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Collected by Djian
updated oct 28 - 2008

MMM/f, nc, rape, torture, D/s, bnd, spank, spider, rough rough


This story is fiction, and should be treated as such. The following story is
for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit
sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, DO NOT read
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My Kidnapped Hell
by Liz

Part 1

‘Fucking men’ I was thinking. ‘Why do they always treat me like shit?’ The thought lingered in my head. As I walked along the street, it was all I could think of. I had fallen in love but the guy dumped me. It was months ago, but it still hurt.

‘Anyway’ I thought, ‘I’m 22, pretty and have got more time to meet the right guy’ I tried to think positively. This thought was pushed away because my high heeled knee length boots were killing my feet.

It was Christmas. I had met some friends in town for a drink but, feeling down, I decided to leave early for a taxi. Of course the taxi queue was over an hour long and I didn’t want to wait, so I thought ‘fuck it’ and walked in the direction of my house with a plan to flag a black cab down. It started to rain. ‘Fucking great’ I said out loud.

I didn’t even notice the van. I was walking quickly, with my head down to avoid the rain in my eyes. As I got nearer to it, a man appeared from around the front of it and said hello. Being quite pretty and used to male attention, I looked at him but ignored his gesture. Also feeling quite opposed to men right now, I wanted that look to hurt him. When I tried to walk around him he stepped out in front of me. I was pissed off now.

‘Aw that’s not nice now is it lady?’ as I opened my mouth the give him a snide remark of some sort (most likely ‘please fuck yourself’) I was grabbed from behind, an arm around my neck and pulled into the back of the van. It all happened very quickly. The doors shut and the engine started at the same time as I was thrown into the corner, banging my head on the side ‘Fuck!’ I said.

‘Don’t swear darlin?’ I looked up to see two men, all muscles and shaved heads. I instantly lost control and realised this situation wasn’t looking good for me. Panic set in as I looked at the calm and smirking look on their faces.

‘Please let me go, I don’t need this! Please oh god please’ I begged, only to be met with the same smirk from both of them. I sat with my legs tucked under me in the corner of the van, my short skirt wouldn’t last long on me with these two.

And I wasn’t wrong. They didn’t really give me much time to think, but I knew they weren’t going to have me easily. I got up and ran to the van doors. I guess my plan was to jump out while it was still moving, the pain of that might be less than it would be in the company of these strangers. I was right again. Before I got anywhere near the doors, a hand caught me around the neck and pinned me up against the side of the van. I instinctively brought my hands up to loosen his grip, but it only tightened even more. As he choked me, I kicked out with my legs, tried to scream, struggled like hell…. But he wasn’t letting go. I thought I was dead. I gave in, I never realised how much I had enjoyed breathing before this moment. Everything faded away to black.

What felt like seconds later, I began to come round. I had actually been unconscious for around 3 minutes. The feeling of coming back from that is indescribable. At first I imagined I was in bed at home, but the first indication something was wrong was that my pillow was hard…. And I could taste blood in my mouth. As i moved, I felt my wrists encircled with metal. Handcuffs. As the harsh reality hit me, I opened my mouth to scream, and as I did so, material was forced into my mouth, muffling the scream. One of the guys came into view as I lay on my back in the moving vehicle. ‘Shhhh babe’ He said as he wrapped half a roll of duct tape around my mouth and the back of my head, securing the rag in my mouth.

My hands were handcuffed above my head to something attached to the van. Even I could see how my tits were jiggling about with the movement of the van. I was breathing heavily and whimpering by this point. My situation was deadly serious. Tears fell from my eyes down the side of my face. I shut my eyes, making the tears fall quicker. I kept them shut as I felt a hand firmly against my tits, finding my nipple and squeezing it, twisting it…. I screamed into the gag as he squeezed and pushed them so hard, this way and that. My whole body squirmed as his hand moved away from my tits, onto my stomach, below my navel….. I crossed my legs. The other guy put his hand around my neck as a warning. When I didn’t open my legs for his mate, he squeezed, taking control of my breath again. It didn’t take me long to open my legs, but he hadn’t had enough choking yet, and I realised I should have obeyed in the first place. By then it was too late, I was thrashing around, scraping my body against the cold hard van floor but I never felt it. I wanted to breath. Again came the point where I couldn’t fight anymore, and I gave in, letting the darkness take me.

When I came round, I felt a severe pain on my left breast. One of the men had sunk his teeth into it and wasn’t letting go. It was agony! He saw I was awake, and carried on where he left off. I didn’t want to be choked again, so I didn’t shut my legs. They were going to get what they wanted anyway. If I had have known what was coming next, I would have preferred sweet unconsciousness to this. His fingers slid inside my panties. Regardless of fear, I was wet.

His first finger slid inside easily, second went in fine too. As he tried his third, I went to close my legs, but the hand around my throat applied more pressure as a warning. He suddenly withdrew his fingers to pull my knickers down. Happy that they were out of the way, he quickly went for the kill, pushing his hand up inside me. Obviously they didn’t want to fit, but it wasn’t going to stop him. The pain and stretching was causing me to thrash about, forgetting I had to keep my legs open for him, the hand once again cut my air off, letting a little through so I could be conscious throughout the brutal fisting.

What I thought was his fist, was actually just all his fingers and the tip of his thumb, he hadn’t even started. He got stuck where the thumb knuckle is, but I think he expected this. As he began pushing his whole hand inside me, I was growling into the gag, the pain got so bad, and the force of him pushing was sliding my whole body upwards, but not far, the other mans hand round my neck was stopping me. With one hand on my neck, the other was now roughly sqeezing my tits, but I hardly noticed. All I could feel was the other bloke, now getting quite fustraited at the fact I wasn’t letting his whole hand in. He decided to try a new tactic, withdrew all his fingers and then began to repeatedly slam them into me, uncaring of any damage he was doing. I was slowly going into shock, I could hardly breath I was in so much pain. Soon he was back with the pushing, only this time twisting his hand from side to side and pushing at the same time. What felt like a lifetime passed before it finally went all the way in. It was a relief because at least the pain had stopped. This was short lived.

‘Hah bitch, your gonna love this bit.’ He pulled his hand out, and slammed it straight back in, in, out, in, out, I couldn’t even scream anymore, I just sqeezed my eyes shut and prayed for him to finish. When I opened my eyes, he with drew his hand from my stretched cunt, showing me how it wasn’t yet a fist, just his hand. And then he curled his fingers around his thumb, and proceeded to show me how a fisting really is. Only he was punching me, with force, over and over and over with no sympathy. I was dizzy with agony, shock and terror at my situation.

He finally stopped, for now at least. He laughed as he showed me the blood on his hand where I had torn. I couldn’t actually feel it, all I could feel was the relief of him leaving me alone. I lay on the cold van floor, already exhausted and I knew my ordeal had just begun. While I was left alone, I curled my legs up to my chest, laying over on my side, I could feel my wrists against the handcuffs were already badly bruised from the amount of struggling I had done.

I felt a hard kick in my back. ‘Lay on your fucking back’ I looked into his eyes, he was evil. As I uncurled myself, I received an even harder kick to my stomach, making me curl up again as the wind was knocked out of me. The reflex action curl resulted in another kick… and so began the ruthless kicking. Both men stood over me kicking, and soon punching. Tears fell down my face as I shook my head over and over, trying to say no, but the gag prevented that. I don’t know how long it went on for, because after passing out for the third time, I woke up to find they had stopped and were out of breath. I lay on the floor, beaten and bloody with tears streaming down my face, softly whimpering.

