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Collected by Djian


The alarm jarred the exhausted teacher awake at 5:00 A.M. She had not gotten to sleep until
about 2:00 A.M. She had licked the floor clean and then licked the black dildo until it was free
of all her juices. Her pussy was still leaking as she laid down on the cold floor to try to sleep.
She spent the night sucking the huge rubber cock.

Mary dragged her tired body to the shower hoping the hot water would invigorate her tired
muscles. Her jaws ached from being stretched around the huge black cock all night and her
pussy was very sore from the workout the night before. Just thinking about it made her pussy
moist again. She had never felt anything so intense before. She didn't have time for the long hot
shower she wished for so she limited herself to a quick shower cleaning herself thoroughly and
washing her hair.

When she got out of the shower she was shocked to see it was 5:30 already. She quickly dried
her hair and got her make-up on by 6:00. She slipped on the robe Lisa had permitted her to keep
which came to just below her ass cheeks and was nearly transparent. She wondered what her
daughter would think of her dress this way. She hoped she wouldn't see her shaved slit.

Mary prepared bacon and pancakes for Lisa and Amy. She hoped she would be permitted to eat
some too they smelled so good and she was getting desperate for some decent food. At exactly
6:30 she wakened Lisa and then Amy and told them breakfast was ready.

Lisa told Amy to go on down and start she would be down in a second. Lisa took Mary into her
room and laid out her clothes for the day. Red garter belt with smoke stockings...3" black heels.
She also picked out a navy skirt which was 4" above the knee and a white sweater which covered
her breasts and would conceal the fact that she was braless unless anyone looked closely.

She also packed Mary's bag for the gym. The too small leotard and spandex shorts with white
gym socks and tennis shoes. She also packed one on Amy's tube tops (red and white stripes), a
very tight short red skirt and 5" red heels in the bag.

When Mary looked nervously at the items Lisa packed in the bag Lisa said,"Don't worry Mrs. C.
I will give you a note in school as to what is expected of you after dismissal."

Lisa went down for breakfast leaving Mary to dress. When Mary was dressed and ready for
school she went down to the kitchen hoping for something to eat. Amy had gone back up to get
ready and only Lisa was in the kitchen.

"Here is your breakfast," said Lisa handing Mary a slice of dry toast and a small glass of orange
juice. I have packed your lunch for you but you can not open it until lunch and you should eat in
the teacher's lunchroom.

Mary ate the dry toast and drank the small juice which did little to quell her appetite. She then
cleaned up while Lisa dressed for school.

Mary was permitted to drive to school with Lisa and Amy. They parked in the teacher lot and
walked into the school. Mary was uncomfortable because she had no panties on and she could
feel her breast moving under the sweater. She knew no one would probably notice but she was
afraid someone would. After Amy had turned and walked to her classroom Lisa whispered to
Mary. "Your tits move so nicely under that sweater." This served to make her even more aware
of her lack of under clothing.

The day went relatively normal up to lunch time with Mary very aware of her breasts swaying
under the sweater and the air moving over her bare pussy but no one seemed to notice anything
except her new hair style which stirred quite a bit of conversation. Lisa hadn't been into her room
yet, her class met after lunch.

Mary went to the lunch room fearful of what would be in her lunch. She sat at the end of the
lunch table but was the center of interest because of her new hair. Opening the bag she found a
half of chicken sandwich, and apple, and 2 small cookies. She looked but there was nothing
else. No note or anything from Lisa. She had thought Lisa had put a note in her lunch. Mary
ate the lunch as she talked with the other teachers. She was thankful that at least she had some
regular food. While not enough to satisfy her it was enough to stop her stomach from growling.

Mary was very apprehensive about Lisa's class after lunch. Lisa had been so intent on
humiliating her since she came into her room on Friday that she just knew something would
happen. But then again Lisa had not embarrassed her too much in front of Amy except for the
robe this morning which Amy didn't even notice.

Lisa came into her room a couple of minutes before class and demanded , " Open your purse
Mrs. C."

Mary opened her purse

Lisa said," Where are the things that are to be here? Your plug and favorite black toy and your

"Oh no. I forgot Ms. Simon. Please I'm sorry." begged the panicked teacher.

"Mrs. C. I am very disappointed with you. You have failed to play with your hot box twice
today as ordered, you failed to wear your heels after your shower, you have been sitting all day in
your room, you sat at lunch and now this. Do you think my rules are a joke? Do you think I am
playing? After school you are to stand in the corner of your room facing the wall until I come in.
Do not move from that spot no matter how long I take to get here."

