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Collected by Djian


Punishment by Titania

This is fantasy, please remember that! No safe sex is practised in this

Some people are strange, and some people are quite ordinary. In their own
eyes at least. Take me - ordinary, married (once), thirty or so, so-so job,
good looking enough to have a sex life that means I pick up girls and fuck

I like that. Fucking. I like young bodies, tight cunts and big breasts.
Yeah... big breasts. Preferably tied up, pierced, roped, branded, clamped,
tight, fucked... I life that, watching as my cock ploughs through breasts
tied so tight they are purple. And maybe the girl is screaming. Breasts.
Just the word is delicious. Big, swinging tits that slap from side to side.
Full tits, tits that seem to reach up and beg to be hurt, to have their long
nipples squeezed between my fingers...

Just thinking about it gives me a boner like you can't imagine, all nine
inches tight in my jeans. Not that I touch it. I can wait.

Until she arrives.

And on time the doorbell rings.


She looks nervous. Well she might. I smile nicely. "Hi." I raise an eyebrow,
as if asking why?

"Mr. Rawlings?"

"Yeah?" Still not giving an inch, not even looking at her body, though I
know she must be a double D and I'm glad my shirt is outside my pants,
covering the bulge at my crotch.

"I was told to come and see you..." Deep breath. "By my husband." She tries
looking at me with her wide blue eyes. I just stare right back, making her
swallow. "Sir, I've been naughty, please punish me..."

Then I smile, and open the door wide. She brushes past me to enter, smelling
of soap, the body slim in a very short skirt, her breast jiggling as she
moves, the tight, tight shirt not enough to keep them still. Her nipples are
standing up, pressing eagerly towards me. I control myself, and don't touch.
Not yet. Instead I close the door and lean back.

"What's your name?" I know it, but I always ask.


I tut. "What's your name?"

She starts to speak, than hesitates, swallows, and hangs her head, lifting
it after a second. "Whore..." A whisper.

"Hello, Whore."

"Hello, sir."

"Good girl." I push away from the door, tilt her head up, kiss her hard,
growling as she gasps, lips opening to accept my tongue. Her body in pliant
against me, well trained. I'm going to enjoy this.

So will her husband when he watches the video.

I break off the kiss with a bite. Take a step away, and walk along the
corridor to my special room. The room where I play - and earn more money
than I ever could in the office I call work to the IRS. I know she's
following as I can hear the tap, tap of her heels on my wood floor.

I turn as she come in, watching her trying to take it all in - the bed, the
toys, the hooks. Me. I strip my shirt off and let her look at the muscles I
spend so long keeping in shape. Her gaze lingers on my cock, the head quite
clearly defined even under the denim.

"What did you do, Whore?"

"I was bad."


"I said no..."

I suck my breath in. "And he sent you to me."

"Yes, sir."

"And what am I to do?"

"Anything you want, sir." She straightened her back, pushing her lovely tits
straight at me. "Fuck me, hurt me, use me."

And damn it if she isn't aroused. Her eyes are dark, dilated with desire,
her breasts seem to swell as she stands there. Slim, young, blond hair to
her shoulders, lips already bruised by my kiss, and turned on as hell.
Christmas in Spring, just for me. Or for her, of course...

"Take your top off."

She obeys, stripping it off in one move, her breasts bouncing against her
ribs. I step close. A finger against the tip of each nipple I rub very
gently, and watch as the teat hardens, tightening, lengthening, well
trained. Her aureole are wide, the colour of a certain red rose. She
breathes in unsteadily, breasts lifting, and she moans, the sound dark and
low. I wonder if I can make her moan like that when my cock is deep in her
throat. I know it will feel good.

Watching her eyes I pinch each nipple between finger and thumb. And squeeze.
And squeeze. Her mouth opens and she is panting. Wanting.

Hot and hungry.

"When were you last fucked?"

She blinks, coming back to reality. "Two weeks ago."

"No cock in all that time?"

