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WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced
sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only,
and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar

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Katy's library
by jsmt 2009

Please have a little patience; English is not my native language.
I would really appreciate your feedback and comments at jsmt.stories@yahoo,com.

Darker Ending

Katy started the new routine, she saw herself as Rachel’s maid now, and signed “SLUT” in front of every task that she performed. Every time she did something wrong she was given a choice to delay the studies one week or receive a spanking. She chose the second option most of the time, but sometimes she was too sore to bear a spanking and she accepted the delay. She was always dressed in her daisy dukes style and barefoot because someday Rachel had said that the flip flops were only to be used outside the house. Sometimes as a punishment Rachel would not let Katy use shorts or skirts leaving her bottom available for spanks.

Mary was enjoying her new freedom; she had given herself a reasonable rise and with Katy doing most of the maid work, she just went to the house a couple of afternoons a week, and that mainly to watch Rachel humiliate Katy. Mary had now also a clerk job and was with the double incoming she was prospering.

Rachel on the other side, was very happy, living in a fancy house with her own maid was something that only happens in dreams. But she wanted more, she enjoyed humiliating Katy more than anything, maybe because of years of resent or maybe just because the power rush of dominating somebody that was supposed to be your superior. As Rachel gained confidence she became more demanding. She expelled Katy from her room, from then on Katy had to sleep in the aisle coarse rug, she had lost access to her closet and bathroom. She had to use the same clothes every day and wash them and clean herself the best that she could in the first floor bathroom lavatory. She was only allowed into her former room to clean it.

Rachel had heard the whole story from Vicky and found it titillating. She did not want Vicky involved again, but she found the idea of keeping Katy horny and out of balance very attractive. She teased Katy about her ignorance and noted that she blushed with something more than shame. She wanted to be sure of Katy’s arousal, so she forbade Katy to wear clothes while cleaning her room saying that she did not want to smell her clothes.

Katy felt humiliated doing the cleaning of her former room nude while a fully dressed Rachel teased her and asked her simple questions like “I need to help with your education. Is that fly a mammal?” Katy hesitated and said “No” but Rachel continued “and that other?”. Katy felt more confused and say “I think that one can be a mammal”. Then Rachel spanked her ass hard and said, “You are really clueless, a 7 year old would have answered right, there is no point in teaching you”.

Rachel enjoyed seeing Katy’s face red with humiliation and her pussy swollen and wet with obvious arousal. Rachel however, was always careful to formulate her teases and questions in such a way that Katy did not learn anything from that.

Katy’s life was mostly indoors with few exceptions; On one occasion Rachel took her to a beauty clinic to have all her body hair definitely removed. Rachel wanted that because she thought that Katy looked more accessible and vulnerable but teased Katy saying I don't think that the adult woman look go well with your level of knowledge. Katy liked the look but now felt ashamed with it because of the meaning that Rachel gave it.

The only other days that she went out was to have her hair professionally cut, keeping Katy’s trendy hairstyle in perfect shape. Mary said that it was important to have Katy’s hair properly done because if an inspector of the court came to see her she would not look neglected. (They also keep a classy but informal outfit ready for her, just in case).

Rachel liked the idea because the fancy haircut made a delicious contrast with Katy’s ragged clothes and because it made her look like the rich and sophisticated college girl that she once was destined to be, which only made more hilarious her absolute ignorance, trashy clothes and lack of manners.

More than a couple of months after the last transfer Katy was still as ignorant and still was a few weeks away from being matriculated at an adult elementary school. One day Mary arrived to the house and she looked very happy, she said to Rachel “With the help of a friend I have arranged a contract with a professional to make the impression that he is trying to revert Katy’s condition. We will pay him a monthly fee of three thousand dollars, he will keep 500 and give us back the rest, he will only take a cat scan of her and then will make reports to the judge alleging that he did the cat scans and frequent sessions of hypnosis and other techniques to knew more about Katy's disease and that he is on his way to get to know how to get Katy to her previous level”.

This was said in front of Katy but deliberately choosing words way out of her current vocabulary. Mary continued “As you can imagine, we are now able to dispose that amount monthly without any troubles from the court”. Katy was completely lost, she could not understand anything. She knew they were talking about her but the rest was like foreign language. She was scared. Then Mary said “Well, It’s time for a little shopping trip. Rachel, please give Katy a fresh outfit and her flip flops”. Rachel reluctantly gave Katy a fresh cut off short, a t-shirt and her old flip flops. Mary did not want to get too much attention so Rachel had to accept.

