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Stories By Dark Dreamer

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Farm Girl
By Dark Dreamer

Chapter 8

Subtlety would be of no use whatsoever. I just stopped short, grabbed her arm, and pulled her against me face to face. Her head looked up from the ground, like a startled doe. She tried to back away, but my arms slid around her and pulled her tight.

My lips locked around her's as my hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and jammed our faces together. Amy's arms came up and folded protectively over her chest, as if she didn't know what else tod o with them. Her head tried to move away, her lips to break free.

I could see her wide desperate eyes staring at me as my other hand slid down her back and over her ass. My hand slid up her back, popping the buttons open as it went. Amy trembled and murmured little complaints and protests as my hands grabbed the two sides of the opened back and pulled them apart, yanking the dress down to her waist as her hand scrambled madly for it.

She was wearing a full slip underneath the old dress, and I grabbed the shoulder straps as she fumbled for her dress, pulling them apart and down so the top of the slip came down to her waist. She seemed to recoil in shock at having her breasts exposed.

She gasped in embarrassment and folded her arms in front of her boobs again. I took the opportunity to jerk the dress and slip, along with her panties down over her hips to her feet.

Amy was shivering and little tears of frustration and humiliation slid from her eyes. I hugged her against me, sliding my hands up and down her ass, squeezing her buttocks repeatedly. I slid a hand down the center of her ass crack, down past her anus and between her legs to cup her little furry cunt mound from behind.

I pulled her to the ground and lay atop her, kissing and sucking at her mouth, darting my tongue in and out past her lips. The poor girl didn't know what to do. Her hands batted feebly at me now and then and her mouth whimpered little pleas.

I licked a trail down her neck to her titties. She actually had nice little titties. They were small and cone shaped, with hard, pointy little nipples. I sucked at them as I squeezed and rubbed my hands over the tender flesh.

My mouth trailed down over her stomach, past her abdomen and through a thin little covering of reddish brown hair to reach her juicy pussy slit. I forced her legs apart and pushed my face into her crotch, digging my tongue into the slit, and sliding it up and down the length.

I squeezed and kneaded the flesh of her buttocks as she lay there sniffling helplessly. My mouth worked over her pussy, licking, sucking chewing, massaging. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth like a cock. I bit gently on it, bringing a short cry of fear from her.

My tongue rasped back and forth over the little bud. Despite her fear it hardened rapidly. My tongue slid down and into her slit, and I pushed it as far inside as I could get it.

As I worked away on her, I gradually became aware of the growing taste of girljuice as her pussy reacted to my manipulation. Amy just kind of laid there in numbed shock. I wondered if she had ever even jerked off before.

I slid a single finger inside her tight slit, and felt her cunt tube squeeze half the blood out of the finger. Amy shivered, and her legs twitched briefly as I dug my finger deeper inside her. I felt her cherry inside and grinned to myself. I wished I had one of my dildos with me.

I started sliding the finger in and out of her, rubbing it against the clit with each stroke. My tongue continued to lick along the slit and flick up and down on her red little clitty. I felt her cunt twitching around my finger every time I touched that clitty.

I looked up the length of her body to find her face staring up at the sky. Her mouth gaped open and a look of astonishment was on her face. Her arms had flopped back onto the fence above her head and she now seemed unconscious of her nudity as a new and baffling series of sensations started to well up within her.

I grabbed her clit between two fingers and squeezed it tightly. She groaned and her hips rocked up against me. My fingers flew in and out of her fuck box. My tongue danced on her clitty and my teeth chattered as they nipped and chewed on her pussy lips.

Amy gulped and whimpered as her body reacted with surges of passionate heat. Her whole body seemed to tense up, and then she writhed back and forth helplessly on the grass as my mouth sucked glistening pussy juice out of her.

I stood up and quickly shed my clothes as she sprawled there gasping for breath. Her face looked amazed and confounded by the sensations that had swept through her. She looked up at me with disbelief as I stood naked over her. Then I settled down, squatting over her face.

"Lick me Amy," I ordered her. "Suck me off." I pushed my damp pussy against her face, rubbing my clitty against her nose. Her hands came up defensively, as if to push me off, but then jerked back as if burned when they encountered my soft ripe ass cheeks.

I reached back and grabbed one of her firm little tits, squeezing and twisting it ruthlessly. Amy cried out in pain and shock. "Suck me off you little bitch!" I ordered, rubbing myself over her face.

