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Slave Teacher (nc, bd) Ch.1-2

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and may involve
blackmail, bondage and non-consensual sex. Anyone who may be offended by
these stuff please do not read.
All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or
dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only. If
you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT READ.

This story is inspired by two comic books that a friend got me many
years ago when he visited Tokyo. According to my limited knowledge of
Japanese it's called something like "Miss Keiko's Private Tutorial",
about a young teacher at a boys' school being blackmailed into becoming
a sex slave by first her students then her colleagues. The plot was kind
of surreal but reading it was a big turn-on for me in my younger
days...and it made me want to write my own teacher-blackmail story (I
know there's a couple of them around already, but please bear with me).
The comic books were supposed to belong to an entire series but my
friend only got me the first two volumes, and I'd Really like to know
what happened in the end! If anyone has read the whole series, could
he/she please post and tell me the ending? Thanks!!
And here's the story.

The Slave Teacher

(c) 1998 Roadrunner


Karen was really surprised at the effect the word "detention" had on
Amy. One minute ago the junior was still talking back to her, but as
soon as detention was mentioned, she was practically on her knees.
"Please! Miss Johnson," the girl pleaded, "give me a chance! I swear
I'll never do that again!"
"I'm sorry Amy, but a rule's a rule. You should have known better.
Now, go back to your seat."
Karen signed as she watched Amy going back to her seat. Her job at
this school had been going really well for the past two months, and she
felt really lucky that she could find a post here as her first job. The
students here were generally good. Even Amy, who had a reputation for
being a trouble student, was actually quite bright. But somehow she just
had to create some problems during class, like getting into a fight with
the guy sitting next to her, or keep forgetting to do her home work,
that kind of thing (she did both of that today). The school had a good
reputation, and the colleagues were friendly--especially the male ones,
which is not surprising, given that Karen was a pretty brunette with a
nice figure. But she had always tried to be nice to all her colleagues,
male or female, and they all seemed to be happy with her.

Feeling a bit sorry for Amy, Karen decided to have a word with her
after school. As she was on her way to the classroom, she was surprised
to see Amy in the playground. Going home now? How dare you! She thought.
But then Amy wasn't walking towards the main gate. As she didn't notice
Karen, Karen decided to stay behind to find out walk the girl was up to.
She followed Amy to the gym where the girl entered a store room.
Karen went up to the door and peeked through the shutter on the
door. She could see Amy inside, talking to Steve Howard, the PE teacher.
"Yet another detention?" said Steve, "well Amy, you know what that
"Yes, sir…" Amy answered meekly. Quickly she pulled off her
panties, bent over a bench and lifted up her skirt, exposing her bare
buttocks. Steve then stood behind the submissive girl with a wooden
ruler in his hand. "Now, take this, little slut!" With these words he
brought the ruler heavily down on Amy's bottom, making a whack! sound.
Amy closed her eyes and whimpered, but didn't cry out. A vivid red weal
immediately appeared across the cheeks of her ass. Whack! Steve brought
the ruler down again and another weal appeared.
Karen was shocked. She had to do something about this, she
thought. She
immediately went to find Mark Simpson in his office. Among the more
senior teachers, he was the one that she got on best with.
Mark for his part seemed to be shocked too, but he was also very
cautious. "Karen," he said, "you must understand that this is a very
serious allegation, and we have to be very careful."
"But I saw it with my own eyes!"
"I know, I know. Now why don't you sit down and tell me what
exactly did you see, right from the beginning. But just let me get you a
glass of water first, you seem really nervous."
"But-" Before Karen could object Mark had already gone out of the
room. He came back shortly with a glass of water and handed it to Karen.
We're wasting our time here! Karen thought. But at this moment she
needed Mark to back her up so she tried to cooperate as much as
possible. She quickly drank up the water and began to tell her story,
hoping that they could still catch Steve. But as she began she started
to feel kind of dizzy, and before she could figure out what's going on
she blacked out and collapsed on Mark's desk.

