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Collected by Djian

By The Doc
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Strip Search
By "The Doc"

(MMM+/F, wife, nc)

WARNING: This story contains strong themes of forced sexual behavior and sex
against one's will. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS ONLY, and
the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar behavior.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is
coincidental. All names are fictitious. The acts described herein are
illegal, and are not condoned by the author. This work is to be read by
PERSONS 21 OR OLDER ONLY where such topics are not against the law.

It contains scenes of sexual assault, nonconsenting sexual relations and
descriptions of impending humiliation and torture. Please STOP reading here
if this type of material offends you.

STRIP SEARCH STORY SUMMARY: Our naive little wife Crissy finds herself in a
heap of trouble with the local security police after her husband and his
friends try to sneak a few drugs into a rock concert sponsored by a outlaw
motorcycle club. Nothing can save her modesty from the clutches of the cruel
security men as they humiliate her beyond her wildest imagination.

Strip Search Part 1/3

Crissy sang with her sweetest voice the lead part of the summer music
festival presented by her church. The many years of private voice lessons
had helped make her the most sought after soloist in the large church choir
she attended regularly. Her husband Robert smiled at her from the audience
with pride knowing she was the most talented musician in the annual program.
He didn't share her zeal for regular church attendance but was happy to
accompany her to witness her special program.

Crissy was naturally gifted with singing and dancing talents that were
developed from her early childhood home. She had all the benefits of growing
up in a warm nurturing family life with her strict religious parents.
Nothing was held back from her when it came to special classes in voice and
ballet. The young wife was filled with a natural grace and composure that
clearly made her stand out in even a church crowd. Even though her husband
had some appreciation for her upbringing, it was her drop dead sexy body
that made his blood boil.

Ever since she graduated at the end of spring quarter, Crissy had a strong
desire to teach music. That was the only reason she had agreed to move so
far away from her family in Denver to this small community in southern
Tennessee. She would be teaching her one-year internship in the music
department at the community college in the fall.

As Robert watched his 20-year-old bride sing, he couldn't help but notice
her gorgeous tits rise and fall even under the choir robe. God she was fine
piece of woman even if she was so shy and modest about showing any of her
charms anywhere in public. Her petite 5' 4" figure was flawless topped by
the sweetest smelling soft auburn shoulder length hair. Back in Denver when
she would wear her bikini, her full milky breasts would spill out of her top
giving him a raging hard on just watching her.

Since the wedding, the young husband never tired of exploring her body from
her hard rose colored nipples to her sweet wet pussy just barely covered
with soft dark red hair. Crissy still got embarrassed when her husband
wanted to leave the light on in their bedroom so her could see her most
secret parts as they made love.

Sitting in church, Robert's mind remembered how hot she got as he pounded
away fucking his bride to a shuddering climax. Even though she still
wouldn't even consider any oral or anal sex, Crissy would buck and squeal in
the missionary position through repeated orgasms under her new husband.

Robert had to give a slight grin thinking that it would only be a matter of
time before he would finally talk her into taking his throbbing cock between
her full soft lips for a blow job. Hell, she was so shy, she still wouldn't
let him kiss or suck on her precious little pussy. Crissy still thought that
it was "dirty and perverted" to do anything like that. As Robert listened to
the music, he had to cross his legs to hide his stiff cock from thinking
about all the things he would like to do to his sweet little bride.

Even though they had only been married three months ago, living with her new
husband in such a backward part of the county was not her idea of fun. She
didn't have any of her old friends to spend time with like she enjoyed back
home. Crissy was looking forward to the year passing quickly so they could
move back to Denver and be around a higher class of people and real
civilization again.

The young wife was real tired of all the off color remarks she would hear
from the men in the small town. She couldn't help but notice all the
unwanted attention she would get as they would openly stare at her swaying
breasts as she walked by. The rude comments were not welcome as the modest
young wife tried to disregard the stares and keep her eyes from making
contact with the grinning faces.

Crissy had discussed the problem with her husband Robert but he just kept
telling her men will be men. Somehow, she almost got the idea her husband
kind of enjoyed the attention she got from the guys. He would always make
some joke about how hard up these guys are or how she should be happy she
was the center of attention. "What do you expect," he would laugh, "these
poor guys have never seen anything as sweet and tender as you in their whole
life." It really made her mad when Robert would tell her to let them have
there fun and not get so worked up over it.

