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The Pavilion

Part III

Barry turned to Penny. "From this night forward, you are my
slave. You will wear the purple collar of the slave in training.
Other slaves always wear the green collar." Barry placed a
purple collar on Penny's neck. It had two solid rings attached,
one in front and one in back, and was fastened in back with a
padlock. Only the club manager had the key. Barry continued,
"If you do well, you will be awarded the green collar at the end
of the week of training. But now, we must begin. For your
ceremony, you shall endure the sequence of torment, pain, and
pleasure in any order I decide is fitting. You will never know
what to expect next. You will be punished for your past
infractions against me and to allow you to know what you will
receive if the infractions continue. You shall receive pleasure
because it pleases me and because I love you, in spite of what
you may think at this moment. As the first step in your
training, you must endure torment. First, you will be tormented
by being stripped naked in front of this audience to receive
further training."
Penny's struggles took on a new level of effort. She
couldn't believe he would actually strip her naked in front of
all these people. And in such a revealing, lewd, vulgar
gurgled into her gag. Her mind screamed in revulsion, but she
felt him slowly begin to unbutton her skirt as he continued to
talk to her and the audience at the same time.
Barry continued, "I am going to undo all the fasteners on
your clothing, and will strip you very slowly. I want you to
feel the humiliation of gradually increasing nakedness and
Penny felt him slowly unbuttoning the left side of her
skirt, then the right, until it was basically two pieces of cloth
hanging loosely, but still covering her. Then she felt the hot
breeze of the evening as the bottom piece of skirt fell to the
floor beneath her, revealing her ass to anyone behind her. Not
being able to move her head, she did not know who was back there,
but assumed Greg and Jim (if that was their true names) were
still there. Barry slowly undid the sides of her top, and
carefully undid the shoulder ties, allowing the back of the top
to fall away. Penny was now totally nude in the back! Her semi-
reclining position prevented her skirt and top from falling away
from her front.
"You are now prepared to greet your audience with your
naked body. Your position allows your most intimate parts to be
on full display. You have no choice but to endure this
humiliation. It is part of your training. Now I shall slowly
display your body!"

Barry gradually lowered the shoulder straps until the tops
of her breasts were exposed, then began to raise the bottom of
the blouse. Penny could only mew into her gag and stare in
disbelief as her breasts were increasingly exposed to the leering
eyes of the audience! At last, her breasts were covered only by
a thin roll of blouse across her nipples. Penny was breathing
hard. Barry swept away the blouse in one final motion, and
Penny's magnificent breasts were on full display! The audience
roared and clapped its approval! Before she could fully
comprehend her humiliation, she felt Barry lowering the waist of
her skirt front. He slowly and teasingly rolled it down to the
level of a bikini line, and began to fold the sides inward toward
her crotch. Penny was very still now, fearing any sudden motion
would cause the skirt front to fall away, leaving her naked pussy
gaping before the myriad of eyes. Barry folded her skirt front
so that it covered only her only as a bikini bottom would, with a
trailing piece of cloth hanging down between her legs. The
thickness of the wad of cloth clung tenuously to her pussy. The
added weight of the trailing, hanging piece made its continued
covering more tenuous. Only her semi-reclining position kept it
from sliding to the floor.
"I will not strip you further, my lover. You will be
responsible for exposing your pussy," Barry announced.
Penny continued to lie very still, slowing her breathing,
and able to only stare down at her near-nudity. Barry bent over
and began to lick and suck her left nipple as the fingers of his
left hand began a lazy pattern of light circles around the
outside of her right breast. The double sensation of sucking and
tickling was suddenly maddening, and Penny began to squirm
uncontrollably, in spite of her best efforts. With the first
wiggle, the neatly folded skirt began to slide off Penny's gaping
pussy. Penny felt the piece of cloth giving way, and tried
desperately to lie still. The skirt continued its path to the
floor, and she suddenly felt the cool breeze hit her exposed
Suddenly Barry stopped his maddening torture, and Penny
became fully aware that she was naked before her audience, except
for stockings, heels, and garter belt! She was not only naked,
she was totally displayed! Her legs, spread and tied wide as
they were, opened and totally exposed her pussy. The position of
her arms accented her magnificent tits! Although she could not
bend her neck, she could look down with her eyes and see the
position in which she was presented to the audience. She looked
down past her thrust, taught breasts with their large, pink
areolae and nipples, down across her flat belly, toward a golden
triangle of pussy hair. Although she could not see past the
pussy hair, she was aware of the view the audience had between
her legs! She struggled to close her legs, lower her hands. All
she could do was raise her hips, which only displayed her gaping
cunt more brazenly, framed by the garter belt and stocking tops,
to the lustful gaze of the audience. But even this scant amount
of covering, sensual as it was, was to be denied her. Slowly,
Barry undid the garter snaps, rolled down her hose, removed her
heels, and Penny was totally nude, gorgeous in her crushing

