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by unknown


"Hurry up, Erica! Get your pretty ass in this bed. I want to feel your

warm pussy."

"Just a second, Bob. As soon as I finish combing my hair, I'll join


Erica ran the comb through her long, blonde hair a halfdozen times as

she stood before the mirror. She wanted to look her best for her

husband. When she was satisfied, she walked over to the side of the

bed, removed her robe, and crawled beneath the covers.

"Damn, baby! I thought you'd never come to bed. You know how much I

worship your body. Nobody has tits and ass cheeks as shapely as yours.

Here, let me remove your nightie."

Erica smiled as her husband pulled the fragile garment over her head.

She loved the way his eyes widened at the sight of her huge tits with

her big, red nipples. Although they had been married for six months,

they were both still very much aroused by the sight of each other's

naked body.

"Oooooooooooh!" moaned Erica as Bob caressed her tits. "Your hands are

so strong. They make my tits hard. Ummmm!"

Erica placed her arms around her husband's muscular back and, drew him

closer. She wanted to feel his rough body hair rub against her smooth

skin. Then she gasped when his tongue flicked over her erect nipple.

"Damn!" grunted Bob, lifting his head. "Your big tits taste so sweet.

I could suck them forever."

"Please do! Pleeeaaassse!"

Erica shuddered as Bob's lips closed over her nipple. She could feel

him sucking on it, making her feel marvelous. She placed her hands on

the back of his head, running her fingers through his curly hair.

"Aaaaaaaaagh! Ummmmmmmmmm!" she moaned as the fire spread through her

pink tit. "Ooooooooooooooooh!"

Erica closed her eyes and cradled her husband's head. She could feel

his hairy chest scratching her flat stomach, and she could feel the

heat from his cock burning through her thin panties. Filled with lust,

she began to rub her tiny foot up and down his hairy leg.

Her tits throbbed under the assault of her husband's kisses and bites.

She jerked and sighed each time his teeth sank into her hot tit-meat.

Even his mustache was sending shivers up her spine.

"Ooooooooh! Baby! My tits are on fire! Aaaaaaaagh! Y-YYeeeeesssss!

Oooooh, yeeesss!"

As Bob's hot lips and tongue toyed with Erica's hard tits, he reached

down and slipped his hand beneath her tiny panties. She could feel his

fingers sliding through her silken cunt hair, finally resting on her

pussy mound. Eagerly, she spread her legs until her pussy lips were


"Aaaaaaaaaagh! Touch my clit! I love it when you play with my clit.

Oooooooooooo! Aaaaagh!"

Erica's clit was firmly in Bob's grasp as he rolled it around between

his fingers. The young woman bucked uncontrollably as jolts of pleasure raced up into her pussy. She shook her head from side to side as the mindshattering waves rolled through her tits and cunt.

"Uuungh! Uuungh! Uuungh! Uuuuuuunngh!" grunted Erica as her clit grew

hard. "I love it! I love it! Aaagh!"

Finally, her husband released her tits, much to Erica's dismay, and

began to slap them around with his other hand. She gasped and cried as

her tits turned red.

"Shiiiiiit! Your tits are so beautiful! I could play with them all

night. Aaagh, yeeeesss!" Bob fondled her pussy with one hand and

slapped her tits around with the other.

"I want to feel your big cock!" Erica gasped as the sweat began to

drip down her forehead. "I want you to fuck me now!"

Erica's tits were swollen and hot, and her pussy was getting wet. She

wanted something bigger than her husband's finger up in her cunt-hole.

She wanted something that would fill her up and stretch her pussy


"Okay, baby!" said Bob, knowing that Erica was ready to fuck. "But

first let me get your panties off. Shiiiiit! They're soaking wet! I

can tell you're ready for some good hard fucking! Yes, indeed!" He

pulled her panties down to her ankles, then yanked them free and

tossed them to the floor alongside her nightie.

"You better believe I'm ready," she said, spreading her long, slim

legs wide and smiling up at him. "Now shove your cock in!"

"Not just yet," said Bob, crawling between her legs. "I want to taste

your sweet pussy first. I just love your golden cunt hair! I want to

taste your cunt juices!"

Erica watched him lower his head to her widespread pussy. She could

feel his hot breath on her pussy lips, and it made her shudder. Then

she felt his wet tongue slip inside her cunt-hole, and she shuddered

even more. She lifted her ass off the mattress as his hot tongue

excited her.

"Ooooooooooo! Yeeeesss! Iiiiiieeeeeee! Suck me! Suck my cunt!

Aaaaaaaaaagh! My pussy!"

Erica could feel her husband's tongue sliding deeper into her pussy.

She began to gurgle as rippling waves of joy ran up and down her pussy

walls. Instinctively, she reached down and grabbed the back of his

head, forcing his face into her pussy.

"Uuungh! Uungh!" moaned Bob as he reached under his wife and grabbed

her big ass in his hands, lifting it off the mattress.

"Oooooooo! Your tongue is making me crazy! Aaaaagh! I love it! I love

it! Harder! Eat my pussy harder! Oooooooooo! Eat my pussy!"

Bob sucked and slurped on his wife's wide-open cunt, sending his

tongue in her cunt as far as it could go. Erica loved every minute of

his tonguefucking as she bounced her ass up and down. Then she nearly

died from happiness when he pulled his tongue out of her cunt hole and

began to suck on her clit.

"Aaaaaaagh! Aaaagh! Yeeesss!" she howled as her clit throbbed and

burned between Bob's lips.

Erica was now delirious. She could see her husband's head twisting and

bobbing between her shapely thighs. The blissful sensations he was

giving her were blowing her mind. She almost fainted when he rolled

her throbbing clit around between his teeth and sucked deeply on it.

"Aaaagh! Heeeelp!"

Erica began to grind her wet pussy into her husband's face while she

held his head tight. Once again, she felt his tongue delve deep into

her pussyhole, and she moaned contentedly. There was nothing she liked

better than having her husband's tongue or cock deep in her pussy.

"Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaagh! Feels so fucking good! I'm on fire!"

She could feel his hands digging into her soft asscheeks. Consumed

with passion, she threw her head back and closed her eyes as the fire

raged within her.

Suddenly, just when she felt that her husband was going to make her

come in his mouth, she saw him raise his head and lick his lips clean.

A feeling of emptiness swept through her, and she groaned,


"Don't worry, baby," he told her as if reading her thoughts. "I'm

going to give you my cock now! Are you ready for it?"

"Yeeesssss!" she moaned, spreading her legs wider. "Ram your prick in

me hard! I need to be fucked hard! Fuck my pussy!"

Erica gasped once again as her husband positioned himself between her

legs so that his cock was pressing against her velvety pussy lips. She

could see his face towering above her, and she could feel his hands

holding her slim waist. His prick was hard and pulsating, and Erica

knew that it was going to be a good fuck.

As she readied herself for his piercing cock, she could feel his

prick-head poking into her inner thighs. She knew he was deliberately

teasing her, and she smiled up at him with dreamy eyes. She loved it

when his hard prick pressed into her soft body, it gave her goose


"What's, the matter, Bob?" she asked with a smile. "Can't you find my

cunt-hole? Ha! Ha! Here! let me help you! . . . Aaaaaaaaaagh! . . .

Oh, yeeeeeesssssss!"

Erica reached down and grabbed hold of her husband's big cock. Then,

lifting her ass upwards, she guided his prick into her gaping


"Ooooooooooh!" Groaned Bob as his cock slipped between Erica's pussy

lips. "That feels good! I'll take over now!"

Still holding her waist, Bob began to thrust his hips until his cock

was buried in her cunt up to the hilt. Then, with slow, even strokes,

he pumped his cock in and out of her wet cunt while she wrapped her

legs around his back and dug her nails into his shoulders.

"Aaaaaaaaaaagh! Your cock is so big and hot! It's burning my pussy!

Aaaaaaaagh! Uuuuunngh! Baby!"

Erica could feel his rubbery cock sliding in and out of her

pussy-hole. The thickness of his prick was stretching her pussy-walls

while its heat was burning them. She trembled as the jolting heat

waves rocked her cunt.

"Honey! Your pussy is so tight! Aaaaaaagh! I'm going to fuck the shit

out of you! Oooooooh! Uuuungh! Uugh!"

"Give it to meeeeeeeee! Fuck me with your big cock! Slam your prick in

me hard! Hard! Hard! Ooooooh, yeeeessssssss! Uuungh!"

Erica gasped as her husband began to fuck her with brutal strokes.

He'd pull his cock half-way out of her pussy, then he'd slam it back

into her cunt hard. She could see his ass rising and falling between

her widespread thighs, and she could feel his thick balls slapping

into her pussy lips.

"Ooooooooooooh! Iiiiiiieeeeeeee! Your cock's so deep! I can feel it

deep inside my cunt! Aaaaaaaaaagh! Uuuuuuuuuungh! Ooooh!"

"I'm going to fuck you to death, baby!" said Bob as he continued to

pound her pussy with his big cock. "I'm going to burn your big pussy!"

Erica dug her heels into his back as he rammed his hard prick in and

out of her hot cunt. The friction was searing her cunt walls. She

could feel the intense heat deep inside her cunt as well as in her

clit. She was filled with bliss.

The hot passion made her buck up into him. She met his savage

fuck-thrusts with her own, and soon their bodies were slamming into

each other viciously. The room was filled with all sorts of lusty,

passionate noises and cries.

"Yeeess! Ooooooooooh! Harder! Fuck me harder! Aaaaagh! I need your

cock! Uuuuungh!"

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Your pussy is burning my cock! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

Uuuugh! Uuuuugh!"

Erica writhed and bucked as her huband fucked her relentlessly, each

stroke of his cock jolting her pussy and filling her with blissful

heat waves. She moaned and gurgled with closed eyes while his big, hot

cock pummeled her pussy.

"I'm on fire, damn you! Your big fucking cock is tearing me to pieces!

"Hold on, baby! Iiiiiiieeeeee! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oooooooooh,

ooooooooh! My balls ache!"

Erica dug her nails into the back of her husband's neck as the fire

spread through her entire body. She threw her legs high into the air

and spread them as wide as she could. She wanted every inch of her

husband's cock to slide into her cunt.

While her pussy was being ravaged by Bob's huge cock, Erica howled and

screamed. She could feel her cunt juices boiling, and she knew she was

nearing an orgasm. Her husband's hairy chest was making her big tits

burn, and his cock hair was torturing her soft inner thighs.

"Oooooooooooh! Baby! I feel it! Your fucking cock is making me

cooooooome! Fuck me harder! Burn me with your prick! Aaaaaaagh!

Iiiiiieeeee! Uuuuuuungh!"

Erica could feel him slamming his prick in and out of her cunt. She

knew the fuck couldn't last forever. Already her pussy juices were

starting to flow, and her sore cunt-hole burned and throbbed. Her body

ached for release.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee! Ooooooowww! Burn me, honey! I feel

it coming! I feel your cock! Yeeesss! Oooo! Aaaaaaaaagh! Here it


Erica bucked and thrashed as the mind shattering waves of her orgasm

swept through her body. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as

her pussy juices flooded her husband's cock and balls and made a mess

of the sheets.

She clung to him desperately while her trembling body continued to

jerk spasmodically. Her pussy was soaked, as well as her cunt hair and

inner thighs. It was the best fuck she had had in a long time, and it

left her drained.

As she slowly regained her senses, she realized that her husband was

still fucking away at her pussy. She could tell that his cock was

still hard. His hard prick felt good to her, and she began to move her

hips in slow circles.

"Oooooh! That was a good fuck!" she moaned. "But I want to feel your

hot cum! C'mon, fuck me hard! Bust your nuts in me!"

Erica could feel his cock slam into her cunt three more times, then

stop. He lay motionless on top of her with his cock buried in her

pussy. Puzzled, she wiggled her hips to get him to move, but he

remained motionless. She knew he had not come because she could feel

his hard cock throbbing against her cunt walls. Yet for some reason,

he had stopped fucking. "What's the matter, honey? Why did you stop

fucking me? C'mon, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Please! I. need your cock!

Fuck meeeeee!"

"I want to come in your mouth!" he gasped as he began to pump his huge

cock once again. "I want to fuck your sweet mouth! I want you to eat

my cock juice!"

"All right, baby! Stick your cock in my mouth! Oh, yeeeeesssss!"

Bob slammed his prick into her gaping cunt a few more times until she

began to scream, then he yanked his cock out of her with a loud

popping noise. Erica gasped when she felt his cock pop out of her

cunt. It left her pussy feeling empty.

"Hurry! Shove your cock in my mouth! I want to suck on your prick !"

"Open your mouth wide! I've got a nice big, wet surprise for you! I

hope it tastes good!"

Erica opened her mouth wide as her husband crawled up her body and

straddled her head. She could see his long, erect cock dangling before

her eyes, its shaft and bulb glistening with her cunt juice. Its heavy

aroma filled her nostrils and made her drool.

"Let me have your prick! Shove it in my mouth!" she begged.

Bob grabbed the back of her head and guided it up to his swollen

prick. Erica eagerly engulfed it, allowing her lips to slide all the

way up his cockshaft to his nuts. She felt his fat cock-head pressing

against the back of her throat, and she could taste her own cunt

juices. It pleased her, and she sucked happily.

"Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaagh!" groaned Bob. "Your hot mouth is making my

cock burn! Iiiiieeeee! Oooooh! Suck my prick, bitch! Suck my

motherfucking prick! Yeeeeeeesssss!"

Erica moved her mouth up and down his huge cock as she savored its

flavor. Although his prick made her cheeks bulge, she sucked

passionately, drawing his entire cockshaft into her mouth until her

husband's cock hair scratched her nose.

After deep-throating his prick, a few times, she let his cock slip out

of her mouth until just the bulb remained. She held his prick-head

between her lips while she licked it with her tongue. She ran her

tongue all over the swollen bulb, licking and lapping. Then she began

sucking on the tip of his prick until a few drops of cum dripped out

and ran down her throat.

"Oooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaagh! You sweet licking bitch! Iiiiiiieeeeeee!

You're making my cock throb! Oh, yeeessss! Suck my cock, baby! Suck my

cock! Eeeeeeeeeeee! aaaaaagh!"

Erica next spit the entire cock out of her mouth and began licking the

shaft as if it were an ice cream cone. She soon had her husband's

prick bobbing around in circles while he held her head and groaned.

"Ummmmmmmm! Uuungh! Uuungh!" she grunted as she sucked Bob's

glistening cock back into her mouth and tried to swallow it. "Uuungh!


"Shiiiit! Shiiiit! My cock is burning!"

Erica's head bobbed up and down furiously as she sucked her husband's

cock. Although the thickness of his prick stretched her lips, its heat

excited her, and she sucked his cock faster.

As she sucked, she reached up and began to fondle his hairy balls with

her fingers. She squeezed his balls gently and caressed his rough cock

hair. Then she reached around and caressed his hairy thighs and

asscheeks. She hoped it would never end.

"Ooooooooooh, baby! Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Yeeeesssss! I'm going to fuck

your mouth, bitch!

I'm going to blow my wad down your throat! Kiss my ass!


Erica was happily sucking on Bob's thick cock while her fingers toyed

with his asshole, when all of a sudden, she felt her husband's hands

grasp her hair tightly. Then she felt him yank her head up and slam it

back down all the while pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

She held her mouth open while he continued to fuck it as if it were a

pussy. He would yank her head up as he thrust his cock deep into her

mouth, then he would slam it back down as he withdrew his cock. He

repeated this over and over with fast, hard fuck-strokes while Erica

grunted helplessly.

"BABY!" he howled as he fucked her mouth ruthlessly. "Ooooooooooh!

It's hot! Aaaaaagh!"

Erica found herself in a helpless situation as her husband raped her

mouth. There was little she could do except hold her mouth open and

relax. She knew he would soon come.

As his cock pounded Erica's jaw and stretched her cheeks, his balls

slapped her in the lips and chin. She was deeply excited, and she

wished she could bite her husband's prick off and chew on it forever.

"Ooooooooooh!" groaned Bob as his swinging nuts bruised Erica's lips.

"You're making me come! Aaagh, yeeeessss! I feel it happening! Yeeess!


With wild fuck-thrusts that nearly knocked Erica's head off, he came

deep in her mouth, his jism squirting against the roof of her mouth


running down her throat. She gulped greedily as she tried to swallow

his thick cum. Although she got most of his jizz down, some leaked out

of the corner of her mouth and dribbled down her face.

Bob pulled his spurting cock out of her mouth and held it over her,

squeezing it with his hand. Erica, seeing him squeeze the jism out of

his cock, held her mouth open and allowed his cum to drip onto her

tongue. She lapped it up and swallowed it all.

When her husband's cock stopped dripping jism, she immediately sucked

it back into her mouth, milking it dry. She sucked and slobbered on

his now limp cock until she was sure she had swallowed all of his cum.

Then she spit his prick out noisily and licked her face clean. She was

thoroughly satisfied.

"Shiiiiiiiit! That was good, baby!" said Bob as he rolled over in bed.

"You really know how to give head."

"Well, I'm glad you liked my cocksucking, because that's all you're

going to get for awhile. I'm leaving early in the morning."

"I know," he said. "But are you sure you want to drive that far by

yourself? It could be dangerous."

"We've been through all this before," said Erica. "I haven't seen my

mother since we got married and moved to this city. I want to go visit

her for a few days."

"Yes, I know," said Bob. "But the town she lives in is so far away.

Couldn't you take a bus or a plane?"

"We can't afford a plane ticket, honey. And no buses or trains go to

that town. Besides, I love to drive."

"Yes, but you've never been on a long trip like that by yourself

before. What if you run into trouble? Why don't you wait until I'm

able to go with you?"

"Your job won't give you any time off for another three months," said

Erica. "You told me that yourself. I want to visit my mother now. I'll

be back in three days. Don't worry."

"Oh, I'll worry all right," Bob said. "But I know I can't stop you

from going. You're too stubborn . . . Goodnight!"

"Goodnight," said Erica. She rolled over and fell asleep.


The sun was just rising as Erica turned the car onto the highway,

headed for her mother's house. It was the first time she had been

apart from her husband in their six months of marriage, yet she was

not bothered by this. She felt she needed to get away for awhile, to

have some time alone so she could think. That was why she had insisted

on driving the long distance to her mother's house.

She was not tired of her husband, she still loved him. It was just

that she felt trapped. Her husband did not want her to work, so she

stayed home all day keeping house. She was bored with this. She felt

she was being cheated out of life. After all, she was only

twenty-three years old.

When she married Bob, she thought there would be fun and excitement in

their marriage since they were both young. The fun and excitement had

only lasted a short while, however. Now, she felt as if both she and

Bob were in a rut, and she was determined to break out of it. She was

convinced that a few days with her mother would give her time to come

up with a few ideas that would help her marriage. Perhaps I'll insist

on having my own career, she thought.

She was beyond the city limits now, and the land became more open,

with large stretches of trees and grassy hills. Every few miles, she

would pass a small cluster of houses and shops, which assured her that

civilization had not completely vanished. But for the most part, her

only link with others was the radio in the dashboard, which rang

loudly with her favorite country music.

Erica was humming aloud and moving her head in rhythm to the music

when a large sign up ahead caught her attention. Last gas for fifty

miles! Checking her gauge and finding her gas tank almost empty, she

pulled her car into the gas station and cut off the engine.

"Yes, lady. May I help you?" asked the attendant, peering through the


"Fill it up, please," she replied. He was a young kid with long, sandy

hair. Erica's eyes widened at the sight of the large bulge of his cock

showing through his tight jeans.

As she waited beside the pump, she noticed several men standing

nearby, talking. She could see them glancing over at her, and it made

her a bit nervous. She wasn't used to being on her own. Besides, she

felt out of place. These people were all wearing jeans and tee shirts,

and they all seemed to own old pickup trucks, whereas she was driving

a white sports car and was wearing a short, bright red dress and dark

sunglasses. She began to feel uncomfortable and wanted only to leave.

"That'll be ten dollars," the attendant said, once again peering

through the open window.

"Here you go," said Erica, handing him the money. She could see him

staring at her thighs and tits, but she didn't mind. After all, she

had stared at his prick bulge first.

On the highway again, she became conscious of a strange feeling coming

over her. She wasn't sure what was causing it, but she felt it had

something to do with her independence. For the first time in her life,

she felt free, with no mother or husband telling her what to do.

She began to sing along with the record playing on the radio while her

hair blew about in the breeze. She looked up at the blue sky with its

fluffy white clouds, then looked over at the wildflowers that grew

alongside the highway, and she smiled. She was happy.

It was getting late now. She had been driving for several hours, and

she was tired and hungry. She noticed a diner up ahead, and so she

decided to stop for awhile.

As she pulled the car off the highway and drove into the parking lot

of the diner, she noticed a young man running out the front door. She

was unconcerned at first as she drove past in search of a parking

place. But then the man dashed up to her car and stuck his head in the

open window.

"What do you want?" she asked, a little startled.

"Just shut up and move over, bitch!" he shouted, waving a gun in her

face. "Get on over and let me drive!"

Seeing the gun, Erica immediately slid over to the passenger side and

allowed the man to get in. As soon as he was in, he pulled the car

back onto the highway and sped off. Erica could see several people

running out of the diner and pointing in her direction.

"What happened back there?" she asked, looking the man up and down. He

appeared to be in his twenties, with thick curly hair and long

sideburns, and he was holding a brown paper bag in his lap.

"I just robbed the fucking place," he said with a wild laugh. "And

you're going to help me get away."

"But-but-you can't!" she cried. "I'm on my way to my mother's. She's

expecting me."

"I don't give a fuck!" the man shouted. "You're going where I take

you!" He looked over at Erica, and she could see his gaze roaming over

her body. "You're a sweetlooking little bitch, you know that?


Erica slid as far over as she could, but because of the speed they

were traveling, she was unable to jump out. She looked out the window

nervously, wondering where he was taking her. She grew more frightened

by the moment, and she wished she had listened to her husband.

"Where are we going?" she finally asked as the car turned onto an old

dirt road.

