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Collected by Djian
updated feb 12 - 2012

M+/f, nc, D/s, rape, bnd, gang, oral, bikers

Property of Devils's Outlaws
by just2twisted

Synopsis: A beautiful 24-year-old Asian girl goes on vacation but gets lost in a small town and quickly kidnapped by a ruthless and violent biker gang. She struggles to survive as they turn her into their personal fuck-toy, beating and raping her constantly. Will they eventually demand ransom from her family? Sell her into slavery? Kill her? Her fate may be uncertain, but suffice to say, it likely will not be a happy one.


Chapter 1: Taken

As the sun began quickly setting behind the beautiful mountain ranges far away, Hannah could feel her frustration growing larger by the second. She should have known better than to rely solely on her navigation system and not bring a map with her on this trip. She was on her way to join some friends in Cabo for a few days of summer fun and relaxation. She had just a couple more hours of driving, but her normally dependable navigation tool had started behaving very oddly a short moment ago and now the screen was completely blank.

Instead of keeping on the main road like she should have the moment she was lost, Hannah had made numerous turns out of panic and now had no clue where she was. To make matters worse, darkness was quickly approaching and whatever town she was in looked like a complete slum. The old fashioned buildings all around her were dilapidated, the roads were crumbling, and the street lamps were so dim that they barely provided any light in the area. There were few people out on the streets, and all of them looked like bums or manual laborers.

After driving for several more minutes Hannah finally found a gas station. Although she didn’t want to stop and get out of her car in this shoddy town, she knew her only option at this point was asking for directions. She parked her car at one of the refueling lots and walked quickly inside the decrepit little store. The night air was chilly and Hannah wished now that she’d worn something more concealing than her small blue shorts and white halter top. She was an extremely attractive girl, with long dark hair, lovely tanned skin, and a petite, skinny body. Like most other Asians her breasts and ass were small but wonderfully round and firm, and her long, slender legs were flawless.

“Hi, I was wondering if you could give me directions, I’m lost,” Hannah smiled to the fat old man sitting behind the counter with a magazine in his hands.

“Where you headed?” The man asked in an irritated tone, lifting his eyes to look at the Asian girl.

“Cabo,” Hannah replied.

“Sorry, can’t help you,” the man apologized, turning his attention back to the magazine.

“Okay, thank you,” Hannah said, turning around and exiting the store.
Hannah felt her heart freeze when she looked towards her car and saw at least a dozen bikers around it, with several of them even sitting on the hood and trunk. She’d only been inside the little market for maybe thirty seconds, yet somehow that had been enough time for all of these men to park their Harleys and set up camp around her car.

“Hey sexy, where you from?” One of the bikers shouted out to her.

Hannah stood in stunned silence. At first she didn’t know what to do. She knew these men had nothing but bad intentions. She looked around but there was nobody else anywhere nearby. She’d also left her phone inside the car.

“Please, I’m lost, can you help me?” Hannah asked, walking slowly toward her car and the menacing group of men.

“Baby we’d love to help you,” another one of the bikers replied, drawing some laughter and whistles from his friends.

“I—I need directions, I’m heading to Cabo,” Hannah clarified.

“Cabo? Now why the fuck would you wanna go there, especially when you got us to play with?” One of the bikers asked incredulously.

At this point Hannah was just a few feet away from her car, so several of the bikers quickly began walking toward her and encircling her between them. Hannah knew she should start sprinting as fast as she could, but somehow she was frozen with fear and could not move. Soon all of the bikers had surrounded her and she could barely see anything other than their hulking bodies. All of them were huge, standing well over 6’ and weighing at least 250 lbs each. Hannah, in stark contrast, was just 5’4” and weighed no more than 110.

“It’s real simple bitch, either you can come with us nice and easy, or we can tie you to one of them bikes and drag your ass,” one of the bikers and, judging from his huge physique the leader, declared. “What’s it gonna be?”

“Please…please I don’t want any problems, I just want to leave, please leave me alone, I’ll give you anything you want, I have a lot of money in my car,” Hannah pleaded, her body quivering from the cool air and her own terror.

“Oh we’ll take your money, don’t worry about that, and you’ll be making us a lot more also,” the tattooed giant smiled. “Now you ready to come with us, or do we gotta do this the hard way?”

“Where—where are you taking me? Please I just want to go…let me go, please,” Hannah continued to beg.

“You’re coming to our place for some fun, that’s all you gotta know,” the biker replied.

“No…no I don’t want to, I don’t want to, please,” Hannah beseeched the gang, clear panic in her voice now.

“Someone get me some rope, I guess we gotta tie this stupid bitch,” the huge man said, exasperated.

“No please! Please stop! Why are you doing this?!” Hannah screamed, struggling desperately as two of the bikers quickly grabbed her arms and started dragging her toward their Harleys.

“No! Don’t! Please don’t, I’ll come with you, I’ll come with you don’t tie me!” Hannah shrieked in horror when one of the men started approaching her with a braid of rope in his hands.

“You ready to be a good girl?” The tattooed beast demanded, grabbing Hannah’s dark brown hair and jerking her head back so she was forced to stare up at him.

“Yes! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll be good!” Hannah answered, tears starting to flow from her eyes.

“You’re gonna ride with me, if you try to escape I’ll shoot your ass, understand you little Asian cunt?” The biker warned.

Hannah nodded her head in agreement, and the biker dragged her over toward his motorcycle. He forced her down on the front of the large leather cushion before taking a seat himself directly behind her. Hannah was shaking violently now and was absolutely terrified as the huge man revved up the chopper and peeled out of the parking lot, with the rest of his friends following him closely. As she saw her shiny Subaru WRX disappear from her sigh Hannah started crying and felt the dread in her stomach, wondering what was going to happen to her now.

It did not take long for the biker gang to reach their destination. In less than ten minutes, the leader carrying Hannah pulled off the road and into a large parking lot of what appeared to be some kind of tavern. There were dozens of trucks, 18-wheelers, and other bicycles parked all around the building and Hannah could hear the rowdy laughter and shouting of many drunken men inside. The biker behind her parked his Harley near the entrance and promptly grabbed Hannah by her long brown hair, yanking her off his chopper and dragging her toward the front doors of the bar.

“God I can’t wait to fuck this little bitch,” Hannah heard one of the bikers behind her say, as she was hauled into the building.

Chapter 2: The First Night

The leader of the gang led her straight past the bar and lounge area of the tavern and toward the back. As she passed by the countless drunken customers they all stared at her in stunned silence and admiration. They only got to see her for a few seconds, however, as she was quickly taken to the back of the building. Hannah struggled to keep up with the huge biker as he hauled her through a pair of double doors and down a dirty hallway before entering a room on the right.

Once they were inside the biker roughly shoved Hannah toward a large, dirty mattress near the corner of the room. The girl’s heart was pounding feverishly and she could hardly stand on her rubbery knees. Hannah was beyond terrified as the many bikers quickly packed themselves inside the room. All of them had the most sickening and malevolent smiles on their faces.

“Alright bitch here’s how this is gonna work,” the biker who’d dragged her inside declared. “From now on you belong to us, or as we’re known around these parts, the Devil’s Outlaws. You’re our little fuck toy. You can forget about whatever stupid shit you used to do in your old life, ‘cause that’s history now. We don’t know what you used to be, and quite frankly we don’t give a damn. You’re only purpose now is for fucking. You better start getting used to being on that bed and getting those tight Asian holes stuffed with cock, because that’s the only thing you’re gonna be doing for a real long time.”

“No, please, don’t do this, please don’t do this to me,” Hannah pleaded, trembling violently as the horror of her situation truly began dawning on her.

“For your sake I really hope you’re a horny little cunt, because I ain’t kidding when I say you’re gonna be getting fucked pretty much nonstop. We’ve got about a dozen of us here, but there’s more than 100 Devil’s Outlaws and I’m sure they’re all gonna be coming over real soon once they hear about you,” the biker said with a grin.

“Please I’m really begging you, let me go, I’ll give you everything I have, I swear,” Hannah begged in sheer disbelief. “I’ll give you all my money and anything else. You can have my car and everything, please, just let me go.”

“Shut the fuck up bitch, ain’t no point trying to bargain with us, that’ll just piss us off more. The best thing for you to do right now is focus on satisfying us with that hot little body, ‘cause if you don’t we’re not only gonna fuck you, we’ll beat the living shit out of you too. Like I said you’re our property now, and we can and will do whatever the fuck we want to you. So if you don’t wanna get hurt bad, you’re gonna be a good little whore and pleasure us real good with them holes of yours, understood?” The biker asked, giving Hannah a very threatening stare.

“Yes,” Hannah replied, an expression of pure dread on her face.

“Good. Now why don’t you start by taking off them clothes and getting on that bed behind you,” the large biker instructed.

“Please you guys,” Hannah implored the men, as she started to cry.

“Get on that fucking bed bitch, and get your ass naked if you don’t want that pretty little face smashed,” the man repeated angrily.

Hannah felt numb everywhere and was so scared that she was barely able to pull her shirt off. She then unbuckled her shorts and slid them down her long legs. She was shaking and crying miserably now as she removed her bra and then her panties, eliciting numerous lewd and degrading comments from the other bikers. Just like that Hannah was standing naked before the pack of demented men, and she could feel just how anxious and crazed they all were as they gazed at her in complete lust.

“Now get your ass on that bed, on your back for now and spread those legs of yours real wide,” the head biker commanded.

Hannah’s head was pounding and the whole room seemed to be spinning. She still could not believe this was really happening as she climbed onto the dirty mattress and rolled over onto her back. Her heart felt like it was about to explode and she was beyond petrified. She was so afraid but nevertheless spread her thighs apart as wide as she could, so that her gorgeous vagina was exposed to all of the men in the room.

“Fuck that’s a sweet looking cunt,” one of the bikers remarked, drawing a chorus of agreement from the others.

“Okay now we’re all gonna take turns fucking that pretty little pussy of yours for the next couple hours. Since it’s your first night we’ll try not to be too rough. You’d better keep them legs spread the whole time, otherwise we’re gonna beat you and tie you down,” the biker warned.

“Yeah let’s get this party started baby! Fuck this little slope up Tank!” One of the bikers shouted excitedly.

Hannah watched in fear as the gang leader quickly stripped naked and climbed on top of her, virtually crushing her beneath his massive frame. The hulking biker was easily 6’3” and weighed 270 lbs, with the build of a wrestler. Hannah felt nauseous as her face was pressed against his hairy, sweaty chest. Tank wedged his lower torso between her lean thighs and probed around until he felt Hannah’s sex against the tip of his gigantic cock. As soon as he began penetrating the tiny orifice Hannah started screaming horribly and thrashing around wildly beneath the man.

“Holy fuck you’re tight! God you’re fucking tight as hell you little Asian whore!” Tank roared, grabbing the girl’s flailing arms and pinning them to the mattress above her head.

“Please stop! Please it hurts! It hurts!!” Hannah screamed, struggling feverishly as the huge biker brutally rammed his dick into her.

Never in her life had Hannah fornicated with anyone even close to the size of the biker. He was nearly twice as large as her boyfriend. Even though she could not see it, Hannah could feel just how massive and agonizingly thick Tank’s 8” penis was. Needless to say, the Asian girl was not prepared in anyway whatsoever to pleasure a man of Tank’s size. Hannah could already feel her pussy starting to tear as the monstrous biker viciously crammed more and more of his cock inside of her sex.

“Yeah you got a real tight pussy slut, but don’t worry it ain’t gonna be so tight for much longer! We’re gonna loosen up all your holes soon, you’ll see!” Tank shouted in delight.

The tattooed fiend now had almost all 8” of his penis inside of Hannah and slowly began to thrust in and out of the agonized girl. Because her pussy was so tight and dry Tank had to work methodically at first. It wasn’t long, however, before the huge biker began plunging his dick into Hannah violently.

“Noooooo!! Pleeeeaaaaasssee stttooooppp!!” Hannah screamed, squirming around miserably beneath the hairy fiend as he fucked her viciously.

The other bikers were all laughing and making crude comments as they watched their friend brutally rape the small Asian. The only part of Hannah that was visible to the men was her tanned, shapely legs sticking out to the sides from underneath Tank’s massive frame. They could all hear her screaming in absolute misery, however, and they loved the sound of it.

Hannah thought she was going to die as the enormous biker viciously fucked her. He was literally ripping apart her delicate vagina every time he slammed into her and the pain was unbearable. She wrapped her legs tightly around his hefty midsection and tried to slow him down but he was simply too large and too powerful.

“Goddamn this bitch has a tight fucking pussy!” Tank roared, as he continued to pound Hannah’s luscious cunt.

It did not take longer than a couple of minutes for the huge biker to cum. Tank felt his load about to burst out of his cock and tried to suppress it for just a little longer but it was too late. He gave one last brutal thrust and buried his entire shaft into Hannah’s sex just before his sperm gushed into the Asian fuck-toy.
“No! Don’t please! Please stop!” Hannah shrieked, thrashing around wildly as soon as she felt the disgusting man’s sperm flooding into her pussy.

“Don’t fight it bitch! This is what you were made for right here!” Tank shouted madly, smiling down at the girl while he drained his entire load into her aching vagina.

When he was finished the huge biker stayed inside of Hannah to enjoy the warmth and tightness of her cunt for a little longer. However, since there were more than a dozen of his friends waiting, he reluctantly pulled out of the small Asian. Hannah, meanwhile, was sobbing miserably and in a state of shock. Even though the tattooed beast had only lasted a couple of minutes, he’d fucked her so viciously that her pussy was bleeding and in incredible pain.

“Goddamn bitch that was incredible,” Tank said, as he loomed over Hannah for a few seconds. “I always figured you Asian whores were tight, but that shit was really something else. I’m gonna have to fuck that ass after the rest of the boys finish with you tonight.”

“Okay who’s up next fellas?” One of the other bikers said, after Tank climbed off the mattress.
“I think its Billy,” another one responded.

“That’s right boys,” Billy declared, stepping forward while he removed his dirty pants. “Watch me drill this little Asian bitch good.”

“Nooooo,” Hannah groaned, trying to slither away from the man as he climbed on top of her.

Hannah winced in disgust as she got a whiff of the man’s horrible body odor. He was a little shorter than Tank but actually weighed more, with a very fat and out-of-shape physique. She could feel his enormous, hairy belly pressing against her slender frame and shuddered. He had hair all over his body and a very thick beard on his ugly face. He was smiling grotesquely as he grabbed Hannah’s arms and held them against the bed on either side of her.

“You’re a real pretty little cunt,” the hideous man declared. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun with you bitch.”
Hannah screamed in pain and shock as the man pressed his fat cock against her aching pussy and slammed into the opening without warning. Billy groaned in ecstasy and nearly climaxed right away from the incredible sensation of the Asian’s silky tight pussy. He somehow managed to hold it off and slowly sank more and more of his dick into the small girl. Hannah was already weeping in misery and trying in vain to escape from underneath the obese fiend.

“God fuck you’re tight! Jesus Christ you’re fucking tight!” Billy screamed jubilantly, as he pushed forward until his entire cock was buried inside Hannah’s sex.

“Please stop! Please stop this!” Hannah begged, squirming around desperately as the ugly, fat man started violently thrusting in and out of her.

Billy basically had his entire weight on top of the Asian and she was struggling to breathe. Hannah could feel the man’s flabby, sweaty, hairy torso rubbing roughly against her own and wanted to vomit. The stench of the man’s body was overwhelming and it seemed like he hadn’t showered in weeks. Hannah was getting lightheaded from the terrible smell and the suffocating weight of the ogre’s body crushing her.

Billy was roaring in delight as he anxiously started hammering into the petite Asian like an animal. It did not seem possible that a man so fat could fuck so energetically, but Hannah’s wonderfully tight and luscious vagina was giving him the power to do so. Between her own screams of pain Hannah could hear the other bikers shouting and encouraging their friend.

Thankfully the man did not last any longer than Tank. After a few minutes of pounding into her, Hannah heard him unleash a primal roar and then felt his cock starting to twitch violently inside of her pussy. She screamed in terror and disgust as Billy exploded inside of her, shooting a torrent of hot, sticky sperm deep inside her belly. Hannah was sobbing uncontrollably as the biker finished depositing his load into her and then climbed off the bed.

“Plleeeaaaassee!!” Hannah beseeched the gang, as another huge Outlaw approached the bed.

“Get on your hands and knees!” The tattooed giant demanded, as he stripped down to just his tank top and jumped onto the bed. “I’m gonna fuck you like the dirty little bitch you are!”

Hannah squealed in pain as the man grabbed her hair and brutally yanked her to the side of the mattress. He forced her into the doggy-style position so that her knees were at the edge of the bed and her ass was raised and facing the rest of the bikers. Hannah felt her face burning in humiliation as they all made vulgar comments about her pussy and the trails of sperm leaking from it. She was shaking in fear as the huge, muscular biker walked behind her and grabbed her hips firmly.

“Please don’t! I can’t take this anymore please!” Hannah wailed the moment she felt the man’s cock against her sore pussy.

“Aaaaaiiiiieeeeee!!” Hannah screamed, instantly trying to scurry away from the massive biker as soon as he slammed his cock deep into her gaping vagina.

“Where the fuck you think you’re going whore?” The man demanded, as he grabbed Hannah’s long dark hair with both hands and brutally jerked her head back.

“Aaaaaooowwwww!!! Pleeeaassseee!!” Hannah shrieked in pain, reaching up and trying to pry the biker’s hands away.

“Hands on the bed! And keep that ass nice and high bitch!” The colossal giant roared angrily.

Desperate to relieve the burning pain on her scalp, Hannah immediately returned her palms to the mattress and raised her butt as high as she could. She screamed in anguish as the biker continued to tug violently on her hair while he started hammering his cock into her abused pussy. He was just about as large as Tank and even more brutal as he stood behind her and rammed into her with all of his strength.

“Damn you really are tight whore! Nice tight little Asian pussy!” The biker screamed ecstatically, holding Hannah firmly by her long hair while he pounded her from behind.

“Please stop! It hurts!” Hannah begged, tears streaming down her face as she was rutted like a bitch.

Each time the tattooed giant slammed into her Hannah felt like her pussy was being ripped apart. It wasn’t simply the fact that his cock was huge, but also how vicious he was with it. He was fucking her way harder than Hannah had ever been fucked in her life, and it was obvious he was trying to hurt her as much as possible.

“Someone get over here and fuck this stupid bitch’s mouth,” the biker instructed. “I’m getting tired of all that fucking screaming.”

Another Devil’s Outlaw quickly jumped onto the bed and knelt in front of Hannah. He was grinning excitedly as he unzipped his soiled jeans and pushed his pants and underwear down to reveal his rock-hard penis. Just like the others, it was huge, and he smacked the tip of it against Hannah’s forehead.

“Let’s go bitch, get that mouth open,” the enormous biker demanded. “It’s time to see how good you suck cock.”

“Please no,” Hannah pleaded, turning away as the filthy man rubbed the head of his dick against her face.

“Open your fucking mouth bitch!” The biker who was raping her pussy bellowed, tugging cruelly on her scalp. “Don’t make us tell you again slut!”

Hannah whined miserably but wisely opened her mouth. The slob in front of her instantly and brutally jammed his giant cock deep into the opening. Hannah let out a muffled shriek and instinctively tried to pull away but the man behind her held her firmly in place. He transferred his hands to her skinny arms, however, so that his buddy could take control of her head. Hannah was sobbing wretchedly as the fat biker in front of her slowly started pumping her mouth up and down his cock. It was clear he had not bathed in many days and the sour, absolutely putrid taste of his dick nearly made her vomit.

“Tastes good doesn’t it?” The hairy ogre chuckled down at the crying, miserable Asian.

Hannah had the most sickened expression on her pretty face, and she was screaming in pain as the huge man behind her continued to fuck her pussy furiously. She could feel every inch of his giant cock tearing into her aching cunt and his heavy balls slapping against her skin. He was clutching her little biceps and using them as leverage to fuck her tight pussy as hard as he could.

“Fucking suck that cock you stupid Asian whore! Use those lips and tongue of yours for fuck’s sake!” The other biker shouted angrily, pulling his cock out and slapping Hannah fiercely across the face.

“Aauugghh!! Please!! I’m—Uuaagghhhh!! It hurts!! Aaaaooowww!!” Hannah wailed, unable to respond to the biker as the huge bastard behind her continued to pummel her.

“I don’t care how hard Ray’s fucking you! You concentrate and suck me good whore! Or I’ll break that pretty little face of yours in half!” The biker getting his dick sucked yelled, just before thrusting his thick penis back into Hannah’s mouth.

Hannah continued weeping in pain but somehow managed to give the man a wonderful blow job. She wrapped her tender lips around the large cock and stroked it with her tongue while the man ruthlessly smashed her back and forth against his shaft. He was groaning in delight and appeared ready to blow at any second. He leaned forward and stuffed nearly his entire dick inside Hannah’s mouth, and the girl immediately started gagging violently.

“Shit I guess you’re not too good at deep-throating huh?” The biker sneered, mercifully pulling out of Hannah’s mouth. “Don’t worry we’ll fix that real soon. You’re gonna be the best little Asian cock-sucker in town, you’ll see.”

Hannah groaned in sheer misery as the ugly brute forced his cock back into her mouth and once again started jerking her face against it. Meanwhile, the biker behind her gave one last ferocious thrust into her pussy and then began cumming deep inside the aching hole. Hannah squirmed around desperately but it was no use, as the huge man held her small body firmly in place while he emptied his sperm inside of her.

“Fuck yeah bitch! Take it! Take that fucking jizz in your cunt! This is all you’re good for you Asian piece of shit!” The biker roared, yanking Hannah’s arms back painfully as he drained every single drop of his sperm inside her vagina.

Tears were cascading down Hannah’s cheeks and she could not believe how heartless these men were. She tried to focus on the filthy penis between her lips rather than the unbearable fact that another one of these savage bikers had just ejaculated into her pussy. She already feared what kinds of STDs might be working their way into her system.

Hannah felt the huge man behind her finally pull out of her throbbing vagina. She felt like it left a massive void, and could only imagine how much her sex was gaping. Meanwhile, after bashing her face against his cock for several moments longer, she felt the other biker’s cock twitching in her mouth just before a torrent of sperm blasted into her mouth. Hannah groaned wretchedly and frantically struggled to break free as the huge man started dumping his load straight into her mouth.

“No! Don’t you fucking dare!” The hairy giant ordered too late, as Hannah somehow freed her head from his grasp and immediately started spitting out the revolting cum.

“You stupid fucking cunt!” The biker screamed furiously, seizing Hannah’s head again and forcing her to face him. “Don’t you ever fucking spit out our cum! If we jizz into your mouth you fucking swallow it! Every fucking drop, you understand?! You do that shit again and we’re gonna cut your little fucking tits off!”

Hannah was trembling in terror and bawling uncontrollably as the enraged biker shouted down at her. She could see the sheer fury in his eyes and knew that he was entirely willing and capable of hurting her very badly.

“Do you fucking understand or not?!” The hefty man shouted, slapping Hannah’s face hard.

“Yes! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again I swear!” Hannah replied quickly.

“We’ll see whore,” the biker declared. “Let’s go boys, get over here and fuck this stupid little cunt. Remember bitch, you spit out anymore sperm and we’re gonna skin you alive.”

Hannah sobbed in absolute misery and terror as two more massive, tattooed bikers came over and positioned themselves in front of and behind her. She could feel how horny they were as they rapidly stripped off their pants and underwear. Hannah wanted to curl up in a defensive position badly, but she knew it would anger them so she remained on her hands and knees while the pair of hulking men prepared to tag-team her.

“You got some pretty little lips bitch,” the biker in front of her said, grabbing her hair and forcing her to look him in the eye. “Them lips were just made to suck dick.”

“Please no!” Hannah squealed, as the man behind her grabbed her hips and slammed his cock deep into her messy vagina.

“Jesus Christ this cunt is still tight,” the biker declared in wonder.

“Open that mouth bitch, and remember what Duke said,” the man kneeling in front of Hannah warned. “I’m gonna cum inside that mouth of yours and you better swallow every fucking drop.”

Hannah dutifully parted her lips, allowing the massive Outlaw to stuff his cock inside her mouth. She wept and groaned miserably as the duo raped her hard, ramming their dicks into her as they held her squirming body between them. The man in front of her was particularly rough, as he constantly slammed his huge cock deep into her mouth until it was at the back of her throat. Just when she was about to gag he would pull out for a few seconds and let her collect herself before spearing his penis back into her mouth.

“Please stop that! You’re gonna kill me!” Hannah sobbed, after the enormous man plunged his cock deep into her mouth and made her gag horribly before pulling out once more.

“You like it bitch, all you Asians like a big white cock stuffed in your mouth,” the biker responded, as he clutched Hannah’s hair in one hand while he used the other to rub his cock all over her face, streaking it with her own drool.

In a few minutes the biker in front of Hannah started shouting in ecstasy and Hannah felt the terrible dread in her stomach. She mentally braced herself and tried to stay calm as a violent river of cum started gushing out of the penis. The huge biker clutched her head in his hands and screamed in delight as he began shooting off into her mouth.

“I’m cumming you fucking slut! Keep that mouth closed and swallow it whore! Fucking swallow that spunk!” The Outlaw roared.

Hannah whimpered piteously but obediently kept her head still and allowed the filthy giant to discharge his cum into her mouth. The sensation of the sickening fluid filling her entire mouth was too terrible for words, and Hannah had no idea how she kept her lips closed and allowed it to happen. Nobody, not even any of her boyfriends, had ever ejaculated inside her mouth, and the idea of it had always disgusted her.

“That’s it bitch, that’s a good little whore,” the biker lauded Hannah, pinching her jaws between his fingers while he finished dumping all of his sperm into her mouth. “Now swallow it bitch, swallow it all.”

Hannah was crying hysterically and nearly coughed up the sperm as the other Outlaw continued to vigorously fuck her pussy from behind. She groaned in sheer misery but somehow could not get herself to gulp down the hot, sticky load of cum. Irritated, the biker jerked back on her hair so that her head was tilted back and she was staring at the ceiling. Hannah whined in protest as he then pinched her nose shut, cutting off her breathing. After a moment, she finally had no choice and swallowed the entire pool of cum in one big gulp.

“Aaaauuuggghhhh!!” Hannah screamed in complete disgust, as she felt the nasty juice flowing down her throat and into her belly.

“Good job slut, I knew you had it in you, you’re a dirty little whore anyway,” the huge man stated, before tapping Hannah on the head and exiting the bed.

Not long after, the biker fucking Hannah’s pussy roared in ecstasy and then proceeded to fill that orifice with more semen. When he was finished he pulled out and stepped aside for the next lucky man. Hannah whined desperately and squirmed around as two more bikers quickly flanked her.

“Please stop this, please I can’t take anymore,” Hannah pleaded with the overweight Outlaw in front of her, as he pulled his smelly cock out and smacked it on her forehead.

“My turn bitch,” the old man replied, leering down at the dejected Asian. “Better swallow it all too.”

Hannah wailed in agony as the two bikers quickly tore their cocks into her and began fucking her hard. The man behind her had his hands on her petite shoulders and was tugging back on them while he ferociously slammed into her sore cunt from behind. Like all the other men, his cock was enormous and way larger than any Hannah had ever taken before in her life. He continued to relentlessly pound her while the other biker thumped her face back and forth onto his moldy cock. In a couple of minutes he felt himself about to climax and buried his cock deep between Hannah’s quivering lips.

“I’m cumming bitch! I’m fucking cumming! Swallow that sperm whore!” The old biker exclaimed happily.

Hannah moaned in objection as the thick semen spewed into the back of her mouth and toward her throat. The huge beast was still pumping his cock in and out while he ejaculated, making it extremely difficult for Hannah to keep the pool of cum all inside her mouth. Nevertheless, she managed to do so and waited until the man was finished. When he removed his cock from her mouth, she closed her lips and took a deep breath through her nose before closing her eyes and downing the biker’s vile sperm.

“Uuuuuggghhhhh!!” Hannah howled miserably, shuddering in complete disgust as she felt the hot, sticky cum making its way down her gullet.

More than thirty minutes passed by as more and more pairs of Devil’s Outlaws double-teamed Hannah. Three more men fucked her mouth during this time, and every single one of them ejaculated inside of it. Amazingly, Hannah somehow willed herself to swallow each load, simply because she truly believed they would mutilate her if she didn’t. Nevertheless, she was starting to go completely insane and didn’t know how much more cum she could take inside her belly.

“Please no more! Please don’t cum in my mouth! Please I can’t take this anymore!” Hannah begged wretchedly, as another biker knelt before her and produced his erect penis.

“Shut up whore, this is the only thing you’re good for,” the tattooed giant shot back. “Besides, you need to start getting used to it. You’ll be drinking lots and lots of cum from now on.”

With that, the hairy ogre forced his dick between Hannah’s lips and started fucking her face roughly. Behind her another biker was already busy hammering away at her horrendously sore pussy. Even though more than half a dozen men had already ploughed it open, the hole was still amazingly tight.

After about five minutes, the brute in front of Hannah screamed triumphantly before he too emptied a huge pool of cum inside the girl’s mouth. Hannah groaned in despair and anguish but respectfully swallowed the man’s semen. She was crying dismally and yelped repeatedly in pain as the biker behind her still continued to rape her tight pussy. In a few minutes, however, he too dumped his seed inside of the Asian.

“God stop please! I can’t drink anymore please!” Hannah sobbed, as another Outlaw got into position in front of her.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, however, as the massive biker quickly plunged his dick into her mouth and started fucking her face like a maniac. Hannah screeched in agony as another man tore into her raw cunt and began nailing her from behind. After about ten minutes he came inside of her, and about five minutes after that the biker using her mouth ejaculated as well. Hannah tried to break out of his grasp but he pulled her head back and clamped her nose shut so that she was forced to drink his sperm.

“Good news whore,” Tank declared, stepping in front of the exhausted and weeping Asian. “We’re all done for tonight. I think that was a nice introduction don’t you? You better rest up good bitch, ‘cause tomorrow you got a real long day ahead of you. This shit tonight wasn’t even a warm up. I mean shit we didn’t even fuck your ass. But you’ll get plenty of action there tomorrow you’ll see.”

Tank and another biker grabbed Hannah and cuffed her hands to the steel bed frame. She was so devastated physically and emotionally that she did not even resist as they secured her. Most of the other bikers had left after they’d finished using her, and just a couple of them remained. All in all, 16 Devil’s Outlaws had fucked her in slightly less than two hours.

“Sweet dreams cunt,” Tank said, as he and his buddies prepared to exit the room. “Goddamn I can’ wait till morning. We’re gonna hurt you real good tomorrow. Gonna be the longest day in your life whore.”

And with that, Tank turned off the light and left the room along with the other bikers. Hannah was bawling uncontrollably as she lay in the darkness. She could still feel the sperm from the filthy bikers dribbling out of her pussy and swimming around in her belly. She screamed hysterically and pulled feverishly at the cuffs around her wrists. This still did not seem real to her, everything felt like one huge nightmare. She thought about how she should be checking into her hotel in Cabo right now, and instead was here in this godforsaken tavern after being raped by more than a dozen psychotic, violent bikers. As the harsh reality of her predicament sank in, she began sobbing even harder and wondered what on earth was going to happen to her now.

Chapter 3: Hannah’s New Life

“Wake up slut! It’s time to put that hot little body to work, you got a long day ahead of you,” one of the bikers declared, slapping Hannah roughly across the face.

Hannah yelped in pain as she was abruptly and painfully woken up. Immediately the horrible reality of her situation set in and she started whimpering miserably. She didn’t know what time she fell asleep, but it had taken her at least a couple hours and she felt like she’d hardly slept at all.

There were at least 15 bikers inside the room and she knew they were all ready and waiting to rape her. She recognized some of them from last night, and a couple others were new. The man who’d awoken her unlocked the handcuffs around her wrists then placed a plate of food on the side of the bed. The meal consisted of leftovers from dinner by the tavern’s customers last night.

“Breakfast time sweetie,” Tank declared, stepping forward while he smiled. “I know it’s not exactly what you’re probably used to, but that’s the kind of meal you’ll be getting from now on. You got ten minutes to eat, then its fuck time.”

“Please stop this, please just let me go,” Hannah pleaded, looking toward the leader with fear and desperation. “You can take all my money. I won’t tell anyone I swear please.”

“We don’t want your fucking money bitch,” Tank replied. “Now eat your breakfast before we beat the shit out of you.”

Hannah was already starting to cry as she reached over and grabbed the plate of food. Just the sight of the meal made her sick. There were scraps of steak and pork-chop and some of them had clearly been chewed thoroughly before someone had spit them back out. The vegetables and salad remnants had likewise been saved from the disposal. It was obvious that the men had simply gathered any and all leftover food from the patrons last night and piled them all together on the plate. Hannah grabbed the dirty fork and proceeded to slowly and reluctantly eat the meal, taking the cleanest and un-chewed meats first.

After ten minutes had passed two of the bikers seized the half-eaten plate of food from the Asian and set it aside. Hannah immediately started pleading with the pair of giants as they grabbed her and dragged her off the bed. She was shaking in terror as they forced her to her knees and the group of men formed a circle around her.

“Today is the first day of your new life bitch,” Tank announced, as he stood in front of the kneeling Asian. “You can forget about whatever stupid shit you used to do, you’re nothing but a whore now, and you belong to us. We own your ass and we’re gonna do whatever the fuck we want to you. We’re gonna hurt you and fuck you a lot, and if you don’t behave we’ll fucking torture you real slow and good. The best thing for you to do is accept your new life and focus on pleasing us. Understand?”

“Please stop this, why are you doing this? I didn’t do anything to you guys, why are you doing this to me?” Hannah begged woefully.

“Shut your mouth slut,” the huge biker said. “Now we’re gonna start the day off by fucking that sweet little ass of yours. I told you last night we’d tear that hole up. But first you’re gonna suck my cock for a warm up.”

The other bikers laughed in approval as Tank dropped his pants to the floor and stepped right up to the kneeling girl. Hannah recoiled in fear and revulsion as the huge man grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face to within an inch of his cock. The enormous shaft was already almost fully erect and Hannah could see the thick veins flexing all over it.

“Open your mouth slut, and get to work on that dick,” Tank commanded, smacking the tip of his penis against Hannah’s forehead.

Hannah whimpered unhappily as she parted her lips and the hairy fiend anxiously plunged his dick into her mouth. She yelped in surprise as the huge dick stretched her jaws uncomfortably wide. The look of revulsion on Hannah’s face was undeniable as she was forced to taste the sour, dirty cock.

“Let’s go bitch, suck it, wrap those lips around that cock and use that tongue too,” the biker instructed. “I know you know how to suck dick.”

Hannah was crying now as she grabbed the massive penis with her hands and wrapped her lips around the bulbous head. She heard the man groan happily once she began slowly pumping her mouth back and forth along the 8” shaft. She sucked Tank’s dick for a couple minutes, alternating between lapping at it with her tongue and taking a few inches into her mouth with each stroke.

“Come on whore, you can do better than that,” Tank said, as he grabbed the back of Hannah’s head and forced nearly his entire penis into her mouth.

Hannah immediately started retching as the huge cock slammed brutally into her throat. She shrieked wretchedly and tried to push away the giant biker with her small hands, but she was no match as he easily held her in place. After a few seconds, however, he finally pulled out when Hannah started choking violently.

“Please!! Don’t do that!!” Hannah begged, her face already turning red while she coughed miserably.

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” Tank shot back, gripping the Asian’s hair firmly as she regained her composure. “You better start learning how to give a proper blow job slut. That means you you take our cocks all the way down that little throat, till you feel our balls on your chin. Now open your mouth!”

Hannah whined in anguish but spread her lips wide as the terrible cock once again invaded her mouth. She tried her best to remain calm, but the instant it started pushing against her throat her gag reflex kicked in again and she started retching instantly. Hannah frantically beat her fists against the huge man’s thighs as he held her face against his cock and shoved more of the giant pole down her throat.

“Stupid fucking cunt, you got a lot to learn,” Tank said in anger, before pulling out of the miserable Asian’s mouth.

Hannah immediately began coughing as she took in much needed gulps of air. She hung her head in anguish and cried, unable to look at the biker’s huge penis anymore. She’d never deep-throated anyone and had no idea how to do it. It didn’t even seem possible to her.

“Lucky for you I can’t wait anymore, I need to fuck that asshole,” Tank stated, jerking Hannah onto her feet and hauling her toward the mattress.

“Please don’t, please stop, don’t hurt me please,” Hannah begged, as the brute slammed her against the edge of the bed on her belly.

“Spread those legs cunt!” Tank ordered, kicking Hannah’s lean, tanned legs wide apart.

Hannah was shaking violently and continued to plead with the man as he nestled up behind her. She heard him spit and then cried in terror when she felt him reach down and pry her ass-cheeks apart with his hands. She started to panic as he began rubbing two fingers up and down her crack and onto her asshole, smearing the opening with his saliva.

“No!!! Please don’t!! Please no!!!” Hannah screamed, writhing around desperately as soon as she felt the man’s enormous cock against her tiny anus.

“Don’t fight me bitch! This is what you’re made for!” Tank shouted, holding Hannah down with one hand while he used the other to force the tip of his dick into her amazingly tight asshole.

Hannah was sobbing now as she felt the biker’s gigantic penis slowly working its way into her ass. She’d never done anal in her life, and the idea of it was so disgusting that she’d never even came close to considering it. Therefore, it was unfathomable to Hannah that she was about to get sodomized by this repulsive beast.

“Aaauuggghhhh!! Noooooo!!!” Hannah screamed in agony, as the enormous cock stretched her anus excruciatingly wide and began penetrating deep into the tiny hole.

“Holy fuck!! Jesus Christ that feels so fucking good!! Goddamn!!!” Tank roared in utter delight, pinning the small, struggling Asian against the filthy mattress while he used his powerful legs and hips to force his dick into her asshole.

“Please!!! Please stop!! It hurts!!!” Hannah shrieked, thrashing around wildly as she was gradually and agonizingly skewered.

Almost all of the other bikers were gathered around Tank in a semicircle, some of them sipping beers as they made lewd comments about the suffering Asian. They were all extremely aroused as they watched their huge friend cramming his cock inside of her. A few were already shouting at Tank to turn it up and start fucking her hard.

“Fuck I don’t know how long I can last man, this bitch’s asshole is so fucking tight,” Tank stated in wonder, as he packed more than half of his cock now into the tiny hole.

Hannah screamed in pain and horror as more and more of Tank’s penis was stuffed inside of her. Over 5” of the shaft was lodged inside her anus and the feeling of discomfort was unbearable. Hannah felt like her entire rectum was about to tear apart and had no idea how the man’s cock was actually fitting inside of her. Each additional centimeter that was shoved in now was more painful than the previous, as Hannah felt the massive dick working its way toward her bowels.

“God that’s incredible,” Tank remarked, as he gazed down and saw that nearly his entire cock had somehow fit inside the little Asian. “Your ass was just made for fucking you little cunt. Now get ready bitch, I’m about to fuck you like you ain’t never been fucked in your life.”

“Aaaaaggghhhhhhh!!!” Hannah squealed, thrashing around feverishly as the hairy giant pulled almost his whole penis out just before he viciously slammed forward with all of his power.

Hannah’s scream of pure agony was ear-piercing and she was frantically trying to escape from the huge biker. Tank had literally drove forward as hard as he could but the girl’s asshole was so tight that he’d only managed to get about half of his cock back inside the orifice. He was struggling to hold her in place while he prepared to rip into her again. Despite her small stature, the Asian was in so much pain that she was doing everything she could to get away from Tank.

“Let me get some help over here,” Tank requested, turning to his friends. “Grab her arms and legs for me.”
Practically the entire group of Outlaws moved forward to assist Tank. Two of them quickly grabbed Hannah’s legs and spread them painfully apart. Another pair climbed onto the bed and pinned the girl’s shoulders firmly against the bed. Hannah had to turn her head to the side in order to keep her face from being pressed deep into the soiled mattress. She screamed in terror as the four bikers held her steadily in place, preventing her from barely moving an inch.

“Please don’t! Please!! It hurts please!!” Hannah pleaded, as she felt Tank wrap his massive, powerful hands around her small waist.

“Get ready whore, this is gonna hurt real bad,” Tank warned, before thrusting savagely forward and ripping the rest of his cock into Hannah’s ass.

“Aaaauuuuggghhhhhh!!!” Hannah screeched, writhing around in horrendous pain as her asshole was viciously stuffed full of the biker’s dick.

Now that his friends were holding Hannah secure, Tank was happy to be able to focus solely on giving Hannah the most excruciating fucking of her life. Still clutching her waist in his hands, he used his mighty hips and legs and began furiously pounding into the miserable Asian. Hannah looked like she was dying as she screamed in complete agony and thrashed around like thousands of volts of electricity were zapped into her.

“Goddamn this bitch is tight! Good fucking lord!” Tank exclaimed, slowing down for a moment as he struggled to suppress his climax.

“Pleeeaaasssee!! Pleeaassee sttooopp!!!” Hannah begged, tears of misery coursing down her cheeks as she looked back at Tank in despair.

As the huge biker resumed fucking her hard, Hannah literally thought she was going to die. It felt like Tank’s huge cock was completely shredding her apart, and the burning sensation in her anus was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. She was convinced that he was going to completely mutilate the hole and that it would be permanently torn open forever.

“Oh my God it hurts!!! Please stop this!!” Hannah wailed, continuing to struggle as Tank ferociously hammered away at her asshole.

“Fuck!! I’m cumming!” The brute screamed, slamming his entire cock deep into Hannah just before he started shooting his semen inside of her.

Tank was quivering in complete ecstasy as he held Hannah’s ass tightly against his body and proceeded to pump her full of his cum. He stared down at the conquered Asian and roared like a beast. Hannah, meanwhile, was bawling hysterically as she felt the man’s hot sperm flooding into her bowels.

“Jesus Christ that was fucking awesome,” Tank proclaimed, panting heavily while he remained inside Hannah until every drop of his cum had been emptied inside the girl.

Hannah groaned miserably as the hairy giant slowly extracted his still-erect cock out of her raw anus. It seemed to take the man forever to pull it all out, and when he finally did there was a ghastly popping sound. Even with the huge shaft removed, Hannah could feel how hideously wide open her asshole was. The muscles around her anal ring had been badly torn and the hole refused to contract.

“Damn look at that,” Tank remarked, staring down at the Asian’s gaping, bloody hole proudly. “That’s what the fuck I call a proper ass fucking.”

“Good work Tank,” one of the bikers holding Hannah’s leg applauded.

“Thanks buddy,” Tank replied, giving Hannah a hard slap in the ass before he stepped aside. “What time is it?”

“8:30,” one of the Outlaws in the back answered.

“Okay, let’s use her till about noon,” Tank said. “Then we’ll take a break, wash her up and head over to Mel’s, and grab some lunch too.”

“Sounds good,” the Outlaw holding Hannah’s leg responded.

“Hold up,” Tank stated, as he was about to walk away before he stared down at his cock in disgust. “Turn that little cunt around.”

Hannah groaned dismally as the four bikers grabbed her and rotated her so that she was on her hands and knees but now facing Tank. They continued to hold her limbs between them, so that she could not move or crawl. She was still sobbing and trying to recover from the horrific rape just a minute ago. Tank stepped forward and grabbed the girl’s long hair, jerking on it so that her face was right in front of his penis.

“You dirtied my cock you little whore,” Tank denounced the little Asian, pointing to the traces of shit that covered his dick. “Fucking clean that shit up right now slut, with your mouth.”

“No, please,” Hannah pleaded, wincing in disgust at the sight and smell of her own shit.

“I said fucking lick that shit right now!” Tank screamed, fiercely slapping Hannah across the face with his palm. “You don’t say no to us bitch! When we tell you to do something you fucking do it! Now open that mouth or I’ll break your jaw!”

Hannah squealed from the painful slap and felt like her cheek-bone had shattered. She quickly and obediently parted her lips, allowing the biker to sink his filthy cock into her mouth. As soon as the taste of feces hit her, she screamed in disgust and barely kept herself from throwing up.

“Lick it off slut, use those lips and that tongue and clean it good,” Tank commanded, as he began pumping Hannah’s mouth up and down the massive pole. “I want that cock nice and clean.”

Hannah whined in sheer anguish as the huge biker brutally moved her head back and forth along his penis. She wrapped her mouth tightly around the thick shaft and grimaced in horror as she felt her own shit rubbing onto her lips. There was also some cum and blood on the cock, but all she could focus on was the unbearably revolting excrement.

“Stick your tongue out,” Tank instructed, as he pulled his dick out of the Asian’s mouth after a couple of minutes.
Hannah was crying desperately but stuck her tongue out like a dog. She didn’t know how much more of this abuse she could take. She whimpered in fear as the hairy biker pressed her face against the base of his cock.

“Now use that tongue, and lick that cock up and down, top to bottom whore,” Tank commanded.

Whining dejectedly, Hannah pressed her tongue firmly against the base of the biker’s penis and slowly worked it all the way up to the tip. She then tilted her head back down and repeated the process. Over and over again she licked Tank’s massive cock from bottom to top, picking up any remnants of her shit along the way. When he was finally satisfied with how clean his cock looked, Tank jerked on Hannah’s hair so she could see his face.

“Good work whore,” the biker said in approval. “I guess you ain’t so hopeless after all.”

The gang leader then stepped aside, and the moment he did the bikers holding Hannah as well as the half-dozen others all converged on the petite Asian. There was a brief argument about who would go next, as the men discussed seniority and time constraints and other issues. However, it soon got sorted out and before long Hannah was back in the doggy-style position, with her knees at the edge of the bed and four bikers holding her firm.

“No please! Please no more!” Hannah begged, staring at the huge biker behind her in terror as he grabbed her hips in his hands.

