Summer’s Blackmail

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Summer’s Blackmail

by wilcox010

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Todd Spillers was surfing through the internet as most high school seniors will do when he came upon Wives Who Need Sex. Having just celebrated his 19th birthday, he was taking his new laptop computer out for a spin. His parents had moved a lot during his early years due to his father’s military service so when they arrived in Atlanta, they had held him back in the eighth grade so that he could catch up to the high academic requirements of the new school district and to have the added benefit of being one year older than his competition. In addition to the age differential, Todd’s physical stature led to him being the starting left tackle on Smith High School’s championship football team.

So, while all of his other friends had received cars, Todd’s parents had only promised him a car only if he was successful in receiving a football scholarship. As Todd went through the customary age checks and was able to access the site, he started surfing the site and found a section that guided him to women in his area. He scanned the profiles of women who had pictures of themselves in various stages of dress and clicked on a couple to get a feel for what the women were seeking. He continued down the list until he noticed an ad that said, “English teacher seeking her muse”. When Todd clicked on the profile name, no picture came up. He could tell from the profile that there were “private” pictures, but he could not gain access. So, Todd wrote a quick note to the teacher and said that he was a very good candidate for the position of muse because I know what you want as well as what you need. Todd signed his message, Master T. He logged off of his computer so that he could finish his homework, study for his test and hit the sack.

Summer Wayne was surfing the internet on a boring Thursday evening. Her high school sweetheart and husband of 20 years was out of the country on business, her twin sons were experiencing their first semester of college at the state university and her best friend, Lisa, was out having dinner with her husband. Summer has been an English teacher at Smith High School for the past 10 years. She had come to teaching late because she and her husband James had wanted to start a family right away. Summer and James had settled into the good lifestyle of an upper middle class family, nice home, two nice cars, beautiful children and a romantic love life. From time to time, Summer wondered if she missed out on the experimentation of youth, but she always had to remind herself that she was a lucky woman to have the life that she had.

Summer was about to log off of the computer when she got a notification that she had an email at her “secret” site. She was nervous and thought about waiting until the next day to open the mail, but she thought what the heck. The email was short but intriguing. The responder was a little too young for her, but she felt flattered that someone that young would find her profile interesting enough to write to her. She wrote back to Master T saying, “Thank you for writing to me. I liked your profile very much. I was just wondering why you would find an older woman like me of any interest. But, just in case you do find me interesting, I have attached a picture for you”. Summer signed her response as teach101.

The picture was one that James had made her take getting out of the car one evening. He loved for Summer to show off her sexy legs as well as her panties and this particular shot was from their weekend getaway into the city. She had hid her face because she had to be oh so careful given her job and the impact pictures shared over the internet could have on it. Immediately after hitting send, she felt a slight queasiness in her stomach. She had never ever sent a picture out over the internet, but told herself that her features were protected by the smudging of her face. With that, Summer headed off to take a hot tub bath.

Todd could not go to sleep. It was the combination of the test for which he had studied and the surfing he had done on the Wives Who Need Sex site. So, he decided to take one more look at the site. When he logged on, he was surprised to find a response from teach101. He clicked on the mail icon and there it was, a short note and a very sexy picture of a woman exiting the passenger side of the car. The legs were very long, tanned and led up to the bright yellow panties that could be seen through the lens of the camera. Wow, Todd thought, an exhibitionist. He studied the picture a little longer and guessed the woman’s age to be late 30’s or early 40’s. Todd hit reply and wrote simply, “Dear teach101, I found your short note and very nice picture to be quite interesting. I would like to know a little more about you, before I continue to correspond with you so that I can determine if you are right for me. Please forward another picture to me that gives me a better view of what I believe is a very sexy body”, signed Master T.

Summer had slowly relaxed in the tub with her bath bubbles and had gone back in her memory to the weekend in the city with James that the picture had brought back into her consciousness. She remembered the look on the doorman’s face as he saw her getting out of the car and how she turned red from the embarrassment. But, a bet is a bet and she knew that the weekend with James would be fun and entertaining. The bet had been innocent enough because after all she had a full house, had most of the chips and felt pretty confident because James’ cards had been so bad the whole game. When he went all in, Summer knew that she more than covered his bet and because they were playing table stakes knew she was going to beat James and he was going to finally lose to her in poker.

James had said; let’s make this a little more interesting. Summer told him that she could not see how it could be more interesting, he was out of chips and had nothing else to bet. James proposed that he meet Summer’s all in cover by offering to agree to the weekend at his mother-in-law’s house if he lost, but if he won, she would agree to a weekend in the city where she would wear whatever James wanted her to and to do anything he asked of her. Summer quickly made the call because she knew then James was bluffing because he did not get along with her mother at all. Summer turned over her three queens with tens. She got a sick feeling when she looked into James’ eyes and she was shocked to see four Kings lying on the table before her. To say she was stunned would have been an understatement. That is what led to the first of many pictures on that weekend as well as lots of flashing, secret touching and ultimately leading to Summer experiencing her first threesome.

It had happened in a sports bar next door to the hotel while the NFL playoffs were on. James had made Summer dress very sexy, almost slutty. James made her put on her red shelf bra which did not cover her nipples, the matching red string thong, black back seamed thigh hi hose, white button sweater, short black skirt and 4 inch fuck me now black pumps. Summer was to go in and find a seat at the bar and order a drink. She was required to make sure that her skirt was hiked up so that anyone paying attention could see the tops of her hose. Just as her drink order came, her phone buzzed as she had received a text message. It was from James telling her how sexy she looked and how proud he was of her. Summer smiled to herself and took a couple of gulps of her gin and tonic as she was nervous and because she had never sat at a bar by herself in her life.

Summer was startled by movement behind her and she noticed that two men had sat down on the adjacent bar stools. As she was facing the bar, they had a pretty good view of her legs and she could feel their eyes looking at them. Nervously, she crossed her legs and tugged at the hem of her skirt, cursing James under her breath as there was no way to fully cover the tops of her hose while sitting. Summer jumped when she felt a soft touch to her arm as it was the closest man asking her for a napkin. As she reached up to the bar to grab one, her ass lifted off of the stool, which made her skirt ride up a little higher. The man thanked her and introduced himself as Bill and his friend Mike.

About that time, Summer’s phone buzzed again. It was another message from James. She ignored it for the moment as she was lost in her thoughts trying to not be too self conscious about the skirt, the hose and the men next to her. Her phone buzzed again and Bill said that someone was really trying to reach her. Summer picked up the phone and read the message:

Summer, you are not allowed to pull the hem of your skirt down. For this transgression, you are now required to turn towards the two men and you are to uncross your legs giving them a good view of your panties.

She knew that she had to meet this demand because she had promised and she did not want the weekend to start off badly. So, she slowly turned towards Bill and said that it was just a girlfriend telling me that she could not meet me today. As she said this to Bill, she uncrossed her legs as she had been instructed. She leaned over to Bill and asked him where he and Mike were from and what they were doing in the city. Bill said that they were there for the game on Sunday as our local team was his favorite team. Summer saw him look down at her legs and when she did not cross them, he smiled at her and asked if he could buy her a drink. When the drink arrived, Bill handed it to Summer and excused himself to go to the bathroom. As he left, Mike struck up a conversation across Bill’s bar stool. As James had not allowed her to re-cross her legs, Mike was afforded a direct view up her sexy legs straight to her panty covered pussy.

As Bill rounded the corner heading for the bathroom, he ran into James. They exchanged handshakes and James asked him what he thought of Summer. Bill was very excited to meet her and that all of their email traffic could not have accurately described how sexy and lovely she was. James told Bill that he should continue and begin pushing her even more sexually. James handed Bill a velvet bag and a note. James told Bill to slip them into Summer’s pocketbook without her noticing.

As Bill retuned to the bar, he saw that Summer and Mike were in a deep conversation. He was able to come up behind them and was successful in putting the bag & note into Summer’s pocket book. He returned to his seat and as he sat down, he placed his left hand on Summer’s crossed leg. He knew that Summer had broken one of James’ rules, but for the moment he let it go. Just then Summer’s phone buzzed again. It was another message from James telling her to go into the bathroom, open her purse and read the attached note. Summer excused herself to go to the bathroom, but as she got down from her bar stool, she could not help but to give both Bill and Mike a direct view of her red thong panty.

James’ note told Summer to take the egg out of the velvet bag and to insert it into what he was sure was a very wet pussy. As Summer slid her red thong down her legs, she noticed a slight wet spot in the thin material that been between her legs. The wetness she found in her panties was matched by the juices she found on the lips of her pussy. As Summer began to insert the black egg into her pussy, she noticed how easily it slid in and how full it made her feel. James’ note also told her that he was now in the bar, but that she could not see him, but he could see her. He said that he was not pleased that she had crossed her legs and that he would deal with that discipline issue in a short while. James’s note also instructed Summer to unbutton all of the sweater’s buttons except for the two buttons right at her breasts. In this way, anyone looking will have a direct view of your cleavage, and if you see someone looking, you are to bend forward giving them an easier view.

Summer returned to the bar stool only to find that Bill and Mike had put her stool between them. As she sat down, she remembered James’ instructions and made sure that the hem of her skirt was at the top of her hose. About that time, the egg in her pussy erupted in vibrations causing Summer to groan as if she were in some sort of pain. Bill immediately knew what had happened, but acted like he was concerned that she had hurt herself in some manner. He placed his right hand on her thigh and lightly squeezed as he asked if something was wrong. Summer felt his touch and also felt the vibration of the egg slow to a more manageable sensation. As Bill’s hand moved up her leg, he touched the creamy skin of her upper thigh above the tops of her hose. As he did this, Summer put her hand on top of Bill’s hand to push it away from her thigh and immediately she felt the eruption of the egg in her pussy. She knew that James could see her and that he was not pleased she had tried to push Bill’s hand away.

Bill leaned in to whisper into Summer’s ear telling her that she had very sexy legs, beautiful eyes and beautiful breasts. She had forgotten to lean forward so she felt the egg jump into a new and higher gear. The vibrations were bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, but there was no way she was going to cum right there at the bar, or so she thought. Bill moved his hand backup Summer’s leg and she casually leaned forward causing her sweater to gape open giving Bill a direct view of her breasts as well as of her now erect nipples. At that same time, she felt Mike’s hands rubbing up her back and down to her ass. She did not move as she was fearful of just how powerful the egg was, but she noticed the vibration subsiding back to a more manageable purr.

As Mike was running his hand under her sweater, she felt Bill’s hand slowly going over the top of her hose right to her panties. Mike’s hand slid down the back of her skirt and was playing with the string of her thong when her phone buzzed again. It was a text message again from James telling her to excuse herself and meet him at the bathrooms. It took several moments for Summer to get Bill and Mike’s hands disengaged from her body, but she was only able to do this by agreeing to kiss both of them. The kisses were quite long, deep tongued with the hands of the other man on her all the while. When Summer was finally able to break free, she almost ran to meet James at the doors to the bathrooms. She was so flustered and turned on that she was concerned about losing control.

James asked Summer if she was ready to go back to the hotel. She said “YES”! James said that she had to go back out to the bar and tell Bill and Mike that we were leaving, but that they should come up to our room for a night cap. Summer was stunned and said to James, “How could ask me to do that?” James said, “You made the bet and lost. I am not asking you to do it, but am telling you to do it”! Something inside Summer at that point made her say “yes sir” to James. She headed back to the bar and whispered to Bill and Mike what James had demanded. They could not pay their bill fast enough. On the way up the elevator, Summer could not distinguish which hand belonged to which man. She had a finger in her pussy, a finger in her ass and a finger on her clit. By the time they reached the 24th floor, Summer was a total wreck, skirt around her waist, sweater completely open and lipstick smeared around her mouth. She knew that the evening would be one to remember!

As she thought about that weekend while in the tub, her right hand slowly made its way below the water line, past her mound of pubic hair, found her erect clit and she shivered as her finger found its target. With her left hand, Summer spread her pussy lips which granted better access to her slit. While the finger of her right hand started a rhythmic stimulation of her clit, Summer pressed her now drawn knees against the sides of the tub. Summer moved her left hand up to her breasts and started to squeeze her very hard and erect nipples. She concentrated on her right nipple as it was the more sensitive of her two very erect nipples. She felt her orgasm building. her right hand began to furiously rub her clit and as she reached that peak, she gave the nipple a hard twist and her body exploded in orgasm.

Summer lay in the bath water until it began to chill. Rising from the water she observed herself in the mirror; saw the bubbles from the bath beads still resting on her pubic hair. She began to dry herself and when she patted the bubbles from her mound, she quivered remembering the orgasm that she had just experienced. Summer put on her white silk robe, wrapped her wet hair in a towel, completed removing her make-up and headed for the bedroom when she noticed a blinking light on the screen. She clicked on the icon and an email from her secret site appeared before her.

How dare he say he would determine if I was right for him? Just who does he think he is she wondered. Maybe it was the orgasm or the glass of wine she had had, but Summer wrote back to him:

Master T, I will determine who is best for me and I do not appreciate being written to in the manner that you have. Further, I do not think that we are a match because of your attitude towards me. But, just so you will know what you will be missing, let me tell you about myself. I am a 40 year old woman, 5’8″ tall, brunette hair, hazel eyes and a 38-25-36 body. And just so you know what you will be missing, I have attached an even better picture of me so that you can stroke your miserably small cock thinking about an opportunity lost. Summer signed her response, teach101 you lost it muse.

Summer then went into James’s secret folder that contained all the pictures from that weekend. She had discovered the folder one day when James had left it open by accident. She selected the picture taken from the side with a reflection from the full length mirror in the hotel bedroom. As she double clicked on the picture to attach it, she sneezed and without knowing it, she had instead attached a picture of her sitting on the bathroom counter. She hit reply on the message and logged off of the computer.

Todd was surprised at the mail notification because he thought it was too late for anyone, especially a mother, to be up playing on a sex site. He clicked on the mail icon and was stunned to find the picture as it had been sent by Ms. Wayne, his English teacher, the same teacher who was making his life difficult and forcing him to stay after school to do extra work in order for him to stay eligible to play on the football team. The picture was of her on a bath room counter, legs spread, pussy lips exposed and she was stuffing her hairy pussy with what looked like a 10 inch black dildo. The expression on her face was one of total bliss as she looked directly into the camera lens. And the nasty toned note, what a bitch.

Todd stopped for a moment to think about his options. He could just pass it off and maybe mention it to Ms. Wayne one day after work. But then he had another thought, why shouldn’t I take advantage of the situation. I can get a better grade, stop staying after school and teach this bitch some manners. So, Todd downloaded the picture to his computer, copied it to his cell phone and printed two copies. Teach, tomorrow you are mine he said to himself as he got back into bed. He held the picture with one had as he feverishly pumped his raging hard on until he exploded all over his chest. He wiped his cum from his chest, turned off the light and went to bed with an evil grin.
Summer Wayne is a 40-year old wife, mother and high school English teacher. Summer was recently been introduced to group sex by her husband and she has begun to feel desires and needs that she had never experienced before. Summer had even written an ad and placed it on a Wives Who Need Sex site, just to see what that world was all about. She had had some responses, but last night she had had a response from someone, writing as Master T, who had insulted her. She had written back to him and told him as much in an email in which she told him he was insulting, had forwarded an alluring picture that hid her face, but showed off her other features just to let the prick know what he would be missing.

It was Friday morning, the end of the school week and Summer was looking forward to a weekend alone as her husband was still in Asia and her two college age children were at school. Today, she was assigning her students in her four classes an essay project on a favorite writer of hers on a book that had been required reading for the first semester of the year. Summer’s students were not going to be happy as they would be writing a minimum1,000 word essay, which was going to count 20% of their grades for the year. The essay would be due in one week and there would be no extensions or an agreement to accept a late submission. Summer always did this for each class, surprise them in the first semester and make it count 20%. The assignment would take her about 7 days to grade and she felt like it was time for her students to understand that English was important and sometimes it was hard work. But in the end, Summer found that giving her students a hard assignment early in the year helped with the expectations she had for the end of the year progress.

As Summer stepped into the shower, she was remembering her bath experience from the night before and her hands began to gently massage her breasts specifically concentrating on her nipples. Summer began to slowly twist and squeeze her half dollar sized nipples as she felt stirrings in her pussy. As she felt the hot water running over her body, a hand slowly made its way over her fluffy mound of pubic hair as it reached her now erect clit. Her middle finger found the most sensitive portion of the clit and began to circle the nub until she could feel herself edging closer to the orgasm that she now craved each morning to get her day off to a great start. As Summer’s hands worked her nipples and clit, she started remembering the hands of the two men her husband James had arranged to meet them on their weekend get away and how they had stroked her legs under her skirt in the bar. She began pulling her nipples harder and rubbing her clit faster as she felt herself ready to explode. Summer screamed in ecstasy as her body quivered under the strain of the orgasm and to prevent herself from collapsing in the shower, Summer had to grab the towel rack until the last remnants of her orgasm subsided.

As Summer lightly padded her body dry, she caught the water shimmering from her pussy mound (she had a nice fluffy mound) and thought back to all the times her husband wanted her to shave it. Summer had resisted as she felt like it was too private and the hair was there for a purpose. She believed only sluts and low life’s would shave their pussy mounds. She thought it looked very feminine and always politely refused James’ request for her to shave her hair away. As Summer sat down to do her make up, her cell phone rang. It was Lisa her best friend calling to remind Summer that she was supposed to meet her for drinks later that evening around 6:00 PM at their favorite margarita bar. Damn, Summer thought to herself as she would not have time to come back home to change clothes today before going out with Lisa because she had an afternoon department meeting and could not miss it.

After finishing her make-up, Summer walked into her closet to select her clothes for the day. She first selected a pink bra and panty set. The bra was quite sheer, but it did provide some coverage for her nipples, but it was flimsy and if she got cold, her nipples tended to stick out a bit. Summer had found that stiff nipples helped get a drink or two bought for her and Lisa sometimes when they were out together. Next Summer selected a light beige blouse, a matching beige skirt that fell just above her knees that buttoned up the front, then wide lace topped nude thigh hi’s and her two inch school heels. After dressing, Summer gave herself one more look see, straightened the buttons on her skirt, picked up her school bags and headed off to school in her convertible BMW.

Summer’s day was fairly busy and the moans as well as the groans from her senior English students were prevalent all day. The biggest complaints came from the football and basketball players. The high school was located in a hotbed of athletes and her English course had been a stumbling block for several players in the past. One particular player had failed her class and he had lost his football scholarship to the state university and had been relegated to a smaller school for two years. He had promised to pay her back one day. One of her most troubling students was Todd Spillers. He had great potential, but did not apply his abilities to her course. Todd had always been sort of an enigma to Summer because she felt that he was not reachable for some reason. During her final teaching class period, Summer needed to run to the front office for some supplies and said, “Mr. Spillers, would you please be responsible for the class’s deportment for the next 10 minutes?” To which Todd replied, “I will be happy to Ms. Wayne.”

As the end of the period arrived, Summer was not back from the office. The class filed out of Ms. Wayne’s class room, but Todd remained behind. He had noticed that Ms. Wayne had left her cell phone on her desk and he had a quick thought. When the last of the students had left the class room, Todd took his iphone out of his back pack, took his UBS flash drive and was able to down load all of Ms. Wayne’s contacts from her phone’s address book. He had just returned the phone to Summer’s desk when she walked back into the room. Todd thought to himself that she was stunning and he could not wait to make her his. But, he had to be patient and make sure that he had enough to hold over her head to ensure her compliance with his demands as well as his desires.

At lunch time, Summer’s day was basically over. For this semester, her class rotation was four classes in the morning, two hours of planning time and one 45 minute study hall session. As she was preparing to eat her sandwich for lunch, her phone buzzed indicating that she had received a text message. She did not recognize the number and there was no name in the “from” portion of the message. Summer clicked on the message and was stunned to read, “Slut, I cannot believe that you think that you can dump me so quickly without giving me the opportunity to determine whether or not you are worthy of me. But, I do appreciate the wonderful picture that you sent to me of you on the bathroom counter fucking yourself with that large, black vibrator. I bet your husband really enjoyed that show. Tell me slut, does your pussy quiver when you think of that picture?” The text was signed, Master T.

Summer, her hands shaking uncontrollably, could not believe what she was reading. How could anyone have this number? Her phone was never out of her pocket book at school, she almost never gave the number out and the only people who did have it were very good friends of hers. But the reference to the picture on the bathroom counter, made her pause for a moment. She had not sent that picture to anyone. Summer wondered if this was a joke that her husband was playing on her as he was the only person that knew of the picture taken from that weekend in the city. Summer sent a text back to the sender, “I do not know anyone with Master T as a name. And, I for sure have not sent anyone a picture of me like the one you have described. So, James, call me and stop playing with me from overseas”. Summer signed it, Teach 101.

Todd smiled as he read his teacher’s response. She had no way of knowing that he had been Master T and that he was in possession of the picture that clearly depicted her feeling the final effects of a mind blowing orgasm on that bathroom counter. Todd wrote back to her, “Ms. Wayne, I do indeed have a picture of you and I am attaching it to this message so that you will see the predicament in which you are in now.” Signed, Master T.

Summer jumped when the phone buzzed again. It had to be after midnight in Asia and James should be asleep by now. Her face went completely pale and sweat started forming around her lips and on her fore head as she read the message and then clicked on the attachment. “Oh my god!” was all Summer could utter as she could plainly see her face, the black vibrator deep into her mound of pussy hair and her nipple being pulled and twisted by her free hand. She could see that the picture was right as she was cumming and she cursed James for ever taking that picture.

When she composed herself, Summer wrote back to the sender, “I do not know who you are and how you were able to get such a picture of me. I do not appreciate you sending it out over the wireless lines as it may fall into the hands of someone who knows me. How can I get that picture back from you?” Teach 101

Summer Wayne sat at her desk looking for an immediate reply to the most recent text to her unknown sender. But, she did not receive a message for almost thirty minutes. While she waited, Summer could not help but wonder who in the world had that picture, how did they get it and what was it going to cost her to get it back. Her palms were sweating, her heart was beating a hundred times a minute and her breasts were rising and falling to the rhythm of her excited breathing. Then her phone buzzed, “Slut, you indeed did send the picture to me last night. I found it very interesting that you would send such a picture to someone that you were telling to fuck off. Now, what do I do with you slut? I think you are going to have to work really hard to keep me from sending the picture to the webmaster at your school to be posted on-line for all of the children and parents to see. That would fix you slut! You should have thought wisely before sending out such a provocative picture not knowing who you were really writing to. Now slut, it is my good fortune to have it and to be able to make you pay me for its return.” Master T

Summer quickly texted back to the sender, “You cannot expect me to pay you money for a picture. I am not a rich woman and neither is my husband. We are just an average couple struggling to meet our financial obligations. Also, you cannot possibly think that it is reasonable to send the picture to be posted on a school website. I would be ruined and would risk losing everything my husband and I have worked so hard to attain. Can we work out a reasonable compensation for the return of the picture?” Summer signed it Teach 101.

Todd could not believe how well this was working. In the matter of only thirty minutes or so, Ms. Wayne was already offering some sort of payment for the return of the picture. He thought to himself, that she must think that I am a moron or something. How could she believe that anyone would return the only copy of such an erotic picture? Well, lets see how badly she wants it back. Todd then wrote, “Slut, I am a considerate man and think that a fair compensation could be reached. But, it appears to me from the tone of your text messages as well as with the tone in your final message last night that you believe that you have the upper hand in these negotiations. It could not be further from the truth. So let’s get this straight, from this point forward, your messages to me will start with Dear Master T and end with Your Slut Summer.” Todd sent reply and waited for his slut’s response.

Summer’s face went pale again. She was now faced with someone who was not going to be easy to deal with, who did have the upper hand and was now telling her how to address him as well as changing her response to Your Slut Summer. She thought to herself and decided a more strongly worded text was appropriate, “Please stop with this unreasonable demand for payment to get a picture, my picture returned to me.” Teach 101.

Now Todd thought to himself, I have her now. He sent back a quick and direct response, “Slut your non-compliance with my first demand will cost you dearly. Below you will find your husband’s phone number. As I understand, he is traveling in Asia and a new text message to him detailing your profile on the Wives Who Need Sex website along with your picture, may get him to come home sooner to you.” Master T

Oh my god Summer said out loud. She looked up to make sure that her classroom door was closed because she felt sure that if anyone walking by her room would have heard her outburst. Fortunately, her door was closed and the decorations on the door prevented anyone from seeing into her classroom. Summer realized that she indeed did not have the upper hand and that she would need to do anything she could to keep that picture from reaching her husband as well as the school’s webmaster.

Summer texted back, “Master T, I am sorry for not responding properly to you. I am just not thinking clearly so please give me another chance to find a way to compensate you for the return of my picture.” Summer ended the text as was required, Your Slut Summer and hit send.

Todd had her now and he knew that he had to work quickly before Summer’s free time ended and study hall began. So, he wrote back to Summer, “Slut, I will give you one more chance, but if you screw up, you can just kiss your career and marriage goodbye. Because, I will not only forward the picture to your husband, but I will also send it to your two sons. Do you agree to do what I ask for the return of your picture?” Master T.

Todd did not have to wait long as Summer responded immediately, “Dear Master T, I am willing to do as you ask for the return of that picture.” Your Slut Summer. To which Todd wrote back,”Slut, take off your blouse and skirt, sit on your desk and take a picture of you in this position so that I can be sure you will do what I demand of you for the return of that picture.” Master T.

Summer was shocked to receive the new message from her tormentor. How could she take such a picture? She looked at her phone and read the parameters for use of the delay device in taking pictures. She quickly locked her door, unbuttoned her blouse & skirt, and removed them both, set the phone on her teaching stool and tried to hide her face as the picture was flashed. She looked at the picture and she was pleased that her face was not recognizable and she sent it along with another message, “Dear Master T, please find the picture as you requested. Does this prove that I will meet your demand for the return of the picture?” Your Slut Summer.

When Todd received the text, he was both turned on and pissed off. He wanted the picture to show the slut’s face as well as her breasts and panties. He fired off another message, “Slut, you have disappointed me for the last time. I did not tell you to hide your face. For this transgression you are to remove you bra and retake the picture making sure your face is very visible.” Master T.