The only job her husband could find was as a mechanic at the one and only
auto dealership in the community. He had hoped to use his college business
skills but had to depend on the wages from the shop to pay the bills while
Crissy finished her teaching assignment. Most of the men he worked with were
older and quite a rough bunch of guys that had known each other since

Robert was new and found it hard to make friends with the guys at the shop.
The one thing he seemed to have in common with the group was a love for
motorcycles. He had been forced to sell his road bike to raise money for the
move from Denver. He found that if he talked about motorcycles and hung out
with the guys playing poker and drinking beer, someone would always have an
extra bike for him to ride on the weekends.

Several weeks ago, Crissy had stopped by the shop to deliver his lunch he
had forgotten. As she walked through the shop looking for him, the word
spread like wildfire that she was Robert's wife. It seemed from that day on,
the guys went out of their way to be nice to the young husband. Even Bart,
the shop foreman, made a comment that he should forget his lunch more often
so they "could get a better look at that sweet little thing." Robert just
laughed it off and joked that if she came down there very often, no one
would get any work done.

The young husband felt the pride and envy knowing that every guy in the shop
would give his left nut to have a wife as sexy as Crissy. He felt damn good
that he was the only man there that had seen her naked body knowing that any
guy there would trade places with him in a heartbeat. Hell, he might as well
use all the advantages he had to gain the respect of his coworkers.

Crissy hated to see her husband hanging around with the guys from the shop
after work. She knew they were rough and crude and didn't like to see her
new husband go to the bar to drink and play cards with them. Every time she
would have to go to the shop to pick up Robert after work, several of the
guys would invite her to come along with her husband for a little fun. Even
though they gave her the creeps her husband did little to discourage them
from making her put up with their crude jokes. All she could do was to loose
herself in her music studies and help out at church.

It was Friday afternoon as Robert came home from work excited that he didn't
have to work the weekend, and better yet, Bart had given him two tickets to
the all day western rock concert Saturday. As Robert showed the program to
his young wife, it was clear Crissy was less than enthusiastic about the
whole idea of spending the day up in the hills listening to "hillbilly"

The concert was sponsored by a motorcycle club from Nashville and was to be
held at a private farm up in the hills. Several bands would play the daylong
event. She tried to explain she really didn't want to go but

Robert wouldn't take no for an answer. "You never do anything I like to do!"
he complained, "now I want to spend some time with you at the concert."
"Bart is bringing his wife and he made me promise that you would spend the
day with her." "A couple other guys from work and their wives will be there
and it's high time you get in and have a little fun with the group."

She had always objected to going to the bar with him and his friends using
the excuse she couldn't stand the cigarette smoke. Crissy saw that her
husband meant to force the issue and she was going whether she wanted to or
not. Well at least she wouldn't have to put up with Robert's creepy buddies
with the other wives there for her to be with.

It was Saturday morning and Bart would be stopping by to pick them up in a
few minutes as Crissy stepped out of the shower. "All right, what does one
wear to a high class concert like this?" Crissy asked with a tone of
disdain. Robert was ready handing her his favorite short white summer dress
with thin little straps across the shoulders. "No way!" she complained
holding it up in front of her showing him that it was too short.

"Come on honey quit acting like a prude," he shouted, "it's going to be hot
today and you've never even worn it since I bought it for you." "You'd think
nobody has ever seen a leg before," he taunted her. "All right if you don't
care if your wife runs around half naked then why should I care," Crissy
yelled knowing that she really shouldn't have agreed to her husband's

Pouting to herself, she slipped on her matching white lace bra and panties
and then slipped the short little dress over her head. After putting on her
sandals, she stood back and looked in the full length mirror on the wall.
God, she could tell that wearing this short little lightweight dress was a
mistake. The hem only came down about four inches below her cute little butt
and the material was so thin that you could see the outline of her brief
panties and bra.

It would be a challenge to keep her modesty and not let someone see her
panties. What's worse, the young bride's thick dark nipples pushed out
through her bra making the tips clearly visible and even the dark outline of
each nipple could be seen under the white fabric. Crissy had just decided to
change when she heard the sound of Bart's pickup horn and Robert grabbed her
arm to hurry out to the truck.

She grabbed her straw purse and ran along behind her husband watching Bart's
face widen to a full grin as they approached his pickup. "Hop right in
sweetheart," Bart invited as he watched the young wife hold her short dress
down as she struggled to climb up in the four wheel drive pickup seat.
Robert slipped in beside her as Bart roared out the driveway.

"Are we going to pick up your wife?" Crissy asked Bart after they made a
turn away from town. Bart cleared his throat as he explained that she was
picking up another wife and going to meet them at the parking lot. Crissy
shot a questioning glance at her husband who just shrugged his shoulders as
though it was no big deal. A few miles further, Bart turned off the highway
and drove to house at the end of a long driveway saying he was picking up
Leroy and Dave, from the shop, to take them to the concert.

