Paying the Landlord

MM/f, D/s, humil, nc

Paying the Landlord

by Craig88

Rent was 6 months behind, and we had ran out of excuses as to why we didn’t have the money. It was £400 a month, gas, electricity and water included. We lived a pretty run down are, you know the type, litter everywhere as was the graffiti, and the apartment block had seen better days. Luckily my husband and I lived on the top floor, of a 3 storey block with about 4 apartments on each level, our landlord lived elsewhere, somewhere nice probably.

Our landlord was called Phil, or Mr.Allen as he liked to be called. Everyone in our apartment hated him, he thought he was so big and had an ego bigger than his stomach, yeah he was a fat bastard, about 40, balding, had awful yellow teeth and he smelled sweaty. I hated it whenever he came round, he always used to look at me as if I was a piece of meat, and he made me feel sick, he was repulsive. He would always come on the last Friday of the month, and I always tried covering myself, especially my 36DD breasts, which wasn’t easy.

My husband Steve was in and out of work. We had been married for 2 years and we love each other dearly, Steve is the only man I have ever slept with, but due to the stress we have been going through, our sex life is close to non-existent.

‘Knock, knock’.

I looked up at Steve and he me, we knew it was him and we didn’t have the money for rent, again. Steve opened the door and in waltzed the fat bastard, and plumped himself down on the couch.

He looked up at me and smiled with his yellow teeth and asked for a cup of tea. I scurried off to the kitchen and began to listen to my husband having to tell Mr.Allen that we still didn’t have the money.

“Stephen, Stephen, Stephen…I am owed almost £2400 from you and so far I have been lenient…”

I heard Steve say something but Mr.Allen interrupted, “…I don’t want to hear your excuses, I’ve heard them all, I should have you thrown into the street, you piece of trash!”

“Mr.Allen, we will have your money, we just need time…”

That fat bastard interrupted my husband again, “I don’t think so, you will be hearing again from me very soon!”

With that he stood up and marched straight out the door.

The next day, Steve was at work. I went around cleaning the apartment when I heard two loud knocks at the door. I had a feeling of who it was and my suspicions were confirmed when I opened the door to see Mr.Allen staring at me with his yellow smile.

“Hello Helen, is your husband home?”

“um…no he’s at work until tonight, how may I help?” I stammered out.

“Well if you may let me in maybe we can discuss the matter?”

I nervously opened the door and he pushed himself through and walked past me. I nervously closed the door and turned around to see Mr.Allen glaring at me. I had completely forgotten that I was only wearing one of Steve’s t-shirts which just managed to cover my fanny area. I was not wearing a bra so my big pointy breasts were straining against the thin material.

“Well, how can I help” , I asked.

After he had arisen from his fantasy, he looked me in the eye and said as coldly as anyone could ever put it, “You two are out on the street by tonight”.

I started to sob as we had nowhere to go, I looked at him and began to beg for him to let us stay. He wouldn’t have any of it, so I added the words I would regret for the rest of my life… “please, I’ll do anything.”

With that, his yellow smile appeared and he seemed to be lost in his thought.

“Anything?” he smiled.

I just nodded.

“Well I’m sure we can come to some agreement.” I had a bad feeling of where this was going.

“Come here and kneel in front of me,” he calmly said.

I did as he said and as I knelt in front of him, he reached down and unzipped his flies, reached in and fumbled out his little penis. It stunk. I almost threw up at the pure horrible smell of it.

“Unless you do as I say, when I say, you and your husband will be out on your asses. Do you understand Helen?”

I could only nod.

“Now, I want you to suck my cock, and I don’t want to hear any complaints, you will do as I say. Now, suck.”

I leant my head forward and placed my mouth around his foul cock. As it touched my tongue the taste sent shivers down my spine, I felt as though I would vomit. As I sucked it, it began to stir to life in my mouth. Mr.Allen placed his hand on the back of my head and forced me to suck it harder, to the back of my mouth.

“That’s it you fucking whore, suck my cock hard!”

He was yanking my head backwards and forwards on his dick and once every now and again, he would pull his dick out of my mouth and slap it across my face, then thrust it back in again. I just wanted it to end, but I had to do this for Steve and myself.

After what seemed like an eternity of Mr.Allen fucking my mouth with his 3 inches, he began to moan and I knew he was close to coming. For the final time, he pulled his little cock out of my mouth and proceeded to shoot his foul, thick spunk all over my face. I felt ribbons of his spunk lashing against my face and I had a brief moment of happiness, knowing that he had blown his load.

“That’s it Helen, you and your husband won’t be kicked out, for now. Unless you want your husband to find out about this little ordeal, I suggest you do as I say, when I say.”

I was his sex slave now. I could do nothing about it. If I carried on doing as Mr.Allen says, my husband and I would have a roof over our head, if I didn’t we would be out on the street.

“I’ll be seeing you again Helen.”

With that he left and I rushed into the shower to wash myself clean, and I cried and cried until Stephen came home that night. I spent the whole night in his arms, Stephen unaware of what I had now become, Mr.Allen’s sex slave. What would he have me do tomorrow?

I cried at the thought of tomorrow coming.




Steve had gone to work at 8am that morning. I lay in bed, awaiting that knock on the door. I felt a shiver go down my spine at the thought of his stinking dick. I pulled the quilt up higher, hoping the warmth against my naked body would comfort me, it didn’t.

An hour passed and still nothing. Then two hours passed. Then three. By 11.30am, I had reluctantly pulled myself from my warm bed and quietly began to tiptoe to the bathroom. Tiptoeing. Did I honestly think that by being quiet he wouldn’t hear me and think that no one was in and he’d go away? I was regretting his impending arrival.

I got in the shower and began to wash myself in the warm water, running all over my body, my breasts.

‘Knock, knock’.

I froze. The sound of the door sent shivers down my spine and I felt a sickening feeling in my stomach. Why now? Why right in the middle of me showering, when I was at my weakest, when I was naked?

I grabbed a towel and frantically began to dry myself.

‘Knock, knock.’

The knocks this time around were louder than the first. He’s becoming impatient. I don’t want to anger him in fear of the sexual repercussions.

I grabbed my robe and flung it on and went for the door. I swallowed as I reached for the door knob, as it turned the door slowly opened. I opened it about 8 inches, as you usually do when answering the door and peeked round the corner.

Staring straight back at me was the cold, beady eyes of Mr. Allen. I felt as though I would break down into tears.

‘Hello again Helen, pleased to see me?’ he smirked.

I said nothing and opened the door as I turned my back to him. I walked to the centre of my living room and awaited whatever degrading act I would be issued.

‘Not in a talkative mood I see. What a shame Helen, after the generosity I am showing to yourself and your husband.’

These words angered me. Generosity. He can stick it up his fat ass.

He came up behind me and ran his hands over my shoulders and down my arms. He reached for the front of my robe and pulled the cord open. He slowly pulled my robe open and I felt his head over my shoulder as he peered over. My robe was pulled wide open, and it was pulled over my shoulders and it dropped to the floor. My skin went cold as I saw myself naked and vulnerable.

‘Ahhh…I’ve been waiting a long time to see your magnificent tits.’

I hated the word tits, it was such a low, common word. Stephen knew I hated it.

Mr. Allen ran his chubby fingers over my nipples which had become erect.

He walked around me, so I was facing him and he undid his trousers and pulled them along with his underwear to around his ankles. I looked aghast as I saw the brown skid marks of shit in his pants.

He plumped himself down on the couch and motioned for me to kneel in front of him. I reluctantly took my place between his legs. He reached up and ran his hand through my damp hair and all of a sudden yanked it extremely hard, pulling my head down in the direction of his penis.

The smell of his penis was worse than yesterday. I began to gag at the smell, but my sounds were muffled because of his cock in my mouth. As with yesterday, I was subjected to a face-fucking. My hair was being pulled backwards and forwards and the pain brought tears to my eyes.

‘BANG’. I heard the front door slam shut. I tried to jump up but Mr. Allen pulled my head back into place. I could only see directly in front of me, which was Mr. Allen’s fat stomach hanging over. I realised that I hadn’t shut the door and my current position left me extremely vulnerable from behind.

‘Damn, she’s got one hell of an ass.’ I heard a male voice say. It definitely wasn’t Steve’s voice, this voice was a lot deeper, and it sounded older also.

The familiar voice of Mr. Allen spoke out, “Why don’t you help yourself to some of it then?”

With that I panicked. No other man but Stephen had ever been inside me. I tried to pull myself up and my screams of “No, please!” fell on deaf ears. My head was pulled up and I met eye to eye with Mr. Allen. All of a sudden I felt a stinging blow on my face. He had slapped my face so hard, it stung like nothing I have ever experienced.

“Now you listen to me you fucking whore! I will do with you whatever I want! I say who can fuck you or not. If you try to disobey me again you will be punished harder and more painfully. If you want me to stop, you and your deadbeat husband will be thrown into the street and I don’t think you two will be on the best of terms when he finds out what a slut his wife is. Do I make myself clear?” he bellowed.

I thought of my love for Stephen and how worthless I would be without him. I wiped my face and looked Mr. Allen in the eyes. His hand was now out of my hair and resting on his thigh. With that I leant forward and took his hard little cock in my mouth and began to suck.

“Ahhh, that’s the right answer Helen.”

I was sucking his dick of my own accord, I was the one in control of this blowjob, not him, I kept my eyes closed and tried to think of Stephen.

‘SMACK!’ A rasping smack was laid on my ass cheek with a slapping noise that echoed through the room. The pain was phenomenal and it brought tears to my eyes.

Another three rasping spanks were laid onto my delicate ass, each seemingly more painful than the last. It was the strange man behind me, laying those stinging lashes onto my butt.

I was sucking Mr. Allen’s puny dick hard when I heard the familiar sound of a zip being undone. I then felt something rubbing against my pussy lips. I had a good idea of what.

I then felt the man behind me enter me. He became only the second man in my life to ever be inside me. He pushed himself in and then slowly pulled back again. He didn’t feel to be big at all, his penis felt quite small.

“That’s it Dan, give her a good screw, the little whore.”

Dan, that must be his name.

I heard him reply, “Oh god Phil, her cunt is so fucking tight, its like fucking a virgin!”

They both burst into laughter, I just wanted this ordeal to end.

Dan began to fuck me harder and harder and I hated every minute of it. I was trying my best to get Mr. Allen to come and I bucked my hips also in the hope it would make Dan come quicker.

“Mmhhh, she’s getting wetter!” I heard Dan say. It was true, slowly I could feel myself beginning to slightly enjoy it. I hadn’t had a cock in my pussy for a while now.

What am I saying! My god damn pussy was betraying me, I hated every moment of it, but my pussy was beginning to enjoy his little dick.

Mr. Allen’s familiar voice boomed, “Is that right Helen, that your beginning to enjoy Dan’s cock? You really are a little slut!”