"Nothing, sir. I've been watching videos, reading. He'd suck my nipples for
hours, play with them, bring himself off again and again. I wasn't allowed
to come." She was beginning to shake, the tremble making her nipples vibrate
against my fingers. If anything they were harder, longer. They were going to
look so beautiful when clamped.

I'd told him to prepare her. But this was better than I could have imagined.

Letting her nipples go, I cup a breast in each hand, lifting, weighing. Each
globe fills my hand, the white, white flesh spilling over my fingers. "What
videos you been watching?"

"Fuck videos, sir." I squeeze, grunt to indicate that I want more. "Girls
being fucked by men, by gangs, girls being tied up, girls being punished..."

I'm massaging her breasts, pushing them against her body, watching the flesh
swell, move, huge breasts bigger than my hands, nipples hard against my
palms. I let go. Her mouth is open, she licks her bottom lip. "Take your
skirt off."

She steps out of it, teetering on her heels.

"Walk across the room."

I watch. Slim waist, a great bottom, full, curvy, swaying as she walks, the
four inch heels exaggerating everything, making her spine curve, her thigh
muscles work. As she turns I let her take three steps. Then I tell her to
stop. Right where I want her, in the line for perfect pick- up for the

"Bend over." She touches the floor immediately with her fingers, arse high,
breasts hanging. I go to her, smooth my hand up her flank, over her buttock,
slide it between her legs and she's so wet I push two fingers inside her
without stopping. That sound again. I add another finger, then another,
fucking her again and again, my thumb pushing into her arse so fast that she
squeals and almost loses her balance. I'm fucking her fast, fingers pushing
deep, the heat of her insides deliciously wet, her juices squelching as my
fingers move in and out, her body rocking back and forth.

I stop suddenly, leaving her empty. My hand smells of her, musk and soap and
need. I lick my fingers - sweet.

She's a good slave, still bent over. I walk around her, take a handful of
hair and lift her head. Her face is bright red, liner smudged around her
eyes. "Get my cock out and suck it, Whore."

Shivering, she braces her legs and somehow gets the iron hard length of me
out of my jeans. I smile as she bites her lip, as she sees quite how big it
is, nine inches and thick as my wrist. Way thicker than hers, her hand so
small around it. I can't wait, I take hold of her head and angle it back,
pushing my cock against her lips, sighing as they open and she tries to take
me in. The angle's wrong, I can only get the head in. "Kneel." She almost
falls, and then I'm inside, heat taking me in. I twist her hair around my
hands and use it, letting her take a few inches first, then slamming home,
right into her throat, holding there...

And holding...

And she's getting red faced, panic in her eyes. And I still hold, as she
fights, trying to scream around the length of meat gagging her, the
clenching of her muscles unbelievable around me, her nose squashed into my
belly, chin against my balls. She fights now, hands slapping my thighs,
flailing, until I just let her go.

She falls to her knees, gasping, retching... I watch her, my cock an
iron-hard length spearing into the air.

Impatient, I take a step forward and slap her. Again. A sob and she stills,
crouched on the floor. A moment, and she begins to crawl to me, her mouth
trembling against my foot. I grunt, and she licks her way up my leg, up my
thigh, and takes me into her mouth again. Deep. I groan aloud, and cup the
back of her head, grinding my cock into her, stretching her, forcing her to
stop breathing as I slide one hand around and hold her throat, feeling it
swollen with my meat, feeling myself as I begin to move, and I fuck her
slowly, very slowly, watching her face wet with tears, snot running from her

Jesus, but she is well trained.

I pull away. She can't take her eyes away from the glistening length of me.
Hungry. Cock hungry. Just as I like my whores.

"Stand up."

She obeys, wobbly as a foal. I pass her a tissue and she wipes her face as I
go and get what I need. "Put your hands behind your back." I bind her wrists
with soft rope, then her elbows. Walking around to see how it looks I nod -
her breasts are pushing right out, the unnatural angle of her arms and
shoulders emphasising her tits. Just because I want to, I touch them,
cupping them. They seem bigger, though it is only an illusion, it's an
illusion that makes my balls tighten.