"Can only ride four up front so flip a coin and the other guy gets the
back," Bart announced. Leroy let out a holler as he slid in next to Robert
packing Crissy tightly between her husband and his smelly boss.

The young bride was aware of the knowing glances between the two strange men
in the crowded pickup. Here she was sandwiched between Robert's big bellied
boss trying to keep her short dress in place with a knee on each side of the
floor mounted gear shift that Bart seemed to enjoy shifting into fifth gear.

"Honey, if this here gear shift starts turning you on we can stop and let
you get yourself off... if ya know what I mean," Bart laughed as he gave her
a nudge with his elbow. "How bout it Robert.... you ever use the gear shift
knob on your little wife back in your neckin days?" Leroy and Bart laughed
as they kept teasing the young husband about making out with his wife before
they were married.

Robert thought it best to just laugh along with the men even though he could
see how embarrassed his wife was listening to the foul talk. Crissy's face
turned blush pink at the nasty remark Bart had made at her expense. The
young wife squirmed backward as the shift knob pushed the hem of her dress
higher only a few inches from the crotch of her panties. Several times she
felt Bart's bare knuckles accidentally brush against the inside of her bare
thigh way up too high to be comfortable.

She was so intent on keeping herself covered, the young bride didn't notice
that Bart would laugh and hit all the bumps in the logging road as the two
men watched her tits flop up and down. Dave was looking in from the back of
the pickup watching her heaving tits. "Better hold on tight to yer little
wife," Bart laughed, "these fuckin ruts get bigger every time I come up

Robert couldn't help notice the show his wife was putting on for the guys.
He tried to hold her against him so she wouldn't bounce around so much but
he thought it best to just let the guys have their fun. Just before they
arrived at the parking lot, Bart pulled to a stop and yelled back to Dave it
was time for a hit.


Strip Search Part 2/3

"Everybody out for a hit and a piss," yelled Bart as he and Leroy piled out
of the truck. The young wife sat in the truck alone looking down as the
three men stood at the side of the truck shooting streams of piss in the air
in plain view not seeming to care that it might offend the modest wife.
Robert joined the others taking a leak and, in a somewhat apologetic way,
ask the guys to try and keep things under control for his wife's sake.

"My wife is shy and modest and she will never go to another concert with us
if we don't settle down a bit," the young husband pleaded. "Yur right son,"
lied Bart, "us boys done forgot our manners around a sweet little lady like
your wife." Dave was lighting a joint he had taken from his backpack and
passed it around to Leroy and then Bart. He handed it to Robert saying,
"here this will help us all mellow out and get along better from now on."

Robert hesitated but thought if he joined them and went along with them they
would respect his wishes and not act too wild around his wife. Crissy
couldn't believe her eyes as see watched her husband take a couple long
drags on the joint. She had never used drugs and she was sure her husband
would never defile his body either. Leroy took a drag and walked over to the
open door and smiled through brown rotted teeth at the nervous young wife.
"Mam, would you like a little puff of the weed before we go into the
concert?" She just shook her head no and looked away trying to avoid his
lustful stare.

Bart put his arm around Robert and grinned at his friends while he ask him
if his wife needed to take a piss. Robert walked over to his wife and ask
her if she needed to go to the bathroom. Actually, she did have to go quite
badly but she was not about to let these greasy men watch her go behind a
tree. Her eyes just pleaded with her husband to take her back home. "We will
be alright honey once we go inside with all the other people," he explained,
"the other wives are probably waiting inside." "Let's just try to enjoy the
rest of the day and listen to the music," Robert whispered running his
fingers lightly across her forehead.

Even though she agreed to go inside, Crissy was starting to show concern.
Here she was with three strange men who gave her the creeps. Her husband was
clearly intimidated by all three of the older men and wasn't willing to
stand up to his boss but just tried to laugh off his crude comments with a
joke. Everyone had to leave their vehicles in the parking lot an take old
school busses the final ten miles to the farm where the concert was to be

As she held tightly to Robert's hand walking toward the busses, the crowd of
people gathered in the parking lot were dirty biker low life types that made
her skin crawl. They all wore black leather riding gear making her short
white little dress stand out even more. The young wife clutched her purse
and kept her eyes forward trying not to notice the looks and whistles from
the group of men waiting to board the busses.

A large sign welcomed the group to the music festival with a list of
warnings and regulations.

