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Collected by Djian

Transforming Sarah
By Art West

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Part I: Forced exhibitionism (slow start, MF, forced exhib)

For the last two years, life had become increasingly
confusing for fourteen-year old Sarah. Before that, it
had been so simple and secure, even when times were

Sarah's mother Marilyn had been orphaned young, and she
had been raised by her father's maiden aunt Peggy.
Peggy had belonged to an exclusive and extremely
fundamentalist religious sect, and Marilyn had been
raised in that environment with few outside friends. In
an attempt to escape the restrictions of her great-
aunt's household, Marilyn had married at 18 to David,
some 7 years older than her and already an active leader
in the church.

But life with David was no more liberated. He had a
strong belief in the place of women in the home, and
also did not believe in using contraceptives. Marilyn
was pregnant within 2 months after the wedding, and
little Sarah was born just 4 months after Marilyn's 19th
birthday. The pregnancy had not been easy, and Marilyn
had had a number of bleeding episodes. The doctor had
strongly advised her to wait at least three or four
years before risking another pregnancy. But David would
have none of it; they had to accept the Lord's will.

The result was that Marilyn was pregnant again within
four months. She lost that baby in a massive
haemorrhage at 3 months. The doctors had to perform a
partial hysterectomy, so that she would never be able to
have another child.

David blamed her, taking the view that it was the
punishment of the Lord on her not wanting to accept His
will. He no longer slept with her, and on occasions
beat her. Life was miserable, but relief came when
David was killed in a light aircraft accident in the
Amazon while trying to deliver bibles.

David's parents wanted Marilyn and little Sarah (still
less than 2 years old) to move in with them. But
Marilyn made use of a small life insurance policy paid
out to her, to move away to another town. There she
found a small but comfortable apartment. She had enough
money to complete a two year course on commercial
software development, and was able to find part-time
work to generate a liveable income while still giving
time to raise her little girl.

For a number of years, Marilyn was very wary of
developing any serious relationships with other men.
Also, although she broke away from the strict sect, she
still regularly attended a fairly conservative
fundamentalist Baptist church. Sarah attended the
Sunday school from as young as she could remember.


Then just about the time of Sarah's 12th birthday, things
began to change. Within the space of little more than
two months, Marilyn (who was now 31) acquired not one
but two boyfriends with whom she started to go out
regularly. At the same time, her church attendance
dropped off dramatically, while she started to wear much
more revealing clothes: short skirts, crop tops, sexy
bras under semi-seethrough blouses, etc.

Of course, this was just the time at which Sarah was
entering puberty herself. Her own emerging sexual
awareness was titillated by the giggled innuendoes of
her school friends, not always fully understood. In
direct contrast to this were the dire warnings coming
from church and Sunday school to keep herself pure in
thought and deed if she was not to fall into damnation.
Her mother's changing habits were not always easily
reconciled with these warnings.

At about this time also, David's parents (who had not
taken too much interest in Marilyn and Sarah) started to
suggest that Sarah should be sent to the private school
that had been set up by their sect. It was, they said,
a boarding school where young women could be completely
protected from evil influences in the world. It sounded
like a nunnery, and both Marilyn and Sarah were
horrified at the idea. But there was no doubt that it
would have removed a severe financial burden from
Marilyn's shoulders, as David's parents would have
covered the full costs of Sarah's education and upkeep.
But Marilyn and Sarah agreed that they would rather
struggle through, doing without some luxuries, than to
have her committed to such a restrictive environment.

Sarah began to notice that when Marilyn returned from
some of her dates, she was often quite flushed, and her
clothes, hair and make-up were sometimes in disarray.
Sarah got quite a tingle between her legs when she
thought of her mother possibly smooching and petting
with her boyfriends. But at this stage, Sarah could
hardly imagine much more.