"Just keep your mouth shut, bitch!"

Erica looked about frantically as the car sped down the road. They

passed a corn field and a cow pasture, but she saw no other human

beings whom she could signal for help. She thought of fighting him,

but one look at his muscular arms changed her mind.

As Erica sat wondering what to do, the man suddenly slowed the car and

pulled over to the side of the road. Then, grabbing her by the arm, he

got out of the car and dragged her out with him.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, stumbling along behind him.

"Where are we going?"

"I need your car to get away, bitch! But I don't need you! I'm going

to leave you tied up back here so you can't make trouble for me, now


Erica found herself being dragged back into the woods. Her arms ached

from the man's powerful grip, and she was very frightened. Soon she

could no longer see the dirt road or the car. She was in a small

clearing, surrounded by trees and with thick grass at her feet.

"Well now, bitch!" said the man, grinning at her. "What should I do

with you? Damn! You're a pretty little bitch!"

Erica saw the way he was staring at her, and she didn't like it. She

felt as if he was looking right through her dress. She looked around,

wanting to escape, but he read her mind.

"You can't get away, bitch! You're going to do as I tell you, if you

want to live. Do you understand?"

Erica nodded, but she had no intention of cooperating. She had never

been unfaithful to her husband, and she was not about to start now.

Guessing the direction to the car, she bolted.

"Damn you, bitch! Wait 'til I catch your ass!" he yelled as she raced

across the clearing. He was much faster than she, and he caught up

with her before she even reached the woods.

"Aaaaaaaaaagh!" she screamed as he grabbed her from behind and tossed

her to the ground, ripping her dress open. "Nooooooooo! Don't! Get

away from me!" Erica was near tears.

"Oh, baby! Now you did it! I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll

never forget!"

Erica tried to squirm away from him, but he jumped on top of her and

ripped her dress down the middle until her big tits fell out. She

tried to cover herself, but he continued to yank on the dress until he

had torn it completely off.

Erica, now wearing only a pair of panties, a black garter belt, and

black stockings, began punching him with her tiny fists, but he only

laughed. She could feel his rough hands on her big tits, squeezing and

pinching them. Her dress was lying in shreds, and she could feel the

thick, damp grass pressing into her back. Her situation seemed


"Shiiiit!" said the man, lying on top of her, pressing her deeper into

the grass. "Your tits are so damn big! I've never fucked a woman with

tits like yours before! I'm going to sink my teeth into your tits!

Shiiiit! I've never even fucked a blonde before. Oh, baby! This is my

lucky day!"

"Please don't hurt me!" cried Erica. "Leave me alone! I haven't done

anything to you. I'm a married woman."

The man pinned Erica's arms above her head while he pulled his pants

down. He did not even bother to remove them, nor did he remove his

shirt. Erica could feel the rough fabric rubbing against her soft

tits, and she could feel his hard cock through her thin panties. It

was enough to make her cry out.

"Aaaaaaagh! Oooooooh! Please get off me! HEEELLLP!"

"No one can hear you, bitch! I'm going to fuck the hell out of you

whether you like it or not. You sweet blonde!"

Erica gasped as the man yanked her panties down her legs and then tore

them off her ankles. She could hear the material ripping, and she now

found herself completely at the man's mercy. Her tits rose and fell

with her heavy breathing while her pussy quivered.

"Aaaaaaaaaagh! Iiiiiiieeeeeee!" she howled when the strange man bit

into her soft tit-meat. The heat from his lips and tongue raced

through her tit and made it hard. "Uuuugh! Uuuugh! Oooooooooh!


Erica was unable to move as the strong young stranger kept all his

weight on top of her. His lips and teeth were making both her tits

hard while his cock was digging into her flat stomach. She couldn't

help but moan as the hot-blooded stranger raped her.

"Ooooooooooh! My tits are on fire! Shiiiiit! Aaagh! Get off! Please

get off! I'm married! Aaaaaaaaaagh! Oh, shit! Heeeeeeeeeelllp!


While Erica's big tits were being sucked and nibbled on, her pussy

began to get wet. The man forced her legs apart and was now trying to

shove his cock into her wide-open cunt. She wiggled her big ass around

in order to avoid the man's probing cock, but she knew sooner or later

she would get fucked.

"C'mon, bitch!" howled the man as he caressed her golden cunt hair.

"Hold your ass still! I want to shove my prick into that sweet, yellow

pussy of yours! Shiiiiit! I'm going to fuck the hell out of your cunt,

bitch! Aaaaaagh!"

Erica tried to resist, but the man was too strong. He forced his hips

between her wide-spread thighs and shoved his cock between her pussy

lips. It was painful to her at first, but soon his huge prick slipped

into her pussy-hole and slid in up to the hilt.

"Ooooooooooh!" moaned Erica as his cock stretched her pussy walls. "My

pussy! Iiiiieeeee!"

"Shut up, bitch! You know you love my cock! I'll bet your pussy is on

fire! I'll bet my cock is burning you up! Say it is, bitch! Tell me

you love my prick! Tell me my cock is making your cunt burn! Say it,

bitch! Tell me you love my cock!"

"I love your cock!" cried Erica as the man's cock slid in and out of

her pussy hole. She was afraid of him. She didn't want to upset him

further. "I love your cock! It's making my pussy burn! Aaaaaaaagh!


Erica felt the man's hands reach under her and grab hold of her big

asscheeks. As his nails sunk into her soft ass flesh, she could feel

her ass being lifted off the ground. Then, without warning, he began

to slam his hard cock in and out of her gaping cunt with brutal

strokes until her entire body shook. She could do nothing but close

her eyes and howl.

She could feel his enormous cock deep in her pussy. It scorched her

with its heat until she nearly fainted. She could not believe this was

actually happening to her. The man's nuts were banging into her pussy

lips, and his thick cock hair was scratching her belly and inner


"Iiiiiiieeeeeee!" howled Erica as the man's hairy ass bounced up and

down between her wide spread thighs. "Oooooooh! Your cock is so

fuckiiiiing biiiiigg! Aaaaaaiiiiieeee!"

"Uuuuugh! Uuuuugh! Uuuuugh! Oh baby!

Your pussy is so warm and wet! I could fuck you forever! Agh!

Aaaaaaaaaagh! Shiiiiit! Shiiiiit! Uuugh! Uuugh! Uuugh!"

Erica's legs were pushed far back until her knees touched her

shoulders. She felt dirty in this position and extremely vulnerable.

The young stranger continued to slam his cock in and out of her

exposed pussy with vicious fuck-strokes while he held her long legs


Erica could feel the thick grass beneath her, and she could feel the

warm air blowing between her legs. It reminded her that she was not in

a bedroom, but outdoors, and she grew even more ashamed. The

stranger's prick was pummeling her pussy and setting her on fire.

"Aaaaaaaaaagh! Iiiiiiieeeeee! Ooooooooooo! Shiiiiiiit! Your cock is

tearing me apart!"

"Uuuuuugh! Uuugh! Uuugh! Uuugh! You pussy bitch! Shiiit! Shiiit!"

She could feel his cock stretching her pussy-hole with each stroke.

The man fucked her so hard, she could almost taste his thick cock in

her mouth. Not even her husband had ever fucked her this hard before.

The man's pounding cock was brutally pounding her golden-haired cunt.

She could feel the heat waves coursing through her body. Even his

hairy chest was making her crazy as it burned her hard tits through

his shirt.

The man was like an animal between her legs. She could see the lust in

his eyes as he pounded her pussy. The sweat ran down his face and

soaked his shirt. His thick body hair was making her soft skin tingle.

She could hear him grunting, and she could hear the squishing noises

that his prick was making inside her cunt. She felt completely

helpless as his big cock rocked her pussy and filled her with blissful


"Oooooooooo! Ooooooooool Heeeeeeelllpp! Your cock is killing meeee!

Tooooooo haaaaard!"

"I'm going to fuck your pussy, bitch! I'm going to fuck you forever!

Shiiiiiit! It's sooooo goood!"

Erica's whole body was shaking as the young stranger continued to fuck

her with brutally hard strokes. She felt as if he were trying to ram

his big prick right up into her belly. She had never been fucked like

this before, and she wasn't sure how much more she could take.

"Oooooo! Oooh! My poor pussy! Uugh!"

The man was showing no signs of slowing as he slammed his cock in and

out of Erica's hot pussy. She wondered how he could fuck so hard for

so long. She could hear his balls slapping against her cunt lips, and

she felt his nails digging into her thighs. A warm feeling began to

spread over her, but she fought against it. She felt guilty about the

entire incident.

"Ooooooo! You're fucking meee . . tooooo haaaaarrd! Aaaaaaaaagh!"

"Yeeeeeeessss! Shiiiit!" the man groaned. "Oh shit! I'm cooomiiing!"

Erica was hurting as the man continued to fuck her brutally. She could

feel his hot cock swell and throb, and she could hear his groans

become louder. She hoped he would soon come, so she would be free of


Suddenly, she saw him throw his head back and close his eyes tight.

Then she felt his fuck thrusts grow more eratic.

"Oooooooo! Baby! I'm going to fill your pussy with my cum! I'm going

to fill your cunt, baby! I'm going to fill your cunt! I'm going to

fill it up-up-up-uuuuuuup!"

Erica gasped as the man's cock erupted and blew its wad against her

pussy walls. She could feel his thick cock spurting more and more jism

into her cunt-hole until soon it overflowed and began running down her


"Shit, bitch! Your pussy is sooooo fuckiiiing good!"

Erica could feel the man's cock-cream burning her pussy, running down

her inner thighs. She tried not to think about it, for she was filled

with disgust and shame. She hoped he would now pull his cock out of

her cunt.

The man slammed his prick in and out of her cunt a few more times,

then raised himself up until he was kneeling between her wide-spread

legs. She could see him grinning lewdly while he slowly pulled his

cock out of her pussy with his hand and began rubbing it over her

pussy lips. His prick was now soft and wet, but it still made her


"Oooooooooo! Yeeeeeeesssssss! Your pussy is out of this world, bitch!

I flooded your cunt with my cum, but it still looks sweet! Umnmmmmm!

I'm sorry I have to leave you! I'm going to really miss your cunt!"

"Please leave me now! You got what you wanted! Please don't hurt me

anymore!" Erica cried as the man's cock slid through her silky pussy


"Okay, bitch! I'll be leaving! But first, I want you to do me one more

favor!" said the man as he crawled up to her face and dangled his cock

in front of her mouth. "I want you to suck my cock dry! C'mon, bitch!

Get my prick nice and clean!"

"Oooooooh, nooooooo!" groaned Erica as she stared at his wet, limp


She found it hard to believe that this soft, little cock was the same

prick that had nearly fucked her brains out only moments ago. Still,

she did not want to suck on it, no matter what its size. She already

felt bad enough about being fucked by a stranger. The idea of having

to suck his wet cock too was appalling.

"Nooooo, I can't! I can't!"

"You've got no choice, slut!" he told her as he grabbed a handful of

her hair. "If you don't suck my cock, I'll force you to!"

Erica tried to turn her head away, but the man held it still. She

could smell the man's limp cock as he slapped it against her lips and

cheeks. Then she shuddered when he tried to force his cock into her

mouth. She resisted at first, but he was determined, and before long

he got his way.

"Suck my prick, bitch!" he ordered. "Suck my cockmeat!"

Erica hesitantly sucked on the man's soft prick, running her lips up

and down his wet cock-shaft.

She could taste her own cunt juices, as well as the man's cock cream.

As she sucked his prick, more cum ran out of his cock-tip, and she

swallowed his jizz unwillingly.

"Damn you, bitch! You can suck cock better than that! I know damn well

a pretty, blonde bitch like you has sucked cock before. Now suck my

prick right! Suck my cock good and hard, or else!"

Erica became frightened. She was in the middle of nowhere with a

strange man who had just robbed a diner. She thought it best to go on

and do as he asked, and not provoke him.

Tentatively, she sucked the man's prick. Her clinging lips glided up

and down his prick, milking the cum out. She swallowed frantically as

more cum ran down her throat. She slobbered all over his limp cock as

she tried her best to please him. Soon his cock was empty of cum but

covered with her spit.

"Eeeeooow!" the man howled as Erica spit his cock back out. "That was

more like it, bitch! Aaaaaaaaaagh! Yeeesss!"

Then Erica suddenly found herself alone on the ground. She looked up

and saw the young stranger pulling up his pants. Apparently he had

finished with her, and she was glad. Her pussy was sore and full of

jism, and her face was smeared with cock juice. With dirt and grass

stains covering her ass and back, she was altogether a mess.


"Well now, bitch!" the man said after he had buckled his pants. "That

was a pretty good fuck! But I have to be going now. It's getting late,

and the cops will be looking all around for me. I want you to stay

right here until after I'm gone!"

Erica could hear him laughing as he walked away, but she didn't care.

She was just glad to be rid of him. She realized that her purse and

her suitcases were in the car, but again, she was not too concerned.

She was happy to still be alive, and she was sure the police would be

able to catch the man and return her property to her. After all, she

thought, how many white sports cars are there around here?

As she slowly pulled herself to her feet, she looked around for her

clothes. Her torn panties were now useless, but her dress, although

ripped apart, could at least be wrapped around her body to cover most

of her tits and ass. And so, wearing her black stockings and garter

belt and draped in her torn dress, she walked back to the road to look

for help.

Erica's car and the man were gone when she got there, and there was no

other traffic on the road. To make matters worse, it began to rain

hard, and Erica was soon soaking wet. "Shit!" she yelled. "What can

happen next?"

Deciding it would be a waste of time to stand there, waiting for help,

she walked up the road in the pouring rain. It was difficult walking

in her stockinged feet, but she continued on. She couldn't remember

what had happened to her shoes. She figured they must have fallen off

when the man first dragged her into the woods.

She hadn't walked far before she noticed an old farmhouse standing

beside a barn on the other side of a large field. Hoping to find help

there, she traversed the field and arrived at the farmhouse door,

muddy and exhausted.

"Hello!" she called as she banged on the heavy wooden door. "Anybody

home? Please! I need help!"

Erica could hear someone shuffling inside, and then she saw the

doorknob turning. By now, the wind had picked up, and she was having

difficulty keeping her body covered with the ripped dress. As the door

slowly opened, she stood trembling, with her cunt and most of her

asscheeks exposed.

"Please!" she said. "I've been robbed! May I use your phone to call

the police?" She looked hopefully at the frail old man with the long

beard and tattered clothes.

"Ain't got no phone," the old man replied. "You best try someplace

else." Erica could see the rotten teeth in his mouth as he talked, and

she could see his eyes staring at her cunt. Although she was

exhausted, she thought maybe it would be better to try someplace else.

"Wait a minute, Pa," Erica heard someone say as she was turning to

leave. "Just look at her, the poor thing. Let her come in and get

cleaned up." An old woman had stepped into the doorway.

"Thank you, Ma'am," said Erica as she walked up the front steps and

entered the house. "You're very kind."

Erica looked about nervously as the two old people examined her

half-naked body, dripping with rain. The one-story building was

nothing more than a shack. Its few pieces of furniture were badly in

need of repair. The wooden floor was slightly warped in several places

and worn through in other places. The bare walls looked as if they

could use a good scrubbing as well as a new paint job.

Erica could see three other rooms besides the one she was now in, but

from what she could tell of them, they were in the same condition. Two

of them she guessed to be bedrooms, but the third was obviously the

kitchen, for the sound and smell of frying bacon drifted from it. It

was into this room that she was now being led.

"C'mon, dearie," said the old woman, holding Erica's arm. "I'll pour

you a tub of water, and you can wash up."

"Thank you," said Erica, entering the kitchen. She noticed that the

old man had stayed in the other room, and she was glad. She didn't

want him around, staring at her cunt and tits while she was bathing.

The kitchen was small, with a wood stove, a long, heavy table, and a

few cupboards. There was an old, wooden washtub standing in the

corner, and Erica realized that this was what she was to bathe in.

"Go on, and get in, dearie," said the old woman. "I've got some water

heating on the stove now. It'll be warm enough in a few minutes."

As Erica dropped her ripped dress to the floor, she could see the old

woman checking the pot of water. Her eyes roamed over the woman's

shabby, ankle-length dress, her worn boots, and the black scarf around

her shoulders. Erica began to pity these people and the poverty in

which they lived, but she was thankful to them for giving her shelter.

"Here we are," said the woman, carrying the pot of heated water over

to the tub and pouring it in. "Nice and warm!"

Erica was surprised at the woman's strength. She knew the pot of water

must have been heavy. "You should have let me help you with that," she


"Nonsense," the woman answered as she refilled the empty pot and

placed it back on the stove. "You just get undressed, and get in that

water 'fore it gets cold, you hear?"

Still sore and still full of cum from her brutal rape, Erica managed

to pull off her stockings and garter belt and lower herself into the

old-fashioned tub. The water temperature was perfect as her sore pussy

and stiff, aching muscles found soothing relief.

The old woman handed Erica a bar of soap and an old rag, and she used

this to wash away the man's jism as well as the mud and grass. When

she had washed her aching body clean, the old woman poured another pot

of heated water into the tub, thus bringing the water level up over

Erica's tits. Erica, feeling the hot water caressing her big tits, lay

her head back, spread her legs wide, and relaxed.

As Erica lay in the tub in a semi-conscious state, she tried to make

sense of everything that had occurred. She still could not believe

that she had been robbed and fucked. Of course, she had heard and read

of things like this happening, but it was always someone else who was

the victim. She never dreamed that she would fall prey and end up

being raped and robbed of everything. I guess my number was just up,

she thought.

Never-the-less, she wondered if it could have been prevented. Her

husband had tried to warn her of the possible dangers confronting a

woman travelling alone in strange country. Perhaps if she had just

listened. She had wanted to get away for awhile to think and to try to

sort out her life, and she thought her husband's warnings were just an

attempt by him to keep her at home. Well, perhaps they were, she

thought as she stared at the grease stained ceiling, but they had

turned out to be valid.

The warm water was doing wonders for Erica's sore pussy. She closed

her eyes and began to run her fingers over her tender cunt lips. She

massaged the velvety folds of pussy flesh, pulling and stretching her

soft cunt meat until she tingled all over. The soreness was rapidly

vanishing, and a warm peace was spreading through her shapely body.

As she closed her eyes and gave herself up to her probing fingers, the

curvy blonde fought hard to drive the memory of her rape out of her

mind. But the ugly visions were not to be denied. She could still see

the young stranger's hairy ass bouncing up and down between her

wide-spread thighs, and she could even feel his thick cock slamming

into her pussy over and over again. But what shamed her the most was

the vision of herself being fucked out in the open beneath the trees

for all the world to see.

Her thoughts were temporarily interrupted by the sound of the rain

beating heavily on the roof. It reminded her of her childhood when she

used to lie awake at night, listening to the rain and thunder.

Curiously, it never frightened her, only fascinated her.

Again the woman returned to the kitchen, this time carrying something

in her hands. "You can put these on when you finish your bath, dearie.

I think they'll fit."

Erica watched the old woman depart, then she climbed out of the

washtub and dried herself with the towel provided her. Once dry, she

picked up the clothes the woman had just brought her. They were a size

too small, but she struggled into them anyway. The cut-off jeans were

old and faded, and they barely covered her big asscheeks. They also

had a hole in them that exposed her ass crack. She was unable to

fasten the top buttons of the blouse, her tits were just too big.

"Oh, well," she said with a sigh. "Beggars can't be choosers." She

tugged at the thin fabric, trying to cover as much of her tits as

possible, finally giving up in despair, her big, round tits straining

at the opening.

"They belong to my granddaughter," said the old woman as she came back

in the kitchen. "She don't mind none."

"They're just fine," said Erica, trying to be polite. "I want to thank

you for your kindness . . . do you suppose I could get a ride to town?

I have to get in touch with the police. My car and all my belongings

were stolen."

"I reckon that ain't all that happened to you," said the old woman,

looking Erica up and down.

"But that's your business. You ain't got to tell me about it. Anyway,

my son got the truck. Him and Joe Bob and Marylou are out sell-er,

ah-are out hunting. They'll be back any minute. Why don't you have a

seat at the table? I'm just about to put supper on. You like beans and

bacon, don't you?"

"Yes, I do," said Erica, not so much to be polite, but because she was

very hungry. That tremendous fucking she had received had given her a

huge appetite. She took a place at the table.

She was joined by the old man, who took his seat at the head of the

table. She could see him staring at her jutting tits, which were

exaggerated even more by the too-tight blouse.

"I want to thank you for your hospitality," said Erica, smiling. "I

was really in a bind. I'm not from around here, and I didn't know what

to do. Like I told your wife, everything was taken from me. I'm sure

once I get to the police station I can call my husband and everything

will be all right."

The old man said nothing. He just ate his food and glanced every now

and then at her tits. Erica pretended not to notice, she figured this

was her way of repaying him.

Presently, a truck pulled up to the back door. Erica, looking out the

window, saw three people climb out. One, a heavy-set man, walked

towards the barn, carrying a large box. The other two came through the

back door and entered the kitchen.

"Come on in here, children. I got supper on, and we got a guest," the

old woman said as she closed the door behind them.

"How do you do! I'm Erica."

"Howdy, ma'am! I'm Joe Bob. Gosh, you're pretty." Erica thanked him

for the compliment, but she was wary of something about him. He was a

young kid, but big for his age. She could see the muscles bulging from

his upper arms and shoulders, and she could see the enormous bulge of

his cock in the crotch of his overalls. She could tell he was not too

bright, but if anyone ever needed a good stud, he would fit the bill

easily. As he sat down at the table, she took another look at his

prick bulge and gasped.

"Now you mind your manners, Joe Bob," said the old woman. "This here

is a city woman, and she came to us for help. She don't need no smart

mouthin' from you. Just sit down there and eat. And you too, Marylou,"

she said, though Marylou had already sat down.

"Hi, there," said Marylou, extending her hand. "Hey, ain't those my


"I believe they are," said Erica, shaking the girl's hand. "I got into

a little trouble, and your grandparents were nice enough to help me.

