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Collected by Djian

Amber: The Making of a Fuck Toy
By Richard Bissell

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Adults only, no prudes. If you don't like sex stories containing people
engaging in weird perversions, or you can't separate truth from fiction,
get lost. The author does not advocate or condone anything that goes on
in this story.

This story is mine. You can repost it or archive it only if 1) you
don't change it, 2) my name and this disclaimer remain attached, and 3)
you aren't making money off it. That includes posting it on some
slimeball banner farm web site. Yes, that means you!

This mean, nasty, and perhaps out-of-character piece is yet another
spin-off from CGC. I got quite a few requests to bring other men into
that story, never mind that I repeatedly stated that I wasn't going to
do it. I'm not much attracted to the "slut" genre, so it never appealed
to me a great deal. But recently, I came across a story containing a
theme that seemed to work, and after playing with it in the context of
CGC, I had an idea. That idea turned into this. Don't look for any of
the intelligent, redeeming plot elements you usually see in my stories,
because you won't find them here. This is pure porn.

You know the drill: If you like it, let me know. You can find my other
stories in the following archives: (under authors, MichaelD38)

Overall Story Codes: Mf, MFf, Mm+/f, teen, bdsm, humil, mast, piercing,
oral, anal, gangbang


(C)opyright 2000 by Richard Bissell

Chapter 1.

Some years ago, I was an assistant high school football coach in a small
town in the Midwest. In addition to the football, I also taught senior
History and a couple of P.E. classes. I was popular with the kids,
particularly the guys on the football team, in part because I wasn't
that much older than they were. This was my first teaching job, and I
was just twenty-three when I arrived.

Although one might think that such a job would be tough on the libido,
being surrounded by hundreds of teenage girls, it didn't do much for me.
Those sweet, corn-fed, All-American farm girls had never much attracted
me, never mind that I was soon fending off one student crush after
another. None of them made a dent in my armor until the day, three
years into my career, that I met Amber Johnson.

I had Amber in both History and one of my P.E. classes. She was
seventeen, blonde and blue-eyed like her Swedish ancestors, with the
sort of natural beauty and bod that often come along with that look.
She wasn't tall--she was maybe five-four, tops--but she packed a lot
into those sixty-four inches. Toned, athletic legs, tight little butt,
flat stomach, and small, perky tits like ripe peaches.

Amber first began flirting with me in P.E. class, though it was
initially nothing overt. Maybe one smile too many, eyes lighting up a
little whenever we made eye contact, asking me just a few more questions
than was really warranted. When she talked to me before and after
History class, she would clasp her hands behind her back, squirming back
and forth a little, eyes shining. Yet, for all that, Amber's fixation
was nothing I hadn't dealt with before, and nothing that was beyond my
ability to resist. Teenage girls rarely have much in the way of wiles,
and Amber was no exception.

The problems, such as they were, really began in History.

A month into school, a few days after the first midterm, Amber
approached me after class, clutching her book to her breasts.

"Mr. Bradley?"

"What's up, Amber?"

"I didn't do so well on the test, huh?"

She hadn't, having gotten a C-.

"No, you didn't. I'm sorry."

"What did I do wrong?"

"Amber, I need more out of you than an ability to parrot back what you
read in your book and hear in class. To do better than you did, you
have to show me you understand what you've learned enough to have some
independent ideas about it."

"But I studied so hard."

"Just memorizing the book isn't enough. You need to think about what
you're reading."

"Could we go over my test together this week? Like after school?"

"Sure. I've got half an hour between last period and football practice.
Come on by."

She beamed at me.



She appeared that afternoon a few minutes after the last bell. I had
her pull a chair up to my desk and we went over her test line by line.

She leaned closer and closer to me as we worked, until her right breast
was pressing softly against my arm. It couldn't have been accidental,
not after the third time it happened, but she acted as if she didn't
notice. I remained where I was, more amused than aroused.

Finally I leaned back, and she pretended to stretch in her chair,
pushing her tits out against her blouse.

"You think you get the idea now?"

"I think so. This is a big help. Thanks."

"I need to get to practice. I'll see you in class tomorrow."



I was the team's defensive coordinator, having been a decent safety when
I played in college. I had a good relationship with the players, trying
not to be the aloof dictator I had encountered too often when I was
their age, and we tended to joke and kid each other a lot during

We were winding up a scrimmage when Tommy Nelson, one of the
linebackers, stopped next to me with a big grin on his face.

"Hey, coach, I hear Amber Johnson has the hots for you."

I gave him a smirk.

"Where'd you hear that?"

"Stacey Bennett was telling me about it. She said Amber's always
talking about you now."



"I guess you guys need to run some wind sprints if you've got enough
energy to listen to crap like that."

He groaned, laughing.

"Oh, man, come on!"

"Next time, maybe. Move it."

He ran off, still laughing.


Amber approached me again after class a few days later.

"Mr. Bradley? Could we go over this week's chapter this afternoon?"

"What don't you understand?"

"I just want to be sure I'm getting it all the way you want us to."

I stifled a grin. I suspected that she wasn't getting it all the way
_she_ wanted to either.

"I can give you a few minutes."


She returned to the room right on time and sat down next to my desk.
Today, she had on a thin spaghetti strap top, and if I wasn't seeing
things, she wasn't wearing a bra. She wouldn't have come to school like
that--it was simply too obvious, and I thought I would have noticed it
earlier that day--which meant she had probably just taken it off.

In any case, I could tell by the sly look in her eyes that she knew what
I had just noticed. But we pretended to go over that week's work

Once again, she was soon brushing her breast against my arm, and this
time I could feel her nipple through the fabric. It stiffened rapidly
after the first contact, and I could feel the pert flesh sliding against
my arm as she breathed. My cock began stirring in my slacks.

When I withdrew a little, breaking the contact, she came slowly after
me. Within a minute or two, her breast was back against my arm.

I leaned back, looking down at her. Her face colored a bit, and she
inhaled slowly as she met my gaze. There it was in her eyes,
unmistakably: Kiss me.

I didn't, of course. Instead I straightened myself in my chair and
moved backwards. I watched the disappointment flashing through her eyes
as I closed her book.

"I need to get to practice. You think you have a handle on this now?"

She nodded nervously.

"Yeah. Thanks."


For a couple of weeks, things continued in that vein. Amber would ask
for help a few times a week, and when she had me alone in the
afternoons, she would do her best to entice me somehow. Some days she
arrived braless as she had that day; other days she wore short skirts
and tried to rub her leg against mine.

The attentions soon spread to P.E. class. One morning when we were
playing volleyball, Amber fell to the floor after stretching for a ball,
seeming to twist her ankle. As the other kids circled around us, I
tried to gauge the extent of her injury.

"Can you get up?"

"It hurts."

I put her arm over my shoulder and helped her over to the bleachers.
The rest of the students resumed the game while I squatted in front of
Amber, feeling her ankle, gently bending it one way, then another.

"Does that hurt?"

"A little."

When I looked up at her after a few seconds, I suddenly realized what
was going on here. She had seated herself to give me a clear view up
the leg of her nylon gym shorts--and there was nothing under there but
her natural blonde charms.

I had to steel myself for a moment before setting her leg down.

"I think you'll be all right. Just rest it for now."

For once she didn't try to hide her disappointment at my reaction, but I
stood up and turned back to the game anyway.


Despite my outward restraint, Amber's antics were starting to have an
effect on me. She was a hot little piece of ass, make no mistake about
that--she just wasn't my type. The guys on the team often teased me
about it, and I had to think that Amber was getting some teasing of her
own. She simply wasn't subtle enough about her attentions.

Things finally came to a head after the next midterm. Though Amber
insisted on getting my help beforehand, it was fairly obvious that she
was paying more attention to me than to History. And when the test
rolled around, I got the confirmation with her exam. She had done a
little better, but not much. I cut her some slack and gave her a C+.

The shock that hit her face when I returned the tests put a twinge of
guilt in my gut, but, I told myself, she had gotten what she had earned.
She spent the rest of the class trying not to cry, and when the bell
rang, she left quickly without looking at me.


I saw nothing of her the rest of the day, and I went home after football
practice. It was a Friday, but we didn't have a game that night, so I
was looking forward to a lazy evening in front of the TV.

Around eight o'clock, the doorbell rang. Behind the door, I found
Amber, dressed in hiphugger jeans and a short halter top.


"Amber, what are you doing here?"

"Can I come inside?"

"First tell me what you want."

She inhaled nervously

"What do I have to do to make you like me?"

I took a slow breath.

"Amber, this is a very bad idea."

She took a step toward me, pushing her shoulders back a little to lift
her breasts. I stayed where I was, and she closed to within a foot or
so. She looked up at me yearningly.

A moment later, she raised her arm and caressed my cheek tenderly.


"Don't you want to?"

"No, I don't want to."

Her eyes swelled in shock.

"Why not?"

"Because although you are very pretty, you are not my type. You're not
the sort of girl I'm attracted to."

Tears began filling her eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"Amber, tell me something. You're a virgin, aren't you?"

Her jaw vibrated for a moment, then she answered me.

"Yes. You . . . you would be my first. I've never even let a guy take
my top off."

"And why me?"

"Because you're so cute, and so hot, and so smart, and so nice to me

Her voice broke, and now she pressed herself against me, trying to put
her arms around my waist.


I pushed her away.

"Listen. I'm just not into this sort of thing. I like bad girls,
sluts, girls who aren't afraid to say the word 'fuck' and then do it six
different ways no matter who might see it. That's not who you are."

She sniffled as the confusion spun through her head.

"You don't want me . . . because I'm _not_ a slut?"


She panted against her agitation for a few seconds.

"But if I were?"

"You're not. I can see it in your eyes. You don't have it in you."

"But I could. For you. I'll do whatever you want me to. Whatever you
want to do to me, you can."

I stared hard at her for a few seconds, but she stood her ground. I
realized we were still standing on the porch where anyone could see us,
so I pulled her into the house and shut the door.

"Do you understand what I'm talking about here? Not just garden-variety
perversions like oral sex. I'm talking big league stuff. Is this
getting through to you?"

She gulped.

"Whatever it is, I'll do it."

"This isn't going to be one of those tawdry student crushes where you
change your mind in a month and get me fired. You must surrender to me.
Completely. Whatever I tell you to do, you do. No argument, no
questions. In exchange, you get a commitment, from me, that you will be
mine until you no longer want to be. But a refusal of my instructions
will be the same as a statement that you want out. Do you understand?"

Her face had gone pale, but she nodded weakly.

"Say it."

"I understand. I'll do whatever you tell me to."

I ran my eyes over her body slowly.

"You said you're a virgin."

She nodded rapidly.

"I am."

"If you're lying, you're out of here, okay?"

"I'm not. I swear."

"Follow me."

I led her into the bedroom and shut the door behind us.

"Strip. Show me."

Amber stripped rapidly out of her clothes. She hadn't been wearing a
bra, and under her jeans she wore nothing but a tiny lycra thong, which
she removed in an instant. Then she lay flat on her back on the bed,
spreading her legs.

I squatted between her firm thighs, inspecting her wet blonde pussy.
She was so turned on that her fluids were running out onto her legs.
She gasped when I first touched her, and her legs twitched as I probed
gently into her. Her sex was as cute as the rest of her, slim pink
petals like the inside of conch shell. Just inside, I found her hymen,
still intact.

"Very good."

She gulped.


I stood back and looked over her smooth, taut body. Her small breasts
were hard and firm, holding their shape well though she lay on her back.
They quivered with each nervous, rapid, breath. I traced my eyes down,
past the curve of her ribcage to the smooth concave swell of her
abdomen, the muscles around her navel, finally down to the sparse nest
of pale blonde pubic hair that surrounded her swollen sex.

She wasn't a slut, yet. But maybe I could make her one.

"Let's begin."


Chapter 2.

"Get up," I said.

Amber looked at me in confusion for a second and then sat up. She
reached for her top, but I stopped her.

"No. Stand up."

She did, still quivering in agitation.

I searched through my closet until I found a scarf, which I used to
blindfold her. She gasped as I covered her eyes and began breathing

"What are you doing?"

"It's not what I'm doing; it's what you're going to do."

"What is it?"

I took her arm and tried to lead her out of the bedroom. She took a few
steps before speaking up again.

"Where are we going?"

I stopped.

"Amber, do you want to do this?"


"Then stop asking me questions and just do what I tell you to."

"I'm sorry."

"Come on."

I led her to the back door. When I opened it, she squeaked in fright
and began shivering even harder. I could see her jaw vibrating as the
fought the urge to ask me what was going on.

She followed me out to my car, now shaking so hard that she had trouble
walking. I lived on a fairly large wooded lot, and so far no one could
see us. But that was about to change.

Amber climbed into my car when I opened the door. By the time I got
into the driver's seat she was on the verge of tears, shaking and
gasping in her seat.

"You want to ask me where we're going, don't you?"

She nodded violently.

"You'll see eventually. This is part of your training. You want to be
a slut, don't you?"

She nodded again.

"All right. Here we go."

I started the car and drove out of the garage. It was quite dark, and
Amber was short enough that no one was going to see much of her unless
they looked directly into the car. But she probably didn't realize

Her arms were pressed across her body now, one over her breasts, the
other in her lap. I took the arm closest to me and pulled it away from
her breasts.

"Relax your arms. Never cover yourself unless I tell you to."

Still shaking in fear, she lowered her arms to her sides.

I drove outside of town to a local park, finally stopping on a hill
overlooking the town. No one else was around, which was fine for now.

Amber had calmed down a little while I was driving, but when I stopped
the car, she began shaking again. I went around and opened the
passenger side door, reaching for her hand. She was so tense she could
hardly move.

"Get out. Come on."

She took one awkward step out, then another. I helped her to her feet.
She swung her head back and forth, unable to see but trying to listen
for anything around us.

I led her away from the car toward the edge of the hilltop, where there
were a couple of picnic benches. I had Amber sit on one of them, facing
the town. She held her arms tight around her waist, obviously wanting
to cover herself but just as obviously not wanting to upset me.

"Are you all right?"

She couldn't answer me right away.



"Do you want to go home?"

A few rapid gasps.

"I don't know."

"Yes or no."



"Because you don't want me to."

"Very good."

I took her arms and removed them from her waist, then spread her legs
slowly. She was still in a lather of agitation, shaking and quivering
on the picnic table.


She gasped.


"Masturbate. Get yourself off. You do know how, don't you?"


"Have you done it before?"

The shakes intensified, and she began to cry again.

"Amber, answer me."

"Yes," she squeaked.

"Then do it. Now."

One hand moved weakly between her legs, and she tried to play with
herself. But she was shaking and gasping so hard that she could do
little to herself.

"Amber, if you were really a slut, you would have no problem with this.
Sluts don't care about where they are or who might be watching.
They're only interested in fucking. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she gasped.

"We're not leaving until you come. Unless you just want me to take you
straight home."

She fought to get control of herself, and her movements became more
deliberate. She rubbed herself gently with her middle finger, pushing
it in and out of her labia just below her clit. She tried to lean back
a little to get a better angle on herself, and I helped her lie flat on
her back. That seemed to calm her down somewhat.

I watched as she grew wetter and wetter, until her finger was glistening
in the moonlight. I looked around us, watching for other cars, but saw
no one. The local make-out spot was in this park but near the other
end. We were not likely to be disturbed up here.

Amber's legs started to twitch, and her hips began to squirm as her
fingers moved faster. One hand had come up to play with her tits. She
had stopped shaking completely, lost now in making love to herself. I
sat down, straddling one of the benches, right by Amber's head. I
stroked her forehead gently as she neared orgasm.

When she seemed close to the brink, I pushed the blindfold off of her
face. Her eyes flew open and she sat up to look around.

"Don't stop. Keep going."

She gasped, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes tightly. A few
seconds later, her back arched and a little squeak came out of her nose
as she came. Then she shook and quivered gently in the aftermath for
several moments. I bent and kissed the sweat from her forehead.

"Very nice."

Her eyes opened slowly, and she forced herself to look around. She
relaxed visibly when she realized no one else was near.

She sat up slowly, unsure what to do now. Her chest and face were
flushed a deep red.

"Did you enjoy that?"

She shrugged.


She nodded.


"You thought we might have an audience, didn't you?"

She nodded again.

"But you did it anyway."

Her eyes met mine again, then looked down.

"Some day you might. Some day I may want you to perform like this for
someone else. I may even want you to fuck them."

Her eyes shot up again in horror.

"If you're going to be a slut, that's the sort of thing sluts do."

Her jaw began vibrating again, but she said nothing.

"Come here."

I took one of her legs and had her sit directly in front of me, one foot
planted on the bench on either site of me. The scent of her arousal
rose up around us.



"Do it again. Get yourself off."

Taking a nervous breath, she moved her hand back between her legs and
resumed masturbating. This time I watched from only a few inches away,
watched her fingers pumping busily into her sex. She leaned back on one
hand, gasping for breath.

I reached for one of her breasts, and she started when I touched her.
But she didn't stop. I stroked her gently, feeling the firmness of her
little tits. They were ripe and upturned, with prominent pink nipples,
totally ignoring the force of gravity. She twitched as I played with
them, twisting them back and forth.

"Tell me when you're going to come. Tell me right before it happens."

She nodded rapidly, and her hand moved faster. About a minute later, as
her body started to shake, she squeaked out, "Now."

I grabbed her hand and jerked it from between her legs. She gasped,
shaking against my grip, and her thighs tried to slam shut against my
chest. She squirmed in front of me, face contorted in frustration.

"Did you come?"

She fought the shaking of her body to answer me.

"No. It hurts."

I pushed her flat on her back and bent to lick at her. She half-gasped
and half-squeaked, gripping the edge of the table tightly. I stuck my
tongue into her, tasting her sweet fluids, then began pummeling her clit
with my tongue. Another quiet cry burst from her lungs, and she
thrashed in orgasm under me. I kept it up until the tremors subsided a
few seconds later.

I let her rest for a few moments, then stood up.

"Time to go. Get up."

She struggled to her feet and followed me back to the car. We drove
home in silence.

When we got back, I led her into the bedroom. I could see the nervous
anticipation in her eyes, but I was about to surprise her again.

"You can get dressed."

She looked up in confusion, not moving toward her clothes.

"You thought we were going to fuck?"

She nodded weakly.

"We're a long way from that. You haven't earned it yet. Get dressed."

She did, quickly and quietly. When she was done, I took her in my arms
and caressed her gently. I sat on the edge of the bed, and she climbed
into my lap.

"You surprised me tonight."

"I did?"

"I didn't think you would be able to do all that. I didn't think you
had it in you. I half-expected this to simply be a way to get rid of

She didn't answer me right away.

"Do you want to be rid of me?"

"No. Not anymore. You have potential now, I think."

She gulped.

"To be a slut."


She shivered in my arms.

"Go home. Come back tomorrow."


Chapter 3.

I hadn't given Amber any specifics, but she showed up early the next
afternoon, as I was watching Nebraska lose to Texas.

She followed me back into the living room and stood nervously next to
the television as I sat down. I examined her for a few moments. She
wore just jeans and a white T-shirt, with a sweater vest over it.

"All right," I said finally, "I think I know what we're going to do


"Amber, look at yourself. What are you trying to say to the world?"

She looked down over herself in confusion.

"I don't understand."

"Do you think sluts dress like that? Baggy jeans and a sweater top that
makes your tits disappear?"

She gulped.

"I don't have a lot of nice clothes."

"You must have something sexier than that outfit."

"I have a few things."


"I have a miniskirt. Except maybe it's not that short."

"I think we're going to go shopping today. But for starters, get all
that off."

She gasped, and her face paled. I chuckled at her agitation.

"Relax. I'm not going to make you go shopping naked. But we need to
get few things clear first. Now strip."

She pulled the sweater vest over her head, and the rest of her clothes
hit the floor soon afterward. I got off the couch and appropriated her
panties and bra.

"From now on, underwear is not part of your ensemble unless it's
something trashy. Sluts generally aren't into wearing panties, and you
don't really need a bra." I reached out and cupped one of her breasts,
feeling the springy flesh with my thumb. "Get dressed. But lose the

She did. Now, with nipples erect in fear and excitement and poking
against her T-shirt, she looked a little better. She looked down at
herself, then up at me.

"You have pretty breasts. Are you ashamed of showing them off?"

She gulped.


"All right. Let's go."


We drove a few towns over, where I wouldn't have to worry about being
seen with one of my students, and pulled into a Wal-Mart. There, in the
young women's department, they had a small selection of slutty,
trailer-trash outfits.

I picked through the racks of clothing, and Amber followed me,
pale-faced but compliant. I picked out a few lycra miniskirts and
spandex microdresses, then found some tops to go with the skirts. A
pair of spike heels finished the look. When I was satisfied, we went
toward the dressing rooms.

"Put together a look you like. You know what you're supposed to be

She nodded wordlessly, took the clothes from me, and went into a stall.

I sat down to wait, watching an assortment of pasty-faced, big-assed
women and their bratty kids wandering in and out of the dressing area.

Amber's stall door cracked open an inch, and I saw her looking out at me
fearfully. I motioned to her with my fingers to come out. After
gathering her courage, she did.

I had half-expected her to pick the most conservative outfit, but she
hadn't. She had picked out the shortest skirt in the collection, little
more than a band of stretchy white fabric about ten inches wide. It
dropped only about two inches below her crotch and rose to no more than
an inch below her navel. On top, she wore a neon pink long-sleeved crop
top that was cut almost low enough to expose her nipples, which were
doing their best to come out anyway.

She glanced around nervously, trying to ignore the wide-eyed glances she
was getting from the other customers, and walked up to me slowly.

"Good. I like that."

She managed a small smile.


"Take a few deep breaths and relax," I said softly. "It's not like your

"I feel naked."

"Would you like to be?"

I watched several conflicting emotions at war in her eyes, and it took
her a few seconds to answer me.

"If . . . " She stopped and gasped for breath a few times. " . . . if
you want me to be."

"I could tell you to pull that top off right now. We'd probably get
thrown out of here, but we're fifty miles from home. It's not like
anyone would hear about it."