Summer was stunned by the latest demand. She had hurriedly dressed and unlocked her classroom door. Now she was being forced to undress again, take off her bra this time and then take another picture. Summer felt like she had no other choice because whoever this was, he could send the damning picture to her husband and children. She realized she had no choice as she rose from her desk, re-locked the door, took off her blouse & skirt, reached behind and unhooked her bra. Her full breasts felt the cool classroom air and her nipples immediately began to harden and she felt a little moisture forming in the crotch of her pink panties. Summer was surprised at her bodies’ reaction to the forced stripping and the taking of an alluring picture in her classroom.. Summer placed the camera phone back on the stool, got back up on her desk and counted down from five as the camera then flashed and she had made sure her face was clearly visible. She quickly redressed and sent the picture along with a short text message to Master T.

Todd almost yelled which would have given away his hiding place in the boy’s locker room. He had taken several cheerleaders down to his own private fuck room. Summer’s message included the picture along with her response, “Dear Master T, I hope the attached picture indicates to you that I am willing to meet whatever demand you have for me for the return of the picture. As I am a school teacher, I have very little time to meet any demand you have due to my classroom responsibilities this afternoon so I have gotten re-dressed. Can we arrange another time to complete negotiations on my payment to you?” Your Slut Summer.

Todd wrote back to Summer, “Slut your picture and your attitude do make me feel better. However, I am disappointed that you put your clothes back without my permission. I know where you work and I am very familiar with the faculty parking lot. So, for your most recent transgression, immediately after school, you are to go out to your car, take your panties off, place them on the seat beside you and wait for the first person to come up to your car. I will be there watching and you will talk to whomever comes up to you and you will not remove your panties from the car seat. Failure to complete this task will lead to your downfall.” Master T.

Summer almost fainted at the new text message. This is going to far and it has to stop. She immediately sent a reply back to, “Dear Master T, please do not make me do that.” Your Slut Summer. But, Summer did not get a response back and she became concerned that she may have caused her tormentor to send the picture and text messages to her husband. She could not focus the rest of the day as she struggled with the emotions boiling up inside her. Something about being made to take those pictures had caused her pussy to become slightly wet. She could not believe that this type of degradation was turning her on slightly. During her study hall period, she mindless wandered her room making changes to the bulletin board, writing the next day’s assignment on the chalk board and was not paying attention to her skirt as it rode up her legs. The boys in her room could not take their eyes off of the back of Ms. Wayne’s legs. It was very easy for them to see the tops of her hose and each shifted in his desk trying to hide the obvious signs of a youthful hard on. The department meeting ran on and on. She was not paying attention at all as she was focused on how to get to her car and take her panties off while seated in the faculty parking lot. The school principal, Mr. Harding was running the meeting and noticed the far away look on Ms. Wayne’s face. He edged around the room and was pleasantly surprised to see her skirt having gaped open a bit so that he was able to see just a glimpse of lace at the top of what looked like thigh hi’s. Man, this English teacher is very sexy….will have to keep my eyes on her Harding quietly said to himself.

After the department meeting had adjourned, Summer went back to her room to pack up her things. She sat down at her desk and re-read the last text message from her tormentor. As the final bell rang, Summer jumped out of her desk chair, reached up, rolled her panties down over her ass, removed them from around her ankles and placed them in her purse. She hurried out to her car, placed the pink panties on the seat beside her and pretended to be reading papers while all the time she looked around to see if she could spot her tormentor. Her phone buzzed again with a new message, “Slut, I told you to take your panties off in the car. Now you will pay!” No Master T, “I am sorry, please don’t be mad. I made a mistake, but I was concerned who might see me take them off here in the parking lot. I promise to comply.” Your Slut Summer.

The next message read, “Slut, let the top down on your car, unbutton the top two buttons on that beige blouse of yours, unbutton all but the top button on your beige skirt and make sure the tops of your beige hose are completely visible. I see someone approaching; make sure he can see your pussy!” Master T.

Oh god, it was Todd Spillers approaching her car. What a sight she was going to be for him. She started to cover up, but she remembered that Master T was watching and she could not afford for that picture to be sent out. As Todd got to her car, Summer lowered the papers so that her breasts were visible and so that if he looked he would be able to see her mound of pussy hair. Then she remembered that her panties were also in plain sight. How could she explain that to a student she thought? But, she ran out of time as Todd approached saying, “Ms. Wayne I need to talk to you about the new assignment.” Then she saw that he was looking directly down her blouse and could see the top of her bra that barely covered her nipples, which were sticking straight out against the material of the bra and blouse.

What can I help you with Todd? She could not look up at Todd because of the embarrassment of her situation and the fact that he was one of her underperforming students. Summer felt a different feeling than she had ever had before. She was feeling wetness forming in her pussy, but she could not understand why. Todd then said, “Boy Ms. Wayne are you out here getting some sun? Your legs are beautiful, but I do not understand why there are panties on the seat next to you.” Summer responded by saying that she had found the panties in the lot on the way out to her car and that she was just about to leave when he walked up. Summer then asked, “What is it that you need to speak with me about Todd? To which Todd said, “Oh, I forgot what I wanted to ask you Ms. Wayne. You look so sexy sitting there that I completely forgot my question. But I would like to know where you are going dressed so sexy?”

Summer was getting aggravated by his probing eyes and the insinuations of his questions, so she turned the ignition of her car when Todd said, “Ms. Wayne, would it be possible for you to drive me to my car?” Summer, showing her frustration with the situation and the unpleasantness of Todd’s continuing gazes at her legs, breasts and probably the mound above her pussy said, “I do not think it is right to give students rides as it would not appear to be appropriate.” Todd, looking down at Ms. Wayne’s pussy said, “Ms. Wayne, I think you do want to give me a ride. Why else are you showing me your hairy pussy? Wait right here for me to come back. My car is not to far away.” Summer, was taken aback by Todd’s direct words to her and she said, “Todd you should not talk to me that way. I am your teacher and you should give me more respect!”

“Ms. Wayne, you are obviously enjoying me looking at you as I can tell that you are turned on because I can see a little moisture between your legs. And, by the way, I know those panties are yours!” Todd’s words caught Summer off guard as she did not know that anyone could actually see her moisture and the fact that her pussy hair covered her mound made it erotic to her for some reason. She attempted to pull her skirt back together, but Todd said, “Ms. Wayne, you should leave your skirt open, as I really like what I am seeing and it is turning me on to look at you. You are a very sexy woman and I cannot believe that I am lucky enough to have such a sexy woman as a teacher.” Then Todd almost ordering Summer, stay right here while I go and get my back pack from my locker. I want you to drive me to my car.”

With that Todd walked away not even allowing Summer to respond. Summer could not believe that she had not put her car in gear and just driven away. For some very strange reason, she was unable to move. Right then, Summer’s phone buzzed again. “Fuck, it is him again,” Summer uttered as she picked up her phone to retrieve the latest text from her tormentor. “Slut, why did you send that poor boy off with what I bet was a raging hard on?” Summer texted back, “Master T, he went back to get his book bag. He has asked me to take him to his car, but I do not think that that is right as he is one of my students.” Summer signed the text as required, Your Slut Summer.

From the doorway to the locker room, Todd texted back to Summer, “Slut, you are to take him to his car, you are to keep your skirt unbuttoned and spread open to make sure he can see that hairy pussy of yours and if he is so inclined, you are to allow him to access your body while he is in your car.” Master T. “Master T, please do not make me do that. He is a student that is not performing very well in my class and I do not want to give him the wrong impression, Your Slut Summer.” Todd simply wrote back, “Slut do as you are instructed by me and do anything that student wants to do to you. If you don’t, you career will be over before you finish dinner with Lisa tonight. Yes that is right, I know your schedule! So, DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME SLUT!” Master T.

Summer was just finishing reading the last text as Todd was just walking up to her car. Summer hastily pulled her skirt open making sure that her pussy mound was very visible. As Todd got into the passenger seat beside her, she reached over to grab her pink panties, but Todd beat her to them. Todd then said, “Ms. Wayne do you know how I know these are yours? I saw them as you flashed the class today. I am guessing you did that on purpose as you were very overt in re-crossing your legs as well as bending over your desk. Were you trying to turn your students on? You can be honest with me Summer.”

Of course, Summer was not thrilled to be called by her first name and said to Todd, “Please call me Ms. Wayne. It is disrespectful to use my first name because you are my student. I did not intentionally flash my panties in the classroom either.” Todd then pointed out to Summer that she was now flashing him her pussy mound and he wanted to know why. To that end, Todd, placed his hand on Summer’s thigh and when he did not meet with any resistance, he slowly moved it up her leg until he reached the tops of her hose. Then he said to Summer, “Do you want me to move my hand higher up and touch your wet pussy?” When Summer did not reply, Todd asked her again, “Summer, do you want me to move my hand further up your leg and stroke your pussy? Answer me now.”

His tone of voice startled Summer and also caused her to shiver slightly because of the confident, demanding way in which this high school student was talking to her. Todd’s hand was having a strong effect on her inhibitions right now. She slowly spread her legs and told Todd to please touch her. Todd then said, “Summer, tell me what you want me to do to you.” When Todd did not move his hand, Summer pleaded with Todd, “Please touch me.” Todd said, “Summer, where do you want me to touch you?” Summer gave in and said, “Todd, please touch my pussy!” Todd leaned in and told Summer to pull up her skirt and spread her legs. Summer had to raise her ass off of the seat, but was able to bring the hem of her skirt up to her waist and she spread her legs as far as she could. Slowly, Todd moved his hand up Summer’s leg until he felt the hair of her pussy mound where he made a mental note to make her shave at some point. His fingers found Summer’s slit and he was very excited to find that she was dripping wet. Todd thought that she must be horny all the time to be so wet.

Todd slowly rubbed the full length of his new found slut’s pussy lips. He paused when he reached the very top and his finger rested on Summer’s clit. He heard a faint moan and then he started a rhythmic circular motion on Summer’s clit. He felt Summer’s groin rise up and down to meet his fingers as he stimulated her clit. As he continued to rub Summer’s clit, he moved his free hand up to her right breast touching it on the outside of her beige blouse. Todd felt the nub of Summer’s nipple poking through her thin, sheer bra against the blouse. He was able to pinch the nipple between his thumb and index finger. Todd rolled the nipple between his fingers as he increased the pressure on Summer’s clit. Todd was able to slip his middle finger into Summer’s wet hole and then he pushed in another. Summer began to pump her pussy against Todd’s fingers as the first throes of an orgasm began to slip over her body. Todd kept his fingers in Summer’s pussy as he reached for the camera in his shirt pocket. His camera was a state of the art version and made an almost inaudible sound as it fast clicked pictures. He was able to get a full shot of Summer with her eyes closed, mouth gaped open in orgasm and her skirt bunched up around her waist. Todd was able to get a couple more shots before Summer finally opened her eyes. Todd then leaned in and kissed his sexy teacher full on her mouth forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. Summer hungrily sucked Todd’s tongue as she continued to pump her pussy against his hand. Todd easily slipped a third finger into the slut’s sopping wet pussy and he felt her orgasm begin to rise. Suddenly, Summer sucked Todd’s tongue deeper into her mouth as her pussy erupted around his fingers.

Summer finally came down from her two-orgasm high and realized where she was and with whom she was kissing. She tried to push Todd away, but he only tightened his grasp on breast and in her pussy. Summer squirmed and was finally able to get Todd’s fingers disengaged from her pussy getting some control over the situation. She then said, “Todd, I have to leave as I am supposed to meet a friend of mine. Can I please take you to your car?” Todd, said, “Ok Summer, but only if you let me take a picture of those beautiful breasts of yours.” Summer, was shocked and said, “Absolutely not Todd. You are my student and I cannot have you taking pictures of me like that.”

Todd replied, “Well my sweet Summer, then I guess I will have to tell my parents about how you seduced me here in your car at the school today. How you forced my hand up your skirt and made me to rub your pussy right in the school parking lot. I am sure my father would be on the phone immediately with our principal Mr. Harding.” Todd started to open his door to get out, when Summer pleaded, “Todd please don’t do that. Let’s drive to your car. I will do as you wish when we get there. Ok?” Todd did not want to press too hard on the first session so he agreed and told Summer where his car was.

When they got to the student lot, Summer saw that Todd’s car was actually a bicycle. He laughed to himself as he told her that instead of a car, he got a computer from his parents. The bike was his only mode of transportation and Todd then went through the family decision to hold off on a car until he got his football scholarship and how that was being impacted by her English course. Todd told Summer that he felt she was too critical of his work, was making him an example and that he did not appreciate that fact. To which Summer replied, “Todd your grades are fair and you have earned those marks based on your efforts. I cannot, will not do favors for anyone especially athletes because I do not want to be viewed as favoring athletes.”

Well Summer, after today, I am afraid you are going to have no other choice but to help me out whenever I demand it from you. I think that the way you have taken advantage of me, one of your students, will cause you to change your approach to at least my grades. As a matter of fact, I do not think that I should have to do the new assignment for the paper you gave to everyone today. Summer, shaking, said, “Todd, if you think I am going to go easy on you, then you should think again. You will get the grade you earn and deserve without any favorable treatment from me.” Todd looked Summer directly into her eyes and said, “Slut, you had better give me what I am asking for because you know your career will be over the minute I go to my parents. Now open that blouse and show me those beautiful tits of yours. Right now!”

Summer scared for her professional life, started unbuttoning her blouse and slowly pulled it open to meet Todd’s gaze. Todd just shook his head and Summer knew that she would have to more fully expose her breasts to the stares of her student. As she slowly pulled the blouse off of her shoulders, she felt the light of the flash from Todd’s camera in her eyes. She closed the front of her blouse to cover her bra and cleavage, but she was met with Todd’s harsh words, “Slut, pull that fucking blouse open, unfasten your bra and show me your nipples.”

Summer could not figure out another way to get out of the situation so as she shrugged her shoulders, the blouse slipped off and she reached around to unfasten the clasp of her bra. As the bra fell from her breasts, Todd could see Summer’s breasts rise and fall with every breath. He then was able to see her perfectly hard nipples, but wanted to get a better shot of them, so he told Summer to take a nipple in each hand and squeeze them to make them really hard. As Summer twisted her nipples, her pussy began to moisten again and she began forcing her legs together to try and stop the advancing orgasm. Todd instructed Summer to put her hands above her head and he took his camera and began taking pictures of her in this position.

Todd, pushing Summer’s limits, told her to lay her head back against the car seat and to spread her legs as wide as possible. Then Todd said, “Slut, put your left hand on your pussy and stroke your clit. Take your right hand and squeeze your nipples harder.” As Summer mindlessly complied, Todd began snapping off picture after picture of his slut touching her body. From time to time, he told Summer to change hands, place both hands on her breasts, spread her pussy lips with one hand and put fingers from her other hand into her pussy. Todd made sure that Summer’s face was completely visible in each shot as he wanted perfect evidence of her total submission to his demands and her desires.

As Summer’s breathing got heavier, Todd decided to up the ante a bit by taking a nipple between his teeth and began to bite down on it. Summer squealed in pain but did not force Todd’s mouth from her breast. Summer’s breathing became more rapid the harder he bit down on the nipple when Summer exploded in her third and hardest orgasm of the afternoon. She pressed her breast into Todd’s mouth telling him to bite her nipple harder and harder. Todd watched as Summer’s hand continued to rub her wet slit as she moaned to the multiple stimulations he had thrust upon her in the last 30-minutes.

When he was sure that Summer was about to cum again for the fourth time, he took her hands from her pussy and told her that she was not to cum again. Summer looked at Todd through glazed over eyes and begged him to let her cum. Todd then told Summer, “Slut you have not earned the right to have another orgasm. You need to beg me for the right to cum. Look directly into the lens of my camera, tell me who you are, what you are and what you need.” Without hesitating, Summer looked directly into Todd’s camera while he was recording and said, “You are my Master, I am your slut and I must cum, Please Master.” Todd, satisfied that he had a complete record of her submission, told Summer that she cannot cum until she had tasted his cock. Todd took Summer’s hands and placed them on the crotch of his jeans, ordered her to take his already fully erect cock out and suck the entire 8 inches into her slut mouth. Summer immediately did as she was directed as the need to cum was overwhelming and she was willing to do anything to get the orgasm she so badly needed. As Todd’s cock slipped over her lips, Summer felt Todd’s hands on the back of her head as he forced her down onto his cock. Summer felt the pubic hairs that surrounded Todd’s cock and that meant that the head of his cock was at the back of her throat.

Todd, told Summer to get up on your knees slut so that you can better suck my cock. Summer complied with Todd’s demand and with her ass up in the air, she forced his cock deeper into her throat. She felt Todd’s hands massaging her ass when suddenly she felt wicked slaps on her cheeks, which only made her want to suck his cock deeper into her throat. Todd was able to slide his fingers along the crack of his slut teacher’s ass until he reached her most private of spots. As he began to insert his finger into her ass, Summer struggled to keep him from doing so. With his other hand, Todd slammed Summer’s head deep down onto his cock as he buried his middle finger all the way into the slut teacher’s anal passageway. As Summer felt Todd furiously fuck his finger into her ass, she felt her orgasm rising and she began sucking the hard cock in earnest. As Todd was approaching orgasm, Summer took the cock even further down her throat as Todd slipped a second finger into her ass. As the digits plunged completely into her ass, Summer was overcome by the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced and was rewarded by Todd’s hot jism as it shot down her waiting throat. Todd ordered Summer to catch come of his cum and to hold it in her mouth.

As Summer pulled off of Todd’s now semi hard cock, Todd instructed Summer to open her mouth and hold his cum on her tongue. As she did this, Summer once again saw the flash of Todd’s ever present digital camera as he documented her holding his cum in mouth. Once satisfied with the pictures, he told his slut that she could swallow it.

Once recovered from her sexual assault, Summer remembered where she was and the fact that she was almost completely naked. She told Todd to get out of her car as fast as possible because she did not want anyone to see her in this condition. Todd zipped up his pants and agreed to exit the slut’s car without further conversation about it. Summer was able to find her bra and blouse, but was unable to find her panties. She looked up at Todd to see him holding her pink panties to his nose while he looked down upon her. Summer asked Todd for her panties, but Todd said, “No these will be my reminder of the events and pleasures of today.”

With that, Todd mounted his bicycle and paddled his way out of the school parking lot. As Summer was able to fully redress, without her panties of course, she looked at her watch to see that she was thirty minutes late for her dinner meeting with Lisa. As she approached the gate exit from the school, her phone buzzed again signaling another text message had arrived from the tormentor that had gotten today’s events started in the first place. She decided to wait until she had reached the parking lot of the restaurant. She did not want to be distracted any more than she already was. As she turned into the parking lot, she noticed that all the spots were full and that she would have to utilize the valet service. As she pulled up to the podium, she suddenly remembered her current status of undress and the fact that she had no panties on. But, Summer had no choice but to exit her car and no doubt gave the attendant enough of a view that he could probably count each of the hairs that covered the mound of her pussy.

She went into the bar, found Lisa and excused herself to go to the bathroom to freshen up. Once inside the bathroom, Summer was shocked to find that there was dried cum around her lips and she prayed that Lisa had not seen the remnants of the blowjob she had just been forced to give to one of her high school students. Her phone buzzed again and she said shit to herself as she had forgotten to check the first message. Master T’s most recent message was of his approval of her actions today in the parking lot. He was fairly confident that his slut would meet his demands and it was possible for him to return the picture to her. The second message said, “Slut, never, ever make me wait on you. I will deal with you on Saturday.” Master T Summer, nearly exhausted from her day, began refreshing herself in the ladies room. She fixed her blouse and skirt, straightened her hose and tried her best to hide her ever hardening nipples. Just a simple enraged message from Master T had made her nipples hard, AGAIN. When she was satisfied that she had sufficiently recovered from the day’s ordeal and that she had freshened her make-up to eliminate the traces of sex, she joined Lisa at the bar where a double gold margarita awaited her thirsty lips.

Lisa looked at Summer and wondered what her friend had been up to that day… Summer Wayne is a tall, brunette, 40 year old English teacher, mother of two college age sons and wife to James who travels for his profession. Summer has found that her life had gotten pretty boring and had placed an ad on a site for Wives Who Need Sex. She replied to one of her responders, which turned out to be one of her high school students. Since her reply contained an explicit picture of her, the student, Todd, has successfully trapped Summer in blackmail to keep her job and her marriage safe. Summer does not know that her tormentor is in fact a student at this point. Todd, has been forcing Summer into a slow spiral into sexual submission via text messages from his profile name, Master T. As chapter two ended, Summer had been forced by Master T to submit to the advances of a student in the faculty parking lot on Friday afternoon. She has just joined her best friend at a local margarita bar to celebrate the end of the week.

As Summer walked back to the bar, Lisa noticed that Summer’s breasts swayed as she was walked towards her. When Summer had come into the bar when she first arrived, Lisa noticed that her lips, chin and cheeks had what she thought might have been a cream of some kind, like a milkshake, on the way to the bar. As Lisa watched Summer walk towards her at the bar, she noticed the heads of several men turn and look wantonly at her friend. Lisa could see that Summer had undone two buttons on her blouse, which was giving anyone who looked a really good view of her ample breasts and cleavage.

When Summer was next to Lisa, the two friends hugged, and to Lisa, Summer seemed to linger in the embrace for an extended period. Summer climbed up on the bar stool to Lisa’s left which positioned Summer with her back to the front entrance to the bar and facing back towards the path through the bar that she had just walked. Summer noticed that several men were looking at her and she could tell that they were pleased with what they saw. As Summer crossed her legs, Lisa noticed the bottom three buttons to Summer’s skirt were undone and she swore she saw no panties covering her friend’s pussy. Lisa thought that she saw the tops of her thigh hi’s as well as a very fluffy mound of pubic hair which was much different than hers as her husband always wanted her pussy completely shaved. Lisa remembered that Summer had always said that she thought that a shaved pussy was disgusting and that she would never do that. Lisa wondered where Summer’s panties were.

The friends chatted for a while and they each finished their first golden margarita then subsequently ordered a second. Just as the second icy treat arrived, Summer’s phone buzzed and she saw that her tormentor was again texting her. Summer knew that she could not risk angering him anymore than she already had by ignoring his first text while she had been driving to the bar. She told Lisa that she had to take the call and that she would be right back. As Lisa watched Summer get down off of the bar stool, she looked as closely as she could without being too obvious and her original observation was confirmed that Summer was indeed not wearing any panties as she could see the thick brown hairs of her pussy mound. Lisa watched as Summer headed back towards the bathroom and followed the sway of her ass cheeks along with the men on that side of the bar.

As Summer entered the bathroom, she opened the most recent text from her tormentor and she began to read. “Slut, where are you right now?” and it was signed Master T. Summer quickly fumbled with her phone and texted back, “Master T, I am in the ladies room at the margarita bar with my friend Lisa, and signed it as she had been directed, Your Slut Summer.” Summer thought that she would take advantage of the opportunity while in the bathroom and relieved herself while awaiting the inevitable response from her Master T. As she finished washing her hands, her phone buzzed again. “Slut, tell me how you are dressed” Master T. Summer replied, “Master T, I have the same beige blouse with two buttons undone, I have put on my pink bra back on after Todd had made me take it off, my beige button up skirt with the bottom three buttons undone, my thigh hi hose and my school work heels”, signed Your Slut Summer.

Within a minute, her phone buzzed again and the reply was not kind. “Slut, who told you that you could put your bra back on? Stand in front of the mirror there in the bathroom, take off your blouse, remove the bra and throw it in the trash can as punishment for putting it back on without my permission. You may put your blouse back on, but you are to step into a stall, do not close it and while facing toward the mirrors, open your skirt, spread your legs as wide as possible, reach down and rub your ugly, hairy cunt until you cum. You are to aid your orgasm by twisting and squeezing your big nipples. Write back to me immediately after your pussy soaks your fingers, Master T.”

As Summer was standing before the mirror, she seemed to go into autopilot. As she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off of her shoulders, Summer reached behind and easily unclasped the pink bra allowing it to fall away from her chest. As the 36C cups fell away from her breasts, Summer noticed that she had a slight hickie left by her student tormentor in the school parking lot. Summer looked at herself in the mirror and wondered how she could have been so stupid to have allowed herself to fall prey to her internet tormentor. She resolved to try and negotiate with Master T on Saturday, as she was just too tired and strung out to do that from the bar. Summer tossed the bra into the trash container and moved to the last of the three stalls in the ladies bathroom.

As instructed, Summer stood in the stall and could see her reflection in the mirror. Summer prayed that her orgasm would come quickly as she did not want to be interrupted by another woman coming to the bathroom. Summer shrugged her shoulders so that her blouse fell away, which made it easier for her to access her nipples. She started by using both hands to squeeze and twist her nipples. As she watched herself, Summer was amazed at how far she was willing to go to please Master T in order to get that picture back. She looked at herself and was pleased that the years had been kind to her and all of those after work training sessions had helped to keep her stomach flat. Slowly, Summer started moving her right hand down towards her pussy. As her hand passed through her thick pubic hair and drew closer to her pussy, she reached down to undo one more button on her beige skirt to give her better access to her now erect clit engulfed in her hairy pubic mound.

As Summer’s middle finger began to stimulate her clit, her fingers began to alternate between each of her already hard and erect nipples. She began pulling and stretching her aching nipples as her middle finger continued its circular assault on her burning clit. She closed her eyes and waited as the inevitable orgasm began to form and as she erupted she was startled by the flash of a camera that was being held by her friend Lisa. Lisa was able to capture Summer at the peak of her orgasm and she could see her left nipple pulled away from her breast, Summer’s legs spread wide and her fingers thrust into her pussy. Lisa was able to take three more pictures of Summer as she came down from her orgasmic high. When Summer recovered from her orgasm, she immediately wrapped her blouse back over her shoulders to cover her breasts as she asked Lisa, “Why did you do that”? To which Lisa said, “I have been waiting out by the bar for over fifteen minutes. I have had three men come up and hit on me with each one wondering where my hot friend was. Now I come into the bathroom, find you almost stripped naked, squeezing your nipples and rubbing your cunt to orgasm without fear of anyone coming in and finding you looking like a slut in heat.”

Lisa saw Summer lower her head and start to tremble as tears began slowly rolling down her checks. Summer broke down, started balling uncontrollably and slammed the door to the stall. As she sat on the commode, Summer covered her face with her hands and wondered how she could allow herself to be in this situation with no apparent way out. She recovered enough to stand, button her blouse & skirt and then left the stall. She did not look Lisa in the eyes as she made her way to the lavatory to wash the tears away from her face. As she finished, Lisa handed her one of the valet towels that were placed on the counter so that Summer could wipe away the water without the sting from a paper towel. Once dry, she looked up at Lisa and asked, “Why are you taking pictures of me? I want you to delete them right now!”