"What are those guys thinking of?" Crissy whispered in her husbands ear,
"don't they see the signs about drugs?" Her heart was pounding as they
approached the tables at the security check station. Six or seven big burly
men in black T shirts with the word "SECURITY" printed across the back were
going through the packs, pockets and purses of the crowd before letting them
on the busses.

Bart and his friends didn't hesitate or seem to be afraid to let the
security men look through their backpacks. Crissy was just sure they would
find the drugs she knew were there and they would all be in trouble. She
handed her purse to the security man and he dumped the contents out on the
table as he eyed her cleavage. He looked through her makeup bag and opened
her wallet and shuffled through a few bills.

The young wife was mortified when he grinned and pulled a neatly packed
rubber wrapped in a pink ribbon out and showed it to one of the other
security guards. She had completely forgot about it and the guards were
enjoying her humiliation in front of the group of men. "We could auction
this off and get a shit load of money if we didn't start a riot first," the
guard laughed handing her purse back to the embarrassed young woman.

Crissy and her husband hurried onto the bus to find Bart and his two
friends. There was only one seat left open, and the sign said "no standing",
so the driver had Crissy sit on her husbands lap next to a big tattoo
covered biker. "You interested in buying a good set of wheels?" he ask
Robert as he looked his wife up and down. "We got some good buys on some
custom machines up at the concert... we rebuild em and raise money for our
club's civic activities."

"Sure, I'm always looking for a good deal on a new bike," Robert told him
hoping to satisfy the big smelly biker. "Good... look me up when you get up
there and I'll make you a deal," he said almost like a threat. "OK," agreed
the young husband as he watched the biker openly study his young wife's
jiggling tits. With Bart and his friends leading the way off the bus, Crissy
stayed close to her husband as they walked through the mass of concert goers
looking for a good place to hear the bands. Many of the guys were laying on
the ground on their backs and enjoyed the flash of Crissy's white panties as
she stepped over them following the guys.

In the rush of the moment, the young wife had completely forgotten that her
little dress was so short and wasn't aware that she was standing directly
above two grinning faces. With her legs slightly apart for balance, the two
guys were getting a great view of her perky little ass cheeks and her panty
covered crotch. While Robert was helping the other guys find a good place to
sit, she looked down to see the two grinning men her "if you need a good
place to sit honey, take your cute little panties off and sit on my face and
I'll stick my tongue up your hot little pussy." The young bride jumped with
surprise away from those terrible laughing men and the nasty things they had
said to her.

Crissy sat on a dirty blanket between Bart and his friends listening to some
of the worst music she had ever heard. Robert had relaxed and closed his
eyes and seemed to be enjoying the music and the outdoors. After the music
set ended, Bart wanted to show Robert some of the bikes that were for sale
over next to a group of tents about a half mile further up the road. "You
can keep us company while they are gone if ya want," offered the grinning
Leroy. "No thanks... I'm staying with my husband if you don't mind," she
said sharply.

The young wife had noticed that the greasy Leroy kept moving around on the
blanket to get a better view under her short dress. She knew that, in spite
of her best efforts, the creep had got several good looks at her panties
when she wasn't looking. Bart and Robert were sitting on and checking out
several different motorcycles when the big biker they had met on the bus
walked over and started talking to them. He was insisting that they take a
quick spin around the parking lot and see how nice the bikes ran.

Robert tried to explain that he wasn't quite ready to buy but the big guy
started to get upset. Bart yelled over to Crissy standing with Leroy and
Dave that they were going for a quick spin around the parking lot. The big
biker had Robert on behind him and Bart ask Crissy if she wanted to take a
spin. The young wife certainly didn't want her husband to leave her alone
with the two men but she couldn't very well climb on behind Bart with such a
short dress. "Hurry right back honey," the nervous wife called out to her
disappearing husband.

The sound of the bikes faded away as she listened for the first sound of
their return. Leroy opened his backpack and pulled out a joint and lit up
saying," we might as well take a hit while were waitin." The young wife's
heart fell to the pit of her stomach when she saw this idiot using drugs
right out in the open. Both of the men were taking drags while she pleaded
with them to put it away before someone notices them. All they would say is
nobody was watching but if she would take a puff, they would put it away for

The trembling woman though better of it but decided it was the only way to
make them stop. Leroy handed the smoking joint, and looking both ways, she
drew in a breath of acrid smoke. Crissy's eyes were watering as she coughed
trying to rid her lungs of the awful smoke. Leroy was pounding on her back
helping her catch her breath. The few bikers working at the sales tents just
watched with casual interest at the stunning girl with long tanned legs.