On increasingly frequent occasions, Marilyn encouraged
Sarah to sleep over with friends when she (Marilyn) had
dates, so that Sarah would not be left on her own late
at night. At first, Sarah was quite pleased to have
these opportunities, and was naively unsuspicious of her
mother's motives. But then came the day when, shortly
after returning from a sleepover, Sarah went to look for
something in her mother's room. She noticed an item of
clothing sticking out from under the bed. Eager to
help, Sarah went to pick it up to place in the laundry
basket, but then realized that it was a pair of men's
underpants! In horror and embarrassment, she dropped
it, kicked it back under the bed, and ran to her own

Sarah did not know what to think! There must be an
innocent explanation; surely her mother could not be
sinning in this way? But over the next months, there
were enough other clues that Sarah had, reluctantly, to
accept that her mother was having men friends to sleep
over ... but maybe (Oh please, Lord, let it be so!) they
were not having sex.

Over the next year or more, the two boyfriends became a
succession of male friends, some of whom were around for
many months; others only a few times before disappearing
again. In the meantime, Marilyn's wardrobe became more-
and-more daring. Teasingly, she also tried to encourage
Sarah to wear more revealing clothes, as her little
titties started to become noticeable, but Sarah was too
embarrassed and influenced by her Sunday school teachers
to get very daring. In fact, she tried hard, but to no
avail, to get her mother to realize the dangers, in this
life and the next, of such immodest dress which might
place unbearable temptation in the way of the men whom
she met.

It was about 18 months after Marilyn's behaviour began
to change that suddenly Larry became much more of a
fixture as a boyfriend. It was not that Marilyn stopped
seeing other men, but Larry seemed to be around most of
the time. He was in his mid 40s, and was divorced with
twin boys (who lived with their mother) about a year
younger than Sarah. At first, Sarah rather fancied
Larry, as he was large, dark in a Latin way, good
looking, outgoing, and sported an intriguingly hairy
chest. But before long, Sarah started to find him
embarrassing. He was prone to teasing her with many
sexual innuendoes and comments on her pubescent body.
Sarah also never knew which way to look when Larry was
with her mother, as he was inclined to slip a hand
openly under a blouse to feel a tit, or under her skirt
to expose her backside as he fondled it. Marilyn just
giggled at Sarah's discomfiture, which heightened her
confusion and embarrassment even further.

At times, Sarah tried to remonstrate with her mother on
this inappropriate behaviour, but Marilyn's response
tended to be something like: "Lighten up, girl! We're
just doing what men and women have done naturally since
the start of time, whatever your Sunday school teachers
would have you believe. Larry and I are adults, not
hurting anyone else."

"Perhaps you can even learn some pointers as to what to
do when you get a boyfriend", added Marilyn.

"MOM!!!" was all Sarah could gasp out in response.

Not long after, Larry stayed over openly for the night
with Marilyn, with Sarah in the house. Any residual
doubts that Sarah might have clung to were dissipated.
Not only was Larry clearly sleeping in her mother's
room, but there was only one double bed in that room.
In any case the wall between Sarah's and her mother's
rooms was thin, so that both shortly after they went to
bed and early the next morning, Sarah could clearly hear
the sounds of their love-making. Neither were inclined
to be quiet. On that first night, Sarah heard Larry's
deep voice: "Suck my cock, you insatiable slut"; and a
little later: "You want it, don't you! ... Ask nicely
for it ..."

To Sarah's amazement and disgust, her mother's voice
penetrated in reply: "Don't tease me you bastard ... get
that cock up my cunt ... deeper ... deeper ... FUUUCK ME
... YEEEES ... MORE ... Get your juice up into me. Fuck
me ... Fuck me .... Fuck me". Sarah could stand no
more, and pulled the cushion over her ears. But she was
still aware of the passionate sound of their voices, and
of the thumping sound of her mother's headboard against
the wall. The young teenager's confusion became ever
more severe. Her mother's actions were sinful and
against the Lord's will, but Sarah felt her pussy and
little titties tingling, much to her dismay. Against
the prodding of her conscience, her little hands found
her breasts, her clitoris and her pussy and played with
them, until she too reached a climax. Then disgusted
with herself and in deep contrition she prayed earnestly
for forgiveness before drifting off to sleep. But the
next morning the whole scenario was to repeat.

