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updated march 3 2012

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Taking Elaine:
by beygaze1©

Day 01

Elaine was all packed and ready to go. It was off to Las Vegas by plane, then off to some little ghost town in the middle of nowhere. She was going to meet Amanda there for a long weekend in the desert. She had a little shudder of pleasure in anticipation of seeing Amanda again and more than that of having lots of sex with her former roommate.

Elaine was 5'2" tall with a slim build, what some would call an Irish build. She had smallish but firm and perky breasts, long legs and a beautiful ass. Her eyes were big and blue, her hair was straight and dark blonde and fell to the middle of her back. There was a certain innocence and openness to her that made all men want to have her, but there was a barrier of shyness that many mistook for being stuck-up and kept them away.

Elaine and Amanda had met working at the Grand Canyon. Elaine was drifting in life at that point, she had lived in New York and Los Angeles but was looking for something new and different. Her career was in graphic design, she could still do that freelance while working full time as a clerk in the HR office at the Grand Canyon hotels. It was a nice place to spend some time until she figured out what she wanted to do next with her life.

She was assigned a one bedroom apartment and Amanda, who worked as a desk clerk in one of the lodges, was her roommate. Amanda was not uncommon of the young women roaming the West. She was athletic, she hiked, ran and did some work on river trips all of which gave her a muscular, fit build. She had an independent streak and a confident sense of self that could not but appeal to the introverted Elaine.

The most distinctive feature of Amanda was her hair. She had a huge head of curly red hair that never seemed to be under any control. When she was working she forced it out of her face with hair ties and clips, but as soon as these were off it sprang back into it's usual wildness.

The two hit it off immediately. Amanda seemed to be able to sense how to approach Elaine and slowly draw the shy woman out of her shell. Soon there was even an atmosphere of flirtatiousness between the two women, led as always by Amanda. They would brush against one another more than was really necessary. They would sit together on the couch to watch TV and inch closer to each other as the night went on. Elaine stopped going into the bathroom to change clothes and even enjoyed catching Amanda looking at her.

Amanda had revealed her bisexuality to Elaine early on. She had neither tried to seduce Elaine then nor had she disavowed any interest in her roommate either. She left it deliciously ambiguous and that added to the exciting tension between the two of them. Elaine liked the attention from her attractive roommate and Amanda was careful not to push things too far too fast.

It had been two years since Elaine's last boyfriend and her loneliness and sexual frustration had just become part of the background noise of her life. She had learned to ignore it, but with Amanda around she began to feel those needs again. Elaine had never been with a woman before in that way. She had enough trouble dealing with her own heterosexual needs that to think of expanding her problems to include women was too much. Still, she would be lying if she said she had never fantasized about it. She would also be lying if she said she was not attracted to Amanda.

It all came to a head on a Friday night. Elaine was off work at 5pm and after an easy dinner of soup and grilled cheese settled in to channel surf. She was in a pair of boxers and a ratty sweatshirt on the couch. She opened a bottle of wine and was on her third glass of wine when Amanda got home. The redhead smiled at her roommate, poured a glass of wine then went into the bedroom to change.

She emerged in only a white chemise and panties, a little unusual but it looked comfortable so Elaine did not think much of it. Amanda plopped down on the couch next to Elaine and they watched together for a while, occasionally engaging in small talk about the day's work. More often, though, they were silent. The tension was thicker in the air than usual. Feeling a little buzzed and less self conscious, Elaine swallowed hard and put her hand on Amanda's bare leg. She was surprised at how solid her roommate's muscles were.

Finally, Amanda simply leaned over and kissed Elaine. Elaine took a deep breath, let go of her inhibitions and plunged into it. They had sex for the first time on the couch that night and Elaine had the first orgasm of her life under the skilled fingers and mouth of her roommate.

Things progressed from there. Amanda always seemed to know where to take her shy lover. It was not long before she began to bring out the submissive side of Elaine. Amanda started to tie up Elaine and use a strap-on dildo with her. One night she "broke in" to their apartment, climbing in through the window and "raped" her struggling roommate. At Elaine's request they did that a few more times with some variations on it.

On a long weekend Amanda got her to agree to play slave, although with the condition that Amanda had to clean the apartment first. Elaine liked this, too, and it became part of their repertoire of games. Elaine liked being a slave, she liked being forced by her roommate and liked her submissiveness. It just seemed right.

The culmination had been when Amanda talked Elaine into going to a slave themed party in Las Vegas. Amanda was up front that there would be men there and these men would be having sex with Elaine, including multiple partners. Elaine was reluctant, but after Amanda assured her that everyone would be in masks so she could remain anonymous her objections began to soften and she finally agreed.

Amanda led her into the party cuffed and on a leash then passed her off to a group of men. They passed her around and all took turns on her. She thought that at least four guys had fucked her pussy and another three in her mouth. Elaine had multiple orgasms that night, the first orgasms she had had with a man. Afterwards she was sore but satisfied. She found herself on the verge of sexual fulfillment when things fell apart.

It had been nearly a year since Elaine had seen Amanda. Elaine had planned to leave the Canyon before the party and had moved to Prescott, AZ to do more freelance work. Amanda had tested positive for marijuana on a random drug test and had been fired. She gave a vague answer about going to explore and then left with a last long kiss.

Elaine found that when she and Amanda parted all of the passion and most of the fun had left her life. She still did not consider herself a lesbian, she had come to terms with being bisexual, but all things considered she preferred men to women. It was just that all of the satisfying sex had been either with Amanda, or in the case of the party, arranged by Amanda.

She was horny most of the time but frustrated. She had masturbated some, but while it was some relief it was not the same as being with another person. She missed the weight of another body on top of her, the feel of someone else's hands on her body. She had thought about going out and letting herself get picked up and fucked at some random bar. Once she had almost made it out the door, but she was too shy and too worried about wasting her time with disappointing sex.

So she had plunged into her work, doing four contracts at once to keep her busy. Always shy she did not really have any friends and she found she missed Amanda's conversation almost as much as her body. She had been working manically on her work and woke up one morning to realize that they were all completed and she had nothing to do.

Fortunately, that morning she got an e-mail from Amanda. Her ex-roommate and lover wanted to get together. She said something vague about road tripping to see some hot springs in the middle of Nevada. Amanda tended to be vague about lots of things, it annoyed Elaine but she had learned to trust the redhead. Elaine nearly cried in relief when she read the message and within minutes sent back a reply accepting and asking for more details.

Again, Amanda was vague. All she said was "don't pack too many clothes." Three days later a package arrived with the plane and bus tickets.

That had been a week ago. Elaine finished the final touches on her contracts. She had packed, unpacked, repacked, unpacked and repacked again. She was horny and managed to get some of the energy out by running, sometimes ten miles at a time. All the time she thought about fucking and getting fucked by Amanda. Her sexual energy was at a peak.

The night before she could barely sleep. The plane left at 7am and she was up at 2am, two hours before her alarm was set to go off. She took a long shower and checked out the wax job she got earlier. Her legs were silky smooth and her bush neatly trimmed, just the way Amanda liked it. She dressed in thong panties and a slight bra. Over that she wore a blue floral patterned sundress. It was one of her favorites and she knew Amanda would like it: it flattered her build and made for easy access.

Finally, in a haze of exhaustion and excitement she got in the taxi to the regional airport and boarded the plane to begin this adventure.

The plane was a puddle jumper, a little two engine prop job. It was filled with the usual sightseers and tourists headed for Vegas. A few of the men (and at least one of the women) checked her out. One old guy with a huge nose leered at her for most of the flight. She really didn't pay attention to him or anyone else, she was lost in her own world of wondering what came next and what it would be like to be with Amanda again.

They landed at a little airport on the outskirts of town. It was one of those 100 degree days of late summer, even in the morning the heat was oppressive.

She walked to where the bus would pick her up at a little station next door. The station was little more than an air conditioned box. There was one guy at the counter who looked at her ticket with raised eyebrows.

"Goldwash, huh? We don't make a lot of stops there. Hope someone is picking you up." After he turned away, he quietly made a phone call.

Elaine waited for a while, a quick trip to the dirty bathroom and a snack from the vending machine killed a few minutes. She walked to the window and looked out. Across the street a young man in his early 20s was gassing up his motorcycle. He was in jeans and a black t-shirt. She found herself imagining being taken by him, his hands roughly grabbing her breasts while he thrust into her wet mound. Her pussy began getting wet as she thought about it.

The bus pulled up. Like most things here, it looked like it had seen better days. It had a few dents, needed a new paint job and there was more than a little duct tape holding the seats together. The driver stepped out and lit a cigarette as he checked her ticket.

"Goldwash? Haven't stopped there in a month. Well, find a seat, we'll head out in a minute."

She climbed in and found one of the seats in better shape. She looked out the window at the gas station, but the guy on the motorcycle was gone. There were maybe another ten people on the bus. All of them checked her out but quickly went back to what they were doing.

The driver got back on and they headed northeast out of town. Now she started to think and wonder. At Goldwash her instructions ended. What was supposed to happen next?

Elaine fell asleep watching the desert roll by.

"Miss," someone was shaking her shoulder,"'scuse me miss, but this is your stop." It was the bus driver. The blast of liquor on his breath made her a little more eager to get off the bus.

At one time Goldwash was a town and people lived there. Those days were long gone. It was three blocks long and one wide. There was an old brick building that looked like it may have been a bank once, but the rest were wood. All were abandoned and most were boarded up. One old piece of shit Bronco parked down the street was the only car she saw once the bus pulled away. There was no Amanda. She was more than a little disappointed.

It was quiet, only the hot wind made any sound. She walked over to the shaded porch of a boarded up building and tried to figure out what to do next. She checked her phone, no reception. She had not given it a full charge so she switched it off to save her batteries. She looked around again for any sign of Amanda: nothing.

"Now what?" she said aloud.

The wind blew, Elaine looked around for a tumbleweed but found none.

Elaine started walking up the street, looking for anything worthwhile. All she found was some graffiti and lots of empty beer cans and broken liquor bottles. She stepped carefully around them. She went to the alley behind the buildings, lots of big open desert behind them that stretched into the distant mountains. Maybe Amanda was just running late, it would be nice to find a diner or someplace to wait out of the heat, but all the buildings were closed.

She started back towards the "main" street when she heard a whistle behind her.

She turned and saw three men coming out of one of the boarded up buildings. All three had the glassy eyed look of someone emerging from a three day bender. The wind shifted briefly and she caught a whiff of their odor. They reeked of old stale sweat and cheap liquor.

The biggest was about 6'4" with a huge gut and a dirty flannel shirt that was open to reveal a mass of grey curly chest hair. He had a patchy beard and yellow stained teeth. He wore a greasy baseball cap with the words "Cunt Fucker" in big letters. He would have been the least attractive man she had ever seen if it were not for the two men standing next him.

Dirty, smelly and gross: these two looked like twins dressed in ripped up jeans and shirts spotted with grease, blood and god only knew what else. They were maybe 5'8", but where the big guy had a big gut they were wiry and almost skeletal. One had a nose that looked like it had been broken a few times, he had short black hair. The other had a nose that looked like it had just been broken and a shaved head.

The one with a crew cut ducked back into the building and quickly came out with a length of rope. "Hot damn!" he yelled.

They were all walking towards her now. The one with the rope began to swing it back and forth.

"Hey, sweetie," the tall one yelled,"wanna have some fun?"

He spit a big loogie on the ground and grabbed his crotch.

"There are three of us, you got three places to fuck."

She started walking away from them, but to where? Maybe she could out run them, but for how long? Getting gang raped by these three disgusting men terrified her.

"C'mon, you got nowhere to go."

She looked back and one of the shorter ones blew her a kiss.

"We got all the time in the world."

She walked a little faster, trying to get back to the main road, maybe someone could help. Maybe Amanda would be there. She heard their pace quicken, too.

Where was Amanda?

She got back to where the bus had dropped her off and just then a motorcycle pulled up. It was the same one she had seen at the gas station in Las Vegas. He rode the bike over to her and offered her an arm. She gratefully climbed on the back.

He sped away, heading back towards Las Vegas. She looked and saw the three men cursing and yelling, but she couldn't hear them.

He drove fast. The noise of the engine and the wind made talking impossible. The wind ripped at her eyes so she wrapped her arms around his waist to hold on and buried her face in his back and waited.

She had no idea where they were going. She was not quite sure what to think, he had rescued her from those gross men back at Goldwash, but he did not seem ready to stop and let her off. She knew nothing about him, she had only seen him at the gas station in Las Vegas, and again at Goldwash. Was it a coincidence?

The feel of this young man in her arms was almost too much. She was so horny and wound up and here was a young, good looking man. The vibrations of the motorcycle were doing wonders for her already aroused crotch; her breasts rubbed against his back with every bump and her nipples were soon hard. She wasn't sure if she was embarrassed and hoped he did not notice or turned on and hoped he did.

She started to have some day dreams and fantasies about rewarding him for saving her. Maybe she could give him a quick kiss and if he wanted to take it farther, well, she wouldn't say no.

She knew it was a pipe dream. She did not have the courage to offer that first kiss. Besides, he was much younger than her and probably only interested in flighty young women his own age. Her body ached with need, she knew that even Amanda would not be able to completely satisfy her. She needed to be fucked by a man, to have a real cock inside her. All she could do was content herself by holding onto him and enjoy it while she could.

He drove a while more then turned off the main road. Although "main" was relative, she hadn't seen another car. This road was rougher and he slowed down a bit to dodge some of the bigger holes and ruts. Still, he didn't say anything. She wanted to tell him to stop or at least ask where they were going, but she did not know if he would hear her so did not try.

The thought had crossed her mind before that he was going to rape and/or kill her. They were in the middle of nowhere. They were going slower now so she could look around some, there were definitely no signs of other people. He could do anything he wanted to her and no one would be around to help her.

