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Subject: NEW - RAISING THE PERFECT SLUT (1/8) (Set-up)
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 08:28:35 GMT
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(Blackmail, M+/F, humiliation)

A Story by Lara Cataluna

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

Disclaimer : Read No Further If You Are Under The Age Of 18 Or If You
Are Offended By Graphic Descriptions Of Sexual Activity.
All Characters, Situations, And Locations Are Purely Fictional.

I write these things for one purpose alone: Hearing from readers.
Please let me know what you think...


1- All characters and institutions used in this story are fictional. To
my knowledge there is no "Pink Compassions" or "Sin City Entertainment".
There is no "Women Liberation Front". There is no Larry Binks,
supposedly Republican Senator from Louisiana (both Senators from
Louisiana are Democrats).
2- This story is based on a blackmail scheme, unlike some stories I
wrote before which were based on mind-control. As such, I think it
requires a great suspension of logic. Most people I know would refuse
to do things that are done in A.S.S. blackmail stories.
3- There is no incest in this story, but in a scene mother and daughter
are both present. The story kind of led there. (I personally find
incest, with the possible exception of sister/sister, to be repulsive).
I had some reservations about this and I wondered about whether I
should use a different pseudonym. At the end I decided otherwise, based
on the fact that all characters are imaginary anyway.
4- Kelly Van Ryan is a special name for those familiar with movies.
5- In a particular scene, I used "Poor girl .. all alone" posted many
times by gbfntsy@aol.com. I think this is one of the best fantasies on
the A.S.S., and in fact it was adopted by Apollyon Beelzebub in his
"Starfuck" series featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt. It's long been my
desire to adopt the "Poor girl .. all alone" in one of my stories and it
fit in nicely with this story. Perhaps, the same effect could be given
without a complete adaptation of the "Poor girl .. all alone" but I did
it for my own enjoyment as much as anything else.


1- The movie "Cruel Intentions"
2- "Tammy at Work" by Roger T Pipe
3- "Poor girl .. all alone "by gbfntsy@aol.com
4- "Orlando's Call" by Parker click
5- "The Plucked Duck" by Joy Paine
6- The movie "Eyes Wide Shut"

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

Important Characters:

Richard Rostock: Businessman sent to jail by Michelle Cataluna
Michelle Cataluna: Feminist TV personality, anti-porn activist, famous
Luici Simone: Owner of pornography firm, Pink Compassions
Sammy Milano: Simone's man in LAPD
Lara Cataluna: Daughter of Michelle Cataluna
Kelly Van Ryan: Lara's friend from high-school
"Hammer": Black Gang Leader and Pot provider for Lara and Kelly

Part 1-4


Saturdays 7:30 PM meant "The Liberation Front" on MSMBC, one of the most
controversial programs on the news network's line-up. The program was
dedicated to Feminist values, and above all against "pornography" - due
in no small part to the host of "The Liberation Front", Michelle
Cataluna. Not only was Michelle the most prominent feminist lawyer in
the Country with monumental courtroom victories, she was also the
founder of The Women Liberation Front, the only feminist organization
dedicated exclusively to the eventual abolishment of pornography. Yet,
while the popular program was an extension of Michelle Cataluna's
feminist philosophy, no doubt that was not the only reason for her
celebrity status and cushy job as a very high-profile TV host. Despite
being in her early forties, Michelle was a stunning beauty, who could
provoke men with her looks and words alike. And in the age of Nielsen
Ratings, the host's looks mattered every bit as much as the content of
"The Liberation Front". Not that the content went unnoticed: The
program generated heated debates every week. Usually a Conservative -
always male - was invited to appear, for the expressed purpose of
turning him into a bloody pulp on air. With ratings climbing every
week, Michelle Cataluna was becoming a celebrity feminist: Notorious
enough to be the woman most men loved to hate, hip enough to attend the

It had all started four years ago when one of the most closely watched
legal cases occupied the airwaves. A lawsuit brought against a
pornographer by Michelle Cataluna, alleging that "Pink Compassions" was
responsible for the rape of her client, who had been raped by a frequent
renter of Pink Compassions products. Michelle was already successful
having won numerous cases as a young attorney. She was already rich,
having successfully sued her first employer for sexual discrimination.
And she was already a well-known figure in the feminist circles as the
Founder and President of Women Liberation Front, aiming at the demise of
the Pornography industry though legal suits. But it was during this
televised lawsuit against Pink Compassions that Michelle Cataluna caught
national prominence: The attractive lawyer attacked like a snake;
mesmerizing with her looks, delivering deadly bites with her
cross-examining. She argued Luici Simone, the owner of "Pink
Compassions", was responsible for this heinous crime.

Yet, the Pink Compassions case was a well-calculated double-hit for
Michelle Cataluna. She had first confronted Richard Rostock a few years
before the case. Michelle's army of angry feminist lawyers usually
focused their attentions on the Porn Industry but folks like Richard
Rostock - rich, successful, powerful white men - also made the target
list. He was quickly hit with a sexual discrimination lawsuit.

That first discrimination suit against Rostock Enterprises had become a
defeat for Michelle. Richard Rostock was cleared of any wrong-doing.
Of course, Michelle was not one to take defeat lightly. She sought
other female employees form Rostock's Investment Conglomerate, dug up
every piece of dirt she could find, every time making a big fuss about
it in the media. Despite all her efforts and her growing personal
despise towards Richard Rostock, she wasn't nearly as effective as she
wanted to be: The two new lawsuits after the original one were both
settled on terms very favorable to Rostock Enterprises.

The strange twist in the Pink Compassions trial came when Richard
Rostock was called to the stand. He denied Michelle's accusations that
he had a working relationship with Simone and that he frequently had
weekend sex parties with Simone's girls. He was lying. Richard and his
friends frequently visited Simone's mansion for parties with the Porn
King's finest pick of girls. Naturally, the girls were compensated

By the time the trial was over, Michelle had walked out of the courtroom
with one of her most remarkable, and most satisfying victories ever.
Pink Compassions was hit with a huge monetary verdict that was more than
enough to terminate its operations. Richard Rostock was proven to be
lying under oath. His wife, assisted by a lawyer from Women's
Liberation Front, had filed for divorce and, given her husband's sexual
escapades, she fully expected to clear out his bank account. Simone's
girls were also filing lawsuits, with their eyes on Rostock's
significant wealth. Worst of all, Richard would eventually head for a
short jail term, having been found guilty of perjury.