‘Shut the fuck up’ The two men were now sat at the other end of the van to where I lay. Hands still up above my head. All I could hear was the engine noise and the sounds my boots made on the hard floor whenever I moved. When one of the men stood up and took a picture, it made me cry even harder. I didn’t want to die.

They left me alone for the rest of that journey. I thought it was never going to stop. But when it did, I had a moment of joy thinking that they might be letting me go! But when the doors were opened, I lifted my head to see the van was in a big garage. Horror filled my heart. The two men I had already been acquainted with got out, and I heard another door slam, as the driver came round to asses their catch. They must have been quite proud of themselves. I had men falling at my feet most of the time and I knew I was pretty. Tall, long legs, with mid length hair, people would call me stunning. That wasn’t a gift right now.

The driver told the two men to get me out of the van and ‘put her on the wall’ (‘like a picture?’ I thought) the handcuffs were unclipped from the top of the van but not from around my wrists, and I was dragged out by my hair. My legs couldn’t stand me up so I was quite literally dragged. Every part of me hurt like hell. I hung onto the mans hands who held my hair as he dragged me across the stone floor, kicking and struggling against him all the way, I wasn’t out of fight just yet. He stood me up, and pinned me against the wall with my neck, cutting off all my air. My bound wrists fought against his hands and lost. The other bloke came towards us with, with a ‘C’ shaped piece of iron, with the ends flattened. It looked like a handle that had not yet been attached to a door, only a lot thicker. The grip was released from around my neck and the iron collar put there instead, It was 2’ high, and so covered most of my neck, and also was too small, so pushed against my throat, not quite cutting my air off completely, but making my eyes bulge as it was pressed onto the wall. They used a drill to screw it onto the wall, making sure I was stood up straight before the drilling started. I was terrified. Were they going to leave me here like this?!

When the gag was removed, I found that it wasn’t as tight around my neck as it was when my mouth was opened. ‘If you scream, I’m going to cut off your clit. So please don’t’ Said the driver, calmly. This was the man that had said hello to me before being bundled into the van. As my handcuffed wrists were strung up above my head, I asked them; ‘why are you doing this to me?’ They all laughed and told me it was for fun. I started to lose it a little. ‘Please please let me go! I wont tell anyone about this, just please let me go’ I was crying, pleading. ‘Please, I’ll do anything’ There was more laughter ‘Yes well, we’ll see if you mean what you say first. You’re going to do anything weather you want to or not’

All of a sudden I felt a cold metal press against the side of my skull. ‘No screaming, no begging, no fucking noise! Unless we ask you a question, and if you don’t answer it, or say something one of use doesn’t like, we put a strike on that black board just over there on the wall.’ He lowered the gun from my head, moving it down my shaking body. I saw the blackboard. ‘One strike means that we can do anything we want to you.’ The driver went over to it. And put a little line in the top left corner. ‘That was for fucking ignoring my hello earlier tonight’ He then drew another. ‘That was for trying to make a run for it in the van, this one is for…..’ He carried on until there were at least ten little strikes. ‘What the lads did with you in the van is their little freebie, which means I haven’t had mine yet. But we have time for that’ I stood pinned to the wall bewildered. Eyes wide and shaking violently. The driver was early 40’s maybe older. Not particularly good-looking and slightly over weight. I got the impression he was in charge of the other two, who were younger, maybe early 30’s, but neither of them can’t have had much trouble getting woman as they were both attractive. I pushed that thought from my mind as I remembered the brutal violence I had experienced with them in the back of that van.

‘When you have stopped accumulating all your strikes, and I’ve got a feeling we are going to need more than one blackboard here, and when we have collected your debt, we will either kill you, or let you go. We haven’t decided which yet’ he said this smiling. I started to cry again. ‘Now tears wont get you too far here, because we all love them, you silly cunt’ He said gently, which made me cry even harder. ‘Now STOP FUCKING CRYING!’ He roared, and then laughed, knowing I wouldn’t. He added another strike on the board.

He came towards me with the gun and pressed it hard into my stomach. My back was against the wall so I could only squirm uncomfortably. I wondered if it was loaded. As if he read my mind, he brought the gun up to my face, and showed me that it was loaded. He also showed me the safety was off. Jabbing it sharply back into my stomach, he came up close to me. I could feel the heat off his sweating body, and his face was so close to mine I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I shut my eyes, not knowing what was going to happen next. He left a pause before he spoke, long enough for me to hear the chains my hands were attached to clang together as I tried to take some pressure off my wrists. ‘You’re going to answer me clearly, and fully, with no bullshit babble, and nothing but the answer to the questions I give you. I can easily go back out on the street and pick up another fucking cunt like you, so if I kill you now, its no great loss’ I nodded my head, causing the tears to drop off my face faster and onto my breasts. My low cut top was ripped and dirty from the kicking I received in the van. Being left alone for a while, I could feel how swollen up my cunt was, throbbing and aching, it helped if I didn’t move my legs, but my high heeled boots were killing my feet after wearing them all night.

As more tears fell onto my tits, the driver watched them trickle down my face and rest on them, before running into the cloth of my top. I cringed as he used his tongue to lick them off. ‘Mmmm’ he said. He increased the pressure of the gun. ‘What’s you’re name?’ I wondered if I should tell him my real name, but then decided that there was really no point in giving false information. Before I got chance to answer, the back of his hand struck my face with considerable force. ‘It’s Liz! ‘Liz, its Liz, fuck, fuck! I sobbed’ Crying uncontrollably now, I watched as he added one (not answering instantly) two (not answering in the correct fashion) three (swearing) four (hurting the back of his hand with my face) It was then I realised that I was going to be here for a very long time.

He came back towards me, this time pressing the gun just above my cunt. It hurt. ‘How old are you?’ I answered immediately. ’22.’ My voice was squeaky due to the iron collar pressing into my throat. The driver grinned. ‘Good girl, you’re learning already’ I noticed the other two sat on an old sofa smoking cigarettes. God I would kill for a smoke right now, I thought. He moved the loaded gun further down still, then decided it was time to remove my skirt. He tugged it down, exposing my bottom half completely. Using the gun he pushed it into my clit, and began rubbing it with the cold steel of the gun. I instinctively tensed my thighs together, which cost me another strike on the board and a hard elbow to the stomach. I stood then with my feet slightly apart. I couldn’t move them any further other wise I would hang myself, they had known what they were doing when they made sure I was stood straight up before drilling the collar to the wall. He kicked my feet further apart anyway, the collar now digging into my chin, strangling me helpless and unable to speak. I had to use my arms to relieve some of the pressure by pulling myself up, this was tough on my wrists. It was a tricky situation. I started to panic a little and was allowed to bring my feet a little closer together. ‘Where were you going tonight?’ He asked, but before I could answer he kicked my feet sideways all together, hanging me until I could get back on my feet again. ‘Home’ I struggled to say as they all laughed at me.

They decided to tie my ankles apart using some cable ties and some strategically placed metal rings on the wall, just above the floor. I was totally stretched now, my arms above my head, neck shackled to the wall and feet as wide apart as my neck would allow. I could barely breath. The driver carried on rubbing my clit with his gun. I couldn’t even squirm, moving was painful. The collar was dug so far into my chin as my ankles forced the rest of me downwards, I couldn’t open my jaw, my teeth gritted together. ‘How many people have you had sex with?’ Shit I thought. I didn’t even know! I knew it was about 12, but decided on saying 6 to be on the safe side. As I couldn’t prise my teeth apart, and barely had any air in my lungs, ‘six’ came out as ‘eeeks’ They gave me another strike and the driver asked me again, I gave him the same answer, unable to do anything else. I whimpered at this whole situation. ‘Tut tut slag. I can sense a liar even when she cant fucking answer properly. Six strikes for the lie, and two for the pathetic effort you are making to make any sense.’