I'll return them of course."

"Oh, it don't make no difference," said the girl, smiling. "But I hope

you don't bust no buttons, your tits are already falling out as it


"That's for sure," said Joe Bob. "Ha! Ha!"

"Now what did I tell you, Joe Bob?" screamed the old woman. "You just

hush up now."

Erica blushed at Marylou's remark. She felt comfortable around this

country girl, though she wasn't sure why. Perhaps she admired the

young girl's innocent-looking face, her thin lips, her dark brown

eyes, and her rosy cheeks.

"I love your hair," said Erica to the girl. "It's so long and

straight. I could never get my hair that straight."

"Thank you," said Marylou, raising her hand to her hair. "But I wish

it was blonde like yours instead of just brown."

"It's beautiful," said Erica. "It matches your eyes."

"It matches what's 'tween her legs too," said Joe Bob, giggling.

"Doggone you, Joe Bob! You shut your mouth, you hear!" howled Marylou,

tossing a piece of bread across the table at him. "Make him stop,


"Now that's enough outa both of you!" shouted the old woman, giving

them both a stern look. "Now eat!"

Erica pretended not to notice as she politely finished her meal. She

guessed the kids were just showing off because of her presence, but it

seemed to her they should have been old enough to know better. She was

sure they were both in their late teens, though the boy was over six

feet tall and powerfully built, and the girl had the figure of a

woman, with nice, round tits and a big, shapely ass that stretched her

cut-off jeans at the seams.

Just then, the door burst open, and in walked the heavy-set man Erica

had seen walking to the barn. As soon as he had closed the door, he

caught sight of her sitting at the table. His eyes ran up and down her

body, finally resting on her half-exposed tits. Erica could feel the

heat from his staring eyes burning through the thin blouse, and

immediately, her pussy lips began to quiver.

"This is Erica," the old woman told him as he sat down at the table,

his eyes never leaving the blonde's big tits. "She had a little

trouble and she came to us for help."

"Hello," said Erica, smiling politely.

"Howdy," he grunted, stroking his stubby beard with one hand and

scratching his hairy chest through his open shirt with the other.

"This is my son, Jasper," said the old woman with what Erica took to

be pride. "He's these children's pappy. Their ma is dead, from

pneumonia. Caught it last winter."

"Pleased to meet you, sir," said Erica with a smile. She couldn't

blame him for staring at her tits. After all, the blouse she was

wearing did little to cover them. "Your mother was nice enough to help

me. I was hoping you would give me a ride to the police station around

here. I have to get in touch with my husband."

"Can't do it tonight," he told her as he chewed on a mouthful of

beans. "All this rain has washed out the road to town. I just barely

made it back. You'll have to stay here a day or two until it dries up


"Oh, I see," said Erica in a dejected voice.

"Well, I don't want to put you to any trouble. I'll just sleep in the

barn." She could see that these people barely had room enough in the

house for themselves.

"No!" shouted Joe Bob, his eyes widening.

Erica was startled by the boy's shout. She could see the others

looking at each other nervously. She couldn't understand what she had

said to provoke this reaction. Then she saw Jasper rise from his seat

and look down at her.

"You'll sleep with Marylou. Me and Joe Bob will sleep in the barn."

Erica nodded sheepishly, not understanding their nervous response, but

not questioning it, either.

"Shucks, Pa, "said Joe Bob, grinning. "Both of us ain't got to sleep

in the barn. I'll be glad to keep this city woman company." Erica

could see him staring at her tits again.

"Joe Bob, you shut your filthy mouth!" cried Marylou.

"Dad blame you, Joe Bob," said the old woman. "I'm gonna give you a

whippin' if you don't mind your manners."

"Oh, he's just funnin', Ma. He don't mean nothin'," said Jasper, also

staring at Erica's big tits.

Erica smiled at them politely, but she wasn't too comfortable around

them. All the men seemed preoccupied with her half-naked tits. Even

the old man continued to stare at her while he ate his supper. She

began to silently curse herself, the young stranger, and even the


They all retired for the night as soon as it got dark. Erica found

herself alone with Marylou in the young girl's bedroom. It was a small

room with a springless, queen-sized bed that appeared to be homemade.

Erica sat down on the stiff mattress and looked about.

Other than a dresser and a couple of handmade stools, the room was

practically bare. The walls and ceiling needed a paint job, and the

window needed a washing. Erica's heart went out to these poor people.

They were probably in worse shape than she, for her condition was only


"I'm glad you and me are gonna be roommates tonight. I usually have to

share this room with Pa and Joe Bob," said Marylou. The young girl was

slowly undressing.

"You don't all sleep in the same bed, do you?" asked Erica as she too

began to undress.

"Why sure," said the young girl as she untied her halter strap and

freed her plump tits. "It's not too much room, but at least I never

get cold in the winter."

Erica gasped at the thought of this pretty, young girl having to sleep

in the same bed with those two brutes, even if they were her father

and brother. As the possibilities of such a situation drifted through

her mind, Erica pulled off her blouse and placed it on top of the

dresser. Then she removed her shorts and placed them with the blouse.

"You really have a nice body," said Marylou as she also removed her

jeans and tossed them to the floor. "I just love all that blonde hair

you have between your legs. Can I touch it? Please? I just want to see

what your pussy hair feels like."

Erica, completely naked, sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up

at Marylou, who was also completely naked. "You're embarrassing me,


"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. It's just that I've never seen a

blonde-haired woman before. At least, not a naked one. Your pussy hair

looks just like corn silk."

Erica's embarrassment quickly passed. She realized Marylou was just an

innocent young girl, despite her well developed body. In fact, Erica

began to think of the girl as a sister. She even found herself

admiring Marylou's long, slim legs and big, shapely asscheeks as well

as her slim waist and bushy cunt hair. Once more, Erica's pussy began

to quiver.

Their conversation was interrupted by the sounds of creaking

bedsprings coming from the adjacent bedroom. The sounds grew louder

and louder as the two naked women walked over and pressed their ears

to the wall. Erica, standing directly behind Marylou, could hear not

only the creaking bedsprings, but also voices. Grunts and moans and

howls filtered through the thin wall to the blonde's ear.

"It's granny and granpa," said Marylou, giggling. "They fuck every

night. Old granpa is forever tryin' to shove his little, wrinkled cock

into somebody. He even tries it with me every time he catches me

takin' a bath. You better watch out for him."

"I will," said Erica, laughing. She could see Marylou's big, shapely

asscheeks shaking like jelly as the girl stood in front of her,

giggling. Without thinking, she seized the girl's slim waist and began

grinding her blonde pussy into the young girl's big, juicy ass.

"Ooooooooooh! Gosh!" said Marylou, looking over her shoulder at Erica

and smiling. "What're you doin'?"

Erica suddenly realized what she was doing and immediately released

Marylou. She felt, embarrassed, and her face turned bright red.

"I'm-I'm sorry," she said, looking down at her feet. "I don't know

what came over me. I've never done that to a woman before. I'm-I'm

married. Can you forgive me?" Erica couldn't bring herself to look at

the girl. She just stared at the floor, ashamed.

"It's okay, Miss Erica," said Marylou. "It felt good. I don't mind

none. You can do it again if you like!"

"I just got carried away, that's all," said Erica as the young girl

started to wiggle her ass again. "Come on, let's go to bed." She did

not want to take advantage of this innocent farm girl, although her

pussy was still tingling.

"Are you gonna let me?" Marylou asked after she and Erica had crawled

beneath the blankets.

"Let you do what?" asked Erica, already drifting off to sleep. She

found the pillowless bed uncomfortable, but she was so tired, she

didn't care.

"You know," said Marylou, inching closer to Erica until the woman

could feel the young girl's hot breath on her naked tits. "Will you

let me touch your blonde pussy hair?"

"Oh, all right," said Erica, hoping the girl would quickly satisfy her

curiosity so she could get some sleep.

Lying on her back, Erica kept her eyes closed, hoping sleep would come

soon. She could feel Marylou's hand on her belly, her soft fingers

lightly caressing the few hairs that grew there. By degrees, the

girl's fingers worked their way down to the woman's thick cunt bush,

gently pulling her silky pussy hairs.

"Ummmmmmmm! So sooooooft!" moaned Marylou. She rubbed Erica's blonde

hairs between her fingers until the blonde began to squirm on the


"H--h-hey!" gasped Erica, sitting up in bed. "What are you doing? I

thought you just wanted to touch my pussy for a second. You're making

me warm all over!"

"Just relax, Miss Erica. I know what I'm doing."

"You don't have to call me Miss Erica. Just plain Erica will do. Now

please! You've felt my pussy, now turn over and go to sleep. It's

getting late."

"You don't really want me to stop playin' with your pussy, do you,

Erica?" asked Marylou. "Your pussy is hot and soft. I can feel it

throbbing against my hand. Oooooooooo! I wish my pussy

was as nice as yours. I'll bet you can fuck a man to death! Ummmmmm!"

"What do you know of such things?" Erica asked Marylou. This young

girl's behavior puzzled her. She had seemed so innocent before. Now

here she was, turning Erica on with a magnificent hand job and talking

about fucking men to death.

"I know a few things," Marylou said, blushing. "I know how to make

your cunt feel good!"

Erica was about to ask Marylou how, when all of a sudden, the girl's

finger slipped through her thick cunt bush and burned its way through

her red pussy lips.

"Aaaaaaaaaagh!" moaned Erica, lying back down on the mattress and

spreading her legs wide. "Your finger is as hot as a prick!"

"And your pussy is so beautiful," said Marylou as she knelt between

Erica's open thighs. "I can see your big cunt-hole and your little

clit. I wish I had a cock to fuck you with. My finger is so small!"

"Use it anyway, damn you! Use it like a prick! Aaaagh!"

Erica was desperate as the young farm girl began to turn her on. Her

pussy was hungry for anything hard, even Marylou's finger. Her gaping

cunt beckoned, and soon the girl shoved her finger into the tender,

red cunt-meat.

"Ooooooooooh! Iiiiiiieeeeeee!" howled Erica as Marylou's finger slid

up her cunt-hole, stretching her pussy walls along the way.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Aaaaaaaaaagh! I love your fucking finger! Shiiiiit! My

cunt's getting wet! Yeeeeesssss!"

Erica's pussy juices started to ooze, covering Marylou's finger with a

thin coating of cunt-slime. This made it easier for Marylou, who began

to fingerfuck the big blonde with fast and hard thrusts. Erica could

feel the girl's thin, hot finger burning her red pussy-meat. She was

also aware of the constant friction of her other fingers on her aching

clit. It became impossible to keep her big ass still.

"You finger fucking bitch! You're making me hot all over!

Aaaaaaaaaagh! Yeeeeeeesssssss!"

"I told ya I could make you feel good! I can feel the heat rising from

your big pussy! And I can see your cunt juices glistening all over my

hand! Wow! It's fun! I could fuck you all night! Your golden pussy

looks good enough to eat!"

"Then eat my cunt, you little country bitch! Bury your face in my

juicy pussy and start slurping! Suck my cunt, bitch, before I go out

of my mind! Scratch my itch, bitch!"

"I've never done that before," said Marylou as she continued to shove

her finger in and out of Erica's juicefilled cunt-hole. "But your

pussy sure looks tasty! Okay!"

Erica felt the girl take her finger out of her wet cunt, leaving her

pussy a juicy mass of throbbing red meat. Then she saw Marylou lower

her head hesitantly.

"Hurry up, damn you! You started this, now finish it! Eat my pussy!"

Erica gasped as Marylou lowered her head farther. She could feel the

girl's hot breath on her slick clit, and she began to writhe, filled

with expectation.

"Aaaaagh!" howled Erica when she felt Marylou's hot lips grab hold of

her clit. "Are you trying to kill me? Just pl-pl-play with my clit.

Don't-don't sw-swallow it-it! Oooooooooh!"

Marylou, hearing Erica's pleas, released the woman's throbbing clit

and began to flick her tongue over it. Erica, overcome with hot lust,

grabbed the girl's head and began to buck, slamming her hot pussy into

the teenager's mouth. She soon had the farm girl's face smeared with

red-hot pussy juice.

"Shiiiiiiit! You pussy-eating country bitch! Aaaaaiiiii! Suck me! Suck

my cunt! Oh, shiiiiiiit!"

Erica could feel Marylou's tongue sliding deep into her pussy-hole.

Its heat, together with the girl's hot breath, was filling her pussy

with burning heat waves that made her big body jerk uncontrollably.

The homemade bed began to shake and squeak as Erica's big ass bounced

up and down.

"Mmmmmmmpfffff!" grunted Marylou as her mouth worked frantically on

Erica's clit and cunt.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" howled Erica as Marylou's innocent tongue scorched

the depths of her pussy. "Eat meeeeeeeee! Yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!

Erica's blonde-haired cunt was throbbing and burning, and more of her

hot pussy-juices flowed out and covered Marylou's rosy face. She

became delirious. She wanted the girl to make her come, but she wanted

to suck cunt, too.

"Oh, sweet-sucking bitch! Ooooooooooh! Give me your little pussy!

Swing your big ass around so I can suck on your pussy! Hurry, bitch!

I'm hungry! Aaaaaaaaaagh! Your tongue is making me crazy! Quick! Give

me your pussy!"

Marylou, still sucking the blonde's sweet pussy, swung around on the

bed until her knees straddled Erica's face in the 69 position. Erica,

gazing lustily at the young girl's dark pussy, grabbed her big

asscheeks and pulled the farm girl's brown-haired cunt against her


"Ooooooooooh! Keep sucking my cunt, bitch! I'm going to do the same to

you! I'm going to eat your sweet young pussy!"

Erica stuck out her tongue and licked Marylou's smooth cunt hairs. She

felt the girl jump at the touch of her tongue, but she continued

licking. She could smell her rich cunt aroma, and she could taste her

smooth, dewy cunt lips.

As Erica began giving the girl's cunt an enthusiastic tonguelicking,

she could feel her responding. Each stroke of the woman's tongue on

the girl's cunt lips was answered with a sharp bite on her tender

pussy-meat. They licked and bit into each other's pussy for what

seemed to Erica like ages as spasms rocked their bodies. Erica could

feel the young girl shaking like a leaf as she ate her cunt out.

Ummmmmm! Mmmmmmmffffff!" Erica sank her tongue up into the farm girl's

open cunt. She could taste her smooth pussy-meat as it clung to her

lips and tongue, and she could feel the girl's tiny clit pulsating.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!" Marylou howled when Erica bit into her Clit.

This made Erica feel good, for she had never sucked a woman's cunt

before tonight. She was pleased with how fast she had taken to pussy

eating, and she was glad she was able to give Marylou the same

pleasures that the girl was giving her.

Noisily, Erica lapped at Marylou's open cunt, tasting the girl's

oozing pussy-juice as it poured over her tongue and lips. She

alternated between sucking the girl's clit, cleaning out her cunt

hole, and nibbling on her pussy lips. Soon Marylou was bucking and

thrashing, her passionate screams stifled by Erica's wet pussy.

Erica could feel her pussy-juices boiling as waves of hot bliss

rippled through her cunt. She could also tell that Marylou's

cunt-juices were flowing faster too. The young girl was trembling, and

weird sounds were coming from deep in her throat.

Depraved by her hot passion, Erica began licking Marylou's cunt as if

it were an ice cream cone, her tongue covering the dark-brown hairs

with spit. Still not satisfied, she abandoned the girl's cunt and ran

her tongue up into her asscrack. She separated the girl's big

asscheeks with her hands and stuck her bold tongue into her cute pink

shitter. Holding the girl's juicy asscheeks apart, she reamed her

tight asshole, her tongue sliding in and out of her ass chute like a

hot knife through butter.

"Uungh! Uungh! Uungh! Mmmmmmfffff!" grunted Marylou. She began to

bounce up and down on the mattress as Erica's hot tongue slid up her


Erica knew that her tongue was really turning Marylou on. She

continued ass-licking the girl while the girl's ass muscles clamped

down on her tongue.

"Uuuuuuuuuunngh!" groaned Marylou, her face still buried in Erica's

golden pussy.

After Erica had sucked on Marylou's asshole awhile, she removed her

tongue and sank her teeth into the girl's big, juicy asscheeks. The

young girl's screams were again stifled by the blonde's big, ripe


All this time, Marylou had been eating Erica's pussy feverishly. Her

sweet mouth filled the woman's cunt-hole with hot bliss. Now Erica was

ready to come.

With sweat dripping off Marylou's body and falling onto her own, Erica

continued to lap the young girl's cunt. She wanted them both to come

at the same time. She sucked hard on her furry pussy, for she could

feel her own cunt juices ready to explode.

"Uuuuuuuuuungh! Mmmmmmfffff!" grunted Erica, digging her nails into

Marylou's asscheeks. Finally, her cunt juices reached the boiling


and erupted, her thick pussy-cream running onto Marylou's lapping

tongue. She continued to come as wave after wave of mind-blowing bliss

rocked through her body. She trembled from head to toe as her orgasm

rose, peaked, then subsided.

With her body still jerking spasmodically as the last wave of her

orgasm swept through her cunt, Erica stuck her tongue deep into the

young girl's throbbing cunt and twisted it all around. Her twisting

tongue made Marylou buck, and immediately the young girl came,

spilling her hot pussy juices into Erica's open mouth. She bucked

several times, each time giving Erica a mouthful of steaming-hot

fuck-cream. Erica held her mouth tight against Marylou's juice-filled

cunt, sucking in all the sweet pussy nectar.

"Oooooooooooooooh!" moaned Marylou as her pussy continued to drip into

Erica's mouth. "Aaaaaaaaaagh!"

Erica felt the girl collapse, then she too passed out.


Erica awoke with Marylou's pussy in her face. The room was filled with

daylight, but Erica could still hear the rain beating on the roof. She

knew it would be that much longer before the road was dry enough to

enable her to leave. Bob and my mother are probably worried to death,

she thought.

The strong aroma of dried pussy juice caught Erica's attention, and

she examined Marylou's wide-spread cunt with memories of the night

before still fresh in her mind. As the girl lay sleeping atop Erica

with her legs spread wide, Erica began caressing her soft cunt,

pulling on her thin cunt hairs. Marylou squirmed in her sleep,

grinding her belly into Erica's big tits.

"Uuugh! Oooooo!" gasped Erica as the girl's movements made her tits


Erica played with Marylou's warm pussy, careful not to waken the girl.

She could see her open cunt gash, surrounded by smooth, brown hairs,

and she could see the tender red cunt-meat inside her fuckhole. It

glistened with still-wet curt-juice.

Slowly and gently, Erica separated Marylou's smooth cunt lips with her

fingers. She marveled at the way the outer and then the inner lips of

her cunt became unglued, opening up to reveal her little brown clit.

With deft fingers, Erica continued pulling on the girl's soft cunt

meat until her pussy walls separated. Erica found herself looking

directly into Marylou's fuck hole.

"Oooooooooo!" moaned Erica as the passion swelled up inside her once

again. "What a smooth, sweet-looking pussy! Too bad I don't have a

cock. I'd sure like to fuck the shit out of her!"

Erica inserted her thumb instead, pushing it deep inside Marylou's

fuck-hole. She pushed firmly until the palm of her hand rested against

the girl's cunt lips.

"That's as far as it will go in your cunt, Marylou!" whispered Erica

to the sleeping girl.

As Erica lay there with her thumb up the girl's pussy, there came a

loud knock on the door. "Get on up if you want breakfast, you hear!"

It was the old woman calling, and Erica cursed her under her breath,

for the knock on the door had awakened Marylou.

"0oooooooh!" moaned the young girl as she lifted her head and rubbed

the sleep out of her eyes. "What's happenin'? What's that stuck 'tween

my legs? Aaaaaagh!"

"It's my thumb!" said Erica, now removing it. "I was playing with your

little pussy while you were sleeping. It was so tempting, I couldn't


"You made me hot all over," said Marylou as she rolled off Erica and

twisted around on the bed until she was facing the blonde. "I hope

you're going to finish what you started!"

Erica looked into Marylou's eyes and smiled. It was just as she had

said, she couldn't resist this smooth-skinned, innocent-looking girl.

She had never had any desire to fuck with another woman before last

night, but last night this girl had shown her pleasure she had never

dreamed of. Now she found herself obsessed with the teenager's

youthful body, and she wanted only to fuck the girl's brains out.

"I'm not only going to finish it, you little farm bitch, but I'm going

to make you beg for mercy!"

Erica pushed Marylou over onto her back and climbed on top of her. The

big blonde was taller than the young girl because she had such long

legs, but when she matched her blonde pussy with the girl's little

cunt and her big tits with the girl's plump tits, it was a perfect

fit. The heat from their pussies intermingled and filled their bodies


rippling waves of pleasure.

"Iiiiiiieeeeeee! Oooooooo!" moaned Marylou as Erica forced her legs

apart, opening her pussy wide. "I can feel your blonde pussy hair

rubbing against my clit!"

Erica continued to grind her big cunt into the farm girl's tender

pussy-meat while she kissed her rosy face. Erica's hot lips traveled

over Marylou's smooth cheeks, searching for her ear. She brushed the

girl's long, brown hair out of the way and then began nibbling on her

soft earlobe while she moaned passionately.

"Ummmmmmm! Feeeeeeeeels goooooood!" sighed Marylou, spreading her legs

wider. "Your lips are so hot!"

Erica, feeling the intense heat radiating from Marylou's open pussy,

began to move her hips faster and harder. She used her hard clit like

a cock, grinding it into Marylou's fuck-hole. Fierce spasms rocked the

blonde's body, but she continued to fuck the young farm girl, mashing

her slim body into the mattress.

"Aaaaaaaaaagh! You're fuckiiiiiiing meeeeeee! Oooooooo!

Yeeeeeesssssss! I'm being fucked!"

"Uuuungh!" grunted Erica as she pounded the frantic girl's cunt. Her

tits were pressing into the girl's tits, and the heat was almost

unbearable. "Oooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaagh!"

