Amanda was in the
bathroom for about 25 minutes. I told her I would meet her downstairs.
When she finally came down the stairs, my heart skipped a beat. She
had on a short red plaid skirt and a white blouse with little hearts
all over it. She had bought some new shoes and they were bright red
and matched her skirt perfectly. She was wearing thigh high stockings
When she reached the bottom of the stairs she told me she had a
surprise. I told her I didn't have time right now, she could show me
later. I opened the door as it was now 7:00 and we were supposed to be
at Steve's.

We walked over to Steve's and Amanda asked again if she could show me
her surprise. I should have taken the hint and said yes, but I was so
afraid of
Getting Steve mad for us being late, I just told her show me later.
She said ok and just then Steve opened the door. Steve looked at
Amanda and told her how great she looked. As soon as we walked in
Brittany was there with drinks in her hand. There were about 15 other
people there and music was playing pretty loud. Brittany took Amanda
and they went and sat with the other ladies and started chatting away.
Steve didn't really say anything to me. I went and chatted with some
of the other guys. I was real worried about leave Amanda but it looked
like I didn't have any other choice. For the next hour I watched as
Amanda and the girls chatted and had a great time. I did notice they
kept feeding her drink after drink. It was about 8:30 now and I never
got a phone call. I thought we were going to make it out without
anything happening. I noticed they had just brought all the girls
another round of drinks. I knew this was about the sixth round
already. All the other girls were keeping up also. What I didn't know
was they were only drinking soft drinks.
Amanda was being feed doubles every time she got a drink. She was
starting to
Slur a little now. All the girls kept her right in the conversation.
It was easy to notice that the alcohol was just kicking in. Then it
happened, the phone rang. I was really nervous. Then Steve called me
over and said it was for me. He whispered to me, be back no sooner
than 11:00 pm. I picked up the phone and then heard the other end
hang up. I hung the phone up and went over
To where the girls were. I told Amanda I had to run to the office but
I shouldn't be long. I told her stay here with the girls and I would
stop back by after they finished with me at work. She just sort of
looked at me and shook her head ok. As I was leaving I saw another
drink being brought to her. I headed for my house and went inside.

I waited about 30 minutes then I couldn't sit still anymore. I went
out the back door and sneaked into Steve's backyard. I looked around
until I found a window that the curtain was just a bit parted. It was
nice and dark in his back yard so I wasn't afraid of being spotted. I
looked into the living room and there was Amanda lying with her head
sort of down on the couch. Everybody inside was up and rearranging the
furniture. They had moved all the furniture out of the living room
except the couch. They hadn't moved it yet as Amanda was still on it.
But it looked like she was just out of it. I noticed every couple
minutes that someone would put a glass up to her lips and help her
drink some more. Only they didn't give her just little sips. They
would make her swallow about a third of the glass each time. Out of
the garage came Steve. He brought in the lights he used to work on his
car. He plugged them in and pointed them to where Amanda was sitting.
Next I saw about 4 or 5 different camera tripods being set up and
everybody was putting their VCR cameras on them. Then things starting
moving quickly. Everybody had their cameras rolling and they moved
back out of the way. Steve moved in first. He sat down next to Amanda
and slow worked her legs a little apart. He then slowly inched her
skirt up higher and higher. It was now past the top of her thigh high
stockings. He had to work with both hands but finally he got her skirt
up to her ass cheeks. He then proceeded to spread her legs apart.
Everybody just sort of stared. I looked as hard as I could because I
was a little ways away. Then I saw what they saw. She had on crouch
less red undies
And she had shaven her cunt just about bald. There was just a normal
patch of hair above her cunt. This must have been her surprise to me.
Now I wish I had let her shown me before we came over her. Up until
now they all knew she had a nicely trimmed patch of blonde hair, now
she shows up in a pair of crouch less undies and her cunt is shaved
nearly bald. They must have thought this was for them. This had to set
the tone for the rest of the night. Steve proceeded to unbutton her
shirt and remove her shirt and bra. Next came her skirt. They must
have liked the crouch less undies and thigh high stockings as they
left them on her. I saw Brittany leave the room and come back with
something. At first I didn't know what it was, then it was very
evident. She had brought out Steve's razor and she rubbed some shaving
lotion quickly over the patch of hair that was above Amanda's cunt.
Amanda had shaved her cunt hair from her crack down, but she had left
all the hair above her cunt crack. This still made her look like she
had a lot of hair. Brittany was now in the process of shaving all of
that off too. Up until tonight, Amanda has never known what happened
to her, now she was going to know for sure when she wakes up in the
morning that something went on tonight. I watched as Brittany shaved
everything off my wife's cunt. She even went back over all the rest of
her cunt to make sure it was perfectly clean. All the cameras were
filming this and when Brittany was done, she wiped Amanda off and all
you saw was this smooth clean pussy that looked like it belonged to a
15 year old.

