Sandra’s New Rommate

F/f, D/s, mc, humil

Sandra’s New Rommateunderstories

By MissLornaD

Chapter One: The First Day

It was weird going away to college. Sandra had never been away from home before, well not for any length of time that is. It was her second semester and she had pretty much gotten the idea that her friends from home were drifting away from her. They were too busy with their own new lives to be concerned with the girl from back home. Her boyfriend Chuck had broken up with her last semester. He had told her that the distance was a problem. They had dated all through high school, and he was the main reason she had chosen to go to the all girl school in the first place. It was a way for her to prove to him that nothing would happen while she was away. How could she be tempted when there were no boys around, but alas, Chuck broke up with her. She heard through a friend over break that he had started dating another girl. It broke her heart. She was back from winter break to discover that she had a new roommate. Her last roommate was a party girl, and was never around, so Sandra never really got a chance to bond with her. Since she was such a partier of course it took over her life, and thus her grades fell and she was kicked out, or taken out, Sandra couldn’t be too sure. She thought she heard her former roommate’s father tell her that he wasn’t going to piss good money away on her if all she wanted to do was party. So here Sandra was with a new roommate. Hopefully things would go a little bit better with this one.Casey was a sight. She had short brown hair that she spiked in a haphazard messy kind of way. She had about a dozen silver hoop earrings in each ear, a single silver hook in her left nostril, and two thick rings with blue beads on them in her right eye brow. She was a menacing sight. She wore khaki cargo pants and a large long sleeved army green skater T-shirt. Her stuff was all moved in by the time Sandra had returned from break. A little nervous Sandra gulped to introduce herself, “H-H-Hi my name’s Sandra.”A blank stare was what she got. There was something about Casey’s eyes that struck Sandra. They were blue, but a different blue. They were almost clear; I guess you would call it an ice blue. They were piercing, and Sandra felt they were seeing through her. She looked away nervously. She found that she couldn’t speak anymore. Her cheeks burned and she knew that they were flushed as she blushed.

“Casey.” Was the response, and a huge weight was lifted from Sandra’s shoulders. She let out a sigh of relief, “Listen I don’t know what pansy ass roommate you had last semester, but I don’t play around. I go to bed at two every morning, and I wake up at ten. I don’t accept complaints Sandy got it?”

Sandra gulped. She had never met anyone as demanding before. She wanted to tell her new roommate where to go. Sandra had always been an early to bed early to rise type of girl, but she had also been the type not to cause waves. So she nodded. She wanted to get along with this roommate. She wanted to finally have a friend, since she was loosing all her ones from home. She was going to need someone now that Chuck didn’t want her anymore. Perhaps Casey would be the best friend that Sandra never had before. She had never really been able to get close to anyone. Maybe this would be a start. She began to smile, and looked up at Casey again. Casey had seated herself in the desk chair, and was fumbling with computer wires, “So where you from?” Sandra couldn’t help but engage in some meaningless chitchat.

“Ehh- Fuck this!” For a person as masculine appearing as Casey Sandra couldn’t believe that she was having trouble with her computer hook up. Casey turned, and Sandra felt the pressure of those piercing icy eyes on her again, “Hook that up for me, will you Sandy.” It was more of a command than a question. Casey flopped onto her bed and kept the gaze intense.

It only took Sandra a moment to realize that there was no debating it. Casey was just having trouble; Sandra knew how to hook up computers she could take over for her. It would be like a favor she was doing for Casey. If they were going to be friends of course it would be alright to do favors for her. Then she would be able to ask Casey for favors. She felt a sense of glee, maybe they would become good friends after all.

The rest of the day was quite uneventful. Casey spent the day decorating her side of the room, while Sandra looked through her new textbooks for the new semester. Sandra made it a point to organize all her notebooks, and all her books in the bottom drawer of her desk so that it would be quick and simple when she needed to grab them for class. All the while Sandra kept stealing glances as Casey. Each time she did she was greeted by those fierce eyes. Each time she met them she looked away immediately. She didn’t want Casey to think that she was weird or staring at her. This was going to be her last chance at making friends at school. Sandra had almost forgotten what Casey had told her when she first arrived about her schedule. Promptly at ten o’clock Sandra walked down the hall to put on her pajamas. She had plain blue plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt. When she walked into the room she went to turn off the light, and her hand landed on the switch, but had yet to turn it off Casey looked up at her angrily, “What the fuck you think you are doing?”

“Oh?” Sandra recoiled her hand as if she had just been burned, “Sorry, I just—”

“You just fucked up, stupid cunt! I thought I told you my schedule.”

Sandra’s cheeks burned as she blushed. She lowered her eyes and her head. She couldn’t believe she had been that stupid, “I-I—“she stammered.

“Oh shut up and sit down.” Sandra gulped and did as she was told. She had really messed up this time. She sat down on her bed and felt so ashamed. She couldn’t believe that she had forgotten what Casey had told her. Casey was shaking her head at her, “I thought you were listening when I talked to you!” Sandra nodded she didn’t want to look up. She didn’t want to have to face those eyes; she didn’t want to have to see them angry. They had just met. She couldn’t have screwed up that quickly, “Look at me when I am talking to you damnit! Are you really that stupid of a cunt?”

Sandra raised her head with a snap. Her cheeks she knew were bright red. She was so embarrassed. She couldn’t believe that she had caused such a reprimanding, on the first day! It was the first day. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled.

There was a sparkle in Casey’s eyes, and Sandra had no idea what that meant. She scowled at Sandra as she pushed her desk chair away from the desk. Her legs spread wide in a manly manner she growled at Sandra, “Get over here. I am going to teach you to listen when I speak.” At first Sandra was repulsed by the idea. But the eyes were on here. There was something about those eyes. She couldn’t help herself. Before she knew it Sandra was slinking her way to the other side of the room. She stood next to Casey with her eyes never leaving Sandra’s. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She had no idea what Casey was about to do, but something inside her was telling her that she deserved it. Whatever Casey decided to do she deserved it. Casey glared at her, “What are you waiting for? Do I have to tell you everything? Stupid Cunt.” Sandra knew what she had to do instantly. She lay across Casey’s lap. Casey was shaking her head, and before she knew it Sandra heard the thud of an open palm on her pajama padded ass, and then there was a warm sting, “You are going to get ten of these, and then you will remember, right? Stupid cunt!” Sandra nodded, and she closed her eyes. Tears welled in her eyes as she felt Casey’s hand come down on her ass four more times. Her ass was warm and stinging, when suddenly Casey stopped; “You know what?” she ripped down Sandra’s pant’s and with them went her green flowered cotton panties. The sudden contrast of the warmth of her cheeks and the cool air made Sandra get a chill. “I bet you are getting off to this.” Casey suddenly said as her hand came down on Sandra’s ass again, and suddenly it was true. Sandra was beginning to feel a tingle between her legs. With each of the next four slaps Sandra felt herself becoming aroused. She was so ashamed; she prayed that Casey wouldn’t be able to tell through her clothes. Sandra’s ass was tingling and felt as though it was on fire. She went to get up, and was sternly pushed down. Casey slapped her again, and her pussy was now on fire, “What you think you are done? Why are you so quick to leave? You nasty slut!” And Sandra’s humiliation was complete. Before she knew it she felt Casey’s thick finger probing her wet sex. At first it was a stern vicious probe, but then it changed. “They didn’t tell me that you were a dyke!” Casey had two fingers shoved into Sandra’s pussy now. And Sandra was pumping against Casey’s fingers. She had never had any interest in women before, and she couldn’t believe that she was humping Casey’s fingers like that. She couldn’t believe that Casey had discovered her g-spot. Chuck had never been able to do that. Sure they hadn’t had sex that much, and Chuck said he didn’t like the smell of her so he wouldn’t go down on her, let alone get the smell on his fingers. Before she knew it she was bucking against Casey’s hand as it rubbed against her g-spot, “You nasty stupid cunt! That’s fuck my fingers, show me what a little dyke you are!”