Erica ran her tongue over Marylou's ear, tasting her soft flesh. Then

she moved her head lower and began to kiss and suck her smooth neck,

sinking her teeth in the flesh like a vampire. She had Marylou

twisting and thrashing in no time.

"Aaagh! Ooooooh! I love it! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Aaaaaaagh, fuck me! Fuck

me! Oooooooooooh!"

Still grinding her pussy and clit into Marylou's fuck-hole, Erica

lowered her head farther and began kissing her hard tits. She ran her

mouth over first one tit and then the other, sucking and biting on her

hot tit-meat. Then, as Marylou howled her appreciation, Erica sought

out one of her rigid, pink nipples and wrapped her greedy lips around


"Iiiiiiiieeeeeee! Oooooooo! Yeeeeeeesssssss! You're making my titties

burn! Your lips are so hot!"

Erica sucked passionately on the girl's rubbery nipple. She pretended

it was a cock-head, and she tried desperately to suck out a few drops

of cum. She flicked her tongue over it, all the while fucking Marylou

with her clit.

"Oooooooooo! Ericaaaaaaaaaa! Iiiiiieeeee! Aaagh! I looooooove it! Fuck


Erica's pussy was now throbbing as it rubbed against the girl's open

pussy. The friction jolted her and filled her with bliss. Her body was

burning with passion, and she could feel her cunt juices oozing.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" grunted Erica as she released Marylou's nipple and

began rubbing her ripe tits into the girl's plump tits. The friction

from their nipples rubbing together nearly burned a hole in Erica's

chest. She wasn't sure how much longer she could last. Her body was

wracked with intense spasms that jolted her from head to toe.

She began to fuck Marylou with precision. Thrusting her hips in

different directions, she drove her bared clit into the young farm

girl's fuckhole. Her hot clit rubbed into the girl's pussy walls,

filling her with a burning heat that made her buck up into the woman.

"Yeeeeeeeesssssssss! Fuck meeeeeee! Haaaaaaarrdd!" moaned Marylou as

she dug her nails into Erica's big ass.

When Marylou began pressing into Erica, the woman, filled with a

burning lust, began to slam down into the girl's hot pussy. No longer

content with just grinding her big pussy into the farm girl's little

cunt-hole, she began thrusting her clit downwards.

"Eeeeeeeeee! Iiiiiieeeeee!" groaned Marylou, thrashing and bucking.

"My pussy! Oooooooooo! Yeeeeeesssss!"

"Uuungh! Uuungh! Uuungh!" grunted Erica as the girl's hot pussy seared

her clit. "Oooh!"

Erica began pummeling Marylou's open cunthole. Her ass bounced up and

down between the girl's wide-spread thighs. She was as hot as a bitch

in heat, and she tried desperately to fuck the little country girl to


Consumed by the raging fire in her pussy, Erica began pounding

Marylou's cunt. Her fuck thrusts became so wild that she found herself

slamming her pussy into the girl's inner thighs and belly, covering

them, with her slick pussy-juice. Soon, Erica was frothing at the

mouth and gurgling deliriously.

"Shiiiit! Mmmmmffff! Uuugh! You're fucking me crazy! Ooooooooooh!

Shiiiit!" Marylou gasped as she sank her nails even deeper into

Erica's big asscheeks. "Shiiiiiit! Oh, fuuuuuuck! Fuuuuuuuuuck!"

Erica's body was like a machine as it slammed into the young girl. The

sounds of flesh slapping, against flesh reached her ears, but she was

too fuck-crazy to hear. She knew her body would ache afterwards, but

she didn't care. She had only one objective, to fuck the hell out of

this innocent piece of ass.

Erica slammed into the girl's cunt relentlessly, determined to reach

an orgasm. Hot passion took control of her. She could hear Marylou

sobbing and groaning beneath her, but it didn't matter to her. She was

determined to fuck this country girl for as long as she could.

"Aaaaaarrrrrrrr! Fuuuuuuuck! Shiiiiiiit! Uuungh!" moaned Erica as the

sweat ran down into her eyes. But she didn't slow down. She continued

to fuck the girl with all her might.

"Aaagh!" howled Marylou, her face twisted from what Erica knew to be a

mixture of pain and pleasure.

Erica's hair was matted with sweat, and it clung to her face. Her

powerful hips, Amazon-like, slapped into Marylou's wide-spread thighs

and turned them red. Her hands raked at the girl's smooth back. And

her teeth, vise-like, clamped down on the young girl's thin shoulder,

biting into her flesh.

"Shiiiiiiiiit!" howled Marylou, still bucking, but becoming weaker.

"You're fucking me to death! 0oooooooo!"

"Shut up, you little bitch!" said Erica as she raised her head and

closed her eyes tight, her body burning from within. "I'm going to

come! I'm going to--to come! I feel it!"

Erica seized Marylou's big, juicy ass and lifted it off the bed,

holding it tight. Then, screaming at the top of her lungs, she pounded

the girl's sweet cunt with bonebreaking thrusts until the cunt-juices

pent up inside her cunt burst loose.

"Shiiit! Oh, shiiit!" howled Erica, her head tossed back, drenched

with sweat. "I'm going to blow my mother fucking cunt! Yes! Yes! Yes!


Erica's dam broke and drenched her and Marylou's belly and thighs with

greasy cunt juice. Wave after wave of hot bliss swept through her body

as she jerked spasmodically, still holding onto Marylou. She was

unable to speak as her orgasm consumed all her energy and left her

lifeless. Spit and pussy-juice oozed out of her mouth, her cunt, and

her asshole.

Marylou, meanwhile, continued to buck beneath the spent woman until

her own orgasm seized her. With a loud cry, she came, spilling her

cunt juices so that they mixed with Erica's and made a mess of the

bed. Erica, although unable to move, could feel Marylou jerking and

bouncing beneath her. She could also feel the girl's cunt pulsating as

it spewed forth more fuck-cream. Finally, Marylou ceased to move, and

both women lay in each other's arms, babbling incoherently.

"Hey-you in there, Marylou!" came the old woman's voice from outside

the door. "If you want to eat, I ain't callin' you no more! C'mon and

get it!"

"Ooooooooooh, shiiiiiiit!" moaned Marylou as she rolled out from under

Erica. "I never been fucked so good in my life! You fucked me just

like a man-only better!"

"I'm glad you liked it," said Erica, sitting up. "But it doesn't

replace a man's cock. There's a big difference between my little clit

and a man's ten inch cock. One day you'll find that out. Unless you

already know the difference!"

"Not yet," said Marylou, blushing. "I'm still a virgin! But a friend

of mine, Jimmy Rae, let me jerk his cock off once. He squirted white

stuff all over my hand, and then he made me lick my hand clean. It

tasted pretty good! But I guess that ain't the same as fuckin', is


"No, it's not," said Erica, smiling at the girl's innocence. "There's

nothing quite like having a big prick wedged up in your pussy. It's a

good way to start off the day-even better than coffee."

"Maybe one day," said Marylou, climbing out of bed and walking over to

her clothes, strewn about the floor.

"Sure, there's plenty of time," said Erica, also grabbing her clothes.

"You're still young, you're just a teenager."

The two dressed quickly in their identical cut-off jeans. Erica,

instead of wearing the same small blouse that she had worn before,

borrowed one of Marylou's halters. It was more comfortable than the

blouse, but it still revealed a lot of tit-meat, more than Erica

wanted revealed. After all, she didn't want to be responsible for

giving that old man a heart attack. And she also didn't want to give

Joe Bob or Jasper any ideas.

Nevertheless, the halter was the largest thing Marylou had to offer,

and so Erica tied it on and walked out of the room with the girl. But

even as she walked, she realized the halter wasn't her only problem.

The shorts were so tight that the fabric worked its way up into her

asscrack and pussy lips, making it difficult for Erica to walk without


"Well, here come the sleepyheads," said the old woman. "Everybody else

is finished eatin', but I saved some for you! You two must have been

pretty tired, huh?"

"Yeah," said Marylou, giggling and patting Erica on the ass. "We were

tired, all right."

"Well, go on and eat! And hurry up! I got to finish my cleanin' this


As Erica ate, she looked out the window and noticed that the sun was

now shining brightly. She ate quickly, anxious to see Jasper and find

out if the road would be dry enough to travel on. She wanted

desperately to contact her husband and mother and to find out about

her stolen property.

When she had finished, she ran out the back door and headed toward the

barn, thinking that the men would be there since their truck was still

parked outside. Marylou said nothing. She watched Erica leave, then

continued eating.

The barn door swung open easily, and Erica entered. The place smelled

worse than a zoo, and Erica was forced to hold her nose as she walked

through the building, looking for Jasper. There weren't many animals

there as far as she could tell-only a milking cow, a few chickens, and

a donkey. But Erica was a city woman, not used to the odors of

barnyard animals. She gasped for air as she picked her way across the

straw-laden floor, peering into the many stalls.

A few rays of sun filtered through the one large window near the roof,

illuminating the rank interior. Still, she had a little trouble

seeing. She stumbled over a few scattered pieces of broken down

machinery and bumped into a big sack of oats, bruising her tits. She

nearly killed herself when she stepped on a partially hidden pitchfork

that protruded from the straw in one of the stalls. She kept looking,

however, hoping to find one of the men.

She even checked out the hayloft, climbing the ladder and scanning the

piles of straw, but it did no good. The men were nowhere in the barn.

Hoping to find them outside somewhere, Erica turned to leave, anxious

to breathe fresh air again. As she walked around a stack of hay, a

strange contraption caught her eye. It was situated in one of the

stalls and hidden from view by the haystack. She was curious about

what it was, so she walked closer to get a better view.

It was made up of several containers, some glass and some metal, all

connected with copper tubes running in every direction. Beneath this

collection of tubes and pots was a small wood stove that was still

warm to the touch. Erica had seen pictures of stills on television,

and she had read about them in magazines, but she still wasn't

convinced that this strange-looking device was a still. After all, she

thought, what would a still be doing here?

She studied it for a few minutes, wondering what else it could be,

when all of a sudden she noticed something dripping from one end of

the copper tubing. It was a very slow drip, but she was able to stick

her finger under it and collect a few drops. When she placed her

finger to her nose, she detected the distinct aroma of alcohol. Then,

tasting it, she realized it was, indeed, alcohol.

"I'd better get out of here," she whispered to herself, not wanting to

get involved in anything illegal and not wanting the family to know

that she had uncovered their secret. But as she turned to leave, a

sudden thought came to her, maybe the still wasn't illegal. She

remembered reading how some farmers had begun to make their own

gasoline to help cut down on the high fuel costs. Maybe that is what

the people were doing. After all, they were nice enough to help her

when she was in trouble. She had no right accusing them of anything


Deciding to mind her own business and to forget about the still, Erica

hastened out of the stall and ran towards the barn door. In her haste,

she stumbled over the chickens, and they began squawking and flying

about her ankles. Because of their loud racket and of her subsequent

fear of being discovered, Erica panicked and ran blindly into the

donkey. It kicked her in the ass and sent her flying head over heels.

She landed on her ass in the haystack, unhurt but dazed. Her spill had

caused her shorts to split open and her halter to fall completely off.

There she was, lying spread-eagled with her big tits jutting out and

her golden-haired pussy peeking through the split in her pants.

"Oooooooooh!" she moaned, searching for her halter. "My poor aching

ass!" She crawled around in the haystack, searching for her missing

halter, but she couldn't find it. However, she did notice something

buried beneath they hay. Digging with her hands, she uncovered a glass


Guessing its contents but wanting to be sure, Erica pulled out the

cork and raised the jug to her lips. Sure enough, it was whiskey. She

dug around some more and found several more jugs hidden in the pile of


"So! They are making whiskey! Well, I'll be!!" she said out loud,

still digging. In all, she uncovered two dozen jugs of moonshine

whiskey, all hidden beneath the haystack. "Those sly sons-of bitches!"

"Yeah, we're sly all right! But you're dead, bitch!"

Erica turned around at the sound of the man's voice and stood facing

the entire family-the old man, the old woman, Jasper, Joe Bob, and

even Marylou-all standing in the doorway, eyeing her suspiciously. At

first, she was embarrassed, standing there with her big tits jutting

out and her shorts slit open down the middle. She threw up her hands

and covered her tits. Then she crossed her legs to hide her exposed


But as they slowly walked towards her, her embarrassment turned to

fear. She had inadvertently discovered their still and their cache of

whiskey, and she had no idea what they would do to her. She understood

now why the family had behaved so nervously the night before when she

had suggested that she spend the night in the barn rather than put

them to any trouble. They were afraid I'd find out their secret, she

thought. And I guess they were right.

"What are you doin'?" asked Joe Bob, staring at her big tits. "You

spyin' on us or something'? Are you a revenuer?"

"Of course not," said Erica, now surrounded by the family. "I just

came in here looking for Jasper, and I accidentally found your still

and your whiskey! But I won't tell anyone! I promise! I just want to

leave so I can contact my husband and the sheriff. I told you, I was


"How do we know that?" asked Jasper. "You just showed up here and told

us that. We don't know it for sure. You been paradin' around here with

your tits and ass hangin' out tryin' to make fools of us. And all

along, you been really interested in our moonshine. Now ain't that


"No! Of course not," said Erica as the family closed in. "Why won't

you believe me? I'm not interested in your old still. I don't care

what you do with it."

"Who sent you?" asked the old woman. "Tell us who sent you! Was it the

sheriff who sent you? Huh? Huh?"

"Dag blame it! This is your fault, Marylou!" said Joe Bob as he

pressed closer to Erica. "You were supposed to be watchin' her."

"Well, gosh! I thought she was just goin' to the shit-house. I didn't

know she was comin' in here!"

"Never mind," said Jasper. "She's here, and that's all that matters.

She knows all 'bout us."

"What we goin' to do with her, Pa?" asked Joe Bob.

"I ain't sure yet, but we can't let her go. I just know she's a

revenuer. I just know it!"

"We better tie her up back there in one of them stalls," said the old

woman. "Tie her up good and tight too!"

"I'll tie her," said Joe Bob, grabbing Erica by the arm and pulling

her to the back of the barn. Erica stumbled along behind him, her huge

tits shaking up and down.

"Marylou, you go and help him," Erica heard Jasper say. "Ma, you and

pa and me are goin' back to the house and talk this over. We got to

decide what to do."

"We used to shoot revenuers in the old days," said the old man, within

earshot of Erica.

Looking behind her, Erica saw Marylou following, and she saw the other

three heading out the door. She was frightened. She had been unable to

convince these people that she meant them no harm. So now, instead of

being their guest, she was their prisoner, and her life was in danger.

"Get your big ass in there," said Job Bob as he pulled Erica into the

stall. "I'm gonna make sure you don't run away."

"Please don't hurt me!" cried Erica as she was thrown onto the straw.

"Marylou, I thought we were friends."

"You tricked me," said Marylou, kneeling beside Erica. "You're just a

revenuer. You want to take away our still."

"No, I don't," said Erica, but she realized it was no use. Marylou was

convinced of her guilt.

"And since you tried to trick me," said Marylou, "I'm takin back my

clothes. You can just lie there naked."

Erica was startled as the girl yanked the torn jeans from her body,

pulling them down her long, shapely legs until they were free of her

ankles. The big blonde found herself completely naked with the rough

straw scratching her asscheeks and her thighs.

"Damn, Marylou!" said Joe Bob when he had finished tying Erica's

wrists to the sides of the stall, leaving her flat on her back with

her arms outstretched. "You just uncovered her pussy! Shiiiit! Look at

that yellow hair! Oh shit, my cock is gettin' hard! I want to fuck

that city lady! You won't tell pa, will ya? Promise me you won't!"

"I won't tell," said Marylou, still kneeling at Erica's side. "You can

fuck her all you like. I don't care!"

"Wait a minute," said Erica as she watched Joe Bob unbuckle his

coveralls. "Don't let him rape me! Please don't!"

"You tricked me! I want to see him fuck you! I hope he fucks you till

you die! You're not my friend anymore."

"Noooooooo! You don't mean that! You can't! Help me!"

"Go on, Joe Bob," said Marylou as she helped him remove his coveralls.

"Fuck her all you want! I won't tell!"

"Hot damn!" shouted Joe Bob as he tossed his coveralls out of the way

and crawled between Erica's legs. "I'm gonna shove my big cock up your

yellow pussy, city woman!"

Erica gasped at the sight of the brute. Although he was only a

teenager, his body was enormous, powerfully muscled. His chest was

matted with hair, as were his legs and belly. And his cock was

monstrous, jutting out from his thick, black cock hair like a lance.

As he pulled apart Erica's legs and lowered his weight down on top of

her, she tugged at the ropes, trying desperately to free herself. She

knew her pussy was big, but it wasn't that big. She didn't want to be

stabbed to death by his huge hunk of pulsating cock-meat. Besides, the

boy was young. Instead of being patient, he would probably try to fuck

her as fast and as hard as he could, which meant that she would get

the shit fucked out of her and wind up a shishkabob.

"Help meeeeee!" howled Erica as the boy's weight mashed her into the

straw. "Oooooooooh! Shiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

"Fuck her cunt good and hard, Joe Bob! That'll teach her!"

Erica gasped as she felt Joe Bob's huge cock poke at the entrance to

her cunt-hole. She guessed the size of his prick to be at least twelve

inches long, and it was almost as thick as her wrist. She wanted

nothing to do with his cock, but she had no choice. Even now, he was

stretching her legs wider as he prepared to split her cunt open.

"Shove that big sausage-prick in her, Joe Bob!" said Marylou as she

sat watching. "Gosh! I wish I had a cock so I could fuck her. I just

love that yellow cunt hair!"

"Shiiiiit!" grunted Joe Bob as he thrust his hips forward. "My cock

won't fit! I can't get my prick in!"

"Wait a minute, Joe Bob," said Marylou as she crawled up and looked

into Erica's open pussy. "I think I can help. Here, let me take hold

of your cock. Oh, yesssss! It's working! I feel your prick going in

her cunt! Yeeeesssss!"

Erica could feel Marylou's fingers on her pussy. The young girl took

hold of her brother's cock and twisted it around until it finally slid

into her gaping fuck-hole. As soon as his cock-head was in the

blonde's cunt, the young girl removed her hand, brushing it across

Erica's clit and making her howl.

"Aaaaaaagh!" groaned Joe Bob as his prick slid deeper into Erica's

pussy. "Hot damn, I'm gettin' my cock in! I'm fuckin' this city woman!

Aaaaaaaiiiiiieeeeee! Shiiiiiiiiit!"

"Tear her pussy up, Joe Bob!" shouted Marylou as she sat back down on

the straw. "Make her scream."

"Shiiit! Oooh! My pussy!" screamed Erica as the boy's big cock slid

deep into her cunt, stretching her pussy walls. "Heeeelp!"

Erica could feel his big, throbbing cock slide all the way in her cunt

until his heavy balls rested on her slippery cunt lips. She thought

she was going to die as his massive fuck-tool burned in her pussy.

Then the boy began to thrust his hips, pumping his huge fuck spear in

and out of her hot cunt.

"Oooooooooh! Shiiiiiiit! You big, dumb hillbilly-you're fucking the

hell out of me. Eeeeeee!! Shiiiiiiiit!"

Erica lifted her legs and threw them over the brute's back, digging

her heels into his spine. Her pussy felt as if it were being pulled

inside out as he slammed his huge cock in and out. She was stuffed

full of cock, and the heat began to rise inside her cunt.

While Joe Bob pummeled her pussy-hole, he was also making Erica's tits

burn. The thick hair on his chest and belly was rubbing into her soft

skin, raising her body temperature to the boiling point. She wanted to

sink her teeth into his shoulder, but he was too muscular, so she

kissed him instead, hating herself for being so weak.

He was fucking her, moving his hips in different directions until

every inch of her pussy walls had felt the sting of his cock. She

nearly collapsed as the big brute slammed his cock in and out of her

cunt, his ass bouncing furiously between her thighs. She could feel

his massive nuts banging into her inner thighs and cunt lips.

"Ooooooooooooo! Her pussy is so hot!" groaned Joe Bob as he clutched

Erica's big ass and pulled her off the straw to meet his cock. "My

cock is burnin', Marylou! Aaagh!"

"Don't stop fuckin', Joe Bob," said Marylou. "Keep fuckin' her! Make

her beg you to stop!"

The girl had crawled closer, and Erica could see that she was deeply

aroused. As Erica watched from beneath the fuck-crazed boy, Marylou

began to squeeze her erect nipples through her halter with one hand

while she rubbed her pussy through her shorts with the other.

"Eeeeeeeeee! My poor pussy! Your big fucking cock is driving me

insane! Oh, shiiiiiiiit! Uugh! Uugh! Uugh!"

Erica screamed passionately as the brute's nuts slapped against her

cunt lips. His cock was going in and out of her fuck-hole like a

battering ram, and Erica was sure he was trying to ram his way into

her belly. She was even sure his cock was big enough to reach that


"Ooooooooo! Uuuuuungh! Uuuungh!" grunted Joe Bob as he slammed his fat

prick into the depths of Erica's pussy. "I'm fuckin' you, city woman.

You ain't so high and mighty now!"

Erica's body was soon drenched in sweat as the fuck she was getting

filled her with hot lust. The big, fuck-crazy boy groaned and grunted

as he fucked away inside her pussy-hole. She-wanted to rake his back

with her sharp nails, but the ropes prevented her. She found herself

bound helplessly while the big country boy fucked her dizzy.

"Oooooooh! Your hot prick is too much! Shit! Shit! I can't take much

more! Pleeeeaaaase! Uugh! Uugh! Uugh!"

"Shut up, city woman! I'm gonna fuck your pussy until it starts

smokin'! Aaagh! Aagh! Oooooooh, shiiiiit! Look at me, Marylou! I'm

fuckin' her, ain't I? Aaagh!"

"You sure are, Joe Bob! Keep it up! Don't stop! fuck her forever!

Ooooooooh, yeeeeeessss! It looks so goooood!"