They both burst into laughter again. Fucking assholes.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mr. Allen began to moan a lot louder and I placed my hand on his balls and slowly began to caress them, hoping it would speed him up. It did the trick.

“Oh fuck yeah, oh I’m gonna come!”

He blasted his foul tasting spunk into my mouth. I didn’t want to swallow it, but I had nowhere to spit it, except in his face. I didn’t want the taste to last in my mouth so I swallowed all of his semen.

Dan wasn’t far behind. My pussy was really causing me problems, it, not I, was trying to enjoy it. I used the smell of Mr. Allen’s cock to try to put me off moaning. But my pussy knew that I had a cock in my mouth and a cock in my cunt, most women’s fantasy, what else could it do?

A minute or so later, Dan, with a loud groan, erupted inside me. He flooded my pussy with what felt like a gallon of hot spunk, I felt his cock twitching inside me several times as he emptied himself into me. I felt his dwindling erection pull out of me and I felt his warm spunk leaking out of my pussy and down my thighs.

I stay kneeled there as Mr. Allen stood up and pulled his trousers back up. I kept my gaze on the sofa in front of me, when Dan stands in front of me. I look up to see his face, but his semi-hard cock is thrust into my mouth.

“Clean my cock you fucking whore!” he orders me.

Without argument I suck on his cock, tasting his cum and my pussy juices entwined, a taste I had never experienced. I thought that Dan would only want to quickly rinse his cock in my mouth but I was wrong. I was left sucking his cock, which at full length was only about 5 inches, for a while until he came for the second time in my already used mouth.

I only got a glimpse of him as he hurriedly left, he had grey hair and was tall, that was it.

Mr. Allen came over to me.

He placed a piece of paper on the sofa, and then £200 in cash.

“I want you to take this money and buy everything on this piece of paper, it is all in the same place and they all come to £200. You are not to show your husband and I want them bought by the time I come round at 11.30am tomorrow. Am I clear?”

I slightly nodded.

“Good, see you tomorrow Helen.” and he left.

I kneel there, with spunk running down my face and thighs, like a used whore, but I did it for us. I lean forward and read the piece of paper.

I stand up and resume my shower. I then dress and leave with the piece of paper and the £200.



After a three hour trip, I arrived back at my apartment, my sanctuary I had once thought. I closed the door behind me and walked into my bedroom and emptied the contents of my bags onto the bed. I placed each item separate from the next and surveyed the items which I had brought, costing almost £200. I didn’t like what I saw or where I had been.

I visited a store which was in a notorious area where I never ventured. I never went there as the number of disgusting old homeless men was overwhelming and I had to suffer the disgusting chauvinist chants of the filthy tramps.

It was a ‘sex shop’ to put it plainly, but to put it plainly as a ‘sex shop’ would be wrong as it was a little more than that. I went in and was greeted by an array of uniforms, dildos, vibrators, whips…almost every sexual item one can think of, it made my skin crawl.

I showed the person in the store the items on the list, well I say ‘store person’ but yet again, she looked anything but. She looked like a slut. She had a tight pink plastic boob tube which hardly covered her enormous breasts and a tight micro-mini skirt on. She was very helpful none the less.

I brought the items and was now surveying them. They consisted of 2 pairs of handcuffs, a ball gag, a whip, knee high shiny leather boots, a few pairs of fishnet stockings, a few Basques, a few micro-mini leather skirts, a short black tight latex dress, a few slutty tops and finally a big black rubber dildo. The clothes and lingerie to be honest didn’t really scare me, but the whip and the dildo did. The woman in the store couldn’t believe the size of the one I had to choose. It was at least 12″ long and very thick in diameter, I hated the sight of the vile thing.

I placed all the items back in the bag and hid them under the bed, hoping Stephen would never find the humiliation which I have to suffer.

The next day, I was awake early, before Stephen. I was restless, I couldn’t sleep knowing what lied under my bed, what I knew I would have to suffer.

Time passed slowly, when Stephen had left for work it was still only 8am. I had no idea as to what debauchery I would be suffering in 3 and a half hours. As with yesterday the time dragged.

I couldn’t get comfortable, the whole morning I was watching the clock, until the clock read 11.30. I couldn’t believe it that he arrived exactly on time.

When I let him in I sighed relief that he was on his own.

“Did you get what I asked for?”


I walked into the bedroom and pulled out the bag from under the bed and poured the contents onto the bed. His eyes widened with glee at the sight of what I had to gotten.

He rummaged through the items and he picked up the short latex dress. He threw it at me and told me to put it on.

“Can I at least have some privacy?” I asked.

I barely finished my sentence when I felt a stinging blow to my face, just like yesterday.

He grinned and said, “I don’t think so.”

I stripped down to my bra and undies when he told me to remove those also. I didn’t want to suffer another slap, so I did so. His eyes almost dropped out his head. It made my skin crawl as he stared at my body, my breasts and my shaved pussy.

I eventually managed to squeeze into the latex dress. It was extremely tight and I felt as though I was being suffocated. I pulled at the bottom of the dress to make sure it was ‘presentable’.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, you slut.” he ordered.

I had tried the clothes on in the store but didn’t pay much attention to how I looked as I knew I looked like a whore.

I turned to face the mirror and my thoughts were confirmed, I looked like a whore. My big breasts were straining against the rubber and it looked as though they would burst free. The shortness of it had my ass cheeks slightly peeking out. I hated how I looked, but my pussy didn’t. I could yet again feel myself getting damp between my thighs, it liked the look of me as a whore and was letting me know it. I glanced at Mr.Allen and saw the tiny tent in his trousers.

My pussy was ordering me to unleash his smelly little cock. It was craving for me to take him in my mouth and suck his dick hard and be enveloped in his stinking aroma. I couldn’t believe how my pussy was acting. Yesterday’s humiliation seemed to of awoken my dormant pussy and I hated it. I wanted to rip it out for wanting to purposely betray Stephen .

He had me put on the knee high boots as well and I looked the complete slut.

“We’re going out, now.” he ordered.

Out! I couldn’t go out like this, I knew I risked another slap but I didn’t care, I couldn’t, people would see me.

“But, I cant go out like this, I’ll be seen.”

He turned and smiled. “Helen, you do have that long coat over there, do you think I’m stupid?”

I looked at the floor, waiting for the slap to come. But it didn’t.

“Besides”, he continued, “you don’t think that you’re the only stupid slut behind on your rent in this apartment block do you?”

I’m not the only one? Oh my God I couldn’t believe that another poor woman was having to go through the same ordeal. Who was she? Did I know her?

I grabbed my coat and followed him down the stairs. I was scared as to where we was going, I had absolutely no idea. He stunk of sweat as I followed, it made me feel nauseous.

We got into his nice flash BMW and left the car park. It too smelt of sweat.

As we drove it started to drizzle, little specs of raindrops landed on the windscreen. The weather was dowdy and wet, as my pussy was quickly becoming. The anticipation of what was to come was becoming difficult to control, I hated this man, I hated what he was forcing me to do, I just wanted to be with my husband.

I began to realise that we were on the wrong side of town. The streets were crawling with druggies, hookers and tramps. I started to become scared, I hated this place. We drove past the sex store I had visited yesterday. I looked at Mr.Allen and he kept his gaze on the road.

We turned into an empty street, with litter laying everywhere. The boom of thunder made me jump, I was scared. There was a few big old run down warehouses on this road. The signs on the side of the warehouses were faded and the windows smashed. They looked completely derelict.

The car turned into one of these warehouse car parks. Mr.Allen stopped the car and turned off the ignition.

“Get out.”

I slowly opened the door and got out. My latex dress had slightly risen so I corrected it.

“Take off the coat and give it here.”

I did so and never felt so vulnerable in my life. I was stood in a short latex dress with knee high boots on the wrong side of town, I was scared.

“Now this is what you are going to do…” he began, “…you will walk into that warehouse, do not worry you will be fine.”

I looked over to the derelict warehouse and asked what is in there.

“In there are a few…friends of mine. They know of your arrival and you will assist them in whatever sexual gratification that they require.” His cold smile made me almost burst into tears, I had never been so scared in my life.

“Like I said, don’t worry, I will be close, I promise.” he hardly inspired me with confidence.

I turned and walked towards the big gap where I believed a door used to be. My heels on my boots clattered loudly as I apprehensively entered. I peeked around the corner and heard men talking loudly and laughing. I strained to look harder but could not see anyone from where I stood.

I took a deep breath and walked in. It was largely empty save for lots of cardboard boxes.

“Woah look at that!” a voice bellowed.

I shot my gaze in the direction of the voice and my heart sank at what I saw.

In the corner of the warehouse sat 3 filthy tramps. They looked terrible, had brown clothing had a disgusting look about them.

Before I knew it they were around me like flies around shit. Their eyes couldn’t believe their luck, their luck mind you. The tallest one looked like the leader. There was a small one and a tubby one too. They all smelt like shit, just as bad as Mr.Allen. I didn’t say a word.

“Well, I dunno about you lads, but I’m gonna have me some cunt,” the tall one laughed. They all seemed in agreement.

“What sa’ matter bitch? Your hubby can’t get it up so you come looking for some real men!”

I turned to the small one and spat in his filthy face for that remark. All I received in return was a vicious blow to head. I fell to the floor amidst their laughter. I was roughly pulled up to my knees by my blonde hair. A little dazed I saw that the tall one had his cock out and was massaging himself. His other two crones followed suit.

The tall one grabbed the back of my hair and told me to suck his dick. He pulled me forward and thrust his dick into my mouth. He tasted like piss. His dick was filthy. He began to viciously fuck my mouth as I felt hands run over my breasts and ass. I felt a rigid hard cock thrust into my left hand.

“Wank my cock you fucking whore!”

I did as I was told and grasped his length at its base and wanked his dick. The third tramp was fumbling to get my breasts out of my tight dress, good luck you fucking loser, I thought.

The tall tramp was roughly fucking my mouth, he had a sizeable cock, and thrust it to the back of my throat until I gagged. He pulled it out to allow me to cough and splutter before shoving his filthy dick straight back in again.

Before long the cock in my mouth twitched and unleashed a gallon of his filthy cum into my mouth. He pushed my head down hard on his cock and I struggled accommodating his length and his gallons of spunk.

“Damn, her pussy is fucking soaking wet!” I heard one say.

Oh God no I couldn’t believe my pussy was enjoying this, I wanted to go home. The tall one backed up and pulled his cock out my mouth, I got a good look at it and saw it was a good 7 inches long. From his cock a stand of saliva and cum joined with my mouth. He backed up and sat down, he had his fill, for now.

I hardly had time to think before the fat tramp had his cock in my mouth. It too was around 7 inches, but had a large bend in it. He too fucked my mouth silly. He didn’t last long at all and he too dumped the contents of his ball bags into my mouth.

I was then pulled up from behind and dragged over to this bench. I was thrown across it so my ass was at their mercy. It was the small one and he slapped my ass silly and stuck his finger into my virgin anus.

