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Collected by Djian

Stories by Powerone

Maiden Maid
By Powerone

It was a cold night in the winter of 1933. Only the roaring fire from
the mammoth fireplace in the study lighted the room. Eighteen year old Sarah
shivered, not from the cold, but from the fear. She was naked, bent over the
large upholstered chair, the fire playing over her naked skin. She was kneeling
on the seat, her upper body hanging over the top of the chair, her breasts
hanging down. Her legs were spread wide, touching the arms of the chair. She
could feel her pussy lips and ass cheeks spread open. She felt so naked and
vulnerable. She could hear Master Michael, her employer behind her. She heard
the sound of his clothes rustling as they fell to the floor as he removed his
dressing gown.

It was only a month since she was brought from the orphanage to work for
Master Michael as his housemaid. Or that is what they told her. She thought
she was lucky to have found such a great job. She was to work in a great manor,
room and board furnished. The food was excellent, the accommodations grandiose
compared to what she had lived in most of her life at the orphanage. The
economy had turned bad and there was so much poverty. She felt lucky to have
even got a job. Others at the orphanage were released when they were eighteen
to a miserable existence. She soon found out he expected more out of her. That
is how she found herself in this predicament, naked waiting for Master Michael
to take her virginity.

It had gone from bad to worse since she started the job. It began with
his leering glares, seemingly undressing her. It than went to the "accidental"
touching of her body as she worked. Than there was the spanking for breaking
the glass, her rounded butt raised up over his lap, her skirts pulled up
exposing her corset, his hard cock pressing into her. Each day he became more
bold and insistent. Bedtime became the worse time. He would bring her into his
study. He wore his dressing gown and she soon found out he was naked beneath.
She would be forced to stand before him as he began to take liberties with her
body. Soon he forced her to service him, on her knees before him, her clothes
in disarray, his cock in her mouth until he filled her with his hot cum.
Tonight she was stripped naked and bent over the chair. He had told her that he
would fuck her tonight. She felt him behind her, his hard cock rubbing over her
naked and spread pussy. She cried out as his cock entered her, breaking her
hymen, taking her virginity forever. His hard cock began to stroke hard into
her, her blood lubricating it, allowing him the liberty to take deep strokes
into her virgin body, forcing gasps of pain from her lips.

Sarah was five feet five inches tall. Her features were not striking
except for her hair. It was red and over the years had grown long and full. It
now hung down past her waist and covered her butt. It was the only possession
that Sarah had in her life. Her body was slim, mostly caused by the little food
that the orphanage had provided her with. Her breasts were small, but firm, her
nipples a light brown, about the size of a quarter. Her waist was small, her
butt rounded and firm. A bright red bush of hair framed her pussy.

Sarah's life had started bad and over her short eighteen years had not got
much better. At the young age of three, both of her parents were killed in a
fire. Relatives had not claimed her so she became a ward of the state. She
lived in a series of orphanages for females and there were times when she was
brought before families interested in adopting her, but as she became older, the
visits became less frequent. Most families wanted a baby, not a teenager. Life
in the orphanages became more difficult as the depression began. Food, while
never plentiful, became even more scarce. The dormitory style rooms became more
crowded as families could no longer care for their children. Where there were
once twenty beds in the room, they now held thirty. Younger children were
forced to sleep in the same bed with older children. At the age of eighteen,
the state was no longer required to provide care for an orphan and they were
released into the cruel world. The depression had hit severely, with
unemployment at 25%. With little skills, those released became prostitutes to
support themselves or lived in one of the Hoovervilles, tented communities of
people with little hope or future.

Sarah thought her life had finally turned for the better. It happened on
a Monday, over a month ago. Her birthday was tomorrow. While most people
looked forward to their eighteenth birthday, Sarah feared it. She would be
released from the sheltered life she had lived. While it was sparse, it did not
require her to do much. A little cleaning and cooking, but she did have a roof
over her head and a meager meal to eat. She had read in the paper that there
were large numbers of people that did not have either, and it was getting worse.
The orphanage did educate her, but did little to provide her with the necessary
skills to survive in the world she knew little of.

Sarah was summoned to the head of the orphanage. Mr. Smith had been the
head of the orphanage for over five years now. He was the only male in the
whole building, even the maintenance personnel were females. He was mid
forties, slightly balding with a small paunch. Food was not scarce for him. He
thrived while the orphanage did not. He took a cut out of all the funds
provided to the orphanage for its upkeep in addition to his meager salary. He
also made money by getting some of the girl's "jobs" with the many wealthy,
single older men he knew. These individuals were extremely wealthy, in spite of
the depression. They lived alone and required housemaids to care for the
impressive mansions. But they required more. They knew the depression had
brought many individuals to extreme measures to survive. They also wanted their
housemaids to service their friends and themselves sexually. Their tastes were
quite jaded and required very docile females. Mr. Smith's orphanage had proven
to provide the right type of individual for their tastes. The girls led very
sheltered life, very few males allowed in. Their sexual experience consisted of
lonely masturbation taught by the older girls with most of the girls that had
spent long periods of time in orphanages being virgins.

Mr. Smith, over the course of years, had become an excellent gauge of the
type that would provide what the men desired. He had an eye on Sarah for the
last year. Her bright red, long hair was a novelty that would be sought out by
his benefactors. He often fantasized of Sarah, naked, her long red hair hiding
her naked ass, her bright red pussy hair outlining her virgin pussy. He would
have loved to be the first one to fuck her, but the others would pay him
handsomely to be the first. He had other girls in the orphanage that pleasured
him sexually. He usually had at least one of the older girls as a sexual
plaything for himself. She would come to his office once a week and behind a
locked door he would partake of her. It began as punishments for offenses,
spankings and than canings as he found more serious infractions to accuse her
of. Eventually she would be forced to strip naked, bent over his desk as he
took a cane to her upraised ass. The cane was extremely cruel and painful.
The recipient's ass would be sore for over a week. It was only a short time
later, she would consent to letting him fuck her in her mouth, cunt and even her
asshole. Anything to escape the cruel lash of the cane.

There was a knock on his door and Sarah entered the room. Michael was
seated in a chair on the other side of the room. Mr. Smith was seated behind
his desk. He had already discussed Sarah with Michael and had agreed that he
would pay $500.00 if he approved of Sarah. This was almost six months salary to
him and he was eager to make the deal. In order to clinch the deal, he had
provided Sarah with a new dress, one that highlighted her charms for the
meeting. It had cost him $2.00 but she was worth the investment.

Sarah was surprised that someone else was in the room. Mr. Smith had
summoned her, but she did not know the reason. She thought it was odd that she
was given a new dress to wear, but she figured it was given to her because she
was going to leaving the next day. She looked extremely beautiful. It was a
simple print dress with a tapered waistband and ended at mid-calf. The fashions
had changed drastically since the 1920's, with hemlines falling, but the
tightness of it clung to her figure, especially her ass. It was black and her
bright red hair silhouetted the dress. She saw Michael leering at her and she
should have realized it at the time, but she was too nervous. "You wanted me,
Mr. Smith?"

"Yes, Sarah. I have some good news for you. Since tomorrow is your
eighteenth birthday, you have to leave the orphanage. The depression has really
hit the country bad and jobs are almost non-existent. But I think I have a
solution for your problem. Michael here is a good friend of mine. He is
looking for a new housemaid and I have told him about you."

"Oh, thank you Mr. Smith. I did not know what would happen after today.
I have heard from some of the other girls that have left the orphanage and most
have not done well. There is many living in poverty in the streets and I know
of one that turned to prostitution to live."

"Michael, this is Sarah."

"Hello, Sarah. I am looking for a housemaid. I am very wealthy and I
have a large mansion on the other side of town. It has 15 rooms and 6 bedrooms.
I live alone, but I do frequently entertain guests. This job would provide room
and board as well as a very modest salary. Clothing would also be furnished, as
you would be required to dress as I desire. You would have to be available to
me seven days a week at whatever time I desire. Your job would require you to
call me Master Michael and would require obedience to my wishes. I can be a
very demanding boss, but you would have a very lovely room and bath to yourself
and you would have the same food available to you that I eat. With the salary
provided, you would be extremely well off compared to the society as a whole
now. Do you think you can fulfill my wishes, Sarah?"

Sarah looked nervously at Michael. He was about the same age as Mr.
Smith, forty-five being extremely old to someone only eighteen. He was in much
better physical condition than Mr. Smith. He was about five feet, ten-inches
tall, a slim waist and had a bronze glow to his skin. His long sandy brown hair
highlighted his youthful appearance. She had some apprehension about living in
a house with a man alone, but the house was huge. She had few options. It was
either this or the street tomorrow. She would have to do whatever was required
of her to make sure she got and kept the job. She knew that it might be
difficult at times, but her life had never been easy. Maybe this was the break
she deserved. "Yes, Master Michael, I will do as you desire. I appreciate this
opportunity and will do everything to fulfill your desires as my employer. Mr.
Smith, I appreciate your confidence in my abilities and will not let you down."

Mr. Smith smiled at Michael. "You may have your Chauffeur pick up Sarah
tomorrow morning at 10:00. She will be packed and ready to begin work. I am
sure that she will please you in every manner. I don't think she wants to end
up on the streets. The winter is coming and the weather is turning bad. Sarah,
you may go back to your room and say goodbye to your friends. Your new life
starts tomorrow and good luck."

"Thank you Mr. Smith and thank you Master Michael. I will not disappoint
either one of you." Sarah turned and left the room, all eyes on her ass as she
walked out.

Michael turned to Mr. Smith after Sarah left the room. "I think she will
do nicely. It will not be long before I have her trained. If you would like,
in appreciation, you may come over in about two months and I will let you fuck
her. I saw the way you lusted after her. She should be quite docile by than
and I am sure she will be everything you fantasized about. And here is the
$500.00 as agreed upon. She is a remarkable girl, especially that red hair.
My friends are going to literally love her." Michael handed the money to Mr.
Smith. He got up and left the room.

Mr. Smith counted the money after he left. He had done extremely well and
the added bonus of fucking Sarah made his cock hard. "Mrs. Dorsett, will you
please have Claudia come to my office and than you may leave early today? You
have been working very hard lately and you deserve the time off." Mr. Smith
smirked, he wanted to fuck Claudia, his latest orphan plaything. His cock was
so hard, thinking of Michael stripping Sarah naked and fucking her, the red hair
flowing on the bed as he was between her legs, his cock pushing deep inside of

"Yes, Mr. Smith and thank you for the time off. My children will be
surprised to see me early. Is Claudia going to be punished again, I heard that
she misbehaved in Mrs. Johnson's class yesterday?" Mrs. Dorsett knew that Mr.
Smith was sexually abusing Claudia, but it was none of her business. She had a
job and she did not want to lose it for a stupid orphan.

"Yes, that girl will be the ruin of this orphanage, it seems like every
week I have to punish her for some transgression. But she must learn to live by
the rules of society before we release her to the world. It is crueler out
there than it is in here. And good news, Michael is hiring Sarah as his
housemaid. He will arrange to pick her up at 10:00 tomorrow, so make sure she
is ready."

"I am glad to hear that. Sarah is a good girl, a little naive, but she
will do well in the position." Mrs. Dorsett also knew of what happened to some
of the girls that left and went to work for some of Mr. Smith's rich friends.
They might have to do some things that they do not want to, but life is tough,
especially for orphans. You have to make compromises in life. "Good night, Mr.
Smith, and Claudia will be down in fifteen minutes." Mrs. Dorsett closed the
door, picked up her personal items and went to tell Claudia of Mr. Smith's

Mrs. Dorsett went into the dormitory where Claudia lived. She would not
be lucky as Sarah. Mr. Smith had used her too much, he would not try to sell
her to his rich friends. They only liked naive, virgins. They enjoyed forcing
them to humiliate themselves in front of others and than taking their virginity.
They did not want experienced girls, they could easily buy prostitutes on the
street. "Claudia, Mr. Smith wants you in his office immediately. I think it
has to do with the disturbance you caused in Mrs. Johnson's class yesterday.
You must learn to obey or you will continue to get punished." Mrs. Dorsett
looked at her, feeling sorry for her, but it was not her problem.

Claudia got up from the bed hesitantly. She knew that Mr. Smith was
going to take her sexually again. He had already forced her to suck his cock
until he came in her mouth. Last week he fucked her in her pussy, taking her
virginity as she lay, naked, bent over the desk, her legs spread, her ass in the
air. He said that he would take her asshole next. She could not believe that
anyone would want to even touch someone's asshole, let alone put a cock in it.
Her asshole was so tiny, Mr. Smith's cock so large, she did not understand how
it would fit. She smoothed her dress down her legs and walked silently to Mr.
Smith's office and knocked on the door.

"Enter, Claudia, please come in, I have been expecting you." Mr. Smith
rubbed his cock through his pants as Claudia came into the room. "Shut the door
and lock in," he ordered her. Claudia was about the same height as Sarah, but
the resemblance ended there. Claudia had dirty blonde hair, very large breasts
and flowing hips. She seemed to be made for fucking and Mr. Smith took
advantage of that. "Mrs. Johnson told me you were disruptive in her class
yesterday. I do not want to hear any excuses. You know the punishment, a
spanking." Mr. Smith pulled his chair out from behind the desk, leaving a lot
of room for Claudia to lay her body over his lap. He patted his lap, motioning
Claudia to assume the position.

Claudia cringed when she heard Mr. Smith's command. He hit her ass
hard, making it painful to sit for a few days, but at least he did not say he
was going to use the cane. "Yes, Sir," as she moved towards him. She reached
the chair and bent over his lap very carefully, her head moving down toward the
floor as her ass was upraised on his lap. She could feel his hard cock push
into her stomach. She felt his hand move down on her back and begin to rub
sensuously over her back and move down towards her ass as he steadied her body.
She felt his hands gather up her skirt and begin to pull it up her legs. She
had not expected this and she cringed at the thought of baring her body to him
again. The skirt rode up higher until it reached the top of her corset. His
hand now reached her naked flesh, moving over her naked legs.

Mr. Smith felt the smooth skin of Claudia as he slowly uncovered her
body. He pulled the skirt up higher until he reached her waist, her lower body
only covered by the one-piece corset that went from her breasts down to her
pussy. "I am afraid this is not going to work very well. I want to spank your
naked ass, so please stand up and remove all of your clothing, Claudia."

Claudia paused, the request bringing a new fear to her. She would be
naked. She stood up and did as she was requested, the dress falling to the
floor. She stood there temporarily and than began to remove her corset. It
slowly pushed down her body, her breasts breaking free from the tight
confinement first and than moving down her stomach until it pulled down off of
her pussy. She let it fall to the floor, one hand moving over her naked
breasts, the other over her pussy. She looked at the floor, not wanting to look
into Mr. Smith's eyes.

"Stand up straight and put your hands to your sides. You have an
extremely lovely body and I want to see it." Claudia's hands moved to the side,
revealing her breasts, standing up with little sag even with their large size.
Her nipples were large and becoming erect from the cool air in the room.
"Spread your legs open," he ordered and Claudia's legs began to part, her pussy
lips slowly opening. He could see the embarrassment in Claudia's face and his
cock hardened, knowing that he was humiliating her. "You must not be ashamed of
your body, it is very beautiful and I love it when it is spread open before me.
Now, let's continue, back into position."

Claudia bent over Mr. Smith's lap again, this time her naked breasts
rubbing against his legs, her hard cock now pushing into her naked stomach. She
felt the hands return again, this time caressing her naked flesh. His hands
urgently rubbed over her naked ass, grabbing the flesh tightly with his fingers,
the skin turning red. She felt a finger trace down the crack of her ass and she
tightened her asscheeks, preventing any further exploration.

"SSSMMMMAAAACCCCKKK," the sound rang out in the room, the pain flashing
into Claudia's brain as Mr. Smith spanked her right ass cheek hard with the flat
part of his hand. He watched as she tightened her asscheeks again. His hand
returned again, this time hitting her left cheek, the noise ringing out into the
room. He heard her gasp in pain as her ass began to turn red already.

"Please, Mr. Smith, that hurts too bad, I will be good, no more please,"
she begged. But she knew it would do no good. She could feel his cock jerk
against her stomach after each slap. He was enjoying this. The blows hailed
down on her ass, alternating between the right side and the left, each time
harder. She squirmed on his lap, the pain intensifying, his cock jerking hard
against her.

Mr. Smith felt her stomach rubbing against his hard cock as he continued
to spank the young, naked flesh before him. The resilient flesh bounced back
each time but continued to redden as the relentless spanking lasted long
minutes. Finally he stopped spanking.

Claudia felt relief as the hand stopped hitting her ass. Tears were
running down her cheeks, her ass feeling like it was on fire. She moaned in
pain as the hand rubbed her hot flesh. She felt Mr. Smith reach over to the
table and pick up a bottle of oil. She watched out of the corner of her eye as
he opened the bottle and began to pour it over her naked cheeks. His hand moved
over her flesh, rubbing the oil into her skin, soothing the painful flesh.

"Relax your cheeks, or the spanking will continue," he ordered her. He
watched as Claudia let her ass cheeks go loose. His fingers moved back between
the cheeks, searching out the crack in her ass, the baby oil spreading with his
fingertips. He felt her tense up again as his fingers neared her naked anus.
"This is your last warning, relax your cheeks and let me have my way." Claudia
relented and the fingers moved lower and pulled her cheeks apart.

Claudia began to blush as she felt the fingers spreading her cheeks
open. She knew that her anus was now exposed, the cool air blowing on her
exposed flesh. She felt more oil being poured on her anus and than cringed as a
finger searched out her most intimate part. The finger pushed against her anus
and than suddenly pushed in, spearing her anus with his finger.

Mr. Smith felt her sphincter grab onto his finger, squeezing it tightly.
It felt like a vise on it. He could only imagine what it was going to feel like
when his cock pushed into her asshole. He would soon find out, he intended to
fuck her in the ass tonight. He felt her squirm around on his lap as his finger
pushed deeper into her anus, entering her rectum. She tightened again,
trapping the finger deep inside her. "Relax, I am going to loosen up your
asshole with my fingers, than you are going to take my cock up your ass. It
will hurt a lot worse unless you cooperate, either way my cock will be up your
asshole soon."

It felt terrible as his finger wormed itself into her anus, pushing her
tender flesh aside as it ruthlessly plunged into her anal tract. She squirmed
on his lap. She realized that she was probably giving him great pleasure, her
stomach rubbing his hard cock as she squirmed, but she could not lay still as he
fingered her anus. She felt uncomfortable and full as the finger pushed in and
out of her anus. She gasped as one finger became two and her anus had to
stretch wide to receive the cruel digits. "Please, that hurts too much," she
begged as the fingers now pushed deeper into her flesh. She felt them stretch
her open, the fingers feeling like tiny animals crawling inside her, moving in
and out, expanding as they entered deep inside her, pulling and stretching her
anal tract as they pulled out. A little more oil was poured on her anus and the
fingers now pushed in deeper and began to stroke her faster, gliding over the

Mr. Smith removed his fingers from her anus, not before giving her a
rather cruel thrust deep inside her rectum, his fingers tearing at her flesh,
driving a scream of pain from her lips. "Stand up, with your back to me."
Claudia stood up and moved in front of Mr. Smith, her back to him. Mr. Smith
put his hand hands on her hips and began to draw her back toward him.

Claudia felt her body being pulled toward him. His legs pushed between
her, forcing her to spread them open wider, until they were open at least three
feet. She moved backward until she felt his cock push against the inside of her
thighs. It was hard and erect. She felt the head of his cock rub against her,
his hot precum rubbing on her thighs.

Mr. Smith pulled Claudia down toward his lap, her legs spread wide, her
ass cheeks open and exposed. "Now relax your asshole, Claudia, it will go much
easier." He poured some oil on his cock, lubricating it for entry into her tight
asshole. He felt her anus slowly engulf the fat head of his cock. He felt her
body tighten as her anus slowly began to expand to accept his cock.

Claudia felt her anus began to spread open as she was slowly forced onto
the rigid member. She was slowly being lowered onto his cock, her own weight
driving her asshole down on his cock. "Please, not in my ass, fuck my pussy,
anything but that," she cried, hoping that her words would excite him, anything
to escape the hard cock forcing her anus open. She felt the urgent hands lower
her further down on the cock. She cried out in pain as her anus stretched wide
and engulfed the head of his cock. She felt her sphincter grip it tightly and
she held her body still, anything to stop the pain. "Don't move, it hurts too
much," she cried out, tears running down her face as she was forced to fuck her
asshole down on his cock.

Mr. Smith allowed Claudia to pause, it felt good, her asshole gripping
his cock. She was half sitting, half standing, her tiny anus spread wide over
his cock. Only the head was in her ass, he still had six inches of cock to push
deep into her colon. He stroked her flesh, his hands running over her hips as
he began to push her back down on his cock. He wanted to feel the heat of her
asshole as it sucked in his cock. "Now deeper, I want your asshole to take my
cock all the way in. Don't stop until you are sitting on my cock, buried deep
inside your asshole."

Claudia cried as she felt her body being maneuvered. Hands pushed her
down on the cock as her asshole felt like a spear was being forced into her
tender, young flesh. She could feel every ridge and bump on his cock as he
pulled her down, than back up and than down again, this time deeper. It felt
like her skin was tearing as she was forced to spread open. She felt the
wetness, not sure if it was the oil or was her blood. Claudia screamed as the
cock pushed deep inside her, each time she was pushed down further onto his cock
until finally she was sitting on his lap, his cock deeply embedded in her colon.
"Please, be still, it hurts so bad, don't move." It felt better when he did not
move. She did not like the cock in her asshole, but it was less painful than if
he took it out.

Mr. Smith felt Claudia's asshole massaging his cock as it was sucked
into her hot flesh. Her sphincter kept trying to push the cock out, giving him
pleasure as it tightened on his cock. He felt her body trembling as his hand
reached around her and grabbed at her breasts. His fingers sought out her
nipples, pulling and twisting them, forcing them to get harder. She began to
twist on his lap, trying to escape the cruel fingers biting into her tender
nipples. His hips pushed up, forcing his cock further into her asshole, the
pain alternating between her nipples and her asshole. "Time to fuck me with
your asshole, Claudia. Do a good job or it will be the cane."

Claudia cringed at his command. He wanted her to fuck his cock with her
asshole. This would hurt immensely. If she did not, she would be caned, and
even than she would probably be fucked up the ass in the end. Claudia grimaced
and began to pull up her hips, his cock slowly slipping from her asshole. It
felt strange as the cock was pulled from her asshole, it feeling empty as it
pulled out. She moved up until only her sphincter grabbed the head. She felt
Mr. Smith's hands on her hips and she knew he wanted to force her down on his
cock again. She wanted to move down slowly, he wanted hard.

Mr. Smith pulled Claudia down, his cock again gripped tightly as it was
pulled inside her anal tract. He pushed down on her hips hard, forcing his cock
in hard and fast. A scream burst from Claudia's mouth, but that only made his
cock harder as he ripped into her virgin anal tract. He forced her down until
he was fully embedded inside of her, his cock jerking in pleasure. "Up again,
pull your asshole from my cock," he ordered, his hands urging her hips back up

Claudia felt the hands pull her up than force her back down hard onto
his cock, spearing into her flesh. Her asshole was continually buffeted by the
cruel cock, spreading her open, her body fighting to keep the cock out. His
cock moved faster and faster into her flesh, his hands pulling and pushing her
up and down on his cock. She could feel the hands becoming more urgent as he
began to raise his hips up on each stroke, driving his cock deeper and deeper
into her body. He moved faster and faster until she felt his cock begin to get
bigger, a fresh batch of pain bursting into her body as he stretched her colon.
He pulled her down suddenly onto his cock, forcing all of her weight down until
he was as deep inside of her as possible. She felt his cock jerk and than felt
the hot cum shoot deep inside of her colon. She began to cry, the humiliation
overtaking her as she was used as a receptacle for his cum. She could not
believe that her body could be used in such a perverse way, her asshole forced
to masturbate his cock, just like her pussy did. Another shot of hot cum filled
her colon, his cock pulsing in her anal tract as his cum filled her.

Mr. Smith's cock shot inside of her, filling her with his hot cum. He
felt her asshole gripping his cock as he climaxed inside this young beauty, her
ass sitting on his cock, seeing her anus spread tightly around his flesh as he
emptied his balls inside her. He allowed Claudia to slump down on, her asshole
still gripping his cock as it began to shrink. "Pull off of my cock," he
ordered her, his hands pulling her hips up. He watched as she slowly rose from
his lap, his cock slowly pulling from her anus, now red and swollen from the
fucking it received. He heard a pop as his head slowly pulled out, cum leaking
from her anus, still open and swollen as he pushed her forward. He pushed her
off of him. "Get dressed and go to your room, and next time behave in class."
He got up and left Claudia in the room, still naked, his cum running from her
asshole, down her thighs. Her tear stained face looked at him as he left the

Sarah's First Week (To be continued)

Maiden Maid-Chapter 2

Sarah was so excited the next day. She had spent most of the night,
awake, first saying goodbye to her friends, then the rest of the night thinking
about her future. At first she was scared of the future, she would no longer
have the security of the orphanage to fall back on. But the more she thought
about it, the more confident that her life was in her hands and she would do
anything to make sure that she did not end up again falling back on others to
support her. Mr. Smith had given the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to
live in a lifestyle that she could only imagine. All she had to do was make
sure that she did what "Master Michael" required. It had seemed strange that
she would be required to call him Master, but this seemed like such a petty
thing compared to the opportunity he was providing. Sarah had her meager
belonging packed and was waiting at the door when the chauffeur arrived. The
car, a long, black luxury vehicle, astounded her. She did not know much about
automobiles, especially very expensive ones, but this one was luxurious. Her
face beamed as she got into the car, the chauffeur holding the door open for
her, her new life beginning.

John smiled as he opened the door for Sarah. As she bent over to get
into the vehicle he watched her ass push back towards him, straining against the
skirt she worn. He knew of Michael's fascination with women and his jaded
tastes and those of his friends. He often had to bring women home late at night
after a night of partying with Michael and his friends. They were usually well
spent, having sexually serviced all of them, often numerous times. Many times
they were forced, but money seems to be able to buy anything nowadays, even the
virginity of a girl. This was the second time that Michael had hired a
full-time maid, the first only lasting a week. Previously Michael used
part-time maids that went home at night. They were usually older, mature women,
their talents in the care of a home. Sarah was going to be different. He had
overheard Michael telling his friends of his plan to hire a maid and turn her
into his own personal sex slave. They had all laughed making Michael promise
that they too would have the chance to sample the maid's wares. John felt his
cock harden, hoping that he too would be able to partake of the pleasures that
Sarah had to offer. He felt a little sorry for Sarah, but then thought, she can
make her own decision. She can either have her pride or take the money and give
Michael what he wanted. It wouldn't be such a bad life.

Michael was waiting at the door when Sarah arrived, the picture of a
perfect employer. "Follow me and I will show you your room." They walked up
the massive stairs in the front hallway until they reached the second floor.
"All of the bedrooms except for one is on this floor. The other bedroom is
downstairs next to my study. I sometimes use it if I am working late and do not
want to go upstairs. Your room is at the end of the hall." Michael opened the
door at the end of the hall. "My room is next door, the other rooms on each
side of yours, are for guests. I often entertain and my guests frequently spend
the night."

Sarah had never seen such a gorgeous room, it being almost as big as one
of the dormitories at the orphanage. At one end stood an enormous four poster
bed. The posts all about three inches in diameter at there largest part, but
tapered down and then spread back out again at numerous points on the post. At
the top were large, pineapple shaped carvings with many ridges. A padded bench
was at the end of the bed, legs thick like the posts on the bed. In the corner
stood an enormous armoire, a dark mahogany that matched the rest of the
furniture in the room. Next to it stood a large overstuffed chair and ottoman,
looking out of place in the room. On the other side of the room was a door that
opened to the bathroom, but the bedroom had a strange feature. The bathtub, a
large claw foot metal tub sat in the room across from the chair, not in the
bathroom. Sarah thought that odd, but having only lived in orphanages, her
experience, especially with the rich, was limited to what she had read.