Erica could still see the young girl rubbing her erect nipples, only

now her hand was up inside her halter. She knew that Marylou was also

consumed by the hot passion that filled the stall and was now totally

delirious. The girl had her head thrown back and her legs spread wide

while she sat on the straw, rubbing her hot, sweaty tits and pussy


Erica only glanced at the girl for a second, for her attention was

snapped back to Joe Bob as the brute raised himself to his knees with

his huge cock still buried in her hot pussy. Then he lifted her off

the straw with his powerful hands and began thrusting his hips while

pulling her forward at the same time. She had never been fucked like

this before. She felt sure the boy was trying to rip her open.

"Ooooh! Shiiiit! Fuuuuck!" howled Erica as the boy's cock scraped

against her clit as it slid in and out of her throbbing pussy-hole.

"Marylou, I'm gettin' hot! My cock's gonna bust!"

"It's okay, Joe Bob! You're going to come. Go on and squirt your jizz

in her cunt. Make her scream, Joe Bob!" shouted Marylou as she gave

her brother confidence.

Erica heard the girl's comments, and it made her mad. She thought

Marylou was her friend. "Damn you, Marylou!" she howled as the boy's

cock pummeled her wide-open cunt-hole. "Next time I'm going to fuck

your damn brains out, you little farm bitch! I'll get you!"

"Leave sis alone," grunted Joe Bob. "I'll teach you to threaten sis!"

Erica heard the boy's threat, then she felt him tighten his grip

around her waist and begin to pound her pussy even harder than before.

His monstrous cock stretched her pussy walls to their capacity and

sent jolting bursts of heat racing through her entire body.

"Shiiit! Oh fuuuuck! You motherfucker!" Erica was screaming at the top

of her lungs as the boy's prick made mincemeat of her sore pussy. She

could feel his cock hair scratching her inner thighs while her long

legs thrashed at his sides. His prick was reaching the innermost

depths of her cunt and filling her with a scorching heat that was

transmitted through every nerve in her body.

Erica could feel the ropes cutting into her wrists as the brute jerked

her back and forth while he thrust his cock between her wide-spread

legs. Her big tits rocked, and her big ass shook. Her hair was in

disarray as it hung in matted strands about her face and neck and

shoulders. Her entire body was drenched with sweat as the fire raged

within her.

Erica could feel Joe Bob's fuck thrusts becoming more frantic and she

could see his eyes rolling back in his head. Spit was running out of

the corner of his mouth. She was sure he would come soon and flood her

aching pussy with soothing cum.

"Oooooooooh! I'm so fuckin' hot!" he groaned as he fucked Erica

frantically. "My cock is burnin'! Aaaagh!"

"Fuck her, Joe Bob!" shouted Marylou, still rubbing her pussy and

tits. "Fuck her! Fuck her!"

Erica, though burning with hot lust and pain, saw Marylou fall

backwards on the straw, her slim body jerking spasmodically. She knew

the girl had jerked herself off to a vicious climax. Her fingers were

still moving inside her jeans.

The sight of the young girl writhing in the straw with her tits

hanging out of her halter and the force of the big hillbilly's cock

pounding at her own steaming pussy were too much for Erica. She began

shaking and bucking and jerking while Joe Bob held her in his grasp.

She was hot and hungry.

Although the boy's powerful cock was filling Erica with as much pain

as pleasure, she couldn't get enough of it. With her wrists already

bruised and hurting, she began to tug at the ropes binding her, eager

to break free and throw herself on the hairy brute, to wrap her arms

and legs around his muscular body and drain his big cock dry.

"Aaaagh! My cock! My cock! Ooooh!" he howled as he continued to pummel

the woman's big pussy, his enormous cock slamming in and out of her

cunt like a jackhammer.

Erica writhed crazily as Joe Bob rammed his big cock into her pussy.

He didn't know his own strength as far as Erica could tell. He was

fucking her with tremendous thrusts of his cock while he knelt between

her legs and held her off the floor.

She could feel her asscheeks shaking, and she could see her big tits

rocking as the big farmboy yanked her back and forth on his cock. It

was a brutal fucking. His nuts were banging noisily against her inner

thighs and cunt lips, his huge cock was burning her fuck-hole, ramming

to the end of her fuck-tunnel. She was being jolted and rocked from

head to toe. Sweat formed puddles on her belly. Spit bubbled between

her lips. Her juices dripped from her cunt hole. She both cursed and

praised the boy.

"Ooooh, shiiiit!" Joe Bob howled: "Uuugh! Uuugh! I feel it! I feel it!

Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!"

Erica howled when she felt the boy's hot cum explode into her

cunt-hole, burning her pussy walls.

The boy's spurting cock continued to pump more and more cum into her

open cunt. She thought his prick would never stop squirting, and her

pussy was soon filled to capacity, the excess cum dripping out and

falling into the straw.

"Oh, shiiiiit! Shit! Shiiiiit!" she groaned as Joe Bob continued to

fuck into her, his throbbing cock still spurting and showing no signs

of going limp. "0oooooooooooh!"


Joe Bob had pulled his huge, wet prick out of Erica's sore pussy and

now was resting on the floor beside his sister. Erica lay on her back

on the straw covered floor, her outstretched arms still bound by ropes

to the sides of the stall. The woman's stretched pussy was still

throbbing from the brutal fucking, and she could feel gobs of cum

dripping down her thighs. She felt worse now than she had felt after

the young stranger raped her and stole her car.

"You did real good, Joe Bob!" said Marylou as they sat watching Erica.

"You fucked the shit right out of her!"

Erica looked at the two children and sighed. They both seemed so young

and innocent, yet they were her captors. Marylou's tits were still

hanging out of her halter, and her jeans were unsnapped. Bits of straw

clung to her sweaty body, and her hair was tangled.

Joe Bob, on the other hand, was completely naked as he sat beside his

sister. His body hair glistened with sweat, and his boyish face looked

tired. Looking at his cock, Erica found it hard to believe he had just

fucked her bowels loose. Still rock-hard and swollen with blood,

glistening with cuntjuice and still leaking cum, his fat prick looked

like a sizzling sausage as it jutted out from between his legs.

"Why don't you fuck her again?" asked Marylou as she looked at Erica

and smiled. "Go on. Shove your cock in her!"

Erica drew back her legs in horror when she heard the girl's

suggestion. She knew her pussy couldn't take another fucking by that

big-cocked brute so soon. Her body ached all over. In spite of the

pain, however, she had to admit the boy's cock had burned her cunt and

had almost made her come.

"Noooooo!" Erica moaned, her face covered with sweat and spit.

"Please! No more! Wait until tomorrow!"

"Don't listen to her, Joe Bob! Remember, she tricked us before. Go on

and fuck her again! Please!"

But Erica could see that Joe Bob was not too eager to go for a second

round of fucking. He grimaced as if in pain, and Erica was sure he was

hurting. And why not, she thought. She had busted quite a few balls in

high school and college. It was obvious this boy could dish it out,

but couldn't take it. Her powerful hips and thighs had done more

damage than she had thought.

"I don't know, Marylou," said Joe Bob, rubbing his nuts. "My cock and

balls are pretty sore. I think I fucked her too gosh-darn hard. I hurt

myself. "

"Oooooooh, Joe Bob!" said Marylou, leaning over and grabbing his huge

cock in her tiny hand. "Let me see! Ummmmmmmm! Does that feel better?

Your prick's so biiiiiiiiig! Go on and fuck her! Show her how much of

a man you are. Please!"

Erica could see Marylou rubbing the boy's cock and balls. It was

obvious she was trying to make her brother feel better as she ran her

tiny hand up and down his huge cockshaft. Her fingers were soon

covered with the boy's cum and Erica's pussy juice. It seemed to Erica

that Marylou was fascinated by her brother's big cock, for she seemed

unwilling to release it.

"Ooooooooh, Marylou!" moaned Joe Bob. "You're makin' my prick feel

good again! Oooooooo! Yesssssssss! Your little hand feels so nice!

Uuuuungh! Aaaaaaaaagh!"

Erica watched from the stall as the two teenagers sitting at her feet

began fondling each other. While Marylou stroked her brother's cock,

Joe Bob reached up and grabbed one of his sister's tits, mashing it in

his powerful grip. Then with his other hand, he reached behind her and

unfastened her halter strap, letting the halter fall to the floor.

"Your titties are so nice, Sis! I want to suck 'em!"

Erica was glad to see them playing with each other. She didn't want

Joe Bob's big cock tearing into her cunt any more that day. She also

didn't want Marylou giving him any ideas. She figured as long as they

were busy with each other, she would be safe. She lay there on the

straw, her arms bound, and watched the two kids.

"Ooooooooooo! Your teeth are sharp, Joe Bob! Aaaaaaaaaagh! You're

makin' my little nipples throb! Oooooooooo!"

Joe Bob was sucking his sister's juicy tit-meat, his huge mouth almost

engulfing her entire tit. Marylou leaned into him and threw her head

back. It was obvious to Erica that she was enjoying her brother's

clinging-lips on her tits. The young girl put her other hand around

her brother's head and held him close. With her other hand, she

continued to stroke his swollen cock.

"Uuuuuuugh! Ummmmmm!" grunted Joe Bob as he tried to swallow Marylou's

plump tit. "Ummmmmmmm!"

"Ooooooooooo! Aaaaagh! It feels gooooood! My little tit is on fire,

Joe Bob! Eeeeeeeeee! Yesssssss!"

Joe Bob's sharp teeth nipped and tugged at Marylou's pink tit until it

was covered with red bruises. While he satisfied one plump tit by

using his teeth and lips, he satisfied the other by using his huge

hands. He groped and pinched and caressed her soft tit until it was as

hard as the first.

"Eeeeeeeee! Yesssss! Ooooooh, bite meeee! Suck my tittie!

Pleeeeeaaase! Oh, Joe Bob! Eeeeeee!"

Erica could see the pleasure in the girl's face as she cradled her

brother's head in her arms and rubbed her cheeks against his hair.

Marylou was obviously turned on by her huge brother's sucking lips.

And Erica could see why, the brute was sucking on her tits as if they

were drops of candy, and it seemed that at any moment they would

dissolve in his mouth.

"Aaaaaagh! Uuuuuuugh! Uuuuuugh! Yesssss! Oh, Joe Bob, your mouth is

hot as shiiit! Ooooooooh! Eeeeeeee!"

Erica could see Joe Bob's hand slide down Marylou's flat stomach. When

it reached her unsnapped jeans, it slipped inside them and

disappeared. All Erica could now see was the outline of the boy's hand

as it slid down between the girl's thighs. She gasped at the thought

of his big, stubby hand caressing his sister's smooth little pussy.

"Oooooh! J-J-Joe B-B-Bob! Your hand is on my little clit! Yessssss!

As Erica watched, Joe Bob caressed his sister's pussy, his hand moving

around inside her jeans. While he fondled her pussy, he continued to

nip at her hot tit-meat. He soon had his sister squirming and panting

as he completely dominated her.

"Ooooooooo! I need your pussy, Sis? I want to fuck you! Let me put my

cock in your cunt!" he said, his hands tightening on her pussy.

"Okay, Joe Bob!" said Marylou, her eyes looking dreamily at Erica.

"I'll let you fuck me! Ummmmmmmm!"

The brute wasted no time in tearing the girl's jeans off. Then he

threw her onto her back and prepared to mount her, his cock jutting

out like a sword.

"Nooooo!" Shouted Marylou. "You'll kill me like this! Let me get on

top! Go on, Joe Bob, roll over!

Erica breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Joe Bob lie down on his

back. As much as she hated Marylou at the moment, Erica did not want

her to die. And she was sure the poor girl would die if she allowed

her brother to get on top of her and ram his monstrous cock into her

tiny pussy. Erica was sure there would be little left of Marylou's

little cunt by the time Joe Bob got through with it. At least if she

is on top, she can control his big cock, she thought.

But Marylou didn't immediately plop down on Joe Bob's massive cock.

Instead, as he stretched out on the straw with his cock sticking up in

the air like a flagpole, she crouched down and began to lick his

throbbing hunk of cock-meat.

As Erica watched, fascinated, the young girl held his prick in one

hand, her fingers barely reaching around his immense cock-shaft, and

began to run her tongue up and down his muscular cock, from its hairy

base to its swollen bulb.

"Oooooooh! Aaaaaaagh!" groaned the boy. "Sis, your mouth is makin' my

cock hot! Shiiiiiit! Ooooooooh! Suck my prick!"

Erica's mouth began to water as she watched Marylou. The young girl,

after wetting his entire cock-shaft with her spit, opened her mouth

and engulfed his cock. At first, it looked impossible, his cock was so

huge, and her mouth was so small and thin. But the young girl was

determined, and slowly, by degrees, she worked her lips down his

cockshaft, taking in more and more cock-meat until her thin lips

rested against his thick cock hair.

Marylou looked like a chipmunk-her cheeks bulging and her lips

pouting. She remained in this position for several seconds, using her

gums and jaws to suck him off. It was easy to see the effect her hot

mouth was having on Joe Bob. He was rocking and bucking in an obvious

effort to send his huge cock all the way to her belly.

"Oooooooh! Your mouth is burnin' my motherfuckin' cock! Aaaaaaagh!

Oooooowwww! Shit! Shit! Shit! Uuuuuugh!"

Erica could see the girl's tongue as it roamed around the boy's cock.

She knew the feeling, for she had sucked cock many times. She knew the

girl was getting immense pleasure from her brother's big, meaty cock

as well as giving pleasure. The woman began to envy the young farm


Marylou, as if coming up for air, raised her head and let Joe Bob's

cock slip out of her mouth until only his fat prick-head remained.

This she held between her lips, and flicking her tongue over it while

her brother groaned his approval. Erica gasped at the girl's


Marylou sucked her brother's big cock back in her mouth. She opened

her mouth wide and covered his big dick with her greedy lips. Then she

sucked happily, her small head bobbing up and down on his cock.

"Ooooooh! Oh, Marylou! Your mouth is burnin' my prick! Aaagh!

Heeeeeelp! Oh, shiiiiiit! Suck meeeeee! Suck my cock, damn you!"

Erica watched in astonishment as the young farm girl sucked madly on

her brother's prick. Her clinging lips slid noisily up and down his

monstrous prick-shaft. She swallowed drops of cum as she sucked, her

throat muscles working furiously.

As Marylou sucked Joe Bob's cock, she fondled his nuts with her

fingers, squeezing them tightly. Her tiny hands were only big enough

to hold one nut at a time, but she did her best as her brother moaned

and squirmed beneath her. She had to breathe through her nose because

her mouth was stuffed full of meaty cock.

"Eeeeeeeee!" groaned Joe Bob as Marylou sucked his prick.

"Shiiiiiiit! Your mouth is tighter and hotter than that city woman's

pussy! Ooooooo! Aaaaaaagh!"

Marylou grunted as she continued to suck her brother's prick

furiously. The spit ran down her jaw, covering Joe Bob's prick. She

began biting into his hard, rubbery cockmeat as lust overtook her. Her

tits shook and her asscheeks jiggled as her head bobbed up and down.

Marylou gummed and nipped and sucked Joe Bob's giant cock like a

person possessed. She would let his prick slide out of her mouth until

only the bulb remained, then she would slurp and slobber over his

cock-tip until it dripped with her spit. When she tired of this, she

would suck on his pisshole to get a few drops of cum, which she

swallowed eagerly. Her mouth and tongue set his prick on fire.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" grunted Joe Bob as he thrashed about on the straw.

"Oh, Sis! Your mouth is so hot! Aaaaagh! Ooooooo! I can't stand it!

I'm goin' crazy! Uuuuuuugh!"

Marylou deepthroated her brother's cock once more. Erica could see her

lips traveling down to the base of his cock. The girl's cheeks were

again bulging, and Erica was sure the boy's huge cock was sticking

into the back of her throat.

Slowly, Marylou withdrew her clinging lips. She looked like a

sword-swallower as she raised her head and allowed Joe Bob's hunk of

cock to slide out. This time, she released his entire prick and

started to flick her tongue over his pisshole, lapping up a drop of

golden cum.

"Why don't you fuck his prick, you little country bitch!" Erica

shouted. "What's the matter-are you afraid?" Erica wasn't sure why she

had taunted like that. Perhaps she was frustrated over her

predicament, or maybe she was just excited from watching the young

girl suck the boy's big cock.

"I intend to!" said Marylou, smiling at Erica. "If you can fuck him,

so can I!"

Marylou gave Joe Bob's cock a final licking, covering his entire

prick-shaft with her spit until it was wet and slippery. Then she

lifted her long, slim leg and straddled his waist. With her tiny cunt

poised just above his towering cock, she reached around and took hold

of his prick, then lowered herself down on it, using her hand to guide

his fucker into her fuck-hole.

"Eeeeeee! Ooooooo! Heeeeeeelp!" the girl moaned as she forced his big

cock between her pussy lips. "Your cock's so fuckin' biiiiiiig!


"Don't stop, Sis!" groaned the boy as he seized her slim waist in his

huge hands and guided her down onto his prick. "My cock'll go in! Keep

pushin'! Keep pushin'! Ooooooooh!"

Erica looked on in disbelief. Marylou seemed so small as she straddled

her brother's body. She shuddered at the thought of the girl being

impaled on his big cock.

"Ooooooooh! Joe Bob! Heeeelp!" howled Marylou as she plopped down on

his cock. She threw her head back, her long hair falling loosely

behind her and grabbed her brother's stomach as his huge prick

disappeared inside her cunt-hole. "Aaaaaaagh!''

"What a way to lose your cherry!" gasped Erica as she watched the farm

girl ride Joe Bob's prick.


At first, Marylou rested on her brother's nuts as she grew accustomed

to the big cock that now occupied her little cunt. After a few

seconds, however, she began to rotate her pussy in slow circles,

grinding her cunt into her brother's cock hair and forcing his prick

deeper into her pussy.

Her fucking tempo gradually increased, and soon she was squirming and

writhing in obvious lust while her brother bucked up into her cunt

again and again and drove his cock deep.

"Oooooooh! Shiiiiiiit Joe Bob! Shiiiiiit! It's in my belly!


Marylou sank her fingers into the boy's thick body hair while she

twisted around on his cock. Her plump tits swung in circles, and her

eyes rolled back in her head. Erica could see that the boy's cock was

burning the girl's pussymeat.

"Aaaaaagh!" Joe Bob howled as he bucked up into his sister's cunt. "My

cock is on fire! Shiiiiit! Your little cunt is too fuckin' tight!

Oooooowwwwww! Shit! Shit! Shit!!"

Marylou began to bounce up and down on his fat cock. Her tits and

asscheeks shook enticingly, and her hair flew about her shoulders.

Erica gasped when she saw the farm boy's big prick sliding in and out

of the girl's bouncing pussy. She knew the girl would get plenty of

pleasure in this position without having to worry about too much pain.

"Ooooooh, Joe Bob!" shrieked Marylou as she bounced up and down on her

brother's hot cock. "Your big prick is just like a candle, and it's

burnin' my pussy. Oooooo! Shiiiiit! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee!


"You're bouncing too damn much, Sis! I can't keep my cock as deep in

your cunt as I want it! Oh, shiiiiit! Shiiiiiit! 0ooooo!"

Marylou continued to bounced up and down while she held onto Joe Bob's

belly hair for support. Her tits swayed in circles, her little pink

nipples jutting outwards. She was obviously filled with a burning lust

that turned her into a fuck-machine.

She's really riding that cock! thought Erica. I'll bet his prick is

scorching her tight cunt-hole!

Marylou lifted her body upward until only his fat cockbulb remained in

her cunt-hole. Then she slammed her body back down, slapping her cunt

lips against his nuts.

"Aaaaagh! Uuuuuungh!" she howled as her brother's cock punished her

pussy. "Oooooooh!"

"Shit, Sis! Shiiiit!" groaned Joe Bob, holding, the girl's waist.

"Your pussy is hot! Eeeeeeee!"

When Marylou's cunt lips were resting against her brother's nuts once

again, she began rocking back and forth, his big cock scorching her


"Oh shiiiiiit!" she howled. "Your cock hair is burning my thighs, Joe

Bob! Shit!"

Marylou rocked frantically, her big ass gliding easily over her

brother's thighs and belly. Her ripe tits began to bounce up and down

while her head shook from side to side. She seemed delirious. Her

creamy skin was soaked with sweat.

"Uuuuuugh! Uuuuuugh! Uuuuugh! J-J-Joe B-B-Bob! I'm burnin' up!

Heeeeeelp! Heeeeelp!" howled marylou.

Erica was sure the girl was nearing an orgasm. Marylou's body began to

jerk spasmodically. Twice she thought the girl would fall off her

brother, and it seemed that only Joe Bob's huge prick prevented her

from falling as it reached deep into her tight pussy. Erica wondered

if the girl would blast off and hit the ceiling at the first squirt of

Joe Bob's jism.

"Aaaaagh! Aaaaagh! Iiiiieeee! I-I'm burnin'! Your cock is makin' me

burn! Ooooooo! Heeeeelp! I feel somethin' hot! Shit! Shit! Shiiiiit!"

Marylou collapsed on top of her brother with her cunt still clinging

to his throbbing cock. Her body jerked erratically, and her tits

smashed into her brother's massive hairy chest, her big ass sticking

up in the air.

"Ooooooooh, Sis!" Job Bob howled as he continued to fuck up into her

cunt, his fierce thrusts knocking her slim body up and down. "You're

makin' my cock wet! I can feel your hot pussyjuice runnin' down my

balls! Aaaaaaagh! Shiiiit! I'm gonna fuck you to death! Oooooooo! My

prick! Aaaaagh!"

Erica could see the brute thrusting his cock up into his sister's cunt

while she lay exhausted on top of him, his muscular cock keeping her

in place. Her ass, tits, and hair bounced up and down as the boy

thrust his hips mightily.

"Shit, Sis!" shouted the boy, clutching her ass with hands. "I feel

funny again! Oooooooh! Gonna shoot jism! Help! Help! Help! Aaaaaagh!"

Erica gasped when she saw the brute come inside his sister's pussy. He

sank his nails into the girl's soft ass as every muscle in his body

grew tense. His back arched, and he lifted the girl off the floor.