Michelle had thrown a victorious smile at Richard Rostock as she walked
out of the courtroom. She had never been shy about rubbing in her
victories, and destroying this arrogant bastard had been the most fun
she had had in a long time.

This famous case brought Michelle Cataluna into the national scene.
Soon, she wrote her first book, detailing her passionate fight against
the Pornography Industry. And soon after that, she was given her own
talk-show on MSMBC - which quickly became a hit. Somewhere in there,
the Pink Compassions verdict was overturned, based on a technicality
Michelle genuinely believed to be overrated: The First Amendment. But
it hardly mattered. Michelle was already the postergirl for the fight
against pornography industry, and Luici Simone was destroyed, his
company in shambles. And Richard Rostock was in jail.

* * * * * * * * *
* * *

Richard walked out of the Federal Penitentiary four months later. The
jail punishment wasn't a park in the walk, especially for a wealthy man
accustomed to his luxuries. But that wasn't his real problem. The
48-yr old corporate powerhouse had lost most of his fortune to his wife
and the lawsuits.

The driver stepped out of the limo and greeted his boss with respect.
Richard stepped into the limo. He still had enough money to enjoy a few
luxuries - he even had enough money to get back into business. He'd
been down before, and he knew how to make a come-back. In fact, he
enjoyed the challenge.

Yet, business wasn't his foremost concern. HE HAD REVENGE IN HIS MIND.

"Steven" he called for his driver.

"Yes Sir?"

"Get me Luici Simone on the phone! You can still locate him, right?"

"He had to move out of his mansion, Sir but yes, I can still locate


* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

After two books about the evils of sexism and pornography, Michelle had
dedicated her latest book to the one person she genuinely loved and
adored with all her heart: HER DAUGHTER, Lara. She had been
artificially impregnated in the first year of law School. It was a
well-calculated decision. If she was going to have a child, law school
seemed like the right time: She was sure as hell not going to disrupt
her career at a future time!! And she was determined to show the world
she could charge $500 an hour and raise a daughter at the same time.
Her daughter would be her finest accomplishment!!

stayed on top of the charts weeks after weeks and many feminists
embraced it as a premier source in raising children. In the book,
Michelle gladly talked about feminist principles and how a strong woman,
like herself, did not need a "husband" to raise a proud girl.

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *
Luici had asked Sammy Milano to "arrange" something. That's what Sammy
usually did: He "arranged" things for Luici. Sammy owned a very nice
house and a very nice car for an LAPD officer. Few ever questioned it
though; the rumor was he had inherited some money.

Sammy was waiting in a dark alley. That's where he was supposed to meet
with Marcus - also known by his Gangname, "Hammer". The young black man
was a drug-pusher and the leader of his gang. Sammy had met him through
a "friend".

"Hammer" came out of the dark as always. Sammy nodded with his head,
greeting the young man. He thought Hammer was the kind of guy who
wouldn't expect to see his thirtieth birthday. That was the kind Sammy
was careful about...

"She called me." informed Hammer.

"When are you meeting her?"

"Tomorrow night. 7 PM."

"It's like we talked before.."

Hammer nodded: "You know my price for this...".

"Yeah. You do understand... you can't keep her after summer!!"

Hammer looked at the Cop without expression but his cock was probing in
his pants. The possibility was enough to excite him. Ever since he had
met Kelly Van Ryan, he had imagined the spoiled white bitch on her back,
twisting around his black cock. He had imagined the gorgeous
teenage-queen sucking his black cock, serving ghetto-boys like a whore.
He had imagined making Kelly Van Ryan of Beverly Hills his own white
bitch. It was all imagination of course, nothing else. He knew Kelly
was just a teenage customer with dough, one who couldn't wait to get
away from an inner-city savage: She was untouchable. Or so Hammer had
thought... Until Sammy came along with his proposition...

"I understand" the black guy replied.


* * * * * * * * *
* * * *
You could tell Lara Cataluna was the daughter of the most notorious
feminist in the country, though not because she looked anything like a
militant feminist. Instead, she simply shared her mother's beauty. She
attracted boys like flies, and apparently Lara did not have many of her
mother's hick-ups about men. She frequently dated boys from the
Football team and the like. Not that she was an airhead! To the
contrary, in accordance with Mom's plans, she had proven to be the most
active girl in her posh prep-school: She was in the student government,
on the Board of the yearbook, member of the debate team, editor for the
school paper, member of high-school democrats... Yet, despite being the
CHARACTER", she did not stand out as a raging bitch: Apparently,
despite all her rhetoric, Michelle Cataluna held her daughter too dear
to turn her into a walking, talking mascot of feminism.

Lara was seated in her best friend's Jeep Wrangler in a deserted parking
lot. Kelly Van Ryan and Lara had been best friends in highschool. Soon
after Kelly's arrival from Florida, the two girls had become close.
They were very different in many ways: Kelly had no extracurricular
activities other than cheerleading and boys. But they were the same in
what mattered the most - they both stood out in a crowd!

They were both freshmen now - freshpersons as Lara's Mom would have
said. Kelly was close to home, studying at UCLA, unlike Lara who was at
Harvard. Lara was glad she was home for the Spring Break. She really
enjoyed being on the East Coast but it felt good to see her best friend
again and hang out around Beverly Hills even if for a few days before
she'd have to head back.

Lara had been known as uptight and stock-up in highschool, "too serious
to have fun" - but her natural beauty had the boys swarming all over her
regardless. Besides, her best friend wasn't nearly as serious:

"Kelly, are you sure we should do this?" asked Lara, seeming nervous.

"Come on... It's just Pot!"

" Marijuana is illegal!"

"Oh, please... Do you know anyone who's gone to jail for a little

"I guess not... Do you really know this guy?"

"Well, yes... I mean he is very scary looking but I've bought from him
before. He looks, you know, mean and everything but I guess you can't
find drug dealers among the boyscouts...."

"God, this makes me nervous..."

"Come on, we'll just pay, get the package, and get the hell out of

Suddenly there was a knock on the window - which made both girls jump in
fear. Looking at the side window, Lara almost screamed again. It was a
young black man with a hardened face, mean looks. Lara felt nauseating.
She wanted so badly to get it over with as soon as possible.

Kelly lowered her window to talk:


The black guy just nodded his head. He handed over the brown package:
"The usual!"

Kelly never checked the package. It always had the same amount of Pot
in it, and besides she was eager to get away as quickly as possible.
She handed the money to the black guy. Hammer didn't say anything, and
just as he came out of nowhere, he disappeared back into the darkness.