Her tongue came out and made a tentative lick over my pussy mound. I squeezed her tit again, and she licked harder. Soon she was licking desperately at my cunt slit. I squatted there, occasionally humping against her, now and then twisting on her titties when her enthusiasm waned...

I enjoyed being the one in charge for a change, enjoyed using her as I was used by my parents and others. I wiped my pussy back and forth against her face as the heat built higher in my pussy. I turned to face her feet and bent forward, putting my face against her pussy, and starting to lick and suck her again.
I was a much better cunt licker than her, I guess, or else she was just hotter. She really started creaming on me. I licked up what seemed like gallons of cunt juice that seeped and drooled past her pussy lips. Her mouth was working much faster against my own cunt mound now.

As her body began to jerk spasmodically against me, I felt her hands on my ass, pulling me down tighter. I jammed two fingers into her cunt and raped them back and forth, banging against her cherry with each thrust. Amy's legs were jerking and flopping up and down with sharp little movements, m like fish out of water. I heard a muffled wailing against my cunt and figured she had come again.

We continued to eat each other there in the grass. It was a glorious, free feeling of natural lust. My cunt was raw and blinding sensations of ecstasy shot up into my belly and chest as I started to cum.

My fingers in her twat, rammed deeper and harder inside her and then suddenly her cherry popped and my fingers drove all the way inside her to the knuckles. Amy and I both cried out as we came simultaneously.

Searing bolts of sexual shock ripped through my guts as I spewed my fuck water down into her face. My mouth slurped up her own juices as I felt her tongue racing up and down my cunt slit.

When we were done, I lay next to her on the grass, our arms around each other, occasionally stroking each others breasts or faces... Amy had in fact never jerked off at all, she'd been isolated, with no friends, and handn't even heard of such a thing. She turned out to be a reasonably nice girl, once you got her talking. Unfortunately, even then, she remained as timid as a fawn.

The next day I brought her home with me. We were hardly inside my room with the door closed when I pulled my clothes off and turned to her. She looked alarmed and drew back.

"What if your parents come up?" she breathed.

"They won't," I assured her. "Anyway I want you to try on some of my clothes.

I got naked and dressed her in a nice pair of white cords and a green shirt. She looked like a whole other person. I let her try on some of my sexy lingerie and she marvelled at the lacy bikinis and teddies.

"Your parents let you buy these?" she asked, doubtfully. She was wearing a thin, lacy black g-string and a bra that barely covered her nipples. I was naked. I laughed in response.

My father bought me most of this stuff." I assured her.

Her mouth opened in surprise, but I moved forward just then and kissed her passionately. She seemed to melt into my arms as I hugged her against me. My hands slid down her back and over her ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly. She returned my kisses with surprising passion, and soon she was as naked as I, and we fell into my bed.

We each tongued each other to a cum, and I grabbed up my dildo from the nightstand drawer and started to push it inside her. She looked down at the rubber cock with astonishment in her face, and then hissed and threw her head back as I shoved it several inches deep into her twat.

I began sliding the cock in and out of her, pushing down harder with each stroke to push the cock deeper inside her cunt box. She moaned in pain and pleasure as her pussy hole was widened and lengthened. I jumped out of bed and strapped on a long black rubber cock. It was the one my Mom liked to use on me. It fit right over my own cunt and stuck out like a cock.

I jumped on top of her and pulled the other dildo out of her shining cunt mouth. I settled onto her body and pushed the end of the cock against her slit. I humped my body up and then slowly lowered it so the cock slid down inside her.

She groaned and squirmed against me as the cock went deeper and deeper. Our lips locked together and I started fucking her in earnest, grinding my fake cock down against her, twisting and jerking it sideways and up and down inside her.

My ass rose and fell as I fucked her little virgin twat with my rubber cock. Her legs were wide apart and her cunt humped up against me as she soared through a climax.

My Dad walked in just about then and watched with interest. Then he moved over and jerked me off her. He dropped his pants as Amy looked blearily up, her mind in a near stupor.

My Dad got on top of the girl and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders. In a second his cock was right against her cunt slit, and then he lunged forward and drove it all the way down into her belly with one furious stroke.

Amy cried out in pain as he rode her. As was usual with him, he showed little interest in anyone's pleasure but his own. He rutted and humped down into her like she was a mindless fuck animal. He grabbed Amy's hips in his big hands and jerked the lightweight girl up and down against his cock.