“I ain’t never fucked no Asian ass before,” the man declared in excitement, pushing the head of his penis crudely against Hannah’s bloody anus. “Guess it’s my lucky day cunt.”

Hannah screamed in agony as the giant Outlaw viciously drove his cock deep into her tender asshole. The pain was truly overwhelming and she thought she would die from it. It felt just as painful as when Tank tore the hole open for the first time, simply because of how raw and tender it was now. Hannah did not know how she was going to endure another rape of her ass.

“Jesus Christ this little bitch is tight back here!” The enormous man roared in total pleasure.

“Please stop!! Please!! Noooooo!!” Hannah wailed, thrashing around in pain as the massive biker started pounding into her anus.

The hairy ogre reached forward and grabbed Hannah’s long dark hair with both hands and yanked brutally back. Hannah screamed from the searing pain and she thought the man was ripping her hair from her scalp. He was jerking back as hard as he could on her mane, forcing Hannah to look towards the ceiling. Her neck and back was bent excruciatingly and either one looked like they were going to snap if the man pulled any harder.

The tattooed beast proceeded to fuck Hannah for several minutes, tugging viciously on her hair while he used his hips to slam his cock into her asshole. The little Asian wailed in torture the entire time, fresh tears of misery flowing down her cheeks as she was fucked like a worthless whore. Hannah tried as hard as she could to free herself, but the bikers were holding her so tightly and there was absolutely nothing she could do but endure the savage rape.

“You like that don’t you?!” The biker shouted, as he reached down with one hand and began slapping Hannah’s breast in the most degrading fashion.

“Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!!” Hannah screamed miserably, writhing around in agony as the beefy Outlaw continued to wreck her asshole.

After a couple more minutes the man ruthlessly slammed his entire cock inside Hannah’s ass and began dumping his load into the Asian. Hannah sobbed in disgust and buried her face into the mattress while the biker drained his spunk inside her anus. She could hear him groaning in delight and cried even harder.

“God this bitch’s ass feels so fucking good,” the man grunted, savoring the feeling of Hannah’s asshole for a moment before finally pulling out of her.

“Damn look at that asshole,” one of the other bikers remarked, after their friend stepped away and provided them with a view of the orifice.

Hannah’s anus was once again gaping badly and fresh lines of blood were trickling from it. Because Tank and the other biker had such large cocks and had ejaculated so far inside of her, their sperm was still buried deep in her asshole and was just now starting to seep out of it. Hannah could feel how badly torn her sphincter was and the pain was unreal.

“Here, grab her,” said one of the Outlaws holding Hannah’s leg, just before he quickly took his position behind the miserable Asian bitch.

“God please stop!!!” Hannah shrieked, struggling dreadfully when she felt the man’s cock against her burning asshole.

“Fuck that feels good,” the large biker groaned, holding Hannah’s hips in his hands while he slowly sank his thick penis into her anus.

Hannah screamed in pain as her gaping, tender asshole was once again brutally packed full of cock. Though the opening was still very tight, it had been stretched open enough now so that the huge biker did not have too much difficulty entering it. In a few moments he had his entire cock inside the hole, and Hannah began screeching miserably as he quickly began pummeling it with all of his might.

“Please stop!! Oh my God it hurts!!! Pleeeaaasssee!!” Hannah wailed, wriggling around in pain as the powerful biker clobbered her asshole.

As unfathomable as it seemed, the fucking was even more excruciating for Hannah than the previous two men, simply because of how torn and raw her asshole was by this point. It truly felt like somehow had taken a massive burning stake and was ripping it into her tiny anus. Hannah’s mind was overwhelmed by the agony and the entire room seemed to be spinning while the Outlaw behind her continued to pound her ass.

“Aaaaiiiieeee!!” Hannah squealed, as the dirty giant slammed forward and drove his entire cock into her rectum.
“Turn her around,” the biker instructed the men holding Hannah.

The Outlaw wrapped his enormous, heavily tattooed arms around Hannah’s small torso and swiftly hoisted her into the air. He then turned around and took a seat on the edge of the bed, with the Asian still impaled on his dick and now facing the other bikers. He locked his arms into Hannah’s elbows, keeping her own arms securely fastened behind her.

“Someone get over here and fuck this bitch’s pussy,” the man said impatiently.

One of the bikers quickly stepped forward, dropping his grimy pants and underwear to the floor. The men who’d been holding Hannah’s legs earlier once again grabbed her ankles and spread her legs brutally wide. The Outlaw who was about to rape Hannah’s pussy stroked his cock while he stared down for a few seconds to admire the beautiful opening.

“No!!! Please no!! Don’t do this please!!” Hannah begged, as the huge biker leaned forward and pressed the bulging head of his cock against her pussy.

“God fuck yeah,” the hideous beast groaned, as he lunged forward and smashed his cock deep into Hannah’s incredibly aching vagina.

“Aaauuuuugggghhhhh!!” Hannah screamed, her face twisting into an expression of terrible agony as the Outlaw brutally tore into her.

The men on either side of the Asian were having difficulty holding onto her flailing legs. Hannah was thrashing around wildly and the biker beneath her grunted in pleasure as he felt his cock grinding around inside her asshole. He pulled back on the girl so that they were both lying down on the bed, allowing the huge biker on top better a better position to fuck her cunt.

“Nooooooooo!!!” Hannah screeched, struggling feverishly as the man on top of her began mercilessly hammering into her vagina.

As his friend quickly got into a fierce rhythm, the Outlaw on the bottom also used his hips and began slamming his own cock in and out of Hannah’s bloody anus. He timed his thrusts to match those of the biker above, so that both men were tearing their massive cocks into the helpless little Asian at the same time. Hannah’s screams of agony were absolutely piercing. Her pussy was still unbelievably sore from last night, and each time she felt the dual cocks plowing into her she felt like she was going to die from the excruciating pain.

“Fuck this little slut has a tight pussy,” the hairy ogre said in total ecstasy.

“Aaauuuggghhh pleeeaaassseee!!” Hannah wept, still writhing around in pain as the two massive Outlaws fucked her violently.

Tears of agony and humiliation were streaming down the small Asian’s face as she was savagely double-teamed on the mattress. Even though she was being brutally raped, Hannah still felt like such a whore stuck between the bikers while they pummeled her. Never in her life did she ever think she would end up as the meat inside a gang-bang sandwich like this. The man’s hairy, sweaty chest above her was just inches from her face, and the stench of his body odor was nauseating.

“God fuck I’m cumming!!” The biker on top yelled, plunging his whole dick inside Hannah’s pussy just before he started shooting his sperm into her.

“Fuck man, me too!” The other man laughed, as he also drove his cock up as far as he could into Hannah’s ass and began ejaculating also.

Hannah sobbed hysterically and trashed around even more zealously as the two fiends filled her with their seed. Even though more than a dozen members of the biker gang had spewed their loads inside her, it still drove the Asian absolutely insane each time it happened. It wasn’t simply the fact that it filled her with complete disgust, but also the much more frightening possibility that she was being infested with STDs.

“Jesus that was nice! Best fuck of my life you Asian whore!” The biker on top exclaimed, as he pulled his cock out of Hannah’s obscenely stretched pussy and rubbed the head of it on her sparse pubic hair.

“Get this bitch off me,” the Outlaw underneath Hannah said to the men holding her legs.

The two bikers grabbed hold of Hannah’s thighs and slowly lifted her into the air, savoring the wonderfully hot sight of their friend’s massive cock dislodging itself from her ravaged asshole. When the shaft was out, the biker who’d just sodomized Hannah left the bed and the two men holding her bent her back over the edge of the mattress.

“Noooooo pleeeaaaasssee,” Hannah begged, struggling feebly once she felt more pairs of hands grabbing her legs and spreading them apart.

“Damn I bet that asshole is sore huh slut?” Hannah heard a biker behind her chuckle, just before she felt his calloused fingers grab her hips.

“Please don’t, please I—I can’t take this, please just stop,” the skinny Asian pleaded frantically.

“Time to see if you’re still tight back here,” the Outlaw declared, as he lined his cock up with Hannah’s gaping anus.

Hannah screamed miserably as the bastard embedded the tip of his cock into her asshole and rammed forward sadistically hard. He growled in sheer delight as nearly his entire penis disappeared into the bloody, ragged hole. The huge biker immediately began fucking Hannah with all of his power, battering her anus with excruciatingly deep thrusts. The petite Asian wailed piercingly and began floundering on the bed like a dying fish.

“Nooooooo!! Aaaaooowwwwww!!!” Hannah wept, as the cruel Outlaw raped her furiously.

The massive biker continued to fuck Hannah for a couple of long minutes. Each time he smashed into her anus Hannah screamed for mercy at the top of her lungs. He was raping her so hard that it looked like he was literally trying to shag her to death. After a few more minutes, he plunged his dick all the way inside Hannah’s ass then reached down and grabbed her thighs. Hannah shrieked in surprise as the beefy giant easily lifted her into the air, with her knees pinned against her tits and her ass still impaled on his cock.

“Who’s next? Phil? Get over here and stuff this little pussy,” the biker instructed, pulling Hannah’s legs wide apart to reveal her lovely cunt to the men.

“With pleasure buddy,” the Outlaw replied, quickly stripping off his leather pants and briefs.

“Don’t! Please! Please stop!!” Hannah pleaded wretchedly, wriggling around in terror as the tall, muscular biker stroked his gigantic penis and approached her.

He was slightly taller than the man holding Hannah, and thus had to bend his knees in order to get his dick firmly embedded in the Asian’s snatch. When he was ready he brutally drove up with his powerful legs and tore nearly his entire penis inside Hannah’s pussy in one devastating stroke. The Asian wailed in absolute agony and instantly began thrashing around like crazy.

“God this bitch has a sweet little cunt,” the new rapist proclaimed, before jerking up and cramming the rest of his cock into Hannah’s tight sex.

“You ready? Let’s give this little slut the fucking she deserves,” the biker inside Hannah’s sphincter declared.
“Let’s do it!” The other man responded giddily.

Hannah screamed in horror and pain as the massive bikers quickly began slamming her up and down their cocks. The goliath behind her was cupping her firm, round ass in his hands and her legs were pulled up and draped over the other man’s enormous arms. They held her seemingly weightless body between them and effortlessly smashed her up and down their giant shafts, savoring the amazing feeling of her tight holes and her squeals of misery.

“Pleaaaassee!! It huuuurrrrrttttss!!!” Hannah begged, beating her small hands feverishly against the men while they simultaneously fucked her.

The two Outlaws were grunting like beasts as they ruthlessly bounced the little Asian up and down like a ragdoll. They were slamming her onto their cocks so hard that it looked like they were causing serious damage to her insides. The penetration of her holes was painful to even watch.

“Shit! I’m cumming! Fuck I’m cumming!” One of the men bellowed, burying his cock deep into Hannah’s pussy just before he started ejaculating into the Asian.

The biker inside Hannah’s ass didn’t seem to mind having to pause for a second so that his friend could handle his business. He ran his hands up Hannah’s glistening body and onto her firm breasts and began cruelly crushing the small mounds. Hannah screamed in pain as the enormous man squashed her tits in his hands. In the meantime, the other Outlaw finished shooting his load inside of her and pulled out, once again leaving her cunt a gaping, cum-soaked mess.

It didn’t take long for the other giant biker to finish as well. He grabbed the back of Hannah’s knees and proceeded to viciously thump her asshole onto his cock. The Asian cried deplorably but there was nothing she could do but take the painful fucking. In about a minute he too began climaxing, skewering Hannah onto his entire penis while he dumped his sperm far up her anus. When he was finished he lifted the girl off his massive pole and tossed her onto the mattress like the piece of shit whore she was.

“Sttoooooppp!! Pleeeaaaassseee!!” Hannah sobbed, struggling weakly as she felt more pairs of hands instantly grab her and ready her for more abuse.

She was once again lifted into the air by two Outlaws, one on either side of her, as they pulled her legs wide apart. A third biker took a seat on the edge of the bed and Hannah screamed in despair as the men holding her brutally drove her down onto his thick, rock-hard penis. She began bawling in absolute torture as her horribly sore vagina was once again violated. The pain was unreal and Hannah seriously wasn’t sure she could keep on taking it much longer.

“Ahhhh yeeeaaahhhh,” the fat, hairy biker moaned in delight, as Hannah was impaled onto his cock.
“Please no!! Please!!!” Hannah screamed in panic, as another giant Outlaw got situated behind her and pushed her forward so that her ass was raised slightly.

Hannah wept miserably as she felt the ogre pry her ass-cheeks apart with his thumbs just before he began pushing the head of his massive cock into her raw, swollen anus. As painful as getting her cunt stuffed was, getting her asshole buggered was far worse. It truly felt like the hole was completely torn and bleeding all over the place, which unfortunately for Hannah, wasn’t too far from the truth. Nevertheless, that was not going to stop these men from continuing to demolish it.

“Aaaaaoooowwwww!!!” Hannah wailed, squirming around as the brawny Outlaw behind her began fucking her ass hard.

“Such a pretty little whore,” the obese slob in front of Hannah declared, as he held her head in his hands and started licking her face disgustingly.

Hannah shrieked in agony and revulsion while the two bikers continued to torment her. Her hips felt like they were going to snap as the man behind her pounded furiously away at her anus. Meanwhile, the hideous biker in front of her was running his foul tongue all over her face, and even forcing it into her mouth. After several minutes the hefty Outlaw behind her finally came inside her ass, filling her anal canal with more hot sperm. He left when every last drop of his cum had been emptied into Hannah, and not long after the biker fucking her pussy did the same.

Over two hours passed by as the gang of bikers raped Hannah virtually nonstop. After the rest of the men awaiting their first turn finished with her, the entire pack of insatiable beasts all went for another round with the exhausted Asian. At times they fucked her individually and at other times in pairs. They used her in just about every position imaginable, but for the most part she was sandwiched between two of them on her back, with one Outlaw’s cock up her ass while another pounded her cunt from above.

A few of them did elect to fuck her mouth and cum on her face or down her throat, but the vast majority fucked her in the ass twice throughout the ordeal. By the time it was almost noon and the bikers had finished, Hannah was beyond hysterical and ready for death. Never in her life did she ever think she’d be in this kind of situation, at the mercy of a biker gang and raped by more than a dozen of them for several hours. Her asshole and pussy were both so horrendously sore and outstretched, and torrents of sperm were leaking from both grisly openings.

“God you’re a mess, you dirty little fucking whore,” one of the Outlaws declared in disgust, as he and another biker grabbed Hannah’s arms and hauled her into the bathroom. “You got ten minutes to shower up bitch.”

The large men dumped Hannah into the dirty bathtub before walking out of the room, not bothering to close the door. Hannah groaned wearily as she barely was able to stand on her feet. She turned the knob and gasped as a powerful cascade of hot water burst onto her aching body. She quickly took the grimy bar of soap and used it to wash the sperm off her face. She cried in pain after she finished and started cleaning her anus and vagina, simply rubbing her fingers against the raw openings was almost unbearable. She spent the entire time scrubbing cum from the countless bikers from her body, and before long two men pulled the shower curtain aside and grabbed her.

“No please! Leave me alone please!” Hannah begged, as the powerful bikers hauled her out of the restroom.

“Looking good bitch,” Tank greeted the shivering Asian slut. “Put these on, don’t worry it’ll be the last time you ever wear them. We’re gonna get you some more appropriate clothes real soon. After all, you’re a whore now, and whores don’t go around in this kind of shit.”

The huge Outlaw tossed Hannah’s shorts and halter top and sandals at her feet. Her undergarments were nowhere to be seen, and Hannah did not bother asking for them. She quickly grabbed the articles of clothing and slipped them on, and felt hugely relieved to be covered up for the first time in seemingly forever. It did not even matter that her dark nipples were discernible beneath the thin fabric, or that she would probably be naked again in a few hours.

“Let’s go slut, it’s time for a little field trip,” Tank declared.

Hannah shuffled forward as two bikers grabbed her and dragged her out of the spacious room. She was taken back out into the main bar and lounge of the tavern. There were only a few men sitting in the area at this time, but they all glanced over at her with interest. Before long, she was back outside in the parking lot and forced to sit down in front of Tank on his Harley. When she was secured, the large pack of Outlaws pulled out onto the road.

Hannah felt the tears running down her face as she sat before the large biker and reflected on her outlandish nightmare. She still could not fathom that this was happening, but as she heard the angry roar of the motorcycle and looked at the sea of bikers surrounding her, the grim reality of her situation began sinking in more and more. She thought for a second about her immediate and long term future and began crying harder.

After about twenty minutes of driving, the gang of Outlaws pulled off the road and made a few more turns before settling into the parking lot of a large, dilapidated building. The place seemed to be an auto-repair shop as well as a junkyard. Tank dismounted his chopper and grabbed Hannah by her hair and forced her to walk with him to the main entrance of the shop.

“Mel! It’s Tank! Open up!” The huge biker shouted, knocking hard on the metal door.

“Hello boys, how ya’ll doin?” Mel greeted, holding the door gate open to allow the Outlaws in. “This is her huh?”

“Yes it is,” Tank replied, jerking Hannah forward so she was facing the old, repugnantly fat man. “Say hello to Mel bitch. Mel, this is…shit I don’t even know this stupid bitch’s name.”

“It’s Hannah,” Mel notified the biker. “I saw her license.”

“Hannah huh?” Tank chuckled. “That’s cute. You finished with her shit?”

“Yup just about,” the obese pig answered. “Been working on it since last night, I hardly slept man. But it’s done. Everything’s out and I already got a guy who’s picking up the parts later. Haven’t crushed the frame yet because I thought you boys would want her to watch.”

“Yeah I think she should,” Tank laughed, before patting his friend on the shoulder. “Well let’s do it now then. Thanks for the help Mel.”

“No problem buddy, anytime,” Mel said, before turning around and leading the gang into the store.

They walked past the large service area of the garage then through another door that led out into a yard. When they got outside Hannah whined in dismay and started crying immediately. Lying in the center of the yard was her car, or rather what was left of her car. Anything of worth had been stripped from her nearly new Subaru sedan, from the tires to everything under the hood, and now just the silver frame was resting on the floor like a skeleton. Just the sight of what her car had been reduced to left the Asian horrified and speechless.

“You boys can go ahead and put it in the crusher if you want, there’s nothing in there anymore,” Mel said.

“Say goodbye to your nice little ride bitch,” Tank said to Hannah, chuckling as he nodded to his friends.

“Please don’t. Why? Why are you doing this?” Hannah pleaded, watching in disbelief as several of the huge bikers grabbed the shiny body of her WRX and loaded it into a car compactor nearby.

Hannah sobbed as one of the men hit a button and the machine instantly came to life. A massive block of steel descended onto her car, crushing through the frame like it was made of plastic. After chomping down on the silver frame several times, the car’s body was reduced to nothing more than a pile of worthless metal. Hannah was completely appalled as she stared at the demolished body of her car. She’d spent years saving up to buy it and now it was gone.

“Good work boys, let’s go,” Tank instructed, leading Hannah back into the garage with his friends.

“I saved these from the inside, thought you might want them,” Mel said, pointing to a box of items on the floor.
Inside the cardboard container were a few of Hannah’s personal belongings, including her cell phone, purse, as well as a small cart of luggage. Tank grabbed the cell phone first and removed the battery, then threw the phone onto the floor and smashed it to pieces with his boot. He rummaged through Hannah’s purse next, removing her wallet and inspecting that for a moment. He pulled out all of her credit cards, her driver’s license, and about $400 worth of cash. Lastly, he opened her suitcase and combed through the clothes and other items, but found nothing inside worth taking.

“Burn all this shit when you get a chance, okay Mel?” Tank requested.

“Sure thing,” the fat man answered.

“Okay I think we’re good, except what we owe you for your services of course,” Tank stated, before grabbing Hannah’s hair and yanking her to her knees. “How about a blowjob from little Hannah here?”

“Please, no,” the terrified Asian pleaded, trembling in fear as the nasty, fat mechanic stood before her.

“That sounds good to me,” Mel declared happily, as he unbuckled his pants and pushed them to the floor around his ankles.

“Start sucking whore,” Tank ordered, jerking hard on Hannah’s hair while Mel presented his cock right in front of the Asian’s face. “And if he cums in your mouth you fucking swallow it bitch.”

Hannah groaned wretchedly but leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the terribly sour and filthy shaft. Fortunately it was not nearly as large as the bikers, but it was covered in dick-cheese and the taste of it nearly made her puke. Hannah whined in protest as the fat ogre grabbed her skull with both of his grimy hands and began cruelly thrusting his disgusting cock in and out of her mouth.

“Jesus Christ that feels good!” Mel exclaimed, as he aggressively fucked the Asian’s face like a pig in heat. “Keep that mouth around me tight bitch!”

Hannah cried dejectedly as the strong man slammed his cock back and forth between her soft lips. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the absolutely horrible taste of the thick shaft as well as the pain of it stretching her jaws. Fortunately the man did not last long, and after about a minute or so he began spewing his cum inside her mouth.

“Drink it whore! Don’t spill any! Not even a drop!” Tank warned, as he watched Hannah’s face twisting into a look of sheer disgust.

Hannah whimpered in protest but obediently began gulping down the man’s jizz. He was shuddering in pleasure as he milked every last ounce of his semen into the Asian’s mouth. Hannah was stunned at how big the load was, as she was forced to swallow several big gulps of the thick juice. When he was finally finished, Mel pulled his cock out from between Hannah’s lips and wiped it off with her hair.

“Fuck that was nice,” Mel declared, breathing heavily from his exertions. “Feel free to bring this cunt by anytime boys.”

“We’ll try, we’re gonna be keeping her real busy for awhile though back at the bar,” Tank responded, staring down at the weeping Asian while he gave her a moment to collect herself. “I think we’re gonna start tricking her out eventually too, but we’ll see. She’d fetch a lot of money that’s for sure.”

“I’d sure as hell pay top dollar for some of that pussy,” said the mechanic.

“Let’s go bitch, get up,” Tank commanded, grabbing a fistful of Hannah’s long, dark hair and dragging her to her feet. “Okay Mel we’re outta here, stop by the bar anytime though. And thanks again for taking care of this shit.”

“No problem, you boys take care, and let me know if you need anything else,” Mel replied.

Tank hauled the miserable Asian out of the shop and back to the parking lot, and the rest of the Outlaws followed closely behind. It was only noon, but the sun was beating down on them from the sky and the temperature was already sweltering. Tank forced Hannah to kneel in front of his Harley.

“You know why we brought you out here slut?” The biker asked. “To show you that you’re ours now bitch. We destroyed all evidence of you, of where you were last night. Nobody is gonna find your ass now, and you’re never gonna leave this place. You’re our property bitch, our little cum-bucket.”

“This is your new life bitch, start getting used to it,” another one of the bikers said, the words cutting into Hannah’s soul.

And with that, Tank grabbed the Asian and yanked her onto her feet. Hannah was crying as she was once again forced onto the motorcycle. Just the act of sitting down on the chopper gave her asshole and vagina tremendous pain. Tank took a seat himself right behind her and together he and the other bikers pulled out of the parking lot. Hannah knew they were most likely heading back to the tavern and that they were all going to rape her again as soon as they got there. The idea was just too horrifying, and she started weeping as she thought about what had quickly become of her life.

Chapter 4: Breaking Hannah Begins

Just as Hannah thought, the bikers headed straight back to the bar. They’d been gone for only about an hour, but when they entered the parking lot Hannah noticed that there were at least 10 more motorcycles sitting there. Her heart was pounding in terror as she was hauled back into the large tavern, with the other Outlaws right behind her. There were several bikers hanging out in the lounge and drinking beers, but as soon as they saw Hannah they got up and followed her into the back.

“Get your ass naked slut,” Tank commanded, shoving the little Asian toward the mattress while he greeted one of the bikers already in the room. “What’s up Jimmy? You bring the stuff?”

“What’s up man? Yeah I did,” the heavily tattooed giant answered, holding up a large duffle bag.

“Nice, get the cane out,” Tank requested, before turning his attention back to Hannah. “I said get your ass naked! What the fuck are you waiting for?”

“Please don’t rape me anymore,” Hannah pleaded nervously, as she began stripping off her clothes. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t rape me.”

“On your knees cunt,” Tank ordered, as he towered above Hannah with a large steel cane in his hand. “You know what this is bitch? This is what you’re gonna feel on your ass and your pretty little tits each time you don’t follow orders. If you wanna keep your ass and tits from getting bloody, you’re gonna be a real good little whore and do what we ask.”

“Please, don’t…don’t hurt me, please,” Hannah wept, flinching in terror as the biker pressed the tip of the cane against her nipple.

“You’re nothing but a cheap, dirty whore, and from now on that’s exactly how you’re gonna be treated,” Tank continued. “You don’t have a name anymore, and you’re never allowed to use ‘I’ either. You’re gonna refer to yourself from now as ‘this whore’ or ‘this slut’ and you’re gonna call us ‘master’ or ‘sir’ got it?”

“Yes sir,” Hannah answered, trembling as the huge Outlaw tapped the steel rod against her breasts.

“Now since we fucked your ass and pussy pretty good this morning we’ll give those holes a break,” Tank stated, before smiling wickedly down at the Asian. “So we’re all gonna take turns fucking your mouth and cumming down your throat. I wan’t you to beg slut, beg us to suck our cocks and swallow our sperm, do it right now.”

“No please, I—I can’t, please don’t make me do that,” Hannah begged, looking up at the massive biker desperately.

“Wow you really are a retarded little cunt, what the fuck did I just say about calling yourself ‘I’?” Tank said angrily, before turning to the other bikers. “Hold her arms.”

“No please I’m sorry, please this—this whore is sorry, please don’t,” Hannah pleaded, as a pair of Outlaws knelt down next to her and grabbed her arms.

“Stick her tits out, and hold her tight,” Tank instructed, as he cocked his arm back menacingly.

“No! Please don’t! I’ll do it! Please!” Hannah shouted in panic, squirming around between the large bikers.
“Too late whore, you need to learn your place,” Tank replied, grinning in excitement as he stared down at her naked, helpless breasts. “I’m gonna give you five shots on your little tits and five on your ass, then we’ll see how well you cooperate slut.”
“No please don’t! I’ll do it! Don’t hit me please!” Hannah shrieked, her eyes widening with terror as the biker prepared to strike her.
Tank viciously swung his arm down and whipped the steel rod into Hannah’s breasts as hard as he could. The sound of the cane cleaving deep into the Asian’s tender flesh was sickening, and it was immediately followed by the most ear-piercing scream of agony from the girl. Hannah’s reaction to the blow was so intense that she nearly broke free from the grasp of the bikers holding her.
“That’s one bitch,” Tank declared, staring down at the long, dark welt that was already starting to form across the top of Hannah’s small, round tits.
“Aaaaauuuugghhhhhhh!!!” Hannah wailed, twisting around miserably as the huge Outlaw tore the cane across her breasts a second time.
“That’s two!” Tank laughed, watching the Asian’s breasts jiggle pathetically from the mighty blow.
“Please stop!! Please!!! I’ll do whatever you want just stop please!!” Hannah piteously begged the fiend.
“That’s three!” Tank shouted back, ripping the steel cane into Hannah’s tits once more. “And what the fuck did I say about calling yourself ‘I’? You still ain’t learning a goddamn thing bitch!”
“Aaaaoooowwwww!! Please I’m sorry!! This whore is sorry!! This whore won’t do it again please!!” Hannah begged, tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared at the floor in utter shame and misery.
Tank drew his arm back and unleashed two more devastating blows on the Asian’s tits in rapid succession. The last one landed right on her nipple and resulted in the loudest, most excruciating squeal from the girl yet. The other bikers were gathered around Hannah and staring lustfully at her quivering breasts. The mounds were covered with five long, fiery red stripes that looked incredibly painful.
“Turn her around, and get that ass nice and high,” Tank instructed the bikers who were holding the sobbing Asian.
“Please! Stop it I’ll do what you want please!” Hannah begged, as the men quickly turned her around and flipped her onto her hands and knees.
“Damn look at that ass,” one of the bikers praised the terrified Asian. “I can’t wait to tear that ass up.”
“What are you bitch? What’s your name?” Tank asked the girl, running the tip of his cane gently across her buttocks.
“Hannah, I mean slut, I’m a slut,” Hannah quickly corrected herself, crying in embarrassment at the words.

“That’s better bitch,” the biker responded. “I’m still gonna have to beat this ass though.”

“Please don’t, master, I promise—this slut promises she’ll be good,” Hannah pleaded, trembling in horror as she felt the cane being lifted from her ass.

“Noooooooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around feverishly as the giant slammed the cane down into her ass with all his power.

The massive bikers were barely able to keep Hannah still as Tank proceeded to furiously batter her small ass with the cane. He administered four more torturous blows, pausing for a few seconds between each one to gaze at the Asian while she writhed around in agony. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and desperately imploring Tank for mercy. When he was finished, Hannah’s ass was also decorated with five severe, blistering welts.

“Turn the cunt around,” instructed the biker, a hint of disappointment in his voice from being done.

“You ready to be a good little whore now?” Tank asked, tapping his cane against the kneeling Asian’s breasts.

“Yes, this…this whore will be good,” Hannah sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared down in dejection.

“Good, then let’s start over,” Tank replied, smiling sinisterly. “I want you to beg to suck our cocks, and swallow our sperm. After you do it, you move on to the next man and do the same.

Don’t stop till you’ve sucked every single one of our dicks, got it?”

“Yes sir,” Hannah answered dismally.

“You can start with me whore,” the huge biker commanded, as he dropped his pants and underwear to the floor.

“Can I—can this whore suck your cock sir,” Hannah requested, before finally adding, “and swallow your cum?”

“Why yes you can, you fucking dirty little slut,” Tank responded happily, tilting his cock down so it was pointed at Hannah’s face.

The small Asian was crying openly now as she reached forward and took the massive cock in her hands. Trembling, she leaned forward and wrapped her lips tightly around the thick shaft. Tank groaned in delight as Hannah began pumping her mouth up and down his hard penis.

“Look at me bitch, look me in the eye, and keep sucking that cock,” Tank commanded, reaching down and grabbing a fistful of the girl’s hair.

Hannah dutifully turned her gaze upward at the smiling brute. She locked her wary eyes on his the entire time while she serviced him. As she did, Hannah looked for any sign of mercy or humanity in the man, but found neither. It was clear he did not give a shit about her well being, and viewed her solely as a piece of meat to use for his own pleasure.

“Okay bitch enough bullshit, put it all in your mouth,” Tank said, as the girl suckled on just the first couple of inches of his shaft.

“Please sir, I can’t—this whore can’t, it’s too big,” Hannah replied, taking her lips off the huge cock but keeping her eyes fixed on the biker.

“I said get that cock inside your fucking mouth whore, I don’t give a shit how big it is, you find a way to do it,” the Outlaw shot back angrily. “Or do I need to turn you around and beat that ass some more?”

“No, I’ll do it—I mean, this whore will do it,” Hannah responded quickly, before wrapping her mouth back around the huge shaft.

“All the way in slut, don’t stop till those balls are smacking your chin,” Tank instructed.

Tears of utter misery were coursing down Hannah’s cheeks now as she bent forward and slowly inserted inch after inch of Tank’s cock into her mouth. She was able to fit about half of it in before she felt the tip push against her throat. She tried to squeeze more of the monstrous shaft in but immediately began gagging violently. After a few more attempts to get the cock inside her throat, she stopped and looked up at Tank imploringly.

“Please, I—this slut can’t sir, it’s too big,” Hannah begged, taking the cock out of her mouth for a second.

“Bitch, get that cock back in your mouth right now, and quit complaining, you’re a fucking whore, I know you got plenty of experience deep-throating big dicks,” Tank ordered.

Hannah reluctantly put her lips back around the huge cock and buried it deep into her mouth. She futilely tried to get the full 8” of it inside her throat, but continued to retch each time she tried. After waiting for a couple of minutes, the massive biker finally lost his patience and grabbed Hannah by the back of her head and slammed her face against his dick as hard as he could. Hannah instantly started choking as the enormous cock brutally crammed its way into her throat. Tank held the little Asian against him for a moment, ignoring her as she frantically beat her fists against his legs. When he finally released her after what felt like an eternity for Hannah, she immediately pulled her head away and began vomiting all over the floor.

“You stupid fucking cunt!” Tank shouted, grabbing the Asian’s hair and slapping her in the face viciously.

“Aaaggghhh!! Please! I’m sorry—this slut is sorry, this slut…,” Hannah squealed, wiping the puke from her lips as she broke down into tears.

“Open that mouth whore, we’re not stopping till you learn how to give a proper blowjob,” Tank commanded.

Hannah was shaking in fear as she parted her lips, allowing the ruthless biker to sink his penis back into her mouth. Tank wasted no time as he held her head firm and drove his cock deep into her mouth and toward the back of her throat. Hannah once again began choking right away and tried to push the massive biker away with her hands. He held her face on his cock until her gagging became so violent that it was clear she was suffocating, then finally released her and allowed her to get some oxygen. After a few seconds, however, he ordered Hannah to open her mouth again and mercilessly plunged his dick deep into the opening. After a couple of minutes of enduring the constant assault on her throat and repeatedly almost choking to death, Hannah finally could not take it any longer.

“Oh God please stop!! Please!!! I can’t take it anymore!!” Hannah sobbed miserably, as Tank extracted his cock from her throat after forcing nearly all of it down there for what seemed like the hundredth time. “Please don’t do this anymore!! You’re killing me!!”

Hannah hung her head in shame and despair as she wept. Her face was a dark shade of red from the constant lack of air and trails of drool were running down her chin. Her small breasts were bouncing up and down as she coughed intensely.

“Open your fucking mouth, you piece of shit whore,” Tank commanded, jerking on Hannah’s hair and forcing her to look at him.

“Please stop!! I can’t, please sir…this whore can’t do anymore,” Hannah pleaded, gazing up at Tank pitifully.

“You want me to beat your ass and tits again? Because I’d be more than glad to slut,” Tank warned.

“No, please don’t hit me, I—this slut is trying, please,” Hannah sobbed.

“Then open that mouth whore, and relax that throat,” Tank ordered, pulling hard on Hannah’s hair and crudely smacking his dick against her face.

Hannah parted her lips slightly and closed her eyes as the giant biker thrust his penis deep into her mouth. He held her tightly by the back of her skull and began ferociously slamming her face against his shaft, ignoring her violent retching as he plunged his cock past her jaws and down her throat. Hannah’s face was contorted into a look of absolute misery and tears were streaming down her cheeks as Tank ruthlessly fucked her mouth.

“Fuck!! I’m cumming!! Jesus Christ yeah I’m cumming! Keep that mouth closed slut! And get ready!!” Tank bellowed.

The huge biker pulled his cock out until just a couple of inches remained in Hannah’s mouth then roared proudly as he began ejaculating. He could hear the Asian groaning in sheer anguish as her mouth was quickly filled with his hot, thick sperm. The other bikers were all gathered around Tank in a tight circle and were laughing and cheering him on as he drained his load into Hannah’s mouth.

“Drink it bitch! Swallow that jizz right now!” Tank shouted, gripping the Asian’s head firmly in his massive hands while he finished shooting off in her mouth.

Hannah was moaning wretchedly and struggling to control herself as Tank pulled his cock from her lips. She came extremely close to spitting out the huge load of semen but remembered the cane and kept it in her mouth. After several seconds she summoned all of her willpower and began downing the awful man-juice. It took her a couple of gulps, but eventually she swallowed Tank’s entire load, screaming in disgust and torture as soon as she did.

“That’s a good little whore,” Tank congratulated the Asian girl, before wiping his cock off with her hair.

“You know what to do next,” the heartless brute said, motioning to the circle of men. “Get to work bitch, you got a lot of dicks to suck.”

“Please stop this…I can’t do this, please sir, I’ll—this slut will give you everything I have, just please,” Hannah pleaded hysterically, burying her face in her hands as she wept dismally.

“That’s it man, turn this bitch around,” Tank instructed the gang, as he bent to pick up the cane from the floor. “Stupid piece of shit still doesn’t get it.”

“No!! Please!! Please stop I’ll do it!! This slut will do it please!!” Hannah screamed in horror, struggling as three Outlaws stepped forward at the same time and grabbed her.

Hannah continued to beg frantically as the men turned her around so her ass was turned to Tank.

They forced her to get on all fours, as two of them held her legs wide apart while the other man had her hands pinned against the floor. Hannah felt the tip of the cane on her bare, upturned ass and immediately began whimpering in sheer terror.

“You need to learn your place slut,” Tank said, as he cocked the cane back high above his big shoulder. “Now brace yourself, this might hurt a little bit.”

“Aaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, squirming around in agony as the huge biker cleaved the steel cane deep into her tender ass with all of his strength.

“That’s one bitch! You got four more, and then it’s your little tits next!” Tank shouted, before delivering another insanely vicious stroke across Hannah’s gorgeous ass-cheeks.

“Noooooo!!! Please I’m sorry!!! I’ll be good I swear!!” Hannah shrieked, writhing in agony.

“Two!! And what the fuck did I say about calling yourself ‘I’ slut?!” Tank roared, furiously whipping the Asian’s buttocks a third time.

“Aaaaooowwww!! This slut is sorry!! Please this slut is so sorry!!!” Hannah begged wretchedly.

When the massive Outlaw ripped the cane into her ass again Hannah released an ear-piercing scream and began weeping uncontrollably. She could not take this abuse anymore. Her ass was extremely raw from the earlier thrashing, and now it felt like the skin was actually being torn off of it with each additional blow. The pain was so excruciating that she thought she was going to pass out. The crazy giant was beating her as hard as he possibly could with the metal rod, and Hannah could not believe how insanely sadistic he was.

“One more bitch!” Tank declared.

Hannah wailed in total agony as the biker administered one last awful blow to her cheeks. The flesh on her ass was now covered with many long, extremely severe welts, and several of them were even starting to leak a little blood. Hannah’s ass almost looked like it had just endured a caning Singapore style, and it certainly felt that way for the poor Asian.

“Okay, turn the little slut around,” Tank said, after admiring Hannah’s inflamed, welt-covered ass for a moment.

“Please stop this!!” Hannah beseeched the sadistic bikers, as they turned her around and forced her to kneel in front of Tank.

“Stick her tits out,” Tank said to the two men holding Hannah’s arms.

Hannah was shaking in fear and trying with all her might to escape from the men, but their grip was firm and she could barely move an inch. They pushed her shoulders forward so that her breasts were forced out, making them a very inviting target for Tank. He smiled down at the firm little tits before raising his arm back and slashing the cane across both mounds ferociously.

“Aaaaiiiieeeegggghhhh!!!” Hannah screamed in torture, as the lash landed perfectly on one of her nipples.

“That’s one! Beg me to hit your tits slut! Fucking beg!” Tank roared, cocking his arm back once more.

“No!! Please just stop!!!” Hannah cried, looking up at the Outlaw in complete terror.

“Beg me to beat your tits whore! Or I’m gonna make it ten hits instead of five!” Tank warned.

“Oh God…um…please…please beat this slut’s tits…sir,” Hannah requested, barely able to utter the words.

“With pleasure slut,” Tank replied, before happily ripping the cane into Hannah’s burning chest.

“Aaaooowww!! Pleeeaassssse!!” Hannah screamed in agony.

“Keep begging whore!” Tank ordered, pulling the steel instrument back once more.

“Please beat this slut’s tits!” Hannah cried, closing her eyes as she awaited another excruciating lash.

“Yeah! Look at those tiny little titties dance!” One of the bikers laughed, as Tank viciously thrashed Hannah’s tits twice in rapid succession.

“Beg whore!” Tank commanded once more.

“Please beat my tits! Please beat this slut’s tits!” Hannah screamed wretchedly.

Tank furiously cleaved the cane into the Asian’s chest one final time, eliciting an agonized wail from the girl. Hannah was weeping deplorably and her entire body was shaking in pain and horror. The skin on her small round breasts were covered in terrible welts and looked just like her ass now.

“Now are you ready to be a good little whore?” Tank asked the kneeling, weeping Asian. “Or do I gotta start making you bleed?”

“Yes…this slut…this slut will be good,” Hannah blubbered.

“Then get to work bitch, start sucking these guys’ cocks, don’t stop till you’ve sucked every single one of them,” Tank commanded. “And remember you beg them to suck their dicks, like a good little whore.”

Still sobbing, Hannah shuffled over to the first man she saw. He was one of the bikers from last night. He was very fat and hairy and Hannah remembered just how bad he’d smelled. The thought of tasting his cock was too awful to put into words, but she willed herself over to the slob and knelt before him like a slave.

“Can this slut suck your cock sir?” Hannah requested, staring down at the floor in disgrace.

“Yes you can whore,” the filthy biker responded, happily pushing his pants and boxers to the floor. “And you can swallow my jizz too.”

Hannah whined gloomily as she reached forward and took hold of the man’s fully erect cock with her hands. She wrapped her lips around the bulbous head and began pumping her mouth back and forth along the meaty penis. The look of sheer disgust on her face revealed how sour and putrid the shaft tasted, and how difficult it was for her to concentrate on the blowjob.

“God fuck yeah,” the overweight Outlaw groaned, seizing Hannah’s head and driving his cock back and forth between her stretched jaws.

The man only last a couple of minutes, but they were a brutal couple of minutes for Hannah as she was forced to constantly take nearly his entire cock down her gullet. She gagged countless times on the penis as he kept stuffing it in her throat and keeping it there until she was on the verge of passing out. It was one of the most horrendous kinds of torture imaginable and Hannah desperately begged for mercy throughout the entire ordeal. When she finally felt the man’s cock starting to twitch in her mouth she almost welcomed it.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah! Here we go bitch!” The biker exclaimed, pushing his dick deep into Hannah’s mouth before he started cumming.

Hannah closed her eyes and shuddered in revulsion as a river of sperm gushed into her mouth. Because the cock was buried so far, the filthy seed was basically being dumped directly down her throat, so she was forced to swallow the load in quick gulps rather than allowing it to pool in her mouth. She groaned miserably but continued to swallow the man’s cum like a good whore. She could hear him grunting in animal pleasure and wanted so badly to kill him, along with the rest of the bikers.

“That’s a good little whore, there you go, swallow every last drop you dirty little slut,” the hideously fat biker stated, as he finished depositing all of his jizz down Hannah’s gullet.

When he was finished he pulled his cock out of the Asian’s mouth and congratulated her on a job well done before smacking her in the face. Hannah buried her face in her hands and began sobbing wretchedly. She still could not believe this was all really happening to her, it was worse than any nightmare she could have ever imagined.

“Let’s go whore, get another cock in that mouth right now,” Tank ordered, after giving the Asian a minute to cry.

Hannah was about to start begging Tank but stopped herself when she remembered the steel cane. She crawled over to the nearest man and knelt before him. She gazed down at the floor in complete desolation and repeated the same awful words.

“Can this slut suck your cock, sir?”

“Sure bitch, you can suck it,” the brawny Outlaw answered. “Don’t worry about swallowing my jizz though, I’m gonna shoot all over that pretty little face of yours.”

Hannah felt her stomach turn at the man’s words, but respectfully took hold of his large cock and buried it between her lips. She immediately began sucking him with passion, hoping that it would satisfy him and keep him from deep-throating her. Those hopes were dashed, however, as he quickly grabbed a chunk of her hair and began slamming her face viciously against his rock-hard penis.

Hannah beat her small fists against the man’s hips as he fucked her mouth in the same brutal fashion as Tank and the other fat biker. His cock was nearly as big as Tank’s and each time he crammed it into her throat the little Asian retched horribly. He then pulled out and gave her just seconds to recover before plunging his massive shaft back between her lips.

“That’s right you little gook whore,” the Outlaw said disdainfully, as he yanked Hannah’s head back and forth along his dick. “This is what you were made for, the only fucking thing you’re good for.”

Hannah’s vision was blurry as fresh tears were flowing from her soft, big brown eyes. Her face was red and she was starting to feel lightheaded from the constant lack of oxygen. She was slowly learning how to suppress her gag reflex and fit more of the man’s cock inside her throat. However, with the way he was violently smashing it into her mouth she could not avoid choking on the shaft.

After a few more minutes of the terribly rough blowjob, the Outlaw began shouting in pleasure and anticipation. Hannah could feel his cock start to spasm and knew what was coming. She forgot about his promise earlier and braced herself for the discharge of cum in her mouth. She gasped in shock, therefore, when he suddenly pulled out and blasted a huge wad of sperm right onto her eyes.

“No bitch! Keep those hands down!” The biker roared, as Hannah instinctively tried to shield herself with her arms.

Hannah whined dismally but put her hands by her side. She closed her eyes and cried in absolute misery as the huge biker began shooting his cum all over her face. She could hear him grunting in savage joy and wanted to scream so badly. It took all of her self-control to remain still while he painted her face with his hot, sticky semen. By the time he was done, Hannah’s face was just about completely covered in cum and she truly looked like a disgraceful whore.

“Look at you,” the biker stated in disgust, as he stared down at the weeping Asian. “You’re nothing but a piece of shit whore. Stop crying bitch, I know you’re enjoying this.”

“Let’s go bitch, start sucking,” Tank commanded, as Hannah remained on her knees and wiped the slimy cum from her eyes.

Whimpering in total sorrow, Hannah removed as much cum from her face as she could then reluctantly moved to the next biker she saw. He already had his huge cock out and was stroking it while he smiled down at her. Hannah recognized him as one of the two Outlaws who’d held her in the air and brutally fucked her earlier in the morning. He looked like a complete maniac and Hannah shuddered in fear as she knelt before him.

“Can I…can this slut suck your cock sir?” Hannah quietly asked.

“You sure can slut,” the giant Outlaw replied, clutching Hannah’s head with one hand while he guided his cock to her lips with the other.