Her hands began to shake, but she reached slowly for the edge of her

I licked my lips, liking what I saw in her pretty blue eyes. Then I

"Next time. Get the rest of the stuff; we have some other things to

She let out a ragged breath and returned to the dressing stall. I paid
for her collection of new clothes, and then I took her to the makeup

"I think you know what we're doing here," I said quietly as the
counterwoman approached. Amber nodded quickly.

The woman took in her outfit quickly, but didn't show much concern.

"Hi. Can I help you?"

"I'd like a make over. Something more glamorous than what I have now."

The woman leaned over the counter and took Amber's chin in her hand,
turning her head one way, then the other.

"Hmm. Of course. I know just what we can do."

Amber positioned herself on a stool, keeping her thighs pressed tightly
together. The woman returned with her collection of cosmetics and spent
about fifteen minutes transforming Amber from a fresh-faced farm girl
into a big-city model wannabe.

When she was done, I paid for Amber's new cosmetics, and we left.
Hiding behind all the makeup, she seemed to have gained some confidence,
and we as walked across the street to a nearby diner for a late lunch,
she actually appeared to be enjoying some of the attention she was

"You're not a slut yet," I said quietly, "but maybe you see what it's
about now."

She nodded.


When we got to the diner, I took us to a booth near the front, facing
the counter. The waitress gave Amber a brief look of distaste but took
our orders.

"Keep your eyes on me," I said. "Don't look around."


As casually as I could, I took in the other customers in the diner.
Most of them weren't paying much attention to us, but some of the men
were. One in particular, who looked like a trucker coming through town,
was giving Amber a major eye, though he glanced away when he saw me
watching him. I turned back around, certain that he had resumed his
ogling once it was safe.

"Don't look over there," I said softly, "but out of the corner of your
eye, you should see a guy at the end of the counter staring at you."

Her eyes flashed to the side very quickly, then back at me.

"See him?"

She nodded carefully.

"Turn yourself a little and open your legs a few inches, so he can see
up your skirt."

Her face colored in embarrassment, and her jaw tightened.

"I'm not going to let him touch you. I want him to see what he can't
have. Do it."

Slowly and awkwardly, she shifted slightly in her seat, then pretended
to stretch her shoulders.

"Good. Stay like that."

She smiled at me weakly. The waitress appeared with our drinks, and
Amber began to relax. I saw her glance over my shoulder again.

"Is he still watching you?"

She nodded.

"Do you think he can tell that you don't have any panties on?"

Another nod.

"How does that make you feel?"

She looked up at me, eyes swelling.

"A slut would tell me it was turning her on," I said. "How about you?"

She shivered, too nervous and unsure to say anything.

"In time, I suppose. You can stop now."

She shifted again in her seat, sliding over a bit toward the wall.

"You're doing well," I said. "This will take some time."

She smiled shyly, then dropped her eyes to the table again.


We returned to my house just after three o'clock. Amber stood fidgeting
in the middle of the room as I unloaded our purchases. Then I turned to

"What would you like to do now?"

Surprised for a moment, she took a deep breath and answered me.

"I want you to fuck me."

I laughed softly.

"That's good. But you're lying to me."

Her eyes swelled in shock.

"No, I'm not."

"Amber, what you want me to do is take your virginity in some touching,
gentle, romantic fashion. You don't want me to fuck you. There's a

Her jaw began to vibrate in humiliation.

"Until you can say that and mean it, it's not going to happen."

I watched her struggling with herself for a few seconds.

"Amber, you're free to leave whenever you want. I've been as clear with
you as I can be, I think. If this isn't what you want, you should go.
Don't waste any more of your time or mine."

She took a few gasping, ragged breaths, but stood her ground.

"All right. Get undressed."

She was naked again in a matter of seconds. I walked up to her,
examining her slim nudity. Her tits were perky and upturned, but the
rest of her was smooth and athletic, almost boyish. Her blonde pubes
stood out in a narrow little tuft from between her thighs. I reached
down and brushed my fingers over it.

"I think this is going to have to come off. Maybe the next time we go

She nodded, not saying anything.

I reversed my hand and felt between her legs with my middle finger. She
was hot but still dry. I pushed upward, working myself between her lips
until I found her clit. She quivered slightly in front of me, breath
catching in her throat.

I caught her clit between my thumb and forefinger, twisting it ever so
gently, feeling the bud trapped between her inner lips. She whimpered
softly as I did it but didn't otherwise move.

I kept it up for a minute or so, until I felt a squirt of moisture
emerge from within her. I wet my middle finger inside her and used it
to masturbate her, dipping and sliding in and out of her the way I had
watched her do herself the night before.

Her eyes had closed now, and her breath was whistling through her
nostrils. After a few minutes of this, her legs were starting to twitch
and her hands were fists at her side. I could tell she wanted to grab a
hold of me somehow but was afraid to move. Finally, as I rubbed her
rapidly with my finger, her legs buckled and a squeak escaped her nose.
She gasped, letting out a soft cry as she struggled to remain on her
feet. I continued playing with her until her orgasm subsided. Then I
withdrew and stepped back.

She stood unsteadily in front of me, legs still quivering, and finally
opened her eyes. As she had the night before, she was blushing

I shook my head.

"What are you so embarrassed about?"

"I don't know. I'm sorry."

"You didn't enjoy that?"

"I did."

She gasped for breath and ran her hands over her face as if she could
wipe the blush from her cheeks.

I stared at her hard for a few seconds.

"Amber, do you really want to be a slut?"

She answered me instantly.


"Then this may take more drastic action than simply dressing you up."


"Something to get you a little jaded. These baby steps just aren't
going to cut it."

Her face paled, and her breathing sped up again. I walked back and
kissed her gently on the forehead.

"I have to think about this. Go home. Call me at eight o'clock
tonight. By then I may have some ideas."


She dressed rapidly and left.


Chapter 4.

In truth, I wasn't quite sure what to do with Amber. Oh, I wanted to
fuck her; that wasn't the problem. I wanted to fuck the daylights out
of her, and I knew she would let me. What held me back was the sense of
something else inside her, the embryo of something much bigger, if only
I could nurture it to viability. And going straight into fucking would
kill it off as surely as giving up this whole project.

But what I had said that afternoon was true as well. Amber still had a
shell of modesty and propriety protecting that embryo, and I had to
break through it somehow. She would go along with what I wanted to do,
these silly exercises we had engaged in that afternoon, simply because I
wanted her to do it. But _she_ wouldn't want to do it until I broke
that shell inside her.

What to do?

There were all sorts of things that _I_ could do to her, but that maybe
was part of the problem. She still viewed this thing as an "us," things
she was doing for me. The closer we got, the more she would settle into
the idea that she was just my girlfriend. She would rationalize the
things I made her do as just pleasing her man, and it would probably do
nothing but reinforce the shell inside her.

And that gave me an idea. I had, over the three years I had lived here,
occasionally employed a local escort service for nocturnal entertainment
when I got lonely and horny enough. Maybe what I really needed was some
outside help.

I called the number I had been using and obliquely explained to the
woman on the other end that my girlfriend was bored and we were looking
for someone else to "party" with. She professed to understand and told
me she would call me back in a few minutes.

Five minutes later she called back saying one of her girls was
interested. Did she understand that this was mainly for my girlfriend?
I asked. Not a problem, she replied. When did I need her?

I told the woman to send the girl by around eight o'clock. Then I went
looking for the things I needed. Most of them I found around the house
or the garage, and then set them up in the living room. I went out to
the hardware store for the rest and stopped by the ATM to get some cash.


I was finally ready around seven-thirty and sat down to wait. Just
before eight, the doorbell rang. Behind the door I found a reasonably
attractive blonde girl (though with a bad dye job) of about twenty or

"Hi. I'm Candy."

"Of course you are," I said.

I ushered her into the living room. On the coffee table was the
envelope with her fee. She spotted it and went straight over.

"Is this for me?"

"It's not mine. I don't know what it's doing there."

Grinning a little, she picked it up and looked inside. I watched her
counting the money, then slipping it into her purse.

"So what are we doing? Where's your girlfriend?"

"She's coming over. This is actually a surprise. A present for her."

She nodded.

"So what do I do?"

"Get into costume and wait in the bedroom. I'll come get you when it's

I showed her where to get ready, and as I was doing it, the phone rang.
It was Amber. I told her to come straight over.

When I got off the phone with Amber, Candy called the agency and told
them where she was and what was going on. Then she stripped down to
her underwear, a matching black lace bra and panty set. Her tits were
nice enough, though obviously fake.

"When you come out, she's going to be tied to a chair waiting for you.
Don't say anything and try not to touch her with anything except your
mouth. I want her to think it's me at first."


"She may or may not be willing to do anything for you. We'll just have
to see."

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me."

She smiled.

"Just going to watch?"

"Most likely. But this is liable to get a little twisted. I'm not sure
how she'll react, but I think once she gets over her surprise, she'll be
all right. Just play along with whatever I do."

She nodded.

"Sure. No problem."

I checked on the last of my preparations and waited for Amber. She
showed up about five minutes after I had talked to her. She had changed
into one of her new outfits, a green lycra microskirt and a matching bra
top. No underwear was in evidence.



"Come in here."

When she saw what was waiting for her, her eyes swelled in concern.


She did, quickly.

"Sit in the chair."

"What are we doing?"

"You're going home if you ask me another question."

She sat in the chair instantly. As I tied her ankles to the chair legs
and her wrists to the arms, she began shaking again but said nothing. I
blindfolded her and fitted her mouth with the makeshift ball gag I had
made from a one-inch rubber ball washer and a bungee cord.

"Amber, do you still want to be a slut? My slut?"

She nodded rapidly.

"Tonight is going to be a big test. Call it a go-no-go test. You
either get through this, and do what I want you to, or it's all over.

Her face had gone even paler than normal, but she nodded again. I went
back to the bedroom and fetched Candy. Her eyebrows went up a little
when she saw Amber, but she said nothing, as I had instructed. I
motioned her forward and sat on the couch about two feet away to watch.

Candy knelt carefully in front of Amber, leaning forward. She opened
her mouth and took Amber's left nipple between her lips. Amber gasped
slightly but remained still. Candy suckled her gently for about a
minute, running her tongue around and around Amber's nipple. She moved
to Amber's right breast and continued her attentions.

I watched Amber getting less nervous and more aroused, and it was quite
clear she thought I was the one pleasuring her. I was going to let her
continue to think that for a while.

Candy went back and forth over Amber's perky little tits for some time,
getting both nipples red and swollen. I noticed that she had disobeyed
my instructions and moved a hand between Amber's thighs, stroking her
gently. I tapped her foot with my shoe. She looked up and I shook my
head. The hand returned to her side.

Amber hadn't seemed to notice anything, and Candy began kissing her way
down Amber's belly. Amber sensed what was coming and pushed herself
forward, opening her thighs. Finally Candy reached Amber's damp sex and
kissed it. Then she extended her tongue and ran it slowly up and down,
wiggling it over Amber's clit. She probed forward, splitting Amber
open, and licked up and down again.

Amber was flushed in arousal now, bright pink over most of her chest and
neck. Her breath came in shallow gasps as Candy began licking her more
purposefully. Candy's tongue was a hard little point, flicking all over
and around Amber's clit. Amber's hips began to shake, pushing forward,
but Candy withdrew, maintaining her light and teasing strokes.

Amber let out a whimper, straining against her bonds. My cock was stiff
and aching in my pants, and I shifted to free it. I watched Candy's
tongue fluttering and dancing all over Amber's sex. Amber let out
another little cry, and this time Candy stopped teasing her. She pushed
forward, sucking Amber's clit into her mouth, and went after her
eagerly. Amber threw her head back, gasping for breath. Thighs shaking
and breasts heaving, she at last shivered into orgasm. Candy held on
through the end of it, finishing her off expertly.

When Amber finally sank back into the chair, letting her head sink
forward, Candy leaned back, looking to me for instructions. I motioned
for her to remove the last of her clothes, which she did. Then I
gestured toward Amber again, and Candy went back to work.

She returned to Amber's breasts, though working her harder this time,
holding her nipples between her lips and worrying at them like a
terrier. Amber responded by pushing forward at Candy's mouth,
whimpering in need.

When Candy slid back down between Amber's thighs and began eating her
again, tongue buried inside Amber's pussy and driving her back toward
climax, I finally stood. I went behind Amber, watching her carefully,
watching for the moment when she was on the brink of orgasm. Candy was
sucking and slurping on Amber's clit now, shaking her head back and
forth. When Amber began gasping rapidly for breath in the way she
always did when she was about to come, I reached out and pulled off her

She started in surprise, then let out a squeal of horror when she saw
what was really going on. Her head swung around, looking for me, and
her eyes locked onto mine. I bent down, holding her head between my

"Let it happen, Amber," I whispered. "Just let go. Remember what I
said in the beginning. Go-no-go, remember?"

She whimpered in defeat, screwing her eyes shut. I caressed her cheek
and kissed her nose.

"Let it go. Just let her get you off. Let it happen."

I couldn't tell whether Candy had been paying attention to this, but she
hadn't slowed down at all. Amber's thighs began to shake, and her break
whistled rapidly through her nose. She seemed on the brink of tears and
the brink of climax at the same time. I kept stroking her face,
whispering comforts to her, and slowly her resistance began to ebb. She
went limp in my arms, though her eyes remained tightly shut.

Then she came. She let out a squeak, slamming her hips forward at
Candy's mouth. She shook and convulsed against her restraints for a
good ten seconds before I motioned to Candy to withdraw. She sat back,
looking up at us uncertainly.

Gradually Amber came back to earth, and I untied her. She remained
where she was, limp and unmoving.



"Amber. Look at me."

Her eyes opened slowly, fearfully. I untied her gag.

"This is Candy."

She glanced down at the girl between her thighs, then back at me.

"Did you like that?" I asked.

Her jaw vibrated, but she said nothing.

"You came. Twice. You didn't like it?"


"Thought it was me?"

She nodded.

"Does this change what you felt? Erase those orgasms she gave you?"

She glanced at Candy again, jaw still shaking. "I don't know what you
want me to say," she whimpered.

"I want you to tell me the truth. Did you enjoy what she did to you
when she was doing it?"

She nodded weakly.

"It felt good?"

Another nod.

"Would you like her to do it again?"

Her eyes closed, and she said nothing. I looked down at Candy.

"Give us a minute. Go smoke a cigarette or something."

She nodded and went back into my bedroom. When she was gone, I caressed
Amber's face slowly.

"Amber, I never said this was going to be easy. I just said it would
make you into the person I want you to be. Do you still want that?"

She nodded rapidly, fighting tears.

"Sluts tend to be bisexual. They don't really care who they fuck as
long as they get off in the process. And Amber, I think you have that
in you. You just have to let go of what everyone has told you about who
you're supposed to be. You can either go home and be a good little girl
like your mother tells you, or you can stay here and let me show you how
to be someone else. Which is it going to be?"

She pried her eyes open.

"You enjoyed what Candy did, didn't you?"

She answered me in a tiny voice. "Yes."

"I think you're just surprised and worried about whether this is
perverted or wrong or something equally silly. You're afraid to admit
to yourself that you liked it because that would mean letting go of the
old Amber."

She didn't answer me, but I saw the truth in her eyes.

"But that's what you have to do, Amber. You've got to let go of the
person you used to be if you want to be the person I want. Go-no-go
time. Decide now which way you want to go."

She screwed her eyes shut and gasped for breath a few times. She had to
force the reply out.


"You want to be a slut?"

She nodded.

"All right. Let's get started."

I got Candy from the bedroom and had her sit next to me on the couch. I
motioned to Amber, who rose nervously from the chair.

"Return the favor," I said to her. "I think you know what to do."

She stood in front of us gathering her courage for a few seconds,
glancing at me and then at Candy, who merely sat there smiling with her
thighs spread. Then she dropped slowly to her knees in front of the
other girl.

Candy positioned herself, sliding forward and offering her smoothly
shaved pussy to Amber's mouth. Amber looked down at it as if it was
about to bite her.

I reached over and stroked her arm.

"Go on. Remember what I said."

She nodded, placed her hands on Candy's thighs, and leaned forward. She
closed her eyes as she made contact. She kissed Candy's sex weakly,
once, twice, before extending her tongue about half an inch and
beginning to lick.

At first she simply lapped slowly without any real focus. Candy
stretched out a little and caressed Amber's head. When Candy touched
her, a shiver shot through Amber's body, and she briefly stopped what
she was doing. Then she took a deep breath and resumed.

Bit by bit Amber seemed to get used to this, licking more firmly and
deliberately. Candy sighed, beginning to roll her hips slowly. I had
no illusions about Amber being able to get her off the first time, but
that wasn't really important. It was Amber I cared about, not Candy.

Candy let out a soft squeak.


I watched in mild amazement as Amber complied, speeding up her
movements. Her attentions were far less imaginative than Candy's had
been--little more than simply up-and-down licks against Candy's clit.
Candy suddenly pulled her closer, pushing her pussy into Amber's mouth.
Amber briefly froze in surprise, then tried to do what Candy wanted.
She sucked on Candy's clit and labia, working her tongue into Candy's
pussy. Candy kept a tight grip on Amber's hair now, breathing rapidly
through her teeth.

I reached over again and stroked Amber's forehead.

"You're doing great. Just keep at it."

She glanced over at me--and actually smiled, very quickly, around the
pussy she had in her mouth. Candy quivered again, moaning at what Amber
was doing now. Amber sped up, licking faster, eyes shut and
concentration etched on her face.

I wasn't sure whether Candy was faking this, but I didn't suppose it
mattered since Amber could not possibly know the difference. Finally,
with a whimper and a quaking of her abdomen, Candy came into Amber's
mouth, thrashing around beside me. Amber continued eating her until it
was over, then leaned back. She looked up at me, hopeful and nervous,
and I rubbed her head.

"Good job."

I looked at the clock. I had bought Candy for an hour, and we still had
about twenty minutes left.

As Candy recovered, I stood up and undressed. Amber remained where she
was. Candy looked up at me, then at Amber.

"So what now?"

"Lie down on the floor beside her."

Candy slid down off the couch. I had her lie flat on her back and
directed Amber to sit on her face. She complied quickly, and Candy
began eating her again. I sat directly in front of Amber and opened my
pants, my erection gooey with precum and pointing toward the ceiling.

"My turn."

Amber shivered for a moment at what Candy was doing, then took my dick
in her hands.

"What do I do?"

"You should have the general idea. It's nothing complicated."

I intended to teach her a lot about cocksucking in the future, but for
now I simply needed to get off. Amber leaned forward and took me into
her mouth. I felt her gag a couple of times, but she held on and kept
her grip. I guided her head and got her to bob up and down slowly.

I looked around her to see Candy with her arms wrapped around Amber's
butt, face buried in her pussy. She was fucking Amber with her tongue
and sucking roughly on her clit. Amber squirmed and twitched in my lap,
trying to concentrate on sucking me but unable to resist the sensations
Candy was sending through her.

I had been hard all night watching the two of them, so this would not
last very long. Amber bobbed up and down awkwardly but rapidly,
whimpering through her nose. Her hands dug into my thighs, and a shiver
ran through her body. I reached down and began stroking her breasts and
tweaking her nipples, trying to add to what Candy was doing.

I wanted to come when Amber did, and I tried to hold myself back. I
held onto her, feeling the tremors in her abdomen and the rhythm of her
breathing. She bobbed faster now, beginning to shake between my legs.
I grew closer and closer, fighting it every second. Only when I felt
Amber let out a low cry and start to shake in my arms, when her teeth
bit down gently on my cock, did I let go. Long gooey ribbons of sperm
flowed into her mouth. She squeaked at the first shot, slurping and
trying to hold on in the midst of her own climax. I felt a drop of come
squirt from her mouth and run down into my lap. Only when it was over
did she let go and lean back, mouth full of come and unsure what to do
with it.

I lay still in the aftermath of my climax, stroking her face and neck.
I felt her gulp awkwardly and then gasp for breath. Candy wriggled out
from under her and sat up, leaning against the couch beside Amber. She
reached over and brushed the hair back from Amber's face.

"You've got a real nice pussy, hon."

Amber shivered.

"Thanks," she managed. "Did I do okay? With you?"

"Yep. Real good."

Candy looked up at me.

"I think it's time for me to go, unless you want to work something else

"No. That's it for tonight. Thanks."

She bent over and kissed Amber on the cheek, then went to get dressed.
I pulled Amber close and gave her a quick hug. She wrapped her arms
around my waist.

"How did I do?"

"Great. That was great. You're on your way, I think."

"This wasn't so bad. Once I got into it."

"You've got a long way yet to go, but this is a good start."


I showed Candy out and then led Amber to the bathroom. I turned on the
shower and pulled her in with me. She tried to hug me, but I made her
stand still as I washed her from head to foot. I played with as I did,
massaging her breasts and pussy until she came one last time in my arms.

"Tomorrow we have a few more things to do."


"You're getting more into the slut mindset, but we need to work on the


"After that, we're going to be off until next weekend. No funny
business during school."

"I know. I'll be careful."

"What we're doing tomorrow is going to be hard for you, maybe harder
than tonight. You just have to trust me."

A shiver of fright shot through her.

"Okay. I will."


Chapter 5.

Per instructions, Amber arrived at ten a.m. Sunday morning in another
one of her new outfits, this one an orange lycra minidress.

"My folks are kind of pissed at me," she said when she showed up.


"They wanted me to go to church this morning. We had a fight about it,
then they left."

I smiled.

"You're a bad girl now, or at least on your way there. Bad girls don't
go to church."

She nodded, not looking up at me. I took her arm.

"Let's go."


We drove to Lincoln, about an hour away, because what I wanted do was
not possible in this little town we lived in. I had made a few calls
last night after Amber left, and Lincoln was the closest place to do it,
at least the second half of what I had in mind.

The first place we went was downtown. I parked outside the salon and
turned to Amber.

"What are we doing?" she asked.

"Do you remember what I said yesterday about your pubic hair?"

She thought for a moment, then gulped. She nodded.

"I want you to go in there and get a bikini wax. Only tell the woman
that you want it all taken off."

Her face paled.

"All of it?"

"I know it will hurt. But shaving leaves stubble and Nair is
disgusting. You don't have that much hair. It's not going to kill

"But I would have to . . . "

"Get naked. I know."