Michael pointed to the many mirrors in the room, almost all of the walls
having at least one large mirror on it and then pointing to the ceiling, over
the bed and the bathtub, large mirrors on the ceiling. "This was my mothers
room before her death. She was a very beautiful woman, although somewhat vain.
She loved to see her reflection. I leave this room this way to remember her. I
hope you don't mind and will get used to being able to see yourself at all

Sarah looked around, seeing her reflection on all of the walls. It
would take a while to get used to it, making her a little self-conscious. She
did not think of herself as attractive, feeling plainer than anything else.
Orphanage life was not a big self-confident builder, it was more you tried to
make yourself invisible. "Yes, that is OK," she said, quickly adding, "Master

"I have furnished your armoire with suitable clothing for you. You are
only to wear clothes that I supply and you are not to alter them in any manner.
I have an image that I have to project and as my employee, you must always
project that image that I want you to portray. This is non-negotiable. If you
cannot abide by my rules, you are free to go at anytime." Michael opened the
armoire, a row of neatly hung skirts and blouses filled one side. Shoes were on
the bottom shelf, many of them with very high heels. Michael pulled out two of
the drawers. "You have lingerie in here. I require you to wear silk
undergarments and silk stockings. In here are nightclothes, silk negligees and
silk robes."

Sarah had never seen such beautiful clothes. She was always worn sack
like dresses, often made of very rough material. "Yes, sir, I will do as you
wish, they are so beautiful."

"I want you to get dressed and be downstairs in 30 minutes. I will give
you the rules of the house and your duties. I expect you to be on time at all
times. And I expect absolute obedience from all of my help." Michael walked
out of the room, closing the door as he left.

Sarah put her bag down in the corner. I wouldn't need those anymore.
She went into the closet and pulled out a white blouse and black skirt. In the
drawer she found a white, silk camisole with a pair of matching panties. They
had two lace bows on each side to hold them up. She took out a pair of silk
stockings, brown with a dark brown seam up the back. A garter belt would hold
them up. A pair of black high heels, not the highest one in the closet, but
they were higher then she was used to.

Sarah removed her clothes and threw them into her bag. I'll throw them
all away tomorrow, she thought. She looked at the wall and saw her reflection.
She could see her red hair outlining her pale body. She looked so thin,
especially with her small breasts. The dark brown areolas contrasted with her
pale skin. Her red bush stood out prominently, drawing attention to between her
legs. She pulled on the panties, tying the lace on the sides. They were a
perfect fit. The camisole was next. She slipped it over her head and as it
shimmered down over her breasts her nipples instantly hardened. She put on the
garter belt and picked up the silk stockings. She had never felt anything so
soft. She sat in the chair and put them on, drawing them up her legs. She
looked in the mirror again. It shocked her, her looks. She actually looked
very sexy. The lingerie clung to her body, her nipples pointed, her legs
accented by the stockings. She put on the blouse, buttoning it up, covering her
hard nipples. The skirt came next. It was a harder fit, it clung tightly to
her hips and ass. She put her feet into the high heels, balancing precariously
for a second until getting used to them. Again she looked into the mirrors.
She could not believe what she saw. No longer the orphan, now a very sexy
looking women.

Sarah had to walk slowly down to the study, the high heels being new to
her. It took a little bit to get used to them, but by time she reached
Michael's study she had gained her confidence. She was just a little worried
about the some of the other high heels. She saw one pair that was at least four
inches high, straps needed to keep them on the feet. This pair was only
two-inch heels. She stood outside the room for a minute to straighten her
clothes and prepare herself. I have to make this work, no matter what. I am
not going to end up on the street, unable to take care of myself, begging for
any chance to eat, she thought. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Come in, Sarah," Michael's voice answering. She entered the room, a
large study, almost a library. There was a large mahogany desk on one side, it
being bigger then some of the dinner tables at the orphanage. Behind it was a
high back leather chair. Near the fireplace stood four upholstered chairs in a
small semicircle around the hearth. A roaring fire was going in it, the outside
air turning suddenly cold. Along one wall was the bookcase. It was more then a
bookcase, it was a wall of books, from floor to ceiling, and the ceilings were
high. Two ladders, both on wheels, were attached to it, allowing anyone to
reach books on all shelves. Michael sat in one of the chairs, looking over at
the door as she walked in. She saw the smile on his face, looking pleased at
her appearance.

"Come over here and let me look at you," motioning her over to the
fireplace. Michael watched as she walked over to him, the tight skirt fitting
snuggly over her hips, a slight sway as she walked, the high heels making her
seem taller then she was. He could imagine those legs with the four-inch heels
on, especially in only her stockings and garter belt. Soon, he thought, soon
she would perform for him. He was pleased with the silk blouse. While her tits
were not big, he could see that her nipples were. They were already poking out
her blouse, the silk material having that effect on women. "Turn around, yes,
stop." He saw her ass, the skirt pulled tightly over her cheeks. Michael was
an ass man, there was nothing better then a nice ass on a female. He made her
stand there, her back to him.

Sarah watched Michael's eyes as she walked over to the fireplace. She
feared what she saw. It looked like he was undressing her. No, it is just your
imagination, everything is going to be all right, she thought, calm down, you
got to make this work. She saw him look her up and down. She heard his command
to turn around, she complied. He just wants to see if the clothes fit, she
thought. It felt strange, even though she could not see Michael, she could feel
her gaze. She felt uncomfortable as she stood their, long minutes clicking
slowly. Finally she heard his command to turn around. She faced him again, her
face flushed, embarrassed to be put on display.

"The clothes fit you good, Sarah. I expect you to look this good
everyday. I will leave you a list of clothes to wear each day. I expect you to
follow the list without exception. I will not tolerate insubordination. The
first time you fail to comply with any of my wishes is the day your employment
with me ends. There are a very many young ladies that would jump at the chance
to have your position, many of them more attractive then you. Do you understand
the terms of your employment, Sarah?"

"Yes," she stammered. He was right, she was not very attractive, more
of an average girl. With his wealth, he could have just about any woman. She
did not want to displease him, "yes, sir".

"There are some rules to your position. First is that this is my home.
Just because you are here and you happen to be a female, this is still my home.
I will enjoy it the way I see fit. I have many friends, men and women. Very
often we have parties which you will be present to serve us. You may see things
that you do not understand or approve of. This is not your place to approve or
disapprove. Your place is to serve us. If I see any appearance of disapproval
or shock, your employment will be terminated. While I am here alone, you may
find my dress very casual and in some cases you might see me nude. You will
have to get used to that fact." Michael watched for any sign of disapproval.
He did not see any so he proceeded.

"I run a very strict household. All of my employees are expected to
perform at an exceptional level. I do not allow slackers. While mistakes may
happen, they will not be tolerated. If you make a mistake or displease me, you
will have the option of terminating your employment or submit to a punishment
that I deem fit for the offense. I find that this is the only way that
employees remember not to do it again." He saw a faint flicker of fear in her
eyes when he mentioned punishment. She did not know what his punishment would
consist of and he liked that. He would find many times when she would displease
and would have to be punished. He couldn't wait until he could spank that
lovely ass of hers.

"You will be available to me 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I will give
you time off when I see fit. At times, you may accompany me when I vacation as
a servant. You will find that employment here has its benefits. I am not very
demanding, many times I will not even be home during the days. You will have
sufficient time when you are not working. My library is quite extensive and you
may wish to do some reading and broaden your horizons." He had many books
including a very extensive library of books regarding sex, especially the more
perverted varieties. He would make sure that she read many of them. He wanted
her knowledgeable when he was training her for his and his friend's pleasure.

"You must obey all of the commands of my friends. I entertain often and
I expect you to treat them like you would treat me. Any infractions will bring
about a suitable punishment." He watched for any reaction. His friends were
also excited about the opportunity to have their way with this gorgeous redhead.
They would love that red pussy bush.

Sarah watched as Michael related the rules. It would not be so bad.
She was a very excellent worker, so she did not expect to make any mistakes, so
therefore she would not expect to be punished. Even if she did, what would he
do, dock her pay? She could live with that. She was a little worried about
seeing him naked. She had never seen a male naked before except for some of the
medical pictures that the older girls always passed down to the younger ones.
But she could see his point, this was his home and she would have to take the
situations as they arose. "Yes, Master Michael. I will follow your rules. You
will find that I am an excellent worker and I will obey your commands." She
smiled, Michael smiling back at her.

"Now, you will be responsible for cleaning my room, the library and your
own room. Part-time help will clean the rest of the house. Meals will be
provided and cooked by kitchen staff. They go home, along with the rest of the
staff by 7:00 PM unless I am having a party. You will have free reign of the
house and the kitchen and you may make yourself comfortable when you are not
serving me. Before I retire for the night, I like to take a bath. You will get
my bath ready for me at 9:00 every night unless I tell you otherwise. That is
the only daily ritual that I have. I have a bell in your room, connected to all
of the rooms. If you hear the bell, you must come immediately. This is very
important. Your job is to serve me and I expect your undivided attention."

Sarah nodded, "yes, Master Michael. That will not be a problem. I am a
light sleeper. I will take care of you good, sir."

Yes, you will take care of me good, Sarah, you will give me everything I
want including your virginity, Michael chuckled to himself. "You may go now.
John will give you a tour of the house and show you where everything is," his
hand waving her off. Michael watched Sarah as she left the room, her ass
swinging sensuously, the high heels accenting her legs. His cock was hard.

John was waiting outside the study as Sarah left. "How did everything

"Fine. Can I speak to you frankly, John?"

"Of course, Sarah, you may tell me anything, I will not reveal it to

"The conversation was a little strange. He talked about punishing me if
I did anything wrong. Then me mentioned that I might see strange things when he
parties with his friends. Is there anything I should worry about, John?"

"Sarah, I will give you the truth. Michael is very rich and very
eccentric. Most rich people are. They can and do anything they want and we,
the poor, have only one choice. We can either go along with them and reap the
benefits or we can go back to the rest of the truly poor, on the streets. I
personally chose the first. I had many friends that are on the street, unable
to feed themselves, much less their family. I do not want to be like them.
Michael had hired one girl only last month for your job. She only lasted for a
week. Michael caught her making too many mistakes and he was going to punish
her. He wanted to spank her. She thought that this was too much for her to
stand and she left. Last I heard about her, she is living on the streets. She
will not survive very long on the streets. She was an orphan like you and had
no skills that would allow her to survive. She will probably end up being a
prostitute on the street, directed by some pimp. You look like a smart girl,
Sarah. I suggest you think long and hard before you decide to disobey Michael.
This is your one and only chance in this world. Don't screw it up."

"He wanted to spank her! I don't know, John. Isn't that a little
strange, its not like I'm a little girl." Sarah looked at John, a puzzled look
on her face, what would I do if he wanted to do that to me?

"Rich people are a little strange. Just think about doing whatever is
necessary to survive. The economy will get better any day now. Just try to
survive until then. I hope you decide to stay around. I like you." John
looked at Sarah and I would love to fuck that red haired pussy as soon as
Michael breaks you in, he thought to himself, his cock hardening with the
thought of being on top of her, her legs spread, his cock pushing deep into the
tight, teenage pussy.

"Yes, your right. I need to do whatever to keep this job. And I like
you too John, I think we will become good friends."

"Good girl, now let me show you the rest of the house and your duties."
For the rest of the day, John showed every nook and cranny of the house to
Sarah. He could never keep his eyes off that delectable body. "It is almost
time for me to leave, I don't stay her like you do. Michael will be having his
dinner. I will see you tomorrow. Good luck on your first night." John left
Sarah, smiling. What will Michael do to her tonight?

Sarah ate her dinner in the kitchen, while Michael had his dinner in the
study. The food was the best she ever tasted, steak and potatoes. She had
never even had steak before. Food at the orphanage rarely had meat, never mind
steak. She finished and cleaned up her dishes and went to her room. At 8:45
she went to Michael's bedroom. She knocked on the door. No answer, so she went
in. She went to his bathroom, a room almost of the size of her bedroom. She
began filling the large bathtub with hot water. Seeing bath suds next to the
tub, she put in a small quantity and watched as it filled the tub. She was
bending over the tub watching the water fill when she felt a presence behind
her. "You startled me," Sarah said, seeing Michael in the door, watching her.
"How long have you been there?"

"Not long, in this house, you do not have to knock on the door before
entering. It wastes a lot of precious time. There is only the two of us here
most of the time, so it obviously the other. I am not big on privacy, this is
my home and you have the privilege of sharing it with me, but it is still my
home, I will go anywhere I please, that includes the room you are living in. If
you notice, none of the doors have locks except for the outside doors. Do you
understand, Sarah?

"Yes, Master Michael," standing as she turned off the water.

"I will be finished my bath in a hour. I want you to come down here
then and clean up my bathroom. Then I want you in my study. I want you wearing
her nightclothes, I have laid them out on the bed for you. Be prompt." Michael
watched for any change of expression or disapproval, but saw none.

"I can wait to change after I clean your bathroom, sir," hoping to avoid
him seeing her in her nightclothes.

"That was not a question, Sarah, that was an order. Are you already
being insolent?" Michael's voice rose, wanting to throw a little fear in Sarah.

"No, Master Michael, I'm sorry, I will do exactly as you say. I will
not question your orders again, sir," Sarah stammered off quickly. Don't screw
up, Sarah, she thought, you just got here, don't get him mad and throw you out
on the street.

"You may leave now," he snapped. As she was walking out, she could see
out of the corner of her eyes that he was already beginning to undress. She
hurried, not wanting to see him naked.

She went back to her bedroom, her nightclothes spread out on the bed.
There were only two garments, a satin black negligee and a matching black wrap.
It was made of the same material as the negligee, an almost transparent garment,
this was meant not to cover, but to entice. On the floor was a pair of black
slippers, but they had three inch heels on them.

Sarah took off her clothes and hung them neatly in the armoire. She
took her lingerie and stockings and soaked them in the sink while she got
dressed. Should I put on lingerie, she thought. No, he told me only to put on
what he had laid out for her. She let the negligee slip over her head and down
her body. The material rubbed against her nipples, the delicate morsels again
turning hard from the fabric. She put her feet into the slippers and slipped
the wrap over her shoulders, tying it at the neck with the lace bow. Another
bow at her waist was the only other tie. She looked in the mirrors, her
reflection shooting back at her. Her red hair contrasted with the black
nightclothes. She could almost see through the material. Her legs stood up
high on the heel, the muscles of her legs standing out. She looked at the clock
on the table. Almost 10:00, I must get this over with. It's not going to be so
bad. He just wants to see if my clothes fit, then it will be time for bed.

Sarah entered the library, this time without knocking on the door.
Michael was seated in the chair in front of the fireplace, in his robe and

"Over here, stand in front of the fire, wouldn't want you getting cold."
Michael watched as she walked toward him. She looked gorgeous in the negligee
and wrap, her long legs accented by the three-inch heels on her feet. "Face me,
hands at your sides, yes, that is good." He watched as she turned and faced
him, placing her hands at her sides. "The clothes fit very good, Sarah. Turn
around and stop when you back is to me. Stop, yes, hold it there."

Sarah moved as Michael directed her. It almost felt natural, not
awkward, to obey his commands. She did not hesitate, turning, her back to him.
Again, she could feel his gaze on her even with her back to him. She stayed in
position, long minutes passing with no further commands. She shuffled on her
feet, growing impatient.

"Turn facing me again, Sarah. Now, remove the wrap, I want to see the
negligee." Michael watched, as Sarah's face became flush. He liked that, he
liked to humiliate them. "I wouldn't tell you again," his voice rising in tone.

Sarah snapped back into reality and began to unloosen the tie on the
wrap. She was stunned when he told her to take off the wrap. She did not
expect that, having to show her body. She began to hesitate when Michael's
voice gave her no choice. Either obey or leave. She pushed the wrap off her
shoulders and let it fall to the chair beside Michael. She stood in her
negligee, the top low cut, the material almost transparent. Her breasts being
small did not show much, but her nipples were hard and erect, poking out of the

"You are doing a very good job, Sarah. Every night you will come down
to my study after my bath and you will perform this ritual. Do you understand,

"Yes, Sir," she responded. She stood as he watched her, his gaze going
up and down her body, from her hard nipples down her legs to her three-inch
heels. She felt uncomfortable, standing half-naked in front of him.

"Turn around again and move closer to the fire." He watched as she
turned around and moved forward. "That's good, hands at your sides. Spread you
legs open more. More, spread them wider."

Sarah cringed when she heard his command. He wanted her to spread her
legs. She knew that he could see her silhouette through her negligee, the
roaring fire sharply contrasting her body. With her legs spread, she seemed
more naked. "Yes, Sir," her legs moving wider, now over three feet.

"Don't move or turn around until I tell you to," he ordered her.

Sarah could hear the rustle of his robe and then heard a sound like
someone rubbing something. This went on for over five minutes, her legs
beginning to ache from the spread. She heard Michael gasp and then the only
noise was Michael's labored breathing.

Another rustle and then she heard, "you may go to bed now. You did very
well. I will see you in the morning."

Sarah grabbed her wrap and almost ran out of the room, rushing to get
into the safe confines of her room. She hung up her robe and got directly into
bed, bringing the covers up to her neck, hiding beneath them. She closed her
eyes, reflecting on what happened. It felt strange for her to stand there, in
her negligee while he looked at her. She felt humiliated, forced to do this
because she was poor, but she also felt some thrill in having to submit to such
a powerful man. As she thought, her hand strayed down to her pussy and she
began to rub her pussy. She was surprised, her pussy was already wet. She
thought of being forced to stand naked in front of him and display her body to
him, her legs spread, her pussy opening. She rubbed harder until she began to
cum, trapping her fingers between her tightly clamped legs.

Morning came and Sarah put the whole incidence out of her mind. I will
have to do it again tonight, but I know what will happen. It will not be bad.
During the day, Sarah ran into Michael often, almost like he was trying to run
into her. He would get near her and sometimes he would brush up against her or
run his hand over her back or shoulders. All of it very innocent. Nighttime
came and Sarah went to the study again after Michael's bath and stood in the
light of the fireplace, wrap on the chair, legs spread while Michael rustled
behind her. This went on for the next two days, the evening never changing
until tonight. Sarah was running Michael's bath when he entered. "Good evening
sir," she said, smiling as she tested the water.

"Good evening, Sarah. Tonight I want you to stay while I take my bath.
I want you to start washing my back."

Sarah looked at him, surprised at the request. She saw the look in his
eyes and she knew that he would not be denied. "Yes, sir, that would be a
pleasure," she responded, a certain nervousness in her voice.

When the bath was filled, Sarah stepped back and started to turn around
so Michael could undress.

"That will not be necessary, Sarah. I am not a modest man and the
longer you stay, the more you will see anyway, so you might as well get your
initial uncomfortableness out of the way." He watched as she turned back and he
began to undress. When he pulled off his pants, her eyes looked directly at
his, not lowering them at all. He lowered his shorts and got into the bed.
"Just the right temperature, Sarah, you are learning to please me," he
complimented her. He got into the tub and lowered himself.

Sarah nervously moved towards him, grabbing the washcloth and the soap.

"Take off your blouse, I do not want to get it wet," he ordered her,
looking into her eyes, looking for any sign of defiance.

Sarah's hands moved slowly to the buttons, opening them slowly, lower,
down until the last one at her waist was unbuttoned. She looked up and saw him
looking at the camisole, watching as her nipples pushed out on the silky fabric.
She blushed, but continued to take the blouse off her shoulders and laying it on
the chair near her. She moved back towards Michael wanting to get it over with.

Michael bent forward so she could wash his back, watching as she bent
over to apply the washcloth to his back. He briefly caught a glimpse of a naked
tit and nipple down the front of the camisole before she moved behind him. His
cock hardened as her hands slowly began to caress his back. "Yes, that is good,
you are doing a good job, Sarah, continue."

Sarah continued to rub his back until she was ordered to stop.

"You may go now, be in my study in 30 minutes," Michael ordered her,
watching as she almost ran from the room. Just a little more and she will be
washing my cock, he thought, rubbing his cock as he imagined Sarah's small hands
wrapped around his hard cock, rubbing it up and down. Soon, Sarah, soon you
will be masturbating my cock every night. Then its only a few more steps until
you will be down on your knees in the study, your sweet, virgin mouth wrapped
around my cock. He pumped his cock until he came, filling the bathtub with his
cum. Soon, it will be in your mouth, Sarah.

(To be Continued)

Author: Powerone
Title: Maiden Maid
Part: Chapter 3
Summary: This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they
are forced to do to survive the Great Depression.
Keywords: M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, oral

Copyright 2003 by Powerone. The author can be contacted at

Maiden Maid

Chapter 3-First Spanking and Learning to Masturbate the Master

The next couple of days found Sara running into Michael more then pure
coincidence. When she was bent over, cleaning, she would look up and there was
Michael, watching her. When she was scrubbing the kitchen floor, he came in,
sat down at the kitchen table and ate a sandwich, all the while watching as she
scrubbed the floor on her hands and knees, her ass pushed up. A few times he
suddenly came around corners in the house, bumping into her, his hands flying up
in defense to fall upon her breasts, lingering perhaps just a little too long.
In the kitchen cupboards, he had to squeeze past her, her back to him, the front
of his pants slowly rubbing against her ass. She could feel his hard cock.

Then it happened. She was in the kitchen, putting away the wine glasses
when all of a sudden she slipped and almost fell on the floor. When she tried
to grab the counter to keep from falling, she dropped the glass. The sound of
glass breaking on the hard kitchen floor could be heard throughout the house.
She waited, listening, did anyone hear it. John had mentioned punishment for
making mistakes. This was only a glass and her first. It was just her
imagination, it was an accident.

"What happened in here?" Michael demanded, his voice loud, ringing out
in the room.

"Sorry, Master Michael, I tripped and almost fell. When I tried to keep
from falling, I dropped the glass by accident and it broke. I will clean it up
now," her voice trembling, hoping that would be the end of it.

"That glass was part of a set that was my Mother's favorite set. Since
she died, I made sure I drank a glass of wine from it every day. That was the
last glass in the set and they cannot be replaced. I am very disappointed in
you, Sara. I gave you a good job, took care of you and this is how you repay
me. Your nonchalant attitude is intolerable. What do you have to say for

"I'm sorry, Master Michael. It will never happen again. You have been
an excellent employer and I appreciate this job," hoping to placate him.

"That is unacceptable. I don't feel that you're truly sorry. I want
you to report to my study at 7:30 tonight, after all of the help leaves. I will
think of a suitable punishment for you. Are you ready to accept your
punishment? Otherwise you may pack your meager belongs and leave this very

Sara was afraid of what would happen, but she knew she must submit to
whatever he would come up with. She really loved the job. While Michael did
have some traits that bothered her, she had never been around rich people before
and did not understand them. She did not have much of a choice. There were not
many alternatives for an eighteen-year-old orphan, it was already winter, snow
on the ground. "Yes, Master Michael, I will accept a punishment that you find
suitable. Thank you, Sir." She immediately went about cleaning up the mess,
not wanting to look at Michael's face. You can do this, she thought. So what,
even if it is a spanking like John talked about. How bad could it be? Anything
would be better then the streets.

Sara continued to work throughout the day, her mind always drifting back
to what would happen tonight. She thought of him giving her a spanking, his
hand slapping hard on her ass. Would she be able to stay still? How much would
it hurt? Dinner went slowly, Sara barely eating anything, nervous about

"Is everything OK, Sara?"

John's voice woke her up out of the trance she was in. "I guess, I
think it might be in trouble with Michael. I broke the last of his mother's
favorite wine glasses today and he was really mad. He is going to punish me
tonight. You don't think he will spank me, like you said, do you?"

John tried to look surprised. Michael had already called him into his
study. He wanted John to build a special padded bench for his study. He was a
little puzzled about its use, but now he knew. Michael wanted a spanking bench.
A special padded bench that would highlight Sara's ass, raising it up higher
then the rest of her body. He also had some other special requirements that
would allow complete access to her ass and position her body in a very degrading
position, opening up all kinds of options for its use. He wanted it by the
weekend. Yes, tonight she might be receiving a spanking, but it would only be
the first. Michael would make sure that she made many more mistakes by the time
the weekend came. He planned to use his new spanking bench this weekend.

"I like you a lot Sara and you have been doing a good job around here.
Yeah, you screwed up today. I told you about rich folks. They get a little
strange, Michael's friends are even worse then him. I guess this is your big
decision. You have to think about your future. You have no place to go, the
orphanage will not take you back. It's winter outside, no job, no future. Your
only option is to find a pimp on the street and become a whore. You're only
eighteen and you could probably survive doing that a few years, but you will be
worn out by twenty-one. Is that the kind of life you want? "

John was right. She did not have many options. "I know, it's just so
humiliating. I never told you, but I am a virgin. I lived at an all girls
orphanage, so we did not have any chances to date, not that anyone would want to
date an orphan. Michael just looks at me very strange some times. Leering
glances. And lately he has been rubbing and bumping up against me." Sara
looked at John, looking for an answer.

Michael sure picked himself a winner this time. A virgin. Wish I could
pop her cherries, he thought. Damn rich guys. Always getting the virgins. It
wouldn't be long before he is fucking her. She is going to be taking his cock
in every hole she has. And then his friends are going to have her. They were
even worse, more perverted. He saw some of their parties. Even the whores he
brought in were humiliated at what they were forced to perform. Well, once he
fucks her, I'll have a chance at her. A little blackmail always goes a long way
with the help. She'll do anything to stay out of trouble with Michael,
anything. "Listen, Sara, I'm not going to tell you again. Do what he says and
don't make him cross. Well, I hope to see you tomorrow." John left, his cock
hard. Lucky bastard. It will really make his cock hard when he makes the
spanking bench, knowing how it will be used. He said so many ideas of
improvements. Yes, Michael would like it very much. Maybe he will even let me
use it on Sara.

Sara went up to her room to freshen up. She checked herself in the
mirrors, blouse and skirt, high heels, dark stocking. She did look good. Maybe
Michael would go easy on her. She went down to the study, going in, Michael
sitting on one of the large overstuffed chairs, his feet on the large, padded
ottoman in front of the chair. He put down the newspaper when he saw her enter.
He already had his robe on, a bad sign. "I'm here to accept my punishment, Sir.
I know what I did wrong was bad and I will do accept whatever punishment you see
fit," hoping to get him to go easy on her.

Michael looked at her sternly. "I realize that this is your first
incident, but if I let it go lightly, I am afraid that this will continue to
happen. I am a very stern disciplinarian and believe that corporal punishment
is an excellent way to deter negative behavior. I therefore have decided that
you will be spanked tonight." Michael got up and sat down on the ottoman. "Are
you willing to accept your punishment?"

This was the moment in Sara's life when her whole life would change
because of a simple yes or no. A no and she would end up in the street, facing
an uncertain future. A yes and she would be secure in her position, but what
would be required of her. What would she have to give up? Could she live with
herself and the things that might be required of her? She knew it was not about
a simple spanking. That would just be the beginning. She knew that Michael had
other plans for her, many things that she would not like. It was either submit
or not. A simple yes or no. "Yes, Master Michael," sealing her future.

Michael smiled, pleased with the answer. He knew that he had her. No
longer would he have to feign reasons for watching her, touching her. He would
take it slow, slowly forcing her, humiliating her. "Come closer, Sara, come a
little closer," his hands reaching out to her.

Sara walked up in front of Michael, her arms at her sides. She felt his
hands reach out and touch her, placed firmly on her hips. His hands were large,
her hips small. She felt a tiny tremor running through her body. She felt her
body turned, the hands urging her on.

"Turn around, yes, that's a good girl." Michael moved his hands,
tentatively moving them up to the top of her skirt and then began to move them
slowly down her ass. "Stand still," he ordered her when he saw her begin to
move away. He moved down, his hands now placed firmly on her ass, no
hesitation, no excuses. "You have a nice ass, Sara, it is made for spanking.
Have you ever been spanked before?"

"No Sir," her voice softly answering. "Some of the other girls had been
spanked by Mr. Smith even though they would not speak about it, but I was

No, she wasn't lucky, Mr. Smith had been saving her for him. And the
other girls were spanked and caned until they gave up their virginity to Mr.
Smith. Many girls at the orphanage lost the virginity of their mouths, pussy
and assholes on Mr. Smith's desk only after receiving a severe spanking or
caning with threats of more. "You have not been so lucky here, Sara. Only a few
days and already you are to receive a spanking." His fingers continued to
linger over her ass cheeks, grabbing them tightly, moving his hands all over the
gentle swell of her buttocks. "Turn around again," his hands never leaving her
body, guiding her. "I don't want you to get your blouse messed up so I want you
to remove it now." It was not a question, it was an order.

Sara had already removed her blouse for Michael when giving him a bath,
so it did not particularly bother her. But she knew more was coming. The
familiarity of his hands on her ass showed her that he had no qualms about his
power over her. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, Michael's eyes on her the
whole time as she revealed her silk chamois. She pulled it from her skirt,
slipped it off her arms and shoulder. She held it while Michael looked at her.
She looked down and saw her nipples pushing out on the silk chamois, blushing as
Michael took the blouse from her, placing it on the chair next to him.