In just seconds Hannah was gagging horrendously as the biker started slamming his cock into her mouth and throat. It took him nearly ten minutes to climax, and he didn’t let up the entire time as he fucked the Asian’s face violently. For Hannah it was the most exhausting, brutal blowjob yet. When he’d finished depositing his cum down her throat she was given almost no respite and forced to suck another cock.

On and on it went, as Hannah serviced one biker after another with her mouth. More than an hour went by as she blew eight more Outlaws. Five of them drained their sperm down her throat and into her belly while the other three elected to cum all over her face. Hannah puked twice throughout the ordeal, once from an extremely cruel biker who’d kept his cock stuffed inside her throat virtually nonstop, and another time after swallowing the third load of cum.

“Please!! I can’t take—this slut can’t take anymore!!!” Hannah begged, after downing yet another biker’s sperm.

So far the Asian had serviced twelve Outlaws total, and she was only about halfway finished. Hannah had also gulped down eight different loads of cum, and the absolutely putrid feeling of all that semen inside of her made her stomach churn. As she looked around at the horde of bikers still awaiting their blowjob, Hannah’s body slumped in despair and she had no idea how she was going to finish her task.

“Get your ass back to work bitch,” Tank warned, tapping the steel cane against the girl’s head.

“Or I swear to God I’ll beat the skin off those pretty little tits.”

Hannah whimpered hopelessly and crawled over to another one of the large, tattooed bikers. She repeated the same line that had been deeply engraved into her brain at this point, politely asking if she could suck his cock. He gladly accepted, of course, and she spent several minutes blowing him before he deposited his semen down her throat. Tank gave her about 30 seconds to recover before commanding her to resume her duties.

It took nearly two more hours, but Hannah eventually and somehow found a way to suck all the bikers’ cocks. By the time she was completely finished, 18 Outlaws had dumped their jizz into her belly and another seven had ejaculated on her face. Her long, dark hair was matted with thick lines of sperm and torrents of the goo were smeared all over her pretty face. Hannah’s jaw felt like it was dislocated from the vicious blowjobs and she felt like she was going to die from how much sperm she’d consumed.

“Congratulations slut, I knew you could do it,” Tank applauded, stepping in front of the sobbing Asian. “I think you’ve earned yourself a little break. Shower up and we’ll get you something to eat whore, but then it’s back to fucking time.”

Hannah was completely fatigued and had to be carried out of the room by two of the bikers.

They took her to the bathroom and placed her inside the tub before turning on the shower and leaving. Hannah remained on her knees and wept in total misery as the hot water cascaded down onto her body. The burning sensation of it on her beaten ass and tits was unbearable, and she had to turn down the temperature. Even now she still couldn’t grasp how this was all really happening, and she thought about how concerned her friends in Cabo must have been by this point. The thought that she would never see them, her family, or her boyfriend ever again ran across her mind, and she began crying harder.

“Let’s go bitch,” one of the bikers ordered, startling Hannah as he pulled the shower curtain aside and grabbed her arm.

“Please, wait, just a little more please,” Hannah requested, trying to free herself from the large man as he yanked her out of the bathtub.

Hannah frantically pleaded with the Outlaw as he hauled her out of the bathroom. It felt like she’d only been inside the shower for a couple of minutes and she’d barely been able to clean herself at all. Even though she’d washed off all the sperm on her face, she could still feel some of the disgusting spunk in her hair. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, however, as the biker dragged her out into the adjacent lounge room where the other men awaited. He forced her to sit at a large wooden table before Tank came over.

“Dinner time slut,” the man announced, as he set another plate of leftover garbage scraps in front the Asian. “Eat up bitch, you’ll need the energy, you got another long night ahead of you.”

Hannah stared at the plate of nasty, half-eaten food and felt her stomach turn. There were various pieces of steak and ribs that had been already chewed as well as a big pile of soggy salad that had also been recycled. Even though she’d barely eaten anything earlier, Hannah could not bear the thought of consuming this utter crap.

“I said eat your dinner slut,” Tank ordered, tapping the steel cane on the table. “Or do I need to remind you what happens when you don’t listen?”

Hannah quickly grabbed the fork next to the plate of food and began eating the disgusting remains. Every single bite she took was intolerable, and it took her nearly half an hour to finish the meal. The men were nice enough to also give her a glass of water, and she gulped down the entire thing as soon as she was done with the food. She then sat nervously at the table, with her hands in her lap as she waited for what was going to happen next.

“Well, what do you say?” Tank asked, taking the plate away. “Thank us for that wonderful meal slut. Say it.”

“Thank you for the…for the wonderful meal, sir,” Hannah replied.

“No problem whore,” Tank said. “I think that was a long enough break, don’t you? You ready for another round with us bitch? I know these boys are just dying to fuck your tight little ass again.”

“Please no, please stop, I can’t—this slut can’t take anymore, this slut is so tired, please sir,” Hannah pleaded.

“Get over here slut,” Tank commanded, as he stood near the other side of the room.

“No cunt, on your hands and knees, I want you to crawl over here like the bitch you are,” the cruel biker clarified, as Hannah began walking toward him.

Hannah wiped the tears that were starting to flow again and got down on all fours. She slowly began crawling over to the giant Outlaw. She could feel herself blushing in shame as the other men stood by and watched her, making vulgar comments about her body. She could feel her ass swaying from side to side and knew how much it was turning all of the bikers on.

“I want you to beg us like you did last time, except now you’re gonna beg us to fuck you and cum in your body,” Tank instructed.

“Please, this whore is so tired…please just give me a break,” Hannah beseeched the man, as she looked up at him in agitation.

“This is your last warning slut,” Tank said, as he grabbed the steel cane from the floor. “If you complain even one more time it’s gonna be ten hits on your ass and tits. When I tell you to do something you fucking do it whore, no complaining or bitching. Now beg.”

“Can this slut…can you fuck this slut…and cum in her body?” Hannah asked after several seconds, as she barely managed to get out the words.

“Yeah I’ll fuck you whore, it’s all you’re good for anyway,” Tank replied, as he began unbuckling his jeans. “Get on the bed slut, on your back and spread those legs real wide.”

Hannah was crying dreadfully as she slowly crawled over to the large mattress and climbed onto it. She rolled over onto her back and parted her legs. She could see the huge biker walking menacingly towards her while he massaged his cock with his hand. She whimpered as he grabbed her ankles and roughly yanked her legs far apart before he positioned himself between them.

“Get ready whore, I’m gonna fuck your tight little pussy,” Tank declared, pressing his massive cock against Hannah’s twat.

Hannah squealed in pain as the biker viciously rammed into her, stuffing her sore vagina with his meaty shaft. Tank grabbed the girl’s flailing arms and quickly pinned them to the mattress. He was crushing Hannah beneath his large frame and could feel her desperately struggling to free herself as he began pounding into her pussy.

“Aaaauuuhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, wrapping her skinny legs around the man’s hips as he brutally fucked her.

“Yeah bitch, wrap those legs around me! Beg me to fuck you whore!” Tank bellowed.

“Please stop!! Please!!!” Hannah wailed, as the huge biker fucked her will all his might.

“Beg me to fuck you slut!! Now!!” Tank demanded angrily.

“Please—please fuck me!! Please fuck this slut!!!” Hannah screamed wretchedly.

Despite her words, Hannah continued to struggle feverishly as Tank hammered away at her aching pussy. He held her wrists against the bed for several minutes while he used his big, strong hips to rip his cock into her. Finally, when he could not hold off anymore, the biker gave one last thrust and began shooting his seed deep into Hannah’s tight little vagina.

“God please just stop!! Please!!!” Hannah sobbed, writhing around beneath Tank’s massive frame as he pumped her full of cum.

“Thanks bitch, that was nice,” Tank said, before pulling his cock out of the Asian’s cunt.

Hannah screamed in pain as the Outlaw grabbed her hair and roughly dragged her off the bed. He jerked her onto the ground and forced her to get on her hands and knees.

“Let’s go bitch, start begging these boys to fuck you,” Tank commanded. “You got a lot of cocks to pleasure.”

Hannah nearly uttered a plea for mercy but stopped herself just before it escaped from her mouth. She thought about the cane and wisely decided not to beg the man. She crawled over to the closest biker and knelt before him. Hannah could not bear the thought of another rape. She could already feel Tank’s sperm oozing out of her raw, aching pussy.

“Can this whore…can you fuck this whore, sir?” Hannah whimpered in fear.

“Sure I’ll fuck you bitch,” the hulking Outlaw replied, as he grabbed a fistful of Hannah’s hair and dragged her back to the bed.

Hannah whined pitifully as the man bent her over the edge of the mattress and stuffed a dirty pillow beneath her belly. She screamed in pain as he gave her a hard slap across her ass. The skin on her buttocks was still extremely raw and sensitive from the earlier caning, and even touching it was painful.

“Aaauugghhh!! Pleeaaaassee!!!” Hannah shrieked, flailing her legs as the biker viciously smacked her ass several more times.

“Ain’t nothin’ like beating an Asian whore’s ass, ain’t that right fellas?” The cruel biker asked, drawing a round of laughter from the other men.

“Spread those legs whore, I’m coming in through the back bitch,” the Outlaw commanded, as he pulled Hannah’s ass-cheeks apart and lined his cock up with her tiny anus.

“Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, instantly thrashing around in agony as the huge biker ripped his cock deep into her asshole.

“Yeah bitch! You’re still tight back here! I fucking love it!” The man roared, fiercely slapping Hannah’s ass a few more times.

“Please no!! Don’t hit me please!!!” Hannah begged miserably.

Hannah squealed in torture as the Outlaw grabbed her hips and slammed more of his huge dick inside her ass. He quickly gave a few more hard thrusts and just like that, his entire cock was stuffed inside her rectum. Hannah began screaming at the top of her lungs as the cruel giant then began pounding into her asshole with long, powerful strokes. The pain was beyond excruciating and Hannah thought she was going to pass out from it. Her raw, ultra-tender anus literally felt like it was being fucked to shreds.

“Pleeeeaaasssee!!!” Hannah wailed, clutching the sheets with her hands as the Outlaw savagely raped her.

Each time the massive biker slammed into Hannah he yanked back on her hips so that the penetration of her asshole was even more agonizing. He was fucking her so hard that the sound of his hips slamming into Hannah’s ass was audible above the cheering and laughter from all the other men in the room. Each time he drove his cock into her Hannah thought she was going to pass out from the pain.

“Fuck! I’m cumming bitch!” The biker bellowed, after he’d spent several more minutes hammering Hannah’s anus.

He gave one last thrust and sank every inch of his dick inside Hannah’s ass just before he started ejaculating inside the opening. Hannah groaned in disgust but a huge part of her was grateful that the man was finally finished. She lay still and buried her face into the mattress while the Outlaw finished dumping his sperm inside of her. When he was finished he removed his cock and gave the Asian one last slap on her ass before walking away.

“That bitch’s ass is still tight,” the hairy beast proclaimed to his friends. “I wonder how long it’ll stay that way.”

Tank gave the Asian about a minute as she lay on the bed and wept uncontrollably. She was still bent over the mattress and the bikers all gazed at the trails of semen that were leaking out of her asshole and vagina and down her thighs. After a short moment, Tank walked over and grabbed Hannah’s hair and forced her back onto her hands and knees on the floor.

“Let’s go bitch, that’s only two cocks,” the Outlaw said. “You got a long ways to go before your night is over.”

Hannah lifted her head and looked around the room and felt her heart absolutely sink. He was right. There were close to two dozen bikers sitting around the room waiting to fuck her. The fact that she was going to have to beg all of them to do it was too awful to describe. Hannah had no idea how she was going to survive the night.

“Will you…will you fuck this slut, sir?” Hannah asked, as she crawled over to a nearby Outlaw and addressed him.

“Sure I’ll fuck you, get your ass on that bed bitch,” the tattooed giant commanded, as he removed his pants and boxers.

Hannah miserably crawled back over to the large mattress. She tried to ignore the countless lewd comments the other bikers made about her upturned vagina and asshole. When she got to the bed she pulled herself onto it and laid on the edge with her back to the men, waiting for the next Outlaw to use her.

“Turn around whore, get on your back and spread your fucking legs,” the beast ordered, easily flipping Hannah over onto her back.

Hannah was trembling as she looked up nervously at the huge Outlaw and spread her legs for him. He quickly grabbed her ankles and yanked them far apart before pushing them down and pinning them to the bed above Hannah’s shoulders. Hannah whined dismally as she was forced into the awkward and uncomfortable position. He held her legs down while he probed around with his hips until his cock was pushing against her defenseless vagina.

“Noooooooo!!” Hannah screamed, as the biker violently plunged his cock deep into her sore pussy.

Hannah instantly struggled to escape from the massive brute, but with the way she was bent in half and trapped beneath his hulking frame there was nothing she could do. It took the man just seconds before he started hammering away at her vagina. Hannah screamed in anguish as he slammed his cock down into her, using all of his weight to drill it as far into her sex as possible.

“God this bitch is still tight,” the Outlaw groaned blissfully as he continued to pound the small Asian.

The huge biker gazed down at Hannah as she screamed and wept miserably and simply loved it. Like the rest of the Outlaws, there was just something about watching the little Asian whore suffer that gave him so much joy. It was probably simply the fact that none of them would ever have a chance to fuck and abuse her in any other circumstance. She was so hot and probably had numerous guys pampering her back where she lived. Here, however, she was nothing but a fuck-toy to the biker gang.

“Yeah you got a nice tight pussy still slut,” the Outlaw chuckled, as he looked into Hannah’s anguished eyes. “I hope it stays tight for a long time bitch.”

“Please stop!! Please not so hard!!” Hannah squealed, gazing up at the man pleadingly as he continued to brutally ram his cock into her.

After about two or three more minutes passed the biker sank his dick into Hannah one last time before proceeding to ejaculate deep inside her cunt. Hannah turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, as she could not stand seeing the man’s depraved face any longer. Once he was finished emptying his sperm into her, the Outlaw let go of Hannah’s ankles and left the mattress.

“Let’s go whore, get back over here now!” Tank shouted, this time not even giving Hannah a minute to recover.

“Please! I’m so—this slut is so tired!” Hannah begged, as she climbed off the mattress and collapsed to her hands and knees.

Despite her suffering, Hannah respectfully crawled back over to Tank and the other Outlaws.

She shuddered in disgust as she felt another fresh river of cum seeping out of her gaping pussy.

When she finally got to the group of men she knelt before another one of them.

“Can you fuck this slut, sir?” Hannah whispered, looking at the floor in complete despair.

As expected, the burly man gladly accepted Hannah’s offer. He hauled her back over to the bed and bent her over it, and in an instant was fucking her ass hard from behind. He raped her for several minutes, as Hannah wailed and squirmed around in agony the whole time. When he was finished depositing his load inside her anus he gave Hannah a painful slap in the ass before leaving the weeping whore on the mattress.

After a stern warning from Tank Hannah got back on all fours and crawled over to another biker before asking him to fuck her. After he was finished using and abusing her, the process simply repeated itself. Nearly five whole hours elapsed as Hannah was continuously and savagely fucked by one Outlaw after another. Throughout that time she was forced to ask each and every one of them to fuck her, and Hannah had no idea how she made it through the nightmarish struggle.

“Jesus Christ that feels good!” The biker fucking Hannah doggy-style exclaimed, as he drained his sperm inside her badly torn asshole.

He was the 26th and final Outlaw to use her. After he finished emptying his entire load of cum inside Hannah he pulled his cock out and stepped back to admire the girl’s sickeningly damaged anus. The hole was stretched very wide and torrents of sperm and blood were flowing from it. Likewise, her pussy looked just as bad.

Hannah, meanwhile, was sobbing in total misery and shock. Her body was drenched in sweat, some of it from her own exertions and some of it from the filthy bikers. She was so utterly drained, both physically and mentally, that she could not even lift herself off the bed. Her pussy and asshole felt like they’d been literally mangled and ripped completely apart. Both holes had been battered for hours by countless massive cocks and Hannah knew that they would never be the same after tonight.

“Well boys it’s getting late,” Tank declared. “How ‘bout we take this bitch outside and shower her down before calling it a night?”

Right as soon as he finished speaking two Outlaws grabbed Hannah and pulled her limp body off the bed. Hannah moaned in sheer exhaustion and depression as the men carried her out of the room and down the hallway. She was led through a couple more doors and soon found herself in a small yard out near the back of the tavern. She was forced to kneel on the dry grass as Tank stepped in front of her with the cane in his hand.

“How you feeling whore? You having a good night so far?” The man chuckled. “I think we’re just about finished with you for tonight. You just got one last thing to do. Tilt your head back and open your mouth, and keep your mouth open until I say different. Right now bitch let’s go.”

Hannah looked up at the man in confusion and fear, but slowly perched her head backwards and opened her mouth wide. As Tank stood in front of her, a few more Outlaws joined him and created a small semicircle around the girl. Hannah could feel the dread in her stomach as she watched the brutes unzip their jeans and pull their cocks out. All five dicks were aimed straight at her face, and Hannah began crying as she realized what was about to happen.

“Remember bitch, you close that mouth even once and it’s gonna be 20 strokes on your tits and ass,” Tank warned grimly.

“Let’s wash this bitch down,” one of the bikers declared, just before unleashing a heavy stream of urine right onto Hannah’s face.

Hannah cried in shock and dismay as the other four Outlaws quickly began pissing all over her face as well. She squeezed her eyes shut just in time to prevent any of the urine from entering. Hannah groaned wretchedly as the men quickly adjusted their aim so that they were all peeing directly into her mouth at the same time. The taste of the piss was simply too terrible to describe, and it took Hannah all of her willpower to remain on her knees with her mouth open. Within seconds, her mouth was completely filled with urine.

“Ah yeah that’s what I call the perfect toilet,” one of the bikers stated, smiling down at the Asian girl while he continued pissing into her mouth.

Hannah was weeping miserably now as torrents of urine overflowed from her mouth down her chin and onto her breasts. She could hear the men laughing and making cruel remarks about how she was a filthy whore and slut. She was beyond mortified and simply could not believe that men this evil could exist in the world.

Hannah was forced to kneel for nearly five minutes as the bikers all used her as a toilet.

Whenever one of the Outlaws finished peeing on her, he was quickly replaced with another one. There was never a moment when less than three streams of piss were being dumped into her mouth. It was only a few minutes, but for Hannah, it felt like a century. To have to remain on her knees the entire time while the fiendish men urinated into her mouth was one of the worst tortures imaginable. Eventually, however, the jets of piss dwindled down before ceasing entirely.

“No bitch! Keep that mouth open!” Tank shouted, just as Hannah was about to spit the large pool of urine left in her mouth out. “Swallow it whore! You fucking swallow that piss!”

Hannah whined in horror and frustration. She could not believe how utterly sadistic the man was. It took everything she had to keep her mouth open while the gang had all pissed into it, but the thought of actually drinking the foul urine was just too much for her to handle. She tried to bring herself to swallow it but simply could not, as she remained on her knees and wept dejectedly.

“Last warning bitch, swallow that piss or I’m gonna beat the skin off you,” Tank cautioned the little Asian slut, tapping the steel cane against her glistening tits.

Hannah grumbled in despair but somehow forced herself to down the huge puddle of piss. It took her several gulps but she finally managed to get all of the urine into her belly. As she felt the fluid working its way down her system she nearly puked.

“That’s a good girl,” Tank said in approval, grinning down at the crying Asian.

After a few seconds he turned around and headed back into the bar with the other bikers. Two men quickly grabbed Hannah and towed her back inside as well. She was taken straight to the bathroom and dumped inside the tub.

“Wash up slut, you’re a fucking mess,” one of the Outlaws said, before disappearing out the door with his friend.

Hannah immediately turned on the shower and rubbed her hands back and forth along her face, anxiously cleaning the piss from her skin. She took the bar of soap and cleaned as much of her body as she could with it. Her ass and pussy burned so much from the earlier rapes and she sobbed piteously while the hot water fell onto her. This time the men gave her plenty of time, and she was able to clean herself thoroughly before one of the bikers finally entered and dragged her out of the bathroom.

“Looking fresh bitch,” Tank said, as he grabbed the Asian and led her to the mattress. “I’d fuck you one more time but I figure you’ve had enough for today. I’m a pretty nice guy you know.”

He was the only man left inside the room, and Hannah trembled nervously as he fastened one end of handcuffs on her wrist and the other end onto the metal bed frame. He then shoved Hannah onto the bed and secured one of her ankles the same way. When he was finished Hannah’s right leg and arm were both dangling down the edge of the mattress and tied to the frame below.

“Sweet dreams whore,” Tank said, as he walked to the door and turned off the light. “You got another super fun day tomorrow.”

Chapter 5: Hannah vs. 100+ Outlaws

Hannah did not know what time she fell asleep, but she did know that despite her fatigue it took her at least a few hours. She cried the entire time too. She kept waiting for Tank or one of the other bikers to come in and rape her some more, but it never happened. Eventually she somehow was able to fall asleep, and she dreamed of simple pleasures like being back at home with friends and family throughout the night.

“Wakey wakey slut!” Tank exclaimed, slapping Hannah in the face hard and waking up the weary Asian.

“No! Please no more! Please just let me go!” Hannah started begging, as the awfulness of her situation instantly set in.

“Boy do we got a fun day planned for you,” the cruel biker declared in excitement. “Well, fun for us Outlaws anyway, I’m not so sure about you. Its Saturday bitch, that means pretty much the whole gang is gonna be around to use you. I guess word about you spread real fast, it sounds like every single Outlaw is anxious to fuck your tight little holes. I sure hope Big Joe comes by today, I wanna see how well you can handle his cock.”

“Please stop this, I’m begging you so much,” Hannah pleaded desperately. “I’ll give you whatever you want, anything you want I swear.”

“What did I say about calling yourself ‘I’?” Tank asked, as he unlocked Hannah’s wrist and ankle from the bed.

“I’m—this slut is sorry, just please…let this slut go, please sir,” Hannah replied.

Tank finished untying the petite Asian and then yanked her off the bed and over to the dinner table. Waiting for Hannah there was another plate of leftovers from last night, along with a glass of water and a dirty fork. Tank forced her to sit down at the table and begin eating, and as she did so Hannah noticed that there were about seven or eight other bikers scattered throughout the room waiting for her. She felt the knot in her stomach as she realized she was about to be raped again in just a little while.

“Eat up whore, you’re gonna need all the energy you can get, today is gonna be real long for you,” Tank advised the Asian girl.

Hannah picked up the fork and reluctantly began eating the scraps from the plate. Even though the food tasted horrible, she barely noticed. The only thing she could think about was what kind of sadistic things the gang had planned for her. Whatever it was, she figured it could not be as bad as yesterday, when she’d been raped close to 50 times and swallowed more than a dozen loads of cum.

“Put these on slut,” Tank said, tossing a pair of 6” stripper heels at Hannah’s feet when she was done eating.

Hannah bent down and attached the stilettos to her feet. They were so trashy looking with their clear, plastic heels and black leather straps that wrapped around her ankles. When she was finished putting them on Tank grabbed her and dragged her over to a stool near the wall. Welded onto the stool was a massive 9” steel dildo. As soon as Hannah saw it she started crying.

“Your pussy is gonna be doing a lot of work today whore, so we’re gonna give you a little time to loosen it up a little bit,” Tank declared. “Start fucking that thing right now, and look at us while you do it. Let’s go bitch, get that cock inside your dirty little cunt.”

Hannah let out a bleat of despair as she stood over the dildo and turned around so that she was facing the entire room of bikers. She squatted over the steel cock and positioned herself so that it was lined up with her incredibly sore pussy. Hannah cried in pain as she spread her pussy lips and slowly lowered herself onto the huge shaft. Her pussy ached so badly from the previous night and each inch of the dildo that penetrated her was unbearable.

“All the way down whore, get it all in there,” Tank ordered, stroking his cock as he watched the little Asian skewer herself.

Hannah was crying in humiliation and pain as she squatted down on the dildo until it was completely buried inside her snatch. The feeling of all 9” of it inside her was extremely unpleasant. She was so drained from last night and her legs were quivering as she struggled to maintain her balance.

“Let’s go bitch, start fucking it, and don’t stop until I say so,” Tank commanded.

Hannah sighed wretchedly but obediently started fucking the huge shaft. She used her long, slender legs to piston her cunt up and down the dildo. A couple of minutes passed as she gently pumped her body along the steel cock.

“Harder slut, fuck it hard, and go all the way down it like a good little whore,” Tank instructed.

Hannah watched the man pick up the steel cane from a table and instantly began fucking the dildo more zealously. Her thrusts were also much longer as she repeatedly pushed her body up until just the tip of the steel cock was inside her snatch before drilling the entire thing back into her pussy. Hannah groaned in pain each time she was forced to stuff the dildo into her aching sex. She could feel herself blushing in total shame as the bikers all leered at her outstretched pussy.

“Rub your tits together slut,” Tank commanded, smiling at the Asian while he massaged his cock. “And keep fucking that dildo bitch.”

Hannah moved her hands onto her breasts and began gently squeezing and pressing them together. They were still extremely sensitive and inflamed from the canings and even touching them was painful. Nevertheless, she wisely kneaded the small mounds of flesh in her hands while she propelled her cunt up and down the steel dildo. After more than ten minutes passed by, her body was glistening with sweat and her legs were getting extremely exhausted.

“Please! This slut is tired! Please let me—let this slut stop!” Hannah implored the men.

“Shut the fuck up whore, and keep fucking that cock, I know you love it,” Tank replied angrily.

The heartless Outlaw forced Hannah to fuck the dildo for 10-15 more minutes, and by the time he finally told her to stop Hannah was completely drained. Her body was soaked in sweat and she could hardly feel her weary legs anymore. Tears of awful sadness streaked her cheeks as Tank grabbed the Asian’s hair and yanked her off the stool.

“Please stop!” Hannah begged, as the huge Outlaw marched her over to the bed and forced her to lie on her back atop it.

With help from another biker, Tank proceeded to tie Hannah to the bed spread-eagle. In just a couple minutes she was securely strapped down, with her wrists and ankles fastened to the four bed posts and her defenseless pussy right at the side of the mattress. Her legs had been spread so excruciatingly wide that they were in a complete splits position and perfectly in line with the edge of the bed. Hannah whined in discomfort and desperately begged the men to untie her.

“Let’s hurry this up fellas,” Tank declared, as he glanced down at his watch. “We only got about an hour and a half.”

“No!!! Please!! Please don’t!!” Hannah screamed, tugging at her bonds as she watched Tank strip down and move towards her.

Tank grinned with delight as he stood before the squirming, terrified Asian and lined his cock up with her vagina. He drove viciously forward and rammed his large penis deep into Hannah’s aching pussy. Within seconds he was pounding into the Asian maniacally, ignoring her screams for mercy as he fucked her like a complete psycho.

“Aaaaaaiiieeeee!!! Pleeeeeaaaassseee!!” Hannah wailed, trying with all of her might to break out of the ropes that held her.

“God how the fuck are you still so tight?!” Tank exclaimed, grabbing Hannah’s breasts and crushing them in his hands while he furiously raped her.

Hannah screamed in agony and squirmed around in her bonds, but she was completely powerless to stop Tank from pounding her as hard as he wanted. Her arms and legs were tied down as wide and as firmly as possible, so all she could do was wait and try to absorb the excruciating fucking. It took nearly ten minutes but he eventually did cum. Hannah hardly cared anymore as he plunged his huge shaft into her pussy and began flooding it with his seed.

“Thanks whore,” Tank said, as he removed his cock from Hannah’s gaping vagina and left her sobbing on the mattress.

“Noooooooo!!!” Hannah shrieked, shuddering in terror as another biker appeared before her with his bulging cock in his hand.

Despite her piercing screams and desperate pleas the giant Outlaw proceeded to fuck Hannah’s pretty little cunt. When he was finished he was immediately replaced by another one of the bikers. On and on it went for nearly 1.5 hours as all nine men in the room violently raped Hannah and spewed their loads into her bruised, gaping vagina. When they were finished she was quickly untied and given a few minutes to shower.

“Put this on slut, hurry up we don’t have time,” Tank commanded, throwing a handful of clothing to Hannah as soon as she was dragged out of the bathroom.

Hannah picked up the clothes and stared at them incredulously. The outfit consisted of a skimpy black leather bra, the same 6” stilettos she’d worn earlier, and a pair of daisy dukes that had been sheared down to nothing more than a denim g-string. When she slipped the garments on Hannah felt her face burning in humiliation, and could feel the smiles of approval from all the bikers in the room.

“Let’s go bitch, you got a super busy day,” Tank stated, as he motioned to a few of the Outlaws before exiting the room.

Two bikers seized Hannah’s arms and led her out of the bar and into the parking lot. She was forced onto Tank’s chopper as usual and together the men peeled out onto the main road. Hannah knew how utterly ridiculous she must have looked, dressed like a complete slut and riding with a bunch of massive, angry bikers. Yet each person that passed by hardly gave her a second look, and it seemed like they were not one bit surprised at the sight of her and the Outlaws. It wasn’t until they drove past a police car on the side of the road with the word “sheriff” on its side that Hannah realized just how hopeless her nightmare was. To her complete dismay and horror, the law enforcement officer in the car simply smiled and nodded in Tank’s direction as soon as he saw him and the other bikers.

They drove for about 20 minutes before they turned off the road and into the parking lot of an old, abandoned warehouse. Hannah felt the huge lump in her throat as she looked around at the many, many bikes littered all around the building. There must have been 70-80 motorcycles, not including Tank and the others who had just pulled in. As soon as he parked his own chopper and began dragging Hannah toward the warehouse, she could hear the raucous laughter of countless Outlaws inside.

They entered the dilapidated structure from the side through a sliding gate, and were instantly greeted with a deafening cheer of excitement. Hannah felt her knees buckle as she stared in wide-eyed horror at the sea of bikers packed inside the warehouse. They were all gazing at her lustfully and she knew how much the image of her—and especially her outfit—was turning them on. She whimpered miserably as many of them reached out and groped her while Tank led her toward the center of the building.

“I hope you’re ready cunt,” the biker whispered into Hannah’s ear. “You’re about to get fucked by more guys than you can imagine.”

Hannah felt the heaviness in her chest and the tears already forming in her eyes as she stared at the ominous setting in the middle of the warehouse. It was clear that the gang had taken quite some time preparing for her arrival. There were several ominous fucking stations for Hannah: A versatile rack capable of tying her into almost any position imaginable, a metal suspension machine, and a stockade like those from the medieval times. All the furniture was placed together, and positioned around them on each side were several expensive, high quality video recorders.

“Well boys, I hope you’re all ready to fuck some tight little Asian holes!” Tank shouted out loud, as the entire gang of men gathered around him and Hannah. “For those of you who haven’t met her yet this little slut is Hannah. We picked her up a couple days ago. She was on her way to some vacation spot but we convinced her to be our little whore instead. As you can all see she’s real glad to be here and real excited to meet the rest of the gang. She’s taken a lot of cocks so far but she’s still nice and tight, so let’s fuck her real good and hard and show her what we do to Asian cunts around here.”

Hannah was shaking in absolute terror now as she listened to the thunderous roar of anticipation from the crowd. Tank, meanwhile, looked at the various apparatuses and contemplated which one to use first. After awhile he decided upon the wooden stocks and asked a couple of his friends to help put Hannah into the contraption. They quickly stripped off her bra and daisy dukes and dragged her toward the machine. Hannah screamed in fear and struggled frantically as they forced her neck and wrists onto the bottom half of the stocks before closing the upper part and securely locking her into the device.

“Please!!! Please let me out!! Not this please!!!” Hannah begged hysterically, futilely trying to free her head from the stocks.

The holes around her wrists and neck were so small that the stocks were barely able to clamp shut around them. This effectively meant that Hannah could not budge her hands and head even an inch, and the psychological torture of the restriction was truly unbearable. Not being able to see anything going on behind her was also very distressing.

“Okay boys step right up and get to work on the bitch!” Tank shouted, motioning toward Hannah’s gorgeous upturned ass.

“And don’t worry, I promise you’ll all get multiple turns with the cunt. We’re keeping her here all day and night, until every single Outlaw ain’t got no jizz left in his balls.”

One of the bikers came up to the stockade and placed a large metal bowl directly beneath Hannah’s head and pussy, and warned her to keep her legs spread apart. Meanwhile, several other Outlaws had settled next to the video equipment and were beginning to film Hannah’s imminent and insane gangbang. Hannah screamed dreadfully as one of the men behind her smacked her ass before placing the tip of his cock against her anus.

“Aaaaagggghhhhh!!” Hannah squealed, as the powerful ogre began roughly shoving his dick into her asshole.

“Goddamn this bitch really is tight!” The Outlaw roared, gripping Hannah’s thin waist firmly while he ripped his cock into her sphincter as hard as he could.

“Noooooo!! Pleeeaaaaasssee!!!” Hannah wailed miserably, as the biker hammered away at her asshole.

The man’s cock was huge, and Hannah could feel her tender anus getting absolutely torn up. Thankfully it took him just a couple of minutes to cum, and the small Asian trembled in disgust as her rectum was flooded with semen. When she finally felt the massive biker pull his cock out of her ass, Hannah screamed in horror as he was instantly replaced by another Outlaw.

“Please stop!!” Hannah sobbed, writhing around miserably as she felt another pair of rough, giant hands seize her hips.

“Fuck that’s a pretty little cunt,” the enormous biker remarked, as he pressed the head of his dick against Hannah’s pussy.

“Aaaaoooowwwww!!!” Hannah screeched, as the giant Outlaw ripped his cock deep into her sore cunt.

“Don’t forget fellas she’s got another hole up front!” Tank shouted, pointing toward Hannah’s completely restrained head.

Several bikers immediately raced to the hallowed spot. The first one to arrive quickly dropped his jeans and boxers and smacked the tip of his huge cock against Hannah’s face. He held it in front of her lips and ordered the Asian to open her mouth, but Hannah refused.

“I said open that mouth bitch!” The ogre shouted, slapping Hannah across her face viciously.

Hannah squealed in pain and quickly parted her lips for the man. As soon as she did, he brutally plunged his cock into the Asian’s mouth and toward her throat. He gripped Hannah’s head with both hands and used his powerful hips to slam his penis in and out of her mouth. Hannah could not see anything other than the biker’s thick bush of pubic hair right in front of her, but she could hear the deafening chants from men all around her urging the rapists to fuck her harder.

“Fuck yeah!! Holy shit I’m cumming!!” The biker behind Hannah roared, burying every inch of his huge shaft inside the Asian’s pussy.

Hannah did not even notice her cunt getting filled with sperm. She was much too busy trying not to choke to death on the massive dick stuffed inside her mouth and throat. The Outlaw in front of her was merciless, as he thumped his penis back and forth into her face nonstop. It was the most horrific forced blowjob imaginable, as Hannah’s hands and head were both restrained and she was completely powerless to stop the hairy beast.

Despite the huge cock that was lodged in her mouth Hannah’s anguished scream could be heard by all the men in the warehouse, as another Outlaw got behind her and rammed his penis into her asshole. Meanwhile, the biker fucking her face finally reached his climax and started spewing his sperm into Hannah’s mouth. Hannah sobbed dismally as she felt the hot spunk gushing into the back of her throat. When he was done the man yanked his dick out of Hannah’s mouth and gave her an appreciative smack in the face before leaving.

“Augghh!! Aauugghh!! Aauugghh!!” Hannah shrieked over and over again as the massive Outlaw behind her brutally pounded her asshole.

“Plleeeeaaaasse!!!” The little Asian begged, a look of sheer terror on her face as another huge biker stepped up to use her mouth.

“Open your mouth whore!” The man ordered, slapping Hannah so hard that the ring echoed inside the warehouse.

Hannah wailed in pain and respectfully spread her lips wide for the tattooed giant. She immediately started gagging as he drove his cock deep into her little throat. Once again, however, she couldn’t do anything to help herself. The cruel Outlaw fucked Hannah’s mouth for several agonizing minutes, and pulled out just twice during that span to give the Asian a few seconds to breathe. By the time he blew his load inside her mouth, Hannah’s face was a dark crimson color and she looked like she truly yearned for death.

Meanwhile, the man behind her had already ejaculated inside her asshole and had already been replaced by another massive biker. The new Outlaw was fucking Hannah’s ass so hard that her skinny legs buckled violently each time he slammed his cock into the torn opening. Hannah’s pleas for mercy were short-lived, as another biker soon had his cock buried deep inside her mouth.

It was the most appalling, horrendous rape Hannah could have ever imagined, and it continued uninterrupted for nearly three excruciating hours. During that span more than 40 Outlaws happily used her mouth, ass, or pussy. Torrents of sperm were now flowing freely from the three openings, and the bowls underneath Hannah’s head and pussy were starting to fill with the disgusting fluid. Hannah’s asshole and cunt were both badly torn and gaping horrifically. Her jaw, likewise, was terribly sore from the constant facial abuse.

“How you holding up there slut?” Tank laughed, stepping in front of the weeping Asian.

“Please!!! Please stop this!! I can’t take anymore!!!” Hannah begged miserably, as thick streams of drool and cum dripped off her chin and into the bowl below.

“What do you mean you can’t take anymore?” Tank asked incredulously. “It’s not even noon bitch! You got at least ten more hours to go, so suck it up and be a good little whore. You haven’t even fucked half the gang yet, and I’m sure you know we’re all gonna have a second or third round with you by the time you leave here.”

“Please just stop!! Leave me alone!!!” Hannah screamed in horror and frustration.

Tank and a couple of other bikers unlocked the wooden stockade, finally freeing Hannah from the nightmarish device. Her relief was short, however, as they took her over to the rack and put her onto it on her back. Hannah squealed in agony as the men spread her legs out as wide as physically possible and tied them off to the corners of the machine. They then tied her arms down and adjusted the rack so that her pussy was on one end of it while her head dangled from the opposite end.

“Okay boys let’s get back to work!” Tank shouted, instantly prompting a pair of Outlaws to move to the Asian’s pussy and mouth.

The metal bowls of cum were once again placed underneath Hannah’s head and cunt while the two bikers prepared to use the respective holes. Hannah screamed in agony as she felt one of the men grab her waist and spear his huge cock deep into her exhausted vagina. Just seconds later the other giant began smashing his own penis back and forth between her succulent lips. With her head suspended upside down Hannah was forced to stare at the man’s enormous, hairy balls while he fucked her mouth viciously.

A little more than two hours passed by while the gang proceeded to rape Hannah in this new position, and about 30 of them were able to use the Asian during this time. Hannah’s aching pussy burned like it was on fire, but the pain in her throat was even worse, as over a dozen Outlaws had stuffed their entire dicks down it. Hannah’s beautiful face and hair were both completely drenched with cum. Most of the men had chosen to ejaculate in her mouth, while a couple had pulled out and shot their loads all over her face.

“Oh shit Big Joe’s here!” Hannah heard one of the bikers shout, followed by a chorus of excited cheers.

“You hear that slut?” Tank asked, as he stood above Hannah’s dangling head. “Big Joe’s here. I hope we’ve loosened you up good for him. Get ready bitch, you’re about to get your brains fucked out.”

Hannah heard the commotion of many bikers moving out of the way and the daunting sound of heavy footsteps quickly approaching. After several seconds, Big Joe finally appeared and stood before the Asian’s suspended head. Hannah stared in sheer terror and disbelief at the giant. He was without question the most enormous man she’d ever seen. As massive as Tank and the other bikers were, Big Joe was at least a ? foot taller than them and outweighed most of them by about 100 lbs. He was not fat, however, but built very powerfully like a wrestler. And indeed, to Hannah he truly looked like one of those colossal freaks that came out on WWE.

“Shit you boys fucked this bitch up,” Big Joe chuckled, as he gazed down hungrily at the helpless little Asian slut. “She is a hot little gook though. Nice and small, I bet she’s real tight.”

“No please!! Please don’t hurt me!!!” Hannah begged hysterically, as the goliath dropped his pants and presented his cock to her.

Hannah knew it was going to be huge, but the actual sight of Big Joe’s cock was unreal. The monstrous shaft was nearly 11” in length and seemed almost as thick as a baseball bat. Big Joe stood in front of the Asian’s dangling head and stroked his cock for a moment, allowing the fear to really settle into the girl. When he finally began moving toward the other end of the rack Hannah screamed in horror and pulled feverishly at the ropes that held her.

“Please no!! Please I can’t!!! Please don’t let him!!!” Hannah pleaded desperately up at Tank.

“Relax slut, you’ll live,” Tank reassured the terrified Asian.

“Nooooooooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, tugging at her bonds harder once she felt the massive tip of Big Joe’s cock against her aching pussy.

“God that fucking feels nice!” Big Joe exclaimed, holding his cock with one hand while he slowly sank it into the Asian’s cunt.

Despite how much it was gaping and lubed up from the countless bikers who’d ejaculated into it, Hannah’s vagina was putting up a lot of resistance. The little Asian screamed in agony as her raw, battered pussy was stretched further than ever before, and further than she thought capable. Big Joe’s dick was so enormous that it literally felt like he was ripping her pussy in two with it. Hannah wept and squealed miserably as the behemoth continued driving forward until his cock hit her cervix and refused to go any further. Only a couple inches of the gigantic pole were sticking out of Hannah’s sex.

“Aaaaaooooowwwww!!!” Hannah wailed in torture, as the huge biker slammed forward with his hips and tried to bury the rest of his cock in her pussy.

“Fuck you bitch! Get ready I’m gonna fuck you into next week slut!” Big Joe roared, just before he began ferociously ripping his penis in and out of the Asian’s cunt.

“Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!! Noooooooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, struggling crazily as the huge beast started pounding her pussy to a pulp.

The entire gang of bikers were all gathered around the wooden rack and stroking their dicks as they watched Big Joe demolish the helpless little Asian. Just the sight of her long, sexy legs spread insanely wide and her continuous, desperate attempts to free herself were enough to make many of them nearly cum in their pants. Every single muscle in Hannah’s slender frame was visibly straining as her body tried to absorb the violent pounding.

“Oh God please!!! Please stop!!!” Hannah begged wretchedly, as Big Joe continued to demolish her tight little pussy.

“Damn you’re still tight bitch!” Big Joe roared, reaching out and smacking Hannah’s tits hard while he ripped his cock in and out of her vagina.

Hannah’s face was twisted into a look of pure misery and tears of agony were flowing from her eyes. Every time Big Joe slammed into her she screamed at the top of her lungs and looked like she was going to faint from the pain. It was insane that Big Joe could even fit his cock inside the Asian girl, and Hannah knew that the giant was definitely causing some permanent damage to her cunt.

“Fuck yeah!! Shit I’m cumming!! I’m cumming you little slut!!!” Big Joe finally yelled, after fucking Hannah’s twat for nearly 20 minutes.

Hannah screamed in torture one last time as the juggernaut stabbed his dick into her as hard as he could. An instant later she felt his heavy load of jizz flooding into her pussy and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Hannah did not care at all about having his cum dumped inside her body, she was just extremely thankful that he was finally done using her. When Big Joe finally finished depositing his seed and removed his massive cock from her vagina, Hannah could feel the incredible void that was left inside of her. It felt as if someone had just exploded a piece of dynamite inside her cunt.

“I’ll be back in a few hours bitch,” Big Joe promised the devastated Asian. “And then I’m fucking that pretty little asshole.”

As he walked away, Hannah could hear the other bikers congratulating and thanking the giant for coming. Hannah could feel a thick stream of cum dripping out of the cavernous opening that was her pussy. The hole ached and burned worse than ever before, and she did not know how she was going to handle any more cocks being slammed into it. It had been the most excruciating fucking of her life, even worse than when Tank had taken her anally a day earlier. Her body was soaked in sweat from her constant struggles, and she was so exhausted she could not move even if she wanted to.

“Okay boys let’s give the whore a quick break,” Tank said, an evil grin on his face. “She looks real thirsty I think it’s time we give her something to drink.”

There was a round of cheers and laughter, and several men moved forward and untied Hannah from the rack. They quickly dragged her off the machine and forced her to kneel on the floor, while one of them grabbed her wrists and cuffed them together behind her back. Hannah was so utterly fatigued that she did not see Tank and a couple of other Outlaws grab the two bowls of cum and empty them into a large beer-bong.

“Wait hold on,” Tank said, grabbing the device after the men had finished dumping all of the sperm into it. “I think it needs a little something else too.”

The men all laughed sinisterly as Tank spat a huge, disgusting loogey into the large funnel. The bong was then quickly passed around to the other Outlaws, and each one of them also spat and blew their noses into it. By the time it came back to Tank over 80 bikers had contributed their saliva, snot, and even piss to the bong, and it was filled to the very brim.

“You ready for your energy drink whore?” Tank asked, holding up the contraption for Hannah to see. “You’re gonna need this, you still got a lot more work to do.”

Hannah recoiled in fear as Tank bent down and brought the tip of the dangling hose to her face. She could not see what was in the top funnel, but she could see that the tube was filled with cum and she started whining in disgust. Two Outlaws quickly knelt down next to her and grabbed her arms firmly, and another biker got behind her and jerked her hair down so that she was forced to look up. All three men held Hannah very tightly, keeping her from even budging.

“Open your mouth slut, or it’s gonna be fifty lashes,” Tank warned gravely, holding up the steel cane for Hannah to see.
Hannah obediently spread her lips while she looked up at Tank with complete torment in her eyes. The biker immediately inserted the tube deep into Hannah’s mouth and chuckled as he watched her tremble in fear. After instructing her to drink the entire load, he twisted the valve on the hose and stared excitedly as the nasty concoction began draining into Hannah’s mouth.

