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Collected by Djian
update dec 5 - 2010

WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced
sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only,
and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar

TheDarkCloud stories"

The Whore Next Door

Being a single guy has its advantages I guess. Like when you really are in need of a down and dirty blow job you don't have to worry about phoning up an advert for "an erotic massage" and arranging it.

So that's what I did Saturday morning, arranged an appointment with Collette. She claimed on the phone to be 18 years old, busty and willing to suck my cock (with condom) for a mere £40.

The address she gave me was in a pretty shitty area of the city but I wasn't worried. At 42 I had seen most that life had to offer, both good and bad (mostly bad). I arrived and rang the buzzer her voice sounded sexier than it had on the phone (maybe she wasn't lying about her age after all) as she invited me up to the third floor flat. I knocked and waited an erection already growing in my pants.

I was feeling horny and nasty, a bad combination for me I knew exactly what I wanted from this whore. I would pay her then tell her. I wanted be as abusive and mean as I could to her for the duration, I would call her all the nasty names I could think of, order her to undress then demand she crawled over to me, unzipped my cock and force her to deep throat me while I cursed up a storm. Like I said down and dirty, nasty cocksucking at its best!

I smiled to myself as the door cracked open but then when I saw Collette I was stunned into silence.

I knew her! She knew me! Her name really was Collette (seriously what whore uses her own fucking name?! And she really was 18 years old! She was the teenage daughter of the couple who lived in the house across the road from me.

It's funny Frank had been so proud just a few weeks ago when he told me Collette had got a part time job and was bringing in cash to the home. I guess he wouldn't be so proud if he knew how she made it!

I had watched her grow up since they moved in six years ago and yeah I had always thought she was pretty nice looking, albeit in a plump kind of way, but she had a cute face and nice big tits and I had caught myself leering at her a few time recently.

Instinctively I knew she had far more to hide than I did and the shocked look on her face told its own story. I shut up and stared at her and let her speak.

"John! Oh God! This isn't what it looks like. I mean, well, I guess, you know. Please don't tell mum or dad, it would kill them."

"You mean they don't know you're a whore?" I emphasised the last word harshly and smiled as she winced at it. My mind was already spinning with the filthy opportunities this possessed.

"No! They couldn't handle this! I'm just trying to help them pay the bills, they think I work in a bar. Please. Don't tell them. I won't tell anyone about you either. Please just go and let's just pretend neither of us did this!"

She made to shut the door but it stopped against my outstretched foot.

"But Collette, who would you tell about me? Your folks? I don't think so. No let's be clear I'm not the one that wants to hide anything. You are. So I suggest you let me in and we can work something out because I'll tell you something, I came her to get my cock sucked by some cheap, dumb cunt and I won't leave until that happens!"

Stupid girl was nearly in tears as I spoke and she opened the door to let me in. God I was going to enjoy this.


Once the door was shut I demanded of her "Who else is here? Is it just us?"

She was frightened and thrown and rather than a lie she admitted it was just the two of us, she shared this flat with five other girls and this was her allotted time.

"Good lets get started then!" I barked.

I think it was only then that the penny finally dropped for the bitch, I was still going ahead with this. I waved aside her protests as we entered a dingy bedroom and explained to her how things were going to be.

"First, you'll still get paid, just maybe not as much as you were getting originally, you'll get it after Ok, not the usual I know but these aren't usual circumstances are they? Second you'll do exactly as I say for the session, no arguments, you just obey me and you get paid and I keep your filthy secret. Thirdly, no condoms, shut up, I mean it you'll take me as I am and fucking well like it. And fourth, well we'll see about that. Understand?"

She nodded and tried to pull herself together but it looked more likely she'd burst into tears.

"Better harden up if you want to be a Pro Collette."

As she stood pouting I took a moment to appraise her this close up. She was, appropriately enough, dressed like a cheap tart. Her make up was overdone, her black Basque was at least a size too small for her ample bosom and her black stocking and knickers looked like they were out of the nearest supermarket. I watched as she weighed thing sup in her mind, she knew there was no easy way out of this without doing what I was demanding and no doubt she was now realising that her best course of action was doing what I wanted and getting things over with as quickly as possible. I pressed on.

