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Collected by Djian

Subject: {ASSM} The Mall - Chap 1 of 5
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 19:10:05 -0500
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Warning: It is illegal for you to read this story if you are under 18
years old. If your under age 18 or it's illegal in your area to read adult
material which includes bondage, sex, group sex, discipline or if you find
this kind of material offensive - DON'T READ THIS STORY

This is my first attempt at writing for the public. I'm really a full time
submissive to a wonderful Master. He has given me permission to write about
my experiences and fantasies. You would probably be surprised at how little
fantasy this story contains. Please let me know what you think. Should my
Master let me continue to write? Reply to

This material may be freely distributed and used by anyone of proper age and
consent. Under no circumstance is it to used commercially or posted on web
sites which charge any type of fee.


The Mall

Chapter 2 - The Clothing Store

Master waits until the crowd has thinned somewhat then leads me toward the
entrance. As we get closer I see my reflection in the glass doors, even
expecting it I am shocked at just how revealing my dress really is. I may
as well be naked, the dress may cover me, but it certainly hides nothing.
My firm tits and large gold ringed nipples are clearly visible. My tan
seems to make the small triangle of blond bush hair stand out. I can
clearly see my shaved pussy lips below the hem of my dress. My hands are
still bound behind me and while I make so attempt to adjust my dress, I am
very aware of how exposed slave is. You may think it's strange that someone
wearing a see-though dress in public would be worried about her pussy and
ass hanging out below her hemline, but for some reason it matters to me. The
dress at least gives the false impression of some modesty. My humiliation
grows as I noticed the group of people behind us watching my every move. It
appears I have the undivided attention of every man and most women within 50
feet. Not 5 feet behind be are a group of teenage boys; they apparently
have no problem getting close for an unhampered few of my ass. As we reach
the door the four boys quickly push around us and with big grins on their
faces they hold the doors open for us. What gentlemen they are, except for
the four sets of eyes that travel up and down checking me out. As Master and
I enter the mall, I realize it may be dark enough that my dress will again
offer some coverage. However I am very aware that by pussy and ass are
still peeking out below my dress, it takes all my will power to not pull it

Master informs me that because we will be doing Christmas shopping, I will
have some freedom to wander in and out of stores at my leisure. This is
really unexpected and I quickly give him a kiss to show my appreciation. We
enter a novelty store as Master releases my bound hands and tells me to
browse around and let him know if I find anything. The store is not real
crowded and I enjoy spending some time looking around, though Master is
allowing me some freedom, I know he expects me to remember my training. So
whenever I stop to look at something, I spread my legs slightly. As I turn
from one display, I notice a man watching me very closely. As I continue to
look, I find some ornaments on a bottom shelf and bend down to get one.
Slave has been taught not to kneel or squat down, but to bend at the waist
with her legs straight to pick up things. I do it now without thinking
until I feel the tight dress slide up my ass. As the dress rides up, my
plug filled ass and pussy are totally exposed. I know from past experience
that the base of the butt plug buried in my ass is clearly visible as it
keeps my ass cheeks spread slightly and exposes my wet open pussy lips. I
quickly stand and pull by dress down. Turning I see the strangers shock
look, but my attention is quickly drawn to my Master standing slightly
behind him. Then I realize that I have adjusted my dress without Master's
permission and he has seen me do it.

Master moves around the man towards me, I stand anchored in place. He has
spent a lot of time training me and in a moment I forgot and did what I
wanted. It is very important to me that I please my Master in every way, he
totally controls every aspect of my life and I really cannot imagine living
any other way. This life style is not for everyone, but for me it is the
only one. With these thoughts on my mind, I wait for my Master with my
hands tightly clasped behind my back; keeping my eyes locked on his I await
his command. If I thought it would help, I would get down on my knees and
beg his forgiveness, right here in the store.

