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Collected by Djian

The Yelling Place
Rod McInnis December 4, 1995

Ellen took another look around to be sure that there was
no one else about, and then started removing her clothes.
Just the thought of being naked in an open and public (even
though desolate) place was exciting to Ellen. The cool bay
breeze blew across her naked body, causing her nipples to
harden and point out.

"Now, straddle the rear tire, lean over the seat and grab
the handle bars" Larry said.

Ellen moved into the position, resting her stomach on the
seat, her breasts hanging free just in front. Larry reached
into his backpack and withdrew two clothespins, each with
several feet of a heavy twine attached. The first
clothespin was attached to her left breast, the string
passed through a section of the seat frame, underneath the
center bar, around the front of the handlebars, and then
tied to her right thumb. A similar process connected her
right nipple to her left thumb.

"Now, unless you want to rip your nipples off, I strongly
suggest that you keep your hands on the handle bars, and
don't let the bike fall over!"

Ellen knew full well that the clothespins would simply
come off if yanked on. But she also knew that it would
hurt. A lot. The wheel of the bicycle only forced a foot
of separation of her feet, but keeping her balance required
a much wider stance, and exposed some very tender areas of
her anatomy.

Her position gave her a good view of the path they had
just traveled, which gave her some amount of comfort. She
could only hope that Larry would release her if another
biker should appear in the distance.

Larry stepped behind Ellen, and grabbing the wide base of
the butt plug, started working it slowly out. Ellen gasped,
moaned and grimaced as the plug spread her sphincter, and
then panted in relief as the widest part finally passed
through. Larry wrapped it in a paper towel and placed it in
a plastic bag.

<SMACK> "OWW!" The first blow of the ping-pong paddle
took her by surprise. <SMACK> "Umppppph!" <SMACK>
"Ngggghhh" <SMACK> "Ahhhggg"

"Go ahead and yell all you want to, honey. There's no one
out here but us and the birds"

At first, Ellen was unsure about her vocal freedom. When
ever they had played before, she had always needed to keep
the noise down. Even when they had waited for the immediate
neighbors to leave, and through the gags that Larry would
employ, they still had to be careful so as not to alarm a
passerby or someone across the courtyard.

But now there was no one around to hear.

<SMACK> "Ow!" Ellen vocalized.

<SMACK> "Ouch!" she said, bit louder.

<SMACK> "IEEEYYAA" louder still.

<SMACK> "AARRRUUUGGG" A most unintelligible sound, but made
with great emphasis. The rain of blows continued, a loud
smack followed by a loud exclamation of pain. Ellen was
getting lost in the sensations. The swats surely hurt just
as much as any of the ones she had received back at the
apartment, but the relief being able to shout and yell
distracted her from the pain.

After 50 swats, Larry exchanged the paddle for a small

"Hmmm, your buns are looking mighty toasty. What do you
say we spread it around some?"

"Yes Sir" Ellen replied, spreading her legs just a little
bit farther apart, inviting Larry's attention.

<Thwack!> "Oh!" The main section of the tawse hit the back
of her leg, while the tip wrapped around and struck the
inner thigh.

<Thwack!> <Thwack!> <Thwack!> <Thwack!> <Thwack!> <Thwack!>

These blows were much softer, emphasis being place on aim
instead of strength. Had it not been for the more sensitive
areas that they were hitting, they would have been

<Thwack!> "Ow, that hurts!" Ellen said loudly.

<Thwack!> "No!, Not there!" she pleaded, but at the same
time spread her legs even wider to improve Larry's access.

<Thwack!> "Ow, Not on my SEX!" Ellen shouted out.

Larry was having no trouble reading between the lines.
The words Ellen used said NO!, but the body language was
definitely saying YES! Again and again he struck,
alternating between the tender spots of her legs, thighs and
genital area.

As much fun as the tawse was, Larry decided it was time to
move on to bigger and better things. So the tawse was
returned to the bag, and out came the heavy leather strap.

"Oooooo" Ellen moaned as she saw the strap approaching.
Closing her eyes, she waited silently for a blow she knew
would hurt. She also moved her legs as close together as
the bicycyle wheel would permit, as there was a limit to her
pain threshold on sensitive areas.

<CRACK> She wasn't disappointed. Her natural reaction was
to lurch forward, throwing her weight onto the bicycle,
which in turn slipped out from underneath her. She crashed
to the ground, yanking the clothespins off her nipples in
the process. The combined pain of the strap, the yank on
her nipples, and the fact that she was now sitting in the
dirt on her sore butt brought forth an incredible howl.

As Ellen sat there, rubbing her sore nipples, Larry
considered putting the toys away. But then Ellen said:
"Please, Larry, tie me in some other way for the strap. I'm
sorry, but I just can't hold still for that!"

Larry. She had addressed him as Larry, instead of `Sir'.
A subtle difference, but enough for him to know that she was
serious. But it wasn't a request to stop. No, more of a
request to continue.

Larry removed two leather cuffs and a length of rope from
the backpack. After securing the cuffs to her wrists, he
led her to a spot directly beneath a cross bar of the
electrical tower. Holding one end of the rope, he tossed
the rest over the cross bar.

Catching the end of the rope as it fell back, Larry tied
the end to the D rings of the cuffs. Pulling on the free
end, Ellen's hands were raised high above her head until she
was standing on tip toe and the rope was tied off. Ellen
could support herself entirely on her toes, but only for a
while. Otherwise, her weight was distributed between her
toes and wrists.

Gripping the strap firmly, Larry reached way back and
swung hard against her buttocks. The scream that Ellen
produced was indescribable. Again he swung, and another

<CRACK!> "Please, SIR, I can't take it!"

<CRACK!> "NO, STOP" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

<CRACK!> "PLEASE, NO MORE!" Anyone for a mile around would
have heard her pleas.

Again and again Larry swung, and Ellen cried out, yelling
at the top of her lungs. She begged. She pleaded. She
said anything that would get him to stop. Anything, that
is, except her safeword. The one word that would have ended
her torment without question was never uttered.

As she yelled, and screamed, and shouted, Ellen felt a
release that she had never known. This was probably the
worst whipping she had ever received, but she didn't really
feel it. All she felt was a need to yell. And yell she

Finally, she yelled no more. Larry swung two more times,
and got nothing but a grunt and moan. Ellen was all yelled
out. Dropping the strap, Larry started to rub his hands
along Ellen's body, massaging her breasts, fingering her
clitoris. Gosh, was she wet!

Ellen moaned with pleasure when Larry's finger parted her
labia and stroked her clit. Disregarding the pain in her
wrists, she spread her legs, lifting her feet clear of the
ground. Larry responded by stroking her labia, inserting
his fingers deep into her vagina, rubbing his thumb against
her clitoris.

"Oh, gosh, I am going to come!" Ellen announced.

Larry wasted no time pulling his own shorts down, and
quickly thrust his penis deep inside her. Ellen wrapped her
legs around his legs, part to pull him in close, part to
support a portion of her weight. They both thrust together,
and soon Larry was having his orgasm while Ellen enjoyed a

"Oh, honey, that was great!" Ellen said.

Part 3

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