Sandra exploded into an orgasm like none other. She had never experienced anything like this before. Her body quaked as if she were having a seizure. And she was howling in ecstasy. Sandra was panting and collapsed upon Casey’s legs in a sweaty heap. Casey sighed and removed her fingers from Sandra’s sex. Sandra was beginning to drift off into sleep when she was startled by the sudden musky smell beneath her nose, “Look at all this friggin’ slime! Damn you fucking leaked all over me! I bet there’s a goddamn wet spot on my pants! If you ruined my pants so help me!” Sandra’s eyes filled with tears. The realization of what had just happened was starting to grip her and she was so embarrassed, again she tried to get up, and she was met by a forceful shove back down, “Where do you think you’re going? You need to clean this up.”

Tears cascaded down her cheeks, “W-W-well let me get a towel.”

“Stuttering bitch lick it!” And with that Casey’s fingers were shoved in Sandra’s mouth. At first she gagged on it, the taste was horrible, but she knew what she had to do. She began to suckle on the fingers, and clean them of her own slime. She felt Casey pet her hair as she sucked her fingers clean, “What a good little cunt they gave me.” She whispered.

Casey removed her finger’s from Sandy’s mouth, and inspected them, when she was thoroughly satisfied that they were clean she allowed Sandra to pull up her pants and get off her lap. She looked down at her own pants and in fact there was a wet spot where Sandra’s crotch had been. Sandra lowered her head and cried to herself as Casey shook her head, “Stupid fucking Cunt.” She mumbled. She took off her pants right in front of Sandra. Sandra’s eyes widened as she saw the muscular legs before her. She gasped, and brought her hand to her mouth. “What? Like you don’t like it?” She threw the pants into her hamper, “You’ll clean them for me wont you Cunt?” Sandra nodded. She knew she would. She had to do anything that Casey said, if she didn’t then she would tell. She would tell everyone at school that she had enjoyed what had just happened. What would her parents think? She couldn’t let them know what happened! She wasn’t a lesbian! Casey stood before her in plaid boxers, and the Shirt. She seemed to be debating what to do next. An evil grin played across her face, and she chortled to herself, “Cunt look at me!” Sandra’s eyes rose quickly. She had to do what she said. Those eyes, so piercing, they saw right through Sandra. There was something about them. “You liked that didn’t you? You really are a secret lesbian huh? Fucking cunt dyke!” Sandra felt something twinge inside her, and again there was a tingle between her legs, “You like that too huh? Me calling you a Cunt, or a Cunt Dyke. You like that? I bet you don’t even want me to call you Sandy or whatever it is you call yourself. I bet you want to be my little bitch! I bet you want to be my cunt slut.” With each time Casey said “cunt” her pussy twitched, “You really are a twisted nasty little cunt.” Cunt was beginning to get into the frenzy she was in earlier. Was Sandra actually beginning to refer to herself as Cunt? She was what was happening to her? “You like this? You like me without my pants on? I bet you want to see my pussy, huh Cunt? Do you?” Cunt slowly nodded as her cheeks began to burn again. Her pussy twitched, and she could feel herself getting wet again, “Well I can’t here you Cunt!”



“Yes.” She said a little louder.

Casey shook her head, “Yes what, dirty little cunt, and tell me.”

Cunt gulped and tears welled in her eyes again. She didn’t want to have to say it. She really didn’t, it made her feel so dirty, but to hear that word got her so wet, “yes I like to see you without your pants.”

Casey looked repulsed. She walked over to Cunt and ripped her pajama top off. It was actually ripped. There was no way she could put that back on. Cunt gasped as she did it, and was petrified, “You really think you are worthy of the word I? Fucking stupid CUNT!” Casey grabbed her nipples and twisted them roughly. Cunt yelped as she twisted at them, “Say it again!”

Tears spilled past her cheeks as she felt the moistness between her legs begin to gather on her pussy lips. Her nipples were burning from the torture they were enduring, “Yes!” she yelped, “Yes Cunt likes to see you without your pants.”

Casey grinned at her, and Cunt felt relieved. Her pussy twitched, and Cunt’ body did the same, “Such a good little Cunt you are,” she massaged Cunt’s breasts softly now. It was as though she were caressing them, “You like being exposed to me don’t you? But you know it’s not right. Are you really a dyke?”

Cunt shook her head.

“But you like being this way to me don’t you? Look at me cunt.”

Cunt met her eyes again, and she felt them see through her.

“Tell me cunt.”

“Cunt likes being naked in front of you.”

“Naked? Or exposed?”

“Cunt likes being exposed,” she moaned as Casey began to work her way down to Cunt’s pussy. She began to rub the moistness all around.

She smiled, and Cunt felt a shower of gratitude flow through her, “My little nasty dirty cunt, you like being mine? You like what I do to you? Damn you are a wet little cunt aren’t you?”

As embarrassing as those words were Cunt felt pleasure. She felt her pussy ache for release now, “Yes Cunt is very wet! Cunt likes being yours!”

Before she knew it the fingers were gone. They were no longer massaging her wet slit; they were no longer rubbing her swollen clit. Cunt felt empty. She looked pleadingly at Casey. What had she done wrong? Casey removed her shirt to reveal rather large breasts in a white bra. At first when Cunt saw her she had though that Casey was stocky, but now she realized that she had quite a firm stomach, it was just the way the T-shirt fell over her large breasts, “Kneel Cunt.” Casey commanded, and Cunt obeyed. It was what she had to do. Those eyes, they were so intense on Cunt. She had to obey. It was as if Casey had taken over her mind. Casey smiled down at her, and again a feeling of complete joy washed over her. She stroked Cunt’s angelic face, “Have you ever been with another woman Cunt?” Cunt shook her head. She wasn’t a lesbian. She had never done anything like this before. Casey smiled at her, “I will teach you how to please women Cunt, but you will never use this on your own. You will only use this to please me; you will only use this when I tell you. You understand me Cunt?”

Cunt nodded, but the stern look told her that she needs to do more than just a mere nod, “Cunt will only use what Casey teaches her when she says so.”

Casey patted her on the head, “What good nasty little dyke Cunt I have.” Casey spread her legs, “Now remove my bra Cunt.” Cunt reached up, and couldn’t reach around Casey to undo the bra. So she crawled around and then undid the bra. It fell to the floor. Cunt returned to facing Casey while kneeling. Casey pulled her to her feet by her hair, “You like my breasts cunt?”

“Yes they are very lovely.”

“What do you want to do to them cunt?”

“Cunt wants to suck on them.”

Casey smiled, and grabbed the back of Cunt’s head, and jerked towards her breasts. First the right nipple was in her mouth. Through Casey’s coaxing Cunt began to learn the proper way to suck on a nipple. She learned to suck the areole, and the lightly nipple at the nipple. Cunt learned quickly how to make Casey moan as she massaged and suckled at her nipples. Before she was done Casey grabbed a handful of Cunt’s curly brown hair, and yanked her head back, “Enough Cunt. Remove my boxers.” Eagerly Cunt tugged down the boxers, and waited for Casey to step out of them. The musky smell of Casey’s pussy was right at her nose. Her nostrils were filled with Casey’s arousal. Casey pulled Cunt’s head and next thing she knew she couldn’t breathe. Her nose was in Casey’s mounds being stuffed with pubic hair. Her mouth rested on the moist slit of Casey’s sex, “Lick you fucking stupid cunt, I want cum hard all over your face!”

