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A Secretary is Punished (36kb)
MM/f, reluc, BDsm, humil, slut (illus.) - oct 2011

Debased (24kb)
MF+/f, reluc, D/s, humil,
- mai 2010

Extended Play (20kb)
MM/f, BDsm, humil, incest (illus.) - oct 2011

Hirst Hall (380kb)
M/ff, D/s, reluc, humil, spank, hist
-mar 2010

Initiation (16kb)
MM/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib (illus.) - aug 2011

In The Woods (20kb)
Mmm/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib (illus.) - sep 2010

Looking for Mr Verger (20kb)
Mm/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, modif (illus.) - nov 2010

Old Man Mercer (20kb)
MM/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, beast, modif (illus.) - dec 2010

Milky (136kb)
MMF/f, D/s, humil, blackml, japan
- feb 2010

Prostitution (16kb)
Mmmf/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib(illus.) - sep 2010

Shock Treatment (24kb)
MM/f, D/s, reluc, humil, BDsm (illus.) - mai 2010

The Contest (20kb)
MM/f+, reluc, cons, D/s, humil,
exhib, Illustrated - mar 2010

The Corner (20kb)
Mm/f, D/s, reluc, humil, (illus.)
- may 2010

The Educater - Re-Educated (28kb)
M+/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, spank
- april 2010

The Man with the Cigar (24kb)
MM/ff, D/s, reluc, humil, BDsm (illus.) - may 2010

The Perfect Host (36kb)
Mmm/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, ws, beast (illus.) - may 2010

Water Sports (16kb)
MM/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, ws, incest (illus.) - aug 2011


She was given a choice: leave the house immediately with her daughter and her belongings and without a reference thus losing her shelter and her employment, or have the terms of her contract altered to allow the Griffiths to discipline her as they saw fit. Absolutely terrified, but thinking only of her daughter the governess had chosen the latter, not giving a thought to what ‘discipline’ might mean. She was sent straight upstairs by Mrs Griffith and instructed to shave off all traces of pubic hair. Terrified, she obeyed.