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Stories By Dark Dreamer

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Farm Girl
By Dark Dreamer

Chapter 2

Screwing the dogs got to be a habit with me for a while. They fucked me good and I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant or catching anything worse than fleas. I also didn't have to worry about them blabbing to anyone in town or school about me.

After I clipped their nails, I didn't have to worry about getting scratched all over either. I didn't neglect my dildos during this time of course. I stuffed them up my cunt and asshole at every opportunity. Several times I pushed one deep inside my cunt and wore it to school. It would be forced part way out by my cunt muscles, not to mention gravity, but my panties kept it from falling out at my feet.
It would still protrude an inch or two, which made a fantastic time of sitting down. During boring lectures at school, I would raise my little bottom up a little off the chair, and then press back again, pushing it deeper into my cunt tube. Several times I brought myself to orgasm during class without anyone knowing.

One time though, as I was squirming around, trying to cum, Tony Spinozzo, the school creep, had his eyes glued on me. Tony was older than anyone else in my class, and was only there because he kept skipping class all the time and couldn't pass the tests. He only showed up when the social worker threatened to send him to reform school.
Anyway, while I was busy, Tony's boredom, combined with his dirty and suspicious mind, decided that I was a horny girl rubbing herself against the chair to get off. He didn't know the half of it.

After I had cum, I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom to clean myself off. I walked down the deserted hallway and went into the empty girls room. I cleaned myself off in the stall, and then slid the delicious dildo back up into my cunt. When I came out, there was Tony leaning against the wall, leering at me.

"What the hell are you doing in here Spinozzo?" I demanded.
"Hey take it easy baby." he grinned nastily. "I know what you were doing in class little girl." he sneered. My heart sipped a beat at the thought that he might actually know.
"Feeling horny in Prockman's class huh?" "I don't know what the hell you're talking about." I snapped, trying to jerk away from his arms which had encircled me.
"Leave me alone and get out of here!" I demanded, as his hands reached down and cupped my ass through my short skirt. My further words were muffled as his hand gripped my hair and forced my face towards his. His lips crushed mine, his tongue invading my mouth as I struggled angrily against him.

Then his hand slid under my skirt in back and slid down my ass crack to my furry mound. His eyes opened in surprise as he felt the tip of the protruding dildo. "What the hell is that?" he demanded. He pushed me against a sink and bent me forward, throwing up my skirt as I squirmed helplessly. Then he yanked my panties down and I heard him gasp in shock as the dildo pushed out a couple of more inches.
"Holy fucking shit!!" he yelled. "What a hot little slut!! Wait till everyone hears about this!"
My whole body reddened in humiliation as I felt his fingers on the dildo. I yelped and squirmed as he slid the dildo in and out of my fuck box. I struggled uselessly against him, tears coming to my eyes. Then he slapped the side of my head sharply. "Just shut up and do what I tell you, you little slut." he gritted. "You keep quiet and so will I."

With that the last of the dildo came free of my clutching cunt sheath, and he tossed it into the sink. Then I felt another object against my cunt slit. It was even bigger than the dildo, but seemed at the same time to be both harder and softer.
"You like cocks little girl?" he sneered. "I'll give you a real cock for your little cunt to hold onto!" Then he rammed his cock into me, cramming every inch of his male organ into my tiny slit with one mighty thrust. I gasped in pain as my slit went from empty to full in a second. His hands gripped my sides as he pumped his long cock into me from behind.
"Tight little bitch aren't you?!... Fuuckh... Fuuuckkk... Take it pussy... Take it up your fucking little cunt hole!... ughg... ughgh... you little SLUT!... Goooood... ughg... ughhg!

My face was mashed against the mirror in back of the sink, his hand on the back of my neck forcing me flat across the sink as he fucked into me with fast brutal strokes. My toes barely touched the floor and each time he fucked deep against me, my hips ground against the edge of the counter and my toes left the floor.