Lisa went to her seat as the other students came into class leaving the shaken teacher standing
near her desk. Class proceeded as usually with Mary standing the entire time. She saw Lisa
whispering to other students but didn't know what she was saying. She was so scared she almost
peed herself. Then she remember she had sat on the toilet twice today in violation of her orders.
She hope Lisa would know about that.

Finally the end of the longest day of her teaching career came to an end and the last of her
students left. Mary checked the hall and when everyone had gone she went and stood in the
corner away from the door so anyone walking by wouldn't see her. She knew Amy would be
going to basketball practice after school so she would not be a problem.

After about 30 minutes of standing nervously in the corner Mary heard the door open and
glanced over and saw Lisa come into the room. Lisa sat in Mary's chair and ordered," Pull your
skirt up Mrs. C."

The frightened teacher pulled her skirt up to her waist baring her ass. Her faced reddened as the
thought of someone walking in sank into her mind.

"Walk backwards to me Mrs. C."

As the bare assed teacher walked back to her controlling student Lisa was rummaged through her
desk and found a strong, thick, wooden ruler. When Mary had backed up to Lisa she was told to
bend over the desk with her ass high in the air and legs spread. "If I were you I wouldn't make
too much noise Mrs. C., Bubba will be cleaning this section soon."

Lisa then began to spank the frightened teacher with the ruler. Soon Mary was squirming
around on the desk and the tears were running down her cheeks as her ass got hotter and hotter
and redder and redder. She bit her tongue to keep quiet sure that the sound of the ruler smacking
her ass would draw the janitor to her room to see her draped across her desk being punished on
her bare ass by one of her students. It was almost too much to bare.

Finally Lisa stopped the beating of her ass and ordered her back to the corner with the skirt up.
"Now stay there until I get back and don't move a muscle Mrs. C. or we start over." Lisa left the
room and was gone for what seemed to Mary forever.

When she returned she put Mary's gym bag on the desk and handed Mary a note. These are your
instructions for tonight. I have placed a packet of your finest new pictures where they will be
found by Mr. Johnson (the principal) in the morning if you fail to do as you are told. You must
complete everything and get home by 10:00 tonight so that I can retrieve the photo and keep
your secret. I am driving the car home so you will need to take a cab or the bus to accomplish
your tasks. Here is $20.00", said Lisa pulling it from Mary's purse, " and your make up". "I'll
take this
home for you." said Lisa taking Mary's purse. "See you tonight."

Lisa left and Mary pulled down her skirt and opened the note. It was rather long and quite
detailed. As she read on her mouth dropped open and the tears sprung from her eyes. 'I can't do
these things'. 'This is too much' though Mary as she crumpled to the floor sobbing like a lost


Mary sobbed on the floor for 10 minutes. 'I can't do those things'. Maybe she didn't read it
correctly. She read it again with a shaky hand.

Dear Mrs. C.,

You must do everything as listed in this note. You are to return home by 10:00
P.M. tonight or I will be unable to stop your discovery and you will have ruined
not only your own life but your husbands and daughters too.
1. You will remove your skirt and sweater.
2. You will put on the tube top and skirt in your gym bag.
3. Change into the 5" heels.
4. You will place your skirt, sweater and the 3" heels in your desk
and leave them at the school.
5. Now go to your gym and do an aerobic exercise program for at least 1 hour. (I
may check the log sheet at the gym to be sure you worked out an hour.)
6. You will shower and be sure at least 5 other women see your shaved pussy
before leaving the shower.
7. After your workout you are to go to a pharmacy and purchase12
rubbers. Do not purchase a dozen in a box but 12 different
individual rubbers. Ask the pharmacist which kinds are best.
8. You are then to go to the mall and enjoy dinner in the food court.
Remember no sitting.
9. Go to the shoe store and find the young man who sold you your
heels. If he is not working pick someone else for the next part of
your assignment.
10. You are to give him or the person you choose one of the rubbers
you bought and ask him to fill it with his cum. Offer what ever
you need to get it done. Bring the filled rubber home to me.

Remember you only have $20. dollars and must be home by 10 to get the
remainder of your punishment or I will be gone when you get here.


Mary looked at her watch and saw it was 4:30 already. 'What was she going to do?' She knew
she had no choice but how could she do these things with only $20.00 and 5 1/2 hours. She
needed 1 1/2 hours at the gym, allowing 30 minutes for the pharmacy and 30 minutes travel she
was down to 3 hours. The trip to the mall and then home was at least 1 1/2 hours which left only
1 1/2 hours to get done the disgusting thing she had to do. But she didn't have any transportation
and using public transportation would add at least an hour and she couldn't afford a taxi.

