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Collected by Djian
updated oct 26 2011


"Raped And Pierced Captive"
One Woman's Story
by Djian and anon

I left the club early that night, about one in the morning, daylight
was still hours away. He came up from behind be as I got out of my car
that I had just parked in the drive way.

He must have followed me home from the club, I had told him my sister was
going to be away for the weekend and that I would be alone, how stupid of me!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Almost as dumb was the provocative outfit I was wearing, black mini dress,
a studded black leather choker, sheer black bra, black silk panties,
sheer-to-waist off-black pantyhose with sexy back seams and my sexiest
heels, black patent pumps with ankle straps and five inch gold metal
spiked heels.

He told me to not make a sound and to turn around. I did as told, he was
holding a knife in his right hand and a gym bag in his left and he wore a
gun in his belt. He wore a stocking over his head.

He pulled my dress up slightly and reached into my pantyhose and
grabbed my panties at the side, near my hips. He cut the waist band of
my panties, then repeated this on the other side before pulling them
off from the front from under my pantyhose pulling them deeply into my
vagina as he did so.

The Perv holded them to his nose and sniffed them, then forced them in
my mouth, warning me not to resist if I did not want to get hurt.

Then he ordered me to fix my dress and walk to the door and open it.

I did as I was told, hoping this would be over soon and with
out me getting hurt. It felt bizarre walking to my front door with my
own panties stuffed in my mouth.

My mind worked overtime, how could I persuade the maniac.

Hi did not give me time to think, after we were inside he slapped my
face, just enough and told me to stand still, I heard him put his bag
down and open it.

Then he told me to put my hands behind my back.

Close to panic I did as told, my head still buzzing.

I felt strong cord tighten around my wrists, making me his helpless prisoner.
He took a rag out of his bag and wrapped it around my head twice, passing it
between my lips, effectively holding my now wet panties in my mouth.

He ordered me to lay on the floor, I did so on my side. He turned me roughly
onto my back and pulled my dress up, commenting on how sexy my shaved
pussy looked through my pantyhose. All I could do was sob through my panty

He tugged the crotch of my pantyhose away from me and cut a slit
in them, I could guess why and started pleading into my gag "no,
please don't rape me." To no avail he smacked me across my face hard,
stood up and removed his boots, pants and underwear.

He laid on top of me and forced his cock into my dry pussy, he used his
saliva to moisten my pussy and entered my while I screamed into my gag, he
warned me to be a good girl for the weekend and he would let my live
and he continued raping me. After he came inside me I was thankful for
one thing, I was on the pill. He pulled out of me then tied my ankles
together tightly then pulled me to the couch and sat me on the floor,
I sat there at his feet, tied, gagged and sobbing into my panty gag at
his feet while he watched TV.

After the show was over he told me he was sure that I was a good cock
sucker and wanted me to suck his cock.

He slapped me again and warned me not to make a sound as he was removing
the rag holding my panties in my mouth.

Then he pulled the panties out of my mouth and made me kneel in front of the couch,
pulled my dress up from behind me and forced my wet panties deep into my pussy.

He knelt me in front of him as he sat on the couch again and grabbed me by
my hair and guided my mouth to his cock.

He looked at me....

I knew not to resist and let it slide between my lips into my mouth.

He told me to get him off, so I started sucking
his cock as if my life depended on it, I think it did!

After he came in my mouth he warned me not to loose a drop, so I swallowed
the salty heavy load quickly.

Then he pulled my wet panties out of my pussy and stuffed
them in my mouth again, then used three large pieces of white duct
tape, two crossed over my lips and one straight across to seal my
panties in my mouth.

I noticed the taste of his semen mixed with my own juices right away.

Then he leaned me over the ottoman, pulled my dress up and spit into his
finger tips and he spread saliva on my asshole and worked some into my ass
with his finger. I knew what was coming next, I have had anal sex a few times
before but with people I cared about, and cared about me and they all
used KY jelly.

He slid his semi erect cock into my tight ass, I knew to try relaxing my ass
muscles as I knew it would hurt much more that way. He slid in all the
way into my ass and rested there as he reached over and fondled my
breasts through my dress while he waited for his cock to grow in my

When it was hard and big he stared fucking my ass slowly,
smacking my ass hard with his hand as he fucked it. After a few
agonizing minutes he came in my ass. He pulled out and carried me to
the next to the exposed stair case and had me stand next to it.

He then tied a rope to my tied hands and pulled them up behind me and
tied it off to the railing, forcing me to bend over and teeter on my
high heels with my ankles still tied tightly together.