She was in a world of isolation. She couldn't see anything she recognized. Her whole world was the motorcycle and the man she held on to. She thought more about sex. Before Amanda her sex life had been unsatisfying. She lost her virginity when she was 22. It had been dull, she remembered thinking "wow, I'm having sex" and that was about it. She'd had a couple of boyfriends between 22 and 26, but they never really went anywhere. The problem was always the sex. They were attentive gentle lovers who tried to please her, but that wasn't what she wanted. They wanted to make love to her, she wanted a good hard fucking. None of them had been able to bring her to orgasm. The relationships followed the same pattern: she would start to withdraw during sex, becoming more and more passive, hoping that this would drive her boyfriends to be more angry or aggressive, instead it just drove them away. Finally, she just gave up.

For her 26th birthday her then boyfriend had taken her out to the most expensive restaurant around for dinner. He rented a big hotel suite and scattered rose petals on silk sheets before making love to her. He had gone down on her for 30 minutes (she knew, she was watching the clock), but she hadn't climaxed.

She had always been shy, painfully so at times. This translated to sex, too. She had trouble talking to people and in bed she had trouble telling her partners what she really wanted. What Amanda had done was take away her needing to ask or say anything. When she really thought about it, she realized that she didn't want a partner who would ask her and she didn't want a partner who would take no for an answer. The more she imagined him raping her, the more turned on she became and the more she rubbed against him. Something told her she should try to stop the motorcycle and get away, but she didn't and every minute carried her deeper into his power.

Elaine tried to guess how long they had been going when he finally stopped, she thought at least an hour on the old road. He had picked a beautiful spot for a rest. There were a couple of big cottonwoods for shade and an old cement picnic table. A sign proclaimed this as a WPA project from 1935.

He stopped the motorcycle and got off. He took her bag and set it on the table then reached to help her off.

"Thank you," she started to say. She had mustered her courage and was determined to at least try to kiss him.

So fast that she wasn't sure how it happened he slapped a pair of hand cuffs on her. He pushed her over to the picnic table and bent her over it lengthwise. Quickly, he tied her hands to the other end, leaving her stretched out with her face pressed onto the cool surface of the table.

"I didn't take you to save you, I took you to have you," he said from behind her.

Something happened inside Elaine, she knew she should be fighting. She should be kicking and screaming and doing everything she could to stop him, but she wasn't. All of the sexual tension and energy of the past year suddenly boiled up inside her. Her mind knew that this was wrong, but her body knew she had not had sex in a year and wanted it badly. All her inner submissiveness and rape fantasies overpowered her rational disgust and she made no effort to fight or get away.

He reached up under her skirt, slowly sliding his hands up her smooth thighs, bunching her blue floral patterned dress as he went. He pushed her dress up over her waist, exposing her lower body to his gaze and use. He paused to look at her perfect ass and hips, taking in her beauty. He ran his hands down the curves of the outside of her thighs then back up the soft flesh of the inside. She shuddered as his fingers pushed aside her thong and probed her wetness.

"Yeah, you're ready and eager for this aren't you?" he muttered as he fingered her.

His hands were rough on her soft skin. She felt them on her body and inside her and loved the feel of it. He was not tentative, afraid she would push him away but decisive, she felt that he knew what he wanted and was not going to be stopped. That thought aroused her even more. When his fingers pushed through her lower lips she thought how long it had been and how much she needed someone inside her.

Was he actually going to do this? Was he going to rape her? She and Amanda had played rape games, but Elaine knew and trusted Amanda. She knew her roommate was not going to seriously hurt her and when it was done things would go back to normal. With this stranger she did not know and that uncertainty added to the thrill.

He took his hands off her and fished for something in his pocket. She heard a metallic click and then felt something sharp on her ass. She froze, what was he going to do? He slid a knife blade between her body and panties and cut them off. With a negligent flip he tossed them on the ground and put the knife away. "You won't be needing those anymore," he said.

Elaine knew she should say no, but she couldn't. The words never came out of her mouth.

With one hand still on her ass he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. His knee forced her thighs apart, spreading her. Elaine tensed up in anticipation of what she knew would come next. He placed the erect tip of his cock on her moist pink lips and stopped for a moment while he shifted his hands to her hips.

She breathed heavily, scared but turned on, too. This wasn't quite how she had imagined it with him. What she was sure of was that she was in the middle of nowhere and about to get raped. She could feel him at her entrance, so close to taking her. The anticipation was killing her, he wouldn't stop now, would he? She needed him to rape her, she needed him.

He thrust into her, boring his cock into her with one slow, powerful stroke. She cried out and a couple of birds flew startled from the tree. It hurt. He was big and it had been a year since she had had sex. She was wet, but tight and he stretched her painfully. She felt the button and zipper of his jeans against the back of her legs, and gasped for breath. He filled her, violating her body. His shaft invaded her most private and inner region. She could not think, all she could do was feel.

He paused and savored the moment. His cock was enveloped in the warm depths of a beautiful woman. He enjoyed the sensation of her wet heat all around his rock hard penis. He pulled back and thrust in again hard. Again she cried out and arched her back a bit, trying to pull away from his assault, but she was tied in place. He continued battering into her, her cries gradually stopped as he pounded away at her helpless body. She tried to shift her legs out from under him but his hands held her hips as he used her for his pleasure.

Gradually something changed in her and she shifted her hips so instead of trying to pull away from his assault she opened more to it. She was stretched now beginning to welcome the violation of her throbbing pussy. After the lonely year she had had this felt great. She wanted to fight him and resist this rape, but more than that she wanted to be fucked. This was what she had waited for all these years. The feeling of being helpless and tied to this old table while he hammered her from behind brought her to the edge of orgasm.

He felt her change and open to him and fucked her even harder, driving relentlessly into her depths. He was getting close to climax now.

Totally at his mercy, her body responded. She tensed and spasmed as a wave of pleasure washed over her. A slight whimper and moan was all the noise she made as an orgasm wracked her beautiful slender body. He felt the spasms of her sopping cunt on his cock and that sent him over the edge. He came long and hard, firing multiple rounds of cum into her.

They were both panting and covered with sweat. She moaned softly. He kissed her on each of her shoulders then withdrew. He kissed her again, once on each butt cheek now and wiped his penis off on a bandana.

He left her tied to the table and got a drink of water while he stared at his conquest.

She felt his semen mix with her juices and begin to drip down her thigh. A stray breeze ruffled the dress bunched up above her waist and goose bumps appeared on her exposed, sweaty skin. Her spread lips began to cool as the desert air dried her.

She had been raped by this man, he had violated her and she had enjoyed it. Pleasure was mixed with shame. The rational part of her recoiled at what he had done to her, but her used pussy told her it was what she had wanted and needed. Yet as satisfying as it was, she knew this was only a start. He would do more to her and she would respond deeper and stronger, he had just begun to tap into her need.

He got up and got a few things from a box he had left here earlier. There was a motorcycle jacket, a helmet and a couple of sandwiches.

He untied her from the table, but left her hands cuffed. He lifted her chin and made her look him right in the eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes were a mix of emotions. There was the post orgasm softness; but there was also fear, anger and resistance, too. With her hands together she pulled her dress back down, trying to hide her used mound. She was determined to at least keep some dignity through this.

Neither spoke, the only sound was the wind in the leaves of the tree and one particularly loud raven. Elaine welcomed the silence now, anything he could say would detract from the moment.

He gave her a sandwich and a bottle of water. She hadn't realized how hungry she was and made short work of the pb&j. For the first time she really took a good look at her assailant. He was about 6' tall with a slender build but broad shoulders. His hair was sandy blonde and cut short. He had a mustache and goatee and steel blue eyes. She guessed he was maybe 22. He was sweaty from the day, but it wasn't the stink of old sweat and the rest of his face was freshly shaven. She had to admit that she found the younger man attractive and a far more pleasant alternative to the men back at Goldwash.

"C'mon, we still have a long way to go" he said. He un-cuffed one hand and put the jacket on her. It was hot already, but the jacket would keep off the sun. They climbed back on his motorcycle and he cuffed her hands back together around his waist. He put the helmet on her and put down a dark visor, now she couldn't see anything. Again, she buried herself into his back as they began to ride.

Did he rape her? She knew from a strictly legal sense, yes: she did not give consent, she didn't have the chance. She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no either. But there was no denying that she had wanted it and enjoyed it. She sighed. Now what? He obviously wasn't done with her yet. No one would notice she was missing for a few months. Her parents had died when she was in college. They left her enough money that she would be comfortable, not rich but okay, for the rest of her life. She did freelance graphic artist work, but wasn't working on anything now. She had been too shy to have many friends. That left only Amanda, she wondered if she was missed yet.

So she was on the back of a motorcycle handcuffed to a guy who had just raped her. She had no idea where she was going, no one knew she was missing and no one would miss her for a long time. That thought gave her a deep, guilty thrill.

At some point she fell asleep. She was exhausted from lack of sleep and spent from being raped. It seemed less than real, her life had been safe and boring and today had been neither. She wondered what we would do to her next. As she faded into sleep she was very aware of his semen seeping out of her, a reminder that this was real.

She awoke when he shut off the motorcycle. Suddenly it was quiet. She felt cooler air on her bare legs. He uncuffed her hands and got off before taking off her helmet. She looked around.

He certainly knew how to pick scenic spots. They were in a small canyon, high rocky walls rose up around them. Numerous cottonwood trees provided shade. She guessed they were higher in the mountains, it was definitely cooler and the air was thinner. There was an old, slightly dilapidated cabin, but it still had glass in the windows and a door on its hinges. Off to her right was a creek, maybe 10 feet wide with what looked like a deep pool.

"Please," she said, looking into his eyes, "what's your name?"

"Roy," he answered and began pulling her dress off over her head, "and your name is Elaine."

"Did Amanda send you?"

"Not really. I will explain more later." He removed her bra, too. He left her standing there naked and put her clothes in her bag.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked.

"I'm going to fuck you," he answered with a shrug, as if he was talking about getting a beer.

"Then what?"

"I'm going to fuck you some more. As long as I'm happy, you're okay. Enough questions," and he put her bag in the cabin.

She could run, but to where? She was miles from anyone and anything. If she ran down the road, how long until she saw another person? Hours? Days? She would be on foot, in the desert not knowing where she was and he would be on the motorcycle in familiar territory. Maybe she should try to escape, but it would not do any good. He would catch her and do whatever he wanted to her anyway.

Besides, she was not really sure she wanted to escape. She was naked and completely in his power, he could do anything he wanted to her. She felt extremely vulnerable. Yet, standing there, waiting for him to take her again, she was also getting more and more aroused. It was if by raping her he had turned on part of her that had lain dormant her entire life. She was getting wet and trembling with anticipation and fear.

Roy came back over and looked over her naked body for the first time. Her small firm breasts stood up, the nipples erect in the cooling afternoon and her arousal. He cupped each one, twisting the nipples in his fingers; as he did she closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. He rubbed his hands over her shoulders and moved her hair to one side to see her long, lovely neck. She tilted her head to the side, offering him her neck. He kissed it, slowly licking and kissing from her chin to her shoulder. That sent a wave of pleasure through her, his touch brought her skin alive.

He noted the dark freckles on her back and the small tattoo on her butt. He ran his hand through her neatly trimmed pubic hair and rubbed along her wet slit. He pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger, slowly working it. She tried to push his hand away as a bolt of pleasure shot through her, but he smacked her hand. She dropped her arms to her sides in mute submission.

He stood in front of her and pulled her close. She was so beautiful, so helpless and fragile. He kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth, pinning hers then withdrawing. His hands cupped her butt cheeks, spreading them apart, one finger ran circles around her asshole then thrust in. He left it in there and moved his face back from hers. She looked up with moist scared eyes.

"Soon" he said.

"Please don't," Elaine pleaded, "I've never done that."

"You won't be able to say that tomorrow."

Elaine cast her eyes down as he continued to finger her asshole. When Amanda had fingered her there it had been gentle, probing; this was rougher, claiming. She reached up and put her arms around him, grabbing handfuls of his shirt as he forced his finger in deeper. It was uncomfortable and helped to reinforce her helplessness.

He pulled his finger out and walked over to one of the trees. He tied a rope around it about four feet off the ground and looped the handcuffs through it. He motioned for her to come over and she did, only briefly looking him in the eyes and seeing the determination in them. He cuffed her again so she was facing the tree. He pulled out a padded leather collar and placed that around her neck, linking it to the rope, too, holding her head in place.

Roy stood off to the side and began to strip. First the shirt then his boots and jeans and underwear. Elaine turned her head as much as she could to look, it was her first chance to see him naked. He had a broad chest, lean and muscular with some hair but not too much. He had gorgeous legs, muscular and hairy without being bear like. His seven inch cock was straight and erect, waiting for her.

He stood behind her with his hands on her hips.

"I'm saving your ass for after dinner. I want your cunt now."

"Please don't, just let me go," she said, not very convincingly. He chuckled, spread her legs and moved between her silky thighs.

He moved his cock to her wet lips, working the tip just inside her. Elaine was trembling now, fear mixed with desire. She waited for him to take her. Roy thrust in violently, lifting her off the ground. He was stopped about halfway into her cunt. She cried out in pain and surprise and kicked her muscular legs in an attempt to get her toes back on the ground. The echo of her cry came back from the canyon walls. Her own weight impaled her the rest of the way and she slid down onto his shaft.

Her eyes closed as she concentrated on his cock inside her. He lifted her off the ground for a moment and gave another hard thrust. She cried again and the echoes came back. He set her back down on her feet and took his hands off her hips.

Motionless inside her he grabbed her breasts and began to pull roughly on her sensitive nipples. Then he began to kiss her neck before biting hard just below the collar. With his teeth still holding her neck he started fucking her hard, each thrust rocking her off her feet. She grabbed hold of the rope and cuffs to steady herself. Her body was alive with desire, her whole universe was Roy fucking her. It hurt, but felt so right.

