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Owned Teacher
by Thumb

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Carols Big Mistake

Rather long, and descriptive tale, a teacher is blackmailed by her students and forced to become a obedient sexslave

updated 4 nov 2006

Lisa flipped open the magazine and there all over a four page spread was her senior English teacher showing all her well put together charms. Mary had posed in college for some very much needed money and had hoped that they would remain in her past. "I was cleaning out an old trunk of my dad's in the attic and look at what I found."

Mary tried to gather her wits and replied, "That was a long time ago Lisa and I am not proud of it but at the time I was desperate for money to finish college. Let me have that so I can throw it away and keep it in my past."

Lisa pulled back the magazine. "I don't think so Mrs. C. We need to have a little talk. Close the door."