At breakfast, she could hardly look Marilyn and Larry in
the eye. But Larry greeted her with: "I hope we didn't
make too much noise last night and kept you awake", at
which her mother chuckled. Sarah went beetroot red, and
escaped from the breakfast table as soon as possible.

Very soon, Larry was sleeping over two or three nights a
week. He seemed also to encourage Marilyn to be even
more risque in her dress. But Sarah was still
unprepared for the afternoon her mother said: "Look what
I've had done, dear. Larry thought it would look cool".

With that, Marilyn pulled her top over a head, to reveal
a tattoo of a little red devil, grinning impishly as his
trident reached up and almost touched her nipple. The
tattoo was large enough to be partly visible with most
of the outfits she now wore.

"So, how do you like it?", asked Marilyn.

Her daughter was aghast: "M... M... Mother, how could
you do that? What will people think? Were you bare-
breasted in front of strangers to have it done?"

"Well, it wasn't quite a stranger, but a friend of

"Aren't you afraid that people will think of you as a
......." Sarah's voice tailed off.

"As a what, love", prompted Marilyn with a smile. "What
are you thinking of? Slut? Whore? Well if being
liberated for the first time in my life means these
things, then people will have to think it."

With an incomprehensible cry, Sarah dashed to her
bedroom, once more in total confusion. But again,
thoughts of her mother having a stranger's hands playing
with her tits, made Sarah involuntarily think of having
her tits played with in front of others, and again she
ended up masturbating to climax.


A month before Sarah's 14th birthday, Marilyn announced
that they were going to get rid of the apartment, and
move in with Larry into his house.

"Are you getting married?" was Sarah's first reaction.

Marilyn laughed: "Neither Larry nor I are looking for
such an exclusive commitment. But, I suppose that if you
want to you can refer to him, when speaking to friends,
as my 'partner', if that makes you more comfortable".

Sarah had mixed feelings. She remained disturbed and
uncomfortable with her mother's emerging life style, and
she became more and more vocal in warning her mother of
the eternal damnation that awaited the immoral. Sarah
also feared that Larry's house couldn't be so much
"their" home. But there was no doubt that it was a
comfortable house, much larger than their apartment, and
with a swimming pool. Sarah would also get a larger
room, into which was placed, to her surprise, a king-
sized double bed. It was also not far from their
apartment, so that she would remain at the same school
and church, with her same friends.

They moved in two weeks later, and Larry helped Sarah
settle in by allowing her to invite a large group of
friends for her 14th birthday party. For once, neither
Larry nor Marilyn embarrassed her, and her friends
seemed easily able to accept Larry's role as "partner".

Over the next two months, however, there was a lot more
embarrassment for Sarah. Larry and Marilyn threw quite
frequent parties at which Sarah was expected to help in
serving drinks and snacks. Frequently she observed her
mother dancing closely with other men, whose hands
seemed always to be wondering all over her scantily
dressed body. Neither Larry nor Marilyn seemed to care
much, but Sarah never knew where to look. Even worse,
the men were inclined put their arms around Sarah,
patting her behind, and even on occasion managed to
touch her tits. Sarah would go blood-red as she angrily
pulled away, but Marilyn just laughed.

A further source of embarrassment was Larry's twin boys,
Mike and Ned. They visited quite regularly, sometimes
staying the night and on occasions for the entire
weekend. Sarah was dismayed to discover that they were
even going to spend three full weeks at the house during
the coming summer vacation. She found them impossible.
They were always trying to peek up her skirt or down the
front of her blouse. On a few occasions they managed to
fix the bathroom so that it would not properly lock, and
then "accidentally" walked in while she was in the bath
or on the toilet.

Sarah complained of the twins' behaviour to her mother,
calling them "these little perverts".

Marilyn scolded her for this name-calling, and told her:
"Lighten up girl! They're just adolescent boys,
exploring their sexuality by teasing the pretty sexy
girl who's around them a lot of the time. Give them a
thrill. Flash them a little. Leave off your bra and
panties ... you don't really need them!"

"MOM!!!" shouted Sarah, reddening. "That's sick". But
secretly, and Sarah would not even admit this to
herself, she was turned by the boys obvious interest,
and her nipples and pussy tingled when she thought of
them looking at her.