I saw Brittany wetting her fingers and next thing I see is her getting
my wife's cunt all wet and moist with her fingers. Then she starts
fingering my wife right there in front of everybody. This lasts for
about 4 or 5 minutes with Brittany exploring every inch of my wife's
cunt. Then one of the other girls enters the room and is carrying a
sack full of something. She proceeds to take everything out of the
sack. I couldn't see it all but it looked like clothes and makeup. I
watch as they take the makeup and start applying it to my wife's face.
In about five minutes they are done, they stand back and I can finally
see what they have done. She has on more makeup then I have ever seen
her with. I see a lot of flashes from cameras, as now my wife is
entirely nude but stockings, and has her face all painted up. She has
the brightest red lipstick I think I have ever seen. I then see them
pull the clothes off the floor and start dressing her. They put her in
a white leather mini dress; they take her hose off and replace it with
white fishnet stockings. Then they put these 4 or 5 inch red heels on
her. I don't think a person could walk in them. Every now and then I
would still see the flashes of cameras going off. Next they pull out
this little red top that buttons up but barely comes down below my
wife's boobs. Now I see them all stand back and start laughing. My
wife looks like a hooker that just walked in off the street. They make
sure my wife is sitting up straight, then one at a time the guys come
over and pose next to her. There are about 12 different guys in the
room and about 10 ladies. After each guy gets his picture taken, they
now start the show going. Steve is first and he comes over, stands
next to my wife and unzips his zipper. He pulls out his dick and puts
it next to my wife's face. Flashes are going off and he then slowly
pushes his dick into my wife's mouth. She doesn't really suck him but
it looks as though she is. She looks exactly like a street slut
sucking off a guy in his home. Then when I thought Steve was going to
quit like before, he grabs the back of Amanda's head and starts
pumping her head forward and backwards on his dick. His dick is
sliding in and out of Amanda's mouth and I can watch as Steve's dick
gets bigger and harder. He keeps forcing her month over his dick.
After about 4 minutes of this I see him quicken his pace with her
mouth. Then he pulls out and explodes all over her mouth, nose, and
eyes. There is white sperm all over my wife's face. Flashes are going
off like crazy and next Steve sticks his dick back in her mouth and
has everybody bring their camera over and take Snap shots of his come
all over her head with him there with his dick in her mouth.

Steve finally moves away and I see Brittany move to Amanda in his
place. I assumed that she was going to clean Amanda up. Boy was I
wrong. While the cameras were rolling, Brittany takes her finger and
starts to wipe the white cum of my wife's face, but what she does next
even shocks me. She takes her free hand, opens Amanda's mouth, and
then slides her hand with Steve's come on it down into Amanda's mouth.
She pushes her mouth shut and slowly withdraws her Finger. You can see
my wife's mouth move and then she swallows. When Brittany's finger
comes out, it is wiped clean. She does it again, this time with even
more cum on her finger. Again, Amanda's mouth is forced close around
her finger and again the finger comes out clean. After each time
Amanda could be seen swallowing what was put in her mouth. Brittany
does this until there is no more cum on her face. Next, I watch as
they clean her face up, and then they redo her makeup making it even
more colorful. Then they shut off most the lights and I see the guys
start to help her off the couch. I watch as she stumbles along with
them. They take her and place her in one of the guy's big truck. He
has this monster big truck and it has a king cab type back seat. They
lay her down in the back seat and they all drive off. Only one guy is
in the truck and it is not Steve. But most the people from the party
are following the truck. I run back to the house get in my car and try
to follow the last car in the convoy at a safe distance. They drive
for about 10 miles to the interstate highway. They then drive for
about 10 minutes up the interstate until they reach this big truck
stop. I thought the truck might have needed gas as he pulled up to the
pumps. He went inside without filling up, after about 5 minutes he
came out and started his truck up. He pulled it around to the side
where all the big trucks park if they want to rest for the night.

I see this big black trucker heading out towards the truck. He talks
with the guy that brought Amanda out there, and then they both peek
into the backseat where Amanda is. The black guy shakes his head yes,
then hands something over to Amanda's driver. The black guy hopes into
the cab, turns on the overhead lights, and then closes the door. I see
Steve, Brittany, and one other person hops into the front seat. All
the lights are on in the truck. I wait and watch but cannot see
anything from where I'm at. About five minutes later, the black guy
gets out of the truck, goes into the station, and another guy comes
out. This guy is very big, very mean looking, and must weight about
250 lbs. He is black and has a beard. He opens up the back door where
Amanda is and gets in. I'm getting very worried and watch to see if I
can see anything. Again, about five minutes later, the guy gets out
and heads back in. I then see everybody get out of the front of the
truck and the truck with my wife in it heads back out on the freeway.
I wait and follow the last car again and notice they are going back to
the house. It is now about 10:30 when we get to the house. I was told
not to show up till 11:00 so I wait for them all to go in then I park
and sneak back around to my Spot behind Steve's house.