At first no one noticed the security jeep pull up beside them. Three large
security guards piled out of the jeep and formed a circle around Crissy and
the two men. A large German shepherd remained leashed to the back seat of
the jeep. One of the guards snatched Leroy's backpack and quickly found
several joints. Another guard grabbed Crissy's purse and dumped the contents
out on the ground ordering her to put her hands on the top of her head and
stay that way . The terrified wife watched as they searched Leroy and Dave
looking in their pockets, shoes and shirts while they stood with arms raised
against a large pine tree. The young wife gasp as Leroy and Dave were
stripped bare ass naked right in front of her.

She noticed that these security guards didn't look like regular police
officers but instead were probably members of the motorcycle club hired to
work the concert. Their hands were dirty and all had grease under their
fingernails. They were all huge rough looking men with big necks. Telling
the two men to stay put, the three guards gathered around frightened young
wife. "Please, my husband and I don't really know these men... he will be
right back... we just got married.... he can explain everything," she
pleaded with a quivering voice. "Shut the fuck up, honey.... we'll do the
asking and you'll do the answering, got that straight?" "Yes sir," she

The three security guards smiled knowingly at each other as they enjoyed the
sight of this gorgeous young thing, standing with her hands on her head
making her big tits stick out. Her short little dress was pulled higher from
the position of her stretched arms showing off the entire length of her
tanned legs. They knew she was definitely out of place running around with
slime like Leroy and Dave. Whatever was her husband thinking of to let his
beautiful little bride, dressed in a skimpy little dress, get herself in
this kind of trouble.

The three guards were not above having some fun with this cute little wife.
Even though they were only temporary security police, they got a big charge
out of pushing people around and showing authority. They were not really
trained to perform body searches and certainly not authorized to search a
female suspect. Carlos, the big Mexican, was the team leader and he wasn't
going to let this sweet little chance pass him by.

"What's yer name sweetheart?" growled Carlos moving his face close to her's.
"Crissy Miller" she barely whispered. "Well Mrs. Crissy Miller you done got
yourself in some real trouble here didn't ya now." "Mrs. Crissy are you
going to be a good girl and do exactly what your told or you gonna make me
cuff you and let my boys practice a stripsearch?" "I'll do... but I want a

"No can do Crissy, Your stuck with us handsome fellows, so shut up and
listen!" "Crissy, you got any more drugs or weapons on you?" "No sir.... I
can explain if you.... please... please." "Open your mouth... now," ordered
Carlos. While the sobbing young wife held her mouth wide open, Carlos stuck
his dirty fingers inside checking under her tongue making her gag. The burly
guard smelled her breath and smiled as he detected the smell of pot. "Sure
enough... you been naughty and puffin on weed Crissy Miller."

"Keep your hands on your head," he ordered as he slowly let his big hands
run up her ribs to her armpits... then slowly over her heaving breasts. It
was all the young wife could do hold her position while this greasy security
guard molded her soft tits between his fingers. "My oh my you really got a
set of jugs there Mrs. Miller... bet your hubby plays with em alot..
huh?.... huh?... answer me!!" "Yes" she whispered in shame. Both Leroy and
Dave watched wide eyed as the security guard fondled Crissy's tits.

About half a dozen other guys gathered around to watch this helpless girl
get checked for drugs. Carlos let his hands slide down over her butt
squeezing the firmness of her ass. "Please don't touch me down there...
please... please," she begged. The frightened young wife looked out at the
leering faces of the men gathered around to watch her humiliation. "Please
don't let them watch me... please... "You should have thought of that before
you brought drugs to the concert, Crissy Miller," Carlos taunted.

"You want to finish this without me touching you down there or letting the
guys see all of you?" "Yes.. yes... please.. anything.... "OK Crissy
Miller... you win... but ya have to do exactly what I say.. understand?"
"Yes... please don't hurt me.." "Slip out of your bra so you can show me
your bare tits." "Right here in front of everyone?" she questioned. "OK..
deals off... "NO.. no... please I'll do it... I'm sorry."

The young wife unbuttoned the front of her dress and wiggled around until
she was able to pull the bra free from beneath her dress. Holding her dress
closed, she handed her white bra to Carlos. The men pressed closer hoping to
catch a glimpse of a nipple. "Now Crissy, hold the neck of your dress out so
I can look down there and see if you have any drugs hidden there." The young
bride slowly pulled her dress out away from her body letting the security
guard see her naked tits.