His hands ran up and down my sides and fastened around my hanging titties, squeezing them over and over through my thin blouse, like he was milking a cow. His balls slapped against my crotch and I could feel his pubic hair against mine as his blood filled slab of meat thrust in and out of my slick little box.

My beleaguered mind tried to cope with the outrage and humiliation of his brutal assault, at the same time as a flood of wondrous sexual passion seared through my belly at the realization that I was finally being FUCKED! "Fuuuckkhhh... Fuccccchhkkk... ughghhhhh!" he groaned. His hands came down to my thighs and he pulled them wide apart so his cock could go even deeper inside me. My feet left the floor and my entire weight came down on my hips mashing against the side of the sink, and my shoulders and face pressing into the mirror.
His cock was really skewering me now as my legs were held far apart for his furious rutting thrusts. His prong was ripping in and out of my pussy, rasping viciously across my clitty, sending jagged bolts of sexual heat up through my pulsing organs.
He grunted each time his cock rammed inside me. Then suddenly my eyes, staring dazedly at my own close reflection in the mirror, were blinded by a deep white light. It was like a tiny pinhole in the center of my vision, but soon expanded, blossoming outward like an explosion to fill my head with a hot throbbing pain.
At the same time my body shivered, and trembled. I could feel my tiny pink nipples almost sparkling with sheer carnal electricity. My breasts felt swollen to twice their normal size, and almost hurt with the need to be squeezed, mashed, and sucked.
I shuddered, and groaned low in my throat as I felt my lower body pulse and shake in the tortuous onslaught of burning orgasmic waves. My eyes rolled back in my head and my muscles locked as the orgasm rolled over me, crushing my mind and body in its all encompassing grasp.
Then suddenly I felt a flood of hot liquids bubbling down into my belly as Spinozzo jammed his cockpole into my furnace of a cunt and sprayed his seed into me.
"Oh Wow!" He groaned, as he pulled loose and did up his pants. He slapped me on the bare ass.
"Nice fuck, bitch!" he grinned. "I'll see you later.
I cleaned the stickiness out of my crotch and pulled my panties up. When I went back into class he was sitting there leering evilly at me.
After school, as I feared, he was waiting for me outside.
"Come on sweety, my cars waiting." he grinned.
"I'm not going anywhere with you, you bastard!" I gritted. He grabbed my arm and swung me around until his face was only inches away from mine.
"Look cunt, you walk around with a rubber cock up your twat because you like fucking. Now you and me are goin to my place and I'm gonna give you just what you been lookin' for, else I'm gonna call everyone over here and show em what you got in that purse of yours."
I started, and glanced guiltily at my purse. I had thought of dumping it somewhere, but couldn't. With that he led me over to a red Camaro parked against the wall and shoved me inside. The engine caught with a roar and we squealed out of the parking lot...
His hand rubbed up and down my bare leg as he grinned at me.
"When we get to my place, I'm gonna strip you down and fuck you till you scream for mercy baby!" he said.
"You ever sucked a cock before? A real cock?"
My face reddened and I shook my head.
"You're gonna find out today." I gasped as his hand slid up under my skirt to my panties. He squeezed my cunt through the thin material, then pushed his hand under them and shoved a long finger up my cunt.
I began trembling as we raced down the street, frightened of what he would do to me. But anything was better than having everyone find out what I had been doing with the dildo. It would have been less of a scandal if I'd gotten pregnant.
We turned off the road onto a narrow drive and pulled up in front of a ratty looking house. He flicked his tongue out at me.
"Ready to get fucked, cunt?"
I scrunched down in the seat looking away from him. "Answer me you whore!" he yelled in my face.
"Y... l yes." I squeaked.
He glared at me, then he grabbed my hair and jerked me around to face him."Yes what!"
"Y... yes I'm ready to be f... fucked... arghhh! Stop pulling my hair! That hurts!"
"Ha!" he laughed.
He jumped out of the car and came around to my side. He yanked me out and led me up to the front door. Just as we got there, it opened and an older man stood there glaring at Tony.
"What the fuck took you so long boy?" he demanded.
"Don't worry pa." Tony said "I got a good reason."
Relief started to rise in me, thinking I would escape Tony's clutches with his Dad here.
But then my breath caught with Tony's next words.
"I brought home a little cunt meat for us!"
The man looked at me, his face all scrunched up.
"This looks kinda underripe ta me." he said.
Tony laughed. He pulled the dildo out of my purse and held it up. "When I bent her over this afternoon she had this up her little cunt. She was jerking off right in class."
Tony's dad looked at me with renewed interest, as I closed my eyes in embarrassment. "She's a tight fit Pa, I tried her out today."
The man grinned and reached his hand up to my boob. He clutched his fingers around it and squeezed, bruising the tender flesh, until I cried out in pain.
"Take her inside afore someone sees her." he ordered.