Karen woke up to find herself completely naked. She was in an
empty room, probably one of the store rooms behind the gym, and standing
spread-eagled between two posts. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed and
chained to hooks on the posts, pulling her arms and legs taut, and she
couldn't help letting out a moan from the pain. Then the door opened and
Steve and Mark walked in.
"So you two were together!" She said angrily as she glared at
them. "Yes we are," said Mark smiling, "and you've found our little
secret." "Let me go!" Karen demanded, "now!" "Now what makes you think
we'll do that?" asked Mark teasingly. "Mark," Karen calmed down a bit
and tried to reason with him, thinking that they got on quite well
before all this. "You know you can't do that, stop before you get deeper
and deeper." Both Mark and Steve laughed. "Why do you think we'll listen
to you, my dear Miss Johnson?" Steve asked. "Oh, c'mon" said Karen,
"what are you going to do, kill me? Otherwise I'm not going to keep my
mouth shut. If you touch me, you're not going to get away. But if you
let me go, I can forget about this. This is all I can promise. I'll have
tell Dr Jackson about the girl, but I can let all this go."
"Well I'm impressed," Mark chuckled. "You're a brave girl. But
you're wrong. No we're not going to kill you but yes we will shut you
up. Because soon you yourself will be part of it." With these words he
took out a jar from his pocket and stood in front of Karen. "Wh-what do
you want?" Karen asked nervously. She felt totally vulnerable,
completely naked and tightly bound in front of two men who were just a
foot away from her, smiling wickedly. Still smiling, Mark opened the jar
and Karen could see that there was some kind of ointment inside. Mark
scooped some with his fingers and proceeded to rub them on Karen's
pussy. "No! Stop that!" Karen cried out, but with her legs chained
wide-spread there was nothing she could do, except to cry out in dismay
as Mark rubbed the ointment on her pussy lips. Mark kept watching her
expression as he
apply the ointment. First it was dismay and anger, then it was fear. For
soon Karen began to feel an itching and warming sensation at her pussy.
"Yes, that's right," he said, confirming her fear, "this is going to
make you the biggest slut in the world."
"No!" Karen cried out, her voice echoing in the mostly empty room.
the itching at her pussy was getting stronger and stronger, and despite
herself it began to get wet. She wanted to wriggle so much that in fact
she was a bit grateful that the chains were so tight so that she was not
put on such a humiliating show for the two men. "Now," Steve said as he
began caressing her breasts, "are you going to be a good girl and do
what we say?" He laughed as he felt her nipples hardened quickly in his
"No way!" Karen screamed with her remaining strength. At this,
Steve stopped fondling her breasts and, with a swung of his arm, slapped
them with his full strength. "Ouch!" Karen cried out in pain. With her
body tightly chained, her 36C breasts took the full force of his blow.
"Ah! Ah! AH!" She cried out as he kept slapping, with her breasts
swinging all the time. Soon they were red and her voice was getting
weaker and weaker.
"Please, stop!" Finally, she pleaded, "I can't take this anymore!
"So are you going to do want we say?" Steve asked as he slowed down his
"Yes, yes, oh, please, stop! Yes, I'll do what you say!"
"Good!" Steve chuckled. "Now that you're a good girl, I'm going to
give you a little reward." And he placed his hand between her legs and
began rubbing her pussy.
"Oh!" Karen cried out in alarm as she felt Steve touch her wet lips.
They had now become very sensitive and Steve's touch was sending thrills
through her body, which soon began to tremble with excitement.
"You like that, huh? You little slut?" Steve asked. Karen closed her
eyes in dismay and tried to fight with the growing sensation. Getting no
answer, Steve raised his hand and slapped her breasts again.
"Ah!" Karen winced in pain. "No, please!"
"Answer me, bitch!" another slap.
"Oh, oh, y-yes, I-I like that..."
"So do you want to come?"
"Y-yes... Oh, oh God."
"Good, now that you've said it, I'm going to give you a chance to
come." He then took out a strap-on dildo and attached it to Karen.
"Wh-what are you going to do?" Karen asked in alarm.
"Shut up and try this." Steve grabbed the strap-on and twisted it,
pressing it onto Karen's pussy. As the base of the dildo rubbed on her
clit, Karen's entire body stiffened and she let out a moan of pleasure.
"You like that? Good, now here we go." Together the two men unattached
Karen's cuffs from the posts. Karen was already too weak to struggle.
She just let the two men grabbed her arms and led her out of the room to
the adjoining one.
"Oh my God!" Her eyes opened wide as she saw who was waiting for her.
the middle of the room there was a small table, and Amy was lying
spread-eagled on it, with her arms and legs cuffed to the legs of the
table and her hips resting on the edge. "Miss Johnson!" She whimpered.
"Oh, Amy!" By now Karen could already tell what the two men had in
mind. She also notice a video cam in a corner of the room pointing
towards the table, and there's also a camera on the floor. "No! Please!
No!" She began to struggle but in vain. Weakness swept her over as Steve
grabbed the strap-on and pressed it against her pussy again. The
ointment was really having an effect on her and now she was really dying
to come. She was breathing hard, and her face was blushing and covered
with sweat, while her breasts were still red from the slapping. Steve
and Mark made her stood between Amy's wide-spread legs.
"Shut up, Amy. Here Miss Johnston, have a little fun with your
student..." With Mark holding her, Steve grabbed the strap-on and guided
it into Amy's defenseless pussy, drawing a moan from the girl. Steve
then lifted Amy up slight and cuffed Karen's hands together behind Amy's
back so that she would be holding the girl, preventing her from pulling
the strap-on out. "C'mon, get working Karen!" Mark said as he gave
Karen's ass a spank. "Oh!" Karen lurched forward, thrusting the dildo
deep into her student's pussy, drawing a moan from both the girl and
herself. She fought hard against the urge to start pumping, but then
Mark grabbed her hips, pulled them back and then pushed them forward.
Karen moaned loudly as the force of the thrust pushed the dildo back
against her burning pussy. She gave in as Mark grabbed her hips and
pushed her forward again. "Ah! Ah!" She moaned and slowly began pumping
"Oh, Amy, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She gasped as she began to pump faster
and faster. "Oh, Miss Johnson, oh, oh," the student moaned in reply. In
her heat Karen soon forgot about her predicament. Closing her eyes, she
fucked her student with abandonment. Amy for her part was also
responding passionately. She moaned loudly and, as far as her bondage
would allow her, she lifted her head up and tried to kiss her teacher.
And reluctant at first, Karen soon began to return the kiss, and soon
the two were French-kissing passionately. The two men laughed, thinking
that they had her. They had been recording everything with the videocam
and the camera. As they saw that Karen was about to come, they came up
behind her and stopped her.
"Oh, no! Please! Oh!" Karen cried out desperately when Mark grabbed her
hips and stopped her from fucking Amy. Steve unlocked her cuffs and
together they lifted the gasping and moaning teacher off her student.
Karen moaned and protested feebly as they and her knell down on the
floor, re-cuffed her and attached the cuffs to a chain hanging down from
the ceiling. Steve then unbuckled and removed the strap-on from her. The
dildo was glistening with Amy's juices, while Karen's thighs were wet
with her own.
"Times up, Miss Johnson, the lesson is over!" Steve chuckled as he
brushed his fingers lightly over Karen's pussy lips, making the young
woman squirm with excitement. "No! Please! Oh, God, oh, oh," Karen
moaned. "So you wanna come, you little slut?" Mark asked as he kept
filming her, capturing the lustful expression on her face. "Y-yes,
please, I can't take it anymore, please," Karen pleaded. "Well, slut, if
you want to come you have to do exactly as we say, understand?" "Yes,
yes, oh, oh..." Pointing the videocam at her face, Mark held up a sheet
of paper in front of her about away from the videocam. "Say what's
written on it, and we'll give you what your slutty mind wants."
"Oh, no," Karen protested when she saw what was written on the paper.
this, Steve stopped fingering her pussy and reached in front of her. He
grabbed one of her nipples and pinched it cruelly. Karen cried out in
pain, but Steve ignored her and pinched it again. When he grabbed the
other one and was about to pinch both of them, she gave in. "Stop,
please! I'll say it, oh, just stop!" "Good," Steve said, "now look at
the camera and tell us who you are and what you have done!"
Sobbing with shame and humiliation, Karen looked up to face the camera.
"C'mon" Mark urged, "tell us who you are!" " name is K-Karen
Johnson and...and I am a sl--slut..." "So what have you done, slut?"
"I...I fucked my student Amy...I f-forced her to have sex with me, oh,
oh," despite her humiliation, Karen couldn't help moaning when Steve's
fingers returned to her slit.
"Now isn't that rather immoral for a teacher to do?"
"Y-yes and I d-deserved to be punished.... I b-beg you M-mister Simpson
and mister Howard to take me as your s-slave and p-punish me and u-use
me in any way you w-want...please..."
"Good, and what do you want now?"
"Pl-please, I want to come, oh, please, f-fuck me, fuck
me...aaaaaAh!" Karen cried out as Steve grabbed her hips and buried his
cock in her pussy with one deep thrust. He began pumping her roughly and
soon Karen began to come. She cried out loudly but her cries were soon
muffled when Mark pulled out his cock and thrust it into her mouth.
Holding the videocam with one hand, he grabbed her head with the other
and guided it back and forth. Karen offered no resistance and sucked
him, while her hips were grinding to meet Steve's thrusts. Soon her body
was taken by another violent orgasm. "Slut!" Steve chuckled. Sensing
himself coming, he thrust deep into her and filled her pussy while Mark
flooded her mouth with come.