'I have no choice.' she decided as she got up from the floor and moved to the desk to get her gym

"Hi Mrs. C." said Bubba as he came into the room. "You ok?"
"Yes Bubba I'm fine I'll be out of your way in a few minutes."

"No hurry Maam, I'll just start in Mrs. B.'s room."

Mary picked up the bag and headed for the restroom to change.

She slipped off her sweater and skirt and put on the tube top which was too small and squeezed
her breasts tightly and the skirt didn't completely cover the tops of her stockings. With the 5"
heels she looked in the mirror and was ashamed of the way she looked. The thought of what she
was being required to do caused her to begin sobbing again.

She composed herself as she realized her time was passing away and a quick fix of her make-up
and hair and she was ready to go back to her room. How would she avoid Bubba?

She listened carefully and could hear him singing as he worked in Mrs. B.'s room across the hall
from hers. She tiptoed to her room and quickly put the clothes in her drawer and moved to her
door. Quickly looking down the hall she headed for the exit.

After she passed Mrs. B.'s room Bubba leaned out and watched the hot teacher's ass sway down
the hall poured into the tight red skirt.

When Mary reached the exit she knew this would be her most vulnerable place to be recognized
by someone she knew. With her head lowered she hurried to the bus stop on the corner unaware
she was being watched from the school by the big black janitor as he smelled her sweater. It was

The bus came at 5:05 and the ride to the gym took 10 minutes with the scantily clad blushing
teacher standing on the bus. She was starred at and she saw several people whispering and
looking at her.

She finally signed in at the gym at 5:10 under the shocked look of the attendant. She moved to
the locker room and quickly changed into the exercise outfit which was not nearly as
embarrassing as the tube top and skirt. The leotard did ride into her ass and when she walked to
the gym it rode into her pussy. The spandex shorts kept her from inconspicuously tugging it out.

She decided to start on the tread mill and began jogging on the moving tread. She quickly
became aware that the leotard was situated over her clit and was rubbing over it with every step.
After 15 minutes she was breathing much harder than the simple jogging caused. When she
looked down she saw the growing wet spot on the crotch of the spandex shorts. The stair stepper
had the same effect and 15 minutes on it caused her to be soaked in sweat which hid the growing
wet spot but did nothing to lessen the odor of sex which Mary could smell very plainly.

By the time she finished 15 minutes on the bike and a 15 minutes aerobic dance routine she was
exhausted and near collapse. Her pussy was on fire and she needed to cum. She glanced at the
clock and it was 6:20.

She headed for the shower and washed the sweat from her body and her juices from her pussy.
She knew she had to allow 5 women to see her naked pussy while in the shower. One of the
ladies she knew fairly well commented on her bald pussy. She explained she had an infection
and had to shave it. Her face was indeed crimson. After drying and doing her hair and make up

quickly while wrapped in a towel she put on her humiliating outfit and signed out of the gym at

Mary knew there was a drug store around the corner from the gym. She had a prescription fill
there a couple of months ago. She knew she looked like a slut and was very embarrassed by it
but not many people took notice on the street. When she entered the pharmacy she was
becoming very concerned about the time. She hurried down the aisles with her heels clicking
and found the rubbers. She picked out 12 different varieties which she knew nothing about,
lubricated, ribbed, ultra thin. French tickler to describe a few. She went to the pharmacist when
he was free and asked if these were good brands? He looked at her disgustingly and said, "You
should know better the I." She wanted to sink into the floor. She paid and realized money might
become a problem. The bus fare had been $1.25 and the rubbers were $12.95 which left her
with $5.80 to get to and from the mall and get something to eat. She left the drug store and
hurried to the bus stop. It was 7:05 she had missed the 7:00 bus and had to stand and wait.
While she was waiting a guy about 25 came up to her and asked how much as he grabbed her
ass. She was shocked but as she looked around she discovered she was in an area frequented by
prostitutes. She didn't think it was possible to be this humiliated and keep going but when the
bus arrived at 7:15 she got on for the ride to the mall. The fare was $2.50 . As she stood for the
55 minute ride her mind was on the task ahead. She was about to ask a stranger to cum in a
rubber so she could take it home. Maybe it would be better just to let the pictures come out.