Once in the car Katy was sent to the back seat of her former car, she was not allowed to drive now. As Rachel drove them to another suburb Katy could not avoid to feel certain fear, she did not recognize that zone and as she could not read she did not even know where they were. Once they arrived to the mall, Rachel left Katy and Mary at a mall door and went to park the car, and they accorded to meet at certain store. Minutes later Rachel arrived and explained Mary that the car was parked near the E-5 mark. Katy was feeling like a little kid, she was very afraid to get lost because she could not make it to the car.

Then Mary and Rachel began a shopping spree, they wanted to look of higher class now. Rachel now wanted to leave the punk image behind and used Katy’s former knowledge about fashion and clothes to choose flattering outfits for Mary and herself. They had got money now and wanted an image that gather respect. As the shopping continued the contrast with Katy’s trashy look was growing. Katy was getting impatient because she was only being used to carry the bags, and they had not bought anything for her, she also had to go to pee. So she said to Rachel “I need to go to the bathroom”.

“You can go, if you did not find us here, we would be at Rosalyn's Boutique” Said Rachel

“And where is that?” Said Katy nervously.

“You can look in the map over there” Said Rachel and then after a brief pause added “ups, I forgot you can´t read maps. Well, don't worry go ahead to the bathrooms of the food court and I would pick you up there, I need to go too”.

Katy felt a new wave of insecurity and fear and was hesitating; she felt so vulnerable and dependent but she really had to go, so she left the bags of clothes and parted to the bathroom. She was feeling a little bit better just by being away from Rachel and Mary, she even felt a bit like her old self, but when she arrived she was perplexed, the bathrooms signs where only words, no drawings there and she could not tell which was which. She decided to wait until somebody came but it was mid morning and nobody went to the food court at that hour. After around five minutes of hesitation she went for the door on the left. When she entered she realized that it was the men’s room, she felt quite stupid and quickly exited the bathroom just to bump into an old man who said “Be careful girl, you are in the wrong bathroom. Don't you know how to read?”.

Katy blushed from shame and arousal. She said “sorry sir” with a soft insecure voice and quickly left. She was thinking “I really do not know how to read” she was scared and aroused “I never realized it was so necessary even for just a basic thing like this”. She went into the women’s bathroom this time and quickly entered a stall and after peeing she started to masturbate.

“Are you ready” Rachel voice resounded in the bathroom, almost giving Katy a heart attack.

“Not yet. Can you wait me outside for just a few minutes?” was Katy’s timid answer.

“No way, Mary is waiting for me, if you need more time, I would return in an hour”.

“Well I’ll meet you at the food court then” Said Katy.

“No little lady, first you do not have idea of time, you don’t have a clock, and don’t know how to read one anyway, and you could get lost, I saw you exiting from the men’s room. You can go with me now o wait for me right here for an hour or so”.

Rachel was right and Katy was still afraid of getting lost “it would be too shameful” she thought but she was very horny and wanted to masturbate, so she said “I’ll wait for you here” but she thought “I could wait for her walking along the aisle that leads to the bathrooms, It’s not like I will wait in the stall like a little kid”.

But Rachel was having fun and said “I don't trust you, you maybe do your business and then go outside to wonder around and I don’t want to have to look for you, so if you want to stay give me your clothes, that way I am sure that you stay here”.

Katy thought that was very extreme but had no fight in her so she took off her clothes (shorts and blouse) and gave them to Rachel, but Rachel said “the flip flops too, I don’t want you to lose them”. Giving her flip flops shouldn't be something hard to do after she had giving her clothes, but if someone checked under the stall she would see Katy barefoot and that could rise the visitor curiosity. Katy knew it would make her stay more risky but passed the flip flops to Rachel anyway,

She felt frightened and exited, here she was naked without access to her clothes, in a mall she did not recognize, unable to do the simplest things by herself and completely dependent on her former housekeeper and that girl Rachel.