"Right let's get started slut. I want you to get out of those shitty cloths and let me see that young body of yours!"

It took her a moment or two to process that command and I was pretty impatient.

"Come on you dumb whore, I'm paying for this hurry the fuck up, let's see those titties of yours!"

She didn't like me speaking like that to her, no women does, none the less it's how women should be spoken to – like they are nothing more than a piece of shit (which they are). So she scowled at me, and I'm sure muttered the word 'asshole' at me but in the end started to undo the laces that held her top together. Once they were loose it was easy to slip it off her body and for her to reveal those plump, soft teenage tits to me. I enjoyed the sight immensely.

"Nice tits Collette" I complemented, "how about shaking them for me, let's see them bounce a bit."

Her effort was frankly pathetic but it was enough to let me see her breasts bounce about and her soft skin quiver with it.

"Right that's enough, get the rest off now."

She gave me one last pleading look that was totally wasted on me before reluctantly hooking her fingers into her panties and drawing them down to her ankles. Nice, she was pretty much totally shaven down there, her pussy lips pink and inviting. Still they weren't my concern. Not today at least.

"You can get those skanky stockings off too. I want you naked for this."

Seconds later she was, naked and looking at me for direction, no doubt she thought she was becoming a hard prostitute earlier but now she just looked like a lost little girl. My erection was physically prodding my trousers just thinking about what I was about to do.

"Right slut, on your hands and knees and crawl over to me. As you can see my cock is just waiting for you."

Deliberately I was speaking to her and treating her like she was nothing more than a pet or a commodity. That was what I had intended all along, the fact that I knew her only made this all the more enjoyable as she crawled obediently towards me and undid my trousers to release my dick as she knelt below me. I had an aching erection but was in no hurry to be rid of it.

"Suck my balls, get them nice and wet with your saliva, a nice tongue bath bitch."

Big surprise she didn't look too happy about that but what did I care. I've got big, hairy, sweaty balls and it's not often they get treated to a good licking or sucking. The length of my cock stretched across her ear as she dipped her mouth and began tentatively licking at my nuts. As she did so I gently caressed her long, dark brown hair. I felt her mouth sucking my testicles, one at a time into her mouth and then her tongue all over them. I knew my wild bush of wiry, black pubic hair would be annoying her intensely but she stuck at her task. After I short while I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled her off me, but only so that I could rub my, by now slippery, cock all over her face. He hated this with a passion as I rubbed it over her lips, her nose, her ear and her cheeks. So I held her pouting face by her chin and slapped my dick repeatedly on it. She really was just a piece of fuck meat to me now.

Her face was shiny with my precum by this stage and I decided that this was enough foreplay, time for the main event.

"Now you can suck my cock Collette, and be sure to do a good job, I won't be happy if I feel any teeth!"

To give the slut her due she seemed to know how to suck cock. I leaned back and enjoyed the experience as she took my six inch member between her lips and inched it further and further into her mouth. She was soft and gentle, her lips like pillows as they slowly tightened around my foreskin and her tongue swirled my penis. I let her do the work for the moment, safe in the knowledge that things would change very soon.

Once I was bored with her blow job I reached down and held her head on both sides and took over the pace –and I wasn't slow or gentle. I face fucked my sexy neighbour with plenty of pace and vigour. After a full minute of frantic thrusting I paused and smiled as she coughed and spluttered and trails of saliva fell from her face and plastered her chin and breasts.

I held off cumming for as long as I could but eventually I could hold back my climax no longer and sprayed it all over her surprised face. Maybe she thought I was going to shoot my load down her throat or maybe it was because she was so used to dealing with condoms but the dumb bitch had her eyes open and everything when I let fly – and boy did I let fly!

The first spurt hit her square between her surprised blue eyes and trailed the length of her nose and off the tip. The second spurt caught her square in the left eye, a direct hit that instantly gummed her eyelids up. The third hit her mouth and the forth and fifth splattered into her hair and forehead. She was a sum splattered mess by the end and I couldn't stop myself laughing. She just knelt there as I wiped my dick in her hair and I searched in my pocket for my wallet and dropped a one pound coin on the floor beside her.

"There you go whore, that's what you did that for, one pound. Be seeing you around."