I could see her cunt juices glistening along the entire length of his fat fuckmeat as he plunged the thing down her tight little tunnel repeatedly. Amy was making strangled gasps and moans as my Dad reamed her out. She whimpered in confusion and pain as my Dad skewered her near virgin pussy.

His fat prick ripped in and out of her little red twat furiously. He shoved her legs way back, so her ankles were up near her face, and started driving his shaft down her tube with long rapid thrusts. He held his body in the air, supported by his feet and hands, only his cock touching her as his hips pumped up and down.

Amy was practically bent in two as my Father rode her and crammed his fuck pole down into her guts. She gasped and grunted as she came, Her eyes closed and her arms jerked and flopped on the bed. Within seconds my Dad came too, pouring his gushing fuck juice down her tight little cunt tube.

He got up off her and pulled his pants up nonchalantly. "Nice little fuck," he said to me, as he passed me and went out. Amy lay spreadeagled on the bed, astounded by what had just happened.

Before long Amy was hanging around with me all the time. She got to be like my shadow. I managed to get her to change the way she dressed so she was more like everybody else, but no matter what I said, she still remained timid and shy around almost everybody but me.

She never really got used to the group I ran with around school For the most part they were a pretty sleazy lot anyway. There was Jackie Price, Mark Mcguire, Paul Simmons, John Denton, and Phil Jeffries. The only girls were me, Jackie's sister Susan, and now Amy.

Susan was known to be the biggest slut in school, aside from me that is. She had straight blonde hair, and huge fat tits. Her brother was an asshole who liked to bully smaller kids, but he had a huge cock, so I put up with him. Mark and Phil had just returned to school from a juvenile detention center, they'd raped a girl in the gym a few months ago.

During lunch and free periods, we would wander around the yard talking and smoking. The favourite game was touchy feely. The guys would see how much the girls would let them get away with right there with people all around.

I didn't care much. If one or another of them wanted to stick their hands down my pants or up my shirt, that didn't bother me. Susan would or wouldn't let them feel her up, depending on what kind of mood she was in.

Amy turned out to be a delight to them. It embarrassed the hell out of her even to have one of them touch her, let alone when anyone was nearby. Mark or Phil in particular, found it hilarious to wait until a group of kids was passing nearby, and then stand behind her and throw their arms around her.

They would shove their faces into the nape of her neck and kiss and bite her there, while squeezing and mashing her titties openly so the kids passing could hardly miss it. Amy would always try feebly to move away and stutter something inaudible.

One time while we were sitting on the front stairs of the school, Phil stuck his hand right down the front of Amy's pants and squeezed and rubbed her as everyone was going in and out. He kept at it for at least five minutes while goggle-eyed boys and icy faced girls walked past.

Another time John managed to undo the ties on her halter and pull the whole thing off, leaving her topless right there in the schoolyard. She kind of sat there bewildered and embarrassed, her arms crossed in front of her, and her whole body turning red with embarrassment. Me and Susan had to chase him down and tear the halter away from him.

At lunch one day, me and Amy were sitting on a kind of ledge in the yard. It was a foot or so deep and had a steel fence running along the back of it. The guys were standing around talking an shooting the shit. Jackie moved over against Amy, pushing himself between her legs as they hung down.
The ledge was just the right height for him to kiss and fondle her without having to even bend over. The rest of us mostly ignored them as Jackie kind of pushed her legs apart and dry humped against her. His lips were sucking on her s as his tongue slid in and out of her mouth.

He pushed her legs further apart, and raised them up so her feet were on the ledge on either side of her. This started to create some interest, mainly because Amy was only wearing a dress with a short skirt, and nothing underneath.

That hadn't been her idea of course. Phil had wrestled her to the ground on the way to school and yanked them off. Him and Paul played catch with them which unfortunately ended in the panties falling in a pool of oily muck.

Amy had been walking around school like she had eggs in her shoes, afraid of a stay breeze or something. The only thing she had to worry about were the guys of course. They took every opportunity to grab at her skirt.

During a class change, paul had snuck up behind her and yanked her skirt up from behind so it was up above her waist. The hallway was crowed with kids at the time and a lot of them had gotten a nice eyeful of her naked pussy and ass.