"You have very small breasts, but your nipples look very big. Is that
correct, or should I have you remove your top and show me?" Michael smiled,
watching as she blushed at his questions.

"No, Sir, that will not be necessary. I do have very large nipples and
the silk makes them very erect," she blurted out. She did not know why she said
so much. A simple yes would have been sufficient, but she did not want to
displease him anymore.

"I am afraid that with your skirt on, it would not hurt very much when I
spank you, so your skirt will also have to come off. Turn around again, I will
do it," his hands again guiding her around until her back was toward him. "Look
straight ahead into the mirror, I want you to watch what I do," he ordered her.
A large full-length mirror was situated in front of her. She had never noticed
it before, but now she though that it might have been placed there for this
particular reason. She watched herself as she felt hands on her ass again,
massaging her cheeks. They moved up to the buttons and unbuttoned them one at a
time until all three of them were open, hands holding her skirt up. She watched
in slow motion as her skirt slowly fell to the floor, falling into a puddle at
her feet. She looked down as her panties, white silk panties with ribbon ties
at the side, were revealed.

"Eyes straight ahead, there's extra swats for not obeying." He watched
as her eyes suddenly shot up and stared straight back at him, pleading eyes
watching him in the mirror. He stared at her silk panty covered ass, his hands
anxiously waiting to touch her ass, teasing himself. She looked simply
beautiful, though he would not tell her that. The high heels gave her legs that
long, lean look highlighted by the stockings, the dark seam running
symmetrically up her legs held up by the sexiest garter belt. He could almost
see a peek of red pussy hair pushing out from the edge of her panties. No, he
would not take her panties off tonight. That would be another time, another
time to humiliate her, to force her, to strip her body for his pleasure.

Ten more, how many was he going to give her? She stood up tall and
straight as she felt the hands returning, this time only her silk panties
standing in the way of his hands and her naked ass. She felt him lift up on her
ass cheeks, moving them around, making them dance. She felt his fingers trace
down the cheeks of her ass, her ass cheeks clenching tightly in defense. The
finger did not probe, only run up and down the taunt cheeks, teasing her. She
felt his hands move down, now off of her panties onto her naked legs, finger
running gently up and down her the soft tender inner thighs.

"Spread your legs apart, Sara." It was an order, not a request, knowing
that she passed the point of no return, she would obey whatever he would
request. His hands slipped in between her legs as she slowly parted her legs.
He pushed his hands between the parted thighs, his fingers grabbing each thigh,
pressure forcing out on them. "More, you can do better then that, Sara." He
watched as her legs shuffled out, the gap between her legs widening, his hands
molding her tight thighs. "Just a little bit more, do you like the way you look
in the mirror, Sara?"

Sara shuffled her legs a little further apart, they were now spread over
two feet, her thighs being rubbed passionately by Michael. She saw her
reflection, half-naked, her hard nipples still pushing out her chamois, her
white panties and garter belt accented by the black stockings running up her
legs, perched atop a pair of high heels. She was not sure what to answer. She
never thought of herself as beautiful, only average. She had small breasts, but
full hips and butt. "I just want to please you, Sir," hoping that it would be a
satisfactory response.

"If you pleased me, I wouldn't have to be giving you this spanking now.
I think it is time now. I want you on the ottoman. Over here, yes, now kneel
down on it, no the other way, your head facing the mirror," Michael's hands
molding her body into the position he required of her.

Sara braced herself and moved towards the ottoman. She knelt on it,
Michael turning her the other way so she would be facing the mirror, wanting her
to see what he was going to do to her. He made her get into the doggy position,
on her hands and knees. He pulled her head up, his fingers under her chin,
forcing her to look forward into the mirror. She could see his hands moving
over her flesh, running down the insides of her legs again, urging them to
spread out.

"That's a good girl, now spread your legs more, I want them very wide
this time, all the way to the side of the ottoman." He watched her knees slide
on the ottoman, her legs spreading wider and wider. She was opening up quite
well. "Yes, that's good," his hand now pushing down on her back, forcing the
front part of her body down. "Put your head down on your arms, but keep facing
forward, yes, that's good. Now arch up a little," his hands coming under her
abdomen forcing her ass out even further. "That's a good girl, now do not move,
that is the way I want you," pleased with the way she was displayed.

She felt like a trained dog, pushed this way, then that way, his voice
always talking to her. She felt her body arranged. She looked in the mirror
and could not believe it. Her ass was pushed up high, her back arched, her legs
spread wide. She could only imagine what she looked like from behind. Like a
whore, ready to be fucked. She felt hands return to her ass again, stroking her
flesh. She began to feel her pussy get wet. Oh, God, don't let him see me wet,
please, I could not stand the humiliation.

Sara looked very desirable from behind. Her legs were spread wide,
bright red pussy hair poking out from the sides of her white panties, her ass
held up high. Saturday he would have his new spanking bench. Then he would
also be able to strap her in. He let his fingers caress her ass again, her ass
tightly drawn from the strain of the position she was in. "This will teach you
to respect my property." The first slap with the flat part of his hand hit her
right cheek with a loud splat, echoing off the walls of the study.

"OOOOW," she yelled, the sharp pain of his hand on her tender ass
shooting up her spine to her brain. She tried to move but Michael's hands on
her hips held her tightly. She felt his hand rub her pained asscheeks, soothing
it, getting it ready for another. "OOOOOWW," another slap, this time to her
left cheek, again his hand hitting with a resounding slap. Hands held her
tightly, pulling her ass higher up into the air.

"You have a long ways to go, now raise up again, that's a good girl, get
your ass up in the air." He held her when she tried to move and put her back
into position. "Legs a little bit further apart," his hands moving between her
thighs, pushing out on both, spreading her open further. A quick two slap, his
hand moving from one cheek to another, one loud gasp coming from Sara's mouth.
He rubbed his hand over her cheeks, feeling the heat that he had already
produced from the spanks. He ran his fingers close to the edge of her panties,
fingers teasing the crease, running up and down. He could see that her panties
were already becoming wet. Another slap to her lower cheek on both sides, a new
spot for pain, her panties only covering part of the territory, part of her
naked flesh receiving the slaps. He watched as her ass moved seductively. He
began again, two slaps, one to each side, then his hand rubbing her flesh,
feeling the heat that the spanks were producing. Another two, gasps coming from
her lips, her hips swaying to the hand beating on her ass cheeks. "Good girl,
Sara, " his hands rubbing lower, between her thighs. He could see that her
panties were beginning to get wet. This time he gave each inner thigh a slap,
first the right, then the left. This pushed her legs out further, almost
sliding off the ottoman. He could see more red hair peeking out of her panties.
His finger slid from the top of the crease of her ass, sliding down, his finger
increasing the pressure, forcing her panties into the crease. Down further
until he reached her pussy, his finger getting wet from her panties. "Are you
getting wet from the spanking, Sara?"

Sara looked at Michael in the mirror, her face flushed. He knew, he had
felt her wet pussy, knew that she was getting excited. She did not know if it
was from being forced into this humiliating position or the spanking that was
doing it, but she almost welcomed the next slap. "Please, sir," her voice just
above a whisper. "Please."

Michael pushed one hand under her abdomen, his hand spreading out,
fingers pushed into her flesh. He pushed up with his hand, forcing her to rise
up higher, her ass pushing out. Two more quick slaps to her cheeks, his other
hand holding her up for the punishment, open and spread for him. His cock
hardened from the gasps of pain coming from her lips, the tremors running
through her body as he held her open. His hands ran over the flesh of her ass,
so tight, a young girls taunt ass cheeks. His fingers slid along the crease
again, this time her cheeks not tightening up, giving him complete access to her
most intimate region. "That's a good girl, Sara, relax, let it happen," his
finger pushing in, pushing in her panties between her cheeks. He felt her jerk
up as his finger touched her asshole, hidden from his view, but not by his
finger. He slapped her inner thighs again, her legs almost doing the split, her
panties pulling to the sides, exposing a portion of her exquisite ass. His
finger returning to the crease of her ass, looking for her asshole again. He
felt her tremble as he let it pause over her tiny asshole, rubbing her panties
in tiny circles around the small dimple. "You like your asshole played with
Sara," his finger pushing in, pushing her panties into her asshole. Her body
tried to get away from the finger, but his other hand pushed against her,
forcing her back up again, forcing her asshole onto the finger at its entrance.
Michael slapped her ass again twice, this time slapping hard into the crease,
hoping to hit her defenseless asshole.

Sara felt his fingers and hands running over her ass cheeks, pushing
into the crease of her ass. She let her cheeks relax, letting him have his way
with her, allowing him to play with her asshole, afraid of what he may do, but
also excited as it teased at the tiny hole. It pushed in harder, seeking
entrance, her body jerking away from the finger, his hand forcing her back onto
it. She saw his face in the mirror, he would not allow her to resist. Two more
slaps, her hips slowly moving left to right, his other hand guiding her, keeping
her open for his pleasure. She felt the hand just miss her asshole, hitting to
the sides of it, exciting her. What would it feel like if he hit her there, the
thrill running through her body? She felt his hand reach down lower, to her
crotch, his fingers grabbing her pussy, fat fingers tightening on her female
sex, pushing in, gripping it like it was a baseball.

Michael grabbed her pussy, pulling her backwards, opening up her sex to
him. "Four more, two each time, this time to your pussy. Now open up and keep
yourself open," his hands pushing her thighs out again, her legs almost split
open from the spread.

Sara braced her body for the final spankings. She could not believe
when he said he was going to spank her pussy, but his positioning of her body
left no doubts in her head. The last ones would be on her delicate pussy. She
could feel her pussy dripping in expectation. She knew it was going to hurt,
but she also knew that she would enjoy it at the same time. Was it the pain or
the submission that she enjoyed? She felt the hand slap her pussy twice, the
noise ringing out in the room before she even felt the pain. It seemed like
hours until suddenly the pain shot from her sex up to her brain, her delicate
pussy suffering the sharp slap of his hand directly on her spread pussy lips.
She could feel her wet panties pushed into her sex. "OOOWWW, OOOhhhh, God,
please, please," her legs bowing out trying to relieve the burning pain between
her legs.

Michael felt his hand hit her wet pussy, his fingers moistened from her
wet sex. He let his fingers linger on her pussy, feeling her pussy lips
twitching in pain between her soaked panties. Young ladies always thought that
their sex was so delicate. Michael knew better, the female sex was built for
punishment, fat puffy lips surrounding their pink insides. He loved to use a
whip to push aside the fat lips and strike their insides, watching them get wet
in response, willingly arching up again to allow him access to strike again.
Soon, Sara would find herself spread open, her arms holding her legs back and
spread, giving him access to her sex for his whip. She would cry out in pain,
but always she would allow herself to get back into position, spread and open,
waiting for another. "Two more, Sara, you are so wet, are you going to cum, cum
from getting your pussy spanked?"

Sara watched in the mirror, saw the lust in his eyes, his cock bulging
out the front of his robe as he spanked her pussy. It felt like slow motion as
his hands returned for the last two, his open hand slowly disappearing behind
her ass from her sight, the sharp, burning pain as it slammed into her pussy,
spreading apart her pussy lips by shear force, hitting her tender insides.
"AAAAGGGHH," she screamed, but remained in position, arched up high. She did
not want anymore.

Michael let his fingers run over her pussy, a fat finger pushing between
her pussy lips, sliding her panties between them, running up and down. He felt
her shudder, her hot pussy wet, waiting. Not now, he wasn't going to make her
cum yet, soon but not yet. He liked her wet and ready for whatever he desired
to inflict on her young body and he had so many that she would experience.
"You were a good girl, you took your punishment well. I hope you have learned
your lesson and you now know your position in this household. I hope I will not
have any trouble in getting you to obey all my commands."

Sara wanted to cum so bad. She also knew that she would have to submit
to whatever Michael ordered her. And she knew she would, no matter what. She
saw his reflection rise up in back of her, his hard cock pushing the front of
his robe out.

"One more thing to take care of before bed, Sara. You will no longer be
needed for my bath each night, but you will take care of one other need before I
retire each night. Now get up and come over here. I have something new to
teach you tonight. Something that will please me very much. You do want to
please me, don't you Sara?"

Michael moved over the chair, watching as Sara got up from the ottoman.
She looked so sexy, a slight glean coming from her skin, perspiration from being
bent over and spanked. Her limbs moved slowly after a long time in a bent over
and spread position, small gasps coming from her lips as her panties rubbed
harshly over her spanked ass cheeks. She was still clad in her camisole,
panties, garter belt, stockings and still perched high onto the high heels.
Michael moved the ottoman out of the way and took a small pillow and placed it
on the floor in front of him. "Come here, Sara," his finger urging her over.
"Kneel down on the pillow in front of me, yes, that's a good girl," his hands on
her shoulders urging her lower to the floor.

She was now kneeling in front of him, trembling in fear. She was not
sure what would be required of her, be she was sure that it included servicing
his cock. She was not sure whether he would require her to use her mouth or
hand, neither of which she had ever done before. His foot moved between her
legs, pushing out on her thighs, again urging her to spread her legs for him

"Kneel further apart, I like you with your legs spread so nicely, Sara.
That's good," his foot running up her thighs, pushing into her spread pussy.
"Your still wet, aren't you Sara, it is now time to service me. I am going to
teach you how to masturbate my cock. I will expect you to learn this and
perform it every night. Do a good job and you will be rewarded, due a bad job
and it will be more spankings for you." He sat forward a bit and pulled his
robe open, his hard cock springing out, Sara startled by its sudden appearance.

Sara was face to face with over eight inches of adult male cock. It
sprang out of his robe so quickly that she was startled. She had heard about
cocks before, but had not expected it to be that big. It had a large crown on
it, a dark red, a small hole in the tip, already leaking, glistening in the

"Your hands, Sara, let me have your hands," talking to her but her eyes
was mesmerized by his cock, words not sinking into her brain yet. He moved his
hands to her face, lifting her chin up. "Give me your hands, Sara, you will
have a chance to touch it now." He saw her blink and her hands moved up to his.
"Run one hand up and down the whole length of it, slowly, keeping your hand
open. Yes, that is good, hmmmm, such soft hands, Sara. Yes, all the way down,
now back up again, now back down and leave that hand there, gripping the base of
my cock. Now rub the palm of your other hand up slowly, very slowly, stroke my
cock with the palm of your hand, yes, that's good. Rub it all the way up. Yes,
now grip the crown of my cock with your fingers. Tighter now, now move it up
and down, rubbing it over the crown. Now a finger over my piss slit, yes, back
and forth. Can you feel my cum? Yes, spread it around the head of my cock.
You are getting it wet. Now open your lovely mouth and breathe on the head of
my cock. Oh, God, yes, that hot breath feels good, Sara. Have you masturbated
a cock before? No, you do it so well. You sure do this naturally, you do it
like you have been doing it for a long time.

Sara felt her hand pulled towards his cock, her hand jumping as it
touched the hot flesh. She thought it would be harder then it was. It was
still soft, hot flesh. She listened to his instructions, running her hand up
and down his cock, feeling it twitch in her hand as she ran fingers over the
huge crown. She felt his hot cum leaking from the head of it, her fingers
spreading it over the crown. She moved closer and blew on his cock as
instructed, watching it jerk up and down from her hot breath. "No, I have never
done this before, Sir," she answered, when asked if she had ever masturbated a
cock before. "Am I doing it right?" She felt Michael grab her other hand and
move it down to his balls, forcing her to hold them. It felt strange, two balls
rolling around loosely in his sack. She tightened my grip on them, hearing
Michael groan.

"Easy, Sara, easy on my balls. They have a nice load of cum for you but
you have to tease them easy." He leaned back in the chair as he watched Sara
continue to stroke his cock. She was a fast learner, her hand moving up and
down the length of it, rubbing her thumb over the my piss slit as she moved to
the head, her fingernail rubbing along the edge of the crown, teasing me. "Your
hands are great, Sara, you sure know how to do a cock."

Sara was getting wet again, the feeling of power she had as she stroked
his cock. When she slowed down, his hips would move forward, pushing his cock
in her hands, wanting more. When she squeezed his balls, she would squeeze
harder, watching his ass rise from the chair, gasps coming from his lips. She
had never done this before, but she was good and Michael continued to tell her,
complimenting her, encouraging her.

"HHHMMM, yeeahhh, that feels sooo good, Sara, that's it stroke it
faster, yeeh. I'm going to cum Sara. When I do, I want you to aim my cock at
you. I want to cum all over you. Do you understand, Sara?"

Sara had heard from the other girls at the orphanage about how a cock
would shoot out its hot cum. She wasn't sure what was going to happen. It had
shot out some already, but it just leaked out the tip. Is that all that would
happen? It would be hard for it to cum on her if that was all it did. "Yes,
Sir," her hand bending his cock back towards her, realizing that it did not bend
so easily. It forced Michael to sit up in the chair, moving closer to her, his
cock aim now at her breasts. Sara moved her hand faster, hearing Michael
panting. She felt his hot cock becoming bigger and harder, her fingers running
over the head, her other hand gently squeezing his balls, trying to make him

"GGGGGOOODD, you bitch, you're making me cuuuummmm," his body jerking
forward. Michael could feel his cum pulled from his balls by her massaging hand
on his balls, pulled forward by her masturbating hand until he felt it shoot out
the head. "AAAAAHHH," his first load of cum shooting out and spraying Sara on
her camisole, her face having a startled look as the hot cum hit her.

Sara was surprised as his first load of cum shot out. It shot out
further then she expected, hitting her with the hot load. Her hand continued to
pump his cock, her other hand squeezing the cum from his balls. The next load
shot out again, some hitting her hand as it rubbed over the head. It made it
slippery, her hand now moving faster and faster up and down his cock. Another
squeeze, another load, this one shooting out over her fist, not as much power
behind it, soaking her hand with hot cum. Faster she went, hoping to get him to
shoot again, not disappointed when he arched up one last time, hot cum leaking
from the head, running down over the crown of his cock onto her masturbating

"GGGGoddddd, you know how to make me cum, AAAHHH," shooting his hot cum
all over her. "Bitch, fuck yes, jerk me off, AAAGGHH," another load of cum
running over her hand, her other hand squeezing the cum from his balls. He
finally slumped in the chair, his cock drained. "You may go now, Sara. You did
very well, you learn well," dismissing her.

Sara got up and grabbed her clothes and left the room without dressing.
She was ashamed. She went back to her room and quickly closed the door. She
lay down on the bed, closing her eyes, the vision of her on her knees before
him, jerking him off, him cumming all over her. She moved her hand down to her
pussy and began to rub her clit, her ass arching off the bed, pinching harder on
the hard clit. "AAAAGGGHHH," she yelled, stuffing her hand in her mouth to
silence her scream in ecstasy. She could taste the cum on her hand, her tongue
racing over her digits as she came again, her mouth full of his hot, thick cum,
her camisole still wet from his cum.

Sara awoke refreshed, she always did after a nice cum. The girls at the
orphanage had taught her well. With no boys, this was the only alternative and
as they got older, it became more frequent. She was embarrassed over last
night. She had jerked off his cock and he had cum all over her. She wasn't
sure what the reaction would be when they met today. It made her very nervous.
She got dressed and went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. John was
already in, having a cup of coffee. He looked at her as she entered. "Morning
John, how are you this morning?"

"I presume everything went well last night," a slight twinkle in his

"Yes," she stammered, forgetting that John knew she was to be punished
last night. She thought she could see a funny look, a knowing look. Did he
somehow know what happened last night?

"That's good, Sara, I like you, would like you to stay around. As long
as you follow the rules and obey Michael, you will do well. Got to go, lots of
work today. Bye." He had to finish the spanking bench, it was only two more
days until Saturday. Michael was excited about the suggestions he had, Sara
would not. He could imagine her bent over the bench, her ass thrust up high,
her legs spread wide. Maybe, someday Michael would let him have her. He would
like that, fucking her from behind. Maybe fucking her asshole. He walked out
to the workshed, his cock hard, imagining.

Michael walked into the kitchen while Sara was eating, nodded to her,
grabbed his coffee and rushed out, barely even recognizing her existence. He
liked to do that, put them off guard. He would inspect her later this
afternoon, in his study where he would have privacy.

Sara said good morning to Michael, but he was gone by time the words
came out. Did last night really happen, did she imagine it? Michael didn't
even seem to notice her. Well, maybe its over with. She went about her work,
cleaning some of the rooms, Michael's room and the study. She looked at the
ottoman for long minutes, remembering her kneeling on it, Michael spanking her
ass and thighs. And then the chair, masturbating his cock until he shot his cum
on her. Back to work, got to put this out of her head. She could already feel
her pussy getting wet again. The morning went quickly, followed by a long
lunch, then back to work again. She was in the library when John found her.

"Michael would like you in the study now, Sara," watching her expression
as he told her.

Sara looked up surprised, "thank you John". Did she do anything wrong?

As soon as Sara entered the study, she knew. Michael was sitting in his
chair, the ottoman in front of him. He was wearing his robe. "I am going out
this evening, so we might as well get your chore out of the way for the day.
Come here, Sara." His voice was demanding and very matter of fact.

Sara walked over to him, her arms at her sides. "Yes, sir."

His hands reached out for her hips, pulling her towards him. His robe
briefly parted, his hard cock partially exposed. "Is your ass sore today,
Sara?" He turned her body until her back was facing him. He slapped her ass
cheek, "do I have to repeat myself," another slap to her ass.

"No, Master Michael. Yes, it was sore this morning, in fact it still
is," feeling his hands begin to casually run over her ass as if he owned her.
She felt them grab her cheeks hard, his hand compressing her ass flesh.

"Hold still while I remove your skirt again, I want to see," his fingers
undoing the buttons and quickly stripping the skirt from her body. "Step out of
it, Sara, now the blouse, remove the blouse, quickly now, I don't have all day."

Sara was quickly stripped down to her camisole, panties, garter belt and
stockings, her back to Michael. She felt the hands on her silk panties, feeling
them pinch and mold her ass cheeks.

"Legs apart, quickly now, more, that's good," her legs now over three
feet wide, perched high atop her high heels. "Now bend over and grab your
ankles with your hands and stay in the position while I inspect you. Yes, bend
over," his hand on her back, forcing her to bend in the middle, her ass pushing
out seductively into his face. "That's a good girl, now look between your legs
at me, yes, do not look away."

Sara felt humiliated as she was forced to bend over and grab her ankles.
With her legs spread, she was open, his face directly in front of her ass,
pushed out by the position before him. She looked up at him, everything upside
down. He was staring at her ass, his fingers running over her flesh, teasing
along the crease between her legs, gently pulling stray pussy hairs out, her
gasps of pain begging him to find more.

He pulled her panties tighter over her ass cheeks until he could make
out the outline of her ass crack. He pulled higher, pushing them tighter into
her pussy, her pussy lips forced to separate as they pushed in. His fingers
started tracing the crack of her ass, down to her pussy, his fingers pushing in
deeper, feeling the wetness begin to flow beneath her trapped panties. "Getting
wet again, Sara? He watched her face between her spread legs, his fingers
running up and down her split pussy lips. He slapped her ass hard, "on your
knees in front of me, quickly now," pulling open his robe, his hard cock
springing free. "Make me cum again, I don't have to teach you again, do I?"

Sara could feel her pussy getting wet again, spread open for him as he
played with her pussy through her wet panties. She stood back up again and got
down on her knees before him. "No, Sir, I know what to do to please you." Her
hand reached out to his cock, grabbing it with one hand, her other hand
searching for his hanging balls. She began to masturbate him again, her hand
moving mechanically up and down his cock, blowing on his cock with her hot
breath, squeezing his balls gently. All to make him cum.

"When I cum, make sure I shoot on your face this time. I don't want it
on your clothes. And keep your eyes open, I want to see your eyes when I cum,"
leaning back in the chair as this lovely little girl masturbated him, her small
hands stroking his cock up and down. He watched her face, only inches from his
cock as she blew on it, making it jerk in uncontrollable pleasure. She was
good. But tonight was the last night she would be masturbating him. Tomorrow,
Saturday, she would be using her mouth to satisfy him. And he would be using
his new spanking bench. He watched as he approached his climax, her hands
moving faster, knowing what she was doing to him. "Closer, move your face
closer," he ordered her as his balls finally shot the first load of cum out his
cock, hitting her directly on her nose, some already dripping down to the end.
She jerked back as the first load hit her, surprised by the hot cum. He fired
another load of hot, drippy cum on her cheek this time, almost hitting her
mouth. "Don't wipe it off until I tell you to." He grabbed her head and
pulled it forward, "jerk harder, make me cum one more load, Sara." She obeyed,
forcing another load of cum from his balls, his hands forcing her face closer.
This load shot directly onto her clenched lips, the hot load already glistening
on her lips. He moved his fingers over her lips, moving his cum around,
spreading it on her lips from one side of her mouth to the other. "Now lick
your lips clean, Sara, I don't want anything left on your lips."

Sara felt degraded as he shot his first load of cum on her face, then
another, feeling the hot, thick cum slowly dripping down her face. He had told
her not to wipe it. She felt hands grab her face, pulling it closer, ordering
her to jerk another load of cum out of him. She knew where he was going to put
the next load, clenching her lips tightly, waiting for it. She jerked his cock
until it shot out, landing on her clenched lips. Then she heard it. His
orders. Lick your lips until they are clean. She didn't want to, but she could
not resist. She had tasted his cum on her fingers last night. Cleaning her
fingers as she came, rolling his cum around her mouth as her fingers masturbated
herself to climax. She let her tongue come out and slowly roll over her lips,
grabbing up the still hot cum and pushing it into her mouth, tasting the thick,
salty fluid, her tongue on her lips again, searching for more.

"You backed your face away from my cock when I came on you. You will be
punished tomorrow night. Now get out of here, I have to get ready for tonight."

Sara grabbed her clothes and ran from the room, cum still on her nose
and cheek, tears in her eyes as she feared the punishment again tomorrow night.
She knew it would be worse then last time, not expecting it would happen so
soon. She went to her room, cuddled up in a ball, sobbing. Her fingers moved
down to her wet pussy, finding her hard clit and began to rub it, her hips
moving on the bed until she climaxed again. Her fingers wiped his cum from her
face and pushed it into her mouth as she came, her fingers trapped between her

To be Continued

Author: Powerone
Title: Maiden Maid
Part: Chapter 4
Summary: This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they
are forced to do to survive the Great Depression.
Keywords: M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, oral

Copyright 2002 and 2003 by Powerone. The author can be contacted at

This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they are forced
to do to survive the Great Depression.

Maiden Maid
Chapter 4
Sara sat up in the bed, a look of fright on her face. She felt like
something was wrong. She was not sure what it was, it was just an uncomfortable
feeling you have like when you wake up from a bad dream. It was barely dawn,
the light already starting to come through the window. She thought she saw some
movement over in the corner of the room, her head turning quickly. Her eyes
were still half closed, able to only make out a dark shadow.

"Master Michael, is that you?" A hint of terror in her voice as her
eyes finally focussed on the chair in the corner of the room. She could now see
better, Michael was sitting in the corner of the room, still dressed in the
tuxedo that he had worn out last night. He was staring at her.

"No need to be frightened, Sara. After all, this is MY house! I told
you I have a right to go anywhere in it at any time.

Sara pulled the blanket up to her neck, aware that she was only wearing
a silk negligee that highlighted her body very tightly. "I'm sorry sir, I
didn't mean it that way. I was just startled to see you there. I did not hear
you come in."

"You will have to get use to me, I intend to make full use of my house
and that includes your room. Now quickly get out of bed and come over here. It
is Saturday and you have many chores to do for the day. And tonight you will be
punished again for your insolence last night. Now hurry, I don't have all day
to wait for you!"

Sara jumped out of the bed quickly at the mere mention of the punishment
tonight. She did not want to do anything that would further jeopardize what she
was sure would already be painful and humiliating. She straightened out her
negligee, the silky fabric clinging to her body like a second skin. It went
down to a little ways past her knees, but she felt naked even with it covering
her body. The top was low cut, allowing ample naked flesh to the eyes, a slit
cut down between her breasts, revealing her abundant cleavage. The rest of the
garment clung to her body, highlighting her hourglass waist, her tight ass and
you could almost discern her sex mound.

Michael watched as she moved towards him, her hips swaying seductively,
her bare feet lightly tapping on the floor. He had been out all last night
drinking with his friends. Naturally there was many woman they met, but he did
not want them last night. Every since he began to teach Sara how to satisfy his
sexual urges, that is all he could think about. He had been sitting in the
chair for over an hour, watching Sara sleeping, the sunrise slowly bringing its
light into the room. He could see the innocence in her face, the innocence that
he would soon take from her. He had watched her breathing, his cock becoming
hard as he imagine her hands stroking it. When her mouth opened slightly, he
imagined his cock slipping between her sensuous lips, her hot breath bathing his
cock. He could not wait until tonight, no, he wanted her to satisfy him now.