He went upstairs and I heard the shower start. I was afraid to even struggle
for fear I would fall over and dislocate my shoulders if I fell with
my hands pulled up behind me. He came back a while later and told me
it was my turn to shower in a little while, he untied my ankles then
released my hands from the railing. he had me walk up stairs with my
hands still tied and my panties still taped in my mouth.

Then he had me show him up to my room, once there he had me show him
where I keep my lingerie and he rummaged through it and took out my black
lace garter belt, a pair of my black stockings with back seams.

He led me to the bathroom and untied my hands for the first time in
hours. I immediately reached up to pull the tape off my mouth and he
grabbed my hand and told me never to do something with out being told.

The asshole told me I could use the toilet but to keep my mouth taped.

When I flushed he came in and had me remove all the panties and nylons from
the hamper, then told me to separate mine from my sisters and put them
on the floor, mine on the left.

Then he told me to go back into the bathroom and undress.

I pulled off my dress, then removed my bra, sat on the toilet and unbuckled the
ankle straps then pulled off my black patent pumps and slid my torn pantyhose off.

He ordered me to shower and shave any stubble of my pussy and I pointed to
my gag and made a noise into the panties in my mouth, did he really expect me
to shower with my mouth gagged?

"Don't worry slut, the tape is water proof".


I showered, washed my hair and shaved any stubble off my pussy and got
out. He told my to put on the garterbelt, then stockings and straighten the seams,
then slip back into my high heels and strap them back on.

I must have looked like a porn dream

This done he handed my a pair of handcuffs and told me to put
them on, I put one cuff on my right wrist and was about to lock the
other on my left wrist in front of me when he said,

"What are you stupid? Behind you slut"

I locked my hands behind my back then he walked me down to the basement.

When we got there he sat me on a stool and got his things from his duffel bag.

He had me walk to the post and stand with my back to it. He removed my cuffs and
told me to back against the cold post and he tied my hands tightly, he knelt in
front of me and tied my ankles tightly together and did the same to my legs, just
above my knees. He tied rope just above my elbows and pulled tightly
till they almost touched behind my back. He tied more ropes around my
body to tie me to the post at the neck, above and below my breasts. He
tied ropes from my ankle and thigh ropes to hold them to the post too.

He then pulled the tape off my mouth and let me spit my sisters'
soaked panties out of my mouth. I asked why he was doing this to me,

"Your a cock teaser, to be used and abused, okay?!

He pulled a black leather strap thing out with a red ball in the middle of it.
I did not have long to wonder what it was for as the ball was forced between
my lips and the strap buckled tightly behind my neck, forcing the ball deep in my mouth.

I really panicked when I saw the needles and rings and tried to get loose from
the post but could not budge an inch. I heard of women being pierced, even seen
photos of it and even thought of getting my nipples and perhaps
my pussy lips pierced but I never considered being pierced by a

He cleaned my nipples with alcohol and held a cork against one
side of my nipple and the needle against the other side, then he
slowly pushed the needle into my nipple. It hurt at first but went
through with little pain.

Then he used the end of the needle to guide the open end of the ring
through my nipple then closed the ring into the ball end.

He then repeated the same for my other nipple. He turned
saying he needed a nap, walked upstairs, shut the light and left me
tied standing alone in the dark basement while he slept.

All I could do was struggle, scream into my gag and feel pain and discomfort
from my gag, tight ropes and high heels. I stopped struggling after a few
minutes when I realized it was useless.

After what felt like days I must have fallen asleep from the exhaustion and
liquor. He woke me up by pulling my nipple rings and I cried into my gag.

"Oh come on, it was only four hours, you wear your slut heels all day, what's
the problem?"

He smacked my tits then tugged my nipple rings, hard!

He released the ropes holding me to the post, but left my legs tied, then
he retied my hands behind my back again and carried me over his
shoulder to the bedroom.

He sat me on the bed and untied my hands and retied them tightly in
front of me. Then he laid me on the bed and tied my bound wrists over head,
then he untied my legs and retied them wide apart to the foot of the bed.

Then he whipped the insides of my helpless thighs with a rope as I struggled
against the ropes and screamed into my gag, then he just pierced both of my pussy
lips then my clitoris efficiently, rough and quickly .

Then he untied my legs and retied my ankles tightly together, removed the
ballgag from my mouth and before I could say anything he taped my mouth
shut again, rolled me on my side and raped me from behind, warned me not
to try removing my gag during the nigh,
t before laying next to me and
falling asleep next to my tied and gagged body.