I watched her wavering in the seat beside me.

"Amber, modesty is for the good girls. It's not a concept that's in a
slut's vocabulary. Besides which, you had a strange woman's face in
your crotch last night. I don't think this could be any worse than

She took a deep breath, then nodded. She got out of the car and went
into the salon. I watched her going up to the counter, talking to one
of the women inside. They talked for about thirty seconds, and Amber
seemed to be getting increasingly agitated. Another woman came over.
Amber squirmed some more, glancing out the front window toward me. I
saw the second woman shaking her head. Then Amber came rapidly out to
the car, fighting tears. She jumped into the car, swallowing gulps of
air as she tried not to cry.

"What happened?"

"They won't do it. They said I need my parent's permission."

"Oh, shit." I hadn't even thought of that. Amber was, of course, only

I sat for a few moments trying to decide what to do. Then I had an
idea. I started the car and pulled away from the curb.

"What are we doing?"

"We're going to get married."

Amber gasped in utter shock, and I laughed.

"Not for real. But I'm going to get us a couple of cheap rings. Then
you'll be my wife and we won't need anyone's permission."

Understanding dawned in her face.

"Will that work?"

"I don't see why not."

I found a jewelry store nearby and had Amber stay in the car. I bought
a couple of cheap, gold-plated rings, one with a little CZ in it, for
about forty bucks, and brought them out to Amber. I gave her the one
with the stone. She slipped it on slowly, and I had to fight the urge
to grin at the emotions filling her eyes.

"Does it fit?"

She wiggled it a little and nodded.

"Pretty much."

I put on mine and went looking for another salon. Amber kept looking
down at her ring as I drove around, extending her fingers and moving it
back and forth.

I found a different salon about ten minutes later. This time I went
inside with her, and Amber nervously explained that she wanted a bikini
wax. The girl behind the counter looked at me, then at the ring on
Amber's finger.

"Okay," she said. "It'll be just a few minutes."

We sat down in the waiting area, and a stylist appeared a couple of
minutes later. Amber went with her and disappeared into the back.


She was gone about half an hour, and when she returned, I could tell she
had been crying. Her eyes were red and she walked gingerly toward me.

"You okay?"

She nodded, head down. I paid the stylist and led her out to the car.
She sat forward on the seat, spreading her thighs. I pulled up the hem
of her dress to inspect the results.

Her pubic area was angry red and swollen, but completely denuded. I
stroked her gently, feeling the silky smoothness. She flinched as I
touched her but didn't stop me.

"How was it?"

She took a ragged breath.

"It hurt _so_ bad. _So_ goddamned bad."

"But it's over. You did good."

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She remained still, eyes


I took her to lunch and let her recover for about an hour. She was
still sore, but her mood began to improve after we ate.

"It feels weird now, especially without any panties on."


She smiled.


She reached across the table and squeezed my hand gently.

"Do you like it?" she asked. "Does it look good?"

"It looks great."

"I'm trying. I really am."

"I know you are. If you weren't into this, I would have called it off a
long time ago."

She nodded, looking down at the table.

"Are we going to do anything else?"

"Yes. Two things. The first is fairly mundane."


"Birth control. There's a Planned Parenthood near the University. I
want you to get a shot of Depo-Provera. It will keep you from getting
pregnant for a few months."

She nodded.

"The second thing is not so mundane. That part is going to be harder
than this morning."

Her eyes shot up, the fear rapidly returning.

"What is it?"

"This is less a slut issue than a fetish of mine. I have thing for
girls with body piercings." I watched her eyes swelling and went on.
"I know this is a lot to take at once, so I'll let you decide what you
want to have done. Belly, nipples or clit. It's your choice."

The blood had drained completely out of her face. Her eyes closed, and
she began fighting the tears yet again.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"It's your decision. I think you can guess my preference, but it's up
to you."

Her breath came in ragged draughts for a few seconds, and when she spoke
I almost couldn't hear her.

"My . . . " Her voice trailed off as she fought to push out the next
word. "Clit?"

"If that's what you want to do."

Her eyes opened, staring at me, moist and pale blue.

"Is that what you want me to do?"

I leaned back, reaching out to take her hand.

"Amber . . . ultimately, I think I'm going to want you to do it all. So
it's not so important to me which is first. But maybe you want to get
the hardest part out of the way."

Her eyes closed again. Then she nodded slowly.

"So it's the clit?"

Another nod.

I leaned forward, taking her head in my hands and kissing the tears from
her cheeks.

"You're beautiful. Just beautiful."


The Depo-Provera took us all of half an hour. We walked in, Amber
explained what she wanted, and they fixed her up. Then we set out for
the last event.

As near as I had been able to find out, there was exactly one place in
the entire state where you could get your clitoris pierced. It was a
tattoo parlor not far from the University of Nebraska, so that was where
we headed.

It was the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday, so there was very little
traffic when we arrived. Two bearded guys in their thirties, both of
whom looked like bikers, sat behind the counter watching television.
One got up as we came in, and I briefly explained what we wanted to do.

The guy looked Amber up and down.

"How old is she?"

"She's underage, but we're married. I'll sign for her."

He grunted and dug around under the counter until he found a waiver for
me to sign. I filled it out with various bogus information and then
scrawled a signature across the bottom.

Amber had been very quiet and pale, keeping her eyes down toward the
floor. I held her hand to reassure her as we followed the guy into the
back. He explained what was going to happen and had Amber lie back on a
massage table. She screwed her eyes shut and held my hand tightly. I
sat behind her, at her head, and stroked her face with my free hand.

The guy brought out a little box of rings, and I picked one I liked,
gold and about half an inch across. Amber refused to look or even open
her eyes. He pulled on a pair of latex gloves and began by disinfecting
her pubic area thoroughly. Then he tore the needle and a few other
items out of their sterile wrappings and set everything up beside her.

"Where do you want it exactly?"

"Right through the middle."

He found a pen and marked a spot on Amber's labia, right next to her
clitoris. She cringed, squeezing my hand even harder.

"How's that?"


"You ready, hon?"

Amber nodded rapidly. I bent down and held her face between my arms.
She took my other hand in hers. I looked up as the guy brought the
needle into place. As he pushed it through, Amber let out an agonized
squeal and every muscle in her body went rigid. She squeezed my hands
so hard I felt my knuckles cracking. I looked back down, seeing a long
silver needle stuck right through her clitoris, and I felt momentarily
faint. But he deftly slipped the ring into the needle and slid the ring
into place. A few seconds later it was over. Amber was bleeding a
little now, and he cleaned her up for a moment or two.

"That's it. You can rest as long as you need to. It's a slow day."


He left us alone, and I tried to comfort her. She was still rigid under
me, sobbing now from the pain. I stroked her face and kissed her gently
for a few minutes until the endorphins finally settled her down.

"You going to be okay?" I asked.

She nodded weakly.

"Does it . . . does it look good?"

"Just great. Once it heals up, I think you're really going to like it."

"I really did it," she sobbed.

"You did."

"I did it for you."

"I know. It means a lot."

"I'm yours," she whimpered. "All yours."


Eventually Amber was able to stand up, and we went back out front. I
paid for the piercing and the guy explained about keeping the area clean
and maintaining it until it was healed. Then I helped Amber into my
car, and we headed home.

She held my hand most of the way, leaning against my shoulder.

"You want to know something funny?" she asked about halfway back.


"It almost makes me horny. It doesn't hurt so much as it makes me hot
now. Everything is all swollen and throbbing down there."

"Just wait until it heals. You'll be coming just from walking around."

She laughed softly.

"School is going be interesting now."


For the next week, I tried to keep things cool. Amber did not come to
school on Monday, calling in "sick," although I had a good idea what the
problem was. But she was back on Tuesday and did her best to behave
normally, even in P.E. class. She was a little less active than
usual--no surprise there--but did her best.

That afternoon, I asked her stay after class for a minute. When the
other students had cleared out, I handed her a brown paper bag. She
tried to open the bag, but I stopped her.

"Wait until after school, when you're alone."

"What is it?"

"Two things you're going to need. The instructions are inside. How are
you feeling?"

"A little sore. But okay."

"Good. See you tomorrow."

She nodded and left.


In the bag were a butt plug and a pink jelly dildo, which I had
purchased in a nearby town after an extended search on Monday. One
could find such things in Nebraska, but it still took a certain amount
of work.

I had instructed her to begin wearing the butt plug at all times, in
order to relax her sphincter muscles. I intended to eventually use her
ass thoroughly, but she had to prepare first--I didn't want to tear her
apart. The dildo was for her to practice oral sex and to learn how to
take a cock down her throat. In the instructions, I had told her to
practice with it as much as possible so she could learn to suppress her
gag reflex.

The instructions also had another element. I had asked her to plan
something for Friday night, to come up with something that would show me
she understood what it meant to be a slut. I gave her no hints; it was
a test. I merely told her I wanted to be impressed.

I watched her carefully in class on Wednesday. The uncomfortable
squirming in her seat throughout the hour told me she was doing what I
had asked.

I had to fight the urge to grin. I was really looking forward to seeing
her on Friday.


Chapter 6.

Amber appeared at my door on Friday night after the football game was
over, wearing another one of her lycra/spandex outfits. I inspected her
briefly. Her clit ring was healing nicely and there was no sign of
regrowth in her pubic area yet. And the butt plug was properly in

"Mike?" she asked softly as I stood up.


"I'm doing my best to follow along with what you want me to do but . . .


"When are we going to ma . . . when are we going to fuck?"

"Soon. Maybe this weekend, if you feel up to it."

She looked up at me hopefully.

"I'm ready."

"You're almost there."

"I can't do what you wanted me to do with the dildo yet. I've been
practicing as much as I can, but it still makes me choke."

"It will take some time. It takes a lot of practice to do it right.
Don't worry about that now."

I looked her over for a few moments, arranging her hair around her face
and caressing her breasts through the thin fabric of her top. I tweaked
her nipples until they were both standing out.

"All right. I'm waiting."

She took a deep breath.

"Please understand that I really want to make you happy, but I just
don't know all that much about sex."

"I know that. I'm taking that into consideration."

"I thought really hard, and I used my dad's computer to look for stuff
to do."

I smiled.

"Did you run a search for 'slut'?"

She returned the smile.

"Yeah. But it came back with like five million hits. So I had to kind
of look around at random."

"And what did you find?"

"I didn't know if we could fuck yet, so I thought of other stuff to do."

"Being a slut is about a lot more than fucking."

"I know. At least I think I get that now."

"So what do you have in mind?"

She smiled at me, then pulled her top over her head. She stepped out of
her skirt, leaving herself naked except for her high heels. Then she
picked up her purse and took my hand, leading me out to the car. I got
in, and she climbed into the passenger side.

"Where are we going?"

"I tried to think about what you said about modesty and not caring what
other people think. About letting go of the person I used to be. So I
tried to think of something I would never be brave enough to do before I
met you."

The look in her eyes at that moment told me I had finally cracked that
shell inside her. It wasn't broken completely, but it was getting

"So . . ."

"So I want you to take me to the water tower. We'll climb up to the
top, and you can do whatever you want to me."

My jaw dropped. I was, to be blunt, shocked. Not at the idea but that
she would come up with something that extreme.

"There may be people there on a Friday night."

"I know. That's what these are for."

She reached into her purse and pulled out a plastic bag. Inside were
two costume masks, the kind that concealed the upper two-thirds of your
face but left your mouth uncovered.

"People might see us, but they won't know who we are."

She grinned at me and pulled one over her face. Now she was just a
short blonde teenager, and there were plenty of those around here.

I smiled, laughing softly to myself.

"I'm impressed. I'm very impressed."

She beamed at me.


"Yes. Let's go."

She giggled as I started the engine and backed out of the garage. The
water tower was just outside of town, and was a popular hangout for the
local high school kids. You weren't supposed to climb it, but everyone
did anyway. My concern was that there would be kids up there already,
which meant that climbing up there, with Amber stark naked, would be
problematic to say the least.

When we got there, it was after eleven. No one seemed to be around.
Amber hopped out of the car and walked over to the ladder. I helped her
up and climbed up after her. I looked up at her pert little butt as we
climbed, watching the ring in her clit twitching back and forth.

We got to the top rail in about a minute. Amber leaned back against the
water tank, exposing herself to the entire town. There were no lights
on the tower except for a red navigation aid at the very top, but the
moon was out and anyone below was going to see us.

"How do you feel?" I asked.

Her hands were shaking though she was trying to appear brave.

"Um . . . naked."

"You are. Naked and exposed to everyone. Anyone who looks up here is
going to see your bald pussy and the ring in your clit."

She nodded.

"I know."

"Play with yourself."

She moved a hand between her legs and began to masturbate gingerly. I
could tell that she was still sore, but it was not enough to stop her.
I leaned back against the tank beside her, looking at her, then out at
the town. A few cars drove past on the road but no one stopped.

Amber continued stroking herself, working her fingers in and out gently.
I squatted down to watch her more closely. She was getting wet now.

"The real test, of course," I said, "is not that you're brave enough to
do this, but that it turns you on."

"It's starting to."

"Knowing people could be watching you get off."

She nodded rapidly.

"Keep going," I said. "I want to see you come."

She worked diligently for another few minutes. I occasionally stroked
her belly or played with her tits, but in general I let her take care of

Then it happened. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pickup truck,
followed by another car, turning off the road toward the water tower.
They pulled up next to my car, about twenty yards away from us.

"Here we go," I said.

Amber gasped, her breath speeding up.

"They can't see your face, remember. Just your body. Your pussy, your
ass, and your tits, but not your face."

"I know," she blurted out.

"Keep going. Don't stop."

She rubbed at herself faster, breath whistling between her teeth. Below
us, I could see several boys, no doubt classmates of Amber's, getting
out of the two cars.

It took longer than I expected for them to spot us, but when they did,
they began whooping and howling in disbelief. A couple of them ran up
to the base of the tower and stopped short, looking up in shock.

"Oh, God," Amber gasped.

"I won't let them up here. Don't worry."

She squeaked and her legs buckled.

"I'm coming," she whimpered.

Her hand rubbed furiously against her slit, fingering grinding against
herself. I stroked her belly as she shivered in climax, looking down at
the incredulous reactions of the boys below. Some of them appeared to
realize what exactly was going on--that they had arrived at the moment
of Amber's orgasm--and howled in approval.

I let her drop to her knees beside me and unzipped my pants. Amber
recovered in a moment or two and reached out for my erection. I
positioned the two of us so our audience could see, then pushed my cock
into Amber's mouth.

She took the base in her hand and began to work as the boys below
cheered and whooped up a storm. I saw one of them grab the base of the
ladder, but the others immediately pulled him away from it--they didn't
want him interrupting anything. We were not so far away that I could
not make out their faces, and I scanned them for anyone I knew. No one,
luckily. In fact, they looked maybe a bit too old to be high school

Amber bobbed rapidly over my dick, and I alternated between watching
her--naked and completely exposed to the world--and our howling
audience. She sucked and slurped over me as if she wanted to take it
clean off, and if I was not imagining things--if it was not wishful
thinking--she was finally getting turned on by this spectacle.

She took me closer and closer, hand tight around the based of my cock,
mouth latched onto me like a vacuum cleaner house. I felt my balls
tightening and my cum beginning to boil in my groin. I took Amber's
head in my hands, listening to the whoops and cheers below us. I forced
myself to open my eyes, looking down at Amber and past her to the boys
on the ground. And then I came into her mouth like a fire house.

She gulped and slurped as it came, struggling to take it all. She did
her best, but some of my come ended up on her chin. She tried to wipe
it off, but I stopped her instantly.

"Leave it there," I gasped. "Sluts like having come on their faces."

She swallowed the last of it and inhaled raggedly.


I rested for a few seconds and buttoned myself up. Then I laughed

"Okay, baby. You got us up here. How are we going to get down?"

Amber gasped. She looked down at the boys below, then up at me in
horror. I laughed again.

"We maybe should have thought this through a bit better. I don't think
they're going anywhere. We're going to have to climb down and walk out
past them."

She put her arms around herself and shuddered.

"Oh, God."

"They can't see your face, Amber. And I don't see anyone I recognize.
It's just a matter of letting them see your body. You're a slut,
remember. Sluts do stuff like that."

Her breath came heavily for a few seconds, and I watched her breasts
heaving on her chest.


"I'll go first."

I climbed down, watching the boys below still whooping and cheering.
Despite my reassurances to Amber, I was in fact concerned about them
doing something stupid. But we had apparently rendered them speechless.
They kept their distance and merely stared raptly up at Amber as she
descended the ladder in all her naked glory. ("Her pussy!" one of them
exclaimed. "Check out her pussy!")

When she got to the bottom, she pressed herself against me, and we
walked quickly toward the car. As we left our audience behind, I heard
them laughing to each other in disbelief. ("She had come on her face!
I saw it!") But they didn't follow us, and we were soon back on the

As we drove away and Amber finally realized we were safe, she began
laughing weakly.

"Oh, God. Oh, my God."

I reached for her and pulled her to me. She hugged my arm, laughing
freely now.

"You did it, babe. You did it."

"I'm a slut."

"You're on your way. We've got a lot ahead of us, but you're definitely
on your way."

"They liked my pussy."

"You've got a great one."

She giggled.

"How would you know? You haven't done anything with it yet."

I took a deep breath.

"I'm about to."

She looked up at me, eyes wide.


"It's time."



She hugged me tightly. I stabbed down on the accelerator, racing toward


Chapter 7.

Amber was quiet beside me for the rest of the trip home, staring out at
the road in anticipation. She almost seemed to have forgotten her
nudity, even when we passed other cars. When we arrived home, she
stepped out of the car but waited for me, watching to see what I wanted.
I expected her to say something else, to ask what I intended to do with
her, but she didn't.

It seemed that my training was taking hold.

She followed me into the house and back to the bedroom. Her hands were
squirming nervously in front of her, and she finally brought them
together, holding herself tightly. She glanced up at me once, then down
at the floor.

I looked her over slowly, from her slim, well-shaped legs, her smooth
pubic mound with its gold ring between her plucked labia, her firm
abdomen, pert little breasts, finally to the halo of pale blonde hair
around her face.

I reached out and pushed her hair behind her left ear.

"Are you nervous?"

She nodded, not looking up.

"What do you want to do?" I asked.

She looked up now, briefly confused, then looked down again.

"Whatever you want to do to me."

"Lie down on the bed. Spread your arms and legs out to the corners."

She did, quickly and without complaint. I undressed slowly and then
went looking through the house for the things I needed.

Amber was where I had left her, flat on her back and staring up at the
ceiling. I slowly tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, just
tight enough to restrain her but not to make her uncomfortable. Her
breathing accelerated as I worked, and a flush spread over her chest.
Her nipples erected and tightened, and as I finished, I saw a drop of
fluid emerging from her inner lips.

I sat beside her on the bed and began caressing her slowly, idly, for my
own amusement rather than her pleasure. I hooked her clit ring with my
pinkie finger and pulled on it gently.

"How is this doing?"

She sucked in a gulp of air.

"It's still sore. But only a little."

I released the ring and trailed my handed up to her nipples.

"I'm going to want to do these soon, maybe this weekend."


"Once you're properly pierced, I'll probably want you to start wearing
chains connecting all of this."

"What about the belly ring?"

"That too."

Her chest was rising and falling rapidly now, breasts quivering under my

"This isn't how you envisioned losing your virginity before all this
started, was it?"


"What did you envision? I'm curious."

"I don't know."

"You didn't think about it at all?"

"I did, I just . . . "

"Something very vanilla, the backseat of your boyfriend's car, or maybe
your bedroom one afternoon after school, when your parents were still at

"I guess so."

"It's not too late. You could still have that, if you want it."

She answered me instantly.

"I don't."

I reached between her legs where the hot fluid was still oozing out of
her. Amber gasped. I slipped a finger between her slick labia, finding
her hymen. I probed against it gently.

"I believe you."

She looked down at me, surprised.

"You do?"

"Yes. I just checked. I believe you now."

She blushed fiercely, laying her head back down on the pillow and
closing her eyes. Her sex seemed to throb around my finger, and another
squirt of moisture emerged from her.

"You see Amber, I think I know you better than you realize, maybe better
than you know yourself. At least better than you'll let yourself know."

I continued playing with her as I talked.

"I've known it since last weekend. I wouldn't have let this get this
far otherwise. I know that inside you is a shameless slut ready to come
out, but you won't let go of her just yet. You're still afraid of her.
But Amber, you need to accept something. I don't think you would have
done any of this if that slut were not inside you. I don't think you
would be lying here, tied up on my bed, so turned on that you're soaking
my sheets, if you were really a good little girl through and through.
That good little churchgoing farm girl would never have shown up on my
doorstep in the first place."

"I know," she gasped.

I teased her clit gently.

"You're a bad girl."

She gulped.

"I'm a bad girl."

"You're a slut."

"I'm a slut."

I ran my fingers up and down her slit a few more times.

"And what do you want me to do to you?"

The dam inside her finally broke, and she arched her back, trying push
herself at my fingers.

"I want you to fuck me! Oh God, fuck me please!"

I rolled between her legs, taking my stiff cock in one hand and guiding
it into Amber's swollen pussy. I pushed the head in, pressing against
her cherry, and then tore into her. She let out a shriek as I filled
her up, straining against her bonds, and came at once. I felt her
quivering around me as I drove all the way in, grinding my pubic bone
against hers. I withdrew and thrust in again, trying to lift her off
the sheets with my cock. I looked down, seeing her virgin blood
streaking my erection, and began thrusting rapidly into her. She let
out another cry, trying to fuck back at me as best she could in her
inexperience and restrained state.

I bent down, taking a pert breast between my lips, and worried at it. I
sucked at the nipple until it had to hurt her, then moved to the other.
She shuddered in climax again under me, slamming her hips upward with
each stroke since it was the only thing she could do. Finally I let go
of her tit and kissed her as deeply as I could manage. She kissed me
back fiercely.

I groaned into her mouth, thrusting faster, and as she realized I was
closing in on my climax, she began begging for it, telling me to come in
her, to fill her up. I let out a grunt, then a cry of my own and
stabbed the last bit of myself into her. She came as I did, whimpering
and shaking around me as my come spurted deeply inside her body.