The pain in her neck and breasts added to the hard fucking she was getting, pushing her into another orgasm. This time she couldn't keep it in with a whimper but cried out, sounding like she was in pain. He could feel her body react and knew it was pleasure. This was what she had waited years for. The party in Las Vegas had been great, but she wanted to be helpless and used relentlessly. Not even Amanda had been able to make her feel this way. She kept crying out, an eruption took place inside her as years and years of need and desire let loose and fueled her massive orgasm.

This was all Roy had hoped for and more. A helpless, beautiful woman tied before him taking as hard a fucking as he could manage and cumming from it.

He slowed as her orgasm finally subsided and let go of her neck. He nibbled on her shoulder while he played with her breasts. Elaine tried to regain her breath and still let out a series of whimpers as she came down off of her climax. For several minutes he fucked her slowly, enjoying the tactile feel of her tight, hot pussy around his cock. Elaine was still in a haze, just waiting to peak again. She waited for him to take her more.

When he let go of her breasts she sighed. He put his hands back on her hips and pushed down, holding her in place. She took in a deep breath in anticipation and stuck her ass out towards him, sliding further down his erect shaft.

He pulled his cock out, rubbed the tip on her engorged lips then shoved it back in. Keeping her from moving with his firm grip he slammed into her stationary cunt. Over and over he rammed hard into her, claiming her, conquering her. She let out another scream of half pain and half pleasure as she came again. Finally, all of the pent up sexual frustration of the past year exploded into another giant orgasm, even bigger than the last. It was the most intense feeling of her life. Her screams were primal, animal, with no hint of rational thought. She reveled in the pounding inside her and would have collapsed were it not for the cuffs and his hands holding her.

Soon he was there too and let out his own wail as he came harder than he ever had before. His last few thrusts drove deeply into her and he shot wave after wave of cum deep inside her.

He took his hands from her hips, leaving red handprints. Still inside her he caressed her breasts some more and kissed the bite mark on her neck, tasting a little blood. They stayed that way for a few moments, she hung onto the cuffs and rope while he slowly subsided inside her. Elaine was in a daze from the intense pleasure Roy had forced from her body. Certainly, she had been fucked hard before, but nothing like that. She moaned and tried to say something, but could not make any coherent words.

He withdrew, cupping her ass before he stepped back to admire her ravished body. He wanted to own this woman, to be able to do this, and more, to her whenever he wanted. He knew that would not be easy. Others would be after her, probably already were.

He untied the rope from the tree and unhooked the collar from the cuffs. She stumbled to her knees and fell against the tree for support. With some help from Roy she stood up on wobbly legs and tried to avoid looking at him. He lifted her chin, looked into her eyes then gave her a long, hard kiss.

"You are a great fuck, baby," he told her. "I'm going to make you my slave. I'm going to do lots of things to that hot little body of yours."

The word slave sent thrills down her spine. When she was with Amanda that had been one of her favorite games. Amanda would make Elaine her slave for the night or weekend and do things to her, or make her do things. Those had been some of the best times with Amanda and Elaine was hoping they could do it again this weekend. Instead this man who had raped her twice already; for the best sex of her life, too; wanted to do it to her more. He wanted to own her. Tears began to run down her cheeks. She knew he would and she knew she wanted him to.

She leaned into him while she came back down. He held onto her ass while her cunt leaked cum and her juices. Finally she was able to stand on her own again. She turned her face and kissed him on his chest while her bound hands gripped his thigh.

"Time to get cleaned up, there's an outhouse over there and then we'll bathe in the creek." He handed her a roll of toilet paper and slapped her on the ass to get her heading to the outhouse.

Day 01

He watched her gorgeous ass bounce as she walked away. She was still wobbly and stumbled a few times before getting into the outhouse. Roy was in a daze, too. He had never imagined it would go quite like this. This was an amazing woman he had taken.

Roy looked around, it was getting towards evening. It would be getting cold soon. He went into the cabin and lit the fire in the wood stove. He put a pot of stew on top to warm up and then went outside with 2 towels and blanket to wait for her. He hung the towels on a tree limb and spread the blanket on the ground by the creek bank.

Elaine took her time in the outhouse. It was not the nicest place, but still better than the bus station this morning. Was it only this morning? Still, she made a point of not looking down the hole. She suddenly sneezed and a load of semen dropped out of her. She had to chuckle a bit at that one.

Elaine finished emptying herself, wiped and walked back outside. The sun was already sinking behind the canyon walls, the creek only had a few minutes of light on it. She wanted to get cleaned up before she lost the warmth of the sun. Roy walked over to her and took off the cuffs and collar. She rubbed her wrists then grabbed her bag and took out the soap and shampoo. She gave a quick look to Roy (he was already getting hard again, the recovery time of a young man!), then waded into the water.

The creek was cool, but refreshing. The cool water felt good on her abused pussy. She swirled around a bit then vigorously soaped up. She washed the dried semen off her legs and crotch and the sweat off everywhere. She plunged in again to rinse off and get her hair wet. She stood up, the water up to her waist, she wanted to keep the cool water on her pussy as long as possible, she knew she wasn't done yet.

Roy watched her with undisguised lust. His cock was already at attention. The cold water gave her goosebumps all over her body and her nipples were rock hard and standing straight out. He had to resist the urge to drag her up here and fuck her again. He barely caught the bar of soap when she tossed it at him.

"You, too," she said as she shampooed her hair.

He splashed into the water, the cold water quickly killed the immediate desire for Elaine and his cock went flaccid. Might as well make the best of it, he thought and swam around. He washed as Elaine got out. The water glistened on her body in the afternoon sun as she climbed up the bank.

He loved watching her. She had a beautiful body, a smooth stomach that curved down to the mound that had brought him such pleasure. As she walked away he stared at her ass, the firm hills of flesh and the valley between them. Her thighs just seemed to cry out to be held and caressed. Her calves were a little skinny but still had nice tone. She had a lovely complexion, pale but healthy. She had a few freckles but they seemed to highlight rather than detract from her beauty. He smiled thinking of what he was going to do to her later.

Roy was turned on by the fact that she was older than him, too. Some women seemed to get better looking as they went through their 20s, Elaine was one of them. He also had found that young women tended not to fully appreciate what was being done to them, while Elaine was fully aware of what she was experiencing. At this point she should be with older men, more established, but here he was at 22 using her, ravishing her. She would not refuse him, she had no choice.

She toweled off and he rinsed off. By the time he got out and started to dry off she was sitting on the blanket with the towel around her combing out her hair. Elaine was not sure that she had ever felt this alive before. She was aware of her whole body, her orgasms made every inch of her tingle and resonate. She had waited 30 years to feel this level of satisfaction and it had taken being kidnapped and raped to make it happen.

Roy was feeling refreshed by the swim and wash. He was horny, too. His time working with the Association had given him the endurance and experience of an older man but his 22 years gave him the desire and recovery of a young man. He had a woman in his power and he would make the most of her.

When Elaine had finished with her hair, Roy sat down behind her. He slid the towel from her shoulders and pulled her arms behind her. He locked the cuffs on her wrists and the collar on her slender neck.

His hands slid down and cupped her breasts. He fondled them, first kneading them then pulling on her nipples. He ran his hands across her nipples, letting each finger individually brush her erect buds. He kissed her neck and shoulders and turned her head to kiss her. He invaded her mouth again with his tongue, but the kiss she returned this time was both submissive and passionate.

For several minutes more he kissed her and played with her small sensitive breasts. Elaine surrendered to his touch, she closed her eyes and concentrated entirely on what Roy was doing to her. She was breathing hard and aroused when he stood up. She began to lean back, ready and eager to be fucked again, but he caught hold of her collar and kept her sitting up. He walked around so he was standing in front of her and pulled her up to her knees by the collar.

His seven inch cock was at attention right in front of her face. He did not say a thing. Elaine looked up at Roy and he gave a slight nod. She leaned in and kissed his shaft in the middle then licked it from base to tip. She ran her tongue around the edge of his knob then briefly took the tip into her hot mouth. She sucked for a second then took her mouth off to continue licking. She tilted her head sideways and slid her mouth up and down the front of his cock.

Elaine knew that cocksucking was not her strong point. She tried and had improved, but at the party the men had tired of her efforts. After a little of her work they grabbed her head, forced her all the way down their shafts and fucked her face. On her own she could never get more than two or three inches in. That might have been enough for one of her boyfriends, but the men who used slaves wanted something more.

Roy was a little more patient and tolerant. Besides, he liked watching her work to please him. He pulled down on her collar and guided her down to his balls. She nibbled and sucked at them enthusiastically, lifting them with her tongue.

Elaine was trying. She wanted to please this man, she wanted to fulfill his desires. She enjoyed the feel of his cock in her mouth and the feel of it against her tongue. The hair on his scrotum was kind of annoying, but each little bit of discomfort fueled her submissive passion.

He lifted her by the collar. She licked his shaft up and down three or four more times then she took the tip in her mouth again. He put his hands on her head holding her there. With one hand he held he there, the bulb of his penis in her mouth, with the other hand he softly caressed her cheek.

Elaine took in a deep breath through her nose then Roy pushed her head all the way down on his throbbing member. She gagged as he pushed past her tongue and teeth and into her throat, but quickly adjusted to him. He held her there for a second, a suffocating rod of flesh cutting off her air. He slid his hips back and drew his cock back, letting her breathe. He pushed back in slowly and began fucking her face.

He started slowly but quickened the pace. Soon he was furiously sliding in and out of her mouth and throat. Elaine took it, she had to. She timed her breathing to his thrusts, but the muscles in her face and mouth were tired and sore. His pubic hair tickled her nose and she tried hard not to sneeze. She opened her eyes once, but all she could see was the hair on his lower stomach coming back and forth at her.

Finally, with a few hard strokes he finished, shooting a load of hot semen down her throat. She gagged once and let it slide down into her stomach. He had taken her again and while she did not cum this time, the humiliation of Roy fucking her mouth made her want him more.

He shook his cock in her mouth to get the last few drops out then pulled out of her mouth. He stroked her cheek again and smiled at her. She opened her beautiful eyes and returned a timid smile even as streams of drool dripped from the corners of her mouth.

The sun was down past the walls of the canyon. It was getting colder. He pulled her up by her elbows and walked her to the cabin.

The cabin was what they called a line shack. In the spring the cowboys would bring the cattle through here on their way up to the mountains and in the fall they would bring them back through to the desert. In the summer it went unused. It wasn't very big, maybe 10' by 15'. Inside were two sets of bunk beds, a table and chairs and a wood stove. The floor was bare wood, a little dirty but no trash. One window on each wall provided light and air, heavy curtains hung by them. The ceiling was open to the roof, a pair of beams crossed the otherwise open space and a gas lantern hung from each of those. If one was to use a single word to describe it it would be "cozy".

He closed the door behind her and locked it with a loud click. He took off her cuffs and set them down on the table.

The stew was simmering on the stove and the place still held some of the heat from the day in it. But this was the High Desert and the breezes coming in through the windows had a biting chill to them. Roy struck a match and lit the lanterns then closed the windows and curtains. They were sealed in for the night.

Elaine kept her eyes locked on Roy as he worked around the cabin. He fascinated her. He had ripped her away from her mundane and lonely life and done things to her that no one ever had. He had made her feel things no one ever had. She thought dreamily of his cock in her mouth or pounding away inside her pussy. He said he was going to take her in the ass after dinner and it was time for dinner. Soon he would violate her again, she worried about it even as she waited for it.

As she smelled the stew Elaine realized how hungry she was. It was evening and all she'd had to eat all day was a bag of chips at the bus station and a pb&j after Roy fucked her the first time.

Roy took a bottle of whiskey from a bag and poured two big glasses. He slid one to her and sipped on his then finished it in one gulp. She picked up hers and quickly drained it. She wasn't much of a drinker, but it was a trying day. The liquor began radiating warmth out from her stomach and she relaxed a little.

He ladled out a bowl of stew. Roy would have liked to say he made it, but it was from a can. Elaine was hungry enough that she didn't care. She ate the first bowl then started a second. Roy ate his slowly, watching his toy shovel the food into the mouth he had just cum in.

In silence, they ate. Finally, Elaine finished the last bite and put her spoon down in the bowl. She looked straight down.

"Please be gentle."

Roy stood up and walked behind her. He tenderly brushed her hair aside and whispered in her ear.


He put his fingers in her collar and pulled her to her feet. She rose and let him lead her to one of the bunk beds. He pointed to the bottom bunk. She lay down on her stomach, stretching out her arms and legs, trembling as she did.

She was afraid. Roy seemed to enjoy hurting her when he took her and he could really hurt her now. Elaine had never tried anal before. She did not really see the appeal of it, especially for the woman. She had a perfectly good vagina, why not just stay with it? Amanda had put a finger in her ass before, but Elaine would not let her do any more than that. It was also a matter of control, even with Amanda she still wanted to have at least one part of her body that she had final control over. Now Roy was going to take that away.

He cuffed each of her hands to bed posts then her legs so she was spread like an x. He shoved a pillow under her hips so her ass was thrust into the air. He ran his hand from her neck down to her ankle, relishing the feel of her helpless body. He caressed the inside of her thighs, stroking the silky smoothness. With one hand he reached under her and gently brushed her clit, her whole body shuddered.

Elaine pulled on her hands and feet, but the cuffs were secure. She was not going anywhere until Roy was done with her. She started getting wet again thinking of being in his power.

Roy kept stroking her clit from below and reached another hand around from behind to work her slit. He roughly spread her lips and jammed two fingers into her already abused pussy. He fucked her pussy with two fingers until she was sloppy wet. Elaine moaned in disappointment when he stopped and pulled his fingers out

Roy turned his attention to her beautiful ass. He spread her cheeks and looked down at the valley of her crack. There was his target, the puckered brown hole. He would violate and punish it. He stroked his hand up and down her crack, gently brushing her small hole each time. He rubbed around the edge of her anus, pushing down but not penetrating. He bit, kissed and licked her firm cheeks. Elaine was aware of her ass like she never had been before. Each time he touched her sphincter she jumped a bit.