By this point I was massively uncomfortable and it was getting worse and worse. My wrists were swollen now and it was becoming unbearable. I couldn’t let the pressure off them unless they untied my ankles. To say that I gritted my teeth would be a bit silly, because I was already being forced to grit them together. The driver was now breathing heavily, and rubbing my clit harder and harder with the gun. Despite my situation I was soaking wet. His hand clutched onto my right breast, as he started to insert the gun up into my cunt, and then fuck me as hard as he could with it, banging the trigger into my clit over and over as the rest of it tore into my already damaged cunt. His face was right up to mine now as he licked my cheek, then latched on with his teeth, I was groaning so loud through the pain, but I couldn’t stop, and the tears kept on coming throughout. I couldn’t stop myself from coming. It just happened. I was distraught. My body betrayed me as I came so hard, and for those moments of bliss I didn’t feel any pain anywhere. I felt so humiliated. These three strangers had kidnapped me and made me come by fucking me with a loaded gun. When I had finished coming, all the pain I felt in my body returned, only felt ten times worse. And to make matters worse the driver carried on fucking me just as hard with the gun. ‘Don’t think I’m gonna stop now do ya?’ He continued to ram the gun inside me; my already swollen cunt was in an even worse state now. When he stopped, I didn’t know how to feel. The pain in my cunt was horrific, I was groaning in agony. I was glad he stopped though. He walked over to the blackboard and my heart sank. This time it was one for coming, one for being a whore in general, one for getting blood and cunt juice on his gun, and one for not saying thank you.

He placed his hand in-between my breasts and grabbed my top. With one movement it was torn clean off me, leaving me with just my bra and boots on. As you would expect, the bra didn’t last long. He didn’t play with my tits though; he grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the cable ties from around my ankles. I moved my feet back together and was finally able to breath a bit better and feel a lot more comfortable. I could feel how swollen I was in-between my legs. My inner labia had swollen up so much, they were actually bigger than the outer lips and pressing into the insides of my legs. I said thank you anyway, which got me yet another strike for speaking without being told to speak. I decided the strikes were pointless, as I was going to get them weather I followed the rules or not, it was a no win situation. It was still hard not to concentrate on them though, as they were the only form of hope I had of getting out of this situation.

‘How many men have you slept with Liz?’ He asked again. Now I could talk properly I decided to tell him the truth. ‘12’ I replied obediently. He proceeded to draw on twelve strikes, and then the driver announced that he had finished with me for now, and before leaving my sight he rubbed off one of the many accumulated strikes on the board. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I could hear them talking to each other, but not what they were saying. After some minutes of waiting, I realised how cold it was in the garage and I started to shiver. The wall behind me was freezing cold stone. At least my feet were warm in my boots. One of the younger guys walked towards me with a mug and a straw. He told me to drink all of it or I’d get another kicking. I didn’t need the threat, I was really thirsty anyway! In my mind it was some form of win against them. As soon as the liquid reached my mouth though I realised I was wrong again and I hadn’t won anything. It was water, but tasted sour and I knew instantly it was spiked with something, I just didn’t know what. I drank it anyway, I would rather be drugged than kicked. After I finished it, he got up close to me. If this guy wasn’t so evil, I would have probably fancied him in any other situation. ‘Are you ok baby? You don’t look so good’ He grinned from ear to ear. The look was an evil one that sent a shiver down me. I shook my head in answer, not daring to speak. He gently stroked my tits and stomach, sometimes lightly touching over the swollen mass that used to be my cunt. I flinched every time he went near it. I couldn’t help but like what he was doing. This was the guy who held me by the neck when his mate was punching my insides earlier. There was something so sexy about him and he must have seen the look of affection I gave him; ‘you wont be liking me for long sweetheart’ I believed him too.

He knelt down in front of me. I wished I had the guts to slam my boot into his face. He pinned my left leg to the wall with his side and asked me if my feet were hurting from these boots. All of a sudden I had no answer. If he took my boots off I would be forced to stand on my toes to stop myself from hanging by the metal collar around my neck. I didn’t need to answer because his hands were already around my ankle pulling off my right boot. I kicked out, trying to get it away from him, which resulted in him punching my swollen cunt as hard as he could. It hurt so much I couldn’t even scream, or make any sound at all. I let him get on with it. Only my tiptoe could touch the floor without my boot on, and I began to panic when he took the other boot off. I could barely touch the floor with either foot, so was effectively I was hanging from my neck now. Only my arms could stop me from hanging, but I didn’t have enough strength to pull my whole weight up for more than a second, and I began to kick out with my legs, choking and spluttering, I thought I was going to die. He stood there and watched me, and producing the camera from his pocket he took a couple of photos of me struggling and gasping for air. I got the impression this guy liked to see me choking. I decided I would name him Choker. When I had used up all the strength in my arms, I decided to give in. I stopped struggling and hung there, using as much of my toes as I could to give me a tiny wiff of air. It wasn’t enough and in seconds I felt myself fading away. Before I got that far, Choker shoved a box under my feet so I could stand on it. Unfortunately my legs didn’t want to stand me up, so he had to call for his mate to help him out.

The guy who brutalised my cunt in the van ran up with the drill while Choker held me up so I didn’t hang myself. By this point I was feeling really odd. The room looked like it was starting to move on its own and I couldn’t get my legs to stand me up at all. The metal collar was finally pulled off, and both men looked on as I hung by my wrists, my head lolled in front of me as I coughed and spluttered, taking in as much air as I could. A wave of sickness passed over me and I felt dizzy and disorientated. I shut my eyes to try and block it out, but only felt worse when I opened them. They undid my wrists from the handcuffs finally and I fell hard to the floor, banging my head on the stone. When I tried to get up, I found I was so weak I couldn’t even lift my head off the floor. ‘Whars appenin?’ I slurred, unable to understand myself. I rolled myself onto my back and saw the whole room spinning wildly, now I was really scared. Everything got worse after that. Another wave of sickness overcame me, and then another, and another, until I was violently sick. All the while I could see flashing lights and hear echoey sounds. I didn’t even know where Choker and his friend were, nor did I care as I vomited again. I also lost control of my bladder and pissed myself, laying in my own piss and vomit, unable to move. All I could do was groan. I felt the floor vanish from benieth me but didn’t realise I was being carried by Choker, it felt more like I was flying, my limbs swang around as my eyes rolled back into my head.

‘For fucks sake, how much did you give her?!’ I never heard the reply. The next thing I knew I was shocked to the core when I was thrown into a tub of freezing cold water. With no control over my body, my head went under and I remember seeing the surface of the water above me before I was lifted out and laid on the floor, groaning uncontrollably. I wondered if I was going to die as everything faded to black around me.

When I woke up, the first thing I felt was the cold. Absolutely freezing cold. Then my head banging like mad, and then the rest. There wasn’t a part of me that wasn’t hurting. My hands were bound together with cable ties behind my back, and my ankles also bound with cable ties. There was a piece of duck tape covering my mouth. I was breathing heavily through my nose as I shivered, still completely naked. I looked around to see where I was, and it looked like I was in a hole in the ground. There was oil covering most of the floor, which indicated to me that I was in the pit. When I tried to move, the pit I was in started to spin again, and I was still extremely weak. Every movement I made sounded 50 times louder than it should, and echoed around my head for too long. I tried to get into a sitting position but my arms couldn’t push me up and when I got so far I just slumped back down again. It felt a bit like I had had way too much to drink, and woken up still pissed and hungover at the same time. Not a good feeling I can tell you.