Slowly we came back to earth. I nuzzled her face, and she kissed me
weakly. I stayed inside her until my wilting erection slipped out on
its own. Then I rolled over and untied her. She curled up next to me,
head on my chest.

"Thanks," she said a moment later.


"For fucking me. I asked, remember?"

I laughed softly. As she stretched out beside me, I noticed the plug
that was still in her butt. I reached across her back and pulled it
out. She giggled as I did.

"I completely forgot about that thing."

"Me too."

"Do you . . . want to do it that way?"

I grumbled at her. "Amber."

"I mean, do you want to fuck me in the ass?"

"Maybe. Later."

"I think I'm ready. You can if you want."

"All right."

I played with her hair for a few seconds.

"Amber, I want you to understand something. I think you've done your
best to be honest with me, so I want to be honest with you."

"What about?"

"This isn't the end, what happened tonight. It's only the beginning.
There are a lot of other things I'm going to want you to do. One of
them, in particular, may be more than you're capable of doing, but I
want to be honest about it now so you know."

I paused, but Amber was quiet.

"My biggest fantasy, for most of my life, has been to watch my
girlfriend get gangbanged. To fuck ten or fifteen or twenty guys at
once, one after another. Two or three at once, doing everything they
want her to do. I know full well that may be too much for you, and I
don't want to pressure you into it. What I want is not someone who goes
through that because of some emotional blackmail. I want a girl who
wants it as much as I do, maybe more. Who'll do it because she gets off
on the idea, because she knows she'll be coming like crazy through the
entire episode."

Amber had gone cold and still beside me.

"And you want me to do that?" she ask softly.

"I want you to _want_ to do it. Not because you're afraid of losing me
if you don't."

"But you'd want me to."

"Amber, I won't lie to you. The idea of watching you do that turns me
on like nothing else. When I think of it, I almost lose control of

She snuggled closer to me, pushing her face into my shoulder.

"I just want to be honest with you about that. That's all. I know it's
a long way off, if it ever happens."

Neither of us said anything for a long time.




I realized she was looking across me toward the clock on my nightstand.

"I'll stay however long you want . . . but if I don't get home soon,
I'll miss my curfew."

Damn it. I hadn't even considered that issue.

"What will your folks do if you're late?"

"Probably ground me. So I wouldn't be able to see you tomorrow, or next

"Unless you snuck out."

She gulped.

"Yeah. But that would just get me in more trouble."

I didn't say anything.

"But I'll do whatever you want me to," she said.

"What would your mother do if she knew you had a ring through your

She laughed.

"Faint, probably. Then want me to talk to the minister at our church."

"What if she knew you were sleeping with one of your teachers?"

"Faint again." She was quiet a moment. "But I don't think she'd ever
say anything."

I looked down at her in surprise.


"No," she said bitterly. "Because it would make her look like a bad
mother and embarrass the whole family, you know? That's all she worries
about sometimes. The truth is never important. It only matters what
other people know and think about you."

I smiled.

"And you get that from her."

She shivered next to me.


"You hate it, don't you?"

She nodded.

"I _hate_ it."

"You want to be someone else. You want to be outrageous and wild, but
that mother in your head won't let you."

She didn't say anything.

"Amber, this is what I really want you to do. I want you to be
yourself. I want you to let that slut inside you out. Fuck your
mother. You're seventeen. You're almost an adult. You have the right
to be whoever you want to be."

She sat up beside me, swallowing hard.

"I'm scared."

"Because that mother in your head won't give you permission. Well,
Amber, forget her. She doesn't matter anymore. I'm in charge now, and
_I_ give you permission to be a slut."

Her face paled, and she struggled with herself for a moment. Then she
took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Okay. Starting right now, the old Amber is dead. I'm going to live my
life however the fuck I want to."

I smiled again.

"Very good. You can go home now."


Chapter 8.

Amber made it home in time for her curfew. One day I would want her to
confront her parents, but there was a time and a place for everything,
and this was not it. Not yet. I had a great deal more I wanted to do
to her first.

She returned the next morning around eleven, and we drove back to
Lincoln. I played with her almost continuously as I drove, tweaking her
clit ring or sliding my middle finger in and out of her. I didn't let
her come, though--I kept her on the edge for nearly an hour, until both
my hand and her pussy were soaked and Amber was squirming in

The first thing I did was buy her more slut clothing to wear. After
paying the bill, I sent her into the dressing room to change. She
returned in a short lycra miniskirt and a cropped baby T-shirt that made
her nipples stick straight out. I took her to lunch, where the outfit
earned her a look of distaste from the waitress. Amber looked like a
trailer-trash slut, but that was the point.


"Tell me something," I said.


"You've been changing clothes before you come to see me, haven't you?
You leave your house dressed respectably and then change somewhere on
the way."

Her eyes swelled for a moment and then dropped to the table.

"Don't you?"

She nodded.

"That's going to stop, starting now. From now on, you need to start
living like a slut, not just playing one on TV."

"My mom would never let me out of the house like this."

"What did we talk about last night? Living your life the way you want

"It's going to start a lot of crap with my folks."

"I'm not asking you to start dressing like this 24/7. Work up to it.
Just stop dressing and acting like the quiet little Amber Johnson
everyone knows. It's time for you to break out of your shell."


I finished the last bite of my sandwich and sat back in the booth.

"I want to do another piercing today. You can decide what."

She swallowed hard.



She nodded.

"All right. Nipples it is."


Amber's hand was cold and damp in mine when we returned to the tattoo
parlor. The same two guys were inside, and they appeared to remember
us. I signed another permission form, and one of them led us into the
back. Amber sat down in a chair as the tattoist and I picked out some
appropriate rings. I wanted the same style, just not quite as large.
We settled on gold, about three-eighths of an inch in diameter.

Amber removed her top, and the guy set to work preparing her. She kept
her eyes closed, breathing hard, not looking even when he marked the
spots to pierce. I told him to go ahead.

It was tense, bloody, and agonizing as it had been the first time. When
it was over, Amber lay down to rest, both nipples swollen to twice
normal size, almost as if they were about to erupt off her breasts. But
it looked very, very nice. So good I got weak in the knees looking at

"Do you like it?" she whispered a few minutes later.

"I love it."

"I love you."

I bent down and kissed her nose.

"And I love you too."


Amber almost wanted to run out to my car topless rather than put her
T-shirt back on, but that was out of the question. But as soon as we
were back in the car and back on the road, she pulled her it up over her
tits and lay back in her seat.

"Better?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Why don't you just get naked and relax?"

Her eyes popped open in surprise. It was only four in the afternoon and
the sun was an hour or so from setting.

"Do you want me to?"


The top came off, and she wriggled out of her skirt. Her seat was back
flat so she was not completely exposed, but neither was she too
concealed either. She seemed to think she was, but I had other ideas.

I played with her as I drove, avoiding her nipples for now (one touch
told me she was way too sore for that) but paying close attention to her
pussy. We had been driving for a few minutes before I saw what I had
been waiting for.

Up ahead was a big eighteen-wheeler. I pulled up beside it as if to
pass, then slowed down. Amber lay still beside me, eyes closed and
resting, paying no attention to anything except my hand between her

I drove beside the truck for about five or ten seconds, then accelerated
slowly. As I expected, the driver of the truck suddenly began trying to
keep pace with me. I played with Amber more deliberately now, certain
that the driver was not only watching but probably telling every trucker
in the state what he could see.

Amber moaned softly as I finally stopped teasing her and began trying to
get her off. She arched her back a little, spreading her legs for me.
I finger-fucked her slowly so the trucker could see everything I was
doing. He was still staying perfectly abreast of me.

Ahead of us, I saw another truck driving quite a bit slower than us in
the right-hand lane--no doubt dropping back to get an eyeful. When we
were close enough that the other trucker had to start slowing down, I
accelerated, pulling up beside the truck ahead of us. As soon as my car
reached the cab, that truck accelerated as well, trying to stay even
with me.

Amber was breathing heavily, breasts heaving, abdomen rising up and
down, very close to orgasm. I moved the finger inside her more rapidly
now. She let out a little squeak. Then her hands shot down to mine and
held me close as she finally came. She shook beside me for about five
or ten seconds before relaxing.

"Like that?" I asked a moment later.

She sighed contentedly.


"So did our audience, I think."

Amber's eyes flew open. She sat up and looked out the window, up at the
truck beside us. I grabbed her arm as it came up to cover her breasts.

"Don't cover yourself. Never cover yourself. I told you that."

Her eyes screwed shut, though she remained frozen in her seat. Her face
and chest had gone bright red, almost making her swollen and distended
nipples disappear.

"Amber, try to relax. This is no different than the water tower. That
guy probably lives in Washington. There is no way he knows anyone you

Behind us, I could see the other truck had changed lanes and come up on
my tail. Amber slowly unwound, though her eyes remained shut. I
accelerated suddenly, pulling ahead of the truck beside us and moving
into the right-hand lane in front of him. In the rear-view mirror, I
could see him cursing as the other truck drew up beside us in the left
lane. He held his CB mike up to his face and said something into it.


She whimpered.


"Come here."

Her eyes opened. She realized we had changed lanes and looked around.
Then she looked over at me.

"What do you want?"

"Suck me off."

"While you're driving?"

"Yes. The road is straight enough."

She leaned over and saw the other truck beside me.

"I know he'll see it," I said. "That's the point."

Steeling herself, she crawled across the center divide and began digging
into my pants. She freed my aching erection in a few moments and
immediately took it into her mouth. I felt the tight ring of her lips
around me, felt her trying to force me into her throat as I had told her
to practice with the dildo. She gagged a couple of times, then rose up.

I guided her head, and she was soon bobbing rapidly over me. I watched
the two trucks jockeying for position around us, not making eye contact
with either driver. They were obviously having a heated conversation
over their radios, and I would have given quite a bit to have been able
to listen in.

Amber continued gobbling my cock insatiably.

"They're watching you, babe," I gasped. "They're going crazy. They're
liable to run off the road trying to keep in view."

She moaned, bobbing faster. One hand dug further into my pants and
began playing with my balls. I closed my eyes for a second, wallowing
in the hot wet friction of her mouth on my cock. Her tongue attacked
the head, rubbing and swirling. I was already very turned on from her
previous performance for the truckers, and this was not going to last
very long at all.

I grunted, leaning back in my seat. The trucker behind us blew his

"I'm going to come any second," I moaned. "Don't swallow it. Hold it."

Amber nodded, as best she could under the circumstances. She bobbed as
rapidly as she could, jaw quivering against me. A moment later I
convulsed and squirted off into her mouth. She held on, pumping it out
with the hand on my balls. She stayed there until she had every last
bit, and only then did she sit back in her seat.

I caught my breath after a few seconds and buttoned myself up. Amber
sat nervously beside me with a mouth full of semen.

"Roll down your window."

Her face paled, but she complied. The road-wind whipped through the
car. I stomped on the gas, shooting ahead of the two trucks.

"Climb out until you can get your head above the roof of the car. Then
spit my come into the air so they can see it."

I wouldn't have thought she could manage it, but her face went even
whiter. She sat beside me as still as a statue for a few seconds.

"Amber. Do it, please."

She took a deep breath, gathered herself up, and then backed up out of
the window, leaning against the door. She put her arms on the roof of
the car and pulled herself out. As both truckers began frantically
blowing their horns in approval, I looked in the rear view mirror and
saw a stream of come fly into the air behind us. Then Amber fell back
into the car. Loud and repeated truck horns continued to chase us down
the highway.

She wrapped her arms tightly around herself and closed her eyes. I was
about to chastise her for such timidity when she started laughing.

"Oh my, God. The guy behind us--he looked right at me--I thought he was
going to crash his truck when I did it--when I spat your come into the

She laughed again, shaking in her seat.

"Oh my fucking God. I cannot believe I did that."

I laughed with her and reached over to stroke her leg.

"But you did."

We continued laughing for a good five minutes. More trucks were
dropping back ahead of us, but I told Amber to get dressed. You snooze,
you lose, as far as I'm concerned.


We spent the rest of the evening in bed. The swelling in Amber's
nipples had begun to go down by the time we got home, but she was still
too sore to play with. Instead, I began her instruction in anal sex.

I began by giving her an enema in my bathroom. She was quiet and red
with embarrassment as the soapy water flowed into her, but she complied.
I had her hold it for as long as she could, which wasn't nearly as long
as I would have liked. Then we took a shower, and I washed her
thoroughly. When we were both clean and dry, I had her get on my bed on
all fours. I found some massage oil and began working it into her.

The butt plug had had its intended effect, and she was now more relaxed
than she had been before. I had little trouble getting three fingers
into her.

"How does that feel?"

"A little weird. But it doesn't really hurt."

"It would have hurt had you not been doing what I told you."


"Most likely. Keep that in mind. When I tell you to do something, it's
for your own good. If you don't understand something I tell you to do,
you just need to trust me."

She shivered.


I played with her pussy as I worked my fingers into her oiled rectum.
She was already quite wet, and getting wetter, oozing hot fluid out
between her denuded labia. I flicked her clit ring a few times as it
hung down under her. My cock had been achingly erect throughout this
exercise, so I needed no help from her.

I positioned myself behind her, and keeping my fingers where they were
for the moment, slipped into her wet pussy. She moaned and pushed
herself back at me as I bottomed out. Thus lubricated, I withdrew both
fingers and penis and moved myself upwards.

"Spread your buttocks and push yourself as if you're moving your

She did. The head of my cock slipped inside her. As she grunted and
gasped, I slid slowly up to the hilt. Her sphincter spasmed on me
several times, gripping me tightly.

"Oh, God," she gasped.

"It doesn't hurt?"

"No. It just feels like nothing I've ever felt."

I moved slowly inside her.

"Do you think your mother has ever done this?"

She laughed around her arousal, pinching me again.

"God, I _doubt_ it." She laughed again. "Don't make me think of things
like that."

I reached under her to play with her clit.

"What would she think if she saw this?"

"She'd die of a heart attack."

She settled down to the bed, resting her shoulders on the mattress and
opening herself wider. One hand came up, and she began playing with
herself rapidly.

"Does it feel good?" she moaned.

"Like nothing else."

I fucked her steadily, luxuriating in the oily pressure around me. I
felt my balls slapping against her damp pussy, so hot it almost scalded.
Her fingers brushed against me as she masturbated herself.

"Squeeze me," I gasped.

Her sphincter pinched down on me. I thrust at her faster. She let out
a little cry, shuddering under me. I held her hips tightly as I fucked
her, closing in on my release. Her fingers were blur between her thighs
now, and her free hand was clawing at the pillow under her head. I
grunted, driving myself as deeply into her as I could get. She cried
out as I did so, and shook in orgasm. As her sphincter bit down on me,
I finally lost it and spurted inside her. For a moment, the come could
not get past the tight ring of muscle, and my head swam with the
sensations. Then it squirted--painfully and pleasurably at once--past
the obstruction and into Amber's bowels. I pushed myself forward until
I was lying on her back, still buried inside her.

Amber rose and cleaned herself up after a while. She lay beside me
resting for a long time.

"Things have really changed," she said finally, "haven't they?"

"Yes," I said. "They have."


Chapter 9.

For a few weeks, nothing significant happened. I saw Amber on the
weekends but remained studiously professional during the week. As I had
instructed, she began dressing more and more like a bad girl when coming
to school, losing the demure sweaters and baggy jeans she had once
favored. Now she wore more makeup and more jewelry, tighter clothes,
shorter skirts, midriff-baring T-shirts--all the stuff I had bought for
her on our shopping trips. Nothing to get her in trouble with the
school dress code, for now, but it was enough to get people's attention.
I heard one student or another remarking on it from time to time, how
quiet little Amber had gradually morphed into some kind of delinquent.

The boys at school noticed too, and I could see her getting more and
more attention from various elements. After a few discreet discussions
with me, she stopped fighting it and let them flirt with her. But she
turned them all down flat when they asked her out. Not long afterward,
I first heard someone calling her a tease. I tried not to let them see
me smile.

Her parents had noticed as well, and she fought more frequently with her
mother. Amber told me they were worried about this change in her and
talked about having a session with the minister at their church. They
seemed to suspect that she was seeing someone but had no idea who.
Amber, to her credit, had done quite well in concealing our
relationship. She didn't appear to expect any special treatment at
school, and she became even more reserved in class than she had been
before. Oh sure, I saw it all in her eyes even when she was trying to
be aloof--but as far as I could tell, no one else did.

As I grew more comfortable with our arrangement, no longer so worried
about getting caught and getting fired, I was distracted by more mundane
concerns at school. Our football team that year was not very talented,
and by the midpoint of the season, they were a mediocre 2-3. The other
two coaches and I felt they could do better, but we were at a loss about
what to do.

Our school had a tradition in which the coaches sometimes offered some
kind of incentive to the team to improve its performance, usually some
special event at season's end. It was known simply as "The Bet." In
years past, decades ago, the coaches had sometimes taken the entire team
to a whorehouse outside of Lincoln, but those days were long gone. Over
the last few years, when the team earned it, the payoff from The Bet was
usually nothing more salacious than a big party at the head coach's
house in which the local authorities would wink at any alcohol

I was not so far out of high school to see how little that would
motivate the kids nowadays, and I had been thinking over the past couple
of years that we had to come up with something more rewarding. I hadn't
gotten any specific ideas for The Bet that year until I began seeing
Amber, but the idea I finally got was so far out that I didn't see how I
could possibly pull it off. I would have dropped it immediately had it
not appealed to _me_ so fundamentally. Bit by bit that fall, as I got
more involved with Amber, and as our team's performance grew more and
more pathetic, my resistance began to ebb.

One day I simply decided to go ahead with it.

I couldn't be specific about my offer--it was just too outrageous. But
I _could_ drop a few oblique hints coupled with stern warnings not to
discuss them. I could set the bar high enough that the odds of the team
reaching it were slim. Then I could sit back and wait to see if I would
have to make it happen.

That afternoon, after the end of practice, I pulled a couple of the kids
aside, both seniors who were the leaders of the defense: Tommy Nelson,
who was one of the linebackers, and Jack Kelly, who was one of the
defensive linemen. Both of them had been working with me since I
arrived three years before, and both of them were good kids who I
thought could keep their mouths shut.

"What's up, coach?" Tommy asked.

"Things have been a little disappointing this season."

They both nodded and looked down at the ground.

"I think it might be time to make The Bet."

They looked up at me now, but I could see that neither one of them was
too excited--the team had unauthorized keggers nearly every weekend
anyway. Why would one more be any incentive?

"The only thing is," I went on, "you've got enough work to do that I
think we need to have something different this year."

Sparks of interest grew in their eyes.

"Like what, coach?" Jack asked.

"Used to be, The Bet was about something a lot more interesting than a
keg of Bud Lite. Used to be the team got to enjoy itself quite a bit

The two boys glanced at each other, then back at me, beginning to grin
in disbelief.

"Coach, what do you mean?" Tommy asked.

"I think you know what I mean. What they used to do a while back. Not
a lot of beer drinking. Something a lot more fun."

Tommy's jaw dropped, and Jack's quickly followed.

"Are you serious?"

"Maybe. If you earn it. I think if you guys can qualify for the
regionals, I might think about it. That's going to require winning out,
probably an 8-3 finish. You think you guys could manage that?"

They exchanged another disbelieving glance.

"Are you talking about--" Jack began, but I cut him off.

"You _know_ what I'm talking about. Let's just not say it out loud,

Both of them laughed nervously.

"Fuck, yeah," Tommy said. "We can do it."

"Okay. But keep a couple of things in mind. This is my show. Coach
Harris and Coach Everett don't know a thing about this, and if they find
out, it won't happen. Ditto if you guys go blabbing it around the
school. Certain folks around town would hit the roof over something
like this. You know what I'm saying?"

They nodded rapidly.

"Yeah, coach, we get it," Jack said.

"And because it's just me, this Bet is just with the defense. No one
else knows about it."

"We're cool," Tommy said. "We won't tell anybody else."

"We swear," Jack said.

"Okay. Then do what you have to, and we'll see what I can do for you."

I smacked them both on the shoulder pads and went back to my office. I
could hear them giggling to each other in disbelief, and I prayed that I
had not just done something very stupid.


Now that I had taken Amber's virginity--fore and aft, as it were--I told
her to begin using the dildo to exercise her vaginal muscles in addition
to using it to learn how to deep throat. I gave her a set of tension
and fluttering exercises to do, telling her that one day I wanted her to
be able to hold the dildo tightly enough that I couldn't take it out.
She promised to her best.

Amber and I went back to Lincoln again, and she got her navel pierced a
week after her nipples. Her clit ring was by then no longer sore,
though she was still tender at times. Between that and her new nipple
rings, she had no problem complying with my edict against undergarments,
even during P.E. One day I heard a few girls remarking on Amber's new
fetish for going braless, and I allowed myself a smile as I listened
them cattily dismissing her as a "stupid slut."

I hadn't given much thought to Amber's reputation with the girls of the
school, but it was clearly going south in a hurry. That gave rise to an
incident I hadn't expected.

Despite the rural Farm Belt culture of our town, it wasn't all jean
jackets and snap button shirts amongst the students. A lot of the kids
who had grown up in Nebraska hewed to that stereotype, but not all of
them did, and there were also a few urban kids whose parents had moved
out to the country for one reason or another. Many of those students
rejected conformity altogether and reached for one extreme archetype or
another, whether it was Fly Girl, Riot Grrl, or Goth Girl. They tended
to keep to themselves and avoid the farm kids, most of whom avoided them
in turn. And when Amber began her descent into slut-dom, it wasn't just
the ruling cliques who noticed the change.

Amber had had a few girlfriends when the semester started, but every one
of them ditched her within two weeks after she began her "coming out."
She confessed some depression about this, and I in fact felt a twinge of
guilt over it, but she assured me she was willing to go through it for

Not long after I had talked to Tommy Nelson and Jack Kelly, I was
walking down the main hall of the school when I happened to see Amber
sitting out in the courtyard with Meredith Carnaghan. Meredith had
arrived at our school the year before. She had come from Los Angeles
with her mother, who had just divorced Meredith's father and wanted a
change in lifestyle. Meredith was a skate grrl through and through.
She had a silver stud through her tongue, favored Vans, frayed cargo
pants and skateboard logo T-shirts, and changed her hair color about
once a month. She had already been suspended twice for skateboarding on
campus and once for sticking her tongue stud out at the principal.