"Boy oh boy look at those nipples... Mrs. Miller... You want me to play with
em a little don't you honey.. "Yes" the sobbing wife lied. Carlos grinned at
his friends as he reached down her dress front and pinched and rolled her
tender nipples to hardness under her dress. "You like that... don't ya
honey... I can tell you like to let guys play with your hard little

"You ready to show me your cute little pussy Crissy Miller?" he teased. "Oh
no please... not down there.. please" "That was our little bargain wasn't it
honey." "What color pussy hair do you have Crissy?" he hissed. "Kinda red"
she whispered hating him for asking such intimate questions. "Lets just get
a little peek at it without letting any of these nasty guys see your little
pussy. "You promised not to touch me.. you promised"...the young wife

Kneeling in front of her, Carlos ordered her to pull her crotch band aside
and let him check for drugs under her short dress. Taking a deep breath, the
young bride slowly hooked a finger under the legband and pulled her lace
panties to the side being careful that her skirt kept her hidden from the
eyes of the other men. "You were right Crissy, it is kinda red after all,"
the guard teased. "I gotta look inside Crissy... you know.. to see if your
hiding any drugs," he teased grinning at his friends. "You pull your cute
little pussy open wide for me so I can shine my flashlight inside." The
young wife felt totally debased as she used both hands to spread her pussy
lips while Carlos leisurely looked around inside with his flashlight.

"You got the pinkest little pussy I ever saw... bet you like your hubby to
play with your little clit and make it all big and hard.. don't he Crissy."
Carlos couldn't believe he had bullied such a beautiful girl into pulling
her pussy open for him to see. This was a lot more fun than working at the
butcher shop back home at his regular job. He wanted to just how far he
could push this little housewife. "I need to just get a quick feel and slip
a finger inside for a moment..." he said as the tip of his index finger made
contact with Crissy's clit.

She screamed out and pulled away running away from these awful men. She just
couldn't let this security creep touch her most private parts with his dirty
fingers. The terrified young wife just had to find her husband. It didn't
take long for the other two security police to catch Crissy, snap handcuffs
to her slim wrists behind her back and march her back down the road toward
the waiting Carlos.


Strip Search Part 3/3

Carlos was really pissed that she ran just when he was going to enjoy
fingering her hot little pussy. "You shouldn't run baby... that makes you
guilty of trying to evade an officer and puts you in deep shit." "Take her,
with the other two, and shackle them in the van so we can take them to the
security barn and process them for the sheriff." Crissy was crying as the
two guards dragged her into the twenty seat van, roughly pushed her down in
a torn up seat and attached ankle shackles to a ring welded to the floor of
the van.

Her short dress had pulled up around her waist, and with her hands still
cuffed behind her, she was unable to hide her exposed panties from the other
three prisoners sitting across the isle from her. And without her bra on,
the young wife's firm breasts looked mighty good as they swayed under the
thin white fabric. The drunk biker sitting just across from Crissy pulled
out his big cock and pointing the ugly purple head at the startled bride and
ask her if she would like to bend over his way and suck his dick. The young
wife turned away in shock and disgust at the lewd display trying to ignore
his nasty remarks.

When they arrived at the converted barn, all the prisoners were marched into
a large holding room to await further instructions. There must have been
twenty or thirty men prisoners sitting on hard benches waiting for their
name to be called. As Crissy looked around the room, she noticed that she
was the only female in the middle of all these dirty smelly men. Some were
still handcuffed but many were free to move about the room. It didn't take
long for a crowd to gather around her to get a closer look and ask her why
she was in trouble.

She soon realized that with her own hands cuffed behind her back, she would
be helpless to keep a stray hand from taking advantage of her situation. She
yelled to the security guard sitting at the desk as several hands brushed
her tits and stroked her bare thighs. He smiled and let the groping continue
until the young woman was twisting and squirming trying to dislodge the
roaming hands. "All right you guys.... leave the little lady alone," he
barked with authority.

Every few minutes, a name would be called and two security police would
escort a prisoner through a large archway into an adjoining room filled with
desks. From where Crissy was sitting, she could clearly watch as each man
was told to strip naked. Two guards with rubber gloves would then bend him
over the desk and check his privates. The young wife was horrified to think
that this was taking place right out in the open where anyone could watch.
Never in her short life had she seen so many naked men that didn't seem to
care if she saw their big ugly penises.