I wondered how long I had been here, and decided it had been a while because the cable tie binding my ankles together had cut into my flesh quite badly, but a lot of the blood had dried. I didn’t care anymore. I then looked at my legs. My vision was blurred, but I could see the cuts, grazes and excessive bruising on them. There was also what looked like a cigarette burn on my thigh, which I didn’t remember getting. It began to dawn on me that the kidnappers had decided to carry on doing what they wanted after I had passed out, and as that truth dawned on me, I felt my ass hole throbbing and sore. What I didn’t know was that it was bleeding too. I was too out of it to cry or feel sorry for myself. I was quite glad I had passed out when I did.

I drifted in and out of troubled sleep after that, I don’t know how long I was there, or how many times I had woken up and drifted back off again, but this time I opened my sleepy eyes to see a face peering over the top of the pits looking down at me. It was the driver. I shut my eyes again, hoping that if I pretended to be asleep, he would leave me alone. It didn’t work, and when I opened my eyes again, he had climbed down into the pit and was standing over me with his arms crossed.

‘I hope you slept Liz, because you’re gonna need your energy today!’ He said cheerily, as if he had come to wake me up and take me to a theme park or something. ‘Oi lads, throw me that mat down will you?’ A mat flew over the side, I didn’t see who threw it but it hit the driver on the side of his face,which I paid for it as he kicked me hard in the stomach. ‘mmmmph’ I said. The tape over my mouth prevented me from making any other sound really. The driver threw me onto the mat by my hair, and then told me to get on my knees. I tried with all my strength to get into a kneeling position, but my arms and legs didn’t seem to want to listen to me, and this made the driver angry, which earned me more kicks, four to be exact, because he said; ‘FUCK!-IN!-DO!-IT!’ to each kick. I tried again and failed, each time falling to a heap on the floor. ‘Fuckin’ell little fucking bitch! Do I have to do everything for you now?!’ I started to cry again as he manoeuvred me onto my knees, my back not wanting to keep me upright meant that I was bent over, my tits pressed up to my knees and my forehead rested on the mat. I felt sick knowing he was behind me, with my ass hole and swollen cunt ready and waiting for him. I heard him undo his belt, then unzip his trousers and kneel down behind me. I shut my eyes and braced myself as the head of his massive cock pressed against my ass. I assumed that it was huge at this point, I later found out that my assumption was right. He didn’t bother with lube, just spat on my hole. I remember oddly thinking that he had a good shot. As he forced his way up inside my ass, I screamed through my nose. This was no gentle fuck and I knew that as soon as he rammed himself to the hilt as hard as he could. I couldn’t be quiet through this, they must have already give my ass a hammering while I was unconscious because this was unreal pain. He was banging into me so hard now that he had shoved me right up to the wall, and with each ram of his cock, my head was slammed into the wall. Taking queue from this, he reached and grabbed my hair, pulling my head all the way back while he slammed into me over and over again. As my screams grew louder, even the tape gag couldn’t make me much quieter, he slammed my face into the pit wall with each of his thrusts, eventually he got so violent that every time he slammed my face into the wall I saw more and more stars. Suddenly his thrusts became faster and harder, as did the face slamming. He finally came right after I saw my blood dripping from my head where he had rammed it into the wall. After he was done shuddering, he let go of my hair and I rolled over onto my side. My ass was throbbing but the blood from my head was quite alarming. Still disorientated from the drugs I was given I lay curled in a ball on the mat and closed my eyes, moaning softly as the come seeped out of my ass. I wished I were home.

Not quite finished with me yet, the driver cut the cable tie around my ankles. ‘Ooh that does look sore, you should get it looked at’ He giggled at the deep cut the plastic tie had made in my ankle. I looked away, not caring to listen to his sadistic humour. He cut the tie around my wrists and I quickly moved my arms in front of myself to rub my wrists, still laid on the mat. He kindly gave me a few seconds to do this and then dragged me over to one of the ladders used to get in and out of the pit, there was one on either side of the oversized pit. Handcuffing my hands around the lower rung, I was too weak to fight at all as I lay on my back and let him do as he wished. At least I was on the mat and not the hard stone floor, I thought. This proved to be the least of my worries.

‘We’re all off out to pick up some stuff we think you’ll like. But we don’t want to leave you all comfortable and stuff’ My heart sank. ‘Oi pass me the tray I prepared.’ This time I saw Choker as he passed the driver a large tray, which contained an array of items. Choker lay on the floor at the side of the pit with his chin resting on his crossed arms. Looking down at me, he gave me a stupid grin and winked at me, then diverted his eyes to the tray – as did I. My eyes grew wide with fear as I saw the contents. A good length of rope, some thinner rope/string, about 20 crocodile clips, an extremely scary looking huge black dildo with a tube attached to the end and a little pump on the end of the tube – basically an inflatable dildo which was already two times the size a cock. Laid next to that was another one, very similar but smaller. And oddly some red peppers which had been cut up were laying next to a bottle of red-hot chilli sauce and a roll of duck tape. I knew this wasn’t going to be fun, and after seeing what was lined up for me, I suddenly had a rush of energy, making me struggle and cry out. This resulted in another back hander to the other side of my face this time. I didn’t know it but my other eye was black and swollen from the one he had given me when my neck was screwed to the wall. Stunned from the blow, he parted my legs and sat in-between them so I couldn’t close them again, pulling my body down so that my arms were stretched now. He selected a crocodile clip and pinned me to the floor by my neck while he closed the jaws around my right nipple, and then another on my left. I arched my back with the pain and saw they had both cut straight into me as blood trickled down both breasts. Attaching two long lengths of string to the clips, he threw the ends up to Choker, who pulled and tugged on them playfully watching my tits jiggle around. He then tied one of the lengths to a hook at the top of the pit, pulling my nipple until it looked obscurely stretched. He went round to the other side of the pit and did the same with the other. My nipples could not have stretched any further upwards without being ripped off completely! And of course this now meant that I would probably tear off my nipples if I moved half a cm. They definitely knew what they were doing here.

I soon found that by lifting my back off the floor, I would take the pressure off my pulled-up nipples. I tried to do it discreetly and so far no one seemed to notice, and to me this was a massive victory.

The driver then went on to choose another crocodile clip, this time placing it onto one of my outer labia. The pain wasn’t as bad. Maybe these wernt as sharp as the nipple ones. All the same, it was pain I could do without, and I flinched as he put five or six on each side. By this time both Choker and his friend (I decided I would call him Psycho, for namings sake really, that and he was a psycho. I later found out that he was the one who carried on the night I was heavily drugged, and had raped me several times, in all holes) were both laid on the floor peering over the side, watching the driver at work.

‘I’m going to warn you now Liz, if you struggle too much, those sharpened crock clips are gonna take your nips clean off, and what I’m about to do is gonna reeeaaaaalllly fuckin hurt like a bitch. Know what I’m sayin?’ I nod my head and try to brace myself for the worst, although no amount of any kind of bracing prepared me for the next part. The driver opened the bottle of chilli sauce, and poured it all over the smaller of the inflatable dildos, spreading it around till he was happy it was covered, he lifted one of my legs so he could get at my ass hole easier, and rammed it straight in. With the fucking he had done earlier and the dildo substantially chilli-lubed, it found its way inside me no problem. Within seconds of it being there I felt the heat, after a few more seconds it became so unbelievably intense that I started to struggle and scream uncontrollably, regardless off the strict situation my nipples were in, it just didn’t compare to the agony my ass was in. The driver’s only way of calming me was to choke me. ‘Do you want your fucking nipples?!’ I tried to breath through it, but the pain didn’t lessen, it just got worse. I thought the chilli would be painful, but obviously this is going to be amplified to the fact that my ass had been badly torn by Psycho’s little raping session.