“First, I want to know why you are in here rubbing your cunt in an open stall with your clothes unbuttoned and with no bra or panties on. Second, I want to know what has come over you because I have always thought that you were prudish and had had sex only a few times in your life: on your honeymoon and when you got pregnant. So tell me Summer, why are you in here touching yourself like some wanton slut?”

For a moment, Summer thought about breaking down and just telling Lisa the whole truth about her tormentor Master T and what he was making her do. But she just could not imagine what kind of reaction her best friend would have. So, Summer lied, “I have been really lonely this week. The kids are off at college and James is on an extended trip to Asia. I have just been thinking lots about him and feeling sorry for myself. I do not know what has come over me to be honest.”

About that time, Summer’s phone started its inevitable buzz letting her know that she had waited too long in responding to Master T. Lisa could see Summer’s hands begin to tremble as she scrolled down the message on the phone as she heard Summer quietly say, “Oh God.”

Lisa asked Summer what is wrong and Summer just shook her head and began re-reading her tormentor’s message. “Slut, it has been almost ten minutes and I have not heard one word from you. Do not worry about replying to this message as I already have prepared an email to go to the webmaster at your school. The very seductive and slutty picture of you on that bathroom counter will be posted for all to see by tomorrow morning so any student or parent checking the website over the weekend will get to see your pussy spread wide by that big black dildo of yours, Master T.”

Summer began typing immediately not worrying about Lisa, “Dear Master T, I am so sorry, but right in the middle of my orgasm, my friend Lisa came into the bathroom and caught me. I had taken my bra off and threw it into the trash container, my blouse was completely unbuttoned, I was standing in the stall looking into the mirror, squeezing my nipples and rubbing my clit. As I came, Lisa began taking pictures of me so I have been lying to her as to why I was doing such a slutty thing. Please oh please do not send the picture. You know that I will do whatever it takes to get that picture back from you, Your Slut Summer.”

Unbeknownst to Summer, Lisa had been looking over her shoulder as she responded to Master T. It took Lisa a couple of minutes before she could bring herself to question Summer about it. “Summer, who is Master T and what picture does he have of you?”

“What” Summer said, as she whirled around to find Lisa standing right behind her?

“You know Summer, I am very nosey and I could not help myself. Now I find that my best friend, of many years, has a sexual secret that she has kept from me so what did you expect from me, Lisa said, as her eyes bored angrily into Summer’s?”

Summer could felt the walls of the bathroom closing in on her. She felt Lisa’s hands on her shoulders as she looked directly into her eyes as she said, “Summer, Master T calls you his slut. How long have you been his slut?”

Summer’s reply was interrupted by a new text from Master T, “Slut, I have warned you about not immediately replying to me. Unbutton all of the buttons on your blouse, all but one button on your skirt, tell me what kind of pictures Lisa has of you and describe her to me.”

Summer said, “Oh, God Lisa I need your help.” So, Summer quickly detailed what happened only a short night ago when she sent that picture to an unknown man by accident and the trouble she was in because of her teaching position as well as her marriage with James.

Summer then told Lisa, “I have to unbutton all of my buttons, describe the pictures that you have of me and what you look like. Right now you are not involved, but if I start telling him about you, he may draw you into this and I do not want to cause you any problems.”

Lisa said, “Summer, he does not have a picture of me and I am not a teacher, so it is only you who is in trouble, so go ahead and describe me to him.” As Summer began her text message Lisa told her to let her look over her shoulder.

“Master T, I am wearing the blouse and skirt unbuttoned as you directed. Lisa’s pictures show me in the stall with my fingers squeezing my nipples and my fingers in my pussy. The first picture shows me at the beginning of my orgasm and the last shows me after completion. My friend Lisa is 5’ 10”, red hair, green eyes, size 38 C breasts, she is wearing a short black skirt, blouse and black heels signed Your Slut Summer.”

The minute that Summer hit the send button, her stomach began to turn in knots. Now her best friend knew about her predicament and submission to an unknown tormentor. Summer began pleaded with Lisa, “Please do not think bad thoughts about me and please, please to not tell James about this as it will cause our marriage to end.”

Lisa began to pace a little in the bathroom and was amazed that so far no one had come into the bathroom. Then she hit upon Summer’s lie. Lisa said to Summer, “In your response, you told your Master that your blouse and skirt were unbuttoned. What will happen if he makes you take a picture of yourself and then send it to him? Don’t you think that you will be in trouble for that?”

Summer quickly said, “Oh, god I do not know. But, I am willing to take a chance because he is not here and there is really no way he will know, right?”

Lisa quickly said, “Summer, this guy has something over you that you do not want him to use against you. You believe that he will and I believe that he will. Now, get in the handicapped stall and do as he says!”

Summer looked at Lisa and felt like she really had no choice and agreed with Lisa. As she stepped into the stall, Summer felt Lisa right behind her locking the door. Fortunately, Summer noticed that this stall is one that has a full door and must be extra wide so that it can accommodate a wheelchair.

Summer turned around just in time to have Lisa grab her purse and take out her phone and say to Summer, “Unbutton that blouse and skirt Summer before you get the next text. Do it now!” Summer was taken aback by this change in Lisa, but is none the less resigned to do as Master T has instructed and reconfirmed by her best friend Lisa.

Summer mindlessly began unbuttoning her blouse and as she finished Lisa told her, “Pull it off slut.”

Summer protested and began to argue when Lisa told her, “Summer you are his slut, but I have pictures too. I want you to take the blouse off now. Imagine what James would say if I were to email that first picture that shows your hand in your hairy cunt and the way you were stretching and squeezing your nipples”. Summer began to beg Lisa not to treat her that way and to not us the word cunt with her as she felt that was degrading.
Lisa grabbed Summer by the arm, shook her and then said to her, “Summer you are a slut for him, now take off that damn blouse or I will rip it from your body.”

Summer sort of cowered back into the stall and shook the blouse off of her shoulders. Lisa took the blouse and hung it on the post on the back of the stall door. Lisa then ordered Summer to take the skirt off, but to keep her heels and hose on. Summer complied with her new tormentor, started with the top button on her skirt; she slowly undid enough buttons to allow the skirt to slip over her hips and down to her ankles. Lisa bent down and helped Summer step out of the skirt while leaving her heels on.

As Lisa stood back up, she looked directly at Summer’s cunt to find her pussy lips wet and her clit standing erect. As Lisa rose, she looked Summer in the eyes and said, “You are so wet. I think that you are a slut. But, why do you have all of that hair around your cunt? It is disgusting to have that much hair. Don’t you know that men love the feeling of a soft, smooth cunt mound? You should do something about that”.

Summer answered her new tormentor, “Lisa that is a disgusting thing to say to me. I think a woman should not shave her pubic hair as it is there for a reason. Besides, only a slut and a low life would shave that private area.”

“So, let me get this straight Summer, are you calling me a slut or a low life,” Lisa said quite angrily.

Summer said, “Lisa, I am not calling you either one. I am saying that only those types of women would shave that area.”

Lisa paused for just a second and then replied, “Well, which one you are calling me Slut? I shave my pussy and my ass. My husband likes it that way, but I really like the way it feels when I have on my thong panties, like today.”

Summer quickly said in disgust, “You have got to be kidding me Lisa; I would have never figured you to be that way.”

Summer’s phone then buzzed and before she could take it from Lisa’s hand, she saw the flash of her own camera. She cursed at Lisa saying, “Why did you do that? Why are you treating me this way? I did not give you permission to take that picture.”

Lisa just smiled and opened the new text, which asked, “Slut let me see proof that you have indeed done as instructed”, signed Master T.

Lisa typed back, “Master T, I have attached a picture that should meet with your approval. My friend Lisa took it without my permission, but it does show me with no clothes on, instead of unbuttoned clothes. I hope that this pleases you, Your Slut Summer.”

With tears welling up in her eyes from anger and humiliation, Summer said to Lisa, “Damn it Lisa, why are you texting that bastard. Who do you think you are anyway?”

“Well Slut, I am your new Mistress. I decided that you need someone to give you proper guidance from a woman’s perspective and you do not seem to appreciate the demands and needs of a woman.”

Lisa continued in on Summer, “Obviously, you are going to learn what a man wants, but I know you will be a good slut for me too.”

Lisa raised her own digital camera and pointing at her new found play toy said, “Slut, grab both of your breasts and squeeze them for me right now.”

Without hesitation, Summer’s hands proceeded up to her breasts as if they had minds of their own. Summer could not stop herself even if she wanted to as the extreme urges deep inside were telling her to comply. Summer’s hands found her nipples and began to pull and twist the silver dollar sized nipples. As Summer was twisting, she felt the flash of Lisa’s camera catch her in this pose. And without any directions, Summer’s hand slowly trailed from her right breast down to her clit. Her hand lingered for just a brief moment on her pussy mound before finding its way through her now moist pubic hair until it found her erect clit. When Summer’s finger found its intended target, Lisa heard her audible moan as the middle finger on Summer’s hand began to feverishly rub her clit.

As Lisa continued to digitally record Summer’s compliance with her directions as well as with Summer succumbing to her own submissive desires, Lisa’s own panties began to moisten from the erotic show that Summer was performing for her as well as the urge she felt to degrade her best friend further. As Summer continued to play with her pussy and breasts, Lisa felt Summer’s phone begin to buzz. The next message brought a smile to Lisa’s face as Master T wrote, “Slut that was a terrific picture and I am very happy with your compliance. But, you did not completely describe your friend to me. Tell me what type and color lingerie she has on and tell me about her cunt, is it furry like yours or nice and smooth.”

Lisa told Summer to stop playing with herself and she immediately complied with Lisa’s demand. Lisa told Summer, “Master T wants you to describe to him what type and color of lingerie I have on as well as describing my cunt.”

Lisa showed Summer the text and told her that she must comply immediately, and said, “So, type to him you slut.”

Summer looked at Lisa and said, “I cannot tell him that as I do not know what you have on and whether or not you fully shave your pubic area.”

Lisa then said, “Well, it looks like you will have to unbutton my blouse and pull up my skirt to be able to respond to Master T won’t you slut. So unbutton my blouse now.”

When Summer had unbuttoned Lisa’s blouse as instructed, she heard Lisa say, “Get down on your knees and pull up my skirt.”

Summer pleaded with her best friend, “Lisa please do not make me do that. I do not understand why you are helping the bastard. He wants to control me over one simple picture and now you are doing the same thing with your own pictures taken of me in the past five minutes.”

Lisa just ignored Summer and waited for her to fall to her knees. Summer resigned herself to lower her body to her knees and as her knees hit the cold bathroom floor, she reached up for the hem of Lisa’s skirt and began pulling it up over her thighs and then finally over her hips.

Summer’s nose was even with Lisa’s panty covered pubic area when she said to Lisa, “Please text to Master T for me that you have red panties and bra on. That your bra is a shelf type and your panties are a thong, right?”

Lisa said, “Well put your hands on me to see.”

Summer, quickly said, “I cannot do that Lisa. I am not a lesbian. I have never touched another woman, so please do not ask me to do that.”

“Slut, pull my panties down so you can see if I shave or not and you can determine whether I am wearing panties or a thong, do it now,” Lisa demanded. Lisa felt Summer’s hands slowly move up her legs until they rested on the front of her panties.

Summer in stunned voice said, “You do shave your pubic area and your panties are wet Lisa, why is that?”

Lisa simply replied, “You are turning me on and I like forcing you to please me, I get off on it, I like it and I am going to continue doing it to you by treating you like the slut you are.”

“Ok, slut you type to Master T what you have discovered and felt as I want to take more pictures of you”, purred Lisa.

Lisa pointed her camera down towards her friend and took a picture of Summer looking directly up into the lens. Lisa instructed, “Summer, tilt your head back so I can get a picture of those beautiful breasts and nipples. Why don’t you grab them while I take some pictures?”

After having more pictures taken, Summer started her text, “Master T, my friend Lisa is wearing a red shelf bra and red thong panties. She is very wet and her pubic hair has been shaved completely,” Your Slut Summer.

As Summer hit send, Lisa was overcome by a desire to have Summer lick her pussy. She reached out, grabbed the back of Summer’s head and pulled it towards her flowing pussy. Summer fought against Lisa’s efforts to no avail as she was weak from all of the orgasms of today as well as the mental exhaustion caused by her three tormentors: Master T, Todd and now Lisa her best friend.

As Summer was drawn ever closer to Lisa’s wet pussy, she could smell an aroma that she had only smelled once before and it was her pussy from earlier today. Summer was intrigued by Lisa’s aroma and she moved closer so that her nose was right at the top of her pussy. She could see the clit and she felt pressure from Lisa’s hands as she moved her pussy forward and Summer’s head toward the now flowing slit of her pussy.

Right then, Lisa slammed her pussy onto Summer’s face and held it there with her hands while she ordered Summer, “Lick my pussy slut. Stick you tongue out and lick my clit. Do it now!”

It took all Summer’s resolve to comply with Lisa’s demand. As her tongue touched Lisa, Summer was surprised by how soft the area was, how sensitive it was to Lisa as she felt her tremble and how her juices did not taste as bad as she had thought that they might. For whatever reason, Lisa was not able to hang on very long and Summer felt juices flowing from her pussy as she convulsed in orgasm. Summer continued her assault on Lisa’s clit until finally being told by her to stop. As she pulled her head away from her pussy, Lisa’s camera was able to capture the moisture from her pussy clinging to Summer’s face as little strings of juice trailed from her to Summer’s lips.

Lisa then demanded, “Slut, stand up, bend over the commode and spread your ass cheeks for me”. When Summer did not respond as quickly as she liked, Lisa slapped Summer across the face and said, “Slut, when I tell you to do something, it is not a request so stand up and bend over right now”. Summer jumped off of the floor, bent over the commode and quickly reached behind and spread her ass cheeks for Lisa. Summer immediately felt Lisa’s hands spreading her cheeks wider and then they started to run down her crevice leading to her forbidden area and pussy. She felt Lisa’s finger stop and circle her anus and then move down to the entrance to her pussy.

“Lisa, you are my best friend. Please do not do this to me, Summer begged.”

Lisa’s reply shocked Summer, “Slut, you are the one causing this to be done to you. You are a slut for a total stranger and you are my slut now because I discovered that you truly are a slut and will do anything I tell you to do for fear of James finding out about how much of a slut you really are.”

Lisa’s fingers found the opening to Summer’s pussy and she quickly inserted her index and middle fingers into her wet hole. Summer let out a moan followed by a “noooooooo” protesting Lisa’s assault on her burning pussy. As Lisa’s fingers moved deeper into the wet pussy, she felt Summer start to rock back meeting each of Lisa’s thrusts. Summer was too occupied with Lisa’s assault on her pussy, that she did not feel the fingers from Lisa’s hand begin to trail pussy juice up to the entrance to her forbidden path.

“Slut, spread your ass cheeks wider as I am going to put a finger up that ass of yours,” Lisa hissed.

Summer protested and delayed too long and was met with several hard slaps across her ass. She immediately pulled her cheeks apart and she felt Lisa’s finger begin to push its way past the sphincter muscle.

Summer had never allowed James to even touch her there, much less let him insert a finger. Now, she was bent over a commode in a restaurant with her best friend forcing a finger deeper and deeper into her ass. Summer also felt another of Lisa’s fingers being forced into her pussy which almost completely filled her.

When Lisa’s finger was completely inserted into her ass, Summer’s body began to quiver. She had never felt so filled before when coupled with the three fingers in her pussy. She started moaning uncontrollably and moving back against Lisa’s fingers. As the erotic sensation increased, Summer’s movements back against her friend’s fingers also increased. Just then she felt her body quiver and her orgasm erupted as her last backward thrust had caused Lisa’s fingers to find her ‘g” spot, which she had never, ever felt before. She could not make herself stop forcing Lisa’s fingers deeper into her pussy and ass as it seemed that her body had completely taken over. Then out of nowhere, her body erupted again as she felt Lisa insert a second finger into her ass.

It took Summer and Lisa several minutes to calm down long enough to realize that Master T had sent another text message. Summer quickly realized her mistake, still bent over the commode; she picked up the phone to read, “Slut, you have pleased me completely today. I am not going to require that you do anything else tonight. Please plan on a very busy Saturday. That young man that you met today in the school parking lot will be bringing you written instructions as to what you are to do for me. I have solicited his help in making you a better slut,” signed Master T.

Summer was relieved to find out that she had not missed a required response. As Lisa withdrew her fingers from her pussy and ass, Summer stood up and as she exited the handicap stall she took Lisa into her arms and thanked her for being such a good friend to help her through the events of today.

Lisa quickly reminded Summer, “You are not done pleasing me tonight. We have been in this bathroom for over thirty minutes and there are three men out there waiting on me to bring you back! Get dressed, do not button up that blouse as I want you to tie it snuggly under your breasts. And when you button that skirt back up, make sure that you leave four unbuttoned”.

“Lisa, that will make the skirt open almost to my pubic area, please do not make me do that,” Summer pleaded.

Lisa said, “First of all, you may call me Mistress from now on. Second, you are to refer to your cunt only, never pussy. Third, you will do whatever I tell you and when I tell you. If you choose to not comply, then it will be easy for me to give these pictures to James upon his return.

Lisa then said, “On second thought I bet my husband has James’ email address. I can check Rick’s computer when I get home and I will just send two or three to wet James’ appetite. What do you think about that slut?”

Summer was trapped again as she thought that the matter of the first picture and Master T was bad enough, because at least he was unknown to her. But now, her best friend knew everything and was using it against her. Summer quickly pulled the blouse on and tied it as she had been instructed by her new Mistress. When her Mistress had expressed her pleasure with the way her blouse was tied, Summer slipped on her skirt and made sure that four of the seven buttons were now undone.

As Summer was re-arranging her skirt, the bathroom door suddenly opened and a waitress from the bar came in to ask, “Are you two ok? The guys at the bar you were sitting with are wondering if you were sick or something. I see that you are ok, so should I tell them that you will be back in a few minutes”?

Lisa replied, “Hi Abby. Yes my slut and I are ok. We will be back out in a few minutes. I am having my slut fix her clothes that match my tastes and to fix her make-up as it is all messed up. Isn’t that right slut”?

Summer hesitated just a little too long and felt the sting of Lisa’s hand across her ass. As she yelped from the blow, Summer answered the question, “Yes Mistress I am working on my clothes to please you and I do need to redo my make-up with more attention to my eyes and lips, if that will please you.”

Abby paused a moment before responding, “Are you kidding me, she is your slut? Does that mean she will do everything you tell her to do?”

Lisa said, “Well slut, tell her”.

Summer, with her head bowed said, “Yes I am Mistresses slut and will do as she instructs me.”

Abby then took in the whole scene with Lisa leaning against the lavatory counter touching up her make-up, the slut standing before her with her skirt undone up to her crotch and her blouse open for all to see. Abby inquired, “Ma’am, so do you want me to go out and tell the men you are coming back to the bar?”

Lisa then said, “I need a favor first from you Abby. Please take my camera and I want you to take a couple of pictures of my slut as she sucks my clit”.
Lisa continued, “Slut, get down on your knees. I want you to suck my clit while Abby watches. I want you to bring me to orgasm one more time before we head back out to the bar. You can keep your skirt on this time, but get down on your knees now!”

Summer began to protest, but Lisa shot her the knowing look, which let her know that Lisa did not intend to compromise with her on her demand to be serviced with Abby in the room.

Abby took the camera from Lisa and stepped back to watch the action. Lisa told Abby to lock the door just in case someone else tried to come in while the slut was servicing her Mistress. As Abby locked the door, Lisa was pulling her skirt up to her hips and placing her hands on Summer’s shoulders forcing her down to her knees. Lisa’s hands were met with only little resistance from the now totally submissive Summer.

As Summer’s knees touched the floor, her face came level with Lisa’s pussy covered only by the thin red material of her thong. She could not move and was waiting for her next command as Lisa slipped her hands into the side strings of her thong and pulled them down over her hips.

Lisa instructed Summer to take the panties in her hands, turn toward Abby and give her a wanton look. As Summer turned, Abby trained Lisa’s digital camera on Summer making sure to get Lisa’s smooth pussy, panties and Summer’s face all in one frame. As the camera flashed, Summer began pulling the panties down past Lisa’s knees down to her ankles. Summer picked up Lisa’s feet one at a time to slip the thin garment completely off and she placed it on the counter beside Lisa’s exposed hips. Lisa spread her legs and instructed Abby to start taking pictures at any time, but to make sure that she well documented her slut’s tongue action on her pussy.

“Lick me now slut,” Lisa shouted.

She grabbed Summer by the back of her head and forcefully pulled her mouth to her dripping pussy. As Summer’s mouth touched her skin, Lisa let out a low moan and she pushed her pussy towards the outstretched tongue of her new slut. Summer resigned herself to give it her best effort and concentrated her tongue actions on Lisa’s hardening clit. She had her eyes closed, but Summer felt and heard the almost continuous flashing of the camera held by the waitress.

Lisa told Summer to put fingers in her pussy and fuck her with them. Summer slowly inserted one, then two and when she felt Lisa’s wetness, she pushed a third finger into her best friend’s (now Mistress) very hot pussy. As her third digit was completely inserted, she felt Lisa’s hand pressure on the back of her head increase and she could felt Lisa’s pussy grind into her mouth. Summer increased her assault on her Mistress’s clit and she was quickly rewarded by her loud, strong eruption. It took Lisa several minutes to calm down and regain her composure.

Once she had, she told Summer that that was one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced and to think it was caused by her new slut. For some strange reason, Summer smiled to herself satisfied that she had pleased Lisa so well. As she was looking up from her knees with her fingers still inside of her Mistress, she felt the flash of the camera once again. Lisa told Abby to make sure to catch her slut cleaning her fingers of my pussy juice.

Lisa instructed her slut to look directly into the lens and to make sure that she cleaned her fingers and hand completely. As Summer did as instructed, Abby continued to take pictures, while all the time wishing the itch in her crotch would go away. She had never seen anything like she had just witnessed and she was quite turned on. She had played with women before, but she had never seen anything like this where a woman was so submissive to another woman. Abby thought to herself, I need to find me a slut and be her mistress too!

Lisa pulled her thong back on and as she pulled the tiny slip of fabric between her pussy lips, she could not help but feel somewhat sorry for Summer. After all, she was her best friend; she had a great job, a terrific husband and two wonderful children. How in the world had she been so naïve to think that she could convince this Master T to return one picture if she was willing to do anything to get it back? It was not the fact that Summer was trying hard to please this Master T, but that she so willingly had become a slut for him, for the boy at school and now for her. I wonder how far she will go, she thought.

Lisa, as she pulled her skirt down, said to Summer, “Slut, I did not appreciate you taking so long to respond to my directions to lick my pussy. I had to force you down onto your knees when you knew it was your purpose to please me. Because of your disregard for my directions, I think we should end this relationship and just go ahead and let James know what a true slut you are. I see no way that you will be able to fully submit to me.”

She looked down into Summer’s eyes as she saw them well up with tears. Summer began, “Lisa, please do not do that. I will do anything you tell me to do.”

Lisa knew she had her, but she needed to push farther. “Slut, as I feel like you are truly repentant, I will give you one more chance. But, slut, how dare you call me by my first name. Sluts must be subservient and know the proper way to address her Mistress. For this transgression, get up off your knees, pull up your skirt and bend over this counter RIGHT NOW!”

As Summer rose from her feet, Abby was shocked by the scene playing out in front of her. She was still clutching the camera when she heard Lisa speak to her, “Abby, I need you to help me punish this slut. She made the mistake of calling me by my first name, and I cannot let that pass. Go to the slut’s pocket book and pull out her brown hair brush.”

As Abby was rummaging through Summer’s purse, her mind began to wonder about just what Lisa had in store for the poor woman. As she handed the thick brush to Lisa, she was taken aback when Lisa said, “No, I want you to take over her punishment. I have to go back out to the bar and massage the egos of the three men who sent you in after me. I want you to give her five hard strokes across this very firm ass.”

Lisa continued with her instructions to Abby, “When you are done paddling my slut, stick the handle of the brush into her pussy, force it in as deep as you can and then fuck her with it until she cums.

Lisa further instructed Abby, “Send my new slut out to me at the bar immediately afterwards as I want to see her face reveal the depth of the orgasm. Thank you for your help and maybe I can get you to help me with her in the future.”

With those instructions, Lisa unlocked the bathroom door and headed back to the bar.

As Abby drew closer, Summer rising off of the counter top began to plead, “Please do not paddle me Abby. I do not think that I can take any more degradation today. You can just tell Lisa you paddled me, PLEASE Abby.”

With the situation turning in her favor, Abby pushed Summer back down on the counter top and told her, “You are a slut and your Mistress told me to punish you for your insubordination. You better make sure that you keep your skirt pulled up and your ass poked out.”

With that Abby struck the first of the required blows on the poor woman’s ass. As she raised her hand to strike the next blow, she saw the results from her first blow as a red whelp began to form on Summer’s right cheek. With that in mind, Abby aimed for the left cheek and delivered a blow with the same intensity of the first.

Summer pleaded again for Abby to stop saying, “I have never been paddled in my life. This is too much and I do not deserve to be treated this way especially by you!”

This remark drew Abby’s ire and she landed a harder blow below the first blow on Summer’s right cheek and without pausing she struck the slut’s left cheek in the same location just below the whelp from the second stroke and then Abby questioned Summer, “Now slut, where should I land this last blow. Tell me where you want it slut!” Again Summer begged, “Please I cannot take any more. My cheeks are on fire, I understand my mistake and I will not do it again. Please do not hit me again.”

Abby now angrily said to Summer, “Oh, slut, how can you think that I will not complete your punishment?”

Abby continuing, “You know that you are being punished for being insubordinate to Mistress Lisa, but you also insulted me by saying you should not be treated this way by me, meaning a lowly waitress.

Abby, almost laughingly said, “For that, I am going to add two more strokes so that both of your ass cheeks will have the same number of strokes as well as whelps.”

With that, Abby took one step back from poor Summer and swung with all her might landing a blow just below each ass cheek where the cheeks met her legs.