“Ahhhh, God please…Ahhh…not there!” I cried. I heard him unzip his flies and heard the ruffle of him rummaging in his pants.

“You’re gonna get it now you silly whore!” I heard one of them shout.

Without hesitation, a big dick was thrust into my pussy. I cried out in anguish, as I had never felt one so big. It pulled out and slammed back into my cunt again. Inch by inch his cock was getting deeper and deeper inside me. How long does this cock go on for I thought?

This filthy cock was bringing me pleasure I had never experienced before. It was so big I couldn’t fight against it. This big cock was ravaging me and I was helpless to fight against it.

I could hear the other two tramps laughing aloud.

“See Monty, she’s lovin’ your cock mate, what a fucking whore!”

He was fucking my pussy so hard I could feel my love juices running down my thighs.

“Ahhh, please, ahhh, fuck, ahhh, no more, oh fuck, oh fuck!” I cried.

His thrusts sped up and I felt a feeling inside my cunt I never felt before. It felt so strange, yet good. I couldn’t believe it…I was having my first ever orgasm at the hands of a tramp.

I screamed for him to stop, I didn’t want to suffer this, if I came, I would never be able to look my husband in the eyes again for what I’ve done. It was useless.

He only pumped me harder and I gave way. I felt an explosion inside me, my body shook violently and I cried out in pleasure. My knees felt as though they would give way, my hips bucked as I came all over his filthy big dick.

As I came back down to Earth, I heard them all laughing. I couldn’t believe what I had just done, I wanted to die. These tramps had raped me and I enjoyed it, I started to quietly sob. I was a whore, how could I do this to my husband?

“I’m gonna come!” I heard him cry.

“Not in my pussy, please!” I begged.

I begged to no avail and he pumped his disgusting seed into my disgusting cunt. I felt so humiliated, I had let my husband down.

It didn’t end there for me. I don’t know how long it lasted, but those tramps violated me over and over again, even my anal virginity was stolen from me. At the time I was having to ride the big cock and suck on the bent one as well. The tall tramp had no orifice left except for my anus. I begged as I did throughout the ordeal but yet again to no avail. His long penis was pushed into my tight ass and it hurt so bad I cried my eyes out. They just laughed.

Finally, after they had all used my mouth, pussy and anus, I had to give each in turn a tit wank. One by one they took turns fucking my big breasts until they shot their load over either my breasts or face.

As I knelt there, with semen dripping out of my pussy and ass, running down my thighs and breasts and over my face, I had one final act of debauchery to carry out.

“You filthy rich whore, I’m gonna go for a shit and when I come back, your gonna lick my ass clean!” said the fat one.

They all laughed hysterically. A few moments later he returned. He turned around and bent over and pulled his ass cheeks apart. I looked away in disgust, but the tall tramp grabbed a hold of my hair and pushed my face into his dirty asshole. The smell and taste were indescribable.

I licked away at his filthy asshole. It was wet from the fresh shit he had just had.

“Oh yeah, you fucking whore, clean my shitty ass!”

I licked the tramps asshole and the fresh shit all around it until he was satisfied it was clean. My head was pulled away and I didn’t want to imagine what my face looked like. The taste in my mouth was terrible.

I was finally allowed to leave. As I left, Mr.Allen awaited me outside, a big grin on his face.

I looked at him and asked how does that have anything to do with the rent we owe. He just smiled and said, “Helen, this experience will be financially beneficial to you, I promise”.

He drove me home without a word exchanged.




I had brushed my teeth so many times by gums started to bleed. I had chewing gum after chewing gum, but nothing could get rid of the foul tasting shit out of my mouth. I threw up time and time again for the rest of that day. I felt so degraded and humiliated.

I looked at myself in the bedroom mirror. I had been so pre-occupied with being sick and brushing my teeth I had no idea of how I now looked.

My mascara had run all down my cheeks, with the tears that I had cried and the semen shot over my face. My blonde hair was matted together with the filthy tramp cum shot over me. My latex dress was smeared and shined with three different loads of spunk, as were my boots.

I changed out of them and stood before the mirror naked. I saw I had bruises in my hips, where those filthy fuckers used me as a piece of shit, where they had held me as they took turns using me. I had dry semen all over my breasts, and my inner thighs. Worse still, my pussy and anus leaked semen.

I moved my hand towards my anus and it was very sore. I had lost my anal virginity to the lowest forms of life on the planet. I gently brushed my anus and felt the wetness of cum. I moved my hand to view and saw that there was blood mixed in with the cum. Blood from me, where they viciously assaulted my ass.

I got into the shower and scrubbed my skin hard. I needed to wash away wherever those foul tramps touched me. I scrubbed so hard my skin turned red and sore. Some relief did come however that Stephen wasn’t at work for the next few days. This meant I could have some rest bite before he came for me again.

We had sex, Stephen and I, but for a strange reason, I couldn’t enjoy it. After what had happened to me these past days, how could I get horny?

“Are you ok Helen, what’s the matter?” he softly asked.

I just told him I wasn’t in the mood, and we left it at that. I was hoping that he would at least try to get me horny, but he didn’t. We just cuddled instead.

Another thought came to me. My pussy had been betraying me for sex all week, why was it not dying for cock now?

Then Stephen started kissing me, he rolled on top of me and explored my mouth with his tongue. As he did so he moved his hand down between my thighs and parted them. He aligned his penis and slowly entered me. I sighed in pain as I was very tight.

He slowly made love to me as I lay there, but all I felt was the soreness of my pussy.

I wanted to cry. I had been trying all week to not enjoy my debauchery, and I didn’t enjoy it at all, but my pussy did. And now, when I wanted to make love with my husband, my pussy wasn’t allowing it.

It wasn’t long until Stephen unleashed himself inside me with a loud groan. Yet my pussy still didn’t twitch with excitement, not one bit.

“Oh yeah, didn’t you finish Helen?”

I looked at his eyes and foresaw the disappointment if I was to say no.

I smiled and said yes, of course.

He looked at me puzzled, “but you didn’t moan?”

“That’s because I was biting my lip not to”, I smiled back.

He smiled and we left it at that, but I silently cried myself to sleep that night.

Our 2 days went fast and before I knew it, I was sat on the couch awaiting Mr.Allen’s arrival.

I knew that he would of wanted me dressed so I did so. I put on the black Basque with black fishnet stocking suspenders and high heels. I then sat on the sofa awaiting his arrival.

I felt the usual, fear and sadness, and I then felt my pussy. It was wet. I was angered. Why? Why couldn’t of my pussy been as wet as this when I was with my husband? It must have been the anticipation. What disgusting act of sexual debauchery would I suffer to next? Whatever it was, my pussy couldn’t wait. I felt so disgusted at the thought that a piece of my body was acting like…a whore.

When Mr.Allen arrived he was over the moon to say the least about my appearance.

“My, my Helen, your turning into a real little whore aren’t you?”

It was true. My cunt was driving me insane, it was getting hot at the way Mr.Allen referred to me as a whore.

“I have a surprise for you Helen…” I looked up, “I have someone outside who’s been dying for some of you’re cunt. You see you have somewhat of a rep now. Word travels fast.”

I was scared, “How many people know?”

“Oh, well a fair few of the women in this apartment are aware of your, financial implications, shall I say,” he laughed.

I looked at him with a look of shock on my face.

“I wouldn’t worry Helen, let’s just say they have their own financial implications to be too bothered with you.”

“Do you mean that you’re humiliating other women in this apartment as well as me, for rent?”

He smiled.

“Well, if they can’t pay me my money, they’ll have to pay by some other means. Most of the women in this block are living here rent free, but I make sure that the ‘free’ part doesn’t really apply.”

He said it with such coldness it literally made me shiver.

“Actually just between me and you”, he continued, “some of the women here love being treat like a complete and utter whore. They didn’t at first but how they took to the humiliation, it was quite wonderful to see.”

He looked up at saying that, as though he was an actor on stage. He quickly snapped out of it and remembered his ‘friend’ who was dying for me.

“You can come in now.”

I held my breath and looked at the doorway.

“Oh my God, please not him.” I cried.

In the doorway stood one of my neighbours who lived in the apartment below us. Weird was an understatement. He never left his apartment and when he did, he smelt terrible. He was fat and ugly, he was one of those blokes who live with their mothers until they’re 40 and spend their lives sat in front of a computer screen whilst watching Power Rangers all day or something.

He had awful, matted dark hair, a grubby beard and wore a pair of crappy thick black rimmed glasses. His teeth were yellow and black, and his gums were as black as the Ace of Spades. He wore an orange top that said ‘I AM SPARTACUS’ that made his man boobs and big gut obvious. Buy a bra I thought. He looked at me with his mouth wide open, I had forgotten I was in my Basque, suspenders and heels.

“Marcus here has paid me a fair bit so he can have his wicked way with you,” Mr.Allen laughed.

“Won’t I be seeing any of this money then as I’m the one fucking him?”

I should of really learnt that my outbursts always resulted in a vicious smack. This time was no different.

As I lay back on the sofa nursing my stinging cheek, Mr.Allen sat on the couch opposite.

“You can come in Marcus and close the door. She’s all yours.”

He walked over and sat next to me. His smell instantly made me forget about my flaming cheek. He leant forward, trying to kiss me. His breath was awful, he breathed all over me. I shut my eyes and tried to think of something else.

I felt him get closer and he kissed me gently on the lips, his shabby beard tickled my face. He then placed his chubby hand on my thigh, running it over the top of the stocking and over the suspender. I fought against it, but he pushed his tongue into my mouth. His tongue was coated in foul tasting saliva as it ran over my tongue and inside my mouth.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally pulled his tongue from my mouth. The after taste was awful. He placed his hands either side of my hips and pulled my thong down, over my stocking suspenders to expose my smoothly shaved pussy.

My black thong was pulled all the way down and over my ankles, he pulled the thong up to his face and took a good long whiff of my thong. I watched sickened as this social recluse smelt my underwear. When he was satisfied with how I smelt he pushed the thong into his pocket.

The whole time Mr.Allen sat there just watching with a big yellow smile across his face and a little tent in his trousers.

Marcus then ran his hands over my Basque and roughly pulled my breasts out. He leant forward and ran his tongue over my stiffening nipples. As he did so, he slid his hand between my thighs and started to fumble with my pussy.

I didn’t think he’d ever had a woman in his life as he hadn’t a clue where my cunt was. He fumbled around trying to find the hole and I lightly sniggered.

He looked up at me with fury in his eyes. I got scared. He back handed me across the face with considerable force.

“Ha, ha ha that’s it Marcus, if she gets bitchy give her a good hiding!”

Marcus struck me across the face a few more times, all with open hand. He leant forward and took my nipple in his mouth and bit down hard.

“Ahhhhhh you bastard!” I screamed in pain.