The driver moved his knee so that he wedged the dildo inside me, he didn’t want me ‘shittin it out’ as he put it. He then proceeded to the larger dildo, again covering it with the chilli sauce and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out where its gonna go. With the smaller dildo already up my ass, and this one so big, he had trouble getting it inside me. The chilli was already finding its way to all the cuts and tears I had received during the abuse it had taken so far in my ordeal. Eventually though he pushed it up and my screams were worryingly loud considering I had tape sealing my lips shut. The driver decided to right this by holding my nose shut until I adjusted to the immense torture.

It wasn’t finished yet. I couldn’t imagine being in any more pain than I was in right now, but once again, I was horribly wrong. I was groaning constantly now, the fire inside my holes was burning and I have never known anything so painful. The driver went for the rope now. A long length was doubled up and then passed under my back, brought round to the front and looped through itself. He pulled it tight, and then tighter still, and when I thought it couldn’t get any tighter, he pulled it tighter still, until I looked like I was the shape of a Barbie doll with the non-existent waist. This made it hurt to breath in and out, but I was quite busy by this point with the pain of the dildos + chilli sauce. Taking a shorter length of rope, he struggled to get it under the one round my waist, but managed it. He ran it down between my legs, and up my back, pulling it so the dildos were now up to the hilt and not going anywhere, and finally tying it off at the back of my waist.

I prayed to god he had finished. Obviously god cant have been listening right then, because he started with the pumps on the dildo’s. Both at the same time, he began slowly, watching my face for the reaction. And he got a reaction. He got one hell of a reaction! I was in too much agony to emit any kind of sound. I squeezed my eyes shut so tight that it hurt my eyes and I saw white, and I held my breath till I went red in the face, and then white as he carried on pumping me up…. You could literally see my stomach getting bigger as the dildo’s grew bigger and bigger. I passed out after that point, and welcomed the feeling when I felt myself fading out, it was a feeling I was now becoming very familiar with. I woke up just in time to see the driver with the camera snapping pictures of my horrific situation.

‘Nice one mate!’ Psycho applauded the driver for his work. ‘Like a work of fucking art!’ The driver looked proud of himself too, while I lay completely helpless and in unthinkable agony of the purest kind. The driver finished me off by tying my ankles together again, crushing my crocodile clipped lips into the dildo’s and then, using more rope, he tied them off to the lower rung of the ladder opposite the ones my hands were cuffed to. This, I thought, was just fucking cruel! It eliminated any chance of my little back arching technique I had developed to ease the taught-ness of my nipples, and the driver gave me a knowing look, ‘As if I would let you get away with something like that’ I could hear him say in my head. He left the two pumps attached to the dildo’s that had stretched both my holes beyond any sort of limit.

As he stood up, I didn’t feel relieved, I couldn’t really concentrate on anything but the amount of pain I was in. My head spun, not knowing which bit of pain it should concentrate on itself. I didn’t know how to cope with this amount of pain at all. Before climbing up the ladder to leave me in such a predicament; ‘Oops, nearly forgot!’ and slid a piece of chilli so that it rested on top of my clit. As an after thought, he gave the dildos one last pump each and then climbed out of the pit.

I was shaking violently, my body went into shock and at that moment, I wanted to die. All three of them stood at the mouth of the pit I was going through hell in. ‘Any business before we get off lads?’ Said the driver. I heard him, but was in another world. It wasn’t until I felt the warm stream hit my face that I realised what he had said, and what he had meant by it. All I could do was lay completely helpless as The Driver, Choker, and Psycho pissed all over me. ‘Right Liz, have fun there wont you. We’ll be back in eight hours’ He said as he propped a digital clock onto the top rung of the ladder where I could see it.

‘NO!’ I screamed in my head. And they left me there; in the most severe form of suffering I had ever known.

Part 2

I lay panting through the torment, unable to take deep breaths, partly due to the extreme tightness of the rope around my stomach and partly due to the dildo’s that had now probably ruined me for life. I had been there some minutes before I actually looked at the clock. It said 23:36:06. Up until this point, I had had no idea how long I had been their captive. Now I knew I had been there nearly 12 hours. It felt like a lot longer. And longer still since I was sat with my friends in the bar enjoying a tia-maria and coke.

Every time I moved a millimetre, some form of agony rippled through me. And when I didn’t moved, I was in agony too. I shut my eyes and tried to keep them shut, but was unable to block it out. My stretched cunt and ass were throbbing so much I almost thought I could hear each throb, and the burning…. Well it was too much. The chilli left on my clit was the worst thing right now. I tried to buck my hips, but my body had been stretched so tight between the ladders I couldn’t move enough. When I finally opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the clock. 23:42:55 It was like the clock had some sick mind too, and I actually wondered if it was broken.. Well I knew it wasn’t. I continued suffering while trying not to concentrate on the seconds. After a while though, it became easier to concentrate on the seconds because they would dull the pain a little. The throbbing was starting to get worse though. I was also soaking in-between my legs, and I didn’t doubt that it was my blood. The dildos had really been pumped up so much that I had multiple tears inside both holes. The pain started to make me dizzy. And I shut my eyes. When I opened them again, 5 whole hours had passed! But I was still there, still laid in torment at the hands of three sadistic maniacs. Only three more to go! I can do this. I thought.

I tried to think of anything but the pain, but i just couldn’t do it. Without warning, I felt myself wanting to sneeze. Oh fuck no?! Of all the fucking times, this was not a good fucking time to sneeze!! I tried to stop, but it was no good, and I took a deep breath to prepare myself, and felt every agonising ripple of pain tare through me as my whole body jolted, and after the third one, I wailed in a sorrowful cry. Still gagged as I was, not much sound came out. After the sneezing fit passed, I suddenly realised one of my hands felt like it might be able to slide out of the cuff surrounding it. I suddenly stopped wailing, and concentrated on the loose hand, trying to work it free. Every movement in my arm pulled the crocodile clips that were now well established, sunken into each nipple and glued there with my own dried blood. The adrenaline I felt from the hope that I might be able to get out of this hell blocked out any pain I felt. My breathing was now suddenly very quick, as I pulled and pulled at my cuffed wrists.

I can only imagine that they had not taken into account the fact my wrists were extremely swollen after being drugged and hanging by them last night, and now the swelling had reduced enough for the cuffs to be loose. I carried on tugging and twisting this way and that as I glanced at the clock, which was once a count down to more hell, now it was a time limit. All of a sudden, my wrist jerked free. For a moment, I was totally stunned. Then my brain kicked in to gear, and I brought my free arm down, then the one which was still attached to the cuffs, thanking god for finally listening. At the first touch, the clips eating my swollen nipples sent waves of agony through me, but the adrenaline in me was pumping so fast that I just unclipped them as fast as I could, not daring to scream I held my breath and before ripping the tape from over my mouth I saw blood flowing out of them. Ignoring the sight, I instinctively sat up, but almost threw myself back down on my back after feeling the obscene amount of pressure that it put on my cunt and ass hole. I found the pumps, resting between my tightly tied shut legs, and after a bit of fiddling, felt the little release screws. I let out an enormous groan of relief as the dildo inside my cunt deflated along with the loud rush of air it let out. I quickly let the air out of the one in my ass, and while they were still inside me, I sat up, shuffled my ass forward a little and undid the rope tying my ankles together.