I move and tighten the rope around her elbows until they touch. She moans.

"Bend over." Awkward, she obeys. I push my fingers back inside her - she's
sopping. It makes me smile as I lube up a but-plug and shove it into her,
holding her to stop her falling, as she cries out. It takes a moment for me
to work the thick rubber inside her, but in the end I get the widest part in
and it's held tight. I let her stand. And I kiss her again. They never
expect me to kiss them, and I love it, sucking their tongues into my mouth,
fucking them, hearing them moan. Feeling their breasts rub into me. What a

I stand back and look at her. Whore.

"Walk up and down." She does, teetering, awkward with the plug up her arse,
breasts swinging as she moves. "Make your jugs jiggle..." She blinks, then
sort of puts a wiggle into her walk, and her breasts move, nipples hard,
pointing into the air. "More!" She's almost dancing as she walks back and
forth, her breasts jiggling like crazy in front of her. "Stop."

I can hear her breathing. I'm close, and I bend and take her nipple into my
mouth, closing my eyes at the feeling, the big teat pushing against my
tongue. Christ. I want to fuck her so much I bite down, chewing, plunging my
fingers back into her cunt until she cries out, almost coming and I let go,
straightening, eyeing my work, seeing the bright red, raw nipple still hard.
I flick it with a nail. Again. Then, squeezing it between my fingers,
pulling it away from her body, I snap on a crocodile clip, as far down as I
can get it.

She screams. More from surprise than pain. Though it would certainly have
hurt. The end of her nipple immediately turns a plum colour, both her
breasts shaking as she breathes raggedly. "What do you say, Whore?"

"Thank you, sir..." Her voice is unsteady. I take hold of her other nipple,
and twist, rolling it hard. She moans, head snapping back.

"What shall I do with this one?"

"Whatever you want, sir."

"Ask me."

"Please, sir, please hurt your whore, please put that clamp on my nipple, I
beg you, please hurt me."

I twist her nipple so hard I can imagine the skin splitting. "Like this?"

"Yes sir, hurt my tits!"

I grin and slide the fingers of one hand into her cunt, still working at her
nipple with the other. She's so wet I could get my arm inside her. I begin
to twist and fuck together, until she is shaking all over, legs spread,
mouth wide open, gasping. Then I let her go and reach for the next clamp.
She scarcely groans as I snap it on.

I take a step back, watching her. Bound and hurt, breasts swollen, pushing
towards me as if begging. Enough? No.

This is punishment after all. And I want to do so much to those breasts. I
will do so much...

More rope. I loop a piece around one breast, pull it tight. Her tit
immediately swells, the skin stretching, darkening, the nipple still
clamped. I tighten the rope, and it is as if her breast is separating from
her torso. Three turns of the rope around the base of her tit and I cinch it
off. Bending, I lick the skin, feeling the tight to bursting feel of it. A
swift lick to her nipple and I move, quickly lowering a rope from a hook and
pulley in the ceiling and attaching it to the rope around her arms. A quick
adjustment and she is lifted slightly, eyes opening in surprise as he body
tilts slightly forward. She looks odd with just one bound titty, so I go and
bind up the other one. It looks good when it is done. Unreal - apart from
her breasts, which look amazing, twice as big as when she arrived, dark red,
swollen, nipples jutting forward, the clamps still tight. I stand close,
looking into her eyes. She moans slightly, licks her lips, shudders when I
touch the very tips of her nipples.

"Now make them jiggle."

She can't walk anywhere, but she tries, sort of using her hips to move,
bouncing on her toes. It works, her bound tits, hard as melons, jiggle for
me, and as she's done so well I take off the clamps. Just to watch her

And this time her tits really move. All it needed was the right motivation.

She's still shuddering as I walk around her and take hold of her hips. In
one hard move I'm inside her, so deep I can feel her heart. The angle is
perfect, and I take hold of her tits, squeezing, the pain making her tighten
inside, screaming again, and then I fuck her. Hard. And come almost at once.
Filling her, until come spills down her legs.