The bus arrived at the mall at 8:10. While she didn't look out of place on the city street she did
look very out of place here at the mall. She only had $.80 to spend food so she quickly bought a
cookie at the cookie store and stood in the food court and quickly wolfed it down. Her body was
exhausted and she was starving. She was the subject of many stares as she stood there eating the

As she made her way to the shoe store she was followed by a group of teenage boys who made
rude remarks about her ass and breasts. She walked into the shoe store at exactly 8:25. She
knew she had to catch the 8:45 bus to get home by 10:00. She frantically looked around the
store for the young salesman. He wasn't there. She had never considered this possibility.

Then he came out of the stock room carrying several boxes. She ran up to him and said "I need
to talk to you privately".

The confused salesman said, "As soon as I finish with this lady."

"No, Now, " Mary said grabbing his arm.

He recognized her as the lady who had bought several pairs of shoes over the weekend. He
handed the boxes to another salesman, "Could you help the lady over there with these please."

He took Mary back into the stockroom. "Where is your cute young girlfriend?" he asked.

"She is no my girlfriend, she is my st...friend"

"Well what can I do for you? Is there a problem with your shoes?"

"No. I need a favor and I don't have time to discuss this."

""What do you need?'

The shamed teacher said looking at the floor, "I need you to masturbate into a rubber so I can
take it with me."

"WHAT!!!!" he exclaimed. "That is sick." as he turned to leave.

The frantic teacher grabbed his arm. "This is serious I'll help you if you want but I have to have
it. I'm begging you" sobbed Mary as she sank to her knees.

"I don't have a rubber".

"I do," said Mary opening her gym bag and pulling out the rubbers.

"Why should I do this? What's in it for me?.

"What do you want? Please I'll do anything but we need to hurry."

He thought a moment. Why not let this sexy, though slutty, bitch suck my cock for me. "I'll
wear a rubber while to blow me bitch if you beg a little harder."

Mary was stung by his words but reaching for his zipper she heard herself begging, ":Please
allow me to suck your cock, Please."

The salesman picked out an ultra thin ribbed rubber and told Mary to put it on.

She had never done this before and fumbled with the foil package.

"Suck my cock to get it hard bitch."

Mary opened her mouth and sucked the cock in front of her as she got the rubber package open.
The cock began to swell in her mouth and when it was fully grown she pulled her mouth off and
rolled the rubber over the hot 8" cock. Once the rubber was in place she slide the cock back into
her mouth and worked her lips up and down as she was kneeling on the dirty floor of the
stockroom. Working her lips and using her hands she sensed he was near cumming when the
other salesman came back into the stock room.

"Well Well, I get seconds."

The frantic teacher shook her head no but her salesman pulled his cock out and said." Either my
friend gets some or you don't get what you 'need'."

"OK" she said, as she stuffed the cock back in her mouth . Her time was running out.

She pumped the swelling cock in her mouth and felt the cum shooting into the tip of the rubber.
She careful slide the rubber off the cock as the other salesman stepped in front of her. She took
her precious cum filled rubber as she wrapped her lips around the second cock.

Fortunately he was so turned on from watching her suck the other guy he squirted his load into
her sucking mouth almost immediately. Mary got to her feet and whipped the cum from her lips
and looked at her watch. 8:42.

She turned and began running down the mall to get to the bus stop. She was aware that her
breasts were threatening to bounce out of her top but she knew she needed to make the bus. She
crashed out the door just as the bus was pulling into the bus stop. She climbs on the bus and
paid the fare leaving her $.05 to spare.

Mary spent the next 60 minutes leaning on the pole in the bus. Ignoring the others on the bus.
Her mind was on what she had just done. A happily married (sort of) mother with a teaching
career she loved had just paraded through a mall dressed like a whore and begged a guy to allow
her to give him a blow job and then gave one to his friend in a dirty storeroom. Her body

She got off the bus at 9:51. The bus stop was about a mile from her house which was not on the
main road. She began running in her 5" heels down the dark road. Her bag was bouncing on her
shoulder and her top slide off her breasts as they were bouncing up and down but she couldn't

Now she could see her house the porch light was on and she had about 200 yards to go. As she
approached the front gate the light went off. "Nooooooo" she screamed "I'm here." She pounded
on the door. The defeated teacher pounded on the door sobbing "I'm here , I made it."

After about 3 minutes the light came on and Lisa opened the door. "Well Mrs. C. welcome

"I made it Ms. Simon. Please go get the pictures."

"All taken care of. Come in Amy is spending the night at Rachel's.."


The physically and mentally exhausted teacher pulled herself to her feet and with her breasts
totally exposed staggered into the house.

"You look like you had a very thrilling evening Mrs. C." laughed Lisa. "Take off that silly skirt
and ridiculous top right this minute."