After her mind-blowing orgasm, Karen just hung on the chains gasping as
the two men kept on filming her, with her hair matted with sweat and
with come dripping down her chin and her thighs. They then unchained her
and laid her down on her back. Exhausted, she just lay there passively
even when all her cuffs were removed. Amy was also untied and was led to
Karen by a leash and a leather collar on her neck.
"C'mon, Amy, you know what to do," Steve said as he unattached her
leash, leaving the collar on. "Yes, sir." Amy replied meekly. With the
two men filming and taking pictures again, Amy climbed on top of Karen
and began kissing her face gently, licking the come off her chin.
"No..." Karen protested feebly but didn't really try to stop her. Her
breath quickened again as Amy licked her way down her neck, her breasts,
her belly and finally to her pussy. Despite herself, Karen spread her
legs to give her student a better access. She closed her eyes in
abandonment when Amy started off but licking the come and juices off her
thighs, and when Amy's tongue finally reached her pussy, she couldn't
hold back any longer and let out a moan, and she heard the two men
chuckled. However, all she did was to grab Amy's head and press it
against her pussy. She began grinding her hips to meet Amy's tongue, and
within seconds she came again with a loud moan. Afterwards, Amy climbed
on top of her again to kiss her on the lips, giving her a taste of her
own juices.
"Good work, Amy," Steve patted the girl's head gently and she knelt
down next to him. "And you, slut, get dressed," he said as he threw her
her clothes. Karen gathered her strength and got up. She hesitated when
she saw that she was only given back her blouse and pants, without any
underwear. "A slut doesn't wear any underwear," Mark said laughing.
"From tomorrow on, you will never wear a bra," Steve added, "and when
you wear a blouse, you are to leave the first two buttons open, is that
clear?" "But..." Karen began to protest but Steve interrupted her. "One
more word and I'll make it three! Now, is that understood?" "Y-yes."
"Yes who?" "Yes, s-sir."
"Good," Steve chuckled. "And also, you should always wear a short
skirt, and the hem-line should be at least three inches above your
knees, and underneath you'll wear whatever we give you. As we didn't
give you anything today, you'll wear nothing under your skirt tomorrow.
And whenever you have to pick up something on the floor, you should
always bend over, and never kneel down. Is that clear?" Seeing her
hesitate again, he grabbed her left nipple and pinched. "Ah!" Karen
cried out in pain. "Do as you're told or every boy in this school will
get a copy of those videotapes that we just made! Now is that clear? Or
maybe we should start off by distributing the photos and give them a
taste first?" "No! No! Please!" Karen pleaded. "Then answer me, slut! Is
everything clear?" "Y-yes, sir." Karen could barely bring herself to say
those words. "Now get dressed and go!"
With her head lowered in shame, Karen began to get dressed.
"Remember," Mark added, "obey everything we say or every boy in this
school will be jerking off watching your tape! And don't try anything
funny. If anything happens, Amy will always back us up and say that you
made her have sex with you. Right Amy?" Amy, who was still kneeling
obediently next to him, nodded meekly. At this Karen couldn't hold back
her tears anymore and began sobbing, but the two men just laughed.