I lay sweating on my sheets, feeling his seemen between my
abused pussy lips

I slept only from pure exhaustion. He woke me by feeling me up
at seven thirty in the morning, running his hands over my breasts and
tugging at my new nipple rings and between my legs, feeling the new
rings there too. He untied the rope holding my bound wrists overhead
and untied my ankles before walking me to the bathroom, he put the
handcuffs on my ankles when we were in the bathroom before untying my
hands. He told me the gag stays like before and let me use the toilet.
What a sight I must be, sitting on a toilet in garterbelt, seamed
stockings, high heels, nipple rings, pussy and clit rings, white duct
tape on my mouth and my ankles cuffed together! When I flushed he came
in and helped me to the sink, as I could only take very short steps.

Then he allowed me to remove the tape from my mouth and brush my teeth
and freshen my make-up as ordered by him. The bastard stuffed a new pair of my
sisters soiled panties from the hamper in my mouth, making sure they
were inside out with the crotch against my tongue, then retaped my
mouth with a fresh piece of duct tape.

Then he uncuffed my ankles and handed me the cuffs, I knew what he wanted
so I cuffed my own hands behind myself again.

He had me walk down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast, he sat me
in a chair and tied my ankles and legs just above my knees as before then
tied a rope from between my ankle bindings to the leg of the chair.

Then he recuffed my hands in front of me. He tied my upper body to the back
of the chair with ropes above my breasts and waist then tied a rope from the
chain connecting my wrists to my thigh ropes while he cooked us eggs.