Gingerly Cunt’s tongue slipped from between her lips, and she began to lap at the outside of Casey pussy. For a moment her nose was away from Casey’s monds and she was able to get some cool air to fill her lungs. It felt good to breathe, and her pussy was now on fire. Cunt never knew that she was that kinky. Casey was telling her what to do and her pajama pants were soaked with her arousal. There was a hot nub that Cunt’s tongue soon discovered and as she ran her tongue over it, flicked it, and even gently sucked on it, Casey began to move her hips. Cunt was suddenly thrown on her back, and couldn’t breathe again. Casey had straddled her face and her nose was plugged with pubic hair. Cunt’s tongue was massaging Casey’s clit, while two fingers pumped themselves in and out of her pussy hole. It only took five more minutes of Casey’s bucking hips and Cunt’s lapping for Casey’s pussy to finally begin to spasm as fluid rushed past Cunt’s fingers. As Casey came all over Cunt’s face Cunt felt her own pussy begin to spasm, she was having a small orgasm of her own from just getting Casey off. Her face was covered in Casey’s pussy slime. Casey groaned as she began to catch her breath, “Dirty little Cunt better not spill a drop!” Casey climbed off Cunt’s face and she licked her lips, and all around trying to get as much of Casey’s cum as she can. “You like the taste of my cum don’t you? All over your face makes you feel like such a dirty little dyke cunt?” Cunt was rubbing her hands over her face and licking the cum off of her hands.

Her pussy was definitely on fire. Her pajama pants were soaked in the crotch. Casey was all dressed while Cunt still lay on the floor panting, and taking in gasps of all the cool air she had been deprived of sporadically. Casey took a deep breath, “well cunt you know what? I think I am going to go to bed early.”

Cunt look up at her. It was midnight! They had actually being doing that for two hours! She couldn’t believe it. Casey met her eyes, and she grinned again, “Push the beds together Cunt! And I want you to strip down! Dirty fucking Cunts don’t wear clothes around me. Besides you like being exposed.”

Cunt jumped to her feet, and removed the rest of her pajamas. She threw them into the hamper. She knew she would have to do laundry soon. By the looks of it if she was allowed to wear anything she would get it soaked anyway. It took some effort but Cunt got the beds together. Casey collapsed onto them two beds and sighed. Cunt slithered into the bed next to Casey, and was surprised when she felt her nipple being twisted and pulled. She yelped in surprise, “What the fuck you think you are doing?” Cunt had no idea what she had done wrong, “Dirty Cunts don’t sleep in bed with me. You really are stupid! How the hell did you get into this school? Get on the floor bitch!” Casey threw one of the pillows on the floor. Cunt hesitated for a moment. Her parents were paying for her to have a bed. However, all she needed to do was look into those eyes, and she knew her place. She was a dirty Cunt after all. She should sleep on the floor.

That night Cunt had erotic dreams like she had never had before. They were filled with humiliating situations that Casey was going to put her through. They were predictions, but they were just things that she imagined. As disgusting and degrading as they were, Cunt was getting wet just dreaming about them. Though she was cold and slept in the fetal position all night, there was something about obeying Casey that felt right. Sure it was embarrassing at first, but she thought she would get over that in time. She was a dirty Cunt after all, and Dirty Dyke Cunt, this was her place: on the floor naked, at the foot of Casey’s bed.

Chapter 2

Learning the Rules

Cunt woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. At first she was confused as to why she was sleeping curled up in a ball at the foot of her roommate’s bed. As she ran across the room to turn off the alarm so as not to wake up her roommate the memories of what had occurred flowed through her mind. She grabbed her blue terry cloth robe, and shower stuff as she ran out of the room towards the bathroom. By the time she made it in there tears were streaming down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe all that had happened that night, and prayed it was all a horrible nightmare. The only problem was that she knew that it wasn’t. She took a longer shower than she normally did, and when she came back she was thankful that Casey hadn’t gotten up yet. She dressed quickly in a pair of jeans and turquoise shirt. She opened her drawer grabbed the books she needed and ran out of the room. She didn’t want a confrontation just yet. As she walked towards her class she clutched her books to her chest. Her head was low because she felt as though everyone on campus was staring at her, and knew what had happened the night before. She was a half an hour early when she reached the building, and decided that getting breakfast was a good idea. Throughout breakfast she kept thinking maybe it was just a one night thing, and Casey would forget everything, and let her get back to normal. As much as she hoped that was the case, she knew it wasn’t.When she got back from class Casey was gone. Her bed unmade, and dirty clothes on the floor. Cunt was thankful she wasn’t there. She would have some peace by herself. She didn’t like the way the room looked, so she picked up the clothes and threw them in the hamper. Laundry Day would come sooner than she thought. When she sat at her desk to begin reading her homework the unmade bed kept taunting her in the corner of her eye. Before she knew it she had thrown down her book, and was making the bed. She just didn’t like a mess. It didn’t bother her that she was doing those things. It took an hour for Casey to come back. As soon as she did a great heaviness filled the room. Casey threw her book bag on the floor and then stood over Cunt as she read quietly to herself. Cunt couldn’t take it for more than a minute and looked up to Casey, “Yes?” she said in a very timid voice.

All it took was for Cunt to lock eyes with Casey for her to feel it. Suddenly she was overcome with this great need. She felt herself begin to get aroused, and she had no idea why. Casey was glaring at her as if she had done something wrong. Casey didn’t answer her at first, and Cunt was about to repeat herself when Casey finally growled, “What are you doing?”

Cunt was confused; she thought it was quite clear what she was doing. She was reading, “Reading?” it was more of a question than an answer. She was so unsure of herself now. Had she done something wrong? Casey wasn’t going to make her do anything like she had last night was she? If she was Cunt didn’t think she could handle it again. She might just break down into sobs, and never be able to stop!

“Stupid Dyke Cunt!” Casey grabbed her hair and wrenched Cunt off of her chair, and onto her knees, “First of all, don’t you have any respect? When I come into a room I want you on your pussy licking knees! Second of all where do you get off covering yourself?” She tugged at Cunt’s hair, and then slapped her quick across the face. The sting of her cheek was nothing compared to the embarrassment she felt kneeling before Casey. Cunt didn’t respond she just hung her head, and began to remove her clothing. It was going to be a long day, and she just hoped she was able to get through it with as little reprimanding as possible. That was the worst part. She didn’t know why, but every time she got reprimanded her pussy twitched in excitement! Casey tisked as Cunt removed her outer layer of clothing, “What the fuck is this?” she snapped Cunt’s white bra against her skin, “A dirty whore cunt like you thinks she should wear this shit? What the fuck? You have no tits anyway what the fuck you wearing a training bra for?”

Cunt gulped, “I-I—“truthfully she didn’t know. Her breasts were perky, but they were only a B cup. She had never gone without a bra before, but then again she assumed it was possible.

Casey shook her head, “Really I don’t understand you You are so fucking stupid. I gotta’ tell you everything!” as cunt continued to undress Casey rummaged through her drawers. She pulled out all the underwear, “You don’t even have anything decent! It’s all friggin’ cotton shit!” she tossed them all into the garbage. Cunt was going to object, but what could she say? It was Casey, she had no say when Casey was involved, “We gotta’ go shopping. Get you some of them crotch less shits. Dyke sluts only where those.” She turned, and for a brief moment smiled at the naked cunt kneeling before her. She stepped up to Cunt, and kicked her knees, “Wider twat! I wanna see that hairy shit. You need to remove that fucking rat’s nest! You’re such a dirty little cunt it smells!” Casey’s black doc martin boot rested beneath Cunt’s pussy, “You better not leak on my book. So help me! If you do, you are licking it off.” She removed the boot, and Cunt winced. It was true; her pussy was so moist she had left a mark on Casey’s shoe. She didn’t have to open her eyes. At first she hesitated, but she knew she had to do it. Her cheeks burned as she lowered her head and began to lick the musky pussy juice from Casey’s shoe.