Summer was now sobbing uncontrollably when Abby began to insert the handle of her brush into her pussy. Summer asked, “What are you doing? You have done what my Mistress asked you to do. You need to stop this now!”

But unfortunately for Summer, Abby was following the final instruction from Lisa and was going to fuck her with the hair brush turned paddle and now turned dildo. The paddle handle was wide and was about five inches in length. When Abby had successfully plunged the handle up to the bristles of the brush, she began to slowly fuck the brush in and out of Summer’s overflowing pussy.

Abby asked, “You are really enjoying this aren’t you slut? Your cunt is so wet and I bet you really got off on getting paddled by me? Tell me slut, you liked it didn’t you?”

“Nooooooo”, Summer moaned as Abby continued to apply pressure as she continued fucking the brush into Summer’s pussy.

Abby questioned Summer again, “Come on slut, I can see how wet you are. Your cunt lips are trying their best to grip the handle as I force in and out of your cunt. So tell me to fuck you harder, let me hear you.”

When Summer did not respond fast enough, Abby suddenly pulled the brush out her pussy and once again lashed two blows across the bright red ass cheeks.

“AAAAWWWWW, god please stop hitting me Abby. Yes I enjoy the paddling, but my ass is hurting too bad,” Summer screamed.

Summer could not believe that she actually said that, but something was happening to her. She was actually getting off on being spanked and the degradation of being fucked by her own hair brush while on the bathroom counter was turning her on even more.

Abby then asked Summer, “Do you want me to spank you again or do you want me to fuck your cunt with your brush?”

Summer begged Abby, “Please put it in me and do not spank me anymore.”

Abby was not satisfied with Summer’s response and said to her, “Slut beg me for it, and I want to know that you want me to fuck your cunt.”

Summer was overcome with desire once and again begged, “Please Abby stick that handle back inside my cunt and fuck me with it until I cum.”

Abby then told Summer to reach around and spread her asscheeks as she wanted to see the handle work its way in and out of her cunt.

As Summer spread her cheeks apart, Abby began thrusting the brush into her cunt with an increasing frequency. She could see Summer’s pussy juices coating the handle and beginning to run down her legs. God, this woman is really turned on by being degraded in this way Abby said to herself.

So, Abby told Summer, “Slut, start rubbing your clit while I fuck your cunt with this brush.”

As Summer began to furiously rub her clit, Abby took a moment to withdraw the brush from Summer’s ass, insert two fingers getting them wet with her juices and then she began forcing them into Summer’s ass. As the fingers got past Summer’s sphincter muscle, Abby jammed the brush handle roughly into poor Summer’s pussy once again. As her fingers steadily slid inside Summer’s ass, Abby began to fuck Summer with renewed vigor with the hair brush turned dildo.

When her two fingers were completely inserted into Summer’s ass, Abby pushed the brush all the way to the bristles again and suddenly Summer exploded in orgasm. Abby could feel Summer’s ass squeezing her fingers in response to the orgasm, but she noticed that Summer continued to rub her clit. Seeing this, Abby started up her assault on Summer’s cunt again with deeper and harder thrusts of the brush. It was not long until Summer came again.

Abby could see that Summer was almost totally spent. Abby then instructed, “Get up slut. Pull your skirt down and get out to your Mistress.”

When Summer did not respond immediately, her ass was met once again with the pain inflicted by Abby and her own brush. On the third stroke, Summer jumped up from her position against the counter, pulled her skirt down, took the brush, placed it in her pocket book and headed out the bathroom door.

Abby stayed in the bathroom for a while slowly touching herself under her bar issued denim miniskirt. She pulled aside her white cotton thong panties and found her own pussy to be soaking wet. She could feel the crotch of her skimpy thong was a wet mess of her pussy juices.

Abby knew that her punishment of Summer had made her soaking wet as the material of her white cotton thong left no doubt. Abby made her pussy even wetter by the explosion of what she knew would be many orgasms that night as she would be meeting her football playing boyfriend who was home for the weekend. Abby thought to herself how much Calvin would enjoy fucking a slut like this school teacher.

As Summer made her way to the bar, she saw that Lisa was engaged in conversation with three men. Lisa was sitting between two and the third was standing behind her. As Lisa saw Summer approaching, she said, “Here is my slut. I want you to meet Bill, Frank and Gary. Tell them hello slut.”

Summer reached her hand out and shook each man’s hand. “Slut that is not how you are to greet any man properly. Give each one of them a full kiss,” Lisa hissed.

As Summer cuddled up to the Bill, she felt his arms wrap around her and then his mouth as his tongue was thrust into her mouth. She returned the advance and was locked in a passionate kiss while his hands roamed over her back, then down to her ass. When Bill broke off his kiss, he spun Summer around until she was met with Frank’s lips and arms. Frank’s kiss was much deeper and stronger than Bill’s as Summer felt his hands move immediately to her ass. Summer felt her body responding to the physical and stimulating assault of these complete strangers. She could not believe that her best friend, her Mistress, was making her do that right there in the bar. As Bill’s kiss ended, she was spun again and was met with a mustached kiss from Gary. His hands wasted little time as one cupped her ass cheeks while the other slid between her legs and found Summer’s overflowing pussy. Gary’s finger found her clit and began ins a light massage, before he forced two of his digits into her pussy.

As he pulled his fingers from her pussy, Gary broke his kiss and helped Summer up onto her barstool. The men could see the tops of her thigh hi hose as her skirt was opened all the way to her crotch as she sat on the stool. Summer crossed her legs and tried to pull the skirt over them so that she could hide her pussy from the view of these strange men.

She looked pleadingly at her friend, who gave her a stern look and shook her head. Summer immediately knew that she was required to keep her legs uncrossed. As she uncrossed her legs, Summer looked down and could plainly see the lacy tops of her thigh hi’s, her white creamy thighs and she could just make out her pubic hair. Summer knew that the men could see everything and closed her eyes hoping that Lisa would come to her senses.

About that time, a tray of tequila shots arrives with limes and salt. Lisa handed a shot glass to each of the men and then told Summer, “Slut, I want you to pour salt on your neck for each man to lick before they take their shots.”

Summer took the salt shaker, stuck her finger into her mouth, rubbed some saliva onto her neck and then shook some salt for Frank to lick. As she felt his tongue on her neck, Summer once again felt stimulation because Frank’s tongue was taking a very long time in removing the salt from her neck and then he took his shot glass, downed its contents and then took the lime into his teeth.

When he finished, Summer heard Lisa say, “Slut, now do some for Bill and Gary, only this time use juice from your cunt!”

Summer could not believe this instruction and said, “Lisa I cannot do that, not here in the bar. I understand that I am your slut, but that is taking it too far in public. I cannot do that.”

Lisa then said, “Hey guys, come here and look at my camera. I think that you will find the contents to be quite interesting. I know my slut will not mind me sharing them with you as I will be sending them to her husband when I get home later tonight.”

Lisa continued to hiss at Summer and said, “I wonder what James will think when he finds out that his sweet Summer is in fact a horny, slut teacher.”

Summer pleaded, “Oh, God Lisa, please don’t do that. I will do as you demand, but please don’t share those pictures. I am out of control and do not know what is wrong with me.”

Lisa sneered back at Summer, “What did you call me slut?”

To which Summer immediately replied, “Please forgive me Mistress. I am so used to calling you Lisa after all of our years of friendship. Please forgive me. I will do as you have directed.”

With that being said, Summer reached between her legs and felt the lips of her pussy to discover the wetness there. She thought to herself that she had never felt this wet in all of her life. Summer quite easily gathered some of her juices on her fingers and reached up to spread it on each side of her neck. She took the salt shaker, poured some in her hand and then applied it to the pussy juice wet spots on her neck. Bill and Gary both leaned in licked the salt from Summer’s neck and then took their shots.

Just then, as if on cue, Abby walked up carrying three shot glasses filled with Sex on the Beach Shooters and placed each on the bar counter in front of Summer.

Abby said to Summer, “Slut, your Mistress demanded that I bring these to you. I am going to take each glass, pour the contents into my mouth and then you are going to suck the juice from my mouth.”

With that, Abby grabbed the first glass, poured its contents into her mouth for all to see, grabbed Summer by the back of her neck, forced her mouth over hers and then let the contents flow into Summer’s mouth to be swallowed. Abby repeated this drinking game two more times and after completion of the third drink, she could see the effects of the first shot with the ecstasy starting to take hold of Summer……………..

Summer was awakened in her bed by the ringing of her phone. It was her husband James with his weekly call to her from Asia. Summer listened to him talk for almost thirty minutes and she barely could respond to any of his statements. Her mind was racing over the events of the previous day, Master T’s instructions, her car exposure to Todd, the submission to Lisa, the paddling by the waitress and then drinks, flashing, groping and kissing those strangers.

As James was wrapping up his call he asked, “Summer, is everything ok? You sound very distant and not too responsive to me.”

Summer lied, “Honey, I had a rough day yesterday, had too many drinks with Lisa and must have fallen asleep once my head hit the pillow. So, when are you coming home to me?”

James then had to tell her, “My boss has told me that I will have to extend my stay for at least two to four more weeks. It seems that Tokyo cannot get along without my expertise and there is no way the company can afford to send a second executive out here. Are you going to be okay with that, baby?”

Summer, almost angrily said, “Well James what choice do I have. I will be ok, but I am not going to sit around the house while you are away. I am thinking about taking a weekend drive down to my sister’s house at the beach. Is that ok with you?”

James immediately sensing his wife’s troubles with is stay said, “Of course it is Summer. You take the time and visit Jane. I am sure that she would love to see you.”

With that, Summer said goodbye to her husband, she loved him, but his trip was not coming at a very convenient time. Given that she was trying to get herself out of the picture jam, it might be better that he was away a little longer, which would give her time to get that damn picture back. Her life was further complicated by Todd and Lisa. She might visit her sister, but, first she had to get that picture back… Summer Wayne, the 40 year-old married English teacher has spent the previous day being forcibly submissive to Master T, her internet tormentor, Todd Spillers (an innocent student) and her best friend Lisa. She had been forced to suck Todd in the school parking lot and her best friend had forced her to eat her pussy in the bathroom at their favorite margarita bar. In addition to that, Summer had been forced to lie across the bathroom counter while Abby, the waitress, used Summer’s wide hair brush as a paddle then a dildo. Summer could not remember the rest of the evening after Lisa had made her drink three Sex on the Beach shooters from Abby’s mouth at the bar. She had just hung up the phone from her weekly Saturday morning call with her husband James who was in Asia and had told her that his trip had been extended by at least two weeks which meant he would be there about a month.


As Summer lay in her empty bed between the Egyptian cotton fibers sheets, her mind wandered back to the events that led to her current situation. If only she had not been so playful on the sex site and had not been so difficult with Master T initially, maybe just maybe she would not be where she was today. She had complied with his every texted request and demand in the hope that he would relent and agree to return the damn picture of her on the bathroom counter. If James had only not taken it, she would have never been able to send it in the first place.

As she lay there, Summer’s mind wandered back to the scene in the car with Todd where she had been made by Master T to take her pink panties off and place them on the passenger seat next to her. Summer remembered the look on Todd’s face as he glanced into her car, first looking at the panties then down between her legs. She remembered Todd getting into the car, the feel of his hands on her breasts, her legs and then on her pussy mound. Summer’s hands started slowly sliding down the sides of her white silk nightie. When her hands found the bottom him, she started pulling the bottom of the nightie up until it was above her breasts.

Summer’s right hand rested on the mound of her pubic hair remembering the fact that Lisa’s pussy was completely shaven and how Master T had said that it was disgusting to have the amount of hair that Summer had. Summer playfully tugged at her mound of hair and then slowly lowered her hand to her already moist pussy. Her middle finger found her already erect clit, moistened by her juices and she slowly began to stimulate her clit with a circular pattern. Her left hand now has slowly working its way up to her breasts and she found her nipples already erect. Summer’s finger and thumb found the first nipple and closed around it to begin a soft, but consistent squeezing of the tip further hardening her silver dollar sized nipple.

As Summer’s fingers worked their magic on her hairy pussy, she began to brutally squeeze and twist her nipples. Summer turned her head to one side, remembered the 8″ black dildo in its hiding place in her bedside table. She reached over, pulled the large cock out of the drawer and placed the tip against her pussy lips. As she fantasized about sucking Todd’s cock in her car on Friday afternoon, she let the bulbous head of the black cock slip past her the lips of her mouth and she slowly worked it into her mouth to help moisten it for its ultimate journey deep inside her moistening pussy.

Summer’s left hand returned to her pussy and spread her lips wide as her right hand pulled the black cock from her mouth to lower it to her waiting pussy. As the head slipped slowly inside her, Summer let out a soft murmur as the black cock found the edge of her G spot. Summer’s mind wondered back to the bar and the drinks that she had with the three men and Lisa. For some reason, she could not remember how the evening ended, but she felt comfort in knowing that she had woken up in her own bed.

As Summer sunk the black cock all the way into her pussy, her body began to quiver from the beginning of what she hoped would be several intense orgasms. She began to pump the black into and out of her pussy meeting each thrust with her upraised hips. Her nipples began to cry out from the pain she was inflicting on each of them as she seemed to crave the pain associated with the ultimate pleasure she would receive from the cock she held in her hands and with the muscles of her pussy. Just then, the head of the black dildo found her sweet spot and Summer’s body erupted into an orgasm that took her breath away.

As the ebbs from her first orgasm subsided, Summer began to jam the black cock faster and faster into her now sopping wet pussy. She began envisioning the spanking given to her by Abby the waitress and then the paddle turned dildo being inserted deeply into her pussy as she was forced to lie across the bathroom counter in the restaurant last night. As if on cue, the last thrust of the black cock into her pussy caused Summer to experience yet another tremendous orgasm. But her need to cum again led Summer to spread her legs even wider than they had grown on their own and she once again jammed her black cock deeper and harder into her pussy until the inevitable happened and she screamed in orgasmic bliss.

As Summer was able to gather herself after her three orgasms and calm down, she noticed that her white silk nightie was drenched in sweat even though it was bunched up above her breasts. She casually got out of bed, cast aside the nightie and jumped into the shower. As the hot water cascaded over her body, Summer began to bathe herself with lilac fragrance soap. As she scrubbed the older skin cells from her body, she began to relax and enjoy the feeling of her hands on her body once again. Suddenly Summer said to herself, “Get hold of yourself. Why am I touching myself this way and why can’t I stop?”

Quickly, Summer turned the shower water off and lightly patted her now exfoliated skin dry. She moistened the skin with several of her favorite lotions and oils. As she turned to look at herself in the mirror, she stopped to gaze at the mound of pubic hair lying above her pussy and she once again thought of Lisa’s smooth mound. Summer thought to herself why Lisa would shave such a private place and to also let her husband see it. Summer patted her mound dry and then pulled on her white silk, almost see through robe. She slipped on her low heeled dressing slippers and padded down the steps to the kitchen. She poured herself a cup of hot coffee, put in a touch of half and half and then sat down to watch the morning TV news shows.

Summer was not sure how long it had been, but her coffee was now cold and she had not drunk more than a couple of sips. She could not focus for some reason and she still could not remember what happened at the bar after she drank her three Sex on the Beach shooters from Abby’s mouth. She remembered feeling slightly woozy, but that is all that she could remember. Summer guessed that she had gotten too drunk after the drinks from Abby, the multiple orgasms in the ladies room and that Lisa had gotten her home somehow. Then she thought, “Oh God, where is my car?”

Summer jumped out of her kitchen chair and raced out to the garage. But her fears were unfounded as her car was in the garage, the garage door was down and there was no apparent damage to her convertible.

As she padded her way back into the kitchen, after placing her coffee cup into the microwave she picked up the remote to turn the volume back on for the TV, when her doorbell rang. To herself Summer yelled, “Fuck.” As she walked to the door wondering who could be bothering her at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, she saw Todd Spillers standing on her front porch.

Fortunately, James had found a home that was set back pretty far from the street with a curved walkway so that anyone passing by would not have been able to see her young student standing on her porch.

As Summer opened the door, she asked, “Todd, what are you doing here? You know that a student should not be seen entering the home of a teacher. What would someone who saw you think?”

Without even acknowledging her question, Todd strolled into Summer’s home that she shared with her husband James and where her two children had been raised. Once inside, Todd whirled around and said to his sexy English teacher, “Slut, do not question my being here. You are mine now and you do not have any right to refuse me in any way I choose to demand that you do.”

Summer was immediately taken aback by the student’s aggressive style with her. His demeanor caught her completely off guard as she said, “Todd, I must insist that you leave our home. My husband is due back any time and I am sure that you would not want him to find you here.”

Todd continued in on her, “Slut, I know that your husband is out of the country for at least four more weeks. I also know that you were to anticipate my arrival based on your last communication with Master T last night. You do remember his message telling you to expect me today, right?”

Summer stood stunned before Todd trying to remember what exactly the last message was from her tormentor Master T. She then remembered and said to Todd, “Yes I remember. It said that you would be bringing me directions from Master T and that I would have a busy Saturday.”

“Slut, I am Master T,” exclaimed Todd.

Summer was stunned and went right back at Todd, “There is no way you could be Master T. You are a student and could not possibly get a profile on an internet site.”

“Slut you either the stupidest woman that ever walked the earth or the most naïve slut I have ever dealt with,” shouted Todd.

Summer continued, “How is it possible that you could get access to a site in the first place Todd?”

Todd continued to toy with his new conquest, “Slut, access is easy if you know how. The hard part used to be finding a willing woman to chat with me. But, you my sweet are the easiest I have ever dealt with. I could not believe my good fortune when you sent me that wonderfully explicit and full face picture of you. The look on your face with your pussy filled that big black dildo was very erotic.”

Summer shakily replied, “Todd I do not believe you. I think that you are trying to take Master T’s place or at least take advantage of the situation. Please leave now!”

Angrily Todd said, “Slut, just this one time I will prove to you who I am. Go and get your phone.”

As Summer walked across the floor and headed up the stairs, Todd began to look longingly at his new found slut. He could see Summer’s ass cheeks gently sway as she made each step.

Todd took out his phone and texted to Summer, “Slut, I am truly Master T. Come back down the stairs with only your white slippers. If you do not come down as I demand, I will leave, log onto my computer and send the attached picture along with the original of you to the school’s website and also to my parents, signed Master T.”

Just as Summer reached her bedroom, she heard the familiar chime of her phone set to ring for text messages, which was different from her call ring tone. As she picked up the phone, she saw that indeed she had a text message from Master T. As she opened the text, Summer’s eyes grew wide and began to tear up.

There on her screen was a message from Master T that said that Todd was indeed Master T. To give her further proof, Master T had attached a picture of her from yesterday in the car with Todd’s cum on her lips. In addition to the car picture, Master T had attached the original picture of her lying on the bathroom counter with the black dildo stuffed into her pussy.

In compliance with Master T’s directions, Summer loosened the tie of her white silk robe and let it fall off of her shoulders. She wiped away the tears that had started to flow from her eyes and took a wash cloth to wipe away the trails of the tears that had streaked her puffy cheeks. As she exited her bedroom, she cast an eye towards the full length dressing mirror and silently whispered to herself, “Summer, you are such an idiot and you are so fucked!”

Todd was waiting at the bottom of the stairs as was able to take in all of Summer’s nakedness as her feet touched each of the steps. He could see her still firm breasts lightly bounce as her feet went from step to step. Todd could not help but smile to himself over his good fortune and the dumb, naïve actions of his newest slut, Summer Wayne, High School English teacher.

When Summer completed her trip down the stairs of her house and she stood in front of Master T, she looked him directly in the eyes and begged, “Todd, please stop this. I have done all that you have asked of me. Please give me back the picture and let’s end this ridiculous game”.

Todd stood silent for what seemed like an eternity to Summer. She watched his facial expressions and got nothing in return. She tried to read his thoughts, but he was not forthcoming with what he was thinking or what his next step might be. She did not have to wait any longer.

Todd, almost screaming, “Slut, don’t you ever refer to me as Todd. You may refer to me as Mr. Spillers at school when someone is around. But, at all other times you are to refer to me as Master T. Do you understand slut?”

Summer, was visibly shaken by his words and simply replied, “Yes Master T.”

“Slut, for your transgressions today, you need to be punished. I am not ready to hand out your punishment at this point as I want to complete the inspection of my slut’s body. Now bend over and place your hands around the banister post on the first step while I use my hands to inspect your pussy and ass,” were Todd’s first instructions for the day.

As Summer slowly swung round on her low heels, Todd could not believe how responsive she was to his demands. When Summer had complied with his instruction Todd said, “Slut, spread your legs wider and make sure that you do not move unless I tell you to. Do you understand slut?”

Summer quickly replied, “Yes Master T, I understand.”

With that, Summer quickly slid her legs outward as far as she could comfortably and awaited Master T’s next instruction.

Todd looked at Summer from behind and he thought that he had never seen anything as erotic and sexy as he was seeing right then. He just stared at the ass cheeks that were at such an inviting level, the nice spread crack that he could follow down to the pouty lips of his slut’s asshole and he could see the moisture on Summer’s pussy lips that revealed that she was getting turned on with only a bit of degradation from him. Todd knew that she was quite submissive and wondered if she was a true submissive hiding in school and her English text books.

Todd then began to trace a line from above Summer’s ass down each cheek to the top of each thigh. Then he allowed his hands to roam back up to her hips. He then spread his new slut’s ass cheeks wider so he could see the full length of her ass crack right down to Summer’s clit. With his left hand still pulling on Summer’s cheek, Todd slowly trailed the index finger of his right hand to the entrance to her ass hole and then slowly made its way to her pussy lips. Todd swore that he heard a low murmur coming from his newest conquest and the thought to himself that Summer was so much easier to control than any of the high school girls he had made into his slave.

Slowly, Todd inserted his index finger into what was now a sopping wet pussy of his English teacher. As his finger pressed deeper into Summer’s pussy, Todd could feel her muscles instinctively grasp and clutch his finger. Todd slowly inserted a second and then a third finger.

As Todd’s third finger entered her pussy Summer let out a low moan and begged, “Please Master T. Do not do this to me. You are my student and I cannot allow you to treat me in this manner.”

Todd quickly removed his fingers and began to savagely attack Summer’s ass cheeks with his large hands. Standing over 6′ 5″ and weighing over 250 pounds created a good deal of force and angle when he started to apply his punishment.

After 25 smacks on her ass, Summer finally begged, “Master T, please stop. I apologize for my disrespect. I promise to not do that again.”

Todd knew that Summer was a proud woman and would not completely give in until he had had more time with her. But, he relented and said, “Very good slut. To prove your sincerity, I want you to get down on your hands and knees, take off my tennis shoes, my socks and then lick my toes until I tell you to stop.”

Summer hesitated for only a second and slowly turned around, fell to her knees, placed her hands on the floor and slowly crawled to where Todd stood. Summer deftly untied first one shoe then the other. She lightly pulled on Todd’s first sock and he assisted by lifting first one foot then the other. Summer hesitated before she slowly lowered her head towards Todd’s large feet. As her face neared her tormentor’s toes, the scent from a young boy’s feet after being confined in worn tennis shoes caused Summer to lightly gag.

Without her knowing it, Todd had removed the belt from his cargo shorts and as if anticipating her non-compliance, let loose a terrible blow across Summer’s ass. Todd followed the first blow with three more well placed strikes across his slut’s ass. He could see the whelps immediately begin to form across her beautiful ass cheeks. Todd almost felt sorry for her, but he could only say, “Slut, get that tongue out of that sexy mouth of yours and start working on my toes. They are sore from football practice and I need some tender therapy.”

Slowly, Summer’s tongue extended until she felt Todd’s first toe and she went to work doing as she had been directed. She did not want Todd to know that for some reason, the blows to her ass by both his hands and now his belt had caused her body to tremble. Summer could feel that she was on the edge of an orgasm and she did not want Todd to know.

As Summer continued to lick Todd’s large toes and feet, she began to be overcome with a desire to please this young master. Kneeling before him on her hands and knees while she licked and sucked his toes made her feel very strange and all she could think about was pleasing him. She began to enthusiastically suck on his big toes and was able to get one into her mouth where she treated it like a cock.

Looking down Todd said, “That’s it slut. Suck my toes. Show me how much you want to please your master. Let me hear you say it slut.”

Summer stopped in mid-suck and looked up towards Todd and said, “Master T, I am glad that I am pleasing you. It makes me feel wonderful to know that you are happy with me.’

Once he was satisfied with her compliance Todd ordered, “Slut, go into the kitchen and make me some breakfast. Call me when you have prepared a satisfactory meal for your Master as I will be in your bedroom looking at your clothes.”

Summer watched as Todd bounded up the stairs on his way to the bedroom she shared with James. As he reached the top of the stairs, Summer turned and headed to the kitchen dressed only in the morning slippers.

When Todd reached Summer’s bedroom, he paused to think about the times that she had sex with her husband in that very bed. He wondered if her husband tied her to the four posts to have his way with her. Todd took a mental picture of the bed for his future enjoyment, but today he had other plans for his slut teacher.

Todd first went through the drawers until he came upon the one that contained the undergarments of his slut. He laid each piece out on the bed making sure to align the bras and matching panties. Todd’s first reaction was that there were not enough thongs. Summer had some sexy panties in a string bikini version, but he preferred thongs.

Todd took all of Summer’s cotton panties and threw them into the nearby trashcan. Then he found several plain white bras that also had to go. When he had completed culling the lingerie, he was down to brightly colored sets, several all lace sets and then two sets that quite obviously her husband had bought for her to be seen by no one. Todd selected a red bra and matching lace thong. The bra was one of those that he had seen in the Fredrick’s catalog that had no material to cover Summer’s nipples. He thought to himself and then remembered they were called shelf bras. Then he remembered that Summer had described her best friend Lisa’s lingerie and she had been wearing a red shelf bra last night. “I wonder if their husbands got together and went shopping for lingerie for their wives,” Todd said to no one. Todd then went to the closet to find the right outfit for his slut to wear on there first excursion together. He wanted everyone to know that Summer was a slut and he was going to make sure that anyone taking a close inspection of her would know that she was indeed his slut.

Todd found the usual conservative wardrobe for his English teacher. He went through the entire closet until he found the items he was looking for, which of course were in the very back of the closet to be seen by no one.