I recoiled from another blow to the face. He then stood up and pulled his top over his head and his flabby body bounced with the movement. He then pulled his bottom half down so they ended in a pile around his ankles.

“Oh my God.” I sighed.

“Ha ha ha!” Mr.Allen laughed. “You’re in for it now!”

I lay there flabbergasted at the size of his penis, it was enormous. I had never seen one in my life so big! It hung about 12 inches long rock hard..The pure size of it looked magnificent, I felt a hot burning feeling inside my pussy. It wanted it, my cunt was getting wet at the sight of it, my cunt needed that big cock, all of it. It wanted it to fill my pussy all the way. I couldn’t control my cunt, it wanted that enormous 12 inch dick in my twat. And so did I.



I wanted it. I wanted that big dick. I couldn’t help but lean forward and take his cock in my hand. I think everyone was amazed that I wanted as they didn’t say a word. I got on my knees and slowly ran my hand up and down the length of his impressive manhood.

I had no control over my body. My mind was telling me to stop but my I couldn’t. My pussy was now in control and I was a helpless passenger.

I pulled his foreskin all the way back and back again. It smelled of urine but I didn’t care. I placed my lips around the tip and slowly lowered my mouth down on his cock. He was very wide and I struggled to get my mouth around his girth. I could only push my mouth down an about 6 inches of it before it hit the back of my mouth and I gagged for air.

His cock was becoming more lubricated with my saliva so I began to speed up as it slipped into my mouth easier. I bobbed my head up and down, sucking his length and taking him to the back of my mouth.

His cock was so big it deserved to be worshipped. He placed his hands on the back of my head and pushed me down further on his dick. He would push me down as far as I could before pulling it out of his mouth leaving me spluttering for air, just to thrust it back in again.

“Hmmm, arrrr , yeahhhh.” he moaned as he fucked my face.

The whole time I had been sucking, I had my fingers running over my pussy, gently rubbing my clit and slipping the odd finger or two inside me. I was wet, very wet.

Marcus then pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it against my tits. I held them open to allow him to slide his length between my breasts. I closed my tits around his cock and allowed him to fuck my big tits.

Every now and again, he would pull it out and thrust it back into my mouth again, just for that extra bit of lubrication. I held my tits together hard so he could give my filthy tit’s a good fucking.

I was filthy, I was dirty, I was a whore. I allowed myself to be humiliated by tramps, what could be more disgusting than that?

Marcus roughly pulled me up off the floor and bent me over the couch. I stuck my ass out so my pussy was wide and open for his big monster dick, he moved forward and I felt him against my thighs, he ran his hands all over my round firm ass and gave it a good smack.

“Oh yes!” I moaned, “smack it harder, smack my ass hard!”

He planted several stinging slaps against my ass, this made my pussy wetter and wetter. He aligned his monster prick against my wet pussy lips and slowly eased into my sopping cunt.

His cock touched the sides of my cunt like nothing ever before. My pussy was overflowing in ecstacy as this big prick violated me, I loved it. He pushed himself deep inside me, I was so wet he did so with ease. I grasped a hold of the sofa and squealed with delight.

He slowly built up a rhythm of fucking my pussy, it was good, so good I felt that I was going to come straight away.

“Oh my God, oh, fuck yes, ahhhh, ahhhh, that’s it fuck me hard!”

I was screaming in pleasure as I was ravaged. He sped up his momentum and grasped hold of my hips and pushed himself deeper inside me. I could feel that almost all of his cock was buried inside me.

My cunt was a fucking whore, I hated my cunt for betraying my husband but his cock was so good.

“Oh my God I’m gonna come, yes, yes, yes!!” I screamed as I came all over his cock. He slowed his rythhm down to allow me to come in style.

I felt his cock withdraw from my cunt, it was an amazing sensation feeling something so long slide in and out of you. His cock fell out with a loud plop noise and he sat on the sofa, holding his impressive length in hand.

I wanted to taste my foul cunt so I knelt before him and ran my tongue up his shaft and took him in my mouth again. My twat juices tasted along with his cock tasted magnificent yet filthy. I washed my juices of his cock and the straddled him.

Marcus placed his hands on my hips as I took his cock and guided it towards my soaking cunt. I reached behind and with my left hand I gripped the cock at its base, it was so thick I couldn’t encircle it with my index finger and thumb. I placed it between my lips and lowered myself on it.

I dropped on to the penis inch by inch, slowly, enjoying the sensation as it gradually filled me, finally coming to a stop when I sat on his thighs, every inch was deep inside me.

I looked up at the ceiling a let out a long sigh of relief as Marcus buried his face in my big tits. I had the whole of his 12 inches inside me, it felt so fucking good, I just sat there for a while admiring myself embedded on his big dick.

Marcus placed his hands on my ass and lifted me slightly, he then began thrusting into me. I began moving with him until I built a rhythm, as he pushed up I pushed down.

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, yes! Oh yes!”

I fucked his cock hard and I couldn’t believe that I was going to come again so soon.

“I’m coming, oh fuck yes I’m coming!”

I came again, arching my back. I then put my hands on the fat mans’ chest, balancing myself as I thrust down on him. I was such a whore because I wanted more and more.

I had completely forgotten about Mr.Allen sat behind me, but I was soon made aware of his presence. I hands on my hips and something pushing against my asshole, and it was small. Mr.Allen was rubbing his puny little dick against my anus and slowly eased himself in. It wasn’t that tight as it had only just been screwed senseless a few days earlier. But his cock in my ass instantly told my pussy to get some more cock.

Marcus lifted me up so there was possibly 2 inches of wet shaft not in my pussy, he slid in and out of my cunt effortlessly and stated to bang me hard. Mr.Allen’s cock in my ass was wonderful as it was tighter than my cunt, I could feel his puny cock that little bit more.

I lasted surprisingly long, being fucked in tandem by 2 cocks, one in my cunt and one in my ass. I bet I looked a sight. Dressed in a Basque with fishnet stockings being fucked silly in both my holes by two ugly, smelly fat men.

I think that was what my pussy loved, that physically I was more attractive than them. My pussy loved it that I was a whore who fucked those less fortunate and better looking. I was sort of a rich bitch fucking my way through the lower classes. It appealed to me, I loved that idea.

Mr.Allen didn’t hold out for much longer and he unleashed himself into my ass and he pulled out. I could feel his cum leaking from my ass. It was running down over my cunt and down Marcus’ shaft I can only presume.

“Marcus fuck me harder, oh yes I want your filthy cum all over my face you dirty, filthy fat bastard! Oh yes, you filthy fat bastard! Fuck my cunt!”

I sounded like a fucking whore and I bet all the neighbours could hear but I didn’t give a fuck.

Mr.Allen knelt on the couch and offered his little cock to my face. I leant forward and washed his cock, covered in cum and my ass in my mouth. He squeezed my tits hard as I did.

Marcus started to moan loudly and I could tell he wasn’t far. Without warning I was thrown of his monster prick. He stood over me ferociously wanking his monster cock.

“Oh yes, c’mon Marcus give it to me, give me your cum all over my face!”

“Hmmm, arrrr, arrrr, yesssssssssss!” he screamed.

Stream after stream layered my face, I opened my mouth wide as his cum showed me no mercy, it literally covered every inch of my face. It tasted really salty and I played with it in my mouth, rinsing it around and letting it spill over down my chin. I fucking loved it.

An hour later, I was looking at myself in the mirror again. I looked a fucking mess, come was layered all over my face. It made me horny. I reached under the bed and got out the big black 12 inch dildo and fucked it silly. I couldn’t get enough of that big cock. Marcus’ cock stretched me like no other and I felt a slut to say it but my pussy would not want any cock unless it was a fucking whopper.

It was 3pm, I had cleaned myself up, but I was still dressed in my Basque and that, I couldn’t get the size of his dick out of my head. I had to do something about it, so I did.

In just my Basque, fishnet stockings and heels, I opened the front door and left. I walked down the stairs, my heels loudly clattering on the concrete floor.

I approached number 4 and knocked. The door opened and I said that I wasn’t finished. I wanted more. Marcus opened the door wider and let me in.

I was a whore. A lowly, dirty fucking whore. And I loved it. I couldn’t wait for what tomorrow would bring…



It was Thursday. My fucking with Marcus happened on the Tuesday, and I went back to him that Tuesday. We spent several hours continuously fucking, my pussy was sore the next day but that didn’t stop me from spending the entire of yesterday impaled on his monster cock.

Mr.Allen had been by yesterday but nothing special really happened, I just let him fuck me in the ass and slap me about, I was disappointed to say the least. After he left I went downstairs to Marcus’ apartment and let him have his way with me.

It was 10.30am and I opened my front door and sat down on the sofa. I had just been to Marcus. As soon as my husband left for work, I was downstairs sucking Marcus’ cock and licking his shitty asshole just like he told me to. I had the taste of shit in my mouth but I didn’t care.

I couldn’t believe what a whore I had been turned into, my brain had been completely taken over by my pussy. My pussy that for so long has been neglected by my husband. I was a 34 year old woman, I had been married to Stephen for 2 years and our sex life was shit, for me anyway. My first ever orgasm was at the hands of a tramp, I couldn’t enjoy sex with Stephen anymore, I wanted to be treat like a slut, I wanted to be fucked in all my holes, I wanted men to treat me like a piece of dirt and have their way with me. I wanted dirty, smelly men, men who were ugly and unable to get a woman as hot as I was. That was what I wanted!

I was wearing my tight rubber dress that I wore when I was raped by those tramps, Marcus wanted me to wear it so I looked like a whore. I stood up and walked into the bedroom to look at myself in the mirror. My mascara had ran down my face due to the vicious throat fucking I had just received.

I slipped out of my dress and examined the distinctive specs of cum on my dress. The last time my dress was exposed to male semen I gave it a good wash with a damp cloth, any other time I would so the same but not now.

I brought the dress up to my face so it was just under my nose, it still had a strong smell. I eased my tongue out and dipped it into the cum. I briefly stopped before I took a good lick of cum off my dress. It tasted heavenly for a slut like me. I licked all the cum I could find of my rubber dress, Mr.Allen would of loved to of seen this. As I licked, I slid my hand between my thighs and slid my fingers into my sopping cum filled cunt. My God Marcus could cum like a horse, not that I would know though.

I pulled my fingers from my cunt and examined the white sticky fluid entwined between my fingers. I sucked on each finger one by one, sucking the cum off, slowly moving from one finger to the next, I wanted more.

I scooped my fingers into my cunt an produced a big blob of cum, I immediately swallowed it without hesitation. I let out a long sigh as enjoyed the taste of salty cum and my cunt juices entwined in my mouth. I scooped as much cum out of my pussy as I could and sucked my fingers clean.

Mr.Allen was very late today, he didn’t arrive till 3pm so by that time my cunt was soaking wet. I had masturbated myself 4 times just waiting.

“I’m afraid I cant be staying long today Helen as I have things to do, so please tell me when is Stephen at work next?”