As she licked to make sure she cleaned it well, Cunt hadn’t been paying attention to Casey’s hands. Before she knew it she felt something slap against her ass cheek, “You’re taking too long!” she was getting her ass smacked by Casey. Her pussy twitched again as her eyes welled with tears. She wasn’t going to do it. She wasn’t going to cry yet. It was too early, the day had just begun. It was only two o’clock. She couldn’t cry just yet. This was the beginning. Casey kicked her foot slightly and Cunt’s head jerked away from it. Casey walked around her not saying anything. It was almost as though she was inspecting Cunt, “There are a few things I want to get out of the way first. I have been thinking. We need to set some rules down, and hopefully you will understand them.” She paused for a moment, and looked down at Cunt, right into her eyes, “Will you understand?”

Cunt nodded, but then remembered to understand, “Cunt will understand.”

Another quick smile, “Very good.” Cunt’s pussy moistened a little more with praise. She couldn’t believe that being talked to that way by Casey was making her so horny, “First rule, when in this room you are to be naked, and I mean AT ALL TIMES.” She glared down at Cunt to make sure everything sunk in, “Second rule is that you are NEVER, and I mean EVER to wear any panties or bras! First off you barely have tits to begin with, and I want easy access to your twat so that I can show stuff up there. This leads me to rule three, that disgusting hole of yours, MUST BE SHAVEN. I will not live with such a dirty Cunt!” she was pacing again. Cunt was thankful to be away from those eyes. “If you are to wear clothes, I pick them out for you! Speaking of which, we have some shopping to do today, you do have a credit card or some money don’t you?”

“Cunt has a credit card” she answered. She was so proud of it. Her father said he would pay the bill on her Visa so that she could establish some credit.

“Good you need new clothes, cause I know you aint got nothing I am gonna’ like. I already looked. Besides we need some toys.” Casey opened the closet and pulled out a black skirt that Cunt had, and a purple top. She looked at the two for a while, and then threw them at Cunt, “Put these on.” Cunt snatched them quickly, and began to dress, “Stand when you are done, legs spread of course. In case I want to do something.” She did as she was told, she was so grateful to have something covering her skin, she hated being so exposed. When she was finished Casey paced around her again inspecting her clothes. She nodded, and pulled scissors out of the drawer she walked up to Cunt and Cunt quickly closed her ryes while biting her lower lip. She had no idea what she was going to do with those, and the whole idea frightened her to the point that her pussy was on fire. She didn’t like it; she didn’t like getting so hot the idea of Casey’s violence. Casey first began by cutting away most of the shirt, so that it ended just below her tits. If cunt moved certain ways she was sure the lower half of her tits, just below the nipples would show. Than she went to the skirt, Casey cut a slit up to her ass on both sides, and then took two inches off of it. It just barely covered Cunt’s ass, and the cool breeze gave her the chills as it went across her wet pussy lips. Casey put the scissors down and then walked around her again, “Now you really look like the whore you are.” She said while staring into her eyes.

With that they were off to the mall. They took Cunt’s car, and Casey sat in the passenger seat. Cunt didn’t mind sitting in the car, because no one could see how short her skirt was, but when she got out she was quite nervous. People stared at her, and she had nothing to hide behind. Everything she had was practically hanging out for all to see. Casey took her hand, and pulled her into the mall. The first store they went to was Victoria’s secret. Cunt had only walked past this store; she had never actually been inside. Casey dragged her in, and she began thumbing throw the panties. Cunt looked up and caught the saleswoman staring at her. She tried to look away, but found herself unable. All she could do was watch as the woman shook her head in disgust. Casey picked out all sorts of skimpy thongs and crotch less panties for Cunt to wear. Then they were off to a store called Spencer’s. Casey pulled her through there as Cunt carried the bags. The looks she was getting from everyone made her blush, by now her thighs were slipping against each other as she walked. The look from people made her blush which made her pussy go on fire. Casey didn’t say much to her as she picked up a whip, and a feather. It was when she was looking through the vibrators that she finally spoke to Cunt, “Glow in the dark or pink? Which are more you?”

Cunt looked around to see who had heard, and two teenage boys were giggling at her. She closed her eyes, she didn’t want to see them, she just wanted to get out of the store, “Cunt likes pink,” she whispered.

Casey looked at the boys, and grinned evilly, “Louder dyke,” she said.

Cunt felt the tears rise again as she said it louder, “Cunt would like pink.”

Casey grinned, “Glow in the dark it is!” she took the box and then took the bags from Cunt, “I want you to go over to those boys and show them your pussy. I want you to take them to the bathroom and let them stick a finger in your dyke twat. Tell them you want them to finger you like the dirty whore cunt you are.”

Cunt whimpered at her, but the only response she got was a stern look. The boys were giggling as they thumbed through posters. Cunt walked up to them, “Excuse me,” she whispered, and the two boys looked stunned.

They couldn’t have been more than fifteen years old. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, she lifted up her practically nonexistent skirt. The two boys gasped, “Dude!”

She took another deep breath and then purred into their ears, “Come with me.” They followed her eagerly. She couldn’t believe that they were that easily convinced. She looked back and Casey and her pussy twitched, Casey was smiling at her. Love washed over her, and she liked it. She took the boys to the nearest women’s room, and coaxed them inside. They stood next to each other staring at her as she stood across. They were biting their lips and fidgeting. Cunt lifter her skirt again, and spread her legs, “Please finger Cunt.”

They boys looked amazed, “What?”

“Please put your fingers inside Cunt’s twat.” Her cheeks burned again, and she felt her pussy drip.

The boys exchanged glances. At first nothing happened. Cunt prayed she didn’t have to beg them. She really didn’t want to have to. She hoped it would just be over with soon so she could go home! After what felt like eternity one of the boys reached over and touched her outer labia. She took in a deep breath, and he roughly shoved his finger inside her. With that he wiggled it around, and he began to laugh, “Dude she’s like totally soaked! You gotta’ feel this!” Without taking out his own finger another finger was roughly shoved inside her pussy, and she almost fell off balance. She began to moan as the two young boys began to explore her twat. The two boys were laughing at her as she moaned and tears slid down her face. They apparently didn’t care, “This is friggin’ awesome!” They began to pump in an out of her at opposite rhythms, and she started to hump their hands in the awkward position. She needed release at this point. Casey had kept her wet too long. Just as she was working her way to orgasm the door flew open, and the fingers were quickly removed from her cunt. Cunt felt empty and opened her eyes. Casey was in the door way.

She had a huge grin on her face, and she was carrying the bags, “You boys having a good time?” They just glanced at each other. They began to stutter in response but she cut them off, “I am glad you enjoyed my dyke cunt, but I have to take her away now. I promise if we see you again, she will suck your cocks for you. Come on Cunt, we have more stores to go to, but we are done with this mall.”