I was in frenzy now, absolutely terrified someone would come back and find me half escaped. The thought was too much for me to handle in-fact, because if I was caught, the punishment for this was unthinkable. I pushed it away as I opened my legs, and clawed at the rope tied so tightly around my waist until it was free, this instantly loosened the rope running between my legs and the dildos literally fell out of me. I unclipped the clips on my labia. Free.

I scrambled to my feet, and grabbed onto a rung of the ladder, my eyes were now wild, darting in every direction as I climbed up the ladder and out of the pit. The garage was big, and quite dark. I ran to the first door I could see, locked. I didn’t lose heart as I ran to one of the windows, seeing the bars over it as I got there, I turned around and frantically searched with my eyes for another door. I saw one and made a run for it. It was locked. I stood still in the middle of the oversized garage, my heart racing, praying for a way out. There were only two doors and they were both locked. My eyes began to fill up, and tears spilled over my cheeks as I checked the windows. All barred from the inside and the outside. They were covered in black filth so I couldn’t even see out. No. I thought. ‘No!’ I screamed out.

I tried both doors again. They were shut so tight they didn’t even rattle when I shook the handles. My breathing quickened again. This time in sheer panic. They would come back and find me, escaped, and they would probably kill me. I started to shake now, as I stood naked, covered in blood and dirt. This was not happening. Only it was happening. It fucking was happening.

After a few minutes, the only plan I could come up with was to hide behind a pile of boxes next to the door and wait for them to come back, then make a run for it if they left the door open long enough. Even I couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for this plan though, I knew I had lost. I crouched down and lent my back on the wall, waiting for the inevitable to happen. As I sat there it was the first chance I had had to look at myself properly. My wrists were cut all the way round and bleeding, as were my ankles. I reached down and felt my sopping wet and swollen cunt. As I brought my fingers back up I could see the dark red blood glistening in the dimly lit room. Nearly every part of me was either cut or bruised, and I could feel my face was in much the same state.

Suddenly the door swung open, and the laughing happy voices of my three captors filled the room. I held my breath and darn’t move, glued to the spot with fear. One word sprang to mind; Shit.

The three men joked together, and as I anticipated, the laugher stopped dead and I heard; ‘What the…’

And then I heard the driver burst out laughing. Deep, loud, and completely evil laughter echoing around the room, filling every part of me with terror and dread. ‘Do you want to show yourself Liz, or are ya gonna make things even worse for ya’self?’ I didn’t move. I couldn’t. ‘I don’t know how you could actually make things worse for ya though cunt’ he said, more to the other two than me. As his footsteps closed in on my spot behind the boxes, I backed myself into the wall and cowered with my hands over my head. The driver grabbed me by the hair and forced me up straight, his strong arm pulled me off the floor by my hair, and then dragged me to the middle of the room, in front of Choker and Psycho.

Psycho shook his head. ‘Tut fucking tut’ he said seriously. Choker looked a little bewildered, but didn’t say anything. I could hardly breath. Sweat and tears poured down my face as the driver let me stand on my own. Still I didn’t move. The last thing I saw was a fist right in front of my face, and then feeling the stone floor split my head open as I fell hard back onto it. I screamed out and wriggled on the floor to get away as Choker straddled me to do what he did best. My life was at his hands again and as they closed around my throat, I fought for as long as I could, but in the end I welcomed the blanket of darkness as it wrapped me up and kept my mind away from my tortured body. I wished for death, but as usual I didn’t get what I wanted. When I woke up, Choker was still holding my neck tightly. My head was banging now as blood pumped out of the back of it. ‘Don’t fuckin’ move’ he said nastily. I blinked in answer as I heard the other two moving around, throwing objects I couldn’t see on the floor. I knew this was bad. My wrists were roughly brought together in front of me and rope wrapped around them. Psycho was tying them so tightly the circulation was already being cut off, and they hadn’t even started yet. Next each ankle was done separately, leaving long trails of the rope leading off. The rope trailing from my right ankle was tied to one of the posts on my right, and Choker released the grip on my neck as the left ankle was pulled far, far apart from the other, and tied off to another post on the left. The posts were concrete ceiling supports and weren’t going anywhere. There were four pillars in the room, but they were only using three tonight. As my once-again bound wrists were brought over my head, another long length of rope was tied to them, so they could use it to pull me taught. And that they did, as they used the third post as a pivot, to pull me so I lay stretched on the floor. They tied it off after making sure I was completely stretched as far as I could go without dislocating my shoulders.

My legs were wide open, and not a part of me could move. My hands hand feet went numb very quickly, but that was the least of my worries. What was worrying me more now was that none of them were speaking anymore. No joking and laughing with each other, they all looked very serious. I wasn’t even gagged, but I darnt make a sound for fear of something even worse happening.

Once they had finished making sure I couldn’t struggle or move, the driver stepped over me and looked straight into my eyes. His feet were at either side of me as he stared into me, his eyes lit up with excitement at what he was going to do to me next. As he started to bend his legs, I knew he was going to sit on me. I was stretched so painfully tight that the small of my back was arched, and I groaned loudly as my stomach took his heavy bulk.

‘The sad thing for you is Liz, that you’re gonna to survive this next bit’ I shook my head and began to cry loudly, sobbing and pleading with them. ‘I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I’ll do anything! Please fucking hell please stop, please stop’ I wailed, hearing my own pathetic words ringing in my ears. ‘Stop? Stop what? We haven’t even started!’ He reached into his back pocket and produced another inflatable device, only smaller and rounder then the other two I had been earlier acquainted with. ‘We bought this gag for you because we could tell you liked the inflatable shit this morning’ He forced it into my mouth and began rapidly squeezing the pump, within just a few seconds my whole mouth was filled with the rubber, and he carried on, until my tongue was crushed and my teeth under a lot of pressure. He didn’t stop until he was sure I wasn’t going to be able to breath through my mouth. He smiled as he saw my discomfort. Then got up and vanished from my sight. ‘Do it.’ He said to Choker. Do what? I thought.

The driver and psycho sat on the battered sofa, watching on. I couldn’t see Choker as I lay on the floor. I could hear him messing around, and then I heard a loud ‘snip’ I tensed my body. Chokers face appeared over mine, grinning from ear to ear. He reminded me of a cheeky toddler who had been naughty and giving its mum that ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look.

As he stepped around me so I could see his whole body, I saw what he was holding in his gloved hands and then I started to struggle and shake my head, screaming at the top of my lungs, but the sound would only come out of my nose and the noises I was making sounded inhuman and odd. The 3m length of barbed wire was already wrapped around his thick glove on his right, so that he didn’t let it go by accident and hurt someone else. I shut my eyes as he brought it over his head, still grinning. It felt like a lifetime before he brought it back down in one swift sharp movement, the hit travelled across from my right tit, to somewhere down my leg. It was one of those things where if something hurts that much, you don’t actually feel it until a good few seconds later, but by that time he had already brought it down again, and then again, and again, each time harder than the last time, one after another. I lost count first, and then I lost consciousness. When I came round, he was still stood above me, tapping his foot. And seeing me awaken he continued whipping me mercifully with the length of barbed wire.

The rest of this is all a bit of a daze, but I do know that he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. When there wasn’t much part of my skin left unbroken, they untied my ankles, flipped me over onto my bloody lashed front, re-tied my ankles, and carried on until my back was in a similar state. I drifted in and out of consciousness, waking up only to feel the constant sting of barbed wire break my skin and then raise up a red line welt where the barb and the wire had hit together.