Tony pushed me inside and he and his Dad came in after. It was a dark dirty little house, and I curled my lip as I looked around in disgust. Tony and his dad pushed me into the middle f the room and then stood back. "Take your clothes off honey." the man said, not unkindly.
I looked up at the two of them and shook my head, folding my arms over my chest as my face reddened further... Tony glared at me and started to move forward, but the old man held his arm.

"Look honey," he admonished, "You either take off that dress of yourn or me and Tony are gonna rip it off and then give you a little wuppin to teach you manners, then you kin walk home neked." I looked at the two of them, they were sweating and had hardons that bulged out the front of their pants.
"What's it gonna be honey?" the old man demanded.

Slowly my trembling fingers began to unbutton the front of my dress. It only had a few buttons down the front. When they were done, the whole dress would just slip down off me. The last button was opened and I looked up at them hesitantly.
"Come on cunt!" Tony yelled.

My eyes blurred with tears as I pulled the front aside and lowered the dress down. First past my rounded tit orbs, partially hidden behind my pink bikini bra, then down over my smooth flat belly, and finally over my rounded hips and dow past my thighs, dropping finally to the floor.

The two of them whistled as I stood there shivering, clad only in my underwear.
"She's small but all the parts are there all right!" the old man grinned. Tony licked his lips and nodded. "Yum Yum!" he said.
I realized that though he had fucked me earlier, Tony had never seen me, except for my upturned ass and cunt.
"The rest honey. We don't got all day."

I breathed shakily and fumbled with the catch of my bra, turning around to do so. Then Tony grabbed me from behind... His hands encircled my wrists, and yanked them up above my head as he whirled me around to face his father.

The old guy shook his head and stepped forward, his hands grabbing the material. Then he ripped the flimsy bra apart, so my round boobs sprang free. A second later my panties were sliding down my legs ad I was standing there naked. Behind me Tony smacked his lips, he held both my wrist in one hand above me while his other hand slid up my belly and cupped one tit, squeezing harshly.

"Nice huh Pa?" he said. He pushed against my back, shoving my chest outward as he pulled back on my wrists. My body bowed out toward the old man, whos eyes gleamed as they raced over my small white frame.
"Nice indeed." he said.

They put me on my back on a table. Tony went to one side and held my arms above me. His father stepped to the other, between my legs. He pulled me down till my ass was right on the edge.
"Move your legs apart honey." he ordered. I shakingly spread them wide.
"Wider!" he said.
The muscles and tendons in my groin strained and protested as he pulled my legs almost parallel with the table edge. I was split worse than when I did the split at ballet. I was spread out wide as the two of them slobbered over me, stroking, squeezing, fondling, and pinching me all over.

Tony held my wrists with one hand and ran the other over my tit mounds and belly. He took great delight in the smoothness and softness of my skin, and squeezed and pinched my upthrust titties and small pink nipples relentlessly. He seized one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twisted and rolled it, pulling it upward, distending my tit flesh into a giant meaty cone.