By the time I got there Steve had laid Amanda back down on the couch.
I watch as all the lights are turned back on, the cameras are started
back up and everyone gathers around the couch. This time it is
Brittany who goes over to Amanda first. She pulls up the short red
skirt and stands around the backside of the couch so the camera's can
catch everything. Then she spreads out Amanda's legs as much as she
can. Then she starts pulling Amanda's cunt lips apart. There are guy's
there snapping pictures about every two seconds. Next I see Brittany
run her finger up Amanda's cunt slit and then show's it to the camera.
There must be something on it for her to do that. Then she does as
before, she forces my wife's mouth open a little and sticks her finger
into her mouth. Next she closes it and I watch as Amanda sucks and
swallows. She does this about two more times before I see Brittany
motion for one of the girls to go get something. When she comes back
she has a clear glass in her hands. Next a couple of the guys prop
Amanda onto her feet with her legs spread as wide as they could get
them. Brittany takes the glass and holds it under Amanda's cunt.
Slowly I see some white stuff dripping into the glass. Next Brittany
takes her hand and with one finger slips it into Amanda's cunt. She
pulls out a big glob of white stuff and it falls into the glass. She
rubs down the front of Amanda's stomach and I watch as more and more
white junk flows into the glass. She again reaches up inside her cunt
with her finger while rubbing her stomach and cunt and the glass
continues to fill. Finally they lay her back down and Brittany holds
the glass up for the cameras and everyone to see. It has about half an
inch of white juices in the bottom of it. I now know exactly what this
is. That is the cum from the black guys at the truck stop. I couldn't
believe that let some strange black guys fuck my wife. I thought they
would take pictures like before, but not let somebody fuck her. No
less a black stranger.

Brittany goes out into the kitchen and comes back with a baster like
you would use on a turkey. She sticks it down into the glass and sucks
all the white gooey cum back up into it. She then moves again behind
the couch. This makes it very easy for the camera to catch what is
happening. She takes Amanda's left hand and puts it down on Amanda's
own cunt. Then she forces one finger into Amanda's pussy. She slowly
removes her hand to make sure Amanda's finger will stay up in her own
cunt. With a few tries it does. Next she takes the turkey baster and
holds it over Amanda's head. Then she slow slips the end into Amanda's
closed mouth. She doesn't press the bulb on it, as she doesn't want
the goo to come out yet. Then she takes Amanda's right hand and tries
to get it to hold the turkey baster all by herself. This was not very
easy as Amanda would release her grip every time Brittany would let
loose. Finally she figured out a way to make it work. Now she stepped
back and everyone was flashing pictures left and right. It looked like
Amanda was fingering herself while sucking sperm from a syringe. After
two of three minutes of picture taking, Brittany removed Amanda's hand
from the baster and had everybody move in close with their cameras.
She now slowly squeezed on the bulb of the baster. You could watch the
gooey mixture slowly lower itself down the container. At the same time
you could see Amanda's face sort of change expression and you could
see her throat muscles start swallowing. Brittany would squeeze for a
second, then stop, then squeeze, then stop. This made Amanda have to
keep swallowing every few seconds. These guys must have come a ton as
it took about 30 seconds to empty the container into Amanda's throat.

Now that it was done, I saw the girls bring out rags from the
bathroom. They started to wash the makeup off Amanda's face. Then they
took off the clothes she had on and put on her original clothes. They
wiped her up clean and sat her back up on the couch. Then they put the
living room back like it was, put all the camera gear up, and waited
for me to come back. It was about 10 till 11 and from my house I saw
all the cars leaving. At 11pm I went over to Steve's house. Nobody
said one word. I just starred and they helped me get Amanda back over
to my house. Once she was in the door they didn't mention a thing.
They just turned around and went to their home. I took Amanda upstairs
and put her in a hot bath. She was still completely out of it. I
washed her best that I could. Then I took her and put her in bed. I
couldn't sleep at all that night. In the morning I heard her get up
and go into the bathroom. When she got dressed she came to the kitchen
and asked me about last night. She couldn't remember everything after
I went to work and wanted to know what happened. I told her not much,
came back from work, you were still there drinking with your friends,
and I brought you home. She then asked how the rest of her pussy
became completely shaved. I had forgotten about that part. I told her
quickly that we came home and messed around for a while and I shaved
the rest of it off her. She asked if we fucked and I said yes. I
wanted to cover all bases for any questions she might ask. She asked
that I was very careful because this is not a very safe time of the
month. I told her I was always careful with her and that she has known
that. She shook her head and agreed. Ok, as long as we both had fun.
What did you think of my surprise I had for you? I just looked at her
and said, yep, it was a Huge Surprise. She didn't say anything else
about it for the rest of the day. I haven't seen Steve or Brittany for
the last couple weeks. I kept waiting for my wife to have her period
but it never came. She finally gave me the news that she was pregnant.
She asked if I was happy, as it would be our first child. I hugged her
and said of course I was happy. Now what was I going to do?

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