“Start swallowing whore!” Tank shouted, whipping the cane across Hannah’s breasts. Hannah whimpered in pain and quickly began drinking the terrible mixture of cum, piss, and snot. She tried not to think about the dozens of filthy men who’d contributed to the cocktail, or how so much of it had been inside her pussy and asshole just moments earlier, but she couldn’t. The feeling of the warm, syrupy fluid slithering down her gullet and into her belly was too horrible to describe. Nevertheless, Hannah continued to down the terrible contents, sobbing in absolute misery while she did.

“Keep going slut!” Tank screamed, as Hannah paused after consuming nearly half of the huge load.

Tears were streaking down the Asian’s cheek and she was whining desperately for mercy. Hannah was starting to feel extremely sick and did not think she could drink anymore. She’d taken countless gulps of the sickening mixture and it seemed like it was never going to disappear. She’d already nearly puked, and would have if not for a warning stroke from Tank as soon as he saw her start to vommit.

“Start drinking bitch!” Tank commanded, striking Hannah’s tits viciously with the cane.

Hannah groaned in agony and once again began swallowing the horrible blend of the bikers’ discharge. After a few gulps, however, she started groaning woefully as she realized what other contents were inside the bong. Hannah could taste the urine and snot that was mixed in with the sperm, and as soon as she did she started retching in complete horror and revulsion.

“Keep it down bitch, keep it down, don’t you dare puke it up,” the Outlaw behind Hannah ordered, yanking down on her long hair and keeping her head pointed straight up at the roof.

Hannah was dry heaving violently and had already vomited a little in her mouth. She could feel the rest about to come up, but just before it did Tank ripped his cane into her chest several times so powerfully that she screamed in agony and held the puke down. The cruel biker beat her two more times and commanded her to finish her drink. Hannah was shaking her head dismally and her entire body shuddered as she continued swallowing the filthy mixture. Each time she felt a thick, disgusting lump of snot sliding down her throat she had no idea how she was able to keep from throwing up. By the time the entire load had been emptied into her body, Hannah was crying hysterically and looked like she wanted to die.

“No puking slut,” Tank warned, as he removed the tube from Hannah’s mouth. “You puke and I’m gonna give you 50 shots to the tits, plus make you lick it all back up.”

“Please stop this, I can’t take anymore,” the dejected Asian begged. “Please just leave me alone. Please.”
Hannah could feel the sperm, piss, and spit all swirling around in her stomach and nearly threw up again. The appalling drink had been more than a liter in size, and Hannah did not know how she’d been able to chug it all down. She’d never felt so disgusted before in her entire life, and wanted so badly to just get the nasty brew out of her body as soon as possible.

“Okay let’s go, get her back on the rack,” Tank instructed the men holding Hannah. “Put her on her front this time so we can fuck that ass again. I don’t think anyone’s gonna wanna be touching that pussy for awhile, not after what Big Joe just did to it.”

“Please!!!” Hannah screamed, struggling wildly as the men unlocked her hands and dragged her back to the wooden rack.

Despite her resistance, the Asian was quickly strapped back down on the machine, this time on her belly. Her legs were once again pulled excruciatingly wide and tied to the corners of the rack, as were her wrists also. Hannah whimpered in fear while the bikers around her discussed who was next in line to use her. It did not take the men long, and soon enough two of them stepped forward and flanked her defenseless body.

“Noooooo!! Pleeeeaaaasssse!!!” Hannah wailed, squirming around miserably as she felt the tip of another huge cock against her anus.

In the meantime, the other Outlaw jerked her head back and instantly stuffed his cock deep into the Asian’s mouth. As the two fiends quickly began pounding her ass and face in a powerful rhythm, Hannah wondered how much more abuse she was going to have to take. She’d already fucked roughly 75 of the bikers, but more and more were constantly showing up to the warehouse. Almost every single Outlaw was here now, meaning well over 100 men were gathered around the suffering Asian. Thus, even though she didn’t know it, Hannah still had about 40 more bikers to fuck. And then, as incomprehensible as it seemed, virtually the entire gang was going to enjoy a second round with her. It was about 3PM now, and if she was lucky Hannah would be finished by midnight.

Hannah screamed, cried, and begged nonstop as one biker after another proceeded to fuck her nasty little holes. It took more than three grueling hours, but eventually the remaining 40 or so bikers finally finished raping poor Hannah. Half of them used her mouth during this time and nearly the other half chose to fuck her bloody, gaping asshole. A good amount of sperm was already starting to collect again inside the two bowls beneath Hannah’s face and pussy.

“Damn is that really everyone?” Tank asked in gleeful astonishment, looking around at the swarm of bikers. “Everyone’s had a turn with the slut, right?”

“Looks like it’s all you Tank,” one of the Outlaws replied, tapping the man on his shoulder. “That bitch looks pretty fucked up though.”

“Nah she’s a horny little cunt, I’m pretty sure she’s enjoying this shit,” Tank laughed, before nodding over at the suspension machine. “Here, help me get her in there.”

A couple more bikers came over and helped untie Hannah before carrying her over to the next fucking station. It was about 8’ tall and looked very similar to a playground swing set. Attached to the top beam at either end were four leather cuffs, and it took several Outlaws to hold Hannah in the air while her ankles and wrists were both locked into the bindings. When they were finished, the Asian was hanging in the air with her arms and legs both pulled extremely wide and tied to the horizontal beam above her head. Hannah’s pussy was on graphic display to every Outlaw, and she was bawling in pain and disgrace at her lewd position.

“Looking hot slut,” Tank lauded the miserable Asian. “You ready for round two? Relax and get comfortable bitch, you’re gonna be up there for the next few hours.”

“Please stop!” Hannah whimpered, staring at the Outlaw nervously as he set one of the metal bowls of cum down beneath her cunt.

Hannah began shaking in fear as Tank situated himself behind her and grabbed her ass-cheeks before yanking them wide apart. She quickly started pleading with the large fiend as soon as she felt the tip of his dick against her inflamed asshole. It was all for nothing, however, as Tank ruthlessly speared his huge cock up into the bloody opening. Hannah screamed in agony as he began furiously raping her ass.

“Damn bitch, looks like you’re finally starting to loosen up!” Tank shouted, reaching up and grabbing Hannah’s jiggling little tits while he viciously fucked her.

“Aaaaooowww!! Plleeeeaaaassse!!!” Hannah wailed, squirming around painfully as the ogre began squeezing and pinching her breasts as hard as he could.

Tank fucked the helpless little Asian for ten excruciating minutes, crushing her tits and nipples with his rough hands the entire time. Fresh tears were coursing down Hannah’s face while she frantically implored him to stop. Finally, she felt him drive his entire cock deep into her rectum just before he began shooting his cum inside the mangled canal. As soon as he pulled his huge dick out of Hannah’s anus, a thick stream of cum immediately began dribbling out of the hole and into the bowl on the floor.

“You’re only halfway done whore,” Tank declared to the sobbing Asian. “But if you can get through tonight, I think we just might let you go. How’s that for a little incentive?”

Hannah had a very hard time believing the monster, but a tiny part of her wondered whether he might have been telling the truth. She continued to cling to the hope that maybe, just maybe, the gang would eventually release her. Hannah simply refused to believe that this was how her life was going to end. It was really the only thing that was keeping her somewhat sane, and giving her the will to live and endure.

“Nooooooooo!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around in the air as two enormous Outlaws quickly moved forward and sandwiched her between them.

Hannah yanked desperately at her bonds but she was powerless to stop the men as they clutched her squirming body and plunged their cocks deep into her asshole and vagina. She shrieked in agony as the pair of bikers instantly began fucking her like complete savages. They were both grunting in ecstasy as they tore their massive dicks in and out of the defenseless little Asian.

After about five minutes or so the Outlaw fucking Hannah’s ass began to cum. When he was finished he removed his cock from the girl and was instantly replaced by another man. Several minutes later the huge thug pounding Hannah’s pussy dumped his own load inside of her, and his spot was then immediately filled by another Outlaw also. The process simply repeated itself over and over again for the next 4.5 hours. There was never a moment when a massive cock was not stuffed inside Hannah’s cunt or anus, and in fact barely ever a time where both of the holes weren’t being used simultaneously.

Hannah was weeping dejectedly as another vile, hideous biker finished shooting his load of sperm up her pussy before pulling out and walking away. He was the 72nd Outlaw to fuck Hannah ever since Tank had commenced her second shift nearly five hours ago. This meant that Hannah had been raped about 180 times total for the day, which was simply an absurd figure. The fact that she was still alive was nothing short of a miracle, and also a testament to Hannah’s resolve and mental strength. The Asian still was convinced that she would eventually and somehow make it through this nightmare.

Fortunately for Hannah, there were just a handful of bikers remaining to use her. A good portion of the members had left after their first encounter, mostly because they had other places to be. Unfortunately for Hannah, however, one of the few remaining Outlaws was Big Joe. The colossal giant had come back for her just as he’d promised, and was smiling depravedly now as he approached the miserable Asian with his massive dick in his hand.

“I told you I’d be back whore,” the behemoth said. “You ready to get that ass torn up? You should be ready. I know these boys have been keeping you real busy.”

“Noooooo, please no, I can’t…please I’m so tired,” Hannah beseeched the enormous biker.

“God you are such a fucking slut,” Big Joe mocked the Asian, as he stared at the river of cum seeping from her hideously outstretched pussy.

“No please! Please stop I can’t—I can’t take anymore! Please!!” Hannah cried, writhing around in the air as Big Joe stepped behind her and clamped his huge hands around her buttocks.

The giant fiend yanked Hannah’s ass-cheeks wide apart and then effortlessly lifted her until her gaping anus was right above his cock. Hannah was already sobbing miserably as Big Joe inserted the tip of his penis in her asshole and slowly began lowering her onto the gigantic shaft. She screamed in total agony as her sphincter was forced insanely wide to accommodate Big Joe’s penis. Hannah vividly remembered how painful it was when the huge Outlaw had fucked her pussy just hours ago, and she could tell that this was going to be far more terrible.

“Damn it’s a good thing these fellas fucked you as much as they did,” Big Joe commented, while he strenuously impaled more and more of his cock inside Hannah’s ass. “Otherwise I don’t know how the fuck I’d fit inside this tiny little asshole.”

“Please just stop!! It’s too big! What’s wrong with you?!” Hannah shrieked, struggling feverishly as Big Joe continued to skewer her.

“Shut the fuck up slut, you should feel honored to have this big cock inside you,” Big Joe replied. “All you little gook whores love a big, fat American cock.”

“Aaaaaaauuuuuuggggghhhhh!!!” Hannah wailed, as the giant Outlaw forced nearly his entire cock up her ass until it physically couldn’t go any further.

The Asian’s earsplitting screams became instantly louder as Big Joe wrapped his hands around her dainty torso and started bouncing her up and down his penis with all his strength. Every time he slammed her onto his colossal shaft, Hannah looked like she was going to die. It was very obvious that with the size of his cock and how savagely he was smashing it into the poor Asian, Big Joe was completely wrecking Hannah’s anus and possibly her intestines as well.

“Oh my God!!! Please stop!!! Please I can’t—you’re killing me!!!” Hannah screamed in sheer horror.

Even some of the other Outlaws grimaced as they watched the raging beast ferociously rape the living daylights out of poor Hannah. Her head was perched back and she was screaming louder and more wretchedly than at any other point throughout the day. She truly looked like she wanted to be shot and relieved from the inhumane fucking.

“Ah yeah bitch, here it comes!” Big Joe growled, driving his penis into Hannah’s asshole one last time before he started cumming inside the Asian.

Hannah was weeping out of control but looked hugely relieved that the psychotic giant was finished with her. Her head was slumped forward and she hung lifelessly in the air while Big Joe drained all of his sperm inside her asshole. Hannah was breathing heavily and her body was covered in sweat from her exertions. By the time the Outlaw lifted her off his cock and walked away, she appeared extremely traumatized and was groaning incoherently.

There were still about half-a-dozen bikers waiting to fuck Hannah, and they all did so over the next hour. Of course, just one of them decided to take her up the ass, and he was the last man of the bunch. Hannah was surprisingly quiet as the remaining Outlaws raped her, for the most part whining miserably as they pounded her sloppy cunt one after another. She screamed in sheer torture, however, when the last one viciously fucked her anus for more than ten minutes before finally blowing inside of her.

“Damn bitch, I gotta say I’m fucking shocked you made it,” Tank declared, as he stood in front of the suspended Asian and nodded proudly. “You’re a real trooper I’ll give you that. Good work slut, let’s give you something refreshing to drink.”

The leader motioned to several of the remaining men and they quickly surrounded Hannah and untied her from the suspension machine. Hannah groaned in exhaustion and anguish as soon as she was on the floor. Her hands were quickly tied together behind her back while a pair of Outlaws forced her to kneel on the ground. One of them grabbed her hair and tugged hard so that Hannah’s head was tilted upward.

“Open that mouth bitch,” Tank commanded, as he held the tube of the beer-bong in his hand.

Completely broken and defeated, Hannah spread her lips and groaned as the evil biker inserted several inches of the rubber pipe into her mouth. A second Outlaw then grabbed the filthy bowl of cum from the floor and dumped it all into the large funnel of the device. There were easily more than 100 loads of sperm resting inside the bong, yet the men weren’t finished. Hannah remained still but whined in horror as the remaining 30 or so bikers surrounded her and once again expelled all the snot from their nose and phlegm from their throats into the bong. A few of them also pissed into it until it was about to overflow.

“Remember slut, you better swallow it all, or its 50 shots with the cane,” Tank cautioned the Asian.

With a great big smile, Tank turned the valve on the tube and watched as the disgusting cocktail instantly began draining into Hannah’s mouth. The little Asian moaned in total revulsion, but proceeded to swallow the mixture like a good little skank. It took her more than five minutes, but Hannah eventually gulped down the entire blend of cum, piss, and other nasty discharges. It was incredible that she had both the energy and mental fortitude to finish the task, considering everything she had just been through. When Tank removed the tube from her mouth Hannah immediately started dry heaving.

“No bitch! Keep it down! You throw it up and that’s 100 lashes!” Tank warned.

Hannah had to suppress and gulp down the vomit that rose up to her throat several times, but she somehow managed to keep it in her belly. The thought of getting struck 100 times by the cane was more than enough motivation. The little Asian groaned in misery and fatigue as she immediately fell to her side when the bikers released her. She could not move and had to be carried by two Outlaws back to the parking lot. A few of the men packed up the video recording equipment that lay around the various fucking stations. It was just past 1AM, meaning Hannah’s gangbang had lasted an astonishing 15 hours, and every minute of it had been recorded by the biker gang.

Hannah was barely moving as a pair of Outlaws dumped her onto the front seat of Tank’s chopper. The men hadn’t even bothered to dress the little Asian. Tank positioned her so that her head and arms were slumped over the handlebars of his Harley and then peeled out of the parking lot, with the others following right behind him. They drove back to the bar and carried Hannah’s lifeless body into the building. She was hardly coherent as they dumped her onto the mattress.

“Good night bitch, I promise we won’t fuck you too much tomorrow,” Tank said. “But don’t worry we got a lot of fun stuff planned and we’ll be keeping you real busy again. See you in the morning slut.”

Chapter 6: Hannah Learns the Value and Purpose of her Mouth

Unlike the other past two nights, Hannah fell asleep immediately after being placed on the bed and the gang allowed her to sleep well into the morning. By the time Tank woke her it was almost noon and the men could not wait any longer. There were about a dozen of them in the room and Hannah began whimpering in terror when she saw them.

“Rise and shine bitch, we got some cool shit planned for you today,” Tank stated, before tossing the same tiny daisy dukes and black bra down at the Asian. “Get dressed.”

“God please just stop, I can’t take anymore, I’m serious,” Hannah begged, burying her face into the bed sheets.

“Bitch what the fuck did I say about calling yourself ‘I’?” Tank snapped. “Do it one more fucking time and I’m gonna beat you till you’re black and blue. Now get dressed before you really make me angry.”

Hannah let out a frustrated cry but wisely sat up on the bed and grabbed the garments next to her. She quickly slipped into the absurd outfit and heard the excited mumbles from the men across the room. Tank snapped his fingers and ordered her to get down off the mattress. Her legs were wobbly as she stood with the towering heels still strapped to her ankles.

“On your hands and knees bitch, follow me,” Tank instructed, turning around and exiting the room.

Hannah felt the hotness in her cheeks as she followed the cruel biker down the hall and out into the parking lot, crawling after him the entire way. It took every ounce of her energy and then some. She had not eaten in more than 24 hours, and the only thing she’d had to drink during that span was about two liters of cum, piss, and snot from the bikers. Every part of her body ached so badly, especially her pussy and asshole.

When they got outside Hannah was once again forced onto Tank’s bike and the entire gang then emptied out onto the street. They drove for about ten minutes before pulling into the small parking lot of an old, rundown home. Awaiting there were two more Outlaws, who welcomed the men into the garage of the house.

“Well well look who the fuck it is,” one of the bikers chuckled, as he stared hungrily at Hannah. “You look tired bitch, long night?”

“What’s happening Russ,” Tank greeted his friend, as he stepped off his bike and forced Hannah to her hands and knees. “You guys ready? Where’s the iron?”

“Right here,” the other Outlaw replied, holding up a long metal rod with an emblem attached to the end.

“Cool, start heating it up,” the leader instructed.

Hannah watched with wide eyes as the first biker, Russ, grabbed a blowtorch from a nearby shelf and powered it on. He then immediately moved to his friend and held the scorching blue flame against the metal symbol for what seemed like an eternity to the Asian girl. Hannah was aware of what was about to happen to her, and with each passing minute she was growing more and more fearful. After about ten minutes the sign was so hot it was glowing red, at which point Tank gave the word that it was ready.

“Take your top off bitch,” Tank commanded the little Asian.

“No please, please don’t, please,” Hannah begged in sheer terror.

“Take your fucking top off right now slut,” the biker repeated, this time much more menacingly.

Hannah was shaking intensely as she unclasped her bra and removed it. She was on her knees and crossed her arms over her naked breasts while she looked at the Outlaw with the blazing iron. As he brought it closer to her, Hannah was finally able to make out the emblem at the end. It was a circle about 3-4 inches wide with the words “property of devil’s outlaws” written inside it in big capital letters. It was glowing red and Hannah whimpered as the evil biker held it in front of her face.

“Hold her,” Tank said to nobody in particular.

“Noooooooo!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around wildly as four men quickly grabbed her arms and legs and held them firmly against the cold floor.

“Right there,” Tank instructed, pointing at the Asian’s back just below her right shoulder.

“No please don’t!! Please stop!!!” Hannah shrieked, frantically trying to escape from the men holding her.

Hannah could feel her heart racing out of control and was so frightened she was starting to hyperventilate. She’d never been so terrified in her life, not even when Big Joe had prepared to fuck her asshole last night. The thought of getting her skin badly burned was awful enough, but getting permanently marked by the appalling symbol was even worse. As she turned her head and watched the biker about to brand her, Hannah began crying hysterically.

“AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!” Hannah screamed horrifically, nearly breaking free from the four men as soon as the biker pressed the soldering emblem deep into her smooth flesh.

The gruesome sound of Hannah’s skin sizzling filled the garage, and was audible despite the Asian’s absolutely deafening wail of agony. The Outlaw held the branding iron firmly against Hannah’s back for nearly ten seconds, and the Asian nearly passed out from the excruciating pain. The gang of men all watched in excitement as Hannah writhed around in total misery. When the blazing iron was finally lifted from her and the men released her, Hannah instantly collapsed onto her side and sobbed wretchedly.

Tank gave the girl a few minutes to cry while he stared at the fresh mark on her golden flesh. The words were permanently charred into Hannah’s back in dark, bloody letters. She would never be able to remove them, and it was a beautiful symbol of Hannah’s new identity as a sex-slave. Tank contemplated giving her another one on her ass or tits, but decided not to for now. After all, he still planned on beating those areas many more times with the cane and other instruments.

“Okay get her up, let’s get back to the bar,” Tank declared, after a couple of minutes.

Hannah was still crying as the men put her bra back on her and dragged her back to their bikes. They said their goodbyes to the other two bikers before peeling out of the parking lot. Hannah was in so much pain that she could barely comprehend anything while the gang drove back to the tavern. When they got there they marched Hannah straight into the lounge near the back of the building.

“Eat up slut,” Tank commanded, pointing to the plate of last night’s leftovers that was sitting at the dining table.

Hannah took a seat and did not even have to be told twice this time. She grabbed the fork and began eating the scraps with little hesitation. She was so famished that even the nasty pile of food looked appetizing. In just a couple of minutes Hannah was finished with the entire plate, and then sat nervously while she awaited the next depravity the men had planned for her.

“Come here slut,” Tank said, snapping his fingers from the other side of the room. “And remember to fucking crawl bitch.”

Hannah got down on her hands and knees and slowly shuffled over to the biker. He and the others were lounging comfortably around on some sofas and chairs, and they all watched in delight as the little Asian whore came toward them. She had the most nervous look on her face, and was trembling in fear.

“Well I told you we wouldn’t fuck you much today, but that’s pretty much all you’re good for bitch,” Tank said to the petite Asian.

“No please, I—this slut can’t, please don’t sir,” Hannah quickly replied.

“Relax cunt, we’re not gonna fuck you, not yet anyway,” Tank said reassuringly. “Get your ass on that bed though, we’re doing something else. It’s time now that you learn the real purpose of your mouth. You know what rimming is whore?”

“No,” Hannah shook her head.

“Well you’re about to find out how fun it is, now get your fucking ass on the bed,” the huge Outlaw commanded.

Hannah crawled her way back over to the mattress and climbed atop it. She was shaking with fear as Tank stripped down and followed her onto the bed. He sat on the mattress with his back against the wall and then spread his huge legs to the sides. Hannah watched with a look of disgust as the man reached down and pulled his buttocks apart, exposing his filthy, hairy asshole to her.

“Get over here slut, and start licking this asshole,” Tank instructed. “Use that tongue and clean it real good, don’t stop till I say so.”

“Please no! Just leave me alone, please!” Hannah screamed, burying her face into her hands. “That’s it bitch, you need some serious fucking discipline,” the giant Outlaw declared, as he suddenly dismounted the bed and dragged Hannah with him by her hair.

“No I’m sorry! Please!” Hannah shouted in panic.

“Hold her still, and get that bra off,” Tank said to the other bikers, as he forced the Asian to her knees and grabbed the steel cane from a table.

“No wait! Please I’m sorry! I’ll be good! This slut will be good!” Hannah shrieked, thrashing around wildly as two Outlaws ripped her bra off and held her firmly between them.

“You keep calling yourself ‘I’ bitch! And you keep whining when I give you orders, and both that shit is gonna stop,” Tank stated angrily. “And to make sure it stops, I’m giving you 20 shots on your ass and 20 on your tits.”

“No!!! Please don’t I’m sorry!! This whore is sorry!! This whore won’t do it again!!!” Hannah screamed in terror. “This whore will be good!! This whore—this whore will do what you want!! Please!!!”

The bikers continued to hold Hannah still while another stood behind her and pressed his boot into her back, forcing the Asian’s breasts out. Tank quickly cocked his arm back and ripped the cane into the girl’s tits as hard as he could. Hannah screamed horrifically and immediately tried to break free from the Outlaws holding her. Her efforts were in vain, however, as the men gripped her firmly while Tank began viciously flaying her little tits. He shouted after each lash to indicate which number it was.

“Please stop!! This slut will be good!! This slut promises she’ll be good!!!” Hannah wailed in total agony, after the seventh consecutive blow landed across her chest. “This slut—this slut will do what you want!!!”

“Eight whore!” Tank hollered, right after slicing the cane deep into Hannah’s quivering breasts.

The small mounds of flesh were already becoming decorated with new scorching welts, adding to the many that still had not fully healed from the earlier canings. Hannah was sobbing hysterically now and implored the man for mercy. Tank was completely oblivious to her begging, however, and continued to pummel her breasts with all his strength.

“Please just stop!!! It hurts!! Oh my God it hurts!!!” Hannah screamed, still struggling to free herself as Tank slashed the cane back and forth across her tits.

Hannah had no idea how she stayed conscious while the biker furiously administered the full 20 strokes. Each blow felt exponentially more painful than the one before it and after awhile it literally felt like the skin was being torn off her breasts. By the time Tank was finished, Hannah’s round little tits were completely covered with hideously severe welts and many of them were leaking blood. Hannah’s voice was ragged from the nonstop screaming and she’d urinated all over the carpet floor.

“Turn her around,” Tank said to the men holding the Asian girl.

“Pleeeaaaassee!” Hannah screeched, squirming around miserably as the men forced her onto her hands and knees.

“You ever gonna call yourself ‘I’ again slut?” Tank asked, tracing the cane up and down Hannah’s ass-crack.

“No! This slut won’t—this slut won’t do it again, ever!” Hannah quickly answered.

“You gonna start following orders like a good little whore?” Tank inquired further.

“Yes!! This slut will be good! This slut swears to be good!!” The Asian shouted back.

“Well this is going to make sure about that,” Tank replied, before unleashing a ferocious stroke across Hannah’s upturned ass.

“Aaaauuuuggghhh!! Pleeeaaaaasssse!!!” Hannah wailed, thrashing around in agony as soon as the blow landed.

Tank quickly began pummeling the Asian’s buttocks with everything he had, once again punctuating each stroke with its number. Hannah was screaming at the top of her lungs as her ass was badly beaten. Each time Tank brought the steel cane down, the feeling of it cutting deep into her flesh was excruciating beyond words. By the time he was halfway finished Hannah felt like her ass was beaten to a bloody pulp and that she was about to die from the overwhelming pain.

“Eleven bitch!” Tank screamed, ripping the instrument across Hannah’s welt-covered ass.

“Stop please!! This slut will be good!!!” Hannah sobbed, shaking her ass wildly from side to side as the blows continued to rain down upon it.

After fourteen lashes, Hannah’s firm little cheeks were covered with welts and lacerations and starting to bleed. The Asian whore was weeping uncontrollably and begging Tank for mercy. There would be none from the huge Outlaw, however, as he calmly registered six more vicious strokes. When he was finally finished, Tank’s arm was genuinely tired and Hannah’s ass looked like it had gone through a meat grinder. The flesh on the cheeks was red and purple and bleeding pretty badly now.

“You gonna be a good fucking whore from now?!” Tank screamed, as he jerked on Hannah’s hair and forced her to look him in the eye.

“Yes! Please yes! This whore will be good!” Hannah bawled, still shaking in pain and misery.

“You ready to lick some asshole bitch?” The biker continued.

“Yes, this whore…this whore will lick your asshole sir,” Hannah choked out the words.

“Gimme some cuffs,” Tank requested to his friends.

Another Outlaw quickly handed him a pair of handcuffs and he used them to lock Hannah’s wrists together behind her back. He then grabbed the Asian’s long hair and pulled her onto her feet before dragging her back to the bed. Hannah was already soaked with sweat and had trouble staying on her feet in the 6” stripper heels. Tank forced the girl to lie on her back atop the mattress and then got into a squatting position above her, with his massive ass just inches from her face.

“Stick your tongue out whore, and start licking that asshole,” Tank commanded, as he pulled his hairy cheeks apart and lowered his ass onto the Asian’s face.

Though Tank and the bikers could not see it, Hannah’s expression was one of complete repulsion and disbelief. The ogre’s nasty brown asshole was literally an inch away from her face and the stench of shit was simply horrendous. There was a huge clump of hair all around the opening as well as up and down the biker’s cavernous ass-crack. Hannah was crying miserably as she stared up at the absolutely disgusting image above her.

“Let’s go slut start licking! Use your fucking tongue and clean that asshole nice and good!” Tank shouted angrily.

Hannah screamed in despair but tilted her head forward and pressed the tip of her tongue against the man’s anus. She nearly puked as soon as she tasted the remnants of shit that were coated on the hairy orifice. It took all of her willpower to keep her tongue out and not vomit all over herself. At the biker’s orders, Hannah squeamishly began licking Tank’s filthy asshole like a kitten.

“Lick it good slut! Stick that tongue out all the way and slurp it up!” Tank commanded. “And clean that crack too, I wanna feel your tongue all over my fucking asshole and crack. Get it in there deep and lick up and down like a good fucking slut.”

Hannah was weeping desperately now as she stuck her tongue out as far as she could and pressed it deep between the Outlaw’s buttocks. She shuddered in complete revulsion as she tasted his shit and felt his thick, nasty hair all over her face and tongue. She was trying to keep it together as best as she could, but the sight, smell, and taste of Tank’s bushy ass—and asshole—was truly overwhelming. After passionately licking the man’s asshole for about a minute or so, Hannah could not take it anymore and leaned her head back and screamed wretchedly.

“What the fuck are you doing slut? Did I tell you to stop? Get your face back in there and start licking!” Tank barked furiously.

“God please!!” Hannah cried, staring up at the biker’s nasty asshole deplorably.

“Get your fucking mouth back in there right now bitch,” the huge Outlaw commanded. “And you fucking keep it in there until I say so. You got two seconds before I get the cane again.”

Hannah immediately raised her head and buried her face back between the man’s hairy buttocks. Upon his orders, she pressed her little tongue against Tank’s asshole and began licking it spiritedly. Tank groaned in pleasure as he felt the Asian slut clean his anus for a moment before running her tongue up and down his hairy ass-crack. He stared down at Hannah and could tell how badly she was suffering just by looking at her shuddering body.

Hannah kept waiting and waiting for the man to show her some mercy but he didn’t. More than 20 minutes passed by and she was forced to lick and clean his hairy asshole the entire time. With each second that went by she could feel herself going more and more insane. Never in her life did she imagine being in this kind of position, on her back and using her tongue to service a huge, filthy biker’s ass. Until this morning Hannah truly believed the men could not treat her any worse, and she realized now how wrong she’d been.

Finally, after tossing Tank’s salad for more than half an hour, the Asian was finally relieved of her torment. The nasty brute took a seat directly on Hannah’s face, trapping her nose and tongue inside his ass-crack. He remained firmly planted on top of the girl for a moment, savoring her frenzied struggles to free her face from beneath his hairy buttocks. When he was finally satisfied, Tank stood up on the bed and turned around to address the sobbing Asian.

“Nice work whore, you’re a natural at rimming,” the Outlaw declared. “Get used to this bitch, you’re gonna be cleaning my asshole a lot from now on. I won’t even need toilet paper anymore with you around.”

Hannah screamed dreadfully as the biker climbed off the bed only to be replaced by another one. She watched him strip his pants and underwear and began shaking her head miserably. Hannah couldn’t bear the thought of licking another anus, and it was more horrifying than anything else she could think of. Even after the massive gangbang yesterday she would have preferred getting fucked over cleaning more hairy assholes.

“Let’s go bitch,” the new Outlaw said, as he squatted over Hannah’s face and spread his cheeks wide.

“Get to work!”

“Don’t make him tell you again slut, or it’s another 20 shots to your ass and tits!” Hannah heard Tank shout from across the room.

Hannah screamed in disgust but buried her face between the Outlaw’s filthy buttocks and began running the tip of her tongue up and down his asshole. She started gagging again as soon as she tasted his awful feces. Hannah could feel the traces of shit on the man’s anus rubbing onto her tongue and instantly pulled her head back. She shrieked in complete misery and frustration as she stared up at the Outlaw’s unbelievably bushy crack.

“Pleeeaaaasssee!! It’s so…please just fuck me instead!! Fuck this whore instead please!” Hannah sobbed desperately.

“Okay bitch I guess you need some more beating!” Tank declared.

“No!! Wait, this slut will do it!!” Hannah cried, just before stuffing her face back inside the biker’s fat, sweaty ass.

The stench and taste of shit immediately overwhelmed Hannah, and she nearly pulled her head away before the prospect of getting caned again convinced her otherwise. She could feel the sweat from the biker’s ass on her nose as she stuck her tongue out and once again began cleaning his disgusting asshole. The Outlaw made Hannah service him for ten minutes straight, and savored every second of it. When he was content, he stood up and thanked the Asian before leaving her on the mattress.

The hours passed by very slowly for Hannah, as the remaining dozen or so bikers all forced her to rim them. Each Outlaw took at least 15-20 minutes with the Asian. Some of the fiends made her service them on her back, while others knelt down against the wall and pulled their asses apart before ordering Hannah to clean them. This was difficult for her with her hands tied behind her back, but she managed to get the job done in the end.

It took Hannah over four hours to lick all of the men’s assholes clean, and by the time she was finished she no longer felt like a human being. Throughout the nightmarish session, the bikers had constantly reminded her how she was a piece of shit whore and only useful for fucking. In addition to making her clean their filthy assholes, many of them also spat into her mouth and forced her to swallow it. By the time they were all finished, Hannah was sick to her stomach and wanted so badly to wipe the shit from her lips.

“Good work slut, it’s nice to see you’re learning what that mouth is for,” Tank said, staring at the sobbing Asian after she was finished with the last biker’s ass. “But you’re not done yet. Let’s get you to the bathroom cunt.”

Hannah begged for sympathy as the huge biker grabbed her long, dark hair and hauled her off the bed and into the restroom. He forced her to kneel in front of the toilet and pointed at the sickeningly gross bowl. The seat was up and there was hardly a spot atop the toilet that was not stained with urine. What’s worse, the walls of the bowl were coated all over with leftover shit and diarrhea. Hannah did not even want to think about how many bikers and customers had used the toilet without it ever being cleaned even once.

“You see all that shit and piss?” Tank asked, still pointing at the grimy toilet. “I want all that gone and I want that toilet looking brand new whore. You better use that tongue of yours and scrub it real good. I’ll be back in an hour, and if that toilet isn’t nice and clean it’s gonna be 20 more strokes on your ass and titties. Now get your ass to work, and if I see you using anything besides your mouth you’re gonna be in deep shit bitch.”

Hannah started crying again as she stared down at the unbelievably gross bowl. Just looking at the filthy toilet made her stomach turn, and she had no idea how she was going to clean it. She could not believe how evil the biker could be, and wondered whether or not he even cared that she might become very sick after licking all the scum from the bowl. After a moment, she finally leaned forward and ran her tongue against the top of the basin a few inches. The instant she tasted the dried piss, however, Hannah groaned in disgust and started spitting into the water.

About twenty minutes passed as the despondent Asian whore proceeded to clean the soiled toilet with her mouth. Hannah focused on the top of the bowl first, and ran her tongue back and forth along the porcelain ring countless times. The extremely sour taste of piss was starting to drive her insane, and she was constantly spitting into the toilet. She was at least grateful that she was allowed to do that much. She could hear the men just outside the room chatting amongst each other, and she shuddered as they threw around ideas about how to degrade and use her further.

“Not bad slut,” Tank declared, startling the weeping Asian as he stood beside her. “But you still gotta work on the inside. I gotta piss though, turn around and open that nasty mouth whore.”

Hannah groaned in protest but shuffled around so that her back was to the toilet now and she was facing Tank. She could barely make out the giant’s ugly face through her tears as she perched her head back and opened her mouth wide. Tank bent his legs and gripped Hannah’s hair with one hand while he used the other to place the tip of his massive cock against her spread lips.

“You’d best swallow every fucking drop slut, unless you wanna feel the cane again,” Tank warned, just before unleashing a heavy torrent of piss right into the Asian’s mouth.

Hannah groaned in shock and dismay and nearly spewed the hot urine out of her mouth. She stopped herself just in time, however, and quickly began gulping the terrible piss down. She closed her eyes and tried her best not to think about it. It was utterly insane to her that she was here, on her knees with her hands tied behind her back while this hideous biker drained his piss down her throat.

“That’s a good little slut,” Tank said, running his hand through Hannah’s hair while he finished urinating in her mouth.

As soon as the biker let go of her head, Hannah detached her lips from his penis and whined in disgust. She could hear her stomach growl as Tank’s piss worked its way down there and settled in with all the cum, piss, and spit she’d been forced to drink last night. The biker had just emptied at least a soda can’s worth of urine into her mouth, and Hannah felt terribly sick and bloated.

“Get your ass back to work whore, you still got a lot of shit to lick up,” Tank commanded, as he pulled his pants up and left the restroom.

Hannah was crying again as she resumed her duties. In a few minutes she managed to lick up all the piss stains on top of the bowl and then began working on the inner walls of the toilet. As sickening as cleaning the piss with her tongue was, this next phase was even worse. There were spots of diarrhea all over the place, and some of them were very hard to reach. Often times Hannah nearly lost her balance as she leaned forward and scrubbed the feces from the bowl with her tongue. After a couple of minutes she could not take it anymore and puked into the toilet.

“What the fuck?” One of the bikers hissed, as he walked into the restroom after hearing Hannah vomit.

“Please, this slut is sorry, please!” Hannah wept, fearing that she was going to have to drink up all her puke.

“You’re lucky I don’t make you eat that shit,” the Outlaw declared, as he reached over and flushed the toilet. “Turn around and open that mouth bitch.”

Hannah once again turned to face the biker and tilted her head back before opening her mouth. Tears were streaming down the girl’s cheeks and she was trembling intensely as the huge Outlaw pressed the tip of his cock against her lips. Hannah groaned miserably as the man clutched her head in his giant hands and began draining his piss into her mouth. The stream was very powerful and Hannah had to swallow quickly to keep it from spilling onto the floor. It took him about thirty seconds to finish, which was an absolute lifetime for the Asian. When he was done he wiped his cock off against Hannah’s cheek and casually left the bathroom.

Hannah heard Tank shout that she had less than a half hour, and began working diligently on the nasty toilet. She deeply regretted puking into it earlier, as some of it had splashed up onto the walls of the bowl. She nearly threw up again as she began licking it, along with the stains of shit, from the toilet. In the end she did manage to lick just about all the filth from the toilet, despite the fact that two other bikers came in and forced her to drink their loads of piss. When Tank came back in he was genuinely surprised to see that the bowl was white just about everywhere.

“Damn, good work slut,” the biker congratulated Hannah, as she hung her head in shame and dejection.

“You’ll be doing this once or twice a week. Now it’s time to put that mouth to some more good use.”

Hannah pleaded with the brute as he grabbed her hair and pulled her onto her feet. The little Asian whined in fear as she was hauled to the lounge and then out into the hallway. The other bikers followed behind as Tank dragged Hannah into an adjacent room. This one was much smaller, and other than a bed there were few furnishings inside it. One other piece of furniture, however, was the stool with the 9” steel dildo mounted on it. It was placed near the wall and right next to it was a small table with an empty glass jar sitting atop it.

“No please! Please no!!” Hannah squealed, as Tank suddenly yanked her daisy dukes down her legs and removed them from the girl.

“Get that cock in your pussy right now,” the Outlaw commanded, shoving Hannah toward the stool.

Hannah stumbled forward in her heels as she walked over and squatted above the huge dildo. At Tank’s orders, she turned around so that she was facing the group of bikers then proceeded to slowly lower herself onto the steel shaft. She groaned in discomfort as her terribly sore pussy was stretched wide by the fake cock. After a moment, she finally was able to squeeze the entire thing inside her tight cunt.

“Spread those fucking legs bitch, as wide as you can,” Tank ordered.

Hannah’s legs were quivering as she pulled them as far apart as she could. She felt like such a slut as the men all gazed at her outstretched pussy with the dildo stuffed inside it. She was trembling in fear and struggled to maintain her balance, but the huge cock inside her helped to keep her upright. “You’re gonna spend the rest of the night in here slut, just like that,” Tank explained. “But don’t worry we’ll be sending guys in regularly, so you won’t be lonely. You’re gonna put that mouth of yours to good use tonight, and you’re gonna make us a little money doing it. You’re gonna give blowjobs to every single man that walks in. When they come in you tell them the price—its $20 a blowjob and $5 extra to swallow. Once they put the money in that jar you suck them off good, and swallow if they paid for it.”

“No please! Please don’t, I—this slut can’t, please this slut can’t,” Hannah begged miserably.

“You can and you fucking will bitch,” Tank replied. “If you stop, or if we find out you’re not behaving, I’m coming in here with the cane. We’ll be checking up on your regularly too bitch, to make sure you’re not trying any funny business.”

“Please, just let me off this, please this slut will do it just let me off, it hurts,” Hannah pleaded, shifting around uncomfortably on the massive dildo.

“Too bad whore, you’re staying on that the whole night,” Tank stated coldly, as he glanced at the clock on the wall. “It’s about 6:00 right now, and if you’re good we’ll stop sending guys in at midnight. Remember bitch, tell them the price and swallow if they pay for it. And remember to thank them for their business when they put the money in the jar.”

“Later cunt, don’t have too much fun,” one of the other bikers said, causing his friends to chuckle.

Hannah started to cry as she watched the gang slowly file out the door. When they were all gone and the door was closed, there was an eerie silence in the room, save for the Asian girl’s sniveling. Hannah could feel herself shaking in fear as she continued to squat above the stool with the dildo buried in her snatch. She did not have to wait long for her first customer, as the door swung open just a couple minutes later and a massive, very unattractive man walked in. He looked to be in his 40s and wore grimy jeans and a gray work shirt. He was obviously employed in some kind of menial labor, and the mixture of disbelief and excitement on his face made Hannah’s stomach turn.

“Goddamn I can’t believe this shit,” the man uttered out loud, as he stared first at Hannah’s striped breasts and then her outstretched pussy. “Fuck you’re a hot little bitch. Where in the hell did the Outlaws pick you up from?”

Hannah whimpered nervously as the huge man walked over to her. He was approximately Tank’s height but appeared even thicker than the biker. By the time he was standing a few feet away from her Hannah was overwhelmed by the smell of his body odor. She immediately realized how terrible his cock was going to taste and whined miserably at the thought. Within seconds he was standing before her and unbuckling his jeans.

“I hear you’re selling blowjobs bitch, how much?” The man demanded.

“Its twenty dollars…twenty-five to swallow,” Hannah murmured, barely able to get the words out.

“Here you Asian cunt,” the client replied, fishing out $25 worth of bills from his wallet and dropping them inside the jar. “You better make it worth it whore. You better deep-throat me good for that price.”

Hannah’s eyes were wide with fear as she watched the man remove his jeans and boxers. She whimpered pitiably as soon as she saw his enormous, rock-hard penis. It was slightly larger than Tank’s but otherwise looked like a carbon copy of the Outlaw’s dick. She could see the pre-cum already starting to leak out of the huge mushroom head. Hannah instinctively recoiled as the john positioned himself in front of her and reached for her hair.

“Open that mouth bitch,” the ugly brute commanded, holding Hannah’s head while he pushed the tip of his cock against her lips.

Hannah cried in total fear and disgust as the giant plunged his cock into her mouth as soon as she opened it. She started groaning immediately as the thick shaft rubbed against her tongue and lips. She knew it was going to taste horrible, but she had no idea just how sour and putrid it would be. It was obvious that the man had not cleaned his cock in weeks, and Hannah was hardly able to keep herself together.

“Holy shit that feels good,” the filthy man uttered, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy as he started jerking Hannah’s head back and forth against his dick. “Yeah bitch, suck that fucking cock you little gook slut.”

Tears of misery were running down Hannah’s cheeks and she started gagging as the ogre viciously fucked her face. He was just as ruthless as the bikers and did not seem to care that he was choking the little Asian with his huge cock. There was absolutely nothing Hannah could to help herself either, with her hands tied behind her back and her pussy impaled on the dildo. Her only option was to remain squatting, with her legs spread like a whore, and hope that her wretched gagging would persuade the man to show her some mercy.

“Uuugggghhh!! Please!! Please stop!!!” Hannah shrieked, coughing violently and struggling to catch her breath once the huge fiend finally pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Fuck you bitch,” the hairy bastard responded, staring down at Hannah angrily. “I paid you good money for this shit, so suck it up and get your ass back to work on that cock.”

“Please let go,” Hannah begged, as she tried to free her head from the man’s grip. “Please, I’ll do it, I’ll suck it just please let go of me!”

Her pleas were useless, however, as the enormous john clutched her head tightly and slammed his penis back into Hannah’s mouth. In just seconds Hannah was choking again as the man started slamming her face back and forth against his huge cock. Hannah thrashed around desperately as the bastard repeatedly stuffed his shaft down her throat. The vicious blowjob went on for several minutes, and Hannah thought she was going to die from suffocation. She had her lips wrapped tightly around the man’s cock and was actively using her tongue to try to get him to climax, just so she could put an end to her ordeal.

“Fuck! Holy shit I’m cumming! I’m cumming slut!” The giant screamed, driving his cock deep into Hannah’s mouth just as he began ejaculating into it.

Hannah groaned in disgust and tried not to think as she began gulping down the man’s hot sperm. She could feel his huge cock pulsing in her mouth, and the taste of his cum nearly made her puke. His load was enormous, and Hannah was sure the ugly giant probably had not been with a woman in months, if not years.

“That’s a good little whore, drink it all you piece of shit chink,” the man groaned, clutching Hannah’s head tight while he drained his jizz into her mouth and down her throat.

When he was finally finished the john pulled his cock out of Hannah’s mouth and wiped it across her lips and cheeks. Hannah whined in complete disdain as she felt the slimy cum and spit rubbing all over her face. She tried to pull her head away but the man continued to hold it firmly in his hands while he finished cleaning his penis with her lips.

“That was nice bitch, I like that,” the satisfied john declared. “When you gonna start renting out that pussy though? I need me some of that.”

“I don’t know…please help me, help me get out of here, please,” Hannah implored the giant.

“Sorry whore, you belong to the Outlaws, and ain’t no way I’m fucking with them,” the man replied, as he pulled his pants back on. “I’ll be back tomorrow though if you’re still here.”

And with that the huge customer slipped out of the room, leaving Hannah by herself on the stool. The poor Asian was still crying as she tried to recover from the brutal blowjob. Her throat burned and she could still taste the man’s terrible cum in her mouth. She looked over at the clock on the wall and sighed in despair. It was only ten minutes passed six, and she had a long way to go. A few seconds later Hannah heard the door rattle open as her next customer walked in.