Chapter Three

Shopping Spree

They went to the adult bookstore. Cunt had never been in one before, but she would be a little bit more comfortable there. The people at the mall, she figured, weren’t exactly used to the idea of a girl walking around wearing as little as she was wearing. She thought maybe she would be a little bit more comfortable there. However, Cunt still couldn’t get used to the approving stares as much as she couldn’t get used to the disapproving ones. She clung to Casey even more as she walked through the store looking at the toys. Cunt’s eyes widened at the size of the dildos. Casey giggled at her. She patted her ass, “Don’t worry dirty cunt, you won’t have to use those just yet. I promise we will stretch that smelly twat of yours first.” This wasn’t very comforting to Cunt. Casey picked up various items, whips, handcuffs, and even some larger vibrators. All of these things made Cunt’s eyes widen. After a moment a long haired women dressed in a red latex cat suit walked up to them, “May I help you?”Casey grinned, “My little Dyke Cunt here needs some toys. You recommend anything for a new slut?”

The woman looked Cunt up and down as Cunt blushed at her, “Well. She has nothing?”

“Just started training her yesterday.” Casey said as she slapped Cunt’s ass. Cunt jumped and yelped.

The woman nodded, “I see she is in desperate need of some training.” The two shared a giggle, and Cunt just lowered her eyes. She was in store for worse then the mall, she knew it. The woman took a deep breath, “Well what did you have in mind? Vibrators? Flogs? Beads?”

Casey took a moment. Cunt had never heard of beads, she was a little nervous as to what that could actually mean. Casey sighed, and looked at Cunt before she finally answered, “Well I wanted to get some ass plugs, so I could start that, and I already got the vibrator. I was thinking some kind of thing that I could strap on her so that she gets teased while I am not around, you know, what are those things called? AND DEFINITELY nipple clamps. She has such tiny tits.”

The woman nodded, “I see. I think what you are talking about is the butterfly. It’s a great toy. Here let me help you.”

Cunt watched as the two joked and gushed about the toys, and how to use them. Cunt dreaded every intention, and hated hearing about them all. She didn’t want to have any part of what was going on. The two women talked as if they were old friends. Cunt felt as though time had stopped just for her own personal agony. When they were all done and at the counter, Cunt thought that it was finally over. All that shopping, and all that stuff, this had to be the end of being out in public. Just as Cunt was about to head to the door Casey pulled her back, “Hey Lexy,” the saleswoman perked, “You got of them rooms, you know what I am talking about right?”

Lexy grinned the same evil grin that Cunt was getting used to seeing on Casey’s face, “Well no, but we do have a break room.” Casey just smiled at her, “Let me lock the store really quick.” Cunt couldn’t believe it. Weren’t the two boys in the mall enough? What was she going to have to do now?

Casey looked at her, “Gotta’ break in these toys some how!”

Cunt hung her head as she followed the two chattering into the back of the store. The break room was nothing more than a small not so well lit room with a folding table, three folding chairs, and lots of papers all over the walls. There was also a poster of a naked woman falling off the wall as well. The door was closed and locked behind them. Casey pulled a chair into the corner, then she stared at Cunt, “I want to watch Lexy show me how to use these things on you. So be a good little Dyke Cunt and take off those rags and lay on the table.” Cunt swallowed her excess salvia and did as she was told. She lay on the table, and was as uncomfortable as she would have been if she were at the gynecologist’s office. Lexy squealed, “You sure you want to do this?” she must have been asking Casey, because Cunt knew she had no say in the matter. There must have been a nod, because Cunt never heard the response. Lexy spread Cunt’s legs wide open, “Not shaved?” she seemed disappointed.

“We’re doing that tonight. Dirty isn’t it? I know, I gotta’ tell her everything.”

Casey didn’t like this scrutiny, “And look at that!” Lexy ran her finger along Cunt’s glistening labia, “Friggin’ River down here.” Cunt wanted to slam her legs shut with that, but she couldn’t. Instead her pussy added more juice to what was already there. Lexy sighed, “Seems nice though, where should I begin?” she rummaged through the bag. Cunt wanted to close her eyes, and not pay attention, but that would never happen. She had to watch. Lexy pulled out a small paddle. She grinned, and stood between Cunt’s legs. Cunt was about to roll over and actually started to, but Lexy swatted at Cunt’s clit instead. Cunt let out an ear piercing yelp! Lexy laughed, “Wow! She is new! I just love paddling the clit! You need to not yell Cunt, because it only makes me slap it harder.” With that she swatted her clit again. Cunt jumped, and was met with a harder swat. Her legs twitched and she got another slap. She gripped the table and bit down on her lip as he clit took some abuse. With each slap though her pussy twitched, and she was getting hornier and hornier, “Wow she is twisted!” Lexy said when she was done with that. She stuck two fingers inside Cunt, and began to probe her pussy, “So much friggin juice. No need to lube here huh?” Casey laughed. After wiggling her fingers around and rubbing up against Cunt’s g-spot enough to get her moving her hips Lexy removed her fingers, and jammed them into Cunt’s mouth for cleaning. Cunt closed her eyes and removed all the slime from Lexy’s fingers. “Her tits are small. I see what you mean,” Lexy said as she removed some more stuff from the bag. Cunt didn’t have time to see what she took out of the bag, but wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Her nipples soon were on fire. First it was the right one, and shortly after the left, “Nipple clamps are so much fun on sluts with little titties!” she proclaimed. Lexy unzipped her cat suit, and dropped it to the floor. She was truly a remarkable looking woman. She climbed onto the table and straddled Cunt’s face, “Is she any good?”

Casey sighed, “Ehhhhh she needs work, but like I said I just started yesterday.”

Lexy squatted over Cunt’s face, “You know what to do,” she lowered her pussy over Cunt’s mouth, and let her asshole sit on her nose. She began to grind her pussy into Cunt’s face as Cunt did her best to lap at her clit, “No!” Lexy said and tugged on the nipple clamps, if she hadn’t of been muffled by a pussy in her mouth Cunt’s scream would have been heard for miles, “Lick my clit Whore! And stick your tongue in my pussy Fuck my hole with your tongue. I want to cum all over your face,” she rode Cunt’s face harder as Cunt tried to do as she was told. Soon she felt some reward. She must be doing something right because she felt something against her own clit. Either Lexy had taken out the butterfly that Casey had talked about, or she had the vibrator against Cunt’s clit, “You want her to cum?” Lexy asked in between moans, and screams.

“If you want that smelly shit all over your break room.”

Lexy didn’t respond. Before she knew it though, Cunt was getting fucked with a vibrator on the highest setting. She wanted to scream, but moaning through the pussy was all she could do. Finally while her tongue was inside Lexy’s pussy she felt it spasm. Juice rushed over Cunt’s face, and Lexy began to scream. She was Cumming. The fucking stopped, and Cunt felt empty. All she had was a vibrator in her pussy buzzing away, and her own orgasm building When Lexy was done, she climbed off Cunt, and removed the vibrator. Cunt felt empty again. Lexy tugged at both nipple clamps, “You took to long. What kind of whore are you?” Tears fell down her face with each tug of the nipple clamps, “It’s a shame. Casey here is a nice teacher, and you suck! And I don’t mean literally.” Cunt felt so ashamed. Here she was naked, pussy juice all over her face, leaking out of her own cunt, and she wasn’t any good. She began to sob. Soon she was awakened from her own pity by the sting of a whip across her bare tits. Lexy had a whip and was whipping Cunt’s tits harshly, “I hate waiting that long to cum!” she had a fire in her eyes that Cunt had never seen before. She was really scared, and looked to Casey for help. She realized she wasn’t getting any there. Casey just smiled at her. The whipping to her breast lasted for what felt like hours, but was actually only five minutes. She had many a lash marks on her chest now, and Cunt knew they wouldn’t go away soon.