Mary struggled and removed the top and skirt without complaint. Her body was worn out from
the extreme stress and the humiliation as well as the exercise session and having to run in the
impossible high heels. She stood before her student passively waiting to be told what to do next.
She had no dignity or pride left after what she had done tonight.

"Come over here Mrs. C. and bend over the back of the love seat."

The teacher did as she was told, bending over the back of the love seat with her bare ass high in
the air. What else could Lisa do to her?

Lisa then fastened an ankle cuff to each ankle and attached them to the back legs of the love seat
spreading the teacher's legs. "Now Mrs. C. I want you to tell me in detail about your evening. I
will be paddling your ass with this paddle while you tell me because you failed me miserably
today at school. How long and how many times the paddle meets your ass depends on how
interesting your story is."

WAM. The paddle lands forcefully on the bound teacher's ass. "Owwww. I changed into the
clothes you gave me in the restroom. "

WAM. "Who told you had permission to go to the restroom to change."

"Owww. I just thought..."

WAM. "That is the point. You are not to think."

"Sorry Ms. Simon," babbled Mary. Her ass was on fire and her legs were aching and cramping.

Mary went on with the story. It took about 45 minutes during which time her ass was paddled
about 40 times. She was reduced to a babbling beaten nothing. Telling what she had done was
more embarrassing than actually doing it and the constant paddling on her ass served to break
her spirit completely.

Once she had finished Lisa sat down and had a good laugh at the teachers position. "Well Mrs.
C. I guess you were born to be owned . You have performed well and I will be lenient with you
tonight.' She released the sobbing teacher's ankles. "Now go and put your souvenir cum filled
rubber in the freezer. Then you may shower and go to sleep on the floor next to your bed. I will
be sleeping in your bed so be quiet. Wake me at 6:30 for breakfast."

"Thank you Ms. Simon."

Mary did as she was ordered and then took a long hot shower. She hit the floor about 12:00 and
slept soundly on her side until the alarm woke her at 5:45.

When Mary got up she was still tired and stiff but what she noticed most was her painful ass.
She looked in the mirror and saw it was still very pink and tender. She went into the bathroom
with her dildo and masturbated as required almost to the point of orgasm. She was shocked that
her pussy responded so quickly. When she finished she took a quick shower and the quickly did
her hair and make up standing in the bathroom. Before leaving the bathroom she lubed her ass
in case Lisa checked. Her ass couldn't take anymore punishment. Breaking the sitting rule
would not be a problem today.

Slipping on a pair of 5" heels She went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Lisa. She was so
very hungry she would do anything for a decent meal.

At 6:30 the naked high heeled teacher woke her tormentor. "Good Morning Ms. Simon. Your
breakfast is ready."

Lisa got out of bed and checked her pet. She was pleased that Mary had her make up and hair
done and was nude except for the heels. Her training was coming along nicely. "Where is your
collar pet?"

A terrified Mary raced to her purse and put her collar around her neck. "I'm sorry Ms. Simon.
Please don't punish me."

"From now on pet you will speak in the third person. 'Your pet is sorry ' 'Please don't punish
your pet.' When we are in school or Amy is present you may speak normally."

"Yes Ms. Simon. Your pet is sorry."

Lisa smiled and lead her teacher by her leash to the kitchen.

Mary had prepared bacon and eggs with toast and jam for Lisa. Her stomach was crying for

"Hungry pet?" asked Lisa.

"Your pet is very hungry Ms. Simon." responded Mary correctly.

"Well I'm just going to have some milk this morning. You can have this" said Lisa as she
dumped her breakfast on the floor.

Mary was so hungry she gave up an sense of pride and dropped to the floor and ate the breakfast
from the floor with her hands.

"Finish eating and clean up Mrs. C. and meet me in your bed room in 10 minutes."

Mary ate every bit of food from the floor and then cleaned up everything rushing up the stairs to
her room within the time period.

Lisa was waiting for her teacher and ordered her to put in her butt plug right there in front of her.
She was thankful she had kept herself lubed as ordered. Mary squatted slightly and inserted the
plug into her ass.

"You will not remove it for any reason without my permission." instructed Lisa.

"Yes Ms. Simon your pet will not remove her plug without permission."

"Come here Mrs. C. "

Mary straighten up and walked to stand in front of her student.

"Now play with your nipples and make them hard Mrs. C."

Mary began pinching and tweaking her nipples which responded quickly. Her body had never
been so responsive. All the stimulation and denial was having this affect. She refused to believe
she actually enjoyed being treated this way.