"Oooooooo." moaned Marylou, shaking her head. "I feel your hot cum!

Aaaaaagh! Your jizz is still squirting in my pussy! Uuuuuuuungh! Oh,

shiiiiiit! It's hot! Oooooooo!"

Joe Bob's arching body held the girl off the floor for several seconds

while both of them drained their fuck-juices. Then, with a deep sigh,

he collapsed with Marylou still impaled on his cock. I'm just glad she

was on top, Erica thought afterwards. That son-of-a-bitch is one big

fucking stud.

Suddenly Marylou lifted herself off her brother's cock and rolled over

on her side. She looked totally exhausted as cum dripped from her

little, brownhaired pussy. Her tits were swollen and her lips were

puffy. She looked well fucked.

Joe Bob lay there panting, his massive chest rising and falling and

his monstrous cock hanging limp, still oozing cum. He, too, looked

well fucked as his body glistened with hot sweat. The little pearly

drops seemed to blanket his body hair.

"We'd better get back to the house, Joe Bob," said the girl as she

slowly pulled herself to her feet. "Pa will be lookin' for us." She

searched around, for her clothes.

"I'm still leakin' fuck-juice, moaned the boy as he sat up and then

got to his feet. "My prick is still wet."

"I'll fix that," said Marylou as she knelt down in front of her

brother. "Ummmmmmmmm! Mmmmmfffff!"

Erica could see the girl sucking the cum from Joe Bob's limp prick.

She deepthroated his prick up to his nuts, her lips and gums sucking

noisily. Then she spit out his milked cock and began licking the cum

from his balls and cock hair. She soon had her brother clean and dry

and looking very satisfied.

The two of them dressed themselves and headed for the door. Erica

could see that the girl's tits were still swollen, for they strained

at her tiny halter. She envied the young farm girl, but she also hated

her at the moment.

"What about me?" shouted Erica. "Don't leave me!"

"You have to stay there until pa decides what to do with you," said

Joe Bob as they walked away.


Erica awoke in the middle of the night. She was shivering from the

damp night air, and her wrists were sore from the ropes that bound

her. The two oversexed kids had left her completely naked, and now she

felt helpless and vulnerable.

The barn was dark and spooky. Erica could hear occasional sounds from

the animals. She took some comfort from these sounds, for they

reminded her she was not completely alone. She still feared for her

life, however.

She made the best of her situation, using her legs to cover her naked

body with straw to fight off the cold. Resting on her back with her

big tits jutting upward, she thought about her captors. She wondered

what they would do to her. She had already been raped by the boy, but

it was Jasper she feared the most. She was sure he was capable of


Suddenly, a noise at the door caught her attention. It sounded as if

someone was lifting the latch. Then the door swung open for a second

before closing again. She strained her neck as she peered through the

crack between the boards of her stall. She was conscious of faint

footsteps coming towards her in the dark, but she saw no one.

Then, as the footsteps grew closer, Erica could make out the form of

someone small moving towards her. She wasn't sure who it was, but

there was something about the way he or she moved that frightened her.

Instinctively, she crossed her long, shapely legs to hide her exposed


"Who's there?" she called out in the darkness.

"Stop your squawkin'. You wanna wake up the others?"

She then realized it was the old man. She could see his thin, wrinkled

body as he entered the stall and knelt down beside her.

"What do you want?" she asked. "Are you going to free me? Where are

the others?" She couldn't understand why he was alone, And she also

couldn't understand why he was holding a chicken in his hands.

"I ain't going to hurt you, city woman," he mumbled through his rotten

teeth. "I just want to have a little fun, that's all. Now keep quiet

and you won't get hurt!"

The old man began rubbing Erica's creamy thighs while he held onto the

chicken. It took him only a second to brush away the straw and expose

the rest of her shapely body.

"What do you mean, keep quiet and I won't get hurt?" said Erica,

outraged at the old man's impudence. "You get the hell away from me,

you dirty old man." It was one thing for her to be raped by a huge

brute who was much stronger than she was, but she was not about to

allow this weak old man to fuck her. "Go on! Get the fuck away from me

with that damn chicken!"

"All right, you bitch!" said the old man, rising to his feet. "You

wanna play games! I'll teach you some games!"

Erica watched angrily as the old man set the chicken on the floor.

Then her mouth fell open when he pulled the belt from his trousers. A

frown covered his wrinkled face.

"Wait a minute!' said Erica, drawing up her legs.

"No! You wait!" said the old man, raising his arm.

The man brought the belt down hard on Erica's ass and hip. The thick

leather tore into her flesh and sent burning shock waves coursing

through her trembling body. Again and again the belt rose and fell,

smacking her in the ass, the hips, and the thighs. The man showed no

mercy as he beat her and pounded her into submission.

"Aaaaaaiiiiii! Eeeeeeoooooow! Stooooop! Aaaaagh No more! No moooooore!

Stooooooop!" howled Erica as the belt stung her. She tried to hide

under the straw, but it did her no good. There was not enough straw on

the floor to protect her from the burning leather belt. Her ropes

further prevented her from escaping. She was completely at the old

man's mercy.

"You bitch! You fuckin' city bitch! You came here to spy on us, but we

caught you! Now we gonna have fun with you!"

The man whipped her continuously with his belt while she cowered on

the floor of the stall. The belt cracked loudly as it tore into her.

She was red all over and filled with pain. She was ready to do

anything to get him to stop.

"Oooooooooh! Iiiiiiiiii! Okaaaaaaaay! Whatever you waaaaaaant! Please

stoooooop! Stooooop!"

"That's better, bitch!" said the old man as he let the belt fall to

the floor.

Erica lay in a heap on the straw, her body covered with bruises. She

looked at the old man through tearful eyes. She saw him gather up

another chicken and return to her stall. His baggy britches, beltless,

were falling to his knees as he knelt beside her.

"What do you want with me?" asked Erica. "What are you going to do?"

"You'll see, city bitch! You'll see!" he said, pulling her legs apart.

"Spread your pretty pussy, bitch!"

Erica was afraid to disobey. In her helpless condition, the man could

beat her to death. She thought it better to do as he wanted. After

all, what could an old man do to her?

As soon as Erica had spread her legs, the old man shoved the chicken

into her blonde pussy. She was shocked at first as the old man forced

the squawking bird into her pussymeat, its wings flapping wildly

against her inner thighs. But as she watched the frightened bird

lunging and struggling in the man's grip and felt its claws and

feathers rubbing against her cunt-hole, her shock turned to disgust.

It was obvious the old man was demented.

"That's enough, you crazy old fool!" Erica shouted. She had more

disgust for the chicken than she had fear for the belt. "Get away from

me! Get that fucking chicken off me!"

Suddenly, the old man tossed the chicken aside. He stepped out of his

pants and crawled on top of her, his shirt still fastened.

"Ooooooooh!" gasped Erica as the old man's body replaced the chicken.

"Shit! You city women have such soft bodies! Well, I may be old, but

I'm gonna fuck your big pussy. You can bet on that! Aaaaaaaaaagh! I

feel my cock goin' in! Eeeeeeeeeee!"

Erica gasped as the old man's cock slipped into her wide open

pussy-hole. She could feel his thin hands clawing at her big, juicy

asscheeks, and she could smell his whiskey breath as he nibbled on her

tits. She knew he was crazy, but she also knew that his cock was hard,

and it was better than the belt or the chicken.

"Uuuuugh! Oooooooo! Ummmmmmm! Aaaaaaagh!" Moaned Erica as the old man

began to hump her. His skinny ass bounced up and down between her

thighs as he drove his hard prick in and out of her gasping pussy. She

could feel his prick rubbing against her pussy walls, stretching them.

"Oooooooooh! Yeeeeeessss! Fuck meeeee! Fuck meee!"

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Ooooooooh! Shiiiiiit! Your pussy is burnin' me!

Uugh! Uugh! Uugh!" moaned the old man as he continued. to ram his cock

in and out of Erica's hot pussy. "Ooooooowww! Uuugh! Uuugh! Biiiitch!"

Erica sucked on her lower lip as the fiery heat waves rocked her body.

The old man's cock couldn't compare with Joe Bob's in size, but he

knew how to use it. He worked his hips in different directions as he

fucked every square inch of her cunt-hole.

"Shiiiiiiiiit!" moaned Erica as the wrinkled old man sank his fingers

into her bouncing asscheeks and fucked the piss out of her.


"I'm fuckin' your pussy, city woman!" the man rasped as he slammed his

prick into her pussy with all his might. "Fuck! Fuck! I'm fuckin' you!


Erica was surprised at the old man's strength. His thrusting cock made

her gasp, and his fingers made her ass tingle. She could feel and hear

his nuts banging into her cunt lips. Although his body was almost

hairless, his heaving chest made her tits throb.

"Yessssssss! That's it! Burn the fuck out of my cunt! Tear my pussy up

with your cock! Ooooooo! Aaaaaaagh! I need to be fucked! Aaaaaagh!

Oooooh! Yesssss!"

The old man pulled his cock half-way out of Erica's pussy. Then he

slammed his prick back in again with such ferocity that she was sure

he'd have a heart attack. He repeated this fuck motion several times

in succession while she bounced up and down.

"Shiiiiit! Biiiiiitch! Biiiiiitch! Shit! Shit! Shit!" grunted the old

man, almost out of breath.

"I love your cock!" I love it! Aaaaiiieee! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she

howled as the old man buried his prick deep inside her fuck-hole.

"Fuck meeeeee! Yessssss!"

Erica's wrists ached as she bounced in the straw. The man's cock

ripped through her juicy pussymeat, scorching her with its heat. She

forgot about the whipping he had given her, now her only concern was

his burning prick.

She could feel his cock pummeling her blonde haired cunt as her big

ass bounced up and down, still in his grip. Searing heat rippled

through her cunt walls. Her inflamed clit throbbed as if ready to

burst. She couldn't believe this old man could fuck her big, beautiful

pussy for so long without coming. He's a tough little motherfucker,



"Yeeeessss! Yeeeessss! Fuck me! Fuck me! Iiiiiieeee! Slam your cock in

me! Hard! Harder! Oooooooh!"

"You big-ass city bitch! I'm gonna show you what an old man can do!

Uuuuugh! Uuuugh! Burn, bitch, burn!"

The old plan fucked her pussy furiously. He seemed to have the

strength of a bull. His cock shot in and out of her cunt while she

howled and moaned and gurgled deliriously.

Erica could hear the animals stirring from their sleep as she and the

old man screamed and moaned. She was on fire, and she knew it was only

a matter of time before the old man's hot cum extinguished the fire.

Already, her pussyjuices were dripping over his thrusting cock,

lubricating his prick so that it slid in and out of her cunt easier.

"Ooooooooh! I'm burnin' now! My prick is redhot, you city bitch!"

groaned the man, his wrinkled body sliding and bouncing all over

Erica's shapely body. "I'll fuck you to death! Aaaaaagh! Uuuuuungh!

Shit! Shit! Ooooooooh!"

"You're making me come!" Erica shrieked as her pussy enveloped his

cock. "Iiiiieeeee! Yaaaaaaa! Mmmmmmmm! Fuck me hard, dammit! Fuck the

shit out of me!"

Erica could see the old man's body begin to jerk in spasms as he

gripped her big ass tighter. She knew he was about to come, and she

hoped she could pop off at the same time. She longed for some hot cum

to burn her pussy and make her scream.

"Pound me, you old fucker! Fuck my hot pussy! Slam your wrinkled cock

in deep, damn you! Aaaaaagh! I need your prick! I need your cum! Give

me your cuuuuuumm! Shiiiiiit!"

"Uuuuuuuugh! Okay, biiiiiitch! You want my jizz, you can have it! I'm

gonna come in your hot cunt! Yes! Yes! I feel it! I feel your cum!

Aaaagh! Uuungh! I'm gonna come!" howled the man as he burst his nuts

into the blonde's hot pussy.

"Yeeeeeees! I feel your hot cum! Aaaaaaagh! Aaaaaagh! I'm coming too!"

Both of them slammed their bodies against each other brutally as their

orgasms jolted their senses They slid and squirmed and thrust as their

fuck juices flowed and burned. Erica was drenched in sweat, and her

pussy was covered with pussy-juice and cum-cream. She bucked up into

the old man one final time before collapsing on the straw. She could

still feel his cock squirting cum.

The old man pumped his prick in and out of her sloppy cunt a few more

times, filling her with his cum. Finally, he, too, collapsed and

rolled off her, his cock still oozing jizz. She could see his frail

body trembling, and she hoped he wouldn't have a heart attack. She

didn't want her beautiful blonde pussy killing anyone.

As she lay there, her tits rising and falling with her heavy

breathing, she could feel the straw sticking up into her ass crack.

Gobs of cum-cream were dripping down her thighs. Her cunt felt empty

inside, and she wished the old man was younger so she could fuck him

again. In his present condition, however, she was afraid to risk

another fuck.

Then she remembered that she was still a prisoner, and her old hate

for the man slowly returned. He had only used her for his own pleasure

as if she were a common whore. She knew he would not release her. She

looked down at his old, wrinkled body and was suddenly filled with


Drawing her legs up tight to her body as if to hide her guilt, Erica

began to cry. She knew her husband and her mother were worrying about

her at this very moment, but she had no way to get in touch with them.

It seemed as if everyone she ran into wanted only to fuck her pussy.

Distress seized her.

As she lay there in the darkness, tears running down her face, she was

suddenly aware of the old man's hand on her asscheeks. She tried to

twist away, but the ropes prevented her. His thin, wrinkled fingers

roamed over her big ass and down between her thighs.

"Haven't you had enough cunt?" she asked, clamping her thighs shut.

"Just go away!"

"Do you want me to whip your big ass again?" said the old man,

crawling towards her. "I'll tell you when I've had enough! Now spread

your legs, city woman!"

Erica reluctantly opened her legs, and the old man immediately began

licking her inner thighs. He started just above her knees, working his

way upward, first one leg and then the other, so that by the time he

reached her pussy crack, Erica was tingling all over.

She could feel his tongue lapping up the cum juices, both his and

hers, and she could feel his clammy fingers stroking her pussy hair.

He was getting her hot again even though she fought against it. His

hot breath, as it penetrated her pussy crack, made her gasp. His

rotten teeth, as they nibbled on her pussy lips, made her tremble. She

couldn't believe an old man like him could give her so much pleasure.

"Oooooooooh! Aaaaaaagh! Bite me! Bite my pussy! Yeeeeeeesssss! Uuuugh!

Uuuugh! Uuuugh!" moaned Erica as the man's tongue shot inside her


"Mmmmmmmffffff! Mmmmmfffff!" grunted the man as his mouth closed

around the blonde's tasty cunt.

Erica was in another world as the man's tongue and teeth filled her

with bliss. Her mind was reeling, and her cunt was quivering. Flashes

of heat darted through her body. Her breathing grew more rapid. Her

big ass began to bounce.

"Uuuuuuuuungh! Ooooooooh! Eat meeeeeee! Yesssss! You old pussy-eater!

Eat my pussy!" moaned Erica, her cunthole throbbing.

Erica could see the man's head snuggled in between her open thighs. He

was giving her all kinds of pleasure as he worked his tongue in and

out of her cunt-hole. Her feelings of shame and guilt disappeared as

she trembled and writhed in the straw, but in the back of her head,

she knew they would return. It was just that his tongue was so fucking


Erica's head shook from side to side as the fiery passion swept

through her. She hoped the old geezer would take her over the brink

and make her sweet cunt juices boil over. Already, she was aware of a

growing warmth creeping through her pussy. She bucked and bounced her

big ass as the old man's long, hot tongue drilled her pussy.

•tpoooooooh! Suck meeee! Aaaaaaagh! You cunt-sucking motherfucker!

Heeeeeeelp! Uuugh! Uuugh!"

The old farmer's hands were now spreading her pussy lips as his tongue

slid deeper in her pussyhole. Her tender cunt-meat was throbbing. She

was sure her tiny clit would explode. She was hurting from the intense

pleasure, but she would have killed him if he had stopped.

As her mind reeled and her body jerked, she thought she saw the barn

door open and close. She wasn't sure, though, and so she quickly put

it out of her mind. The man's tongue must be giving me hallucinations,

she thought. She spread her legs wider to make room for more of the

old man's tongue in her cunt.

As her head thrashed wildly, she caught a sudden movement out of the

comer of her eye. A shadowy figure was approaching the stall. It moved

like a ghost, creeping past the haystack, headed straight for her.

She sat up in the straw, but she didn't stop the old man from eating

her pussy. He continued to lap and nibble her cunt while she watched

the figure draw closer. She wondered who it could be. She nudged the

old man and was about to warn him, when he bit into her clit and made

her tremble. Somehow the words never got out.

"Pa! You miserable, two-timin' old goat! I knew you'd be in here with

this city woman. Get your ass out of here!"

Erica recognized the voice as the old woman's. Then she saw the woman

step into the stall and grab the man by the hair, lifting his head

from her wide-open pussy. As the poor man struggled to his feet, she

could see her pussy juices dripping from his beard.

"Pa, you no-good son-of-a-bitch! You just had to come in here and get

a piece of ass, didn't you? Well, get on back to the house! Go on,

get! I'll deal with you later!"

Erica watched the old man stumble out of the barn. She was

disappointed. Her pussy was still throbbing with a burning itch, only

now she had no one to satisfy her. She was sure the old woman wouldn't

be interested.

"So, bitch! You like to steal people's husbands, huh? Well, I'll teach

you, you little bitch!"

"Wait a minute," said Erica as the woman stepped closer. Erica tried

to cover her naked body, but her hands were bound. All she could do

was cross her legs and turn to the side. "What are you going to do?"

"You'll see, bitch! You want to fuck somethin', so I'm gonna give you

somethin' to fuck!"

"You don't understand," said Erica, "Your husband raped me and beat me

with his belt. I didn't want to fuck him. Please! I just want to go

home. Please, let me go!"

"I don't believe you. I saw the way you were moanin' and groanin' on

that floor. You were lovin' his tongue in your cunt, bitch! So I'm

gonna give you somethin' else to fuck. Somethin' nice and big!"

To Erica's surprise, the woman untied her wrists and pulled her to her

feet. She was unsteady at first, having been lying down for so long,

but she had little time to worry about it. The old woman dragged her

out of the stall and led her by the arm across the barn to another


"There!" said the woman, pointing into the stall. "See if you can fuck


Erica looked into the darkness and saw the little donkey bedded down.

Her mouth fell open. She looked at the donkey, then at the old woman,

then at the donkey again. She couldn't believe what the woman had in

mind. But one look into the woman's evil eyes convinced her that she

was serious.

"I'm not spreading my legs for a donkey, you crazy old fool!" shouted

Erica, backing away from the stall. "Your whole family is crazy! Get

the hell out of my way. I'm leaving!"

Erica tried to knock the old woman out of the way and escape, but she

underestimated her strength. The woman seized Erica by the arm, hit

her in the stomach, then threw her to the floor of the stall. Once

again, Erica found herself naked and spread-eagled on a pile of straw.

Then the woman picked up a pitchfork that lay nearby and pointed it at

Erica. "Okay, bitch! Either you fuck him or I'll kill you right now.

You ain't been nothin' but trouble to us since you came here. Now,

what'll it be?"

She pressed the pitchfork into Erica's throat, and the blonde was sure

the woman would use it if she didn't cooperate. The cold steel made

her forget her pride. If it meant saving her own life, she would fuck

anything-even a donkey.

"Whatever you w-want," said Erica, still on her ass.

"Okay then, bitch! Get on your hands and knees, and let him fuck you!

His cock ought to fill that big pussy of yours!"

Erica struggled to her hands and knees, urged on by the sharp point of

the pitchfork. The animal, as if on cue, rose to its feet and walked

over to her.

Looking over her shoulder, Erica could see the donkey examining her

big ass. It was not much bigger than a large dog, and Erica was sure

her pussy could handle its cock. Anyway, she had no choice except to


"You don't look so high and mighty now, city woman. All you're good

for is fuckin' donkeys-so fuck this one, bitch!"

Erica gasped when the animal stuck its big nose between her thighs and

sniffed her hairy cunt. She could feel its hair rubbing against her

inner thighs, and she could feel its cold, wet nose rubbing

against her pussy lips. She was beginning to have second thoughts. The

animal's hoofs looked sharp, and its body was heavy. Even if her pussy

could handle a donkey-cock, she wasn't sure if her slim body could.

The animal, as if satisfied with the smell of Erica's hot cunt, began

to lick at her hairy fuckhole. Its thick tongue slithered in between

her pussy lips, scraping her clit and burning her tender cunt-meat.

"Ooooooooh!" moaned Erica, her big ass starting to rock. "Eeeeeeeee!

My pussy! That big, fat tongue is making me crazy!"

The donkey continued to lick the blonde's pussy. Each stroke separated

the woman's pussy lips and set fire to her juicy cunt-flesh. The

animal tried to shove its tongue into her fuck-hole and succeeded, its

hot tongue stretching her cunt walls and filling her with bliss.

"Shiiiiiiit!" howled Erica as the hot donkey tongue lapped her

fuck-hole. "Aaaah! Iiiiiieeeee! What a big, fucking tongue! Oooooooo!

Aaaaagh! Uuugh! Uuugh! Uuugh!"

The donkey appeared to like the taste of Erica's pussy. It slurped

noisily, sticking its nose up her cunt as far as it would go. Erica,

who a while ago had been enjoying the old man's weak tongue in her

pussy, now found herself with a kingsized tongue stuck up her cunt. It

was fatter and wetter than any tongue she had ever had. Even better

than a lot of cocks she had fucked.

"Heeeeeelp! He's eating my cunt! Iiiiieeeee!"

"That's what you deserve, city woman!" said the old woman as she stood

in front of Erica with the pitchfork in her hand. "You come here to

spy on us, didn't you? Well, now you're gonna pay! That donkey is

gonna fuck the shit out of you!"

Erica knew by now it was no use arguing with the woman. They were all

convinced she was a revenuer sent to spy on them and their still, and

nothing she had said or could say would change their minds. Innocent

as she was, she was their prisoner.

