Royal Comeuppance – 1

M/f, nc, humiliation Royal Comeuppance 1 by Seezin hai >> Seezin hai index The kingdom of Linnenhurst was an important piece of land. This much, the Baron and his army knew. The valleys of Linnenhurst bore more fruit, than all the other kingdoms in all the countryside, combined. The hills which surrounded it’s perimeter were filled with the finest oak. The coast of Linnenhurst held the Continue reading

Royal Comeuppance – 2

MM/fff, feeding, bdsm, exhibtion, whipping Royal Comeuppance 2 By Seezin Hai >> Seezin Hai index The valley of Denton was a beautiful bright orange. It’s flowers in full bloom and its wildlife teamed with harmony. Along the winding path of It’s small stream were the conquests of the Vulger empire. Dozens upon dozens of women marched forth, naked from head to toe. Hair was soaked against Continue reading

Jarvis, DT – Desk Duty

M/f, D/s, exhib, humiliation, feet, whipping “Desk Duty” >> Seezinhai stories The job of a detective is simple really. All we do is take care of the bad guys. While their were some conflicts from time to time with our methods, I don’t think anyone can question our spirit. The other day while I was investigating a triple homicide, my partner Mitchell, got shot. The injury Continue reading

Jarvis, DT

M/f, coed, humiliation, stripsearch, whipping Jarvis, DT   by Seezin Hai >> Seezin Hai story index     I am a detective, sixteen years on the force. I work in the mean streets of the mean city. I take no shorts and I give my all to maintain order…and Law when possible. On the east side, I was investigating the murder of a low level drug Continue reading

Pony Boot Camp — Part Four: Flogging a Dead Horse

MF+/ff, nc, slavery, whipping, bondage Pony Boot Camp — Part Four: Flogging a Dead Horse By Venom >> Index I was glad for the lunch to be light, because our afternoon saw something called “further physical evaluation”. It was basically extensive circuit training followed by a run along the camp’s inner perimeter. I am quite sporty, always have been, so the whole affair wasn’t too big a Continue reading

Read Kirsty 2 – A descent into slavery

bdsm stories

FF/fff, consensual, bondage, rubber, slavery Kirsty – a descent into slavery – 2 By The Iranian If you’ve read Kirsty Part 1 then read this before reading part 2. >> Previous >> Part 3 Since I wrote Kirsty Part 1 I realised that the story would not progress smoothly with such a large number of characters and designations and have let some of them go and had some Continue reading


bdsm stories

MM+/f, bdsm, nc, tort, humil, interracial, beast, incest Pamela by pamela Synopsis: Pamela struggles against her own nature, but her implacable need for pain and degradation makes her life hell. Or is it heaven?   >> another story by Pamela Note: Part One of this story contains a scene (in the restaurant) that appeared with only slight differences in a previous work of mine, “The Sibling Bond.” Continue reading

Suicide Couple

Suicide Couple by Markus This is the synopsis for this story: The story basically is a love story between two very different people that have several things in common. Will they survive the relationship? Can they make it work and will they be happy? Read on and find out. Note: Their is a variant of this story an earlier edition on another site. But I am the Continue reading