But her indignity was only beginning! Barry slowly began
running his hands over her body lightly as he continued to talk
to the audience. "You will notice her light, flawless skin. Her
rather ample breasts. Her pink and brown areolae, and how they
stand out pertly, even though her breasts are somewhat flattened.
Her flat abdomen. Her smooth, slim, tapered legs and ankles.
And her pussy, her pussy. I can't describe the delights it
gives me. Notice how pink it is, and how her inner lips protrude
slightly from her outer ones! Notice how it gapes apart ever so
slightly when her legs are apart as they are now. Notice how her
clit peeks out just slightly from its hood. It sticks out even
more when it's swollen from excitement." Barry slowly slid his
finger up and down her moist slit, brushing gently across her
clit as his finger taunted her. He slowly flicked it in and out
of her cunt as it moved up and down--in and out her cunt, up and
across her clit, back down, in and out her cunt again, and
quickly down and up grazing across her budding asshole, toward
her cunt again.
Although she was totally mortified at being exposed and
manipulated, she felt the wantonness growing in her loins. As he
toyed with her, she tried frantically to either increase the
pressure or escape. She could do nothing but mew meaningless
sounds into her gag. The show she was presenting was meeting
everyone's expectations! Release would be total humiliation.
She both HOPED he would let her come, and DREADED whether he
But release was far away in Barry's mind. He abruptly
stopped his manipulations, and continued to address his audience.
"But slaves must be naked for training! She is not quite
Penny could not imagine how she could be more naked!
"The most important part of the female slave is still
partially covered from view! She must be stripped of her pussy
hair so her cunt is totally visible and available. As all of you
know, it also increases the sensitivity of the area!"
Penny struggled anew! To be shaved! In public! But she
knew just has he had actually stripped and fingered her in
public, he would shave her!