When Choker had finally finished, they left me tied up and spread out on the floor. They knew if they did anything else that they would probably kill me. I was delirious and confused. The events that follow are a blur, where I am untied, and placed in a bath tub filled with cold water and alcohol to stop my thousands of puncture wounds from becoming infected.

The days that followed that brutal whipping I received consisted of the same routine. I was left mostly alone throughout, and every so often, as I have lost all concept of time by this point, I was dunked into an alcohol bath, and then shackled with padlocked chains around my neck to one of the concrete posts. They even gave me a blanket, sips of water and bits of bread. I was too weak to move around a lot, but as time passed my strength returned, and by that time all three of them were more than ready to give me my next round of pain and suffering.

Opening my eyes now, I was still shackled to the wall but laid on the floor with my blanket covering me. I tested out my motor skills a little, not knowing weather feeling better was a good thing or a bad thing. Choker approached me and put out some bread and thick soup in a bowl in front of me, instructing me to eat it all or pay the price. I scowled at him, knowing full well what he was capable of doing. Even so, they weren’t going to break me. They could have my body, but they weren’t going to have my mind. Choker raised an eyebrow at my scowl and I wondered if I was going to regret that later. This is the first proper food they had given me since snatching me off the streets days earlier. When Choker returned to take away the bowl, he also took away my blanket, which brought tears to my eyes. That blanket was my only source of comfort.

I had a bad feeling that they had been waiting for me to recover. I wasn’t left alone with my thoughts for long before the driver was sat in front of me. I backed away from him as far as the chains around my neck would allow. ‘Feeling better?’ I shook my head side to side and the driver smiled. ‘I think ya know better than to fuckin’ lie to me.’ I didn’t move. Fear crept in. I had been left alone to recover for days, only to be fucked up again. How long would this go on for? Before unlocking the chain from around my neck, he snapped some heavy duty metal cuffs around my wrists, binding them together behind my back and making sure the metal was crushing the bones. They were nowhere near healed, but not swollen at least. He pulled me up my the hair so I was on my knees, and then began taking his belt off, He held the belt at one end, leaving the buckle end swinging in front of me, almost hypnotising me as I watched it sway from side to side. The driver then took his cock out of his jeans, the over-sized cock looked me in the eye, showing me how hard it was, I could almost hear it speaking to me. I’m gonna fuck you up bitch. ‘Suck it’ the driver ordered. I looked up at his face, I don’t know what I thought I would see. Sympathy? No. I saw pure evil. Behind him I noticed the blackboard I had seen on my first night. There was no space left. Little vertical lines covered it from top to bottom. WACK!! The buckle of the belt hit my cheek, the shock made me topple over onto my arse. ‘SUCK MY FUCKIN COCK YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH!’ He shouted. I got back onto my knees and shuffled towards him, my mouth open and anticipating having this evil-bastard, ugly-fuckers huge dick in my mouth. I was angry. Angry at it all. Humiliated and beaten, now I was doing as I was told? Fuck. I thought. But what else could I do? I had no doubt in my mind now that they would kill me eventually. But I could only dream that it would be quick and painless.

As my open mouth surrounded the head of his cock, he grabbed on to the back of my hair and thrusted himself as hard as he could, his cock hitting the back of my throat instantly making my gag reflex kick into action. He held my head firmly there, with my nose buried in his pubic hair, and I started to struggle as his dick blocked my airway completely. Before I really started to panic, he pulled my head away using my hair as leverage, and repeated his last move, holding me breathless for a few seconds. After some time of this, the thrusts became faster and harder, his cock felt so big that it was stretching my throat as it forced its way down my neck. He began thrusting harder and bringing my head to him at the same time, I couldn’t take a breath, only tiny gasps between his bangs. It was so hard my nose was starting to hurt as it was crushed against his groin, over and over until I started to feel dizzy, but he wasn’t stopping now. He built up momentum and I was praying for him to come. Please hurry up I thought, please. He used both hands now, holding my ears, using them as handles to fuck my face as hard as he could. As my eyes were rolling back into my head, I felt him shudder as he once again buried my nose into his pubic hair, his cock stopping me from breathing, I felt his load hit the back of my throat, causing me to struggle and heave, my throat contracting against him. He groaned in audible pleasure, holding me tightly asphyxiated with his cock. He finally withdrew and I sagged to the floor. His spunk was too far down my throat to be able to spit it out, and I closed my eyes as I was forced to swallow the lot.

The driver walked away from me, and was replaced with Choker. I was instantly shaking with the recollection of how he had whipped me to within an inch of my life with razor sharp barbed wire. As usual he had the stupid grin painted onto his face. I no longer thought he was nice, infact at this point I was more scared of Choker than I was of the driver. He saw my terror and lapped it up. Maybe in their sick and twisted world, they were all trying to out-do eachother to see who I feared the most. Choker was in the lead.

He sat down next to me, and told me to lay down on my back as he ran the backs of his fingers down between my breasts, making my nipples stand on end, more through fear than arousal. I did as I was told, only it was difficult for me to lay like that with the heavy irons surrounding my wrists. ‘Properly’ He said with a quiet, but demanding tone. The cuffs painfully dug into the bones at the bottom of my spine, forcing my hips upwards. The position was uncomfortable, but I knew now that things only ever got worse, so I tried not to concentrate on my initial discomfort. I saw Choker drag a metal bar over from the side of him. I whimpered a little, imagining it would be used to beat me with, but I was wrong. It had thick leather straps attached to either ends, and he then proceeded to attach each of them, just above my knees. Now that I couldn’t close my legs, he fiddled with the metal spreader bar, until it extended as far as my legs would spread apart. I tried not to protest but he spread my legs so far apart that I shook my head in a ‘no’ fashion. Choker just sighed and carried on preparing me for what he wanted.

He started to fondle my breasts, gently at first, then moved his hand down to my cunt, I already knew I was wet. That didn’t mean this was turning me on did it? It couldn’t. I wasn’t! He inserted three fingers into me, and finger fucked my sopping wet cunt. I couldn’t help but enjoy it as I moaned softly. He carried on playing with me, and then brought his other hand up to my right tit. I felt something hard in his hand, but as I lifted my head up to see I heard a loud cracking noise, and I was gripped by a huge jolt of pain, coming from where his hand rested on my breast. My whole body tensed up and jerked around, it was too painful to scream. The pain stopped, but I had lost control, I couldn’t move where I wanted, and my muscles were spasming of their own accord…. Choker kept the stun gun pressed into my tit in the same place while fucking me with his fingers still. He chuckled to himself, knowing I was anticipating the next jolt of electricity, and then pressed the trigger. This time it was worse, he kept it on much longer, and the initial pain soon turned into something different. Still painful, but on another level entirely. I don’t remember him turning it off, I wasn’t sure where I was or what was happening to me, but when reality returned I was soon reminded.

Choker placed the stun gun on the floor and took his trousers off. His cock was just as big as the drivers, only wider and more sinister looking – if a penis could ever look sinister, Chokers did! He undid one side of the spreader bar, it was getting in his way. As he roughly pushed my legs apart and guided himself home, I felt his hard knob penetrate me, still slightly swollen from the abuse it had suffered already, I felt tight. I turned my head away from him, not wanting to see his enjoyment at raping me. How could people be capable of this? He fucked me hard and long, making sure it would last long enough for him to get a good ride out of me. Every time his cock banged hard into me, the cuffs dug further into my back. All the fight had gone out of me as I lay there and let the rape continue, trying to block it out. That never really works though, the blocking it out. His thrusts became harder and sharper, stabbing my insides with his cock as my back grazed and tore on the floor. He reached down to rub my clit at the same time, making me squirm. I didn’t want to enjoy this. All the same, my pussy felt that warm and tingly feeling creeping in, and my breathing was heavy. Don’t get me wrong, I was in pain with the cuffs dug into my back and my already heavily damaged back becoming more sore by the minute, but I was responding to the rape in a way that humiliated my soul.