“Well goddamn look what the fuck we got here,” the man exclaimed, rubbing his crotch as he stared down at the little Asian.

Hannah cringed at the sight of the hideous bastard. He was very fat and hairy, and his filthy work-shirt seemed to indicate he was a plumber. The smile on his face was indescribably perverted and the look in his eyes sent shivers through Hannah’s bones. She began whimpering in fear as the man moved toward her.

“A couple of Outlaws told me you’re selling blowjobs—how much?” The ugly slob asked.

“It’s…its twenty dollars, twenty-five to swallow,” Hannah answered, blushing in shame at the words.

The Asian girl couldn’t hide her frown when she saw the man pull out a $20 and a $5 bill. He waved them in front of her face before setting the money inside the glass jar. Hannah took a deep breath and sighed as she watched the fat john pull his pants and underwear down. His cock wasn’t overly long, but it was very thick and the bush of pubic hair at its base was massive.

“Damn they really fucked you up didn’t they?” The man chuckled, as he stared at Hannah’s battered breasts and swollen pussy.

Hannah grumbled in protest as the fat creature grabbed a fistful of her hair and plunged his cock between her lips. It took mere seconds before he was savagely thrusting his penis in and out of her mouth. Hannah whined desperately as the obese man thumped her face against his shaft, his huge ball sack smacking against her chin. She could taste his horrendous dick cheese and could feel it smearing against her lips and rubbing off into her mouth and throat.

“Fucking suck it bitch! Why am I doing all the fucking work here?!” The ugly john screamed, pulling his cock out for a moment so he could slap Hannah across the face.

“I’m sorry! Please!” The Asian sobbed, wrapping her lips around the disgusting penis once it was back in her mouth.

Hannah whimpered as the ugly slob grabbed her head once more and shoved his cock to the back of her throat. She kept her lips wrapped tightly around the obese man’s penis and massaged it with her tongue while he drilled it in and out of her mouth. Hannah’s eyes were watery and she could feel the drool running down her chin while she choked on the fat cock.

“Fuck you bitch!” The fat man screamed, smashing Hannah’s face against his penis repeatedly while she groaned piteously.

Hannah was starting to feel dizzy and didn’t think she could take much more of the abuse. She kept trying to free her head from the man’s grip but he wouldn’t let her. He was grunting in pleasure as he sank his cock into Hannah’s mouth until his balls were against her chin. Thankfully, however, it did not take him much longer to cum. She felt his cock pulsing in her mouth and then the familiar surge of jizz bursting from it.

“Swallow it whore!” The slob commanded, burying his dick inside Hannah’s mouth as far as he could.

Hannah whined in despair as she quickly gulped down the man’s load. Even though it was so disgusting, she just wanted to hurry up and finish so that he could take his dick out of her mouth and throat. When she’d swallowed every drop of his sperm, the john finally let go of her head and Hannah immediately pulled away from him.

“Thanks bitch that was nice,” the man stated happily, panting from his excitement and satisfaction. “I’ll be back later tonight if you’re still here. Hopefully they start selling your pussy soon too.”

Hannah did not even look at or acknowledge the ugly bastard as he pulled his pants back on and left the room. She stared down at the floor and wept miserably at her horrible situation. She could still taste the man’s cum on her lips, and could feel it swirling around in her stomach. As she looked over at the clock, Hannah began trembling while she waited for the door to open once more.

In just minutes another disgusting, overweight man was inside the room and thumping his cock back and forth against Hannah’s mouth. It did not take him very long to cum, and because he’d only paid $20 he spewed his load all over the Asian’s face. Hannah wept miserably as the ugly beast held her hair firmly with one hand while he drenched her face with his sperm. By the time he was finished she was covered with cum and looked like a filthy, worthless whore.

More than three hours elapsed as a steady stream of men came into the room and brutally fucked Hannah’s mouth. The patrons were all dirty, ugly laborers who worked near the town and visited the tavern regularly. Many of them had never seen an Asian in real life, and were overjoyed to receive a blowjob from a gorgeous one like Hannah. During this time the girl serviced 22 customers, with 15 of them dumping their semen down her throat. To make matters worse, an Outlaw also came in every twenty minutes or so to check on her, and each one of them pissed in her mouth and made her swallow it.

Hannah was crying miserably as she stared over at the jar full of cash. There was over $500 inside the container, and it made her absolutely sick to think about how many dicks she had to suck for that amount of money. She could feel the sperm from various men that was stained all over her face and hair, and her throat burned from the countless cocks she’d been forced to deep-throat over the past few hours.

“Well well look what the fuck we got here,” Hannah heard a voice chuckle.

She looked to the door and felt her heart sink as her next customer strolled in. The man had on a black and blue cop uniform and was leering at her with the most evil smile imaginable. Like Tank and the other Outlaws, he was huge and his outfit was drenched with sweat from the midday heat. He came over to the Asian and dropped his pants to the floor. Hannah frowned dejectedly as soon as she saw his massive, rock-hard shaft.

“I heard all about you whore,” the cop declared, grinning down at the Asian while he stroked his cock.

“The Outlaws tell me they’ve been busting you up real good. I heard about that train they ran through you last night, too. The whole gang right? I bet your little fuck holes are still sore from that one.”

“Please help me, please sir, I—I’ve been kidnapped,” Hannah pleaded frantically, looking up at the cop with her doleful eyes. “Please! Please help me! Please sir, I’ll do whatever you want, anything you want, just please help me go home! I just wanna go home!”

“Damn you might be their hottest catch yet,” the cop continued, ignoring Hannah’s pleas. “I don’t think they ever had an Asian before. I know they snatched up that spic whore a few months back, she’s over at Jimmy’s I think. What the fuck’s her name? Rosalie? God she’s a hot little cunt, they’ve been banging her brains out real good.”

“Please you have to help me, I don’t—I don’t wanna die here, please,” Hannah sobbed.

“Relax whore, you’re not gonna die here, at least not anytime soon,” the officer said, as reassuringly as he could. “The Outlaws are gonna keep you around for awhile, they usually keep fresh meat like you for at least a year or two. What, you think you’re their only whore? They got several bitches like you, one in every bar. My favorite is that little redheaded cunt, Ellen. God she was a feisty little slut, it took them boys weeks to break her in good. I hardly see her anymore though—she’s always on the road with Big Joe, I hear she’s his personal fuck-slave now.”

Hannah shivered as she heard the cop’s words. She wasn’t sure how to feel knowing that she wasn’t the only captive of the biker gang. There were more like her, and apparently they were spread out over the other bars that the gang owned or operated. Hannah imagined most of them had been abducted under similar circumstances as hers, probably while they were on their way to vacation or something. She felt terribly for them, and wondered whether or not they were all raped nearly as much as she was every day.

“Anyways bitch, how much for a blowjob? Twenty-five bucks?” The cop asked, pulling his wallet from his pants.

“Yes,” Hannah responded, as she stared at the floor hopelessly.

The burly officer stuffed $25 worth of bills into the jar and chuckled as he noticed how much money was inside. Hannah wanted to scream as the man laughed about how busy she’d been, and how she was obviously an amazing dick sucker. He then grabbed the back of her head and held it steady while he plunged his massive cock deep into her mouth.

Hannah quickly began choking as the cop forced his penis all the way past her mouth and down her throat. She looked so helpless and pathetic as the huge cop brutally jerked her head back and forth against his dick. Hannah’s lips were wrapped tightly around the thick shaft and she was doing her best to get the officer to climax quickly. She was groaning wretchedly as he mercilessly slammed his cock down her little throat.

“Fuck yeah baby! That’s it just like that! Choke on that cock you little bitch!” The policeman screamed, clutching Hannah’s head in his oversized hands while he smashed her face against his cock.

“Uuuaaagghhh!! Pleeaaasssee!!” Hannah begged, taking a huge breath of air once the officer finally pulled his dick from her mouth.

In just seconds, however, the Asian was gagging terribly as the cock was back between her lips. The cop fucked Hannah’s mouth for ten agonizing minutes, pulling out a half dozen times during that span to prevent the girl from suffocating. For Hannah, it was the most brutal blowjob of the night, and she kept thinking she was going to die from it. Every single time he had to pull out of her mouth, the irritated policeman gave Hannah a fierce slap on the face.

“Fuck yeah whore! Here it comes! Swallow it bitch!” The officer bellowed, gripping Hannah’s head in his giant hands as he buried his penis deep into her mouth and began cumming.

Hannah proceeded to gulp down the man’s sperm like a good whore. She could feel his huge cock pulsating in her mouth and felt completely disgusted. The cop was grunting like a beast as he milked every single drop of his jizz into the Asian’s mouth. When he was done he pulled out of the miserable girl and smiled down at her.

“Not bad slut,” the officer remarked. “You need to work on that deep-throat though. I’m sure the Outlaws will take care of that soon though. I’m gonna talk to Tank, see if I can get you over to the station one of these days so us cops can have some Asian pussy too.”

Hannah was sobbing hard as the policeman pulled his pants back on and left the room. She felt so utterly defeated, and was started to believe that her predicament really was hopeless. It was unfathomable to think that even the cops in this town were pure evil. She did not get much time to lament her situation, however, as another massive, hairy john walked into the room and deposited his money into the jar on the table.

The evening crawled by so slowly for Hannah, as she was forced to suck one filthy cock after another with almost no interruption. She could not believe how many customers frequented the tavern, and it was clear that just about every one of them came into the room to purchase a blowjob from her. The bikers seemed intent on making as much money as possible from Hannah, and never gave her more than a minute to rest between customers. Thus, it was no exaggeration to say that Hannah’s mouth was stuffed full of cock for just about the entire night.

“Damn bitch, you’re a mess,” Tank chuckled, strolling into the room after the final john had finished using Hannah. “Long night?”

The little Asian was staring at the floor and sobbing in sheer misery. Her hair and face was plastered with sperm and her eyes were full of anguish and suffering. It was just past midnight, and Tank had finally stopped sending in patrons like he’d promised. All in all, Hannah had sucked almost 50 cocks during the night and there was over $1,000 inside the glass jar. Her jaw felt like it was broken from the countless times it had been stretched by huge cocks and slapped by the men. Her belly felt like it was going to burst from the many, many loads of sperm and piss she’d been forced to swallow.

“Good news whore, you’re officially done for the night,” Tank declared, as he grabbed Hannah’s cum-soaked hair and pulled her off the stool. “But don’t you worry, tomorrow’s another day, and we’ll be stuffing that ass and pussy again all day.” Hannah’s legs were so tired from squatting all night that she had to be carried away by the huge biker. Tank dragged her back into the main lounge and over to the restroom where he dumped her into the tub. As he turned on the shower and left, Hannah sat in a fetal position and cried desperately as the cool water ran all over her.

Chapter 7: Hannah and Big Joe Get Better Acquainted

Hannah was rudely awoken, like always, with a hard smack to her face. She yelped in pain and immediately began whining in terror. She could hardly remember getting pulled from the shower and tied to the bed last night. However, she did recall puking up a huge amount of sperm and piss into the tub. Her jaws and throat were still extremely sore from the dozens of blowjobs she’d been forced to give, and the burn mark on her back was still very raw and inflamed.

“Get your ass up cunt, you got a lot of work to do today,” Tank commanded, as he unlocked the cuffs around Hannah’s ankles and wrists.

“Please!!” Hannah begged, struggling feebly as the biker grabbed her and hauled her toward the dinner table.

The Asian was given a few minutes to eat another plate of leftovers from the night before. Hannah could barely taste the food as she felt the impatient stares from the bikers inside the room. There weren’t too many this time—about eight or nine of them total. Nevertheless, she was very scared because she knew they all were waiting to use her. Hannah could feel the shivers run down her spine as she picked away at the scraps of food.
Sure enough, after about ten minutes one of the bikers snatched the plate away from the Asian and she was abruptly yanked toward the bed. Hannah screamed in terror as two Outlaws quickly dragged her back over to the mattress. Since she was already naked except for the 6” heels on her feet, the men bent Hannah over the edge of the mattress and pulled her legs far apart, and within seconds a huge biker was brutally fucking her pussy from behind.

“Oh yeah, this pussy is still nice and tight!” The Outlaw notified his friends, as he quickly began thumping his massive cock into Hannah’s aching vagina.

“Aaaagggghhhhh!! Noooooooooo!!” Hannah squealed, thrashing around in agony as the enormous biker viciously raped her.

Hannah wept miserably as the man spent several minutes pummeling her little snatch. After having not been used for over a day, her pussy was very dry and burned terribly each time the Outlaw slammed his huge cock into it. The Asian tried to free herself but the two other men were holding her legs firmly while their friend fucked her. After a few minutes he finally came, shooting a huge load of cum deep into Hannah’s pussy.

“Noooooo!! Pleeeeaaaaassssssee!!!” Hannah screamed, as the bikers flipped her onto her back after the first Outlaw had finished using her cunt.

In an instant she was getting pounded again, with her legs pulled wide while another Outlaw viciously raped her pussy from above. Hannah could barely make out the man’s face as tears of pain streamed from her eyes and down her cheeks. His cock was unbelievably huge and it felt like he was ripping her cunt apart with it. Thankfully it took him only a couple of minutes to cum inside of her.

About two hours went by as the rest of the gang proceeded to use and abuse the petite Asian. They fucked her individually but also in pairs, often times sandwiching little Hannah between them as they hammered away at her pussy and anus. Of course, during this time she was also forced to drink all of their piss as well as a few loads of cum from the Outlaws who used her mouth. By the time the men were all finished with her Hannah was a complete wreck, with torrents of cum seeping from her ass, pussy, and mouth. Her body and face were also a dark red from the countless times they’d been fiercely slapped by the bikers.

“Damn you boys fucked this bitch up,” Hannah heard a rough, familiar voice laugh as she lay on the mattress.
She looked up and felt her heart freeze as she immediately recognized the man. Standing just a few feet away from her was Big Joe, the hulking giant who’d nearly torn her asshole in two the other evening. Next to the massive biker was a very attractive, 21-year-old redhead named Ellen Duffy. She was about 5’5” or 5’6” and weighed 115 lbs. She wore nothing but a small white halter, a pleated red miniskirt, and a pair of towering black heels. She was shaking in fear while Big Joe had one of his meaty hands clamped tightly around her little neck.

“Oh shit! It’s Miss Washington!” One of the bikers exclaimed in delight.

Like Hannah, Ellen had been on her way to vacation when she’d gotten a flat tire almost half a year ago. Unfortunately for her, the first people to notice had been a group of Outlaws, and they’d quickly snatched her up from the side of the road. Shortly after grabbing her, the gang did a little bit of research on the redhead and learned that she actually finished as the 2nd runner up in the Miss Washington pageant last year. Even though she hadn’t won, the Outlaws nevertheless had mockingly called her Miss Washington ever since.

Ellen was a very lovely girl, with a wonderfully fit body that she’d spent countless hours at her local athletic club maintaining. She had a very curvy physique, with firm medium-sized breasts, a nicely toned waist, full hips and a perfectly round ass. Her lightly freckled face was equally gorgeous, and it was a wonder how she hadn’t won her state pageant. However, after spending more than five months in the hands of the Outlaws, the redhead was in pretty rough shape.

Hannah could tell just by looking at the girl for a couple of seconds that she was also a slave to the biker gang, and that they’d been tormenting her for quite some time. The redhead’s body was marked all over with bruises and welts, and her face was discolored and showed heavy signs of abuse. The most disheartening, however, was the expression on the girl. It was clear that she’d been beaten and raped so many times that she was now completely broken and a total slave to the bikers.

“What’s up Miss Washington? Long time no see, you miss us bitch?” An Outlaw asked the redhead from behind, as he reached under her skirt and pinched her ass.

“Yes sir,” Ellen responded, a hint of disdain in her voice.

“Has Big Joe been fucking you good?” The biker continued.

“Yes sir,” the little redhead replied, her eyes starting to moisten.

“Looks like you’ll be staying here for the next couple days, you ready to put that nasty pussy to work?” The biker asked, as he roughly slipped a finger into Ellen’s cunt.

“Yes sir.” The young girl gasped, wincing uncomfortably.

“Get your ass naked then bitch,” the tattooed giant commanded.

Hannah watched in dismay as the redhead quickly began pulling her clothes off without hesitation. When she removed her halter, Hannah saw the exact same mark on the girl’s lower back that had been branded onto her just yesterday. On Ellen, however, the symbol was a fully healed scar, indicating just how long she’d been with the biker gang. Once she was done stripping, the redhead dropped to her knees and crawled over to a table where several of the Outlaws sat. In seconds she was between one of the men’s legs as he thumped her mouth against his cock.

“You,” Big Joe declared, pointing at the miserable Asian on the bed. “Get dressed whore it’s your lucky day, you get to be my fuck-toy for the week. God I can’t wait to get you on the road, I been looking forward to this ever since the other night bitch. I’m gonna fuck you so hard tonight you little slut, especially that ass, I’m gonna tear it up real good you’ll see.”

Hannah could not believe what the massive giant was saying—it was just too awful to be true. She vividly remembered how torturous it had been when he’d raped her and how she’d literally felt like her asshole and pussy were being ripped to pieces. Since that day she’d futilely hoped that she would never have to see Big Joe again. Yet now, the horrifying realization that she was going to be his personal slave for the near future was starting to sink in, and Hannah was so unbelievably scared. “I said get dressed bitch,” the behemoth ordered, tossing the Asian’s denim thong and black bra next to her on the bed.

Hannah was so exhausted from the gangbang that she could barely move. However, she quickly pulled the garments onto her little body while Big Joe and the other bikers watched. When she was finished Big Joe abruptly grabbed her arm and yanked her toward the door. Several of the Outlaws expressed their disappointment as the Asian was hauled out of the room and toward the entrance of the tavern.

“Please stop, please, where are you taking me?” Hannah begged, struggling to maintain pace with the colossal biker as he dragged her toward the parking lot. “Please just let me go! Please, I’ll do anything, I’ll give you anything!”

“I got a few stops to make bitch, then you and I are gonna spend the rest of the day getting to know each other,” Big Joe replied ominously.

Hannah continued to resist as the huge beast forced her into the passenger side of his pickup truck. It was the only vehicle in the lot that was not a motorcycle. As he struggled to get the petite Asian into his truck, Big Joe finally grew irritated and slapped Hannah hard across the face before locking her hands behind her back with a pair of cuffs. He then shoved Hannah into the vehicle and slammed the door before entering it himself.

“Get over here slut,” the fiend commanded, grabbing a fistful of Hannah’s hair and forcing her head onto his lap.

“It’s real simple how this is gonna work. When we’re on the road your mouth don’t EVER leave my cock, understood? Never ever bitch, unless I say so. From now on you’re only purpose is to serve me with that hot little body of yours. If you do a decent job, I’ll try not to hurt you too much, but if you don’t, I will fucking beat your ass good. Is that understood you little gook slut?”

“Yes,” Hannah answered, with obvious fear in her voice.

“Good,” Big Joe responded. “If you’re smart you’ll do a better job than that stupid Miss Washington bitch. I had to beat her ass every night for the past week. God she whined and bitched so much every time I fucked her ass. Anyways, open your mouth and get this cock inside it right now.”

Hannah’s head was still between the Outlaw’s thighs as he quickly unzipped his fly and pulled his massive cock out. It was just half-erect yet still much larger than her boyfriend’s could ever get. The stench of it was unbearable and Hannah grimaced as soon as it hit her. Once Big Joe rubbed the head of it against her mouth, however, the Asian wisely wrapped her soft lips around the huge shaft.

“There you go bitch, you learn fast,” Big Joe said happily, as he started the engine of his truck. “Remember, you keep that cock in your mouth at all times. And fucking suck it good whore.”

Hannah started crying as she ran her mouth up and down the enormous dick. It literally tasted like shit, and Hannah was almost certain Big Joe had fucked the redhead’s ass very recently. Nevertheless, she kept her lips firmly attached to the meaty shaft and sucked it like a good whore. In just seconds the man’s cock was fully erect, and Hannah’s jaws ached as she was forced to open her mouth as wide as possible to accommodate it.

Big Joe drove for nearly 30 minutes, and Hannah’s mouth remained locked on his massive cock the entire time. Throughout that time Big Joe persistently used his right hand to brutally shove the Asian’s face down on his penis, burying it deep into her throat. He then held her down until she started to choke violently, at which point she was given just seconds to recover before he tormented her again. For Hannah, it was downright terrible, and by the time the man finally got to his destination she was on the verge of losing her mind.

“Okay bitch here’s our first stop,” Big Joe declared, before yanking Hannah’s mouth off his dick. “Good job by the way, but you’re deep-throating needs some work. Don’t worry you’ll get lots of practice later tonight. Let’s go whore, I got some people to see.”

Hannah was crying miserably as the giant parked his truck and quickly exited it before coming around to her side. He opened the passenger door and pulled the nervous Asian out onto the driveway of a small, dilapidated home. Hannah barely kept pace with the enormous biker as he dragged her over to the front door and knocked loudly on it.

“Who is it?” A rough voice demanded.

“It’s me, Joe!” Big Joe replied, prompting the other man to quickly open the door.

“What’s up man?” An ugly, fat old man welcomed Big Joe, before turning to Hannah. “I see you brought another slut with you.”

“Yup, I’ve been looking to get her on the road for awhile, just haven’t had the time,” Big Joe responded, wrapping his massive arm around Hannah and pulling her in closely to him. “I sure had a lot of fun with Miss Washington though. But I think this little whore is gonna be even better.”

“Yeah I heard about her, she’s a hot little piece of ass,” the man agreed.

“You got the stuff?” Big Joe asked.

“Yeah, come inside for a little bit,” replied the fat ogre, while he continued to eye Hannah up and down.

Hannah groaned as Big Joe roughly yanked her into the home by her long hair. She followed closely behind the giant as he and the other biker entered one of the bedrooms. There were various wooden and metal crates inside the room against the wall. The fat Outlaw pointed toward several of them and indicated they were the ones for Big Joe. Hannah had no idea what was inside the boxes, but figured they were probably guns or drugs. Big Joe reached into his pocket and pulled out $10,000 worth of cash before handing it over to the man.

“Always a pleasure Rob,” the massive biker said, shaking the man’s hand. “If you help me load the stuff you can have a free blowjob from this bitch. How’s that sound?”

“Absolutely I will,” Rob agreed, as he quickly began unbuckling his dirty jeans.

“On your knees slut,” Big Joe commanded, jerking down on Hannah’s hair and forcing her to her knees.

“Please no,” Hannah begged, shaking her head vehemently as the old man got situated in front of her and slapped his nasty penis against her face.

“Get that cock in your mouth whore! And suck it good!” Big Joe shouted.

Hannah jerked in fear from the angry command, and quickly wrapped her lips around the slimy dick in front of her. As soon as she did, the fat old man grabbed her head with both of his hands and began slamming her mouth back and forth against his sour penis. Hannah whined miserably as the bastard forced his entire cock down her throat and held it there. She desperately tried to free her head from his grip but could not budge it, and with her hands cuffed behind her back there was nothing she could do to defend herself.

“Fuck that feels good!” Rob shouted, holding the Asian’s squirming head in his dirty hands while he brutally drove his cock in and out of her mouth.

Big Joe stood patiently by and waited for his friend to finish. There was almost nothing in the world that he loved more than watching a little cunt like Hannah gagging on a big fat dick, and he could feel himself growing hard at the sight. Within a minute, the fat ogre screamed in ecstasy and held Hannah’s mouth down against the base of his cock as he began cumming in her mouth. Hannah moaned in utter disgust as her mouth was quickly filled with hot sperm.

“Drink it whore!” Big Joe commanded.

The little Asian whimpered in protest but promptly started gulping down the man’s cum. She’d swallowed countless loads of jizz by now, but each new one was just as disgusting as the first for poor Hannah. Nevertheless, she drank every last drop of Rob’s seed until all of it was in her belly. When he was through with her, the old man removed his cock from Hannah’s mouth and shoved her away from him.

“God that was nice, man, bring this bitch by anytime Joe,” Rob declared happily.

He then helped Big Joe load the half-dozen crates into the bed of the truck. Hannah, meanwhile, had been placed back in the front passenger seat. Tears were streaked all over her face and lines of cum covered her mouth and chin. When the men were finished they bid each other farewell and soon enough Big Joe was back on the road, with Hannah once again on her side and her lips wrapped tightly around the giant’s cock.

Over the next 6-7 hours Big Joe made about a dozen more stops to various nearby towns. Each one was either a home or small business, where the goliath would then exchange a stack of cash for boxes full of drugs, weapons, and other illegal goods. He used Hannah every time to either sweeten the deal or for help with loading the bigger crates. Half of the men were content with a simple blowjob, but a few of them wanted something extra. A small gang of violent Mexicans, for example, had demanded two hours with Hannah in exchange for a couple extra sacks of heroin. As soon as Big Joe agreed, they took the Asian into the living room of their home and viciously raped and beat her nonstop for the entire duration. Big Joe watched with a smile on his face the whole time, as Hannah desperately begged him for protection while the Mexicans assaulted her. They each took turns fucking her ass and pussy while the others brutally pummeled her all over her body with belts and car antennas. By the time they were finally finished with her, Hannah was crying hysterically and her body was covered with severe welts and bruises.

When Big Joe was finally done with his rounds, Hannah had pleasured roughly 20 of his business partners and friends. She’d been thoroughly fucked by over half of them and had been forced to swallow almost all of their semen by Big Joe. Hannah was mentally in shambles when Big Joe finally pulled into the lot of a small motel. Her lips were firmly attached to the biker’s cock even after he’d parked in one of the stalls and turned off the engine of his truck. The sun was beginning to set and Hannah could not help but wonder what her friends and family were thinking about her. She began quaking in fear as Big Joe hauled her out of his car and toward the entrance of the motel.

“Jimmy what’s up man?” Big Joe said cheerfully to a skinny old man at the front desk.

“Hey Big Joe, good to see you again,” Jimmy responded. “Who’s this? And what happened to the redheaded cunt?”

“She’s back at the bar,” the giant replied, before yanking Hannah close to him by her hair. “This little slut is Hannah—she’s new to the gang. They picked her up over by Mel’s gas station a few days ago.”

“Shit, she’s a hot little cunt,” the old man remarked, as he stared Hannah up and down a couple times. “I’ll let you get to business Joe, same room as usual my friend.”

“Thanks Jim,” Big Joe replied, putting $50 worth of cash on the counter before taking the keys to his room.

Hannah’s heart started beating harder and harder as the massive Outlaw dragged her out of the lobby and toward one of the nearby rooms. She glanced around the area but there was nobody else in the vicinity and very few cars in the parking lot at all. She trembled in horror as Big Joe unlocked the door and forced her into the dingy motel room.

“God I’ve been waiting all fucking day for this you slut,” the huge brute said, as he quickly marched Hannah over to the mattress in the corner and unlocked the cuffs on her wrists. “Get your ass naked right now bitch, you’re about to get fucked for the rest of the night you little piece of shit.”

“Please don’t do this, please I’ll give you anything you want, I’ll give you all my money, please,” Hannah pleaded desperately.

“I said get your fucking ass naked whore!” Big Joe roared, grabbing the Asian’s hair with one hand while he viciously slapped her face three times with the other.

“Okay! Please! Don’t hit me please! I’m sorry!” Hannah screamed, her face burning from the savage blows.

The Asian quickly removed her denim g-string and black top and waited while Big Joe also undressed. As she watched the enormous beast Hannah felt the terrible dread in her stomach as she wondered how in the world she was going to survive a night with him. Tank and the other bikers were all very huge themselves, but Big Joe was more than three times her size and was larger than most NFL linemen. She vividly remembered how horrendously painful it had been when he’d fucked her the other day, and how she’d thought he was going to literally tear apart her internal organs and fuck her to death.

“Okay bitch let’s go, on the bed and turn around and get that ass nice and high for me,” Big Joe commanded, once he’d finished stripping.

“Please don’t hurt me, please not too hard,” Hannah begged, as she climbed onto the mattress and got on all fours with her ass facing the hulking giant.

“Oh I’m gonna fuck you hard you little slut,” Big Joe promised, as he grabbed Hannah’s slender thighs and jerked them apart. “I’m gonna fuck you hard and proper bitch, just like you deserve. I’m gonna turn you inside out whore.”

Hannah was already starting to cry as she gripped the dirty bed-sheets and waited for the inevitable. She felt Big Joe’s giant, powerful hands around her little waist and prayed that he would spare her ass for now. It was still going to be agonizing if he fucked her pussy, but Hannah did not think she could take an anal pounding at the moment. When she felt the Outlaw’s colossal penis against her vagina Hannah breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Big Joe groaned, holding Hannah’s hips firm while he slowly sank his cock deep into her tattered pussy. “Goddamn that feels so good, you little fucking slut.”

“Oh my God! Aaaooww please!” Hannah sobbed, shifting around in major discomfort as her cunt was forced open wider than she could have ever thought possible.

“Yeah you’re definitely tighter than that Miss Washington bitch,” the huge brute declared, as he forced more and more of his dick inside Hannah’s cunt. “Even with how much you’ve been fucked, you’re still so goddamn tight whore.”

Hannah let out a bleat of pain as the savage Outlaw forced inch after inch of his seemingly endless cock into her pussy. As it began working its way past her cervix the pain quickly became intense and unbearable. Hannah screamed in anguish and desperately tried to wrestle her hips from Big Joe’s grasp.

“Good thing all them cocks loosened you up bitch,” the behemoth chuckled, as he yanked back on Hannah’s skinny waist and speared more of his cock into her sex. “Looks like you’re still super tight though, at least to me.”

“Stop please! It hurts!!” Hannah squealed, shifting around painfully as Big Joe’s dick finally hit maximum depth.
There were still 2-3 inches of the biker’s penis protruding from Hannah’s pussy. Big Joe could feel the head of his cock pressing against the Asian’s womb. He was very disappointed that she could not take his entire shaft, and was determined to get it all into her no matter what.

“Okay bitch, you ready?” Big Joe asked, gripping Hannah’s waist tightly as he prepared to smash her weary little vagina. “You better brace yourself slut, I’m about to rip this tight little Asian pussy in half.”

“No! Please don’t!” Hannah begged desperately. “Please, I’m so sore! Please don’t!”

Hannah felt the Outlaw’s massive cock slowly withdrawing itself from her twat. It seemed to take forever and she could feel her swollen pussy lips clinging to the meaty shaft. Hannah knew Big Joe was about to start violently fucking her and continued pleading for mercy. Her vagina was so sore from all of the earlier rapes throughout the day and she didn’t know how she was going to cope with Big Joe’s enormous cock.

“Aaaiiiiieeeegggghhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, digging her nails into the filthy mattress as the Outlaw abruptly slammed his dick into her with all of his strength.

“Fuck yeah bitch! God this tight little pussy feels so fucking good!” Big Joe exclaimed, clamping his hands around the Asian’s narrow hips as he rammed his penis into Hannah’s cunt as deep as possible.

“Aaaauuuggghhh!! Pleeeaaasssee!!” Hannah shrieked in pain, her body jolting from the savage intrusion.

“Yeah bitch! How’d you like that?! I know you felt that one! Get ready slut here it comes!” Big Joe shouted ecstatically, as he began brutally pumping his cock in and out of the Asian’s vagina.

“No! Wait! Aaagghh!! Please!!!” Hannah begged, squirming around in misery.

In just seconds the massive giant was pounding Hannah’s pussy so ferociously that it looked like he was literally trying to fuck the Asian to death. Fresh, heavy tears were streaming down Hannah’s face and she was screaming in complete agony as Big Joe fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked. She was thrashing around wildly as she desperately tried to escape from the giant’s grasp.

“God fuck yeah slut! You feel that?! You feel that cock tearing up your tight little pussy?!” Big Joe roared, as he reached forward and grabbed Hannah’s long dark hair with both hands.

Hannah wailed in torture as the massive biker jerked brutally back on her hair as he continued to viciously fuck her vagina. Her scalp burned like crazy as Big Joe yanked on her locks as hard as he could. Hannah’s slender frame was bent in a severe arc and her back looked like it was on the verge of snapping in half. Yet the horrendous pain of her pussy getting absolutely pummeled trumped all the others.

“Aaaiiiiieeeeee!!! Pleeeeaaaaasssssee!!!” The little Asian shrieked wretchedly.

“Keep that ass in the air bitch!!” Big Joe commanded, as Hannah kept trying to free her pussy from his cock.

“Please stop!! I can’t—I can’t take it!! Please it hurts!!!” Hannah squealed piteously.

Big Joe continued to furiously hammer away at the Asian’s raw cunt for several long minutes. Eventually he grew tired of Hannah’s incessant begging, so he hooked his index and middle finger onto either side of her mouth and stretched her jaws painfully wide. Now all he had to hear were the Asian’s muffled screams while he furiously fucked her as hard as he wished.

“Aauughh!! Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!!!” Hannah wailed, futilely trying to pry Big Joe’s hands from her mouth.

The gigantic biker savagely fucked Hannah for about five more minutes, keeping his fingers hooked in her mouth the entire time. Hannah was weeping in pure misery and felt like her pussy was being completely ripped apart. Every time Big Joe violently thrust forward she felt his cock smashing against her womb, and the pain was just too awful for words.

“Oh my God please!! Stop!! Please no more!!!” Hannah begged, as the huge beast suddenly pulled out of her badly busted vagina.

“Turn the fuck around whore!” Big Joe ordered, flipping the small Asian onto her back and grabbing her ankles in his hands.

Hannah yelped dreadfully as the Outlaw yanked her legs far apart and quickly got into position between them. He held her ankles in the air as wide as he could and instantly drove his cock back into the Asian’s cunt. Hannah wailed piercingly and started squirming around like mad beneath the giant biker.

“God this pussy feels so fucking nice!!” Big Joe growled, clutching Hannah’s ankles while he used his hips to smash his dick into her sex.

“Please!!!” Hannah begged, as the massive biker let go of her ankles and lay atop her, smothering her face with his hairy, sweaty chest.

“Wrap those legs around me slut!” The Outlaw commanded, slapping Hannah brutally across the cheek.

The sobbing Asian girl immediately wrapped her long, slender legs around Big Joe’s hefty midsection as much as she could. She kept them locked on the giant the whole time as he violently pounded her aching vagina. Hannah was having trouble breathing from beneath the man’s immense frame, and she felt like she was about to be crushed to death.

“Aaauuuuggghhhhh!!!” Hannah squealed, wrapping her legs as tight as she could around Big Joe in a futile effort to slow his devastating thrusts.

The huge biker fucked Hannah missionary style for ten horrendous minutes before pulling out once more. He reached forward and grabbed the weeping Asian by her hair and dragged her off the bed onto the floor. He forced Hannah to kneel on the ground and slapped her hard across the face.

“Open that mouth slut!” Big Joe commanded, smacking the little Asian once more.

Hannah immediately opened her mouth wide but was met with yet another vicious, stinging slap across her face. She yelped in surprise and looked up at the hulking beast nervously. There was no reason behind the blow—Big Joe simply enjoyed the sound of his palm striking the Asian whore’s face. More importantly, he loved the feeling of absolute power he had over Hannah, and how he could hurt and fuck her as much as he wanted with nothing to stop him.

“Get those fucking lips around my cock, you piece of shit whore,” Big Joe instructed, grabbing Hannah’s hair and yanking her toward him.

The petite Asian was trembling in fear as she obediently wrapped her soft lips around the enormous head of the biker’s dick. Big Joe smiled as he watched Hannah force her mouth open as wide as she could just to fit his penis inside of it. Once she did, the Outlaw grabbed a fistful of Hannah’s hair and began pumping her head back and forth along his cock.

Big Joe fucked the Asian’s mouth for several minutes, often times cramming his dick as far as he could into the opening. Hannah cried and begged wretchedly the whole time as the biker repeatedly stuffed nearly his entire 11” cock down her throat and held it there until she almost choked to death. He would pull out of the Asian’s mouth just before she began to suffocate then cruelly slap her back and forth across her face while she gasped desperately for oxygen.

“Get up! Get the fuck up slut, it’s time to tear up that pussy some more,” Big Joe declared, grabbing two fistfuls of Hannah’s hair and jerking her high into the air.

Hannah screamed in complete agony as she felt her long mane being ripped from her scalp. Fortunately Big Joe quickly moved his hands down to her thighs and yanked them wide apart. He probed around frantically with his cock until he found the Asian’s tight little slit. As soon as he did the Outlaw slammed Hannah down onto his shaft, prompting her to wail in horrendous pain.

“Aaaaoooowwww!!! Pleeeeeaaaaassssssee!!!” Hannah squealed, writhing around miserably as Big Joe held her small ass in his hands and began bouncing her up and down his massive cock.

“Wrap those legs around me cunt!” The biker commanded impatiently.

Hannah sobbed dismally while she brought her legs up and curled them around Big Joe’s enormous hips. She continued to scream in agony as the giant Outlaw thumped her up and down along his penis. He continuously lifted the Asian until just the head of his cock was lodged inside her pussy then released her so that Hannah’s own weight drove her body down onto the awaiting shaft. Each time he did, of course, Hannah shrieked in excruciating pain as her cunt was instantly stuffed with the biker’s insanely huge dick.

“Look at me bitch! I said look at me! You fucking look me in the eye while I fuck your nasty little pussy!” Big Joe growled, forcing Hannah to gaze up at him.

Hannah locked her eyes onto the Outlaw’s and even through her tears she could see the sheer bliss and satisfaction in them. Big Joe was smiling from ear to ear as he slammed the little Asian up and down his dick. Each time he felt his cock rip into Hannah’s pussy he savored the amazing feeling of it, and also the expression of sheer agony on the girl’s face.

“Oh my God please!!!” Hannah sobbed, as the behemoth continued to smash her terribly sore vagina.

Big Joe fucked the petite Asian in the air for several minutes, clutching her small, firm ass in his enormous hands while he repeatedly skewered her tight sex. Every time he rammed her down onto his cock Hannah screamed in excruciating pain. She could feel the Outlaw’s dick completely ruining her womb and couldn’t help but wonder if Big Joe was going to literally rape her to death. Thankfully just as she was thinking this the powerful fiend slammed her onto his shaft one last time and roared as he began emptying his cum deep inside of the Asian.

“Open those eyes bitch! Look at me!” Big Joe demanded, staring angrily down at the girl’s tear stained face.
Hannah felt completely defeated and miserable as she was forced to look into the sadistic eyes of the enormous, ruthless biker. He had the same evil grin as all the other men she’d been forced to fuck in the past few days, and Hannah knew that he thoroughly enjoyed watching her suffer. She continued to gaze up at Big Joe as he finished pumping her full of his hot seed. When he was finally finished he lifted the Asian off his cock and tossed her onto the bed like a rag-doll.

“That was nice bitch,” Big Joe said contentedly. “I can’t wait to get to work on that ass next.”

Hannah began weeping even harder once she heard the Outlaw’s words. Her pussy burned so badly and her cervix felt like it had been pounded to a pulp. She could not even comprehend how terrible it was going to be to have the monstrous beast take her anally.

“Get on the fucking floor you cunt,” Big Joe commanded, grabbing Hannah by the arm and yanking her off the bed.

“Please don’t!” The Asian begged, as Big Joe forced her to get on her hands and knees.

“Spread those legs bitch! And get that ass high in the air!” The biker shouted.

Hannah whimpered in fear as she spread her legs wide and raised her ass as high as she could for the man. She could feel him staring at her vulnerable asshole and badly gaping vagina. Big Joe gazed at the Asian’s cavernous pussy in appreciation, and couldn’t contain his smile as he watched a thick stream of his sperm slowly dripping from the orifice onto the floor. Hannah’s asshole, despite being fucked literally more than a hundred times within the past few days, still looked so small and tight compared to her freshly busted pussy. He simply could not wait to tear up the hole too.

“Turn around slut,” Big Joe directed, after he was finally finished staring at the Asian’s upturned ass.

“Please stop!” Hannah pleaded, as she knelt before the terrible giant.

“You know the drill whore,” Big Joe declared, grabbing a clump of Hannah’s hair and bringing her lips against the head of his huge cock.

Hannah groaned dreadfully but wrapped her mouth around the tip of the Outlaw’s shaft. She could see the excited grin on his face and wanted to tear his eyes out so badly. She heard him exhale deeply and immediately her body tensed up in complete disgust as Big Joe began urinating into her mouth.

“Drink it slut! You better not spill a single fucking drop!” Big Joe roared, as he watched the horrified Asian squeeze her eyes shut while her mouth quickly filled up with his piss.

Though she’d swallowed easily over two dozen loads of urine, Hannah still had a great amount of difficulty drinking even a sip of the nasty fluid. For her, the idea of it was simply beyond disgusting, and she doubted that she would ever get accustomed to the awful taste of the bikers’ piss. As always, it took every bit of mental strength she had to start swallowing the despicable Outlaw’s hot urine. The sour, salty taste of it was overwhelming, and it seemed like it would never stop flowing into her mouth.

“Ah yeah that’s right cunt, I been waiting all day for this, saving up every drop of piss for your gook ass,” Big Joe snickered, holding the Asian’s head with both hands while he continued peeing in her mouth.

Hannah began groaning in sheer frustration and disgust as the huge monster happily drained more and more piss into her belly. By the time he was finally finished, she’d swallowed enough urine to easily fill a large bottle of soda. As soon as Big Joe emptied the last drops of piss into her mouth and let go of her, Hannah screamed in abject misery and shrank away from the giant. She felt so incredibly revolted and immediately wiped the taste of piss from her lips. She could feel the terrible fluid churning in her stomach and wanted to puke.

“Stop crying slut, you should be used to drinking piss by now, I heard all the guys have been using you as their own little toilet,” Big Joe said, reaching down and grabbing the Asian by her hair again.

“Please just leave me alone!!!” Hannah screamed, as the behemoth jerked her back onto her feet and marched her over to the bed.

Big Joe nonchalantly shoved the girl onto the mattress before climbing onto it himself. He leaned back against the wall and grabbed a television remote control sitting nearby. He turned on the TV and began flipping through channels while Hannah cried softly next to him. When he finally settled on a station he liked, the Outlaw turned his attention back to Hannah.

“Get those pretty lips back around my cock bitch,” Big Joe commanded.

The little Asian grumbled in distress but wrapped her lips around the head of Big Joe’s dick. Thankfully it was no longer erect and she did not have to stretch her jaws as wide as possible to fit it in her mouth. Hannah shuddered unpleasantly as she felt the biker grip her hair and start working her mouth back and forth against his penis. Big Joe hardly said a single word for the next hour, as he sat back against the wall and forced Hannah to suckle his cock the entire time. Eventually the Asian started going crazy, but once she felt the huge shaft begin to harden she instantly began shaking in terror.

“Alright slut, it’s time to tear up that little asshole,” Big Joe announced, turning off the TV and pulling the girl’s mouth off his cock. “Turn around and get that ass in the air.”

“No please!! Please don’t I’ll do anything else!! Please anything else you want!!” Hannah shrieked, shrinking away from the giant Outlaw.

“I said get that ass high up in the air cunt!” Big Joe yelled, reaching forward and slapping the Asian hard across her face.

Hannah yelped in pain and instantly began moving into position. At Big Joe’s orders, she crawled over to the side of the bed and turned around so that her knees were on the edge of the mattress. Big Joe quickly stepped onto the floor and moved around so that he was standing directly behind the little Asian whore. She was on all fours with her ass elevated high and she was shaking in fear.

“God you have such a sweet little ass,” Big Joe commented, pressing his thumbs into Hannah’s crack and pulling her ass-cheeks apart. “This fucking ass was just meant to be destroyed.”

“Please! Please don’t do this!!” Hannah sobbed, her body stiffening in terror as soon as she felt Big Joe’s immense penis against her delicate anus.

“Get ready slut, you’re about to feel some serious pain,” the Outlaw warned, gripping Hannah’s hips firmly while he slowly began forcing his cock into her ass.

“Aaagghhh!! Noooooo!!” The Asian squealed, shifting around in major discomfort as she felt her asshole being forced excruciatingly wide.

“Holy shit you’re fucking tight! Goddamn that feels so fucking good!” Big Joe exclaimed, holding the squirming Asian tight while he sank inch after inch of his dick into her tiny anus.

“Aaooowww!! God pleeeaaase!!!” Hannah screamed, tears of woe streaking down her face while the gigantic biker continued drilling his penis into her.

The little Asian began sobbing uncontrollably as she felt Big Joe’s cock working its way deeper and deeper into her anus. The orifice was so horrendously stretched out, and for Hannah it literally felt like it was on the verge of completely ripping in two. Her asshole was already so incredibly raw from the countless cocks it had been forced to service. Even with how slowly the biker was penetrating her Hannah’s sphincter still burned so badly. The Asian started weeping harder as she thought about how terrible it was going to be once Big Joe started fucking her in his usual brutal manner.

“Oh fuck yeah slut! That’s right take that cock you little bitch! All of it!” Big Joe growled, gripping the struggling Asian as he continued to drill into her.

Hannah screamed in pain and disbelief as more and more of the Outlaw’s massive cock filled her. She had no idea how he was squeezing so much of it inside of her. She could feel the huge shaft pushing all the way past her rectum now and against her intestines. By the time he could finally go no further, Big Joe had somehow managed to bury almost his entire 11” python inside the quivering Asian. He stood still for about a minute or so, savoring the warmth and amazing tightness of Hannah’s asshole.

“I bet you ain’t never been plugged like this before, huh slut?” Big Joe mocked the Asian, grabbing her hair and leaning close to her ear.

“Aaahhh! Please stop!!” Hannah cried, as the huge biker pushed forward and tried to bury the last 2-3 inches of his cock inside her anus.

“Okay whore it’s time to get serious,” Big Joe declared, as he locked his fingers firmly around Hannah’s slender waist. “Brace yourself slut, this is gonna hurt real bad for you.”