Anxious to leave, Kelly started her Jeep, heading for the exit. That's
when the Sirens came alive. A car that was apparently hiding in a
deserted corner suddenly blocked the exit, with its Sirens and lights
turned on. A tall man stepped out of the car, began walking towards the

The two girls were hysterical in fear.

The man took out his gun and flashed his badge.

"Please step out of the car, Ma'am!!"

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *
Lara had been crying for two hours when she heard her jail cell's door
open. In walked two men. The cop who had arrested her, and a
middle-aged man she didn't recognize.

Richard walked over to the girl, checking her out. She was indeed

Smoking his cigar, he looked directly in her eyes:

"My name is Richard Rostock."

The shaken girl managed to mutter: "Hi"

"You know, Sammy here found heroin on you."

Lara was so scared she resumed crying. The cop had explained to the
girls that it was heroin they found in the car - a lot of heroin!
Enough to qualify the two teenagers as drug-pushers. Enough to take the
girls from their college dorms and place them in a Federal Penitentiary
for a long long time.

"You're looking at a minimum of 15 YEARS in jail".

Richard smiled in satisfaction, exchanging looks with Sammy Milano. He
simply loved seeing a beautiful girl like Lara shaking in fear.

"However" Richard began his proposal, "you are not yet booked in".
"Meaning, unless my friend here decides to formally record tonight's
events, you haven't even been arrested for anything".

The blonde girl raised her head in surprise. She was still whimpering
desperately, but was there some hope?

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not here to offer you a walk in the park. But
I do have a deal for you. I understand your summer break starts in a
short while. I want you to work with me this summer. As a

"Secretary?". Lara had imagined doing something more in-line with her
qualifications this summer, she already had internship offers from CNN,
White House and Goldman Sachs - and her mother had invited her to work
at WLF. But under the given conditions...

"Yes, yes, sure" she answered enthusiastically.

"Calm down" interjected Richard. As my secretary, you will run
errands, type up letters, make coffee - and when I feel like it, you
will suck my cock!! If you accept my proposal, you'll work hard at the
type-writer - but you'll work even harder on your knees."

Lara couldn't believe what she was hearing. The candidness of the man
was shocking. No hidden implications: The man was straight-out telling
her she'd have to be his sexual toy for the summer if she didn't wanna
spend the next 5 years in prison. But what choice did she have?
"This... This is blackmail" she protested in a broken voice.

Richard laughed. "Well, you just might be the brightest secretary I'll
ever have. Yes, it is indeed blackmail. You either agree to it, or
you'll be licking some fat bitch's stinking cunt for the next 15 years.
And imagine how your Mom would love to hear about her precious little
daughter's NARCOTICS problem."

"What about Kelly?"

"Your friend!... Well, she'll be fine... She might have to earn her
freedom in some other arrangement but there will be no deal unless you
agree to it."

Lara sniffed. "I'll do it" she said.

"Clever choice. But I wouldn't want you to smart up as soon as we walk
out of here. So Sammy will hold onto the evidence, and he will record
your signed confession - just in case you try to get out of our little

Unable to speak, Lara nodded her head in defeat.

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

At first, Michelle was upset that her daughter wouldn't be coming home
for summer. But in retrospect she had been very pleased - there she
was, her daughter, on the track to becoming every bit as successful as
her Mom. Lara would be working for a big investment firm in New York -
"Brown Investment House" she had said. "Good for her" she thought.
"Way to go"...

Michelle was sunbathing by the pool at her posh mansion in Beverly
Hills. She had another show that night and she fully intended to chew
on somebody's ass. She enjoyed her success - and she wasn't nowhere
close to being done. Women's Liberation Front was now the most powerful
feminist organization in the country, and she was the most prominent
feminist in the country, breaking the balls of sexist Conservative pigs
on MSMBC's "The Liberation Front" every week.

She sipped her Pina Colada, signaling at one of her servants for another
one - that's what she called them, "servants". She didn't keep them
around when Lara was at home, but the heavy-muscled well-hung male
bimbos dressed in spandex and bow-ties, pandering to her every command
certainly made her feel powerful. For ages, powerful men had kept sexy
little bimbos around, using young, pretty girls as their personal
fucktoys. Well, now, Michelle was the one in charge, she was the
powerful one and she owned a bunch of male bimbos of her own - ready to
serve, ready to strip out of their clothes and get those tongues
flipping whenever she felt like it.

When the young man in the pink body suit brought her drink, she gave him
a playful spank on the ass. He was being paid handsomely, but she knew
he didn't like being treated like a little male slut - which was, of
course, the whole point of practice for Michelle...

* * * * * * * * *
* * *

Lara showed up at Rostock Enterprises at 7 A.M. sharp as ordered. She
was so nervous that she was almost shaking. She had spent weeks
thinking about how to get out of this situation - and she could see no
way out! Lara could not endure jail. She just had to suck it up and it
would be all over by the end of Summer.

Rostock Enterprises occupied the top three floors of the building -
unlike the old times when the firm owned the entire building. Lara was
surprised to see the office was filled with employees at this early
hour. Richard's office was on the 34th floor. It was a
richly-decorated office, looking over the Hudson River.

Richard's eyes gazed over the luscious body of the 19-yr old girl.
There she was, the precious daughter of his biggest enemy, in his mercy,
ready to serve as his personal fucktoy. The girl was obviously scared,
shifting on her legs nervously as she stood in front of him, looking at
the floor. Richard puffed his Cigar in joy - he loved seeing his women
like this, scared and powerless, left with no choice but submission.

He spoke sternly: "You're on time. That's good - I have a rather nasty
streak in me, I don't tolerate imperfection. Starting tomorrow you'll
be here every morning at 7:00 sharp. Do you understand?"


"Yes? You meant, 'Yes, Sir' I imagine?".

"Yes, Sir" Lara corrected herself anxiously.

Richard looked at the expensive Dona Karan suit on the girl - spoiled
little cunt!

"And because you are a dumb slut, you show up over-dressed for the job"

Lara's face turned pale.

"I'm sorry, Sir" she said in a terrified voice.

"Luckily, I had one of my assistants do a little shopping for you".
Richard produced a package. "Put these on".

Despite the humiliation, Lara knew she had no choice.

"Where can I dress... Sir?"

"Right here, of course. I'd like to see my new possession in

Lara began undressing with a red face.

"Maybe if you did your shopping for a normal slut, rather than an uppity
'businesswoman', you would have the right outfits. Anyway, we have
plenty of formalities to take care of , you can just add shopping for
clothes to the list".