Meredith was in Amber's History class, and she was actually a fairly
good student. But she kept to herself and rarely participated in class.
She had few friends and seemed to like it that way.

But there she was with Amber, and the two of them seemed quite deep in

Approaching Amber during school hours was too risky, and calling her at
home was completely out of the question. I had to wait until our usual
Friday night rendezvous to see what was going on. Over the next few
days, I frequently saw the two of them hanging out together, and by
Friday, something was clearly up. At lunch that day, I sat in the
teacher's lounge looking out the window at the two of them in the
courtyard for nearly twenty minutes. They were occasionally laughing or
shoving each other playfully, then began writing something back and
forth in a spiral notebook as if they were playing some sort of game.

That afternoon Amber appeared in my classroom just before I was about to
get ready for the football game that night. She checked to make sure we
were alone before shutting the door.

"Hey," I said.


She clearly had something on her mind.

"What's up?"

"Um, could I ask a really big favor?"


"Could I, you know, come by a little later tonight?"

"Does this have something to do with you and Meredith?"

Her eyes swelled a little in surprise.

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"I've seen the two of you hanging out together a great deal this week."

She looked down at the floor and fidgeted for a moment or two.

"She just wants to do something tonight. Just hang out."

"Do you?"

"I want to see you, I promise. I could just come by a little later."

"Does she know about us?"

She blushed.

"No. Of course not. I'll never tell anyone." She squirmed again.
"It's just that all my other friends have ditched me since this thing
with you started. I don't really have any friends anymore. Except
maybe for Mere."

She pronounced it "mere" instead of "mair." Odd, I thought.

"Mere? Is that what you call her?"

Amber blushed ever so slightly. The sight of it, that flush of pink in
her pale cheeks, made me want to throw her on the desk and fuck the
daylights out of her. But I restrained myself.

She nodded.

"She doesn't like people to call her Meredith."

"All right. Do what you want with her. Maybe bring her by if you feel
brave enough."

Her face paled.

"By your place?"

"If you feel brave enough. As I said."

She didn't say anything else. She just fidgeted for another second,
nodded rapidly, and left.


As it happened, we actually won that night, 6-0, after an unusually
inspired performance by my charges on the defense. Tommy Nelson assured
me afterward that he and Jack had discussed my Bet with some of the
other kids on the team but that no one else knew. I began to wonder if
my plan might actually have to happen. Of course, I might watch my kids
pull off their end but be unable to hold up mine. That was a prospect I
found even more chilling.

After the game, I arrived home at around ten-thirty. I sat around my
living room waiting to see what Amber would do, and by about eleven, I
was ready to go to bed and give up. But just as I shut off the TV set,
the doorbell rang.

I hadn't been entirely serious that afternoon--I really didn't think
Amber was brave enough to bring Meredith to my house--but she had
apparently taken me at my word. On my doorstep, I found Amber, dressed
in tight jeans and a short tank top, and Meredith (or Mere, I reminded
myself), wearing her skate gear and a sly grin. Her hair was sort of
red this month, and she wore it in two ponytails hanging over her

"Hey, Mr. Bradley."

"Girls." I watched Amber giving me a nervous smile. "Want to come in?"

"Isn't that, like, illegal or something?" Meredith asked.



She stepped past me into the house, followed by Amber, whom I gave a pat
on the shoulder. She gave me a more confident smile now, as if she was
waiting to see what I was going to do.

Meredith went into the living room, looking around a little.

"Want a beer?" I asked.

"I guess. You wouldn't, you know, have any bud?"

Somehow I heard the lowercase "b" in her voice and knew she wasn't
asking for a brand name.

"It's a little hard to find out here."

Confusion filled Amber's eyes.

"You mean Budweiser?" she asked.

Meredith laughed, and I tried not to grin too hard.

"No," Meredith said, "I meant, you know, weed. Dope. Marijuana?"


"I haven't got any," I said. "Sorry."

"That's okay."

"But I think I could get some."

For the first time, Meredith's attitude cracked, and she registered some
real surprise.

"Are you kidding?"


"But you're a teacher. You can't, like, give drugs to your students.
They would throw you in jail for like a thousand years or something."
She glanced at Amber. "Wouldn't they?"

"Only if you turned me in."

She glanced back and forth between me and Amber a few times, her
confusion growing.

"Whoa. Okay. What's going on here?"

"I don't know. What did Amber tell you?"

"She said--" Meredith's face suddenly went white, and she gasped. She
stared at me, then Amber, in shock. "Oh, my God. You two are fucking,
aren't you?"

Amber looked at me in horror, but I tried to smile at her calmly. She
was too frightened to see what I could, that Meredith as more intrigued
than shocked by this revelation.

"What gives you that idea?" I asked.

Meredith continued looking back and forth between me and Amber.

"No way. Oh, Jesus," she said to Amber, "_he's_ the guy you said you
were 'sort of dating'? The one you wouldn't tell me about?"

Amber looked to me for help. I sat down on the couch and smiled at the
two of them.

"Does that disgust you?" I asked Meredith. She laughed in disbelief.

"Are you guys really doing it?"

I stared at Amber, and she regained some composure, apparently realizing
how I wanted to handle this.

"Yeah," she said softly.

Meredith laughed again.

"Oh, my God. That's totally radical. I can't believe this. How long
have you guys been seeing each other?"

"A couple of months maybe," I said.

"You're not worried about getting busted?"

"Not really."

She laughed again.


"Anyway," I said, "the beer is in the refrigerator if you want it."

The girls exchanged a glance and then headed into the kitchen. They
returned with three bottles of beer, one of which Amber handed to me.
Meredith sat on the far end of the couch on her feet, leaning against
the armrest. Amber sat between us.

"So, like what do you guys like to do?" Meredith asked. "As if there's
shit to do around here."

"We go over to Lincoln some times on the weekend."

"Oh. I guess that makes sense. You couldn't, like, hang out together
anywhere around here."


"What do you do in Lincoln?"

I looked at Amber, who had begun to relax.

"What did we do the last couple of times we went?" I asked her.

She looked at me, then Meredith.

"I got a belly ring. And, um, I got my nipples pierced."

Meredith's eyes widened, and she looked down at Amber's breasts.

"I knew it. It looked like you did, I just didn't think anyone in this
retard town would actually do that. Where the hell did you get it done?
Or did you do it yourself?"

"There's a place in Lincoln, by the University."

Meredith was still staring at Amber's tits.

"Do you want to see?" I asked.

She looked up at me in surprise, then glanced at Amber. She gulped.

"Um. Okay."

Amber reached down and pulled her T-shirt over her head. She was
braless, as she should have been, and her breasts sprang loose as she
pulled the tight fabric of the T-shirt over them. Her nipples were no
longer swollen, although they stood out almost continuously anyway,
piercings or not. Meredith's hand came up slowly, hesitantly.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Not really."

"Can I touch it?"

Amber glanced at me very quickly.


Meredith took Amber's right nipple ring between her fingers. She
twisted it a little. Then she looked up at me, though she didn't let

"How did you get it done with her underage?"

"We lied."

She reached over and felt the other ring for a second.

"You know I have my tongue pierced?"

"I've seen it," I said.

"I love that whole look. I'd get a bunch more done if my fucking mother
would let me. She let me do my tongue, but after that she changed her

"Amber has another piercing."

She glanced at me, then at Amber, looking up and down. A wary look came
into her eyes.


I grinned.


She gave Amber another once over, finally looking down at Amber's lap.
Her jaw dropped slowly.

"No way. No fucking way."

"Show her," I said.

Amber stood up, smiling at me a little, and began unbuttoning her jeans.
Meredith watched in total shock as Amber shoved jeans and thong panties
down, revealing her bald pussy and the half-inch gold ring through her

The color had drained completely out of Meredith's face by this point.
She stared in shock at Amber's clit ring. Then she started laughing
nervously. She started to reach out to touch it, then froze.

"Go on," I said.

Hand shaking, she touched the ring with the tip of her middle finger.
She swallowed roughly.

"That is the most perverted fucking thing I have ever seen in my life."

"Do you like it?"

"Did she do all this for you? Shave her puss and everything?"

"Not shaved. Waxed."

"But she did?"

"Yeah," Amber said. "But I like it."

Meredith finally sat back against the couch, and, after looking at me
for approval, Amber pulled her jeans back up and sat down. Meredith
took another long swig from her beer.

"What else have you guys done?"

"A lot of stuff," I said.

"Like what?"

I looked at Amber.

"Tell her."

Amber took a breath to compose herself.

"We went up to top of the water tower, and I gave him a blow job. While
I was naked."

"You climbed up there naked?"


"And nobody saw you?"

"Actually, a bunch of people did," I said. "They showed up while we
were up there."

Meredith laughed.

"What else?"

Amber paled a little, glancing at me.

"He got another woman to go down on me while I was blindfolded. I
didn't know it was a girl until afterward."

I watched Meredith's reaction very carefully, watching for the flash of
interest or disgust, the one that would answer the question that had
been nagging at me all week.

What I saw was not disgust. Meredith's jaw dropped a little, then she
smiled slowly. Then she laughed, biting her lower lip.

"I _knew_ it. I just _knew_ when we started hanging out together.
Somehow I knew."

"How?" I asked. She laughed again.

"I can tell. Something in a girl's eyes will tell me if she's ever had
her face another girl's puss."

"And you saw that in Amber's eyes?"


"Have you?"

"Yeah. Only, not since my mom and me moved out here. I had a girl I
dyked with sometimes in L.A., but she stopped even writing me like six
months ago."

Amber was still sitting there topless, and Meredith was glancing at her
as she talked to me. Amber seemed a little uncomfortable with the
topic, but no more than that.

"I suppose that's less of an issue in California."

She snorted.

"Tell me about it."

Meredith relaxed a bit more, and reached over to slowly play with
Amber's hair. Her eyes narrowed at me.

"So . . . basically . . . you don't have a problem sharing her?"

"No. It turns me on."

"Huh. And do you share her with guys?"

"Not yet. But we might. Only when Amber is ready to, though."

"But you've shared her with girls?"

"Only that once."

She smiled slowly, then licked her lips.

"You want to watch me fuck her, don't you? That's what this is all
about. Typical het boy bullshit."

"I just told her she could bring you by if she wanted to. It appears
she wanted to."

"I've never done anything like this before. I've fucked guys, and
girls, but never both at once."

"You needn't do anything you don't want to."

"But what do you want to do?"

I took a swig of beer and stared at them. Amber had settled down by now
and was beginning to look turned on.

"I'd like to fuck both of you. Repeatedly."

Meredith giggled, nervously.

"Uh . . . " She laughed again. "Okay."

She looked at Amber. Amber glanced quickly at me, but I tried to remain
as impassive as possible. Meredith gave me another glance, then leaned
over to kiss Amber. And the two of them began making out.


Meredith was clearly taking the lead, but Amber showed none of the
reticence I'd seen that first night with Candy. I wondered why.
Despite what the local evangelists like to prattle on about, I didn't
believe people just decided one day to be bisexual. Had Amber really
been like this the whole time? Had I--as I kept telling her, though I
wasn't sure I believed it--really just awoken something inside her? It
almost made me grin to think about it.

Meredith was now playing with Amber's breasts, twisting her nipples
rings around. They kissed slowly and softly, and Amber began groping at
Meredith, pulling at her top. Meredith finally withdrew far enough to
pull her T-shirt over her head. She wore a simple white bra under it,
which she removed a moment later. Her breasts were smaller than
Amber's; her torso was smooth and athletic, no doubt honed by endless
skateboarding. As she continued fondling my girlfriend, I noticed a
scar on her elbow, most likely the result of a nasty wipeout.

Now Meredith threw a knee over Amber's legs, straddling her, and the two
girls embraced. My view was obstructed now, so I got a fresh beer from
the refrigerator and sat beside them on the couch. They stopped kissing
long enough to grin at me. Meredith reached for my hand and put it on
her breast. She was softer and broader than Amber, nowhere near as
pointy. I played with both of them, stroking and teasing. They pressed
their tits together, trapping my hand between them. Meredith giggled,
rubbing herself against Amber and my hand.

Amber reached down and began unbuttoning Meredith's cargo pants.
Meredith lifted up far enough to let Amber pull them down, panties and
all, then returned to Amber's lap. They resumed kissing. Amber slipped
a hand under her friend and began stroking her. I sat back again to
watch, but Meredith instead grabbed my arm, pulling me closer. She
wanted me to kiss her, to kiss both of them as Amber played with her.
The three of us came together, groping and kissing each other.

Meredith was soon humping Amber's hand, face buried against Amber's
shoulder. I reached around behind her, between her buttocks, feeling
Amber exploring. A squirt of hot fluid oozed out of Meredith onto my
fingers. I pushed my middle finger up, inside her. She gasped,
throwing her head back. Together, Amber and I drew her closer and
closer to orgasm. Amber had bent down and was now suckling Meredith's
nipples. Meredith wrapped her arms around Amber's head, bouncing up and
down on our hands. Finally she let out a little cry and began
shuddering against us. I felt her spasming around my finger and pushed
it deeply inside her, wiggling it around.

Rather than drifting slowly back to earth, Meredith immediately pulled
Amber's face up to hers and kissed her deeply. The two girls groped and
caressed each other for a few moments before Meredith slid slowly to the
floor, kissing her way down Amber's chest, taking Amber's jeans with
her. Soon both girls were naked beside me.

Meredith took Amber's hips in her hands and pulled her forward, pushing
her thighs open and diving right in. Amber squeaked softly at the first
contact and squeezed my hand. I lay back on the couch beside them,
watching Meredith fluttering her tongue all over Amber's pussy, flipping
the ring back and forth, catching it between her teeth, or sucking it
all into her mouth.

Meredith looked up at me briefly, sliding her hand into my crotch. She
went back to eating Amber, but now began digging into my pants. She
found my erection in a moment or two, and with some help from me, got it
out. Then she started stroking me as she licked my girlfriend.

I pulled my shirt over my head and moved closer to them. Meredith
suddenly came up from Amber's pussy, replacing her tongue with her hand,
and dropped her mouth over my cock. As she bobbed rapidly over me, I
glanced at Amber, seeing a jumbled mixture of jealousy, nervousness, and
excitement in her eyes. I reached for her, and she lowered herself
beside Meredith, who giggled around my dick and withdrew, letting Amber
take over. She returned to Amber's pussy and resumed her attentions.

Now Amber sucked me rapidly as Meredith ate her. She moaned around me,
trying to concentrate on pleasuring me but unable to control herself
completely. I felt myself going deeper into her than I ever had before
and realized she was trying to deep throat me. She got the head of my
cock past her soft palate, but could hold it there only a moment or two
before gagging. But she tried again, and slowly calmed down. She
couldn't get it all, but she managed most of it.

I withdrew after a minute of this and led the girls back to my bedroom.
I had Amber lie on her back and Meredith sit on her face. That
accomplished, I crawled between Amber's thighs and began fucking her
slowly as she ate her friend.

Meredith had gotten her very hot, wet, and bothered, and I slipped into
her easily. I looked up to see her with her arms around Meredith's butt
and her tongue deeply inside her. The timid Amber who had only
reluctantly pleasured Candy that night was gone--in her place was the
eager slut I had been training. Meredith soon lost herself in what
Amber was doing and braced herself against the headboard. Amber had not
forgotten me, and I felt her trying to squeeze and pulse herself around
me as I fucked her. She had a long way to go in that respect, but she
was certainly trying.

I held myself off, luxuriating in Amber's hot, pulsating wet pussy and
watching the show in front of me. Meredith rode Amber's tongue eagerly
now, whimpering almost continuously. A series of low cries, then
shrieks, announced her second orgasm of the night.

When Amber had finished her off, I withdrew and had her reverse herself
so the two girls were in a sixty-nine position, diagonally across the
bed. Meredith required no convincing--she dove right back into Amber's
bald pussy.

I watched the two of them for a minute or two until I sensed Amber
getting close to coming. Then I went around behind Meredith, squatting
above Amber, and positioned myself to enter her. Amber's face was a fog
of arousal, this act having overwhelmed all her other concerns. I saw
no reluctance in her eyes now. She simply positioned herself under me
and curled her tongue up to guide my cock into Meredith.

The other girl gasped as I pushed into her, momentarily stopping her
attack on Amber. Then she bent back down, and the three of us were lost
in fucking each other.

Amber came first, thrashing around under us and groping at my legs.
Meredith came right after her, and again I felt the tremors of her
orgasm around me. That was enough to push me over the edge, and I
squirted off deeply inside her as Amber licked all around us.

I remained inside Meredith as long as I could, but when I withdrew, my
come slowly oozed out of her. Amber was waiting for it, and slurped it
up slowly. I reached down to caress her forehead as she cleaned up her

Meredith rolled on her back beside Amber, grinning up at me.

"You're a pretty good fuck."


She stroked Amber's leg.

"You too."

Amber smiled, but said nothing.

The two girls played with each other while I rested. Amber restored my
erection about fifteen minutes later, and we replayed the previous
encounter, this time with Amber on top and me fucking her. The third
time I simply fucked Amber in the ass while Meredith watched and got
Amber off with her hand.

It was much too late when the girls finally left. Amber mumbled
something about her curfew, but Meredith just laughed and said she would
cover for her. I got the distinct impression she wanted to do this
again some time.

I wasn't inclined to discourage her.


Chapter 10.

The phone woke me up at 11:15. I'd slept like a rock after servicing
the two girls together. I reached across my bed and fumbled for the


"Mike?" It was Amber, and she was whispering.

"Uh. Hi. What's up?"

"I'm in deep shit with my folks. For coming home so late last night.
They were both waiting for me, and they chewed me out for like an hour."

I lay back on my pillow and threw an arm over my face.

"What did you tell them?"

"Nothing. But that just made them more upset. I'm grounded for at
least a week now, plus I have to go see the minister at our church

I rubbed my eyes as I finished waking up.

"There are ways around that. Let me worry about it."

"What can you do?"

"Give me a minute. What happened with you and Meredith after you left?"

"Um. Not much. We just walked back to her place. She was really cool
about it, and you. She said she won't tell anyone. She thinks it's so
cool that I'm sleeping with you."

"You believe her?"

"Yeah. I guess so. I'm not worried about her, I'm worried about my

"All right. This is what we're going to do. Hang up, and I'm going to
call your house in a minute. Don't answer it. Let your folks get it.
You'll know what to do when they get off the phone with me. Just play

"What are you going to do?"

"You'll see. I'll see you in a little while."


She hung up, and I got out of bed. I had never called Amber at home
(for obvious reasons) but I had her number and that of every other
student in my teacher's manual. I found it in my office and looked up
her number. The phone rang a couple of times before a woman answered.


"Hi, can I speak to Mrs. Johnson please?"


"Mrs. Johnson, my name is Mike Bradley. I have your daughter Amber in
my American History class."

A long maternal sigh came over the line.

"Yes. What's the matter?"

"I'm concerned about Amber's performance in class. She was a decent
student when the semester started, but things have really gone downhill.
She's on the verge of failing if things don't improve."

"Oh, no."

"I'm sorry. It's frustrating, because I know she can do better. She
used to participate in the class discussions, but lately she just sits
by herself and doesn't say a thing."

Another sigh.

"Believe me, I know what you mean. We've been having all kinds of
trouble with her."

"Well, what I'd like to do, if it's not too much of an imposition, is
have her come by school this morning so she and I can go over her
classwork. I'm hoping that might be enough to get through to her.
Sometimes kids just get lazy and need a kick in the butt to get moving

"Do you think it would help?"

"It might. It may also be that Amber is having trouble but is too shy
to ask for help. If she's having trouble in one area, it can cause a
downward spiral in other areas. The kids can just get frustrated and
give up. I've seen it happen before."

"If you could help her, it would be just wonderful."

"I can't promise anything, but I at least want to try."

"Of course. I'll send her right over."

"Actually, I'm not at school right now. Why don't you bring her by
around noon?"

"Certainly. Thank you so much."

I grinned to myself.

"It's my pleasure."


I showered and dressed and drove over to school. I got there just
before noon. I found Amber waiting on the front steps of the school
with her backpack over her shoulder.


"You know, my mom is even more pissed off now."

"Don't worry about her. I can take of her."

I let her in the school, and she followed me to my room. I shut the
door behind us.

"What did she say?"

Amber shook her head.

"Just whining about my schoolwork and 'how did things get this bad.'"

"When is she expecting you back?"

A smile creased her face for the first time.

"She's not. She told me I was going to spend the entire day here if
that was what it took."

I returned the smile and sat at my desk.

"Let me see what you have in that bag."

She set it down on a desk and unpacked. She had brought her History
textbook and class notes, but buried in the bottom were a spandex
miniskirt and a cropped baby T-shirt.

"Take off all your clothes."

Hesitating only briefly, she did. In about ten seconds, she was
completely naked. I pulled my key ring out of my pocket and slid a key
off of it.

"This is the key to the teacher's lounge. Go make me some coffee and
bring it back here. Black, no cream or sugar."

Amber's face went pale, but she took the key.

"I don't think anyone else is here today, but you'd best be careful.
You know how to make coffee, don't you?"

A frightened nod.

"Off you go, then."

She glanced toward the door, took an awkward step, then stopped. I
stared at her.

"Amber. Go, please."

She took a deep breath and scurried out the door. I waited a couple of
minutes and then dialed the teacher's lounge on my classroom phone. It
rang about ten times before someone answered very timidly.



The sigh of relief that came over the line was almost tangible.

"_God_. You scared me to death."

"Did you make it there all right?"


"Having any trouble with the coffee?"

"No. I've got it all right."

"Good. Here's what I want you to do. In the cupboard above the sink
are a bunch of coffee mugs. Do you see it?"

I heard her moving around for a few seconds.


"You should see a purple mug with a Northwestern University logo on it.
Is it there?"


"That's Principal Barclay's mug. I want you to take it down and set it
on the floor."


"How's the coffee?"

"I think it still has a few minutes to go."