A month after her 14th birthday, Sarah returned from
church to announce that she was now born again, and that
she had also signed a pledge of purity, promising to
remain pure until her wedding one day when she would
become a good Christian wife. She asked Marilyn and
Larry to respect her choice, even if they chose to
remain "living in sin". The trouble was, though, that
her own body refused to respect her choice, and she
still found her pussy tingling when the boys ogled her.
And when she lay in bed at night, her hands found a will
of their own, playing with her sensitive nipples and
with her pussy and clit.

Ironically, at the same time Sarah acquired her first
boyfriend, 15-year old Tommy. They started going to the
movies together once a week, and Marilyn would leave
them alone when Tommy brought Sarah back. Within a few
weeks they were French-kissing and Tommy had touched her
tits on the outside of her blouse. While they were
together, Sarah felt out of control of her passions, but
later she would pray earnestly for forgiveness and for
strength to resist.

At just about this time, two months after she turned 14,
and about 3 weeks before the schools were due to close
for the summer vacation, the real crisis in Sarah's
young life was triggered.

Before describing these new events, it may be helpful to
provide a brief pen-picture of Sarah at that time. She
still looked a little young for her 14 years. She was
naturally small-boned (somewhat as her father had been),
and still quite short (1.57m, or about 5 ft 2in). She
had rather thinnish arms and legs, although she still
had an appealing hint of puppy fat around her middle.
Her tits had developed comfortably beyond an A-cup, but
if she was honest she would admit that she did not
really fit the B-cups which her mother had recently
bought for her. But on her small frame, these perky
little tits appeared quite prominent. Her pale coral-
pink nipples were three-fingers wide, and formed puffy
protuberances well above the rest of her tits. She was
fair-haired, and was a little embarrassed that her pubic
hair was little more than a bit of blonde fluff on the
edges of her pussy lips, almost like a little girl's.


The crisis started on a hot Friday. As a number of the
teachers were wanting to attend the funeral of a former
principal of the school, it was agreed at the last
moment to finish classes three hours earlier than usual.
Sarah was quite pleased with this (almost) long weekend,
and hurried home looking forward to spending time on her
own at Larry's swimming pool. She expected that Marilyn
and Larry would be working.

Sarah was slightly surprised to see an unfamiliar car
parked outside, but when she let herself into the house
it all seemed quiet. She trotted lightly up the stairs
to drop her bag in her bedroom, but on the landing
froze, initially in some fright. The door of Marilyn
and Larry's bedroom was closed, but there was a groaning
sound coming from behind the door. Sarah's first
instinct was to rush in to see if her mother was OK, but
then realized that there were two voices, male and

Sarah's bedroom was next to theirs, and both rooms
opened out on to a common balcony. Sarah slipped
quietly into her room, dropped her bag, and cautiously
opened the door to the balcony. She crept out and along
the balcony towards the open window of the other
bedroom. The groaning sounds were clearer now. Keeping
close to the wall, Sarah moved up to the window, and
peeked in to get the shock of her young life.

On the end of the bed sat a naked man, whom she
recognized as having visited from time to time, but
whose name she couldn't remember. Kneeling between the
man's legs was her mother, equally naked. Marilyn was
holding the man's cock, as she licked along the
underside and on to his balls. The look on the man's
face was ecstatic, and his eyes were closed as he moaned
in deep pleasure. Marilyn, too, was moaning in unison
with him as she continued to fondle and kiss all round
his pubic area.

Sarah was both shocked by her mothers obscene behaviour
and at the same time totally fascinated. She had no
idea that a man's penis could grow to the size she now
observed, and could hardly believe that it could fit
into a woman's vagina. But she found herself
increasingly turned on by the sight before her, and
almost unconsciously raised the front of her skirt to
slip her hand into her panties to play with her own

Shortly afterwards, Marilyn stood up and gave the man a
shove with both hands on his chest, and he fell over
backwards on to the bed, with his erect dong waving in
the air. He wriggled backwards so that he was fully on
the bed, and held out his arms to Marilyn. She jumped
up on the bed and straddled him. From her vantage
point, Sarah could see clearly how Marilyn slowly
lowered herself so that the head of that enormous cock
spread her pussy lips, which seemed to effortlessly
expand around the invading organ. Then with slight
rocking motion, the cock slipped further and further
into her welcoming cunt, as with each downward movement
it went a little further in. And then with a satisfied
"Aaaahhhhhh", she finally sank down so that her pubic
hair and the man's thick bush were fully intermingled.