With the pitchfork aimed at her throat, Erica knelt in front of the

hungry donkey while it licked her big, juicy cunt. Its tongue was now

deep inside her fuck-hole, scraping against her pussy walls and

rocking her body with spasms of delight.

"Aaaaaaaagh! Eeeeeeee! Shit! Shit!" the blonde howled as she pushed

her pussy back into the animal's face.

Erica wiggled her big ass naughtily. She loved the way the donkey's

furry face nuzzled her pussy lips, her inner thighs, and her

asscheeks. She also loved the way the animal shoved its fat tongue

deep into her pussy-hole. She bit her lower lip and shook her head as

the heat raged through her body.

"Ooooooooh! Yeeeeessss! Suck meeeee! Suck my cunt !"

Erica rocked back and forth as the donkey tongue-fucked her. Her big,

hanging tits swung like pendulums. She could see the evil grin on the

old woman's face and the cold steel of the pitchfork.

She didn't let it bother her. The donkey's hot licking was making her

cunt feel too good to care.

It became hard for her to keep her big ass still. The donkey's long

whiskers, its furry face, its cold nose, and its long tongue were all

combining to drive her to the very limits of sanity. Her pussy

throbbed, her inner thighs tingled, and her asshole quivered. She

gurgled and drooled deliriously.

"Oooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! Shiiiiiit! Suck my cunt! Aaagh! Aaagh!" Erica

moaned as the donkey began to nibble on her pussy lips with its huge

teeth while it lapped at her runt. "Shiiiiiit! Eeee!"

Erica was trembling all over as burning lust raced through her body.

Her cunt juices were dripping. She could feel the donkey's tongue as

it scraped against her clit and delved deep inside her pussyhole. It

was too fantastic to believe, and she wasn't sure she did.

As Erica knelt there on the straw, gurgling and shaking, enjoying the

donkey's bold tongue, the animal, for no apparent reason, withdrew its

cunt licking tongue and lifted its head. She couldn't believe it-her

pussy juices had just started to flow. She looked over her shoulder to

see why the animal had stopped eating her cunt. It was just standing

there blinking its eyes sleepily.

To encourage the donkey to continue with its terrific cuntlicking,

Erica pushed her ass back into its face. She kept pushing, hoping the

animal would take the hint and shove its huge tongue back into her

runt-hole. But instead of lowering its head, the donkey hopped up on

her and began jabbing at her with its stiff cock.

"Oh, shiiit!" howled Erica as she felt the weight of the donkey on her

back and ass. "Oooooooh! Heeeeelp!"

"You're gonna get fucked now, you city bitch!" said the old woman,

still threatening Erica with the pitchfork. "See if you like that

donkey-cock as good as you liked my husband's prick."

Erica paid the woman little mind, for she was too concerned with the

donkey. The animal's cock was stiff, and it was jabbing into her

thighs. She could tell its prick was huge, but she wasn't frightened.

In fact, its jabbing cock was starting to feel good to her aroused


The animal, excited at first, was beginning to calm down. It got a

better grip on Erica, clutching her slim waist between its forelegs

while its hooves rested lightly against her thighs. In this way, it

was able to line up its cock with her pussy.

Erica also was pleased. In that position, the donkey was completely

dominating her while causing her little pain, thus putting an end to

her deepest worries. She arched her back and awaited the animal's

driving cock, not so much because the pitchfork was still aimed at her

throat, but because by now she was so confused, so frustrated, and so

aroused by the many unjust and perverted acts that had been forced

upon her, that she no longer cared whether something was right or

wrong. If it felt good, she would do it. If the donkey wanted to fuck

her, she would let it.

After positioning itself just right, the donkey thrust its cock into

her pussy. It took three fuckthrusts before its long, thick prick

finally slid up into her cunt-hole. In two more thrusts, the donkey

had its cock buried in her pussy up to the hilt. Then it began pumping

its prick in and out of her cunt with hard strokes that caused her to

cry out.

"Iiiiiiieeeee!" shouted Erica as the donkey fucked her. "Ooooooooh! My

Pussy! Heeeeeeeelp! Ooooooooh! Shiiiiiit! Shiiiiiit!" Its cock is so

fucking biiiiiiig!"

"Fuck him, you bitch!" said the old woman. "Fuck him!"

The donkey slammed its thick cock deep into Erica's pussy again and

again. Her pussy walls were stretched out of shape. She felt the

jolting heat all the way to her belly.

Oh, Oh, shit! I can't take it!"

The big donkey-cock shot up into the deepest regions of her cunt-hole,

burning her with its intense heat. Its prick felt like hard rubber as

it slid up and down her pussy walls, filling her with bliss and making

her gurgle deliriously.

The animal's hairy body scratched her ass and backs it towered over

her. She could feel the donkey's nuts slamming into the backs of her

thighs. Its weight was almost unbearable as it slammed its prick into

her cunt harder and harder.

"Shiiiiiit! Shiiiiit! Oooooowww! My pussy! It's killiiiiing meeeee!"

Erica's pussy was jolted again and an by the rampaging donkey-prick.

Scraping against her aching clit on its way up into her pussy-hole,

the huge prick filled her pussy completely, and she rocked back and

forth joyfully.

As the donkey fucked Erica, she could hear whining noises coming from

its mouth. She could also feel its hot breath on her naked back. She

knew the animal was enjoying fucking her big pussy. She pushed her ass

back into it and was immediately rewarded with a brutal fuck-thrust

that nearly knocked her to the floor.

As the donkey's cock pounded her big wet pussy, she was rocked with a

series of body shattering spasms. The donkey's cock was doing things

to her cunt that she had never experienced before. Her pussy felt as

if it were being pulverized as the animal's mighty cock pounded it

into submission.

"Uuuuuuuugh! Uuuuuuugh! Ooooooooh! Oh! Oh! Its prick is burniiiiiing

meeeeee! Shiiiit! Oh, shiiiit!" howled Erica.

The donkey heaved and bucked and drove its cock in between Erica's

open thighs. She shook her head violently as the hot donkey-cock

stretched her pussy walls to their limit and nearly burned through to

her belly.

"How do you like that big cock?" taunted the old woman. "It's a lot

bigger than my husband's, ain't it? From now on you fuck that donkey

instead of my husband, you hear?"

Erica didn't even look up as the woman spoke. Her mind was in another

world as the donkey's cock pummeled her pussy. It was all she could do

to keep its prick from knocking her over as it con

tinued to fuck her dizzy.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeesssss!" screamed Erica as another bolt of

lightning rocked through her cunt. "It's so fuckiiiing biiig!


The donkey's savage fuck-thrusts not only scorched her gaping pussy,

but they made it difficult for her to hold her ground. She constantly

found herself sliding along the strawcovered floor, pushed forward by

the hard-fucking donkey. She loved every second of it!

She could feel the donkey's hard prick deep inside her wet pussy. Its

cock was hot, and the heat radiated throughout her body. She was sure

its prick was bigger than even Joe Bob's.

Again and again, the donkey's huge cock plowed into her fuck-hole,

jarring her guts. She had never been fucked this brutally in her

life-not even by Joe Bob. The donkey, consumed by lust, seemed to have

one thought and one thought only-to fuck Erica as hard as it could for

as long as it could.

"Shiiit! Shiiiit! Aaaaaagh! Aagh! Heeeeeelp! That big-cocked animals

killing me! Aaaagh! Shiiiiit!" howled Erica as the donkey's fuck

thrusts became more eratic. "Fuck meeeee! Fuck meeeee! Fuuuuuuck!"

Erica sensed the animal was about to cum. Its balls slapped noisily

into her thighs. She could hear it wheezing and snorting as its cock

rammed her pussy walls.

Erica was nearing a climax, too. Her cunt-juices were ready to boil

over. Her big tits were swollen and throbbing. A film of sweat covered

her body as the fire raged within.

"Uuuugh! Uuuuugh! Uuuuugh! Aaaaaaaghl It's too fucking hot!"

The donkey was now out of control as it heaved and slammed into the

woman's cunt. Its weight nearly toppled her over as it fucked her cunt

brutally. Fucking noises filled the stall. Erica was sure the donkey

was enjoying her big, sloppy pussy.

"Ooooooooh! Shiiiiit! I feel donkey-prick!" moaned Erica. She knew she

was about to have an orgasm. "Yesssssss! I feel big donkey-prick! That

damn donkey is making me come! Aaaaaagh! Fuuuuuuck!"

The woman shook uncontrollably as the waves of her orgasm swept

through her entire body. Babbling and gurgling, she did her best to

hold on while the donkey continued to fuck her brutally.

The donkey slammed into her cunt with animal lust as her cunt-juices

soaked its nuts. Faster and faster it fucked into her, its tempo

increasing by the second. Then, with a mighty heave, it blew its wad

of jizz into her cunt-hole, the thick, hot cum drenching her pussy


"Oooooooooh!" howled Erica as the burning cum flooded her pussy and

made her tremble violently. "Aaaaagh!" The fuck-crazed donkey

continued to thrust its spurting cock in and out of Erica's pussy

until it ceased spurting jism. Then it hopped down off her, its thick,

snake-like prick popping out of her pussy noisily. Erica fell to the

floor exhausted. She could feel the cum dripping out of her

pussy-crack. It

seemed as if her pussy was now three times its normal size.

"Ooooooooh! Shiiiiiiit! What a fuck! What a motherfucking fuck!" she

moaned as she lay on the straw, collecting her senses. Her body was

drained and her pussy was well fucked-by a donkey, of all things! All

she wanted to do now was sleep.

"Not so fast, bitch!" said the old woman, still holding the pitchfork.

"Now suck his prick!"

"What?" said Erica, lifting her head. "You don't mean-"

"Damn right, that's what I mean! Now get over there and suck his cock,

you spyin' bitch! GIT!!"

Dumbfounded, Erica crawled over to the donkey and stared at its cock.

Its long, thick fuck tool was still oozing cum, and it was covered

with her pussy-juice.

Erica started to lower her head and swallow the wet animalcock, but

she hesitated. She realized the old woman was just trying to humiliate

her. In fact, it suddenly dawned on her that everything that had

happened to her was done to humiliate her. It was as if she had

crossed an invisible line and entered a place where she didn't belong.

Where the people rejected her either out of suspicion or hatred.

Their rejection took on the form of cruelty, and they meted it out

indiscriminately. Although guiltless, Erica was their victim, and they

were determined to make the most of it. That must be it, Erica


"You heard me, city woman!" said the old woman. "Suck donkey-cock!"

The old woman then jabbed the pitchfork into Erica's big ass, causing

her to jump forward, smacking her head against the donkey's big cock.

"Ooooooool" moaned Erica as the sharp tines struck her in the ass.


With the pitchfork still pressed against her asscheeks, Erica stuck

out her tongue and licked the long donkey-cock. She did so slowly at

first, as though ashamed, but the increased pressure of the pitchfork

and the old woman's steady cursing made her lick its prick faster. She

ran her tongue up and down its long, rubbery cock, tasting her own

cunt juices as well as the donkey's still-warm cum.

"Mmmmmmfffmmmfffmmm!" the lapping noises filled the stall as the woman

licked the donkey's wet prick clean. Her tongue slid over every inch

of the animal's cock-meat, lapping up the fuck juices. The thickness

of its prick amazed her and made her realize why her pussy felt so

much bigger now.

When Erica had finished cleaning the animal's cock, she was about to

get up, thinking her ordeal was over, but the sharp jab of the

pitchfork told her what the old woman wanted. As the pain increased,

she stuck her head back under the animal and wrapped her lips around

its huge, swollen prick-tip. She sucked on its prick passively, moving

her lips up and down the smooth crest of its cock.

"That's better, bitch! That's what you're good for: suckin' donkey

cocks! Now suck harder! Suck in all of its prick!"

Erica slobbered on donkey-prick for a while, draining a few drops of

cum from the animal's piss-hole. Then she deepthroated its entire

cock, sliding her clinging lips down its prick-shaft until the fat

bulb pressed against the back of her throat. She had all but a couple

of inches of donkey's prick stuffed inside her mouth. Her cheeks were

bulging, and she was forced to breathe through her nose.

She held the animal's cock inside her mouth for a few seconds,

exploring it with her tongue. Then she began to move her lips up and

down its prick-shaft, allowing its cock to slide in and out of her

mouth. She did this slowly at first, for her lips were stretched to

their limit. But after awhile, she increased her cocksucking speed and

began to suck the donkey off with gusto, her head bobbing back and


The donkey's cock slid in and out of Erica's hungry mouth noisily.

Spit and cum were dripping to the floor as her head bobbed back and

forth on the animal's huge, wet cock. She reached up with one hand and

began to fondle the creature's nuts, holding them tightly while she

sucked its big prick.

"Ummmmmm! Mmmmmp!" Erica, her lips a little sore, spit the fat

donkey-prick out and began licking it once more. She ran her tongue

from the base of its cock up to its swollen cock-bulb in one long

stroke while she held it steady with one hand.

She repeated this cock-sucking action again and again until every

square inch of the animal's cock was licked.

Next, she began to nibble on the creature's cockshaft, her teeth

sinking into its hard prick-meat in various places until its entire

cock was covered with little bruises. The donkey objected and became

restless, backing away from the woman's sharp teeth. But she calmed it

by engulfing its cock once more and soothing it with her warm lips.

She sucked hard on the donkey-prick this time, her lips clinging to

the rubbery shaft as if glued to it. As she pulled her head backwards,

taking a long suck, a few drops of cum leaked out of the animal's

piss-hole and ran down her throat. She swallowed the jizz eagerly and

sucked some more.

"Mmmmmmfffff! Uuuuugh! Uuuuugh! Mmmmmm!" moaned Erica as the donkey's

cock slid in and out of her greedy mouth. The hot cum seemed to warm

her belly.

As she sucked and slobbered on the creature's cock, she realized it

was growing larger. She could feel it throbbing. She wondered if the

animal was going to come inside her mouth. Once again, she

deepthroated its huge fuck-tool, holding all but an inch or two of its

cock inside her mouth. Using her tongue and teeth, she sucked so

fiercely that the donkey began to snort and buck.

"It won't be long now, bitch!" said the old woman as she jabbed the

pitchfork into Erica's big ass. "Hurry up! Suck!"

Erica refused to release the bucking donkey's cock. She sucked and bit

its prick for a few minutes more, until at last she was rewarded with

a steady stream of donkey jism. The thick cum flooded her mouth and

dropped down her chin.

"Keep the cum in your mouth, bitch!" said the, old woman. "Swallow

every drop of jizz! Swallow it!" She jabbed Erica once again with the

pitchfork as she spoke.

Feeling the sharp tines piercing her asscheeks, Erica kept her mouth

on the donkey's spurting prick and began to swallow its sticky

cum-cream. She sucked eagerly as the cum poured down her throat,

gagging her. Neverthelss, a lot of jizz escaped and ran down her face,

dripping into the straw.

Erica continued to suck until the animal's huge cock was milked dry.

Then she licked it clean before she spit it out for the last time. The

prick hung down limply, glistening with her spit.

Erica barely had time to lick the cum from her face before the old

woman grabbed her by the arm and dragged her back to her the stall in

the barn. In no time, she was tied by the wrists once again, the straw

scratching her back and asscheeks. Cum still dripped from her pussy

and lips.


Erica was awakened early the next morning by the rooster's loud

crowing. The proud bird was perched on the top board of her stall, its

head held high and its sharp notes resounding throughout the barn.

Erica opened her eyes for a brief second to look at the bird, then she

turned her head away and closed them again. She was tired and a little

stiff from so much fucking. And she didn't feel too good about


She was sure her husband was looking for her by now, and the sheriff,

too, hopefully. These people couldn't hold her forever. Sooner or

later someone would find her. Unless they kill me, Erica thought. But

she quickly pushed that thought out of her head.

Although they had constantly threatened to kill her since she

discovered their still, Erica was confident that as long as they were

having fun fucking her, they wouldn't kill her. She would just have to

play along with them until help arrived, no matter how perverted their


By the time the sun had risen high enough to lighten the barn, the

rooster had left its perch and joined the hens on the floor,

scratching amidst the straw. Erica stretched her stiff muscles as best

she could. Her wrists were very sore, not to mention her lips and


She looked across the barn and noticed the donkey standing in its

stall. It seemed in good spirits as it drank from its water bucket.

That was more than she could say for herself.

She wondered what they had in store for her today. She had, heard

voices coming from the house shortly after the cock had crowed, but as

of yet, no one had come into the barn. She hoped they would never come

in, for she wasn't sure how much more fucking her pussy could take.

She desperately needed some rest.

No sooner had those thoughts crossed her mind, when the barn door

opened slowly. It opened for only a few seconds, long enough for

someone to enter. Then it closed again, and she could hear the bar

being put in place. "Oh, shit!" she mumbled. "Here we go again!"

This time there were two men-Jasper and a stranger-and they had with

them a large German shepherd. Erica looked up at them with resignation

as they approached. She didn't have to ask to know what they wanted.

They were looking up and down her naked body. Her pussy responded by

quivering excitedly.

"Have you come to release me?" asked Erica, although she knew the

answer already.

"Shut up, bitch!" said Jasper to Erica. Then the husky man turned to

his friend. "You see, Jake. What'd I tell you!"

"You weren't lyin', Jasper," said the stranger. "She sure is a nice

piece of ass! And you say she was spyin' on your still? Boy, oh, boy!

Lucky you caught her!"

"Yeah," said Jasper. "In more ways than one!" Both men then laughed

while the dog lay at their feet, its eyes fixed on Erica's

blonde-haired cunt.

"Why don't you untie her and bring her over to the middle of the barn

where I can see her better," said Jake.

Erica was then untied and dragged brutally out of the stall on her

ass. She could see Jake staring at her big, ripe tits. His ugly face

and his short, fat, coverall-clad body hovered over her as she was

dragged to the center of the barn.

"Now stand up so Cousin Jake can get a good look at you."

Erica slowly rose to her feet and looked at the fat man. He was almost

bald, and he was several inches shorter than she. His fat cheeks and

his fat neck looked greasy, and there was an unpleasant odor about


"Well now, you pretty little bitch, are you a revenuer?"

"Of course not," said Erica, holding her hands over her tits and

pussy. "But nobody will believe me!"

"Why should they?" he said. "They caught you snoopin' around in their

barn, didn't they? And you had two jugs of moonshine in your hands,

didn't you?"

"That doesn't mean anything. I was just curious, that's all. My car

and all my luggage were taken from me, and I came here looking for

help. I didn't come here to spy on them." Erica knew even as she spoke

that they wouldn't believe her. She knew they didn't want to believe

her. They just wanted an excuse to fuck her. She could tell by their

hungry-looking eyes that they intended to fuck her regardless of her

innocence or guilt.

"You see what I mean?" said Jasper, turning to his cousin. "She's full

of lies. She's just a lyin' city bitch! What do you think we should do

to her, huh?

Erica could see Cousin Jake examining her naked body. She grew nervous

and took a step backwards, keeping her hands over her pussy and tits.

"Don't run away, bitch!" Jake told her as he stepped towards her. "And

don't be so bashful. Let's see what you got under them hands." Jake

grabbed hold of Erica's hands and yanked them down to her sides,

revealing her blonde pussy and her huge tits. "Damn, baby! You really

got some tits on you, ain't you? Shiiiiit!"

Erica stood there while the man walked around her, gawking at her big,

juicy ass. She felt as if she were on exhibit as both men stared

hungrily at her well developed body. Even the dog was looking at her.

"Yes sir," said Cousin Jake, smiling at Jasper. "I know exactly what

we should do to her."

"What do you mean?" asked Jasper, grinning knowingly.

"Well, I sure as hell don't mean turn her over to the sheriff," said

the fat man, laughing loudly.

"Then let's get on with it!" said Jasper, tugging at his coveralls.

"Let's have some fun!"

Erica stood there trembling as both men yanked off their clothes,

throwing them in a heap on the floor. When they were completely naked,

they came towards her. She stared back at them, noticing at once the

difference in their bodies. Jasper was husky, with a hairy chest and a

long, thick cock. Jake was fat, with a short, fat cock and a hairless,

pink body.

"Let's see if she knows how to suck cock," said Jake. "I

hear all them city women love to give head."

"Yeah," said Jasper. "She can suck both our cocks at the same time. On

your knees, bitch!"

As Erica knelt before the naked men, a sudden thought came to her. The

other members of the family must not have told each other about their

sexual escapades with her. She wasn't sure why that was. Perhaps they

were afraid or too embarrassed, she thought. But she was glad. She

didn't want anyone else getting ideas about that donkey.

"Okay, bitch! Let's see how good a cocksucker you are! Suck!"

Erica immediately took hold of Jake's nuts and began fondling them. At

the same time, she lowered her head and started to lick his short

cock. His prick was still limp, but with her expert tongue, she soon

got it up.

After Jake's cock had hardened, Erica engulfed it with her mouth and

began sucking on it, her greedy lips sliding up and down his fat

cock-shaft. She tried her best to swallow his prick as her lips glided

down to the root, but even then, it barely reached her throat.

Faster and faster, her her head bobbed back and forth on the fat man's

cock. She sucked noisily as her lips and tongue slurped and slobbered

on his pink cock. She could feel his fat prick-bulb slapping against

the roof of her mouth, and she could feel his nuts slapping into her


"Oooooooooh! Shiiiiiiiit!" Jake howled as he grabbed the back of

Erica's head and guided her sucking mouth. "This bitch is killing

meeeee! Aaaaaagh! Aaaaaagh! Suck my prick!"

Erica sucked fiercely on the man's short cock. Her nose slammed

repeatedly into his groin while her tongue massaged his rubbery prick.

Her eagerness made him howl as she nearly ripped his cock from his


"Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaaagh! Shiiiiiit! You cocksuckin' slut! Your mouth

is murder! Suuuuuuuck meeeeeeee! Yeeess!"