When she was done with the whipping Lexy was surprised by Casey. Casey had risen, and grabbed her. Cunt watched as they embraced in a long kiss. Casey then bent Lexy over. There were no words. Casey pulled down her pants, and then adjusted a strap on. She began to fuck Lexy roughly in the pussy while Cunt watched. She didn’t know what to do. Lexy was screaming in ecstasy. Apparently there was something for Casey’s benefit because she was not only grunting but moaning as well. Finally Lexy had a rather large orgasm. Casey removed the strap on and handed all the used toys to Lexy, “You mind cleaning those for us? I want some time alone with my little cunt. I think I am going to leave the nipple clamps on her. They make her titties look so much better.” Lexy grinned happily, and took the toys to the sink. She must have been in a post orgasmic stupor. Casey turned her attention to Cunt, “You like being used don’t you?” She waited for a response.

“Yes Cunt likes to be used.”

“I bet you want to get off yourself huh?”

“Yes, yes Cunt wants to cum!” Cunt couldn’t help but sound eager!

Casey shook her head as she pet Cunt’s sweaty hair, “Well not yet my Dyke Cunt whore. No that is for home. But you get these.” She held up some balls in her hand, “Do you know what they are?”

Cunt shook her head.

“They are vibrating beads my stupid little Cunt. If you can keep them in that dirty twat of yours until tonight, and not drop one, then maybe I will let you cum, but if not be prepared to get punished, and I mean much worse then what Lexy gave you. Okay?”

“Yes,” Cunt said. She didn’t want those things anywhere near her, but she had no choice. She would do anything to get off now. She had been driven to the point of no return. Casey positioned herself between Cunt’s legs and proceeded to put two of the balls inside Cunt’s soaking pussy.

She then told Cunt to get dressed and stand in the corner. When Lexy was finished she placed the toys back in the bag and was about to get dressed. Casey grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees, “What you think you get off and I don’t?” she pushed Lexy to the floor, “You insulted my cunt, now lets see your pussy licking skills.” She straddled Lexy’s face, and Cunt watched as she road Lexy’s head. It was an amazing sight. Casey kept screaming insults at Lexy in between moans and grunts. She rocked back and forth withholding oxygen from Lexy telling her that she was horrible at licking pussy. Cunt felt a sense of pride that Casey was defending her like that. It was strange but it made her feel so good. Finally, with a long and deep moan, Casey came. She climbed off of Lexy, and began to dress, “Cunt get over here. Clean her up.” She said, and Cunt began to walk towards Lexy. However, with each step the balls inside her pussy began to vibrate, and her pussy didn’t know what to do. Cunt was caught off guard at first and let out a slight moan. Casey glared at her,“I said now damnit! What you think we have all day?” Cunt tried to move faster, but the feeling was like none other! It was amazing, and it was hard to walk and keep them within her at the same time. Finally she got to Lexy and licked her face and mouth clean. All while she did that Lexy made it a point to move around so that Cunt had to move to catch her and kiss her and also feel the vibration of the balls she was so desperately trying to keep from falling out of her pussy.


Chapter 4

Back in the Room

Climbing the steps had been the most difficult part of the trip home. They lived on the second floor, and Cunt couldn’t have been happier that they didn’t live on the fourth. The beads vibrating her insides sending her arousal behind her own comprehension made keeping them inside her the hardest thing she had done in her life. Casey made sure that she snickered at her the entire way. She kept taunting Cunt and telling her to move faster. Cunt almost reached down with her hand to attempt to hold them inside and move faster, the look she got from Casey told her it wasn’t a good idea. It took an eternity to get back to the room. When they did Cunt was ordered to strip and kneel in the center of the room, she did so without question. She wanted those beads removed, she wanted her pussy to cool down, and she wanted her thighs to dry off. Casey paced around her in silence with a huge grin on her face. Cunt blushed and lowered her head, and tried to keep her eyes off of Casey’s. However she couldn’t. She had an urge to watch as Casey silently mocked her. Finally Casey stopped, “Oh fine you can drop them!” Cunt let out a sigh of relief, and the beads dropped on the floor with a sickening slurp. Casey squinted down at them, “Ewwe! GROSS!” She glared at Cunt, “Those had better be cleaned! That stinky Dyke whore juice is all over them! How could you be so disgusting? God! Don’t you ever wash! You smell like shit!” Cunt’s face was scarlet. Tears welled in her eyes and she knew what she had to do. She picked up one bead at a time, and licked them clean, occasionally putting them in her mouth to suck her pussy juice off them. When Casey was satisfied they were put in the drawer that had at one point in time held Cunt’s underwear, but was now practically empty. Casey smiled at her, “This is your new toy drawer!” Casey emptied the rest of the stuff into the drawer placing it neatly inside, and then closed it. Cunt couldn’t see her because she was standing behind her, and her anxiety grew at the thought of what Casey could possibly be planning, “I guess it’s time we took care of that nasty knarly bush down there! Go get some shaving lotion and a razor. I will have to deal with this my way.” Cunt did as she was told while Casey dug through her closet, “Clear of your desk dyke!” she barked at her. Cunt gulped and began to remove things off her desk. Her PC was placed on the floor in the corner. All her supplies were put into the drawers, and after ten minutes it was finally clean. Casey walked over, and rubbed Cunt’s ass. Cunt let out a low moan, and was met by a fierce spank. She blushed immediately. Why did she like that? Why did she love her touch? Casey laid a towel on the desk, then grabbed Cunt’s face and forced her to meet her eyes, “Lay down ass at the end, with your legs hanging over, and wide! I need to see that smelly snatch so I know what to do.” Cunt did as she was told. Her legs spread as wide as possible. The cool air against her pussy made her nipples stiffen. She closed her eyes to fight back the tears, why was she helpless against Casey’s wishes. She didn’t know what it was at first, but all of a sudden she heard a buzzing. Her head perked up and she saw that Casey was kneeling between her thighs, and had something she couldn’t quite make out going towards her twat. She was surprised when she discovered it was an electric razor, “Have to get that long shit out of the way first so as I can have easy access to this dyke hole,” Casey said as she went about removing the hair. Cunt bit her lower lip, and wiggled her toes. The razor was vibrating, and Casey occasionally went near her clit with it. She knew that her pussy was beyond soaked; Casey kept wiping it with the towel. “You like this don’t you. You are such a kinky little dyke!” Casey snickered at her, and Cunt blushed, and she did, she did like it. The vibration was driving her wild. With all the heat down there Cunt was surprised when cool shaving gel was applied, she felt her body get goose bumps all over. She balled her hands into fists because she knew that this was going to be the tricky part. Casey looked up at her, “I would hold still if I were you.” Casey began to slowly remove what little stubbles of hair the electric razor had left behind. Cunt lay back, and felt the nervous sweat begin to bead on her forehead. She was biting her lower lip harder and trying to breathe as little as possible. She didn’t want Casey to cut her clit off.When Casey was done she wiped Cunt’s pussy clean, and then stood back. Cunt’s breath returned to normal, and she for some reason felt calm. She was relieved she had escaped the ordeal without any blood. Casey grinned, “I do good work, maybe now your dyke twat won’t smell as bad!” Casey ordered Cunt to put the things back on the desk. Cunt rose, and looked down at her now bare pussy. She was shocked at first, but then curious. She couldn’t remember it ever looking like that before. She brought her finger down to touch the monds, but was met by a quick slap to the ass, “No playing!” Casey barked, and Cunt did as she was told. Casey rummaged through the drawer while that was being done, and Cunt couldn’t imagine what she was planning now. There was a sparkle in Casey’s eye when she turned around with whatever she was holding behind her back hidden Cunt’s eyes. “Do you want to be my little pet? Do you want to be MY Dyke cunt whore?” she asked.