When her nipples were hard Lisa reached out and placed a tiny orthodontic rubber band on each.

The pain was minimal but the nipples were locked in there swollen state. Soon then began to
ache and became very sensitive. "Those will stay on as long as the plug is in Mrs. C."

"Yes Ms. Simon your pet understands."

"Here is your outfit for today. Get dressed and meet me down stairs in 15 minutes. And put on
more make up before you come down."

"Yes Ms. Simon."

Mary looked at the clothes Lisa had laid out for her. A short plaid tweed skirt, black garter belt,
nude stockings, red camisole, and white silk blouse with top button removed and 3" red heels
made up her wardrobe for today. The skirt was snug but if she was careful it covered her
stocking tops. The camisole was clearly visibly through the white blouse and the missing button
allowed the top of the camisole to show. But the most embarrassing and annoying part of the
outfit was the affect the silk camisole and blouse had on her banded nipples. Every movement
caused her nipples to rub on the material and send shivers through her sensitive nipples directly
to her pussy. Her body was her enemy and she would have to be fighting all day to control it.
She would have to stand still as much as possible. The plug in her ass was uncomfortable but
her nipples even made that full feeling in her ass exciting. When Mary looked in the mirror to
touch up her make up she noticed her nipples were pointing through the silky material. There
was no way to hide them.

"Did you go to the bathroom today Mrs. C.?" asked Lisa when Mary walked into the kitchen.

"No Ms. Simon your pet did not use the bathroom today."

"Well you better go out and use the yard since you are not permitted to use the restroom today."

The shamed teacher walked out into the yard, lifting her skirt and spreading her legs she peed
while her student watched.

""Ready to leave Mrs. C.?"

"Yes Ms. Simon." responded Mary as she made a final check of her purse to be sure her collar
and dildo were in there.

"Here is your lunch pet. and I want you to put the rubbers in your purse too. Never know when
a hot number like you might need them."

Mary hurried to put the rubbers in her purse. "Ms. Simon, should your pet take her gym bag

"Yes pet you will be working out after school and then Amy and I are taking you to the mall and
out to dinner."

What Lisa had just said jarred Mary, 'Amy and Lisa taking her to the mall?' What does she have
planned now?'

After a painful ride to school on her tender ass Mary received her instructions for the day from
Lisa. She was to be moving around the room constantly so everyone would get a good look at
her stiff nipples. She was to eat lunch in the faculty dining room but not to look at her lunch
until she gets there. She was not to use the restroom but she was to drink at least 4 glasses of
water and at lunch have a carton of milk.

"Have a good day Mrs. C."


From the beginning of the first class Mary knew she would be in for a long day. The silken
material rubbing on her engorged nipples was sending electric charges directly to her pussy. The
plug in her ass was moving with every step she took and she could feel her pussy beginning to
leak its hot juices. By the middle of the second period her thighs was slick with her nectar and
the tops of her stockings were beginning to get wet. Fortunately she didn't have a class third
period and was headed for the restroom to clean up when she remembered that Lisa had forbid
her to use the restroom. She returned to her room and after locking the door used Kleenex to dry
her thighs and pussy. She was so hot she couldn't imagine going the whole day in this state. Just
before the beginning of her next class she dried her pussy again and then taught the class. She
was sopping again by the end of the period. Thank goodness lunch was next.

Before going the faculty lunch room Mary again dried her pussy and thighs with Kleenex. Then
she walked to the lunchroom with the lunch Lisa had packed for her.

She went off to the counter area to open her lunch. Inside she found a note which said.

Dear pet,

You are to use all the "salad dressing" and save the container.


Mary quickly folded the note and put it in her pocket. She opened the salad container and
almost passed out when she saw the "salad dressing". The cum filled rubber from the night
before was placed directly on her salad. With no choice, she carefully squeezed the cum from
the rubber on to her salad and hid the rubber in the bottom of the lunch bag. She did her best to
act normal and converse with her fellow teachers while she ate her cum covered salad standing
in the lunch room. She had to decline offers to sit several times saying her back was bothering
her and it was better to stand.

She was deeply ashamed to be eating a strangers cum as salad dressing in her school in front of
her fellow teachers even though they had no idea what she was doing. She had to eat quickly so
she could get back to her class room and masturbate for the second time today. She knew she
wouldn't be able to masturbate for long because she was already at a high level of excitement.

By the time she got back to her room she wanted to throw up and yet she locked the door and
while standing away from the door she slide the huge black dildo deep in to her sopping pussy.
Three stokes and she was near her peak and with great effort she managed to stop and put the
dildo back in her purse. She quickly dried herself and cleaned her slick thighs just as the bell
rang for Lisa's class.