“No please!! Pleeaaassse!!!” Hannah begged, looking back at the Outlaw in sheer desperation.

There would be no mercy from the ruthless biker, however, as he quickly proceeded to pound Hannah’s ass. Hannah screamed in pain and instantly began fighting to free herself from the giant. Because she was so tight for him, Big Joe could not fuck the Asian with full, long thrusts right away. For the moment he could only drill a few inches back and forth into the tiny opening. Even that, however, was incredibly painful for poor Hannah and she was already squealing in misery.

“Aaaauuugghhhhhh!!” The little Asian wailed, digging her nails into the mattress as Big Joe began brutally raping her.

“Fuck you’re so goddamn tight!” The ugly giant roared, struggling to hold Hannah still as he started fucking her very roughly.

“Noooooooooooo!! Pleeeeeaaaaassssssseee!!!” Hannah wailed in pain.

It took him a couple of minutes, but eventually Big Joe loosened the Asian’s sphincter enough to where he was finally able to slam nearly his entire cock into it in one thrust. At this point poor Hannah learned just how much of a lunatic the Outlaw was, as he literally began fucking her as hard as he could and with complete disregard for her well being. She started screaming in complete horror and agony as Big Joe proceeded to annihilate her asshole.

“AAAAOOOOWWWW!!! GOD PLEASE STOP!!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around miserably as Big Joe viciously pounded her tiny little anus.

“Hold still slut!” Big Joe yelled back, tightening his grip on the Asian’s skinny waist and keeping her still while he continued hammering away at her ass.

Every time he tore his massive cock into her Hannah shrieked at the top of her lungs and nearly fainted from the horrendous pain. Her asshole had never burned so badly, not even at the end of her absurd gangbang the other day. The hole truly felt like it was being ripped to shreds from the savage pounding Big Joe was giving it. The other Outlaws were very big and mean also, but not a single one of them had unleashed this kind of pain on the Asian.

“PLEEEAAASSSE!!! IT HURRRRTTTSS!!!” Hannah screeched deafeningly, kicking back at the man with her heels while he furiously fucked her.

Never in her life did Hannah want her asshole pumped full of cum as badly as she did right now. Each time Big Joe slammed his enormous dick into her the excruciating pain was overwhelming. The biker was fucking her so fiercely now that Hannah truly believed he was trying to kill her. Tears of misery were streaming down the Asian’s face and her body was drenched in sweat from her constant struggles to free herself from the huge brute.

The brutal assault continued for almost 15 more minutes, as Big Joe relentlessly battered the Asian’s sphincter. After awhile Hannah just buried her face into the sheets permanently, screaming and weeping while she thumped her little fists against the mattress in total agony. She’d given up begging the massive Outlaw for mercy long ago.
“Yeah bitch, this is how a real man fucks, you little slut,” Big Joe grunted, keeping his fingers locked around Hannah’s skinny waist while he continued to pound her.

Hannah cried out in pain and relief when Big Joe gave one last thrust, sinking almost all 11” of his cock inside her anus. The mighty Outlaw groaned in pleasure as he began shooting another hefty load of cum into the sobbing Asian. Hannah could feel the hot, sticky seed flooding her asshole but did not care one bit. When he was finished, Big Joe swiftly pulled his massive cock out of the Asian’s ass and pried her cheeks apart so he could inspect the damage he’d done.

“Oh yeah, that’s what the fuck I call a well busted asshole,” the Outlaw said proudly.

Hannah’s anus was gaping grotesquely and fresh trails of blood and cum were oozing from the orifice. Big Joe could see several areas along the girl’s anal ring that had been badly torn from the lengthy, vicious rape. He could only imagine how much agony the little Asian was in at the moment, as she continued to weep miserably into the mattress.

“Okay bitch that’s enough crying, get on your fucking knees,” the huge biker commanded, grabbing Hannah’s legs and pulling her off the bed and to the floor.

“Please stop!” Hannah begged, as the Outlaw forced her to kneel before him.

“Open your mouth whore!” Big Joe shouted, slapping the Asian’s face viciously with his palm.

Hannah yelped in pain and promptly leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide. Her head was ringing from the fierce slap and she was still trying to recover from the horrendous rape just moments earlier. Her asshole was still stretched wide and she could feel more and more of Big Joe’s cum seeping out of it and onto the floor.

“Clean that cock you little slut,” Big Joe ordered, smacking the tip of his penis against the Asian’s forehead.

“Lick up all that shit and blood you left on there, you piece of shit whore.”

Hannah hesitated for just a second before wrapping her lips around the huge, disgusting shaft. She quickly began bobbing her head up and down the cock, using her soft lips and tongue to clean the blood and feces from Big Joe’s penis. The horrible taste of it was overwhelming, and Hannah nearly puked as she felt her own shit rubbing onto every part of her mouth.

“All of it!” Big Joe instructed, glaring down at the suffering Asian. “I want you to lick up all of it, every fucking inch of that cock! Use that dirty Asian tongue and clean it good!”

Hannah continued to service the enormous Outlaw’s half-erect dick, sliding her tongue up and down the full length of Big Joe’s cock repeatedly. The entire shaft was coated with blood and shit and it took her several minutes to lick it all off. It was so disgusting and Hannah cried the entire time, but she did not dare to stop and rouse the anger of the violent biker.

“That’s a good little whore,” Big Joe said, grabbing Hannah by the hair and pulling her face away from his dick.

Content for the moment, the Outlaw forced Hannah to follow him back onto the bed. He spent the next couple hours leaning back against the wall and watching TV while he made the Asian suckle his cock. When he eventually grew hard again, he flipped Hannah onto her back and ferociously pounded her vagina for almost half an hour. The poor little slut screamed and wept in agony the entire time. When Big Joe finally ejaculated into her vagina and pulled out of her, Hannah had finally had enough and made a wild dash for the exit. Of course, given how physically drained she was and with the towering heels on her feet, the Asian barely made it to the door before Big Joe snared her.

“You stupid fucking cunt!” Big Joe hissed, grabbing a large clump of Hannah’s hair and dragging her back toward the bed.

“Please!!!” Hannah begged, stumbling along after the man in her high heels. “Please! I’m sorry!!”

The enraged biker flung Hannah onto the mattress and instantly pounced on her like a bear. He wrapped both of his powerful hands around the Asian’s frail neck and began choking her. Hannah gasped in pain and frantically thumped her fists against the Outlaw’s huge, tattooed arms. Her face quickly started to turn red as Big Joe strangled the life out of her.

“Don’t you ever, EVER fucking try that shit again!!” The biker screamed, as he took one hand off the Asian’s neck and ferociously slapped her across the face several times. “You hear me bitch?!”

“Yes! Please I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!” Hannah begged, coughing miserably when Big Joe finally loosened his grip.
“On the floor bitch, you need to learn some lessons!” The Outlaw commanded, grabbing Hannah’s hair and yanking her onto the dirty carpet.

“On your hands and knees, and get that ass up in the air slut,” Big Joe ordered, as he removed the belt from his jeans.

“Please I’m sorry,” Hannah pleaded, as she assumed the doggy-style position. “Please don’t hit me, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“Too late whore, you need to learn,” Big Joe replied, folding the leather belt over into a loop. “I’m gonna beat this pretty little ass first, then your tits, and then that nasty pussy of yours. You better keep that ass in the air, or else.”

Hannah screamed in pain as the Outlaw slashed his belt across her buttocks as hard as he could. The ghastly explosion of the rough leather against the Asian’s flesh was so loud it sounded like a firecracker had gone off inside the motel. Hannah instantly began writhing in pain but somehow remained on her hands and knees, with her lovely ass high up in the air.

“Please don’t!!” The Asian shrieked, as Big Joe quickly cocked his belt back once more.

Hannah screamed in terror and agony as the huge biker began thrashing the leather strap back and forth across her naked ass. Each vicious blow was excruciating and within seconds Hannah felt like her butt was on fire. Big Joe was smiling in pure delight as he beat the little Asian’s buttocks. It was already covered with welts and bruises from the many canings over the past few days and the Outlaw could imagine how much pain the girl was in while he battered her raw flesh.

Big Joe spent more than ten minutes whipping the Asian’s ass until her skin was red all over and starting to bleed. Somehow, someway Hannah had remained on all fours the entire time, weeping in complete misery as the enormous biker thrashed her ass. When he was finally done he grabbed the petite Asian and forced her to kneel in front of the bed before pulling her wrists wide and cuffing them to the corner bedposts.

“Please! Please stop!” Hannah sobbed, looking up at the terrifying Outlaw in front of her.

“Time to fuck those little titties up slut!” Big Joe shouted gleefully, as he started ripping his belt across the Asian’s small, helpless breasts.

“Noooooooo!! Aaauuuggghhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, frantically pulling against the steel cuffs on her wrists while the biker mercilessly pummeled her little tits.

Big Joe could feel his heart pumping with excitement as he swung the rough belt back and forth against the girl’s inflamed chest. He was literally beating the Asian as hard as he could, savoring the sound of her tormented screams and the sight of her small breasts jiggling violently from the heavy blows. The giant ogre did not pause even for a short moment, and in just a few minutes he’d unleashed over 100 blows on the little Asian fuck-toy.

“Pleeaaassseee!!!” Hannah wailed, looking up at the massive lunatic in complete horror and misery.

Big Joe continued to rain down blows on the blubbering Asian for a couple more minutes, pummeling her firm little tits with all his might. Each time he ripped his belt across Hannah’s chest and thought he was done, the image of her two small, round breasts quivering from the savage strike compelled him to keep going. By the time he was finally ready to move onto her pussy, Hannah’s tits were completely covered in thick red welts and bruises.

“We ain’t done yet you little cunt,” Big Joe huffed, setting the belt down for a moment to unlock the miserable girl’s wrists. “And I saved the best whipping for last, you little chink bitch.”

“Oh my God please stop!!” Hannah sobbed, not resisting one bit as the huge biker cuffed her hands behind her back before dragging her onto the bed.

Big Joe quickly positioned the Asian so that she was on her back and her gaping pussy was at the edge of the bed. He then pulled her ankles wide and tied them to the bedposts at the corner of the mattress. Within moments, Hannah was securely strapped down with her legs spread far apart and her juicy, helpless cunt on display. Her body was trembling as she continued to cry from the painful beatings.

“Look at this fucking pussy,” the Outlaw said in disgust, running his belt against Hannah’s gaping sex. “This dirty little pussy was made for two things—fucking and beating, you piece of shit whore.”

“Please stop! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll be good!” Hannah wept desperately.

“I’m gonna beat your cunt till my arm falls off bitch,” Big Joe shot back, as he got into position between Hannah’s outstretched legs.

“Noooooooooo!!! Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssssse!!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around miserably as Big Joe began sadistically smashing his belt down onto her vagina.

Every time the huge biker slammed the leather strap against Hannah’s cunt her pussy lips quivered terribly from the savage blows. The wet, nauseating sound of the belt ripping into Hannah’s helpless vagina was almost as loud as the Asian’s deafening screams. Big Joe laughed as he watched her vainly trying to free her legs from the bedposts. He proceeded to shower the suffering Asian with dozens of vicious strikes.

“Please!!! Stop it pleeeaaasssssee!!” Hannah wailed, her gorgeous face twisted into an expression of complete agony.

“Goddamn look at that pussy dance!” Big Joe exclaimed, grinning cruelly while he continued whipping Hannah’s cunt to a pulp.

“Aaaaaooooowwwwwww!!!” The little Asian screamed at the top of her lungs, as she tried to endure the sadistic beating.

Big Joe battered Hannah’s pussy without pause for more than ten minutes, ripping the leather belt against the Asian’s cunt with no mercy whatsoever. He knew just how raw the opening must have been after servicing hundreds of cocks over the past few days, and he took great pleasure in putting the girl through pure agony.

“Aaaaaauuuugggghhhhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed miserably, as the Outlaw continued to thrash her ragged vagina.
At this point the Asian just lay on the bed with her head back and her eyes shut, screaming and weeping in complete horror while Big Joe beat the cum off her pussy. Every stroke of the belt on her vagina brought a scorching pain that Hannah could never have imagined. It might have even been worse than getting her asshole fucked to shreds by the impossibly huge biker.

“Oh my God!! Please no more!! Please!!!” Hannah shrieked, finally tilting her head forward and looking at Big Joe with desperation.

The massive biker had been pummeling her cunt now for over 15 minutes, and had dispensed literally over 200 blows on Hannah’s badly swollen pussy. Hannah was so overwhelmed with pain now that she could not even think coherently. Her mind was just in a haze of unimaginable agony and her cunt felt like it was nothing more than a bloodied mass of flesh at this point. Though he didn’t quite go until his arm fell off, Big Joe continued to thrash the Asian’s pussy until he didn’t have the strength to anymore. At that point he finally tossed the belt to the side and stared proudly at Hannah’s blistering sex.

“Well, did we learn our lesson whore?” Big Joe asked, untying the girl’s ankles from the bed and yanking her to the floor by her hair. “You ever gonna try that shit again?”

“No, no never, please,” Hannah blubbered, kneeling before the Outlaw while tears of agony streamed down her cheeks.

“Open that dirty little mouth slut, I need to piss,” Big Joe commanded, grabbing a fistful of the Asian’s hair and brutally jerking her head towards his cock.

Without hesitation Hannah wisely tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. She was still weeping and shaking in pain from the vicious beating. Big Joe continued holding her hair with one hand and used the other to guide the tip of his cock between Hannah’s soft lips. As soon as he began peeing into her mouth the Asian closed her eyes in sheer disgust and began groaning wretchedly.

“No spilling bitch! You spill one fucking drop and I’ll beat that pussy for the rest of the night!” The biker shouted.

Knowing he meant every word, Hannah quickly began gulping down the Outlaw’s piss just as quickly as he dumped it into her mouth. As always, the taste of urine was absolutely sickening and Hannah was barely able to keep herself from spitting it out onto the floor. She tried her best to just chug the sour fluid down and not think about it. After consuming almost ten gulps of the biker’s piss, she finally felt the stream dwindle away. The instant he was done, Hannah immediately pulled away from the Outlaw and whimpered miserably.

“Wait bitch! Keep that mouth open wide!” Big Joe ordered, still keeping a firm grip on the Asian’s long, dark hair.

“Please!!!” Hannah cried, spreading her lips once more while she gazed dejectedly at the biker.

She watched in complete abhorrence as Big Joe grinned and worked up all the phlegm in his throat. When he was ready, he leaned forward so his face was just inches away from Hannah’s and then spat a massive wad of spit and yellow snot directly into her mouth. As soon as he did Hannah screamed in disgust and began crying even harder.

“Swallow it bitch!” Big Joe yelled, beaming happily as he watched the appalled look on Hannah’s face.

He continued to stare down at the little Asian cum-bucket, and beneath the suffering in her eyes he could also see an intense and burning hatred that she had for him. After a few seconds Hannah conjured enough willpower and swallowed the huge, disgusting blob of snot. She tried to move away from the Outlaw again, but he continued to hold her firmly by the hair.

“Alright cunt, I don’t know about you but I’m fucking spent,” Big Joe declared, dragging Hannah toward the bed again.

The biker removed the cuffs from the bedposts and then flipped Hannah onto her stomach and quickly locked her wrists and ankles together behind her. When he was finished, the Asian was bound in a hogtie position and had no chance of going anywhere. Big Joe dumped her on the floor and then proceeded to settle comfortably atop the mattress.

“Good night bitch, get some rest,” the Outlaw said, turning off the lamp by the bed. “I’m gonna fuck you real good all day tomorrow. We’ll try to swing by a couple of the bars too, so you can see some of your other whore friends we got.”

Several minutes passed by as Big Joe tried to sleep, but the Asian could not stop crying and pleading with him. After awhile he grew tired of it and grabbed a roll of duct tape from his truck. He then wadded up the pair of socks that he’d worn for the past several days and stuffed it into Hannah’s mouth before sealing it shut with several pieces of the silver tape. Afterwards, he climbed back into the bed and lay comfortably, savoring the muffled sounds of Hannah’s sobbing while he quickly drifted off to sleep.

Part 7

Chapter 8: Day 2 with Big Joe

Hannah wasn’t sure what time she fell asleep, but she knew it took at least several hours. She’d never been in so much pain before. The skin on her breasts, ass, and vagina all felt like it had been sanded off, and her raw asshole was so excruciatingly torn and stretched. Perhaps worst of all, however, was having Big Joe’s rancid, sweat-soaked socks in her mouth all night long. The sour taste of them was so awful and each time she had to swallow Hannah almost puked in her mouth.

“Rise and shine bitch!” Hannah heard the goliath shout, as he rolled her onto her belly and began unlocking the cuffs on her limbs.

The moment Big Joe removed the duct tape from her mouth Hannah instantly spewed the man’s socks out and coughed in total repulsion. She wiped her lips back and forth and spat out as much saliva as she could, wanting to get the taste of the Outlaw’s nasty feet out of her mouth. As he watched the little Asian fuck-meat whimpering miserably Big Joe could already feel his cock getting hard.

“Alright bitch let’s go, get your fucking ass on the bed,” Big Joe commanded, grabbing the Asian’s hair and yanking her to her feet.

“Please just stop!!” Hannah begged, thrashing around as the huge biker bent her over the edge of the mattress.

In seconds Big Joe cuffed the Asian’s hands behind her back and held her struggling little body still while he got into position behind her. He grabbed Hannah’s thighs and jerked them wide apart before putting the tip of his massive cock against her bruised, aching pussy. Hannah screamed in pain as the huge Outlaw brutally ripped his penis deep into her cunt with one powerful thrust.

“Aaaaaauuuuugggghhhhhhh!!!” Hannah squealed in pure agony, shaking her head wildly as Big Joe began fucking her in a ferocious rhythm.

“Oh yeah bitch! I know that’s gotta hurt!” The biker laughed, hooking his fingers into the petite Asian’s mouth while he viciously pounded her tight vagina.

“Aaaauuggghhh!! Uuuaaagghhhhh!!!” Hannah screeched, closing her eyes and weeping in sheer torture.

After the insane beating her cunt had taken last night, each furious thrust from Big Joe was mind-bogglingly excruciating. Her pussy had never before felt so raw and sensitive, and now it felt like the hole was getting scalded by a piece of red-hot iron. For the first time Hannah wanted it all to end, and for Big Joe to simply kill her and put her out of this hellish existence.

It took several long minutes, but the Outlaw did finally cum inside the weeping Asian. He drove his giant shaft as deep as he could into Hannah’s cunt and proceeded to deposit his load inside the miserable girl. As soon as he was finished Big Joe pulled out of the Asian and leaned back, taking a few seconds to admire her well-stretched vagina. Big Joe laughed victoriously as a river of sperm began quickly oozing out of the hole.

In less than 30 minutes the biker and his fuck-meat were out of the dingy motel and back on the road. Hannah was on her side, of course, with her hands tied behind her and her mouth stuffed full of the Outlaw’s huge penis. Tears were streaming down the Asian’s cheeks as she was forced to listen to Big Joe talk about how wonderfully tight she was, and how he planned on destroying her asshole again later tonight.

For the next several hours the two made about a dozen stops all over the place, and it was pretty much a repeat of what Hannah had to go through the night before. They visited a variety of seedy men, from different biker gangs to drug dealers to other shady criminals and thugs. Most of the meetings involved Big Joe purchasing illegal goods like weapons and heroin. Hannah, of course, was always used to sweeten the transactions. Her duties ranged from giving a single blowjob for some extra firearms ammunition to getting brutally gangbanged for two hours by six bikers in exchange for an extra $3,000 worth of cocaine.

Hannah was crying wretchedly as Big Joe dragged her over to the truck by her hair. Her daisy-dukes were soaked with cum and her bra was barely clinging to her arm. She’d just been savagely raped by a very large and sadistic black friend of Big Joe’s. He’d spent almost an hour beating her and pummeling her anus, and Hannah could barely walk she was in so much pain. Her face was covered in the Negro’s sperm after he’d spewed all over it just minutes earlier.

“That’s a good little whore,” Big Joe lauded the Asian, opening the door of his truck and shoving her inside. “Let’s head over to Jimmy’s, so you can meet some other piece of shit whores like yourself.”

Hannah grumbled in despair as the Outlaw climbed into the truck and quickly grabbed her hair and forced the Asian to take his dick in her mouth. He hadn’t fucked her all day and Big Joe’s massive cock was fully erect. Hannah whined miserably as the biker held the back of her head and slammed her face down his penis as far as he could, until almost all of it was packed inside her little throat. He kept the Asian’s mouth stuffed like this for the next 20 minutes as he drove quickly toward his destination.

“Get up slut, we’re here,” Big Joe said, pulling Hannah’s mouth off his rock-hard shaft.

Hannah began coughing violently as soon as the biker dislodged his penis from her mouth and throat. She looked out the window and saw a dirty little tavern with the word “Jimmy’s” atop it in bright neon letters. There were dozens of motorcycles and trucks parked in front of the shanty building. Big Joe quickly exited the truck, came around, and grabbed Hannah by her hair before yanking her out and hauling her toward the noisy tavern.

As soon as the pair entered through the front doors they were given a warm greeting from the many bikers and customers inside. There were probably about a dozen Outlaws inside the bar and way more drunken customers. Loud rock music was blaring through several large speakers all over the place. There was a small stage and pole near the corner of the tavern and Hannah instantly noticed a young, very slender Latina dancing atop it. She was about 5’6” and no more than 105 lbs. She had on nothing but a tiny white g-string and black 6” heels on her feet. Even from across the room Hannah could see that the girl was very despondent and not stripping up there by choice.

The girl’s name was Rosalie Almonte and she was just 19 years old and a freshman at some New York college. Her father was a wealthy businessman but also a heavy gambler, and he’d become deeply indebted to some very unscrupulous and ruthless individuals. To save his life, he’d agreed to give them the only thing they would accept in place of his debts: his youngest and most beautiful daughter. The men were well connected with the Outlaws, and after enjoying Rosalie for a few weeks, they pawned her to the bikers in return for a large shipment of heroin and marijuana.

That exchange had happened almost four months ago and the lovely Latina had been pleasuring dozens of Outlaws and other men every single day since. Rosalie was an exquisitely beautiful young girl, with a very slender body, magnificently long legs, and perfect round breasts. She was of Dominican Republic descent, and had the exotic features of a Latina celebrity, with long black hair that fell all the way to her mid-back.

Hannah watched in dismay as Rosalie squatted down in front of several horny men that were sitting in front of the stage. The young Latina was clearly trying to hold back tears as she spread her legs wide and pulled her g-string to the side, exposing her vagina to the rowdy pack of drunken patrons. After a few seconds, the girl turned her head to the side and closed her eyes while she reached down and began rubbing her pussy in an obscene manner for the group of men.

“She’s a hot little bitch ain’t she?” Big Joe asked, as he noticed Hannah staring at the Latina. “She’s got a super tight pussy too, just like you. I think I’m gonna have to give her a good fucking later on.”

Suddenly a pair of burly Outlaws marched onto the stage and grabbed Rosalie by her arms. The 19-year-old screamed in fear as the men hauled her off the platform and toward the rear of the bar. Hannah noticed an equally large, dirty-looking john following the two bikers into the back corridor. She could hear the Latina crying and begging nonstop as she disappeared through a pair of double-doors.

“Hmmm looks like they’re tricking out the spic cunt,” Big Joe declared. “That means the boys are fucking that stupid little Miranda bitch. Let’s go see whore.”

“Please just let me go!” Hannah cried, as the behemoth marched her to the back of the tavern.

Hannah whimpered in fear and loathing as all of the men she passed by shouted degrading remarks at her. Some even reached out and pinched her ass or groped her breasts. In just seconds, however, she was hauled through the back doors and down a long hallway. Hannah felt a shiver run down her spine as she heard a girl shrieking in agony from a room nearby. When Big Joe got to it he pushed the door open so that both he and the Asian could look inside.

Hannah was not very surprised to see that the muffled screams were coming from Rosalie. The Latina was strapped to a grimy mattress, on her back with her arms and legs pulled wide and tied to the corners of the bed frame. The skinny girl was being smothered by an enormous, hairy customer who was madly pounding into her cunt from above. She had a ball-gag stuffed in her mouth, though the only part of the Latina that Hannah could see where her long, straining legs as she tried to endure the horrible fucking.

“Pretty fucking cool ain’t it?” Big Joe said, smiling as he watched the suffering young Latina. “Shit, just another night of work for this little whore. She’s gotta make that money!”

Hannah stared up at Big Joe in astonishment and revulsion. She still could not believe just how totally evil he and the other bikers were. Big Joe laughed and watched the savage rape for a little while longer before closing the door and continuing down the hall with the Asian in tow. When they got to the end, the Outlaw opened another door and jerked Hannah inside.

“Aaaoowww!! Fuck!! God please stop!!!” Hannah instantly heard some girl wail in pain.

She looked to the side of the room and saw a stunning, very young blonde getting absolutely pummeled by two giant Outlaws on a couch. The girl’s name was Miranda Mangini and she was very petite—just 5’1” and roughly 95 lbs. She was trapped between the bikers, as the one sitting had his cock buried deep in her snatch while the other stood behind her and violently hammered away at her asshole. She was completely naked and crying miserably while the pair of Outlaws raped her hard.

Like Hannah, Miranda was a relatively new slave to the Outlaws, and the story of how she came to be one was typical of most of their fuck-toys. Just two months ago, the sassy little 15-year-old had been walking home after a late night party in her hometown of Santa Fe when a deranged pervert pulled up alongside her and tossed her into his van. He’d immediately called a few Outlaws he knew and agreed to sell her to them for $10,000. Just like that, Miranda went from the hottest and most popular sophomore at her high school to just another whore for the Outlaws. She’d been in the hands of the biker gang for less than two weeks, but Miranda had gotten plenty of cocks stuffed in all her tight little holes during that time.

While they typically used their slaves for making money, the Outlaws had whored out Miranda just twice so far. At the moment they much preferred keeping the young blonde for themselves. Even though she was only 15 years old, Miranda had such a hot little body. Unlike other girls her age she was already developing some nice little curves, with a very firm and bubbly ass, a slim waist, and the roundest, perkiest set of tits imaginable. And the little bitch obviously loved showing off her physique too, as was evidenced by the tiny skirt and halter she’d been wearing on the night of her abduction.

“Oh shit what’s up Big Joe?” Hannah heard someone call out warmly.

“What’s going on bro?” The mountainous biker replied, acknowledging his friend who was sitting at a desk and watching a computer monitor.

On the screen was a live, black-and-white feed from the room where Rosalie was getting raped. The video camera had been mounted toward the corner of the ceiling, and provided a nice aerial shot of the mattress that the Latina was tied to. It was impossible to see her face at the moment, as the man on top of her was gigantic and completely smothering her. The only parts of the girl that were visible were her arms and legs that were pulled wide and tied to the corners of the bed frame. There was no audio either, which was a shame. Big Joe could imagine how hard the girl must have been screaming as the john fucked her savagely.

Hannah looked around now and noticed for the first time that there were quite a few Outlaws inside the spacious room. She wasn’t sure how many exactly, but there were at least 10 of them, and they’d all stopped what they were doing as they grinned at her hungrily. All of the men had fucked her three days ago at the old warehouse, though Hannah did not recognize anyone of them in particular. That day was simply a blur to her at this point—a blur of countless cocks smashing her mouth, cunt, and asshole.

“Oh my God please!! Please just stop!! IT HURTS!!!” The little blonde squealed in agony, as the Outlaw behind her continued to slam his cock into her anus.

“How long ya’ll been fucking her?” Big Joe asked a pair of bikers who were playing pool nearby.

“Oh you know, pretty much all night so far,” one of them replied. “Tim and Eddie got dibs on her next I think.”

“Cool. Is she starting to behave a little better?” Big Joe inquired, eyeing the struggling little blonde whore.

“Little by little,” the other biker responded. “We’ve been beating her ass pretty good the past few days, showing her who’s boss.”

“Yo Big Joe, you gonna share that Asian slut with us or what man?” Another Outlaw across the room shouted.

“Shit, why the fuck not,” the giant responded, tugging down on Hannah’s hair and forcing her to look up at him. “You’re cool with that, right? I know you like getting all them holes fucked at the same time.”

“Please no,” the Asian said beseechingly, a look of pure terror on her face.

“Relax bitch, I stretched you out good last night remember?” Big Joe shot back. “Besides, these boys all want a piece of your Asian ass. That little bitch over there is busy, as you can see.”

Hannah shrieked in fear as Big Joe shoved her toward a group of Outlaws nearby. Four of them quickly grabbed her and took her to a mattress at the corner of the room. They stripped her slutty garments off in just seconds and Hannah was soon on her hands and knees. She wailed in torment as one of the bikers drove his cock deep into her pussy while another knelt in front of her and forced his penis into her mouth. As the duo began cruelly fucking her Big Joe left the room and made his way back toward where Rosalie was.

When he opened the door, the john was just beginning to climax and roared in ecstasy. He sank his entire massive cock inside the Latina and held it inside the squirming girl. Big Joe watched patiently as the man filled the condom on his dick. Although the Outlaws never wore rubbers, they required that the patrons do so. When he was finished, the huge john pulled out of the young girl and removed the nasty condom from his penis. It was swollen with sperm and he threw it into a nearby trash can containing at least a dozen others like it.

“Thanks buddy,” the customer said happily to Big Joe, as he pulled on his clothes and left the room.

Now it was just Big Joe and Rosalie inside the small room. The Latina, however, did not seem to realize he was there. Her eyes were closed and she was weeping into the ball-gag in absolute misery. Her skinny body was trembling badly as she tried to recover from the brutal assault. The Outlaw stood in front of Rosalie and looked down at her gaping, mangled vagina in appreciation.

“I see you’re working hard slut,” Big Joe said, startling the young girl as he reached down and groped her aching pussy. “I’ve missed you bitch, and this tight little pussy here. You ready for me?”

Rosalie looked up and instantly screamed in wide-eyed terror as soon as she saw the colossal biker. The Latina began crying in complete horror and disbelief and pulled frantically at the bonds on her wrists and ankles. It was clear from the look in her eyes that this was not her first encounter with Big Joe.

“Aaaaggggghhhhh!!!” Rosalie screeched into the ball-gag, as Big Joe removed his pants and got into position between the Latina’s long legs.

“Oh fuck yes,” the Outlaw moaned, laying atop the 19-year-old beauty while he sank his enormous cock into her vagina.

“Aaaauuuggghhhh!!!” The Latina screamed, squirming around terribly as Big Joe quickly crammed nearly his entire dick inside of her.

Big Joe wasted no time and quickly got down to business, viciously hammering the poor girl’s vagina with all his strength. He was here for two things only—to pleasure himself and to hurt Rosalie. The Latina’s shrieks were piercing inside the small, dingy room as Big Joe fucked her with long, powerful thrusts. He hadn’t fucked Hannah all day, and now proceeded to take out his pent-up lust on the poor 19-year-old coed.

“Stop that crying bitch! I know you like a big fat cock in this nasty pussy of yours!” The Outlaw growled, pressing his huge, hairy chest into the Latina’s face while he brutally raped her.

“AAAUUGGGHHHH!!!” Rosalie screamed, her gorgeous eyes bulging in shock and agony as Big Joe slammed almost all 11” of his dick inside her vagina.

Rosalie’s cunt was starting to bleed badly as the titanic biker continued to pound the outmatched orifice. The girl’s muffled shrieks were full of suffering and tears were streaming down her face onto the mattress. It took an eternity—almost ten minutes—but Big Joe finally climaxed, filling the Latina with a vast load of cum. When he pulled out of her, a sea of sperm immediately flowed from the girl’s gaping pussy.

“Fuck that was nice, you little spic bitch,” Big Joe huffed, staring at the sobbing Latina while he pulled his pants and underwear back on.

When he finished getting dressed the Outlaw untied the leather bindings from Rosalie’s limbs and removed the ball-gag from her mouth. He picked up her white g-string from the floor and tossed it at the girl, ordering her to don the skimpy garment. Rosalie continued crying miserably while she slowly rolled the whorish panties up her slender legs. As soon as she did, Big Joe grabbed her long black hair and hauled the exhausted Latina out of the room.

“Please leave me alone!!” Rosalie begged, staggering behind the massive biker in her slutty high-heels as he marched her back to the bar.

Rosalie was met with a warm reception from the many drunken patrons as soon as she emerged. They all gazed hungrily at her as Big Joe dragged her back to the stage. Many of them reached out and slapped her ass or tits as she passed by them. The Latina was still crying from the brutal pounding Big Joe had given her and she was having great difficulty even walking straight. The Outlaw roughly shoved Rosalie onto the little platform and ordered her to start dancing.

“Bitch I said start fucking dancing!” Big Joe growled, as the sobbing girl knelt on the stage and covered her face with her hands.

Rosalie winced as she got to her feet and slowly began swaying her body awkwardly to the rock and roll music. The dozen or so seats in front of the stage were quickly occupied by horny, drunken male spectators. They instantly began shouting obscene comments as the young Latina started dancing more seductively, turning around and flashing them her sexy little ass.

Big Joe stood just a few feet from the girl and nodded in approval. When she turned back around and spread her legs he grinned proudly at her g-string that was soaked with his sperm. Rosalie’s face went flush as several of the men commented on the cum-stain, calling her a filthy and worthless whore. She closed her eyes and struggled to not break down in tears while she danced for the jeering slobs.

Not even ten minutes passed before the same pair of Outlaws appeared onto the stage and took hold of Rosalie’s arms. The Latina instantly screamed in terror and struggled frantically as the two bikers easily dragged her off the stage. She continued to kick and fight with them as they hauled her back to the filthy room, while a grotesquely fat man old enough to be her grandfather followed her inside.

“Please stop this! I can’t take anymore!! Please just stop, leave me alone!!” Rosalie begged, as the Outlaws yanked her g-string off and quickly tied her to the bed spread-eagle.

“You want her gagged?” One of the bikers asked the john, who was already naked and waiting anxiously to fuck the skinny Latina.

“No it’s okay, I don’t mind hearing the bitch scream,” the old slob replied, grabbing a condom from a nearby table and sliding it onto his fully erect penis.

“Okay buddy let one of us know when you’re finished,” the Outlaw instructed, patting the hairy, overweight john on the back before he exited with the other biker.

“Please don’t!” Rosalie begged, squirming around nervously as the old bastard got atop her, smothering the Latina with his hairy, putrid body.

“Nooooooo!!!” The skinny whore wailed, pulling at the bindings on her limbs while the john drove his whole cock into her pussy with one thrust.

“Holy fuck that feels so good!” The man grunted, clutching Rosalie’s head against his sweaty chest while he began pumping his dick in and out of her.

The dirty old john proceeded to fuck Rosalie hard, as he used his fat body to slam his dick inside the sobbing 19-year-old. Meanwhile, just down the hallway, Hannah and the 15-year-old blonde were also busy pleasuring cocks themselves. Hannah was over on the couch and already working on her 5th and 6th Outlaws. They had the little Asian pinned between their powerful frames, with one cock stuffed inside her ass while the other biker pounded her cunt from above. Hannah’s tanned, shapely legs were flailing in the air and she was screaming in pain as the two Outlaws savagely raped her.

The tiny blonde Miranda was also getting tag-teamed on the mattress in the corner of the room. She was on all fours and gagging on a huge cock while another biker battered her little anus from behind. Even with a dick stuffed down her throat the 15-year-old’s screams of agony were almost as loud as Hannah’s. It was truly a surreal scene, as the two girls were brutally raped by the Outlaws while their friends casually played pool, perused magazines, and watched Rosalie on the computer screen.

“What’s up Big Joe?” One of the bikers at the billiards table asked, as the hulking giant entered the room.

“Nothing much bro, just got done fucking that little spic bitch,” Big Joe replied. “She’s still got a tight little pussy.”

“Yeah she does,” another Outlaw agreed.

“How much she make so far?” Big Joe asked.

“I’m not sure, you gotta ask Burt, I think around $800 though,” the biker responded.

“Night’s still young I guess,” Big Joe said, as he stared over at his Asian bitch before looking at Miranda.

“Who’s got next on that little slut?” The enormous biker asked, pointing at the screaming blonde.

“I don’t think anyone does,” the Outlaw at the computer desk answered. “She’s all yours Joey.”

“Cool, I’m good for a little bit though,” Big Joe stated, grabbing a beer from a nearby cooler. “Give me about thirty minutes or something, then I’ll tear that bitch a new asshole.”

The massive biker already decided he was going to destroy Miranda’s anus. There was just something about the tiny blonde that made him want to hurt her so badly. Perhaps it was because of how unbelievably difficult she’d been from the very first day the Outlaws had gotten her. She’d cursed at the bikers nonstop, called them nasty names, and had warned them of how much trouble they would be in once her family and the police found her. She’d also refused to drink their piss and lick their assholes, and you would think a girl so young would have more respect. Anyone who knew little Miranda, however, would not have been surprised by her insubordination. The girl was accustomed to getting everything she wanted, whether from countless teenage boys or her wealthy parents, who never spared any expenses in making their one and only daughter happy.

The Devil’s Outlaws, though, were very good at turning snotty young bitches into submissive fuck-dolls, and Miranda was no exception. Although it took the petite 15-year-old a bit longer than the others, she too learned that it was far wiser to obey the ruthless bikers than to defy them. She had to endure many, many sadistic beatings with canes, belts, and other terrible instruments, but the little blonde eventually did learn to follow the gang’s orders. Now, after two short weeks spent with the Outlaws, Miranda barely hesitated whenever one of them ordered her to clean his shit-stained asshole with her tongue.

“Eeuuugghhhh!! Please!! My throat—it hurts please!!!” The 15-year-old begged, coughing violently as the biker in front of her pulled his huge cock from her mouth.

The Outlaw promptly responded by slapping Miranda’s face as hard as he could. The sound of it was so loud that even Hannah, in the midst of getting tag-teamed by two other bikers, was startled by it. Miranda yelped in pain and then immediately began sobbing in front of the menacing Outlaw.

“Open your mouth slut!” The man ordered, slapping poor Miranda across the cheek again.

The miserable blonde stared hatefully at the huge cock in front of her face for a couple of seconds, then parted her lips just slightly. She whined and tried to pull her head back as the biker roughly grabbed it with both hands and speared his penis deep into her mouth. In seconds she was gagging wretchedly, as the Outlaw buried his entire cock inside her mouth and throat. The guy behind Miranda also slammed every inch of his dick into her ass and then held it inside there, as he and his buddy enjoyed the little blonde’s orifices.

Big Joe took a seat at a dining table where a couple of bikers were playing cards. He watched with a smile on his face as two of his pals brutally raped Hannah. He could hear her squealing in pain as the Outlaws simultaneously slammed their large cocks into her ass and vagina. After a couple of minutes, the one on top drove deep into Hannah’s cunt one last time and growled as he began cumming inside of her. When he was through and pulled out of the Asian, the biker beneath Hannah clutched her legs tightly against her tits and thumped his cock in and out of her ass until he climaxed as well. When he was done spewing inside her ass, the muscular Outlaw lifted Hannah off his dick and tossed her to the side of the couch like a bag of garbage.

“Noooooo!!! Leave me alone!!!” The Asian screamed, struggling miserably as another horny biker grabbed her hair and impatiently yanked her off the couch.

Hannah continued to resist as the Outlaw forced her to her knees and slapped her violently across her face. The little Asian immediately calmed down and opened her mouth as the man pushed the head of his penis against her lips. In an instant he was fucking her mouth hard, holding Hannah’s head still while he rammed his cock back and forth between her aching jaws.

The bikers continued to use Hannah for the next hour or so, fucking her hard and then passing her along to the next man like a piece of meat. By the time they were finally finished, the Asian had pleasured over a dozen of them since Big Joe had first brought her into the room. Nine of them had used her ass or pussy while the others had fucked her mouth and forced her to swallow their sperm. She was, of course, completely distressed and hardly able to move. She was lying on her side in front of the couch, crying miserably while streams of cum flowed from her asshole and pussy.

“Okay I think I’m ready for that little bitch,” Big Joe declared, pointing toward Miranda as he got to his feet.

The little blonde was sitting in a fetal position on the corner of the mattress, as far away from the bikers as possible. She had her head down and was quietly crying and trembling in fear. It had been about a half-hour since the last Outlaw had fucked her, and she was still recovering from it and all the other rapes thus far. As soon as she saw the enormous biker marching toward her, Miranda’s eyes jolted open in wide-eyed terror.

“No!! Get away from me!!!” The tiny blonde screamed, kicking at Big Joe with her legs as he reached down to grab her.

“Get over here you little bitch,” the Outlaw growled, grabbing a fistful of Miranda’s hair and yanking her to her feet.

“Ooowwww!!! Pleeeaaaaaassseee!!!” Miranda yelped, staggering after the massive giant as he hauled her toward the couch.

The little 15-year-old screamed in horror as Big Joe pinned her against the back of the sofa on her belly. Because she was so small, the biker had to raise her off the ground about a half-foot before bending her over the leather couch. Miranda’s little feet were dangling helplessly above the floor and she started kicking them at Big Joe as he pried her firm ass-cheeks apart. He quickly unbuckled his jeans and slid them along with his boxers to the floor.

“Noooooo!! Don’t!!!” The blonde shrieked, thrashing around crazily once she felt Big Joe’s massive cock against her anus.

The Outlaw clenched Miranda’s hips tightly and slammed his dick into her ass without warning. Miranda screamed in sheer agony as her tiny asshole was ripped wide open. Even after servicing dozens of cocks tonight, the slimy, cum-stained hole was still barely able to accommodate Big Joe’s ridiculously huge penis. It was stretched to its absolute limit, and if the biker’s cock was any thicker the hole would have been badly torn in two.

“AAAAAOOOOWWWWW!!!” Miranda screamed, tears flowing down her cheeks as the Outlaw smashed his cock into her full-force.

Hannah, who’d been in a stupor from her own nightmarish ordeal, was now sitting upright in front of the young blonde and watching her in wide-eyed fear. She could see the look of complete and utter agony in Miranda’s gorgeous blue eyes, as Big Joe angrily began pounding her as hard as he could. Hannah knew exactly how much pain the girl was in, as there truly was nothing in the world worse than getting anally raped by the monstrous beast. Hannah could feel tears forming in her own eyes as she watched the hysterical 15-year-old getting absolutely destroyed by Big Joe. She was thrashing about in total misery, doing everything in her power to free herself from the giant. Miranda wasn’t going anywhere, though, as Big Joe had her pinned against the couch while he clutched her little torso as tight as he could.

“SSSTOOOPPPP PUHLEEEAAAAASSEE!!!” Miranda begged, pounding the sofa cushions with her fists as Big Joe savagely hammered her bloody anus.

“You like that don’t you bitch?!” The Outlaw bellowed, grabbing Miranda’s shoulder-length hair with both hands and jerking on it brutally.

“Fuck yeah she does! Tear that little bitch up Joey!” One of the bikers shouted happily.

There were close to 15 Outlaws inside the room, and they had all formed a circle around Big Joe and Miranda. Almost every single one of them were cheering the huge brute on and encouraging him to fuck the poor blonde even harder. Miranda’s face was twisted into a look of horrible agony, and she was screaming at the top of her lungs now as Big Joe fucked her asshole with all of his might.

“You little fucking cunt! How you like a big fat cock up your skinny little ass?!” Big Joe roared, tugging hard on the blonde teen’s scalp while he rode her.

As she watched the 15-year-old getting viciously pummeled, Hannah couldn’t help but feel somewhat glad that the focus of the Outlaws’ lust was not entirely on her for a change. All of the bikers were concentrating on Big Joe and Miranda, and Hannah was secretly hoping that it would remain that way for as long as possible. Even though she felt bad for the young blonde, Hannah was happy that she was not the only sex-slave to the violent gang.

After a few more minutes, Big Joe slammed his dick into Miranda’s ass one last time. He got about 8” or so inside the opening before he could go no further. None of the girls could take his entire cock up their ass, but the redhead, Ellen Duffy, came close. Miranda screamed and started weeping as the Outlaw began cumming inside her anus.

“How many boys at your school you think wish was me?” Big Joe asked the little blonde, keeping her pinned against the sofa while he unloaded his sperm deep in her ass.

“God please just leave me alone!!” Miranda cried back, grimacing in disgust as the biker leaned forward and ran his tongue all over her left cheek.

“I should take you on the road with me bitch,” the Outlaw spat. “Trade you for that little slant-eyed whore down there. What do you think? Wouldn’t it be fun? Me busting up your ass every single night?”

“Nooooooo,” Miranda blubbered, not even wanting to think about the scenario.

After he was through ejaculating inside the teen, Big Joe pulled out of her nasty, gaping asshole and left her bent over the back of the couch. Miranda was so traumatized that she could not even move. Her bloody asshole looked like a firecracker had been detonated inside of it, and Big Joe’s sperm was already starting to flow from the opening. Many of the other bikers were staring at it in admiration.

“You gonna stay for the night Big Joe?” One of the Outlaws asked the titanic man.

“Nah don’t think so, just wanted to stop by and say what’s up, drop some of the shit off, and fuck these bitches of course,” the biker responded.

“Cool bro,” the other man responded.

The Outlaw sitting at the desk chuckled as he watched Rosalie on the monitor. She was still strapped to the bed spread-eagle and the ball-gag was back in her mouth. The Latina was shaking her head frantically and crying in total fear as yet another patron from the bar prepared to fuck her. The guy was clearly relishing Rosalie’s terror, as he stood before her and stroked his massive penis. Rosalie instantly began yanking at her bonds once the brawny man climbed onto her. In less than a minute he was hammering her pussy so hard that the entire bed started to shake violently.

“Yo let me get a little help unloading the shit,” Big Joe requested, as he pulled his pants back on.