For the first time in months Stephen was working a night shift, I didn’t like him doing them as I hated being alone in the apartment all night. I begged for him not to take the shift but he said he didn’t have a choice.

“Umm he’s working a night shift tomorrow night, umm 8pm till 6am.” I told him.

His eyes lit up.

“He’s working a night shift!”

I didn’t know if he was talking to himself or me so I just nodded.

“That is brilliant, absolutely brilliant,” he grinned, “Oh Helen tomorrow night I’m going to take you out for a night you won’t forget!”

What did he mean by that? Well my pussy sure as hell liked the sound of that, it almost came all by itself there and then, it was so wet I could feel the front of my underwear dampening.

“Helen I will be round at 8.30, and I expect you to be dressed like a whore, and I mean stockings, miniskirt and boots!”

With that he left with the biggest grin on his face I had ever seen, what the hell would he have me do now?

I kissed Stephen goodbye and in truth was trying to rush him out the door, my pussy was making me shiver in anticipation. I went straight into the bedroom and laid across the bed all of my slutty clothes. One by one I modelled in front of the mirror trying to decide what was most slutty. I decided against the tight latex dress I had worn many times as I wanted something different.

I finally decided minutes before Mr.Allen’s arrival to go with a pair of high heels, a beige set of stocking suspenders, a short plaid miniskirt and a tight boob tube. My breasts were so large they held up the boob tube so I didn’t require a bra, and for good measure I went without underwear also. The boob tube was beige and I could see the dark areas of my nipples quite easily. I put some cheap make up on and straightened my blonde hair so I looked like a cheap hooker.

Mr.Allen arrived and liked what he saw.

“Oh Helen, oh yes that’s my girl”, he grinned.

He ran his chubby little hand up my thighs and stroked the stocking material. He kept going until he reached my bare cunt.

“No underwear I see, oooh you’re so wet.”

It was true, I could almost feel my juices running down my legs as he slid his fingers into me. He then started to grope my breasts and pulled one from my top. He started to roughly pinch my nipple. He spun me around and bent me over the sofa, I could tell he wanted some before we left, I wanted some also but I knew his cock was too little to satisfy my raging pussy.

As I bent doggy over the sofa, he hitched the back of my skirt up and leant forward to start licking my pussy. He thrust his tongue into my wet hole and it felt good. I hadn’t been eaten out for so long, I forgot how good it was. I fucked myself back against his tongue when he slid his tongue into my asshole.

“Oh my God, oh, oh”, I moaned.

It felt so good with a tongue in my ass, I was getting a good rimming, I’ve always wanted one but Stephen would never do that for me he thought it was disgusting. Perhaps the one thing that I hated about Stephen was his reluctance to try anything new. He was very religious surprisingly enough and frowned upon things like slutty outfits and stuff.He was very predicatble.

Now however I was enjoying my first ever rimming. Mr.Allen did have a small cock but he was excellent with his tongue.

“Oh Mr.Allen lick my asshole, oh Mr.Allen yes!”

I knew he liked me calling out his name. He then pulled his tongue from my ass and slid his cock straight into my asshole.

“Ahhh, ohh fuck it’s tight!” I moaned.

He grabbed a hold of my hips and began to fuck my ass like a man possessed. Surprisingly enough I could feel his cock very well and it was making me come. He kept slapping my ass and calling me a whore as he banged me hard.

Not surprisingly he couldn’t last for long before I could feel him twitching and pumping his load into my asshole.

“Ahhh, yes Helen, oh Helen you fucking slut!”

He pulled himself out and the cum came pouring out of my ass.

“Helen, I expect you to eat all of that cum, and not waste a drop.”

I did as I was told and fingered my ass as to get as much cum out as possible. I couldn’t really taste the shit if there was any, his spunk was foul tasting enough as it was. When he was satisfied I had done a good job, he told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself up as I wasn’t going to wear underwear and didn’t want me to leak onto the upholstery of his BMW.

As we left the apartment blocks, we took a new route to the one previous. Last time we travelled to the dead beat side of town where I was humiliatingly degraded by the homeless, this new route I was somewhat familiar with.

10 minutes into the drive, I recognised that we were driving down somewhat of a secluded area, I could just make out all the trees either side of the road as it was very dark, and quiet.

A little further down and we took a left turn into a small car park. There were trees all around the area and one or two street lamps. We pulled into a space which was rather secluded, a weeping willow tree leaned over the car and made us quite inconspicuous. I noticed that there was 2 other cars in the car park. Both looked quiet and empty. I looked at the clock on the dashboard and saw that it was 9.40pm.

“What are we doing here?”

I got no answer, just a yellow smile.

We waited in silence for almost 20 minutes.

At around 10.15pm I had gotten bored, I had sucked Mr.Allen’s cock twice already just to pass the time. As I was sucking him for the third time, he stopped me and said that it was time. Time for what I thought. I looked up and surveyed the parking lot. It had gotten fuller. There was probably around 6 cars now, all dark, I could only just make out figures of people in the cars, most of them only had one person in them.

I saw one car that was rocking backwards and forwards, he wasn’t alone I thought.

“Helen, can you just make out that building in the distance?” I was asked.

I looked and strained my eyes due to the lack of light. Yes I did notice a small building that I hadn’t quite noticed before. I asked what it was.

“That Helen is where you will be going.”

I looked at him, I was a little scared as it was pitch black outside and I didn’t know what awaited me in the building.

“Don’t worry Helen I will be coming with you. Oh and you should know where to go when you get there.”

With that he opened the glove compartment and pulled out a small digital camera. It was one of those that had the flap that came out at the side so you could video record stuff. I wasn’t really up to scratch with the latest advancements in video technology and such like.

“Are you going to record me!”

“We don’t have a problem with that do we Helen.” His tone of voice hinting that I faced a slap around the face otherwise.

I decided against questioning him. He opened the flap part and pressed a button and a little red light came on. He moved the camera up and down, surveying me with it.

“Come on Helen, smile for the camera, gee whiz you got one hell of a body!”

He was directing the camera over my breasts at this point. I felt uncomfortable with myself being on camera, but at the same time it was turning me on.

“Now Helen, I want you to get out and walk across to the building, I will be following you.”

Apprehensively I got out of the car. I had to walk straight across the car park to get to the building, which would mean walking in direct view of all the cars. I began walking and I could feel all the eyes in the cars watching me. My tits were bouncing away as I shook my ass in my miniskirt as I walked. My heels clattered against the tarmac, even the car that was rocking had now stopped. My pussy was so wet at the thought of all these eyes on me. I finally reached the other side and approached the trail leading to the building.

I squinted in the dim light to try to get a good view of what it was. As I got closer I realised what it was. Public toilets.

I looked back to Mr.Allen and true to his word he was following, camera in hand. I saw him usher his hand as if to tell me to go in. I looked back at the toilets and saw that the door closest to me was the Men’s. I took a big breath and walked towards the door.

As I slowly entered, the smell of urine almost knocked me over. I don’t know why but Men’s toilets always smell terrible. I walked in and the floor was a cold blue marble.

I had to walk left as there was a wall that is always by the front door in public toilets that allows for privacy.

I turned the corner and saw that it was empty. 3 urinals stood against the right wall, 2 sink basins were on the left, and directly ahead were 4 toilet cubicles stretching against the top wall. The lights were very dim, but still allowed good sight. The walls were white and you could hear the occasional drip from the broken taps. It was pretty rundown.

There were paper towels dotted across the floor and the odd pool of water. The mirror was surprisingly untouched and the walls covered in graffiti. The cubicles had seen better days, they also were covered in graffiti and generally smashed up.

I walked into the middle of the room. I shivered. It was a little cold and I was scared.

Mr.Allen eventually followed. It sounds strange but I felt a little safer that he was here.

“Come with me Helen.”

Still armed with his camera he ushered me towards one of the cubicles. He surveyed all 4 and finally decided that one of the middle ones would do. He pushed me inside and made me sit on the toilet. The cubicle was surprisingly big and we both managed to fit in easily. He closed the door behind us and locked it. He stood there with the camera on me.

I looked to my left and saw a hole cut out in the cubicle wall, I saw the same on my right side as well. What was that I thought.

My thoughts were quickly interrupted when I heard footsteps enter the toilets. I held my breath in anticipation. The footsteps got closer and closer. I heard them enter the cubicle next to me, the door closed and I heard the familiar sound of flies opening.

I looked at Mr.Allen and he motioned me to put my finger into the hole with the person next door. I apprehensively did so. I put my middle finger through and circled the hole. Mr.Allen then motioned me to withdraw my hand, so I did.

I waited with baited breath to see what would happen next. All of a sudden a cock was thrust through the hole. I was taken aback by it, there was a cock poking through a hole in the wall, that’s not something I’d ever seen before. I leant forward and wrapped my hand around it. It was warm and not very hard at the minute. I slowly stroked my hand over it. It gradually got harder I leant forward and took the head of it into my mouth. I sucked it slowly while still stroking the shaft. It had gotten a lot bigger now, possibly around 6inches long.

I heard the man on the other side groaning as I sucked his cock through the hole. I took my mouth from it and began to rapidly jerk his cock. I was getting very turned on. I was sucking a stranger’s cock through a hole in the wall oh my God! I had completely forgotten about Mr.Allen stood there recording it. I was literally creaming, I could feel the toilet seat I was sat on getting wet and slippery because of my cunt. I couldn’t help but start to play with my clit as I sucked cock.

I wanted to moan so I did.

“Oh yeah I love sucking your dick Daddy, oh yeah!”

I think that put him over the top, me talking like a whore, it did me also. He pulled his cock from the hole and I peeked through to see him jerking his cock hard and fast.

“Ahhh yeah, come in my mouth baby, ahhh!”

He thrust his cock back through the hole and I opened my mouth to receive his load. He groaned loud as he dumped his load onto my mouth. I swallowed all of it. He pulled his cock from the hole after dumping himself into my mouth and left. I was so fucking horny it was unbelievable.

He left and it went quiet for a minute or two. I looked up at Mr.Allen and he had a big grin on his face and a little tent in his pants as he recorded it.

Soon enough someone else came in. I heard him shuffling around to get his pants down.

“Is there anyone else there so I can suck your dick?”

I was being a fucking tease and it was turning me on no end.

He pushed his cock through and it was nice and big about 7inches long. I wasted no time in jerking his cock.

“Oh yeah, your dicks’ nice and big!”

I grabbed the base of it and sucked his whole length to the back of my mouth. I sucked him hard and when I could sense that he was close I started to jerk him harder.

“Come in my mouth, I wanna taste that come baby!”

As he shot his load in my mouth, Mr.Allen got closer with the camera and I wiped his cock all around my lips and including the cum to put on a good show.

“It tastes so good!”

After he left another cock came through and I did the same, only teasing Mr.Allen a little more.