Then she masturbated thinking about Rachel teases, and about being ignorant to the point of being unable to pick the right bathroom, and about being naked in a public bathroom because she was so ignorant that she could not find a store in the mall and so stupid that she surely would get lost if she wondered the mall by herself and remembering that a few months ago she was the smartest girl in her class and had a brilliant future in finances and now she could not even dream to be a cashier at McDonald's, and she came and came hard.

She felt so humiliated but she was very happy of being able to come again. She had not had an orgasm since the last transfer. She masturbated until Rachel returned a couple of hours later after Katy had reached several delicious orgasms.

The days following the mall event Rachel entered an adult education school, obtained her elementary diploma after just some assessment exams, and began pursuing a mid-school degree. She wanted to improve her education now that she looked like a rich and well mannered girl. She also did it because she knew it humiliated Katy to see the education differences between them grow bigger and bigger. Rachel increased her humiliating teases to Katy and she masturbated successfully thinking about it.

A new routine seemed to be established, and both Rachel and Katy seemed to be embracing their new roles even with Katy's weak reluctance, but just a few weeks after the mall event, Mary came to the house looking disappointed and said “The court had ordered that we matriculate Katy in an adult education system, even if our doctor says that it is useless. So we don’t have another alternative but comply”. Mary and Rachel were sad, they wanted to keep Katy ignorant, and surely did not want the risk of Katy being declared fit again, they felt also a little bit of fear, because Katy's progress could show that the opinion and diagnosis of Katy's doctor were a fraud. Anyway they could not disobey the explicit order of the judge.

A few days later Katy started her alphabetization classes. She was paired with a Chinese immigrant called Wong. The couple was the only completely illiterate people in the school. Well to be fair Wong could read in his language but he just could not get our phonetic alphabet. Katy resulted a very fast learner and after just three weeks of intensive classes she was very capable of reading fluently some simple paragraphs and children’s books. Wong on the contrary had advanced very little; In spite of having started classes a week earlier than Katy, he had just learned the vowels, a few consonants and almost nothing else, he was completely lost at phonics. Wong felt very bad about the different learning paces, he had born in rural China and was very sexist, he considered that women were lesser beings, so being beat by one was stressful and shameful for him. But as a good Chinese he never expressed his emotions.

Things where changing in Katy´s house too. She had sensed some glimpses of fear in Rachel and Mary and used it to regain some control. The changes were not too dramatic; Katy was still doing maid's chores but she was getting some freedom, for example she was given control of the TV and full access to her old elementary books in the attic. She started to employ a lot of time first looking at, and then reading those books, her natural learning curiosity returning, she even had learnt what is a mammal.


One day at the school the instructor told both pupils, “I am proud of your advance”, she was being polite because the Chinese’s advance was mostly non-existent, but she was impressed with Katy’s progress, she continued “this is my last day here, I am just a volunteer and I will travel today to my University, but tomorrow a new teacher will assess your advance and continue from there”.

The next day, both students were alone in the classroom waiting for the new teacher to arrive; A secretary entered the room and informed them that the teacher was severely delayed and it may take him an hour or two to arrive but that it was important that they waited for him to avoid delaying the evaluation. Both agreed to wait and the secretary quickly left closing the door behind her.

Wong was afraid of the evaluation and could not avoid to say “I wish I had all your reading knowledge, I really don’t get your alphabet. Our symbols represent ideas and yours sounds, it should be easier but I just don’t get it” The first phrase made Katy's pussy tingle, she had been unable to have an orgasm since she started classes but she was horny all the time, and she wondered “Could it happen again?”.

She tried to put that idea out of her mind, she had being having some hope of recovery and she didn't want to risk that, but the feeling of anticipation overwhelmed her, the fact that they did not have anything to do did not help either. She was remembering each of the transfers and was imagining more and more how would it feel to do another transference. She was blushing with arousal and both wishing Vicky was there and thanking she wasn't.