Barry walked over to a table and brought back a pair of
scissors with which he proceeded to begin trimming her bush. He
snipped the long hair everywhere. He then brought out a roll of
adhesive tape and tore off three strips about a foot long each.
Penny watched in horror as he applied the three strips from her
lower belly down across her pussy to her ass. She could only
await the pain of their removal. Suddenly, Barry grabbed the
tail of the right strip and yanked it off, pulling the excess cut
hair away, as well as several strands of hair not yet cut. Penny
yelled uncontrollably in her mind, but only mewing sounds escaped
her gag. Her eyes widened, and her head shook from side to side,
as Barry slowly reached for the left strip. This time, he
removed it slowly, each inch bringing slow agony to Penny's
pussy. She could do nothing but watch in horror as his fingers
grasped the center strip. He quickly pulled it up from the
bottom to the clit and stopped. Penny was allowed to recover
temporarily from the pain before he reached up and pulled the top
part down quickly to the clit, and stopped again. Finally, he
slowly teased the tape off the clit, bringing another bout of
prolonged agony to Penny's pussy. Stubble still remained, but
Penny's cunt was still covered with copious amounts of blonde
"The shaving couldn't be this bad," she thought, tears in
her eyes. She was wrong!
"Shaving is temporary. We need something a bit more
permanent, like a wax depilitorizing!" Barry announced to the
onlookers, triumphantly!
Barry went over to the table and brought back a large, black
candle. He lit it in front of a now wide-eyed and struggling
Penny. "I think you should get a taste of how hot wax feels
before we set to depilitorizing your pussy."
He held the candle about two feet above Penny’s left breast
and slowly tipped the candle over. Three drops of hot wax hit
Penny's left nipple. Her struggles and mews took on a much more
urgent character, but were equally useless. Barry proceeded to
her right nipple, covered both nipples completely, and proceeded
directly to the top of her pussy hair. Although the pain of each
drop was only momentary, Barry's timing was such that, as one
drop's pain reached peak and began to subside, he made another
hit a bit lower. Penny's screams continued incessantly through
the gag.
Barry stopped the waxing, and started sliding his finger up
and down her slit once again. Penny began to moan in spite of
her fear. Just as she began to near climax, he tipped the candle
over her pussy hair and began to cover it solidly in hot wax.
Penny bucked her hips anew in pain and revulsion. Hot wax went
everywhere except over her clit and into her pussy hole itself.
Finally, her entire pussy and each nipple was covered with black
wax. Her contrastingly pink clit was erect and unshielded, and
her inner pussy lips were swollen and stiff. Her love hole was
gaping and wet. She knew what she had endured was nothing
compared with what was to follow.
Barry spoke. "Now the wax must be removed to accomplish the
depilitorizing. The process must be done slowly and with great
deliberation. I will start with the nipples, and proceed
Barry slowly peeled off the wax covering both nipples.
In addition to the dry wax sticking to the nipples, Penny had
just enough hair surrounding each nipple that it was like she
could feel each one being jerked out by its roots. Penny
uselessly tried to avoid the tearing wax by shaking her breasts
from side to side. All she accomplished was to give the audience
a great show!
Barry then proceeded to Penny's cunt. The pain was more
terrible than Penny could have ever imagined! As Barry slowly
teased the wax down her pussy, she could again feel the thousands
of hairs being torn screaming from their sockets. Penny tried to
break her bonds, to move her head, to shake from side to side, to
close her legs, all uselessly. If the screams of the hairs could
have been heard, they would have been louder than those Penny
could get past the gag. She could hump her pussy up and down a
bit in a vain attempt to get away from Barry's burning fingers,
but, again, all she accomplished was to give the audience an even
better view of her tortured pussy.
All Penny could do was watch Barry's torturing hands peel
the wax slowly down toward her gaping cunt, ripping each hair as
he went. She had no choice but to endure. Although her mind was
a fog of pain, she became increasingly aware of a tingling in her
clit, and of her pussy juices flowing copiously. She was totally
revolted and humiliated!
Barry finally finished. He waited for Penny to catch her
breath and recover a bit, then brought out a bottle.
"After the 'shave,' we need 'aftershave!' He poured the
sweet-smelling liquid over Penny's tits and pussy! It took a
second or two for the full impact of the alcohol to hit Penny's
senses! But it built quickly, caused her to struggle with a new
fierceness, mew with a new determination, and was quickly gone.
Penny looked down. Her nipples were sticking out triumphantly,
and, although she could not see her pussy lips, she could see no
pussy hair. She looked completely bald! However, Barry knew
that there were still a few hairs between her cunt and asshole,
and around her asshole. These would remain for another session.

"I now present your properly prepared slave initiate for the
week, Penny!" The audience roared its approval. Barry released
Penny from the device, crossed her hands and handcuffed them
behind her, and attached a leash to the purple collar locked on
her neck. He led her over to the table where they had been
seated earlier in the evening. The table now had two center
bolsters placed parallel with one another about two feet apart,
and had straps attached at each end. The tops of the bolsters
were depressed. Penny was instructed to kneel with each lower
leg in each bolster. She was strapped to the bolsters at the
ankle and knee. The right wrist was clamped to the left ankle,
and vice-versa. The bolsters were attached to the table so they
would not slide. The position caused Penny to sit well back and
stick out her chest. With her legs two feet apart and a good
eight inches off the table, the position also offered her bald
pussy for inspection and fondling.
"Each night," Barry continued, "you will be fed early, and
be led here to be the centerpiece during dinner. You will be
blindfolded and gagged during this period so you cannot see what
is about to happen to you, who is causing it to happen, nor
protest the acts which you must endure. Your body will be
available to all the members during this time for pleasure as
they see fit, but they may not move you from that position or
remove your gag or blindfold. Following dinner, you will
continue to be the evening's entertainment. In this manner, the
members can follow your progress during the initiation period."

The club manager then announced that the "official"
entertainment was over for the evening. Penny shuddered at the
word "official," but didn't know just why. The members left, and
Penny was alone in the pavilion with Barry. She was furious, and
tried to express her feelings. She could only mew through her
gag. Barry released her from the bolsters, but kept her hands
handcuffed behind her back. He removed her blindfold so she
could see where she was to go. When she tried to kick him, he
handcuffed her ankles with a 1' chain between them, causing her
to have to hobble. He led her by her leash, gagged, naked,
barefoot, and bound, down the sidewalk, through the compound in
the dark, and back to the door of their room.

-----------------To be continued in Part IV

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