"First of all, grab these magazines"

Lara looked at the magazines with awe: Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler...

"You will subscribe to those magazines. Since you're not much likely to
improve your secretarial skills, you might as well work on your fucking
skills. Give your home address for the magazines of course - the office
is not a whorehouse. But have the bill sent to the office so that I'll
know you have subscribed."

"But, Sir, my housemates will see it" protested Lara.

"Oh, are you scared your friends may figure out what a slut you are?
Well, that's your problem. Just do your best to get to the mailbox
first... or since you're so smart, make up an excuse. And you'd better
really read everything in those magazines!"

"Secondly, you need to buy clothes. I hope you have the brains to
figure out what kind of attires are needed for your job. Pay a visit to
Victoria's Secret. Purchase the sluttiest, whorish lingerie you can
find - and nothing in white, of course. Sluts like you don't wear
white. Most of the time you won't be permitted to wear underwear
anyway. Also buy some tight micro-minis, tight blouses, whatever...
Anything revealing and tight. As long as you work here, clothes are
just a formality for you. I don't want anyone having to do too much
guess-work to imagine what you look like naked. Also buy a couple of
big high heels. Buy some make-up, lipstick and nail-polish in bright
colors. You should learn to advertise your charms - I host plenty of

"Is that all, Sir?"

"Not, yet - you haven't completed your first morning duty yet". Richard
unzipped his fly. "I like to start the day with a blow job"!

Lara quickly got down on her knees...

Richard smiled: Poor little Lara - she'd be his little puppet, dancing
on strings by the end of summer.

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

Soon, Lara stepped out of Richard's office. She was dressed in a tight
red suit that completely hugged her sexy figure. The skirt was a
micro-mini which left her smooth legs naked, and the deep cut of the
jacket displayed an inviting cleavage. She was also equipped with
4-inch red heels which called for attention to her perfect ass with each
step. Her outfit was complete with a red pair of skimpy panties and bra
underneath the revealing business-suit. The generous amount of bright
red lipstick on her full lips promised countless blow jobs and the same
color nails completed the "office slut" image. Red, Richard's choice of
color, contrasted nicely with her blonde hair. Her dress hardly left
anything to imagination.

Lara was introduced to a Mrs. Brown, an authoritative, overweight woman
who eyed Mr. Rostock's newest slut with some disdain. Margaret Brown
didn't really approve of Richard's girls but she was very loyal to her
Boss and Richard had kept her around for more than two decades, with a
salary almost as fat as the woman herself. She told Lara she'd be
needed for typing some letters - which proved to be a challenge for
Lara. She'd never taken the time to become a fast-typer and she had
never expected to work with her hands. She was supposed to work with
her brains, like Mom did.

Despite her intelligence and education, it seemed for the duration of
the summer Lara would have to utilize her physical skills rather than
her wits. The prospect of going to jail was the only thing that kept
her from rushing out of this horrible situation - the entire thing was
simply much too degrading for the girl! She barely stopped herself from
crying as she was led to a desk with stacks of letters to be typed.

When the lunch time came, Lara decided she didn't want to socialize with
anyone in this company. The people she could relate to - the young
professionals - did not seem likely to engage with a mere office slut.
And Lara certainly didn't wanna have anything to do with the other
steno-girls and secretaries, quite sure they were all simple-minded and
poorly educated. She approached Mrs. Brown trying to inquire about
where she might get a quick snack.

"There are some fruits next to the water cooler, you can have Bananas or
something!". Mrs. Brown answered with obvious hostility. "Bananas
would be good practice for you anyway"!

The mockery lit a jolt of anger through Lara's mind but she knew she had
to contain herself in order to survive this predicament.

She was called into Richard' office again after lunch. Apparently, her
boss fancied a full-fuck this time. She came out of his office with a
blushed face, feeling the stares all over her. She could tell everyone
knew what it meant when the new assistant was called into Mr. Rostock's
office. She buried her face in the type-writer, pretending not to
notice all the stares and snickering...

When she finally made it home later in the evening, she spent an hour in
the shower, trying to wash away all the shame and violation.

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

Kelly stood nervously behind Sammy. She was dressed in a short white
dress. She had never been to a black neighborhood like this in her
entire life. Her young life had been spent on posh streets and
expensive malls, not in South Central LA. This place felt every bit as
alien as African Sahara. The houses looked ugly, the walls were
unpainted, the windows were broken... Every corner seemed infested with
gangs and drunks... And almost everyone she could see on the streets
was black! Kelly had not seen so many blacks in one place in her entire

She wanted to just run scared but it was too late now - she could not go
to jail, even the idea sent a cold shiver down her spine. She had
called her parents and let them know she'd be away for the summer:
They'd be thinking she got an internship up in San Francisco. Sammy had
explained it to her in plain terms. Instead of years of jail, she was
supposed to stay with these guys for the Summer. And "serve" them...

"Here's your home for the Summer" remarked Sammy, knocking on the door
nonchalantly with the butt of his gun. The door was opened by a
muscular black guy: As soon as Kelly recognized Marcus' mean stare, it
all downed on her: The contents of the package was no mistake; it was a
set-up. It was a set-up to turn her into a slave. Marcus had wanted
her, and he had gotten her through this set-up.

"Hello officer" Hammer said - Kelly could see a gun on the black guy's
belt. He didn't seem shy around Sammy.

Sammy walked in and Kelly followed him coyly. There were 5 young black
men in the room and they were all dressed in clothes Kelly could only
describe as "gang wear". There were pictures of naked women plastered
all over the walls, and there was heavy smoke in the room. Kelly
guessed it was marijuana - or something more serious. She could see
stuff on the tables which could only be drugs. The black guys were all
smoking something, and drinking what she guessed to be malt liquor.
Some kind of gangsta-rap, the kind of music she couldn't stand, was
playing in the background and one of the fattest persons Kelly had ever
seen in her life was "rapping" in the middle of the room, his several
gold chains clacking. They all had guns, and kept them around as if it
was nothing. All in all, these were the scariest people Kelly had ever
seen in her life.

"Hey, cut it out!" yelled Hammer to the others...

Somebody turned off the huge stereo placed in the middle of the room.

Sammy spoke:

"So, as we talked before - here's your prize."

Marcus was sizing up the young woman who was now visibly shaking. He
grabbed her breasts and squeezed. "You know, I always wanted to have
some prime Beverly Hills pussy. I always wanted to see your
dope-smoking little mouth stuffed with my black cock. Now, your white
ass belongs to me bitch! And I share everything with my brothers...".