"You have a great butt, Elaine," he said as he pushed a finger into her resisting sphincter. "Someone should have raped your ass a long time ago." He worked his finger all the way in and began stretching her.

Elaine cried softly. He was going to do this to her and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Worse than that, his finger actually felt good in her, she wanted him to take her every way possible and bend her to his will.

Roy continued to lick and kiss her cheeks as he worked another finger inside her. Elaine tried to pull away from this painful intrusion, but she was held in place. Roy kissed her tattoo. It was on her upper right cheek and was a little turtle poking its head out. Amanda said it symbolized Elaine coming out of her shell.

Roy pulled his fingers out and grabbed a tube of lube. Elaine enjoyed the brief respite with Roy out of her, but knew it would not last. Elaine flinched as he squirted some of the cold lube into her. He put his two fingers back into her, turning, working the lube in and stretching her more. It would still be tight and hurt her, Roy knew that and liked hurting her some, but this way she wouldn't be wrecked.

He was ready.

He climbed on the bed, in between her legs. He placed his cock in her smooth butt crack and lay down on top of her. He whispered in her ear "Now I'm going to fuck you hard. It is going to hurt you but feel great for me. There is nothing you can do to stop me." He moved his hips and slid his cock up and down her crack a few times. Elaine felt his weight pressing down on her and his cock in her crack, she could not fight or escape.

Roy got off of her and kneeled between her legs. He bent down and kissed each butt cheek once more and softly bit her tattoo. He squirted some lube on his hand and rubbed it on his cock. He could not believe that he was about to anally deflower this gorgeous woman.

He placed the tip of his cock on her tight little hole and pushed gently, not penetrating yet. She tensed, her hands grasped the bedposts in anticipation of this violation of her tender body.

Relax, she thought, open up, be ready to take it.

He forced the head of his cock in past her resisting rim. She let out a small cry. It hurt and burned, stretching her. Even with lube it was painful, this was a whole new world for her. He was inside her, he had started.

"Relax," she kept thinking, "open up."

Slowly but inexorably he pushed all the way into her. She cried out as she felt his rough pubic hair against the soft flesh of her ass, his balls rested against her wet slit. She was acutely aware that for the first time in her life there was a cock up her ass, she felt full and stretched. The pain was intense, she did not know how she was going to be able to take this.

"Please stop, oh please stop," she whispered. "I'll do anything you want. This hurts..."

"You'll do anything I want anyway."

He pulled all the way out, leaving her empty. He smiled then he forced his way back into her. This time he thrust all the way in fast and hard. She yelled out in pain. It felt as though she was being split in half, that her ass would burst and rip.

To Roy it felt great. Not only was his cock buried in a beautiful woman's tight virgin ass, but he loved the power he had over her. He was going to fuck her hard, it would hurt her but it would pleasure him and that almost made him cum right there.

He was doing this, Elaine thought, he was really doing this. He was doing what no one had ever done to her before. He did not care if she wanted it, he did not care if it hurt her, all he cared about was what felt good to him. This was what it was to be truly powerless, and that was what she had always wanted. She needed him to conquer her.

He started thrusting hard, in and out, long, powerful strokes. Her anus stretched and burned around his cock as he relentlessly slammed into her defenseless body. Each one made her cry out, to Elaine each one felt like the end of the world. After a few minutes there was nothing she could do anymore except take it. Her body had lost the power to resist this savage assault upon it, her arms and legs went limp.

Then something changed, the pain was still there, but now pleasure began to mingle with it. At this moment she realized that she had truly received the ultimate violation. She had suffered pain so that he might know pleasure. All of those years of dreaming of rough sex and rape fantasies were now becoming real. He was using her, raping her tender ass and there was nothing she could do to stop him. Finally, she surrendered to his brutalization. His conquest was complete.

He pounded away at her ass. When he felt her go limp he knew that this was truly a conquest, he now owned her and nothing would change that. He might lose possession of her, but he owned her.

Only a few whimpers and moans escaped her lips now. It took Roy a few more minutes to finish. His orgasm was massive and with the last few thrusts he put his entire weight into them, cracking a couple of bed slats.

Roy stayed inside Elaine and lay on top of her, sweaty and panting. He nibbled her ear. She sobbed quietly, part in relief that it was over, part in agony and part in humiliation. Her ass burned and ached, her muscles throbbed, her bowels feebly and futilely tried to expel this intrusion. His weight pressed down on her immobile body.

"Your ass is a great fuck, Elaine," he whispered in her ear, "I'm going to do this every chance I get. You're mine now, your ass belongs to me."

Roy began to tenderly nibble and kiss her neck and ear while he slid his left hand under her. He found her clit and began to stroke it. He flexed his hips, forcing her into his hand. He stroked more, dipping into her wet pussy to lube his fingers then rubbed some more.

"Oh Roy," she moaned, "please don't. Please don't make me cum."

He stroked her some more and pushed down with his hips. She whimpered, moaned then her body exploded into a massive orgasm. Her violation by Roy fueled her passion, his hard cock in her brutalized anus was the center of her orgasm, it was the embodiment of his conquest of her. Elaine cried out, it was a primal cry of pleasure and pain. She spasmed, her climax completing her surrender. Her orgasm seemed to last forever and she knew her life had forever changed. Before she had just thought she wanted to be a slave, now she was one. She would never be the same and Roy would always have a claim on her body and soul.

As the last spasms finished running through her body Roy turned her head and kissed her mouth. Elaine returned the kiss with a deep, strong passion. Then she lay her head down on the bed, closed her eyes and sighed deeply.

Roy withdrew his cock from her ass. She felt relief, but also emptiness. Her abused sphincter slowly closed. Roy got up to wipe his penis off, he noted a few small streaks of blood, but she had held up well.

Roy uncuffed Elaine from the bed, but cuffed her hands and feet together. She sat up, leaning on one of the bedposts for support. The bed sagged in the middle where they had broken it.

He poured two more drinks and slipped something into Elaine's to help the pain and let her relax. He downed his in one long shot. Elaine took three sips then shot the rest. She sighed again and closed her eyes, tears still running freely down her cheeks.

"I told you earlier that I would explain things to you later. Well, it's later. Here's what's going on..."

She opened her eyes to listen.

"Amanda sold you out. She was on her way to Goldwash with a man named Frank Goller. She was going to turn you into his slave. She would probably make it some sort of sex game and trick you into signing a contract. That contract would make you a slave and she would turn you over to him."

"Is that legal?" Elaine asked.

"In a strict sense, none of this is legal. Slavery is illegal and has been since the Civil War. But, there are enough people who follow and respect the contracts to make them enforceable. Did Amanda tell you about Hunter?"

Elaine nodded, she remembered him well. Amanda had talked about him in hushed tones, Amanda liked it rough and Hunter had scared her.

"He chases escaped slaves and brings them back to their owners. Few ever try again. So it's not legal but it is enforceable. You can lie, coerce, blackmail and even pay women to sign the contracts. You cannot put a gun to someone's head to get them to sign, but otherwise about anything is okay. Once you sign you are a slave per the rules of the Association."

"What is the Association?"

"It has a really long and obscure title so everyone just calls it the Association. Basically it's the governing body of slaves and owners. It sets rules of treatment of slaves, like monthly medical checkups and making sure you aren't getting hooked on heroin or meth. It also has a ton of rules about the rights and privileges of owners and other members. It says how you can sell a slave or even free one. Lots of paperwork."

Roy took another drink and continued.

"Amanda owes some people, some people you don't want to be in debt to. Goller offered to cover the debts if she got you for him."

"How does he know me?"

"He was at the party. I think he was the first one to have you. I guess he's been trying to get you since then, but Amanda held out. She made some bad choices and got in deep so Goller offered to help."

"In exchange for me."

"In exchange for you. Amanda did not fight it, in fact, she suggested you. She was in trouble and took the opportunity to get out. All it took was you."

"How do you know all of this? Are you a slave owner?"

"No, but I'm a member of the Association. Not all members are owners. There are always guys around to fuck slaves when masters need them and I was one of those guys. We get invited to orgies, gangbangs, parties and so on. Every master wants to let some other guy fuck his slave, it's a power trip. It's a great way to get laid for guys like me. I've never owned a slave, yet.

"I was at that party, too. But I did not get to have a turn with you."

"I had a mask on, how did you know it was me?"

"Your tattoo. I bet it was Amanda's idea, wasn't it?"

Elaine nodded.

"I do a lot of computer stuff. I'm really good at it. I do security work for the casinos. I hacked into Amanda's e-mail and from there into her computer. She has a lot of files on you. Amanda is big into e-mail and electronic communication so it was like listening in the same room.

"About two months ago Goller called in her debts. She tried briefly to negotiate then offered up you. Goller accepted. They worked out the exchange which was to happen in Goldwash. Unfortunately for them, someone slashed all four of their tires." He smiled smugly.

"I hacked into her e-mail and financial accounts. I found the flight information and a record of the purchase of a bus ticket, but no destination. That bus line is still in the 1960s. So I paid the guy at the ticket counter 20 bucks to tell me where a beautiful woman traveling alone was going. Kind of creepy, really.

"I had this spot picked out when they agreed to the meeting. I rode ahead and when the bus dropped you off I came to your rescue."

She yawned. The drug was taking effect.

"What about the scumbags in Goldwash?" she asked.

"I paid them $20 each to scare you. Otherwise I doubt you would have run away with me."

"No, probably not," her eyes were getting glassy.

"They are still after you and if they get you you will be Goller's slave. Amanda has files on you, videos from the party, even some from your time at the Grand Canyon. She will blackmail you if she can't trick you into signing the contract."

Elaine was getting disgusted. Her roommate and lover was going to sell her to save her own ass. This hurt her more than Roy raping her.

"There is a way out," Roy told her.

She opened her eyes.

"Become my slave. I have a contract, if you sign it he can't get you. You know you were born to be a slave, you were born to be owned and used. The question is, will it be me or him?"

"I don't know. I can't think straight right now."

"Sleep on it. We've got a busy day tomorrow."

If he said anything else, she didn't hear. He carried her to the other, unbroken, bottom bunk and laid her down. He left her wrists and ankles cuffed and the collar on, but covered her with a blanket.

Roy briefly thought about sleeping with her and maybe getting a little action in during the night, but if he was going to elude Amanda and Goller he needed sleep. And he was really tired. He climbed up to the top bunk and quickly fell asleep.

Day 2

The beeping of his watch woke Roy up. He had slept very soundly but it was 6am and time to get moving. He dropped down from the top bunk. Elaine was still sleeping on the bottom bunk below. He smiled and thought about yesterday, in a little while he'd wake her up and start the day right. He lit a camp stove and put a pot of coffee on low heat to percolate. The fire in the wood stove had long burned out, which was good, it would be getting warm soon.

He walked outside with the spring in his step that comes after a day of really good sex. The morning was particularly lovely, the canyon was still in the shadows, but he could see a line of light on the walls above creeping down.

Ass, pussy or mouth? Which to do first? Well, first he had to piss. He had a very stiff erection so he stood at the edge of camp and fired a long arc of urine. He swayed his hips back and forth and hosed down a small cactus. He finished with a few hip thrusts to shake the rest of the urine out then turned back to the cabin.

He thought about Elaine sleeping, naked except for cuffs and collar. She was supposed to meet someone else in Goldwash, but that person had had a problem with four slashed tires and was late for the meeting. The knife was good for more than cutting off panties. He had kidnapped her, raped her and was going to do it more. Already she seemed to crave his use of her.

He came back in the cabin, slowly stroking his cock. Elaine was still asleep. Well, she didn't need to be awake for this. He pulled back the blanket to look at her. She was beautiful, naked but for a padded leather collar and cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She was 5‘2“ with a slender build, maybe 110 pounds. Her hips were narrow and her legs lean but with enough meat on them to have nice curves. Elaine had a pale, almost milky complexion with a few large freckles here and there that seemed like dark stars on a white sky. She was on her side so her could see her small, firm breasts and dark nipples rising with each breath. He knew her ass was gorgeous, curved and firm, already violated by him the night before. She had a little tattoo of a turtle on one of her cheeks that Roy thought was a little too cutesy and marred an otherwise perfect landscape of flesh, he could get rid of that later. She had a pretty face and straight dark blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. At some point he would have to grab her by that hair and pound her tight little asshole again.

Roy was 22 and he knew Elaine was 30. He liked that. She looked damn good for any age and seemed to be just hitting her peak of beauty now. From reading Amanda’s files on her former roommate/lover he knew that Elaine had not had much of a sex life. She had grown tired of her former boyfriends docile nature in bed and had given up on them. Amanda had given her a good year of rough lesbian sex, but Elaine had never had a man give her what she needed. That was, until Roy stole her. He planned on making the most of this gorgeous, sexy older woman.

Roy uncuffed Elaine's feet and rolled her onto her back. She stirred, but her eyes were still closed. He spread her legs and climbed between them. He ran his hand up and down one of her silky thighs, a slight dreamy smile crossed her face.

She was completely in his power. He could do anything he wanted to this beautiful woman and she could not stop him. No one could, they were miles away from anyone. She could go outside and scream at the top of her lungs and the only one who would hear her would be the ravens. To have this woman to do with as he pleased, what a wonderful moment! Roy craved her flesh. He wanted to experience her in every way, to touch and conquer. He wanted her to surrender totally to him, to give herself to him completely.

Barely controlling himself, he slid the tip of his cock between her outer pussy lips and began to push in. Elaine was still dry and it took some effort to force his way inside her, but he was not going to be stopped. He made it all the way in and paused. If there was any feeling better than having your hard cock buried in a woman’s hot, tight pussy he had not known it. She was already getting wet, her body responding to his violation as he began to slide back out.