Todd pulled out a short blue jean skirt that buttoned up the front and he found a beige, short sleeved summer sweater. He looked through Summer’s shoe tree hoping to find a pair of six inch high heels. But, given the conservative nature of his slut’s job, he had to be satisfied with a black patent leather pair that had only four inch high heels. Next, Todd found Summer’s stash of hosiery and was pleased to find that she indeed had a black garter belt that would contrast with the red lingerie set he had selected. He looked and found a brand new pair of back seamed hose to complete the ensemble for his slut teacher’s introduction to her new life.

Just as Todd had completed laying the items on the bed that Summer shared with her husband, he heard her call from downstairs indicating that breakfast was ready. As Todd headed out of the bedroom, he had one more thought, “I wonder where the black dildo is?”

Todd’s first guess was right as he found the rubber dong in the bedside table. He picked it up and headed out of the bedroom. As he reached the second floor landing, he saw Summer standing at the foot of the stairs, still clad only in her white bedroom slippers.

Todd thought to himself, “God she looks good. I am going to enjoy showing her off today and the thrill of piercing those perfect nipples, hot cunt lips and even piercing her right ear for a show of ownership.”

When Todd got to the bottom step he handed the black dildo to Summer and he headed into the kitchen. Without saying a word to her, he felt Summer trail two steps behind him. As he seated himself at the table, he saw Summer begin to take a seat across the table from him. He noticed that she had prepared two plates.

Todd then said, “Slut, who said that you could eat? I did not give you permission to sit down nor did I give you permission to prepare a place for you at the table.”

“But, Master T, I am so hungry. Please let me ear,” Summer begged.

Todd continued like he did not even her Summer speak, “Slut, dump that food into the trash can and then come and stand beside me.”

Dejectedly, Summer carried the china plate to the pantry, scrapped the breakfast from the plate and then placed the plate on the kitchen counter. Summer then walked the three steps from the counter to the table and stood beside Todd as she had been instructed.

Todd started talking slowly, but firmly to Summer, “Slut, when are you going to realize that in my presence, you will do only as directed and everything you are directed to do. I will not hesitate to end this little payment plan and send out an album that contains many pictures that depict you as the slut you are. Do you understand me slut?”

Summer, with tears welling up in her eyes looked directly at Todd and pleaded, “Master T, I am sorry and please forgive me. But, I am feeling things that I have never felt before and I would like for them to go away as soon as possible. Can we please end this now?”

Todd grabbed Summer by the hand and quickly jerked her across his lap. Because he was fairly close to the table, this action caused Summer to be wedged between Todd’s tight abs and the edge of the table. Todd began to pound Summer’s sexy ass with his right hand until he heard her beg him to stop. Todd grabbed Summer by the hair on the back of her head and jerked her up to her feet in one swift motion. Summer was stunned by the sheer force of Todd’s action and froze next to him.

Todd yelling at Summer, “Slut, didn’t you hear me ask you a question? You do understand that I will just walk out the door this minute, head back to my house, put together a nice picture album depicting you in various positions that reflect how slutty you really are and then send them to my friend who will post them on the school website.

Todd continued, “After I have done that, I will sit down with my father, your husband’s boss, and detail to him what you have made me do. How you have taken advantage of me after I requested your help in raising my grade.”

Todd then hit Summer with, “What do you think the school board and your husband will say when everyone finds out what kind of slut you really are Summer?”

Todd continuing his verbal assault on Summer’s brain, “I bet the authorities would find a way to put you in jail for all the things I have documented you doing!”

Summer was stunned. She had hoped that today would be the end of her problem with Todd. Now she understood the depth of his control and the length to which he was willing to degrade her. And then there was that feeling deep inside her that made her feel the need to comply with his demands without hesitation.

So Summer resigned herself to her submission and said to Todd, “Master T. I am sorry. I fully understand my situation and will do everything you demand me to do.”

“Good answer slut. Now get up on this table, lie down and spread those sexy legs for me,” ordered Todd.

Summer sat her ass right beside Todd’s breakfast plate and slowly edged herself up onto the table. When her head reached the other side of the table, her legs were dangling off of the table to Todd’s right and her brunette hair was hanging over the edge of the table.

Todd then said, “Slut, use your hands and spread your cunt lips. I do not want to see any pubic hair around your slut hole.”

Summer moved her hands down to her pubic mound and slowly spread her pussy lips using the middle finger of each hand. Summer could feel moisture on the lips of her pussy and she was embarrassed by the thought that her student, just inches away at her breakfast table was looking directly into her pussy. But for some reason, the thought of him looking sent a shiver down her body.

Then Summer heard Todd say, “Slut, put your feet flat on the table and open your knees so that I can better see your cunt.”

Summer scooted further onto the table, which made her head hang slightly off of the table on the other side from Todd. As she laid her head back she heard Todd say, “Slut, look at me when I talk to you.”

Summer raised her head and looked directly down her body to find that Todd was sitting between her legs and he was staring directly into her pussy. Summer asked, “Master T, please don’t make me do this. This is too embarrassing as I feel like I am at the gynecologist office waiting for an examination of my vagina.”

Todd continued to look directly into Summer’s cunt when he said, “Slut, you will refer to your pussy as cunt. You are never to utter the word pussy or vagina. Do you understand slut?”

Summer quickly said, “Yes Master T I understand.”

With that, Summer spread her legs as wide as she could. She could feel Todd’s breath on the lips of her pussy, oppss, cunt and waited for his next direction. She did not have to wait long.

Todd gave Summer some instructions, “Slut, I want you to use the index finger of both of your hands and I want you to begin rubbing your clit. I want to watch how you stimulate yourself. You are not allowed to cum, so you are to tell me when you are ready to cum.”

Summer began to circle her clit with her right finger and with her left index finger she rubbed that small area just below the clit. In no time, Summer began to feel her cunt reacting to the stimulation provided by her fingers. She continued to slowly circle her clit as she slipped the index finger of her left hand into her cunt. She could not believe that she was doing that without having been directed to do so by Master T.

Todd then told Summer, “Slut, I want you to fuck your hips up to meet the finger as it goes into your cunt. I want you to show me how you fuck your husband James.”

Summer could only utter, “Yes Master T.”

Summer’s body had now taken over her actions without regard to the situation or the fact that she was being blackmailed into performing in this manner. All Summer knew was that she wanted to cum in the worst way. She began to rub her clit more vigorously as she felt Todd’s face draw closer to her cunt. She watched his eyes as they were transfixed onto her fingers and cunt mound. She felt his hands on her thighs and watched as he lowered his head until she could feel his tongue being inserted into the opening to her cunt. She tried to scoot back towards the invading tongue only to be held in place by Todd’s strong hands.

“Slut, stop rubbing your cunt. Pull your cunt lips further apart for me,” ordered Todd.

Though she was almost ready to cum, Summer complied with Todd’s order and slowly spread her cunt lips even further than she thought possible. At about that time, she felt Todd’s tongue on her clit and a finger being inserted into her cunt. Summer squeezed her eyes shut and tried to concentrate on the stimulation being given to her by Todd’s tongue and finger. She felt an experienced tongue playing with her clit and a very long finger being pushed into her cunt. She let out a low moan and the lips of her cunt tried in vain to grasp the finger as it slowly was pushed into and then pulled out of her sopping wet cunt.

She heard Todd tell her to spread her legs even further and as she did this she felt something very large being inserted into the mouth to her cunt. Summer opened her eyes to see Master T begin to push the head of her black dildo into her cunt. Slowly, but steadily, Todd pushed the thick cock into Summer’s waiting cunt.

Todd then told Summer to start fucking her hips to help him to insert the monster cock into her tight cunt. Todd was making an effort to establish a rhythm in his thrusts into the teacher’s cunt. Soon, Summer was able to match each thrust of the cock with one of her own with her hips.

As Todd was able to fully insert the thick, black rubber cock, he was also able to slowly insert a thumb from his free hand into Summer’s waiting ass. He was able to slip the thumb past her tight sphincter muscles without the slightest resistance from her as she was deeply engaged into fucking her black cock.

Suddenly, Todd heard Summer plead, “Master T I am going to cum. Please let me cum.”

To which Todd answered, “Not yet slut. I want to see how fast you can fuck your hips.”

With that, Todd started forcing the cock into his slut’s cunt without regard for rhythm and he continued to force his thumb deeper and deeper into her ass. Summer began to fuck her hips up to meet the black cock with uncontrolled lust and Todd was able to force the cock along with the replica balls into the mouth of her cunt. At that point, Summer heard the words that she needed to hear from Master, “CUM SLUT!”

Summer’s whole body convulsed in orgasm. Her hips continued to fuck up to meet the thrusts of the black cock administered by Todd as well as the thumb that was buried deep into her ass. Summer had never allowed James to put anything deep into her ass before. She had allowed James to insert a finger part ways in, but never ever did she allow him to fully extend his finger into her. But now, Todd’s thumb was driving her towards a second orgasm, but this one was erupting from inside her anal passageway. Summer screamed in orgasmic bliss and squeezed her legs around Todd’s face, the black cock and the thumb pressed deep into her hole.

Summer was shaken from her blissful state when Todd said to her, “Slut, I want you to continue fucking your cunt with this black cock. I am going to eat this breakfast while I watch you fuck yourself to orgasm. But you are not allowed to cum unless you beg me.”

Summer took control of the black cock from Todd’s large hand and began to fuck her cunt in earnest. She took it upon herself to use her free hand to grab her nipples and begin to twist and squeeze them. Summer kept her head up and eyes open as she looked directly at Todd who was nonchalantly eating his breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and wheat toast. He stopped eating for one moment, reached up and gave Summer’s right nipple a violent twist that almost sent her over the edge without permission.

Summer quickly begged, “Master T, please let me cum. I am so close that I do not think I can last another second.”

Todd just continued to eat his breakfast only now, he was compounding Summer’s torment by continuing to squeeze and twist her nipple. Todd took the nipple between his thumb and index finger and pulled it as hard as he could.

Todd then said to Summer, “Slut, cum for me right now.”

For added stimulation, Todd pulled Summer’s already extended nipple ever further away from her breast. He watched as Summer jammed the big black dildo all the way inside her wet cunt and he could hear the sucking action as her cunt grabbed at the big phallic each time it was forced deep inside her.

Todd could hear Summer erupt into orgasm where she screamed, “Oh God, pull my nipples harder. Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!”

Todd watched as Summer’s hand stopped forcing the cock inside her cunt, but she did not remove it. She turned her head so that she faced him, but her eyes were closed tightly as the last remnants of her orgasms began to fade.

Todd allowed Summer to lay uninterrupted as he finished his last piece of bacon and he drank the last bit of orange juice. When finished, he took his plate, glass and silverware to the sink and quietly placed them on the bottom. He turned the water on to begin washing them when he heard Summer wrestling from the table.

“No Master T, I will do that for you,” Summer cheerily said to Todd.

Todd noticed that Summer had waddled over to the kitchen sink with the black cock still fully inserted into her cunt. When Summer was finished cleaning the dishes, Todd headed out of the kitchen and started up the steps to Summer’s bedroom. It was time to get her ready for her first excursion as his slut.

“Slut, take the black cock out of your cunt. Now I want you to suck it all the way up to the bedroom you share with James,” ordered Todd.

Summer quickly withdrew the black dildo from her cunt and slowly slid it over her lips and into her mouth. She could taste her cunt juices on the cock and she found the juices to be sweeter than she expected. As she climbed the stairs, she admired the firm ass checks of her master, his strong thighs and calves. She remembered that he was the starting linebacker on the school’s football team, though she had never been to a game.

As Todd reached the top step, he turned to watch his slut climb the stairs. He noticed that the cock was almost half way into her mouth and the site of it sticking out of her face was somewhat comical. But, nonetheless, she was doing as she had been directed without the slightest hesitation or argument.

As Summer joined him in her bedroom, Todd saw her eyes look over the clothes that he has laid out for her on the bed that she shared with her husband. Summer then turned back to Todd and he could see a pleading look on her face to which he said, “Slut, you can take the cock out of your mouth. But, you must insert it back into that wet cunt of yours.”

As Summer pulled the cock from her mouth, she slowly tried to ease the stress on her jaws from being open to such width as a result of the cock’s size. She slowly lowered the cock head to the entrance to her cunt and began pushing it inside her. Summer was surprised by how easily the cock slipped all the way into her cunt right up to the artificial sized balls.

Once the cock was fully inserted into her waiting cunt, she heard her master say, “Slut, sit on the floor while I talk to you.”

As Summer first knelt then sat on the floor, she could feel the enormous cock being shoved further inside her. The cock was hitting places that had never been touched before by James’ cock, which was not small in size either. As she became comfortable with the pressure from the cock, Summer began to rock back and forth, which caused the little nubs at the base of the black dildo to rub intensely against her already enlarged clit. As she continued to rock on the cock, Summer was mesmerized as she watched Todd’s young cock slowly begin to harden.

Summer watched intently as Todd began to stroke his eight inch long cock and she remembered how it felt in her mouth just yesterday afternoon. Then Todd said, “Slut, open your mouth as I want to give you a good morning taste of my cum.”

With that, Todd moved directly over Summer as she sat on the floor. Her rocking increased as the stimulation from the depth of the black dildo, the nubs on the base and the erotic way that Todd was stroking his cock right before her was more than she could handle.

Suddenly, Todd reached down and grabbed Summer by the hair on the top of her head and raised her so that his cock was even with her mouth. Todd then told her, “Slut, keep fucking that black cock into your pussy, grab my cock and stroke it for me.”

As Summer rested on her knees while facing Todd’s cock, she grabbed the head and began to stroke it. She could see pre-cum forming on the slit of his cock and she moved her mouth closer to the cock in anticipation of Todd’s pending orgasm. As she was stroking Todd’s cock, she continued to pump her black dildo roughly in and out of her pussy. All of this action was bringing her to the edge of orgasm when Todd grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth over his cock just as it erupted. His ejaculation caused an immediate eruption deep inside her pussy as she continued to suck all of Todd’s juices with only a light bit slipping out the edges of her mouth.

As her orgasm subsided, she looked up to see that Todd’s face gave her the impression that he was not pleased. “Slut, who told you that you could cum,” Todd said in anger.

She tried to take her mouth off of Todd’s cock, but he would not allow it. He continued in on her, “Slut, you are the stupidest woman I have ever dealt with. Why can’t you remember that you cannot to do anything unless I give you permission?”

Todd pulled his cock from Summer’s mouth and stepped back from you. “Slut, get up and lie across your bed. Keep that cock buried in your pussy.”

As Summer raised herself from the floor, it took some effort to keep the cock buried inside her. As she felt the coolness of her Egyptian cotton sheets against her breasts, she felt Todd’s hands spreading her ass cheeks. Without so much as a warning, Todd grabbed the base of the black dildo and began to furiously pump it in and out of Summer’s already well fucked cunt.

“Slut, I want you to reach back with your hands and spread your ass cheeks for me,” Todd said as he continued to roughly fuck her cunt.

As Summer’s hands snaked out from under her body and reached back to spread her ass cheeks, she felt Todd’s saliva hitting her anal entrance. Just then she felt the cock being pulled from her cunt and the head positioned at the entrance to her forbidden passageway.

Summer screamed, “No Master T. It is too big for me there as it will split me in half.”

Todd paid no attention to her and just continued to push the cock past Summer’s sphincter muscles. With a slight pop, the head made its way inside her and was followed by almost one half of the length of the cock when Summer heard Todd say, “Slut, you will learn that every time that you disobey me, some form of punishment will be dealt to you.”

As Todd pushed the cock deeper into Summer, her eyes began to moisten and the pain was most too much for her when she heard her Master say, “Slut, take the cock and fuck your ass. You had better be enthusiastic about it too!” Fearing more pain, Summer took the cock from Todd’s hands and started to fuck the cock slowly inside her ass. She felt two harsh blows across her ass cheeks.

“Not like that Slut, push back against it with your body so that you can bury it all the way inside,” she heard Todd say.

Once again she was being forced to do things that she has never even thought about in her entire life. “Why am I doing this for him,” Summer wondered to herself.

Just then, Summer felt the artificial ball sack hit against her cunt lips and she realized that she had the full length of the cock inside her, which she never thought was possible. The realization that she had a black cock buried in her ass caused her to begin to convulse in the initial stages of orgasm when she said, “Master T, I am so close to cumming. May I cum, PLEASE?”

As Todd watched his teacher slut fuck her ass, he could only smile to himself with the knowledge that the rest of his senior year would be a great experience.

Todd then told her, “Slut you can cum, NOW!”

Without hesitation and almost on his cue, Summer exploded in orgasm.

Once she had calmed down, Todd told Summer to go into the bathroom to clean up her mess and to freshen up. Once she had done this, she came back into the bedroom and stood before Todd.

“Slut today is the first day for you to accompany me out in public. I will make sure that no one from your neighborhood will see us together as we will be going places that none of your friends will frequent,” Todd said to her.

Todd continued, “Slut, I want you to sit at your make-up table and I want you to apply make-up and eye shadow that will leave no doubt that you are a slut. Once you are finished with your make-up, do the same treatment to your hair.”

As Summer sat before her mirror, she began to apply first her base and then the rouge cheek highlight that brought a rosy glow to her face. Then she applied a very dark eye shadow to the lids of her eyes. She then applied eyeliner leaving a slight trail at the end of each eye lid and she followed that with a darkening of her eyebrows. Next, Summer teased and fluffed her hair until it stood out from her head. She applied a thick mouse to her hair which gave it a wilder style than she had ever had before. She had seen the look in the movies, but had never tried it on herself. Lastly, Summer applied a thick coat of deep red lipstick that matched color of her nails.

As she turned towards Todd, he was stunned at the transformation of Summer Wayne, the English teacher who was now his slut. His cock began to twitch again in the shorts that he had just pulled back on. He told himself to calm down as there was lots of time for cumming in and on this slut the rest of the day.

He handed the black garter belt and back seamed hose to Summer. As she slipped one on each leg and fastened it to the belt, she could not help but expose her ass and cunt to the roaming eyes of her young tormentor. She kept saying to herself that I cannot believe that I am being made to do this over a stupid picture.

When she had finished putting the hose on and fastening them to the belt, Todd handed Summer the red thong panties, which she slipped on over the hose. The thong was not nearly wide enough to cover the pubic hair from her pussy. Todd smiled to himself as he knew that before the day was over all of that pubic hair would be gone as well as the hair that trailed up to and around her ass hole.

Next Todd handed the red shelf bra that James had ordered Summer from the Fredrick’s catalogue. She had never worn the bra in public and could not imagine what she would look like in a garment that would not cove her silver dollar sized nipples. Next Todd handed Summer the blue jean mini-skirt that buttoned up the front. Summer noticed that the hem of the skirt barely covered the tops of the back seamed hose. Next, Todd handed Summer the beige button up summer sweater and as she put it on, he saw that the sweater was not quite see through, but there was no doubt that anyone looking would be able to see those beautiful nipples. But later today, anyone looking would be able to see nice nipple rings that he was going to give to his slut.

Once satisfied with her attire, Todd said to Summer, “Let’s go to the garage and get in your car. We are heading out for the day.”

All Summer could say was, “Yes Master T.”

As they got in the car, with Todd driving, all Summer could think about was what is going to happen to me today………………. Summer Wayne was now fully compliant with her student turned Master. Todd Spillers had successfully taken his high school English teacher and started her on her way to his slut and sex slave. He had spent the last two days since his discovery of her on the Wives Who Need Sex website manipulating Summer into understanding she had no choice but to submit to his demands. The initial picture was damning enough, but the series of pictures that he had forced her to pose for were even more erotic. She now knew that any wavering would cause her tormentor to send pictures that would be placed on the school’s website for all to see. Even worse, her husband James, who was out of the country, would receive “special” messages from her Master T the minute she failed to comply. It is now Saturday morning and Summer was being driven in her convertible, with the top down, by Master T. She had no idea what he had in store for her.

I apologize for the length of this chapter. Future chapters will be scene / fantasy specific. This chapter 5 set up several scenarios that will soon be explored. Thanks for reading!!!


As Todd Spillers backed out of her garage, all Summer Wayne could think about was how in the world she was going to explain to any of her neighbors her current state of dress and the fact that she was being driven in her car by a very young man. It wasn’t so much what she had on, but the fact that what she had on made her look like a wanton slut.

Todd had made Summer unbutton the buttons on her blue jean mini-skirt so that it was open all the way to the red thong. He also had made her unbutton the beige sweater top so that anyone looking down into the car would have no problem seeing her breasts supported by the red shelf bra that offered no coverage for her silver dollar sized nipples.

Summer was thankful that none of her nearest neighbors were out walking their dog or working in the yards. Todd easily slide the gear shift into drive as the car reached the bottom of the drive way. As he started to guide the convertible out of the subdivision, Summer tried to slide down in her seat hoping that no one would see her. Todd, seeing that, just smiled to himself. He thought that he could be nice enough to allow her a brief respite from servitude as in a little while she would be lost in his demands.

As the car exited the subdivision and headed onto the freeway, Todd looked over at Summer and said, “Ok slut. Enough of you’re cowering in the seat. I want you to sit up straight, pull that sweater all the open and put your left hand inside those panties.”

As Summer slowly complied with Todd’s directions, a pick-up truck came roaring up on Todd’s side of the car. The passenger window was rolled down and there was a young man about twenty-five years old sitting by the window. As the truck pulled alongside the convertible, the young man glanced out of the window like almost everyone does and he saw directly into the car. The man had to squint his eyes to focus on what he thought he was seeing. There below him was a young guy with an older woman who was rubbing her pussy while fully exposing her breasts, nipples and red panties.

Todd glanced up to see the guy looking out of the truck window, let a smile creep across his lips and he slid his hand over onto Summer’s left leg. Todd pulled the leg towards him so that Summer’s panty clad cunt would be almost directly facing the passenger window of the pick-up truck.

Todd leaned towards Summer and said, “Squeeze your nipples for me.”

Without hesitation, Summer reached up with both hands and began to squeeze both nipples. As she did this, her gaze across the interior of her car towards Todd lead her to see why he had suddenly pulled her leg towards him. There, not more than 10 feet way was a man leering out of a passenger window and he could see everything she was doing.

As Summer tried to cover herself up, she heard Todd say, “Slut, don’t you dare!”

With no protest, Summer went back to squeezing and twisting her nipples. As she continued to twist her nipples, she felt Todd’s hand rise above the top of her hose and edge closer to her panty covered cunt. As his finger tips touched the outer lacy edge of the panty, Todd could feel Summer’s pubic hair extending slightly beyond the edge of the panty. He slid his fingers under the panty and was able to put his middle finger directly onto his slut’s clit.

Todd began to stroke Summer’s hardening knob in a circular motion not worrying about being sensitive. Todd could feel a slight bit of moisture forming on Summer’s pussy and he began to furiously rub the now hardening clit. All at once, Todd withdrew his hand from Summer’s panties, grabbed one of her hands and placed it on the outside of her cunt.

Summer heard Todd say, “Slut cum for me. Let the men in the truck see how much of a slut you are. Cum, NOW!”

Almost as if on cue, Summer exploded in orgasm, while still pulling her nipple and rubbing her clit through her panties. She continued to writhe on the car seat as Todd guided the convertible off of the freeway and exited onto a four lane street. As Summer came down from her orgasm, she opened her eyes to see that the pick up truck was no longer next to the car and she saw that Todd had exited the freeway. Summer did not recognize the area to which Todd had taken her.

As Todd continued driving the convertible down the street, Summer remained slightly slumped in the passenger seat, sweater still completely open and her skirt fully spread exposing her panty covered cunt to anyone who still may peer into the car. She looked at the passing store fronts and began to feel quite uncomfortable. Each building seemed to contain some type of sexually oriented business as well as massage and tattoo parlors.

As the car approached an intersection, Summer heard Todd say to her, “Slut, you better get buttoned up. We are almost there.”

Summer quickly sat up and began buttoning up her skirt when Todd say, “Slut, who said you could button your skirt? You can button the top two, but leave the rest undone.”

“Master T, if I do that, everyone will be able to see right up to my panties,” responded Summer.

To which Todd replied, “Slut, I don’t care.”

Summer buttoned the two allowed ones, which left four buttons undone. She then asked, “Master T, can I button up my sweater?”

Todd looked over at his slut and saw a very worried and apprehensive look on her face. He then replied, “Slut, if it will make you happy, you can button all but the top three buttons on your sweater.”

Summer was grateful for any form of cover as her modesty and her surroundings were making the hairs on her arms stand directly up. Summer looked around and she did not see anything that looked familiar as she had been unable to pay attention to the direction or length of her trip with Todd.

Just then, the car pulled up to the front entrance to the Paradise Parlor. The windows were painted in very bright and festive colors of red, blue, yellow and green. Summer thought that this building did not fit with any of the others in the area and she wondered if Todd had taken her to an area where a slight neighborhood fix up might be occurring.

Todd got out of the car and like a gentleman, came around to open Summer’s door and gave her his hand to assist her exit from the car. He could not help but peer directly between her legs as they splayed wide open as she got out of the car. The garter belt and hose fully accentuated her very shapely legs. He also saw that, even though the sweater was somewhat buttoned, it gaped open and he could easily see her 36 C cleavage and could just barely make out the edges of her now hardening nipples.

As they started for the door, Todd said to Summer, “Slut, this is the first of several stops today. You are to do as you are told with no hesitation. Do you understand?”

To which Summer replied, “Yes Master T.”

Todd simply said, “Very good slut.”

As they walked up to the door, Summer could hear music blaring inside the building. As Todd opened the door for her, Summer could see only into what looked like a waiting room with a glass window behind which sat a stunning red haired woman. As they approached the window, the red head opened the customer window. Summer then got a full view of the red head as she saw a gold ring pierced her left nostril, both eyebrows pierced, a lip stud, a row of studs and rings in both ears.

Todd then said to the red head, “Sarah, this is the noon appointment for my slut, Summer.”

Sarah, giving Summer the once over, “Oh, so she is the one that is seeing Marco. I will go and make sure he is ready for you.”

Summer grasped Todd’s arm and quietly whispered, “Master T, what kind of place is this? Why are you using my name?”

Todd simply said to her, “This is a body piercing parlor and no one here will know who you are, I promise. So shut up.”

Summer did as she was told, all the while holding very tightly onto Todd’s arm. As the door to the reception area opened to the business side of Paradise, Summer was greeted with a site that showed a corridor that had at least four doors on either side with each brightly painted.

Marcos shook hands with Todd and then looked towards Summer. Todd then told Marcos, “This is my slut Summer. She is here for her first piercings.”