After a few minutes an idea started to grow in her mind until she could not resist anymore and she spoke with a trembling voice “Wong… There is no one here, can you… can you show me your … you know… your…. cock?”. Wong was surprised and thought it was a joke or a trap but he saw Katy’s red face full with desire and said “OK, but you show me your tits”. He thought that way she would proof to him that it wasn't a trap nor a joke. He pulled his cock out of his pants, Katy took of her blouse and knelt in front of Wong's chair. She touched his cock with her trembling hand and he was immediately hard, her heart was pounding like a drum, she kept Wong’s cock in her delicate fist for a few seconds trying to reunite the strength to talk, her face was bright red when she said “Please ask me to give you my reading and writing knowledge as well as those learning skills”, Wong thought that it was weird, but he was mesmerized having Katy's hand in his dick and did not want to break the mood, being with Katy daily for several weeks, he had dreamed to have sex with her but never thought it was even remotely possible. Now she was acting weird but he would not contradict her and on the other side, he really wished that so he repeated loud:

“Katy, would you give me your reading and writing knowledge and those same learning skills?”

Katy felt a big wave of humiliation and arousal, and she sensed that it could really happen again which only increased her arousal like ten times, somehow she knew it wasn't longer a game, but she replied “Yes” anyway and kissed his dick. She had a bigger than ever orgasm. Wong came in her face just by seeing the spectacle. When a half an hour later she came to her senses she was laying on the floor, Wong had dressed her, but not very neatly, and had cleaned her face and tits the best that he could with some tissues but she still smelled of semen. Once she cleared her mind, she turned her head to the letter posters in the back wall, and she realized that she was once again unable to recognize any of the signs, this time was permanent however, she was exited and afraid, afraid for the lost and afraid for having been able to do it without Vicky.

Katy blushed again, she turned her face and saw Wong that was looking at her with a smirk, he returned his sight to a book that he was reading, and he felt very happy, it was so easy to understand the signs and the phonetic system was really simple.

Katy went to the bathroom, and thinking in the magnitude of what she did, she successfully masturbated to several orgasms until she was called because the teacher had finally arrived.

The teacher saw the volunteer inform and started testing Katy, but she could not make a thing from the book, so he started testing Wong that was doing it excellent, reading long paragraphs aloud. The teacher thought “maybe I misunderstood who was the bright pupil” and then turned to Katy and started testing her for character recognition, and found that the statement of the volunteer that the non-brilliant pupil was able to recognize vowels and some consonants was more than optimist. Now he was completely sure that he had mixed the informs of the volunteer, and that Katy was the slow one, but even then he said “I understood that you already recognize some letters and that you could draw them”. He handed her a pen and saw with surprise that she grabbed it with the whole fist and when he dictated some vowels she could not write any. Katy was horny as hell and wanted to masturbate again.

Then the teacher, tried to teach her to recognize the vowels from clue cards, but when he changed the order of the clue cards she wasn’t unable to recognize them.

The teacher was exasperated and was not as polite as the volunteer so he said to Wong “Did she really attend here all these weeks”.

“Yes teach, she came here everyday indeed, but to be frank I never saw her learn much, as a matter of fact, I never saw her learn anything, I think she is not too smart”. Wong was exhilarated with his new found superiority.

Katy felt Wong bold statement as a betrayal, but the reality was just like that, it wasn’t important that the last three weeks she had shined with her ability to learn fast, that would never happen again, she knew that. She thought sadly “All my life I had been the fastest learner, the one with the best grades, before Vicky’s trick I never had a bad or even mediocre grade in my life, but that is history now, from now on I will never be able to pass a test again, I condemned myself to be completely ignorant for life, I cannot even compete with kinder garden’s kids. I will never recover my independence and never be anything more than a maid or worse”

The teacher interrupted her thoughts and said to Katy “I see that the volunteer overestimated your advance, from what I see you have not learnt a thing and I don't think I could be able to teach you, your problem is beyond our reach, you must seek help in another place” then he made a written inform and give it to each of the pupils.

When Rachel arrived to pick up Katy, she saw her alone in the stairs of the school entrance, she was flushed and her face looked like she had cried and something else. When she entered the car Rachel could tell that she smelled of sex. Katy was very quiet and looking at the floor she handled Rachel the teacher’s inform. It marked a 0% advance in three weeks and stated that the other pupil had advanced extremely well, so it was not a problem with the volunteer, on the contrary, after some attempts to teach her some basics today, he concluded she may need another kind of help.

Rachel turned to see Katy, she was stunned, she had seen Katy reading in the house, and one day she had said that the Chinese was very slow. Rachel finally was able to say “Did Vicky come here?”, Katy silently negated with her head. “Did he do it somehow?” again Katy negated.