With a wicked grin on his face he slammed roughly back into her and she woke up, her eyes flying wide open.

Elaine woke up with Roy fucking her. All at once she remembered where she was and what was happening to her. She should have been shocked and repulsed but her body was already turned on. She pulled at her hands and realized they were still cuffed, and the memory of yesterday came flooding back to her. She tried to squirm away, but Roy’s body on top of her kept her in place. She cried out in a helpless rage that only seemed to drive Roy harder. She could not escape from this, Roy could do anything he wanted to her.

Roy shifted, with his right hand he grabbed her shoulder and held in her place. With his left he took a hold of her ass and began pounding away with his hips, his rod forcing itself into her over and over. His beard and stubbly face rubbed up against her neck and she felt his steady breathing on her shoulder, the hair of his legs rough on her smooth thighs.

Elaine moaned and whimpered as he took his pleasure from her body. Helplessly she took the rape and to her shock and shame her body was enjoying it. A wave of pleasure rapidly built up inside her as he had his way with her. Before she was even fully awake she was wracked by an orgasm and she cried out in pleasure. Her body clenching and shaking, she lifted her hips to better receive the violent penetration and the intense sensations it brought.

Roy drove into her harder and faster and with a few grunts he came, spraying her womb with his semen. He squeezed her butt cheek harder and delivered a few last thrusts.

"Good morning, my little toy," Roy said, looking into her wide blue eyes.

Roy kissed her hard, reached down and rubbed her stiff nipples. Elaine wanted to fight and resist, but she was physically in his power and her body craved his abuse. Last night Roy had made her realize she was truly a slave. While in the light of the morning she might try to forget and deny it, her body and soul remembered.

Still filling her, he pressed down with his hips while his tongue conquered her mouth. He held her this way for a moment, relishing his power of her.

As Roy broke the kiss and smiled at her she looked him in the eyes. This young man had complete power over her; she tried to put as much anger and defiance as she could into her gaze but only managed to convey her helplessness even more. She was painfully aware of her bound hands and his still hard cock inside her. She thought of the orgasm she had just had and the orgasms she had had each time he took her. She tried to hold his gaze and hold her rage but could do neither. She closed her eyes and sank deeper into the thin mattress. Her life was in his hands.

Roy withdrew and stood up, a thin string of cum hung from his cock to her abused cunt. The coffee was starting to boil. He patted her cheek and walked to the stove. Like most men once he was spent his mind changed gears rapidly, now he was working on breakfast. He heated up a skillet and tossed on some corned beef hash, all the while idly humming to himself.

Elaine stayed in bed. Roy's semen from this morning dripped down and over the dried semen from last night that had drained out of her ass. She wanted to curl back up and go to sleep and find out that this was all a dream, but that coffee smelled really good. So she got out of bed.

She was sore, her pussy and ass ached from the pounding they had taken; her legs and arms were stiff from being tied up so much. She needed a good run or some sort of exercise to work out the kinks.

Roy held out a chair for her. She sat down and Roy took off her cuffs and collar. For a brief moment she was completely naked and unbound, but Roy changed that when he cuffed her ankle to the chair. He stroked the smooth skin of her calf as he did so, taking another little bit of pleasure from her body. He knew she was not going to run away or go anywhere, but he wanted to remind her again of her helplessness and captivity.

Roy poured her a cup of coffee and went back to making breakfast.

Elaine held the cup of coffee with both hands, taking in the warmth. She held it beneath her nose, the aroma beginning already to clear her head. Another couple of deep breaths and she took a sip. It was almost scalding hot, but she liked her coffee hot. Normally she liked a little milk, but was not going to ask for it from Roy. The heat and flavor of the coffee lifted the last of the fog.

Here she was naked and cuffed to a chair. She was the captive of a man who had acted like his entire reason for being was having sex with her. He had already had her pussy (several times), mouth and ass. He had fucked her roughly and painfully, completely imposing his will on her. She had not been able to offer any resistance, she had submitted. But even though this had already gone farther than she would have ever wanted, she found herself wanting more. She wanted him to bend her over the table and pound away at her ass, using her, hurting her. She wanted him to take her again and again. She wanted to sense that absolute attention and focus on her he had when he was inside her.

She thought of her time with Amanda, it all seemed so tame and safe right now. Even if she were able to go back to her, she didn't think she would be the same. She did not seem to bring the same intensity Roy did and she would be left wanting.

Now she had no recourse to anyone. There was no help and no one who could stop or limit Roy. And she realized she did not want anyone to stop him. She wanted to see what he would do and where he would take her.

They ate breakfast in silence.

He stood up and took the dishes to the crate. As he walked back to the table Elaine looked down, avoiding his gaze. She hoped he could not sense what she was thinking but knew he would do as he pleased with her.

After cleaning up breakfast, Roy walked up behind her and lifted her by the elbow. She stood, sliding the chair she was cuffed to back from the table slightly. He slowly bent her at the waist onto the table until her breasts and face were pressed into the stained wooden top. With one hand he held onto her neck, pushing her against the table, with the other he spread her thighs apart.

Elaine looked to the side. She could see the bunk where he had raped her virgin ass the night before. She feared and hoped that he was going to do it again. No man had ever taken her like that before and already she needed it again.

Roy laid his 7 inch cock in the soft crack of her ass.

"You know what I'm going to do, don't you?" Roy asked, sliding back and forth slowly.

Elaine nodded.

"You know you can't possibly stop me, don't you?"

Elaine nodded.

"You know you don't want me to stop, don't you?"

Elaine paused, then slowly nodded.

Roy squirted some lube in her ass and rubbed some more on his cock. Elaine was trembling as he put the head of his cock on her tight little asshole. She tensed as he forced his way into her bowels. She tried to pull away, but he held her by the neck on the table. He shoved deeper into her in response.

“Hold still," he said squeezing her neck, “you’re not going anywhere."

Finally he was all the way inside her. A sudden shudder wracked her body as she tried to adjust to his invasion of her. Her hands grabbed hold of the edge of the table, holding on tightly. She whimpered slightly as he shifted his position, stretching her rim more. It hurt, but slowly she was able to relax around him. Her breathing slowed and some of the tension went out of her.

Roy slid back slowly, Elaine relaxed a little more. Then Roy suddenly thrust in hard, slamming his hips into her, shaking the table. She yelled in pain and her whole body tensed again. She tried to rise back up again but his firm grip get her pinned to the table.

“Stay put, my pretty,” he told her as he rammed into her again. This time he did not let her relax, but plowed relentlessly into her. She cried out, first in pain then in frustration and helplessness. Even worse was the fact that she knew she had wanted this.

Finally she was able to find the rhythm of his fucking and adjust to it. By any standards it hurt like hell, but she was able to tolerate and even, through the veil of pain, enjoy it. She loved being helpless and in his control, no matter how painful it was. Her ass burned and stretched, even with the lube, but the very idea of what he was doing to her excited her.

Roy was in ecstasy as he fucked Elaine's beautiful ass. It felt great: tight and hot as he pistoned in and out. She was in his power and he would use her as hard as he could. He pushed harder on her neck to get her to raise her butt a little for a better angle then went harder and faster. She cried out again, but didn't try to pull away this time. Roy could feel the juices from her dripping wet pussy as they fell onto his balls.

Roy smiled and with his free hand reached between her legs and gently rubbed her clit. He felt her body shudder as he touched her pleasure center. He began stroking her bud in rhythm with his fucking. She was ready for this and Roy was going to make her cum, too.

This was too much for Elaine and her world exploded into a massive orgasm. Elaine cried out in pleasure and her body, including her violated anus, clenched up. Roy battered his way through and began to climax into her. He grabbed her hips with both hands and thrust violently into her until he spent himself, grunting and panting as he did.

Roy slowed to a stop and she stilled as well. They panted and sweated together. Elaine gently cried and Roy leaned over and licked the tears off her cheek, tasting the salt of his captive's abuse and debasement.

He stood up and slid out of her, she felt the emptiness as he left her battered rectum. He watched his cum drip down, flowing onto the dried remnant of his earlier climaxes.

Roy bent down uncuffed her leg from the chair, he kissed her calf gently then bit it sharply. Elaine was too spent to respond at all.

"Let's go outside and get cleaned up," he said and walked out.

Elaine remained bent over the table and cried softly. She was relieved this latest ass fucking was finished, she was also ashamed of how she reacted. She should be fighting this violation of her innermost self, not cumming like she was born to be ass raped. The shame of not fighting and actually craving his next assault on her brought a fresh round of tears.

Elaine reached back and touched her asshole. It was really sore from Roy fucking her. There was semen leaking out of it, and she suspected a little blood, too. She slid her finger in gently, compared to Roy's cock pounding away it actually felt good. That made her cry a little more.

Finally she stood up and wiped her eyes. She took a couple of deep breaths and went out the door to see what would happen next.

It was a beautiful morning. The noise of the creek was calming and helped to soothe her troubled mind some. The sun was working its way across the water and it was already warming up. Roy was splashing in the water so Elaine hurriedly went into the outhouse. The pounding her ass had taken made walking a little painful, but she had to go.

Roy watched Elaine go into the outhouse while he finished his morning swim. Between the swim, a good night's sleep and two great fuckings he was in a great state of mind. He enjoyed seeing the tears on her face, it meant she was still fighting. Soon enough she would complete her surrender.

It was a good thing that Roy had planned most of this out so well, he had trouble thinking. He laughed and realized all the blood his brain needed was keeping his cock perpetually hard.

When he first saw her in Las Vegas he wanted her. When he saw that she still had the idea that she was in control he knew he had to crush that feeling. That was when he began planning to get her. If he looked at it rationally he knew that the reasons for leaving her alone were far stronger than taking her, but this was not a rational decision.

When he had first taken her on the picnic table yesterday he knew he had to have her over and over again. She was like a drug and he was addicted to her flesh. He knew he would keep fucking her, overpowering her increasingly feeble resistance, every chance he had. And, even better, the more he used and abused her the more she seemed to respond and react. His need to force her to cede all control to him, to become his slave and want the abuse he heaped on her overpowered clear thinking.

Elaine spent a few minutes in the outhouse. While taking care of business she also had a good, deep cry. This was not what she had expected for this weekend. She had been looking forward to a good couple of days of sex with Amanda, not being the prisoner and fuck toy of a strange man. She tried to define Roy, too. Should she consider him her rapist or her captor? She found rapist more thrilling, but captor more accurate: she had not put up much of a fight. In the end, she realized it did not matter what she called him, the result would still be the same.

Finally she finished. She wiped her eyes, ass and pussy with tp and stood up. She thought abstractly about escaping, but did she want to escape? At some point she knew she would have to try at some point, if only to see his reaction.

Elaine walked back into the morning sun. Roy was stowing stuff away, mostly just cramming it into a crate. Her dress and a towel hung on a branch.

She avoided making eye contact and jumped into the creek. The water was cold and bracing. It felt good and relieving on her sore parts. Determined to make the most of this few minutes she swam back and forth up and down the creek, stretching her stiff muscles. She tried to get out the humiliation of the past day, too, but that didn't work. She kept thinking of Roy hammering away at her ass and how she wanted it again.

By the time she was finished Roy was dressed and getting the motorcycle ready to go. He motioned her to him and began rubbing sunscreen on her back. She was surprised how much she wanted his touch. He rubbed lotion on her back and ass, taking extra care and time kneading it into her firm cheeks. She flinched when he brushed her sore little hole. Then he rubbed it into her legs, stopping now and then to kiss one of her thighs. She was getting wet and knew he could see and smell it.

His hand brushed against her wet slit and she pushed into it. Roy smiled and began putting sunscreen onto her flat, smooth stomach. He squirted more lotion onto his hands and applied it to her breasts, her nipples were hard. He flicked one and she jumped. He slid his hands up, covering her neck and shoulders, he delicately traced her collarbone and kissed her slender neck. She flinched when he put sunscreen on the bite on her neck, it burned, but even that was lost in her arousal.

Finally her face was sunscreened. She locked eyes with Roy as he caressed her cheeks and nose.

"You want me to fuck you right now, don't you?" he asked her.

She nodded.

He walked to the motorcycle and came back with a stack of papers and a pen.

"Sign this and I will," he held up the papers.

"What is it?" Elaine asked, but she already knew.

"This will make you my slave."

Elaine hesitated. She knew that deep down that was what she wanted, but she could not do it yet.

"How do I know you're telling me the truth? How do I know Amanda is trying to set me up?" she asked him.

"You don't," he answered simply.

She looked at the papers and at Roy. She really wanted sex right now, her body was ready and eager, but she couldn't sign away her life yet. She needed some proof or some deeper understanding.

"No. I can't do it," she said. She wanted to add "yet", but didn't.

"Get dressed," he told her nodding towards her dress and walked away.

Elaine took a deep breath. She felt let down and aching. Despite already getting fucked twice this morning she wanted more and had just denied it to herself. Was she really that wanton? The answer scared her. She walked over to her dress and slipped it on. It felt odd having clothes on again, so much had changed since she picked out this dress for the trip. The crusty spot from Roy's semen, though, was a reminder of what he had done to her.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked her captor.

“Deeper into the middle of nowhere,” Roy answered, “far away from anyone who can help you. I have camps like this all over and we’ll go from one to another until you sign the papers.”

“I have money,” she pleaded, “I’ll give you money if you let me go.”

Roy laughed. “I have money, too. In fact, I have more than you do. If I wanted your money I would already have it. That’s not what I’m after.”

Elaine slid on her sandals and walked up to him as he poured gas from a can into the motorcycle.

“Roy,” she touched his arm, “please let me go. You’ve already had me. I won’t tell anyone what you did to me. Just let me go.”

Roy set the gas can down by the pile of supplies he had stashed here. He turned to her and roughly grabbed her wrists.

