Poor Melanie

Poor Melanie by Ryric M/f, abduction, humiliation, modification, D/s Melanie woke, groggy. She tried to bring a hand up to her aching head, but couldn’t seem to move her arm. Becoming more aware, she realized she was strapped down to some sort of table. Then she realized all her clothes were missing! The last thing she remembered, she had been walking across campus late at night, when Continue reading

Whoring in Manila

Whoring in Manila by unknown M/f, D/s, humil, exhib, spank, modif, slavery THURSDAY AFTERNOON Claire Chirac was sat down watching television. On cable. She had satellite which allowed her to watch French programmes on her television. Claire was an attractive French woman teaching French in an International School somewhere in Manila, Philippines. Her apartment was somewhere on the eight floor. She live with her French boyfriend for Continue reading

Training Laurie

Training Laurie by MrJerseyGuy MrJerseyGuy (at) hotmail (dot) com M+/f, D/s, BDsm, bnd, humil, voy, beast, modif, ws, rough An ongoing story of a sheltered girl who is indoctrinated into the world of slut training and BDSM by her older boyfriend. This is a true and currently ongoing story. Part 1 ( Porn Shop Training ) It was strange but wonderful how we wound up together. We Continue reading

The Bra

The Bra By Jackpot Here are all the usual disclaimers. You must be over 18 to read this! This story is pure fiction! Any resemblance to names or persons in real life is purely coincidental. These characters are fiction. You have been warned! This is for adults only! “Rachael, we have reason to believe that a special bra contains hidden codes designed into it. What’s more, there Continue reading

Worlds Apart

MF+/f, cons, humil, D/s, BDsm, rough, tort, beast Worlds Apart by W. L. Telford telford10(at)gmail.com >> another story by W.L.T – Virtual Slavery // meat     Ross Edwards walked from a good meeting into a bad day. More than a bad day. He stepped into hell. But as he moved along the corridor from the conference room to his private office on the 33rd floor of Continue reading

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas bondage, interracial, M/f, modification, nc, by sandy sme6068@yahoo.com It was a great early summer day. Oh the weather was hot and humid as usual in Atlanta, and my husband was out of town for a couple of weeks, again, but it was a great day anyway. My best friend Sara and I were going to Vegas! School was finally out, how sick I had Continue reading

Raising The Perfect Slut

M+/f, D/s, blackmail, humil Raising The Perfect Slut By Lara Cataluna  >> Another story by Lara V Cataluna – The Palermo Six >> Mrs. Arrogant Tamed   Disclaimer: Read No Further If You Are Under The Age Of 18 Or If You Are Offended By Graphic Descriptions Of Sexual Activity. All Characters, Situations, And Locations Are Purely Fictional. I write these things for one purpose alone: Hearing Continue reading


MM/F, nc, D/s, prostitution, prison, modif, bdsm, slavery, spank 93 by unknown 93 is the number assigned to Denise Howard as she is sentenced to prison for prostitution in Mexico ONE As I sit here in my cell, I feel compelled to write down the events of my miserable life over the past long months. It is late at night and my cubicle is lit by a Continue reading