Not that I'm not still hard. That's part of my job.

I can fuck and fuck and come and come. Some talents are worth more than

I slide out of her, jab her mound a couple of times so she knows I'm not
softening at all. Then I walk around and kiss her again, bending to suck her
mouth, her tongue, fucking her mouth hard, grinding deep. I straighten, let
her lick my chest. She moans, licking me, nibbling sweetly on my nipple
until I move her and make her suck on the other one. Reaching underneath her
torso I squeeze her tits. Still bound they fill my hands, the taut flesh so
soft and smooth and delicious. I twist her nipples and she moans again. I
let her straighten.

"What are you?"

"A whore, sir."

"What do you deserve?"

"You, sir."

I nod. Examine her. Without the clamps her nipples have filled out, the
aureole wide and spongy. It makes me frown. Without waiting I untie her
breasts, which leaves her shaking. Letting the ropes fall to the floor I
take her breasts into my hands and massage, squeezing them like dough. The
nipples stay flat. I start to slap instead. One breast, then the other,
watching them swing from side to side. I'm not gentle. I have big hands.
After a few minutes she is crying again. But her nipples are hard.

I stop. Kiss each breast. Slowly. Licking the skin, sucking the red marks
I've left. Her nipples fill my mouth as I suck, and she gasps as I flicker
my tongue over the tip. I stand back. Nod. Her breasts are red, bruised,
rope marks burned around them. Quickly I check her cunt. And smile. She's
sweating, breathless, still horny...

"Stand straight." She obeys, tries to anyway. I loosen off the rope holding
her arms up and she manages, legs together. "Stick your tits out." She
arches her back. I reach around and tweak her nipples, then walk away. "Keep
those tits out." I warn her. Finding what I need I'm back at her side.
"Spread your legs." She does, wide, her arse a sweet curve, juices
glistening in the dark gold curls of her sex. My fingers spread her cunt
lips wide and I slide in an inflatable dildo, slide it right it to the point
where her body closes around it and it can't slide out. "Close your legs,
keep them tight together." She does, and I stand back and begin to pump it
up, watching her face as the rubber swells inside her, filling every
crevice, every corner, lengthening, pushing deep. She opens her mouth,
sighs, and I pump until I see her belly begin to swell and she's trembling,
her breasts shivering, nipples so long and tight I want to bite them off.
Except then they wouldn't be there, so I don't. Instead I stop, and touch
her belly, pressing down. She moans. "How do you feel?"

"Full, sir, so full..." She whispers, then licks her lips. "Sir...?"


"Please let me come."

I just laugh, and walk away to find something else.

She's moaning when I stand in front of her, twisting her legs together as
she tries to get some friction on her clit. A finger under her chin makes
her look at me. And stop. "Arch your back, whore." She does. I have a
trolley at my side, the sort they use in hospitals, on wheels. The needles
are very shiny. "Do you like to be hurt?"

"No, sir."

"Don't lie!" I slap her breasts again, the twist viciously at her nipples.
She's begging me, and saying the truth.

"Yes, sir, please!"

And I relent. Her stiff, aroused nipples tilt up at me, the wrinkled teats
as long as the tip of my little finger. I finger them gently, and feel them
swell, tighten. I take an inch long pin and push it's sharp end straight
into the centre of one, straight in, pointing to her heart. She groans, but
that's all as I shove it home, pushing against the resistance of her flesh.
She bites her lip when I do the same with her other nipple.

"Now jiggle them." She does, the silver glinting in the dark red flesh as
she moves. "Stop." It isn't enough. I take more pins, and slowly make a
circle around her nipple, a circle of silver pinheads. Between pushing in
each one and touch her clit, and she shudders each time, but her hips beg me
more than her cries. It takes a while to set all the pins, but then it is
done and I stand back, let the camera see her. Beautiful. There isn't even
any blood. And there won't be, not until I pull them out anyway.