"Good. I want you to start playing with yourself. Finger yourself
until you start getting wet."

Amber gasped, then starting breathing hard into the phone.

"Just do it, Amber. Think about last night. Think about Meredith
eating your pussy."

She whimpered softly.


"Think about all the things I still have to do with you. I'm sure
you've been doing a lot of worrying and fantasizing. What's the
nastiest thing you've thought of so far?"

Her breathing came slow and heavy through the phone.

"The . . . the gangbang."

"You've been thinking about that? About fucking fifteen guys at once
while I watch?"

"Yes," she gasped.

"What have you been thinking?"

"How you would do it. What it would feel like. Who they would be."

My dick began stiffening in my pants.

"Did it turn you on?"

She gasped again, and the gasp turned into a whimper.

"Oh, God. I don't know."

"Yes you do."

Nothing but a sob--half pleasure, half despair--came over the line.

"Are you still fingering yourself?"


"Are you wet?"

"Oh, God. Yes."

"Take the Principal's mug and rub it all over your pussy. Especially
the rim. Get it as wet as you are."

She whimpered again, and I heard her fumbling phone as she complied.

"Okay," she said finally. "I did it."

"Now piss into it. Hold the phone by the mug so I can hear it."

Another gasp, another whimper of confusion, then Amber repositioning the
phone. For a few seconds there was nothing, and then I heard the
unmistakable sound of her passing urine into the mug. It went on for
about ten seconds before trickling off. Then Amber came back on the
line, giggling nervously.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

"Pour your piss into the sink, but don't clean out the mug. Just put it
back where it was to dry."


I heard her moving around, and when she came back on the phone, she had
succumbed to an attack of the giggles.

"Just finish the coffee and get back here."


She hung up. About two minutes later, she came rushing back into my
room, flushed beet red from head to toe. She slammed the door and
panted for breath against it.

"Amber. My coffee, please."

She staggered over to my desk and set it down. I took a sip.

"It's too strong."

Amber's giggles vanished.

"I'm sorry."

I set the coffee down.

"Where is my key?"

Amber's face went white.

"Oh, no."

I laughed softly.

"You'll have to go back and get it. And while you're there, look in the
broom closet in the corner of the room. I think there are a couple of
yardsticks in there. Bring me one. And don't forget to lock up this

She stared at me, jaw vibrating, tears filling her eyes, and didn't

"Amber," I said impatiently.

She turned and ran out of the room. I waited thirty seconds before
dialing the lounge again. It rang about fifteen times before Amber


"Don't forget the yardstick."


"Are you still wet from what we were doing?"

Another whimper.


"Good. When you lock up the lounge, I want you to put the key in your
pussy so you don't forget it and carry it back here like that. I'm
going to look for it when you get here."


I hung up. About a minute later, Amber burst back into the room holding
a yardstick. I motioned for her to approach. She did, eyes down.

"Spread your legs, then bend over and hold your knees."

When she assumed the position, I took a moment to admire her tight
little butt. Underneath her, I could see all the piercings hanging down
from her tits, navel and bald pussy. I pushed a finger into her. She
was dripping wet and almost hot enough to scald me. I found the key and
pulled it out. Amber began to stand up, but I stopped her.

"Stay like that. I told your mother I was going to discipline you, and
that's what I'm going to do."

"Oh, God," she gasped.

"This won't hurt too much."

She gasped for breath a few times but stayed put. I swished the
yardstick through the air once or twice, then brought it around on
Amber's butt. Not too hard, but hard enough to make a loud "smack" and
leave a red stripe across her ass. Amber cried out and convulsed once.
I swatted her again, this time coming up from below and smacking the
lower part of her buttocks. She cried out again, and the cry turned
into a sob. I swatted her five times, getting her butt quite red,
before letting her up.

When she stood up, her cheeks were streaked with tears, and she rubbed
her behind with both hands to smooth away the burn. I motioned her to
come forward, and she climbed into my lap, sobbing onto my shoulder.

"Come on. I didn't hit you that hard."

She buried her face against my neck, saying nothing. I reached between
her legs, finding her even hotter and wetter than before, and began
playing with her. She convulsed in my arms, shuddering, and I brought
her to orgasm in little more than fifteen seconds. I kept two fingers
inside her, fucking her slowly, working her clit ring back and forth.

Gradually she let go of her grip on my neck. I wiped the tears from her

"Did that feel good?"

She nodded, not looking at me.

"Because I spanked you first?"

She shuddered again, then nodded.

"Remember what I told you a while back. Everything I do is for your own

She swallowed down the last of her tears.

"I know. I'm trying so hard."

"I know you are. Come on, back to work."

She slid off my lap and stood before me. I found the key to the
teacher's lounge and slipped it back inside her pussy. She quivered for
a moment but let me.

"Go back to the lounge. I'll call you and tell you want to do."


She took a deep breath and ran out the door. I waited a couple of
minutes before calling her this time. She answered on the second ring.


"Tell me something."


"How does it feel to be running around the school halls naked? What are
you thinking of on these trips back and forth?"

"Um. I'm scared. Nervous that someone else is here."

"Go on."

"It doesn't feel real. My whole body is shaking."

"You're thinking about all the other days you've been at school, with
all the other kids around."


"Is it turning you on?"

A whimper.

"You know it is."

"I do. I just want to hear you say it."

"It's turning me on," she gasped. "I'm so wet the key keeps slipping
out while I'm running. I have to, you know, squeeze my pussy to keep it

"All right. Very good. Here's what I want you to do. Get all the
coffee mugs out of the cupboard, including Principal Barclay's. Line
them up on the counter in one long row."


She set the phone down and I heard her clinking around for about a

"I did it. Now what?"

"Come back here and give me a blow job."

I heard a short gasp, then she hung up. Soon afterward, she burst back
into my room. I had already dropped my pants, and I now held out my
erection for her. She knelt in front of me without a word and swallowed
me up. I caressed her hair as she bobbed over me, sucking and slurping.
I reached down to play with her nipple rings, twisting her firm little
nips back and forth. She bobbed faster, forcing more and more of my
cock into her throat. She couldn't get it all, but neither was she
gagging on me as she used to. She got all but the last inch or two,
inhaling me, before withdrawing and trying again.

I was too turned on to withstand much of this. Amber sensed my growing
arousal and pulled back to suck on just the head. She held it between
her tongue and palate and slurped on it rapidly.

"When I come," I grunted. "Don't swallow it. Hold it in your mouth."

She nodded her assent, and a few moments later, I emptied my balls in to
her cheeks. She milked the last bits out with her fist and sat back.

"Go back to the lounge," I gasped. "Spit my come into the coffee mugs.
Just a drop or two each. Get some into every one. Then wait for my

Amber stood up slowly--the look on her face told me she had expected
this--and left the room. I pulled up my pants and straightened myself
up. I waited a few minutes and called her.


"How did it go?"

She giggled nervously.

"I got them all. I still had some left when I did the last one, so I
spat it into Principal Barclay's mug. Was that okay?"

"Wonderful. Now put them all back where you found them."

She did, then returned to the phone.

"Now what?"

"Come back here. I have another job for you."

She hung up and returned to the room. She was stifling laughter when
she came through the door.

"Oh, God. I don't know if I can come to class on Monday. I'll never be
able to keep a straight face."

I smiled at her.

"Me neither. Come here."

I extracted the lounge key from her pussy and inserted another.

"That's my key to the administration office. Go there and wait for me
to call you."

She gulped.

"But someone might be there."

"Yes. Perhaps. Go."

Amber lurched toward the door, fighting her agitation, then left. This
time I waited almost five minutes before calling her, just to let her
stew. She answered the phone in the middle of the first ring.


"Make it there all right?"

"God! What happened? I was going crazy waiting for you."

"Nothing happened. I just wanted you to get situated."

I listened her labored breathing over the phone for a few seconds.

"Go see if the Principal's office is locked."

She set down the phone and came back a moment later.

"It's not."

"All right. Hang up and go sit at Barclay's desk."


I called her back on the Principal's direct line.


"In the left corner of his desk is a little gold statuette. It's a
community service award Barclay got from the Rotary Club. You see it?"


"What's it remind you of?"

Silence for a moment or two, then--

"Oh, my God."

"The teachers like to call that thing 'Barclay's Dildo.' It's an inside
joke around the teacher's lounge. I think it's time to see if it can
live up to that appellation."

"Oh, no. Mike, I can't do that. Not here."

"Amber, since when is the word 'no' in your vocabulary?"

She began to cry over the phone.

"Mike, please."

"Put your feet up on Barclay's desk. Put your heels on the edge. Then
I want you to start masturbating with that thing. Keep doing it until
you come. I'm going to sit here and listen to you."

Nothing but a couple of sobs came over the line.

"Amber, do you remember every other time we've gotten this point? When
I've pushed you to what you think are your limits?"

"Yes," she whimpered.

"And what happens when you give in and do what I ask?"

She sniffed once, then answered me.

"I like it," she said very weakly.


I listened to her gasped for breath as she battled her inhibitions.

"Okay. I'll do it."

"Very good."

I heard her moving around, then Barclay's chair squeaking as she got
into position. Nothing but various snuffling and breathing noises came
over the line for about ten seconds.

"Where is that thing now?" I asked.

"In me," Amber gasped.

"All the way?"

Another gasp. "It is now."

"How does it feel?"

"Cold. But . . . it feels good."

"Keep going."

As I listened to her getting herself off, I quickly realized that I was
missing ninety percent of the show. I battled my indecision for a few
seconds before setting the phone down and getting up. I left the room
and headed down the hall to the Admin office.

When I got there, when I entered the outer office, I could hear Amber's
moans and gasps of passion. I walked quietly up to Barclay's office and
peered in the door.

Amber was leaning back in Barclay's chair, feet up on his desk, with
that stupid statuette buried in her pussy. She was rapidly fucking it
in and out of herself with one hand and holding the phone with the
other. But her eyes were closed and she seemed to have no awareness of
my presence.

I watched her growing closer and closer to orgasm, and my cock began
stiffening in my jeans. Finally, Amber let out a sharp cry, threw
herself back in the chair, and came all over Barclay's award.

I waited a few more seconds before speaking up.

"Very nice."

Amber started so violently that she almost fell out of the chair. The
statuette went clattering onto the floor. She gaped at me for a few
seconds, heart hammering in her chest.

"I decided I wanted to watch."

She sagged in the chair.

"God. You almost gave me a heart attack."

"Get out of the chair. Turn around and sit on the edge of the desk."

She complied as I came around to where she was. She watched mutely as I
freed my erection, simply positioning herself so I could enter her. As
I slipped easily into her drenched, overheated pussy, she simply wrapped
her arms around my chest and buried her face against my neck, holding me

I fucked her slowly for a few moments.

"How was that?" I asked.

"Good," she said softly. "I started thinking about Principal Barclay.
About how he gave me some crap about the way I was dressed a couple of
weeks ago. Then it wasn't so hard."

I paused, letting myself soak inside her.

"What were you wearing that day?"

"Um. That blue skirt, the lycra one. He said it was too short. So I
pulled it down a couple of inches, but that really exposed my midriff.
His face got kind of red when I did it. I think he could tell I didn't
have panties on, but he couldn't make himself say it."

"Do you think you turned him on?"

She shuddered as I pushed myself all the way into her.

"I think so."

"I wonder if you're the first student to get fucked on his desk."

Actually, I doubted that Steve Barclay was dumb enough for something
like that, given his high profile, but there _was_ one other person he
might have boned in his office. That person was a middle school teacher
named Cindy Reynolds, whom Barclay had been dating on and off the last
few years. But that was nasty bit of gossip I didn't want to be
responsible for starting.

Amber laughed at my joke, and it felt good around me.

"Squeeze me," I said. "Show me what you've been doing with that dildo I
gave you."

Her pussy immediately contracted around my cock, more tightly than I
would have expected. Then she began to pulse and flutter herself around

"Do you like that?"

I groaned, thrusting faster. She giggled and kept it up. As it had
been with her blow-job, the lead-in to this had been too arousing, and I
squirted off inside her after scarcely another minute. She just held me
close, taking it all.

When I withdrew, my come oozed slowly out of her onto Barclay's desk.
She watched it, giggling nervously.

"Should we clean it up?"

"It should be dry by Monday. Leave it."

She let it all out, then hopped off the desk. I replaced Barclay's
Dildo in its spot in the corner and led her out of the Admin office. I
walked slowly back to my room, as much as I could tell Amber wanted to
run. She watched around every corner for anyone who might see us.

When we got back, I found the outfit she had brought with her.

"Get dressed. We have more to do today."


Chapter 11.

I watched as Amber quickly donned the miniskirt and top. I closed up
the room and took her out to my car, checking first to make sure we were
alone. It was only 12:45, and we had plenty of time. I drove all the
way back to Lincoln, having Amber blow me casually most of the way,
though I didn't let her get me off. The traffic was light and we had no
spectators as we had on the previous trip.

Lincoln was a fairly conservative city, but it was not entirely devoid
of adult entertainment--such was simply confined to the seedier areas.
The previous week, I had made a few phone calls and found what I was
looking for: an adult book store and sex toy shop just outside downtown.
We pulled up there just before three o'clock.

The outside of the place was painted entirely with flat brown paint, and
nothing more than a simple sign declaring "Adult Bookstore" gave any
clue as to what was inside. Amber saw the sign and quivered slightly.

"What are we doing?"

"Going shopping. Or rather, you are."

She gulped.


"Yes." I handed her two twenty-dollar bills. "You're going to go
inside and buy two things: a chain for your nipple rings and a set of
Ben-wa balls."


"They're chrome balls about the size of big marbles. They come in sets
of two, and women put them in their pussies to masturbate themselves
while they're walking around. They sell them here, and the chains, but
you're probably going to have to ask for them. I'm going to follow you
inside in about a minute. Don't look for me. Don't act like you know
me. After you make your purchases, I want you to put them on right
there in the store. The chain and the balls. Put the balls in your
pussy and the chain on your nipple rings. If you have to expose
yourself to do it, that's what you'll do."

Her face had gone ghost-white, and she sat there motionless.

"No one is going to hurt you. I'll be right there the whole time, and
if anything goes wrong, I'll step in. But you're a slut, Amber. Sluts
do things like this and don't think twice about them."

She gulped again, took a long, deep breath, and opened the car door.
She stepped out onto the sidewalk and went inside.

Heart pounding in anticipation, I forced myself to wait sixty seconds
before following her. Then I jumped out and went for the door.

This place was about as sleazy as it could possibly get. The lighting
was harsh white fluorescents, many of the bulbs bare in the ceiling
where the covers had fallen out or broken. Every square inch of wall
space was covered with glossy hardcore magazines and adult videos--wet
pussies, erect cocks, point-blank fucking, cum shots, dildos buried up
the hilt in some slut's ass, latex, leather and chains, extreme
piercings--almost every perversion you could imagine.

It was the middle of the day, so the place was not full. But neither
was it empty--about ten men were inside, of varying ages and builds, all
of them avoiding eye contact with each other.

Through the middle of the store were two long display shelves filled
with various cheesy sex toys, from foot-long dildos to vibrating rubber
vaginas, complete with hair. Near the door, right in front of me, was a
glass display case containing the more expensive items like jewelry and
bondage gear. In front of it stood Amber, nervous and trembling. She
gave me a quick glance before turning back to the man behind the

I stepped between the center aisles to inspect the dildos, then looked
back at Amber. The other men in the store were doing likewise, watching
her but trying not to be obvious about it. I realized that in this
environment, the way she was dressed, she looked like nothing so much as
a streetwalking teenage whore.

The man behind the counter was showing her their collection of nipple

"Is this what you meant?" he asked.

"Uh. I just need something to attach to my--" she gasped for breath
"--my nipple rings."

It was obvious enough that every man in the store was listening to this
transaction, as several heads shot around at the sound of "nipple
rings." Some of the men now stared openly at Amber.

The guy behind the counter, though, was jaded enough not to react much.

"Well, any of these would work. I guess you could take the clips off
and open the rings on the end of the chains."

Amber struggled against her agitation.

"Could you do it?"

"You mean take the clips off? I guess. Which one do you want?"

"Uh. Uh." She examined the chains again, then pointed to a long gold
one. "That one."

The man nodded and took it out of the case. He fiddled with it for a
few seconds before getting the clips off. Then he handed it to Amber.

"How's that?"

"Uh--good. Thanks."

Whether because her anxiety had maxed out, or because she was starting
to get into this, Amber seemed to be calming down. She took the chain
and examined it for a second.

"What do I do?"

"Uh, I guess just get a pair of pliers or something, and close the rings
around the ones on your nips."

Amber gulped, then reached up under her top and quite obviously felt for
her left nipple ring. The guy's eyebrows began climbing up his
forehead, and every man in the store was now watching this undertaking.

Amber took a deep breath.

"Could you do it for me?"

The man's eyes bulged.

"Put the chain on you?"

She nodded.

"Uh. I guess so."

Amber slowly pulled up the front of her top, exposing her tits to
everyone in the store. My dick went instantly rigid, so hard it hurt.
The other men gaped at her, incredulous.

The guy behind the counter stared at Amber's tits in disbelief for a
second or two, then began putting the chain on her nipple rings. It
took nearly a minute, during which the other men in the store edged
around to watch.

Amber's face was flushed now, a mixture of embarrassment and arousal.
She glanced at me, then at the other men watching her. A small smile
creased her face.

"How's that?" the guy asked when he was done.

Amber stuck her tits out to inspect his work. Then she turned around to
the rest of the store, displaying her perky little boobs--now pierced
and chained--for everyone to see.

"What do you guys think?"

Most of the jaws in the store nearly hit the floor, but a one man was
able to answer her.

"It looks great, honey."


She dropped her T-shirt down and turned back to the guy at the counter.

"Do you have any Ben-wa balls?"

His eyes goggled for a second, then he nodded, pointing to where I was
standing. Amber walked over to me, giving me a casual smile, and
inspected the display. I could smell her arousal now, and could see the
horny flush over her face and chest. Despite her act, she didn't seem
to know what she was looking for, so I subtly pointed them out. She
picked up a box of them and opened it up. Then she turned to the guy at
the counter.

"Do you mind if I put them in in here?"

The last remaining jaws dropped to the ground.

"Uh. Be my guest," he said.

Amber took the balls out of the box, and I fought to remain in control.

"Do you want some help?" I asked unevenly.

She restrained her growing amusement, trying to answer me as if we had
just met.

"Would you mind?"

"No, ma'am."

She handed me the balls and hiked up her skirt. By now, the other
customers in the store had gathered around us to watch. I dropped to
the floor and pushed one ball, then the other, into her sopping pussy.
I felt her squeezing herself around them to hold them in, and for a
moment, I was afraid I would squirt off in my shorts. Then Amber
stepped away from me and pushed her skirt back down.


Smiling at everyone, she went back to the counter.

"How much?"

The guy laughed weakly.

"Honey, I think this one is on the house."

Some of the men laughed, but most of them just stood there in disbelief.

"Great. Thanks a lot. Bye!"

She turned and strutted out of the store without another word. The rest
of us exchanged a look, and most of the men started laughing.

"Jesus Christ," one of them said.

"Do you get a lot of that here?" another asked the guy at the counter.
He shook his head.

"Not on a Saturday afternoon."

As the customers laughed nervously, I left the store as unobtrusively as
I could. Amber was not by my car as I had expected. I looked up and
down the street, seeing her walking up the sidewalk about a block
away--the teenage hooker on the prowl.

I got in and followed her. When I pulled over, she stopped and
approached the car, bending over into the passenger side window. Her
top fell open and I could see the chain swinging from her tits.

"Hi," she said. "What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to fuck you senseless."

"Sounds good to me."

She opened the door and got inside. I looked in the rearview mirror,
seeing that a few of the men from the store had come outside to watch
this scene. I laughed softly to myself.

"Did you like that?" Amber asked.

"I was about to come in my pants when you had me put in those balls."

She reached over to grab my erection through my pants.

"Well, let's take care of that."

As I drove away from the curb, Amber bent over and took my cock in her
mouth. It took only a few strong slurps before I was flooding her
cheeks with sperm. She sucked it up as it flowed out, gulping with each
ejaculation. This was my third time today, and I came so hard I saw
spots before my eyes. I jerked the car over to the side of the road
lest I wreck it.

Amber finished me off slowly, getting every last drop of come. Then she
sat up, smiling.

"I make a pretty good slut once I get going, huh?"

"Yeah," I gasped.

When I had recovered, we got back on the road for home. I had Amber
lean back in the seat and squirm around to get the Ben-wa balls going,
but her complete lack of experience with them kept her from getting off.
At one point, her frustration caused her to grope between her legs, but
I stopped her. By the time we were halfway home, she was almost crying
in her unfulfilled need, jerking and thrashing around in her seat.

"All right," I said finally. "Finish yourself off."

Her hand shot between her legs. Five seconds later, she let out a cry
and came all over herself, shuddering and moaning. I reached out to
play with her as she coasted down, and when her paroxysm was over, I
felt inside her, drawing the balls out.

"Oh, God," she moaned. "That hurt. I came so hard it hurt."

"You had quite a good old time in that store."

She nodded.

"Once I got used to it."

"It's going to be like that at the gangbang. Only a lot more intense.
They won't just be looking at you. They'll be fucking you. Sticking
their cocks in your mouth and ass. Coming in your face."

She drew in on herself, shivering.

"I know."

"Do you think you're ready for that?"

"I don't know. Not yet."

"Not yet. But someday."

She gulped, the nodded slowly.

"I think so," she gasped. "Someday. But soon."


We got back to school just after six. On the way home, we had discussed
a few things for the upcoming weeks. I had decided that I wanted Amber
to wear her Ben-wa balls full-time, at home, at school, and everywhere

"No one is to take those things out of you but me, do you understand?
Except when you're doing your exercises with the dildo."

"I understand. I'll do my best."

"It should help you develop your pussy muscles even more."

Then there was the issue of her meeting with the minister at her church

"What do you think he's going to do?" I asked.

"I don't know. He's actually kind of cool, in a geeky sort of way.
He's not that old."

"Is he married?"

