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Collected by Djian
update march 10 - 2008

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(FFF/ff , nc, humiliation, exhib, costume)

Halloween Trilogy I
by Blair

Well what do you think?

OH MY GOSH!! How can you wear something like that Beth?

Blair was embarrassed just looking at the black leather costume. Though her
roommate did not have it on she could only imagine how she would appear in the
long shiny black leather skirt and matching belly shirt with long sleeves. She
had never seen anything like it before and it was definitely kinky even for her

"You are missing the best part" Beth said as she held up a leather hood.
Blair reached out to hold the black mask. There was an opening for her nose,
eyes and mouth but the later two had zippers. The area by the ears was mesh so
the wearer could hear.

"The opening at the top is for my hair to stick out of" Beth told Blair as she
examined it. The hood was also zippered in the back to secure it to the

What are the snaps for?

Those go on collar. Beth explained as she showed Blair the collar on the top
was very high.

"Oh" was all Blair could utter. Beth laughed at her roommate's embarrassment.
Best friends since high school Beth always was the wilder of the two and she
enjoyed doing things that embarrassed Blair. They had gone to the same college
and were roommates.

Though they were very close they hung around different circles. As Beth moved
into erotica Blair stayed the moderate. A couple of times Beth would bring
her friend to parties but she never really enjoyed herself with the outlandish
personalities. She was always self conscious. It did not both either of them
that they only had a few friends in common.

You are going to miserable wearing that... costume Blair said as she gave the
hood back.

"It's not really that bad I had it on at the store and with my tummy exposed it
was actually comfortable."


Several days later Beth began feel ill. Rather than stay home she kept going
to work which unfortunately for her by the weekend she was vomiting and was
very feverish. She had her heart set on the Halloween Party. It was by
invitation only and was going to be a very wild time. Saturday came and she
was bed ridden. Blair took care of her and gave her Nyquil () every four hours
by evening she was feeling better but could do nothing but sleep.

The last of the trick or treaters came and went and Blair was putting the candy
away when her eyes fell upon the invitation on the counter. She picked it up
and studied it. The address was in the warehouse district. She wished she could
be more like Beth and have a wild side but her shyness always got the best of
her. She poured herself a glass of wine, turned the TV on and sat down.
Her eyes kept drifting to the invitation she had set on the coffee table as her
mind drifted to what the party would be like.

She got up to check on Beth. She was very out but resting comfortably. She saw
the leather costume hanging on the closet door. She went to it and ran the
leather through her fingers. It was cool to the touch.

Impulsively she took the hanger, picked up the shoes Beth had set on the floor
and went to her room.

She laid the outfit out on her bed and looked at it. Her eyes fell to the
hood. If I wear that no one will recognize me and maybe I'll finally be able
to let my hair down she thought.

She removed her jeans and blouse. Hesitated and then took her bra off. She
was nervous but excited at the same time doing something so out of the ordinary
for her. She picked up the skirt to put it on then stopped.

She had pink cotton panties on. She smiled to herself and thought if I am
going to be naughty I might as well go all the way as she slid them off.
Fortunately she had the same build as Beth and the skirt fit.... like a glove.
She had to wiggle her behind to get it all the way up. Though it was zippered
in the back there was material which prevented it from opening all the way. Who
ever designed this sure didn't want anyone getting in or out of it easily she

She looked at herself in the mirror. The shiny black leather hugged her slender
hips and long legs. She turned and looked at her behind in the mirror. GOD I

She moved to walk to the bed for the top and almost fell over. The skirt was
so snug she could only take baby steps. This will make dancing a bit
difficult she muttered.

The top zippered up the front. She did not notice for some reason when Beth
showed her the costume the first time the sleeves did not end at the wrist but
had leather gloves stitched into them. She also noticed clips at the elbows and
wrists. She shrugged at those and put her hands and arms into the sleeves.
She struggled a bit as she zipped it all the way up to the top of the collar.
The material had very little give and her full round 36C breasts where quite a
bit larger than Beth's. The collar was very stiff and uncomfortable.

She was stunned when she looked in the mirror. She could feel her breasts
being pushed flat and together but her image in the mirror did not fit the
physical feel. The curves of the shiny black leather made them look bigger
than ever. Her white belly really accented the black. Any hesitation she had
at using Beth's invitation to sneak into the party disappeared. She loved how
she looked!

I should have done these first she thought as she could barely bend to put the
shoes on. The black footwear had 5" inch heels. Much higher than what she had
ever worn. Well I know I won't be moving fast in this get up she thought with
a smile.

She picked up the hood and gingerly made her way to get the invitation and then
to the garage and her car. Boy the only thing really comfortable to do is
stand she thought.

Her bravado began to disappear she neared the location of the party. Maybe
this is a mistake. I don't belong at something like this. Her courage returned
when she was waiting in line for the valet and saw the some of the other
costumes. The ones she saw were very, very skimpy. At least I'm covered she

She took the valet's hand as he helped her out of her car. She could sense him
looking her slowly over. "You'll need this" he said as he held the hood out
the window. She blushed at her forgetfulness and embarrassment of just having
it. "No one is allowed in without a mask" he told her.

She went straight into the ladies room to put the last piece of her costume on.
She made sure the eye and mouth openings were unzipped and put her face into
the black leather.

She did not realize it at first but with her hands above her head trying to
pull her shoulder length brunette hair thought the opening at the top the
bottom of her breasts began to expose themselves as the top rode up on her.
"Let us help you" Blair lowered her arms as she felt someone finish pulling
her hair through the opening. Someone else pulled her shoulders down so she
was in a bowing position to help to other. All she could see were the red
shoes and bare legs of the person holding her shoulders down. The other person
pulled the leather hood tightly and quickly zipped it.