Sara saw his hands outstretched, urging her forwards towards him. Was
he going to make her jerk off his cock again and shoot all over her face? She
moved forward, not wanting to make him angry, already having to submit to
punishment tonight. She stared straight ahead as she felt his hands already
begin to run over her body. His hands grabbed her hips, naked beneath the
negligee and turn her until her back was to him. She felt his hands slide over
her ass cheeks, his fingers clenching on them. She let her ass cheeks relax,
knowing the punishment for tightening her cheeks and refusing to allow him
complete access to her body.

Michael just loved the feel of her flesh beneath his fingers, his cock
hard as he ran his hands over her haunches, feeling her young body. "Your legs,
spread your legs for me," he ordered her. He saw her legs move outward, drawing
the negligee tighter on her body. He let his hands slide down between her legs
until he reached the bottom of the negligee, then moving up again, this time the
negligee pushed aside as he did. His hands reached the juncture of her thighs,
feeling the hairy mound of her sex, his cock jumping in his pants as he
visualized the red hair pussy she has. He wanted to see her naked and he wanted
to see her now. "I want to watch as you take a bath. Run the water for it
while I get more comfortable."

Sara had never been completely naked before him. Now he wanted her to
strip for him and take a bath while he watched. Hesitantly she moved to the
bath, putting the drain plug in and running the hot water. She watched as
Michael moved his chair over to the tub, sitting it prominently at the head of
the tub. He would have an unobstructed view of her from the front. She put in
some bubble bath, hoping that it might obscure some of his view when she got
into the water.

"Turn towards me, Sara. Lower the straps of your negligee. I have
never seen your breasts naked before, but I do see your hard nipples pointing
out. I remember you told me you had large nipples. I am soon to find out.
Slowly, tease me a little, Sara," laughing as he said it.

She was always proud of her breasts though they were on the small side.
Some of the other girls had large breasts and she knew that in five years they
would be hanging down to their belly button. She allowed the straps of the
negligee to slide slowly down her arms, one hand crossed in front of herself,
keeping the negligee from falling down in the front and exposing her breasts.
She allowed the top to lower, her hands clutching her breasts, hiding them from
Michael's view as she pulled her arms out of the straps. Her hand was the only
thing keeping the negligee up in the front. She saw Michael move his hand down
to his pants, his fingers sliding the zipper down. He reached inside and
grabbed his cock, brining it out, his hand gripping it tightly.

"You make my cock hard, Sara, you know what you are going to have to do,
don't you?"

She looked at his hand, stroking the huge cock as he watched her. Soon
he would force her to do it, stroke it until he came again. "Yes, sir," she

"Your tits, let me see your tits," Michael getting impatient.

Startled, Sarah let the negligee fall to her waist, her breasts now
naked for the first time to Michael. Her hands hung uselessly to her side,
unable to decide what to do with him, humiliated at having to strip before him.

Michael licked his lips when he saw her. Her pink nipples, pointed,
surrounded by the dark areola, her skin around it an alabaster white. Redheads
always had pale complexions, susceptible to the suns burning rays. That is what
always intrigued him about her, that and the redhead bush she would have. Her
cock jerked in anticipation of that vision. He saw her staring straight-ahead,
not wanting her eyes to meet his, her humiliation almost complete. First he
wanted her completely naked. "Touch your nipples with your fingertips, make
them hard for me, Sara."

Her hand moved up as she cringed at the suggestion. While she did
masturbate often, more often lately as Michael had forced her to strip and
service him sexually, she had never done it in front of anyone else. At least
not a male, she had masturbated occasionally with some of the girls at the
orphanage. She felt her nipples harden as soon as she touched them, more
sensitive then usual. Her fingers played with the hardened buds, running her
sharp fingernails over the tips, the pain mixing with the pleasure as she did.
She always received a masochistic pleasure in sexual pain, often pinching her
nipples harder then she should have.

Michael watched her playing with her nipples, her eyes slightly closed,
caught up in the pleasure of the moment. He could see her hips gently rolling,
imagining how wet she was. "Wet your fingers and play with your nipples, Sara."
His cock jerked as two fingers pushed into her mouth, her tongue running over
them, Michael imagining that it was his cock. She was teasing him, running her
fingers in and out, like they were his cock.

Sara could not believe what she was doing, acting like she was sucking
his cock, her lips wrapped tightly around her fingers, her tongue running over
them, getting them wet with her saliva. Her fingers moved down, lightly
touching her nipples, the cold wet fingers sending a shiver through her body.
She could feel her pussy getting wetter, glad she was going to get into the
bath, hoping she would avoid Michael's detection. She had never felt her
nipples so big before, it almost felt like they were going to explode. She
teased the tip with her fingernail, running the sharp point over it before
running it around her areola, tiny goose bumps appearing as they scarped
pleasurably over it. She was suddenly snapped out of her sexual dream by
Michael's voice.

"Strip off the negligee, I want to see that red-headed bush." His hand
stroked his cock with broad strokes, watching as she slowly stripped for him.
Her hands pulled the negligee up from the bottom, pulling it up over her head,
slowly revealing her naked legs, higher up until Michael could finally see her
bush. He thought he was going to cum as Sara pulled it above her waist, her
naked pussy, hidden by a large red bush. God, he had never seen anything like
it before. He always had a desire for a redheaded girl, but could never find
one before. It was Mr. Smith's phone call from the orphanage, telling him of
Sara that excited his cock so much. It had been expensive, but Michael was not
going to miss out this chance. It was worth every penny he spent on her. Her
pubic hair was just like the hair on her head, a bright red. And it was in
abundance. He normally shaved his girls, not this one.

Sara dropped the negligee on the floor, standing naked in front of
Michael. She looked at him, his eyes not on her face, but staring intently at
what was between her legs. It was so embarrassing to stand while he openly
ogled her. Her hands clenched, at her sides, waiting for further instructions.

"Such a beautiful red bush, but I must see your cunt. Peel your pussy
lips back, let me see the pink of your pussy. Spread your legs open wide."

Her legs parted, spreading to over two feet. Her hands moved to the
front of her, running over her pussy, not doing as he said yet, just lightly
touching her mound. Her pussy hair was silky smooth, just like her long red
hair on her head. Her fingers pushed between the fine hair until she grabbed
her pussy lips ever so gently and began to peel them back, feeling the cool air
of the room running over her wet pussy. Sara pulled them back until she could
feel a slight twinge of pain, holding herself open to Michael gaze. Her face
turned crimson in humiliation, naked, her own hands spreading her most intimate
opening for his inspection. "Yes, sir," she replied.

"So lovely, Sara, your pink insides, framed by that beautiful red bush."
Michael's hand continued to stroke his cock his cock. "Get into the bathtub. I
want to watch you bathe."

Sara lowered herself into the hot tub water, wanting to hide her shame
of being so wantonly exposed to Michael. She grabbed the soap and washed her
body, ignoring Michael sitting next to the tub, stroking his cock as he stared
so blatantly. She tried to put him out of her mind as she went about her bath,
often times she was shocked back to reality by his commands. Stand in the tub
and wash your pussy. Turn around and spread your ass cheeks apart and wash.
Each time she begrudgingly obeyed. Finally she was finished and stood in the
tub, drying her body as the tub drained.

"Come over her, Sara." Michael's hands were outstretched as she stood
before him. He let the towel slip to the floor, moving her so she was between
his legs, one hand moving behind her and one hand in front. "Spread your legs
again, this time farther," he ordered. His face was only inches from her pussy,
the sweet scent of the bath oil covering her body. His hands caressed her
supple skin, rubbing her so sensuously as he did. One hand moved up and cupped
her breast, pinching at the pert nipple, bringing it erect again. He pinched it
harder, feeling her feet shuttle back and forth, but her hands did not try to
prevent his actions. He squeezed the nipple harder, seeing it turn a darker red
as he squeezed the blood to the tip. He twisted the nub, a small moan coming
from her lips as he did. Still she did not move or attempt to stop him.

Her teeth were clenched as Michael dug his fingers into her nipple,
twisting the delicate morsel harshly. It hurts so bad, but she did not move,
fearing further punishment tonight it she disobeyed him. "MMMmmm," she

His hand slipped down the flat plane of her stomach until his fingers
were tangled in her red bush. He allowed his fingers to play with the silky
strands, twisting them with his fingers and pulling them. He could hear some of
the hairs tearing out, tiny yelps escaping from her mouth as they were yanked
painfully out. He grabbed her sex mound with his whole hand, gripping her like
she was a ball. When she bucked her hips backward to escape the groping hand,
his other hand was waiting, gripping her ass cheeks tightly, one finger snuggled
tightly between her cheeks, his fingertip nestled snuggly against her delicate
asshole. A quick snap of that finger against her asshole, piercing her opening,
sending her hips scrambling forward again into the grip of his hand.

Sara felt her body being manhandled by Michael, a finger pressed into
her asshole, feeling strange as it kept her open, the finger moving against her
sphincter, rubbing it. His other hand was now pushed between her pussy lips,
already covered with her juices, her body betraying the effect Michael was
having on her. One finger rubbed up and down her slit, moving all the way down,
up and over her vagina, rubbing the tight opening, before moving up to her clit
and rubbing the hard bud that had already poked out of its protection.

Michael began to masturbate Sara, wanting to hear her burst into an
orgasm. He saw her hips moving back and forth, forcing the finger in her
asshole to penetrate her deeper, her asshole clenching on the invading digit as
it did. Her pussy was soaked, covering his fingers with her juices, the smell
of her sex permeating the room. His finger poked inside her virgin body,
feeling the tightness as she clenched on the invading fingers. Her asshole,
though not lubricated, sucked his finger in deeper each time she forced her hips
backward. Her heard her groan in pain as the finger in her asshole rasped
harshly up her back passage, unable to stop the duel ravishment of her virgin

Sara could feel the beginning of an orgasm coming over her. While she
had cum from her own fingers, this was different. She was stripped naked, all
of her treasures exposed to Michael's eyes and fingers, forced to spread her
legs and let him have his way with her. The finger in her asshole tore into her
being, having never felt so violated as she did now. It pushed around inside
her, like a tiny animal, moving back and forth, never resting, continually
stimulating her body. It hurt, but it also made her pussy wetter. The forced
masturbation of her body was overcoming all of her senses. She felt two fingers
now stretching open her pussy, banging up against her hymen, forcing her asshole
back on the fat finger pressed. "MMMMM," she groaned, a mixture of pain and

Michael moved forward, grabbing one of Sara's clenching hands, placing
it on his hard cock. "Stroke it nicely while I make you cum," he ordered her,
watching as her delicate hand began to run up and down his hard cock, squeezing
the head of his cock as she passed over it, her fingernail rubbing just
underneath the bulbous head, making it jerk in response. "Yes, such a good
girl, Sara," a second finger joining the first in her asshole, a yelp in pain
escaping her mouth as she jerked forward onto the fingers banging against her
virginity. "Careful, I don't want to take your virginity yet, it will be my
cock that will do that tonight."

Sweat began to run down Sara's body, the hot water of the bath and the
increasing rapid movement of her body on the masturbating fingers overheating
her body. She felt his thumb push against her clit, pushing it hard against her
pubic bone, moving it back and forth. Her hips began to gyrate in rhythm,
moving left to right. She felt the fingers inside her pull up on her body,
straining onto her tiptoes to relieve some of the pressure, balancing
precariously on Michael's fingers. She felt her body shuddering, her pussy and
asshole tightening on the fat fingers, clenching and unclenching as she began to
lose herself to the orgasm that began to overtake her. Her toes ached from the
perched position, her thighs hurting from the obscene spread of her legs, but
her pussy climaxed wetly over the fingers inside her. Her toes gave out, her
feet moving flat on the ground, the fingers not relenting, driving her pussy
deeper onto them, almost taking her virginity with it. She arched backwards
when she felt her hymen stretching, forcing her to take the two fingers
stretching her asshole all the way in until Michael's knuckles banged against
her asshole. "OOOOOWW, MMMMM, GGGGGoDDDDDD," Sara cried as she came again, the
fingers still twisting and turning inside her, her clit still smash by his
grinding thumb.

Michael smiled as she came, her juices covering her fingers, more
aggressive now, making her feel the power he had over her body, twisting
painfully inside her asshole, stretching her open. Her hands jerked his cock,
her fingers moving faster, holding it tighter, pulled the foreskin back and
forth. Michael gritted his teeth, holding back an orgasm. He had other plans,
he wanted to shoot his cum in her mouth as soon as she finished cumming. She
must have cum at least three times until she finally slumped down, his fingers
the only thing holding her up. He pulled his finger out of her asshole, her
sphincter fighting their removal as he did. Finally out they popped, his
fingers in her pussy sliding wetly along her cum soaked pussy. He could see her
dew on the red hair of her pussy, glistening in the early morning light. He
lowered her to the floor, Sara not realizing what was transpiring, her body just
too exhausted to stop anything. Michael knew that this was the time to take
advantage of the situation.

A pillow was placed on the floor in front of her, Michael helping her
kneel onto it. She saw him stand up, her hand still moving gently back and
forth over his cock, now slippery with his leaking cum. He moved closer to her,
her face now level with his cock, her hand jerking the hard cock towards her
mouth. It suddenly dawned on her what Michael planned to do. He wanted to put
his cock in her mouth and make her suck him. She was sure that he would not let
her take it out when he came, no, he would want her to swallow it. Before she
had a chance to protest, fingers in the corner of her mouth pushed in, forcing
her to open wide, the hot flesh of Michael's cock forced inside, leaving a trail
of leaking cum in its path. Her tongue moved in response, salaciously moving
over the head. Her tongue had meant to lick the salty cum from her lips but had
instead provided a startling reaction from Michael, a short burst of cum
shooting out from the end into the confines of her hot mouth. Her mouth closed
in reaction, her teeth clamping down on the flesh filling her mouth, biting into
the hard flesh.

"OOWW," yelled Michael in pain, "you bitch," pulling his cock painfully
from her mouth, his hand swinging back and slapping her hard across the face,
her cheek already turning red. He grabbed her head tightly, his fingers pushing
in on the sides, lifting her face up towards hers. "You will pay for that
tonight, Sara," her eyes already watering from the pain of the slap. "I better
not feel your teeth again!"

Her head rattled by the slap, her hands clenching in pain as her head
was held tightly, she felt Michael's cock again bang against her mouth. Fearing
what was already going to happen to her tonight, she opened her mouth slightly,
his large cock taking her brief surrender to force its way into the depths of
her hot mouth. She quickly covered her teeth with her lips as it slid in, the
bulbous head now securely in, her lips wrapped around the base of the crown of
his cock. She trembled in fear, her heavy breathing igniting the cock in her
mouth to jerk about.

"Now hold the head in there just like that. Be a good girl and I will
feed you some of my hot cum," he laughed, watching the sweet lips of this
innocent girl wrapped around his cock, her eyes searching for relief from the
terrible task he was asking from her. The only relief she would find is when he
unloaded his sperm into her stomach, he thought. "Now run your tongue over it,
very slowly, make sure you get the tip, taste the cum," his hands still holding
her still on his cock. He moaned in pleasure as the tongue caressed his hard
cock, feeling it jerk in response. "MMMM, so much better, Sara, you are a
natural cocksucker. You just need a little training and a little punishment to
keep you in line, but I can provide both of them. Now take it a little deeper."
He pushed on his hips all the while holding her head still, his cock sliding
over her wet lips, moving deeper into her mouth. "Rub your tongue under the
crown of my cock. Oh, yeah, sssso good, Sara."

The cock pushed deeper into her mouth. She feared that he would soon
reach the back of her mouth, the entrance to her throat. She feared that would
not stop him, he would continue on, forcing it deeper as she choked on it. She
ran her tongue over it, feeling the veins sticking out, every bump and ridge on
it. She could taste the salty, thick cum leaking out, the texture sitting on
her tongue. He tilted her head up, straightening out her throat, his hips
pushing his cock in and out of her mouth, her lips smacking loudly on it as she
tried to make it as tight as possible for his cock.

"Deeper, Sara, I want you to take it deeper now. Take a big breath and
begin to breathe through your nose." Michael began to slowly let his cock slip
through her lips, each time more of it was pushed into her mouth. He put both
of his hands at the back of her head, knowing that soon she would try to move

"AAAGGGHH," Sara choking, her stomach almost feeling like she would
vomit as the head of his cock pushed into the back of her mouth. It was just
like the doctor when he put the stick in the back of your mouth to check your
throat. Only this stick was bigger, a large, fleshy hot cock. She felt the
hands on her head tighten, not allowing her to move. It pulled out, but
immediately pushed back in again. "GGGGGLLLUUUGGG," this time the gagging worse
as she was forced to swallow the head of his cock. "MMMMGGG," trying to breathe
through her nose, the cock feeling like it was suffocating her. She could feel
it swell inside her throat, her gagging, forcing her throat muscles to grab at
it, milking it. She could feel it jump and move in her throat, each time her
stomach would turn, the choking almost continuous.

"That's it, Sara, breathe through your nose, relax, let it happen."
Michael could feel her body shuddering, panic setting in. She was having
trouble breathing. He pulled his cock out until only the head was inside her
lips. "Take a deep breathe, you are going to have to learn to swallow it." He
pushed with his hips again, hearing her sucking in air in expectations of what
would happen. It hit the back of her throat again, his saliva and cum covered
cock sliding easily along her throat passage and down inside again. Again, Sara
choked and gagged, this time not as much as before. "You're learning," his
fingers grabbing the base of his cock, pumping it as he continued to fuck her
face. He pushed hard with his cock, burying over two inches of cock inside her
throat. He looked down, her throat bulging out.

Sara struggled but it did no good. Michael held her firmly by the hair,
her mouth now only a receptacle for his cock. She did not know how much more
she could stand, her throat burning as he used her face like a pussy, fucking it
with his cock. Her throat was sore, the gagging and choking taking its toll on
her body. She had to get it over with. She had to make him cum. As much as
she hated the thought of him dumping his sperm in her mouth, she had to stop the
fucking of her face. She began to run her tongue around the cock, swirling it
as she did. Her hands reached up and grabbed his balls, hot and heavy, swollen
in lust. She began to grasp them lightly, feeling each ball inside, massaging
them, hoping to force the cum from them.

"Make me cum, Sara, that's sssssoo good, milk the cum from my balls."
He could feel her soft hands rubbing his balls, her hot lips wrapped tightly
around his cock, her tongue bathing it with her saliva and her throat crammed so
tightly with his cock. He would not be able to hold out much longer. He needed
to cum and he needed to cum now. He plucked his cock out of her throat, wanting
her to taste his cum as he shot off. "Pump my cock with your hand. Make me cum
inside your mouth."

Her other hand grabbed his cock by the base and began to use broad
strokes up and down the hard flesh, dragging the skin back and forth, her other
hand massaging the cum from his balls. His cockhead sat heavily on her tongue,
her tongue moving along the rim of the crown, licking at it. She could feel the
cum rush from his balls, her hand squeezing tightly onto them as they released
their hot fluids. Her lips felt it shoot up the hard rod, the cock jerking as
it shot out the first rope of cum, the hot, salty fluid shooting out to the back
of her throat. "GGGGGGGGHHHH," she choked as it quickly filled her mouth. Her
hand pumped harder, rewarded with a second powerful blast of cum shooting out.
She gulped, swallowing the first shot, her mouth very rapidly filling.

Michael pushed with his hips, emptying his balls of his sperm into her
virgin mouth. He saw her eyes open wide as her mouth was suddenly filled with
his sperm, unable to believe the large amount of fluid he was pumping inside.
Tears ran down her face, choking as some shot down her throat. Her hands were
busy, stroking and milking while her mouth continued to suck down his cum.
Another load shot inside, small trickles of his cum running from the corner of
her mouth. Her throat bobbed up and down, swallowing the copious amount of cum
he was giving her. Her tongue swirled over his piss slit, his cock jerking in
response, another load of cum shooting out.

Sara could not believe that he had that much sperm. She kept
swallowing, unable to contain all of it in her mouth, some leaking down her
chin. The thick, salty cum filled her oral orifice. The cock kept pumping out
more cum, her lips aching from spreading so tightly around the cock, her tongue
hanging uselessly, pinned down to the bottom of her mouth by the hard cock.
"GGGUUULLLP," her stomach starting to groan from being filled with so much
fluid. She felt the cock begin to soften in her mouth, having shot out four
loads of cum, emptying his balls. The rubbery flesh sat in her mouth, covered
in her saliva and his cum.

"Lick it off as I take it out. You must always clean my cock when I
fuck you," Michael ordered her. He felt her lips tighten as he slowly drew his
cock from her mouth, pulling hard as her tongue raced over it. It finally
popped out of her mouth, a loud sucking sound coming from her lips as it
escaped. Michael looked down at her, her tear stained face, her lips red and
wet, covered in his cum, dried cum on her chin. "You did a good job of sucking
my cock, Sara," he exclaimed. "But you are still going to be punished tonight,
especially for biting my cock." He got up, grabbing a towel and his clothes,
leaving Sara still kneeling on the floor as he shut the door.

John was pleased with his accomplishment. Sitting in the middle of the
library sat the punishment bench he had built for Michael. It was a heavy
wooden structure. The bench itself was about two and a half feet off the floor.
Heavy wooden legs held it up. It was about the right height for fucking. In
the front of the bench was a pillory. A large heavy board went along the front,
a hinged board above it, with three holes cut into it, two for the arms and one
for the head. A clasp would keep the two pieces secured together, preventing
the victim from moving her arms or head. Hair could be tied back, keeping the
head in an upright position, leaving the mouth open for a cock to fuck. The
back pillory was adjustable, with six holes for the legs, allowing for varying
degrees of spread. The board would also slide forward or back, forcing the
victim's ass up into the air as it pushed towards the front. The whole base was
carpeted. Running along parallel to the body was a board, in the shape of a
pyramid. This could be lowered or raised, pressed between the legs of the
victim. If pushed up high enough, it would split apart the labia of the female,
forcing her to ride the ridge edge. Small spring loaded clamps were attached to
the base under the victims chest. They would be snapped onto hanging nipples,
the tension of the spring pulling them harshly to the base.

"Very nice, John, you did a beautiful job. Sara is going to enjoy it
tonight. She will be made to pay for biting my cock tonight." Michael's cock
was already hard in anticipation.

To Be Continued

Author: Powerone
Title: Maiden Maid
Part: Chapter 5
Summary: This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they
are forced to do to survive the Great Depression.
Keywords: M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, oral

Copyright 2002 and 2003 by Powerone. The author can be contacted at

This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they are forced
to do to survive the Great Depression. Sara is an 18-year-old orphan during the
depression and life is hard. In Chapter 1 and 2, Sara is given a job as a maid
for Michael. In Chapter 3 she is spanked for breaking a glass and is forced to
masturbate Michael's cock. In Chapter 4, Michael takes further sexual liberties
with her young body including teaching her how to suck his cock.

Maiden Maid

Chapter 5-The Punishment

Sara's ass arched up as Michael's cock plowed painfully into her virgin
passage. Her head raised up and she screamed as it felt like a red-hot poker
was thrust into her vagina, tearing apart her hymen in one cruel thrust that
forever took her innocence from her body. Her body was already sore from the
punishment Michael had inflicted on her body as she was bent over and tied to
the punishment bench. If that had not been enough to smash her innocence, the
rape of her pussy as she was bent over the upholstered chair was even worse.
She was forced to present herself, open and naked on the chair. She was
kneeling on the seat, her upper body hanging over the top of the chair, her
breasts hanging down. Her legs were spread wide, touching the arms of the
chair. She could feel her pussy lips and ass cheeks spread open. She trembled
in fear as she heard Michael behind her removing his clothing, his hard cock
placed against open pussy.

Before that night, Sara could not concentrate, her thoughts only of the
punishment that Michael would inflict on her body tonight. She had accidentally
brushed her teeth against his cock as she sucked it, Michael screaming in pain
at the act. After forcing her to swallow his seed, he had left the room,
leaving her to think about what evil punishment that he would inflict on her
tonight. Sara kept busy all day, but she continued to dread the punishment.
She was aghast when she entered Michael's study to bring him his lunch and saw
the punishment bench. It stood out in the center of the room, a massive wood
structure laced with leather straps.

Michael looked up when she entered, smiling as he saw her eyes feast
upon the punishment bench, wide open in terror at the thought of her bondage in
the device. "John did a good job, don't you think?"

Sara could not believe that John was behind the evil contraption. She
had thought of him as her only friend in the house, now she was confronted with
the knowledge that he knew and condoned what Michael had and was going to force
her to submit to. Each time she would see him now, she could only imagine the
thoughts behind his eyes. Was he like Michael, only wanting to take advantage
of her situation and have her submit to him sexually? Her eyes looked over the
device, from the pillory device in the front that would hold her head and arms
tight, to the back pillory with the numerous holes for varying degree of spread
on her legs. She did not notice the board that could be raised to split her
pussy lips apart and force her to ride the sharp ridge. Nor did she see the
bright shiny clamps that would bite into her nipples, springs putting tremendous
tension on them, pulling her nipples far from her body.

"Please, Sir, I will obey you, do not punish me on that evil
contraption," she cried out, her eyes pleading to Michael.

"You must learn your position here, Sara and tonight will be your next
lesson. Now leave my food and be off with you. Unless of course you want me to
increase your punishment for tonight?"

"No, Sir, no," rushing out of the room. She went back into the kitchen,
her face red in shame as she saw John staring at her when she entered. She went
into the pantry, a small room lined with shelves on one side, holding the
provisions for the house. She could not face looking at John, knowing what she
would have to endure tonight at the hands of Michael and that John was
instrumental in her punishment. She was grabbing some cans of food when she
heard someone enter the narrow pantry. She heard the voice of John and then
felt his body against hers, pushing her against the shelves. She was pinned
within the tiny confines of the pantry.

"I hear you have seen my handiwork. Michael has promised me some time
with you strapped into it. He allows me wide latitude in punishing the maids at
the manor and you will be no exception. If you want some leniency with me, you
better learn to obey and please me."

"I thought you were my friend, someone I could trust and depend on?"
Sara felt John moving behind her, pushing hard against her. She felt his hands
move up and touch her waist, pinning her tightly to the shelves.

John moved his head towards her, his hot breath on her neck. "You will
be more then a friend to me, Sara. Much more then a friend. I have such nice
things I will do to you and you will do to me. Now, raise your hands up onto
the top shelf. Higher, all the way up." Her hands moved up, slowly climbing up
the shelves until they were almost extended up. "Yes, that is good. Now hold

Sara trembled in fear as Johns hands began to move over her body. His
hands slid up from her waist, slowly moving up her sides, Sara knowing that they
were heading for her unprotected breasts, now thrust up high by her outstretched
arms. She felt so vulnerable, pinned tightly to the shelves, feeling John's
hard cock already rubbing sensuously against her ass cheeks. She pushed back on
her ass in sudden response as his hands touched the soft swell of her breasts.

"Yes, push back a little from the shelves, but keep your ass tightly
against my cock. I want to be able to touch your body. You like that, don't
you Sara. You like being made helpless, unable to stop the ravishment of your
own body. I bet your pussy is soaking wet by now. I will soon find out. I am
going to make you cum, Sara. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Sara. Forced to
cum for me."

Sara felt the hands slowly move over the sides of her breasts, fingers
running over the flesh held tightly within the silk camisole. She could feel
her nipples already hardening in anticipation when the fingers would touch them.
She knew he was right, she could feel the dampness between her legs. Ashamed at
her own behavior she pushed out from the shelves, knowing that she was allowing
him complete access to her body. She pushed her ass against him, feeling the
hard cock in his pants rubbing against her cheeks. "No, please don't," she
begged, but moved her ass sensuously against the hard cock. She felt a tongue
push into her ear, a small groan of pleasure escaping from her lips as the wet
digit moved around in her ear canal.

John's hands moved forward, grabbing her up-thrust breasts fully within
his large hands. He squeezed them tightly, feeling her push against his cock,
straining in his pants for release. "Such nice tits, Sara." His fingers sought
out her nipples, large points protruding her dress out. He grabbed each one of
them tightly between two fingers and began to apply pressure. "Do you like it
when I squeeze them tight? Does the pain feel good?" He twisted them left and
right, pinching harder to make sure they did not escape his grasp. He felt them
get bigger from the manual ministration of his fingers.