One of the black guys screamed: "Hey, what the fuck's going on Hammer?"

Sammy took the initiative to explain: "You got this bitch all to
yourself. For the next three months... Do whatever you wish with her.
I don't know... She'll cook for you, clean for you... suck your
cock... whatever...! Try not to give her any diseases, though. And
don't fuckin' break her arm or anything... I want her returned in "good

Kelly was on the verge of tears:

"You asshole..." she screamed at her dope-dealer.

Hammer slapped the girl's face without hesitation. "You will learn to
watch your mouth. And you will learn to be obedient". He slapped her
again: "Do you understand?"


Another smack landed on Kelly's face.

"That's 'Yes, Master!'. You will refer to every gang member as
'Master'. Got it, bitch?"

"Yes, Master..."

"You never had black cock in you, have you?"

Kelly, scared as she was, didn't dare lie... "No, Master".

"I bet you are racist rich bitch, aren't you? You can't stand black
guys like me, can you? Well, get ready cunt, you will soon have more
black cock in you than a crack whore..."

"Well, then..." interrupted Sammy. "I'm glad to see you guys getting
off to a good start. I'm leaving now".

"Sure thing, bro..." smiled Hammer - first time Sammy ever saw the black
man smile.

Kelly felt like she'd faint as Sammy shut the door and left, leaving the
defenseless girl in the hands of a ghetto gang.

All the guys were on their feet now, getting ready to check out their

Marcus commanded in an authoritative voice:

"Strip, bitch...!!!"

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

Lara walked into the elevator at 6:50 in the morning as usual - she
hated waking up so early on a Summer day but she didn't even want to
imagine the consequences if she displeased Mr. Rostock. There wasn't
many people around at that ungodly hour but the few stares she got was
enough to embarrass her. She'd been working at Rostock Enterprises more
than two weeks now but she still couldn't get used to the stares from
men on the streets, in the elevators, at the coffee shop; sizing her up
like a piece of meat.

Yet, her reflection on the elevator mirror was enough to remind Lara it
was not the male gawkers around her who were at fault. Everything about
her appearance screamed sex: Starting with the miniskirt that was too
short and too tight, and her exposed legs that made masculine eyes
naturally travel up on her smooth skin to see what secrets she tried to
hide, to the undersized pink blouse with enough buttons left open to
reveal a rigid cleavage, the young girl was dressed to provoke men. Her
nipples were noticeable, small nubs pushing against the material of her
blouse despite the restriction of the bra. Her distinctively high heels
matched the color of her long nails and pouty lips - a wet bright pink
that promised long, expert blow jobs. Her body curves were hugged by
her clothes, her blonde hair was tossed and teased - even people who
merely knew her from these elevator rides would have no doubts about her
status: She was an OFFICE SLUT, passed around among the executives like
a box of chocolate, one notch up from a hooker, ready to get on her
knees for a tiny raise. She was good for entertaining men and for
precious little else, so she was dressed like this, displaying all her
charms, craving attention, with every detail in her appearance designed
to please men...

As Lara stepped out of the elevator she could feel the stares on her
legs and ass. It could be worse: Some days, her underwear privileges
were taken away, forcing her to spend the rest of the day trying to
conceal her nakedness under the mini. Soon after her morning blow job
for Mr. Rostock, Lara was back on her desk doing her boring secretarial
work, waiting nervously to be called in again any moment for whatever
sexual gratification her boss might wish for.

Her small desk was covered with unfinished typing assignments: She
wasn't much of a typer and she wasn't getting any better... Mrs. Brown
was upset with her for failing to accomplish even the simplest
assignments fast enough: It was obvious Lara was kept around as the
boss' fucktoy. She had gotten accustomed to all the snickering, lewd
comments and plain ridicule from the other employees. Other girls
despised her for being a slut, and the guys treated her like a piece of
meat. She had no friends...

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

Lara was getting ready to leave Richard's office, having just swallowed
his cumm when Richard ordered her to take a seat:

"I've talked to Mrs. Brown and I understand your job performance is a
disaster so far. You can barely type or answer the phone properly.
Apparently the high-school drop-outs we keep around are more competent
than you are! And since you seem incapable of performing the simplest
office duties in a satisfactory manner, I expect you to make up for it
in your extracurricular duties - I saved your ass from jail but if I
feel it wasn't worth it, I'll send you right back without hesitation"

Lara couldn't recall feeling so worthless and scared in her entire life.
She just wasn't made for all this clerical work... And she knew she
had to please Mr. Rostock or her life would be destroyed...

"Occasionally, I will have guests here in the building... And I will
expect you to join us - to keep company".

"Yes... certainly, Sir!!" replied the scared girl. She didn't want to
think what "keeping company" entailed, even though she had a pretty good
idea about it.

Lara had been trying to finish her typing when a group of loud men
walked into the office. They all looked like Texans, straight out of an
NRA convention. Lara wondered if she'd be expected to keep company with
these rednecks - fearing what exactly that might involve. Richard
stepped out of his office and greeted the men, leading them to a special
meeting room. Lara resumed her typing nervously. It was just ten
minutes later when Mrs. Brown approached her:

"Mr. Rostock is calling you to the Grand Meeting Room immediately" she
informed the terrified girl. "You'd better hurry up".

As Lara rushed to her feet, Mrs. Brown whispered cruelly into her ear:

"It's time to earn your keep".

* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

There was nothing on the top floor but mostly empty meeting rooms. Lara
knocked on the door of the Grand Meeting Room, which was distinguished
with its thick oak door. "Come in" replied somebody from inside. She
entered the posh meeting room quietly. "You requested me, Mr. Rostock?"

The room wasn't designed as she had expected. All the men were seated
in big leather armchairs, forming a circle. There was 10 of them,
mostly middle-aged, some younger ones, as well. They were all dressed
in power suits even though there was a hint of Texan pride in the
guests, some wearing bolo ties, others featuring cowboy hats. They were
all smoking cigars, and looking at Lara appreciatively. The obvious
lust and power in their eyes made her scared.

"Yes, come on in, honey" said Richard. "These gentlemen are from Dell
Computer Corporation, we are about to finalize an important business
deal with them. How do you like that?"

"It's... it's very nice, Sir"

Richard chuckled: "Can you hear the enthusiasm in her voice,

All the men laughed - which made Lara feel even more insecure, if that
was possible.

