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update sep 2 - 2010

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Mmm/F, humil, bdsm, exhib

In The Woods
By Surtea - 2010

This is a story for adults – if you are not an adult or cannot tell fantasy from reality please read something else.

Back in the 1960s and 70s a French artist by the name of Joseph Farrel created a sizeable number of BDSM drawings. He felt that the drawings were works in themselves and that people should make up their own stories to go with them. Later the drawings were published with short vignettes by Robert Merodack and others. Joseph Farrel is sadly now dead and much of his work is out of print.

For my own amusement I have written my own short stories to accompany some of the drawings. Here is one of them. Let me know what you think.

Mr Robinson was the headmaster of a remote public school, renowned for its exceptionally liberal attitude to its pupil’s education. While the students were generally allowed a remarkable degree of freedom he ruled over his staff with a rod of iron and was especially heartless to any younger, prettier mistresses he could twist into his unpleasant schemes. His latest victim was Olivia Grass, a divorced lady in her thirties with a fourteen-year-old daughter.

Olivia taught history and, as part of her remuneration, her daughter, Nina, attended the school. Using the threat of dismissal with poor references, Mr Robinson had slowly but gradually bent the teacher to his will. To start with he had merely required her sexual favours: first orally, then vaginally and finally anally. This latter was made into a more appalling ordeal ordeal as Mr Robinson was fairly well hung and Mrs Grass was a virgin in that spot.

Once he had completely broken her resistance to him in a private sexual setting his demands became more steadily extreme and involved her humiliation in front of first the staff and then the pupils. Her daughter, egged on by her new friends, had even joined in some of the cruelties. Nina’s teenage rebellion against her mother was rapidly taken to rather extreme heights.

To begin with underwear was strictly forbidden and poor Mrs Grass was quickly used to teaching with the feeling of fresh air around her pubes. Soon after she was required to begin shaving, leaving only a pretty little bush and ensuring that her sex itself was quite smooth.

Next Mr Robinson took to bending her over the staffroom table, flipping up her skirt and fucking Olivia at the 8.30 morning staff meetings. The other teachers just ignored this: many of the women present had been abused themselves in the past and were only too glad that some other unfortunate soul was now the headmaster’s target. When the meeting was done the history teacher would have to go off to teach class with head’s sperm slowly oozing out of her vagina and running down her legs. If she was not sufficiently enthusiastic in these meetings it could always be made worse.

“Mrs Grass seems a bit lifeless today. Geoffrey, you’ve got a big dick, why don’t you have a go after I am done. I think she needs a second seeing to this morning.”

Teaching with two or three loads of sperm trickling down her stockings was so much worse than just the one. Especially if Mr Davis had been one of them: he had a not particularly large prick but came in absolute torrents. If he had fucked Olivia the streams would be dribbling down below her hem line by the time she reached her first class.

When she rebelled over the, as Mr Robinson saw it, relatively minor matter of drinking his piss straight from his penis, the head decided to show her how little choice she truly had. He bound her to a chair, opened her blouse and invited in her daughter, Nina. Nina had been fighting her mother for years now and was distinctly wild.

“Your mummy has been naughty, Nina, and needs to be punished. Here is a whip, young lady. Would you mind giving her half a dozen across her tits. Hit as hard as you like.”

“Noo! Not that! Please Nina, not that!”

“Shut up, Mummy, you stupid cow. Shouldn’t you take her bra off first, Sir?”

“Not this time, Nina. It is too flimsy to offer much protection anyway. And I like the way it pushes her breasts up for you.”

Being punished by her own daughter became a regular occurrence for any failing, real or imagined. While Nina enjoyed beating her mother her greatest pleasure came from the times Mr Robinson allowed her to use nettles. She loved running the stinging leaves over her mum’s breasts: watching the little white blisters forming, tracing patterns with them and then, finally, working the nipples over till they were grotesquely swollen and sore. And the happiest day of her life had been when the headmaster had let her use the nasty plants on her mother’s opened sex. She had finished that session by stuffing the proffered vagina absolutely full of the leaves as her mother screamed herself utterly hoarse.