“Hmmm, do you like me sucking his dick?” I smiled at the camera. Mr.Allen smiled, I was such a whore.

“Oh God I love sucking your dick it makes me so wet, please come in my mouth mister!”

When he came in my mouth I decided that I needed cock in my cunt. The next cock to come through that hole I was gonna fuck!

The next cock came through and I couldn’t believe my luck. It was a black cock and about 9inches long. I knelt over it and sucked it all the way to the back of my throat. I hitched my skirt up and started to finger my cunt, it was so wet and hot! I sucked that big black cock and he was enjoying it. I took it from my mouth and told him I wanted him to fuck my cunt through the hole.

I turned around and backed myself up against the cock. I bent over the toilet seat and reached around to grab a hold of it. I held it against my pussy lips and backed onto it. It slowly slid into me and I backed onto it as far as I could until my ass hit the wall. I fucked his cock slowly because too fast and it would keep falling out. He just held his cock there for me while I did all the work.

His black cock felt good in my shaved white pussy, Mr.Allen managed to get the camera between my legs so he could record me fucking a black cock.

“Oh my God oh yes, I love your black cock Daddy! Oh yeah Daddy I’m gonna come all over your big black dick, oh yes, ahhh, ahhh!”

I came all over his cock, and he flooded my pussy with his cum. He pulled out and I bent over to wash his cock for him with my mouth. I loved the taste of my cunt on a man’s cock.

All of a sudden the black cock started to pump out another liquid, and it wasn’t white and thick. His piss hit me straight in the mouth and tasted very tangy.

“Ahhh, oh my God, you filthy black bastard!”

His piss went all over my face and over my clothes. Mr.Allen was laughing and told me to drink it all or I’d get in trouble.

“But he’s pissing on me!”

“So, you’ve eaten out a tramps asshole so shut the fuck up!”

I knelt there while this black cock pissed all over me, a pool of piss surrounded me, and as the whore that I am, I put my mouth around his cock and swallowed all of his piss until he had drained his bladder in my mouth.

“Oh Helen, its not over for you yet,” Mr.Allen smiled.

He opened the door and I was confronted by 4 men, all with their dicks out jerking themselves off. Mr.Allen grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of the cubicle. I stood there looking at these cocks, some big some small, some thick, some bent and I knew they were all for me.

I walked over and knelt down before them, before I knew it I was being ravaged by them. Hands were everywhere, cocks were being thrust into my mouth, my hair was being pulled, my tits were pulled out and sucked and bitten. My pussy was almost in overload, all these cocks, where would they all go!?!

A big cock was thrust into my mouth. He held the back of my head and skull fucked me. The other three stood around me jerking themselves. This one was fucking my mouth hard, he would push it all the way to the back of my mouth and make me gag. He kept doing it and I could feel myself going to be sick. I quickly pulled his cock from my mouth and I threw up vomit all over the marble floor. They all burst out laughing with cries of ‘she can’t handle the big dicks!’

One of the men shouted, “I reckon she should clean it up, for the caretaker’s sake and I mean with her tongue!”

They all laughed unanimously and even Mr.Allen was laughing.

“You heard them Helen, you lick up your vomit.”

I leant down and started to lick my puke off the floor. It tasted warm and lumpy, it was worse than licking a tramps asshole and I should know. I kept gagging as I did so, I even threw up again just to lick it all up again. All the men were cheering. I was on my fours licking up my vomit when my skirt was hitched up from behind, I went to look behind me when my face was violated by the big cock again. It was ruthless. It was skull fucking me hard. I then felt something rubbing against my asshole and sure enough a cock was thrust into my asshole.

“Jeez, looks like someone has had a piece of this whore’s ass already!” he laughed.

I tried crying in pain, but the cock in my mouth was muffling my screams. The bloke screwing my ass was rough, he had a big dick as well and my ass was stinging sore.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum in this bitches ass!”

I felt his dick twitch inside me and for the second time that night I had cum pumped into my anus. The bloke behind me then yanked at my hair to pull me onto my knees and stuffed his dick into my mouth.

“Clean your shit off my dick you slut!”

I did as he said, I sucked his cock clean. The whole time Mr.Allen was hovering around with the camera, recording me being treat like a whore.

I was grabbed from behind and yanked to my feet. It was the bloke with the huge cock who had made me puke. He carried me into one of the cubicles and knelt me on the floor in front of the toilet. He grabbed my hair and forced my head into the toilet. I was confronted by piss water, the chain hadn’t been flushed.

He held my head over the toilet and proceeded to fuck my cunt. I had been gagging for a thick cock in my cunt and now I had it. He fucked my soaking wet cunt while he held my head over the toilet. It had grime and lime scale and streaks of shit running down the interior.

“Ahhh, ahhh, oh fuck yeah, oh please fuck me harder with your nice thick cock Daddy, oh, oh!” I moaned.

He was screwing me good and hard, just how my cunt likes it. Soon he was pumping his load into my cunt. Not after I had come all over his cock several times though.

He pulled out and Mr.Allen came in. He grabbed my hair and forced my head into the toilet.

“Lick this fucking toilet clean now!” he screamed.

I started lapping away at the inside of the toilet. I licked the dry shitty skid marks of the interior and lapped at the pissy toilet water. The whole time he was recording it and laughing.

Eventually I was pulled up. I had mascara running down my face and I saw there were 2 men waiting to get their turn. They both looked very young and I mean young, possibly only just turned 18. They were wearing the usual teenage gear, jeans, sports tops and trainers. They had quite nicely sized peckers also.

“Hello boys,” I seductively spoke, “isn’t it a little bit past your bedtime?” I joked.

“I’d stay up till the end of time just to get a piece of a fucking beauty like you!”

Bless, I thought, they were pretty cute and I wanted to feel their young manhood’s all over me.

“Well then boys, go get her and you can be as rough as you want!” Mr.Allen said.

With that, the tall one rushed over and started rubbing my big tits. He couldn’t get enough, he was all over them, the smooth talking one was on his knees with his head up my skirt lapping at my clit.

It felt good having these young boys all over me, it made me feel young again. It made me feel hot that these hot young men wanted me.

“Oh yes boys, have your way with me!”

They both forced me to my knees and they stood up and fed their cocks into my mouth. I took turns sucking their dicks, alternating between jerking one and sucking the other.

The tall one picked me up and pulled me towards the middle cubicle where I had been pissed on. He sat on the toilet and pulled me on top of him, he wanted me to ride his cock.

I wrapped my legs around the toilet and eased myself onto his young cock. I pushed my tits into his face, they were covered in piss but he didn’t care, he just sucked on my nipples while I rode his cock.

I had forgotten about the other one when I felt a cock pushing into my ass again. He reached around from behind and grabbed my tits. The one I was riding lifted me up a little.

Then in tandem, they started fucking me, I just stood there while they moved and thrusted themselves into my ass and cunt. My pussy was loving it, two hot young cocks violating me.

“Oh my God, oh boys oh yes oh fuck me oh fuck, oh that’s it boys, oh!”

“Why Helen, what would your husband say if he saw this?” Mr.Allen teased.

“Oh, oh, oh, I don’t give a fuck, I’m enjoying these cocks, oh they’re so good!” I moaned

We all laughed. The boys had some very good stamina and they were fucking me a good while, sadly, not all good things last.

I was pulled off and knelt on the floor. I rubbed my tits and pinched my nipples as the boys stood over me jerking their cocks.

“Oh boys, do you want to come in Mommy’s mouth, come on boys come all over Mommy!”

I loved talking like a whore. They both shot their spunk into my mouth and I swallowed it all.

“Oh boys, piss on Mommy, come on piss all over me, Mommy wants your hot piss, please piss all over Mommy!”

I was fucking insatiable. I wanted all they could have to offer. Without much deliberation the golden shower poured all over me. It coated me, ran all over my face, my mouth, my body, my clothes.


I loved the taste of their young cum, but their urine tasted better, oh yes they saturated me in piss oh my God it was good.

“Fucking hell missus”, one of them said, “you’re a dirty fucking whore! Are you gonna be here every Friday night?”

“Well boys, I’ll see if I can get my husband to work some late shifts, then I’ll be here, ready for your hot young bodies…and boys…bring your friends too!”

I didn’t get home till 4am that night. I had so many men coming into the toilet to piss, fuck and humiliate me I lost count. My orifices were fucked sore.

I went into the bedroom and surveyed myself in the mirror. I stunk to high heaven of piss. The smell only got me more and more hornier and I spent the rest of the time I had, wearing my piss stained clothes and masturbating myself to climax. Oh I loved being a low down dirty whore. I wanted more, what would Mr.Allen have me do next? I couldn’t wait!


The past two days had dragged on for what felt like an eternity. Mr.Allen had not rang or called, Stephen was at work and I was beside myself as to what I could do. I could always go downstairs and have some of Marcus’ big cock, but it didn’t feel the same without Mr.Allen there, so I passed up the opportunity.

It was the third day, a Sunday morning. Stephen had left for work at 8am and it was now gone 11am, and still no Mr.Allen. There was fuck all to do, nothing on telly and I sure as hell wasn’t going to church, how could I? I am a pure slut who loves all that is sinful in God’s eyes, I have cheated on my husband, I was sure to go to hell. But did I care?

The waiting was pure agony, I couldn’t get comfortable, I was too irritable, I didn’t know what to do.

“Knock, knock”

Ha! That heavenly noise, oh yes, oh thank you, please be Mr.Allen, please I begged.

“Hello Helen, pleased to see me?”

I was so glad that he was here that the grin across my face was to big to be hidden.

“Get dressed Helen, we are going on a little trip.”

I loved the sound of that.

“What do you want me to wear?” I teased.

“Just stick some clothes on, we’re not going anywhere particularly special, just back down to the sex shop you visited a while ago, do you remember?”

Yes I could I thought to myself, that’s where I had been sent by Mr.Allen a few weeks back to get some sexy gear, I can remember the shop quite well.

“Won’t it be closed on a Sunday?” I inquired.

“Yes,” he replied.

He saw the look of bemusement on my face.

“But the woman who owns the store is a good friend of mine, and she’s agreed to open it just for us, so we can have some quiet.”

“Okay, just give me a sec.”

I went into the bedroom and put on a pair of jeans, boots and a grey t-shirt on. I tied my hair back and that was it. We set off down to his BMW and got under way.

We reached the store and sure enough it was all shut up with the shutters down, we walked down an alley behind the store where Mr.Allen knocked on a big metal door. The alley was littered with paper and cardboard boxes and the walls covered in graffiti.

I heard a loud clonking noise emanating form the door. It slowly opened with a loud creek and there I recognised the girl that served me when I had last visited.

“Hello Jenny.”

“Hello Master.” was her reply.

Master? I thought to myself, I guess she must be his sex salve as am I.

Jenny surveyed me up and down, I didn’t like the look on her face as she did so. It was a type of smug, looking down on me type of look. I didn’t like it.