She noticed Carlos and his two friends sitting at a table laughing with
several other guards as they all kept glancing at her with looks of
anticipation. Leroy and Dave were taken in and processed as she heard
"Crissy Miller" yelled out from the next room. Two big guards ushered her
into the room to stand in front of a large desk. The fat older man was
dressed in a deputy's uniform with a badge and a large gun on his belt.
Crissy noticed, as he looked through some papers, he had carelessly spilled
food down the front of his shirt.

Without smiling his eyes traveled up and down her body as he ask her what
she had to say for herself. "Please..." Crissy began, "I didn't do
anything... my husband can explain everything so this all is just a big
mistake," she said with pleading eyes. "That's for the judge to decide...
but you young people now a days don't have no respect for law and order," he

"Well Crissy, you might just as well shuck outta them clothes," he ordered.
"What" the young wife gasp, "surely not in front of everyone... don't you
have someplace more private... please not in front of all these men!" she
pleaded. "We ain't much on privacy around here little lady.... besides I
don't get the chance to train the boys the proper technique of a
stripsearching a lady very often... and show them exactly the procedure."
the deputy explained as he walked around and sat on the edge of the desk.

"Couldn't you just feel through my dress this time," the pleading young wife
suggested trying to think of something that would satisfy the grinning
deputy. "Well come over here and let's give it a try honey," the deputy said
as he winked at his assistant. Crissy stood still with her eyes closed as
the deputy slowly ran his big hands over her full breasts cupping them to
test their weight. He let his finger tips make small circles over her
hardening nipples as he told her how good her hooters felt.

Bending down, he lifted her short little dress up and turned her around in
circles making a close up inspection of her panties. The grinning deputy
rubbed her ass through her panties and slowly ran the back of his hand
gently back and forth over her silk covered mound. Crissy tried to block out
the thought of what this fat deputy was doing to her and the snickering from
the other security men watching. If she could just let him feel her this way
she wouldn't have to take her clothes off in front of these awful men.

"Sorry sweetheart, this just ain't going to work for us... " the smiling
deputy barked after he had finished playing with her. "But you promised..."
she objected. "The only promise I'm going to make is that if you don't get
outta them clothes in one minute, I'll have the boys rip em off till your
bare ass naked." The trapped young wife glanced around the room at the group
of men with black security police T shirts watching them lick their lips in
anticipation. She felt someone unlock her cuffs leaving red marks on her
wrists. The young bride knew she had no choice but to obey the grinning

Her slim fingers slowly opened the buttons on her dress and she slipped it
off her smooth shoulders and let it drop to the floor. The embarrassed bride
stood in a room full of strange men wearing only her panties with crossed
arms over her breasts. "Hands on yer head," he shouted. Every cock in the
room was hard from watching this innocent young wife step out of her dress
and raise her hands to the top of her head. The pose made her full tits
stand at attention and Crissy's hard nipples stood out smartly. You could
hear a few low whistles from the men as the deputy walked up behind her and
reached around cupping her swaying tits. He proceeded to bounce and jiggle
them up and down all the while giving instructions to the guards on how to
examine her tits for contraband.

He invited each man to take his turn making sure not to miss out on the fun.
The game continued until each man had played with the trembling wife's soft
tits. The modest young wife stood obediently with hands on her head while
each grinning guard went through the process of inspecting her aching
breasts and rolling her nipples between their greasy fingers. Each guy would
try to out do the one before by pinching her sore nipples and making her
tits bob up and down by jerking upward on Crissy's now raw nipples.

The deputy cleared some papers from his desk and instructed two of the
guards to help the young wife to assume the knee chest position on his desk.
They lifted her placing her knees wide apart on the edge of the desk and
pushed her chest down flat on the surface. This left Crissy's panty covered
ass sticking high in the air pointing directly at the men in the room.
Someone turned on the bright ceiling lights so as not to miss any detail of
the obscene pose held by the young bride. With her face mashed against the
desk top, she could see the men close in to get a better look at what they
had been waiting to see.

Crissy's worst fears materialized as she looked beyond the guards and saw a
small group of prisoners watching from the open doorway. How could the
deputy let the other prisoners watch her humiliating ordeal? Were they going
to invite every strange man at the concert and let them all see her private
parts, she thought sarcastically to herself. The deputy made a phone call
and was clearly enjoying making her hold such a degrading position while he
talked with a friend about going hunting next fall. She was sure the dark
shadow between her ass cheeks showed plainly through her thin silk panties
as well as a few wisps of dark red hair peeking from her upturned crotch.