When Lisa came in she walked near Mary and whispered, "How was lunch?"

Mary blushed deeply and watched Lisa take her seat.

"What is that smell Mrs. C?" asked Lisa in a loud voice.

Mary suddenly realized the there was a definite odor and then she knew it was the smell of sex.
Her constantly leaking pussy and the Kleenex she had used to clean up were making her
classroom smell like her bedroom after a long hot sex session with her husband. With a red face
she answered, "I don't know. I noticed it this morning."

The remainder of the day she couldn't concentrate. She couldn't stop smelling her sexual odor or
tasting the cum she had voluntarily eaten for lunch.

At the end of the day Lisa came to her classroom and removed the bands from her nipples. The
feeling as the blood again circulated through her nipples almost drove her to her knees. "Leave
the used rubber on top of the garbage for Bubba to see and lets go meet Amy at the car." Lisa
handed Mary a note on the way to the car. "Your instructions for the gym pet."

The overwhelmed teacher slide the note into her pocket and followed Lisa to her car. Since they
were dropping Mary at the gym Lisa drove.

"We'll pick you up in 2 hours right here Mrs. C." said Lisa as she and her teacher's daughter
drove away.

Mary enter the gym and signed in and proceeded to the locker room where she removed the note
from Lisa. She read the note:

Dear pet,

Remove your plug in the dressing room You are not permitted to use to the
restroom other than to shower and fix yourself up. You are to do one hour of
the same exercises as yesterday and add 15 minutes of stomach exercise and 15
minutes of upper body (chest) exercise. After your shower you are to lube your
ass and put the plug back in your ass while in the dressing room. Meet us
outside in 2 hours.


Mary looked around the dressing room. There was no way she could remove the plug with
anyone in there with her but she couldn't wait too long because she had to be ready and outside
in 2 hours. She move to the most secluded part on the dressing room but still in clear view if
any one was watching. After hanging her clothes in the locker Mary snuck a quick peek around
the room and quickly removed the plug from her ass and shoved it into the locker. It came out
easier than the first time as her ass ring stretched from using it. Quickly dressing in her tight
leotard and spandex shorts she hurried to the gym to complete her workout.

Mary rushed through her prescribed exercise program with out resting and then ran to the
shower. Her pussy was soaked from the friction on the leotard on her clit as in slide into her slit.
Her nipples were sore from the constant stimulation and banding all day.

She only had 10 minutes to get ready. A fast shower and then drying her hair and putting on her
makeup and her time was up. She was going to be late. When she went into the dressing room
she saw it was crowded with women and she panicked as she thought about putting her plug
back in her ass. She didn't have time to wait for the locker room to empty out she dressed and
then facing the locker room lifted the back of her skirt and dabbed a little lubricant on her ass.
As inconspicuously as possible she reached behind herself, grabbed the plug and slide it home.
A small gasp slipped from her lips as the plug plopped in easily through her stretched ass hole.

Gathering her things she rush out the door looking at her watch. She was 12 minutes late.
Spotting the car Mary rushed over and opened the door. "I'm so sorry I'm late. Please forgive me
for delaying our dinner." gasped Mary as she slid into the car.

"No problem Mom." said Amy.

Lisa just stared sending chills through her teacher.

Lisa drove to the local mall and after parking the car told Amy to go in and get them a table at
the restaurant.

As soon as Amy was out of sight Lisa slapped Mary hard across the face. "Don't ever make me
wait again pet. Tonight you will be punished." Lisa turned and strode to the mall leaving the
shaken teacher rubbing her cheek in the parking lot.

Mary rushed to catch Lisa just as she was entering the mall. They went to the restaurant and
Lisa left Mary standing near just table just long enough for her to get uncomfortable and then
said, "Why don't you sit next to Amy Mrs. C."

A very nervous uncomfortable teacher sat next to her daughter and picked with her fingers at the
dry lettuce salad and and fruit cup which Lisa ordered her while Amy was in the restroom. Lisa
and Amy ate full meals including dessert.

After dinner Lisa said, "Now for your surprise Mrs. C. Amy and I have decided that you need to
have your hair done professionally to help you to achieve the look you are trying to create."

Mary had no idea what she was talking about but said simply "Thank you".

Mary sat in the chair and Lisa talked with the stylist. Amy and Lisa left telling May they would
be back in an hour.