At an ever-increasing tempo, Marilyn bounced up and down
on the man's cock, leaning slightly backwards to support
herself on her hands placed on his thighs. The man
reached upwards to caress Marilyn's breasts, and started
to milk her teats with his fingers. His voice
penetrated clearly through to Sarah: "Oh, yes, that's
fucking incredible. Keep fucking me you nympho bitch
.... aaahhhhhh yessssssss .... your cunt is soooo tight
.... YEEESSSSSSS you're a fantastic fuck .... keep going
...." At the same time, Marilyn was giving voice to her
own building excitement. "OOOOOOOOwwwwwwwwwww ...
fuuuuuuuuccccccccccck feels sooooooooo good in
me ....... it's sooooooo big ...... Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
.... it's pushing right into my womb ... I'm sooooo full
.... Come on you bastard, give me your seed .... let me
feel your warm cum filling my womb ........

As Sarah watched in fascination and listened to the pair
screwing in the room, her fingers moved ever faster in
time to Marilyn's bouncing on her partner, rubbing her
own clit. As the two in the room approached their
climax, so did Sarah. She pushed her other hand into
her mouth to prevent herself screaming out, but couldn't
control the whimpers as the first of her orgasms washed
over her.

The three of them climaxed almost simultaneously.
Marilyn, fell forward on to the man, still breathing
heavily from her exertions. As her own orgasm subsided,
Sarah suddenly realized that she'd better get away
before she was seen, and edged back towards her own
room. And then to her horror ... BUMP ... she had
collided with another body, and a pair of hands gripped
her firmly. Twisting round, she saw that it was Larry
who had evidently seen her open door and come to

"So, what have you been looking at so intently?", he

Sarah felt herself blushing. "I - I - I - th-th-ought I
heard a noise, and that I should check".

Larry frog-marched a fiercely resisting Sarah back
towards Marilyn's open window, and looked in, to see the
couple still entwined in post-coital relaxation.

"Well, now! Would you believe it! Our born again miss
prissy gets her jollies by spying on her mother

"N-N-No", stammered Sarah, "As soon as I saw what was
happening, I was shocked and wanted to get away".

At this point, Marilyn heard them at the window, lifted
herself off of the man, and stood up. "What's going on
out there?", she called.

"Your little miss chastity has been getting off watching
you and Bruce fucking in there" explained Larry

"No", cried out Sarah nearly in tears. "As soon as I
realized what was happening I tried to get back into my

"Don't give us that story", laughed Larry. "I was
watching you for at least 5 minutes, finger-fucking
yourself as you stood glued to the scene in the room.
Christians aren't supposed to tell lies, are they?"

"I - I - I - - I". Sarah was speechless, as she blushed
beetroot red.

Marilyn strolled to the window, seeming unconcerned
about her nudity and semen trails down her leg.

"So ... you can preach at me; but you're just as bad as
I am! Well, you clearly need to be taught a lesson. Go
to your room now and stay there until Bruce has gone.
The Larry and I will have to have a lo-o-o-ng chat with
you. Go now!"

Definitely in tears of shame and embarrassment now,
Sarah pulled loose from Larry and ran into her room,
closing both doors. She threw herself on to her bed,
sobbing quietly. Vaguely, she heard voices and steps as
Marilyn presumably went downstairs with Larry and Bruce
(now she knew his name). It was bad enough that her
mother lived in sin with Larry; but how could she at the
same time sin with other men? And why did Larry seem so
unconcerned? It was all beyond her understanding.