He never once removed the stocking mask and I still could not remember what
he looked like from our encounter in the club, he was just a passing fancy I thought, I
never expected any of this, me and my big mouth I thought as I sat
there in my lingerie at the kitchen table, cuffed, tied, gagged with
my sisters panties, raped and now pierced as well, feeling sorry for
myself, I wanted to cry, but knew he would get angry. Besides, what
good would it do me now? I would have to ride this out, he knows my
husband will be back late Sunday night, only forty more hours tops,
forty more hours? Of being used, raped, beaten, tied, gagged and he
only knows what else! Oh god, please let this just be a bad dream, but
no, I had to sit and wait for what ever came next, to be kept by him,
to be fed by him, ironically I depended on him for my very existence.
He placed the plate of eggs and sausages in front of his seat and
placed a paper bag over my head, he said he did not want to ruin my
slutty make-up. So there I sat in the dark with a paper bag over my
head, in sexy lingerie, high heels, gagged with my sisters' panties in
my mouth and tied in a chair while he ate. When he was done eating his
breakfast he removed the bag from my head and placed a plate of eggs
and sausages in front of me then he uncuffed my left wrist and
recuffed my right wrist to the arm of the chair before removing the
tape from my mouth and placing my sisters' wet panties, soaked with my
saliva, next to my plate. I was allowed to eat and have a glass of
orange juice. When I was finished I was ordered to put my sisters
panties back in my own mouth. He taped my mouth shut again, removed
the ropes holding me to the chair, stood me up on my tied legs, moved
the chair away from me and removed the cuff from my wrist. He tied my
hands behind my back again and carried me into the living room and
placed my helpless body on the couch and sat next to me to watch tv.
After an hour of him fondling my breasts, nipples and tugging on my
nipple rings he pulled the tape off my mouth, removed the panties from
my mouth and pushed my head on his lap and guided his cock into my
mouth. I knew not to resist so I sucked him off till he came in my
mouth and I swallowed his load 20 minutes later. He told me he wanted
to try something he read in a magazine and lifted me off the couch and
placed me on the floor in front of the couch. He tied my legs above my
knees again, ball gagged me then tied a noose idly in front of me as I
watched in fear. He slipped the noose over my head easily as I could
offer little resistance but tried to no avail, then he pulled my tied
ankles up towards my bound wrists and tied the end of the noose to my
ankle bondage and let go. I tried to keep my legs bent but I kept
slipping and each time I did the rope around my neck got tighter but
it never loosened. He watched, getting turned on as I struggled and I
fought for my life from a slow death, pleading through my gag to live.
I must have passed out because when I came to I was laying on the
floor with out the noose. He said "welcome back slut, see how much I
hold your life in my hands?" I nodded then he knelt next to me, rolled
me on my stomach and tied a rope from my ankle bondage to my wrist
bondage and pulled till I could touch the backs of my pumps with my
fingers before tying it off. A hog-tie he called it. He stood up and
said I'll be back in a hour or so and turned and walked away and out
the door, locking it behind him, and sealing my from all hope of
escape. I struggled like a wildcat for the first half hour hoping to
get loose before he came back, after hurting my wrists and ankles I
tried to find a comfortable position to wait for him to return,
excepting my fate. I renewed my efforts when the mailman came at ten
thirty in the morning, I screamed into my gag and tried kicking my
heels on the carpet but he mealy did his job and was gone again, along
with my hopes for freedom. I fell asleep waiting for him, knowing I
had better get all the sleep I could when I could. He came back at
noon and woke me when released the rope holding my wrists to my
ankles. I had been "hog-tied" for two and a half hours! He opened the
bag he had with him and removed a hook, then he installed it in the
ceiling in the middle of the living room using a chair from the dining
room. He came for me and retied my hands in front of me and dragged me
up by my tied wrists and standing on the chair again he pulled till I
was stretched up straight and tied off the rope holding me taut. He
pulled a piece of rope from his bag and doubled it up and then started
whipping my ass, by back, my breasts, the backs and fronts of my
thighs. When he was satisfied that I was crying hysterically and
screaming into my gag he stopped. He untied my knees and ankles and
tied my right ankle to a hook in the end of a wooden bar about three
feet long then stretched my other leg apart till my left ankle was
close enough to be tied to the hook in the other end of the wooden
bar, leaving me hanging, the toes of my pumps just inches off the
carpet but unable to take any weight off my wrists. He took some
little weights and hung them from my nipple rings and my three pussy
rings, then he proceeded to whip my ass, back and now the insides of
my thighs as well. Then he left me hanging from my wrists to get a
drink for himself as I sobbed into my gag. He came back and untied my
legs so I could stand on them again and remove the weights hanging
from my pussy and nipples. Then he released my wrists, untied them and
retied them behind my back. He walked me to the couch and laid me back
on it, then he raped me again. When he was done he tied my ankles
together again and left me laying on the couch. He sat across from me
watching me, after half an hour went by he made me kneel on the floor
as he stood in front of me. He removed my gag and put his cock in
front of my mouth, I knew better so I opened my mouth, took his cock
in my mouth and started sucking, he pulled out and said not to suck,
just hold it in my mouth and not to dare remove it or I'll be whipped
much worse than before. He started pissing in my mouth and warned me
not to spill a drop. I did as I was told and tried not to gag on it as
I swallowed his piss. When he finished he ordered me to suck him off,
I did that too, then he taped my sister's panties in my mouth again