"Yes. And I don't like his wife. She can be really bitchy at times.
She's one those people, you know, who are really out there about being
Christians. Reverend Ellis is okay, but she can be really annoying.
She's gone on this total virginity crusade with the youth group lately."

"Like how?"

"Do you know what Promise Rings are? Have you heard of those?"

"Where you put them on and promise not to have sex until you get

"Right. She's been pushing all the kids at the church to wear them."

I glanced at Amber's hands, just out of curiosity. She had a little
gold ring on her left ring finger that I'd never really paid any
attention to.

"Don't tell me that's one of them."

She grinned.

"I sort of broke my promise. But I only put it on to shut my mom up."

A few wheels began turning in my mind.

"Let's just suppose, for the sake of argument, that someone was to come
on to Reverend Ellis. To give him a taste of truly open sexuality that
I gather he's not getting from his wife. What do you think would

If I though I had seen Amber look shocked before, it was nothing
compared to what I saw now. She couldn't even answer me for about five

"Mike, I _can't_," she squeaked. "I can't do something like that."

"I'm just speaking hypothetically. Don't put yourself in that scenario

She took a deep breath and gulped.

"I don't have a clue. He's tries to be really in with the kids, you
know? To be everyone's friend, not the stuffy old minister. But if one
of us were to come on to him . . . I just don't know."

"I'm just thinking. You want to be on his good side. I'm willing to
bet his wife has strong opinions on oral sex."

"Oh, God," Amber gasped. "She does. She does. She gave us a little
spiel about that once, about how there were 'forms of lovemaking God
approves of, and forms he does not.' Oral sex is on God's shit list,
according to her."

"Which means, I would bet, that old Reverend Ellis has probably never
had a blow job."

"Mike . . ." she whimpered.

"I'm leaving this up to you. You'll have to make the call, since you
know him a lot better than I do. But it would give you something to
hold over him, something to help him keep your parents happy. And
there's something else to consider."


"The gangbang. Do you really want that to be your very first exposure
to performing on other men for me? Or would you rather work up to it?
To see if you can do it?"

Amber's jaw dropped. Then she turned and stared out the window
silently. She didn't speak again until we pulled into the school
parking lot. Then she took a deep breath and turned back to me.

"Okay. I see what you're saying. But what if he freaks out? What if
he doesn't want me to do it?"

"As I said, that's up to you. Flirt with him a little. See how he
reacts. Work up to it."

"And then . . ."

"If you think he can take it, show him just how good you are at sucking

She gulped.

"Am I?"

"Yes. You've gotten very good at it."

A little smile rose out of her agitation.


"And I think it's time to broaden your horizons."

She didn't say anything, though I saw the answers in her eyes anyway.


I called Amber's mother and gave her a little speech about all the work
we had done on Amber's classwork, and that I was confident things would

"But I think we should keep doing this for the time being, if it's okay
with you."

"Of course. I'll have Amber there next Saturday morning."


Amber changed back into her old clothes and followed me out to meet her

"If this doesn't work, there's no telling what will happen," she said.

"I know. But life is nothing without a few risks."

I kissed her on the forehead.

"You can do it. Call me as soon as you get home tomorrow."

I spent the rest of Saturday night and into Sunday morning wondering
what I'd set in motion. In the back of my mind, I suspected that
Reverend Ellis was too pious, and Amber too unsure of herself (now, at
least), for anything to happen.

And yet. And yet.

What if she really did it?

I kept breaking into fits of nervous giggles at the thought of my
girlfriend blowing her minister. Sucking him off right there in his
office in the church. Probably while Amber's parents sat waiting
outside. The scene was simply too delicious to resist. I had to fight
repeated urges to masturbate.

Ten o'clock came and went. So did eleven. Nothing happened.

I sat around my living room in my gym shorts trying to pretend I was
watching the Cowboys play the 49ers. Then, just as I watched Deion
Sanders pick off an errant Steve Young pass over the middle, my phone

I leapt for it and picked it up before the first ring was complete.


"I did it," Amber blurted out instantly. "I can't believe I did, but I
did it."

I laughed.

"Oh, my God. Tell me everything."

Her voice was uneven and quavering.

"After the service . . . my folks made me wait for him. We went back to
his office. We all sat together at first while my Mom went on and on
about how much trouble I am for her. We talked for a little while, then
he asked if he could speak to me alone."


"At first, I couldn't do anything. I was too scared. Then he asked me
if there was a boy mixed up in this. I told him there was. We talked
about that a little, and bit by bit I got braver. I told him about
getting my nipples pierced. About my pussy being bald. He got more and
more uncomfortable, and I could tell he was starting to sweat. Then . .
. this was the weirdest thing . . . I suddenly didn't feel scared
anymore. I looked at him and I realized something had happened between

"You had taken control of the discussion. You hung Amber the Slut out
there, and he swallowed the hook."

"Yeah," she gasped. "That's it. That's what it felt like. So I
started talking dirty to him. I asked him if his wife had ever sucked
his cock. His face turned so red I though he was going to have a
stroke. But he just sat there as still as a statue."

"Then what?"

"Well, understand that I was dressed for church, okay? I had on just
this basic white knee-length dress. It's kind of lacey, but in a
little-girl way, you know? Totally boring, but my Mom made me wear it."

"But under it--"

"Was nothing. So I slowly put my foot up on his desk and showed him my
pussy, and my clit ring. He was just mesmerized at this point. Then I
asked him if he wanted a blow job."

"What did he say?"

"Nothing. He didn't even move. So I went behind his desk and did it."

My dick was so hard at this point that it hurt. My hand slipped into my
shorts and closed around it involuntarily.

"You sucked him off."

"Yeah. I knelt down between his legs and unzipped his slacks. He was
as hard as a rock when I found his dick."

I began stroking myself.

"And how did it go?"

"He lasted like twenty seconds. If that. But at the end, he grabbed my
head and let out this little cough. Then he came. I finished him off
and made a big show of swallowing it."

I grunted, gasping for breath.



"Are you stroking yourself?"

"Yes," I gasped.

She was quiet for a moment, and when she spoke, it was in a voice I had
heard only very rarely, usually when we were in the middle of fucking.

"Come for me. Shoot it. Pretend you're shooting off in my mouth like
Reverend Ellis did."

I cried out, on the brink, and a second later spurted all over myself.
As I caught my breath, I could hear Amber giggling softly.

"How was that?"

"Unh. Good. So what happened?"

"Well, afterward, he got all embarrassed and confused and start
apologizing, you know, like 'I'm sorry, I should never have let that
happen. I'm so sorry.'"

I laughed.

"He thought it was his fault."

"Basically. So I asked him what to do about my folks. He said he'd
take care of it. When he brought them back in, he gave them this speech
about how I was a good person, just confused, and needed more love and
caring, not anger. That my folks shouldn't be so upset with me."

I laughed again.

"How did they react?"

"At first they were just totally floored. But they came around. My mom
promised to do her best. On the way home, she was babbling about 'You
know we love you' and 'We should do a better job trying to understand
you.' That kind of stuff. So basically, we're okay now. I'm not even
grounded anymore."


She quiet again for a few moments.

"You were right, Mike," she said softly. "Afterwards, I realized you
were right. I was so scared beforehand, but afterwards, I understood.
I think I can do it now. Not like tonight, but eventually."

"Do what?"

"The gangbang."

Oh. My. God. It hadn't been real before that moment. Honestly, it
hadn't. Even after everything we had done. But when I heard those
word, it all exploded in my head.

"I want to do it," she said again. "From now on, whatever you want me
to do, I'll do."

It took me a few seconds more to answer her.

"Okay. That's good, Amber. That's very good."


Chapter 12.

A couple of uneventful weeks went by. Amber's folks were thoroughly disoriented
by that meeting with Reverend Ellis and had backed off on the excessive
parenting. Amber in turn, at my advice, had stopped acting out quite so much, so
they would think they might be getting through to her. I helped her cause by
telling her mother that her schoolwork was improving.
That Monday, I made a point of being in the teacher's lounge when Principal
Barclay arrived for his usual morning cup of coffee. When he sniffed his mug and
made a strange face after taking the first sip, it took all my effort to keep
from laughing. What he made of the encrusted semen on his desk, I would never
The week after that, our football team recorded its second straight shutout,
winning 10-0. The game was against the weakest team on the schedule, but I was
beginning to think that my Bet with the defense was paying off. Which meant, of
course, that I would have to pay off as well at the end of the season. Coach
Everett even complimented me on the improvement after that game. We won the next
week too, 13-6, and again my charges played inspired football. The team was now
5-3, and people were beginning to talk about possibly making the regional
Only a couple of times did any of the players try to joke with me about our
arrangement, and each time I silenced them with a stern look. They seemed to get
it, and as far as I could tell, none of them had spilled the beans.
I generally saw Amber hanging out with Meredith, and though the two of them were
definitely a unit, and though Meredith gave me a few sly looks during class, I
did not see her outside of school. Meanwhile, Amber continued her slut routine
with me, wearing her Ben-wa balls round-the-clock. Now and then, when I had the
chance, I would reach under her skirt to inspect her. She assured me she had no
trouble keeping them in after the first few days. Her pussy muscles quickly
adjusted to the added load.
"The only problem is that I'm coming all the time now because of them," she told
me one day. "Every morning and afternoon on the bus, and sometimes when I'm just
walking around school."
"It's good exercise," I said. She just grinned slyly and ran off to her next
I wanted to keep exploring her limits, to keep pushing her to ever greater
expressions of her slut-hood, but any further encounters with other men--until
the gangbang, that was--were simply too much of a risk. Even her thing with
Reverend Ellis was more of a risk than I wanted to admit.
And that was when Fate, such as she was, dropped a perfect opportunity right in
my lap.

The school I where worked taught both middle and high school kids, although they
were divided into two different wings. In the center was the Administration
offices for both schools, and the teachers from both wings mixed thoroughly
together in the lounge. A few of them even taught classes in both wings.
One night, the day before the next exam I had to give in History class, I got
home to discover that I had left some important papers behind at school. All the
teachers were supposed to file copies of their exams with the Admin office (for
some arcane record-keeping reason that I had never completely understood), and I
realized that in doing so that afternoon I had also left behind my curriculum
for the next week, which I had meant to review that night. I dug through my bag
before deciding that I must have accidentally mixed it up with the exam
paperwork. Since I would have sixty exams to begin grading tomorrow night, I
didn't want to get behind. So I climbed into my car and went back to school.
I had conducted football practice and gone home to eat dinner before turning to
my evening's work, so it was nearly nine o'clock before I got to school. I let
myself in with my keys and went down the hall to the Admin office.
When I arrived, I realized someone else was in there--someone was in the back of
the office kneeling down in front of the special locked file cabinet where they
kept copies of the state aptitude tests, which the middle school would be
conducting next week.
Only one person was supposed to have access to that cabinet, and that was
Principal Barclay. The woman now rifling through the files was Cindy Reynolds,
one of the middle school teachers and Barclay's sometime girlfriend. In a flash
of indignant insight, I instantly realized what was going on.
Cindy was the star teacher of the middle school. Her classes had scored at or
near the top of the scale on the state aptitude tests every year I had been here
and for several years before that. She had been voted the favorite teacher of
the middle school for three years running, although the quiet joke among the
male faculty was that her success in that respect had been largely due to her
oversized bustline, which was an object of fixation for nearly every boy in the
middle school. She was cute, blond, and busty, though not cute enough to be
unapproachable, and dressed well enough to show herself off. She was about
thirty but looked younger. It was no mystery what Steve Barclay saw in her, but
Cindy's motivations were an object of frequent gossip around the lounge.
And now here was Cindy, quite obviously trying to get copies of the aptitude
tests. I had arrived late on the scene, and it looked as if she were putting
things back together. Fixated as she was on restoring order to the file cabinet,
she had not noticed my arrival.
As someone who had spent most of his life in competitive sports, deliberate
cheaters fell very low on my scale of humanity. Even without that background, I
took my responsibilities as a teacher seriously, and what I was seeing made my
blood boil.
Did Barclay know what she was up to? I didn't have a lot of respect for Steve
Barclay's intellect, but I had no doubts about his integrity. Unless Cindy had
him really, really pussy-whipped, he would never have gone along with something
like this.
The keys to the file cabinet were still in the lock. Moving quickly and quietly,
I stepped up behind her and snatched them out, though I was careful to grab the
ring and not the key.
Cindy shrieked in surprise and leapt to her feet. She backed unsteadily away
from me, gasping for breath.
"Mike! What are you doing?"
"What am I doing? I think that's my line."
"I--I--I forgot something in here today. I was just getting it."
I looked down at the files. I didn't try to hide my disbelief.
"You left something inside the locked state aptitude test file cabinet?"
"I--I--" She was unable to finish her explanation.
"Cindy, I think it's quite obvious what you're doing here."
"No! I mean, it is, but I can explain. Steve asked me to get something out of
I laughed.
"Bullshit. Until the day of that test, it's against the law for him to let
anyone else at it. He would never let you in there. You're getting copies to
help your kids cheat. I bet you've been doing it for years."
Cindy began to shake now, and she put her face in her hands.
"Oh, my God. Oh, my God."
I shook my head.
"Cindy, what do you want me to do here?"
"Please. You can't tell anyone. I'll lose my job and my credentials."
"You want me to just walk away from this?"
She caught her breath, and a harder look came into her eyes.
"You couldn't prove it. It would be my word against yours, and I have more
seniority than you do. I'm the star teacher, and you're just a football coach."
I stared at her for a few seconds. Something clicked in my mind, a way out of
this, and a way I could exploit it. I dangled the ring of keys on my finger.
"You'd still have to explain how you got these keys."
Her mouth tightened.
"I don't have them now. You do. I could say I caught you in here."
"Doing what? What would I want with the middle school aptitude tests? I teach
senior U.S. History and P.E."
I cut her off.
"Cindy, your fingerprints are on these keys and probably all over that cabinet.
It wouldn't take much to tie you to this. And, if I'm not mistaken, you broke
the law here. You might even be looking at jail time. And I don't think Steve
would come out of this smelling too good given that you've been letting him into
your panties for the last few years."
Her resolve broke again.
"Please. You can't tell anyone. I'll do anything."
I began to realize what I wanted out of her, but it was too soon to say it. Let
her stew for a while.
"Cindy, go home. Let me think about this."
"Mike, please."
"Go home."
Crying and shaking, she walked past me and rushed out of the office. Being as
careful as I could not to touch anything with my hands, I closed up the cabinet.
I stuck a paperclip through the cabinet key and used it to lock things up again.
Then I dropped the key in my breast pocket, found the curriculum notes I had
come for in the first place, and went home.

I did nothing that night or the next day. I saw Cindy in the teacher's lounge
around lunch time, but she just gave me a nervous, fearful look before rushing
out. By the time I got home, my plan had begun to gel. But I continued to wait.
I waited for Cindy, as desperate as she was, to come to me.
Thursday night, she did. My phone rang just as I was doing my dinner dishes.
"Mike, it's Cindy Reynolds."
Her voice was ragged and uneven.
"And." She took a nervous breath. "And I wanted to know what you planned to do
about the other night."
"What do you want me to do?"
"If I swore I never do that again, that I would play by the rules from here on
out . . ."
"You want me to trust you? Trust a habitual cheater?"
She let out a sob.
"Oh, God. What do you want? Just say it."
"If you want me to forget this, you need to make it worth my while."
"Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Are you asking me what I think you're asking me for?"
"Depends. There's no point in discussing it if there's no chance you'd do it."
"Mike, I'm seeing Steve. You know that."
"So I should tell him about this?"
She sobbed into the phone for a few seconds.
"Cindy, here's what I have in mind. I don't want to get you fired, but I also
don't want you to think you can just walk away from this. What I'm going to do
is resolve this quite neatly, not just give you the keys back and forget about
it, but give you something to hold over me, so you can be sure I won't ever talk
about it."
"What do you mean?"
"You'll see. If you go along with this."
"You want me to sleep with you."
"That and more. There needs to be a punitive aspect to this."
Something caught in her throat, and she couldn't answer me right away.
I heard only her rapid gasps for breath over the phone for several seconds.
"What are you going to do to me?"
"Whatever I feel like. You may not be sitting down for a while afterward."
She let out a tortured squeak, and I remained quiet until she was able to reply.
"All right. What do you want me to do?"
"Several things. First, I want you to go out and get a complete bikini wax. Go a
couple of towns over if you have to, but I want it off. All of it. Don't wimp
out and shave it, either, because I hate stubble."
Nothing but a whimper came in reply to that.
"Then I want you to put together the sluttiest outfit you possibly can. If you
have to go shopping for it, you do it. I want anyone who sees you to think
you're a hooker. Then I want you to show up at my house at noon on Saturday,
ready to do whatever I want you to."
I listened to her breathing hard for several seconds.
"Saturday?" she said finally.
"Saturday. At noon. See you then."
I hung up.

Friday night, when Amber came over after the game (which we won, again, 6-0),
the first thing I did was explain to her what had happened with Cindy. She went
into orbit.
"No way! Miss Reynolds? I had her in eighth grade!"
"Did she seem like she knew a little too much about the aptitude tests?"
"Well . . . she sure knew seemed to know her way around them. She gave us a lot
of practice tests, things that turned out to be really close to the real ones."
I shook my head.
"She was doing it even then. God knows how she's had keys to that cabinet all
this time."
"What are you going to do her?"
"The question is, what are we going to do to her?"
Amber's jaw dropped.
"You mean--?"
"Yes. You're going to teach her how to eat pussy, among other things."
Amber let out a squeal and slapped her hand over her mouth.
"Oh, my God. But then she'll know. About us."
"Yes." I explained that part of my plan. "Then we both have incentives to keep
our mouths shut. So she won't be worrying about me forever, and I won't have to
worry about her doing something stupid because she can't stop dwelling on what I
know. Besides which, when the evening is over, she'll have fucked you too.
She'll be in the same boat I am."
"You're going to fuck her?"
"Yes. And spank her. Which means we have some stuff to do tonight."
I showed her the ropes and pulleys I had gotten from the hardware store and
several dog collars from the local pet store. Together, over the next few hours,
we built a makeshift dungeon in my basement. The centerpiece was a sort of stock
I built from a pair of 2x4's and the seat from an old weight bench that I had
pilfered from our equipment cage at school. It was designed to immobilize Cindy
in the "doggy-style" position, locking her wrists behind her to the top of the
side posts and her knees to the base. A collar around her neck would lock to the
front of the bench seat, holding her tightly in position.
"You're going to put her in this?" Amber asked.
"Unless you'd like to try it out."
She grinned.
"We should take it for a test drive first."
"Be my guest."
Amber rapidly stripped out of her clothes and knelt on the bench. I locked in
her into place and adjusted the restraints.
[Note to readers: Click here for a picture of this thing with Amber in it]
"I like it," she moaned.
I played with her rapidly moistening pussy for a few seconds. Then I found the
yardstick I had brought home from school and swatted her a few times. When her
butt was bright red and her pussy dripping wet, I freed my aching cock and
thrust into her. After that, the construction was over, and the fun began.