It must have been more than an hour before she heard the
car outside start up as Bruce left. Sarah waited
anxiously, but it seemed an eternity (in fact about 30
minutes) before she heard her mother coming up the
stairs. A few moments later, her bedroom door opened
and Marilyn came in.

"Well darling, what am I going to do with you? Of
course I understand your fascination with sex ... I like
to watch other people bonking, as well as doing it with
others watching ... so that I don't mind. But I can't
have you pretending to be one thing, and criticising and
embarrassing me in front of my friends, while you're
actually no different to me"

"Mommy ... I won't preach at you again. And I won't spy
on you ...."

"It's too late for promises now! Larry and I have
discussed the options, and have decided that you must
choose once and for all whether you are going to be part
of our life or not. We hope you will be .. But the
choice is yours!"

"So", continued Marilyn, "you have two choices. You can
either go to your grandparents' private school. And in
fact they have called me recently to press again for you
to go, telling me that there is also a summer camp,
starting 10 days after schools end, to help new students
at the school to adapt to the disciplined environment.
Or you obey our rules of life in this house".

"You know I can't possibly go to their nunnery", wailed
Sarah. "I will do what you say ... honestly. And I
won't criticize you".

"OK, then. Our rules for you are until further notice
the following. One: you will go round naked at home
from 8pm each night until after breakfast each morning;
and you will eat breakfast with us! Two: You will not
try to hide or cover yourself, and you will leave your
bedroom and bathroom doors open at all times. Three: If
we have guests, you will not remain in your room. You
will come down to greet them, and help where needed in
serving them."

Sarah went quite pale. "Mommy, I couldn't; I'll die
..... Oh No please ... I couldn't let Larry, or
strangers, or even worse the twins, see my bare breasts
... and certainly not my - my - my p-p-private parts

Marilyn appeared not to notice Sarah's pleas. "Larry
and I need to go out again now, and we'll only be back a
little after 8. We'll bring pizzas to eat, but help
yourself to anything else if you get hungry earlier.
This will give you time on your own to make your final
choice. If you're clothed when we get back, I shall
call your grandparents to make the arrangements".

With that, Marilyn went, leaving a very confused and
frightened 14-year old. For quite a while, Sarah just
sat on her bed. The choice was terrible, but she also
knew that her grandparents' school was not even an
option, so she would have to go naked, however difficult
and embarrassing she would find it.

Strangely, though, as Sarah began to accept the
inevitable, she also became aware of a tingle in her
clit and nipples, and a definite juiciness in her pussy.
At a primeval level, the thought of displaying herself
to men had an arousing element. Almost experimentally,
she started unbuttoning her school shirt. Slowly she
stripped off one item after another, until she stood
naked in front of her mirror. As she looked at herself,
she remembered again the scene she had witnessed
earlier, of her mother unashamedly fucking Bruce, and
the thought drove her hand down to finger her sex once
more. Faster and faster she rubbed herself, until with
a series of jerks and moans, she came.

She tried walking out of her room to the bathroom. It
wasn't so bad. She then walked down the stairs and
imagined people standing round looking at her. She
blushed, and felt like dying of embarrassment, but felt
again those strange sensations of becoming aroused.

By the time Larry and Marilyn returned, Sarah was
watching TV in the living room, drinking a fruit juice.
She reddened again as they walked in, and greeted them
nervously. Marilyn smiled and gave her a hug: "I can
imagine how you feel now, but in time you'll become so
liberated about your body that you'll be thanking me!"

Marilyn and Larry did not push her hard at this time,
and made no comment when she went back to her room
early. When she left the door only slightly ajar, they
made no attempt to intrude on her privacy, so that by
the next morning Sarah felt more relaxed sitting in her
nudity with them at breakfast. But she did rush
upstairs immediately after, to get dressed again.

The Saturday passed uneventfully, and on Sunday Sarah
attended church again. On getting home from church, she
was slightly disconcerted to find Mike and Ned there,
whom she had not expected that weekend. And this turned
to dismay when she discovered that they would only be
picked up by their mother at around 9:30 that evening.
It was a long afternoon!