and laid me on the floor and watched me struggle while he watched the
TV. After a while he untied my legs and led me to the bathroom, untied
me, removed my gag and let me freshen up for him. He then led me into
the kitchen and sat me in a chair. He tied my body to the chair again,
then cuffed my ankles together and tied a rope from the center link of
the cuffs to the right chair leg. He brought out cold cuts, bread,
mustard and mayonnaise. I had a turkey with mayonnaise that he made
for me and a glass of milk. When I finished he pulled my hands behind
me and tied my wrists again. Regagged me with the ballgag then untied
the ropes holding me to the chair, untied the cuffs and opened them.
He walked me to the living room and laid me on my belly on the floor.
He left the room and warned me not to move. He came back with a chair
and a tiny stool from the kitchen. He sat me up and placed the stool
under the hook, then pulled me to my feet and had me step onto the
stool and cuffed my ankles together. He then put a noose over my head
and snugged it around my neck before tying it off to the hook
overhead. Now I was real worried, he said he was thinking of leaving
me like this for my husband to find me, he took the cuffs off my
ankles and tied my ankles then my thighs again and left me there while
he ate in the kitchen leaving me teetering on my high heels with my
legs tightly bound. If I slipped off the stool or the stool tipped,
tipping it would be easy, it has a very small seat for me to stand on
and only three legs, I would be left hanging by my neck and with my
mouth full of ballgag not even he would hear me call for help. I
started to cry. He came back and released me from the noose when he
was done eating. He laid me on the floor and tied a long rope to my
ankle ropes and ran that to the hook. He pulled the rope and my legs
started to rise from the floor. He pulled till my ass was just off the
floor. He knelt with his face at my tied feet and forced his cock into
me and raped me again. When he was done he loosened the rope to the
hook and stood back down on the floor and pulled the rope again, this
time he also lifted me by my legs till I was suspended upside-down
with my head about two feet off the floor. He removed my gag and raped
my mouth and re-gagged me with the ballgag as soon as he finished
cumming in my mouth. He told me if he left me like this I would die
and die slowly. He picked up the rope again and whipped me all over
while I cried and screamed into my gag. I was having a hard time
breathing and he stopped after I had passed out. When I came to I was
tied spread eagle to my bed, a tight crotch rope digging into my
private parts and a pair of soiled pantyhose tied between my lips. I
think he raped me again while I was out. The pantyhose were taken from
the hamper. I heard him down stairs making noises but could not tell
what he was doing. I tried to get a hand to the phone on the night
stand, I stretched as much as I could, pulling against my bondage to
no avail. I tried to get my legs free so I could use my heel to get
the phone and dial for help but my legs were stretched tight and tied
as securely as my hands were. I was as helpless this was as I was in
all of the bondage's he had me in. He came up when he heard me
screaming into my gag and released my legs and tied them together with
about six inches of room in between them. He released my hands and
cuffed them in front of me, removed the crotch rope and allowed me to
use the bathroom while he stood outside the door, he told me not to
remove my gag, I didn't. When I came out with the pantyhose still tied
between my lips he told me I was a good girl. Then he attached a rope
on to my choker like leash to a collar then untied my ankles and led
me by my neck like a dog to the basement. He led me to the post again
and stood me with my back to it, he tied my thighs tightly above my
knees again then uncuffed my hands and without being told I put my
hands behind my back and around the post, he smiled and told me I was
a good girl and that I was learning. He tied my hands as before then
tied my ankles tightly. He secured my ankles and knees to the post
with rope like before then he did the same with my waist and breasts
like before. He cut the pantyhose gag from my mouth and I asked how
long he was going to leave me here, tied to the post he said "just a
few hours while I get dinner and some supplies". I begged him to tie
me to the bed instead but said he was finished tying me to the post
already and besides this was safer for him to have me here, then he
gagged me with the ball again but this one had a wide strap that also
covered my mouth from my nose to my chin while holding the ball
completely in my mouth. he checked all the ropes then left me. After
awhile my feet started to get sore from standing in one spot for so
long in five inch high heels. The ropes on my ankles would make it
difficult to remove a pair of pumps but my ankle straps made it
impossible. I was hopelessly doomed to wear my high heels tied to this
dam post with my mouth filled a ballgag. He returned almost three
hours later, I heard him setting up the table in the kitchen at the
top of the stairs just above the post I was so helplessly tied to. He
came down wearing his mask and untied my hands, I rubbed them for a
few seconds as he got the cuffs from his pocket. He cuffed my hands in
front of me then tied the rope from my choker to the cuffs. He untied
me from the post and led me upstairs to the table. He sat me in the
chair and cuffed my ankles together and attached them with a rope to a
rung in the back, out of the reach of my cuffed wrists. He released my
wrists then removed the rope from my choker and removed the gag from
my mouth. I was held in the chair only by my cuffed ankles attached to
the chair. He pulled the mask up over his mouth and we ate together.
After we ate I was recuffed, my ankles freed and led upstairs to
freshen up, I was allowed to get undressed, it was the first time I
had my heels and nylons off since about three in the morning. I
showered, washed my hair and reshaved my pussy and legs. He was
standing there when I came out, holding a video camera. Next to him
were my high heels waiting with a fresh pair of off-black stockings
with back seams, garterbelt and my black demi bra. Two pairs of
handcuffs, a pair of my sisters panties and a pair of her pantyhose.