Three or four of the Outlaws who were just standing around followed Big Joe out the door and toward the bar. They made their way to his truck and proceeded to unload several large crates from the rear. It took the men less than fifteen minutes to bring the goods into the back lounge of the tavern. During this time one of the Outlaws had laid Hannah on her back atop the mattress and was feverishly pumping her pussy with his cock. Miranda, meanwhile, was in the bathroom along with three other bikers. They’d forced the miserable blonde to kneel in the dirty tub, with her head perched back and her mouth wide open while they all pissed into it. Whenever her mouth filled with their urine, one of the men immediately shouted at her to swallow the golden juice. Miranda’s sobs were heartbreaking, as she continuously gulped down the bikers’ piss like a worthless whore.

“Aaaaggggghhhhh!!” Hannah screeched, her sexy legs flapping about in the air as the biker fucked her.

Big Joe waited more than ten minutes for the man to finish, but he continued to drill Hannah’s cunt rigorously. After awhile, Big Joe grew tired of waiting and walked back down the hall to check on Rosalie. As soon as he stepped into the dingy room, the Outlaw was hardly surprised to see another dirty client fucking the Latina. A couple of the Outlaws must have changed the girl’s position recently, as she was now bent over the edge of the mattress with her legs pulled wide and fastened to the struts of the bed frame. She was weeping miserably into the ball-gag in her mouth while the middle-aged john pounded her asshole with his cock.

The guy was so consumed with ecstasy that he didn’t even notice Big Joe standing by the door watching him. He was grunting like a complete animal as he knelt behind the Latina and fucked her anus as hard as he could. Rosalie’s squeals of pain were unmistakable, and she kept trying to free her wrists from the leather cuffs that connected them to the bedposts.

“Yeah fuck you bitch! You little spic whore! How the fuck you like that?!” The man bellowed, yanking on Rosalie’s hair while he raped her.

Big Joe watched in bemusement as the john viciously sodomized the 19-year-old Latina for a few more minutes. When he finally came, he screamed in delight and sank his entire dick inside Rosalie’s sphincter. After he was finished, the dirty slob got to his feet and peeled the sticky, sperm-filled condom off his penis before tossing it in the trashcan by the bed. As he put his pants back on and stared at Rosalie’s outstretched anus, the man finally noticed Big Joe’s presence in the room.

“Good God man, are you next?” The patron asked Big Joe in wonder.

“Nah, I already fucked this bitch earlier,” the Outlaw replied.

“Shit I was gonna say…thank God I went before you if you was,” the dirty man chuckled, before patting Big Joe’s enormous arm and exiting the room.

“Damn look at all those fucking rubbers,” Big Joe remarked, as he walked over to the garbage can and looked into it. “Guess you’ve been having a busy night, eh slut?”

Rosalie rested her cheek against the grimy bed and she was sobbing uncontrollably. Her asshole and pussy had both been fucked raw and were gaping wide open. Like Hannah, the girl’s buttocks were covered with welts from the many beatings and canings the Outlaws had given it over the past few weeks. Big Joe gazed at Rosalie’s upturned ass for barely a minute when the door swung open and another large, drunken laborer ambled into the room.

“Oh shit man my fault, is it your turn next?” The smelly construction worker asked.

“Nah buddy I’m just checking up on her,” Big Joe answered.

“Okay cool man,” the man said, as he quickly stripped his grimy khakis and slipped a condom over his raging penis.

“Aaauuugghhh!! Aaaaggggghhhh!!!” Rosalie wailed, frantically yanking at her bonds as the man got into position behind her and plunged his cock deep in her ass.

Big Joe chuckled as he watched the savage rape for a moment before exiting the room. When he got back to the bikers’ lounge, the other Outlaw was finally finished with Hannah. The Asian was lying atop the bed, with her arms folded across her chest while she cried miserably. Miranda, meanwhile, was once again getting double-teamed on the couch. She was squeezed between two Outlaws on her back and squealing in pain as they fucked her asshole and vagina in unison.

“Let’s go bitch,” Big Joe said to Hannah, tossing her slutty daisy-dukes and bra down at her.

The Asian groaned despondently as she pulled the g-string up her legs and slipped on the black top. Big Joe grabbed a clump of the girl’s hair and dragged her off the floor. He said his goodbyes to the other bikers in the lounge before hauling Hannah out into the hallway. As he passed by Rosalie’s room, he peeked inside and smiled as he watched the same big construction worker pounding away at the Latina’s anus. Big Joe simply shook his head as he thought about how many more men Rosalie was going to have to satisfy tonight. The Outlaws usually worked a girl until she made $1500 to $2000, and if the other biker he’d spoken to was correct, the 19-year-old was only about halfway to that mark.

After a few seconds, Big Joe closed the door and marched Hannah out into the bar. As he made his way toward the exit many drunk, rowdy patrons asked when the bikers would start whoring Hannah out like the others. Hannah felt her heart skip when Big Joe responded that it wouldn’t be too long. In just a couple minutes, the two were back inside Big Joe’s truck, with Hannah’s head between the Outlaw’s massive thighs while she suckled his penis.

It didn’t take long at all for Big Joe’s cock to get huge and himself extremely horny. He pulled into the first motel he saw and dragged Hannah into the lobby. He knew the concierge at the front, of course, and got a discounted price to one of the rooms. As soon as he and Hannah were inside, he pushed the little Asian onto the large mattress and began removing his clothes.

“Get fucking naked bitch,” the Outlaw demanded. “And start relaxing that asshole, I’m gonna fuck it good and proper slut.”

“Please just stop!!!” Hannah screamed, glaring spitefully at the enormous biker.

“Bitch do I gotta beat that pussy all night again?” Big Joe shot back, reaching for his belt.

“No! Please, I’ll shut up,” the Asian responded in fear, quickly stripping off her lewd garments.

“You can leave those on,” Big Joe stated, as Hannah reached down to remove the stripper heels on her feet. “Turn around, and get that ass up in the air how I like it.”

The Asian was already starting to cry as she turned away from Big Joe and got on her hands and knees. Hannah could feel the Outlaw’s gaze on her as she enticingly spread her legs and raised her ass high in the air for him. Her asshole was so horrendously raw that even touching it was very painful. Hannah truly had no idea how she was going to cope with the impending rape, and for the first time entertained the notion of trying to fight him if it got too unbearable.

“Let’s see how tight you still are bitch,” Big Joe said, as he hopped on the bed and got into position behind the shaking Asian.

“Aaaahhhh!! Pleeaaaasssssee!!!” Hannah screamed, wriggling around miserably as the Outlaw grabbed her hips and sank just a couple inches of his cock inside her asshole.

“Shit, still pretty fucking tight,” the gigantic biker laughed, holding Hannah still while he penetrated deeper into her anus.

“Aaaoowww!! God stop please!!!” The Asian begged.

“It’s gonna be another long night for you slut,” Big Joe promised, reaching forward and wrapping both hands around Hannah’s small neck.

Hannah wailed in excruciating pain as Big Joe shoved his penis as far as he could into her ass, and then proceeded to fuck her like a wild bronco. For just a second she thought about turning around and fighting him, but then quickly realized how foolish that would be. The man was literally three times her size and could break her in half like a twig if he wanted to. Whether she liked it or not, the only option was to remain on all fours and hope that the Outlaw would finish quickly. Hannah closed her eyes and continued to scream in agony as Big Joe pounded away at her tender anus. It was indeed going to be another long, long night with the massive lunatic.

Chapter 9: Hannah’s Warm Welcome Back

Hannah had no idea how she survived the next several days with Big Joe. Over the course of that time, the huge beast continued to take Hannah with him to many different towns and neighborhoods. Her purpose on these trips, of course, was to fuck whoever he commanded her to. Then, in the evenings, she was forced to pleasure the sadistic biker in unimaginably cruel ways. Every single night the Outlaw raped Hannah at least two or three times, and since he was such an anal aficionado, he hardly ever fucked the Asian’s pussy. In addition to fucking her, Big Joe also spent countless hours beating her and making her drink his pee and lick his asshole. The entire time Hannah was with him he had not pissed into a toilet or urinal even once, opting for her pretty little mouth instead.

It was on the very last day together that the wretched Asian had finally had enough. Unlike all the other days, Big Joe had no more deliveries or stops to make, so he’d literally spent the entire day fucking and beating the piss out of poor Hannah. He raped her at least half a dozen times during the day, tearing up her tight little asshole and vagina with his colossal shaft. And when he wasn’t fucking her, the Outlaw was busy choking, slapping, or thrashing the Asian with his belt, just for the hell of it.

By the end of the night, Hannah was in so much suffering and torment that she finally tried to bring an end to her nightmarish life. After Big Joe had told her to shower up, the miserable Asian stepped into the tub and immediately started chugging a container of shampoo as well as a bottle of draining fluid. However, Big Joe could hear the girl coughing badly, and when he discovered what she was doing he became completely enraged. He’d dragged the screaming, terrified girl out of the tub, tied her hands together behind her back, and then thrashed her all over her body with his belt for more than three hours. By the time the biker was too tired to hit her anymore, Hannah’s entire body was covered with crimson welts and bruises and she was screaming and weeping like a baby.

After giving her the worst beating of her life, Big Joe spent the rest of the night fucking the agonized Asian in her ass. Because it was the last night he’d have with her before returning her to Tank and the others, the enormous Outlaw raped Hannah as ferociously as he possibly could. He’d still been very angry about her suicide attempt earlier, and so he’d channeled that anger toward literally trying to rip apart the Asian’s asshole. Even with how hard he’d hammered away at the tiny opening it still took Big Joe nearly an hour to cum, because each time he came close to climaxing he would stop, just so he could torture the girl longer. Once he’d finally finished, he forced Hannah to get dressed and then dumped her in his truck before heading back to the main bar where Tank stayed.

“Home sweet home bitch,” Big Joe announced, pulling his Ford pickup into the large parking lot of the tavern.

Hannah looked out the window and shuddered at the familiar sight of the building. A little over a week had passed since she’d been abducted and brought here. It had been the longest week of her life, and just thinking about the countless horrors she’d had to endure was enough to bring tears to her eyes. Hannah could see a few Outlaws standing near the entrance of the bar, and she felt the goose-bumps all over her flesh as Big Joe came around and dragged her out of the truck.

The Asian struggled to keep up as Big Joe yanked her into the building. Hannah was so utterly drained from the many times the Outlaw had fucked her, and barely had enough strength to walk. The bikers outside gave her a warm, albeit vulgar, greeting as she passed them on her way into the bar. Hannah was surprised to see that there were just a handful of customers inside. She had no idea that it was almost 4 in the morning; time had lost any meaning to her long ago.

The few patrons that were inside all gazed at the Asian hungrily as Big Joe marched her to the back of the tavern. As they went through the swinging double-doors and made their way down the hall, Hannah could faintly hear someone screaming from inside the bikers’ lounge. She assumed it was the redhead, Ellen, whom she saw just a few days ago. The screams grew much louder as she got closer and closer to the room, and by the time she was standing outside of it they were blood-curdling.

“Yup, sounds like Miss Washington. This should be good,” Big Joe chuckled, before turning the door knob and entering inside.

As soon as she saw the redhead Hannah’s heart sank to her stomach and she felt so utterly sorry for the girl. Ellen was on her knees, with her face pressed against the floor and her wrists pulled back and tied to her ankles. She was screaming in complete agony as one of the bikers viciously beat her bloody, upturned ass as hard as he could with a metal cane. From the looks of it, the Outlaw had been thrashing the poor girl for perhaps an hour or more. The flesh on her buttocks was bruised everywhere and completely covered with scorching welts and cuts.

“PLEASE STOPPPP!! I SAID I’M SORRY!!!” The redhead wailed, sobbing in absolutely misery while the tattooed biker continued to beat her ass.

“You gonna start working harder bitch?! You gonna start taking your job seriously?!” The Outlaw shouted.

“I AM!! I’M TRYING!!!” Ellen screamed, the frustration in her voice simmering.

“Trying ain’t good enough whore! You better work harder bitch! When we give you an amount you fucking hit it!” The Outlaw shot back.

“I know I said I’m sorry!! Please stop hitting me!! I’ll do better I swear!!!” The young redhead begged desperately, tears of agony streaking down her face.

“What, you think just ‘cause you’re Miss Washington that you can slack off?! You’re nothing but a whore now, get fucking used to it you little slut!” The Outlaw roared, whipping the cane across Ellen’s ass with all his power.

“AAAOOOOWWWW!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!! I SAID I’M SORRY!!!” The redhead screamed in sheer desperation.

“You were thirty-five hundred short tonight, so tomorrow night you better bring in fucking eight and a half grand, you got that???” The hefty biker commanded.

Hannah watched as the girl closed her eyes and wept in total misery. She looked toward the redhead’s ass and could see that both her anus and vagina were severely stretched open. The two holes were drenched with cum and more sperm was streaked all over Ellen’s inner thighs.

“Do you fucking understand slut?!” The biker snarled, delivering another vicious blow to the girl’s buttocks.

“AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!! YES!!! YES I DO!! I WILL!!” Ellen squealed immediately.

“You fucking better bitch, or tomorrow night you won’t have any skin left on this pretty little ass,” the Outlaw warned, running the tip of the cane along Ellen’s bruised and bloody ass-cheeks.

It was fairly obvious to Hannah what the redhead’s transgressions were to have warranted such a horrendous thrashing. The bikers had apparently forced her to be a prostitute and ordered her to bring in a specific amount of money for them, and she’d clearly failed to do so. What the Asian didn’t realize, however, was just how many men Ellen had serviced throughout the night.

At about 8PM when the tavern typically began to get busy, and after the Outlaws had all fucked the redhead multiple times for the day, they’d begun whoring Ellen out. They’d given her strict orders to make $5,000 for the night, after which point she could rest until morning. The Outlaws all knew it was an absurd quota, considering that Rosalie, who was one of their top earners, brought them $2,000-$2,500 on a good night. Ellen had begged them to lower the amount, of course, but to no avail.

With no choice but to obey, the redhead quickly began soliciting random men in the bar to fuck her. Fortunately for the girl the tavern had started getting very packed around that time. She’d started off by asking for $100 per trick, but all of the men simply laughed and rejected her. Once she’d reduced the price to $50, however, she’d begun attracting quite a few clients. The Outlaws set up one of the small rooms for the redhead, complete with a bed and a bucket full of condoms for her customers.

Needless to say, it had been a very long and rough night for Ellen Duffy. After all, she’d been fucked about two dozen times by various Outlaws earlier in the day, and she had little strength left in her. Even though she should have been used to getting fucked pretty much all the time by the bikers, they were always so brutal with her that they left her in shambles, both mentally and physically. Thus, it had taken every ounce of willpower she had for Ellen to approach the many random men in the bar and ask them to use her.

Ellen began fucking her first customer, a filthy old pawn shop owner, at about 8:30 in the evening. The ugly john bent her over the mattress and rutted her pussy like the sexually deprived slob that he was. It took him just a couple of minutes to cum, filling the latex condom with his hot seed. When he was finished, Ellen had donned her outfit—which had been nothing but a micro-skirt, a tiny white halter, and matching stripper heels—and escorted him out to the bar. There had been a line of men waiting for her, and she simply grabbed the next one and took him to her room.

Over the next several hours, Ellen had proceeded to pleasure one man after another with almost no interruption. She’d spent a maximum of five minutes to recover, and cry, after each one of them. She’d assumed that as long as she did that, the quota she’d been given would be taken care of. By the time it was midnight, however, she’d started growing worried after counting her earnings and discovering that it was a paltry $900. It had seemed like she’d fucked a parade of men, and to see that she wasn’t even 1/5th of the way to her requirement had been beyond insane. It was at that point that Ellen knew she would not meet her quota.

Nevertheless, knowing how violent the Outlaws were, Ellen had continued to offer herself to the tavern’s patrons into the early morning hours. Most of the men had been content to ejaculate into their condoms, but a handful of them had forced Ellen to get on her knees while they finished off in her mouth. The redhead absolutely deplored swallowing semen, so this had been very difficult for her to handle. By the time there were literally no more customers for her, Ellen had fucked 31 men total, meaning she’d earned $1550 for the night. As soon as she’d given the cash to the Outlaws, they’d grown furious, which was why she was on her knees now getting the thrashing of her life.

“Pay attention bitch, that’ll be you tomorrow night if you don’t listen,” Big Joe cautioned, jerking on Hannah’s hair while he pointed to the weeping beauty queen.

“You got your work cut out for you, that’s for sure,” the Outlaw standing behind Ellen declared. “Don’t worry though we’re taking you to McHale’s tomorrow. You shouldn’t have any problem making that eight grand over there.”

With that, one of the other bikers unlocked the cuffs around Ellen’s wrists and ankles and yanked her to her feet. The girl was still groaning in tremendous pain as he dragged her out of the lounge and to her private room. He tied the redhead’s hands to the bedposts and turned off the lights before exiting the musky room. Ellen closed her eyes and sobbed abysmally as she wondered how in the world she was going to make $8,500 tomorrow night.

Hannah, meanwhile, was finally reunited with Tank and the other bikers who’d abducted her just a week ago. Including Big Joe, there were six Outlaws total in the lounge, and they were all thrilled to have the little Asian slut back. They’d stripped off her clothing and made her get on her knees while they stood in a circle around her, all with sick grins on their faces. Hannah was trembling dreadfully as she knelt before the huge, tattooed bikers.

“You happy to see us again slut,” Tank asked, grabbing the Asian’s hair and pulling down on it painfully.

“Aaaggghhh! Pleeaaaasssee!!” Hannah yelped, as tears started to form in her eyes.

“Well we sure are happy to see you,” the Outlaw declared. “We’d all fuck the shit out of you right now, but I’m guessing Big Joe stretched you out pretty good over the last couple days. Yeah, I bet even those tight Asian holes of yours didn’t have a chance.”

“She’s still pretty tight though man, even after all that fucking,” Big Joe commented. “Shit, I fucked her real good too. I dunno, maybe these little Asian bitches were just born to be fucked with their tight ass holes.”

“Well shit, they gotta be good for something right?” One of the bikers joked, drawing laughter from all his friends.

“Look bitch, it’s late and we’re all fucking tired, so I’ll make this quick,” Tank began. “We’re all gonna take turns fucking that pretty mouth of yours. I wanna see how good Big Joe taught you to deep-throat. After we’re done you can go to sleep.”

“Please no! Oh my God please just leave me alone!” Hannah whined, her head slumping in complete despair.

“Let’s go, get that mouth around my cock!” Tank commanded, as he pulled his dick out within seconds and slapped it against the Asian’s face.

Hannah did not resist as the cruel biker grabbed the back of her head and jammed his huge cock between her lips. Although it wasn’t as monstrous as Big Joe’s, the biker’s penis was still at least a few inches longer than her boyfriend’s, and much thicker. Thus, as Tank started cramming his entire dick down her throat, Hannah instantly began choking on the massive shaft.

“Goddamn Big Joe, I thought you were gonna teach this bitch how to suck cock?” Tank asked, laughing while he watched the little Asian gagging on his prick.

“Lick it bitch, use that tongue and work it good,” the Outlaw commanded, mercifully pulling his cock out of the girl’s mouth and smacking the tip of it against her forehead.

Hannah was coughing wretchedly as she grabbed the base of Tank’s huge penis with one hand and quickly wrapped her soft lips around the tip of it. She began pumping her mouth up and down the biker’s penis with great passion, knowing that the sooner he came, the less times he would deep-throat her. Like always, his dick tasted so awful and no matter how hard she tried to ignore it, Hannah simply couldn’t. As she ran her tongue up and down the filthy shaft, she nearly puked at the sour taste of Tank’s dick cheese.

“That’s it cunt, work that dirty little tongue of yours, and fucking look me in the eye,” Tank ordered, pulling down on the Asian’s hair.

Hannah was crying openly now as she continued to blow the hefty Outlaw, looking him in the eyes the entire time. Several minutes went by as Tank stood before the girl in total bliss. He’d missed Hannah very much, and was greatly looking forward to fucking her every single day for the near future. Once he finally started climaxing, he grabbed the Asian’s head with both hands and held it still while he shot his load into the back of her mouth. Hannah squealed in disgust as the awful sperm was dumped straight down her throat. As much as she didn’t want to, she had no choice but to start gulping down the hot, sticky fluid.

“That’s a good little whore,” Tank groaned, running his dirty hands through Hannah’s hair while he emptied his cum inside her mouth.

“Uuuugggghhh!!” Hannah cried abhorrently, shrink away from biker as soon as he let go of her.

“Suck the rest of these guys off, then you can go to bed,” Tank instructed, as he pulled his pants back on and went out into the bar.

“Noooooo!” The Asian wept, as another Outlaw immediately grabbed her hair and yanked her toward his cock.

Nearly an hour passed by as Hannah was forced to give head to the other four bikers in the room. They were all absolutely heartless, continually ramming their cocks down her small throat and nearly suffocating her. Every single one of them bashed the Asian’s face with their large cocks, also slapping and spitting on it as well. When she was finally done swallowing the last biker’s cum, Hannah instantly collapsed on her side and sobbed in sheer anguish. It took two Outlaws to drag the weary Asian into one of the other rooms and tie her down to an old mattress.

“Sweet dreams bitch, tomorrow you get to start your new job,” one of the men snickered, before turning off the lights and leaving the weeping Asian alone in the dark.

As she lay in bed naked with her arms and legs tied to the bedposts, Hannah still could not fathom what had become of her life. She thought about all her friends and family who must be worried to death right now. She knew with the destruction of her car and all her possessions that it would be extremely difficult for anyone to find her, but Hannah had to believe there was some hope. The alternative, that she was doomed to be imprisoned here in this tavern forever, was too terrible to even think about. She turned her thoughts to what the bikers were going to do to her tomorrow. Obviously they were going to rape her some more, probably in pairs for the most part. Her pussy and asshole were so ridiculously sore that just thinking about getting fucked made the Asian grimace.

It took Hannah seemingly forever to fall asleep, and then it felt like she was out for just seconds before the door banged open. Hannah’s eyes instantly shot open and her heart skipped a beat as Tank and another biker stomped into the room. They were muttering something to each other and Hannah could see the big smile on their faces as they quickly unlocked the bindings on her limbs. She whimpered very nervously as they grabbed her arms and dragged her into the Outlaws’ restroom.

“That’s your welcome home present bitch,” Tank proclaimed, pointing at the toilet and forcing Hannah to kneel in front of it. “You already done it before so I don’t gotta say much. You got an hour to get that shit squeaky clean.”

“No please!!! Please just stop!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!” Hannah screamed, covering her face in her hands and weeping in sheer frustration.

Tank and the other biker turned to one another with beaming grins. They were not surprised at the Asian’s reaction at all, and just one look at the toilet explained why. The Outlaws had spent the entire week turning the ceramic bowl into the filthiest mess possible. They could have made Ellen clean it, but decided it would be more fun saving the task for Hannah. The ring of the toilet was stained all over with yellow urine, and the walls of it were coated with dried shit and even a little vomit. Worst of all, the entire bowl was completely filled with the bikers’ shit and piss, such that none of the water in the toilet was even visible. It was blatantly obvious that the Outlaws had intentionally not flushed the toilet for several days, despite using it many times during that span. To Hannah, the stench of the waste station was beyond nauseating, and it was without question the most disgusting thing she’d ever seen in her entire life.

“No stop!! Please!!!” Hannah begged, as Tank seized her wrists and cuffed them together behind her back.

“Remember, you got one hour to get that bowl looking white as new,” the Outlaw instructed. “If it ain’t, I swear to God we will beat the fucking shit outta you, until your tits are bloody ribbons bitch. I don’t gotta remind you what Miss Washington’s ass looked like last night.”

Hannah continued to sob in despair as the bikers walked out of the restroom while chuckling together. She looked at the revolting toilet again and screamed in both horror and disbelief. It took several minutes before she summoned the courage to lean forward and run her small tongue against the piss-stained ring. After just a few seconds of lapping at it, however, Hannah cried dismally and pulled her head away from the nasty surface. The sour and salty taste of the dried urine was so gross, and far worse than drinking it from the bikers’ penis directly.

“Oh my God,” Hannah moaned, as she gazed at the toilet in disbelief.

It took the little Asian almost 30 minutes to clean all of the piss from the surface of the bowl. It was so mentally draining for poor Hannah, as she could never spend more than ten seconds licking the rim before having to spit down into the mound of piss and shit. She closed her eyes almost the entire time, and tried not to think about how old the piss was or how many vile bikers it belonged to. Somehow, she was able to keep herself from puking during the whole ordeal. By the time the top of the toilet was just about clear of urine, Hannah looked completely defeated.

“Oh my God no way, I can’t do this,” Hannah sobbed, as she stared now at the layers of feces and vomit that were caked all around the walls of the bowl.

There was so much of the filthy muck inside and all around the toilet that it was virtually impossible to find any spots of white porcelain. The Asian leaned forward and whined as her long hair was dipped into the gross mixture of urine and shit. She was shuddering in total misery as her face was just inches from the revolting mound of excrement. Hannah held her breath and pressed her tongue against the coated diarrhea. She took just one small lick of the terrible filth and instantly jerked her head back from the toilet.

“Eeeeuuuggghhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, shaking her head in complete revulsion.

The little Asian closed her eyes and started bawling in sheer misery. There was no way she was going to be able to do this. The taste of the dried shit and vomit was beyond atrocious, and ten times worse than the urine stains. It was so revolting that Hannah could not even look at it for more than a few seconds without wanting to throw up herself.

“Noooooo!!” The Asian cried, after she’d willed herself to take another lick of the nasty excrement.

Hannah was shuddering in pure disgust as she stared at the insanely gross toilet before her. She truly had no idea how she was going to do this. She’d only licked the bowl twice so far, and for only a second or two each time, and even that had been so terrible. Even the idea of this command was too much for her to handle. The fact that she was now nothing but the lowest piece of shit whore, whose purpose in life was to clean piss and shit from toilets with her mouth, was absolutely absurd.

“Whoa bitch, you better start getting your ass in gear,” Tank advised the little Asian, after walking into the restroom and inspecting Hannah’s work. “You got 30 minutes slut. Remember, I want that toilet looking brand fucking new.”

“Please stop this, please I can’t, it’s so gross,” Hannah pleaded frantically, looking up at the Outlaw in torment. “I’ll do anything else, please. Anything else I swear, just please stop this.”

“Nope, sorry cunt,” Tank responded. “You see, none of us wanna clean that nasty thing, so that means you get the job. So hurry the fuck up, remember if you ain’t done in 30 minutes, your ass is gonna be real sorry I guarantee it.”

“Please!!! This is so—oh my God it’s so disgusting!! I can’t do this!!” Hannah continued to beg pointlessly. “I cleaned the top, the pee. Please just let me stop!!”

“30 minutes whore, then we see if you get to have any skin on your tits,” the Outlaw declared indifferently, before leaving the restroom.

Hannah felt the lump in her throat as the biker’s ominous words quickly sank in. She thought about the image of the redhead’s bloody, horrifically lacerated ass last night, and then bent forward once more. The Asian started sobbing as she pressed her tongue against the soiled bowl and used it to scrub away the crusty diarrhea and puke. This time she was able to keep her head down in the toilet for much longer. Hannah whined in total anguish as she finally began cleaning the Outlaws’ excrement from the toilet, holding her breath the entire time as she did so.

“Uuuaaaagghhhh!!!” The Asian shrieked, frantically spitting into the murky bowl once she felt the shit and vomit rubbing off onto her tongue.

Hannah was crying terribly as she repeatedly spit into the basin, desperately trying to get the horrid taste out of her mouth. After awhile, when she felt ready again, she took a deep breath and once again put her tongue against the crusty toilet. For the next 10 minutes, the despondent Asian repeated this action countless times, scrubbing the terrible excrement with her tongue and then quickly spitting the filth into the huge pile of shit and piss before her.

“Oh God,” Hannah groaned, tensing her shoulders as she felt the puke rising up her throat.

The Asian quickly leaned over the center of the bowl and proceeded to throw up inside it. Hannah cried dismally as some of her own puke splashed up onto the walls of the toilet. Her vomit was very runny, as she had hardly eaten over the past two days, and the color of it was milky from all the sperm she’d been forced to swallow recently. Hannah whimpered as she looked at the metal handle of the john. She wanted to flush it so badly, but with her hands tied behind her back it was almost impossible.

Hannah looked down at the grimy toilet and screamed in aggravation. After what seemed like an eternity of scraping the feces with her tongue, she’d still only managed to clean a few square inches of the scum off. It was the only area of the entire toilet bowl, other than the top of the ring, which was somewhat ivory. The problem was that the layer of shit was so thick and tough, that she had to scrape it as hard as she could with her tongue just to get any of it off. Furthermore, the insanely awful taste of the excrement was starting to drive her crazy.

“Ten minutes bitch,” Tank warned, once again appearing out of nowhere.

“No please! Please!! I can’t—I need more time, please!!” Hannah pleaded, looking up at the biker worriedly.

“Shit bitch, you better pull off a miracle or something,” the Outlaw snickered, as he inspected the sickening toilet. “You better start licking that shit up like its candy.”

“Please help me!! I can’t do this!!” Hannah beseeched the man, crying despondently as he simply smiled down at her in return.

“Let’s go whore, start licking! You’re wasting some valuable seconds,” Tank stated.

Hannah felt herself starting to blush as she turned back to the toilet and leaned into it. For some reason, the idea of doing this in front of Tank—or anyone—was so extremely humiliating. Nevertheless, she lowered her head back into the bowl and once again resumed cleaning the shit from it with her tongue.

“That’s right you little cunt, lick it, lick that nasty shit off,” Hannah heard the biker command. “Use that dirty little tongue and lick it good, you Asian piece of shit whore. This is all you are right here, a piece of shit whore. You’re not even worthy to clean that toilet, you little gook bitch.”

Hannah felt the tears starting to flow down her cheeks as she listened to the man’s depraved words. If she had a gun, she would’ve emptied every single bullet from it into the man’s body. But there was simply nothing she could do against him, or the countless other bikers who made her life a living hell. Hannah nearly puked again as she scraped the shit off the toilet with her tongue and accidentally inhaled through her nose. The stench of the huge mountain of shit and piss just inches from her face hit her like a ton of bricks, and she immediately started retching.

“Pleeeaaaassssee!!!” Hannah wept, pulling her head away from the toilet as far as she could.

Tank just laughed at the miserable Asian and continued watching her from the doorway. Eventually, Hannah bent forward again and proceeded to service the toilet bowl with her mouth. She really started licking it vigorously now, knowing that her time was running precariously low. The Asian knew what Tank and the other bikers were capable of, and how ruthlessly sadistic they were. She was bawling wretchedly now, as her tongue became completely coated with shit over and over again.

“Time’s up bitch!” Tank declared, stepping toward the Asian to examine her work.

“No please!! I’m not done, please I need more time!!!” Hannah shrieked in panic, as the Outlaw grabbed her hair and tugged her head away from the toilet.

“What the fuck is this shit bitch?! You call this shit clean?!” Tank roared, pointing at the filthy john.

Despite her efforts, Hannah had failed to remove even half of the crusty shit and vomit from the walls of the toilet. Even the areas she had cleaned were not totally white, but still somewhat partially stained with the Outlaws’ excrement. However, the fact that she’d been able to lick as much of the disgusting filth off as she did was quite amazing. Of course Tank didn’t see it this way.

“What’s it gonna be whore, ass or tits?” The Outlaw asked, pulling Hannah to her feet. “You’re losing some skin, that’s a given. I’ll let you pick, though, ass or tits?”

“Wait!! Please!! Just give me more time, please!!!” Hannah frantically begged, digging her heels into the bathroom floor. “I swear I’ll do it, I’ll lick it all! I’ll clean it all I promise!! Please just let me do it, don’t hit me!! Please don’t hit me!!!”

“You got another half hour slut! Then I’m seriously gonna beat the shit out of you,” Tank warned, shoving the petite Asian back toward the waste station.

Hannah immediately got down on her knees in front of the toilet. She watched warily from the corner of her eye as Tank removed his jeans and boxers. She expected him to pee into her mouth like usual and started readying herself for it. Hannah whimpered nervously, therefore, when the Outlaw stepped behind her and knelt down also.

“Please, what are you doing? No please I can’t, don’t do this,” the Asian pleaded, turning her head towards Tank as he pulled her ass-cheeks apart.

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” Tank snapped, raising his arm as if to hit the girl. “Turn around and start cleaning that toilet you little cunt.”

Hannah promptly turned her head back to the toilet and leaned forward. She whimpered fearfully as she felt a glob of spit land on her ass-crack. The Asian shifted around uneasily as Tank used his big thumb and smeared his saliva all over her raw asshole. When he was satisfied, the huge biker lined his cock up with Hannah’s anus then slowly started penetrating the tight orifice.

“Uuuuggghhh!! Please don’t!! Aaaaoowww!!!” Hannah wailed, writhing around in pain as the biker forced his penis deep inside her ass.

Tank was not as massive as Big Joe—nobody was—but he was still a huge man and easily one of the largest members of the biker gang. And while his cock may have been a couple inches shorter than Big Joe’s, it was almost the same thickness, which made getting drilled by him almost as bad as the other giant. Tank groaned delightfully as he felt the Asian’s sphincter stretching as wide as it could to store his huge shaft. Though it still put up quite some resistance, the little hole was noticeably looser than it had been the first time he’d plowed it.

“I see Big Joe’s been stretching you out good,” Tank stated, burying the last couple inches of his dick inside the whiny Asian. “Shit, he must’ve fucked this hole 20 times or something, I know he’s an ass man. I’m surprised it’s even this tight still, I thought Joey would’ve turned you inside out by now bitch.”

“Please can you stop?” Hannah begged, looking back toward Tank dolefully.

“Shut the fuck up and clean that toilet,” the biker replied, grabbing Hannah’s hair and shoving her face down into the bowl.

“No!!! Wait!! Please!!!” The little Asian screamed, struggling wildly as Tank forced her head down until her nose was an inch from the shit mound. “Please stop!! I’ll do it, I’ll lick it, just please let go!!!”

Hannah felt the man’s arm relax and immediately turned to the side and started wiping the shit stains with her tongue. She shrieked in pain as Tank gripped her skinny body and began slamming his cock in and out of her anus. Hannah tried to focus on licking the feces from the toilet, but the severe pain of getting her asshole torn up was just too much. After a short moment, the Asian just pressed her face against the scummy bowl and wailed in agony while Tank demolished her anus.

“Aaaaagggghhhh!!! Aaaaooowwwww!!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around wildly as the searing pain eventually became unbearable.

Tank was no longer kneeling behind the Asian now, but was crouched above her ass with his boots on either side of her hips. He had both hands wrapped around the girl’s neck and was holding her head down while he pumped his cock in and out of her ass. The angle of penetration was excruciating, as the Outlaw drove his massive penis almost straight down into the small girl.

“Start licking that shit whore!” Tank commanded, slapping the back of Hannah’s head.

“Please, I will!! Just—Aaaaggghhhh!!! Please hurry!!” Hannah cried, struggling to cope with the ferocious fucking. “I can’t—I can’t when you’re!! Aaaauuuggghhhh!!!”

“I said lick it!!” The biker roared, slamming his entire cock inside Hannah’s ass before grabbing her head and forcing it into the bowl.

“NO!! NOOOOO!!! PLEASE STOP!!!” Hannah screamed in panic, as the Outlaw pushed down on her skull until the huge pile of feces was just an inch from her nose.

“Please stop this!!!” The Asian begged wretchedly, her neck straining to keep her face from touching the shit. “Please just stop!!!”

“Stick your fucking tongue out and lick that shit up right now bitch!” Tank commanded, leaning forward so that he could see the girl’s face.

Hannah groaned in utter misery as she flicked her tongue out and gently brushed the tip of it against the putrid mound of shit. As soon as she tasted the feces, Hannah screamed in utter disgust and immediately spat into the bowl. She tried to move her head away from the terrible mountain of excrement but Tank was holding it firm.

“No slut, when I say lick it, I mean fucking LICK it!!!” Tank roared, jerking on the poor Asian’s scalp. “Get your tongue out and start slurping that shit up like bitch you are!! I wanna see your tongue fucking covered in it!! This is what you get for not cleaning that toilet up in time!!”

Hannah was sobbing pathetically now as she gazed at the sea of shit and piss right in front of her eyes. She kept trying to twist her head away but the giant Outlaw held her hair firmly in his grasp. The smell of the bikers’ waste was so sickening that Hannah felt herself getting nauseous. She reluctantly leaned forward and lapped at the shit just twice before pulling back again.

“Uuuugggghhhhh!!! Pleeeaaaasssee!!” Hannah shrieked in pain, as Tank brutally yanked back on her hair so that he could look her in the eye.

“Open that mouth cunt!” The biker commanded, slapping the Asian hard across her face.

“God please just stop!!” Hannah begged, opening her mouth wide for the giant.

“What the fuck bitch!! I said I want your tongue covered in shit!! What the fuck do you not understand about that?!” Tank demanded furiously.

Hannah screamed in terror as the powerful Outlaw suddenly forced her head back down into the bowl. This time, however, he did not stop until he heard the Asian’s face splash against the chunky mixture of shit and piss. He pressed down on Hannah’s skull until her entire face was submerged in the excrement and then held it there for almost 30 seconds, which was an absolute eternity for the poor Asian. Tank groaned in total pleasure as the girl struggled wildly, involuntarily squeezing his cock with her tiny asshole.

“NOOOOO!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Hannah screamed in absolute dismay and misery, once the Outlaw finally yanked her head from the mound of shit.

“You wanna do this the hard way bitch?! That’s fine with me!!” Tank bellowed, before dunking the Asian’s head back into the nasty filth.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Hannah screeched, closing her eyes just before her face brutally slapped down against the chowder of piss and feces.

“Yeah bitch, squeeze that asshole around my dick, nice and tight just like that,” Tank growled, keeping the Asian’s head down while she squirmed around madly.

This time he held Hannah’s face beneath the surface of the excrement for over a minute, smiling sadistically while the Asian thrashed around like she was having a seizure. Tank could hear the stifled, tormented screams emanating from the girl’s throat. Her slender legs were flailing about and she was twisting and turning her body like mad. All her chaotic struggles were for naught, though, as the biker easily held her pretty face under the muddy pile of shit.

“AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! SSTOOOOPPP!!! PLLEEEAAAASSSSEE!!” Hannah screamed, shaking her head back and forth in pure torture once the Outlaw finally let her up.

Still crouching above the girl’s ass, Tank yanked back on her hair so she was forced to look up at him. He let out a cruel laugh as soon as he saw the Asian’s condition. Hannah’s entire face was essentially covered with shit and piss. Tank could see tears of complete misery trickling from the girl’s anguished eyes and down the excrement on her cheeks. She coughed violently, spewing globs of biker stool all over the toilet.

“You look like shit bitch,” Tank mocked the little Asian. “Was that fun though? How ‘bout some more?”

“NO!!! DON’T!!! PLEASE!!! PLEEAAAAASSEEEE!!!” Hannah wailed instantly, gazing up at the Outlaw in sheer panic.

“Too bad bitch, I’m loving this shit,” the biker replied, spitting on the girl’s face before slamming her head back into the fetid waste.

As he held the struggling Asian down, Tank ruthlessly began slamming his cock in and out of her asshole. Each thrust took some effort, as the girl was clenching her sphincter so hard while she fought to free her head from the shit and urine. Hannah barely even recognized that the biker was fucking her again, she was much too focused on trying to hold her breath as long as she possibly could. Tank held the Asian down for about another minute, as he pounded her ass like a beast. As each second went by, Hannah started getting light headed and her lungs felt like they were going to explode. No matter what, however, she kept her mouth and eyes tightly closed.

“EEEUUUAAAGGGHHH!!! PLEASE STOP!!! NO MORE!!! PLEASE!!!!” The Asian slut screamed abysmally, once Tank finally yanked her head from the nasty bowl.

“Sorry bitch, not till I cum in this tight little asshole,” Tank declared, dunking Hannah’s face into the disgusting pond of excrement once more.

“Fuck that feels so good,” the biker grunted, as he pounded his huge cock in and out of the girl’s anus.

“AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!” Hannah screamed in torture and frustration, once Tank pulled her head back after leaving it in the shit for about 40 seconds.

The evil biker again forced Hannah to look up at him. Hannah kept her eyes closed, though, and was weeping harder now than she’d ever wept before. After a week with the terrible biker gang, she thought she’d seen the limits to their depravity, but realized now how wrong she’d been. Of all the unimaginable horrors she’d had to endure so far, this one was by far the worst. Even getting her ass fucked by Big Joe for an hour straight was better than this. Even getting beat all over her body by him and his belt was preferable.

“Don’t worry bitch I’m almost there, just keep squeezing me tight with that asshole!” Tank shouted cheerfully, as he slowly began lowering the Asian’s head again.

“NO!!! PLEASE NO!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEEEAAA—” Hannah frantically begged, just before Tank plunged her face into the terrible waste.

This time the biker held Hannah down until he climaxed inside her ass. It took him a little over a minute, as he furiously pumped his cock in and out of the Asian’s rectum. He came just in time too, as Hannah started suffocating and her body went limp. The instant Tank pulled her head back Hannah squealed in torment and coughed shit up all over the toilet bowl.

“OH MY GOD PLEASE!!! NO MORE!! I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!!!” Hannah pleaded hysterically. “PLEASE STOP!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!!”

“Relax slut, don’t you feel that jizz inside your ass?” Tank responded, jerking on the girl’s hair while he finished cumming in her asshole.

“Please just stop!! I can’t—I can’t take this!!! Please I’ll be good!!!” Hannah blubbered, as she continued to cough up more shit and piss.

The grin on Tank’s face was pure evil as he stared down at the miserable Asian. The amount Hannah was suffering right now was equally matched by the Outlaw’s joy. Tank looked at the weeping Asian’s shit-stained face and thought about how lucky he was. He also wondered what was going through her mind as well. Ten days ago this bitch was probably enjoying life, with her nice little 9-to-5 job, caring boyfriend, and frequent shopping trips she did with her buddies. But now here she was, on her knees with her face covered in shit and a huge, repulsive biker’s cock buried deep in her asshole.

“Welcome home cunt,” Tank whispered into the Asian’s ear, just before pulling his dick out of her bloody anus. “God I’m glad you’re back, we’ve all missed you so much whore. You’ll see later today, don’t worry. Now clean that fucking toilet like I asked. You got 30 minutes, if it ain’t clean by the time I get back, you’re getting fucked like this again by another Outlaw.”

Hannah bawled in misery as the biker let go of her hair and rose to his feet. She heard him march out of the restroom but didn’t turn to look. Her body was shaking badly as she struggled to catch her breath between sobs. She could feel the thick layer of shit and piss all over her face, but with her hands tied behind her back there was nothing she could do to clean it. Hannah looked down at the toilet and cried out in horror. Her violent and frantic struggles to free her head earlier had caused a great amount of the Outlaws’ excrement to splash up all over the bowl. The walls were stained everywhere with the filth and some had even gotten on top of the porcelain ring. Hannah’s head slumped forward and she screamed in complete despair before breaking down into a sobbing mess.

Chapter 10: Hannah’s New Career

Hannah was on her knees underneath a large desk and sucking an Outlaw’s large, smelly penis. Her hands were still tied behind her back and she was completely naked except for the black stripper heels on her feet. The Asian was crying softly as she serviced the biker’s disgusting cock while he did some sort of work on a computer. She’d been blowing the hairy man for more than ten minutes and he still did not appear close to cumming.

Hannah was just grateful to be back in the lounge and away from the disgusting toilet in the restroom. She’d somehow found a way to lick off all the feces from the bowl, and by the time she was finished it had been restored to its ivory color. It had required a monumental effort on her part, as she’d scrubbed the shit with her tongue vigorously and without pause for 30 minutes straight. It had been completely terrible, of course, but the idea of another Outlaw holding her head beneath the sea of excrement had given her the motivation to finish the job. Right afterwards, Tank had turned on the bathtub faucet and then thoroughly rinsed all the shit from Hannah’s face and hair. Once he was finished, the huge biker had hauled Hannah back to the bikers’ lounge and she’d been sucking his friend off since.

“Ahhh yeah bitch, don’t stop, work those hot little lips,” the Outlaw commanded, reaching down for a moment to force his entire dick inside Hannah’s mouth.

The dirty biker face-fucked Hannah for several more minutes before he finally came inside her mouth. He forced the Asian to swallow all his sperm, of course, before withdrawing his slimy penis from her lips. He left Hannah kneeling at his feet while he continued working at the computer. It was still pretty early in the morning, and there were just a few Outlaws in the bar and back room.

After about an hour or so, the biker at the desk got up and forced Hannah into another room. There was a bunch of video and audio recording equipment in the room, with a huge high definition television and DVD player next to one wall. Tank and a couple other Outlaws were sitting at a couch and drinking beer when their friend hauled Hannah inside.

“What’s up man? You finished?” Tank asked the man.

“Yup, it’s all done man, fucking took forever to cut it,” the biker responded, holding up a DVD for the others to see.

“Shit, let’s check it out then,” Tank declared giddily.

The Outlaw forced Hannah to kneel in front of the television before sticking the disc into a DVD player. He turned on the TV and within seconds a disturbing image appeared on the huge screen. In the picture, Hannah was screaming in terror as two bikers roughly forced her into some wooden stocks. Hannah recognized the contraption and the sight of it instantly took her back to that nightmarish day in the warehouse. The volume on the television was very high, and off camera Hannah could hear the laughter and commotion of the many bikers that were there that day. Tank could be heard above all the others as he excitedly commenced Hannah’s massive gangbang.