I stand still, one hand slowly working my cock, a finger touching my own
tit. And I can't wait. I walk behind her, hook up the rope to her hands and
pull it tight, until her hands lift and she has to bend forward, sticking
her arse out. She's making soft noises in her throat, and then screams as I
pull out the dildo in her arse. She screams louder when I shove my cock in.
No lube, just her juices. I'm in all the way in one hard shove. She's so
tight, the dildo in her cunt inflated so much that I can feel it all along
the length of my shaft, making her even tighter. I run my hand up her spine,
her skin is slick with sweat, her buttocks are trembling against me. I slap
her skin, then begin to fuck. Slow at first, then brutal, grinding my cock
in, letting myself go, pulping her anus until is goes pink and squishy, like
a mouth around the huge weight of my shaft, sucking me in, begging for more.
I come hard, gasping, staying in deep until the sparks behind my eyes fade
and I can breathe again. Then I slide out. My cock is filthy. I don't touch
it, just walk around and force it into her mouth. She fights, but I mash her
tits to her chest and she screams, the vibration as I face fuck her enough
to make me hard again.

But my cock is clean. I take a deep breath, and stand back, stretching. I
feel good, sensual. An adjustment of rope and she can stand straight - with
a little help. I smile at her, and pull the pin from the centre of her
nipples, first one then the other. She makes a mewing sound, and bleeds
slightly, as if she is lactating blood. I bend and suck it all up, one teat
then the other. Then back again until she is moaning again, tossing her head
back as I use my teeth, gently, letting her get off on the sensation.

But not come. Not yet. If I bother at all...

Releasing the rope I lead her over to the low, Japanese style bed. There, I
pick her up and, arms still bound, lay her on her back. The position of her
arms makes her chest curve up, her breasts reach up. I touch them, and she
moans. I sit beside her and one by one pull out the pins that are still in
her flesh. Easing each one out slowly, wiggling one, pushing one back,
teasing her. She is dazed, wide eyed. But her cunt is sopping. After a long
while the needles are all out, and I lick her clean, sucking the tiny wounds
until there is no blood, and until she is writhing on the bed, hips bucking
up every time I chew on her.

She's learned so fast. I kiss her again. A reward. Smoothing the strands of
sweat-soaked hair from her face I move and let her have some cock. Let her
suck it deep, my thighs straddling her head, my fingers busy at her tits.
Long slow fucks, deep into her throat. I sigh, happily. After ten minutes I
stand, my cock sliding from her mouth with a wet sound as she tries to keep
me, her mouth pouting as I stand up. I kiss her to let her know I'll be

And I am, in a few moments, the hospital trolley at my side. She spreads her
legs as she sees me, pushes her tits high. I smile, pinch each nipple in
turn, give the full globes a couple of slaps. Then I take the dildo from her
cunt. I deflate it first. And she is empty. Kneeling between her legs I
drizzle some oil on her, and she twitches as the cold liquid pours onto her
hot flesh. I've retrieved the rope from the floor, and I bind her breasts
again, the rope passing close to her torso, making her big breasts swell and
swell, the rope cinched off. Beautiful. I rub them just to hear her moan in
need. Again. And she's begging, and the globes of her breasts swell further,
filling my hands, pointing straight up. I pour more oil between them and
straddle her belly, easing up until my cock is resting between then. Then
taking one tit in each hand I push them together, tight around my cock. I
hurts her. When I squeeze blood pushes like rubies from the tiny holes in
her nipples. I sigh, and fuck slowly, my cock easing between her flesh, the
head popping free on each slide. She's crying again, biting her lip. Maybe
the weight of my body crushing her arms into the bed is too much. I ease up,
taking my weight on my knees, still fucking her breasts. She sighs softly
and lifting her head lick at my glans as it pushes towards her face.

It almost makes me come, and I back off, kneeling at her side until I'm
under control.