He told me to dress while he video taped me. When I had the heels
strapped on my feet again he told me to take the cuffs, panties and
pantyhose to the bed room and secure myself for the night. I saw a
rope loop at the head of the bed and figured that was to pass the
cuffs through to hold them over my head for the night, with no knot in
reach for me to get free. I sat on the bed, I cuffed my ankles snugly,
then picked up my sisters' panties. I noticed they were turned inside
out already, and I stuffed them in my mouth. I tied them in with the
pantyhose. Then put one cuff on my right wrist, then past it through
the rope loop and cuffed my left wrist, all while he video taped it.
He checked my self bondage and approved. He walked over to the tripod
and placed the camera on it and he whipped me again with a rope. I
struggled, screamed and moved as much as I could while he filmed my
whipping. When it was over he removed my gag and had me suck him off,
after he came in my mouth he taped my sisters' panties in my mouth. He
rolled me on my side and pushed my knees up to my chest and raped me
from behind. After he came in my pussy he left me and took a shower.
When he had cut a hole in the stocking mask for his nose so he could
sleep more comfortably. He came back and lay next to me, after I
realized he was done with me for the time being I tried to get some
sleep, I knew he would get up early in the morning and start a long
day of bondage, torture and rape. I had a hard time getting to sleep
with my hands cuffed over my head, my legs cuffed together and my
sisters' panties taped in my mouth. I had little relief since being
taken captive at about one in the morning on Friday night, and almost
no relief from my five inch heels since I got dressed for work Friday
morning. Even with the pain and discomfort I fell asleep from sheer
exhaustion around eleven that night, I know because the last thing I
heard was the news coming on the tv set. He woke me sometime in the
night to rape my sore vagina, taking me from behind. After he came in
me, he rolled over and went back to sleep. He woke me up again at five
thirty in the morning by raping me again. After he came in me he
uncuffed one of my wrists then recuffed it after he removed it from
the loop. He uncuffed my ankles and allowed me to walk to the
bathroom. At the door he pulled the tape off my mouth and I pulled the
soggy panties from my mouth. I went to the bathroom, showered and
brushed my teeth. When I came out from the bathroom he cuffed my hands
behind my back again and put a piece of tape over my mouth. He
followed me downstairs to the kitchen. He set me in the chair and
cuffed my ankles. I sat with my hands over the back of the chair. I
found this to be the most comfortable I've been all weekend. He cooked
breakfast for the two of us. He served the two of us and he uncuffed
my right wrist, allowing me to pull the tape off my own mouth. He sat
across from me, the stocking mask pulled just over his mouth to eat
and cut outs for his eyes so he could see me better. I ate my
breakfast, after I asked what he planned to do with me. He said we
were going to play some more games. I reminded him my husband would be
home soon, what would he do to make his getaway. He told me he was
going to me up, gag me and leave me in the bedroom for them to find
me. I said "can't you just tie me up and gag me now so you can leave
with plenty of time to get away?" I would have preferred being left
for the whole day and part of the night tied up and gagged rather than
be at the hands of this mad man. He said he would be fine and was
going to play with me some more before he left. He removed the cuffs
from my left wrist and pulled my hands behind me and tied my wrists
tightly. He tied my elbows tightly till they touched. He put a strap
over my mouth with a short penis on it and strapped it in my mouth. He
uncuffed my ankles and led me to the middle of the living room under
the hook. He lubed a rubber penis with KY and pushed it against my
anus and pushed it deep into my ass then he did the same with a larger
one for my pussy. He tied a rope around my waist several times before
pulling it between my legs, placing the cord deep into my vagina. He
tied it off under my navel. He tied my legs above the knees tightly
then tied a rope from my wrist ropes and pulled my hands upward,
forcing me to bend forward. He pulled till I felt like my shoulders
would dislocate. He tied my ankles tightly and stepped back to take
video and photos of my suffering as I teetered on my high heels,
trying not to fall off them and dislocating my shoulders. He got
plenty of close ups on my gagged face, my legs and shots of my bare
pussy and rings as well as my pierced nipples. I was forced to stand
like this for half an hour while he sat and watched the morning news
and I tried not to lose my balance. He cut the rope holding my hands
up behind me and lowered me to the floor. He pulled my legs up towards
my wrists till the backs of my pumps were in my palms and tied it off
that way, leaving me in a stringent hog-tie with fake cocks in all
three of my orifices. I was left like this till lunch time. While I
was left hog-tied he photographed me from every angle then he video
taped me struggling while my breasts and thighs were whipped as well
as having my nipple rings pulled. I was released at lunch time, every
thing except my gag and wrists. I was led to a chair in the kitchen,
my hands were pulled over the back of the chair. My legs were tied
wide apart at the ankle and knees to the legs of the chair. He tied a
rope from my wrist bondage to the bottom rung of the chair, more ropes
were tied over and under my breasts to the chair back. Ropes were
added to my waist as well, I was secured so tightly to the chair I
could hardly move an inch. He removed my gag and fed me my soup and
sandwich, I drank milk through a straw like an invalid. After lunch I
was regagged then released except for my tied hands. I still had the
dildos tied inside of me. I was led to the bathroom and my crotch rope
was untied at the door then my hands were untied. I was told to remove
the dildos myself and wash them. After I was done I came out and he
wrapped the rope around my waist again and tied it off at the small of
my back, the left a pair of ends hanging down my ass. He held my hands
behind my back and led me to the bedroom. He laid me out on the bed
and tied my wrists to the two bed posts. Then I was gagged with the
strap ball gag, ropes were looped and tied around my ankles, then
pulled and tied off to the foot corners, leaving me spread-eagled,
wide and totally vulnerable to anything he cared to do to me. He
pulled the rope ends up through my crack, he pushed a thick candle
into my pussy and tied the ropes off to the front, tying the candle in
with the rope. He lit the candle in my pussy and lit another one. He
dripped hot wax on my pierced nipples, my breasts, belly and pussy. He
kept peeling it off when it hardened and kept repeating the procedure
while the one tied in my pussy continued to drip hot wax on my crotch.
It kept burning its way towards my helpless clit. The more I struggled
the more I shook hot wax on my crotch and down between my ass cheeks.
After about 20 minutes of this I could feel the heat of the flame
getting closer, if I wasn't shaved it would have been burning my pubic
hair off. I was getting worried, did he plan to have it burn right
into my vagina? When it got pretty uncomfortable he blew out the