Now, as Jackie humped against her, the skirt was pushed u to her waist and covered nothing at all. Amy kept glancing around apprehensively, afraid someone other than us would see her wide open pussy and asshole. She wasn't even happy about us seeing it, she was always embarrassed about showing her self to anybody.

Jackie humped slowly against her, his hands slid up and down her thighs, and over her pussy. I saw him thrust a finger inside her, and Amy groaned and looked around again anxiously.

Jackie suddenly grabbed the edges of the dress, and pulled up hard. He pulled the whole loose dress up over the startled girl's chest and past her fumbling arms before she could react. Now she was naked except for a little white bra, and Jackie pulled that off next.

"Hey! Are you nuts man?" Mark hissed.

"You're gonna get us all expelled asshole!" Phil exclaimed.

"Just take it easy." he replied easily.

He pulled his cock out of his zipper and pushed the fat head up against Amy's pussy slit. Before she or anyone else could say or do anything, he had thrust his hot erection deep into her guts.

Amy was helpless to do anything about the sudden fucking. She was naked, and pushed up against the fence. She was too timid to even curse at him as he held her there and thrust himself in and out of her box. We all tried to pull closer together so nobody passing by would see them.

Unfortunately, there were kids passing on the other side of the fence too, and it was pretty damned obvious to them what was happening. Jackie thrust his whole body against the naked girl as she sat, split open on the ledge. His body crushed her back into the fence, which gave and then bounced her forward again, accelerating his fucking.

His hands were on her legs, holding them up and apart as his cock rutted into her. Amy hated this, but her body responded nevertheless. We could all see the heat rush to the surface of her body. her breasts swelled, and her nipples hardened as Jackie skewered her.

Her arms slid up above her head, her fingers latching through the fence and using it for support. Jackie ignored everyone and continued to thrust his cock in and out of the girl. She was practically hanging from the fence as his hands shoved her legs so far apart and up that he lifted her assn off the ledge.
Then she came and collapsed against him, her arms going around his shoulders and her face digging into his neck as his humping movements threw her back and forth with him, and his cock churned into her pussy slit.

He groaned and jabbed his cock deep into her belly, spewing his cum into her.

To top that off, he and the guys ran off with her dress. Susan thought that was a laugh riot and I had to hide the mortified girl in a bush until I could chase them down and get the thing back.

Of course my dad continued to fuck me every single night. Sometimes I brought Susan and Amy over and he would fuck all of us, and watch us do each other. Susan loved that. He liked Amy most of all, because of how timid and obedient she was.

A couple of months after he'd first fucked her, he had her leave home and move in with us. Her parents didn't mind since they were poor and really crowded. I liked it too. My Dad took out most of his Sadistic sexual energy on Amy, leaving me relatively free of the beatings and such.

I felt a little guilty about it though, especially when My Dad put her out in the yard like he'd done to me. I wasn't allowed out there but I watched as my Dad tied her across a low fence post and led the dogs up behind her. They screwed her for hours.

Sometimes the guys would come by and watch. They got a real kick out of the way my Dad would fuck Amy so hard her teeth would chatter. We had a few orgies with them. My Mom liked those more than me. None of the guys was surprised that my Dad and Mom were fucking me. Susan and her brother fucked all the time after all.

Sometimes my Dad would give me or Amy to friends of his. Sometimes he'd use us to pay bills or pay off favours. That sucked, because his friends were usually ugly and gross. I hated fucking these dirty, ugly old guys.

One time me and Amy had to put on a show. My Dad and his friends all gathered around while we licked and sucked on each other. We did a sixty nine for them, and then we used dildos and vibrators on each other.

Of course all his friends had to fuck us both afterwards. I found out later he'd charged them for it. That made me mad, not because it made me a whore, but because I didn't get any. I figured if anyone was gonna get money from fucking me, it should be me.

I decided to make my own money then. I hung around the old guys in town and waved my ass at them. There were a lot of men more than ready to pay for the privilege of fucking my tender little cuntbox.

When I had enough money, I moved out. My Dad was furious, but I took off before he knew what was happening. He probably took it out on Amy. I didn't care. I was free of him and that lousy little town. I moved into a nice apartment in the city.

For me it's was the perfect life now. I fuck all day and half the night, and get paid a fortune for it. Some of the guys are gross, but I come every time anyway. What kind of job besides whoring would pay so much and let you cum twenty or thirty times a day?

Maybe someday I'll go back home in a limousine and see how My Dad and Mom and Amy are doing.

The End

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