They were all watching TV later, when the clock struck
8. For a moment, Sarah forgot the significance, but
Marilyn gently asked her whether she had not forgotten

"Wha .." began Sarah, and then "Oh God ... No ..." as
she stood up and started to leave the room.

"Where do you think you're going now?" asked Marilyn.

"To my room, to .. to ... you know what" came the reply.

"Oh no young lady, it's already 8:00, and you can't drag
it out any longer ... HERE AND NOW!!"

"No mommy, please ..." wailed Sarah, but got no

The twins looked mystified, wondering what was
happening. And wonderment turned to fascination as
Sarah (who was already barefooted) started to pull her
top over her head. She hesitated a moment, but her
mother gestured to her to keep going, and she unzipped
her shorts and let them fall to the ground.

"Wow" came from the twins as she stood there in bra and

At a further gesture from Marilyn, Sarah reached behind
her and undid her bra. Finally, and in increasing
embarrassment, she slipped her panties down her legs,
and stepped out of them to leave her totally naked in
front of the others.

The boys' eyes nearly popped out of their heads. They
stood up and walked all round the naked Sarah,
inspecting her from every angle, and making loud
observations about her tits, pussy (especially the pubic
hair) and arse. Sarah blushed all over, and struggled
to control her impulse to cover her tits and pussy with
her arms and hands, as she knew that this would cause
even more ribald comments from the twins and quite
probably a reprimand from her mother.

Marilyn picked the clothes up from the floor, and said:
"I'll put these in the hamper while you get fresh drinks
for Larry and the boys."

As she brought the drinks to the leering males, they
took every opportunity to brush their hands across her
tits and legs. This caused further blushing, but almost
to her surprise she realized that her pussy was getting
damp as a result of this forced exposure.

Marilyn instructed her to sit between the two boys as
they continued to watch TV. Each placed a hand on a
leg, and managed to keep her from closing her legs, so
that her slightly gaping pussy lips remained on open
display, and could evidently be seen to be damp.
Marilyn and Larry watched in amusement as Sarah tried
from time to time to close her legs, but made no attempt
to interfere.

When it was time for Larry to run the boys home, both
gave Sarah a lengthy hug, gripping her arse cheeks
tightly to pull her into them, and giving her an open-
mouthed kiss, inserting their tongues into her mouth.
When they were gone, she bad her mother goodnight and
ran up to her room, jumped into bed, and turned out the
light. Once under the covers, almost to her own disgust
she pushed two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her
clit with her thumb until she brought herself to
orgasmic relief. As she came down off of her high, she
realized that Marilyn had been watching her through the
half-open door. In intense embarrassment, she turned
herself to the wall and quietly cried herself to sleep.

Two days later, Sarah was told that Larry were having
some friends round for an evening of poker, and would be
arriving between 8.30 and 9.00. Marilyn would be
serving snacks and drinks, and Sarah would have to help.
Sarah was aghast at the thought of displaying her naked
body to a group of grown men, and her face paled. But
she knew by now that there was no point in pleading ...
that would only make matters worse.

Just before 8.00, Marilyn told her "... but I do have
something pretty for you to wear".

For a moment, Sarah thought she'd had a reprieve ... but
she should have known better! What Marilyn produced was
a pair of platform-soled sandals with a somewhat
elevated heel, and a pair of white stockings that
reached just above her knees. Sarah had to practice
walking a little, but once she was accustomed to the
feel it made her walk with a sexy sway, and taughtened
up her calf muscles beautifully. After she had stripped
completely (apart from the stockings and sandals),
Marilyn produced a gold chain which Sarah was to wear
around her waist.

In her own embarrassment, Sarah only dimly realized that
Marilyn was also rather scantily clad, with a spaghetti-
strapped black top that left her midrift bare, and a
short black skirt in a soft material that clung to her

Shortly before 8.30 the doorbell rang, and Sarah was
sent to answer the door and to show their guest into the
living room. This turned out to be Bruce whom she had
seen fucking her mother, which was a double
embarrassment for Sarah, and her whole body flushed red.
Bruce was not as embarrassed, and put his arm round her
shoulder with a hand on her breast as they walked into
the room where Marilyn and Larry were sitting. Bruce
greeted Marilyn with a big hug and kiss, and Sarah could
not help but notice that his hands gripped her arse-
cheeks firmly.