“Listen, Elaine, and listen good,” he said in a low, even voice. “You are mine. I am never going to let you go. Even if there was no Amanda and no Frank Goller you would still be mine. I have done things to you that no else ever has and made you feel things that no one else ever has. I own you, body and soul. I own you because I have done to you what you always wanted and needed. You are a slave, you are my slave. You were born to be forced and fucked. You are a volcano of sexuality that has lain dormant for years, only now are you beginning to erupt. There is so much raw energy in you, it just has to be forced out. The only way to do that is fuck you over and over again; hard, rough fucking with no chance for you to escape or stop it. That is who you are and what you need.”

“No,” she whimpered, “not me.”

Roy pushed her down to her knees.

“Maybe you need a reminder,” he dropped his pants and grabbed his cock, “suck it.”

Elaine looked up uncertainly then began to lick it. When he had fucked her face yesterday she really had not thought much of it, but things had changed since then. Now she had to see it. She took a good look at the rod that had so brutalized her this past day and a half: seven inches and straight, veined with a circumsized tip that bobbed menacingly in front of her. So that was what had been rammed up her ass and pussy with such force.

She was ashamed of herself and terrified that what he said was true. She tried not to think of herself as a natural born slave, but here she was on her knees getting ready to take him in her mouth and getting turned on by it. Was this his punishment for questioning him?

Roy grabbed her head with both hands and drove past her mouth and into her throat.

“You need a reminder of what you are and who I am,” he grunted as he started to roughly fuck her face and throat. “I am cramming my cock down your throat and you are wet and loving it. You will sign the papers, you will do it. And I will keep doing whatever I want to you.”

It was fast and rough. Elaine flailed her arms then grabbed hold of his muscular thighs and held on for dear life. Her eyes watered and her throat hurt from the speed and power with which he was abusing her. Already she knew this man well enough to tell from his grunting that he was getting close. He pulled back slightly and he finished by cumming in her mouth.

“Swallow every last drop of it,” he commanded her, still holding handfuls of her hair.

Elaine gagged as her mouth was filled with his salty cum. It was like having a big mouth full of snot, but she swallowed it as he told her to. Much to her own disgust she found that she enjoyed the taste and sensation of the semen on her mouth.

Roy grabbed her by the neck and pulled her to her feet. Holding her still he stuck his hand up her dress. His fingers worked their way into her slit and felt how wet she was. Elaine grimaced in pain, humiliation and arousal as he slid two fingers in and out of her.

“Yeah, you’re wet and eager for another hard fucking, aren’t you?”

Elaine didn’t answer so Roy squeezed her neck.

“I asked you a question,” he growled.

“Yes,” she gasped and he relaxed his grip.

“Yes, what?”

“I’m wet and eager for another hard fucking,” she whispered.

Roy let go of her neck and took his hand out from under her dress. He walked away, leaving her breathless and turned on.

Roy started up the motorcycle and let the engine warm up. Would she ever know if Roy was telling her the truth? And did it really matter?

She got on the motorcycle, Roy put the dark helmet on her and buckled the chin strap. He climbed on and cuffed her hands around his waist. Roy revved the engine and they rode away from the cabin. Elaine would have liked to watch it go away, her life had been so changed there, but all she could do was imagine it.

They rode away on the dirt roads, heading to where? Elaine did not know. Her life was truly out of her control now.

They were on the move for the entire morning. She could tell from the feel of the road that they were still on dirt roads. The sun beat down on her and she was glad for the sunscreen. Thinking of that made her think of Roy’s hands all over her naked body. She wanted him to touch her again, to put his rough hands on her smooth skin. Elaine spent the rest of the day in a perpetually aroused haze, cuffed to the man who had taken her so many times with such force. She never knew when Roy would stop the motorcycle and take her, so she was always ready.

For his part, Roy never passed up a chance to touch Elaine. When riding he would reach back and stroke her thigh. When he got her off the bike his hand would slide up he dress. When they took breaks he would sit and caress her, he'd stroke her shoulders, play with her breasts, hold her ass or trace her lips.

Roy was constantly on the lookout. He did not know if they were being followed, but he assumed someone was. He hoped that they thought he had headed for Vegas or anywhere but the empty spaces of rural Nevada.

At one point Elaine felt the road change to pavement. Roy accelerated and for a few minutes they sped along the smooth road but then turned off on another dirt and gravel road. They stopped once for a break. Roy had found a scraggly mesquite tree and they rested under it. Elaine was sure that Roy would take her again, but the heat was even too much for Roy. Instead, he stroked her thighs while they ate sandwiches and drank warm bottled water.

She tried to avoid his gaze, afraid of what her eyes might give away, but his eyes were always on her. He finally caught her eyes, those beautiful blue windows to her soul, she looked briefly into them. Then she turned away from the man who had done so much to her, looked demurely at his hand on her thigh and blushed. She rested her hand on top of his and sighed.

After the lunch break they moved on again.

Elaine fell fast asleep on the back of the motorcycle. When she awoke they had stopped again. Roy was off and had cuffed Elaine's hands behind her back, but left her helmet on. She still could not see anything. He helped her off the motorcycle and guided her by the arm across the rough ground.

He slid the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and down her bound arms. He pushed her dress down, revealing her firm breasts. Still behind her, he began fondling her breasts and nipples. He caressed and pulled on them, working her hard little buds.

Already aroused, Elaine was not quite ready for this. Her breasts were small, but very sensitive and she responded rapidly to his attention. She flushed and felt her pussy getting wetter. Her breathing became ragged and she leaned into his hands. When he started kissing her neck it was almost enough to make her cum. She wanted him to fuck her and fuck her hard.

Instead he pushed her down to her knees. She licked her lips in anticipation for what she thought was going to happen next. Since she could not see anything his touch seemed amplified, her imagination went wild thinking of what we would do to her.

When Roy took off her helmet she was looking right at his cock.

Elaine started to lick it up and down, but Roy wanted none of that today. Instead he shoved it in her mouth and began fucking her face. Elaine closed her eyes and took this latest violation. He held her head in place and rocked his hips back and forth, cramming his cock all the way down her throat until his balls smacked her chin.

He came, shooting another load of semen down her throat. After he finished he left his cock in her mouth, all the way in. Elaine could not breathe, he was suffocating her. She began to panic and tried to pull away, but he held her in place. She began to grow light headed and nearly passed out before he pulled out.

She gasped for air and would have tipped over if Roy wasn't holding her by her hair.

Only after she caught her breath did she see with a start that there were two men leaning on an old Ford pickup watching her. She blushed furiously and tried to hide her breasts, but bound and held she couldn't.

They looked like cowboys. They were in jeans, boots and long sleeve shirts despite the heat. They both wore cowboy hats and had weathered looking faces. She would guess that they were both in their 30s. One had a mustache, the other was clean shaven.

"You can each fuck her mouth now and again after you get me though the pass. Deal?"

"How does she feel about this?" the one with a mustache.

"Does it matter?" Roy asked.

"Nope," the clean shaven one said walking to her and unzipping his pants.

Elaine realized what was going to happen. Roy had already raped her repeatedly and now he was going to let these two men rape her mouth. He was offering her to them just like he was letting them borrow a hammer. Two days ago she had been safe in her apartment in Arizona and now two more men were going to use her for their pleasure. Please, no, she thought. Roy wouldn’t do this, would he?

Elaine pleaded with her eyes to Roy. He smiled as the cowboy stood in front of his pretty little captive and pulled out his cock. He could get over the mountains just fine by himself, he had already gone this route a half dozen times already. But he wanted to see Elaine get these two guys off, he wanted to see them shove their dicks in her mouth. He loved being able to make her do things like this.

The cowboy rubbed his 6" cock on Elaine's face and grabbed her hair.

"C'mon, baby, suck it," he told her.

"Do it," Roy commanded.

Elaine knew she had no choice. Her hands were cuffed behind her so she could not fight and even if she did there were three of them, each one stronger than she was. They could make her do anything they wanted and do anything they wanted to her. She tried to resist a little longer but knew she would have to submit.

The cowboy tightened his hold on her hair and she opened her mouth. He quickly pushed her down on his cock and held her there. Elaine gagged as she felt his hard dick fill her mouth and throat. She tried to lift her head off of him, but the hand in her hair kept her in place. The cowboy started furiously fucking her mouth while his other hand grabbed her bare breasts. His rough, calloused hands were like sandpaper on her soft, sensitive nipples. He pinched and twisted her nipples while he violated her mouth.

Roy watched with a smug smile on his face. He guessed this was not the first time this cowboy had violated a woman. Roy was already hard again watching this man use his captive like this. She was beautiful and even more beautiful being forced to please a man.

Elaine was not enjoying this. Oral sex was not her favorite thing to do, even under the best of circumstances. This was not the best of circumstances. This cowboy was fast and rough and she barely had a chance to breathe. When she could breathe she smelled old sweat and horses, he even tasted like a sweaty animal. She didn't want to be here and she certainly did not want to have this guy raping her mouth. Only the thought that Roy was making her do this made it even slightly tolerable. She tried to imagine the look on Roy’s face as he watched this cowboy use her.

The cowboy came and sent a big load into Elaine's throat. He pinched both nipples hard then patted her face as he pulled out.

"Thanks, baby," he said with a big grin on his face, "I hope it was good for you, too."

Elaine stared at the ground, trying to hold back tears. She was glad he was finished but knew there was still the other one. She felt used and humiliated but tried to keep her dignity and strength.

The cowboy zipped up his pants, walked over to Roy, who was also grinning, and they began to talk.

The other cowboy, the one with a mustache, now came over to Elaine.

"You sure are a pretty little cocksucker," he said as he unzipped his pants. He whipped out his cock, it was about average size, but maybe a little on the thick side. He put his hands on his hips and stood there.

"I want you to do all the work, my pretty little cocksucker."

There was no way around this, she had to get him off. Elaine took a deep breath then went to work. She licked, sucked, bit and even managed to deep throat him. With her hands bound all she could use was her mouth. She was used to men just taking control and not having to do much on her own except sit there and take it, so having to it all by herself was new. It took her a little longer but finally she was rewarded by him coming, but, unlike the others, he pulled out and sprayed his load all over her face, laughing as he did. She was too shocked to do anything besides sit there while it splashed on her face.

He stuck his cock back in her mouth. She looked up and saw the evil leer in his eyes.

"Suck it clean," he told her. Just wanting this to be over, she sucked the last bit of cum from his cock and he pulled it out.

The cowboy zipped up and walked over to where Roy and the other cowboy were talking and laughing. They were pointing at the road, making a few hand gestures and occasionally looking at Elaine and laughing.

Elaine burned with shame. She was still on her knees in the dirt, her dress pulled down exposing her firm breasts. Her hands were cuffed behind her back and her face was covered with the spooge of a man she had just met, and she did not even know his name. The cum dripped and slid down her beautiful face and there was nothing she could do to clean it off. How long would she have to endure this? How much more would Roy do to her?

Finally the cowboys went back to their truck. Roy walked over to Elaine and uncuffed her hands. He helped her up and gave her a bandana and a bottle of water.

"Get cleaned up and we're going to head out," Roy told her.

Elaine wiped her face clean with the bandana and used the water to rinse off the rest. She pulled her dress back up and walked over to the motorcycle.

She wanted to ask him why, why had he done this to her? But she knew. He did it because he could and because she craved it.

Roy suddenly grabbed her and pulled her body against his. She could feel the bulge in his pants pushing against her crotch. He slid his hands up her dress and roughly grabbed her ass.

"We are going to have a lot more fun together," he whispered. She tried to pull away but he held her tighter. "You know you want it, little slave girl. I'll make you a real slave, just like you want. You need me to rape you, to do whatever I want to you. You can't go back now. You need this." She stopped struggling and leaned into him. He continued kneading her spectacular ass while a new tear rolled down her cheek.

"Later, I'm going to give that tight little ass of yours another hard pounding. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

Elaine put her head on his shoulder as he continued playing with her perfect ass.

"Please don't hurt me any more," she whimpered.

"I'll do whatever I want to you. If it hurts, it hurts. You will learn to love what I do to you. You already like it, you cum when I fuck your ass. You were born to have your ass fucked."

Tears flowed freely, she knew it was true and she hated it.

Roy felt her tears fall on his shoulder. Then, to his surprise and hers, she turned her head and softly kissed his neck. She sighed and relaxed against him.

He snaked a hand between her ass cheeks and into her tight, wet slit. Elaine spread her legs slightly to allow him better access.

"Fuck me, Roy," she heard herself whisper.

"Oh, I will," he said, “but we have to ride some more first. And you have two cowboys to blow along the way. But if you make those men happy and I'll rape that nice little cunt of yours."

Elaine nodded and pushed herself deeper onto his penetrating fingers.

He let go of Elaine, wiping his wet fingers on her dress and put her helmet back on. They got back on the motorcycle and he cuffed her hands around his waist again. Elaine was back in her world of darkness and white noise.

They rode again, following the cowboys in their truck. The road wound up a drainage, slowly making its way up this range of mountains. Every now and then they would turn on to another smaller and rougher road, sometimes little more than two ruts. The motorcycle did well, but they kept getting dust from the truck in front of them, so they gradually dropped back. Roy could still see the truck, but let it get a half mile or so in front of them.

Elaine kept thinking of what was going to happen next. She knew the cowboys would be inside her mouth and Roy in whatever he wanted. The power he had over her was intoxicating, she was losing herself in his control. If Roy wanted her to blow the cowboys, she would without any struggle or protest. She didn’t want to, she really didn’t want to, but she would.

After a couple of hours they made the summit of the pass. It was late afternoon by then. The two cowboys were standing outside of their truck passing a bottle of whiskey back and forth. As soon as the motorcycle pulled up they only had eyes for Elaine. Roy uncuffed her, took off her helmet and they both got off the motorcycle.

Elaine saw the cowboys opening leering at her. They knew what was going to happen and she did, too. Roy gave her a bottle of water and she drank greedily.