His father slid his hands over my inner thighs and rubbed up and down my crotch, marvelling at the sparseness of the fleecy golden fur and the tightness of my little slit. His hands came under me and clutched my buttocks, pulling my lower body off the table. His thumb rubbed away at the entrance to my cunt, pushing down with more and more pressure until it was buried to the knuckle.

His mouth came down and his tongue slid up and down my slit, then burrowed away at the top, searching for my clitty. Tears started to slid down my cheeks as I trembled in fear, and worried what they would do to me. I was mortified at being so used, never having been naked in front of anyone else, except a doctor.

The old man stepped back and lowered me back to the table. He rapidly undressed. When he stood there naked, I tried to avert my face, but my eyes were held by a huge erect cock sprouting forth from beneath his fat belly. It was huge, bigger and fatter than the dildos I had used. Bigger even, I thought, than Tony's was, though I had never actually seen his.
"You like it honey?" he grinned. He stroked his cock with his hand and leered at me.
"It's gonna feel real good when I shove it inside your tight little fuck hole.". He leaned forward over me, his face inches from mine. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek, as his hand slid ever so lightly over the soft warm flesh of my upturned breast.

His hand slid down over my skin, leaving a tingle of heat in its trail. It moved over my belly and slid around in slow gentle circles, then downward, over my abdomen until his palm rubbed across my pubic mound and cupped me there, firmly but gently.
Then his finger stiffened. I thought he was going to push it inside me, but instead he slid it up along my slit, over my pussy hair, and onto my abdomen and belly. It stopped, about a foot above my cuntslit, and he grinned again.

"See there honey?" he pushed the tip of his finger into my belly, making a deep indentation in the flesh as it pressed inward.
"This... right here, is where my cock is going to go." he twisted his finger in my belly as his breathing increased.

My own breathing was getting heavier as well. I stared down at his finger as if mesmerized. Unbidden to my mind came the image of that mighty organ of his churning away inside me.

"Right up here inside your belly." he breathed. "I'm gonna fuck my cock up inside you so high, you won't be able to stand it."

I looked at the smooth flesh of my belly and it turned see- through. In my mind I imagined a wide window showing the inside of my belly, and there beneath the skin was his huge fuckwand, sliding back and forth inside me.

I blinked and it disappeared, replaced by his caressing fingers. Again he spoke, in an almost hypnotic voice. "Small, and tight you are. I'll ride you like no one else ever has little one." Then he kissed me, his tongue thrusting between lips parted in surprise.
He stepped back, and moved between my still parted legs. I watched his cock, my breath locked inside me, a he positioned the fat thing at the center of my crotch. I felt his cockhead touch me there. He ran it up and down my small slit several times.
Then the fat head, greased with his pre-cum, was pushing aside my cuntlips. I felt them pried apart, felt the entrance to my body opening wide, wider, wider still. I gasped in pain, my fingers digging into my palm as my pussy was forced open further than ever before.
I felt his thing going into me. It felt like a hard round ball right at the top of my cunt channel. My breath was coming in great heaving gasps as it forced its way deeper, moving two full inches, then three, then four. My eyes were wide and staring as I watched inch after inch of the fat ugly thing moving inside me, disappearing into the tiny slit between my legs.

I cried out as his fuck tool moved deeper into my body, five full inches it looked like, then six, seven, eight... My vaginal tunnel was forced to accommodate a cock wider than it was. My cunt tunnel bulged outward around his piercing organ, bulged aside into my intestines and colon, bulged wide, shoving aside other organs as it tried to hold the giant cock without tearing.

The elastic walls of my pussy gave under his relentless attack, moved wider still. I gritted my teeth, closing my eyes against the pain as he moved deeper still; nine inches, then ten. My eyes snapped open as I felt it touch the deepest part of my pussy.
I pulled my head off the table and stared downward, and cried in despair to see there was still cockmeat yet to come. Nothing had ever moved this deep inside me and he was going to go deeper still. My guts cramped and ached as he forced his meat further still, unwilling to accept that there was an end to my pussy.