And with that I left the flat end headed into town to spend the £39 I had just saved.


Just one week later I was able to marvel at the wonders and mysteries of fate.

My doorbell rang and I answered it to be greeted by Collette's father, Frank on my doorstep. Disappointingly I had barely seen the little minx all week but I knew I would. Still when I first saw Frank I immediately thought she had spilled her guts to him. That clearly wasn't the case though, he was grinning too much for that.

"Hi John, just wondered if me and Pam could ask a favour. We're going on a holiday next week from Monday and wondered if you could keep an eye on the house and Collette for us. I know she's old enough herself but still, we'd feel better if she had someone to turn to if there was any trouble. We used to ask Ken and Sylvia next door but since they moved last Christmas we haven't really got to know the new neighbours."

I had to hold on to the doorframe. Could this be real?

"We'd really appreciate it."

"Yeah, sure Frank no bother. I'll keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't get into any trouble."


I had a feeling that Collette would be making herself extremely scarce the week her parents were away in an effort to avoid me so I made sure I was home Saturday morning as they took off in their car, Collette in the drive waving them bon voyage. They were barely out of the road and I was out of my front door heading across to their house. I was just in time too by the looks of it as I caught the teenage prostitute just as she was getting into her car. The sullen look on her face when she spotted me certainly didn't suggest she was pleased to see me, nor did her words.

"What do you want, you bastard?"

"Charming, especially as I can think of a far better use for that mouth of yours! As for what I want Collette, well I'm sure your father told you I could help you out while your parents were on holiday. Well I want to help you out tonight. At seven, come over to my house and I'll help you out OK. Oh and Collette, make sure you're wearing that sexy little outfit you wore to school most of last year, you know the skirt and stockings I mean. And pigtails, I liked it when you wore your hair like that."

She stammered and started to argue but I cut her short.

"Don't argue whore! Just be there, and don't worry I'll pay for your time, just like last time."

I left her with that though and headed back to my own house.


This was a real test of Collette's resolve. I did not expect her to pass it. If she was smart enough and tough enough she would call my bluff, realising that it wouldn't do me much good to inform her parents what she was up to. But that would require guts and I was fairly sure she didn't have them. And as I sat in my living room and watched her come out of her front door at seven o'clock I was gratified to be proved correct. As she turned from locking the front door I was treated to a rare sight. She was wearing her old school uniform alright, and how!

The great thing was that she had obviously gotten a little bigger since she had stopped wearing the uniform, particularly her tits. The cut off, tied at the bottom white school shirt she wore was really quite stretched. Her school tie hung down the middle cutely and the effect was an immediate erection for me. She was wearing a knee length black skirt, knee high white socks and black pumps. And as instructed her brown hair was bunched into cute little pigtails. For all the world she looked like and oversized school girl on her way to a lesson. Oh I was going to teach her a thing or too!

Ours was a quiet enough street but Collette hurried across it like someone with something to hide, I guess she wasn't comfortable being dressed like that! Good, once she rang my doorbell I left the bitch standings there for a full minute before I bothered answering it. When I did she had a face on and was all ready to launch into a full on whinge when I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside.

"That outfit suits you Collette you should use it at your little brothel, I'm sure it would get you lots more business."

She just crossed her arms and scowled at me but she didn't pass comment. She had obviously learned to keep her mouth shut and let me do the running. No doubt she was thinking this might give her and element of control. Well let the little bitch think that, we both knew who was the boss here.

"So what is it this time, " she eventually spat, "another free blow job?"

I smiled infuriatingly as I retorted.

"My, quite the feisty little whore today, aren't we? And Collette that is unfair, I did pay for that oral sex from you. One pound. That's just about the going rate for a gutterslut like you, isn't it? But as I need to spell things out for you here's how it is. Same as last time, you do exactly what I say and I don't tell your poor old parents that their little angel sucks and fucks strangers for cash. Deal?"

"This is blackmail."

"Not really, I don't give a fuck if I tell them or not. I'm sure I can pay for another prostitute quite easily doesn't have to be you, slut. But is it is I keep my mouth shut next time I speak to your old man. So make you mind up"

Her silence said it all.