Cunt wanted to scream no! She wanted to tell Casey that she didn’t even like her very much, but she couldn’t. She tried, she opened her mouth to tell her no, but that wasn’t what came out, “Yes,” that was all she could say. She tried again, “Yes Cunt wants to be your Cunt whore!” Cunt couldn’t believe her mouth. Why? What did she just say?

Casey’s grin grew, “Good now be a good little dyke, and bend over so I can see that ass of yours.” Cunt was still in disbelief over what she had just said. She didn’t want that, why was she saying she did? Maybe her subconscious was telling that she did? Maybe she really did want to be her pet. Cunt turned around, and bent over to show her ass to Casey. Casey giggled at her, “What a good little dyke!” Cunt felt her stomach flutter. She liked the praise. Why she liked the praise she didn’t know, all she knew now was that she lived for the praise. Then she felt something odd. She didn’t know what was happening! She never felt that before. It was Casey’s finger she figured out, but it was cold and gooey, and why was it there? Why was Casey’s finger probing her asshole? What was Casey doing now? Cunt wanted to ask, but her mouth wouldn’t open. All she could do was stay there, quiet, as Casey probed her ass with her gooey cold finger. Casey didn’t say anything she just giggled at the way Cunt’s ass tried to resist her. Then Cunt felt something hard. Casey had removed her finger, now something else was pushing against her sphincter. Something else was trying to invade her anal cavity. Cunt grunted as it was pushed deep into her anus. Casey laughed, “Oooh! You look so ridiculous! You now have a tail! You really are a pet! I bet you just want to crawl around like a little doggy, and wiggle your ass so your tail wags! Don’t you?”

Casey had shoved the red butt plug with the black tail in her ass. Cunt remembered it from the store. She suddenly had the urge to crawl around and shake her butt. Cunt got down on all fours and began to crawl around wiggle her hips so that she could feel the tail swishing against her ass cheeks. Casey laughed at her, and Cunt wanted to cry. The tears began to trickle down her cheeks, and Casey laughed harder at her. Casey reached into her drawer and pulled out a camera. And to Cunt’s surprise flashes went off. Casey was taking pictures of her with the plug in her ass crawling around shaking her tail. The tears began to flow harder, and she bit her lip to control the sobs.


Chapter Five

Casey’s Friend

In the midst of the photo session, while Cunt sobbed, there was a knock at the door. Cunt immediately stopped everything she was doing, including breathing. All she could feel was the thudding in her chest, and the tightness within her ass. She looked at Casey with panic in her eyes. Something was about to happen, and Cunt knew she wasn’t going to like it very much. Casey giggled and put the camera down. She began to skip to the door, “Wait!” Cunt pleaded, “What about—”“Shut up you little Dyke!” Casey hissed. She opened the door a crack, and Cunt lowered her head. She was frozen like a deer in headlights on all fours. What else could she do? She had learned that something inside her was making her listen to Casey whether she liked it or not. Tears slid down her face again as she heard Casey squeal and giggle. There was a little bit of whispering and then the door closed. Cunt didn’t want to turn and see what had just happened because she already knew. The person had been let inside. “I told you! It’s so weird!”

“I can’t believe it!” The girl said, and Cunt knew exactly who it was. It was a girl from one of her classes last semester. “How did you? Oh my god! What is that in her ass?”

Casey just giggled, “You just have to be stern with these little closet dykes. Eventually these worthless little twats just break down and listen to you.” Cunt could already see the glimmer in Casey’s eyes without turning around. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment, and her pussy twitched with excitement. Why was her body enjoying everything she was going through so much? Casey slapped Cunts ass, “Now you aren’t being very polite!” she grabbed a hold of the plug and wiggled it a little bit, and Cunt couldn’t help but moan. “Come now, greet our guest properly by kissing her feet you worthless pussy lick cum bucket!”

Cunt began to turn around, and as she did so the swish of the tail sent tingles through her ass cheeks. It was as though tiny electric shocks were being sent from her cheeks to her clit. Without looking at her eyes, Cunt lowered her head rather unwillingly to the girl’s sneakered foot, and kissed it. “Casey you are a friggin genius! I want one!”

They both giggled, and all Cunt could do was blush. “The best part is that this little dyke is like a bitch in heat. Her cunt has been soaked all day!” Casey squealed, “Feel it!” Cunt wanted to beg her to not allow this girl to probe her inner most parts. She wanted so much to stand up, and run away. She wanted no part of this anymore. She glanced at Casey with a pleading look hoping against hope that she would relent. Perhaps with one look Casey would realize that this was just a little bit too far. However that wasn’t what happened. The intense stare was too much for Cunt. She absolutely had to obey; her clit twitched and throbbed just by meeting Casey’s eyes. “Stand Cunt, and spread those legs so as my friend may inspect that hole of yours!”

Cunt did as she was told, she rose to her feet, and the tail felt as though it were going deeper into her. The fringes on the end brushed against her ass cheeks, and this time she gave a sigh. She didn’t know how much longer she could bare that sensation before she exploded. She spread her legs, and closed her eyes. She didn’t want to have to watch the girl invade her. The girl’s fingers were long and slender; Cunt took a deep breath as they entered most viciously. The girl prodded her as though she were not even a person. She shoved the finger as far as it would go in, and Cunt could feel it resting against the entrance of her womb, “holy shit! Casey I don’t think I have ever felt anyone as wet as this before! What have you done to her?” With that the finger was removed from her love canal, and without warning Cunt felt the girl begin to pinch and roll her clit, “And look at this! It’s so hard!” She giggled at Cunt as Cunt’s hip began to hump the hand, “and look at how horny she is! Casey really, how did you do this? I want to know! I want to do it too!” The girl too her fingers away and Cunt immediately felt frustrated. She wanted to get off now. It had been an entire day since she came! She had been on the brink of orgasm all day, she needed a release! She didn’t have to look in Casey’s eyes anymore to know that she would do anything just to get off. That was when she heard the most horrible phrase all day, “Can we play?”

“I thought you would never ask!” Casey squealed. Cunt hadn’t heard Casey talk that way in the two days she had known her. She had always been firm and mean, but now she sounded like a giggling school girl. In front of her Casey began to kiss and molest the girl, and the girl was doing the same. There was breast caressing, and hair petting. Cunt felt invisible and it was somewhat of a release, but at the same time it was making her even more aroused. The sight before her, two women making out in front of her was driving her even wilder. The two broke their embrace and turned to Cunt. She knew she couldn’t be invisible for that long. Casey’s friend reached out and tugged on the chain that hung between the nipple clamps. The fire in Cunt’s nipples sent a lightening bolt through he nipples into her breasts, and down to her clit, her breath was caught in her throat. “Aren’t those welts beautiful Jordan?” Casey admired, “The woman at the store gave them to her.” She was speaking of the strips across Cunts tits from the whipping she had received earlier.

Jordan reached out and began to maul Cunt’s sore tits. She squeezed and pulled at them, “They more definitely are.” She pulled on the chain some more sending shivers through Cunt. Casey walked around Cunt, and placed her hands on her ass cheeks. She began to mold and squeeze them just as Jordan was doing to her tits, “There must be a lot more meat back there. These tits are really small. How do you stand that? Doesn’t it remind you of a boy?” Cunt’s cheeks flushed again. Why was she getting so turned on by these two girls not only molesting her, but mocking her as well? She wasn’t going to take it anymore. After they got her off she was going to tell Casey it was through. She had her fun, but she couldn’t do it anymore there was no way in hell she could live like that.