Mary was turned so she could not see what was being done to her hair. It took about 50 minutes
but when she got a look her hair had been styled in a very short young looking style and it was
now frosted. She look much younger than she thought possible. The stylist then said," The
young lady also requested we pierce your ears for you."

Mary thought they were going to pierce her ears with a second hole so she said. "Whatever they
said will be fine. They are surprising me with his new image.

The stylist moved into position and before Mary realized it she had 5 new piercing in each ear
giving her 5 holes moving upward from the lobe and one at the top of each ear. All the
piercings were clearly visible with gold hoops because of the short stylish hair cut.

Just then Amy and Lisa returned. "WOW mom", cried Amy. "That's so cool." Lisa just smiled at
the embarrassed teacher.

Lisa sent Amy off to the music store to meet her friends and told her to meet her and her mom
back here in an hour.

Lisa went with Mary to pay the bill and whispered to her "Make an appointment for a complete
body waxing for Friday at 6:00."

Mary did as she was ordered.

Lisa then took Mary to a jewelry store and had her ordered an ankle bracelet with the name "Pet"
inscribed. As they left the store Lisa told Mary, "We will put that on tonight after your

They next went to 'The Limited', a clothing store for teens where they had purchased a good deal
of Mary's new wardrobe. Lisa handed Mary a pair on size 8 jeans. "Try these on."

Mary went to the changing room and struggled into the jeans. They were definitely a tight fit.
Remembering their previous shopping trip Mary slipped on her heels and walked out to show

Lisa had her turn and examined the fit. They were as tight as she could fit into with any comfort
at all. "Good take them off and meet me out front." When Mary got changed and met Lisa in
front of the store Lisa handed her a package from the store. "They put these on your charge pet."
( Mary didn't look but in the bag were a size 7 jeans and a large t-shirt). Soon Amy joined them
and the three returned home. All the way home Mary was thinking that she was going to be
punished for being late like a little girl but the punishment she was sure would not be like what a
little girl would receive.

When they got home Amy went off to bed as it was getting late. Lisa told Mary she would be in
as soon as Amy was asleep.

Mary went into her room and immediately stripped and changed into her 5" heels. She didn't
want to draw the further ire of her owner. 'What was she thinking "owner"' she wondered as she
buckled her collar around her neck.

Lisa came in 10 minutes later to find her teacher standing naked in 5" heels wearing her collar
and waiting for her. She walked over the Mary and grabbing a nipple with each hand she
squeezed the sore buds pulling Mary to her knees. She continued to pinch and twist her teachers
nipples until her tears flowed down her cheeks. "Don't ever make me wait again. Do you
understand?" asked Lisa with a cruel twist to each nipple.

"Yes Ms. Simon your pet will never be late again. Your pet is sorry". sobbed the crying teacher.

Lisa was pleased that her pet had slipped so easily into her owned role. She was learning fast.
"Remove your plug pet." ordered Lisa.

Mary reached behind and slide the plug out of her ass.

"Put in all the way into your mouth pet and don't make a sound."

Mary struggled to get the entire plug into her mouth and not to throw up at the same time. Lisa
watch with a cruel smile on her face. Finally Mary had the entire thing in her mouth and it was
filled to the limit.

"Put your face to the floor, ass high and hands between your legs."

Mary assumed the humiliating position.

"Spread your legs pet."

Mary spread her legs and her ass and pussy were totally exposed to whatever her student wish to
do to her.

"You have made me very angry pet being late but you have been fairly good otherwise so I will
limit your punishment to 12 swats with your paddle. One for each minutes you were late. And
to make in bearable you are to take this (handing her her black dildo) and fuck your pussy for me
but you are not to cum. Understand?" ordered Lisa as she looking at the teacher gapping asshole.

Mary nodded since her mouth was filled with her plug. She took the dildo and slide it into her
wet pussy. 6" slid in easily.

WHAM the paddle cracked her ass.

"Muhhh" moaned Mary as she slide the dildo in out out.

After 6 swats about 8" of the dildo was disappearing into her stretching hole. That tied her
record. Her ass was moving to meet the paddle as the dildo plunged in and out. Her ass was on
fire and her body was burning. Lisa could recognize her teacher impeding orgasm as a full 9"
was sliding in and out and pulled the dildo from her pussy. She then applied the remaining 6
swats quickly with no break.

The carpet below Mary had 2 wet spots. One from her tears and the other from her leaking

Lisa bound Mary's hands behind her back and setting the alarm for 5:30 am went off to bed.
Then she placed the ankle bracelet around Mary's right ankle. "You are never and I mean never
to remove this"

"Wake me when you get up to remove your cuffs pet."

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