"OOOOOHHHH," Sara moaned as her body shuddered in pleasure. Her nipples
hurt and at the same time she felt a tremor of excitement move through her body
as her breasts were roughly fondled for John's enjoyment. "Ouch" she cried and
arched her ass sharply back onto his cock as he gave her a brutal pinch of her
nipple. "OWWW," again she moved back as he did it again.

His fingers tore at her nipples, making her push back on his cock. Each
time his cock jerked in appreciation as her silky ass moved over the front of
his pants. He continued to pinch them hard, her ass simulating a fucking motion
on his cock. "You are going to be a hot fuck, Sara. Too bad that Michael will
get you first. But that pussy will still be tight when I fuck it. Yeah, nice
and tight. Keep fucking back on me."

Sara lowered her hands as she felt the hands move over the front of her
dress, plucking open the buttons, spreading the front open, the fat hands
yanking the top of her dress off her shoulders, the camisoles straps falling
down off her shoulders at the same time. She felt the cool air blow across her
naked breasts now, the nipples so hard they hurt. She did not have to wait for
long before the hands returned, this time to her naked flesh, the harsh fingers
moving over her small breasts, grabbing the dark colored areolas, fingernails
digging into the tender flesh. His fingers moved so fast it felt like more then
two hands ravishing her breasts, pinching and pulling on the nipples. They
pulled her breasts out from her body, his fingers anchored tightly to the
nipples. A quick twist brought a sharp yelp from her mouth, her ass pushing
hard against his cock. She could only imagine how she looked, her arms high
above her head again, her dress and camisole hanging from her waist, naked from
the waist up. She was moaning in pleasure as his hands abused her body, her ass
rising and falling onto his pant covered hard cock.

"Let's see if that pussy is wet," John's hands sliding her dress down
over her hips, the material straining to keep from bursting. His fingers moved
over her abdomen, pushing in hard, forcing her ass back hard on his cock again.
"Spread your legs, Sara. Be a good girl and spread your legs for me."

Her legs spread open, John's feet moving between hers, forcing her to
spread them wider. Her dress was crumpled at her feet, standing half-naked, her
panties now the only clothes remaining. She did not have to wait for long
before she felt the hands again, fingers running down the sides, searching out
and finding the tightly knotted ribbons holding the silky material together.
The fingers fumbled for long seconds before she felt the garment flutter to the
floor. "AAAAHH," she shuddered in pleasure as she felt the rough skin of John's
hands move down over her abdomen until it reached the top of her pubic mound,
fingers intertwining in the silky red hair.

John pushed his finger between her pussy slit, his fingers gliding
effortlessly down the wet slit. His finger touched the opening to her pussy,
feeling the tightness as he pressed in with the tip of his finger. "Michael
will enjoy you pussy tonight. So tight." His fingers moving around the
opening, her hips moving in circles to the fingering of her virgin cunt. "So
wet, you enjoy being taken against your will, don't you Sara," his fingers
running up and down her slippery slit, the wet fingertips making her body
shudder as it touched her erect clit. He felt her move her naked ass back onto
his cock and knew that he needed relief soon. "Reach back and take out my cock,
Sara. I want to feel your naked ass," he ordered her.

"No, please don't make me," but her hands were already moving behind
her, quickly unsnapping his pants, John helping to push them to the floor. He
almost came when her hot hands touched his rock-hard cock, it jerking in

"Arms back up," he ordered her, now completely naked and spread open
before him. He reached down and spread her ass cheeks apart, her unprotected
asshole exposed to his gaze. She jerked forward when the hot rubbery head of
his cock touched the tiny opening. "Back, push back," he ordered. He slapped
her ass hard, the sound ringing out in the tiny room. "Now back, rub against my

"Yelch," she cried as his hand stung her naked ass cheek. She pushed
back on his cock, feeling the huge slab of hot meat rubbing sensuously over her
exposed bottom. She could feel the head of his cock, sticky with cum rubbing
onto her tiny anus, her body shivering in the fear that he would push it in and
sodomize her. He had heard some of the girls talk about it at the orphanage and
they revealed how painful and humiliating it was to have such a huge organ
pushed into such a tiny orifice. They had screamed in pain as they were
sodomized, sometime for up to twenty minutes, the cocks tearing in and out of
their back passage as they were bent over, spread open like a dog.

John grabbed her tightly by the hips, his huge hands gripping the flesh.
He began to rotate her back and forth over his cock, his cum dripping and
glimmering on her naked flesh as he masturbated on her naked ass. "Yes Sara,
make me cum," his fingers reaching down to her naked sex, his finger finding her
clit and pinching it tightly.

"AAAghh," she cried, arching back onto the cock, almost driving it up
her ass as she did. Another sharp pinch, forcing her to dry fuck his cock with
her ass. She felt him clench her ass cheeks together tightly, his cock forced
between them, rubbing up and down the split between them, the head pushing down
on her exposed asshole. "No," she cried, she could feel the first shudders of
an orgasm rippling through her body. "NNOO," not like this she thought, naked
and spread, dry humping a hard cock in her ass cheeks.

"Yes, cum for me Sara, cum with me," his finger continuing to abuse her
sensitive clit as she humped his cock. He pumped her hips up and down, her body
covered in sweat, her hips moving faster and faster as her orgasm approached.

Her head rose up and she cried out, "GGGGOOODD," her ass thrust back as
far as she could, her cum running down the insides of her thighs as she came
from John's ministrations of her body. She felt him jerk her back onto his cock
and hold her as his cock began to pump out his hot cum all over her naked flesh,
running down the crack of her ass to mix with her cum on her thighs. Another
orgasm hit her as she felt a powerful burst of his cum hit directly on her
asshole, almost feeling like it was entering her. The head of his cock entered
the inside of her rectum, expanding it open on the slippery cum lubricating her
back passage. She groaned in pain as she felt another burst of cum, this time
entering her rectum.

John could not contain himself as he came. His cock had accidentally
entered her asshole and it was only a large amount of self-control, fearing the
consequences of what Michael would do to him if he did that, he was able to pull
his cock from her asshole. Her asshole gripped him tightly as he pulled it from
her and she sucked a load of cum out of him as he exited.

Their bodies were spent, John's cock already shrinking. "Don't say
anything about my cock in your asshole to Michael or I will make your life
miserable," his hand slapping her naked ass cheeks again. "Now get dressed and
get to work," pulling up his pants as he left the pantry.

Sara put her clothes back on, forced to pull her panties over her cum
soaked ass, feeling the material clinging to her flesh. She went back to work,
fearing what would transpire with Michael tonight.

After a quick bath, Sara put on her clothes, the silky panties and
camisole, a white silk blouse, buttoned neatly up the front and a long black
skirt, clinging tightly to her hips and ass. She was perched atop a pair of
black three inch heels they stretched her legs taunt. She knocked on the door
and entered without waiting for a response. Michael was sitting by the
fireplace in his smoking jacket, his naked legs reflecting his nakedness
underneath the garment. The fire blazed off the shiny wood of the punishment
bench, the smell of the fresh leather of the straps filling the room. She
shuddered at the thought of her punishment, small tears already forming in her

Michael's hand reached down to his erect cock already pushing up the
silk garment as he gazed at Sara. "Come here," he ordered her, not even
exchanging the customary pleasantries, asserting his supreme authority over her.

Sara moved in front of him, staring straight ahead as she saw his hand
already stroking his covered cock. She saw the wide array of instruments on the
floor next to the bench and she shuddered. There was a long wooden ruler, a
riding crop, a three inch leather strap, two paddles, one wooden and the other
leather with metal studs and the most evil looking three strand whip that had to
be at least two feel long with tiny knots all along the length of them. She
knew this was going to be painful.

"Move over to the desk and bend over it with your hands gripping the
other side," Michael ordering her as he stood and followed her to the desk. He
watched her ass swing sensuously before him, molded tightly within the confines
of the skirt. His hand swung and hit it sharply, the loud smack ringing out in
the room. "Come quickly," his hand pushing down on her back, forcing her down
onto the hard desk. "Grab the other end," watching as she had to stretch out
onto her toes to accommodate his orders.

She felt hands fumbling with the buttons on the back of her skirt and
felt it loosened and fall to the floor. She stepped out of the garment, obeying
Michael's orders. She felt his feet nudge against her ankles, urging her to
spread her legs, first the left one, then the right until they were spread
obscenely to the edges of the desk, over four feet wide.

"Can you keep your legs spread for me, or should I tie them to the desk

"No sir, don't tie them, I will keep them spread," sobbing at the
humiliation of subjecting herself to his will. She felt his hands begin to rub
over her asscheeks, taking possession of her body without protest. She could
feel her pussy already wet in anticipation, the stripping of her body naked
before him exciting her. She almost forgot the punishment as she felt the
fingers running up and down her ass split, one finger pushing hard on her anus
spread open beneath the silky undergarments. She felt his hot breath between
her legs and knew that he must be kneeling down, his eyes staring directly
between her legs, a gentle breeze blowing on her pussy from behind. "MMMM," she
moaned quietly, hoping that Michael would not hear her pleasure.

Michael slipped the knots of the panties loose and let the silk garment
run silently down between her legs. His fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart,
her tiny anus exposed to his gaze. He inhaled the musty smell of her body, her
pungent scent assailing his nostrils. His tongue pushed out and touched the
tiny bud, the wet tongue touching her hot flesh. He could taste her, her scent,
her excitement.

"GGGGOOODDD," Sara moaned as a shudder ran through her body as her anus
was tongued for the first time. Why did all of them have such an interest in
her anus? She felt his fingers push up between her legs and along her tender
inner thighs until it reached her wet pussy from behind. She felt her lips
pulled apart, the air in the room blowing on her super-heated pussy.

"Arch up for me, Sara, arch up your hot ass and pussy for me."

Her legs raised up higher, her toes stretched tightly as she presented
her naked sex for his inspection. She had never felt so used and humiliated as
she was now, yet she would probably cum if his tongue touched her erect clit.
She could hear him shuffling behind her and felt his hands back on her naked ass
cheeks again. She looked back and saw his hand clutching the large wooden
ruler, stepping back from her near naked body.

"Arch up a little higher, I want your pussy pouch pushed out, legs
spread wide, I want that cute little asshole open and exposed. That's a good
girl, now I want you to hold real still for me and don't close your legs.
You're to receive 20 with the ruler. If you move, I'll start all over."

"AAAAWWWWW," she cried out, her eyes shut tightly, her legs trembling as
the ruler hit her tender ass cheeks. At first she only heard the sound as they
wood hit her flesh with a resounding smack. It felt like minutes before the
pain rushed up from her ass cheeks to her brain the pain overpowering her
senses. "OOOOWWW, no more," she begged, but knew that it was useless to beg.
This would only be the beginning.

The wooden ruler tapped between her legs, smacking lightly against her
spread pussy lips. "Up higher, I like you on your toes. Good girl," watching
as she arched up again, presenting her naked sex to the wooden ruler. The ruler
again slapped on her naked flesh, this time smacking between her spread cheeks,
the top of the ruler hitting her open asshole.

It felt like her asshole was being torn from her body as the wooden
ruler smacked her most intimate part of her body. The pain shot up into her
bowels, her stomach cramping in response to the cruel punishment. "Not there,"
she cried out, her legs perched perilously on her toes, legs spread obscenely.

Michael did not wait for any further response, the ruler continuing to
beat upon her naked ass and sex. He proceeded slowly, allowing her body to calm
down before inflicting another painful swat on her, making her feel the full
effects of each swat. The wooden ruler played all over her naked sex. It hit
her ass cheeks, her asshole and finally he played the ruler up from the floor
and hit her unprotected pussy, the wood splatting noisily against her wet inner
pussy lips. His cock hardened each time as he tore screams from her lips, her
feet dancing on her toes as she performed a "punishment dance" for his pleasure.
He would stroke his fingers up between her pussy lips, preparing her, making her
wetter for the wooden ruler to slap hard against the inner lips. She consented
to his ministrations, her pussy juicing up each time with his fingers, her lips
pulled back, exposing her pink inner pussy lips. Soon the lips turned a deeper
red, the wooden ruler taking its toll on the tender flesh. She would gasp as
his fingers touched the tender flesh. "And twenty," the wooden ruler pushing
hard down on her asshole, her loudest scream tore from her lips. He saw her
body slumping down on the desk.

Sara could not believe the pain between her legs. The wooden ruler had
taken the toll on her body, especially on her tender pussy. Michael had been so
cruel, to beat the most intimate part of a girls body and she worried about what
else he was going to do. She cringed when she heard his next command, but she
had expected it.

"Take off the rest of your clothes. I want you to strip naked for me
and then it is on the punishment bench for you." Michael watched as she stood
up from the desk, her body moving slowly, reflecting the pain he had inflicted
on her body. She turned and faced him, her fingers moving to the buttons on her
blouse, slowly opening them. She pulled the blouse from her shoulders and let
it fall to the floor. "The rest, strip off the rest." She let the camisole
fall from her shoulders and slink down to the floor, her naked breasts revealed
to him. "Very beautiful Sara, especially that red bush. I imagine it is a
little sore now, but soon it will feel the effect of my hard cock taking your
virginity." His hand reached down and his fingers brushed through the silky,
red pubic hair. He laughed when he felt her wetness. "I knew you would be like
this, Sara. It seems that your pussy liked the attention I gave it," his finger
pushing up inside her vagina until he reached her hymen. "Spread your legs," he
ordered her.

Sara shuffled her feet farther apart, the strange feeling of having a
fat finger inside her vagina making it difficult. She stood naked and spread
before him, his finger bumping hard against her hymen. She knew that soon he
would tear through it. His fingers continued to play through her pussy lips,
pushing them aside as his fingers played along the slick surface.

He pushed her towards the bench, his hands leaving her pussy. "Kneel
down her," he ordered her. He shuffled her body down on the punishment bench.
He opened the pillory in the front, pushing her head between the wooden stocks.
He let the wooden stocks fall, trapping her head between them. Her wrists were
next, soon bound tightly between the wooden slats. Sara could barely move her
upper torso.

She was really getting scared now. Michael had her bound tightly into
the wooden stocks in the front, unable to move her head or her hands. She felt
his hands fumbling with her legs, pulling them apart, her knees dragging
painfully on the bench as she was spread open again. He kept pulling until her
legs were spread obscenely and then locked them into the wooden stocks. She
felt his hands moving up between her thighs, rubbing her tender inner thighs
with his callused hands. She felt the fumbling between her knees as Michael
placed a spreader bar between them, a thick wooden dowel with leather straps to
keep her from closing her knees.

"Let's get that nice ass up high, shall we, Sara," Michael's hands
pushing the rear stocks up towards her head, forcing her ass to rise up,
thrusting her delectable ass cheeks up. "Yes, so much better," his hands
running over her ass, her cheeks spread open, her pussy pouch and asshole spread
for his pleasure. His fingers sought out her spread open asshole, rubbing some
moisture from her pussy up to it. He saw her trying to squirm to avoid fingers
but John's bench prevented all movement. He slapped her ass, "still, I don't
want any trouble out of you." His fingers returned to her asshole, running
around the tiny opening, feeling her trying to clench her ass cheeks together.
He pushed his finger into her asshole, feeling her sphincter grabbing tightly
onto the tip of his digit as it slowly pressed into her.

"Ow, not there, please, no." It felt uncomfortable, the finger moving
around inside her rectum. Her tiny asshole had to stretch painfully, although
it was only a finger. She could feel it begin to push in, stretching her
asshole open as it plunged ruthlessly up her asshole. "AAAHHH," she moaned in
pain as one finger became two, twisting and turning in her unused back passage.
Her sphincter grabbed onto the invading digits, clenching and unclenching on
them in response to the unnatural act.

"You're going to make a good assfuck, Sara. Your tight asshole
naturally clenches on whatever is shoved up it. You may not like having a big,
hard cock up your tight asshole, but anyone that does will love the way your
asshole will squeeze the cum out of them. But first your punishment and then it
will be time to get rid of your pesky virginity. I think the paddle first, then
the studded paddle. I want a nice set of red asscheeks. Are you ready, Sara?"

Sara tightened her asscheeks as she felt the wooden paddle lightly
caressing her spread cheeks. She could feel her juices running down the inside
of her thighs. God, how could she continue to be wet, knowing that soon the
paddle would beat a painful tattoo on her cheeks. She screamed the first time
the paddle hit her asscheeks, the broad paddle smacking a large portion of her
unprotected flesh. She could barely catch her breath when the paddle came
crashing down again. "OOOOWWW," she cried in pain, her ass moving in a circle,
unable to get out of the way of the cruel paddle. She could feel the heat in
her tender skin as the paddle continued to beat the flesh. She would not be
able to sit for a week.

Michael's cock hardened even more as he watched Sara's bound body absorb
the bruising smacks of the wooden paddle. It shown a bright red, her asscheeks
clenching and unclenching, her tiny asshole peeking in and out of sight. As
soon as he had hit her with 20 strokes, he picked up the leather paddle with the
bright metal studs. His hand ran over her asscheeks, feeling her flinch in pain
as he felt the heat of her skin. "Now to really make it tender. When I fuck
you from behind, I am going to bump up against your sore ass. It's going to
make you move around, giving me a nice fuck. It may hurt you, but that does not
matter. Your only concern is to give me a good fuck."

"OOOH, GODDDDDD," she cried out in pain as the leather paddle and the
studs smacked harshly against her already tender asscheeks. It felt like the
studs were tearing her skin apart. "Smmmack," the paddle again striking her
upraised bottom, her ass dancing under the spanking she was receiving. She knew
that she was spread obscenely to Michael's gaze, her ass moving around like it
was fucking the air. "OOOOOOOWWW," her voice turning hoarse from screaming as
the paddle slapped between her open thighs, hitting the tender insides, first on
one side then the other. "Please, no more, please," she cried out in pain.

Michael stroked his cock as he observed her beet red ass. Soon he would
bury his hard cock in her virgin pussy, but first he still had to tenderize the
prize. "Rise up higher," sliding the stocks in the back towards her body,
forcing her ass to move up higher. "Wider," taking first one leg, then the
other out of the stocks and placing them in the outer rings. Her legs were now
spread over 5 feet wide, her moans of pain reflecting the pain she felt as she
was almost ripped up the middle by the obscene spread of her legs. The position
she was in almost looked ridiculous, the arch of her ass into the air forcing an
almost comic scene. But Michael's purpose was satisfied, opening her pussy to
the lash of the riding crop. "Now you will feel the lash of the riding crop on
your pussy. Your pussy lips are spread back, the pink inner lips gaping open.
You will be surprised at how much punishment your pussy can take. It will hurt
and you will scream in pain, but it will make my cock so hard," laughing as he
lightly tapped her pussy with the crop, feeling her body shudder in fear.

"No, not on my sex, please don't, I wouldn't bite again," she cried out,
her ass already smarting from the paddling. "You shouldn't hit girls between
their legs." She knew that her pleas of help would do no good. She learned in
the orphanage that men liked to use their power to abuse young girls. She had
heard the other girl's talk about how Mr. Smith, the head of the orphanage had
subjected some of the prettier girls to humiliation and had sexually abused
them. They were continually subjected to punishment in his office where he
would force them to strip naked, inspect their bodies and subject them to
corporal punishment. Before allowing them to leave, they would have to sexually
service him in whatever manner he chose. He had heard the girls even talk of
being taken anally and now that she had suffered under Michael and John, she
knew this to be true. They seem to take great delight in playing with her tiny
asshole and she was sure that someday Michael would be putting his hard cock
into her asshole and sodomizing her. She did not look forward to that day.

Michael stroked his cock as he looked down at the spread body before
him. Her legs were spread obscenely, her pussy gaping open, her asshole
exposed. He rubbed the whip, feeling the supple leather, it would be soon wet
with the juices from her body. He knew that Sara would feel the pain of the
crop, but he also suspected that she would also be extremely wet from the
experience. The sickening sound of the leather riding crop hitting her
sensitive flesh rang out in the room. Michael had brought the crop up from the
floor, it moving silently through the air as it shot up between her legs until
it struck between her spread pussy lips.

"AAAGGGHH," Sara cried, her head rising up, her eyes wide open in pain.
The crop had lashed at her pussy but it took long seconds until the pain shot up
her spine and reached her brain. "NNNNNOOO, no more," she cried out, her face
contoured in pain as she braced herself for the pain again. She did not have to
wait to long. She could hear the crop whistling through the air this time
before it smashed into her left pussy lip, slapping at the puffy flesh with a
resounding thud. Her body jerked in pain, the punishment bench doing its job,
holding her firmly in place and spread open. It felt like her pussy was on fire
as the leather beat the sensitive flesh.

Michael moved the crop between her legs at the juncture and slapped the
crop back and forth, beating at each tender thigh, each time moving up and down
her thighs, the flesh first turning pink and then beginning to turn a darker
red. The crop reached the top, and began a series of short, sharp slaps of the
leather crop against her pussy. He watched as her body jerked up and down,
unable to keep up with the constant barrage of pain shooting between her legs.
Her pussy lips shuddered under the crop, turning red as Michael beat the flesh.
"I love so much beating your pussy, Sara. Love to hear your gasps and shouts of
pain, unable to stop what I am doing to your lovely, young body. Do you want me
continue, Sara, or are you ready to surrender your virginity to me?"

"Ohhh, Godddd, it hurts so much," she cried out, the sound of slapping
flesh ringing out in the room, the sound of the creaking of the wood of the
punishment bench as she moved around as much as she could in the strict bondage
Michael had forced her into. "No more," she cried out again in pain, tears
running down her face, her eyes opened wide in pain. She did not have to wait
for an answer, the crop swung up from the floor again, the power of Michael's
force behind it, smashing between her split pussy lips, striking hard on her
virgin pussy.

"Yes, you scream so well," bringing the whip down from over his head
this time, striking her unprotected asshole. The tiny hole, nothing more than a
star, pink and exposed received the brunt of the crop as it smashed down.

"GGGGGGGOODDDDDD, AAAGGGGG," Sara yelled out. When she thought it could
not get any worse, it did. It felt like the crop was tugging her tiny asshole
out of shape, driving it deep into her body when it struck. She did not expect
him to hit her there, but she should have. Men had such fascinations with her

Michael continued to lash at her unprotected body, watching her body
dance to the pain. He would strike her flesh, then move the crop up and down
her pussy slip, making sure that it rubbed harshly over her exposed clit. He
could see her pussy getting wet, the crop hitting it with a sloppy sound as it
sank into the wet flesh. Her cries turned hoarse, the pain mixing with the
pleasure, as he would beat her, them masturbate her with the crop, only to
return again with the slashing crop. He finally dropped the crop to the floor,
rubbing his hard cock, unable to continue. He was enjoying whipping her, but he
needed to relieve himself and her virgin pussy was his target. There would be
other times she would displease him, other times he would bind her into the
punishment bench and allow him to take his sadistic pleasure with her body. He
needed to cum now, and her body was going to receive it.

Her legs were released from the pillory holding them spread wide,
Michael opening the pillory in the front, allowing her head and hands to be
released. She felt Michael's hands helping her gently out of the punishment
bench as if he was a gentleman helping a lady through the door. But he wasn't.
He was a sadistic monster that took sexual joy in placing her into bondage and
beating her sexual parts. And now he was readying to take her virginity
forever. She felt herself being led over to the large, overstuffed leather
chair near the fireplace. She was forced to her knees on the chair, facing the
back of it. She allowed Michael to arrange her body for his pleasure, unable to
stop him from his evil plan. Hands pushed up on her asscheeks, forcing her to
rise higher, her upper body now hanging over the top, her breasts hanging down,
easily accessible to Michael hands when he would fuck her.

"Good girl, Sara, soon you will feel the first cock in your virgin
pussy. It will hurt, but only for a short time," his fingers running up between
her legs to stroke her wet pussy. "You seem to love the pain," laughing as he
pulled his soaked fingers from her body. "I will make sure that you are never
lacking the stimulation. Spread your legs for me, yes, such a good girl," her
pussy lips pulling back as Michael pushed her legs to the outermost portion of
the chair seat. He saw her exposed asshole, now a bright red and could not
resist touching it. He saw her body jump, a mixture of pain and surprise.
"Yes, I love your little asshole, Sara. You will soon share that with me also.
You will feel the exquisite pain as your asshole is forced to accept my raging
hardon. You will feel my power as I sodomize you for my pleasure and you will
milk my cock until I cum deep inside your colon."

Sara felt the fat finger push into her asshole, forcing her sphincter to
accept the twisting and turning digit. Her sphincter went into a series of
spasms, clamping and unclamping on the finger as it pushed farther into the deep
recesses of her rectum. She squirmed on the chair, a suggestive shaking of her
ass as if she was enjoying the fingering of her asshole instead of her true
feelings, the uncomfortable and somewhat painful fingering of her most private
orifice. The finger popped out with a noisy sound, her sphincter grabbing it
tightly as it moved out as if it did not want it to leave.

The bulbous head of his cock, slick in his precum moved between her
pussy lips, running up and down her reddened slit, coating the mushroom head
with her juices. Michael sighed in pleasure as he pushed it up against her
pussy opening, watching as it slowly began to spread open, gripping tightly
around the huge head. He heard her groan in pain as it stretched wide, wrapping
around it like a tight rubber band. "Such a tight pussy, Sara," jerking
forward, the head of his cock almost buried inside her pussy. He felt it hit
her hymen, bumping up against the delicate membrane. "You will always remember
my cock, the cock that took your virginity," shoving hard into her virgin body,
tearing her membrane like it was butter, his hard cock pushing aside the walls
of her pussy as it slowly buried itself in her body. He saw a streak of blood
run down her thighs as he pulled it from her, leaving the head grabbed tightly
by her pussy, sheen of blood and pussy juice coating it.

The whipping was terrible enough, the riding crop tearing unmercifully
at her pussy, but the taking of her virginity by his large cock was almost as
bad. It felt like her body was tearing apart as it forcefully penetrated her
tight passage, pushing aside with brute strength her inner walls, forcing them
to accept the large cock. She could feel the bumps and ridges of his cock as it
bore into her body. She screamed in pain from the initial tearing, moaning as
Michael continued to pummel her body, each time pulling his cock out of her
pussy, only to plunge it in again, each time with more force, each time sinking
farther into her inner pussy. His hands held her tightly by the hips, pulling
her back onto his cock as he fucked in, pushing out as he withdrew. When her
pussy gripped his cock head, he would rotate her hips, forcing her to dance on
his cock, massaging the head. "Such a good fuck, Sara, do you like your first

"MMM," she moaned in pain as her once virgin pussy clung to the cock
fucking her for the first time. It felt like her insides were being pulled out
when it withdrew and knocked the breath from her lungs when he plunged in.
"AAAGHHH," she cried as he bottomed out in her pussy, slamming painfully against
her cervix, burying it deep inside her. She felt it jerk inside her, jumping
around, rubbing against her bruised insides. "Slow down, not so fast," she
cried as the cock withdrew, but he slammed back into her with a jolt, pushing
her hard against the chair back. His hands roamed all over his body as he began
to fuck her, making her accept his punishing cock strokes. Fingers plucked at
her hanging breasts, fingernails biting deeply into her erect nipples. She
pushed back to escape the pinching of her nipples, but only succeeding in
forcing his cock into her pussy with even more brutal strokes. Another hand
reached between her legs, searching out her clit. It found the hard bud,
peaking out from beneath her clit hood, an enlarged organ, red and inflamed in
lust. Fingers rubbed harshly over it making her move her hips sensuously,
fucking back on the cock stretching her pussy. "MMMM," she moaned, this time
more in pleasure then in pain. "MMMM, not so hard," she begged but rammed her
pussy back onto his cock as the fingers plucked her clit painfully.

"I can't hold out much longer, Sara. Your pussy is milking the cum from
my balls. John was right, you are a great fuck," slamming into her stretched
pussy, fucking her faster and faster. His cock continued its brutal assault on
her body, but she was now an active participate. His fingers continued to
sexually abuse her body, pinching and pawing at her clit, her body jerking back
and forth. His fingers were soaked in her juices. He pushed in hard, burying
his cock as deep as he could inside her, holding it in place as he felt the
first feelings of impending orgasm. "FFFUUCCK," he screamed as the cum shot up
from his balls, running along his organ and shooting out. The first load of cum
shot out inside her, bathing the walls of her pussy with his hot juices.
"FFFFUUUCK," again, his cock twitching inside her, her pussy walls clenching and
unclenching on his sprewing organ.