Summer felt sick to her stomach. Her husband James had in the past teasingly suggested that she should get her belly button pierced so that she could show off her trim and firm belly when they were at the beach. She had always politely refused as she felt like it was beneath her to denegregate her body in that manner. She never let James know that she was appalled that he would even suggest it to her, because she loved him and always wanted him to feel like she was willing to please him in any way she could. But, a body piercing seemed to be something only a slut would do.

That is when Summer heard Todd say, “Slut, please let me introduce you to Marcos. He is a long time friend and he is going to help you on your way to appreciating body piercing art.”

Marcos extended his hand and Summer placed her hand softly into his. Todd quickly said, “Slut, please give Marcos a proper greeting.”

With that, Summer wrapped her arms around Marcos’s neck and proceeded to kiss him full on the lips offering her open mouth for his lips and tongue. As Marcos’s tongue invaded Summer’s mouth, she felt his hands run down her back and grabbed each of her ass cheeks through her blue jean mini-skirt. Summer could feel the material of her skirt begin to rise as Marcos’s hands began to roughly massage each cheek. As his hands slipped under the hem line of her skirt, she felt his surprisingly soft hands begin to knead and squeeze the soft flesh of her ass cheeks.

Marcos broke off his kiss and Summer felt both relieved and frustrated by him ending the otherwise passionate kiss. Marcos continued to guide Summer down the corridor to number seven. As Marcos opened the door, he pushed Summer in before him as Todd followed them both. Summer’s eyes grew wide as she surveyed the room and its antiseptic feel.

The room contained what she recognized as a small version of the medical examination table used by a gynecologist. The table had an extendable shelf and two stirrup props. There was a lavatory with several different types of disinfectants, a silver tray that was covered by a linen towel and one wall was a cabinet with glass shelving. On that shelving was all sorts of piercing jewelry.

Summer was standing and staring at the piercing jewelry when she heard Marcos say, “Summer, have you ever had a desire to pierce your body in any way? We have many items that I hope will help you with your decisions today.”

Summer turned towards Marcos with tears in her eyes and said, “Marcos, I do not have any interest in having any part of my body desecrated by body jewelry. My husband has asked me to do that in the past and I told him flatly that I was not going to do that.”

Todd jumped right in to say, “Marcos, my slut’s manners are a very big disappointment to me. I apologize for her behavior. Would you please give us the room for a minute or two?”

Marcos quickly turned to leave the room. As he closed the door, Todd latched the lock and turned towards Summer. In an instant he slapped her hard across the face causing her to whirl and fall towards the medical table. She was able to catch herself with her hands, but as she was trying to stand back up, she felt Todd’s weight on her back as he forced her down onto the table.

In one swift motion, Todd raised Summer’s skirt above her ass cheeks and he began to pound each cheek with repeated blows from his extra large sized hands. He continued to beat his slut’s ass until large red whelps began to from up and down each cheek extending below each cheek to the very tops of the back of her thighs.

After what seemed like fifty blows to her ass, Summer pleaded with Todd, “Master T, I am so sorry. But, I do not believe that it is right for me to have my body pierced. You had never told me that that would be a condition of my compliance.”

“Slut, when we got here I told you that you were to do as you were told without hesitation. Do you understand?” inquired Todd.

Summer quickly replied, “Master T, this is all so overwhelming to me. I will do my best to do as you require.”

Summer immediately felt the sting of Todd’s large hand again as he beat her ass for another five minutes. When he had finished, he paused to ask, “Slut, do you understand?”

Summer could not risk upsetting Todd any further as she had never anticipated that he could get so angry and rough with her. Todd was a very big young man, but she always thought that because he was her student that he would never resort to physical threats against her.

“Master T, I understand,” was Summer’s meek response.

With that, Todd released Summer, leaving her laying across the examination table and walked to the door, unlocking it and inviting Marcos back in to join them. As Marcos closed and re-locked the door to room seven, Summer heard Todd say to Marcos, “I apologize for the delay. My slut will not give you any more problems I assure you.”

Marcos, looking directly at Summer said to Todd, “Do not give it a second thought Todd. I know that she is nervous. I will make her feel at ease, give her what she desires, what you demand and all the while making her body a work of art.”

Marcos grabbed Summer by the arm and slowly spun her around until her ass cheeks rested against the cool of the vinyl covering of the table. Marcos told Summer to sit on the table and to place her feet on the small step stool in front of her. As she did this, Summer’s ass began to feel a little better as the cool of the table helped to soothe her aching skin.

Marcos quickly said to Summer, “I know that you are nervous. I completely understand that. But you have to understand that I have a job to do and it will be much easier for me if you fully cooperate. Can you do that?”

Summer paused and looked pleadingly at Todd who simply continued to stare right back at her. Summer then said, “Marcos, I will be cooperative, but I am afraid. I do not want to be pierced, but Master T is insisting that I do so.”

“Very well then Ms. Summer. Please lay back and place your ankles into the stirrups for your comfort,” said Marcos.

As Summer gingerly raised herself up so that she could slide up the table, she was able to just get her ass onto the table with her head all the way to the top of the slightly inclined top of the table. Slowly she raised one foot at the time and placed each stocking clad ankle into the table’s stirrups. So there she lay, beige sweater, skirt, garter belt, black back seamed hose, red high heel pumps with her red panty covered pussy exposed to a complete stranger, Marcos.

As Marcos gazed down at the beautiful woman before him, he could not believe Todd’s good fortune. Todd had brought other women in to his parlor, but never one so beautiful and mature. So he asked, “Todd, how is it possible that you have been able to gain control over such a lovely and sexy woman?”

Todd replied, “Well Marcos, slut here was surfing the internet and responded to a message from me. As it turned out, she is my English teacher and I could not pass on controlling such a beautiful woman.”

Marcos almost shocked, “You mean this is a high school teacher and she is your slut?”

Todd continuing, “Well, she did send me an incriminating picture that fully showed her fucking herself with a black dildo and the picture showed her face completely. What else was I to do, but take control of her and force her to serve me.”

Summer was laying on the table and both of the men in the room were talking as if she was not even in the room and ignoring her. She listened as Todd continued to tell Marcos about the events that occurred since she sent him that picture on Thursday evening. Even that time line was difficult for her to understand as it was now only 12:30 PM on the Saturday following that fateful Thursday email.

When Todd finished with the last part of the story, the ride to Paradise, Marcos turned and began to intently stair at Summer. He began to think of all the fun he was about to have with Summer. He knew that Todd wanted some piercings, but he figured that he would be able to have some fun while fulfilling his demands.

Marcos started, “So Todd, what do you want me to do?”?

Todd followed, “Marcos, I want it to be evident that my slut here is making a transition from a school teacher to my full slut. To that end, she must display piercings that not only are beautiful, but indicate a sense of servitude.”

Marcos then asked, “Todd do you have any specific items that you want to display what you are seeking?”

Todd continued, “Marcos, I was thinking that gold bars in each nipple would be a good start. Then for her ears, I would want two piercings in each and for her cunt lips, I want loops on each lip. Make sure that none of the piercings can be removed for any reason.”

Summer was stunned as she lay there listening to the two men talk. How in the world would she ever be able to explain to her husband James such an extensive array of piercings on her body. She had never ever really allowed such a conversation go any further than a belly button piercing, now Todd was marking her body with nine different piercings and in places where she would have never imagined.

Todd then asked, “Marcos how long will it take for you to properly pierce my slut?”

Marcos answering, “I should think that one hour will be sufficient. I do not want to rush her and I want to complete my task with as little pain as is possible. I think that she would feel much better to know that I proceed slowly and allow pain killers to do their jobs. Will that work for you?”

Todd pondered for a moment and then said, “Marcos, I have several errands to run and I do not think that I will be back for about one hour and thirty minutes. Make my slut comfortable, but leave no doubt that she is a slut.”

With that, Todd leaned over Summer and said to her, “Slut, while I am gone, you will do every thing that Marcos tells you to do. If I find out that you acted otherwise, I will punish you in ways that you have never thought possible. Do you understand?”

With tears welling up in her eyes Summer asked, “Master T, why are you doing this to me? Why so many piercings? Can’t we do one or two instead?”

Todd leaned over Summer and looking directly into her eyes said, “Slut, you decided a couple of days ago that you wanted sex. You let yourself be fooled into thinking that all you were doing was having playful fun on the internet. But we both know better, you are a slut and this is what you desire.”

With that, Todd left the room while Summer was still spread before Marcos on the examination table. As Marcos turned, from her position, Summer could see the front of his jeans and it left no doubt that he was turned on by her predicament. “Summer, I want you to relax and trust that I am going to take very good care of you,” Marcos said to try and soothe her nerves.

Summer shot back, “Marcos, I am not going to allow you to do anything to me. Now that Todd is gone, please just let me go.”

Marcos enjoying the situation began to slowly rub Summer’s legs, which were still supported by her ankles being propped up in the stirrups. As he stroked the front of Summer’s shins, feeling the sexy silk nylons of her back seamed hose; Marcos gazed down between her legs and noticed the teacher’s pubic hairs sneaking out of the edges of her red thong. Marcos thought to himself that the first thing he was going to do to this slut is to get that hairy mess removed.

As Summer struggled under Marcos’ touch and gaze, the door to the room opened and Sarah walked in. Summer noticed that she was carrying a tray with the contents obscured by a linen towel.

As Sarah set the tray on the counter next to the examination table, Marcos asked, “How much time do we have before the next appointment?”

Sarah quickly replied, “Your 1:30 PM cancelled so your next one is not until 3:00 PM today.”

“Excellent,” was Marcos’ quick reply.

Marcos instructed Sarah to unbutton Summer’s sweater and help her to take it off. Immediately, Summer began thrashing about on the table trying to elude Sarah’s hands. As a result of the car ride to Paradise, there were only four buttons remaining on Summer’s sweater and Sarah was finally able to complete the task.

Marcos then said, “Summer lift up your shoulders so that Sarah can remove your sweater. You do not want to get anything on it like the antiseptic we will be using.”

“Marcos, PLEASE stop doing this now,” shouted Summer.

Marcos leaned down and looked directly into her eyes said, “Summer, you are giving me no choice, but to restrain you from this point forward. I had hoped that you would be cooperative, but, as your Master T advised me, you have not fully comprehended your situation.”

With that, Marcos and Sarah each took binding material and tied Summer’s ankles to the stirrups. When they had completed this task, they assisted each other in removing the sweater from Summer’s body. Next, they unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her skirt and while Marcos raised Summer’s hips, Sarah was able to drag the blue jean mini skirt away. Sarah took great care in taking Summer’s sweater and skirt, neatly folded them and then locked them in the cabinet adjacent to the door.

Now, Summer was lying before them with her red shelf bra, red thong panties, black garter belt, black back seamed hose and her red pump heels. Sarah punched a hidden lever and arms were extended from each side of the examination table. Quickly, without Summer even comprehending what was happening, Marcos and Sarah were able to slide restraints onto her wrists binding them to the table’s arms.

Marcos said to Sarah, “Lets leave the red bra on as it will help hold her breasts as we work on them. But, we will need to remove her panties so that we can shave all of that awful pubic hair.”

Summer could not believe what she was hearing and began screaming, “Master T said nothing about shaving my private parts. I am not going to stand for you to do that to me. I am going to kill you for doing that to me.”

Marcos calmly said back to Summer, “Slut, you have no choice. If you are cooperative, I will let Sarah use appropriate shaving creams, moisturizers and the finest of razors. If you do not, we will just dry shave you. It is up to you. What will it be slut?”

Once again, with tears welling up into her eyes, Summer began to cry. She could not believe how one little innocent picture taken by her husband from a private moment could be used against her in this way. How could she have gotten herself into this situation?

“Marcos, I promise to be cooperative. Please do not hurt me,” cried Summer.

“That’s it slut. Just lay back and relax as we will take very good care of you,” Marcos almost sympathetically said to Summer.

Summer felt Sarah’s hands grasp the tiny strip of material of her thong and started rolling it down her now spread legs. Marcos untied Summer’s left ankle so that Sarah could slide the panty off of it and then retied the ankle once again securing it to the stirrup. Marcos, Sarah and Summer each repeated the same procedure on the right leg to allow the removal of the thong.

As Marcos was completing the retying of Summer’s bindings on her right ankle he heard Sarah exclaim, “Marcos, this slut is turned on. The crotch of her thong is soaking wet!”

Marcos looking quizzically at Sarah said, “Come again?”

“Marcos, this slut is enjoying this,” replied Sarah.

With that, Summer felt the tips of Sarah’s finger rubbing the full length of her vaginal slit and to her utter embarrassment and shock; she could feel her wetness via the touch applied by Sarah. Summer saw Sarah hold up the fingers of her right hand to show Marcos that she was indeed wet and she could see her fingers glistening with moisture, but it could not have come from her she thought.

Marcos came close and knelt down between Summer’s outstretched and bound legs to get a better look. As he came closer, Marcos was able to detect the slightest whiff of a very erotic aroma and could not resist sampling Summer. As Marcos knelt lower, his nose and lips came down onto Summer’s cunt as he began to lick the full length of her cunt lips. He buried his nose against Summer’s clit and then inserted his tongue as far as he could to take a quick taste of her deepest fluid.

As Marcos removed his mouth from her cunt, Summer moaned in disappointment as the feeling of his tongue had had a calming effect on her. She tried to raise her hips to seek continued touch from Marcos, but he was now standing between her legs with quite an evil grin on his face.

“Sarah, I have had enough of this playing around. This slut is ready to become a jewelry display piece for me and a pierced slut for Todd,” announced.

“Sarah, you may now shave the cunt’s pubic hair and make sure that all the hair is removed from her ass crack too,” Marcos said quite firmly.

As Summer watched from her inclined position, she saw Sarah run hot water into a silver bowl. As the water was running, she watched as Sarah dropped several different lotions into the water. It appeared that true to his word, Marcos would be letting Sarah use moisturizers and lotions to help keep her safe.

As Sarah placed the bowl on the tray adjacent to the exam table, Summer felt her hands gently rubbing the mound of hair of her cunt. Sarah reached into the bowl and drew out a wash rag, squeezed out some of the excess water and then she began giving Summer’s cunt and pubic mound a sponge type bath. Sarah was very clinical in her approach and Summer watched as Sarah checked to make sure that there was no residual soap left on her skin.

Then Summer watched as Sarah opened a blue bottle and began to pour some of its contents into her hand. Sarah rubbed her hands together to spread the liquid evenly and then she began to rub the lotion onto Summer’s body, beginning at the top of Summer’s pubic region and running along her exposed cunt lips. At first the lotion was very soothing to Summer, but then a slow burning sensation began in the areas that Sarah had applied the blue lotion.

“What are you doing to me you bitch,” Summer screamed at Sarah.

Sarah quickly replied, “Don’t worry slut, this is a specially formulated hair remover that we use on thick and coarse hair. Because you have never removed your cunt hair before, it is a new sensation for you. If you relax, the heating sensation will eventually make your even hornier than you already are.”

Sarah left the room with Summer lying on the table. Summer tried to relax and allow the feeling to go away. But Sarah was right, the longer the lotion touched her skin the more erotic the feeling became. The lotion, though not placed near her clit, was making her clit harden. Summer could feel little stinging fingers that were making her cunt lips twitch causing the opening to her cunt to open and close slightly.

After about ten minutes, Sarah returned carrying a razor set, two different lotions and ordinary shaving cream. As she placed the items on the tray next to Summer, she leaned in to tell her, “Slut, I am now going to put a warm wash cloth on your pubic mound as well as your cunt lips. The lotion that I applied should have removed the bulk of your coarse pubic hair, but I will still need to shave you.”

As Summer lay before the stunning redhead, she watched Sarah stare intently at her pubic mound now almost devoid of hair. Summer thought about all the times that James had asked her to let him shave her pussy and how many times she had told him that only sluts and whores would ever shave a personal area like that.

Summer felt the coolness of the shaving cream as Sarah carefully spread the cream around her mound, lips and down into the crack of her ass. It was apparent to Summer that Sarah had done this before as she felt Sarah’s fingers spreading her cunt lips in order to apply the cream to any remaining hairs without getting inside her cunt itself.

Once she was satisfied that she had properly covered Summer’s remaining hair, Sarah took the straight edge razor and beginning at the top of Summer’s pubic mound, made slow and careful strokes across the sensitive areas. It took Sarah only five minutes to be satisfied that all of the hair around Summer’s cunt was now fully removed. Now it was on to the ass crack area where little or no hair remained, but Todd had been specific that no hair shall remain.

“Summer, you will need to rise up so that I can shave your anus at this time,” Sarah said in a hushed tone.

Summer complying with the instructions, used the stirrups supporting her ankles as leverage and was able to bring her ass off of the examination table. When she had risen sufficiently, Summer heard Sarah say, “That is it. Hold it right there and be very still as this razor is quite sharp.”

It only took Sarah a couple of minutes to satisfy herself that she had cleaned all of the pubic hair from poor Summer’s body. She ran a warm wash cloth over the entire area to make sure that no residual shaving cream remained. Once she completed cleaning Summer, Sarah began applying moisturizing lotion to the baby butt smooth region that Summer once thought would never be void of hair.

The lotions were meant to not only repair the skin and replace the moisture, but were specially formulated by Marcos to cause heat sensations to permeate through-out a woman’s pussy and onto her pussy lips. It only took a light touch with the lotion on one’s finger to initiate the stimulation of the whole genital region. Sarah had thought many times to herself that Marcos should package and sell the item on those late night infomercials.

Once Sarah was satisfied that the lotion was applied just right to Summer’s pussy lips and ass hole, she removed her hands. She washed her hands in the lavatory because she did not want to risk touching herself, which would make her rub her clit all day. She felt sorry for Summer in a small way because she knew that the piercings combined with the lotion will make her feel things that Summer would have never imagined.

Sarah went over to the door that led back out into the corridor and pressed the intercom button.

“Yes Sarah, what is it,” was the reply from Marcos.

Sarah says, “Marcos, Summer is now ready.”

“Sarah, have you applied my special lotion also,” was Marcos’ reply.

Sarah in a frustrated way replied, “Yes Marcos, I have applied your lotions, made sure that the shaving cream has all been removed and I have made sure to clean the area completely with a warm wash cloth as is required.” Summer was lying there on the table listening to the two of them talk over the intercom like she was not even there. She wondered exactly what was in store for her now. Here she was strapped to an examination table, legs fully spread and her once hairy pussy now clean shaven by the red head. As she lay there, Summer felt a strange sensation starting to emanate from her cunt. It felt hot on her pussy lips and around her ass hole. She started to squeeze her lips and cheeks together to sort of try and scratch the feeling away. The more she struggled, the more the sensation grew.

Under Sarah’s ever watchful eye, she saw that the lotion was taking effect on Summer. She knew that it would only be a few minutes before Marcos came into the room with the remote control egg. At that point, poor Summer would lose complete control of her inhibitions and fall completely under Marcos’ control.

Just then the door to room number seven opened and sure enough Marcos was carrying the black remote controlled egg. Sarah noted that its size was only two inches in diameter, but it was the strength and variations that made the device so devilish. Sarah remembered her encounter with the device when she had her clit pierced and how many orgasms she had during the entire process, obviously drawn out by Marcos at the time. That is how she came to work for Marcos, the free piercings, the lotions and sometimes the application of the egg.

Marcos placed the black egg on the tray adjacent to the table to which Summer was still bound. He looked closely at the pubic mound that was once covered by thick coarse hair, but now was smooth and devoid of any hair. “Excellent job Sarah,” Marcos said upon completing his inspection.

“Sarah lets begin our piercings on Summer’s nipples. Please get the tray off of the middle shelf in the cabinet,” Marcos said.

As Sarah bent over to look into the cabinet, Summer for the first time was able to see something other than her upper body and face. Sarah had on a very short, but fluffy mini skirt and when she bent over it was easy for Summer to see between Sarah’s legs. Summer was stunned when she saw that Sarah had no panties on and that there were at least three gold rings piercing her pussy lips.

As Sarah straightened up, Summer could see that her skirt continued to rest on her hips and as she turned back towards the table, Sarah’s pussy, fully shaven, was in plain view. Summer could see that not only did Sarah have three gold rings in her pussy lips, but her clit was pierced with what looked like a platinum rod with a round knob on each end. Summer thought to herself, “How does she take that out?”

Marcos noticed Summer staring at Sarah’s pussy piercings, “Summer, do not worry as we will not be piercing your clit. Your Master T thinks that we should give you some time to get used to your new jewelry. He has told me to reduce the number of piercings today.”

Continuing, Marcos tells Summer, “We will be piercing each nipple, each pussy lip and one new piercing for your left ear.”

With that, Marcos took out the antiseptic wash that he routinely used for exterior piercings. He paid particular attention to both of Summer’s nipples after he had deftly swabbed the upper portion of her left ear. Marcos knew that the cool air hitting Summer’s exposed nipples, still supported by the red shelf bra would make them begin to harden. Marcos also knew, based on how she was breathing, that his special lotion was having the anticipated impact on Summer.

As Marcos continued to sterilize Summer’s nipples, he nodded to Sarah who then wiped each nipple with gauze. When this was completed, Marcos sprayed a light mist of a deadening Novocain to ease the pain for Summer during the initial piercing. Next, with a perfectly sterile needle, Marcos injected a small amount of the painkiller into each of Summer’s fully hardened nipples.

Marcos said to Summer as he felt her begin to tense, “Summer, these small injections will only deaden your nipples for the procedure. You will have some pain in each nipple after we have pierced them, but it will not last longer than a day.”

With that, Marcos attached hemostats to each of Summer’s nipples knowing that she would not feel the clamps. But, he knew that the pressure of the clamps would force each nipple to completely harden. As he waited, he picked up the two jewelry pieces that would adorn this sexy English teacher.

Marcos had selected a gold bar stud for each of Summer’s nipples, which looked like a miniature dumb bell. Once he inserted the open end into her nipple, he would permanently affix the fastening ball to the stud through an application of special glue. Once hardened, the glue would never allow the nipple stud to be removed without cutting off one end, which in itself would be very painful given the size of Summer’s nipples and the length of the stud.

Marcos removed the hemostat from Summer’s left nipple and immediately forced the piercing needle directly through the middle, which would allow for the gold stud to force the nipple to stay erect all of the time. There was only a little blood, which was easily wiped away. Marcos then inserted the open end of the gold stud, applied the glue and then twisted the gold ball onto the stud. Marcos held the ends of the stud between his fingers for the required 30 seconds. He sprayed Summer’s left nipple with antiseptic and Novocain once more so that any pain related to the initial piercing would be reduced.

Marcos then went to Summer’s right nipple and repeated the process exactly as he had on her left. He took his time making sure that the studs were in the exact position in each nipple so that when displayed under sheer blouses, the nipples would be extended to the same height.

Once he had finished, Marcos held up a mirror so that Summer could see his handy work. Summer was shocked at how large the piercings were. She had thought that the piercings would be almost too small to see. But, the studs made her nipples stand very erect. Summer felt Marcos twist the knob end of both studs making sure that they did not impinge Summer’s nipples in any way. He knew that the skin of the nipple would heal quite rapidly closing over the incisions made by the piercing needle.

As the Novocain began to wear off, Summer could feel a slight discomfort in each nipple, but she had not felt the overwhelming pain that she had been anticipating ever since she heard Master T describe the piercings that he wanted. As she looked at her nipples, tears began to once again form in her eyes as she thought about the first reaction that she would receive from James. But, she could not worry about that now as James would not be home for four weeks and she was still bound to an examination table where she was about to have the lips of her pussy pierced by this total stranger.

Before he started on Summer’s pussy lips, Marcos decided to go ahead and do the ear piercing that Todd wanted applied to Summer’s left ear. Todd had selected a rather gaudy loop ear pierce that came with an attached row of three red beads. Todd explained that this signified to him that Summer was his slut and that every time she looked into the mirror, she would see the gaudy loop earring and think of his control over her.

But first, it was time for the insertion of the black bullet. Marcos had wanted Summer’s pussy to be fully engorged with blood so that her pussy lips were fully extended. He had purposefully delayed inserting the vibrating egg until he had finished Summer’s nipples and he wanted the lotion to continue to work its magic on her pussy, clit and asshole.

Before he moved between Summer’s already spread legs, Marcos picked up the remote control transmitter to make sure that there was a proper feed to the egg. He pressed the on switch and the egg jumped to life with a slow buzz. He went through each of the ten cycles to make sure that the egg was functioning properly and to make sure that the batteries were properly charged. Marcos then knelt between Summer’s legs and put the tip of the egg to the lips of her already wet slit. Marcos noticed that the lotion had worked its magic and Summer was probably not fully aware the effect it was having on her pussy. Marcos then heard Summer say, “Stop. What are you doing?”

Marcos replied back almost clinically, “Summer, I am inserting a vaginal stimulation egg. The purpose of the egg is to force the lips of your pussy to become overly stimulated so that they swell. This swelling will make it much easier for me to do the piercings that I described to you a few minutes ago.”

As Marcos slowly, but firmly applied pressure to the end of the egg that contained the reception tail, which also could be utilized in withdrawing the egg, he was pleased to discover that Summer’s pussy was more than wet, it was sopping wet. Marcos was able to fully insert the egg without any resistance from Summer’s pussy lips because the lotion had done its work.

Marcos used his middle and index fingers to fully insert the egg into Summer’s pussy. As he withdrew his fingers, he raised his hand to his nose and he could smell the sweet fragrance of Summer’s pussy. He slowly inserted the fingers into his mouth and was quite pleased at the taste as well as the amount of Summer’s pussy juice on his fingers.

Without hesitation, Marcos pressed start on the remote control and immediately he saw Summer’s reaction to the initial stages of the buzz created by the two inch diameter black egg. He had enjoyed doing the same thing to many unsuspecting ladies who did not fully understand the pussy lip piercing process. The egg offered no additional benefit to the procedure, but it did give Marcos quite a bit of satisfaction in turning on a woman without her fully comprehending his methods. He knew that once he had finished with Summer’s ear, he would be able to remove the egg and replace it with his cock.

He gave the remote control to Sarah who was standing to Marcos’s left and he told her, “Sarah, make sure that you work your way up slowly on the controls. I want those lips fully swollen, but I do not need her trying to jump off of the table in orgasm.”

Marcos went to the head of the examination table, pressed a lever and Summer’s head was lowered to a flat reclined position. Marcos stationed a rolling stool next to Summer’s head that gave him access to both her ear and the tray containing his piercing tools.