Karen could feel her cheeks burning when she arrived at school the
following day. When she walked across the playground, some students just
stopped chatting and stared at her, in her light-blue blouse and short
skirt. She tried to walk slowly and not to make her breasts bounce so
much, such that people would not notice that she wasn't wearing a bra.
She was greeted by a surprised look from everyone as she entered the
staff room. "Hi," she tried to sound as normal as possible when she
greeted the teachers there, but immediately she noticed the look of
disdain from a couple of her colleagues. As she had been ordered, she
left the first two buttons of her blouse open. But she had worn her
panties. She couldn't bear to wear such a short skirt without
panties--besides, the skirt that she was wearing was the only one in her
wardrobe that would meet Steve's requirement. She figured that, since
Steve and Mark were not sharing the same staff room with her, she could
try to avoid them during school day and keep her panties on, and then
take them off after school. Although they could tell just by looking at
her whether she was wearing a bra, they'd have to check to see if she
was wearing panties. As they would not take any risk with her in public,
all she had to do was to avoid being with them alone, and see how it
goes after school. After school...she shuddered when she thought about
the implication of that.
Her plan did seem to work. It was really embarrassing at first
when she began teaching, and she thought she was going to die of shame
when she entered the classroom, when all the students just looked at her
shapely legs as they were revealed by her short skirt, and when some
male students started grinning when they noticed shortly afterwards that
she wasn't wearing a bra. Gradually, she managed to overcome the
embarrassment and went on teaching as usual. Then in the last class of
the day, when Karen was writing on the blackboard, Amy threw her pen
down so that it went rolling on the floor until it was below the
blackboard. "Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Johnson. Could you pick that up for me
please?" she said.
Karen turned around and looked at Amy in shock, as she realized
what that would mean. Amy on her part just looked at her and whispered
the word "sorry" with a frightened look on her face. So she must have
been made to do that by Steve and Howard, Karen figured, and would
probably have to report to them about the result.
Karen hesitated and the entire class waited in an awkward silence.
Finally--"Oh yes, sure," she took a deep breath and said. As her
students watched, with her back facing them, she bent over and picked up
the pen. Her face was blushing with embarrassment when she turned around
and saw the reactions of her students. Everyone was staring at her with
wide-open eyes (and for some, mouths), and some boys were already
whispering to each other and laughing. She tried not to think about how
much she must have revealed to them and to act like nothing had happened
when she walked over to Amy's seat and handed her the pen. "There you
go, Amy. Please be careful and don't do that again." She said, almost
pleadingly. "Now quiet please everyone, and turn to page..."