Master walks up to me, reaches out and grasps one of my banded nipples. He
then tells me; "You will be punished for that later." Reaching down and he
pulls my dress up, exposing my pussy and ass. Keeping a firm hold on my one
nipple he movers around behind me. As I loose eye contact with Master, I
find myself facing the other man and behind him are the store windows. With
my pussy bared to a complete stranger and Master playing with my tit, I feel
my face begin to burn with shame. Master whispers to me and though I
hesitant, I begin to follow his instructions. Keeping my eyes locked on the
stranger's face, I slowly give him a smile; I doubt he notices, as he's eyes
are not on my face. Taking my hands from behind by back, I reach inside my
dress and grasping my nipples I pull my tits out. The tight dress displays
my naked boobs as if they are on a shelf as I begin to roll and pinch my
nipples. Master has moved his hands down to my butt; he begins to play
with the plug in my ass. I slowly run my one hand down over my belly,
through my neatly trimmed pussy hair and between my legs, burying a finger
in my extremely wet fuckhole. Master makes me stand there playing with
myself in full view of this stranger for a short time. I try to keep my
mind blank and concentrate on Master's whispered commands; I don't dare
think about what I'm doing. Eventually Master tells me to put my tits away
and pull down my dress. Being well trained I place my very wet finger in my
mouth and suck it clean, the man finally looks me in the face, my
embarrassment changes to humiliation. Master whispers in my ear; "That was
a lesson, not punishment." Then he gives me a quick swat on the butt and
tells me to continue my shopping.

The stranger is still standing about 10 feet down the isle and I must pass
him to continue on. I think he is too shocked to move or speak. As I look
past him, I see mounted to the ceiling right behind him a surveillance
camera. The red light is on and it has been pointed at me the whole time.
So now I know that not only has this gentlemen gotten an eye full, but I
quite probably am on tape somewhere. As I move past the stranger I notice
the 4 teenage boys have their faces tightly pressed against the window, they
have apparently also been witness to my public humiliation.

I spend some more time browsing and find a few items that would make nice
gifts. As Master pays, I notice the male employees behind the counter never
take their eyes off me. Although I am fully aware that I am dressed as a
slut, and the bright lights around the counter have rendered by dress
transparent again, they are barely suppressing grins. Finally I notice one
of clerks glance towards the corner and looking in that direction, I see
mounted above the counter a monitor. Two things are immediately apparent,
first the camera is definitely the one that was pointed at me, and second
anyone near the counter can clearly see what the surveillance camera is
picking up. By now, Master has finished paying; he takes me by the arm and
leads me out the door.

The four teenage boys are waiting not far away; I appear to still be the
center of their attention. They closely watch as Master leads me into the
next store. We move in and out of stores until we reach one of those
clothing stores that cater to young women. The isles are closely packed
together with clothes racks; Master points me down one following closely
behind. Suddenly he turns be toward the store windows and tells me to stop
and bend over, as I begin bending at the waist, I feel my tight dress start
to ride up my ass again. With my hands resting flat on the floor in front
of me, I cannot raise my head to look around as the collar and earring are
doing their job. Master then orders me to spread my legs wider and I feel
him grasp by pussy from behind and easily slid a couple of fingers in my
dripping wet cunt. As he slowly moves his fingers around, his thumb begins
to put pressure on my butt plug. As Master continues to finger fuck me, a
voice asks; "Can I help you?" I don't know where its coming from and try to
stand up, but Master places his other hand on my back and holds me down.
His thumb presses harder on the butt plug and his fingers never stop their
stimulation as he says; " No thank you, we are just looking." My shame and
humiliation have reached a new high.

Not even a whore would find herself bend over like I am in a store, with her
ass and pussy totally exposed. I say; "Please Master, This is very
embarrassing!" Master now has three fingers buried in my extremely hot
pussy and I feel him grasp the butt plug with his other hand. He slowly
begins to move the plug in and out of my tight asshole. Master replies;
"Slave, this is the second time you have ignored your training. Do not let
it happen again!" Shortly to my dismay, I begin to feel the start of an
orgasm. Apparently the stimulation, exposure, embarrassment, humiliation,
and public attention have left me a very horny slut. I am going to cum
right here bend over in this store as Master continues to rub my pussy and
pump the butt plug in and out of my ass. Realizing that someone can at any
moment turn down this isle or may even be watching me only makes me hotter.
I whisper; "Master may slave have permission to cum?" I feel his fingers
begin to work faster in and out of my very excited cunt and my tight rear
love hole is really being plowed with the butt plug, as he says in a normal
voice; "Excuse me, I can't hear you." I am really in trouble now, being
very close to an orgasm and knowing I don't dare have one without permission
I can only repeat my request. In what I hope is a slightly louder whisper,
I say; "Please! Master, your slave begs permission to cum!" Even to me my
voice sounds desperate.