"Take off your dress," he told her, "let these men see what a pretty body you have."

She hesitated, but handed Roy the water. Then, slowly, she obeyed and pulled her dress over her head. Her pale skin glowed in the afternoon sun, showing every contour and curve of her gorgeous figure. The cowboys had never seen a woman this beautiful before, they had frequented the brothels that served cowboys and tourists, but neither had had a woman like this.

In spite of herself Elaine was aroused. It was a turn on to be on display naked and helpless in front of three men who could do anything they wanted to her. She stretched and one the cowboys whistled in appreciation.

"Turn around slowly," Roy told her.

She did as she was told, letting the cowboys see her lovely ass. Roy came up behind her and cuffed her hands together behind her back then pushed her over to the cowboys and their truck.

Roy spread a towel on the ground and made Elaine kneel down on it. She looked up at the three men who were about to violate her. She tried to muster some defiance but knew it would not matter.

"Okay, who's first?" Roy asked.

The cowboy with the mustache passed the whiskey to Roy and stood in front of Elaine. He had an evil look in his eyes as he shoved his cock into Elaine's face. Even on her knees she could smell the whiskey on his breath and the alcohol oozing from his pores. He did not say anything this time but roughly grabbed her hair with one hand and with the other grabbed his cock. He smacked her cheek with his cock a few times before putting it in her mouth. As he slid in he had to grab her hair for support, he was so drunk he could barely stand.

Elaine was scared but she would do what Roy wanted. Besides, she didn't really have much choice. She just hoped Roy would keep her safe, of course given what he had done to her “safe” was relative.

"Yeah, that's it," the mustached cowboy said as Elaine moved her mouth down his smelly cock, "suck it. You sure are a pretty little piece of ass."

He shifted and forced his way into her mouth and throat. Elaine gagged briefly then relaxed and let it happen. He was rough and drunk, staggering and slipping out of her twice. Each time he pulled her hair hard and rammed his cock back into her mouth. Elaine worried that he was too drunk to finish, but finally he did.

Elaine was light headed from lack of air when he pulled out of her mouth and sprayed cum on her face and chest. The hot, sticky semen dripped on her nose and cheeks and one glob slid down onto her breast. He took the tip of his penis and smeared the semen on her cheek.

With a dreamy smile on his face and glassy eyes, the mustached cowboy pulled up his pants and staggered back to the truck. He grabbed the bottle from Roy, took a long pull then climbed into the truck cab, his unbuttoned pants falling to his knees, and promptly passed out.

"Your turn," Roy said to the other cowboy.

"What if I fuck her pussy?" the clean shaven cowboy asked. "What're you gonna do about it?"

Roy answered in a flat, even tone: "I guess I'd have to kill you."

They stared at each other for a second. Then the cowboy walked over to Elaine, took down his pants and forced his rigid cock into her waiting mouth.

Even as she sucked his cock Elaine was trying to digest what had just happened. Somehow she had never seen Roy as a threat in that way, she had not feared any violence from him other than the constant raping. The thought that she could wind up dead in a ditch somewhere had not occurred to her. But with no weapon or action he had stared down this cowboy. What did he know that she did not?

While she was pondering that, the cowboy hammered away at her face and throat. He was trying to save a little face by proving that at least he was above Elaine in the pecking order. There was something about Roy that scared him, he had seen that look in other men and no good came to people that crossed them. He almost felt sorry for the girl, but watching his cock go in and out of her beautiful mouth while his buddies spooge dripped off her tits quickly dispelled that. There were some women who were just meant to be used like this and she was obviously one of them. Besides, it wasn't like she had put up any kind of fight.

He moaned as he felt her hot, tight throat on his cock. He hadn’t done a woman like this in a long time and the last time was why he had left Wyoming. At least the sheriff there was understanding and let him run rather than do time. He had given up on being able to use a woman like this until he and Joe had run into this guy and his tied up woman. He wondered if her cunt and ass were as good as he thought. Maybe he’d find her alone somewhere someday or maybe some accident would befall that smug prick on the motorcycle.

He was imagining her tied up while he fucked her cunt as he neared orgasm. He wanted to make it last a little longer, to have her for a few minutes more. But there was no stopping it, he was a freight train. He reached that point and jerked out of her mouth, came and sprayed all over her firm breasts, the hot cum landing on top of the semen from his drunken friend.

He looked down at her, panting while sperm from two men dripped down her beautiful naked body. If he could kill the young guy right now and take her we would, but he was too scared. He wanted her, but not enough to risk his life.

"Thanks, sweetie," he said to her with a wistful smile and zipped his pants back up.

He turned and faced Roy.

"Well, I better get going. Joe's not gonna be happy when he wakes up. Stay on this road, stay to the right, left at the spring, and you'll hit the highway in 'bout 30 miles."

With another long look at beautiful Elaine he got back in the truck and headed back the way they came.

Roy looked at Elaine kneeling on the towel. The afternoon light was shining on her and lighting up the globs of cum on her face and chest. She looked so helpless and vulnerable. He took one last pull of the whiskey bottle and hurled it out over the edge of the cliff. Even in her current state Elaine was appalled at the littering.

“What would you have done if one of those cowboys had tried to take my pussy?” Elaine asked her young captor.

“Like I said, I would have killed him. No one uses my property without my permission,” Roy answered.

“That’s all I am, your property?”

“I wouldn’t say ‘all’. But first and foremost, you are my property.”

A drop of cum dripped from her eyebrow onto her cheek.

“How would you have killed him?”
“My, aren’t we a curious little pet? How would I have done it? I am going to keep lots of secrets from you and that is one of them. But there places out here where even the vultures would have trouble finding the corpse.”

Elaine paused for a second, then asked what she had to know.

“Are you going to kill me? Would you ever kill me?”

“Oh no, my little pet. You are far too enjoyable to me. I will do what it takes to get you to obey me, but you’ll do that anyway. But if I kill you, who will I fuck? If you really displease me I might sell you, but you are far too valuable of an asset for me to waste.”

He looked down on her.

“I find your curiosity amusing and will allow you to ask me one more question today.”

“Are you ever going to let me go?”


Roy walked up behind her and pushed her face down onto the towel. He pulled her ass up and spread her legs. With her hands bound and face on the ground she was open and ready.

"Now, I told you that if you were good I'd rape that hot little cunt of yours again. I think you were good enough," Roy growled as he undressed.

Elaine was breathing hard. The cowboys had been the warm up, she really wanted a good hard fucking from Roy now. She was his property, there was nothing she could do about it. She was aroused by the thought of that, he could do anything to her.

"Tell me what you want," Roy said to her as he moved in behind her.

"I want you to fuck me," Elaine whispered.


"I want you to fuck me!" she shouted.

"Should I fuck you like you are my girlfriend or should I fuck you like you are my slave?"

"Fuck me like a slave. Fuck me hard. Rape me."


Elaine sighed with pleasure as Roy forced his way into her waiting slit. She could not remember ever being this wet and aroused. Her bound hands brushed the hair on his stomach as he filled her and pressed her face into the towel. A slight breeze blew some dust up and it stuck to the drying semen on Elaine's face.

Roy began fucking her slowly.

"Should I let you go?" he asked. "Take you back home? So you can sit alone at night, drink a bottle of wine and watch chick flicks from netflix all alone?"

"Oh no, please."

"Do you want to be free and wait another year for any sex? Or a lifetime for someone to fuck you like you need to be fucked?"

He picked up the place, slamming hard into her but pulling back slowly.

"I know what you need Elaine. You need to be owned. You need to be fucked a lot, fucked hard with no care for what you want. You need to be a fuck toy, don't you?"

Elaine was really enjoying this fucking and did not respond.

Roy slapped her ass hard with one hand.

"I asked you a question."

"Yes," she moaned.

He slapped her ass again, leaving another red hand print on her perfect orb.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I need to be a fuck toy." She paused, then added, "Master."

Just saying the word triggered an orgasm for Elaine. She cried out loudly and Roy slammed and pounded her harder. He pulled her legs out so she was lying flat on her stomach as he fucked her sopping wet cunt.

"Are you my slave?" he grunted.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, God, yes!" she yelled. Roy had made her think of the many lonely nights she had had in her life and how this was what she had been waiting for.

Roy suddenly pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her back. She felt empty, but sated from her orgasm. She panted and moaned as she slowly came back down to earth. The new semen on her back began to dry in the high desert air even as bits of dust stuck to it, too.

Elaine lay on the ground and tried to catch her breath. In horror she began to realize what she agreed to. She said she was his slave, once she signed that contract she belonged to him. Why had she done that? Then she thought of her orgasms and knew why. She was submissive, that was all there was to it. But to give her life away in the heat of the moment? She wanted to be able to think about it more, but he would make her sign the contract now. Three men had just blew their wads on her, but she was ready for more. Had she always been this way and just not realized it?

She heard Roy rummaging through the cargo box on the motorcycle then his footsteps as he returned to her. Elaine looked over and saw Roy's bare feet beside her. She tried to look up at him, but the angle was wrong and she was spent so she just stared at his feet for a minute.

Roy looked down on Elaine. She was beautiful like this: naked, bound and well used. He thought about the last two days and savored the moment, she was about to surrender her life to him. This could not have turned out any better. After this he could do anything to her for as long as he wanted. If she ran away, he could have Hunter bring her back, one of the benefits of being a dues paying member of the Association.

He reached down and took off the cuffs, careful not to touch any of his cum on her back. He took a step back as she pushed herself up.

“Stand up," he told her.

A little unsteady Elaine stood up. Roy was naked in front of her, his cock going limp with a little drip of cum hanging from the tip. It did not seem that dangerous now. What did seem dangerous was the stack of papers he held in his right hand and the pen he held in his left. That was it, that was the contract that would make her a slave. Well, that was not entirely true. She was already a slave, the contract would make her Roy's slave.

Why sign? What was Elaine giving up? Her old life was tame, lonely and boring. She had been passing time rather than living. She did not really need to work and the work she did was blah, something to keep her busy and make a few bucks, but she had no passion for it. That was it, her life lacked passion. She was missing something, some meaning, some reason to wake up each day. As for boyfriends, she could have been in a "normal" relationship, but those all bored her and she got frustrated and gave up on them, they were not worth the time and effort. That was a big revelation to her, she preferred to be alone rather than be in a shallow, unsatisfying relationship. She preferred no sex to bad sex and all she could find was bad sex. So in the end she really wasn't giving any thing up, the most exciting and satisfying time in her life had been since Roy had found her.

Roy walked her over to the motorcycle and put the contract down on top of the lid of the cargo box. He handed her the pen.

Elaine felt the pen in her hand. She had used lots of pens in her work and knew quality when she saw it. She turned the pen around her hand, noting the heft. It was at least a hundred dollar pen and would make a good, solid line. She laughed at herself a bit, she was about to make herself into a sex slave and she was concentrating on the pen.

“Are you ready?" Roy asked her.

She was a little unsteady, but knew what she had to say.

"Yes, Master."

“Sign here and here”, he pointed to two blanks.

Elaine hesitated for a second. When she had first gone swimming in the ocean as a girl the water had been really cold. She would try to slowly work her way into it, getting a little deeper then a little deeper until it was up to her waist. She was never able to make it all the way in. One day when she got older she just decided to jump in all at once and was able to do it. If she thought about it too much she would never get in the water, but jump in and she was good.

She took a breath and jumped in. She signed the two blanks. From what she could see of the contract it was all legalese. She was reminded of the papers she had to sign when she bought her car.

“Initial here,” he pointed. She did.

He flipped through a few more pages.

“Sign here, here and here and initial here.”

Elaine signed and initialed as told, numb and moving though a fog.

“Two more places on the last page,” he opened to the last page.

Elaine signed her name on the last two spots then Roy took the pen from her. He signed his name at the bottom.

“Now it official. You are my property.”

“Yes, Master.”

He slid the contract into a thick envelope and placed the envelope back in the cargo box.

“We’re out of water, too. So nothing else to drink until we make camp and no cleanup for you,” he smiled at her, “besides, you look good covered in spunk.”

He handed her the dress. “Let’s go, Slave.”

With the hem of her dress she wiped what cum she could off of her face, but some had already dried and a lot of dust had mixed with the rest. When she rubbed mostly what she did was make a muddy smear on her face. She did not even try to clean off her chest and back but slipped the dress on. It stuck to her skin and cum and felt cold, clammy and uncomfortable. She looked longingly at her bag on the back of the motorcycle and the clean clothes and soap she knew were in there.

The dried cum was a reminder of what she had just done. She had just sucked off two cowboys for the second time today and been fucked by a man she had just agreed to have as her master. They had cum all over her and treated her like a dirty little slut. She felt ashamed but exhilarated, too. It was a turn on that her body was so desirable and could bring that kind of pleasure to men. Now she belonged to Roy, he owned her.

Roy had the motorcycle started. With a cringe she put on the jacket and climbed on her usual spot behind her captor, now her owner. He put the helmet back on her, but did not cuff her this time. She held on tightly, the cum smearing on her chest as she leaned into him, and they started down the road. She could not see out of the helmet, but at least it kept the dust out.

They slowly made their way down the road on the steep west side of the range. In places they could cruise for a few minutes, but usually it was creeping along. In some places they rode along the side of a hundred foot drop-off, Elaine blissfully unaware of the cliff beside her. In a few places they both had to get off and Roy manhandled the motorcycle across a rough drainage. Eventually, though, they made it onto a better road and stopped for the night about an hour before sunset.

They made camp near an old stock pen. A few scrubby juniper trees offered a little shade and cover, but not much. Mostly it was clear and open across the wide basin to the next mountain range off to west. In the distance she could see a highway on the valley below, straight as an arrow. A few cars already had their headlights on and Elaine could make them out. They might mean escape or rescue but seemed so far away.