A few minutes later, Sarah had to answer the door again.
This time there were two men. One was a cheerful
looking, slightly paunchy grey-bearded man in his
fifties; the other was a tall black man in his thirties.

"Wowie", chuckled greybeard, "this is a sight for sore
old eyes! I'm Keith. What's your name darling?"

"Sarah" she whispered out.

"Hi Sarah, I like your outfit" said his companion. "And
you can call me Sean".

Sarah got drinks for the three guests while they waited
for the fourth and last to arrive. The men used to
opportunity to run their hands up the inside of her
thighs or to fondle her tits. She looked to her mother
in silent plea for help, but Marilyn just grinned at her

The final guest turned out to be Larry's brother Phil
whom Sarah had met before. As soon as she had opened
the door, he reached out a finger and tweaked first one
and then the other nipple. To Sarah's increasing
embarrassment, they stiffened instantly.

As soon as Phil had his drink, they settled down to
their game. Sarah and Marilyn hovered around,
refreshing drinks and snacks whenever needed. Hands
would be pawing at them on every occasion. Sarah was
dismayed to realize the extent to which her body reacted
against her will. Her nipples, usually puffy and pink,
were distinctly darker and hard. She could feel that
her clit was also erect and swollen, and she was sure
that the men could see it peeking out from her pussy
lips. Her pussy itself felt so juicy that she was sure
the juices would start running down her leg. She had to
resist the temptation to rub her button, to bring
herself relief.

After about an hour and a half, it was clear that Sean
was the big winner, with a huge pile of chips by his
side. "Sean needs some handicap" commented Larry.

"What do you have in mind?" asked one of the others.

Larry soon explained. "Sarah, go sit on Sean's thigh,
and put your arms around his neck. Perhaps kiss his neck
a little".

Sarah started to object, but her mother gestured to her
to do as she was told.

As she settled herself, Sean put an arm around her, and
pulled her tight against his side. She could feel her
tit rubbing against his chest, which stimulated the
nipple even more. With his hand around her, Sean pulled
her higher up his leg, so that her thigh was touching
his crotch. She felt a movement, and looking down saw
the prominent bulge in his trousers pushing against her
leg! She tried to struggle away, but had no chance. Her
wriggles simply brought his fingers in touch with her
crotch, and he started idly stroking the fine fluff on
her vaginal lips. Sarah was getting to the point of
desperately needing relief, but could do nothing about

Larry's strategy worked! Sean lost badly on the next
two hands, both of which were won by Keith. By general
agreement, Sarah was told to move to Keith's lap, and
the situation repeated itself. From then on, Sarah was
required to sit with whoever won the previous hand. The
men started openly rubbing their fingers up and down her

It was quite a while before Larry won a hand. But when
he did, and Sarah sat down on his lap, he inserted a
finger right into her pussy, finger fucking her as his
thumb massaged her clit. She tried desperately to fight
the rising orgasm, but it was beyond her control. To
her intense embarrassment and the amusement of all the
adults, she came! She bit on her lip to control
herself, but her ecstatic moans were clear to all, and
as it passed over, she almost collapsed against Larry's

This is as far is it got on this occasion. Shortly
afterwards, Marilyn said that it was after 11.00
already, and that Sarah had school tomorrow. Perhaps
she should go to bed. She told Sarah to go round and
kiss each man goodnight, and each had a last feel! Then
Sarah was free to run upstairs to bed. As she reached
her room, she heard some raucous laughter and cheers
from downstairs, and her mother's giggles. She was not
to know at this time that Marilyn had been stripped of
her top, and was taking Sarah's place with the winner of
the last hand.

Sarah closed her bedroom door, threw herself on her bed,
and worked her twat with both hands to bring herself to
a further and now uninhibited orgasm. Shortly after
that she drifted off to sleep, only dimly aware of
further shouts and laughter from downstairs, and
wondering what it would be like to have a man's thing up
her pussy!

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