With relief I hear him say; "Slave you may cum, but quickly!" Quickly is
not a problem, I probably couldn't have stopped my orgasm at this point if I
had wanted to. As my pussy begins clinching at his fingers and my breath
comes in shot gasps, the first waves of a powerful orgasm overcome me. I
completely lose control and just let the waves of pure pleasure roll though
me. The plug continues to pound my tender tight rear as Masters fingers rub
and pinch my swollen clit. The pleasure pain just keeps rolling through me.
The next thing I know Master is helping me to stand up, my legs are weak
and I am breathing very hard. Master is still standing behind me with his
arms around my waist pulling my ass tightly against his crotch. I feel his
stiff cock press between my ass cheeks and I know his slave has pleased him.

Master turns me so I face him and continues to hold me close, as I regain by
breath and get my thoughts in order. Then I hear a voice ask; "Sir, is the
lady okay?" Master replies, "Yes, she got a little dizzy, she will be fine
in a moment." The clerk then says, "If she needs to sit down for a minute
you can use the office or we have chairs by the counter." Master replies;
"Thank you very much, but I'm sure she will be ok in a minute!" With my
face buried in Master's chest I can't see the clerk, she could be standing
right behind me and I can only guess how I look. Finally Master tells me to
stand on my own and look him in the eyes. I really didn't want to show my
face, as the clerk may still be standing there, but I realized there is no
choice. So I stand back a step and look at my Master. He smiles and tells
me it would be a good idea if I adjusted my dress. I quickly try to find
the hem; it takes a bit of time as my dress is bunched up around my waist.
Finding the hem I pull it down over my bare ass and only then notice I have
one boob totally hanging out the top of my dress. The strap had fallen down
and with me bent over apparently my breast just popped out. I quickly push
everything back into place and can't help but turn around to see if anyone
is behind me. No one is in the isle, but standing at the window of the
store once again, are my four teenage voyeurs.

I have no idea how much they had seen, but I'm pretty sure they hadn't
missed much. All four of them have big grins on their faces. Master tells
me to look around and see if there is anything that interests me. What I
really want to do is get out of this store and away from my four hungry eyed
friends. But without hesitation, I do as Master bids and browse up and down
the isles. I notice more than a few of the female customers are giving me
funny looks and are careful to keep their distance from me. The store has
some cute clothes, but most aren't revealing or sexy enough. I have been
given very strict rules on what I can wear and sometimes it is hard to find
the right items. However I do find a black sweater and short skirt set that
might be acceptable to my Master. Showing the set to him, he looks it over
and gives me permission to try it on.

As I head toward the fitting room a clerk asks if she can be of assistance.
I realize the voice is the same one I heard earlier. The clerk is a very
cute brunette about my age with a good figure and a lot of leg showing under
her short skirt. I tell her, I would like to try on the outfit and she
shows me into a hallway with 4 fitting rooms. It doesn't take long to
change when you have so little to remove; I quickly pull the sweater on and
then the short pleated skirt. Walking out for Master's inspection, I
noticed the clerk standing with him. Master has me turn around and model
the outfit; he then speaks to the clerk and tells me to wait in the dressing
room. Shortly the clerk returns and hands me another black sweater. She
makes no move to leave, so I quickly change tops. The new sweater is at
least two sizes smaller then the original and fits very tightly over my bare
tits and forms well around my enlarged distended nipples. The gold nipple
bands shine through the black knit sweater. The clerk follows closely as I
walk out to find my Master; I can tell by Master's smile that he likes the
outfit now. The clerk can't seem to take her eyes away from my tits and
large protruding nipples. The skirt has buttons up the front right side,
Master orders me to undo all but the top two. Master has me turn and walk
away from him with each step my right leg parts the skirt almost to my
waist. I have spent many hours being trained to walk with a sexy hip
swinging motion in high heels, even when they have tiny stiletto heels. I
know Master is watching me closely to see how the short pleated skirt looks
as my swaying ass moves away from him. After walking a ways, I turn quickly
feeling the skirt swirl up around my ass and walk back. I know that I look
sexy in this outfit; Master agrees and tells me we'll take it.

As I enter the fitting room again and turn to pull the curtains closed, I
find the clerk has followed me. She hesitates and then says; "Can I ask you
a question?" I just nod and she says; "How can you act that way in public?
The way you dress is really revealing and everyone in the store heard you
moaning earlier and you didn't sound dizzy." Trying to remain calm I ask
what she means? The clerk has started and apparently wants an answer, so
she continues with "Will I see how you dress, you aren't wearing any
underclothes and you apparently have no problem exposing yourself or even
having an orgasm in a public place." I realize the clerk knows what
happened earlier, she may even have been watching. I try to ignore her,
knowing my Master is waiting and he isn't overly patient at times. So with
her standing there I remove the sweater and skirt. Now naked the clerk
looks closely at my neatly trimmed pussy, large breasts with the gold-banded
nipples and asks; "Are you a whore?" I mumble; "No, I am a sex slave, the
man out there is my Master." I quickly pull on my white dress making sure
it's adjusted and head out of the dressing room. But apparently the clerk
still has more questions as she tries to block my exit. I say; "Please I
must not keep Master waiting, ask him if you have more questions." I find
my Master is standing just outside the changing rooms and he has apparently
heard the clerk questioning me.