The deputy finished his call and walked around standing next to Crissy's
ass. "We might as well see the main event sweetheart," the deputy laughed as
he ordered the young wife to pull her panties down. "Oh please... don't make
do such a horrible thing with everyone watching.. please..." Crissy pleaded.
With a loud smack, the impatient deputy gave the crying wife a sharp swat
across her panty covered butt threatening to take off his belt if she didn't
do what he told her to do immediately. Reaching back with shaking hands, the
beautiful young wife slowly pealed her panties over her upturned ass and
downward to her bent knees.

A hush settled over the room as every man studied the young bride's smooth
almost hairless pussy lips. Her shinny little clit remained hidden in the
puffy folds of her flawless pussy. Crissy's small little puckered brown
asshole pointed outward to the staring men. The reddening handprint from the
deputy's slap made a sharp contrast to the young wife's milky white
asscheeks. Crissy's panties were stretched to their limits between her knees
to form a sexy looking framework to the kneeling bride's upturned naked
crotch. Crissy could hear the prisoners at the doorway hooting and shouting
encouragement to the deputy as they enjoyed their unexpected good fortune.
The young wife was mortified knowing the obscene pose she was giving the all
the strange men in the room.

"It looks like you keep everything trimmed up real nice for your hubby," the
deputy teased as he inspected her up close taking s few sniffs up and down
her naked sex. The deputy stroked her smooth asscheeks while he told her to
slip her panties the rest of the way off for the guys. The young wife slowly
lifted each knee as she reached down and slipped them off onto the floor.
"Now be a good girl and spread your knees wide apart so we can get a better
look at that cute little pussy of yours," ordered the deputy as he helped
push her knees wide. "You got one sweet lookin pussy Mrs. Miller," he
teased, "but the law says the boys need to see way up inside." "Just reach
back with both hands and pull your ass wide apart and show the guys how pink
your cute little cunt is," the deputy ordered.

Slowly the sobbing wife grasp an asscheek in each hand and pulled herself
wide open for the horny men removing the last trace of modesty she might
have preserved. "Oh yah..... that's much better... isn't it guys".. the
grinning deputy smirked as he joined his buddies making nasty comments to
the humiliated wife. "Carlos tells me he thinks you been hidein drugs up
your snatch.... in that true honey?" "Nooo ... please... I would never use
drugs," she cried. "Well thats not the way I done heard it... Shorty get yur
camera a take a few good shots of her snatch so we can show the evidence to
the judge."

Crissy couldn't believe her ears as she watched a short little slob take a
camera from the desk drawer and stumble as he rushed right over behind her.
The horrified wife had to hold the obscene pose while the dirty little man
got right between her legs for a close up picture. "Open up wide and say
cheese," Shorty joked as the flashes filled the room. During the pictures,
the deputy ask her if she played with herself when her husband was gone.
"No... never," she cried. "You ever get fucked up the ass, Crissy?" the
grinning deputy teased. "No... no please don't say such things ...."

"Let's see what you got hiding up your tight cunt, Mrs. Miller," he hissed
as the deputy slowly ran his finger tips up and down the young wife's open
pussy lips. Crissy couldn't help but moan and wiggle her ass as the fat
deputy lightly tickled the full length of her open slit with his dirty
finger tips. The young wife took short gasps as he slipped his fat middle
finger in and out of her moistening pussy. While he continued to slowly
finger fuck her, he let the thumb on his other hand flick across Crissy's
hard little clit making her jump and give out a little squeal. The gasping
young bride couldn't fight the wave of pleasure she felt from the deputy's
experienced fingers.

"Why Mrs. Miller... I do think you are getting all wet for the boys....."
the grinning deputy teased. The young wife's juices glistened on the dirty
fingers of the deputy as he brought her to a shuddering climax much to the
enjoyment of the watching men. The young bride really bucked and squealed
when the deputy tickled her puckered little asshole and forced the tip of
his finger inside with a pop. "See what you been missing sweetheart... you
like to have men stick things up your cute little asshole.. don't you!"

What seemed like an eternity, Crissy had to remain kneeling on the desk and
let all the guards finger her sopping pussy and stick their fingers in her
virgin asshole. She looked up to see her husband's friends Bart, Leroy and
Dave taking their turns at her exposed genitals. Bart was laughing with the
deputy as he flicked her enlarged clit with his finger to watch her jump.
The young wife felt her enflamed pussylips being sucked into someone's
mouth. She turned her head to see her husbands boss Bart's face buried in
her open crotch. His short whiskers scraped along her open pussy as he
sucked her enflamed clit and tongued her puckered asshole. The resisting
wife couldn't help but let out short squeals and shuddered in an explosive
orgasm. Where was her husband? Why wasn't he there to take her away from all
these strange men?

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