“You did it, didn’t you”. Katy nodded, her face red with shame, her right hand was now over her pussy. Rachel was stunned and very horny and said “Is this time permanent?”. Katy nodded again and came. Rachel laughed and said “Welcome back my ignorant maid, that is the highest you will get now”.

When the court audience finally arrived, Mary was granted the permanent legal custody of Katy and her belongings. Even Katy plied the judge for that, she knew that Dr. Roberts was unable to help her and she did not want to end in a mental institution. Without more supervision from the court, Katy’s haircuts were forgotten and her hair quickly lose shape, she was kept naked (except for a collar) when she was in the house.

Rachel found the idea of Katy doing more transferences irresistible but she knew that she should be careful. She also was afraid that Katy could find a way to reverse the transferences.

One day a young latin woman knocked at their door asking for a job as a maid. She was with a toddler girl and a five year old boy. When Rachel told her that they already had a maid, the disappointed woman asked for some directions saying that she had just arrived and didn't know the city. . Rachel was about to dismiss her when she got an idea, and said “maybe I can give you some clothes if your are interested”. The woman agreed and Rachel invited her inside. Rachel said, “I will help you in a minute, please wait for me here” and while the woman and the kids waited in the living room, she went for Katy who was cleaning her former bedroom.

“Katy, dress yourself inmediately, we have visits”. Katy put on a cutt off short, a buttonless blouse which she tied bellow her breast, and the old flip flops. Then Rachel said “Put all you clothes in this bag”. Katy didn't like the idea but complied putting all her cutoffs and blouses, and the couple of elegant outfits that she never was allowed to wear outside the court. Rachel looked at Katy and then said “Better put the flip flops in the bag too”. Then Rachel explained Katy what she wanted her to do. When Katy walked downstairs her face was blushing red and her pussy was soaked.

Rachel ordered Katy to serve drinks to the woman and her kids. While Katy was in the kitchen, Rachel sat in an armchair with her legs crossed in an elegant way and started some small talk with the woman, she praised her kids and learned for example that the little girl could count 'til eight and the boy was in kindergarden. The woman confided Rachel that she was a daughter of inmigrants but her kids and her were americans. They just arrived town in search for better opportunities. Katy returned with the glasses and after she delivered them, Rachel signaled her to sit. Katy did it in her unaeducated way, with her legs open wide, her face was red and her hands slightly trembling. Then Rachel made a discrete signal with her hands indicating a number eight, and Katy blushed even more.

Rachel talked, “Katy will give a gift to each of you, just ask her 'Would you give me my gift'”. Seeing her kids hessitation the woman aproached Katy and said “Would you give me my gift?”. Katy answered “yes” and touched the woman's arm. Katy blushed a little more, she seemed dizzy but she was sat. Then Katy gave the woman a watch that she used to wear. “Wow!” Said the boy who quickly approached katy and repeated the same question. Katy answered again “Yes” and touched the boy shoulder. This time the reaction was more noticeable, she gave the boy a couple of children books and then the little girl approached and said “Would you give me my gift”. Katy answered “yes” and almost fainted, but managed to stay awake, then she gave the girl one of her old dolls.

Then Rachel said “Katy has gathered some clothes including a couple of gorgeus outfits. She is willing to give those clothes to your mother but you have to earn them” The kids looked puzzled and Rachel continued “I will make you questions and if you answer better than Katy you win the clothes for your mother, OK?”

The boy was not so happy “Is not fair, she is a grown up”.

“But I guess that you are smarter. Do you want to try or not?” Said Rachel. Seeing their hessitation Rachel grabbed a couple of baskets full of shinny stones that decorated one little table of the living room and then give one to Katy and the bigger one to the little girl and said “Please count the stones for me, princess”. The boy repeated “It's not fair” but the little girl started to count aloud “1,2,3...9,10.....31,32,33,34”. To the surprise of his mother and brother. Rachel praised her “very good princess, now let´s see Katy in action”.

Katy blushed, she started counting mentally but when she reached 8 she froze, but then continued putting the stones out of the basket like if she was still counting when she finisished she remained silent until Rachel asked “How many stones were in the basket Katy?”.

Katy answered weakly, she was shinning red with shame “Many”.