Sara felt it also, the impending orgasm. Her body tightened on the
throbbing organ in her as she felt the first bath of hot cum spray her insides.
Her sensitive clit, already swollen to twice its size was gripped tightly by his
fingers, pulling the hard bud back and forth. The orgasm hit her body like no
other, shooting from between her legs, running up her spine and hitting her
brain like a freight train. She screamed loudly, GGGGGGGGGGODDDDD,
pleeeeeaaaasseee," not sure what she was begging for. She felt the spasms in
her pussy, her pussy walls gripping down on the rampaging cock buried deep
inside her. She could feel her juices running out of her pussy, mixed with his
cum, running down her thighs. Another load of cum was dumped in her pussy
before Michael began to pull his cock from her pussy, her walls grabbing it
tightly, trying to prevent it from leaving her. She was not disappointed. When
only the head was gripped tightly, he plunged back in again, hitting her cervix
just as another orgasm hit her body, sending her over the edge. Her body
shuddered and shook in pleasure, his hot cum filling her once virgin pussy.

Michael looked down at her body, bathed in a sheen of sweat, the light
from the fire dancing over it. His cock glistened, a sheen of blood and cum on
it. He slapped her ass hard, feeling her body jerk in response, but no sound of
protest coming from her lips. He pulled his cock from her pussy with a noisy
pop, a rush of cum flowing down her thighs as her pussy was emptied. He slapped
her pussy with the flat of his hand, amused from the sound of his hand hitting
soggy flesh. "Sara seemed to love her first fuck. There will be many more like
this. Now off with you," pulling her from the chair, throwing her clothes at
her and pushing her out the door. He saw the surprised look on her face as she
clutched her clothes over her naked body as he slammed it shut on her face.

Sara never felt so humiliated, standing naked in the hall, cum running
down her leg to puddle at her feet. Her virginity taken and then discarded like
a common street whore. She clutched at her clothes and ran off to her room,
hoping she could reach it before John saw her.

To be Continued

Author: Powerone
Title: Maiden Maid
Part: Chapter 6
Summary: This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they
are forced to do to survive the Great Depression.
Keywords: M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, oral
Copyright 2002 and 2003 by Powerone. The author can be contacted at

This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they are forced
to do to survive the Great Depression. Sara is an 18-year-old orphan during the
depression and life is hard.

Maiden Maid

Chapter 6 John Teaches Sara

The next morning, Sara walked slowly into the kitchen, her body still aching
from the punishment and the fucking she had endured. She had gone back to her
room after Michael had fucked her hard and lay on the bed, naked. She allowed
her legs to spread, wider and wider as if forced to do so, until they hung over
the edge. She let her fingers trace down the flat plane of her stomach until
she reached her flaming red bush. She could fill the heat from beneath it, the
heat from the spanking, then the whipping of her pussy with the riding crop.
Her fingers traced between her pussy lips, almost stuck tight from the drying
cum. She pried them apart and one finger entered her pussy, still soaked with
cum. She began to finger her pussy, her other hand reaching over to her
nipples, fingers grabbing one tightly and pulling it hard. It ached as she did,
but she forced herself to endure it. It moved down and grabbed her swollen clit
and began to play with it hard, two fingers now fucking her tight pussy as he
did. She began to moan in pleasure, her ass rising up from the bed, her legs
still spread obscenely as if held tightly by an unknown assailant. She stuffed
part of the bed sheet into her mouth, effectively gagging her as she began to
cum. Her finger slipped under her body and the dry digit painfully pushed into
her asshole, burying itself to the first knuckle until it ground to a halt. She
could feel her hot asshole clenching on the digit as the orgasms rolled through
her body again.

Sara got up quickly and ran to the bathroom, embarrassed at her feelings and
the easy way she had forced herself to cum again. That's not the way a good
girl acts, only a whore. She washed all traces of the treatment she had endured
from her body and got between the cool sheets, falling asleep quickly, exhausted
from the ordeal she had endured.

John smiled as he saw Sara entering the room, walking slowly and carefully.
He knew that she must be sore between her legs, Michael having told her of the
pussy whipping and the fucking he had given her. His cock had stood out as
Michael detailed the happenings of the night before. He had gone into intimate
details, loving to share his conquests with John.

"John, why don't you have Sara help you clean the library today. Show her my
vast collection of bondage and sadomasochistic books and pictures. Maybe engage
in a little bondage with her. Then maybe I will join you. Such lovely things
we could both do to that tight body."

John was pleased with the suggestion, not getting much relief from his sexual
encounter with Sara yesterday in the pantry, wanting so much more from her. "I
would enjoy that very much. Remember the last maid. We had her naked, spread
apart between the two ladders in the library. And they thought those ladders
were for reaching books high up," he laughed.

"I will have her in the library right after lunch, I will join you about
three. That should give you time enough to get her naked and bound. You may
fuck her today, she will still be very tight, especially if she is sore from
last night. She should buck around nicely, giving you a nice ride."

John smiled at her as she entered. "Morning, Sara. Did you sleep well last

Sara turned red, embarrassed, knowing that John knew what had happened last
night. "YYess," she stammered, quickly grabbing a cup of coffee, wanting to
take it to her room to drink in privacy.

"Michael wants to see you first thing this morning. He has a chore for you
to perform after lunch," grinning as he said it, his cock straining his trousers
in expectations.

Sara turned and left the room, almost spilling her coffee as she did. "Thank
you, I will see him right away," she said over her shoulder as she almost ran
from the room.

Sara left her coffee on the stand outside Michael's room and entered. He was
still in bed, reading the newspaper and drinking his morning coffee. "John said
you wanted me, Sir?"

Michael looked at, his cock twitching as he saw her face and body,
remembering last nights encounter. "I want you to help John clean the library
today. Meet him there after lunch."

"Yes, sir, anything else Sir," she stammered out, hoping to escape his
leering glances at her body.

"You are new here, Sara. John is my most trusted servant and also dear
friend. I want you to treat him as you would me and obey his every command. Do
I make myself clear, Sara? His every command," he accented.

Sara did not like the sound of the command, but she knew she had no choice.
John had already cornered her in the pantry yesterday and took considerable
liberties with her body, forcing her to cum for him. "Yes, sir, I will obey
him," quickly leaving the room, grabbing her coffee and heading for her room.

The morning passed slowly, Sara's thoughts drifting to last night and the
expectations of what would transpire this afternoon. She tried to shake the
images from her mind, images of John dominating her sexually. She felt the
wetness between her legs. Damn it, clear your mind. Your acting like a slut,
she thought. She slowly ate lunch, John sitting across from her, staring at
her, making her turn red, his eyes staring through her clothes.

"Time to work in the library," he stated, moving up from the table and
leaving the room. Sara followed him down the hall to the large door to the
library and John let her pass, watching her sexy ass cling tightly to the skirt
she was wearing. Michael knew how to dress them

"What do you want me to do?" Sara asked, her eyes staring at the ground, not
wanting to see the lust in Johns eyes.

"I am going to show you some of Michael's private collection books. He wants
you to see some of the things you have agreed to submit to. And then I am going
to play with your body again, Sara. Remember yesterday in the pantry, when I
made you cum?"

Sara's head hung in shame, but she nodded yes, remembering his expert fingers
bringing her to a powerful orgasm as she stood half-naked and spread before him,
his hard cock pressed tightly against her virgin asshole as he shot his cum all
over her ass cheeks. What did he plan to do to her today? She thought.

"Good girl, Sara, now step over her. I have been waiting to put my hands all
over that delectable body all day. You have made my cock hard, Sara, thinking
about you. You are going to have to be punished for doing that, for making my
cock hard." He motioned her over in front of him, his large, hairy hands
already extended out, waiting to run over her body as if he owned it.

Sara cringed when she heard the word punishment. Why did men get so much
enjoyment in her screams of pain? What about all of the romance she had read so
much about when she was young. Is it all fiction, and that man just got
enjoyment from a woman's suffering, subjecting them to humiliation and sexual
perversions? Is that what the books that John was going to show her today would
reveal? She moved towards him and cringed when she saw his hands already
reaching out, ready to run them over her young body. He was so much older then
she was, having to be at least in his forties. While Michael was older, he was
also very handsome. And rich. John was only a servant and old enough to be her
father, if she had ever remembered one. And now he was using her body as if he
was her lover. Or worse, a sexual pervert. She moved within his grasp, his
breath revealing what he had eaten for breakfast, not as fastidiously clean as
Michael always seemed to be. She cringed as his arms pulled her close to her,
her body pushing up against his, molding along his contours.

John's cock jumped in his pants when her body rubbed against his as his arms
encircled her small waist and pushed her tight against him. One hand moved up
to her face, cupping under her chin, pulling her face up to his, her eyes wide
open in fear. "Can you feel my cock against your pussy, Sara?" He made it
jerk, knowing that she could feel the enormous slab of cock tucked tightly in
his trousers. "It is much bigger then Michael's and I can last longer then he
can. I'm going to fuck you today, Sara, fuck you hard with my big cock.
Michael is going to join us later. After I get you naked. I don't know what he
is going to do to you, but you can be sure his cock will visit some of your
orifices. Would you like both of us to fuck you at the same time, Sara, two
hard cocks tearing into your young, delectable body?" Her eyes looked like that
of a scared deer in the cross-hair of a hunter's rifle.

"Please," she begged, staring into the lust crazed eyes of John, as his cock
rubbed harshly against her covered pussy. "I still hurt from last night,
between my legs. He whipped me there and then his cock tore my virginity.
Please, not again. I will rub your thing, make it cum for you," she begged him,
hoping she could satisfy his lust another way.

His hand slipped lower, grabbing her ass with his large palm, almost
encircling her whole bottom with one hand, squeezing the fleshy globes. So soft
and resilient, it would feel good again when his cock is snuggled between the
tight cheeks. Soon he would get a chance to sodomize her, enjoying her scream
in pain as his large cock would tear into her tight asshole. But first Michael
would get the chance to be the first one to be snuggled tightly up her hot and
tight asshole. "My cock is throbbing, Sara, it wants your tight pussy wrapped
around it. Before the day is over, you will be begging me to fuck your pussy.
Now rub your pussy on my cock," slapping her hard on the ass, forcing her onto
his hard cock. "Yes, like that," slapping her had again.

Her ass stung from the slaps, her hips beginning to move from side to side,
rubbing her pussy on the hard meat pushing out the front of his trousers. It
felt huge, almost the size of a babies arm. It was going to hurt much more then
when Michael's cock had fucked her. She could feel it pushing her pussy lips to
the side each time she rubbed it, feeling the moisture beginning to form in her
pussy from the forced masturbation of his cock by her pussy.

"Better, keep it up," staring into her eyes. His hand returned to her ass
cheek, squeezing the taut flesh in his palm. His other hand continued to keep
her head looking at him, his face moving closer to hers until his lips touched
her. He could feel her lips shut tightly as he tried to kiss her. Slap,
SSLLLAAP, the sound of his hand beating on her ass flesh ringing out in the
room. "Kiss back, open your mouth and tongue fuck me or I will have you bent
over the chair and whip your ass until you do!"

Sara allowed her lips to unclench, feeling his tongue move into the hot
confines of her mouth, dancing over her teeth and tongue. Another smack to her
ass, her pussy still grinding onto his hard cock. She could feel it twitch and
jump each time he slapped her. His cock enjoyed her pain. She pushed her
tongue into his mouth, not wanting another spank on her ass cheeks. She could
already feel the heat and sting from the others, his hand returning to pinch and
grab at her ass meat. Their tongues intertwined in his mouth, darting back and
forth over each other.

"MMMMMM," he moaned, grinding his hard cock into her delicate body more. He
pulled back from her face, her mouth and lips wet from his kiss. "You're a hot
bitch. Is your pussy creamin' for me yet?" He laughed at her obvious
embarrassment. She was probably already wet. He had seen that in her yesterday
in the pantry. She got off sexually submitting to a man. He slapped her ass
hard. "Up on the ladder, I have some books for you to look at. These will make
you cream in your pants," he laughed.

He made her climb the ladder, standing below her, able to look up her dress
as she moved up to the fourth step. "Those two on the end. The red one half
ways across and the fat blue one on the end. Get them all," he commanded her.

Sara picked out the books, gazing at the titles as she did. She was shocked
at them. And scared. "Bondage through the Ages" was the first one. "Sexual
submission and the Whip", "Gang Rapes and the Need to be Raped" and finally
"Sexual Submission and Humiliation, Understanding the Needs of the Female
Submissive." What had she gotten into? What were Michael and John going to do
to her?

"Don't get down yet. Stay there, but spread your legs apart. Yes, a little
farther, I wouldn't let you fall," moving up unto the first step of the ladder,
his head almost falling under her skirt.

She felt his breath on her legs and then felt a hand slowly side up the
inside of her legs, moving up higher to grab her thigh tightly, nudging them
farther apart as he did.

"Such smooth thighs you have, Sara. So tender. Can you imagine how much it
would sting if I spanked them? Or whipped them. Forcing you to spread wider,
opening up your defenseless pussy." His hand grabbed her thigh tightly, hearing
her groan in pain as he did. He moved up until he reached her crotch. "Yes,
wet panties. I knew I would find wet panties, Sara." His fingers began to play
with her panty covered pussy, the silky material already soaked in anticipation
of further humiliation and sexual abuse.

She felt him grip her crotch tightly, his large hand able to effectively grab
her whole sex, fingers pushing between her lips as he did. He clenches and
unclenched on her sex, her moan of pain further encouraging his abuse of her
young body. He let go of her and ordered her down the ladder. She sat on the
couch next to him, the books by her side.

"Let's look at the books, Sara. Let us look at what your future will bring."
The first, "Sexual Submission and Humiliation, Understanding the Needs of the
Female Submissive" had many pictures. Each one showed a female, forced to strip
herself naked, to one and sometime many males. She was forced to pose in many
humiliating positions, often with her sex and asshole exposed. Each time the
female was masturbated as she exposed herself and the pictures clearly showed
the female lubricating as fingers pushed into her vagina or plucked at her
clitoris. She was finally forced to climax on the masturbating fingers as the
males watched her body shudder.

More pictures, of females strapped onto gynecologist tables, legs in
stirrups, their sex exposed as men, dressed like doctors examined them
intimately with metal instruments. Finally, pictures of females forced to their
knees, hard, thick cocks in their mouth, hands holding their heads tightly as
they sucked the cocks thrust into their oral orifice. Or on their backs, legs
drawn up high almost behind their head, thick cock splitting open their pussy as
they were brutally fucked as others watched, stroking their cocks, waiting their
turn. Finally, on her stomach, her legs spread wide, her ass cheeks parted, her
unwilling anus exposed. A male would lie on top of her, slipping between her
legs, hands fumbling between them, hips pushing down hard. You could see the
anguish and pain on her face in the pictures as a thick cock was forced into her
most intimate passage, her asshole, the males hips pumping his cock in and out
of her, sodomizing her, finally dumping a load of hot cum in the depths of her

"No," she trembled in fear. Was that what was to become of her. John's hand
moved down between her legs, slipping her skirt up higher until he reached her
crotch again. She let her legs open wider, unable to prevent any further
degradation he would submit her to. "Its only going to be Michael and yourself,
isn't it?"

"No, Sara. Michael has parties sometimes and I'm sure that you will be the
star attraction. Now let's look at this one, "Sexual submission and the Whip".
"You will like this one," his fingers pushing aside her panties, reaching for
her wet, pussy. More pictures, some instructional, the right areas to hit with
the whip, how to whip a breast paying special attention to the erect nipple.
The anus, a very tiny target but a highly concentrated center of pleasure and
pain sensors. Finally the pussy. How to get the female to spread herself open
for the whip, tips on where to start and where to finish. Finally, how to make
the female orgasm from the whip without using your fingers or organ. The
picture showed a naked female, surround by many males, each with their organs
exposed, hands pumping them. She was always spread open before them, either
willingly or bound in painful and tight positions, always exposing her most
intimate parts of her body to the lash of the whip. The last pages showed the
many types of whips and the recommended use, the degree of pain, temporary and
permanent they would inflict and lastly the female part of the body that they
would be most effectively used to inflict the maximum amount of pain. He could
feel her pussy soaking his fingers as they moved around her pussy lips as she
turned the pages, drinking in the obscene pictures before her. "You only felt
the sting of a whip from Michael. It can be very painful. But you will be
surprised. The pain can bring you pleasure."

Sara did not understand, she only understood that the pictures disgusted her,
but at the same time she could feel herself getting excited as she imagined that
it was her in the picture. All of the males gathered around her, seeing her
naked and spread, the smell of leather as the song of the lash rang out in the
room, her screams joining in the chorus as her body was subjected to the painful

The next was "Bondage through the Ages". He yanked up her skirt so he would
have greater access to her wet crotch, his fingers pushing into her tight
vagina, her groan of pain as the fingers revisited her raw sex from Michael's
fucking last night. This book was all pictures. The naked females all bound
tightly with ropes. Some were bound spread eagle on beds or other flat
surfaces, on their backs or stomachs. Others were bound into various bondage
devices, similar to John's punishment bench, others more painful, large, rough
dildos sticking out them, used to force themselves into unwilling females
pussies or assholes. Breasts were bound tightly, turning dark red, nipples
swollen in lust. Pussies were speared by many objects, including thick, rough
ropes slid up and down their slit, studded dildos, clamps and various electrical
devices built to deliver powerful charges of electricity to delicate female
bodies. "Today I am going to begin binding you. You will be spread open and
unable to defend yourself. We will do many things to your body and you will not
be able to stop us."

Sara raised her hips up gently, not wanting John to see her joining in the
masturbation of her sex, gripping the finger in her pussy. Even though it hurt,
his thick fingers almost as big as Michael's cock, she knew that she must
submit. It excited her.

The final book, "Gang Rapes and the Need to be Raped" was the most brutal.
The females all bore the physical abuse inflicted on them. Many were beaten,
forced to sexually service the males that were raping them. Some girls were
raped by groups of more then twenty men, their mouth, pussy and finally their
asshole all raped for the male pleasure. There would be no pleasure for the
female. No orgasm. This was about control. The control the male had over the
female and his ability to use her body in any manner he saw fit. It was not the
tight pussy or asshole that brought about the male orgasm. It was the screams
of pain as they were pierced by giant cocks. It was the begging and crying, the
pain that the male could inflict on her as he fucked her. Sara had only been
fucked once, relatively painless for the first time, but Michael had made her
cum. She could not imagine taking on that many men at one time. But she could
imagine them inflicting pain. It seemed liked they enjoyed that.

"That is the life you will enjoy, Sara. Even if you leave the relative easy
life here, you will be subject to even a worse life out their. As a prostitute,
the only profession you would be able to get, you would not last longer then a
year until you were either killed or so badly disfigured, you would not even be
able to continue in that profession. Until this damn depression is over, you
will have to submit to the demands of Michael and myself." He gave her pussy a
very painful fingering, watching her jump in pain. "Get up, and remove your
dress, I want you only in your underwear. It is time you learn firsthand some
of what you have seen in these books. And Michael will be here soon, wanting to
enjoy the delights your body has to offer."

Sara got up and stood between John's legs as he sat there, looking up at her.
His hands moved to her hips, watching as she slowly unbuttoned the ten or so
buttons running up the front of the dress. She slowly revealed the silky
garments underneath. She pushed the dress from her shoulders and let if fall
down onto the floor behind her.

"Hands behind your head, legs spread. Wider, I want your legs spread wider.
Come on, Sara. I will have you naked soon." He watched as she submissively
complied with his desires, smiling at her lack of reluctance so far. Wait until
Michael's and his desires became more perverted. By that time, even her
reluctance will be overcome by the bondage she would be placed in. She looked
so beautiful. John was so lucky to have this job, not only because he was paid
well, but also being allowed to subject the female servants to his perverted
ways. He looked at her breasts, the silky camisole strained tightly over the
erect nipples. He knew that it was a combination of the material rubbing over
them and also the secret desire she possessed to be taken against her will. His
gaze moved down to her small waist, to where her womanly hips began to flare
out. She had a shapely ass, taut and resilient. The best was nestled between
the tiny, silk panties, small ribbon ties holding them together at the side.
Beneath them lay her naked, red bush, hiding her wet pussy. It was a bright
red, shared by the hair on her head.

Michael's friends would be entranced with her, making sure that she would be
displayed openly when they partied here. She would have to endure frequent
examinations of her pussy and anus, his friends loving to play "doctor" with
Michael's maids. Michael had all of the usual doctor's instruments, including
some specially designed speculums, speculums that would open vaginal and anal
openings to large gaping holes. John had built a gynecologist table years
before, modifying a used one to allow for even a greater spread of the stirrup.
They almost split one up the middle, a maid a year ago, a small framed girl
unable to withstand the obscene spread of her legs. It also moved up higher,
raising her ass up from the table over a foot, allowing unfettered access to her
asshole. The head of the table could be folded downward, withdrawing the
support behind the females head, forcing it to bend painfully back. In this
position, she could be manipulated to allow maximum penetration of her throat
with a hard cock. One had almost choked to death on the cock of a black servant
they had brought in to service her. He had a cock that was almost fifteen
inches long, a massive weapon that was only good for inflicting the maximum
amount of pain on the sexual organs of a bound female. It was not made for
pleasure, only pain.

"Is your pussy wet, thinking about what I am going to do to your body, Sara?
Turn, facing the mirror. I want you to watch in the mirror as my hands take
liberties with your body." He stood behind her, moving closer until his cock
was pushed against her ass again. "Yes, I know you can feel my cock twitching
against your tight ass. Pull your camisole off, I want to see your naked tits,"
he ordered her.

Sara could feel him behind her, his cock rubbing sensuously against her ass
cheeks. She heard his command, lowering her arms down, grabbing the camisole at
the bottom and slowly pulling it up. She saw her own image in the mirror, her
naked skin gradually showing. First the underside of her breasts began to show.
There was no sag, young, perky tits that would sag later in life but for now
they stood up proudly. Higher it went, John's cock twitching as her areolas and
nipples began to peek out. Her areolas were a dark brown, her nipples, a pretty
pink in the sea of darkness. She shuddered as the silky camisole rubbed over
the nipples, inspiring them into even greater hardness, now the size of tiny
marbles, hard and sensitive to the air and touch. She knew that John liked to
pinch them, making them ache in pain. But they always seem to get bigger when
he did. She remember one picture in the book, a female was bound tightly on a
table. A pillow was thrust behind her back, arching her up, her tits now the
most prominent part of her body, hard, pointed nipples pointing up to the
ceiling. The next picture had shown string, rough thick string looped around
the areolas and nipples of the victim in a noose and pulled tightly, trapping
the blood into the end of the buds, turning dark red. She could imagine how
sensitive they would be. The next picture showed the strings tied to some
apparatus in the ceiling, slowly pulling the string tighter and tighter, the
nipples painfully pulled from the victim's body. You could see the look of
anguish on her face as they were crushed and stretched painfully.

"Wake up, dreaming about what I am going to do to you?" he laughed. "Get
that top off so I can pinch those luscious tits and nipples. I know you like
that, the pain as I abuse your young body."

John's voice brought back her reality, standing half naked before the mirror,
a thick cock pushed against her ass, waiting to fuck her pussy hard. She pulled
it over her head and let it fall to the floor, her hands moving to cover her
breasts with her palms without thinking, embarrassed to be naked before a
servant. She felt John's hands cover her, his cold, clammy hands molded around

"No need to be so embarrassed maybe you want to make your nipples hard for
me. Would you like to show me how you play with your nipples, Sara?" He
grabbed her hands and began to squeeze them, forcing Sara to do the same to her
perky tits. He pulled her fingers back, revealing her nipples, "pluck your
nipples with your fingers for me, show me how hard you can make them," he
ordered her.

Sara was being forced to caress her own body as John watched. She could see
her reflection, her fingers pinching her own nipples, arousing them for John's

"Pinch them harder, like I would do to you. Yes, like that, see how dark red
the nipple gets. Good girl, it hurts doesn't it, Sara."

"Please, they hurt," she moaned, her nipples aching from her own

"Pinch the nipple with your fingernails real hard just once and I will let
you stop," he ordered her.

"OOOW," she moaned in pain as her sharp fingernails dug into the tender
nipples, almost drawing blood as they did. She felt his cock jerk again on her
ass cheeks, pleased at her own degradation.

John pushed her hands away, dropping uselessly to her sides as he began to
play with the youthful mounds. He molded and squeezed them in his big hands,
watching them jiggle as he bounced them up and down, before returning to the
areolas and running a ragged fingernail around the age, tiny goose bumps
appearing as he did. The nipples stood out hard and pointed, aching to be
touched as he teased around them before his fingers returned to tease them into
hard pebbles.

Her tits bounced up and down as John slapped them back and forth, his fingers
playing over the tips. She gritted her teeth as his fingers finally returned to
her nipples and began to tighten on the nubs, his strong fingers mashing the
delicate flesh between them, squeezing the blood from them. He began to pull
her tits by the nipples, stretching them from her body, her beautiful breasts
now pulled into an obscene shape. "Toooo far, you're pulling them out to far,"
she cried out, his fingers painfully stretching her pink nipples over two inches

"More, I can stretch them more, on your toes," he ordered her, watching her
in the mirror as she began to get up on her toes, hoping to relieve some of the
ache and strain on her abused nipples. He pulled higher, her legs taut,
stretched up high on her toes, balanced precariously.

Sara saw herself in the mirror and blushed. Half naked, her breasts pulled
out and up in the air by her nipples, fat fingers tightened on their tips
painfully, standing on her tiptoes to relieve some of the pain, the muscles in
her legs taut from their forced position she had to endure. "Please, I can't
stay like this much longer," her legs tiring, starting to lower to the ground
again, but John refused to give her any relief, forcing her nipples out farther
as she subject herself to self abuse.

John smiled, enjoying her groans of pain, watching as she subject herself to
his abuse. He let her nipples go, her feel falling to the floor quickly, her
body almost slumping to the ground. He looked at her nipples, now swollen and
red, a testament to the abuse he had inflicted on them. "You have to be careful
that you do not squeeze nipples or clamp them for too long. Otherwise you can
do permanent damage to them. Let's check to make sure they are OK," smiling as
he said that.

"What are you going to do? Please, no more, they already hurt so much." She
watched as his big hand cupped her left breast from beneath, hefting the globe
up, his fingers reaching around to squeeze just below the areola and the nipple,
forcing it out again. He brought his other hand around, his index finger next
to his thumb, poised to snap the hard nipple nearby.

"Ask me to snap your nipple? Ask me to make sure you can feel the pain?"

Sara cringed at the request. He wanted her to beg him to hurt her sensitive
nipple. But she knew that she must comply. He would not take no for an answer.
"Snap them, make me feel the pain," she blurted out, biting her lip, her fists
clenched, waiting for the sharp burst of pain she knew that was coming.

John saw her bracing for the snap, waiting patiently, trying to keep her off
guard, not knowing when he would do it. He saw her fists relaxing, the opening
he was looking for. He snapped his finger, once, twice, watching as the ruby
red nipple was painfully snapped.

"AAAh," she cried, "OWWWWWW," his finger snapping harshly again, the pain
shooting from her breast up to her brain, her feet dancing up and down, wanting
to escape the excruciating pain

"Good girl, now stand still," his hand moving to the other breast, hefting
the tit up in his palm, his fingers pinching the blood to the tip of her nipple,
his fingers ready to snap the other. "Be a good girl and ask again. Ask me to
flick your little nipple." He smiled as he watched her eyes, begging not to
force her to do it.

Again, she uttered, "Please, John, hurt my nipple. Make me feel the pain."

His fingers did not wait this time, catching her unbalanced again, the pain
shooting into her unprotected nipple again, her gasp of pain making his cock
hard. He grabbed both of her breasts from beneath, hefting them up, the nipples
now a dark red, showing their abuse under his hands. "You're being a good girl
for me Sara. I think we have neglected you pussy long enough now. Would you
like me to fuck you now, Sara?"

"Please, let me suck your cock. I will do a good job, you can cum in my
mouth. Just don't fuck me again. It hurts down there. Michael hurt me when he
fucked me." She had this look of innocence in her eyes as she was begging to
suck his cock. Anything was better then a cock in her sore pussy, especially
John's. It was so much bigger then Michael's.

John smiled at her, his hands moved to her shoulders, "on your knees,"
watching as she kneeled before him. He pulled out his cock, it had to be over
nine inches long and thick. The head was a dark red, already glistening with
cum, Sara's pussy rubbing already coaxing out some cum. He pulled her head up,
her lips only inches from his cock. "Just put the head into your mouth and suck
it tightly. I want to feel your tongue playing over it. Taste my cum."

Sara eagerly did as he requested, anything was better then a painful fucking.
The only sound in the room was her lapping at the hard member, her lips pulled
open wide, grasping the huge weapon.