As he sat there looking down Summer’s body, he was able to examine his handiwork on her nipples. He was pleased that both nipples were fully erect and the gold studs appeared to be in exactly the same position relative to the length of each of Summer’s nipples, which he estimated to be just a bit larger than silver dollars.

Marcos applied the antiseptic spray to the upper portion of Summer’s left ear. He wondered to himself why the left ear. But, he had learned from experience with Todd and his young slave girls, not to question his motives or reasons. This was the first time that Todd had branched out beyond girls his own age. He was amazed at the ease with which he had been able to take control of such a sexy woman. He was beginning to think that even though Todd had forced her submission initially, Summer was in fact a submissive slut.

Marcos quickly pierced Summer’s upper ear and inserted the gold loop earring with the three red beads. He made sure that there was no blood as that region of the ear was basically cartilage covered by skin. He dabbed some additional antiseptic lotion to both sides, ensured that the permanent closing clamp was sealed and then flipped the loop up and down a couple of times to ensure that the pierced hole was not too small for the thicker type of loop. Marcos had used this gauge loop only a couple of times in the past, but only in a man’s scrotum.

Satisfied that the ear piercing had been done expertly, Marcos went back to admiring his work on Summer’s nipples. He was amazed at how erect the nipples remained after ten minutes. He had been able to insert the gold posts exactly in the center of Summer’s auroras and the piercing had had the desired effect that Todd had demanded, permanent erections of both of his slut’s nipples. Marcos could envision Todd requiring his slut to wear sheer tops with either sheer bras or no bra at all. Marcos wondered if Todd intended on making Summer show off her new jewelry pieces to unsuspecting students at school.

Marcos’ gaze then went down to Summer’s well shaved pubic mound and the attention that her cunt was receiving from the black vibrating egg. He had purposefully avoided thinking about the effect that the egg would be having on Summer as he wanted to give Sarah time to work through each of the ten settings. As Marcos looked down at Summer’s cunt, he could see little tell tale movements of her hips as the egg’s more intense settings were having the desired effect on her.

Marcos asked Sarah, “What setting are you on?”

Sarah’s reply surprised Marcos, “I am only on number five. I wanted to go slowly while you were piercing her ear. Also, I thought you might like to help with the stimulation by applying some pressure to her nipples.”

Marcos looking at Sarah says, “I am not sure her nipples can handle any twisting at this point. I want the studs to still be a little loose in the piercings. I am sure that her Master T will want to turn them as she is sitting on his cock at some point. However, I think that I can stimulate those nipples without really twisting them.

Summer, listening to the conversation taking place said, “Marcos, please don’t do anything to my nipples. I am not sure I can stand to have them touched.”

“Ah, Summer, do not worry your pretty little head. I am not going to manually do anything to your nipples. However, I do have an electronic stimulus instrument that I think you are going to enjoy,” replied Marcos.

Summer, again tearing up, says, “Marcos, why are wanting to stimulate my nipples? I am already going crazy with that black egg inside me. Isn’t that enough to make my cunt lips enlarge themselves for you to be able to complete your degradation of me?”

Marcos says to Sarah, “Sarah, are her cunt lips swollen yet?”

“No, Marcos, they have a little ways to go before you will be able to be completely comfortable that they are large enough for you to safely finish your job,” replied Sarah.

Marcos looking at Summer says, “You do want me to be careful don’t you Summer? You do not want me to cause any permanent damage to that fine cunt of yours do you?”

Summer, with tears continuing to well up in her eyes became more agitated and started trying to pry her hands from her bindings. She raised her upper torso up as far as possible and began to pull against the bindings that secured her wrists to the panels from the table. Her movements caused red lines to form around her slender wrists and the straps holding her ankles in the stirrups began to do the same thing.

“Summer, please relax. We do not want you to injure yourself. I promise that we are almost ready to pierce those lovely cunt lips, but they have to be fully enlarged before I will attempt to pierce them,” Marcos said in a calming manner.

Sarah, seeing Summer relax just a little, turned the switch on the remote from five to eight, which skipped the settings that gave a rollercoaster effect to the inner cavities of a body. Summer almost leaped off of the table as the vibrations from the black egg sent sensations deeper into her body than she had ever felt before. Summer slammed her hips back down against the cool vinyl of the examination table. She pressed head back against the table as well.

At that time, Marcos was able to apply the small round electrode to the very tip of both of Summer’s nipples. He turned the lever to start and the battery powered nipple stimulated sprang into action. The stimulator had only three settings: On, Off and High. There was no warm up for Summer to get adjusted to the electronic shock caused by the two “C” batteries.

With the Novocain wearing off on her nipples, the electronic shocks from the stimulator caused Summer to suddenly fell pain in her nipples for the very first time in her life. The electronic shock seemed to tear at the very top of her nipple, but also ran through the two stud posts. Her nipples suddenly became harder than they had ever been before.

The painful sensation in her nipples ran directly down to her clit and that stimulation only intensified the stimulation that her cunt was receiving from the black egg as Sarah had increased the level to nine, with only one more level remaining. Sarah knew that the minute that she switched the lever to ten, Summer would have an orgasm that would make her pass out. The whole idea was to prolong the orgasm so that when she did indeed cum, she would be unconscious long enough for Marcos to work his magic on both cunt lips.

With a knowing nod from Marcos, Sarah prepared to turn the lever, but first she wanted to see how wet Summer was. She positioned herself between both of her outstretched legs, supported the by stirrups, but still bound at the ankles. Sarah leaned down, which placed her eyes level with the opening to Summer’s cunt. Sarah could plainly see juices slowly flowing out of Summer’s cunt. Sarah reached towards the opening, she tugged lightly on the receiver cord that extended from the black egg out of Summer’s cunt and then Sarah let her fingers circle the opening to her cunt.

Sarah slowly circled upwards on the lips until her index and middle finger found Summer’s now fully erect clit. With a practiced circling massage, Sarah began the final step towards forcing Summer to encounter what Sarah hoped to be the most fantastic orgasm she had had up until that moment.

Summer was overcome with intense pain in her nipples. It was not the kind of pain that she had seen on TV in one of those adult movies that James liked to watch about war and torture. She had watched, mostly with her hands over her eyes, as the militants tortured captured service women. But, her pain was real and when combined with the egg’s vibrations and now Sarah’s finger massage on her clit, Summer’s whole world was beginning to spin.

Summer was writhing now against the table, the assault of Sarah’s fingers, the electronic stimulation on her nipples and she could feel the black egg vibrating deep inside her. The egg was touching areas inside her cunt that she had never been able to touch. The black dildo that started this whole situation had never gotten so deep.

Sarah looked up into Marcos’ eyes. He was mesmerized by what he was seeing before him. Sarah’s gaze ran down Marcos’ lithe body to his groin area. It was quite obvious to Sarah, that everything she was doing was pleasing to him. Sarah had had the privilege of being bedded by Marcos on several occasions. She remembered the different curvature of his cock and how instead of bending left or right, his had a slight upward curve. This feature allowed him to insert the cock head fully into her “G” spot. Sarah wondered how that was going to feel to Summer.

At that time, Marcos gave Sarah the knowing nod for her to go to level ten. Sarah, using the thumb of her left hand, slowly pushed the button that would kick the black egg into a gear that confounded her every time she had experienced it. It was impossible to believe that such a tiny device, though it was two inches in diameter, could inflict tremendous stimulation to the inner parts of a person’s cavity.

As the black egg sprang into level ten, Summer’s shoulders and rear of her head pressed down into the examination table. Summer’s hips kicked straight up as hard and as far as the bindings on her wrists and ankles would allow. Summer’s eyes rolled back into her eye sockets and she suddenly screamed in orgasm.

Summer’s orgasm lasted almost a full sixty seconds. When her body finally stopped writhing against the table and bindings, everything went completely black.

Summer was awakened by the soft sounds of Sarah’s voice, “Summer, wake up. It is all over. Your piercings are in, they look beautiful and I think that you will truly enjoy the freedom that they will bring to you.”

As Summer slowly came out of her orgasmic coma, she felt a strange bloated feeling in her belly. Her hands were no longer bound to the table, but her legs remained in the stirrups. She pressed her hands onto her upper abdomen and looked at Sarah quizzically.

“Summer, we have given you an enema. We thought that you might need a good cleaning out and it was the right opportunity to administer the warm liquid into your colon as you lay unconscious on the table,” replied Sarah.

Summer looked up into Sarah’s eyes and asked, “Why would you do that?”

“Well, that was one of Todd’s instructions to us today,” was the matter of fact reply by Sarah.

“I do not feel so good,” replied Summer.

“Here let me help you get up. I will show you to the bathroom,” replied Sarah in a very helpful and understanding manner.

As Sarah moved Summer’s ankles from each of the stirrups, Summer noticed that she still had on the red shelf bra, the black garter belt, black back seamed hose and her red high heels. As her heels touch the linoleum floor, she started to get up, but Summer’s head began to swim a little as she got woozy from being in an inclined position for so long.

“Wait a minute Summer. Let’s let your head get used to being upright,’ was Sarah’s quick response.

Summer felt Sarah’s hand on her right elbow and on her back. She could feel Sarah massage her back in a soft and pleasant manner. As she sat, Summer started to wonder how the piercings in her cunt lips looked. She looked down for the first time and saw that her nipples were still standing fully erect held in place by the gold studs with the gold knobs on each end. She was amazed that there was no real pain, only a slight discomfort.

When she thought she was ready, Sarah tugged on Summer’s elbow and pushed her into a standing position at the foot of the table. Summer steadied herself with her left hand on the table. She paused for only a moment and then said to Sarah, “I have got to go. Where is the bathroom?”

Sarah replied, “Right this way. I will get you there.”

Sarah reached for the door and unlocked the dead bolt. Once out into the corridor, Sarah guided Summer to her left towards the restrooms that were clearly marked. As they reached the woman’s bathroom door, it suddenly opened and a woman, about the age of Sarah walked out. The woman looked at Summer and said, “Isn’t Marcos wonderful?”

Summer could see several piercings on the young woman, but only on the face. Summer wondered to herself where else she might be pierced.

Summer just made it into the first stall when her bowels erupted. She was overtaken by the amount of liquid being evacuated from her intestines. She felt such a relief when the pressure had ceased. Summer lingered on the commode for a few minutes until there was a knock on the door to the stall.

“Are you ok Summer?” was the question poised by Sarah.

As Summer flushed the commode and exited the stall, she came face to face with Sarah for really the first time. Sarah was almost the same height as she was, but her breasts were a cup size smaller. Summer could smell Sarah’s sweet perfume and hoped that her bodily odors, caused by the enema were not disgusting to Sarah.

“Here Summer, let me help you clean up,” was the first thing that Sarah said.

Summer felt Sarah’s rather firm hands as she began to rub a very warm wash clothe over her pussy mound. As she worked her way around Summer’s body, Summer could still feel the heated sensations from the lotions that Sarah had rubbed onto her skin. As the warm wash clothe reached her ass cheeks, Summer felt Sarah’s hand pushing her downward towards the lavatory counter top.

As Summer’s hands rested flatly on the counter top, she felt Sarah’s hands spreading her cheeks and then she felt warm soothing water being dribbled down and onto her anus. Summer felt like Sarah was lingering a bit too long on her anus and started to rise back up, until she felt Sarah’s pressure in the middle of her back forcing her flat onto the counter top.

“Summer, I want you to spread your legs for me, really wide. I need to put some lubricant moisturizer onto your anus,” said Sarah.

Summer looked over her left shoulder and asked, “Why do I need lubricant and moisturize on my anus Sarah?”

Sarah replied quickly, “Summer, if I were you and I had been instructed to do everything you are told do, I would not ask any questions. Now lean over the counter and let me do my job.”

As Summer thought for a moment, she felt Sarah’s hands on the middle of her back. Summer could feel the pressure forcing her downwards onto the counter top. The Formica top was cool to her breasts and Summer could feel the new stud piercings against the counter top.

As Summer was now face down on the counter top, Sarah spread her ass checks and quickly spread Marcos’ specially formulated lubricant. Sarah knew from past experience that the lubricant would feel cool at first, but as she massaged it into the opening to Summer’s most private passageway she would begin to feel an itching heat that Summer would do anything to itch it.

Summer could feel Sarah’s fingers begin to spread the lubricant on her freshly shaven ass. She did not mind the touch so much, but the position she had been directed to take was demeaning to her. Why was she being treated this way by another woman Summer wondered to herself?

Just then, Summer felt a finger from Sarah’s hand slip inside her anal passageway. Summer sphincter muscles tried to keep the invading finger out, but the lubricant just made the insertion too easy. Pretty soon, Summer felt a second finger being inserted into her ass and there was almost no resistance from Summer’s sphincter muscles.

Sarah began to saw both fingers in and out of Summer’s now stretching ass hole. Summer did not realize that the lubricant was about to begin a sensation that would force her to beg for sex with Marcos. As Sarah saw her fingers bury all the way to the last knuckle, she let her fingers rest against Summer’s ass cheeks.

Sarah wanted Summer’s sphincter muscles to fully relax before she inserted the black egg that had driven Summer to orgasmic bliss. As she waited, Sarah began to spread her two fingers inside Summer’s ass so that the sphincter muscles would be properly stretched.

When she was satisfied that the muscles were sufficiently stretched, Sarah leaned in and whispered, “Summer, I need you to relax. I am going to be inserting something into your ass that will make you feel strange. It will not hurt, unless you fight me.”

With that, Sarah withdrew her two fingers noticing that there were no dark anal liquids on her fingers. Sarah knew that the enema had done it’s just perfectly.

Sarah took the egg from her pocket and positioned the insertion end up to Summer’s anus. With only a slight push the egg was almost fully inserted before she felt any resistance from Summer. Summer tried to pull away, but the counter top resting against her upper thighs prevented Summer from avoiding the inevitable insertion of the egg.

With her index finger, Sarah was able to push the two inch diameter egg past the last bit of resistance from Summer’s sphincter muscles. All that remained was the transmission cord that also served to remove the egg later.

When she had completed the insertion Sarah then said, “Summer, you can now stand up. We need to take a look at the piercings.”

As Summer stood up, the pressure from the egg inside her anal passageway caused her stomach to cramp lightly. When she was fully erect, Summer felt Sarah’s hands on her hips and her body pressed against hers. Suddenly Summer felt Sarah’s hands slowly slide around her hips as they started a downward path.

Sarah’s hands passed by the newly shaven pussy mound and went directly to Summer’s cunt lips. Summer could feel Sarah slowly draw her lips outwardly and that is when Summer, for the first time, saw the gold rings that now adorned both of her cunt lips. The rings were about the circumference of a nickel, but they were relatively thin. Summer was shocked to see the rings and was even more shocked by how a clean shaven cunt made the rings stand out even more.

Sarah, while still holding Summer’s cunt lips said, “Summer, I want you to replace my hands with yours. I want you to take a moment to look at your piercings while I tell you how to clean and take care of them. You do know that they are permanent, right?”

Sarah could see it her eyes as she looked into the mirror and watched as Summer’s hands replaced hers on the lips of the poor English teacher’s cunt. Sarah could tell that Summer was stunned by the relative size of the rings as they were larger than the ones that she had in her pussy lips.

After Sarah had explained the care procedures for the rings, she told Summer, “You need to understand that your Master T has marked you with his personal choices for jewelry. He took great care in selecting these pieces for their relative simplicity as well as their permanency.”

With that, Sarah grabbed Summer by the arm and dragged her out of the bathroom and took her back down the corridor to room number seven. Summer was in a daze because she had just seen each of the piercings that Todd had ordered for her. As she was walking, she could not help but to think about that first evening when James returned from Asia and wondered how she would be able to describe the piercings and the reason that she had decided to get them.

When Summer entered room seven, she found Marcos sitting at the table. Marcos was holding the remote control device and when Sarah closed the door, he hit the “On” button and the egg jumped to life in Summer’s anal passageway.

“Oh my God, what have you done to me,” asked Summer?

Marcos did not immediately reply. He wanted to watch Summer’s reactions as he went through each of the first five levels. Marcos knew that at level five the vibrations of the egg when combined with the special lubricant, Summer would do anything he wanted. As the egg began to work its magic again, Summer was forced by the vibrations to lean over the table to steady herself.

As the egg went into its level five vibration mode, Summer’s whole body shook as the egg was sending stimulations to her body through her anal passageway. She had never allowed James to insert any part of his body there, but now, a complete stranger, Marcos, had his employee insert the same black egg that had driven her to an orgasm that had earlier caused her to pass out. Her ass felt like it was on fire as the special lubricant began to work its magic on Summer’s ass hole.

Marcos watched as Summer lay on the table and he could see that Summer’s legs were slightly spread which gave him a very good view of the transmission string as well as the two ring piercings in her cunt lips. Marcos moved the remote control level to the number six setting and he saw Summer’s back arch downward. Marcos knew that it was only a few minutes before Summer would be begging him to turn the vibrating egg off. He also knew that, combined with the special lubricant, Summer would have an itch that would only be satisfied with his cock.

Marcos nodded to Sarah and based on their prior experiences together, she knew that it was time for her to rub some of the lubricant on Summer’s unsuspecting clit. As she had seen before, Sarah knew that the moment that she touched Summer’s clit, she would immediately begin to orgasm, which would be the first of many. As Sarah’s finger covered in lubricant came in contact with the poor teacher’s clit, Summer immediately tried to rise from the table, but Marcos’ firm hand forced Summer back down onto the table.

As Sarah applied the lubricant, Summer immediately felt heat against her clit. She began to try and squeeze her legs together to attempt at relieving the feeling of her clit being on fire. Sarah’s fingers lingered on Summer’s clit as she massaged the lubricant all around her clit as well as the lips to her cunt. Before removing her fingers, Sarah slowly inserted her middle and index fingers into Summer’s now overflowing cunt. Sarah’s fingers were coated with the special lubricant as she pushed them deeper into Summer’s cunt. Sarah could feel the walls of Summer’s cunt begin to grasp her fingers when she had completely inserted them.

Right then Sarah and Marcos were surprised, ‘Oh my god, I am cumming again,” screamed Summer.

In conjunction with Sarah’s fingers being forced into Todd’s slut without regard for her having just cum, Marcos had increased the vibration level on the black egg planted deep inside Summer’s ass. He could still see the cord trailing from her ass, but he knew that the egg was probably deeper in her ass than anything had ever been before. As the control hit nine, Marcos could see that Summer was almost ready for his next demand of her.

Summer felt the egg double its intensity and she could feel an orgasm building up inside her anal passageway. Summer could feel intense heat inside her cunt, on her clit and pussy lips. She tried to squeeze Sarah’s fingers in order to stop the itching caused by the heat, but to no avail.

Summer then heard Marcos ask, “Summer, are you ready for me to fuck you?”

Looking over her shoulder through glazed over eyes Summer says, “Marcos, please turn off the egg and please make the itching stop on my pussy lips.”

“Summer, I can make the itching stop, but you will need to beg me for my cock,” replied Marcos.

As the vibrations from the egg continued, Summer was being overwhelmed by the stimulation from Sarah’s fingers, which were still fully inserted into her cunt. The heat from the lubricant was having the expected impact on Summer, which made Marcos smile.

“Marcos, please make it stop,” begged Summer.

Summer’s body began to tremble as the first stages of her second orgasm were taking hold of her. She began to moan quite loudly, which prompted Marcos to shut the egg off using the remote control.

Summer’s reaction was both anticipated and expected by Marcos. She looked over her shoulder through her glazed over eyes and begged, “Marcos, please do not shut it off. I am so close to cumming. Please let me cum.”

Marcos then asked Summer, “Well slut, what do I get from you if I let you cum?”

Summer quickly replied, “Marcos, please let me cum. I will do anything, PLEASE.”

Marcos, smiling to himself, finally got her to say the magic words. He knew that she would eventually, but he had wanted to hear this sexy English teacher beg him.

Marcos said to her, “Summer, I will turn the egg back on for you. But first, I want you to get up on the table, lie on your back and rub your clit so that Sarah and I can watch.”

Without hesitation, Summer stepped onto the foot stool at the end of the examination table, turned around to sit on the edge and then she laid back. Summer scooted up further onto the table so that she could rest the heels of her red pumps on the table. As she did this, Summer spread her legs and let her right hand drift down her body, over her newly shaven pubic mound and then on to her clit.

Once Summer’s fingers hit her clit, Marcos fired up the vibrating egg starting at level one and working slowly up the levels until he reached level eight. Once Summer had settled into a routine with her fingers on her clit, Marcos slowly edged his way to the table. He had already removed his jeans and black g-string. His cock was fully at attention and aimed straight for Summer’s pierced pussy lips.

Marcos suddenly stopped the egg’s vibrations and waited for Summer’s reaction. Summer was quick to beg, “Marcos, please turn it back on as I am so close to cumming.”

Marcos was ready with his demand, “Summer, I am not getting anything from you. What are you going to give me if I turn the egg back on?”

“I will do anything you ask if you will just turn the egg back on Marcos,” quickly replied Summer.

“Summer, I am going to fuck you with my cock,” responded Marcos.

“Yes yes, please put it in me Marcos,” replied Summer.

Marcos savoring the moment asked, “Tell me what you want Summer?”

“I need your cock Marcos,” moaned Summer.

As Marcos moved steadily towards the opening to Summer’s overflowing pussy, and as his cock head touched her pussy lips, Marcos flipped the switch on the remote that set the egg to level ten. As he inserted the head of his cock, Summer exploded in orgasm coating Marcos’ condom covered cock with her juices. Marcos had slide on a condom as he did not want to have the heat producing lubricant spread all over his cock. He knew that as he neared orgasm, he would force his cock down Summer’s waiting throat.

As Marcos continued to pound his cock in and out of Summer’s cunt, the vibrating egg continued to force her towards another orgasm. Marcos had fucked many women in his life, but never a woman as sexy as this one. He could imagine the things that Todd was going to make this woman do.

Marcos slowed his assault on the poor teacher’s cunt to establish a rhythm more suited to a long fuck session. He knew that Summer was just about ready to cum and he wanted to feel the walls of her pussy grasping at his cock.

“Oh my god, oh my god …… fuck me,” Summer suddenly screamed.

Marcos stepped up his pistoning in and out of Summer’s cunt. He began to thrust his curved cock upwards toward Summer’s “G” spot hoping to hit it at exactly the same time as she began to cum. On his next thrust, the head of his cock seemed to slip past a new and deeper opening in Summer’s cunt. His cock head lodged against the upper womb area of Summer’s cunt and hit her magical spot.

Marcos looked down and saw that Summer’s eyes were wide open and she was grunting to meet each of his thrusts. Marcos paused with the head of his cock lodged just outside of Summer’s “G” spot when he heard her say, “Marcos, please put it back in. I am ready to cum. I need your cock in me. Please let me cum.”

With that, Marcos asked Summer, “Slut, do you like my cock?”

“Yes”, was all Summer could reply.

Marcos still taunting Summer, “Yes I know you like my cock. But isn’t it bigger than your husbands?”

“Yes Marcos it is bigger. It is touching me in places James’s cock never will be able to,” was Summer’s reply.

“Then beg me to fuck you,” demanded Marcos.

Summer replied, “Marcos, please fuck me. Your cock feels so good inside me.”

Summer could not believe that those words were coming out of her mouth. She loved her husband James. She had never cheated on him and now she was begging this complete stranger for his cock. She could only think that the egg and the lubrications that Sarah has placed on her were causing her to react this way.

Marcos leaning down, holding back his cock said to Summer, “Slut, tell me what you want.”

Looking up into Marcos’ eyes Summer pleaded, “I need your cock and I need to cum. Please put your big cock back inside me………..I need to cum.”

As if on cue, Marcos switched the black vibrating egg from nine to ten and then thrust his cock back deep inside Summer. As soon as her body felt the egg jump to the tenth level and Marcos’ cock hit her “G” spot again, Summer erupted into orgasm. She began to hump uncontrollably against Marcos. She tried to squeeze the vibrating egg with her anal passageway.

As Summer began to calm down from her orgasm, Marcos began a new assault on the teacher’s cunt. Utilizing the unique curvature of his cock, Marcos began to force the head into and out of Summer’s “G” spot region. He could feel the upper womb of Summer’s body accept and then try to hold on to his cock with each thrust. Each time he penetrated the area, he could feel Summer’s body quiver.

As Marcos penetrated her “G” spot again and again, Summer began to fuck him in earnest. Summer raised her legs and wrapped them around Marcos’ torso and she reached up and put arms around his neck.

“Marcos, please fuck me harder. I need to feel your cum inside me,” begged Summer.

“Ah, Summer you are the best. But I am not going to cum inside you as I cannot risk having that lubricant get onto my cock. If I did I would be beating off all day. No, I will make you cum again and then I will shoot my hot cum all over those sexy lips of yours,” replied Marcos.

With that, Marcos became a sybian fucking machine. His cock was slamming into the deepest regions of Summer’s pussy and his balls slapped against ass with every thrust. As he neared his orgasm, he reached down with both hands and began to twist each of Summer’s pierced nipples. When she did not react immediately, Marcos grabbed each nipple by the gold studs and pulled them as hard as he could. That action got the reaction that he wanted to receive from Summer.

“Oh god you are killing my nipples. That hurts, please stop………,” Summer begged.

But before she could beg again, the force of Marcos’ cock, the egg continuing to vibrate in her ass and the heat inducing lubricant caused Summer to once again experience a mind blowing orgasm. Marcos continued to fuck his cock in and out of Summer’s now overflowing cunt.

When it was clear that she had come back down from the orgasm, Marcos removed his cock from Summer’s cunt. Marcos could see the string from the egg still extending from her anus and he was thankful that Sarah would not have to insert her fingers to pull the string back out. Marcos switched the vibrating egg off as he did not want to cause Summer any pain as the powerful egg could rub the anal canal too raw and that would not please Todd.

Marcos moved to the head of the table and hit the floor pedal that lowered the end of the table. As the table was inclining, Marcos removed the condom from his still fully erect cock. When Summer’s mouth was fully aligned with his cock, he moved forward and placed his cock head on her lips. Summer was slow to react, but she remembered what Marcos had said and she opened her mouth to receive his cock. Marcos slowly pushed his cock into Summer’s waiting mouth. As it slipped between her lips, he felt the head hit the back of Summer’s throat so he paused. He knew that the unique curvature of his cock when combined with Summer’s head position, it would be easier for him to slide the full length of his cock down her throat. He just had to be patient.