Amber went home around eleven. I called her mother the next morning, telling her
I wanted Amber to come early to her tutoring session that day. She agreed at
once. I picked Amber up at school and drove her back to my place. I told her to
strip out of her clothes and wait for us in the basement, which she did. Then I
sat down to wait for Cindy.
In truth, I wasn't entirely sure she would go for this, and I was more than a
tiny bit nervous about her chickening out completely and trying to turn me in
for blackmail. But just before noon, I saw her car pull into my driveway.
She had taken my instructions to heart. She wore a green silk blouse on top,
knotted tightly under her breasts, and judging by the bounce behind the fabric
as she got out, she didn't appear to be wearing a bra. Her midriff was bare, and
I noticed that she had a ring in her navel. Something new, or had she had it all
this time? Down below, she wore a very short black leather miniskirt over black
nylons and black spike heels. Her short blonde hair was heavily teased and
styled around her face, and she wore quite a bit of makeup. She indeed looked
like a hooker, though a high-class one.
Gathering herself up, she shut the door to her car and stalked up to my porch. A
moment later, she rang the bell. I got off my couch and went to the door.
When I opened it, she had a look on her face that I couldn't quite read. Part
fear, part humiliation, part something else. She met my eyes only briefly before
looking down.
"Here I am," she said.
"Come in."
She stepped into the foyer and I shut the door.
"Nice belly ring. Is that new?"
"No," she said, voice quavering. "I've had it a couple of years."
"Why did you get it?"
"I don't know. I just liked the idea."
I looked her up and down slowly.
"Is this what you wanted?" she asked.
"What--" Her voice broke. "What are we going to do?"
"Come with me."
She followed me to the back of the house, though she lost a step when she
realized I was taking her down to the basement.
"Why down there?"
"Because you're liable to make a lot of noise, and I don't want anyone hearing
A shudder ran through her body, but she stood her ground. She followed me down
the steps.
Amber was waiting for us, naked, on the old couch I had along the back wall. She
had a grin on her face and the yardstick in her hand across her knees. Cindy
didn't immediately see her, but when she did, she let out a yelp and jumped
"Hi, Miss Reynolds."
Cindy gaped at her, then at me. She struggled with her recognition for a few
"Oh, my God."
"This is my dirty little secret," I said. "Amber and I have been seeing each
other for a while."
Amber stood up, and I could see Cindy taking in all of Amber's piercings and the
gold chain suspended across her tits. I led Cindy to the center of the room and
positioned her under the rope-and-pulley set-up Amber and I had built. When I
took her wrist in my hand, she shook for a second but didn't resist me. I
attached the little dog collars to her wrists and lifted her arms into the air
until she was held in place. Then I sat on the couch.
"Amber, you know what Cindy was supposed to do for us. Why don't you perform an
Cindy closed her eyes and shuddered as Amber approached. Amber stepped up close
and reached under her skirt. Cindy let out a little cry and threw her head back.
"Panties?" I asked.
"Is she bald?"
"She's wet, Mike. Dripping wet."
I watched as Amber began stroking her slowly.
"Her pussy is wet?"
"Let me see."
Amber withdrew her fingers and displayed them. They glistened with Cindy's
vaginal fluids.
"Oh, my." I laughed. "Cindy, you slut. This is turning you on, isn't it?"
Cindy shuddered, not opening her eyes. I motioned for Amber to get to work on
her. Amber pushed the miniskirt up over Cindy's hips, revealing a black garter
belt and Cindy's newly denuded pussy. Then Amber knelt before her, took her
Cindy's firm butt in her hands, and pulled her forward to lick at her.
The reaction was instantaneous.
"Oh God, no! I've never--I can't--I'm not--"
"Cindy, relax. You and Amber are going to get to know each other very well
today, so you may as well used to it."
She let out a cry of frustration and threw her head backwards, surrendering to
her fate. Amber was eating her eagerly by now, tongue dipping and fluttering
against Cindy's bald pussy. In less than a minute, Cindy was gasping for breath
and pumping her hips at Amber's face. Then she shrieked in fulfillment, and I
watched as the orgasm wracked her body. When it was over, she went completely
limp, hanging from her arms. Amber withdrew and stood up.
"She has a nice pussy."
"She tastes pretty good."
Cindy cringed at this exchange. I stood up.
"Open her blouse."
Amber untied the knot in Cindy's blouse and freed her breasts. She was indeed
braless, and she was big. Some of the biggest tits I'd ever seen that weren't
"So this is the chest the whole male middle school lusts after. What size bra do
you wear, Cindy?"
"32DD," she said weakly. "Sometimes 34. It depends on the bra."
"Wow," Amber said. "You must have a hard time finding nice stuff that fits."
"I do," Cindy gasped.
I reached out and tweaked her left nipple.
"I like that belly ring. You really ought to think about getting your nips
pierced too, like Amber did."
Cindy opened her eyes and looked Amber over in defeat, then dropped her head. I
let go of her tit and reached between her legs to feel her sopping pussy. She
twitched slightly as I slipped two fingers into her. She was as smooth as a
baby's butt, definitely not shaved.
"Why are you so turned on, Cindy? Does some part of you really want to be
treated like a cheap slut?"
She whimpered.
"Well," I said, "Let's find out."
I got the yardstick from the couch and had Amber resume her place between
Cindy's thighs. She began licking her again as I walked around behind them. I
swung the yardstick through the air a few times and then brought it down hard
across her ass.
She let out a shriek and clenched her buttocks, which of course only pushed her
forward at Amber's mouth. I did it again, leaving a narrow red stripe just below
the first. Amber continued eating her mercilessly, even reaching under to
finger-fuck her as I swatted her.
I hit her again, and again, keeping it up until her butt was bright red and
swollen, until both of her rear garter straps had popped loose. Halfway through,
she came like a freight train, legs flailing under her, shrieking like a scalded
cat. Amber held on tight, tongue spinning away, and I kept swatting her. She
came a second time, nearly fainting, and after that I finally relented. Amber
leaned back and wiped her mouth. Cindy hung limply in her restraints, panting
As I let Cindy catch her breath, I stripped out of my clothes. Amber and I
lowered her to the floor and freed her wrists. She lay there in a heap.
"Cindy. Get up."
She climbed unsteadily to her feet.
"Get out of your clothes. Keep the stockings on, but lose everything else."
She complied rapidly. I led her to the stocks, and she knelt in place without
protest. In about a minute, I had her tightly restrained.
She was so wet now that her thighs were sticky and glistening. I played with her
"I gather you've never done something like this before."
"No," she said weakly. "Steve . . . Steve will spank me sometimes, but that's
"You're a bad girl, Cindy. A complete slut. That's what you want to be treated
She let out a sob and tried to nod in the restraints. I motioned for Amber to
take my place and then crawled around in front of Cindy. I presented my stiff
cock to her mouth, and she swallowed it up without another word.
As Cindy bobbed slowly over me, Amber went around behind her and began playing
with her again. Fingers, lips, tongue, nothing too deliberate, just enough to
keep Cindy hot and bothered.
"Mike?" she asked after a minute or two. "Can I swat her?"
Cindy whimpered around my cock.
"Go right ahead. Just nothing hard enough to break the skin. We don't want to do
any permanent damage."
Amber hopped up and found the yardstick. Grinning at me, she swung it hard
against Cindy's already reddened behind. Cindy let out a yelp through her nose
but kept sucking away on me. But of course, she could do nothing else. The
restraints were tight enough that she would have trouble even getting my cock
out of her mouth, and as for escaping Amber's torment--well, that was
The longer Amber kept swatting her, the faster Cindy sucked on me. She shuddered
in orgasm just as I was getting close myself, letting a little whimper out of
her nose. By now, Amber was hardly smacking her at all, but Cindy's butt was so
swollen that the contact alone was enough. Finally, as I felt the come boiling
in my balls, I took her face in my hands and began fucking rapidly. A few
seconds later, I shot off down her throat. She gulped it all down without being
When I withdrew and sat on the couch, I saw a wicked gleam in Amber's eye as she
looked over Cindy in the stocks. I grinned at her.
"You want her."
"Can I?"
"Go for it."
Cindy didn't seem to understand what we meant until Amber sat down in front of
her and spread her legs. She scooted forward until her pussy was right in
Cindy's face.
"Return the favor, why don't you?" I said.
Cindy shuddered.
"I can't--I've never--I'm not a lesbian."
"No. You're a slut. Sluts just fuck people, without regard for niceties like
gender. Just do it."
Amber pushed her pussy against Cindy's mouth, and after a second or two of
hesitation, Cindy began to lick.
At first, she was very hesitant and reluctant, doing nothing but move her tongue
around weakly. Then I had an idea. I got up from the couch and picked up the
yardstick. A few hard swats on Cindy's angry red butt improved her pussy-eating
dramatically. Amber was soon writhing around on the floor in front of her,
moaning, pushing her hips at Cindy's face. I kept swatting her lightly, and
Cindy came close to swallowing Amber's pussy whole.
My erection had returned from watching this display, so I dropped down behind
Cindy and caressed her abused buttocks. When I pushed my stiff cock between her
thighs, she shuddered but did not protest. She kept eating my girlfriend as I
thrust into her slowly.
Amber came, loudly and enthusiastically, but stayed put. Cindy kept eating her;
I kept fucking Cindy. I fucked her roughly, pushing her against her restraints,
bouncing her around in the stocks. Amber came again, as did Cindy. I felt her
spasming around me and drove into her harder, smacking her tender ass with my
hands as I did it. She came again, and finally I felt my come beginning to rise.
As Amber convulsed in yet another orgasm, holding Cindy's head in her hands and
lifting her hips up in the air, I spurted off as deeply into Cindy as I could
I withdrew and left her there, dripping with my come and hers, and went upstairs
to get a couple of beers. I returned to find Amber sitting beside her, stroking
her hair, telling her what a good pussy-eater she was. Cindy's face was red and
her eyes were closed, but I could tell she was listening. I tossed Amber one of
the beers and opened the other.
We kept Cindy there until nearly six o'clock, spanking her and abusing her,
until both of us were sated. For my last come of the day, I deflowered Cindy's
ass while she ate Amber out for what had to be the fifth or sixth time--her
reservations about cunnilingus having completely dissolved by that point.
Afterwards, Amber lay down on the couch to rest and actually fell asleep. I
helped Cindy get dressed and led her upstairs. I found an ice pack in my freezer
and handed it to her. She pressed it against her butt as I found the file
cabinet keys. I had made a point of filing the pattern down to make them
useless, and I now dropped them into her purse.
"All done. We're quits now."
"Mike?" she asked softly.
"What now?"
"What do you mean, what now? You can go home."
I just stared at her. Her jaw started to vibrate, and she looked down.
"If there's something you want to say, just say it."
"I--I--" her voice broke for a moment "--I want to--to be your slut. To do keep
doing what we did today."
I thought about that for a moment or two.
"I have Amber. And another girl. You'd be a long way down the totem pole."
"I know."
"You wouldn't just be my slut. I'd give you to Amber, and let her do whatever
she wanted with you. You said you weren't a lesbian. If you do this, your face
is going to be buried in pussy quite a lot for the foreseeable future."
"I know."
"She's still learning about all this. She was a virgin when we first started
going out. God only knows what she's liable to do to you, and make you do."
"I know."
"Can you live with that? Right now, I'm making Amber come to school without bra
or panties, carrying a set of Ben-wa balls around in her twat twenty-four/seven.
I'll want you to get your nipples pierced, and your clit. Among other things.
Can you do that?"
"All right. Let me think about this. I'll have to ask Amber too."
"Please. Please."
"We'll see. For now, go home."
She took a deep breath, then exhaled. She nodded slowly in resignation and
walked unevenly out to her car.


Chapter 13.

I found Amber still asleep in the basement. I kissed her nose to wake her up.
Her eyes fluttered open, and she stretched out.
"We need to get you home."
She nodded and got dressed. On the way back over to school, I broached the idea
of keeping Cindy around.
"Did you like that?"
She nodded.
"It was a lot of fun."
"You got to see a different side of yourself. Sluts need not be exclusively
submissive. It's possible to be dominant and still a slut."
"Like with other girls."
"That's one way. Would you want to do that again?"
"With Cindy?"
"Maybe. I got the distinct impression she wanted to. She all but begged me for
Amber's eyes went unfocused.
"I don't want to share you with her."
"It would never be like it is with us. I think she wants something different.
I'm just thinking we could have some fun playing with her."
"The sorts of things I've been doing with you. Changing her wardrobe. Making her
come to work without panties. Getting her pierced. That sort of thing."
Amber was quiet a moment.
"I liked spanking her. That really turned me on."
"Me too."
"She would be ours, right? Not just for you?"
"Exactly. Don't give me answer now. Just think about it."
Amber was pensive, and I drove on.

Sunday afternoon, she called me up around one, giggling.
"You're never going to believe what happened."
"With what?"
"At church. Reverend Ellis took off. He's taking a break at this retreat in
I laughed.
"Oh, my God."
"They say there's no telling when he'll be back. Everything is in an uproar."
"You think it's because of you?"
"What else could it be?" Her voice was full of mirth. "He's been acting really
uncomfortable around me ever since that afternoon. Last week during the sermon,
he kept making eye contact with me. So I stared at him and licked my lips really
slowly. He stuttered and lost his place for like five seconds. So yeah, I think
it was me."

Monday morning, Amber agreed to bring Cindy into our little ring of sluts. That
afternoon, during some free time, I typed up a list of instructions for her.
Essentially, she was to cease wearing any undergarments (to the extent practical
with her bustline), keep her pussy waxed clean as necessary, get her nipples and
clitoris pierced with rings to match the one in her navel, and be prepared to
expose herself to or service anyone Amber or I told her to. If she found this
agreeable, she was to place her panties in my center desk drawer. Then I sealed
the instructions in an the envelope and stuck it in her box in the lounge.
An hour later, after returning from the bathroom between classes, I found her
panties in my desk. The crotch was still damp.

On my way to football practice that afternoon, I came upon Amber and Meredith
sitting in one corner of the quad. They both grinned at me.
"So Mr. B.," Meredith began, "Amber was telling me about your little faculty
conference this weekend."
"Did you talk to Miss Reynolds today?" Amber asked.
I explained what I had done, then discreetly showed them the panties. Both jaws
dropped, and Meredith began laughing.
"Are those really hers?" Meredith asked.
"Unless someone else stuck them there."
She reached for them, and I handed them over. She inspected them gingerly, then
handed them back.
"Eww. Teachers wear such boring underwear."
I grinned.
"Not anymore, at least not in her case."
"So, like, what are we going to do with her?" Amber asked.
"Whatever you want to. Use your imagination."
"We should make her wear a dildo and a butt plug all the time. To school, you
know? Make her try to teach that way."
Meredith laughed in disbelief.
"God, you guys are awful."
"She's yours as much as Amber's," I said to her. "If you want her."
Meredith's face paled a little as she absorbed this.
"So, like . . . if I wanted her to eat me out, she would?"
"Yes. Do you want her to?"
"Uh." She glanced at Amber. "You mean right now?"
I took my clipboard and wrote a quick note: Cindy: Please show Meredith what a
good pussy-eater you are--Mike. I tore it off and handed it to her. She stared
at it in awe."
Her classes are over for the day. You can probably still catch her."
The two of them looked at each other and began giggling.
"I have to go to practice. Have fun."

Football went well enough. My players, having realized that they were better
than they had thought, were now doing their best to live up to their new
expectations. We had a good workout, and things began breaking up around dusk.
Tommy Nelson approached me as I was packing up my gear. His slightly nervous
manner and the way he seemed to make sure no one else was in earshot told me
what he was about to ask me.
"What's up, Tommy?"
"Um, about the Bet, I know you told us all not to talk about it or anything--"
"Yes, I did."
"I know. It's just, some of the guys, we kind of want to, just, you know, be
sure what it is you're going to do."
I stared at him for a second or two.
"I'm not going to say it, Tommy. You guys should have figured it out by now. I
mean, if I was just talking about a party, I could be more explicit, you
understand? I'm not going to be explicit about this."
"But . . . that is what you're going to do, right?"
He laughed nervously.
"Okay. I got it. Thanks, coach."
"You haven't earned it yet anyway."
"I know. We will, coach. I swear we will. It's just two more games."
"I know you can do it. Just prove it to me."
"We will, coach."
He turned and jogged off toward the other players.
Two more games. Two more games, and then I would have to turn Amber over to
them. I walked unsteadily off the field, trying not to come in my pants.

When I got to my car, I found Amber and Meredith waiting for me, both of them
wearing big grins on their faces.
"Well?" I said.
"She's not that great," Meredith said slyly. "She got me off, but she's not that
great." She reached over and played with Amber's hair for a second or two.
"Amber's a lot better."
"Cindy has very little practice. She'll get better at it."
I looked around to be sure we were alone. I saw nobody else in the parking lot.
"How did it go?"
"We just walked into her room and shut the door," Amber said. "She looked a
little shocked when she saw us, especially Meredith, but when I showed her your
note, she got right to work."
"She did me right on her desk," Meredith said.
"Me too," Amber said giggling.
"And then?"
"We made her get herself off," Amber said. "I made her fuck herself with a big
magic marker."
I laughed.
"Poor Cindy. I need to get home. You girls need a ride?"
Meredith laughed.
"Yeah, a ride. We need a ride, all right."
"A long, hard ride," Amber said.
They both stared at me, eyes big and horny. Meredith gnawed briefly on her lower
lip, fighting a grin.
"Your folks aren't going to wonder where you are?"
Amber shrugged.
"They're being normal, for now. Like I told you."
They got in the car, and we drove back to my house.

Meredith and Amber went straight down to the basement to inspect my little
dungeon. I followed them down with an armload of beer. They were fiddling with
the stocks when I came down.
"You locked Miss Reynolds up in this?" Meredith asked.
She stood up, looking at the ropes in the ceiling. Then she turned to Amber.
"Let me tie you up."
Amber glanced at me, but I motioned for them to continue. Meredith attached the
collars to Amber's wrists and pulled her into position.
"What should I do to her?"
"Undress her first."
She pushed Amber's T-shirt up over her tits, then unbuttoned her jeans and
tugged them down. In a few moments, Amber was nearly naked. Meredith played with
her clit ring briefly, smiling at me. Then she reached around and smacked Amber
on the butt.
I found the yardstick and handed it to her.
I sat down with my beer and watched as Meredith swatted Amber repeatedly. Every
now and then, she would stop and reach between Amber's legs, rubbing her
briskly. Amber's face fogged with arousal, and she was soon flushed and gasping
for breath. Finally, as Meredith played with her, she shuddered and came
quietly. Her head sagged and she went limp in the restraints.
Meredith grinned at me.
"This is pretty cool."
"What's sauce for the goose should be sauce for the other goose."
Her forehead wrinkled.
"It's only fair that you let Amber reciprocate."
Understanding bloomed.
She helped Amber out of the restraints and began undressing. When she got down
her panties, she stopped and turned to me.
"Oh, hey. Check it out."
She pushed her panties down, and I saw that she was as bald as Amber now.
"Nice. Shaved?"
"Yeah. 'Cause there's no way I could get a wax. Like it?"
"Yes. Actually, I'll take you to get waxed if you want."
She glanced at Amber.
"That would be cool. Thanks."
They reversed position, and Amber tied Meredith up. She began swatting her
friend, who took a little while to get into it. But instead of using her
fingers, once she had Meredith's butt nice and red, Amber dropped to the floor
in front of her and began eating her. Meredith went limp, writhing around, and
came in a few minutes.
We went upstairs after that and fucked in a variety of positions for about an
hour. I ordered a pizza, and the girls lounged around my bedroom eating it in
the nude.

"Mr. B?"
Meredith was lying on her stomach across the bed, finishing off a piece of
pizza. One calf was up, and she was twitching it back and forth in time to the
music on my stereo. Amber sat beside me against the headboard, reading my copy
of "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty."
"I had an idea."
"Which was what?"
"Have you ever been to a rave?"
"My sister Jessica is coming home for the weekend. She's going to the University
of Colorado, and the two of us usually go out partying when she comes home. I
thought we could all go with her."
"I don't know."
"Wait. This is the cool part. We'll bring Miss Reynolds and make her have sex
with people. Like give away free blow jobs and stuff."
Amber laughed.
"I love it. Let's do it."
I cocked my eyebrow at Meredith.
"Your sister wouldn't see anything wrong with that?"
She shook her head.
"No way. She's into stuff like that. S&M, you know? She's got pierced nips like
Amber, plus she has this totally awesome dragon tat on her back. It's huge, like
all the way from her butt to her shoulders. My mom hates it, but I think it's
really cool."
"What does she look like?" Amber asked.
Meredith shrugged.
"Sorta like me, I guess. Red hair and all. But she's taller. And bigger boobs. I
think she'd get off on what you guys have got going. I'd like to see what would
happen if we all got together."
"The three of us, plus her and Cindy?"
Meredith grinned.
"All right. Ask her and see what she thinks."

The next night, I got a call from Meredith informing me that not only was her
sister willing to go along with this idea but that she was "totally psyched"
about it. There was indeed a rave going on somewhere not far away, and Jessica
had the line on getting us there.
"Oh, and, um, you do know that everyone will be doing drugs at this thing,
"Mostly just E and acid."
"Oh. Well, that's not really my thing, but if you guys want to indulge, go
"I've never done acid, but I like E. It gets you really horny."
I suddenly had an idea.
"Do you think you could get us some beforehand?"
She laughed.
"What, are you changing your mind now?"
"Not for me. For Cindy."
"Ohhh. Gotcha. I'll ask Jessica."
I called Cindy immediately after hanging up with Meredith.
"How would you like to go to a gangbang this weekend?"
I heard her gasp over the line.
"A what?"
"You heard me. The girls and I are going to a rave this weekend. They wanted to
take you along for some extra entertainment. You're going to be the party
A few moments of silence.
"Yes or no?"
"I--I--" Her voice trailed off.
"It's up to you. But if the answer is 'no,' you can consider our arrangement
I heard a quiet whimper. She didn't answer me for a few seconds.
"Okay," she said softly.
"This is going to be mostly kids, so no more of that high-class hooker nonsense.
Dress to look as young as you can. Slutty, but young. If I don't like what you
show up wearing, I may just make you go in the nude, okay?"
"All right."
"Good. Be at my place around nine."
I hung up.

We conveniently did not have a game that weekend, so we began assembling at my
place on Friday night. Amber showed up at seven, wearing very low-cut hiphugger
jeans and a spandex bra top. It was tight and thin enough to make her nipple
rings quite obvious.
"Is this okay?"
"Meredith and I pulled a double whammy with our folks," she said grinning. "They
think we're spending the night at each other's houses. So we can stay out as
late as we want."
Meredith and her sister showed up a little later. Jessica proved to be a
slightly older, taller, curvier version of her sister. She wore jeans and a
short T-shirt, exposing the stud in her navel, and from the ample jiggle behind
the shirt, she didn't appear to be wearing a bra. Meredith had on her usual
skategirl threads, cargo pants and an olive-green Hurley T-shirt.
She introduced me to her sister.
"This is Mr. B. Mr. B, this is Jessica."
She gave me an appraisal that came dangerously close to being a leer.
"Hey," she said.
"Nice to meet you."
She looked around the living room.
"So, like where's this slave of yours?"
"Not here yet."
Amber introduced herself. Jessica gave her another once-over.
"Mere said you've got your nips pierced."
"Can I see?"
Betraying only a little surprise, Amber pulled her top up. Jessica reached out
to tweak the ring in her left nipple.
"Pretty hot. I've got studs in mine. Never been much for rings."
"Show them your tat," Meredith said.
Jessica nonchalantly pulled her T-shirt over her head and turned around. Her
breasts were full and nicely formed, pierced with silver studs, but the tat was
definitely the main attraction. She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down a
few inches to show the whole thing off, a Chinese-style dragon stretching from
her butt-crack to her shoulder blades."
Wow," Amber said.
"How long did that take to do?" I asked.
"A few weeks, with all the detail."
"I like it."
"Me too," Amber said.
"I want to get something like it," Meredith said, "only I'm thinking like a
tiger or a panther."
"That big?" Amber asked.
"I can't decide."
The doorbell rang.
"That should be Cindy," I said.
I found her on the doorstep, wearing a black lycra miniskirt and a white halter
top. She had no make-up on and her hair was loose around her face. She indeed
looked quite a bit younger, as I had instructed.
She stood there nervously waiting for my judgment on her outfit.
"That will do. Come in."
She followed me back to the living room, where Jessica was still topless. Cindy
quivered for a moment when she saw Jessica but stood her ground.
"This is her."
Jessica leered at her, and Cindy's eyes dropped to the floor.
"Nice tits," Jessica said.
"Which I reminds me," I said, "you were supposed to get your nips and your clit
pierced this week. Let's see it."
Hands shaking, Cindy disrobed. Through both nipples and her clitoris were gold
rings matching the one in her navel. The flesh around each was still red and
swollen. Jessica walked up and took Cindy's clit ring between her fingers. She
began twisting it slowly."
Does this hurt?"
Cindy whimpered.
Jessica gave it a final tweak and laughed.
"I like her."
She finally put her top back on, and I let Cindy get dressed. Jessica went to
call for the directions for the rave and returned a minute later.
"Okay. It's a couple of hours from here, so we should probably go."
The five of us piled into my car, and we got on the road.

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