Today, in the weekly organisational review meeting Mr Robinson had openly insisted that, as a special privilege to Mrs Grass, she be allowed to fellate him during the gathering and in front of her colleagues. As usual all of the teachers continued the everyday business of the school as if this were perfectly normal. Degraded to her very limits, but terrified of exposure or dismissal, she had obeyed until he shot his load into her mouth.

“Not bad sucking, Mrs Grass, I would give that a B+. But don’t you remember what I told you last week?”

“Oh, no. I’m sorry! Please, I forgot. I meant to…”

“Tell your colleagues what you were instructed to do?”

“You... you told me that when I am s... sucking in public I am supposed to pull your... your cock out as I feel you ejaculating.”

“And what else?”

“I... I am to then take the full load of sperm on my... my face...”

“Your slutty face.”

“My slutty face...”

“And then?”

“Then I must suck your cock clean and say ‘thank you’.”

“Thank you for what?”

“Thank you... thank you for coming on my slutty face...”

“Wasn’t I clear?”

“I’m sorry, so sorry. I promise I won’t forget again.”

“Good girl! Keep sucking and we will discuss the consequences at the end of the meeting. Now about the supervision rotas for the exams…”

When the other teachers had finally left he informed her that, as her performance had been not as required, an exemplary public punishment was required. He sent for her daughter and, giving Nina a whip, ordered her to take her mother out to the school fields, while he fetched some of the lads from the Third Form, the form Mrs Grass usually took.

When they had all gathered in the open air, Mr Robinson ordered Olivia to pull up her skirt, revealing to the lads her shaved sex because she was, as usual, wearing no panties.

“Nina, if at any stage your slutty mother fails to obey me, I want you to bring that whip down on her tits. Is that clear?”

“Ooh, yes sir! Get on with it Mummy, you old whore!”

“Now squat down and open your legs wide, Mrs Grass. Give your boys a fine view of that hot cunt of yours!”

The weeping teacher reluctantly obeyed, menaced all the while by her cruel daughter. Soon the little crowd got a good view of all her private parts.

“Peel your cunt open, Mrs Grass, give the lads the guided tour!”

The poor teacher had to use her fingers to spread her labia wide apart. The boys lay on the grass to get a better view. More were arriving by the minute.

“Now, I want you to have a shit and a piss in front of us all, Mrs Grass.”

“Noooo! Please not that. It is too disgusting!”


With a crack the whip landed across the teacher’s bosom. Howling she screamed her submission, but not before Nina got off two more wicked blows.

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Please Nina, stop!”

With a lot of groaning and weeping the poor woman began her excretion. She knew now that she was completely broken, completely under the head’s terrible control. She could never escape, never rebel…

“Wider, Mrs Grass, much wider! Spread your thighs right open so the lads can get a good look at your pretty pisshole as it pees and your arsehole as it shits! Keep pissing, bitch! Push, push, shit it all out!! If you stop crapping, I'll get Nina to whip you again! Go on, piss some more...”

“Wow! Mrs Grass has a pretty little twat, and her bottom is dropping such big turds... Have you seen the hole in her fat slit?”

“Yeah... It's really neat. I've already seen it peeing by looking through the keyhole in the loo door. But I couldn't see as well as here... It makes me feel all funny in my tummy watching a teacher shitting and pissing.”

“Hurry up, push out that last turd, slut! Give the kids a good look at your arsehole... The last part of the test is multiple choice. You can either clean up the mess by eating the evidence or you can give each of the boys here a little suck. But don’t worry, if you choose to eat your own shit, the boys will help rinse out your mouth. One after the other they are going to piss on your tongue as you hold your mouth open...”

“Great! Yes sir, me first.”

“No, me sir!”

“Quiet kids, let Mrs Grass choose in peace.”

“I… I… I’ll suck them. I’ll suck them all…”

“And remember the rules about blowjobs in public. You wouldn’t want to get into more trouble! I think you had better repeat them for us.”

“Oh God...”

“Right now or eat your own shit for us!”

“When... sucking in public I have to... to pull the cock out at the last moment and take the... the full load of sperm on my sl... slutty face. Then I have to suck the cock clean and... thank him for coming on my face... my slutty face...”

“Well done! Now form a line, lads! And, Nina, whip your mother’s arse if she doesn’t obey the rules.”

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