Shifting down I shove my fingers into her cunt, hard. I fuck a few times
then add my thumb and suddenly my hand is inside. Her body is arching,
twisting, and I punch my fist inside her, fucking her so deep I'm almost
inside her womb. The oil glistens on my arm as it moves in and out, and
suddenly I bend and suck her clit, hard, biting it until she screams and
begins to come.

Then I stop, pull out of her, stand up.

After a moment I lean over her and kiss her mouth. Softly, just letting my
tongue touch hers. Then I lick her breasts, very slowly.

"Please..." her voice is broken.


"Please, sir..."


She's crying. And she loses her nerve... "Please hurt me, use me..."

"I have."

"More. Anything..."

I kiss her again, squeezing her bound breasts, loving the huge swell of
them, the pain they must be causing her. She kisses back, begging with her
tongue, pressing up, wanting so badly. To quiet her I let her suck my cock
for a while, kneeling over her, just letting her have the head, watching as
it stretches her lips wide, watching as she retreats into the rhythm of suck
and lick and suck. I keep working on her breasts, squeezing them like I'm
testing melons for ripeness.

I pull out of her, stand up. The ropes take a moment to remove, and her
breasts are so swollen than even without the binding they hardly lose any of
their huge size. I cup them, kiss each in turn, then straddle her body. I
take up a long piercing needle, a pro tool, long and thick, sterile. "This
is the last punishment." I look her in the eye and she moans, not seeing me,
just the spike of steel. "Don't scream." And she doesn't, not when I pull
her nipple away from her body, clamp it tight and then push the needle into
her skin. A shove and the tip emerges from the other side. There is only a
little blood, enough to flow in a trickle down her breast until I bend and
lick it up, hot and sweet, just like her. The needle I replace with a thick,
heavy ring, closing it tight.

Just the one breast, he said. I so wanted to do the other one. But he'd said
one, and I'm paid to do a job. I release the clamp, put the equipment away
and go back to her. I rope her breasts again, and now she looks spectacular,
the silver ring begging to be touched, hooked through flesh slightly

I put my hands under her and lift her up, make her stand. She's unsteady,
clutching at me for balance. Without the spike heels she's tiny in
comparison to me, her head just coming to my shoulder I look at her,
seemingly all tits. A pretty body with the most perfect tits. My cock is
about to burst. I lift her up and slide her cunt onto my cock. She cries
out, and curls her legs around my back. I kiss her hard and walk her to the
wall, pressing her against it, letting gravity slide her as far onto my cock
as she can possible go, he moans and writhes and I fuck her hard, one hand
sliding fingers into her arse, the other holding her up. I move again, take
her to the table, lie her down while I'm still fucking, my cock in her cunt,
my fingers deep in her shit-hole. Harder and I'm sweating. The angle is
perfect and her tits are in my face. I suck one in, the nipple tasting
faintly of blood, the flesh so swollen, so red. I bite, chewing down,
gnawing at her and she mewling, gasping. Inside her my cock is so thick and
so long that I'm bruising her, filling her, taking her. My free hand takes
hold of her nipple, squeezes, and then I suck in the other one, the pierced
one, taking the metal and flesh into my mouth and sucking hard.

She screams. And comes, and comes, and comes.

After a long time I stand away. She's almost out cold, but she whimpers when
I slide free, moans when I untie her. It takes a while for the pain from
that to go away, then she falls to her knees, her head by my foot. She
kisses me.

"Thank you, sir."

I let her kiss my foot, my leg, my cock. She licks me clean, sucking me deep
until impossibly I begin to harden again. I deep throat her for a while,
lazily., watching her love my meat, take it. A hand in her hair stops her,
and she kneels back, all sweat and tears and bruises and blood. She is
staring at me, wanting me.

"Are you still wet?"

"Yes, sir. I'll always be wet for you."

And I believe it. Her husband will be calling for her in a few minutes. I
want to fuck her again, I want to pierce her other nipple and...

"How often are you naughty, Whore?"

"This was the first time, sir." She blinks, and drags her eyes away from my
cock. "But I might be naughty again."

She smiles. And I do too.


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