There was no cabin at their camp, but there was a big fenced-in area and good roads heading out. More importantly, there was a big, metal tank fed by springs. Roy turned on a spigot, filled their water bottles and filled up a dry trough. The water was warm and metallic tasting, but they both drank greedily.

Roy pointed to the trough: “get cleaned up.” He walked behind the tank and brought out a plastic tub. He opened it and took out some camping supplies. Elaine watched him for a minute, it dawned on her that he had been here before and left all of this. He probably didn’t need those cowboys at all. She realized he just wanted to see them use her, to remind her of her place.

She turned back to the trough in a daze, undressed and with a bar of soap, climbed in. It was warm to drink, but chilly to bathe in. Nonetheless, she felt filthy and scrubbed vigorously, trying to get every trace of those cowboys off of her body.

When she was clean she hauled herself back out and began to wash her dress. She looked around and saw Roy in the distance, gathering what few downed branches there were for a campfire. The dark mud and cum were slowly coming out, but she soon realized she would not get it all that clean and stopped. It was too bad, she really liked that dress and hoped it wasn’t ruined. She slipped on her sandals and walked to the fence to hang up her wet dress.

Roy had a little pile of wood gathered. He pulled a bottle of whiskey out of the tub and took a long drink, he did not offer any to Elaine. He stood under one of the scrubby trees and leered violently at the naked Elaine. She wanted to shrink back, to hide or run from him and his intentions, but there was no where to run and nowhere to hide. Instead she straightened up and stood tall. It was defiant, daring Roy to do what he would to her.

Roy spread a blanket on the ground under a juniper then began undressing. Elaine's eyes were on his cock, she knew he was going to violate her again and that hard piece of flesh would be inside her very soon. She was terrified and disgusted but also turned on. She wanted it, she knew that.

Roy took another long drink off the whiskey bottle and motioned to Elaine.

“Slave, come here,” he snapped his fingers and pointed at the blanket.

Elaine walked silently to him. Roy smacked her hard on the ass.

“When I give you a command, you answer ‘yes, Master.’ Do you understand, Slave?”

“Yes, Master,” Elaine said, rubbing her stinging ass.

“Good. Now turn around, let me see how clean you are.”

“Yes, Master,” Elaine obeyed and turned around slowly. Roy grinned at the red hand print on her shapely ass.

“Good job, Slave,” Roy told her. He stepped up to her and tilted her head up. He took a swallow of whiskey than kissed her.

Elaine felt his tongue enter her mouth, it was coated with whiskey and Elaine found herself trying to lick the liquor off his tongue. Then an even deeper response took her and her knees began to buckle as he invaded her soul.

Roy reached back and cupped her ass with both hands, holding her up and keeping her in the kiss. Elaine put her arms around her master and began running her hands up his bare back. She could feel his cock pushing into her stomach, her pussy was already wet and aching for him.

Roy slid his hand between her legs from behind and into her slit. She breathed in deeply then pushed down onto his probing fingers, fervently kissing him as she did. He worked his fingers deeper into her and began sliding them around in circles, stretching her. She moaned as he invaded her, briefly breaking the kiss and biting her lip. He probed deeper, she caught her breath and kissed him, his tongue circled hers in time with his fingers.

Roy broke off from the kiss and pulled his fingers out of her. He bent his knees slightly and his cock was level with her pussy. She looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, moist with anticipation.

“Put me inside you, Slave, and look me in the eyes,” Roy commanded her.

“Yes, Master,” she reached down and moved the tip of his penis to her lower lips. She kept her magnificent eyes on his all the while.

Roy began to stand up, pushing into her.

“Ohhh, Master,” she moaned, but never taking her gaze from his. He filled her and stopped, she looked up at him with desire in her eyes.

Roy put his left arm under her right leg and lifted it off the ground. Elaine leaned awkwardly into him, clinging to him as he began to slowly slide in and out of her wet slit. She never took her eyes off of his as he took her. It was uncomfortable and her hip soon began to cramp, but she did not complain and concentrated on enjoying what he was doing to her.

Roy stopped and withdrew from her.

“Lie down on your back,” Roy told her and pointed to the blanket.

“Yes, Master." Elaine stretched out her leg then dropped onto the blanket, spreading her legs for Roy.

Much to her surprise, Roy knelt down between her legs. He kissed each one of her thighs then looked up at her.

“Are you my slave?” he asked her.

“Yes, Master,” she moaned.

“Does my slave want her pussy eaten?”

“Oh, yes, Master.”

“Ask me nicely.”

“Please Master, please eat your slave’s pussy.”

Roy licked from the back of her slit to the front, tasting the pleasant musky flavor of her juices. Roy really did enjoy the taste of pussy and Elaine’s was great.

“Who does this pussy belong to?” he asked then licked again.

“It belongs to you, Master,” Elaine moaned, “please don’t stop, Master.”

“And who does all of this body belong to,” he flicked his tongue across her engorged bud.

“You, Master. I belong to you, my body belongs to you.”

He slid two fingers into her sopping pussy.

“Who does your soul belong to?”

Elaine hesitated and Roy began to slowly fuck her with his fingers.

“You, Master. Please, Master. Please don’t stop.”

“Good answer,” he said then dove in.

Roy kept his two fingers inside her while he furiously ate her out. She squirmed and pushed into his face as he relentlessly attacked her clit. Her juices flowed around his fingers and he shifted down to lap them up before returning to her bud.

Elaine was already aroused from the fucking and being under Roy’s power. It did not take long for her to cum. She clamped her thighs around his face and bucked her hips into his face as the orgasm wracked her beautiful body. As it began to subside Roy reached up and began playing with her breasts. He moved down, ignoring her clit for the moment and attacked her swollen lips. He licked each one then forced his tongue inside her, savoring more of her wetness. Elaine bucked against him, his mustache tickled her clit even as his tongue worked inside her.

Her second orgasm came on without warning.

“Oh, Master!” she yelled out. Her whole body shuddered and convulsed as intense waves of pleasure washed over her. Roy kept at her until this one passed, too.

Smiling in the fading light of the day Roy moved up. First he kissed her flat stomach, then each nipple gently, her neck, and finally her mouth. Elaine kissed him greedily, tasting the flavor of her sex and arousal in his mouth and mustache. As they kissed Roy slid his cock back into her. She welcomed him in and began moving under him, circling her hips around his hard, penetrating cock.

“Fuck your slave, Master. Please fuck your slave hard.”

Roy slammed away at her. Elaine moaned, utterly happy and content to have her Master using her like this. She was his and he was doing what he wanted to her and that was satisfying.

Roy began to slow and stopped inside her.

“Slave,” he said turning her face so she was looking him in the eyes again.

“Yes, Master?”

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass. I want you to put my cock on your asshole. When I fuck your ass I want you to look me in the eyes the whole time, no matter how much it hurts. Do you understand?”

Her eyes were wide with fear and worry, he wasn’t going to use lube this time.

“Yes, Master.”

Roy pulled out of her. Elaine grabbed his cock and put it on her tight brown hole.

Roy did not hesitate but rammed violently into her. Elaine arched her back and yelled out but managed to keep her eyes open and locked on Roy’s. It hurt, but his cock was wet from being inside her and her juices had dripped down onto her asshole so there was some wetness.

Her beautiful blue eyes bored into his as he began to pound away. It was really painful and tears began to run down her face.

“Do you like this, Slave?” He asked her as he began to hammer away at her tight ass.

“It hurts, Master,” she grunted.

“That’s not what I asked you. Do you like being fucked in the ass by your owner?”

Elaine bit her lip again, endorphins were beginning to kick in and she felt the rush.

“Yes, Master,” she rasped.

Roy was thrusting in and out in a nice steady rhythm now, savoring each second of violating her and wanting to make it last as long as he could.

“Why do you like it, Slave?”

“Ohhhhhh,” she groaned, “I like being owned. I like being hurt so you can feel good. I like being helpless and in your power.”

Roy could not delay any longer. He began fucking her hard as he came inside her. Elaine yelled out in pain as he pounded away at her sore, tight hole.

“Mine!” Roy yelled as he spent himself in her bowels. “You belong to me! You are my property!”

Elaine’s body shuddered and spasmed as Roy finished. The pain had been one of the most intense things she had ever felt. She was covered in sweat and tears, every part of her felt used.

He leaned forward. She still kept her eyes on him as he bent down to kiss her. She kissed him eagerly, caressing his tongue with her own then licking his lips as he broke the kiss.

“Thank you, Master,” she said and reached up to stroke his stubbly face, “thank you for making me your slave.” She wiggled her butt around his penetrating cock. “Thank you for taking me away from my old life.”

“What about Amanda?” He propped himself up on his arms and looked into her eyes.

“Amanda was fun, but she never did the things to me that you have, she never made me feel the things that you have. Maybe if she had been more aggressive she could have made me a real slave instead of just pretending.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Maybe,” she reached down to scratch her pussy and let her finger wander down to Roy’s cock still buried in her abused asshole. “There’s something deliciously dirty about submitting to another woman, but I like getting fucked by a real cock. I want to know I’m giving the person fucking me pleasure. But the first time Amanda tied me up and fucked me with a strap-on was pretty special. For the first time I really felt powerless and it was great.” She continued to rub her finger on Roy’s cock.

“Do you like eating pussy, Slave?”

She nodded. “Yes, Master. Of course, I’ve only done it with Amanda.”

Roy chuckled. “I will give you plenty of chances to eat pussy, Slave. I know one dominatrix who will adore you. Would you like that, Slave?” He stroked her cheek and chin as she gazed into his eyes.

“As my Master wishes,” she answered coyly.

“I know lots of people who are going to love fucking your hot little body. I am going to love sharing you, watching you take cock after cock.”

“As my Master wishes.” She smiled then kissed his hand.

“Let’s eat,” Roy pulled out of her, the tip of his cock briefly getting hung up on her battered sphincter before popping loose and stood up.

He opened up the bags and tossed the collar to Elaine. “Put this on,” he told her.

“Yes, Master.” She sat up and put the collar on. She loved the feel of it on her neck, it reinforced that she was now his property.

They ate another meal of canned food by the fire. Elaine realized that the two things she missed most about her old life were a hot shower and fresh food. That was about it. Roy washed up in the moonlight then Elaine lay down on the blanket while Roy secured the camp.

Elaine looked up through the branches at the stars, it had been awhile since she had slept outside. The nearly full moon cast a silvery light over the desert landscape. Far in the distance she watched the flashing lighting of a thunderstorm. It was too far away to worry about, but it looked pretty cool. As she adjusted more to the desert she picked up more sounds of the night. An owl hooted and she heard the sharp chirps of bats circling in the air, a coyote howled to her right and was soon answered by one to her left. Elaine had spent enough time in the desert that she didn’t worry about coyotes, even tied up and helpless as she was. The only worry was if Roy had not secured the food, well, nothing she could do about it.

Elaine shifted down and lay on her side, watching the storm. She was getting chilly so she pulled the other blanket on. She watched as Roy put the last of the gear in the tub. He still amazed her. All that he had done to her, all that he had made her feel. She belonged to him now, she was his to do with as he saw fit. All control of her life was now in his hands and it struck her as the natural order of how she was meant to be.

Roy finished up and climbed under the blanket with her. He was shivering slightly and pressed his naked body against hers, drawing in her warmth. She flinched slightly as his cold hands grabbed her breasts.

“You have cold hands, Master,” she told him and put one of her hands on top of his.

In a few minutes Roy had warmed back up and his hands began to wander over his slave’s body. He kissed her neck and shoulders while he rubbed her breasts and stomach. He lingered on her breasts, fondling her sensitive nipples, pulling and pinching them, rubbing them with his palm. Elaine was breathing heavily, aroused by his touch. She moaned softly as he continued playing with her breasts.

Elaine began moving her hips, rubbing her beautiful ass against his hardening cock. She wanted him inside her again.

Roy was continually amazed by his slave. The more he used her, the more she wanted it. After a day of being fucked many times and having her face raped by two cowboys (twice) here she was ready and eager for more. He was going to enjoy finding her limits.

Elaine reached down and found his cock. She stroked it a few times then parted her legs. She maneuvered his hard cock until it was against her swollen and sore pussy.

“Will Master please fuck his slave?” she pleaded.

Roy kissed her neck. “Has my little Slave been good? Does my Slave deserve to be fucked?”

“Yes, Master. Your slave has been good.”

“I concur.” He forced his way into her.

They lay on their sides while Roy slid in and out of Elaine’s well used pussy. He kissed her neck and shoulders and played with her breasts while he slowly fucked her. Elaine stared out at the storm in the distance while Roy used her. She was utterly content as he had his way with her, her body existing only for his pleasure.

Roy pushed her shoulder with one hand and rolled her hips with the other so she was on her stomach and he was on top of her. She grabbed hold of the blanket as he continued sliding in and out of her cunt. He had taken her so many times these last two days it was hard for her to remember anything else.

Roy stopped and nibbled on her ear.

“You wanted me to fuck you, you got it,” he said then bit her neck.

Elaine froze up as Roy pulled his shaft out of her wet pussy and pressed against her sore asshole.

“I love your ass,” he told Elaine as he forced his way into her dry opening, “I am going to fuck it every chance I get, Slave.” He grabbed a handful of hair and slammed as hard as he could into her.

Elaine yelled in pain as he roughly took her. He made no effort to gag her or keep her quiet. She screamed as he pounded mercilessly away at her tight little backdoor. A few coyotes answered her cries in the distance, but no one else heard and no one helped her.

She did not know if she had ever felt such pain before. Two days ago her ass had never had a cock inside it, now she was taking it again. She had been loosened up some, but her soreness made it worse. She screamed in agony as he pleasured himself inside her, but she never yelled “no” or “stop”. She knew she had invited this, she had asked him to fuck her. More than that, though, she knew that he would to this to her many, many more times.

As her cries faded into the distance, she knew this would be her new life.


More will come

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