John moved her head up and down, forcing more and more into the hot confines
of her mouth, watching her eyes begin to tear up as she choked the first time it
tried to enter her throat. Her eyes begged for release, not wanting the huge
cock forced down her throat, her tongue hoping to coax a load of cum from his
balls. John suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth, a loud popping noise

"What's the matter?" moving her head forward again, trying to push his cock
back inside.

"You didn't think I would pass up fucking your pussy. No, no, I want to feel
that tight, hot pussy wrapped around my cock. I want to hear you as you feel
what it is like to be fucked with a real cock. Now over here, up you go, off
your knees," he grabbed some rope that he had next to him and pulled her towards
the ladders.

"WWWhhhat, are you going to do with that?" pointing at the thick, hemp rope
in his hands, afraid of the answer.

"We are going to practice what we saw in the books. Take off all of your
clothes. We have no need for them any longer. I want you naked." He watched
as she stripped off her clothes, finally standing naked in front of him. He
moved closer to her, his hands already reaching out to touch her naked body.
His finger slid down her belly, through the bright red patch of pussy hair. "So
silky, your pussy hair. We would normally shave the girls, but with that
flaming bush, everyone will like it better."

"What do you mean, everyone?"

"There will be many that will see you naked. Many that will examine your sex
very intimately. Michael and his friends love to play doctor." His fingers
sought out her pussy lips, feeling the dew on the pussy hair. His fingers
parted her pussy lips, spreading them back, a fat finger pushed between them,
sliding effortlessly along the slick tract. "You are already wet, can you give
me a little more cream, so I may finger fuck that tight little pussy. Can you
be a good girl and cream for me?"

She spread her legs wider, giving him access to her vagina, closing her eyes
as she felt the fingers playing with her pussy. "AAAHH," two fingers entering
her vagina, still sore from last night.

"Your pussy is red from the fucking. Open your eyes and watch me. Your
pussy grips my two fingers so tight. You are going to be a good fuck. I'm
going to go in deeper now, and twist my fingers inside you." He pushed in
deeper, hearing her grunt in pain, "so tight, squeeze my fingers, show me how
well you can milk a cock," he ordered her.

Already her vagina felt like it was stretched too far and it was only two
fingers. How could she take his big cock inside her little body? He pushed up
on his fingers, forcing them higher into her body, her legs spreading wider,
trying to relieve some of the tightness.

He began to pump his fingers back in forth inside her vagina, forcing it to
stretch each time he did, almost like a little cock fucking her. "Such nice
juices your pussy puts out for me. A little more cream for me," he ordered her,
his other finger reaching up to her clit, pulling back the hood, exposing the
red bud to his fingering. He continued to tease her body, each time bringing
her to the edge of an orgasm, then slowing down, letting her catch her breath
again, before beginning again.

"OOOH, pleasee, please let me cum," her pussy gripping the tight fingers
inside her, trying to prevent them from leaving.

John moved one of the ladders next to the other. "Over here Sara."

"What are you going to do with the ladders?" She looked puzzled.

He looked at her naked body, his cock hard. "I want you bound tightly, I
want you to feel the helplessness of your situation. And then I am going to
play with your delicious body, bringing you to the brink of orgasm, but I am
going to deny you. I want you wet and ready when I fuck you. And I am going to
fuck you, fuck you hard. Now step over to the ladder and begin to climb them
both, one foot on each of the ladder."

Helplessly, Sara complied, first one, then two steps up the ladder. It was
awkward, climbing two separate and distinct ladders. She turned and looked at
him, his finger motioning her higher. One, two more steps before he heard his

"That's high enough." Her ass was up way to high to be able to fuck her, but
he had other plans. He saw her turn and look as he climbed the ladder behind
her, until he reached the point where he could reach her legs comfortably. He
now had four strands of rope in his hand.

Startled, Sara turned as she felt the ladder shake as John began to climb the
ladder behind her. She cringed when she saw the rope in his hand. "Whaaat,"
but her sentence was cut off in mid sentence.

John grabbed her left leg, "hold on with your hands tightly. You are going
to have to support most of your weight until I get you bound." He pulled her
leg back and began to push it through the rungs of the ladder. "Good girl, now
the other," picking up her other leg and pushing it through the rungs of the
other ladder. She was now almost seated in mid-air, her ass hanging down
unsupported and open.

"It's hard to hold on so tight, please hurry," she begged him, afraid of what
she was begging for. She knew she would be so vulnerable to him once she was
bound. She felt him get down from the ladder and step behind them, knowing that
he had an unobstructed view of her naked sex.

He grabbed her leg, the smooth skin making his cock jump in excitement. He
loved to see tender flesh with rough, hemp digging into the flesh. "Relax your
leg, Sara it will make it easier," wrapping the rope around her leg just below
the knee. He did not want her ass hanging down too far and did not want to give
her too much slack in being able to move away from him. His cock was going to
hurt when he fucked her, her pussy already sore from when Michael had taken her
virginity. He was much bigger and he loved it when he could make them scream.
It made his cock even harder and bigger, thus making them scream even louder.

"There, that's one, now the other. Stretch out a little, don't tighten up on
me, Sara. Once get you tied up, I'm going to spread you open. That's why the
two ladders. I can open you up nice and wide for me. You'll like that, being so
helpless and open, your pussy ready to take my hard cock."

"No, please don't, don't spread me, please, the ropes are too tight," pulling
up on her arms, trying to escape the cruel bondage.

He slapped her inner thigh, "I said no," he ordered her. He felt her body
slump, resigning herself to the bondage. He grabbed her leg, the rope hanging
limply from below her knees. He grabbed the left leg, binding the rope tightly
to the ladder, tightening it so that her leg was pulled alongside the wooden
ladder rail. Then it was the other leg, pulling it tightly against the other
wooden ladder railing. Already her thighs were pulled apart, her pink, wet
pussy glistening in the light. "You can relax your arms a little now, Sara.
Your legs are bound tight, they wouldn't slip off. Just don't let go or else
you'll be upside down before you know it," he laughed.

Sara's arms were already tiring, the strain as she was forced to support her
whole body as she felt her legs being spread and bound tightly. She groaned in
pain as the rough rope tied her tightly to the ladder, her thighs and sex aching
from the wide spread. She let her body slump, her upper arms aching. She felt
her lower body slip lower until the ropes picked up the slack and her ass hung
precariously lower, her sex now open. "Pleassse," she begged as she felt John's
hot breath on her open sex, standing only inches in front of her bound body.

John moved around to behind her, taking in the beauty of her. He loved woman
when they were bound. The look on their faces when they realized how vulnerable
they were, usually spread open, unable to stop any perversions that he would
decide to inflict on them. His hands began to stroke her ass cheeks, feeling
the youthful, flesh, hard and tight. His hands moved over her body, grabbing,
pinching and pulling on the tight flesh. His hands moved between her legs,
feeling her pull up by her arms, attempting to escape his fondling hands.
"You're not going anywhere Sara," his hands moving over her youthful flesh,
fingers running up and down her ass slit, running over her exposed anus, feeling
her shiver in fear as they did. He moved down, his fingers pulling back her
pussy lips, exposing her pink pussy to his gaze. He pulled on his cock, feeling
it get harder, wanting to be enclosed in the hot confines of her almost virgin
pussy. It had been a while since he had fucked a tight, young pussy. Not since
Michael's last maid.

Sara tried to move away from the hands, fondling her body like a lover would
but her bound legs would provide no relief. She felt the ladders begin to move,
the spread of her legs widening. "Please, don't spread me any wider, please, it
hurts," she cried out, tears running down her face. Her crotch began to ache
as the ladders slowly parted, the gap between them widening. "NNNoo, please no
more," she begged.

John watched her pussy lips split apart, the spread of her legs opening wider
as he moved the ladders apart. He stroked a finger up and down her split,
feeling her wetness, her red pussy hair glistening with the dew from her juices.
He stopped the ladders, locking a board between them to hold their separation,
to keep her open for his further manipulation of her naked sex. Her body hung
down, her arms tiring again, her ass hanging, her sex open, ready to receive his
weapon. His hand reached down to his cock, a few quick pumps of it to bring it
to hardness, a full nine inches of hard cock, the head a dark red in lust, drops
of precum already leaking from it. He started to rub it up and down her spread
pussy lips, their juices mixing. He saw her arms pull her body up away from his
cock, rising up and following her movements, not letting her escape his large

Even though her arms were tired, she pulled up her ass when she felt the big
cock rubbing between her split pussy. It felt huge, much bigger then Michael's.
How would she survive, his cock without splitting her pussy open? No matter how
much she rose up, he seemed to be right behind her, his cock pushed against the
opening to her vagina.

"Can you feel it, Sara, can you feel it poised to enter your pussy? I love
hot, tight cunts and yours is going to feel so good wrapped around my cock." He
waited patiently, knowing that her arms could not hold herself up for more then
a few minutes. They were already straining from before. "Yes, slowly now Sara,
slowly lower you onto my cock. Yes, your pussy is splitting wide to grab my
cockhead. Can you feel it Sara, can you feel how big it is?"

Her arms finally gave out, feeling her ass slowly slumping down again, this
time a hard cock waiting for her surrender. "AGGGHHH, toooo big," she cried as
she felt her vagina slowly spreading open wider and wider, split wide by the
giant cock poised to enter her painfully. Hands continued to run over her body,
up and down her ass cheeks, touching lightly over her anus, feeling the tiny
opening quiver. She rose up again, feeling the head slip out a bit but her arms
betrayed her, unable to hold her body up for more then a few seconds. She again
began to slump down, this time the head of his cock slowly engulfed by her
almost virgin pussy, her pussy lips stretched tightly around the crown,
squeezing it as a lover might do. "Slowly, you're so big, you're too big for my
small body."

John waited patiently, Sara moving up, than her arms failing her and her wet
pussy slid down on his huge cock, each time more entering her tight pussy. He
could feel her pussy reacting to the invasion, clenching and unclenching on the
invading cock. "Milk my cock, Sara," he urged her on. His hand reached under
her ass and helped her pull up until his cockhead almost pulled from her hot
pussy. He suddenly let go, Sara unprepared, spearing her pussy onto his
rampaging cock as her weight propelled her pussy onto the cock, sinking over
three inches of his steel-hard cock buried into her teenage pussy.

"OOOWW," she cried out as she sank onto the cock. She felt him pull her
pussy off the erect member, her body tensing as she waited when she would be
released to impale herself onto his cock. Her pussy gripped the cock, pulsating
on the erect organ. She felt his hands move and her ass slid down, her pussy
forced to take the hard cock as it slid effortlessly inside her wet pussy.
"AAAGGGh," over six inches of hard cock now forced inside, her pussy gripping
the cock tightly, stopping its downward movement.

"Hot, tight cunt, just what I like, teenage pussy, barely used, nice and
tight. Now it's time to take all of it little girl, time to take a man's cock
up your little hole." He pulled her up from his cock until her pussy gripped
the swollen head. "Get ready, her it comes," releasing her onto his erect cock.
He pushed down on her shoulders, wanting to make sure that he fucked it all into
her tight cunt. He watched her head rear up, a scream torn from her lips as she
was forced down on a full nine inches of hard cock, her pussy forced to push
aside and accept the member. He felt her ass settle down, his cock buried deep
inside her, twitching in anticipation of a good fucking.

"Ttttttttooooooo big," she screamed as the punishing cock buried itself
into her pussy passage, pushing aside all resistance as it sank deep inside her.
She felt the member spread her open more then she ever was by Michael, his cock
opening her up for some serious fucking. She felt it jerk inside her, feeling
strange, a warm, pulsating organ gripped tightly by her almost virgin sex. She
sucked in a big breath of air as she felt it slowly pull out, feeling like it
was turning her pussy inside out. When it was almost out, she felt his hips
jerk up and his cock sped deeply inside her again, knocking the wind from her
lungs. His stomach slapped against her ass with a resounding jolt, his heavy,
swollen balls banging up from beneath.

John began to slam into her, making her take all nine inches of his hard
dick in her hot cunt. He watched her body jump each time he buried it inside
her, her tits bouncing up and down, her ass cheeks quivering. His fingers moved
around in front, two fat fingers pushing up and down her dripping slit, coaxing
out her clit. He found his target, her erect clit standing out like a little
cock, two fingers gripping it tightly as he fucked her. He felt her hips begin
to roll around, massaging his cock as he slowly pulled it from her before
slamming it back into hard. "You're enjoying a big cock, Sara, I knew you
would. You just need a little coaxing first, nothing like a little bondage to
get you wet," laughing as he watched her pussy gripping on his cock.

She began to fill the first stirrings of an orgasm as his fingers
pinched her clit harshly. She pushed back onto the hard cock to escape the
fingers, only to force more of the giant cock inside her tight pussy. She felt
the tight ropes holding her open, unable to escape the fucking, open and
vulnerable to anything that John would do to her body. This excited her, just
like when Michael had bound her to the punishment bench. "OOOH," she moaned, as
the cock continued to fuck her, fuck her hard, making her take it fully inside
her before pulling out slowly, only to shoot back in again hard. Fingers found
a nipple, already hard and squeezed it tightly, fingernails digging into the
delicate tip, the other hand pulling and pinching her swollen clit.

The sounds of fucking filled the room. Naked flesh pounding against
each other. A hard cock thrusting into a wet pussy, slurping sounds ringing off
the walls, the ladders banging noisily, groans and moans of pleasure and pain.

"Are you going to cum for me Sara, cum with me when I fill you with my
hot cum?" He taunted her, his fingers pleasuring her and at the same time
inflicting pain on her delicate sex organs. Her body shook from his cock, each
time having to accept all nine inches of hard cock in her once virgin pussy.

"YYYYEESSS," she cried out as she felt his cock bottom out in her pussy,
bruising her insides as she felt it pulsate and begin to shoot a powerful stream
of hot cum inside her. His fingers brought out her orgasm, her body shuddering,
her pussy beginning to spasm on the hard cock buried deep inside her. Her legs
pulled on her bondage, her ass bouncing up and down on the shooting cock inside
her, her pussy bathed by his sperm.

John pumped her hard, burying his cock inside her as his balls released
his cum. He groaned in pleasure as her pussy milked the cum from him. Another
quick pump and a second load of cum filled her. As he pulled his cock out
again, the first batch of cum leaked out. He slammed back into her to fill her
with a third and final load.

Sara shook and cried out as her orgasm swept over her body. Fingers
plucked at her clit and nipples, his hard cock unleashing torrents of hot cum
inside her. She had never felt anything like this, her pussy spread wide to
receive the big cock, her pussy hosed with his cum. She felt him shoot wave
after wave of his semen deep in her body, her pussy passage clamping and
unclamping on his cock as she came over and over.

John let his cock slide out of her pussy, his cum mixing with hers to
puddle on the floor beneath her. He slapped her ass hard, her cheek turning
red. "You're a good fuck, Sara. Nice tight pussy. Haven't fucked anything
that tight in a long time," laughing as he released her from the ladder, holding
her naked body tightly to his as he helped her to the floor. He saw the cum
running down her thighs. "Get cleaned up, you still have some more work to do.
Then I think Michael will want you tonight." He left the room, turning to see
Sara slowly putting on her clothes.

To Be Continued

Author: Powerone
Title: Maiden Maid
Part: Chapter 7- Bound and Penetrated From Behind
Summary: This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they
are forced to do to survive the Great Depression.
Keywords: M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, oral
Copyright 2002, 2003 and 2004 by Powerone. The author can be contacted at

This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they are forced
to do to survive the Great Depression. Sara is an 18-year-old orphan during the
depression and life is hard.

Maiden Maid

Chapter 7-Bound and Penetrated From Behind

Sara lay in her bed, naked, her fingers lightly playing over her red
bush. She pushed her fingers between her pussy lips, feeling the wetness
already there. Her mind went back to the pictures in the books that John had
shown her, the pictures of girls naked and bound. She imagined herself, Michael
and John standing over her, their hard cocks running over her bound body, unable
to stop them from forcing themselves into her spread body. Her body began to
shudder, two fingers fucking in and out of her wet pussy, the other hand
squeezing her clit hard as she came again and again. She blushed as she came
down from her orgasm, ashamed at what she was thinking of, ashamed at her body
betraying her inner secrets.

She worked around the house the next day mostly by herself. It wasn't
until lunch time that she ran into John. She saw his eyes stripping her naked
when he saw her. "Hello John," her eyes lowered in shame at what he had forced
her to do.

"Afternoon Sara, you look good enough to eat today," laughing at her
humiliation. He went up behind her, his hands reaching around her waist,
pulling her back onto him, his hard cock pushing into her tight ass. He leaned
over to her ear, whispering to her, "Michael is going to fuck you virgin asshole
tonight, Sara. I will be listening to hear your screams as his hard cock tears
into your tender asshole."

Now it was confirmed, she had thought that might be Michael's desire
tonight. Both of them were fascinated with her asshole, always fingering it,
opening it up. She knew they were just readying her for when they would
sodomize her. She knew it would hurt, even the fingers painful. But they both
seemed to enjoy that, her screams, her bouncing around trying to escape the
painful tearing in her back passage. She shuddered when she felt John's cock on
her butt, knowing once Michael had breached her backside, John would also want
to do the same and his cock was so much bigger.

"Once he does that, I'm going to make you sit on my lap and ride my cock
in your tight asshole. I'm going to love to see your tits bouncing up and down
as you take my cock in and out of your tight ass. But first, Michael gets to
take your virginity. Can you feel how hard my cock is, thinking how hot and
tight your asshole is going to be?" He rubbed his cock back and forth over her
ass cheeks, his hands guiding her hips to move back and forth over it.

"Not in my butt, that is going to hurt so much. Please, let me fuck you
with my pussy, I'll squeeze real tight," she begged him, hoping to get him to
change his mind about degrading her and fucking her asshole.

"I wouldn't miss the chance to fuck that ass for anything Sara. I'll be
around after Michael finishes with you. Leave your door unlocked and I want you
naked in bed. I want you when your asshole is still swollen and sore from
Michael fucking it. I'm going to enjoy making you scream again," his hands left
her body and he moved away. "Don't forget, naked in bed tonight, on your
stomach," laughing as he walked down the hall.

Sara ate lunch, her appetite almost gone as she thought of what was
going to happen tonight. She went back to work, cleaning for a couple of hours
until John again caught up with her.

"Michael wants you in the study tonight at 7:00 sharp. He wants you in
camisole, panties, garter belt, stockings and a pair of three inch heels,
nothing else." He leaned in closer to her again, "he has left an enema bag in
your room. Make sure you use it at least twice before tonight, hot water and
fill it completely. Let it stay inside you at least ten minutes. He wants you
squeaky clean when he fucks you. I can help you if you want?"

"No, NO, I know what to do," ashamed at the act they wanted her to do,
even more afraid that John would be there when she would have to do it. She
quickly ran down the hall, hearing John's laughter at her humiliation. She had
never used an enema bag before. She had heard about them, some of the girls had
mentioned them, none of them had anything good to say about the experience.
They provoked painful cramping and were humiliating to perform. Now she had
even more to dread.

She skipped dinner, not much use, it would be flushed from her body by
the enema. She went to her room, the large, red enema bag hanging above her
bathtub, the tube running down, the nozzle threatening. The nozzle was large.
It was tapered, growing bigger and bigger, over four inches long, a series of
holes running along the edges. She sat down on her bed, staring blankly at the
enema bag, dreading it. She looked at the clock, 5:30, she would have to start
soon. John had told her she had to do it twice and hold it each time inside her
for ten minutes. She also needed time to take a bath after the ordeal.

She walked over to the bathtub, letting the hot water come out of the
bath tap. She picked up the bag and slowly let the hot water fill it, watching
as the bag slowly began to bulge out as it filled with the steamy water. When
it was filled, she screwed in the plug connecting the nozzle to the bag by the
long tube. It must have over two quarts of water in it. She let her hand run
over the nozzle, feeling how hard and long it was. She noticed the bottle of
lubricant on the edge of the bed, knowing why it was left. She turned the
handle on the tube, the hot water rushing quickly out the holes before she shut
it off again. God, it came out so fast.

She took off her clothes until she was naked, putting a towel on the
floor next to the tub. She hung the heavy enema bag from the top of the tub,
the long tube and nozzle falling to the floor with a loud noise. She picked up
the lubricant and dipped the large nozzle into it, coating it liberally. She
got down onto the floor on her hands and knees, reaching back with the
lubricated nozzle and pushed it against her tiny anus. She shivered as she felt
the cold lubricant touch her hot anus. She slowly pushed on the nozzle, feeling
the pressure on her anus. She gritted her teeth as the nozzle slowly opened her
anus, the nozzle sliding effortlessly on the lubricant. It was thicker then the
fingers that had opened her up and this was tougher, she was doing it, reluctant
to force it farther in when it began to hurt. She stopped pushing, holding it
tightly into her butt, feeling her sphincter trying to force it out.

She reached for the handle on the tube and released it, the water
instantly began to flow. She could feel the hot water rushing into her rectum,
her body turning warmer as it was heated from the inside. She felt a sharp pain
as her colon slowly began to fill, the bag rapidly deflating as her stomach
began to bulge out. She lowered her head, a dizzy feeling overcoming her, her
ass still arched up high into the air, the bag now empty inside her. She looked
at the clock, the hand moving slowly as it ticked off ten minutes. The pain
came after two minutes, her body beginning to sweat from the hot water. Another
cramp and her stomach groaned noisily. Eight minutes, her sphincter tightened
on the nozzle, afraid of letting loose the water contained inside her. Finally
ten minutes, a relief as she finally expelled the fluid.

She got back into position again as the filled bag hung up again. This
time she knew what to expect and she dreaded it even more. The cramping had
been extremely painful. She turned the handle, wanting to get it over, the
water filling her again, this time it seemed to rush into her colon quicker, the
painful cramping beginning almost instantaneously. The next ten minutes were
sheer agony, tears falling from her eyes as she whimpered each time a cramp
overcame her, her head resting on the floor, her ass still offered high up into
the air. Finally she expelled the fluids and settled into the hot bath, soaking
the sweat and anguish from her body as the soothing water bathed her problems
temporarily away. She looked at the clock, time to get dressed and face her
anal rape.

She looked in the mirror, her half naked body shining back at her. Her
nipples pressed out the silky camisole, her panties clung tightly to her body,
able to see her pussy lips between her legs, her bush bulging the material at
the top. Her garter belt highlighted her pussy, seemingly framing it. The
muscles in her legs were drawn tight from the three inch heels forcing her legs
up. But she did look good. She went to grab her robe but remembered John's
words, "nothing else." She opened the door and was startled to see John
standing across the hall.

He whistled at her, "I knew you would going to look good, couldn't miss
seeing you before Michael gets finished with you. Turn around, let me see that
sexy ass," he ordered her.

She complied, turning her back to him, feeling his eyes burning a hole
in her.

"Bend over and grab your ankles, I want to see your panties tighten up
on your nice ass."

She did as he said, her hands sliding down her legs until they reached
her ankles, locking tightly on them, difficult to hold the position. She could
feel her panties stretching tightly over her ass cheeks and could only imagine
what she looked like from behind.

"Spread you legs some more, Sara," he told her.

She let her legs move open, her feet balancing precariously on the high
heels as her legs spread wider. She felt him move closer to her and she braced
herself when she would feel his hands on her again.

His cock jumped when he touched her teenage ass cheeks, clad in the
tightly stretched silky panties. He let his finger run up and down her crease.
"Is your asshole nice and clean for Michael's cock, Sara? I hope so, because
you will probably have to suck his cock clean after he fucks you up the ass."
He slapped her hard on the ass. "Now get going Sara, I'll see you tonight,"
grabbing his hard cock in his pants. "This is going up your tight ass tonight,"
he threatened.

Sara entered the library clad in only her underwear, her high heels
clicking on the hard floors of the hallway. She already noticed the new pieces
of equipment in the room, not knowing what there uses would be, but sure that
she would somehow be bound to them obscenely. There were also ropes hanging
from the ceiling, thick hemp rope tied to large eye bolts in the ceiling. She
realized quickly that this was not going to be a quick fuck. Michael looked up
from the chair, a smile on his face. She looked down at his robe, his cock
already pushing out the silky garment out. "Good evening, Sir."

"You certainly look beautiful tonight. Come over here and stand in
front of me, I want to see you better," motioning her over to his chair. He
watched as she moved towards him, her hips gliding along, her muscles in her
legs drawn tight by the high heels, her breasts moving beneath the silk
camisole, her nipples sliding along the material, stimulating them to hardness.

Sara stood in front of Michael, watching his eyes move down to her
panties, her garter belt highlighting her naked thighs. She didn't have to be
told, she let her legs part, her creamy thighs parting.

"That's a good girl, Sara, you're learning your place in this house. A
little more please," his hand reaching out to rub up and down her naked thighs,
moving from the top of her nylons to between her legs, but only teasing her
panty covered pussy, not touching it. "Such smooth, silky skin you have, Sara.
I love teenage flesh, so soft and supple." He put his hands on her hips. "Turn
around, let me see that delicious ass."

She felt his hands running over her naked flesh, teasing between her
thighs. She turned, her back to him, his hands returning to rub her naked
thighs before moving up to the juncture of her legs. This time he did not stop,
his hand sliding up over her creamy ass, the silk panties taut over her flesh.
She felt his hands grip her cheeks, tightening on her flesh.

"Such a nice ass, Sara." His hands moved up to her back, applying
pressure to it, "bend over, I want to see your ass push out on your panties."

Her head slowly lowered towards the floor, bending in half, the blood
rushing to her head making her momentarily dizzy. She could feel her panties
growing taut on her ass, almost sure that her pussy and ass must be clearly
outlined by now.

Michael's hands returned to her ass, his finger pushing in on her
panties where her cheeks parted. He ran it from the top all the way down until
he reached her pussy, pushing the silky material in between her pussy lips,
feeling her moisture begin to wet the material. He let his finger run up and
down between her pussy lips, the fleshy lips parting as his thick fingers pushed
them aside. "Over here," his hand slapping her ass cheek hard.

"OOOW," she cried out, her head rising as her cheek stung from his hand.
She followed him, cringing when she saw where he was taking her. She saw the
rope hanging down from the ceiling, attached to a pulley, able to raise and
lower whatever was tied in the ropes. She knew that it was going to be her.
"Please Sir, you don't have to tie me, I will obey."

"You say that Sara, but I'm not so sure. My cock is going up your tight
asshole for the first time. I don't think you will comply willingly. In fact I
hope you don't. I tend to enjoy it more when you fight and resist. To a point

She saw him grab the hemp rope, thick, rough rope and move it towards

"Your hands, Sara," he ordered her. He grabbed her wrists one at a time
as she extended them, wrapping the rope around and around her slim wrist, tying
the rope tightly, seeing the rope push into her tender skin.

"Please, it's too tight."

"Nonsense, Sara, wait, it will get tighter. Then you can complain," he
laughed. He let go of her wrists and grabbed the other end of the rope. He
pulled them, watching her arms begin to rise up.

Sara tried to fight the rope, but Michael kept pulling her arms up
higher and higher. They were now over her head and still rising. Her arms
began to stretch out. She was relieved when Michael stopped, securing the rope,
her arms pulled up.

Michael looked at her, stretched tight, her breast pulled up, her
nipples pointed and poking the camisole. Her legs moved, slowly shifting as she
staggered to keep her footing as she swayed. He moved his hands to her waist,
steadying her. "Now that is how I like you, bound and stretched." His hands
began to move up her body, slowly raising the camisole up over her breasts. Her
nipples were hard and pointed. She might complain about being bound, but her
body was saying differently. He pushed the camisole above her breasts, his
hands finding her teenage tits and massaging them, paying special attention to
her nipples.

She was held tightly, Michael's cock pushed into her pussy as her
breasts were rudely groped. Fingers gripped her hard nipples tightly, twisting
them, igniting a pain in them as he pulled them. "OOOHHH," she cried, his
finger slapping her nipple back and forth, the nail harsh on the sensitive tips.
She felt him move behind her, his hard cock now pushed against her ass cheeks,
his hands reaching around to grab her breast in his big hands.

"Such nice tits, Sara. Lovely nipples, so big and hard. Do you like my
fingers pulling on them? They stretch so nicely." His hands reached down her
hips, sliding over her sides then moving back to her ass. Each hand grabbed an
ass cheek, clenching on the teenage flesh, feeling her muscles tighten as he
did. "Yes, fight back, Sara, I like that."

Her feet shuffled, it was hard to maintain her balance with her arms
bound high and her feet perched on the high heels. Her hips moved back and
forth as he groped her ass, touching her as if he owned her, his hands moving
all over her panty covered ass cheeks.

