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Collected by Djian
updated nov 2007

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Major Slut

This story includes descriptions of rape, torture, bondage, drug use, and humiliation. If these descriptions are likely to offend you, DO NOT READ THIS STORY.

I let her go cold turkey for about another hour. In the meantime, I went back to my small cubical and had a drink as I tried to calm down. When I could not wait any longer I went back to Amanda's room. I pulled up a chair beside the bed and sat down. She looked back at me with a mixture of hatred and desire.
She knew that I had the drug she needed. She begged me for it. She was quite a sight with her right cheek was still covered with the old man's dried, sticky come - though she had made some headway in washing it off with her tears. I left the come on her face,; it made her look and, I figured, feel like a slut.

Author (Conwic)

Female P.O.W 96kb (M/f, nc, heavy, Gulf war)