"Right, if that's it for your pathetic pleading then lets get started, I've got so much I want to do. First, I think I should teach you some manners though. The way you speak to me and look at me is totally unacceptable for a fucking little whore to her better. From now on you will call me 'Sir', and to reinforce that get over her get over my knee and I'm going to give you a good hard spanking!""

Another look of disgust followed, would the dumb cunt ever learn? Still she eventually complied and reluctantly crossed my sitting room and laid herself tentatively across my outstretched knees. My cock grew more as her soft teenage breasts pressed against my legs and her pigtails trailed down too. In an instant I had the hem of her black school skirt on my hand and had flicked it up to reveal her white cotton panties. I hauled at them to wedge them between her ass cheeks, all the better to see them and then raised my right hand up.

"Collette? Sweetie? I want you to count each spank after I deliver it and to thanks me for it. You can count up to twenty, can't you?"

That was a mean jibe, I know but I enjoyed it and enjoyed the shiver of fury it brought from the teenager.

Then I brought my palm crashing down on her soft orb of a bum cheek and relished the high pitched yelp, the bright red hand mark as it materialised and her surly voice stating.

"One. Thank you Sir."

A sly grin spread across my face and I slapped down my second spank, targeting and finding the impact area of the first.

"Ow! Two. Thank you Sir!"

I gave her the twenty spanks I had promised, each one turning her bottom redder and redder. Her voice was getting angrier and more frustrated with each count. It was music to my ears. Still I wasn't intending to merely spank the bitch so on the last spank I slid her off my knees to the floor where she sat rubbing at her ass and glowering at me.

Abruptly I stood up and very quickly pulled my shirt, shoes and trousers off and tossed them on the floor. Collette, busy picking herself up, looked and me questioningly. I was only too happy to fill the dumb bitch in.

"You can take the rest off slut!"

She was on her knees by now and reached up to grab the waistband of my boxers. I sighed and swatted her hand away.

"Stupid girl! No hands, you can take my shorts and socks off with just your mouth!"

Her lip fairly curled at that prospect but at least it was starting to get through to her that she was little more than a servant to me when we were together and she had no choice but to do what I told her. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation as her soft hair brushed against my lower stomach while she hooked her teeth over the top of my boxer shorts and pulled them down only to be greeted by my hard cock springing up and prodding her in the face much to her disgust. I chuckled at her misfortune and directed her to my socks as my erection just got bigger. I probably should say here that in anticipation of making Collette do this I had been wearing these socks for the past two days and to be fair my feet are pretty sweaty anyway. As my little whore discovered when she dipped her head down towards my feet. Her nose wrinkled, she coughed and I thought she might cry but fair play to her she used her teeth to bite the end of my right sock and began to struggle with it, hauling it off.

The smell was obviously annoying the hell out of her and after she got the first one she tore into the second and was only too glad to spit it from her mouth and glare up at me.

"Have you ever had any of your clients ask for a toe job Collette? No? well their quite the fetish, never had one myself, think you can manage one? Don't shake your head at me bitch! It was a rhetorical question, get your slutty mouth down there and lick each of my toes clean!"

Another round of dissenting moaning followed by my explanation of her role in things later and the little piece of shit whore had my big toe in her mouth and was licking between it and the next toe much to her distress. It was a particularly gratifying sensation to feel her tongue lapping reluctantly at my hardened toes and knowing I hadn't washed them for a couple of days just made it all the sweeter. When she was done with my right foot I unceremoniously pushed it forward so the whole front of it (five toes) were inside Collette's mouth and pushing her cute little cheeks out. Predictably the little cunt wasn't too happy about that either but fuck it by then I could have cared less.

Five minutes later and she had grudgingly done the same to my left foot and I was ready to get up to something else. As she knelt there no doubt readying another teenage whine I grabbed the end of her school tie and jerked it hard towards me. The knot instantly tightened around her neck and I immediately had her attention.

"You've had it easy so far bitch but now it's time some of those whore holes got a bit of a workout!"

She was trying very much to maintain her hard, working girl exterior but the way her eyes blurred and her lip trembled I was sure I was looking at the same innocent little neighbour I had been eyeing up for so long Taking a few dozen cocks for cash had not quite hardened her up yet. I got down on my knees with her and easily reached under her skirt to tear her panties off and without warning pushed their tattered remains into her mouth.