"Why did you do that?" Karen asked Amy when the class was over,
"did they make you do it? Listen, we don't have to..." "Please, Miss
Johnson," Amy interrupted her, "we're not allowed to talk except in
class. Mr Simpson wants to see you in his office right after school."
And with these words she ran off.
Karen's hand was trembling slightly when she knocked on Mark's
door. Before coming she had first gone to the ladies' room to take her
panties off, but now she wasn't really sure if this would be able to
fool him, and she dared not think about the consequences if it failed.
Her fear seemed to be confirmed immediately. Mark greeted her like
he would greet a student in trouble. He let her in and made her wait
standing in front of his desk while he finished marking some homework.
Finally he stopped, leaned back on his chair and looked at her. "Nice
skirt," said Mark teasingly.
Karen blushed. "Have you forgotten all your manners, slut? What do
you say when people give you a complement?"
"Th-thank you..."
"Your manners, slut!" Mark said sternly as he suddenly slapped Karen's
thigh with a wooden ruler.
"Ouch!" Karen flinched, and Mark hit her again. "Listen, slut!
When you talk to me, you always refer to me as 'sir'! And when I give
you the punishment that you deserve, you stand still to take it or
you'll get more! Is that clear?"
"Oh, yes, yes, s-sir."
Mark sat back and eyed the young woman as she rubbed the red welts
on her thighs. "So you have done as you're told and come to school
without your bra and panties, slut?" he asked.
"Y-yes, sir," Karen stammered.
"Show me."
Biting her lip, Karen raised her skirt and let Mark have a clear
view of her pussy. "Good," Mark said. "And did your students get a good
look at your pussy today?"
Karen was speechless. "No..." finally she answered, almost
whispering. Now she really felt like a naughty girl caught by her
teacher. "What did you say?" Mark asked in a threatening voice. "I-I'm
sorry s-sir.... I have w-worn my panties during the day..." "Say that
again, you worthless slut!"
"Please, I'm sorry!" Karen dropped down on her knees, frightened.
"I just couldn't do it, please!"
"I told you to do everything I say! And you not only disobeyed me
but also lied to me about it! So you want me to give your tapes and
photos out, right?"
"No, please! Don't!" Karen pleaded, "I'll do anything! Just don't
give those tapes away!"
"You'll do anything? You didn't even do one simple thing that I
"Please! I'm sorry! I was wrong! Punish me! Just don't give those
tapes away!"
Hearing those words and seeing Karen on her hands and knees, Mark
smiled. Her reactions were exactly as they had hoped. "You bet you need
to be punished. You've got some serious lessons waiting for you, slut!"
"Now, you take these keys and go to storeroom one behind the gym
and wait for me," Mark began. "When you get there, take off your clothes
and get down on your knees and wait. Is that clear?"
"Y-yes, sir."
"One more thing. I find the weather today rather nice. Don't you
just love breezy weather, slut?"
"Y-yes, sir," Karen answered, somewhat puzzled.
"Good. Now when you go to the gym, you'll walk right across the
playground, and keep your hands down all the time. If the wind blows up
your skirt, you'll not try to cover it with your hands, understood?"
"Oh please...Ouch!" Karen's protest was immediately cut short by a
slap on her thighs by the ruler.
"Oh y-yes, sir."

Karen's heart was pounding in her chest as she walked across the
playground to the gym. Fortunately, the wind was not as strong as she
had feared, and her skirt didn't get blown up. But still, she couldn't
walk too fast for fear that her skirt would be raised, and as a result
the few students who were still hanging around after school all got a
good look at her legs. What's worst, she was sure that they could see
the bright red welts left by the ruler on her thighs. When she finally
reached the gym, she walked quickly to the storerooms and, after
checking that no student was following her, she entered the storeroom
and closed the door behind her. The camera and the videocam were still
there, reminding her of her ordeal yesterday. Blushing with shame, she
quickly took off her clothes, knelt down and waited.

Slave Teacher (nc, bd) Ch.3-4

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and may involve
blackmail, bondage and non-consensual sex. Anyone who may be offended
by these stuff please do not read.
All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive
or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only.
If you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT READ.

Again comments and suggestions are welcome, please post them to this
newsgroup. *Please understand that I won't be able to Email the story to
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Thanks again to those who sent their comments on earlier chapters.