There are quite a few people in the store but no one is near the dressing
rooms. Master pulls my hands behind me as once again the twin rings on my
fingers capture them. I have always found some comfort in being bound; it
takes some of the responsibility of my actions away from me. It also
immediately lets me know Master expects absolute submission. Master tells
me; "You will answer all her questions honestly and openly." He then turns
to the clerk and tells her; " You may ask any question you wish, Slave will
not hesitate to answer you." The clerk doesn't hesitate and begins with;
"What were you doing to her in that isle earlier?" Master points out that
while he has ordered me to answer any of her questions he has no intention
of doing so. The clerk quickly turns to me and asks; "What was he doing to
you?" I have a little trouble getting started, but knowing better than to
hesitate to long I reply; "Master had me bend over to expose myself and then
he played with my pussy and ass until I had a very intense orgasm." The
clerk has a puzzled look on her face and then says; "But why were you bent
over like that? You aren't wearing panties and your dress is so short he
can easily touch you." I hear Master say; "Slave, show her why." So I turn
my back to the clerk and bend over putting my hands on the floor. I hear a
gasp from behind me, but remain in position. With my legs spread, once
again my plug filled ass and very wet shaved pussy is on display to a
stranger. I hear Master say; "As you can see she is totally exposed and
available. Slave you may stand." Once again my dress has ridden up over my
hips, with legs spread and very red-faced, I wait for the clerks next

I could guess the next question and here it comes, "Why don't you pull your
dress down and why do you stand like that?" "Because Master has not given
permission for me to adjust my dress. I am also never allowed to close my
legs even when standing. This insures Master has access to me at all times
and reminds me of what I am." The clerk it appears is trying to understand
how a woman can apparently stand in a public place, with her dress up around
her waist and calmly wait for permission to cover herself. If only she
knew, I was anything but calm and was really having to work at being
obedient. Other than a few quick peeks, Master has never exposed me this
much in public before and I surely have never been made to answer someone's
questions about my life style. While waiting for the next question, I
notice customers are starting to work their way towards us, I hope Master
notices also.

He apparently hasn't because he makes no sign that I should cover up. The
clerk then asks; "What else does he make you do?" Master has ordered me to
be truthful so I reply; "He does anything he wants with me. I am his sexual
toy, to be used by him or anyone else he designates. I make no decisions
about how I dress, walk, sit, stand, or anything else, Master totally
controls all aspects of my life. I don't own a bra that covers my nipples or
a pair of panties. I rarely wear shorts or pants, as you see my dresses and
skirts are short, my tops are tight and revealing. My nipples, tits, pussy
and ass must be immediately available to Master at all times. I must obey
his every command without comment, questions or even hesitation. I spend
numerous hours a week keeping my body in shape and being trained to please
him. I also spend considerable time bound and tied for his pleasure. He
never hesitates to correct me or discipline me. I have been spanked,
whipped, and canned to correct my behavior or just for his pleasure. I work
7 days a week 24 hours a day to be the perfect slave and when I fail, I

If I thought this outburst would shock the clerk, I'm surprised. She
doesn't appear to be put off by it at all. Though she apparently isn't
finished with her questions, there are two young girls heading towards the
changing rooms. Master begins leading me towards the checkout counter my
naked swaying ass exposed to the girls. As we reach the counter he says;
"You may cover yourself." The clerk rings up our items and hands me the
bag. I pass the bag to my Master; I am not allowed to carry anything, which
may give me some coverage. As we turn to leave the clerk asks one more
questions; "Aren't you even ashamed or humiliated?" "Yes! It's very
embarrassing and humiliating. But I am also excited, scared, and very
turned on by many of the things Master makes me do. I also love him and
will continue to do anything he orders me to, for as long as he wants to own
me." Master gives the clerk a quick smile and walks me towards the door.
He apparently knows the clerk is watching us, because he hand cups my barely
covered swaying ass as we pass through the door.

End Chapter 2

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