"I don't want to hear any more of your shit Collette. Unless I tell you don't say another fucking word!"

I think she was taken somewhat by surprise by this sudden change of pace and I pressed home that advantage by flicking her skirt up again over her waist and positioning myself right behind her ass. I reached my hand under her and roughly rubbed her pussy as I hissed at her.

"How much do you charge for anal sex?"

That got a reaction! She bawled into the panties in her mouth and shook her head and bucked her body. She spat the panties out and pleaded back to me.

"I don't! Not yet! I've never done that! Please! No! Don't do that!"

I laughed throatily as I grabbed her right pigtail to pull her face around to look at me.

"Well tough shit whore! It's about time you did it! It should get you a hell of a lot more business in the long run I reckon!"

She sobbed and whimpered but I think she knew that I was speaking the truth in so much that she would eventually be doing it if whoring was her choice of career, maybe what I was doing was bring that all home to her, the reality of life. Of course I didn't care, I just saw the opportunity to fuck what, from where I was kneeling, looked like the tightest little asshole imaginable!

I wasted no more time and balanced my slick cock head on the base of her back at the very top of her bum cleavage. I gave it a little stroke and on cue a little drop of pre cum emerged and dribbled the length of Collette's ass crack. Then I prised her tight buns apart and directed my straining dick in between. She was still mumbling so I shoved her panties back in her mouth and then grabbed both her pigtails as I thrust my cock into her tight, puckered hole.

And damn was she tight!

I gripped her hair tighter as I forced my dick further and further into her and before long she was impaled on my member and I slowly drew my cock back out only to slam it back in, by big balls smacking noisily against her ass cheeks. And so began a hard five minutes of ass fucking for Collette. I had no doubt that she would remember her first time at anal sex, though probably not with any fondness. I gave an animal like grunt as I thrust hard and fired my load deep in her ass. I gave a shudder and finally removed my shrinking, spent dick from her backside. But to her surprise though I wasn't finished, I hooked the underwear out of her mouth and shoved my messy dick in the whore's mouth and demanded she 'clean it bitch!'

The fight seemed to have left her momentarily as I expected her to argue but instead she took my cock, straight from her ass, and sucked on it compliantly. Maybe she thought that now I had come her evening session was over. Once again the dumb bitch was wrong. For the moment though I enjoyed the obvious distaste and revulsion on her face as she sucked and licked me clean. I waited until she was finished before stepping back and addressing her again.

"You'll be pleased to know I don't have any intention of continuing to use you like this Collette. After all there are plenty other whores out there, sexier than you too. But I'm a sentimental kinda guy so I want a reminded of our time together so you are about to learn a new part of your chosen profession. Now stripping might not be quite as extreme as whoring your body out but it might earn you some cash in the future, don't you think?"

She was boiling at my condescending comments but kept her lips buttoned, the fact I had said I wouldn't black mail her again seemed to have hit home. She listened as I continued.

"So what we are going to do is make a little movie that will always remind me of our 'special' time together. So that when I'm lonely and need something to cheer me up I can watch and be cheered up. Here take this, it can be your prop."

I handed her a boiled sweet lollipop in a clear wrapper.

"What you are going to do is suck on that and give me a nice slow strip tease and while you are doing it I want you to be speaking to me. More specifically talking dirty to me, nasty to me, swearing like a trooper using every filthy, nasty word you know and telling me what you want to do with my big, hard cock. You'll be sucking that cute little lollipop while you strip and once your naked, no on second thoughts I want you to leave your tie on, but once everything else is off I want you to push that lolly into your cunt and for you to wank yourself off, cum all over it, then for you to lick that lolly clean. In short it will be perfect wank material. Understand?"

She looked at me like I was the basest pervert on earth as she asked.

"And that's it? We're done then? You leave me alone and don't tell my folks?"

"Once you've left here tonight, yes. I my not be finished with you tonight though."

We both knew she would do it. What did the bitch have to lose? It was fun watching her face as she weighed her options before truculently agreeing to my proposal.