Slave Teacher

(c) 1998 Roadrunner


Karen panicked when she heard someone talking outside the storeroom. She
would die of shame if some students found her like this, kneeling naked
on the floor in a storeroom. She was relieved when she realized that it
was only Steve and Mark, and scolded herself for being stupid enough to
think that Mark would come on his own. "Hi slut," Steve greeted her as
they entered the room, "I see that you're ready for your punishment."
"Y-yes, sir," Karen answered, blushing.
"So you have not only disobeyed your instructions but also lied about
it," said Steve as he put his bag on the floor. "Yes, sir." Karen
answered submissively, trying not to invoke further punishments.
"Now slut," Steve continued as he took his stuff out of the bag,
"for lying to Mark, you'll be given fifteen strokes of the ruler," he
said as he show her a long wooden ruler, "and for wearing your panties
without permission, you are to shave your pussy and keep it shaved all
the time."
"Oh, God, no! Please!" Karen pleaded and Whack! Steve reached
forward and hit her ass real hard with the ruler. "Ouch!" Karen cried
out in pain and surprise. "You just earned yourself five extra strokes,
and that one doesn't count. Now have you got anything more to say?"
"Oh, no, oh, oh," Karen whined as she rubbed her butt.
"Now since we've already started, why don't we just get on with
it?" said Mark, "Come here, slut, and bend over the table."
Obediently, Karen walked over to the table and bent over it.
Trembling slightly, she lowered her head in shame and waited as Steve
positioned himself behind her. Steve looked at the smooth, white globes
of her ass and couldn't help reaching out to caress it. Karen's whole
body stiffened as she felt his hand touch her, then she relaxed a bit as
Steve continued caressing her. Suddenly, Steve took his hand away and
whack! the ruler landed squarely across her ass.
"Ah!" Karen cried out in pain. "Keep your voice down, slut!" Steve
scolded, "And keep your hands on the table or you're going to get more!"
Whack! Whack! "Oh, Oh, oooh," Karen moaned as Steve went on hitting her.
When the twenty strokes were over, her whole body was shaking and her
eyes were filled with tears. "Keep your hands on the table," said Mark
as he picked up the camera, "and look at me." Karen obeyed and let out a
cry of dismay as she saw the camera in his hands, but before she could
say anything Mark had already pressed the shutter. "Look here, slut!"
said Mark as he savored the view in the viewfinder: Karen the young and
sexy teacher bent over the table, with her long, shapely legs topped by
her smooth round buttocks, now criss-crossed with angry red welts, with
tears in her eyes and an imploring look on her face. Mark felt like his
cock was going to burst out of his pants.
"Okay," he said after taking some more photos, "now shall we get
on with the second part of the punishment, or do you need more
persuasion, slut?"
"N--no, sir," Karen answered meekly. She was getting more and more
used to being called "slut" and answering with "sir". "Here," said Steve
as he brought over a chair. "Sit down and spread your legs wide." Karen
obeyed and winced as her ass touched the chair. "I said spread your legs
wide! That's it! Now, take these," said Steve as he handed her a razor
and a can of shaving cream. "Better hurry up before we get you back to
that table again."
"Oh, God," Karen gasped as she looked at the razor and the shaving
cream in her hands. Now not only Mark was taking pictures, Steve had
also set the videocam up. "C'mon, do it!" Biting her lip, Karen sprayed
some shaving cream on her pussy. She shuddered as she felt the cold
cream on her skin. Then she began shaving slowly. At first her hand was
trembling so much that she had to stop before she cut herself, but then
she managed to clam herself down. She kept her head down all the time as
she shaved, not daring to face the camera once. When she finally
finished she was given a wet towel to wipe herself clean. "Now stand up,
slut, and look at me," Steve ordered.
Karen stood up and gasped as she felt cool air on her ass and
pussy. Her ass was still burning from the ruler, and her pussy felt raw
after the shaving. She couldn't help covering it and rubbing it with her
hand. This gave Steve an idea.
"That's right, slut, play with yourself." Karen looked up at him
in shock. She couldn't believe that yet more humiliations were coming.
"Do it or we'll go out and get a student to do that for you!"
"Oh, no! Please!" "Then do it!" "Y-yes, yes..." Closing her eyes,
Karen began rubbing her pussy gently. The shaving had made it very
sensitive, and soon she was getting wetting and wetter. "Play with your
tits, kiss them." As Steve instructed, Karen held her breasts up to her
mouth and licked her nipples, which soon became rock-hard. Then,
foundling her breasts and holding them to her mouth with one hand, she
reached down to resume rubbing her pussy with the other. She soon find
herself getting hotter and hotter despite the humiliation--in fact, it
seemed that the humiliation was adding to her excitement. Her breath
quickened, and she heard the sound of the shutter vaguely.
"Turn around and show us that nice ass of yours," Steve went on.
"That's right. Keep your feet apart, wider. Now bend over." Karen obeyed
almost automatically, bending over until her head was between her legs.
She was aware that in so doing, with her bare pussy completely open to
view between her wide-spread legs and her breasts hanging upside-down,
she was presenting a really lewd sight. "Finger-fuck yourself." Her
hands quickly reached up to her pussy and while one rubbed her clit, the
other thrust first one finger, then two, up her wet hole. "Oh, oh, oh,"
she began moaning gently as she fucked herself with two fingers, faster
and faster. "Play with your asshole." Much ashamed by this order, Karen
was too close to coming to object. While she continuing finger-fucking
herself with her left hand, her right hand reached up and slowly she
thrust her forefinger into her tight asshole. At this she couldn't hold
back any longer and came with a loud moan, and collapsed onto her knees.
Steve immediately took off his pants and walked over to Karen. He
pushed her onto all fours and thrust two fingers into Karen's pussy,
getting them wet with her juices. Then slowly, he thrust them up her
asshole. "Ah! No!" Karen immediately cried out in alarm. "Have you been
fucked up the ass before, slut?" "" "Then it's time
for you to offer it to your master!" He chuckled and with these words
began pushing his cock into her tight, virgin asshole. "No, noooooOh!
Ah!" Karen whimpered as she felt Steve's cock eased all the way into
her. She moaned as he held still, feeling it throbbing inside her. "Can
you feel it, slut?" Steve panted, "can you feel my hard cock up your
ass?" "Oh, oh, oh," Karen moaned in reply, which was not good enough for
Steve. He grabbed her right nipple and pinched it hard, drawing a cry of
pain from her. "Say it!" He said as he pinched her again. "Ouch! Y-yes
I-I can feel your h-hard cock up my a-ass..." "Say that you love it!"
"I-I love the f-feeling of your h-hard cock up my ass..." Karen was
spared from being forced to say more humiliating things when Mark came
over and pushed his cock in her mouth. Together the two men started
thrusting in and out of her, and Karen was soon letting out muffled
moans and cries. Mark came first and flooded her mouth with come. After
he withdrew, Steve also felt himself coming. He pulled out from her ass,
stood in front of her and sprayed his come all over her face and
They allowed her to rest for a while. Then, as Amy was not there,
Karen was made to clean herself up. While they filmed, she was ordered
to wipe the come off her face and then lick it off her fingers. Then she
had to lick her breasts clean. She was exhausted after the ordeal, and
her hands were trembling as they held her breasts to her mouth. When all
this was finally done, Steve threw her a brown paper bag and said, "Okay
slut, you've just earned this. Wear one of them to school tomorrow," he
chuckled, "we'll be nice this time and let you pick one yourself."