Blair gasped at the reflection in the mirror. The only skin showing was her
nose, lips, belly and ..... "Oops don't want these showing" she said with
laughter as she noticed the top had ridden up quite a bit. She was surprised
at how confident she felt being hidden behind the leather.

"At least not yet" the girl to her left said smiling.

That is when Blair noticed the two girls helping her were dressed only in see
through lingerie. They had masks covering their eyes but it was the leather
collars around their necks that caught her gaze.

"Than...." Blair noticed that talking took a effort as the hood kept her face
snug and never finished thanking them.

"I'm Maureen and that's Lori"

Here let us finish you" Maureen said as both her and Lori began snapping the
hood to the collar.

Her costume complete Blair realized she could only turn her head by turning her
upper body also. She was enthralled with looking at her self in the mirror and
ignored the two girls that helped her.

They turned and walked away at her coldness. "What a bitch" She heard one of
them say.


Blair was having a great time at the party. She was getting lots of looks and
felt terrific about it. She had several glasses of wine which combined with
no on knowing her actually made her very extroverted.

She danced with several men. Dancing was well a relative term. she was on the
dance floor but could only swing her hips with the skin tight leather skirt and
heels on. She did not even mind being fondled as she moved through the crowded
room. No one knew her and the attention was terrific.

She wound up dancing spending a lot of time with a shirtless chiseled man also
in a leather hood and collar.

"So are you into the scene? He asked.
Not wanting to be seem out of place at all she enthusiastically said she was.
She added she loved the "scene" and wished it would never end.
She thought he was talking about the party.

She saw him break into a wide smile at her comment. "Are you collared by

Confused at what that meant she tried to be coy. "Only by myself but you never
know. You?"

He gestured to his collar and noticed it was held on by a lock.
She smiled. "I should get one like that"
Really? I have someone you HAVE to meet then"

He said he would be right back and left her standing alone. This guy is REALLY
nice she thought to herself and I really want to see his face. She began
thinking of the possibilities of latter in the night

He came back with a stunning blonde. Also in black leather. She must have been
over 6 ft tall with large breasts barely contained by her bustier. Her short
shorts and boots accented her long legs. Her blue eyes were mesmerizing behind
her mask.

"My slave tells me you want to be collared"
The music and hood made it difficult to hear. Blair thought she heard the word
slave and played along. "Oh yes I love his collar and would love one like it."

"You are un-collared then?"

Not understanding Blair only nodded yes.

She looked Blair over and told her to turn around. Blair did. She turned and
said something then walked away.

"What was that about?" She did not get a verbal answer.

Smiling broadly he took Blair's wrists and put them behind her back. "Keep them
there" She did smiling back at him. He turned her around and put the wrist
clips together. He squeezed her elbows and clipped those together also. She
was surprised at this but he was grinning at her. With her back arched her
breasts were forced way forward. "I can't wait to see these" he said as he ran
his hands over the front of her leather top. She saw the tall blonde

She held something in her hand but Blair could not see it. She started to ask a
question but was cut off as he held her leather covered chin and zipped her
mouth opening closed. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as she mumbled a

She said something to him. He leaned in and told Blair "Mistress does not have
a collar but this is actually better till later."

"Mistress what are you talking about what later" All that came out though
where mumbles.

Blair wanted to run or scream but could do neither as the blonde called
Mistress untangled a chain and ring in front of her eyes. She casually,
casually for her but in terror for Blair, opened the spring loaded ring closed
it harshly on Blair's septum. Tears welded up. When she saw this she zipped
the eye opening closed.

Blair was locked in darkness, unable to speak and worse of all had a temporary
nose ring.

A tug on the leash attached to the nose ring made Blair quickly and obediently

She felt the cool night air on her belly and began shaking. Was it the cold or

What Blair could not see was the blonde holding the leashes of four slaves of
which she now one. Another was her new "friend" the other two were Maureen
and Lori. Who smiled knowing the bitch's future and how miserable they would
make it for her.


Beth woke up Sunday morning. Blair was no where around. She thought it odd
there was no note and her clothes from Saturday were on the floor on her room
along with her lingerie. She panicked when she realized her costume and the
invitation were gone.

When Blair did not return Beth called the police and was told to wait three
days before filing a missing person's report. Her friend probably got drunk
and was still in some guys bed was all the sympathy she got.

Three days came and went and Blair still did not call or show. The police
investigated and talked to as many people at the party as they could but no one
knew Blair or could recognize her picture.
Beth never saw Blair again.


Two weeks later.
Who is this one?
"Just a new slave being trained"
Does she have a name?
"Never thought to ask."
"What are your plans for her"

Shrugging " The training is going slow and her performance has been
disappointing. Her time is running out. There is a sale next month and I know
several Japanese buyers who would love to take her off my hands. "

"I bet they love breaking American women."
"Let's have some lunch it will be about 3 hours before this session is

They walked out of the room leaving the two female slaves to their task.
The bald female's head hung from exhaustion. The pole between her legs split
and filled both her holes to the their fullest. The vibration from the pole
gave her yet another fierce orgasm.

Bathe in sweat her legs were stretched out to the sides and cuffed to the
floor. Her arms tied behind her. Rope covered her elbow to wrist. The end of
the rope was tied to a floor ring.

Leaning back her front was completely exposed and covered in red welts. Her
large breasts were a favorite target. To add to her misery rope circled the
bases of her breasts causing them to balloon obscenely.

Her nipple, clit and nose ring made very inviting targets. The one trainer
picked up a whip made of what used to be the bound girl's brunette hair and

Eyes were swollen from crying non stop and even with a rubber phallic gag
filling her mouth she kept pleading her case.

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