“This her then?” Her sarcasm made me want to twat her right on her chin.

“Jenny, are you disobeying me?” Mr.Allen’s tone is one I had heard before, prior to a good slap round the face.

She looked at the floor.

“No master.”

“Then let us in, now.”

She backed up and opened the door, Mr.Allen walked straight through as Jenny held the door open. I walked past her with my head up and a good smug look on my face. She gave me an evil look in reply. Fuck you bitch, I thought.

I followed Mr.Allen down a dark hall, it was dimly lit, but I could see the light of the store at the bottom.

We walked into the main part of the store. It was the same as I had last seen it, and was surprisingly well lit albeit with the shutters down. Jenny followed and walked up to Mr.Allen. She said nothing, it was as though she was awaiting his command, like a dog.

“Jenny, do you have what I asked to be put aside?”

“Yes Master.”

Jenny bobbed along to the till and this time I took a good look at her. She was about 5′ 7″, had blonde hair that only went as far as her shoulders, and blue eyes. She was a pretty girl, but had a bit too much make up on for my liking. Her lips were coated in red lipstick and she had green eye shadow on. She had several piercing in her ears as was her top lip. I would probably be right in guessing her tongue was pierced as well. She was wearing a tight red latex boob tube that was held up by a set of very impressive breasts. She had her belly button pierced with a circular tattoo around it. Finally, she was wearing a tight pair of black latex pants, which showed off her curvy thighs and ass very well. If I was a man, I would fuck her rotten.

She came back with a big store bag that seemed to be quite full. Mr.Allen looked in the bag, then passed it to me.

“Try these on.”

I went to walk off into the changing rooms when Mr.Allen told me the shop was empty and I could change right there.

I looked at Jenny, she had her smug look back on her face again.

“Yes, Mr.Allen” I smiled.

“Good girl, you see Jenny, THAT is obedience!”

She looked back at the floor.

“Yes master.”

I rummaged through the bag and pulled out a black, latex sort of dress. Well I say dress but I knew that it wouldn’t go further down than my vagina area. I pulled my top over my head to reveal my nice big tits, I pulled my jeans down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I stood there in my white bra and thong. I had to admit, it wasn’t my best pair of underwear.

Jenny eyed me up and down. I admit, I don’t have the best body in the world, I have a little bit of a tummy and I have some cellulite around my ass and thighs, but what average 34 year old housewife doesn’t?

I stepped into the dress and began to pull it up, I had noticed it was a size or two too small, but I didn’t want to disobey Mr.Allen and face his wrath like Jenny. I was struggling to get it over my thighs and ass, I pulled it back down and took my undies off, then began to pull the dress back up again. The rubber of the dress was chaffing a little as I pulled up on it.

Jenny was watching with a grin on her face, she suddenly let out a snigger.

With this, Mr.Allen slapped her clean across the face, the sound of slapped skin filled the room.

“Jenny, get on your knees, you disobedient dog, now!”

Ha ha ha I thought to myself, serves the smarmy bitch right. I watched as she obeyed and knelt before him, she held her left cheek in her hand, I know how that felt but I had no sympathy.

He unbuckled his pants, and reached into his trousers to pull out his puny cock. He pulled it out and ordered her to suck it.

She couldn’t respond because it was quickly thrust into her mouth. I knew that taste that she was experiencing now, it wasn’t nice. It sounded really sloppy in her mouth, I couldn’t help but start to get jealous. I wanted to be the one with his dirty little prick in my mouth, not her.

After much tugging, the dress finally got over my ass, I pulled it up higher and squeezed my tits in as much as I could. I put the straps over my shoulders and corrected my garment. I looked in the mirror and I was right, the length of it only just reached the top of my vagina, it was exposed to say the least.

“Ooooh Helen, that looks good, now put on the rest of the gear with it.”

I found it quite funny that the whole time he was watching me, not really paying much attention to the silly blonde bitch sucking on his cock. I went through the bag and then pulled out a pair of black latex gloves that went as far up as my elbows . The whole time Mr.Allen was fucking Jenny’s mouth.

“Jenny, this is the shittiest blow job I’ve ever had! You stupid blonde bitch! You suck…and that isn’t in a good way! ”

I quietly sniggered to myself, it made me feel good. Next was a pair of thigh high latex boots, after they were on I looked at the mirror, God I looked hot.

“Jenny get your tits out! Hopefully your tits can be fucked better than your mouth!”

I gazed over, Jenny had tears running down her face, either she had been gagging on his cock or something or his jibes were hurting her feelings. Boo-fucking-hoo. She pulled down her latex boob tube and her tits hardly wobbled or moved, they were obviously fake. She pushed them together as he began to fuck her tits.

“Jesus Christ! These big fake titties are worse! Look at Helen,” she gazed over, “You see those tits, they’re 100% real and fucking voluptuous. Your tits are like fucking a hole in the wall!”

The look she gave me was classic, talk about looks that could kill.

“Oh fuck this,” Mr.Allen pulled his cock away and turned around, “the only pleasure I’m gonna be getting off you is if you lick my ass, now get to it!”

As we left, the look on the face of Jenny was one I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. She was left knelt there with a really evil look on her face, along with some brown marks around her lips and chin. Serves the bitch right.

We arrived back at my apartment. I had noticed that Mr.Allen had a bag from the store with him, I hadn’t a clue what was inside. He sat on the couch and flicked the telly on. The time was nearing to 2pm, he flicked onto the sports channel and a football match was just beginning. Before it started he ordered me to dress up into the outfit I had tried on in the store. I went away into the bedroom and took my time to put it on, I hated football.

I came out with the latex making a sort of squeaking noise as I did so.

The bag was next to him on the couch, he looked at me and ordered me to kneel so I did. He reached into the bag and rummaged around, then out came a black collar with silver studs on with a silver chain leash connected also.

“Lean forward.”

I did so and the leather collar was fastened around my neck.

“You are my dog Helen, you will obey me, do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good girl, now kneel on the floor and suck my cock, and you’d better do it better than Jenny.”

“Yes Master.”

I took his cock from its smelly prison and started sucking. The whole time he watched the game as I sucked on his pecker. Jenny must have been a shit suck, because he was ages away before he emptied himself into my mouth. His cum of course tasted as putrid as ever, I washed all his cum and my saliva from his cock.

“Ahh good girl Helen, now sit.”

I sat on the floor with Mr.Allen holding the leach to my collar. It was very arousing, yet it was not something I liked at all, it felt as though I was being choked.

I sat there for what felt like ages. The game had another 20 minutes to run still. Without warning Mr.Allen yanked at the leach, I almost passed out such was the ferociousness of the yank.

“Helen, I will not leave the game until it has finished, so I order you to start sucking on my cock again.”

I didn’t particularly feel that his tone of voice or action warranted what he wanted, so I started to suck his cock again. As I sucked away I was suddenly hit by a warm liquid in my mouth, he was pissing in my mouth. It was coming out in torrents, I was choking on it, I couldn’t swallow it all, I tried to move my head away but Mr.Allen pulled down on my leach. It was a long piss, it was leaking out of my mouth and some spilling onto his trousers.

He drained his bladder into my mouth and when emptied he let go of the leash and I ran into the bathroom, coughing, spluttering and gasping for air. I felt so sick, his warm urine was now in my stomach and I threw up into the toilet.

I know that I had love being pissed on when I was be fucked like a whore, but I wasn’t turned on at all now like I was then. It just made me feel revolted, I looked like a dog, a smelly dog that lives on the streets and stinks of piss. I felt so low.

I walked back into the room and his game was finished, as soon as he saw me he burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha, what’s the matter Helen, you’ve been pissed on before!”

“But I was horny and wanted it, not then I wasn’t.”

“Ha ha ha, like I give a fuck, well clean yourself up slut, you have two male visitors arriving for you very soon.”

“Who are they?”

“Just two associates of mine, like I said before, you’re getting yourself quite a reputation now. Now go into the bedroom.”

I walked into there and sat on the bed. Mr.Allen came through with his bag.

“Helen, where is the stuff you brought before?”

“Under the bed, Master.”

He got my bag out and tipped the contents onto the bed.

“Stand by the window.”

I walked over and gazed out onto the parking lot as I heard Mr.Allen fiddling with something metal. I heard him walk up behind me.

“Can you reach the curtain rail?”

I reached up for the rail and my finger tips came a matter of 2 inches too short. I felt his hands run up my arms and I then felt the cold feel of metal, there was a loud clicking noise as he locked a handcuff onto my wrist. It clicked shut. A second handcuff was attached to my remaining wrist, that clicked shut also.

“Don’t panic Helen, I’m in charge.”

With each handcuff remaining, he attached them to the curtain rail, the chain between each handcuff was relatively long, so I wasn’t straining up as I would of expected. Mr.Allen backed away back to the bed, I was glad we had net curtains in our windows, otherwise anyone strolling through the parking lot would see a woman in latex handcuffed to the curtain rail.

I was getting scared, my God, what type of people where they? My pussy was getting wet at the thought of me being powerless and at the mercy of these two men. I could hear Mr.Allen in the background laying things out on the bed, it was possible for me to turn around 180 degrees as the chains on the handcuffs allowed it, but I didn’t dare.

My thoughts were abruptly cut short with the sound of knocking on the door. Mr.Allen left the room to open the door, I heard voices and the door close, the voices got closer.

“Mmmm, this must be the her!” I heard one say.

“Damn, look at that, all in latex, God I’m looking forward to this!” that voice had a familiar sound to it.

“Shall we turn her around so she can get a good look at what she’s gonna get fucked by?”

“Yeah, go on Phil, turn her around.”

I was shuddering with anticipation, Mr.Allen approached and span me around. I looked at them both and instantly recognised one of them.


It was Mark, Stephen’s brother!

“Damn buddy, looks like you been busted!” the other one laughed.

“My my Helen, if only my bro could see you now, what a shock that would be!” they both laughed at their amusement.

I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know what to do, it was my brother in-law, what would he do? Would he tell? Oh my God he’d tell Stephen!”

“Mark! Please, don’t…”

“Don’t tell my brother his wife is a fucking whore? Don’t tell my brother that the woman he loves and works his ass off for is fucking men left, right and centre!”

“Please…” I begged, I didn’t know what to do.

“You know what really pisses me off?” Mark continued.

I shook my head.

“That my brother gets to fuck a woman as fine as you, and I don’t.”

I looked up.

“Well not anymore, you’ve got a choice Helen, you can tell us to get the fuck out and I tell Steve, or you let me and my good old mate Tommy here do whatever the hell we want to you and not a word will be mentioned. Your choice.”

What choice did I have? I love Stephen too much to loose him.

I just nodded a yes.

“Ha ha, well then boys, she’s all yours!” Mr.Allen laughed.