candles, and pulled it out of me. Then he sat and picked the wax off
my breasts, belly and vagina. He left me and went downstairs and
returned in a few minutes holding an ice pop. The ice was encased in a
plastic tube that does not leak unless opened. He said he was going to
cool off my burnt pussy. He shoved it deep inside me and worked it in
and out. It felt good at first then it too became uncomfortable. He
pulled it out and played with his captive's vagina, pushing his
fingers in, licking it and telling me how good I taste. Next he took
his rope and whipped my breasts, belly, thighs and between my thighs,
including my sore and burnt pussy. He lay next to me and watched tv
and watched me as well till two thirty in the afternoon. Then he
released me and allowed me to use the bathroom. He removed my gag
after I came out of the bathroom and he allowed me to brush my teeth
too. When I came out he tied my hands behind my back, then my elbows
till they touched. He led me down to the living room and sat me on the
couch. He tied my legs at the ankles and knees. He stuffed a fresh
pair of my soiled panties and tied them in my mouth with a pair of her
used pantyhose, wrapping them between my lips and over before knotting
it behind my head. I sat next to him for awhile and watched tv, after
about thirty minutes he pulled me to him and made me lay against like
I was his lover or girlfriend. He helped himself to my helpless body,
pulling on my nipple rings and feeling me up as he pleased. This went
on till the six o'clock news came on. He carried me into the kitchen
and stood me in the middle of the kitchen. I struggled not to fall
over while standing with my legs tied and wearing five inch heels. He
made two tv dinners in the microwave. When the dinners were done he
set them on the table and carried me to the table and sat me in a
chair. He cut the pantyhose from my mouth and pulled the panties from
my mouth and placed them on the table next to my dinner. He untied my
elbows and wrists so I could eat but my ankles and thighs still
remained tightly bound. He told me he was going to give me another
whipping and play with me some more before tying me up and leaving me
to be found by my husband. I begged him not to whip me any more and he
warned me that I would only make it worse by begging. He told me he
would tie me to the post and stick a candle in my pussy, light it then
leave me that way if I didn't shut up. After we ate he cuffed my
wrists behind by back again and carried me into the living room again.
He hung a rope from the hook in the ceiling hook. He strapped the
penis gag tightly in my mouth and blindfolded me with a leather
blindfold. He uncuffed my wrists then retied them tightly in front of
me and attached them to the overhead rope. He pulled them tightly till
I was raised off the floor, the toes of my pumps seeking the floor
below. I hung suspended above the floor my wrists for a few minutes as
I heard the camera clicking away. Next I felt the rope across my back.
Then my breasts, my thighs front and rear. My whipping felt like it
went on for hours. I must have passed out because when I came to my
wrists were tied to my ankles and my elbows to my knees, which were
now tied below my knees as well as above and the blindfold was off. He
came in and said "welcome back hon," he was naked from the waist down
and had the video camera set up on the tripod. He knelt at my rear and
raped my helpless and sore vagina again. After he came in me he moved
to my face and removed my gag and before I could utter a word he
grabbed my hair and guided it to his penis. I knew better than to
resist him and let it pass through my lips into my mouth. After he
came he untied me, cuffing my hands behind me again. He led me to the
bathroom as before, carrying the video camera and tripod, he uncuffed
me and let me freshen up again. When I came out he led me to the
bedroom holding my arm behind my back. He cuffed my wrists over my
head to the rope loop again and set up the video camera on the tripod.
Then he started the filming again with himself tying my ankles tightly
together. He knelt over me and forced me to suck him off again. He
came in the back of my throat and I swallowed his cum. I said "it is
getting late, shouldn't you tie me up and gag me so you can make your
getaway now?" "I will as soon as I am done with you" he said. gagged
me with the wide strap and ball again. Then he flipped me over and
raised me up on my knees. He forced his penis into my sore vagina
again and came in me again and held him self in me till he started
getting hard again. He pulled out and forced himself into my ass again
and raped my ass again. He smacked my ass as he was pumping me, it
took him a long time to cum since he just came twice. When he was
finished he pulled out and showered while I laid on my side. When he
came out he untied my legs and said "I was going to tie you and leave
but I must have you just once more so be a good girl and lets get it
over with." He knelt between my legs, I did not resist and let him
fuck me. After he came inside me he cut the rope loop, leaving my
hands cuffed and my mouth still gagged. He led me to the basement
carrying the camera and tripod and stood me with my back to the post.
He tied a rope to the cuffs and secured my wrists overhead. He setup
the video camera on the tripod again so he could film my being bound
to the post. He tied rope around my waist, knotted it off in the small
of my back. He made me turn sideways and bend over as far as the rope
and cuffs would allow and he inserted a dildo in my ass. He stood me
up straight, turned my back to the post again, spread my legs and
inserted another dildo in my sore and cum filled vagina. He brought
the ends through my ass cheeks, through my legs, he even had me spread
my legs so he could get the rope deep into my vagina. He tied it off
under my navel, holding the dildos deep inside me and pushing on my
clit ring uncomfortably. He pushed me against the post and tied my
waist to it, as well as my upper body by using ropes tied tightly
above and below my breasts, as a precaution he tied all the ropes in
front, out of my reach. After knotting my breast ropes he used the
ends to attach the ropes above my breasts to the ropes below my
breasts. It was a little difficult to breath now. He tied my ankles
and legs just above my knees again. Next he secured my bound ankles
and thighs to the post as well. He released my cuffed wrists from over
head and uncuffed me. He stuffed three pairs of my sisters panties in
front of me into a leg of the stocking I wore yesterday. He removed
the gag from my mouth I asked him "could you please tie me up a
different way? It hurts to be tied up and gagged for so long,
especially standing in high heels." He told me to just shut the fuck
up or he would whip me more and put a plastic bag over my head when he
leaves. He told me to bend my head forward and hold my hair out of the
way after he stuffed my mouth. "You want me to help you gag me and
make me so uncomfortably helpless?" I said. He picked up a plastic bag
he had there. Fearing for my life I did as told, I opened my mouth, he
stuffed the panty filled nylon in my mouth, I bent my head forward and
he wrapped tightly around my head. He told me to pick my head up, he
taped my mouth with three strips of wide tape, then put a few strips
of what I recognized as double sided tape onto the tape on my mouth.
He told me to bend forward again and wrapped an ace bandage over the
tape holding the nylon and panties securely in my mouth.

