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update august 4 - 2011

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Mmm/f, humil, bdsm, exhib, ws, incest

Water Sports
By Surtea - 2011


Back in the 1960s and 70s a French artist by the name of Joseph Farrel created a sizeable number of BDSM drawings. He felt that the drawings were works in themselves and that people should make up their own stories to go with them. Later the drawings were published with short vignettes by Robert Merodack and others. Joseph Farrel is sadly now dead and much of his work is out of print.

For my own amusement I have written my own short stories to accompany some of the drawings. Here is one of them. Let me know what you think.

The six people who encircled the poor woman were clearly enjoying their afternoon. It was only she that didn't find it at all amusing. However, in her defence, it must be said that it isn't much fun to receive an exceptionally voluminous enema in front of five young boys and girls under the supervision of your husband.

Poor Mrs. Jennifer Lawrence had allowed herself to suffer this terrible indignity only after long and cruel preparation by her husband, Peter. He had presented all sorts of acute reasons, mostly in the form of cruel torments and unpleasant threats in order to persuade her. Eventually she had capitulated.

It had been a visit to an inner ring of hell from the moment the kids entered her bedroom, because she was awaiting them wearing only her skimpiest negligee. There were three boys she’d never seen before, aged from twelve to fifteen, and two young girls including Claire, her own niece: a precocious little trollop of seventeen.

The position that her husband told her to adopt for them was excessively humiliating: on all fours on the bed which made her filmy nightie ride up revealing her buttocks as well as allowing her breasts to hang visibly beneath her.

After all the kids had stood around examining her, one of the lads pulled her buttock cheeks wide apart while the eldest boy slowly forced the atrocious nozzle into her bottom. It seemed awfully thick and very long, and stretched her anus quite abominably. She cried out loud with the pain and shame, which made everyone fall about laughing. Poor Jennifer wriggled her bottom as she sought to lessen the discomfort.

Her husband had already brought in a voluminous enema tank containing three litres of quite warm water containing an entire bottle of liquid soap. From the tank dangled a long rubber tube ending in a tiny tap. The tube was fixed to the end of the nozzle nestling in her buttocks, the tap was turned, the liquid surged and began to invade Jennifer’s body. Tense with shame, she gripped the bed sheets and submitted to the terrible irrigation.

Claire gripped the tube pinching it open and shut so that the liquid entered her aunt in little pulsed surges, adding to the growing discomfort. The others also had great fun watching the spectacle, and their remarks wounded and shamed the poor debased wife. They encouraged her. They pretended to pity her. They demanded that she describe how it felt.

“Auntie Jennie, your tummy is already swelling up and you still have a litre to go!” Claire was breathless with the excitement of tormenting her pretty aunt.

“Do you feel pregnant?” This from the other girl.

“You look so funny with your bottomhole stretched open!”

“Wiggle your backside some more, I bet that makes the water slosh about inside!”

Robbie, the youngest one, said guilelessly: “Right! Soon it's my turn to play, Mrs Lawrence... The others got to stick the pipe up you, can I take it out? After all the water's gone in...”

Once the entire flow had entered her, Peter ordered her to stand up and parade around the room so they could admire her swollen belly. Staggering with cramps poor Jennifer complied. Next she was made to lean forward over the bed and pull her buttock cheeks wide apart while young Robbie slowly, so very slowly, pulled out the nozzle, twisting and turning it all the while. As soon as it was out Jennifer half ran, half staggered to the en-suite bathroom to evacuate her unnatural load. The evacuation seemed to go on forever and ever. She felt physically and mentally exhausted by the appalling ordeal.

Sobbing, she returned nervously to the bedroom to hear her husband say: “Now all you lads can lose your cherries. Jennie will fuck and suck each and every one of you any way you like to try. However, I do insist that your cum is to be deposited only up her now completely clean arsehole! And if either of you girls wants sucking she’ll do that too. Or else…”

“Nooo! Please…”

By late that terrible afternoon, poor Mrs Jennifer Lawrence was completely broken in. It’s amazing how often young people, especially boys, can orgasm when given the opportunity. Time after time, shots of adolescent sperm had surged into her bottom, usually while her mouth was employed sucking another young penis back to hardness or licking the sweet young pussies of Claire and her school friend. To Jennifer’s further utter debasement she had come twice as the young boys enthusiastically serviced her pussy. All the while Peter had just sat there and watched and laughed. Finally it was time to draw the party to a close.

“Thank you, boys and girls, for your efforts with Jennifer today, I think I can safely say that my wife has been well and truly fucked over. I think poor Jennie-slut’s bottom is going to be oozing boy sperm for the next few days. Now, since you all so obviously enjoyed today I think we should make this a weekly session on Saturday afternoons.”

“No, not again. Please, Peter I’m begging you…”

“But darling I think we all saw you come twice just now when the lads were fucking you and they were under-age boys too; it didn’t seem to bother you too much. Claire: my dear, darling wife will begin with a public enema at 1pm. I must see if I can find a bigger enema nozzle for next week. After that show she will be available to one and all until 7pm. Feel free to bring along some more of your friends, the more the merrier!”

That Saturday there were twelve young people, eight boys and four girls including all the original five. Peter had after some searching found a bigger nozzle, indeed much bigger and with rings around its considerable girth. The same voluminous, soapy enema was applied as before. That was followed by a wild free for all. Once again the ‘sperm-only–in-arse’ rule was applied. ‘Jennie-slut’, as the kids were told to call her, experienced her first sandwich which remarkably resulted in a visible climax on her part as well as the boys. At one point the camera captured shots of the wife with five cocks on the go at once. Peter also brought along a sizable strap-on dildo he’d come across at the same store he’d found the nozzle in, which greatly amused the girls as they too could take turns ploughing the poor woman, front or back. The sight of the humiliated wife having multiple orgasms as her own niece reamed her vagina with the long knobbly latex cock just cried out to be immortalised on film.

The weekend after, Peter had to tell Claire to set up a rota system after the twentieth boy and sixth girl had shown up. From then on the numbers were strictly limited to a mere twenty per session, though Peter hadn’t the heart to send any away on that particular occasion and even extended the session by an hour so that everyone could be fully satisfied.

With Jennie-slut’s growing renown and popularity in the neighbourhood, it meant that most kids would only get in to see her once every two months. However, Claire made sure that the boys with bigger cocks or girls with nasty imaginations got in more often. The poor wife would usually receive fifty or more doses of sperm on a Saturday afternoon, so the ‘arse-only’ rule had to be relaxed to accommodate the pressure of time.

Claire was soon using her teenage charms persuading her uncle that a second weekly session was required so that her aunt didn’t disappoint her army of eager fans. Peter after due consideration decided to start with some themed trial sessions on Wednesday evenings: ‘Girl’s Night’, ‘Meet the Football Team’ and ‘Thirteen year-olds Only’. This way he could experiment with different set-ups so as to find out which one upset and humiliated his wife the most.

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