Inside the paper bag were a pair of crotchless panties and several
g-strings. Even though she was terrified by the idea of having to wear
one of them to school, this time Karen knew better than to disobey, and
when she when to school the following day, she had under her short skirt
a white g-string with lace, which was the one with most material that
she could find. Her male colleagues grinned when they saw her appear
again in her short skirt. She was wearing a polo shirt that day, since
it had got only two buttons and didn't open all the way at the front, so
even though she had to leave all the buttons open, she didn't have to
worry about showing more than she already had to. Still, her nipples
were clearly visible through the fabric. Some male colleagues began to
tease her, and students whistled as she passed by. She was greeted by
the same whispering and giggling whenever she went into a classroom, but
she tried her best to ignore it.
Her heart sank when it's time for Amy's class again. As she had
feared, when she was writing on the blackboard, Amy happened to drop her
pen again. Karen blushed with embarrassment as she stared at the pen
lying next to her feet. Then, as quickly as possible, she bent over and
picked it up. From the commotion of the class, she thought they must
have seen her bare buttocks when she bent over. To hide her
embarrassment, she quickly turned her back on the class and began
writing on the blackboard. But then she heard a noise and another pen
was dropped onto the floor.
"Excuse me, Miss Johnson," it was Jeff, a boy sitting in the front
row, "could you pick that up for me please?" he said with a wicked grin
on his face, and almost the entire class burst out laughing. "Quiet,
Please!" Karen fought back her tears of anger and humiliation, "and you,
you pick it up yourself!" she said to Jeff angrily. Although in the end
Jeff did come out and picked the pen up himself, Karen knew secretly
that her future with this class was now doomed.


Karen felt like she's going to throw up when she saw that Jeff had
stayed behind after class. "What is it, Jeff?" She asked as causally as
she could, hoping that somehow all he wanted was just to ask her about
homework. She was immediately let down.
"I know what you've been doing, miss Johnson." Jeff said bluntly.
"Excuse me?"
"You heard me. I know what you've been doing."
"Now have you forgotten your manners, young man?" Karen tried to act
firm, but her voice was already shaking.
"I saw you yesterday! You took off your panties after school and walked
across the playground so that everyone could see. You're an
exhibitionist! I know!"
"That's bullshit!" Karen lost her temper. "Say that again and you'll
regret it for the rest of your life!"
"Oh yeah?" Jeff sneered. Karen really hated him. You think you're
smart, huh? She thought to herself. You're just a kid and you don't know
shit... "Then what's this?" said Jeff as he threw a photo on her chest.
Karen suppressed the urge to strike the boy and picked the photo up.
Her blood froze when she saw what it was. It showed her walking in the
playground, with her skirt partly raised, providing a glimpse of her
pussy. Just a glimpse, but it showed clearly that she wasn't wear
anything under her skirt. How could it be? Karen thought. I thought I've
already been very careful...
"There's more if you like," Jeff added. "With some from behind too."
"How did you get this?" "Well," Jeff laughed again, "just lucky, I
guess. I came to school yesterday planning to show off my new camera and
impress some girls, but I guess I ended up with something much better!"
"Give them back to me! Or I'll get you kicked out, right now!"
"No way! And if these photos get passed around, I think you're the one
who's going to get kicked out! Unless you do as I say, I'll give the
photos out to everyone in the school! I'll even post them on the
"What do you want?" Karen asked with clenched fists, feeling that
she no longer had the upper hand. But then she knew immediately what he
wanted. The boy was staring straight at her breasts, and was making no
attempt to hide that.
"I...I want you," Jeff said. "I want to fuck you," he said again
with more confidence.
"How dare you!" Although she was expecting something like that,
Karen felt utterly humiliated to really hear it from the mouth of her
teenage student. "You fuck me and you'll get you photos back, one for
each time," said Jeff, improvising. "There're totally twelve of them.
I'll keep the negatives as a souvenir."
"Are you kidding?" Karen went mad again. "Do you know what you're
doing? You try to blackmail me? I can go to the po-"
"Shut up, Bitch!" Jeff interrupted her. This is really cool, he
thought, calling his teacher "bitch". "You can go to the cops if you
want, and let's hear what they'll say when they find out you're walking
around without your panties! That's the offer, you either take it or
"Why can't you just give me the photos! Please!" Karen pleaded,
"You don't know what really happened!"
"I don't care!" Jeff said, "but I do know what's going to happen
if you don't do as I say!"
"Alright you prick!" Karen never thought that she would one day
use the word on her students. "Alright! Just do what you want and get it
over with!" she was shaking all over. This just can't be real...
Jeff on his part could hardly believe it either, and he wasn't
sure what to do for a moment. "Since you mentioned 'prick'," he finally
said, "why don't we begin from there? Get down on your knees, miss
Blushing with humiliation, Karen knelt down in front of her
student. "Unzip my fly, no wait, show me your tits first."
"You heard me, show me your tits!"
"Oh, God..." reluctantly Karen lifted her polo-shirt to above her
breasts. "Wow!" Jeff exclaimed as he saw the firm, white globes of her
breasts. Karen closed her eyes in dismay as he reached out to fondle
them, and soon her nipples were rock-hard. Cool! Jeff thought, as he
unzipped and took out his cock. "Suck it!" he said in a coarse voice.
Karen opened her mouth to say something, but then resigned and
leaned forward, and with her hand guiding took the boy's cock into her
mouth. She held it in her mouth, trying to overcome the humiliation.
"C'mon, suck it!" Jeff said impatiently, and she began to move her head
back and forth. Even now Jeff still found it hard believe that this was
really happening. Yesterday he was still the geek, and now his gorgeous
teacher, who looked a thousand times prettier than any of the girls he
secretly fancied, was sucking his dick! And showing him her tits! He
couldn't hold back his excitement any longer and started shooting his
come into Karen's mouth. At this moment the door of the classroom opened
and Mara, another teacher of the school, walked in.