For the next 3 hours, Hannah was forced to watch herself on TV getting sexually assaulted by every member of the biker gang. The Outlaws who’d created the DVD had obviously done similar projects in the past, as the final product was equal in quality to a porno you’d find in an adult video store. The scenes had been edited so that each Outlaw got about a minute or so of screen time, typically culminating in the biker cumming inside whichever hole of Hannah’s he was using. The video also cut back and forth between various cameras, sometimes capturing a panoramic view of the Asian getting hammered by two bikers, but also providing plenty of close-up shots of Hannah’s mouth, asshole, or vagina getting brutally pounded by huge cocks.

Whoever created the DVD had done such a good job, that he’d condensed and captured Hannah’s entire ordeal that day inside the 3 hour video. Even though he’d had to leave out a vast majority of the overall footage, the biker had made sure to include several key things. For example, every time a man shot his load inside the Asian it was captured on film. There were also many shots of Hannah’s gaping vagina and asshole oozing torrents of sperm all throughout the video. The Outlaw responsible for the disc had really tried to convey Hannah’s misery as much as possible, so almost 1/3rd of the video was just Hannah’s tormented face getting viciously slapped by the bikers or battered with their dicks. Of course, the DVD also included the two instances when Hannah was forced to swallow over a liter of sperm and other disgusting secretions from the cum-bong. This was incredibly difficult for Hannah to watch, as the cameraman followed the huge funnel as it was passed around between almost 100 Outlaws who all happily spat and pissed into it.

“So what’d you think? Pretty good shit huh?” Tank asked Hannah, once the video was finally over. “I gotta say it’s one of our best yet, and you did great whore. I’m sure these are gonna sell out faster than turkeys on thanksgiving.”

“Get up slut, we want you to read something,” another biker said, grabbing Hannah’s arm and pulling her to a nearby table.

On the surface of the wooden desk was a white piece of paper with a few lengthy paragraphs scrawled on it. The handwriting was very poor and Hannah could barely make it out. It looked as if it had been written by an elementary school kid. Nevertheless, as she began reading it, the words were definitely those of an adult—a depraved, adult biker to be more exact. The note read:

Dear Hannah’s Mom and Dad,

I’m sure you’re wondering why you haven’t seen or heard from your precious daughter in a long time. Well about a week ago we found her at a gas station whoring herself out so we decided to pick her up and take her to our place for some fun. As you can see from the video your daughter is quite a dirty slut. She can’t get enough of our cocks and isn’t happy unless she’s getting fucked every second of the day. She especially likes getting fucked by two of us at the same time. I bet you had no idea your little princess was such a nasty whore.

I’m sure you can guess that we’ve been enjoying your daughter very much. She has the tightest little pussy and asshole and we’ve been having so much fun with them. She’s not as tight as she used to be, but the little slut is still a joy to fuck. You should be proud for raising such a great whore!

Hannah wants you to know that she’s doing great over here and would appreciate it if you stop looking for her. Don’t worry we are taking great care of her. We feed her and give her plenty of cum and piss to drink and in exchange Hannah has agreed to be our personal slut. Don’t pay much attention to how she is tied up and shit in the video. I know it looks like she’s here against her will or isn’t enjoying our company but that’s all just bullshit. Your daughter is just that much of a freak and is into some kinky shit with bondage and stuff.

DO NOT COME LOOKING FOR YOUR DAUGHTER. We are treating her nicely but if we find out you are looking for her on the news or that you have contacted the police we will no longer be nice to her and Hannah is going to be in A LOT OF PAIN. FOR HANNAH’S SAKE YOU DO NOT WANT TO PISS US OFF AND SEE WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF DOING TO HER. Don’t worry like we said your daughter is in good hands and we will take good care of her from now on. All she needs is a little food and a lot of cocks which we have plenty of over here! Enjoy the DVD and we will send you another one when we can. Remember you stupid gooks don’t fucking contact the police and don’t try to find her. She’s gone and you will never see her again.


Hannah (and her owners)

“Sign it bitch,” the biker instructed, placing a pen on the desk in front of Hannah.

Hannah felt the rage inside her as she took the pen and signed the bottom of the letter. She could not believe how twisted these men were. She wondered when the note would get to her family, and how they would respond. Knowing them, they would probably still notify the police. Hannah had mixed feelings about that, since she would obviously want the cops to know but at the same time feared the response from the Outlaws. Yet even if the police knew, she had doubts as to whether or not they would ever be able to locate her, especially considering that the local law enforcement was just as corrupt as the Outlaws.

As soon as she was through signing the letter, Tank and the other Outlaw grabbed her and took her out into the hallway. As she was dragged down the corridor, Hannah heard the redhead, Miss Washington, screaming from inside one of the rooms. She could also hear Big Joe bellowing in delight and the loud creaking of a mattress as the huge biker raped Ellen savagely. Tank and his friend unlocked one of the nearby rooms and marched Hannah inside. They forced the little Asian onto an old, soiled bed and tied her wrists to the metal frame before leaving.

Hannah was very surprised as for the next few hours the bikers left her alone for the most part. They gave her another plate of leftovers from the night earlier, retrieved from the garbage. By this point, however, the Asian was so hungry that she ate it without complaint. A few of the Outlaws came in throughout the day to use her, but she was not subjected to the massive gangbangs that she hated so much. As the hours passed by, Hannah could faintly hear the bar growing louder and louder as it filled with customers. Eventually, Tank emerged through the door with a paper bag and a plastic bucket in his hands.

“Put this on slut,” the biker ordered, tossing the sack down next to the bed before setting the bucket down on an adjacent cabinet.

Hannah grabbed the brown bag and emptied the contents onto the floor. There wasn’t much, however. The only things that spilled out were a tiny black micro-skirt and a matching pair of fishnet stockings. Hannah felt her cheeks burning as she removed her heels for a moment and slipped the garments up her slender legs. The base of the skirt barely covered her ass and the stockings went up slightly past her mid-thighs. After she strapped the 6” heels back onto her ankles, Tank grabbed the Asian’s hair and jerked her to her feet.

“Okay bitch, it’s about time you started earning your keep around here,” the Outlaw declared. “Tonight is the first night of your new career. I noticed on your business card you worked for some mortgage or insurance company or some shit. Well you’re done with that garbage now, from this moment you’re a professional whore, and this is your office.”

“No please, don’t do this,” Hannah pleaded, her knees buckling in response to the words.

“Pay attention slut!” Tank shouted, pulling hard on the Asian’s hair. “You’re gonna be doing this every night for awhile, so you better get used to it quick. Now since it’s your first night, we’ll be nice. Your quota is $2,000. I don’t give a shit how you do it, but by tomorrow morning you better have that money. Last night Miss Washington charged $50 a fuck. You can do the same if you want, although that’s gonna take all night if you do. Then again, I doubt those cheap bastards would pay any more than that, even for a hot little Asian slut like you.”

“Either way, like I said I don’t give a fuck how you do it, as long as you got that two grand by tomorrow,” the biker continued. “For every dollar you’re short, that’s gonna be one stroke with the cane. So if you care about keeping the skin on your ass and tits, you better work hard bitch.”

“Please no, I can’t…I can’t do this,” the Asian begged woefully.

“When they cum in your mouth I want you to drink it,” Tank stated, ignoring the girl. “When they fuck you, make them wear a rubber. After they’re done, though, I want you to peel them condoms off their cocks and suck every fucking drop out of them. So basically, either way I want their cum to end up inside your belly. We’ll be checking up on you too, and if those rubbers aren’t empty we will beat you real good whore. Now get to work, you got a long night ahead of you.”

Having said that, the huge Outlaw marched Hannah out into the hallway and commanded her to go to the bar. Hannah was already crying as she slowly walked toward the double-doors that led to the tavern. She could hear quite a few patrons out there laughing and chatting. As soon as she stepped through the doors, it seemed as if all of the forty or so men looked at her at once. Hannah felt just as whorish as she looked, and instinctively covered her naked breasts with her arms while she stood by the doorway. She was trembling as she looked for someone to approach.

“Damn bitch, you must be that new Asian cunt they picked up a few days ago,” a grizzly, heavyset man declared, startling Hannah as he wrapped his greasy arm around her. “Shit you got a hot little body, how much to fuck it?”

“Um, I don’t know,” Hannah replied, pulling away from the smelly beast. “$200 please.”

“Two hundred bucks?!” The drunk exclaimed in astonishment. “You gotta be shitting me. Come on bitch, you’re not gonna get any action here for that kinda price. Most of us don’t even make that much in a day. Besides, you’re not even worth two hundred bucks you little slant-eyed whore. Now let’s get real, how much for a good hard fuck?”

“Please, I need to…I need to make a lot of money,” Hannah begged. “What about $100?”

“That’s still way too much whore,” the dirty ogre shot back. “I got $40 on me. It’s all I got, take it or leave it.”

“No, that’s too little, I can’t do it for that little,” Hannah said firmly, breaking free from the man’s arms.

“Okay slut, good luck finding any takers for that dirty little pussy of yours,” the ugly brute hissed, pinching Hannah’s ass as she walked away.

Hannah’s eyes began moistening as she stepped toward a nearby pool table. There were three middle-aged men standing around it and they noticed the petite Asian immediately. Hannah felt the trepidation in her stomach rising as they quickly surrounded her. She struggled to find the right words to say.

“Um, do any of you,” the girl stammered. “Would any of you want to—to have sex with me?”

“Maybe cunt,” one of the men replied, pulling Hannah’s arm away from her breasts. “How much for the three of us?”

“$100 each please,” the Asian stated quietly, as she tried to free her arm from the man’s grip.

“A hundred each? You must be crazy bitch,” one of the others said. “We’ll give you $100 for the three of us.”

“Please, I need to make money, what about $200?” Hannah countered. “$200 for all three of you?”

“$150 for the three of us,” the first man replied, gesturing at his two buddies. “And we get to keep you for an hour.”

“Okay fine,” the Asian agreed, sighing in defeat. “Follow me please.”

Hannah turned away from the disgusting group of johns immediately and made her way back toward the rear of the tavern. She could hear the men laughing in excitement as they discussed who would get her first, and which holes of hers they planned on using. All three of the men were absolutely sickening. They were all large, standing about 6’2”—6’3”” and weighing well over 200 lbs apiece. They each had on the same uniform and it seemed like they worked for some sort of painting company.

The Asian led the trio of friends into the room Tank had set up for her. She quickly removed her micro-skirt and heels, so that all she was wearing were the fishnet stockings on her legs. Hannah then sat on the bed and watched dejectedly as the men anxiously pulled off their boots and dirty khakis. In less than a minute, all three of them were naked from the waist down, and their cocks were all fully erect and looked ready to explode.

“Put these on please,” Hannah requested, grabbing three condoms from the bucket and handing them to the patrons.

“Thanks cunt,” the fattest, hairiest man replied as he took the small package. “I bet that pussy of yours is just crawling with all kinds of nasty shit.”

“Can I have the money?” The Asian asked, once the men had all donned their condoms.

“Relax bitch, you’ll get your fucking money,” one of the others snapped. “Besides, if you want our cash you gotta earn it whore. Now get on your knees, I wanna see how good you Asians suck cock.”

Hannah exhaled heavily as she knelt down in front of the ugly man. His thick legs were chiseled with muscles, and his cock was nearly as huge as Tank’s. Hannah was shaking as she reached forward and grabbed the large shaft. She tilted the penis down and wrapped her lips around the tip of it, then began steadily pumping her mouth back and forth along the sweaty cock.

“Hands off bitch,” the john ordered, clutching Hannah’s hair and tilting her head back. “You’re gonna need them for these fellas. Don’t worry I can fuck that pretty little mouth just fine by myself.”

Hannah whimpered in fear as the other two men yanked her arms out to either side of her. She felt their penises against her hands as they simultaneously yelled at her to grab their cocks. Hannah immediately coiled her fingers around both of the large dicks. She could not see them, but they felt so disgusting and she wanted to squeeze them as hard as she could.

“Let’s go bitch! Start jerking them cocks!” The man in front of Hannah shouted, removing his cock from her mouth and slapping her hard across the face.

“Aaaiiieee!! Okay!! I will!!” The Asian yelped, as she quickly began stroking the two dicks with her small hands.

“Get them lips around my cock whore,” the man ordered, gripping Hannah’s head while he plunged his penis back into her mouth.

Hannah groaned and cried as for the next few minutes she was forced to suck and masturbate the three men’s cocks. Every once in awhile the one she was blowing would force his entire dick into her throat, causing her to gag terribly. Each time he did, she would stop jacking off the other two, resulting in a vicious slap in the face from the man in front of her. After awhile, she learned how to continue stroking the cocks on either side of her even while she was choking on the one between her lips.

“Holy shit, I gotta fuck this bitch man,” the john in Hannah’s mouth declared, pulling his cock out of the Asian’s face. “Let’s get her on the bed.”

“Let me get her mouth,” the fat man requested.

“Aaaagghhh!!!” Hannah screamed, as the guy she’d been sucking roughly dragged her to the mattress by her hair.

“Spread those legs bitch!” The brawny man shouted, bending Hannah over the bed and kicking her legs apart.

Hannah whimpered in fear and started crying as she pulled her legs wide for the bastards. She felt the fear in her chest as she clutched the bed sheets and waited for the inevitable. The john, meanwhile, was snickering with his friends while he pulled a condom over his large cock. As soon as he did, he got into position behind the Asian and pried her buttocks apart with his dirty thumbs.

“Shit them Outlaws been roughing you up good huh?” The drunk asked, as he studied the countless welts and bruises all over Hannah’s back and ass.

“Goddamn look at this asshole ya’ll,” he continued, motioning his friends over.

“Jesus Christ that’s one fucked up asshole,” one of the others remarked in wonder.

Even though Hannah could not see it, she had a good idea that her anus was no longer the gorgeous, tiny opening it had once been. The hole was very swollen now and already starting to become prolapsed. Having spent almost an entire week with Big Joe had caused most of the damage. The orifice had been fucked so raw by this point, and was constantly a source of intense pain for the Asian. As soon as the man started stuffing his dick into the tender hole, Hannah screamed in pain and closed her legs together.

“Aaaaoooowwww!!!” Hannah shrieked, digging her nails into the mattress while the man brutally drove his cock deep into her ass.

In mere seconds, the little Asian was weeping in agony as the stalwart began slamming his penis in and out of her asshole. Hannah tried to wriggle around but the man was holding her hips firmly while he fucked her. He was hammering her so hard that she could hear his hairy balls slapping against her pussy each time he drove into her.

“Turn her around Jim, let me plow that Asian pussy,” the fat man stated impatiently.

“Noooooo,” Hannah whimpered, clinging to the sheets as the john in her ass wrapped his arms around her little torso and spun her around.

Jim took a seat on the edge of the bed, with his cock fully impaled in the Asian’s ass, then grabbed her slender thighs and yanked them wide for his buddy. Hannah yelped in fear as the overweight slob quickly got between her legs and plunged his entire cock into her pussy with one thrust. The little Asian wailed in misery as the two drunken animals began pounding her aching holes together.

“Fuck this pussy feels good!” The fat man grunted, squashing Hannah beneath his sweaty carcass while he fucked her vagina.

Hannah cried in pain as Jim grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as hard as he could. She screamed piercingly as the brute took her little nipples between his fingers and twisted them like he was trying to rip them off her body. Jim continued mauling the Asian’s small tits while his obese friend fucked her pussy. After a couple of minutes, he rammed into the hole one last time before shooting his load into the condom. As soon as he pulled out of her, the third man immediately took his place and anxiously slammed his cock into Hannah’s cunt.

The disgusting trio kept Hannah for almost 90 minutes, ignoring the deal they’d made to have her for only an hour. The fat john raped Hannah three times, while Jim and the other man took her twice. Each one of them fucked the Asian’s mouth once, with two of them shooting down her throat while the other came all over Hannah’s face. When they were done with her at last, Hannah was crying woefully and felt just like the nasty whore she was.

“Sorry bitch, this is all we got,” Jim stated, tossing $80 worth of bills at the kneeling Asian. “It’s more than you’re worth though, you nasty little slut.”

“Please, you said—you said $150,” the Asian begged. “I need $150, please, this isn’t fair.”

“Next time get the cash up front, stupid whore,” the fat client laughed.

Hannah watched in disbelief as the three bastards put their pants back on and left the room, laughing with each other about how much fun they’d just had. Hannah looked at the four used condoms on the ground and sniveled as she remembered Tank’s orders. She grabbed one of the rubbers and brought the end of it to her lips. The poor Asian closed her eyes as she tilted her head back and started draining the condom into her mouth. Hannah nearly puked as the thick, slimy liquid flowed down her throat and into her belly. It took her more than five minutes to finish the rest of the rubbers, and she was crying in absolute disdain when she finally did. After wiping the sperm from her face, Hannah donned her micro-skirt and heels and was about to leave when the door suddenly opened and Tank walked in.

“What the fuck is this?” The biker demanded, as he held a steel cane and pointed it at several stains of cum on the floor.

“I’m sorry sir, the men, they did it,” Hannah answered nervously. “They took the—the condoms off before I could. Please, it won’t happen again.”

“What the fuck did I tell you slut?!” Tank shouted, ripping the cane across Hannah’s breasts.

“Aaaaaggggghhhhhhh!! Nooooooooo!!!” The Asian screamed, covering her chest and backing away from the menacing Outlaw.

“When they cum in those rubbers, you don’t let them take it off, you fucking get on your knees and you pull them off yourself!” Tank bellowed, stepping forward and slamming the cane all over Hannah’s body. “And then you thank them for their business and you fucking swallow that sperm in front of them!”

“Aaaaiiiieeeeee!!! Okaaayyyyy!!! Pleeeeaaaassse!!!” Hannah shrieked, frantically scurrying away from the biker as he continued to thrash her with the steel rod.

“I don’t wanna see anymore cum on that floor, you got it bitch?! Not even a single fucking drop!!!” Tank roared, as he savagely beat Hannah’s slender thighs. “If I do I’m taking you into the back and beating you all fucking night, you got that?!”

“Yes!! Yes!!! Please stop!!!” The Asian screeched, wriggling around like mad to dodge the vicious strikes.

“Get the fuck out there slut!” Tank ordered, grabbing Hannah by the hair and roughly shoving her out the door.

Hannah was still crying from the beating as she walked back into the bar. She barely had to wait for her next client, as one of the nearby patrons quickly approached her. He was very large, outweighing any of the previous trio by at least 50 lbs or more. He looked like a complete animal, with his dark curly hair, thick stubble, and heavy acne all over his face. His nose was crooked and huge, and when he smiled his teeth were bright yellow. Hannah could not understand how seemingly every man in this town was so massive and utterly repulsive.

“I been waiting for you princess,” the ogre declared, grabbing Hannah’s firm little ass and clutching her tightly.

Hannah shuddered as she felt the man’s massive hard cock underneath his soiled jeans. She could feel him shaking too, but his was from uncontrollable excitement. She winced in disgust and tried to pull away as the man’s absolutely horrendous body odor hit her. It was a combination of alcohol, tobacco, and sweat and other terrible body secretions.

“How much for a fuck?” The fiend demanded.

“$100,” Hannah cried, hoping the man would refuse so she could get away from his suffocating stench.

“Deal,” the giant agreed, grabbing a fistful of Hannah’s hair and marching her to the back.

Once they were inside the room, the ugly john shoved Hannah toward the bed and removed his clothes as fast as he could. Unlike the other three painters, he stripped off everything until he was completely naked. Hannah sighed in despair as she looked at the man’s enormous frame. His torso was covered with hair all over, and there was even a thick layer on his back and shoulders. As expected, his cock was gigantic, and seemed almost as huge as Big Joe’s.

“Your turn princess,” the caveman grinned, staring at Hannah like the piece of meat she was. “Let’s go, get them clothes off. I want you butt-naked just like me when I fuck you.”

“Can I have the money?” Hannah requested, as she removed her tiny skirt and heels.

“Don’t worry bitch I got your money,” the hairy giant said, moving toward the Asian as soon as she pulled off her fishnet stockings.

“No, I need it now,” Hannah insisted, sticking her arms out defensively as the john reached for her.

“You haven’t even done shit yet bitch,” the sweaty beast growled, grabbing Hannah’s hair and pulling her off the bed. “You’ll get your money once I’m satisfied with your work. Whores like you gotta earn every dollar.”

“Please just give me the money,” Hannah pleaded. “I’ll—I’ll make you happy, I promise. I just need the money first.”

“Will you shut the fuck up already? Quit yapping and open that mouth whore,” the man hissed, forcing Hannah to her knees and slapping his cock against her face.

Hannah barely kept herself from breaking down as she glared hatefully at the huge, rancid penis in front of her. After a few seconds, she willed herself to wrap her lips around the bloated tip of the meaty shaft. The ugly brute instantly groaned in delight as Hannah started bobbing her head up and down his penis, taking as much of it in her mouth as she could. She sucked the nasty cock for no more than two minutes when the john abruptly pulled out of her mouth and yanked her to her feet.

“On the bed slut, I need to fucking drill that pussy,” he stated anxiously.

“Wait,” Hannah objected, somehow breaking free from the hideous fiend and grabbing a condom from the nearby jar. “Put this on please.”

“Good idea bitch, you probably got AIDs or something,” the man laughed, waiting patiently as Hannah slipped the rubber over his cock.

It barely fit around the huge shaft, and covered only about half the length of it. Hannah made sure to leave enough space at the tip for his load of cum, which she assumed would be very large. When she was finished she looked up at the giant and felt her cheeks getting red.

“When you finish, I’ll take it off,” the Asian stated. “Please let me, um, take it off.”

“Full service huh? I like it. Now get your ass on the bed, I’m gonna beat the shit outta that little pussy,” the disgusting brute commanded, pulling Hannah onto her feet before throwing her onto the mattress.

The Asian whimpered in terror as the john quickly pounced on her, trapping her beneath his massive, hairy body while he forced her legs wide. Hannah instinctively pushed at the man’s chest as he smothered her, resulting in a hard slap across her face. She sobbed piteously as the giant positioned himself between her legs and then brutally tore his cock deep into her vagina.

“Aaaaaaggggghhhh!!! Nooooooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, wriggling around in agony as the john started pounding her pussy like a maniac.

“That’s right whore! Don’t act like you don’t like it!” The filthy beast exclaimed, holding Hannah’s arms above her head while he brutally fucked her.

“Oh my God!! Please!! Slow down please!!!” The Asian begged, wrapping her legs around the man’s hips.

Hannah wailed miserably as the huge john fucked her for several minutes, hammering away at her aching vagina until he was about to cum. He then quickly pulled out of the Asian and flipped her over onto her belly before sinking his giant cock back into her cunt. Hannah cried out in shame as the ogre brought his huge, disgusting foot up and used it to pin her head against the mattress. He kept his sweaty foot against the Asian’s cheek while he resumed battering her little sex.

“Eeeeuuuugggghhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, slapping the man’s calf and futilely trying to free her head.

For some reason, she felt so utterly degraded in this position. Getting fucked by this huge, absolutely disgusting savage was bad enough. But for him to have his rotten foot all over her face while he raped her was unbearable. She simply could not stand the idea that she was nothing more to this filthy ogre than a piece of trash.

“Aaaauuugghhh!! Please!! Please get off!!!” Hannah begged the crazy giant.

“Fuck you bitch! This is all you are right here! Nothing but a biker gang’s fucking slut!” The man roared, as he stared at the brand mark on Hannah’s lower back while he fucked her pussy.

After a couple of minutes, Hannah heard the man scream in delight as he slammed his cock into her one final time. She felt the enormous shaft twitching violently just before filling the latex condom with sperm. The Asian wept in both relief and dejection, knowing that she was now going to have to swallow the horrible spunk. As soon as the john pulled out of her, Hannah turned around and quickly took his still-erect penis in her hands.

“There you go slut, that’s a good little whore,” the ugly giant panted, smiling down at Hannah while she slowly peeled the condom off his dick.

Hannah sobbed miserably as she held the rubber sock in the air, frowning at the huge load of cum inside it. She leaned her head back and brought the end of the condom against her lips. After a few seconds, the Asian closed her eyes and slowly emptied the sickening cum into her mouth. She drained the entire load inside her mouth and then swallowed it down with one huge gulp. Hannah groaned in sheer revulsion as she felt the man’s cum winding down her throat and into her stomach.

“Please can I have the money now?” The Asian begged, her head hanging in absolute shame.

“Here bitch,” the slob replied, tossing five $20 bills at the girl.

Hannah breathed a huge sigh of relief as she quickly snatched up the cash. She combined it with the $80 from the other men and placed the bills underneath the bed. The repulsive giant, meanwhile, smiled at her while he put his clothes back on. When he was finished, he walked over to Hannah and grabbed her long hair.

“Thanks bitch,” the man snickered. “I might want you again before the nights over.”

Hannah did not even acknowledge the Neanderthal as he thanked her and walked out the door. She was still crying as she counted the cash underneath the mattress. There was $180, meaning she was not even 1/10th of the way to her requirement. Hannah screamed in anger as she thought about Tank and the other bikers. She would have given anything to have been able to just kill all of them. The poor Asian cried for a couple of minutes, then put her garments on and went back to the bar.

For the next three hours, Hannah fucked one bar patron after another with almost no breaks or interruptions. Most of her clients were single customers, although there were a few times where she had to pleasure two or three of them together. She’d asked each one of them for $100, but not a single one had agreed to that price. In the end, the Asian was forced to service the filthy drunks from $50 for some to as low as $20 for others.

All of the men who bought Hannah treated her like the Outlaws did—or in other words, like a complete piece of trash cum-bucket. They choked her with their hands and cocks, spat on her, beat her, stepped all over her face, and viciously slapped her in her ass, face, and tits. Hannah was certain most of them had never fucked an Asian woman before, and they all derived a ton of joy in hurting her. In a way, the worst part for Hannah was not all the brutal treatment during the rapes, but chugging the sperm from the men’s condoms at the end. To have to end each session with the dirty savages by swallowing their semen while they all watched her with a smile was incredibly difficult for the Asian.

“My God you’re a dirty little whore,” a wrinkled old man declared, looking down at Hannah in both disgust and wonder as the Asian drained his condom into her mouth.

Once she swallowed the warm, slimy juice, Hannah shrieked in disgust and madness. It was close to the 30th load of cum she’d been forced to swallow, and she was starting to go insane. Hannah remained on her knees and groaned miserably while the old john tossed a few dirty bills down at her. Once he was gone, she scooped up the money and counted it. He’d paid $30 for her, which was not too bad considering he’d finished in less than five minutes.

“How much you got so far cunt?” Tank asked, startling the Asian as he came into the room.

“I—I don’t know,” Hannah replied, gathering her earnings from under the bed and counting it quickly.

Hannah’s heart sank after she added up all the cash and found that there was just over $800 total. She felt like she’d fucked an absolute ocean of men, and was hoping she’d be close to or over her quota. To learn that she was not even halfway there was both shocking and extremely discouraging. She did not know whether or not she had the strength, or willpower, to do this anymore.

“Its $810 sir,” Hannah informed the biker, holding out the cash for him to take.

“Keep it slut, don’t give it to me till you hit that two thousand,” Tank replied, staring at the naked Asian.

“Please stop this, I can’t—I can’t do anymore, please just let me do $1000,” the Asian pleaded. “Please, I can do $1000. Please just let me do $1000 instead.”

“Nope, sorry bitch,” Tank shot back. “You better get out there it’s almost midnight slut. Most of them boys got work tomorrow. Personally I don’t think you’re gonna make it, which is cool, I don’t mind seeing that pretty little ass of yours bleed.”

Hannah whimpered in fear as she pulled her slutty clothes back on and quickly went back to the bar. Her pussy and asshole both throbbed so badly, and she could barely walk straight. She looked at the tavern and became very alarmed. There were no more than two dozen men left inside the spacious building, and several of them had already used her tonight. Even if she could get all of them to fuck her for $50 apiece, she would still probably barely hit her requirement. Hannah was shaking as she approached one of the patrons at a nearby counter.

“Excuse me sir,” the Asian stated, tapping the man’s hefty shoulder. “Would you um, would you like to fuck me?

“Shit you again?” The heavily intoxicated man growled, grinning at Hannah in approval. “Sure princess I’ll fuck you again. Better give me a discount though.”

“It’s $100,” Hannah replied quietly.

“Ain’t that what you charged me last time? What the fuck bitch, you trying to hustle me for all I got?” The smelly ogre asked. “I got $20 left on me. Take it or leave it.”

Hannah recognized the man from earlier. He’d been one of her first customers, and she remembered how he’d planted his huge foot all over her face while he’d fucked her pussy. He was so big and disgusting and she could not bear the thought of pleasuring him yet again. However, at this point she basically had no choice. She had to make money anyway she could.

“Okay that’s fine,” Hannah sighed, waiting for the drunken giant to get up.

She did not even look back at him once as he got to his feet and stumbled after her. Hannah walked as quickly as she could, not wanting the massive slob to even touch her. It hardly mattered that his body was going to be all over hers in just a few moments, or that his cock was going to be in her most intimate areas. For now, she just wanted to get inside the room and service the terrible beast as quickly as possible.

Once they were inside her “office” Hannah stripped her skirt and heels and had the man lay down on the mattress. She pulled his dick from his pants and wrestled one of the condoms over it. She then jacked it off until it was hard and got into a crouching position above the huge shaft. Hannah was awfully sore by now, and she did not want the man on top of her or behind her. She clutched the tip of the giant penis and brought it against her vagina.

“No bitch, I don’t think so,” the brute declared, grabbing Hannah’s waist and shoving her aside. “I’m fucking that ass whore. I already tried your pussy earlier.”

Hannah whined in objection as the hairy behemoth removed his pants and boxers. Her anus was extremely tender and had been fucked at least ten times tonight. Therefore, the Asian was not keen at all on the idea of this huge brute sodomizing her.

“Turn around whore!” The john shouted, signaling for Hannah to get on all fours with her ass facing him.

Hannah quickly got into the doggy-style position for the drunken beast, and immediately felt his calloused hands grip her hips. She screamed in agony as the huge bastard ripped his cock deep into her ass without warning. She continued to squeal miserably while the john rode her brutally, slamming his massive dick in and out of her anus.

“Fuck!!!” The dirty giant growled, his blood-shot eyes rolling back in ecstasy.

Hannah’s cheek was pressed against the mattress as the huge man once again planted his boot against the side of her face. The Asian wailed in agony as her asshole was savagely hammered. By now, it had been fucked by so many cocks during the night that even this john’s massive cock slammed into it without too much difficulty. Nevertheless, the inner linings of Hannah’s anus and sphincter were badly worn, and burned horrifically each time the man’s dick pounded into her.

“Aaaagggghhhh!! Noooooooo!!!” Hannah shrieked, sinking her nails into the bed as the brute continued to assault her asshole.

After about ten minutes, the man finally started to slow down, and Hannah was hoping he was close to finishing. Instead, however, he sank his entire massive dick inside her ass and then wrapped his arms around her legs from behind and lifted the Asian into the air. Hannah wailed in protest as the ugly ogre slammed her little body up and down his cock, keeping her legs pinned tightly against her chest the entire time. He used the little Asian like this for another five minutes or so, before finally tiring and tossing her back onto the bed. He pounced on Hannah immediately, yanking her legs apart and tearing his cock back into her gaping asshole. After several more minutes of pounding the orifice, the massive slob finally came inside the rubber on his penis.

“What’s the matter bitch, you finally had enough cum inside that belly?” The john demanded, after pulling out of the Asian and waiting for her to finish her duties.

Hannah groaned in absolute contempt as she realized she was not finished. She turned around on the mattress and pulled the slick condom off the man’s huge penis. Nearly 1/3rd of it was filled with his sperm, and Hannah’s mouth nearly overflowed when she poured the entire load of cum into it. The Asian closed her eyes and shook in complete disgust as she swallowed the semen in one big gulp.

“Here bitch,” the huge man stated, tossing a crumpled $20 bill on the floor.

Hannah started crying as she looked down at the piece of paper. She could not believe what the biker gang had turned her into. She had just finished fucking an absolutely hideous and filthy brute, and her only reward for doing so was a paltry $20. She truly was nothing but a cheap, lowly piece of shit whore. The Asian got down on the floor to retrieve the dirty bill but screamed in pain as her hair was suddenly jerked back.

“Thanks cunt,” the nasty huge john stated, spitting a huge wad of spit onto Hannah’s face. “I hope we do this again real soon.”

Hannah shrieked in disgust and sadness as she felt the man’s saliva all over her face. She closed her eyes, not wanting to look at him even though the memory of his evil and ugly face was burned into her mind. The man slowly put his clothes back on, gazing at Hannah’s sexy little naked body the entire time. He muttered something about how lucky the Outlaws were, to be able to fuck the Asian whore anytime they pleased.

Eventually he left the room, and Hannah was once again alone for the moment. She counted her earnings, even though she knew it was just $830. She was starting to grow very worried now, considering how much more money she had to earn. Her most recent client had kept her for almost 30 minutes, and she knew it was getting very late. After wiping the slimy spit from her face, Hannah quickly slipped her micro-skirt and heels back on and went out to the bar.

There were about 20 men in the tavern, and half of them looked like they were homeless or very poor. Most of the ones that weren’t had already paid for Hannah’s services. It was almost 12:30 in the morning and Hannah knew that she would have to be more than lucky to hit her $2,000 requirement. She walked over to the nearest patron and wasted no time in getting to the point.

“Excuse me?” Hannah greeted the drunken man, tapping him on the shoulder. “Do you want to fuck me sir?”

“What the hell?” The old john responded, turning to Hannah in surprise. “Well damn you bet your ass I’d like to fuck you, but I ain’t got no money!”

“Never mind,” Hannah stated, turning away from the man.

“Wait! Hold up bitch, I lied!” He shouted, grabbing the young Asian’s arm while he pulled a couple bills from his pants. “I got…shit I got seven bucks! What can I get for seven bucks?”

“Nothing, please let me go,” Hannah answered coldly.

“Oh come on, I know you need some cash bad,” the fat, wrinkly man insisted. “How about a blowjob? Just one quick blowjob, what do ya say?”

“Fine,” Hannah gave in, leading the john toward the back of the bar.

The weary Asian slumped down to her knees once she was back inside her room. She stared glumly at the floor while the old man removed his dick from his pants and got into position in front of her. Hannah clasped one of her hands around the flaccid penis and stroked it several times until it was hard. She then wrapped her lips around the slimy tip and began working her mouth back and forth the meaty pole.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” the old creep groaned, running his fingers through Hannah’s hair while she blew him.

Hannah’s eyes were closed and tears were tricking down her cheeks as she zealously sucked the man’s cock. Although it was nowhere near the size of Big Joe’s or Tank’s, it still filled her mouth completely and tasted awful. She was servicing it as best she could in a desperate attempt to get the man to cum as soon as possible. Luckily for her, he lasted just a couple of minutes before blowing his load in her mouth.

“No you don’t,” the john hissed, holding Hannah’s head still as she tried to jerk it away. “I know you love swallowing cum whore. I heard them Outlaws talk about how much you drink, so fucking drink mine too slut.”

Hannah cried in disgust as the man held her skull firm and drained his semen into her mouth. Her stomach was literally and completely filled with cum from dozens of filthy men, and the Asian felt beyond disgusted as she swallowed yet another big load of warm jizz. She tried not to think about anything as she gulped down every drop of the man’s cum.

“Good job baby,” the john said, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out $7 worth of bills. “Now open that mouth wide for your reward.”

Hannah felt utterly ashamed as she tilted her head back and spread her aching jaws wide. She whimpered in humiliation as the man crumpled the dirty bills up and stuffed them into her mouth. The look in the Asian’s eyes was one of suffering and pure hatred as she gazed up at her client.

“Thanks bitch, that was the best seven dollar blowjob ever,” the old man laughed, as he zipped his pants back up and left the room.

Hannah quickly spat the money from her mouth and combined it with the rest of her earnings before scooting the cash under the bed. She rose slowly to her feet and went back to the bar to find her next client. The Asian’s legs were so weary and she had great difficulty walking. She’d been fucked over two dozen times, in her ass and vagina, and had been slapped and hit hundreds more.

Over the next two-and-a-half hours Hannah continued whoring herself out to what little men were left in the tavern. She convinced eight more of them to use her, and one of them enjoyed her for more than 40 minutes by himself. He’d been the meanest and biggest of the remaining men, and had pounded the Asian’s asshole nearly nonstop the entire time before finishing in her mouth. In total Hannah had earned $140 from the men, brining her final amount to $977 for the night. Once she saw there were no more patrons, Hannah retreated back to her room and collapsed on the bed and started weeping in sheer anguish.

“Get up slut!” Hannah heard a familiar voice shout, as Tank and two other huge bikers entered the musky room just minutes later.

“Please, I tried, I did my best,” Hannah instantly began pleading, as Tank grabbed the stack of bills from the floor while the other Outlaws pulled Hannah off the bed.

“You lazy little piece of shit whore,” Tank stated, shaking his head after he’d finished counting the money. “You’re over a thousand short you stupid cunt!”

“Please sir I tried, I swear I tried my best,” Hannah replied, shaking in terror. “I—I worked as hard as I could, please believe me.”

“Get her in the lounge boys, it’s time to beat the skin off this little gook bitch,” Tank instructed.

“No!!! Please no!! Please!!! I’m sorry!! Please I’m sorry!!!” Hannah began screaming in sheer horror, as the massive bikers dragged her out of the room.

Tank followed along after his two buddies as they hauled the little kicking and screaming Asian down the hallway. Hannah’s heart was pounding madly as the Outlaws forced her into their room. Inside there were a few other bikers who were sleeping, but they awoke immediately once they heard the screaming Asian. The Outlaws holding Hannah brought her to the center of the room and lifted her about a foot off the floor before tying her wrists to a pair of leather cuffs that had been bolted into the ceiling. They then stepped back and smiled as they watched the Asian whore dangle helplessly in the air.

“Please!!! Let me down!! Don’t—don’t hurt me!! Please don’t hurt me!!” Hannah begged, jerking her legs in the air while she trembled in fear.

“Get the canes,” Tank instructed to no one in particular. “And the gag too, this bitch is gonna be screaming all night.”

One of the bikers in the room quickly retrieved two long, steel canes from a table by the corner. Meanwhile, Tank quickly stripped Hannah’s skirt, leggings, and heels so that she was completely naked. The Asian resisted the entire time, and screamed in protest as Tank forced a large ball gag into her mouth before tying it in place. He then stepped back from Hannah and took one of the canes from his friend.

“God I missed beating these pretty little titties,” the biker declared, tracing the tip of his cane across Hannah’s breasts while she trembled intensely.

Hannah screamed in terror as the other Outlaw joined Tank and ran his cane along her buttocks. She was so scared. Her heart was racing and she could feel the perspiration all over her body. There were six other bikers inside the room, and they all watched with excitement as the naked little Asian dangled helplessly in the air.

“Now we owe you over a thousand hits slut,” Tank declared, tapping the end of his rod against the girl’s chest. “But since there ain’t no way in hell any of us are gonna keep count of all that, we’ll keep it simple. We’re just gonna beat this hot little body of yours for the next couple hours, that sounds fair don’t you think?”

“Eeeeuuuunnnnggggg!!!” Hannah shrieked into the ball-gag, shaking her head in complete disagreement.

“What’s that whore?! Is that a yes?!” The huge Outlaw behind Hannah roared, as he whipped the cane across Hannah’s ass with all his might.

“Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, her eyes bulging in shock at the unexpected and terrible blow.

Tank immediately followed his friend’s lash with a vicious one of his own, slamming his cane into the Asian’s small tits. Hannah wailed in complete and total agony, as her already swollen, aching breasts were instantly set ablaze. She screamed again as the Outlaw behind her tore his cane across her bruised buttocks once more. The two men proceeded to beat Hannah’s ass and breasts as hard as they could, raining vicious blows down on the Asian in alternating fashion.

“Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!!! Aaaaaaggggghhhhh!!! Aaaaaagggghhhh!!!” Hannah screamed over and over again, thrashing about like crazy as the bikers mercilessly whipped her.

“Woohoo!! Look at them little titties dance!!” One of the other bikers cheered, stroking his prick while he watched Tank batter Hannah’s small chest. “Harder Tank!! Make those tiny Asian tits bleed!”

Tank and the other Outlaw whipped poor Hannah for almost fifteen minutes, although to her it felt more like fifteen decades. The two men pummeled the screaming Asian like she was a piñata, ripping their canes into her flesh with no sympathy. After only 20 lashes or so Hannah started growing hysterical, yanking feverishly at the cuffs on her wrists while she repeatedly tried to fend off Tank by kicking at him. Despite her continuous and chaotic flailing, the Asian was powerless to stop the canes from striking her body. By the time the two bikers finally stopped beating her, over 200 blows had landed on Hannah’s ass and breasts, and they were covered with bloody welts and cuts.

“Someone take over,” Tank stated, holding his rod up for one of his friends. “I’m gonna fuck this little chink.”

Hannah was sobbing in complete agony, and did not resist whatsoever as Tank stripped his pants and got into position behind her. He grabbed the trembling girl’s thighs and pulled them apart before lining his massive dick up with her anus. Hannah let out a bleat of pain as the Outlaw brutally rammed half his penis up into her ass. After the dozens of poundings the hole had taken all night, it was thoroughly torn and burned very badly as Tank slammed his cock inside it.

“Shit this bitch’s ass is fucked up,” Tank declared, holding the Asian’s slender legs wide while he started hammering her anus.

Most of the Outlaws moved to the other side of Hannah so they could all gaze at her gorgeous vagina. All of them had fucked it several times at least, and they were all anxious to stuff their dicks inside the little slit once more. They smiled and made crude remarks while they watched Hannah’s firm, bloody breasts bounce up and down as Tank fucked her anally.

“Aaauuugggghhhh!!” Hannah wailed, struggling feebly as the giant Outlaw started slamming into her with all his power.

“Yo Tommy, beat these fucking tits some more,” Tank said to the other biker, as he grabbed Hannah’s breasts and brutally squeezed them in his fingers.

“Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!!!” The Asian screamed, thrashing around in sheer misery as the Outlaw in front of her ripped his cane back and forth across her breasts.

Tank laughed as he struggled to hold the frenzied, shrieking girl still. He wedged his massive forearms beneath Hannah’s knees and jerked her legs as wide apart as he could. The hulking Outlaw then proceeded to slam his cock in and out of Hannah’s asshole while his close friend savagely beat the skin off her small breasts. Hannah’s eyes were shut, her face was contorted in total agony, and tears were streaming down her cheeks as she screamed into the ball-gag at the top of her lungs.

“Yeah whore! Squeeze my cock with that tight asshole!!” Tank growled into the little Asian’s ear.

Tank fucked poor Hannah for almost ten minutes, brutally driving his cock up her ass until he finally blew his load inside of her. During that time the other Outlaw thrashed Hannah’s tits practically every second, and did not rest until Tank finally released Hannah’s legs and pulled his cock out of her anus. By this point every square inch of Hannah’s chest was littered with bloody welts, and the skin was a hideous red and purple hue. The Asian girl’s body was heaving violently while she sobbed in unparalleled suffering.

“Uuuuuggggghhhhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, wriggling around in anguish as Tank reached around and ruthlessly squeezed her breasts as hard as he could.

“That was nice bitch,” the biker stated, slapping Hannah’s tits back and forth while she screamed in pain. “We ain’t finished with you yet though. I told you we’re gonna beat you all night slut. You need it too, so next time you’ll make damn sure you earn every fucking dollar we tell you to.”

“Aaaaannnnngggg!!” Hannah squealed pitifully, shaking her head at the man’s awful words.

“We’ll give your tits a short breather though,” Tank declared, running his calloused fingers against the Asian’s lovely buttocks. “So you know what that means. It’s time to beat this pretty little ass.”

“Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, yanking madly at the cuffs on her wrists while Tank stepped away and nodded at one of his other friends.

“Go ahead Lance, give that Asian ass a nice hard whipping,” Tank encouraged the biker, who was holding one of the canes and clearly anxious to hurt Hannah.

“Man I’m gonna beat the piss outta this stupid gook,” the muscular, tattooed man responded, as he stepped behind the terrified girl. “You hear me slut?! I’m gonna beat the skin off this pretty ass of yours.”

“Aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!” Hannah wailed, kicking her legs all over the place as the Outlaw ferociously swung the cane across her defenseless ass.

“Damn,” one of the other bikers grimaced, as he watched a long bloody stripe instantly appear on the Asian’s buttocks. “I almost feel sorry for that little bitch.”

Hannah’s screams filled the room and she writhed around in sheer agony as Lance began beating her ass with all his strength. The hook connecting the leather cuffs to the ceiling trembled and threatened to break as Hannah jerked feverishly at her restraints. She flailed her skinny legs and twisted around desperately, but could do nothing to escape the terrible cane from flaying her tender bottom.

“Yeah bitch!! Dance!! Fucking dance for me you little cunt!!” Lance shouted, as he furiously beat the Asian’s ass over and over again.

“AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around as if her entire body was on fire.

Hannah barely even realized it as another one of the bikers stripped his pants and got in front of her. He grabbed the Asian’s sweaty thighs and wrapped them around his hips before slamming his cock deep into her pussy. The fat giant quickly started pounding away at Hannah’s snatch, grunting in ecstasy as she squeezed his huge cock so tightly each time Lance thrashed her buttocks. It took the man just a couple of minutes before he came inside Hannah’s aching vagina.

The eight Outlaws happily spent the next two hours raping Hannah and beating her all over her body with their canes. All of the men fucked the Asian at least twice, and each one of them administered dozens of blows all over her squirming body. Hannah screamed and wept in excruciating pain throughout the entire ordeal, and briefly fainted several times because of the overwhelming agony. By the time the men were finally satisfied torturing her, Hannah’s back, legs, tits and ass were covered with hundreds of bloody welts and rivers of cum flowed from her anus and pussy onto the floor. Hannah was barely coherent at this point, and the only thought in her mind was how she wanted nothing more now than to die.

To be continued…

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