"Anyway, we have a dinner reservation at Morton's tonight, but I said to
my friend Keith, (he nodded at a man in his sixties with a white beard)
we got plenty of time to kill before we go to dinner. So, you see,
sweetie, as a proper host, I have to entertain the gentlemen in the mean
time. And I'm afraid, you will have to be the entertainment!". Richard
finished his words with a strong emphasis, reminding the helpless girl
once again what was in store for her if she showed the slightest
disobedience. He motioned Lara to move into the middle of the room.

"Look at it on the bright side - you don't have to do any typing for the
rest of the day. I hear you really suck at it anyway." His choice of
words drew another round of laughter from the small crowd. It was now
quite clear to Lara that these men did not think of Lara as their host's
secretary: She was a little sex-bunny summoned to their meeting for the
sole purpose of a sexual spectacle.

Lara's displeasure at this turn of events was quite apparent on her face
as she patiently stood in the middle of the circle, in obvious
embarrassment. She was visibly nervous.

Mr. Rostock explained his beautiful assistant what was expected of her:


* * * * * * * * *
* * * *

..........step forward, Lara......... don't be shy...... you'd better
get used to those eyes looking you all over.......... imagining what
you'll look like nude....... don't worry..... you won't keep them
long (laughter all around)..... that's it.... take the center of the
circle........ you're uncomfortable in those heels?...... that's "yes,
Sir"... but you look so good in them......such a nice little slut (more
laughter)..... you're embarrassed? already?.... we're not even started
yet.......(laughter) .......parade for us....that's it..... sway those
hips.... nice and sexy..... stick your ass out..... good girl... lose
the jacket...

(The men are seated all around her, still clothed in their business
suits, smoking long cigars. Only Richard speaks.....)

.....now ...how about you take that blouse off? ......looks all hot and
sweaty, anyway......it wasn't a request.... that's it..... don't be
shy...... take it off...... now, toss it away.....you won't be needing
it again (more laughter)...... good....... lose the skirt...... that's
it..... take them right off...... we like it when you bend over..... no,
stay like that....... hold onto the skirt at your ankles....... stick
your ass out......can you feel their eyes on you?..... they're
hungry..... better not keep them waiting.......

.......throw the skirt down next to the blouse..... good girl.......
now, stand up straight........ stick your butt out....... and your
tits...... no, look at us...... keep your eyes on us...... you like
this, don't you...... answer the question... "no?".... I bet you're
wet... we'll see....

......we want you to take off that bra...... yup, go on....... all the
way.... that's it..... place your hands on your hips...... one each
side..... oh, yeah..... now stick them behind your head...... that's
it..... stick those tits out..... spread your legs wide... nope,
wider... arch your back a little more...... lovely.... all tits and
ass....... you know how we want you to stand...... that's it..... stick
those tits out....... don't blush....... what a delicious little slut...
you're not used to these words, are you?...... you will be.....

put your hands under your tits ..... look at Mr. Rowen over there, look
him in the eyes ....... now ask him "do you like my tits, Sir?" .......
he can't hear you, speak up ..... show them to him........ offer them
for his inspection ........

(The young man doesn't respond right away, just looking at Lara with a
sarcastic little grin on his face. She finds herself holding her
breasts, offering them to him, and he is just enjoying the spectacle.)

.... maybe he thinks your nipples are not hard enough yet ....... you
know where your nipples are, don't you? .... well, then pull them for
the man ..... yeah, just go ahead ..... put your nipple between your
fingers ...... don't be shy ...... now, keep looking him in the eyes to
see if he approves ........ pinch it ....... there we go ..... such a
good pleaser ....... see, it's getting all hard ...... pinch it harder
........ keep looking at him...... now tell him "my nipple is getting
hard, Sir" (laughter from all the men sitting around, who are enjoying
themselves at Lara's expense) ......... pull it ..... you like playing
with your nipples, don't you? ....... answer me ........ yeah, I
thought so ....... it's getting very hard, isn't it? ...... good, we
want it that way ...... now, walk around the circle and show each man
your hard nipples ........ that's good ...... keep walking ...... back
arched ..... stick your ass out more ...... keep looking at their eyes
....... see how you've made everyone hard?

time to lose the panties..... yeah, that's right..... get them off.....
slid them down..... that's nice..... no, stay down..... hold your
ankles..... we want to have a nice, long look...... I think you can
stick your ass out a little further..... good girl............ spread
those legs..... wider..... wider...... now everyone can see it all...
there's a good little slut...... all exposed........ your face is
completely red... are you embarrassed... poor little shy thing...

now...... walk over to that man...... get down on your knees.........
yeah.... you know what's coming...... open his flies..... that's it.....
what'd you see there?.... don't be shy, you know what it's
called......... yeah, you're right, it's a cock...... take his hard cock
out...... hold it.... keep your hands in that position....... you like
the feel of it don't you?...... you know why it's hard, don't you?......
say it...... look him in the eyes and say 'because of me, Sir'.......
now, open your mouth..... wider, Lara, wider.......... stick your tongue
out..... very good....... you know what we're going to use your mouth
for don't you?........ can't hear you.... that's right... we will make
you suck our cocks... ask the man..... ask him nicely if you can lick
his cock...... I don't think he heard you...... again... louder
(laughter and snickering from all around the room).... good girl.... OK,
now lick his cock...... start at the base and work your way up to the
tip..... stick your tongue out further..... don't close your eyes, look
at him....... show him how hard you're working... now begin sucking...

("She's hating it" decided Richard: Imagine the humiliation... Ms.
Ivy-League, daughter of the biggest stinking feminist on earth, being
degraded in this manner, humiliated in front of so many men. And the
worst of it, smiled Richard, they were only getting warmed up!)

.......the men want to hear you, Lara...... you should be like a
performance artist... always respect the audience....... you've gotta
lick and slurp a little louder..... that's it.... we want to hear all
those slutty noises you make.... (even more laughter throughout the
room).....keep that ass high in the air.......yeah, like that...........
very good .... on all fours sucking cock .... poor girl, look at that,
she's still a little shy, holding
her legs together ...... you really gotta stop doing that ........ I
SAID, SPREAD THOSE LEGS!! ...... I know, it's a little odd, all these
men looking between your legs .... but a girl's gotta do what she's
gotta do ...

Enough... don't make the man cumm just yet.... move on to the next
man.....no, on all fours.... crawl...... keep that ass up high......
head up, arch your back..... maintain etiquette at all times........
now, do the same for him..... that's it... take your time... you've got
all day.......