A sob burst from my throat, and a short cry of pain. Tony's hand came down on my chin, pulling my head back against the table, holding me there. His father slammed his hips forward, thrusting his spear like cock against the back of my cunt.
My legs jerked up and aside, heels flopping and pounding on the table top. My back arched as I sought mindlessly to rise from the table. He grabbed my thighs, his fingers digging painfully hard into my flesh. He pushed my legs wider, then his hands slid around my waist. My waist was so tiny that his hands completely encircled me, fingers joined together at my back, his thumbs overlapped across my belly.
He slammed his hips forward again, jamming another full inch inside me. He was panting hard, but not as hard as I was. I writhed against their hold, my lower body screaming in pain as his humongous thing stabbed deep into my belly.

Then he gave a savage grunt. He jerked my body back against him. My ass and legs came up off the table as he jerked me against him. At the same time he hammered his hips forward, and drove the final inch of cockmeat into my tortured cunt tunnel.
My head twisted frantically from side to side and I screamed as his big cock mashed against something and then broke through. I could barely endure the pain. His cockhead must be up in my womb, up in my stomach itself, I thought.
"Oooooohhhhhh!" he groaned. "You got it now Honey! You got all of it! Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" His fat hairy belly came down on mine, crushing my stomach as he ground himself against me. He squeezed my belly, his hands now sweaty and leaving an oily trail behind.
"Fuck her Pa. Ram it up her hole!" Tony laughed.
The old man's pubic bone was against my crotch, his balls hanging down against my buttocks. He stayed there, his organ deep inside me. Hot... Throbbing... Alive.
"Holy FUCK she's tight!" he whispered.

His hands rubbed softly over my skin as he rested there, moving up over my breasts to my face, caressing my cheek.
He bent forward, his mouth coming down on my right nipple. His lips closed around it, soft, and wet. I felt him suckling me there, his tongue dancing lightly across my nipple. He rolled it in his mouth, rubbing it between his tongue and lips.

His hands came down under me, clutched my straining buttocks, squeezed tightly, lifted me upwards, holding my groin locked against his. He twisted me around in circles, working his hips back and forth, tearing a channel to pump his cock into.

His ugly face came down again, his mouth covering my gasping lips. He sucked and bit at my mouth, his tongue ramming inside. I felt his spittle and drool dripping into my mouth as he yanked my whole lower body up in sharp vicious jerks.

Then he thrust forward, yanking me against him so my body lurched downward on the table and his cock hammered against my guts. He slowly pulled back, tearing a few inches out of the hot vice like grip of my clutching fuck box.

He hammered himself forward again, smashing his hips into my crotch and buttocks, driving his hot spike up my belly once again. He ignored my pain filled cries, pulled slowly back again, inch by inch, until he was half out, then pounded forward.

He fucked me with longer and longer strokes, each one hard, brutal, irresistible. His cock pulled all the way out except the tip, and then drove back inside me until his balls slapped my ass and his rock hard girl-fucker was buried to the hilt inside me, the blood engorged head crammed high inside my belly like he'd promised.

The sounds of desperate fucking filled the small rom. My moaning and sobs, his grunts of enjoyment, the slurping of his fat meat thrusting and rutting in and out of my agonized cunt chamber, and his hips and belly cracking and slapping against the soft skin of my wide open crotch.

The inside of my cunt hole was sore and rubbed raw by his thrusting cock before he finally gasped and threw his head back.
"YESSSSSSSSSSS!!" he exulted.

I felt his come pouring down into my cunt and womb, racing deep into my guts as his hands on my hips lifted me off the table and ground my crotch harshly against his, before collapsing onto me.
He lay atop me for several moments as we both caught our breath, then he pushed himself up, pulled his cock out of my now gaping fuck tunnel. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and gave a little laugh, then stumbled away from the table.

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