When Marcos felt Summer’s lips relax around his cock, he began to fuck his cock in and out of the teacher’s mouth. Slowly, with each thrust, he was able to get more of his cock down Summer’s throat.

As had been the strategy, Sarah began to pull on the string that served as a receiver to remove the egg. As she lightly pulled on the egg, Sarah could feel summer’s body resist its removal. Slowly Sarah was able to bring the egg to the exit of Summer’s anal canal. With one quick and smooth pull, Sarah was able to extract the black egg from Summer’s ass. Sarah was very pleased that there was little bodily fluid on the egg and she was satisfied that the enema she had given Summer earlier had worked so well.

Summer moaned when she felt the egg being removed from her ass. She had tried to resist its removal by squeezing her sphincter muscles harder, but she was not successful. Summer was struggling to not gag from the size and force of Marcos’ cock as he slowly and methodically eased it further and further down her throat.

Summer then felt fingers on her clit and she reached down to try and push them away, but she was not able to keep them from her clit. Summer’s hand touched the hand whose fingers were now rubbing her clit so expertly and she found it to be quite large. Then she realized that Todd had slipped quietly into the room and was now rubbing her pussy.

Summer moaned under the two stimulations and began to writhe in ecstasy on the table. Todd may be young, but Summer knew that he was experienced. His fingers were doing magical things to her clit and the cock in her throat was beginning to harden. Summer felt the head of Todd’s cock at the opening to her pussy. She spread her legs wider which allowed Todd’s body to easily slip between them and he was able to bury his cock all the way inside Summer. It was the first time that Summer had felt Todd’s cock inside her pussy. She had only yesterday sucked his cock while parked in the school lot.

Marcos and Todd worked in concert with each other’s thrusts into the English teacher. As Todd thrust his young but hard nine inch cock into Summer’s waiting pussy, the resulting thrust forced Summer’s mouth deeper onto Marcos’ cock.

Because of the angle, Marcos was now able to fully insert his cock down Summer’s throat. Summer was amazed that she had been able to take the cock completely into her mouth and throat and not gag. She noticed how the curvature of Marcos’ cock fit perfectly down her throat in the position that she was in on the table. She just let Todd’s thrust into her pussy force her mouth to fuck Marcos’ cock. She got into the rhythm of the two cocks and Summer concentrated on the penetration of Todd’s cock as he was getting closer and closer to her “G”.

Summer, needing to cum badly again, wrapped her legs around Todd’s torso and with her heels pulled him deeper into her pussy. This action allowed Todd’s cock to hit the very spot that Summer needed him to hit with his cock and she erupted in orgasm again. Seeing this Marcos’s cock begins to fill Summer’s mouth and throat with his hot jism. Marcos pulled out of Summer’s mouth and he began shooting his cum onto first her lips and then her face. With his last spurt, Marcos shot his cum down Summer’s body and it landed on her right nipple. Marcos took his cock and rubbed the remnants from his orgasm across Summer’s nose and forehead before he walked away.

Marcos’ cock was no longer down her throat which allowed Summer to voice her passion and to beg Todd, “Please Master T, fuck me harder….I need to cum again.”

Without saying a word, Todd began a vicious assault on his slut’s pussy. He began to slam his cock deeper into her cunt and he could hear his balls smack against her ass. He felt his cock slip into the “G” spot region again and he could feel the slut’s cunt grab at his cock head hoping to keep it in place there.

As Todd withdrew his cock all the way out to her cunt lips, he looked down into her eyes and asked, “What do you want slut?”

‘Please give me your cock Master T. Fuck me hard,” was her immediate reply.

“Tell me what you are,” demanded Todd.

Summer quickly replied, “I am your slut Master T.”

“What will you do for me slut if I let you cum,” asked Todd?

Summer nearing orgasm moaned, “Master T I am your slut and I will do anything you demand of me. Please let me cum.”

Todd looking down at Summer demanded “Look me in the eye slut and tell me who owns you and what does that mean?”

Summer looking up into Todd’s eyes and needing to cum so badly said, “Master T I am yours. I will do whatever you say whenever you say it. PLEASE PLEASE let me cum.”

Todd looked up and was pleased that Sarah had captured Summer’s complete submission with the hand held video recorder said to her, “Slut, Cum NOW!”

“Yes Master T,” was Summer’s immediate reply.

Todd felt the teacher’s body slam violently against his cock and she screamed in orgasm. Todd could not hold out any longer and was able to fill his condom with his hot cum at the same time. He had worn a condom because Marcos had advised that the lubrication that he had used on Summer would do the same things to him and Todd did not want to lay around all day today jacking off when he had so many plans for his new slut.

As Todd withdrew his condom covered cock from his teacher’s cunt, he felt Summer’s pussy muscles grab at his cock. He smiled to himself knowing that he had broken Summer very quickly, but he knew that at some point she was going to try and mitigate her situation with him. That is when he would bring her back to Marcos for the horseshoe style piercing for her clit and the rainbow coalition earring for her right ear. Yes he had lots of plans for his teacher slut and today was only the beginning. As Todd pulled the condom from his cock, an evil thought crossed his mind. He said to Summer, “Slut open your mouth. I am going to pour my hot jism down that sexy throat of yours.”

With that, Todd placed the open end of the condom against Summer’s lips. She hesitated and she felt Todd’s wrath immediately when he grabbed her left nipple and pulled on the gold stud. Summer felt like he was going to rip her nipple completely off and opened her mouth to scream, which gave Todd the opportunity to pour the contents of the condom into her mouth.

“Swallow my cum, slut,” was all he had to say to Summer.

He watched as she struggled with the thought of sucking the jism from the condom, but she was able to fully suck every last drop from the condom.

After Summer had drained the condom, Todd said to Sarah, “Take my slut to the bathroom, get her cleaned up, fix her make-up like the slut she is and then let her put her clothes back on.”

With that, Sarah pulled Summer from the exam table, forced her out of room seven and down the hall. When they got to the bathroom, Sarah ran hot water into the sink and then placed a wash cloth in the water.

Looking at Summer, Sarah said, “Slut, you look like you have been put through the ringer. I do not know what Todd has in store for you, but you better get cleaned up fast. There is make-up there in the drawer. Todd likes his sluts to have very dark eye shadow, bright red lipstick and extra linings on their eyelids and eyebrows.”

Summer looked her body over and was amazed at the piercings. She could not believe that her nipples still stood erect as a result of the two gold studs. Her earring was the most intriguing because it was a little gaudy for her tastes and the three beads caused the ring to fold forward onto her ear. Anyone that looked at her would see that earring right away. Then she looked down and spread her pussy lips to once again look at the piercings in each of her lips. The rings were in the very middle of each lip and would be very obvious to James when he returned. But, Summer could not worry about that now. She had to make sure that she did not displease Todd today. She knew that any hope of stopping her servitude was fading. Now she just had to try and limit the risk to her exposure.

As Summer re-entered room seven, her transformation from teacher to slut was complete. As instructed, she had paid lots of attention to her eyes and from the reaction of Todd, she felt like she had pleased him. She had pulled her thong back on, but unfortunately the small strip of material went into her pussy and the piercing rings were exposed.

Summer went up to Todd so that he could more closely inspect her. He noticed that the top three buttons on Summer’s sweater were undone and only the top three buttons on her skirt remained buttoned. Todd could plainly see the nipple piercings and thought how wonderful the view would be when they went to the other places he had in mind for his slut.

Looking at Summer, Todd said, “Slut, you will need to pay Marcos for your piercings. I did get him to cut you a deal and I am sure that he appreciated your tip while on the table.

Stunned Summer looked at Todd and said, “You are making me pay for these piercings? Why do I have to pay for something that I did not want in the first place?”

“Slut, you do as you are told. The piercings are your reminder that you have no choice,” was Todd’s angry reply.

As they walked out of the Paradise, Summer noticed that the top to her car was still down. She wondered to herself, “Where is he taking me now?” Summer Wayne, a high school English teacher, has submitted to the demands and desires of one of her students. Summer has complied with Master T’s demand and submitted to having various areas of her body pierced to reflect his ownership. She is not aware of Master T’s plans for the rest of Saturday afternoon, but she will soon find out…

As Summer exited the Paradise Parlor, the bright sunshine of the middle of the day some what startled her. She casually looked down at her watch and she could not believe that it was only 3:00 PM. Summer could not believe that the piercing and fuck session with Marcos. Her body felt used all over, her nipples were sore and the new piercings in her pussy lips were on either side of the thin material of her red thong.

As Todd opened the door for his newly pierced slut, he could not help but gaze wantonly at her. She had accepted the piercings with the proper submissiveness, even though Marcus did use his special lotions and that incredible egg device on Summer. The piercings were in the appropriate places; especially the nipple studs. He was amazed at how the studs were going to make Summer’s nipples stand at attention all the time now. He watched as Summer slid into the passenger seat and because the bottom three buttons on the skirt were undone, he had a clear view of the red thong panties and how the lips of her cunt were clearly visible as were her new piercings.

As he closed her door, Todd said to Summer, “Slut, unbutton that sweater and lets get some sun on those breasts. I can see the outline of your bikini tops, but I prefer that there be only a thong tan line on your ass from now on.”

All Summer could say was, “Yes Master T.”

As Todd pulled the convertible out of the Paradise Salon parking lot, he looked over at Summer to admire Marcos’ handiwork. Sure enough, Summer’s nipples were standing at complete attention with the gold studs prominently displayed on her 36 C breasts. Todd asked Summer, “So, do the piercings in your nipples hurt?”

Before Summer replied, she wanted to make sure that she did not upset Master T. She thought for a moment and then said, “Master T, the piercings in my cunt lips and ear do not hurt. The piercings in my nipples do hurt some.”

“Well, Slut that is to be expected. I will be careful with your nipples the rest of the day,” Todd quickly replied.

As Todd steered Summer’s convertible down the highway in silence, Summer was perfectly happy to sit and relax. She was hopeful that the rest of Saturday afternoon would not be too painful for her.

Summer was jolted from her personal thoughts by Todd pulling into a strip shopping center. She noticed that there were many clothing stores, lingerie stores and as he put the car in neutral, she noticed that there were several shoe stores.

Todd had pulled into a space in front of Dan’s Exotic Shoes. As Todd turned the ignition off he turned and said to Summer, “Slut, this is a family friend’s shoe store. You do not have proper slut shoes to wear and you will be buying several pairs here today.”

All Summer could say was, “Yes Master T.”

As she and Todd entered the store, she was fascinated by the many rows of shoes and the many different styles. Summer even saw shoes that she herself would buy to accentuate her professional wardrobe.

About then a young man walked up and said, “Hello Todd. It has been a long time. Is this the slut you were telling me about?”

Todd quickly replied, “Dan, this is Summer, my slut.”

“Slut, please tell Dan hello as he is the son of the owner and a recent graduate of college,” said Todd.

Without direction, Summer walked up to Dan, put her arms around his neck and kissed him as passionately as she had done to Marcus hoping that this would please Todd.

As Summer broke the kiss, she heard Dan remark, “Damn Todd, you sure know how to pick them. How in the world did you get this one?”

“It is a rather long story and we are sort of pressed for time as we have more shopping to do. So, could we go to your slut shoe department now,” Todd asked?

“Sure Todd, right this way,” Dan said as he headed down a long corridor of shoes.

As they reached the end of the row of shoes, Dan turned left and headed toward the back of the store to a dimly lit section. As they neared the section, Summer noticed that the all of the shoes in the section were patent leather and had heels that appeared to be either four or six inches in height.

Once they reached the section, Dan said to Todd, “So what type of shoe do you want to see Summer wear?”

Todd looked at Dan and then told him, “Look at her. She is a perfect slut only she does not have the right type of shoes. I want her to purchase a pair of black shoes and red shoes with six inch heels and they are to have straps around the ankle. Then she is to purchase one pair of black and one pair of white shoes with four inch heels with no straps similar to the red ones she has on now.”

Dan looked at Todd and said, “Wow, that is a very big order! Hopefully, I have that many pairs in her size. Do you know what size?”

Todd said, “I do not know. Why don’t you measure her so that you can get the exact size?”

Summer was directed to sit on the only chair in the area. Dan slid the shoe store stool in front of Summer and proceeded to take off both of her red four inch heels. As he was doing this, Dan could not help but notice the red panties that Summer had on under her blue jean skirt. Seeing was made easier because she had the bottom three buttons undone as Todd had required.

Dan placed the standard foot measuring instrument on the floor, picked up Summer’s right foot and with little effort; he was able to spread her legs so that he could get a straight view of her panties. When Summer did not resist, Dan pulled Summer’s foot towards the reclined end of the shoe stool, planted it firmly on the incline and then went about touching & feeling her foot. All the while, Dan’s eyes never left Summer’s panty covered pussy.

Dan heard a muffled cough from Todd and then placed Summer’s right foot onto the sizing device. He made sure to place the heel firmly in the back of the device and then pressed down on her nylon covered toes.

Dan said to Todd, “Her right foot is a perfect size six & a half. But, to be sure the shoes fit properly; I will need to measure her left foot to make sure.”

Without any argument from Todd or Summer, Dan went about measuring Summer’s left foot in the same manner as he did for the right foot. He also took great joy in making her spread her legs so that he could once again see her red panty covered pussy.

After measuring her left foot, Dan announced, “Todd, she is a perfect six and a half for both feet. Give me a few minutes and I will bring back as many of the choices you have outlined as is possible.”

While they waited, Todd noticed that Summer had attracted some attention from a couple of the male customers in the store. He decided to have a little fun with them at Summer’s expense.

Todd said to Summer, “Slut, I want you to go to the men’s section and start looking at shoes. Pretend that you are buying some for you husband.”

Todd continued, “While doing that, make sure that the men in the section have a perfect view of your ass and the tops of your hose.”

Summer looked pleadingly at Todd, but could only say, “Yes Master T”.

Summer slipped her four inch red heels back on and walked through the store until she reached the men’s shoe section Unfortunately for Summer, this section was near the front of the store and there were more than just a few men casually looking at shoes.

Summer steeled her nerves and began by looking at the more casual shoes located on the display counters near to the four or five chairs used by men to try on shoes. She noticed that there were a couple of men already sitting in chairs and she could feel their eyes on her. She moved around the display counter and bent over a little to afford the men seated behind her a fairly good view of her ass. She could feel the back of her skirt rising up and she knew that they could see the tops of her hose as well as the fasteners to her garter belt.

Summer moved around the display and then headed down a row of patent leather shoes. She was amazed that all of the shoes were generally of the same color and style, which is much different than a rack of women’s shoes. Summer reached up to the top row of shoes and knew that her skirt was now raised above the hose. She was not sure that the men could see until she accidently dropped her selection and as she bent over at the waist to retrieve it, she was able to see several men looking at her without attempting to appear to be accidently looking at her.

As Summer continued to look at shoes, she was startled by one of the men suddenly standing next to her. He asked, “Are you looking for anyone special, or are you just here being a slut and out to tease men?”

Summer, trying to calm her nerves, replied, “No, I am looking for shoes for my husband.”

To which the stranger replied, “Your husband lets you go out of the house dressed like a slut?”

Summer looked directly into the man’s eyes and said, “I do not appreciate you speaking to me in this manner.”

As Summer turned to walk away, she saw Todd standing several feet away just shaking his head. Summer knew that this meant that she could not walk away nor could she be rude to the man.

As Summer turned back to the man, she smiled and said apologetically, “I am sorry, I do not know what came over me. I do like to dress little sexy when I go out shopping, but I am not a tease.”

“So, the man replied, What are you doing here?”

As the man said this to Summer, he moved closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. As he did this, Summer could feel him begin to squeeze her shoulder and she felt him forcing her to turn her back to him. As she turned, she came face to face with Todd who said, “This is my friend Bill. He knows that you are my slut and he wanted to meet you.”

As Todd finished the introduction, she felt Bill’s hand sliding down her shoulder, down her arm until it rested on her hip. Summer then felt Bill’s hand as it worked its way under her sweater and he began to raise the hand up to the cup of her bra.

Summer was looking straight into Todd’s eyes as she was being felt up by this complete stranger in the very public shoe store. Thankfully, there was no one on the row and she was shielded from view by Bill and Todd’s bodies. As Bill’s hand began to cup her right breast, she felt Todd’s hands go under her skirt and go straight to her pierced pussy lips. Todd deftly slipped a finger inside the thin material of her thong and found her pussy lips already moistened by the brief stimulation from Bill.

Summer tried to resist the feelings coming over her as she tried to refuse to let the manipulations of Bill and Todd on her body, but for whatever reason, she was excited by being touched in this place with the possibility of being observed by anyone who walked by.

Thankfully, the voice of young Dan interrupted Summer’s public mauling when he let Todd know that he had been able to find all of the shoes he had requested, but that he wanted to have Summer try each on to ensure that the shoes fit as sometimes different manufacturers’ sizing were not the same.

Todd replied, “Dan, do you have a more private area to take Summer to try the shoes on?”

Dan excitedly said, “Yes Todd I do. It is in the back stock room and it is very private.”

“Summer, I want you to go with Dan and try on all the shoes. While you are there, you do as Dan says and you are to make sure that you consummate the sale with a kiss,” ordered Todd.

Without much hesitation, Summer turned from her public maulers and followed Dan to the shoe area, helped with the four boxes of shoes and followed Dan through the double swinging doors. As she entered the stock room, she was struck by the dinginess of the area, the low lighting, that great smell of new leather and the absolute solitude. Summer continued to follow Dan until he reached a back area of the stock room. The area had a 20 foot length of green carpet, mirrors at each end, one chair and a stool.

Dan looked at Summer who was standing next to him holding three of the shoe boxes and he thought to himself, “I wonder if I can have a little fun with Todd’s slut.”

Dan looked at Summer and said, “Place the boxes on the floor there by the stool.”

As Summer did as he instructed, he could just see the tops of her hose and almost could see the sexy curvature of her ass.

Dan then said, “Summer, why don’t you sit in the chair and take off both of your shoes. Then we will begin trying on each of your four pairs of new shoes.”

As Summer sat down in the chair, she crossed her legs without giving Dan a gratuitous gaze of her panties. She could see the disappointed look on his face and she smiled to herself.

Once she had both shoes off, Dan said, “Summer, you know that Todd sent you back her with me to allow me to properly fit the shoes to make sure that they do not hurt your feet and to make sure that appropriately show off those beautiful legs of yours.”

To which Summer replied, “Yes, Dan I think Master T made that quite clear.”

Dan slid the stool right in front of Summer and took out the first pair of shoes, which were the four inch black heeled shoes. As Dan took the shoes in his hands, he thought about forcing Summer to spread her legs for him before he put them on her feet. He decided to take his time because he had three other pairs to have her try on and display for him. And Dan was sure that the hidden cameras camouflaged by each mirror would capture his fun time with this English teacher.

After he had expertly slid the shoes on each of Summer’s feet, Dan said to Summer, “Ok, now I want you to walk down and back from each of these two mirrors. When you get to the mirrors, I will need for you to make sure that you pause in front of each mirror so that I can make sure that these shoes highlight your legs.”

On nervous legs, Summer stood up and turned to her right and took about eight steps toward the mirror. As she approached the mirror Summer heard Dan call out, “Ok, now stop in front of the mirror and look at yourself.”

As Summer stopped and looked at herself, she did not see anything more than a classic black four inch heel that would be worn with any business attire. Then she heard Dan tell her to turn around.

As Summer turned around to face Dan, she heard him cry out, “No, stop with your back to the mirror, bend over and place your hands on your knees.”

Summer replied quickly, “I do not see how that will help you determine if the shoes are right for me.”

Summer started walking toward the mirror at the other end of the carpet ramp way when she heard Dan yell out, “Slut, you stop where you are, back up to the mirror and do as you were told. If you cannot fulfill my request, then I will go and get Todd. Which will it be?”

Summer slowly turned around to face Dan and said, “Dan, I do not want you to call Master T. I just do not think that it is necessary for me to bend over so that you can check to see if my shoes fit right.”

“Look slut, either do what I say or I am sure that your Master T will provide you with the appropriate punishment for not complying with my instructions,” said Dan.

Defeated, Summer backed up to the first mirror and bent over, placed her hands on her knees and then closed her eyes, which she hoped would help her endure the coming humiliation of yet another “friend’ of Todd’s.

“That is better Summer. Now, I want you to pull your skirt up over that sexy ass of yours so that I can see the full length of you legs,” said Dan.

Summer took her hands away from her knees, grabbed the hem of her skirt and, as instructed, pulled the skirt up over her ass. In this position, Dan was able to see the round curvature of Summer’s ass, the slim piece of material that went between her ass checks and he noticed the almost straight line of her back seamed hose. He made Summer pause a little longer so that he would be sure his hidden camera got all of the details of the sexy English teacher’s rear attributes.

When Dan was satisfied, he told Summer to walk to the other mirror holding her skirt in her hands. He told Summer to make sure to sway her hips in a very provocative manner.

As Summer approached the mirror at the opposite end of the green carpet runway, she heard Dan call out, “Take your skirt off there in front of that mirror. You only have to unbutton three more buttons. Do it quickly please.”

Summer fumbled with the top two buttons and when they were undone, the skirt, with a little tug fell in a heap around her ankles. She stepped out of the skirt, bent over to pick it up while making sure that her ass was turned towards her newest tormentor.

As Summer bent over, Dan almost fell off of the stool. He had never seen such an erotic site as the one he was privy to at this very moment. “What a sexy ass she has,” Dan thought to himself.

When Summer once again stood up straight, she looked directly into the mirror. She could see that her nipples through her sweater and that they were still standing at attention due in large part to the effects that the gold stud piercings in each. She also knew that this little humiliation exercise she was being put through at the hands of another of Todd’s friends was having an effect on her. Right then she heard Dan call out to her to tell her to come back to the chair as she had three more pairs of shoes to try on.

On the last pair, the red pumps with the six inch heels, Summer was having a very difficult time walking. To her utter dismay, Dan had made her walk back and forth stopping in front of each mirror two times. Now she was standing before Dan as he continued to sit on the salesman’s stool. He was eye level with the crotch of her red thong.

Dan then said, “Summer, I can see that you have received piercings from Marcos. I believe that they are very sexy and make your pussy lips stand out quite nicely.”

With that Dan reached his hands out, pulled the tiny strip of material of her thong aside and he ran his fingers along Summer’s pussy lips. As he took his finger away from her cunt, he held it up to his nose smelling the strong aroma of an aroused woman whose pussy had been recently fucked. He swore he felt summer’s pussy lips attempt to close around his fingers. To test her, Dan slowly began to insert the middle finger of his right hand as his left hand pulled the material of Summer’s red thong further to the side. His finger slid all the way into her pussy without any resistance from her.

Dan then said to Summer, “Slut, I love that you have shaved your pussy. A woman’s pussy lips should always be completely visible. Also, with the two ring piercings, you will always want to show them off every time you buy new shoes.”

As Dan slid his index finger into Summer’s pussy, he could feel her inner walls begin to squeeze and hold on to his two fingers as he slowly worked them into and out of her now sopping wet pussy. Dan looked up to see Summer’s head thrown back, her hands cupping her breasts and he noticed that she was pulling on her nipples using the new piercings as tools for pain.

Dan still looking up at Summer instructed her to turn around and place her hands on the back of the chair. Once she had done this, Dan stood behind Summer, pulled her thong down her legs, unzipped his trousers, pulled his already hard eight inch cock from his boxers and aimed it squarely at Summer’s cunt. Without so much as a considerate insertion, Dan slammed his cock all the way into Summer’s cunt forcing his ball sack to slap against her clit.

As Summer had been teasing him for some time, Dan knew that he would not last long so he wanted to get the most out of the fuck as he could. He grabbed the back of Summer’s hair and pulled her head up. He slammed his cock deeper into her cunt and then he pulled the head almost completely out. “What are you doing? Please put it back in me,” he heard Summer plead.

Dan then replied, “Slut, tell me what you want.”

Summer was close to another orgasm and begged, “Dan, please put your cock back inside me and fuck me hard.”

With the knowledge that the cameras on each end of the runway were capturing his every thrust and had now captured this beautiful English teacher begging him to fuck her hard, Dan let go of her hair, grabbed Summer’s hips and began to slam his cock into her. After ten deep more thrusts, Dan felt Summer erupting in orgasm as his cock found her “G” spot. Once Dan felt her orgasm, it was only seconds until he filled Summer’s wet cunt with his hot jism.

As he was cumming, Dan slapped Summer hard on her ass and told her to beg him for his cum.

Summer in the throes of another orgasm squealed, “Please Dan give me your hot cum!”

As Summer began to come down from her orgasmic high, she felt Dan’s cock begin to slip out of her wet cunt with a plop. Still bent over the chair, Summer was startled by the flash of a camera. As Summer turned in the direction of the flash, she saw that it was Todd adding to his already extensive collection of intimate and erotic pictures.

Summer heard Todd’s new instructions, “Slut, it is time to leave. We have one more stop to make. Get yourself together, clean your cunt and meet me in the car.”

Summer watched Todd turn and head out of the back storage room. She looked pleading at Dan who nodded his head towards the employee restroom. Summer quickly pulled her now soaked thong back in place and went into the bathroom. She quickly relieved herself before going to the sink. She pulled her skirt up, her panties down and then she quickly ran warm water onto a paper towel. She placed the warm towel between her pussy lips and tried her best to wipe away all of the cum that had been deposited into her pussy. She repeated the process to make sure that she was completely clean, pulled up her thong and pulled her blue jean skirt back down. Summer quickly refreshed her make-up and quickly headed to the check out register.

Dan had her four pairs of shoes neatly placed in an oversized brown bag with paper handles. As she reached the counter, Dan announced to her that the total cost was $400 which included the discount they had negotiated in the back room. Summer’s face reddened as she saw that Bill was now standing at the counter and she could only imagine what he was thinking as she handed Dan four crisp $100 bills.

Summer took the bag from Dan’s hands, turned and headed out the front door of the store. Todd was sitting in the car now with the top up and the air conditioning on as the fall afternoon had become quite hot.

As Summer struggled to get into the car with the packages, she heard Todd say, “Slut, you were very good with Dan. We are almost through for today as I have plans this evening, but we are going to a clothing store not far from here. Once there, you will be fitted with several selections of lingerie as well as skirts and blouses.”


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