(Lara continues in this fashion - licking each man's pole in turn. The
men are enjoying themselves, smoking cigars and drinking, while she
crawls around and sucks them. Richard orders her to keep eye contact
with every man she services, never, not even for a mere instant,
allowing the girl to forget her total humiliation. Whenever Lara makes
a man hard, she's ordered to crawl over to the next, after having
properly thanked the man for letting her suck his cock. Not only does
she need to suck each cock and make loud slurping and moaning sounds,
she's also told to give compliments to each man: She has to tell each
man how wonderful his cock is and where she'd like to put it. Then the
men judge whether it sounded sexy and slutty enough.)

(Richard thinks he's being a good host, judging from the amused look on
his guests' faces. His turn comes last, and as Lara gives his hardened
cock an introductory lick, he is tempted to fuck the bitch right then
and there - just the feeling of power he has over this sweet young thing
is almost enough to push him over the edge.)

.......good girl ... you've come a full circle.... now thank us again
for letting you suck our cocks..... say it louder... what a good slut
you are..... you've done a good job..... look around.... so many angry
cocks... all hard over you...

* * * * * * * * *
* * *

......tired? ......poor girl.... been working so hard...... take a
moment.... you know what...... go bring that ottoman from over there....
(more snickering)............ that's right, place it in the middle.....
now get on top...... on all fours......... see how you're elevated...
completely on display...

.....now put your hand between your legs..... you'll put on a real show
for us... we all wanna see how little sluts like you spend lonely
nights (laughter all around)...... don't blush...... you're going to do
it anyway (laughter)........ no ifs, no buts... spread your legs ...

(It was quite a sight for Richard. Lara Cataluna, his enemy's daughter,
completely exposed but for a pair of high heels - and about to
masturbate in front of a bunch of businessmen He eyed Lara's closely
shaven pussy. He owned that pussy, he owned the entire body of this
gorgeous young woman. Poor little thing was dying in shame. His little
puppet on a string, his hated enemy's precious sweet daughter at his

look at the man you're facing ..... move your right hand between your
legs .... you heard me ... your right hand ... stick it behind your
beautiful legs ..... good girl .... stick your ass out higher, so the
men can see your hand .... very good .... now with one finger start
playing with your clit .... yes, you have to... you know where your clit
is, don't you? (laughs)....

Touch it with your middle finger so the men behind you can see it ...
no, no .. Don't close your eyes ... keep looking at the man in front of
you ....now, start rubbing your clit..... very good ... you're wet,
aren't you, slut? ..... answer me! ...... tell the men, are you wet?
..... (Lara couldn't help herself)... wet, aren't you? (Loud laughs)
.... so you like to be the party slut, huh? ..... answer me! .... no
who?..... no Sir... that's better.... I beg to differ... You'll learn
to love being the party slut... But don't worry, you'll get lots of
practice... (laughs all around)

now, show us how a slut like you makes herself cum .... shift around so
all the men can see... that's good... I'll tell you when to shift around
again ..... there we go .....

(Lara's hand moves, at first reluctantly. But after she's been
reprimanded a few more times, she can't help getting slowly in the
action. Eyes open, staring at men stroking their cocks, she is made to
touch herself with her mouth open and tongue stuck out.)

(Richard enjoys the young woman's shame. Here she is, performing the
most private, the most personal act of all in the presence of strangers.
Fingering herself in front of men... Richard knew her complete
humiliation would only enhance her submission, teaching Lara her own
priorities and privacy no longer mattered...)

Come on, girl... you know what to do....that's it.....in and out....pick
up speed.......you like that?..... are you getting off?... Answer the
question... You are... Keep ramming those fingers... slut...
faster... I said faster... that's right....

(Lara's ass held high in the air, pumping her finger in and out of her
pussy. She gets hot, despite herself. Her body's not hers to control
any more. The humiliated girl was obviously close to an orgasm, she
couldn't stop her panting despite the foreign eyes witnessing this
shameful act...But suddenly she was ordered to stop. Richard enjoyed
frustrating the helpless girl - she'd be begging for relief by the time
he was through with her)

Stop it girl... Look how excited she's gotten herself (laughs)....
You haven't yet deserved to cumm, little slut... But if it's cocks you
want, you'll get plenty... (Men gave their approval with chuckles...)

.......that's enough....you're nicely warmed up.....I think it's time
you got what you wanted.......time to get fucked.....don't
blush.....that's what you're here for, after all.... you've been teasing
the men for so long now, making them all hot and horny .. it's only
fair for them to give you what you've been asking for.... don't you
think? ... you know what, we'll be very nice to you .... we'll do
groups of five ...... we'll even let you pick the groups(laughs)...

come on, walk around the room and pick five men .... ask each man if he
wants to fuck you... oh no, you know the walk by now...... that's
better...... tits forward... ass out.... like a bitch in heat... ask the
man politely.... "would you like to fuck me, Sir"...... not
responding....... you'll have to ask him a bit more seductively then
.... like a slut... beg for it, girl... beg him like you need it real
baaad... there you go... look him in the eyes and lick your lips ...
cup your tits and show them to him .... now ask again .... take his hand
... lead him to the ottoman ... there we go .... what a lucky little
slut you are, putting your own gang-bang party together(snickering all

go ahead and pick another one .... no no ... don't just pull his arm ...
be polite and seductive .... get closer to him, right between his legs
.... scoop up some of your own juice ... yes, put your finger inside
yourself .... move it in and out a bit ... now show it to the man
....put your wet finger in your mouth .... lick it ... now ask him if
he'd like to fuck you .... lead him to your place ....

I want you to pick the man with the biggest cock... no, no, not me honey
(Richard laughed at the pathetic attempt to brownnose) ..... go ahead ..
check all the men ... walk around and check their cocks.... is that
him? .... just tell him that he has the biggest cock, I'm sure he'd like
to hear that from you ... hahahaha. . so, pick two more... good...
that's five .... now climb up the ottoman again .... on all fours,
that's a good girl...