Casey sighed into Cunt’s next and the tingling from the heat of Casey’s breath made her moan a little bit, “The swelling from the whipping makes them a little bit bigger. I guess that’s what I will have to do.” With that she pushed her thumb against the tail within Cunt’s anus that she was just starting to get used to, and Cunt gasped. The pressure in her ass was intensified. She wasn’t sure if it was arousing her, or it was hurting so she held her breath and hoped that it would end soon.

Jordan knelt down between Cunts legs and stared for a moment. Casey soon relented on the anal plug, and Cunt let out a sigh. It was a great relief when the pressure was gone. Jordan sighed into Cunt’s Twat, and her clit twitched, “You ever think of labia piercing?”

Cunt’s eyes shot open. She could not handle that. She really wanted to scream then. She wanted the game to stop right there. Playing was one thing, and so was getting off, but piercing were permanent. She turned, and was met by those piercing eyes, and an evil grin. Piercing weren’t that bad. Casey’s grin grew into a full toothed smile, “I was thinking more of a hood piercing so that it would rest on her clit. You know?” Jordan nodded approvingly, and rose to her feet. She glared at Cunt, and Cunt had to look away. The intensity was no where near as great as Casey’s but something told her that she was not worthy of keeping eye contact. Casey sighed, “Lets get this show on the road. I’m starting to get horny! Cunt remove Jordan’s clothes.” It didn’t take long, Jordan was not wearing much. She pulled off the white tank top to find two pierced nipples on two perfect breasts free of a bra. Then she knelt down and removed the shorts waiting for Jordan to step out of them. Jordan wore white bikini panties with a simple little rainbow on the front. Cunt had been to busy with what she was doing to be concerned with what Casey was doing. Soon she felt a sharp smack on her bottom, “I want you to pull them off with your teeth!” Casey slapped Cunt’s ass again with the paddle she had bought at the store. It was a tad bit difficult, and between Jordan giggling at her, and Casey’s swatting at her for each failed attempt both sets of Cunt’s cheeks were burning and red by the time she finally had the panties removed. When she finally had them down the musky smell of arousal was what greeted her. Jordan had dark pubic hair trimmed neatly in a little rectangular patch on her monds above her pussy. “Alright Jordan,” Casey said with one last swat, “She’s all yours. You tell her what to do, and I will watch.”

Jordan peered, “But when are you going to get yours?”

Casey grinned at her as she sat in the desk chair, “Don’t you worry baby. She’s all mine I get it whenever I want it.”

Cunt turned to Casey and was met by those eyes, and she had to. Her brain twitched as well as her clit. All she could hear in her head was listen obey listen obey listen obey, over and over again. She looked up to Jordan’s grinning face. Jordan brought her foot up, and pushed Cunt down flat onto the ground by her head. Cunt lay on her back legs spread waiting for some kind of direction. Jordan stood over her circle for a little while. Because she was laying flat the chain between her nipple clamps was pulled somewhat taunt and her nipples were on fire again, and her pussy was starting to gush. Jordan stood between Cunt’s legs, and brought her foot to Cunt’s sex. She pushed her big toe up against Cunt’s clit and began to rub it with her toe. She grinned evilly, “Tell me little —” she paused and turned to Casey, “What’s her name?”

“Ask her.”

Jordan pushed harder and Cunt let out a moan, “What is your name?”

“Cunt likes to be called Dyke Cunt, or Cunt.” Cunt replied through sighs. Each little poke with the toe was sending electric shocks through her body. She was getting so close to falling over the edge.

Jordan laughed, “Cunt? Oh my God!” With that she pulled her toe away from her clit, and pushed it up against the opening of Cunt’s sex, “Do you want my toe inside? Tell me you want me to fuck you with my big toe!”

Cunt’s hips pushed forward to aid Jordan’s toe into her hole, “Yes! Cunt wants your toe inside her twat! It is so hot, and wet, please fuck Cunt’s dyke hole with your toe!”

Jordan pushed harder, and Cunt gasped as more than the toe slid inside. It was more like three toes. Jordan wiggled them around, and Cunt felt her hips humping up against it. “What a nasty little bitch you have!” Jordan giggled. She removed her foot and frowned down at Cunt, “Damnit! Look at this!” Cunt blushed she knew what was coming next, she just couldn’t help herself. She was so horny she had to do anything to get off. She had to try any way she could! Jordan hopped over and rested her foot on Cunt’s chest, “What is this all over my foot!”

Cunt gulped, “Cunt’s twat slime.”

“Don’t you think you should get rid of it?” Jordan pushed her foot into Cunt’s open mouth, and Cunt began to suck and lick at Jordan’s foot. She was beginning to become accustomed to her own taste. It was a little bit sour, but she didn’t gag anymore. She was able to lick it all up with no problem. Jordan turned to Casey, “What kind of toes do you have?” Casey tossed the bag to Jordan. Within it were all the things they had bought that day. Jordan rummaged through herself to find something useful. She pulled out the glow in the dark vibrator. She commanded Cunt to stand with her legs spread far apart. Jordan stood in front of her, and placed the vibrator on full blast up against Cunt’s protruding clit. Cunt’s hips immediately began to buck, and she was moaning in excitement. Jordan began to pull at the nipple clamps which only made Cunt scream. It was pulled away after only a short time. And Cunt’s hips humped slowly at nothing. Jordan walked around to the back of Cunt, “I think it’s about time we removed this, if it’s okay with you darling?” Cunt assumed she was talking to Casey. With a quick slap to her already pink ass Jordan barked, “Bend over bitch.” Cunt did as she was told and bent over and grabbed her ankles for support. With one quick pull her ass was empty. She no longer felt the pressure on her bowels, but she had a sudden urge to empty them. Before being allowed to rise underneath her nose was a most horrible odor. Jordan had the butt plug in front of her, “You know what to do.” With out a moment’s hesitation Cunt took it within her mouth and licked at the foul tool that was once invading her anus. She had to swallow the bile that was rising in her throat. She kept telling herself that the orgasm that was going to come that night would make up for the humiliation that she was enduring now. When the plug was cleaned to satisfaction it was put away, however, Cunt was still in the position. She felt Jordan behind her fingering her anus. Before it felt like an awkward intrusion when Casey had done it. Perhaps it was because Casey’s fingers were much stouter than Jordan’s, but something told Cunt that her ass had been stretched by what was just pulled from with in her. Jordan poked and wiggled her finger around inside Cunt’s asshole for some time before she was totally satisfied with whatever she was going to do, “It is still too virgin.” Was all she said before demanding her fingers be cleaned. Cunt then felt her ass slapped and pushed. She almost fell forward onto her face, but caught herself with her arms. She was now down on all fours. Jordan than put her foot on her back and lowered her ass to the floor so that she was kneeling. Jordan walked around to the front of Cunt, “You may lick me now.” Cunt leaned forward and began to lick for all she was worth. She rammed her nose up against Jordan’s clit and curled her tongue like a rod and pistoned it in and out of Jordan’s wet sex. She lapped and sucked at Jordan’s clit as best she could. Soon she felt Jordan’s thighs tighten, and her head was being pushed deeper inside Jordan’s pussy by Jordan’s hand on the back of Cunt’s head. Cunt knew that she was approaching orgasm. Cunt sucked harder at Jordan’s clit until she finally exploded. Cunt was greeting by a surprise. Apparently Jordan ejaculated. A stream of pussy juice went up Cunt’s nose, and she gagged. She was not prepared for that. It burned all the way down to her stomach as Cunt attempted to lick all of the rest of the juice clean.

When she was done Jordan collapsed down onto the bed with a very heavy sigh. Casey smiled and stood; “Now I can have mine.”