The boy and the girl laughed, then Rachel said “Princess, tell Katy how many stones were in her basket” - “Fourteen” was her confident answer. “Excelent princess, you have won half the bag for your mother”. The woman though that it was a weird game, but considereded that Rachel and Katy wanted to boost her kids self confidence and played along, she thought “and that Katy is a very good actrees, she really looked like she didn´t know”.

Then Rachel asked the boy “Do you like animals?”

“Yes, mam” Was the polite answer. Rachel knew that during her brief recovery Katy had been reading her old elementary natural science books. So he asked the Kid “Do you know what is a reptile?” The mother was about to inervine when the kid said “Is a class of vertebrates that have cold blod and scales in their skin, like cocodriles, lizards and snakes”.

“Bravo” said Rachel. His mother was completely surprised.

Then he turned to Katy and said “Tell me what is a mammal?”. The boy was anxious to answer but Katy remained silent, she had obyed Rachel instructions and had transfered the kid all the words and concepts that she had relearnt since she transfered her elementary school knowledge to Rachel, returning to her most ignorant state.

“I don´t know”. Said Katy and then Kid said a sound definition and Rachel asked Katy to pay attention and aksed the kid to repeat the definitions and examples of mammals and reptiles twice each. Then she asked Katy, “So, then a horse is a reptile, right?”

Katy panicked, she could not remember how to classify it, then she thought “Maybe when I gave my reading and writing learning skills to Wong, I gave him more than I thought”. The reallity was that even when her memory and her capability to follow instructions were almost intact, somehow her ability to grasp new concepts and learn new words was severely diminished.

When Katy answered wrongly, Rachel smiled, she had suspected that, but now knew for sure that this time Katy won´t be able to relearn easily.

“Katy you are falling sleep, why don't you give this lady the clothes that you collected for her and then go to the bathroom and wash your face”. Said Rachel and Katy reluctantly gave the woman the bag with all of her clothes except the outfit that she was wearing. Then Rachel made small talk and then say “Sorry It's time to say goodby, I hope you enjoyed the evening. Do you still need directions to go downtown? The woman paused and then said, “Not really, I now remember how to get there, it is very easy indeed.”.

Then seeing Katy exiting the bathroom, Rachel said “Maybe Katy could carry the clothes bag to the bus stop, is just a three blocks away”. So Katy walked with the trio to the bus stop and waited with them for the bus to arrive. When they left, Katy started looking aroung, she didn´t recognized anything, she had transfered all her home town mental maps to the woman. She was very afraid, she didn´t remember the way home, she couldn´t read the signs, she didn't even remember clearly her address. She was paralyzed and started to cry when Rachel reached her and took her back home.

Rachel also had made Katy transfer to the woman her knowledge on how to do the transferences because Rachel didn't want her to end up being useless as a maid. Still with her new found learning disabilities she would never be able to have more vocabulary or general culture than a kid of 6 or 7 years old.

But Katy now had many orgasms, she was always horny, especially when Rachel made her do stupid things or teased her with her questions, and when she organized parties in which Katy would be serving the guests, sometimes nude, sometimes with skimpy outfits, and then she would sexually serve the guests while they mocked her. She specially dreaded the “classes”, seeing that Katy was pretty unable to progress, Rachel started teasing her by recording some concepts in a tape recorder and then making Katy study them. Katy would listen repeatedly to the tapes, sometimes for hours, then the following day, Rachel will test Katy for the concepts, and even when she could repeat the tapes word for word, she was still pretty unable to answer right any questions about the content. Then Rachel would spank Katy hard on her naked ass, saying that she should put more effort in her studies. To make the tests more humiliating for Katy, sometimes after the spanking, Rachel would make Katy hide under her former bed and invite her little 6 year old cousin and make him listen to the tapes once or twice and then test him and the kid would do it almost perfectly while Katy with her face bright red from the shame, masturbated hidden under the bed remembering that she was once the smartest and fastest learner and now she was not only ignorant but it would take several days of work to learn what this mediocre kinder garden kid could learn in a matter of minutes and then the kid would still do better than her.

Sometimes while licking Rachel pussy or doing some other humiliating task, she thought about the life she was going to have before that day in high school, and her mind returned to the times when she received praise for her knowledge and culture, but then Rachel would interrupt her thoughts with a mocking comment or a spank on the ass and Katy would remember how ignorant and stupid she was now and would come hard and forget about it.

The End.

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