Mark was a good looking bloke, I always thought he had a thing for me, but I never acknowledged. He was younger than Stephen, and possibly better looking, he worked on a construction firm and had quite a muscular physique. I would imagine that his friend Tommy also worked with Mark as he too was muscular, but not very good looking at all. They both began to strip, and I shamefully admit that my cunt started to get wet at the sight of them.

They may of just finished a shift as both looked sweaty and dirty. When they removed their shirts, I almost creamed. Both had almost perfectly chiselled bodies, they had the pecks, abs, everything. Stephen certainly had lost his physique, he didn’t have any pecks or anything, his brother on the hand.

Tommy and Mark stripped all the way down to their boxers. Mark moved over to the bed and surveyed what was there. I was so caught up in the moment of being caught that I hadn’t looked to see what was there.

“Tommy, have a look at this gear!”

Tommy walked over and obstructed my view of the bed.

“Oh yes, let me use these Mark.”

It sounded as though Tommy wasn’t too bright, and looked to Mark for advice or whatever.

“Go on then mate.”

Tommy turned around with a big grin on his face and a chain in his hand. As he got closer I saw that he had nipple clamps in his hands.

“Oh please, not those.”

He yanked my tits out and ran his hands over them, then his tongue.

“You’ve got gorgeous tits love.” Tommy pointed out.

The smell of sweat from a hard days work emanated from him and into my nasal passages, it was very arousing, and I felt my cunt getting wetter.

With one end of the nipple clamps, he opened the clamp and directed it to my nipple. I had no idea what it would feel like and I didn’t want to know.


The pain was unbearable, the cold metal pinched on my nipple, I looked down and it looked as sore as it felt. It was like a pain I had never experienced, it wasn’t similar to having anal sex for the first time at all.


Tommy had applied the second clamp to my remaining nipple, the pain, the fucking pain! Tommy found it quite amusing, as did Mr.Allen who was sure enough recording it all over again.

“Come out the way Tommo, I got something for her.”

Trying to see through my teary eyes, I saw what Mark had in his hand, a cat ‘o’ nine tails. He swaggered towards me, and came right up close to my face. He then thrust his tongue into my mouth and passionately snogged me. It was so arousing. As he snogged me, he pulled down on the chain connecting my nipples, this caused me to moan in anguish.

Mark pulled his tongue from my mouth and span me around, I felt them both running their hands over my ass and thighs, over my rubber thigh high boots. The hands were roaming over my body and I was unable to stop it. I was powerless to these men, my nipples were now burning hot, as was my cunt.


The first blow across my ass, it stung badly, then went hot and slowly faded.


I hadn’t time for the previous one to calm down before another was lashed across my ass.


Each thrash was met by a squeal of pain. My cheeks felt as though they were on fire, the thrashes at least took the pain away from my nipples momentarily. I was panting hard, the thrashes had stopped.

“Let’s see what else we got Tommo.”

I felt as though I would collapse, my legs were aching, my nipples in constant pain, and my ass was sore. I heard them whispering.



I whipped my head around and saw Tommy with a sort of paddle in his hand which had metal studs on it, he kept laying smack after smack onto my backside.


They finally stopped. I was in the most pain I had ever been in. I was span around and met by Tommy’s gaze. He slid his hand between my thighs and across my pussy lips.

“Fucking hell Mark, she’s fucking soaking!”

He pushed his fingers into my cunt, I was so wet it was unbelievable. He slid three fingers into me already and was slowly fingering my cunt. He pulled his fingers from me and brought them to his face.

“Do you wanna taste how wet you are darlin?”

I shook my head. This was met by Tommy pulling down on the chain once more.

“AHH, you fucking bastard!”

I spat in his face.

“Oooo, fucking hell Helen, you’ll regret that.” Mark shouted out.

“You asked for this darlin.”

Tommy walked back over to the bed and picked something up, it looked small, as it was engulfed in his manly hands. He knelt before me and told me to open my legs. I did as I was told and he then brought up what looked like another nipple clamp.

He looked up, “I bet you can guess where this is going.”

“Please, no!”

He pulled my pussy lip and attached a clamp to it.


He attached the other clamp to my other pussy lip. I was in agony. That was it, I wanted out now.

“Let me out! AHHH! Oh God it hurts please!”

I was wriggling around in agony whilst they just laughed. They both stood there watching me writhe around in pain, with tears in my eyes. They both pulled their boxers down to reveal some quite nice looking cocks.

“Get her down now.”

Tommy followed his order and released my sore wrists from the cruel metal handcuffs. I rubbed my wrists and was told they hadn’t even begun with me yet. Tommy pulled down on the leash and led me towards the foot of the bed. I was pulled to my knees and I sighed relief when the clamps were removed from my pussy lips.

Although the pain was intense, it had only made my cunt hotter and wetter.

Tommy stood before me and grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me towards his cock. It was about 7 to 8 inches long and quite thick, Mark’s cock was amazingly similar, both cocks were bigger than my husband’s.

Tommy pushed the back of my head onto his cock which I began sucking, he ordered me to look at his face while I sucked his cock. I looked up at him and let him control my head movement up and down on the head of the cock. Mark was stood to my left, jerking his cock in his hand. Mr.Allen was knelt directly in front of me, the camcorder recording Tommy’s cock in my mouth.

“Hmmm, yeah.” Tommy moaned.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and saliva and pre-cum rolled off my tongue out of my mouth and down my chin, a string of saliva hung from my mouth to his cock. He lent forward and wrapped his hands around my neck, turned my head towards Mark, where he now grabbed a hold of my head and forced me onto his cock. He was a lot more aggressive and started to skull fuck me. I grabbed a hold of the base of his shaft so I at least had some control.

Mark was fucking me to the back of my throat, saliva was dripping out of my mouth as he gave me a sloppy skull fuck. He pulled my hand away and pushed his cock further to the back of my mouth and held it there. It tickled the back of my mouth and I started coughing, he withdrew his cock and thumped it back in again, although not as far.

He pulled out and smeared his cock over my lips, the saliva hanging from his cock to my mouth was quite a sight for the camera.

Tommy pulled at my leash and made me kneel over the bed, my ass was now vulnerable as Tommy stuffed his cock back into my mouth. He would tug every now and again on the nipple clamp chains to make me squeal in agony. I felt Mark behind me running his hands over my ass and over my pussy lips. I felt his tongue run over my lips and his hands hold my ass cheeks apart.

Mark slid two fingers into my shaved wet cunt. He slowly pushed them in and out.


His hand struck my already stinging ass cheeks, I cried out in pain but my cry was muffled by Tommy’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I felt Mark’s fingers circling my anus and sure enough he slid two fingers into my ass.


My moan of pain and pleasure thwarted again by Tommy’s cock. Mark started thrusting his fingers in and out of my cunt and ass, he was definetly using both hands for this task. My cunt was very wet so he didn’t have much difficulty in fingering it. My ass was still tight, but slowly loosening.

He withdrew his fingers from my ass, and I now felt something else pushing against it. He’s gonna fuck my ass now, this is gonna hurt I thought. It pushed in and it felt warm. Yet strange, it wasn’t my big black dildo because I would certainly know. It had a narrow tip and felt thicker as it went down, it felt like a pyramid kind of shape.

“Oh fuck, God that’s wide.”

It felt incredibly thicker as it went further in. I pulled away from Tommy’s cock again.

“Mark, ahhh, God what is it, ahhh, its sore!”

Tommy sniggered. It went further in until it felt like it could go no further. I reached around with my hand and felt like a square shape. My hand was slapped away and my head pulled back down onto Tommy’s dick. Mark continued fingering my cunt whilst the object remained lodged in my anus.

Mark soon stopped and laid on the bed, Tommy pulled his cock from my mouth, with the saliva yet again pouring out onto his cock. Tommy loved the sight of it and so did the camcorder. Mark took a hold of the leach and pulled me towards him. He told me to suck his cock again. Tommy now was behind me and grabbed a hold of the object in my ass, slowly he withdrew it. I felt relief as he did so.

“This butt plug has done the trick Mark, her ass is nice and stretched.”

“Right Helen, get your ass on my cock.” Mark ordered.

I was ushered into position by them both, I was to be facing upwards, my back facing Mark laying on the bed, I had to place each foot on the outside of both his legs.

Mark held his cock and I lowered myself down onto it. I wiggled onto it a little to get it into my ass easier, it didn’t go in my ass far, only a few inches. I had to lift my body up and down onto it and bit by bit it went deeper into my ass.

“Oh God, ah, ah, ah!”

Mark kept a hold of my ass cheeks and helped bounce me up and down on his shaft. Mr.Allen was directly in front of us, recording it. Tommy stood on the bed, next to me, he pulled my hair as so my face was facing his cock, where he fed his cock back into my mouth.

It was difficult to say the least, and painful. every time I bounced on his cock, my big tits would bounce but then be restrained by the chain connecting my nipples, I wanted it to end.

Soon, I was relieved when I was pulled off of Mark’s cock, he now ordered me to straddle his cock facing him, although with my cunt instead. I did as I was ordered and slid my aching cunt onto his cock. It slid in effortlessly, I was that wet. Mark pulled on the nipple chain, I couldn’t fight it, the pain was too much.

I now lay on Mark’s chest, the nipple chain resting on his hairy chest, he grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart, I had good idea what was coming next. Tommy stood at the bottom of the bed and pushed his cock into my already stretched anus. His cock was thicker than Mark’s and I felt it.

“Oh fuck!”

Tommy soon started pounding in and out of my ass while Mark tried to the best movement he could with his cock in my cunt. Mark grabbed my throat and squeezed hard, it was like he was trying to choke me. He ordered me to moan for the camera but my moans were choking moans as he strangled me.

“Ahhh, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

Mark soon released his grip so I could resume my breathing. Tommy was fucking my ass senseless, he wouldn’t stop slapping my ass hard. I begged him to stop slapping my ass as it was so sore, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. They were showing me no mercy.

“Oh fuck oh God, oh please no more, ahh, oh God my ass!”

I didn’t know what to do, I loved being ravaged by two men, but not my brother in-law, it was almost incest, I wanted it to end. I soon got my wish.

I was yanked to my knees on the floor by the leash as they stood over me, furiously masturbating. Mark came first, he shot his load all over my face and into my mouth, he had a strong grip on my hair as he milked as much cum from his cock as possible.

Tommy soon followed, his cum hitting the side of my face, he rubbed his cock in it and then pushed it back into my mouth. I was glad that it was now over, and I hadn’t been subjected to having to be pissed on by my brother-in-law, that would have been the final kick in the teeth after being stupid enough to have been caught in the first place.

I didn’t get much enjoyment at all to be honest. My ass cheeks were inflamed as was my asshole being stretched by the butt plug and two cocks. My nipples were still in agony from the clamps, I had been riding my husband’s brother’s cock, my brother in-law had fucked my ass. Fucking strangers was different as they were strangers, my brother in-law could tell my husband at anytime. What had I gotten myself into? Well I knew one thing for sure, I had to get myself out of it…

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