"Oh, God!" Karen cried out in shock and fell back, pushing Jeff
off her at the same time. Jeff was still coming and shot some of his
come on her face. "Shit!" He grabbed his backpack and rushed out of the
classroom with his fly wide open.
"So this is why you're so popular with the students," Mara smirked
at the younger teacher who was still sitting on the floor. In her
mid-thirties, Mara liked to think of herself as an attractive women and
as the best-looking teacher in the school (not that there're many), that
is, until Karen came along. She had always been jealous about Karen
winning her popularity so quickly, both among teachers and the students.
Struggling, Karen tried to get up and pull the polo-shirt down to
cover her breasts. Mara stopped her by grabbing her left nipple and
tucked at it so hard that she fell forward. "Ouch!" Karen cried out in
pain. "Shut up and stay there!" she made Karen remain kneeling by
keeping the grip on her nipple. "Now, what's this?" said Mara as she
picked up the photo from the desk. "Please, I can explain
everything...ouch!" "I said shut up! So that's how you became so
popular? Showing off your pussy to everyone and screwing your students?
No wonder-" "No! That's not true! It was Mark and Steve! They made me do
all this!" "Shut up!" Mara scolded, this time emphasizing it again by
tucking at Karen's nipple so hard that her breast was pulled into a cone
shape. "Oh!" Karen moaned in agony. Tears went down her cheeks. "Shut up
you lying bitch! You're a slut and I caught you. And now your ass is
mine!" "Pl-please..." "Listen, bitch! I caught you sexual harassing a
student, and if you don't do as I say, you're going to jail! Now is that
clear?" Sobbing, Karen nodded. This is like a nightmare. "Don't you
worry," Mara went on, "I'm not interested in that filthy cunt of yours,
and I don't have time for you today. Just be ready to do whatever I say
whenever I say it, is that clear? Your ass is now mine!"
"Yes, yes," Karen gasped. She collapsed onto her hands and knees
when Mara finally released the grip on her nipple, trembling. Mara put
the photo into her pocket. "Get up, slut! And get the hell out of here!"
she said, kicking Karen's ass. After covering her breasts and wiping the
come off her face, Karen ran out of the classroom. She knew her day had
just began. She still had to meet Mark in his office, and after all that
happened, she was now awfully late.

"Now what has kept you, miss Johnson," said Mark teasingly when he
saw her, "haven't you learnt your lesson?" "Please!" Karen pleaded and
explained to him what happened. Mark listened to Karen's story, amazed,
and he smiling wickedly as he examined her bruised nipple. "So now our
little secret is compromised..." he said, "Please, could we stop all
this?" "No, I think we'll be fine as long as you keep Jeff and Mara
happy, right?" "Oh, God..." "I'm asking you a question, slut!" "Oh,
y,yes. Sir..." "Good. From now on, you'll do whatever Jeff and Mara
says, and then come back to tell me and Steve all about it, is that
clear?" "Y---yes, sir..." "Good. Now let's see what we've got for

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