I left Collette pouting on her knees in my living room as I went to my bedroom and retrieved my video camera. I was pretty please with myself, my plans were going exactly to plan so far. When I returned, camera in hand I sat myself down in my favourite armchair, naked with my dick slowly showing signs of life again and waved my hand at Collette to hurry her up and start.

"And make it believably nasty bitch or we'll just have to start all over again!"

That vile reminder seemed to do the job as the teenager pushed herself onto her feet and began to dance and sway like a lap dancer as I filmed her. Acting like a prick teasing slut was a role that I just knew would come naturally to her. With her still fully dressed (minus her knickers of course!) she unwrapped her lollipop and sexily began to suck on it. That was a real prompt to my dick to spring into life again. As she removed it from her lips she finally addressed the camera.

"Mmmmm. Are you ready for me John? Are you ready for your little fuck slut? Ready to give me your, big, hard, wet cock?"

I smiled as the little slut reached her hand under her skirt and imitated playing with herself, giving the camera a lovely flash of her shaven cunt.

"Do you want to see my boobs? Of course you do, you're bound to want to see my soft, teenage tits. Here let me lose the blouse."

She clumsily unbuttoned her shirt, leaving the tie on and dropped it to her side, her white bra followed in short order and I was left with the sight of Collette, topless bar the dark tie running down between her sweet young tits. She cupped them in her hands, her finger then reaching up and playing with her hard, brown nipples. Squeezing them for the camera while she looked at me.

"You like what you see John? You like by big tits? You want to stick your cock in between them while I give you a tit wank?"

Then she played the lollipop over her tits, up and down between them before popping it back in her mouth cheekily. She may have been coerced into doing this but the slut was doing a good job convincing me. She turned her back on me and bent over, her skirt riding up to display some thigh before she flicked it to reveal her ass cheeks for a moment. Then, with her back to the camera she undid her skirt and let it drop to her ankles leaving her in just her tie and socks, looking good enough to eat. She spun around to face the camera, her legs nicely apart to show her pussy as she plucked the lolly from her lips again and spoke as she ran it down to her pussy lips.

"You like this? I'm so hot for you John. I want you cock in me, anywhere, my mouth, my pussy my ass, they're all yours to fuck, yours to own. Oh John, I'm getting off thinking about you!"

And with that she slipped the lollipop inside her cunt and began to push it in and out with some velocity. I focused on her as her fingers got in there too and she masturbated furiously, no doubt wanting this over quickly, and soon enough she gasped and groaned and some clear liquid spurted out and came all over her hand and the sweet it held. I zoomed in on her face as she held the lollipop up by her face, hesitated, then shoved it in her mouth and began to suck on it trying her best to hide her disgust. I filmed her for a while then shut the camera off and grinned at her.

"There, that wasn't hard, not for a natural slut like yourself."

"Fuck you , you bastard, I'm out of here!" and she began picking up her clothing.

I grabbed her arm to halt her and twisted it so she faced me.

"Where do you think you are going bitch?"

"But you said..."

"I didn't say we were finished tonight you dumb cunt! Look at my dick! It needs sucked again so get on your fucking knees and suck it!"

Her face dropped at the return of my harsh voice and the realisation that her escape from my house was not so easy as she had envisioned. But she was consigned to obedience by now and said nothing more as she shank to her knees and took my stiff cock in hand, I sat back in my comy armchair and enjoyed an excellent reluctant blow job while I picked up my camera and filmed it, the footage amazing on playback of my teenage neighbour slurping and sucking on a huge cock in POV style. I came in her mouth this time, instructing her to pool it and open her mouth so I could film the sticky puddle on her tongue. The I threw a five pound note on the floor and instrcuted her to go and pick it up between her teeth it was her 'fee' for the night. The vicious look she shot me was captured beautifully on camera.

Finally I told Collette she could go home. But with the proviso that I kept her clothes. This meant she would have to cross the street stark naked, something she eventually agreed to so desperate was she to be free of me.

At my front door as I put on my outside light (much to her annoyance) she demanded of me again.

"And this is it, right? No more threats or blackmail?"

I smirked and opened the door.

"You heard what I said bitch , now get out I've got a video to watch!"

Of course I would not keep my word, the bitch could not be that fucking stupid, could she? Certainly when I had this tape now...

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