Erica stopped sucking for a minute and allowed his cock to slide out

of her mouth until just the bulge remained. She squeezed his prick-tip

between her lips and began to flick her tongue over his pisshole. She

knew this would make the man's cock tingle. When she grew tired of

that, she spit his cock-head out and began to lick his entire

prickshaft as if it were a lollipop.

"Hey, bitch! What about me? Suck my fuckin' prick too!"

Erica heard Jasper's words and immediately abandoned Jake's cock,

sucking Jasper's prick, which was already hard, into her mouth. She

started off slowly, gliding her stretched lips up and down his huge,

thick prick. His cock was much bigger than Jake's and so she took her

time, savoring every inch.

Although she sucked his cock slowly, she also sucked it noisily. Her

wet lips and eager tongue slurped and smacked on his hard prick. She

glided her lips all the way to the root of his cock and almost gagged.

She could feel his thick cock hair on her nose, and she could feel his

swollen cockhead against the back of her throat.

"Aaaaaaaagh! Iiiiiieeeee!" moaned Jasper as his big cock disappeared

down Erica's throat.

"Yeeeesssss! Suck my prick, slut! Suck my cockmeat! You sweet-lickin'

pussy! Oooooooooh!"

After Erica deepthroated his monstrous cockshaft, she began sucking on

it, her clinging lips sliding up and down his huge prick. Her lips

were stretched and her cheeks were bulging. She reached around and

grabbed Jasper's ass, pulling him closer.

Her blonde head bobbed back and forth on the man's glistening prick as

she sucked hungrily. She could taste a few drops of cum running down

her throat, and it made her suck faster. She wanted more cum.

"Shiiiit! Shiiiit! Shiiiit! Suck my cock, bitch! Suck me!"

Erica's lips slid back and forth on Jasper's big prick, sucking,

caressing, and massaging. She had his cock rockhard and jutting

straight out. His prick looked like a wet sword as it glistened with

her spit.

"C'mon, bitch!" complained Jake, beating his cock. "What about me?

Suck my prick some more!"

Erica reluctantly abandoned Jasper's magnificent cock and engulfed

Jake's prick once again. She sucked passionately on it, her sloppy

lips sliding back and forth, until his prickshaft was hard again. As

she held his prick in her hot mouth, she could feel it throbbing.

"Shiiiit! Yeeeees! That's it, slut! Suck my prick!".

Erica sank her teeth, into the man's cock and began to explore it with

her bold tongue. She licked his entire cock until it was soaked with

her spit. Then she slobbered over his prick-head and tried to shove

her tongue down into his piss-hole.

"Hey!" called Jasper. "Remember me? Suck my fuckin' cock, bitch!

C'mon, shove my prick in your mouth!"

Erica left Jake's cock with her spit dripping from it, and sucked in

Jasper's prick. It was still hard. Immediately she began sucking on

his fat cockhead, at the same time allowing her tongue to roam over

the sensitive ridge of his prick. She soon had him gasping for air.

"Oooooooo! Suuuuuuuuck Biiiiiiiitch!" Jasper moaned as the blonde

sucked deeply on his hard prick.

"Me, now! Suck, my prick!" said Jake, pulling on Erica's hair.

Erica turned her attention once more to Jake and began to suck his

half-hard cock. After a few strokes of her hot lips, she had his prick

rock-hard. Her hungry lips continued to slide back and forth on his

short, fat prick while she played with his big nuts. She loved the way

his cock rubbed against her cheeks.

With his fat fingers clutching her blonde hair, Erica bobbed her head

up and down as she sucked his hard cock. The slurping noises grew

louder as her passion rose. She could feel the heat from his cock

radiating throughout her mouth.

"All right, bitch! Suck mine! That's it, swallow my prick!" rasped


Erica didn't have to reach out for Jasper's cock this time. The husky

man pulled her head away from his cousin's cock and immediately shoved

his prick into her mouth. He then grabbed her hair, roughly and began

to slam her head back and forth on his cock. He was actually fucking

her mouth as if it was a pussy. Brutally, he pushed and pulled her

head back and forth while he slammed his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Aaaaaaaagh!" he moaned as he fucked her mouth. "Aaaaaagh!

Yeeeeessssss! Oooooooh! Fuck my cock! Oh, fuck my prick, bitch!"

Erica was helpless as the big man fucked her mouth savagely. She could

feel his cock slamming into the back of her throat, and she could feel

his nuts slapping into her lips. She could do nothing but hold her

mouth opened wide.

The man's cock fucked her mouth roughly as if it were nothing but a

fuck-hole. Again and again, his prick rammed into the back of her

throat and scraped against the roof of her mouth while she grunted and


"Uuuuuuugh! Uuuugh!" groaned Jasper as he fucked the hell out of

Erica's mouth. "Uuuungh! Oh, shit! My prick is on fire! Yes! Yes! I'm

gonna come! I'm gonna come! Shit! Shit! Shiiiiiit! Oh, baby! Suck my

cock, bitch, suck meeeee!"

Jasper slammed his prick in and out of the woman's mouth faster and

faster as his moans grew louder. Erica knew he was going to come in

her mouth, and she readied herself for the onslaught of jism. Her

belly twitched expectantly.

"Uuugh! Uungh! Uungh! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, shiiit! I can feel it! Bitch!


Jasper circled his arms around Erica's head and held her tight against

his groin as he pumped his jism down her throat. Erica, her mouth

stuffed with cock and her lips pressed into the man's thick cock hair,

gulped is cum down as fast as he pumped it into her. His cock seemed

to spurt jizz forever.

"Ooooooooooh! Shiiiiiiiiit!" howled Jasper as his spurting cock filled

her mouth with hot jism. "Ummmmmm!"

Erica gulped the cum down greedily as Jasper's long prick filled her

mouth. She could feel his cock shrinking gradually as it emptied its

load of cumcream. Soon his cock was small and thin, and he released

her head with a sigh.

Erica didn't spit his prick out, however. She continued sucking on it

until she had milked his cock dry. When she was sure there was no more

cum inside his prick, she opened her mouth and let his limp cock fall

out. Then she licked her lips clean and turned towards Jake.

"What a sweet-suckin' bitch!" shouted Cousin Jake as he stood holding

his cock. "But I done had enough cocksuckin' for one day. I want to

fuck you, bitch! In fact, I want to fuck that big, juicy ass of yours!

Yessir, bitch! I'm ready for some ass fuckin'! Now get your big ass on

the floor! Now!!"

Erica, her belly full of cum, lay down on the straw on her stomach.

She could feel the hard stalks scratching her big tits and her shapely

thighs. She hadn't been fucked in the ass in a long time. In fact, she

didn't particularly like being ass-fucked. It usually caused her too

much pain. However, with Jake's short cock, she didn't think it would

be too bad.

"Oh, shit! You've got such a magnificent ass, bitch! I'm gonna fuck

the shit out your ass for your I'm gonna rock your shit loose, slut!"

bragged Cousin Jake as he squatted down on top of Erica.

Erica sighed deeply when she felt Jake's weight. The man stretched out

on top of her, his fat stomach pressing into her back while his fat

cock pressed into the crack of her big ass. Erica's tits were being

mashed into the straw. She could feel the man's whiskey breath on her


"Ooooooooh, yeeeesssss! Your ass is so fuckin' soft! Shit! We're gonna

have fun, bitch! I'm gonna fuck your big ass!"

Erica gasped when she felt the man's prick poking into her tiny,

puckered asshole. Her gasp turned into a moan as his short prick slid

in, separating the slick walls of her asshole. She felt a little

ashamed as the fat man continued to pump and push his cock until it

slid in her ass chute up to the hilt. Her asshole was stretched by his

fat cock, and she knew Jasper was watching.

"Uuuuuuuughl Ooooooooh! Shiiiit! My aaaaaassss!" moaned Erica as the

man began to pump his prick in and out of her little shitter.


She could feel the man's entire body rocking on top of her as he

fucked her in the ass. His cock burned her tight shithole and filled

her ass with shattering heat waves. She felt very little pain as his

short, fat cock slammed in and out of her.

"Shit! You fuckin' bitch! Your ass is tight as shit! Ooooooh! My cock

is burnin'! You bitch! You bitch!" howled Jake as he pummeled her big

ass. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!"

Erica could feel his cock rubbing against the walls of her asshole and

filling her with bliss. She began to bounce her ass as best she could,

which wasn't easy, since the man was heavy on top of her. Although his

prick was short, it was burning her guts.

"Aaaaaagh! My aaaasssss! Ooooooooh! Fuck meeee! Fuck my big asssss!

Shiiiiiit! Pound my big ass!" howled Erica as the man's cock scorched

her tight skitter.

As he pumped his prick up and down Erica's slick asshole, she could

feel his hands reaching under her. She lifted her upper body to make

room for his hands, and immediately he seized her big, ripe tits.

Using her tits as handles to support him, Cousin Jake began to fuck

her asshole violently. He lifted his cock halfway out of her shitter

then slammed it back down deep into her ass chute. She shuddered as

his nuts banged into her ass cheeks.

When his cock was buried deep in Erica's ass, he began to grind his

hips into her. She gasped, his cock felt like a corkscrew. She could

feel it stretching her ass walls.

"Uuuuuuugh! Uuuuuugh! Ooooooooooh! Your cock is burning my poor ass!

Heeeeeelp! Aaaaagh!"

By now, Erica's tits were hard and tingling as Jake's fingers dug into

them. Her asshole was throbbing from the intense pressure of his

driving cock. She shook her head deliriously as the hot passion swept

through her.

"Shit, bitch! I could fuck your big ass forever! Yesssss! Ooooooooh!

Your ass is so fuckin' hot!" Jake was obviously close to an orgasm,

his cock swelling up inside the woman's asshole.

"Oooooooh! Your cock! Your cock! Fuck meeee! Fuck meeeee!" Erica

howled as the man's prick rammed her skitter. She could hear squishing

noises coming from inside her asshole. His hot prick was burning

through her ass guts and making her tremble. She wondered how long he

could keep fucking her ass.

Again and again, Jake drove his fat cock in and out of Erica's tight

shit-hole, his savage fuckthrusts rocking and jolting her guts. She

was being mashed into the straw by the man's violent assfucking. Her

tender asshole was on fire!

Jake pulled his prick out of her asshole until only his swollen

prick-head remained. Then he rammed his cock back in viciously until

his nuts banged against her asscheeks. He repeated his fuck motion

three more times while he held onto her tits for support. "Shiiiiit!

Shiiiit! You biiiiitch!" he gasped.

Erica clenched her teeth as the sweat ran down her face. Her swollen

nipples were about to explode, and her burning shit-hole was about to

erupt as he drilled her ass with his cock.

With savage thrusts, Jake slammed his cock in and out of Erica's

shitter until he could take no more. With a loud scream, he came deep

inside her ass chute and blew his wad of jizz against the walls of her

asshole. She shuddered as his hot cum flooded her ass.

"Oooooh! Aaaaaagh!" howled Jake as his cock exploded and drenched

Erica's tight asshole. "Shiiiiit!"

Erica gasped as his hot cum burned the shit out of her tender

ass-meat. She could feel his jism running over and dripping down her

big asscheeks. Although her pussy juices were hot, she did not come.

"Aaaaaaaaagh!" moaned Jake as he pulled his wet prick out of her

asshole with a loud pop. He then rolled off her, breathing heavily,

his cock soaked with jism and shit.

Erica rested on the straw-covered floor as the cum oozed out of her

sore asshole. She could see the red bruises on her tits from the man's

fat fingers, and she could feel the soreness in her asscheeks from his

pounding nuts. She had been well fucked.

"You really fucked the shit out of her big ass, Jake!" said Jasper as

he walked up to Erica. "You made my prick hard again. I guess I may as

well fuck her in her cunt. How about it, bitch? You

ready for some more fuckin'?"

The man did not wait for Erica to answer. He hopped down beside her

and rolled her over onto her back. Erica gasped as he brutally spread

her legs wide and climbed between her thighs. There was no tenderness

in his actions, she knew he only wanted to satisfy his own animal


"Wowee!" Jasper cried as his hard prick pressed into her open cunt

lips. "Her pussy is hot as a motherfucker! "

"Well, fuck her for me," said Jake, lying on his side, watching. "Tear

that big blonde pussy up!"

Erica was almost lifeless as the husky man pulled her legs up over his

shoulders and drove his cock deep into her pussy in one thrust.

Luckily, her pussy was already wet and slippery, and the man's cock

slid in her cunt easily. She let out a long sigh as his nuts rested

against her cunt lips.

"Shiiiiit! Eeeeeeeeooooow!" howled Japser as he fucked his big cock in

and out of Erica's hot pussy. "So motherfuckin' hoooooooott!"

Erica, with her legs over his shoulders and her cunt exposed, only

moaned and whimpered. She had been subjected to so much fucking and

abuse that she no longer cared. She did not even try to resist as

Jasper mashed her tits with his hairy chest and pummeled her big open


"Aaaaagh! Ooooooooo!" she moaned as his prick slammed into her cunt.

"Uuuuuuuuuugh! Uuuuuuuuungh!"

Jasper smothered her with his hairy body and pounded her pussy. He did

not try to be considerate. He just slammed his cock deep in her cunt,

withdrew it halfway, then slammed it in again as fast and as hard as

he could. He fucked her noisily, with his balls and his belly slapping

into her brutally.

"Shiiiit! Shiiiiit!" he moaned as his cock drilled her.

"Your cunt is hot, bitch! You're hot as a motherfucker! Aaaaaagh!"

Again and again, Jasper pounded her big pussy with his huge cock while

she lay beneath him, completely at his mercy. Her body was rocked with

flashes of heat and violent spasms as his thick cock burned through

her tender pussy-hole. As soon as he had slammed his cock into her

cunt, he would yank it out and slam it into her pussy again before she

even had time to recover from the first savage fuck-thrust. Erica felt

as if her entire body was just one big fuck-hole.

"Oooooooooh! You're killiiiiiiiiing meeeeee! Your big fucking cock is

tooooo muuuuuuch! Aaaaiiiieeee! Shit! Shit!"

Erica was delirious as jolts of heat rocked her body. Her tits were

throbbing from the friction of Jasper's hairy chest. She knew he

couldn't keep this furious fucking pace up for long. But she also knew

her pussy wouldn't be able to keep up the fucking for long. Both her

cunt lips and cunt walls were being pulverized.

She gasped as Jasper reached under her and grabbed her big, juicy

asscheeks. He squeezed her ass-flesh tight, sinking his nails into her

soft flesh. Then he lifted her off the floor and fucked her juicy cunt

even harder. She could feel his nuts banging into her cunt lips


"Uuuuuuugh!" moaned Jasper, still fucking her hard. "Ooooooooh! My

balls are getting hard! Oh, yeeeeesssssss! I feel it! Shit! Shit!

I'm-I'm-I'm cooooomiiiiiing!"

Erica nearly fainted when Jasper blew his wad of jizz into her widely

stretched pussy-hole. His hot jism scorched her pussy walls and her

clit, and it soaked her golden cunt hair. She tightened her cunt

muscles as his spurting cock continued to fill her with cum.

"Uuuuuuugh! Oooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaagh!" howled the blonde as the man's

hot cum ran out of her pussy and dripped to the floor. "Oh,

shiiiiiiit! Your jizz is hot!"

"Iiiiiieeeeee! Shiiiiiitt!" groaned Jasper as he pumped the last of

his cum into the woman's gaping cunt.

Erica, feeling Jasper collapse on top of her, began milking his cock

with her cunt muscles. She strained and pumped until every drop of cum

was drained from the man's prick. When she was satisfied, she relaxed

her muscles and immediately Jasper rolled off of her, his limp prick

sliding out of her cunt.

"Hell, Jasper," said Cousin Jake, still lying on the floor watching.

"You really, tore her big cunt up, didn't you? That was one good


"Yeah," said Jasper, holding his nuts. "But she busted my nuts.

They're sore as shit.


"Yeah," said Jake. "She's a real ball-buster, all right. What should

we do with her now, tie her back up 'till later?"

"No, why don't we let King have a go at her? He might enjoy her big

pussy. Let him fuck her!"

"All right," said Jake, sitting up. "That sounds like a good idea to

me. Hey, King!"

Erica gasped when she saw the dog stand up and run over to Jake. It

was a huge animal with dark brown hair, and it looked vicious. She was

more frightened of being killed by the dog than being fucked by it.

"How about it, bitch? Are you ready to fuck my dog?" asked Jake as he

patted the animal's head.

"My pussy is too sore," Erica muttered as she lay spreadeagled on the

straw. "Please don't make me fuck him!"

"Bitch, if you don't get on your hands and knees right now, I'm gonna

let him tear you to pieces! Now get your ass up!"

Erica, humiliated almost beyond endurance, slowly rose to her hands

and knees. With her back arched and her big ass jutting out behind

her, she awaited the dog's attack.

"Go get her, boy," said Jake. "Fuck the shit out of her!"

King wasted no time. He ran up behind the woman's ass and began

sniffing at her open pussyhole. Erica could feel his cold nose and his

whiskers brushing against her cunt lips. It made her pussy quiver.

"Ha! Ha! He likes your sweet pussy, bitch!" said Jake.

Erica then trembled as the dog stuck its tongue into her open

pussy-crack. She could feel it licking and slurping on her tender

pussy-meat, and it was all she could do to keep her big ass still. The

animal's tongue was very rough, and each lick gave her the shakes.

"Uuuuuuugh! Uuuugh! Ooooooh!" moaned Erica as the dog's tongue invaded

her fuck-hole.

She could feel the animal twisting its head around as it licked every

inch of her big pussy. Its tongue felt almost like a cock as it delved

deep in her pussy-hole. She was instantly filled with erotic


Then the animal withdrew its tongue and began licking her big cunt as

if it were a piece of candy. Its hard scraping tongue set fire to her

pussy lips and her clit. She found it almost impossible to keep her

big ass from bouncing.

"Uuuuuugh! Eeeeeeee! Ooooooh! His tongue! His tongue! Shiiiit! Shit!

Shit! He's licking my cunt! Aaaaagh!"

Finally, King stopped licking the woman's hairy cunt. He hopped up on

her and seized her slim waist with his forelegs, holding her tight.

Erica knew what the dog wanted. She could feel the German shepherd's

cock poking into her inner thighs and asscheeks as he attempted to

thrust his cock into her well licked pussy-hole.

After a few unsuccessful thrusts, the big dog finally located her cunt

lips and drove its gigantic cock between them into her pussy. With a

few violent heaves, the dog buried its cock in her cunt up to the


"Shiiiiit!" howled Erica as the hot dog-cock burned its way through

her cunt hole. "Oooooh! Iiiiieeee!"

After he had rammed his cock in nuts deep, the big dog started to pump

his cock in and out of the her wet pussy. He fucked her savagely, his

balls banging into her thighs noisily. She could feel his hot breath

on her back, and she could feel his claws digging into her waist. He

had her pinned tight while he fucked her.

"Uuuuugh! Uuungh! Shiiit!" groaned the blonde. "His cock is burning

meeeee! Shiiiit! Ooooooh!"

Erica grunted and howled as the dog's cock plowed into the deepest

regions of her cunt-hole. Her body trembled from the burning friction

while her tits swayed about loosely. She was rocked from head to toe

with mindblowing heat spasms.

King fucked her cunt, his savage thrusts pushing her along the floor.

She pushed her ass back at him, enjoying his brutal dog-cock.

"Aaaagh! Eeeeooow! Fuck meeee! Ooooooh, shiiit!" she moaned as the

German shepherd pounded her sloppy pussy.

Again and again, the dog lunged into the woman's wet pussy. She was

sure he was trying to ram his cock clear through to her belly. Each

hard fuck-thrust rocked her body and made her teeth chatter. She shook

her head deliriously as the jolting heat waves coursed their way up

her spine. "Fuck her, King!" shouted Jake as he and Jasper stood

watching. They had put their clothes back on and were now enjoying the

floor show, with Erica as the star attraction.

The dog slammed its cock into Erica's cunt with abandon as its nuts

began to swell. She knew it was about to burst its nuts, and she

readied herself for its hot, thick cum. As he drilled her open

cunthole, she gripped the floor with her hands and held her big ass up

in the air. The animal's nuts punished her cunt lips and thighs, but

she held her ground. She was getting the shit fucked out of her.

The big animal lunged into Erica's pussy with all his might, his

fuck-thrusts almost knocking the woman over. He heaved and heaved and

heaved until his cock finally erupted and soaked her open pussy with


"Uuuuuuugh! Aaaaaaagh! Shiiiiitt!" howled Erica as the dog continued

to squirt its jism deep into her fuck-hole. She could feel his cum

dripping down her thighs as some of it overflowed.

After a few more thrusts, King seemed to have had enough.He hopped

down to the floor, his wet prick popping out of Erica's cunt noisily.

Erica stretched out on the floor. She was totally exhausted, and she

had cum dripping from her asshole and cunt.

"All right, bitch!" said Jasper as he and Jake walked over to her.

"Time to suck some more cock!"

"Nooooooo! Pleeeaaase, noooo!" she begged as they dragged her to her

knees and started to unzip their coveralls.

Just as Jake and Jasper were about to shove their cocks into Erica's

mouth, the barn door suddenly burst open. Erica turned around at the

sudden noise, and then a smile came to her face.

"Bob! Bob!!" she cried as she struggled to her feet. "Oh, Bob! I knew

you'd come!"

She watched as her husband, accompanied by the sheriff and several of

his deputies, came into the barn. Jake and Jasper, dumbfounded, were

immediately seized and placed in handcuffs. Erica burst into tears as

her husband ran up to her and threw his arms around her. It was almost

too good to be true.

"How did you find me?" she finally managed to ask.

"The sheriff captured that robber while he was driving your car, and

he confessed. We knew you were in this general area somewhere. It was

only a matter of time before we found you."

"Yes," said the sheriff as he placed a blanket over Erica's shoulders.

"We've been searching the houses up and down this road all morning. We

knew you'd be in one of them. As for these people, don't worry, we'll

put them where they belong. And we'll close down their little

moonshine operation for good."

"Oh, Bob," said Erica, tears filling her eyes. "Take me home."


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