He told me to put my hands behind my back. He tied my wrists and then my elbows
closely together till they touched, as I winced as he did this.

Finally he secured my tied wrists to the post as well with rope to
prevent me from falling. He told me that it was nine o'clock now, my husband
should be home around one o'clock in the morning since his plane lands
at midnight.

He knew this because of the note on the refrigerator. To test my bondage
and gag he smacked both of my breasts hard.

I could move barely an inch and only make a low humming noise
through my gag. Then he got a chair and just sat there watching me.

The room was dead silent, only the refrigerator upstairs and noises
from the early moning traffic was to be heard, I was looking back
through my watering eyes.

After a few minutes he ordered me to struggle. He filmed my attempts
to get free till he said it was ten o'clock and should leave.

I knew it was hopeless to even bother trying and would do better
by not trying and hurting my wrists further in the process.

I was relived knowing I just had to wait in my tight bondage until
help came. As a parting humiliation he hung a Christmas
ball from each nipple ring, kissed my forhead and walked up the
stairs and shut the lights.

After, I heard the door open, close then silence and I tried to make
the time go by as best I could, thinking of friends and things from
the past to keep my mind off my being tied up and gagged like I was.

The rope in my pussy was starting to hurt a little now, so I thought I
would try to get some sleep. I knew there was no way I could fall over
or even slouch more than an inch or so, I did manage to sleep till my
husband woke me up by starting to unwrap the ace bandage holding the
rest of my gag in.

Then he pulled off the tape and cut the nylon stocking holding my
sisters' panties in my mouth. He kissed me deeply for a long time.

Then he asked me, "How was it honey?"

"It was great baby, thank you-I love you so much!"

Then I asked him what time it was and he told me that it was a quarter
past one in the morning. I had been tied up and gagged for forty eight
hours straight with just a few short breaks.

Then I said "Sweetheart, I need to go to the bathroom real bad, so could
you please untie me now?"

After I was untied and the dildos were removed I ran up the stairs to the
bathroom to freshen up for him. I called back to him saying,

"I'll meet you in the bed room honey"

He was there waiting for me, we make love like never
before. When we finished I undressed and we took a long hot bath
together and discussed everything we did this weekend. Even though I
knew it was him the whole time and that he would not seriously hurt
me, he acted as my captor and tormentor perfectly, never once getting
too personal or letting me be able to identify him as my husband due
to the mask. I can't wait till we can go away for a long three day
weekend and I get to be held as a kidnapped actress.

This was a perfect fantasy weekend for two I thought to myself...

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