.... first... you need to make those cocks as hard as they can get ...
go ahead .. take one in your mouth and use your hands on the others ...
the men will help you out, holding your hands ...don't worry about him
grabbing your hair, that's just to direct you ... you still need a
little guidance .... there we go, make them nice and hard again ...
it's a little work now, but that's what you're here for ..... let's hear
how you're enjoying it, don't be shy again ... we know it's a mouth full
... that's the idea, hahahaha ... now, get off the ottoman for a second
and let one of the men lie down on his back ... good girl .... you see
that cock standing all the way up? .... go ahead and climb on top ....
no reason to hold back now .... use your right hand and take the cock in
your hand .... don't worry, the men will hold you in balance ...
position that cock in front of your opening .... can you feel it? ... I
know you can .... now slide it inside of you ... there we go .. that
wasn't so difficult, now was it ? ... move up and down, the men will
help you ... let it go all the way in ... it feels good, doesn't it?
.... no no, don't stop, just keep going, you look perfect like this
....a good little fuck bunny ..... and this is just the first one,
you'll learn to do even better ......

now, lean forward girl ... there we go ... he's gonna hold your head in
position ... you know what for, don't you .... yes ... open your mouth
..... take that cock inside your mouth again .....you still remember it?
.... I
thought you would .... but this time you're not just gonna make it hard
.... no, you're gonna have to make it cum, ok? .... you know, suck it
till the white gooey stuff comes out .... yes... and you're gonna be a
good girl and swallow it ... lots of protein for a growing girl... go
ahead... take it all inside... let your tongue swirl and suck at the
same time .... just as if you'd be sucking a lollypop.... now, we know
you have good manners and can eat quietly, but we wanna hear you suck
and slurp.... there we go... and keep your eyes open, look up at the
man you're sucking.... such a sweet sight... he's holding your hair
tight so he can set your pace, girl .... he's helping you do your job
right ....

I know you'd like to lean on your arms for balance, but your hands are
needed..... just let the men guide them... you know where.... that's why
you picked five men.... put your hands around those cocks .... move them
slowly.... the men's hands will show you .... you need to keep these
cocks hard for when they go inside you .... the men can do it
themselves, of course, but it feels much better to use your hands......
yes, their grip is tight, but that again is only to help you .....

...ah... they're getting serious now.... you feel that, the man is
putting a small belt around your waist... that way he can hold you
better in place.... you see, the fifth man is gonna fuck your ass now...
and your ass is probably gonna be a little tight... so you might wanna
move away a bit.... most girls would wanna do that... but it would be
very annoying for the gentleman, so that's why he is putting the belt
around you.... there he goes, nice and tight around the waist.... now
tell us, have you ever been fucked in the ass before?.... poor thing,
you can't answer with your mouth full.... I bet you haven't.... you've
probably been a prim and proper girl always.... hahaha.... well, not
anymore.... you look like a regular party slut now... can you feel
it?... he's sliding a finger in your asshole to stretch it up a bit ...
he's even putting some gel there .... you should really be thankful to
these men, girl... they are so considerate... (loud laughs).......
there he goes... I can see his cock positioning in front of your
asshole.... now it's gonna hurt a little, but a girl's gotta get used to
it.... you just keep sucking........ hmm... that cock barely fits...
good thing he's holding you down so tight..... you can scream, that's
ok... in fact, we want you to.... just let it out .... what a good loud,
screaming, little slut.... you feel his cock sliding in?...

it's almost all the way in... this is a good one to start, girl... it's
not all that big... the others might stretch you up a little more....
he's riding you like a pony now... too bad you can't see it... but I
know you can feel it ...hahahaha....

....what a beautiful sight.... what a slut........ you feel those cocks
sliding in and out?... I know you do.... that's good, scream and
moan.... let them know they are really fucking you... no one else is
around to hear it anyway.....

(After a little while, the men in action are close to an orgasm. Their
grips are getting even tighter, Lara hears their breathing getting
heavier. She wants to move away a bit, but she can't. Her head is
moved back and forth fast, her hands are jerking off two cocks and the
two others inside Lara are picking up their pace. Suddenly, she feels
the hot sperm gushing down her throat. She gags, but it keeps coming.
At the same time, she feels hot stuff flying through her hands up
against her sides and her back, followed by the cocks inside her. Lara
feels the cum filling her up, the cocks straining inside her........)

See how you made all the men cumm, huh?... what a useful little slut...
getting dizzy?..... shame...... no, we won't slow the pace...... in
fact, quite the reverse....... don't worry... you will eventually learn
to fuck men by the dozens...... look what a mess you made, bad girl...
clean those cocks... with your tongue, of course... that's right, even
the cock that was in your ass... start with that one, in fact... is it
tasty? (laughs all around)

(Lara took the cocks in her mouth one by one, licking them clean - some
of the men preferred to use her silky hair to wipe off their cocks.
Finally, she's given a second or two to catch her breath.)

Are you tired, girl... yes?... oh, well, you'd better train yourself
girl... we're just beginning here... we are all anxious to resume your
work-out... however, unlike a little slut like you, these men have too
much class to go for sloppy seconds... so off you go to the shower
(Richard pointed towards an adjacent door)... don't you dare touch the
hot dial... take a quick ice-cold shower... so that you'll be ready for
more fun... well, we'll be having fun, I don't know about you (Loud
laughter all around the room)... you got exactly five minutes to get
your ass back on the ottoman little missy, so you'd better hurry up if
you don't wanna get punished....

(As Lara hurried to the shower, Richard poured more whiskey for his
guests. He felt confident. He was about to purchase a large stake in a
small computer manufacturer in Texas, called Dell. Largely unknown
firm, but the deal was dirt cheap - and Richard saw some future in this
company. He always had an eye for good start-ups - if the deal went
through, it could eventually help put Rostock Enterprises back on the
map - and given the expression on the faces of his guests, the deal was
as good as done.)

He smiled in satisfaction, imagining everything he would do to Lara as
the shivering girl returned from the shower. He noted the way she was
unconsciously covering her body - the shower had renewed the girl's
sense of shame. 'Poor little slut' Richard chuckled to himself.

Soon, Lara was once again placed on the dreaded Ottoman, with men
swarming all over her like flies...

* * * * * * * * *
* * *

An exhausted, sweaty Lara emerged from the Grand Meeting Room a couple
hours later. It was obvious she'd been working real hard the past few
hours. As she made her way to the secretary's desk, she could feel the
demeaning looks from her co-workers. They eyed her with either disdain
or ridicule. Everybody pretended as though they had no idea what went
on in the Grand Meeting Room - it was a dirty little office secret that
wasn't acknowledged in a crowd. Saddle jokes were common place however:

It was Mrs. Brown who made a point of asking her loudly: "Did you
manage to get the minutes, honey?"

This drew loud snickers from the office crowd, turning Lara's face a
deep shade of red. People pretended not to notice the mock under the
question even as Lara gathered up her belongings and rushed out of the
office in shame....

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