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update august 4 - 2011

Another story by Surtea | stories

Mmm/f, humil, bdsm, exhib, incest

By Surtea - 2011

Back in the 1960s and 70s a French artist by the name of Joseph Farrel created a sizeable number of BDSM drawings. He felt that the drawings were works in themselves and that people should make up their own stories to go with them. Later the drawings were published with short vignettes by Robert Merodack and others. Joseph Farrel is sadly now dead and much of his work is out of print.

For my own amusement I have written my own short stories to accompany some of the drawings. Here is one of them. Let me know what you think.

Mary had been David’s personal sexual slave for five full years now, all as the result of a business deal that had turned bad. She had gradually become used to being his abject plaything and that of several of his friends. However the sickening sense of humiliation and debasement had never gone away as her tormentors were always thinking up new and interesting ordeals for her to suffer. Not to mention the pain as David’s close friend Jon’s cock was immense in every dimension.

The party included David’s daughter Suzi, who it turned out, was a vicious little bitch who soon discovered a new hobby in photography. Suzi began a voluminous and ever-growing photograph and video library. Suzi began decorating the ‘playroom’ with some of her favourite pictures. She particularly liked to make poor Mary spend an entire afternoon sitting on a large, high-powered vibrator while making the poor woman watch videos or flick through photo albums, having her describe the various bizarre outfits, public humiliations, extreme stimulations and harsh punishments before her in the most obscene terms. The girl would not let her victim stop until two or three degrading orgasms had been procured. Soon Mary associated this abuse with climaxes and could not hold back. She was being trained against her will.

And then one day David had insisted she hand over her daughter, Mimi, to the same slavery. Of course Mary had refused out of hand. This was the reaction her owners had expected and anticipated.

However she had been forced to change her mind after an evening in which every member of the team had used a wicked cane on every part of her body while ferocious bulldog clips were affixed to her nipples and clitoris. Suzi had gleefully filmed the whole amazing capitulation as finally the mother’s will gave way and she begged them to take her daughter in return for an end to the appalling punishment. By midnight Mary was so utterly broken to the idea that she’d agreed to the hand-over in exactly one month’s time and had even begged to be allowed to participate in the initiation.

The fateful day arrived and the poor young lady was brought into the ‘playroom’. Suzi kissed her neck as she peeled open Mimi’s blouse and pulled down her bra to reveal her soft young breasts. Then her skirt was jerked down to reveal a pretty little bush encased in semi-transparent knickers.

Next her mother was ordered to take out each of David, Peter and Jon’s cocks for her daughter to see. The poor woman had to handle and then to kiss and lick each organ before rubbing it all over her face in front of her tearful daughter.

Mimi burst into tears as she watched her mother kissing and licking the big cocks. She could not believe the size of the biggest one, which her mother was now rubbing all over her face. It was bigger than a policeman’s truncheon.

“Come on, pretty one,” giggled Suzi, “time to offer your sweet little body to Mumsie’s friends. We’re going to have so much fun together, just wait and see. Look at these beautiful pricks that the guys are going to shove into you. Any moment now…”

“Ah! But… Sir… Miss… It’s huge,” blubbered Mimi, staring uncontrollably at Jon’s cudgel-like prick. “It would hurt me… I’m scared. It’ll never fit! It isn’t possible! Please, Mummy, stop rubbing it over your face!”

“Yes it will fit, Mimi,” said David, “now don’t you worry. Pretty young girls like you are designed to take great big dicks in their hot little slits! You can ask your Mumsie… She doesn’t mind, in fact she really loves doing it. Especially when it’s up her arse! See! Look at that photo on the wall… See, that’s Jon’s dick she’s taking up her arsehole! I have to tell you she came three times during that session and bounced up and down for more than an hour. Believe me, your mother is a real cock-hungry slut! And soon you can be too. Mumsie dear will help you become a whore, just like she is. Tell her what a whore you are, Mary!”

“Ah! Oh! Yes, I’m a whore. I like it… I’m sorry darling but you have to… We have to…”

“There you go, Mumsie is a slut and admits it; and soon you will be too!”

“Please Sir, be gentle with my little girl, and treat her kindly. She’s not used to this. She’s only just seventeen!”

“Then I really hope she’s had some experience by now?”

“Yes, a little. Luckily she’s not a virgin on either side any more. A boy at her school took her pussy and I persuaded her godfather to bugger her for the last month. So she is used to a certain amount and I imagine her bottom is becoming a bit more accepting. But I am still frightened for her. She’s never been taken in a sandwich. And she’s never even seen a penis as big as Jon’s. I’m begging you don’t let him take my girl in her bottom, that cock is just too large. Take me instead; it hurts, but I can now manage it.”

“See, Mimi, how eager your Mumsie is to get that huge prick back inside her, the dirty whore! You’ll have to fight hard to get your share from that slut!”

“Don’t worry, Mumsie, we’ll all open her arse up before he gets a go!” laughed Peter.

“OK! My dear girls don’t make such a fuss! There is absolutely no point in crying. Now, little Mimi, do take off your panties so we can get a good look at your sweet young twat. You are going to be a good girl aren’t you? We’ll only have to punish your mother with the whip if you don’t co-operate. We are going to be nice and gentle and you are going to open your legs as wide as you can. Suzi here is going to frig you and get you really wet.”

“While she’s doing that Jon is going to arsefuck your mother, right here in front of you as a lesson. You can have a front-row view and you will see how he manages to get his whole giant cock in her bottom, eventually! She’ll have his hairs tickling her ring in the end. And believe me; your Mumsie will come while he’s stuffing her. And once he’s come in Mumsie’s bottom he will be able to last all the longer for you! Then it will be your turn while Suzi gets the video. You can kneel on all fours next to your whore of a mother. Peter and I will take turns in your arse first. Then we’ll coat your little bottomhole with Vaseline and your own dear Mumsie will hold your buttocks wide open for Jon. And then, little girl… You are going to have to hold on tight because, let me warn you… It’s going in your sweet little bottom right up to the balls. I am sure Jon will be as gentle as he can but it is all going in… Every single inch!”

An hour later the broken young teenager lay head-to-tail under Suzi in her first sixty-nine. Her legs were doubled up and her bottom was on clear view to the three men who admired the way the red distended ring leaked a steady trickle of their mingled sperm while Suzi ground her crotch back and forth on the young lady’s face. Mary crawled between the men licking their already hardening cocks clean.

“Well, Mimi,” said Suzi as she briefly stopped sucking the young girl’s swollen clit, ‘’it seems you’re going to be just as big a slut as your mum! I bet you can’t wait for the first time Jon takes your sweet little pussy. Don’t worry it won’t be long now. And as a special treat we’re going to let your mother put it in for you!”

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