"Are you wet, Sara?" His fingers moved to the front, his hand sliding
down over her taut stomach, pausing as it touched her bush. "I love that, Sara,
especially since it is red." He moved lower, his fingers parting her pussy
lips, pushing her tight panties into the groove, her lips pressed tightly
against it. He let his finger run up and down her slit, sliding along the silky
panties, feeling her moisture begin to wet them.

Sara let her legs spread slightly, not wanting Michael to notice, but
wanting to feel his finger deeper into her slit. She pushed forward onto the
finger, her hips beginning a gentle back and forth motion, each time sliding
back onto the hard cock pushed against her ass. She pushed back farther when
she felt a hand pull on her waistband and slide over her naked stomach. She
felt him grab her pussy hair and give it a gentle tug.

He let his fingers lounge in her silky pubic hair, twisting the hairs,
feeling them tighten as he did. He let his fingers run farther down, bypassing
her clit for now, wanting to tease her. His fingers found her pussy lips,
pulling back the puffy lips, her panties pulled out, his finger replacing them
in her wetness. "You like being naughty, don't you Sara? Your pussy is so
wet," teasing her. Both hands pushed into her panties, two hands pulling apart
her pussy lips with his thumbs, his index fingers sliding up and down on her
juices. He felt her arch her ass back onto his cock, "yes Sara, push that tight
ass back onto my cock, soon you will be fucking back onto it," his fingers
playing with her wet pussy.

It began to feel good, his fingers trailing up and down her wet pussy.
She pushed back, wanting to feel his fingers on her clit but he kept moving away
each time, teasing her. "Please, touch my clit," she begged.

"Soon, Sara, but first lets get these panties off you." His fingers
gripped the top of her panties and slowly pulled them down her hips. "Such a
nice ass, Sara," as he slowly revealed her hillocks, her muscled teenage

Sara felt the panties slip down her butt, feeling the cool air of the
room on them, knowing he was stripping her naked again. She tugged on her bound
wrists, not really trying to escape, more to feel the control he had over her.
She felt her panties slip down her thighs, stopped by her garter belt. She
heard a rip, the flimsy garment shredded on the floor beneath her. She felt him
move away from her, afraid of what was next. She heard the sound of scraping,
knowing that he was moving some bondage apparatus towards her, afraid to look.

Michael pulled one of John's projects over towards Sara. She looked so
inviting, her teenage body almost naked, her camisole pulled up above her
breasts, the youthful tits standing out proudly, her nipples sharp and pointed.
Her garter belt and nylon stockings highlighte3d her naked sex, her flaming red
bush a beacon to the eyes. Her legs perched high upon the high heels, the
muscles drawn tight, legs slightly drawn apart, giving a brief glimpse of her
pink pussy. But what he was after was nestled between her sharply tightened ass
cheeks, the tiny anus that he cherished.

Sara saw it when Michael pushed it in front of her. It was a wooden
structure, large boards supported the pedestal securely. The top edge was an
upholstered bolster, hip high. It was about eight inches wide, leather covered.
A thick leather belt was on each side, a shiny metal buckle gleaming in the
light. "This will keep your ass arched up, Sara. It will allow me to fuck into
your asshole deeper and will make the thrusts into your tight asshole harder,
the bolster preventing you from pushing away. You will not like it, but this is
all about pleasuring my cock in your virgin asshole."

She cringed when she heard his description. She already knew it was
going to hurt when he fucked her in the ass, his fingers had already been
painful enough. Now he had planned to make it even more painful. She saw him
letting her arms down a bit, letting a little slack in them. She knew it wasn't
because he felt sorry for her, she knew it was so she could be forced back onto
the evil contraption, her asshole served up for his pleasure.

He moved the bolster in front of her pushing it up against her hips. He
moved behind her, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her backwards, her ass
having to arch backwards, her outstretched arms securely tied to the eyebolt,
preventing her upper body from doing anything but stretching backward. He
pulled the bolster back with him as he pulled her back, pushing it tightly up
against her hips as he did. Her ass arched up and back with each shove of the
heavy bolster.

She felt her body being stretched backwards. The ropes on her wrists
kept her upper body tightly stretched, her back having to bow back, her breasts
beginning to hang down unfettered as her hips were pulled back. He kept pulling
her back, her feet having to rise up on her toes as she was slowly pulled up
into the position he desired for her. She felt her ass beginning to arch
upward, her hips pushed against the bolster, holding her back, her ass having
only one alternative, to thrust outward.

He ran his hands up and down her flanks, feeling how taut her muscles
were, her ass cheeks pushed up, her legs still together. He would allow that
momentarily. When he was ready, he would secure her spread eagle to the legs
and pin her waist to the bolster with the heavy leather strap. For now he
wanted to see her ass swaying. He intended on spanking her first and would
enjoy seeing her shake her ass, giving him a glimpse of her pussy and asshole as
she moved about. "Comfortable, Sara," his hands running up and down her ass
crack, feeling her keeping her cheeks tightly clenched. "You look so beautiful,
bound and posed for me." He let his fingers run between her legs, running along
her pussy lips, feeling her juices dripping down her thighs. "I like how your
ass is arched up for me," his hands grabbing her hips, his cock rubbing up
against her naked ass cheeks, unable to escape. "Yes, it's going to feel so
nice once I feed your tight, hot asshole my cock," he taunted her.

She could do nothing to escape his fondling hands, unable to prevent
them from running over her intimate body, feeling her juices, knowing that her
own body was betraying her. "OOOOWWW," his hand crashing down on her naked ass
cheek, slapping painfully against the skin.

He let his hand roam over the spot, already feeling the heat from the
slap. "It's already turning a lovely pink, Sara.' "SSSSLLLPP," his hand again
returning to her ass cheek, this time the other, watching as her body jerked,
the bolster doing its job and preventing Sara from trying to escape. "Need to
heat your ass up first, makes it that much more sensitive when I fuck you," his
hand again fondling her ass sensuously, teasing her until the next spanking.
"Do you like that Sara," his hand slapping her other cheek again, this time the
skin turning a darker red, hitting the identical spot.

"NNO, OOOW, I don't like it," she cried out. She began to move her hips
to the side, the only direction she could move to escape the slaps on her ass.
Another slap, her hips shifting to the other direction, the fondling of her ass
cheeks less, the slaps coming more often.

"Yes, I like that Sara, make your ass dance for me," slapping her again
and again, backing up, wanting to get a glimpse of her pussy and anus as she
inadvertently allowed him access when she tried to avoid the stinging spanking
he was administering. He began to pick up the pace, not only hitting her ass
cheeks, but paying attention to her delicate thighs, slapping between her legs,
making her bow her legs out, her pussy clearly visible between. "Yes, dance
Sara, show me your pussy."

She couldn't help herself, she only wanted to avoid the pain, but she
knew she was unintentionally giving him a show, letting him see her pussy
peeking out, or her clenching anus as her cheeks reluctantly relaxed after a
particularly hard spanking. Her ass was a mass of pain, feeling hot like it was
on fire. "Please, no more," she begged.

"Very well, I'll stop, just tell me to stop spanking you and fuck your
asshole." His hand shot out again, this time hitting her ass cheek even harder,
the slap ringing out in the room. He heard her scream. Two more slaps were
necessary before he heard her voice.

"Please, Sir, stop spanking me and fuck my asshole," she begged him

He pulled his cock out of his pants, stroking the hard member, moving
around in front of her so she could see it. "This is what your tiny asshole is
going to have to take inside. It's going to hurt you, but it will be so
pleasurable for me." He moved behind her again, grabbing the heavy, thick
leather belt and passing it over her waist before securing it tightly into the
buckle. He made it especially tight, making it difficult for Sara to breathe.
That would take her mind off the cock that was going to be slowly fed up into
her tight asshole.

She could only take short, shallow breathes, the belt too tight. She
felt hands at one of her ankles, a thick hand gripping the tiny ankle and
pulling it open until it stretched to the widest expanse of the support legs.
She felt another leather belt tightening on it. The hand moved to the other
side, but not before it ran up between her outstretched legs, rubbing up and
down her pussy lips, now completely soaked with her juices. "You're awfully
wet, Sara, do you like being taken like this?"

He took her other leg, one hand on the inside of her thigh and began to
spread it out to the other support leg, watching as he slowly split her up the
middle. "I need you open for me, your pussy and especially that tiny little
asshole open for my cock." He pushed harder, her legs moving towards the other

It felt like her sex was splitting apart. The support legs were widely
spread, and now her legs would have to match them. John might have done a good
job building it, but she thought he misjudged the spread necessary for her. She
was sure that Michael was going to tear something in her. "Pleeeze, don't
spread them over that far. I'll keep them open for you, just don't tie that
one," she begged. ""OOOWWW," the pain continuing.

"Now, now, Sara, you can do it. Teenage girls are so supple, you can
spread open for me." He pushed on her leg until he could reach the other thick,
leather strap. He pulled it around her ankle, letting go of her ankle once he
had it trapped in the band of leather, tightening the shiny metal buckle. He
sat back behind her, his cock jerking in excitement at the sight of Sara. She
was bent over the bolster, her arms pulled up high, her naked back arching
downward, her ass forced to arch upward. Her legs were spread wide, her pussy
lips pulled open by the unnatural spread, her tiny anus now stretched open, the
crack in her ass barely noticeable because of the spread. His hands reached out
to run over her ass cheeks, fingers touching her anus before moving down to her
soaked pussy, her juices lightly coating the red hair of her bush. He lightly
tapped her pussy from behind with his fingers, tapping the tender wet insides.
"You're so wet, Sara. That's good, I'll use your juices to coat my cock when I
fuck your asshole. It'll be much easier for me. I don't want your asshole
tearing the skin off my cock."

He moved behind her, stepping between her spread legs, his hard cock
jutting out in front of him, pushing it up against her ass cheeks. He let his
fingers slowly run up her sides, her body twisting, trying to avoid the tickling
fingertips. He moved up higher, pressing his body onto her back, reaching
around and grabbing her hanging breasts, his cock jerking as he squeezed her
teenage tits. "You have great tits, Sara," his fingers grabbing her nipples,
twisting them.

She could feel the sharp pressure on her nipples, his fingers tightening
on the tips and twisting them. She couldn't move, her arms bound, her breasts
hanging free, unable to stop the abuse on her sensitive nipples. "OOOH," she
cried out as Michael pulled her nipples down, pulling them from her body. They
must be over two inches by now, swollen and sore.

Michael moved back, his hands sliding down her back, a faint sheen of
sweat already appearing. He reached over to the table, finding the small bottle
of oil, letting it slowly run down her back to slide between her cheeks, running
over her slightly opened anus.

Sara could feel the warm oil running down her body, his hands following
the liquid, slowly rubbing the oil over her naked ass and over her exposed anus.
She could feel him kneeling behind her, his hot breath blowing on her open sex.
She felt two slick fingers poised on the outside of her anus, peeling back the
tiny hole, the cool air rushing into her intimate opening. One finger pushed
against the hole, her sphincter trying to clench tight, but the slick oil
prevented it from gripping on the digit and her anus was forced to spread open.
She could feel the skin stretching, the thick finger slowly being forced into
her rectum, unable to stop her sphincter from clenching and unclenching on the
unnatural object thrust inside her.

Michael's cock twitched as he watched her tiny asshole slowly engulf his
finger, delighting in the way it began to spasm, the tiny opening pursing
outward, opening and closing. He felt her sphincter squeeze the blood from his
finger, the tightness of her hole would give his cock so much pleasure. He
watched her legs tighten, trying to stand up on her toes to escape the finger,
the bolster doing its job of keeping her ass arched up and available for
whatever he desired. But right now he wanted to pierce her asshole with his
fingers, opening her up for bigger things, his cock. He twisted his finger as
he slowly pushed it in, sliding effortlessly on the oil, her silky insides
clenching on the invading digit, the knuckles banging painfully on the sides as
her turned his finger while driving it deeper.

Sara felt full, the thick finger moving deeper and deeper inside her,
her bondage preventing all attempts to avoid it. It twisted as it moved inside
her, the fat knuckles pushing hard against her insides as she tried to raise up
to prevent it from going any deeper, until she felt the belt securing her to the
bolster tighten, forcing her to let the digit slip inside her asshole higher and
higher. She could feel it slide almost all the way out until only the tip of
his finger was grabbed by her sphincter. "OOOWWW," her head shooting up in pain
as his finger plunged back in, the sound of his finger sliding on the oil in her
ears as her asshole went from empty to full in just a second, the finger banging
painfully into her insides as Michael twisted and turned his finger as he fucked
it back in.

He delighted in the way her body bucked as he finger fucked her asshole,
gasps of pain coming from her lips, as his finger began to push back and forth
inside her, making her feel what it will be like when he fucks her with his
cock, finger fucking her tight, hot teenage asshole. "Relax your asshole, Sara,
you're going to have to take two fingers," not really caring if she did, just
loving they fear he saw in her eyes when he told her. He pulled his finger out,
pushed another finger along the first and began to slow descent back into her
anal passage, her anus stretching wide to accept the two fat fingers, wrapped
tightly around them as they plunged deeper inside of her.

She felt her anus stretching open to accept the duel ravishment of his
fingers, the knuckles banging hard against her stretched anus as it was forced
wider to accept them. They slid inside her, twisting and turning, her stomach
beginning to cramp, the fat fingers filling her up. She felt him begin to
finger fuck her asshole with his fingers, increasing the pain as they moved
faster and faster, sliding over the slick surface, humiliated when tiny farts of
air escaped as they pulled from her asshole.

Michael enjoyed the way her anus was wrapped so tightly around his
fingers, the skin pulled wide, white from the stretching, her sphincter
continuing its ineffective attempts at forcing them out, the spasms inside her
anal tract increasing as his fingers pushed deeper inside her. He could see her
body jerk when he fucked in with a rather painful fuck, knowing that he was
providing her with a powerful cramp as he did. He would enjoy that with his
cock, her cramping would tighten her asshole on his cock, massaging his cock to
even greater hardness. He pulled his fingers from her asshole, her anus still
grabbing onto the departing fingers, clenching on them as if they did not want
them to leave. Even with his fingers withdrawn, her anus, now slightly red and
swollen from the finger fucking, clenched and unclenched seeming to dance for
him. He slapped her ass, the sound making his cock jump, knowing that it was
time. Time when he would bury his hard cock inside her teenage asshole and fuck
it for the first time.

"OOOWW," she cried out, her asshole suddenly empty, grateful that the
painful stretching had stopped, but knowing that it was only temporary. She
felt Michael move between her bound, spread legs, his cock head rubbed up and
down her crease, pressing over her exposed anus before going down and gathering
up her pussy juices on the swollen head. "Plllleeezze, NNNNOOO," she cried, her
body jerking forward, the bolster preventing everything but a tiny movement of
her hips, the huge cockhead banging up against her anus. She felt his hips
slowly push forward, her anus forced to widen, slowly engulfing the bulbous
head. She felt a sharp pain, her anus now stretched wider then the fingers had
forced it, still not wide enough to allow the rubbery cockhead inside her

Michael smiled as he looked down at her ass, making her take his cock
millimeter by millimeter, wanting her to feel the slow pain as she was stretched
for his pleasure. He stopped for a second, letting her anus grow accustom to
the stretching before he pushed again, hearing her gasping in pain, her
breathing rapid as she felt for the first time a hard cock forced inside her
clenching asshole.

She could not believe how much it hurt, the sharp, biting pain as her
anus was forced to spread around the cockhead, gripping it like a rubber band.
She jerked her hips, the leather strap digging into her, preventing her from
escaping the beginning of the painful ass fucking. "AAAGGHH," she cried out,
"plllleezzzee, its tooooo big," she begged, her anus now slipped tightly over
the cockhead, gripping it right below the head, squeezing it tightly.

He thought it was going to tear the skin from his cockhead, finally
slipping inside her rectum, her anus in a death grip on it, her sphincter
clenching and unclenching, trying to force the foreign object from her anal
tract, her hot and tight rectum pulsating on the flesh inside her. "How does it
feel Sara, how does it feel to have a cock inside your asshole for the first

"GGGGODDDD, it huuuurrrtss, pleeze don't move," afraid the withdrawal
would be as painful as the entry. She felt like she was being split up the
middle. The painful spreading and bondage of her spread legs was bad enough,
not it felt like she was tearing up the middle. How could they enjoy inflicting
so much pain on her? But she already knew the answer, she could feel his cock
jerk in joy each time a cramp overcame her, her asshole clenching on the rubbery
head, knowing her pain was giving him such great pleasure.

"I love the feeling of a virgin asshole on my cock, Sara. It will never
be this good again, hearing your gasps as your asshole feels the first time the
stretching to take my cock. It brings me so much pleasure, but it is time to
continue. Continue the journey inside your asshole until you grip my entire
hard rod, feeling it pulsating inside you. Scream if you want, John will enjoy
it, knowing what you are enduring." Michael began to push, his hands gripping
her hips tightly, his fingers digging into her skin. He felt the head of his
cock begin to push in. He pulled out, then back in again, each time sinking a
little more of his hard cock inside the grasping anal tract of Sara.

Sara could feel every bump, ridge and vein on his cock as it slowly
stretched her open, deep inside her asshole. It hurt, starting out as a burning
sensation, then feeling like she was tearing inside as it entered virgin
territory, opening up her asshole to something bigger then had ever entered or
exited before. She began to cry, tears falling from her eyes, sobbing, her
breathing ragged as she endured the painful entry, feeling like she was being
stuffed from the inside. Her body would jerk in pain when he would push into
the side painfully, a sharp pain shooting into her brain, a cry from her lips
eliciting a jerking of his cock in pleasure. She felt the withdrawal of his
cock, equally painful, the burning sensation returning. She held her breath,
knowing that the withdrawal was followed by a sudden insertion again, each time
reaching deeper depths inside her. "GGGOOD, AAAGGH," his cock straightening
her colon as it forced its path inside her. Her stomach cramped, unable to bend
over, the bondage forcing her to endure the pain.

He was sure that his cock would be squeezed to death, her asshole
applying painful pressure on his steel rod. He grunted, shoving with his hips
hard, hearing her yelp as he plunged painfully inside her colon, feeling her
body begin to spasm in pain, clenching on and off of his cock, pleasuring the
hard cock painfully. He pumped in and out, her gasps of pain, her pleas
bringing such pleasure to his organ. He finally pushed in, his balls slapping
noisily against her pussy lips from behind, the swollen nuts hard, waiting for
relief, waiting until he could unload his cum inside her asshole, giving Sara
her first cum enema. But it would not be the last. While virgin asshole did
give him pleasure, he also enjoyed an asshole that would not fight back so much,
an asshole that would accept his punishing fucks in and out.

Her body was a sea of pain, his cockhead banging painfully against
something deep inside her colon, pulsating inside her, igniting fresh bouts of
sharp pain. She felt his balls slap against her pussy lips, his stomach pushed
against her ass, his cock twitching inside her, fully buried inside her hot,
teenage asshole for the first time. "Don't move," she cried out in pain, the
cramping beginning again, each and every jerk of his cock bringing about new

Michael stroked her ass cheeks and back, her body covered with a sheen
of sweat, feeling her tremble in pain. It felt like the blood would shoot from
his cock, her asshole gripping it so tightly. "Such a nice asshole, Sara. So
tight and hot, made for ass fucking. Such pleasure you bring to my cock, Sara.
But now it is time to get your ass fucked."

She felt the slow withdrawal of his cock from her asshole, feeling like
her insides were being drawn out with his cock, a vacuum formed behind the
withdrawal. Her asshole went from full to empty in a matter of seconds, her
body continuing to spasm in pain, even when empty of the punishing cock. She
did not even have a chance to get ready for the plunge back in, his cockhead
forcing its way back into her asshole, Michael's hands on her hips tightening as
he forced it into her resisting anal tract. She grunted in pain as she received
over five inches of hard cock inside her before he ripped it from her body
again. The next plunge shot his cock deeper, six inches of cock pushing into
her colon, cramping her with the steely organ.

Michael enjoyed her grunts and groans of pain, pulling her head back by
her hair, forcing her head up, riding her like she was a horse, bucking on his
hard cock. He couldn't believe the pleasure her asshole was giving him, the
anal tract gripping his cock much tighter then a hand could, her spasms of pain
forcing it to clench on the man flesh buried deep inside her. He buried his
cock completely inside her, his cockhead banging painfully into her colon
forcing the air from her lungs as she went from empty to full in a matter of
seconds. He let his cock twitch inside her, making it jump, banging painfully
into the sides of her colon. He reached around her body, grabbing her hanging
tits in his hands, his large palms encircling the teenage globes and squeezing
them tightly, feeling the flesh push through his fingertips.

She felt the pain in her chest as his fingers were harshly abusing her
breasts, another hand sliding along her flat stomach to push down into her bush,
sliding along her spread pussy lips, the harsh spread of her legs leaving her
helpless and open. His fingers moved up and down the groove, finding her wet,
ashamed at her own body.

"Would you like to cum for me Sara?" He felt how wet she was, letting
his cock slide up and down inside her asshole, slippery with the oil he had
lubricated her with and with the precum his cock had leaked inside her. He
pumped her, letting his cock slide in and out, gazing at the way her anus
gripped his cock when he pulled out, the tiny opening almost drawn into her body
as he plunged back in. It was already red and swollen from his cock. She was
making less noise now, accepting the constant fucking of his cock, her asshole
now open and spread. He let his fingers move up to her clit, rubbing over the
swollen head with his fingertip, slapping the organ back and forth with his
nail, feeling her arch her ass backwards onto his cock as he did.

She hated how her body was reacting, his fingers rubbing her clit, the
swollen bud sending shivers up her spine, her pussy opening up as two fingers
slipped inside, aided by her juices. Even the pain in her asshole had lessened.
While not entirely pleasurable, the feeling of fullness that his cock provided
inside her, coupled with the masturbating fingers were beginning to draw an
orgasm from her body. "Please, don't make me cum, not with your cock in my ass,
please no," embarrassed to be forced to cum while being bound and sodomized.

Michael felt her body jerking on his cock and knew he could make her cum
soon. He felt his own organ swelling, his balls heavy with cum, ready to give
her a cum bath deep inside her colon. His balls slapped painfully against her
ass cheeks as he fucked his cock deep inside her asshole. "Cum when I drop a
load of semen inside your clutching asshole, Sara, cum with me," her ordered
her, his finger fucking of her pussy increasing, burying themselves deeper into
her pussy, feeling his hard cock in her ass, separated by only a thin piece of
skin. He could almost masturbate his own cock inside her. He yanked her head
back by the hair, his cock deep inside her, swelling up as his cum ran up the
fat vein on his cock from his balls and shot out the end.

Her head was pulled back, his fingers forcing her body to cum, screaming
as his cock filled her colon with his hot cream, burning as the salty fluid
bathed her anal tract, irritating the abraded flesh. Her body clenched onto the
fingers and cock inside her as she came, soaking the fingers that masturbated
her, running down her thighs. Her asshole tightened on the cock cumming inside
her, squeezing more cum into her, her stomach filling with the hot fluid.
"GGGGODDD, ppppllleezzzee, IIII'MMMM CCCummmin."

Both of their bodies were covered with sweat, the smell of cum filling
the room as they both shuddered in the final throes of their orgasms. Michael
slumped down on her body, his cock already beginning to shrink inside her
asshole, feeling her sphincter attempting to push it out.

Sara could barely breathe, Michael's body slumped on hers, the bondage
not allowing her any room to escape the heavy weight. She pushed with her
asshole, feeling his soft organ sliding out of her asshole with a noisy slosh,
feeling his cum leaking out onto her thighs, the thick fluid slowly running down

Michael pulled off of her body, gazing at her swollen asshole, still
open, the mouth pursing open and closed. It glistened with his cum, the milky
fluid running down as she pushed it from inside her. He ran his hands over her
ass cheeks, "I enjoyed your asshole, Sara, so hot and tight." He began to
release her from her bondage, all the while his hands continue to run over her
naked body, unable to get his fill of her teenage body.

Sara got up as she heard the door close, Michael having left the room.
Her legs were shaking, the bondage cutting off the circulation. Her ass still
burned inside, almost feeling like his cock was still buried in her. She
grabbed her clothes and left, not even bothering to put them on, eager to soak
her abused body in the bathtub. She lay back in the tub, the hot water soaking
away some of the aches in pains. She stayed in the tub for almost a half an
hour, finally drying off her body with the soft towel. She got into bed, naked
and lay down on her stomach as John had ordered her, her legs spread out to the
edges of the bed. She only hoped that she would go to sleep quickly and John
would leave her alone.

"OOOOOWWW," she cried a sharp pain in her ass. She opened her eyes, the
room almost dark, feeling a presence near her. She could make out a figure
sitting on the bed beside her. The blanket had been pulled from her body, her
naked body exposed. She felt the uncomfortable feeling in her asshole again, a
finger slowly twisting and turning inside her. She could feel the digit sliding
along effortlessly, knowing that it was aided by lubrication. "NNNOO," two
fingers now were sliding inside her, finger fucking her asshole, preparing it
for another ass fucking. "Don't please, fuck my pussy, my ass is too sore," she
begged, but the finger fucking continued, sliding in and out her slickened

John came into the room naked, his large cock bouncing as he walked,
already hard. He knelt on the bed, drawing the blankets from her body, excited
to see that she had obeyed him. Her legs were spread wide, his fingers quickly
finding her exposed asshole, the oil allowing him to plunge inside her. He felt
her body clench on the invading digits, still tight, even after Michael had
fucked her. She grew awake, realizing what he was doing. "Get up, over to the
chair. I want you to sit on my cock, Sara. And I want my cock up your asshole,
not your pussy. I want to enjoy you bouncing up and down on it."

He let the light fill the room as he sat in the chair, his hand holding
up his hard cock, watching as she walked over to him, resigned to her fate. Her
breasts bounced as she walked, her hips swaying sensuously. "Put your legs
outside my hips," his hands encircling her waist, pulling her towards him. She
stood between him, her pussy in his face, her body trembling as he held her.
"Did you like it when Michael stuck his cock up your ass, Sara?"

She looked down at his cock, much larger then Michael's. "It hurt when
he did it, I thought he was going to tear me."

"Did he make you cum while he fucked your asshole, Sara?" He already
knew the answer, he just wanted her to admit it.

She looked down, embarrassed to admit it. "Yes, he forced me."

"I will do the same, Sara, I will make you cum again. Now I want you to
grab my cock in your hand and push it against your anus." He rubbed oil on his
cock, her small hand finally encircling the hard, hot flesh. "Yes, such nice
hands, Sara." He felt his cockhead bump against her asshole. "Yes, that feels
good," her anus quivering on his cockhead. "Now lower yourself down on it. Let
it go in slowly, in a bit, then pull out, then in again, each time deeper. I
want you to sit on my lap, my cock twitching inside your asshole."

His eyes continued to stare at her as she allowed her asshole to slowly
spread around the hard cock. The burning started again, this time it was worse,
she was the cause of it, forced to lower her asshole down on his cock, biting
her lip as she felt her asshole finally grip the cockhead inside her, her
sphincter grabbing it tightly.

"Good girl, Sara. So hot and tight. Now slowly begin to fuck my cock
with your asshole. I don't want you to hurt yourself, but allow my cock to sink
inside you. Swallow it up." His hands moved her hips, helping her with a
fucking motion, watching as she slowly pulled up and down, his cock moving
inside her asshole, feeling her anal tract squeezing his cock so nicely.

Sara felt her ass go from full to empty, her hips rising up and down as
the steel hard cock slowly bore up inside her asshole. It almost felt like it
was going to come out her mouth, the long prong going even deeper then Michael's
had, her colon having to straighten to take the fleshy probe. She felt John's
hands on her pussy, spreading apart her pussy lips, two fingers surrounding her
clit, exposing the red and swollen bud. Another hand reached up to her breast,
pulling on one nipple as they moved up and down, bouncing as she fucked his
cock. It did not hurt as much as the first time, her asshole still stretched
open from her prior ass fucking.

"Stick your arms behind your head, Sara and push out your tits, I want
to see them bounce as you fuck me."

She did as she was told, feeling like a whore, forced to fuck him,
allowing him access to her body, posing in obscene positions for his pleasure.
She rode his cock while his hands and fingers rubbed all over her body. She
closed her eyes as his fingers tugged at her clit, another orgasm overcoming her
body, feeling his cock jump and twitch inside her asshole as she was again given
an semen enema, his hot, salty fluid filling her colon for the second time
tonight. She slumped down on his body, sexually exhausted from what they had
forced her to endure, her asshole burning from the being sodomized again. She
felt her body pulled from his cock and dumped unceremoniously back into the bed
again, the sheets covered with his cum as it dripped from her asshole. She did
not care, falling into an exhausted sleep.

To Be Continued

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