‘I’m not gonna stop fucking you till you come all over my dick bitch’ And only seconds later I felt the pleasure building up from inside me, until it overcame me and I screamed out in a mixture of pleasure, pain and humiliation. Choker carried on fucking me until he offloaded his spunk inside me, and then immediately took his cock out and put it away, unsmiling. ‘That was the worst fuck I’ve ever had.’ He said, and then spat on my face and turned away to leave me there with his saliva running down my face and his come flowing out of me. For a brief moment, I contemplated the fact that I wasn’t on the pill, but getting pregnant wasn’t really something I could worry about now. Surviving this ordeal was my main worry.

I sniffed as tears filled my eyes. I wanted to go home so badly. I rolled off my back and rubbed my back with my hands where the cuffs had made themselves at home. I must have fallen asleep like that, because I woke up with another almighty jolt of electricity though the back of my neck. Once again my body jerked around in tensed agony, and I felt confused and disorientated for some time afterwards. To remind me where I was, Psycho booted me hard in the stomach, knocking the wind right out of me. Coughing and spluttering I stuttered to him; ‘Let me go.’ He spun round, not believing his ears, and pressed his foot into my neck, pinning me to the floor and choking me. ‘What did you say fuckwit?’ I croaked again; ‘Please let me go’ He pressed again harder with his foot, crushing my neck and distorting my face. ‘Louder girl, I cant fuckin hear ya!’ he laughed, taking his foot off me. He dragged me backwards so that the post was propping me up, and retied the spreader bar, making sure Choker hadn’t left me a millimetre to move my legs. Pleased that my legs were spread painfully apart, he wondered off and returned with a clear plastic bag and a length of thick rope. He expertly applied some more gaffer tape, sealing my mouth shut, and pulled the bag over my head, tying the rope around the bottom of it, tightly around my neck.

Psycho then sat between my open legs, and lazily flicked at my clit, watching me jump every time he hit it dead on. The bag over my head inflated, then deflated with every breath I took, until I could no longer see due to it clouding up. When he grew bored with flicking, he grabbed his bottle of beer and fucked me with it as deep as he could get it in. ‘I’d love to break this bottle first then fuck you with it’ he snarled. I believed him. Forcing me to bend my knees now, he fingered my ass, and then without warning shoved a metal pole he saw lying around inside it. Leaving it there, I could feel the sharp edges stab me inside. And I yelped and squirmed as he carried on fucking me with the bottle, alternating the fucking between the bottle and the pole up my ass. I started to notice the plastic bag was getting closer and closer to my face with every breath I took. Once it got the stage where It was suffocatingly close, I started to shake my head, knowing that I would soon have no air left. Psycho watched in awe as I started to panic, spurring him on to fuck me harder with the pole and the bottle, thus making me breath faster, shortening my time left. Seemingly seconds later I could no longer take full breaths, and panic really set in as each breath was forced to be shorter and shorter, until I couldn’t breath at all. With that I struggled with every part of me, trying to move away, but the pole in my ass virtually had me pinned in the position I was in, unable to get away. My eyes were wide with fear and my panic stricken, tear stained face contorted as I fought a losing battle. He must have left it to the very last minute before I lost consciousness, before cutting a tiny hole in the bag. I felt the cold air rushing in as it hit my face and I gulped it in, savouring every last bit.

He took the bag off my head, and picked me up off the floor, the metal pole and the bottle clattered to the floor as they fell out of me. ‘Mmm, mmmm!’ I managed to say, as he carried me as I was, hands cuffed behind my back and my legs still stretched wide apart. He adjusted my position so one of his arms went around my neck, and the other between my legs, so my whole weight was resting on my cunt on his arm. He walked towards one of the doors I had found locked after my short-lived escape. He manoeuvred me so I could get through it, and I saw another room, just as filthy as the garage-turned-torture-chamber I had just left. This one was smaller, with less clutter, but I could see many things that I could be tied to. Chains hung from the ceiling, hooks and rings nailed to the walls and the floor, this room was not my friend. There were no windows, and everything looked to be stone. In the middle of the floor, there was a strange looking thing. Two blocks of wood, placed about 30inches apart, and a thick metal bar spanning between them, about 15 inches off the floor. Psycho laid me face down over it, making sure the bar was just above my cunt, leaving my ass pointing into the air. Still bound behind my back, he lifted my hands clear off my back and attached them to a long chain dangling from the roof, pulling them upwards so that my face and chest were forced back into the cold stone floor by my shoulders. He then applied more straps to the back of my neck, back and waist to the floor, minimising any movement upwards or downwards, and secured both ankles to the floor, then the spreader bar was fixed to the floor too. I squirmed around to test how much I could move, and found that Psycho had been very efficient.

With my ass in the air like it was, I knew it would be the centre of attention. My face was forced to the right, and with my neck strapped to the floor so tightly, I couldn’t swap sides, so had to put up with this view during the up and coming ordeal. And while awaiting the next dose of torture, I watched as a huge spider ran across the floor. Great! I thought. Not only am I tied up and having every part of my body ripped apart, I have a bloody great big spider near me! I hated spiders. I decided to keep an eye out for it. Psycho was busy preparing items for me, to my left of course, where I couldn’t see. I busied myself watching the spider. I wished I was the spider; it was free to go, unseen by my captors. I shuddered and flinched as it jolted forward in my direction, stopping only about 10inches from my nose. Fuck, I thought. It crept closer, then made a dart for me…. It was too much. ‘MMMPH! MMMPH! Mm mmmmm! MMMMMPH!’ I screamed and struggled as much as I could. Did I mention I wasn’t just scared of spiders, I was absolutely terrified of them. With everything that was going on, this was just the final straw.

‘What the fuck? I’ve not even touched you yet whore!’ and as he said it he saw my eyes wide with terror, followed the direction I was looking and saw the spider, who was now slightly further away from me. Suddenly I felt a wave of dread wash over me, and, hoping the spider could read my mind, I willed it to run away. Go! Run, don’t let him catch you! Too late. Psycho trapped the spider with a pint glass over the top of him, a glass any smaller would have trapped his legs! All I could feel now was despair, I knew psycho would use it. He pushed the glass right up to my face so I could see the huge monster spider trying to find some form of escape. We were in the same boat now.

Psycho went back to preparing, he seemed to be taking an age. All I could do was lay and wait.

When he had finally finished, he went behind me, out of my line of vision. This scared me and a series of ‘mmmphs’ let him know how I felt about it. ‘Don’t worry, I’m video taping it and you can watch it after’ True to his word, I did get to watch it afterwards. He sat in-between my legs behind me, kneeling up so I could feel his hard cock pressing against my cunt and ass, still in his trousers. He rested on my back with his elbow, and I felt a very sharp pain digging into my back on the left side, and then a severe scraping as he dug the sharp blade into me. The pain was severe, but no amount of struggling was going to help me as he was seemingly gouging off my skin. He was quiet as he went along, occasionally lifting the blade off and then pressing it into me again in another area. It didn’t take me long to realise he was writing something, and when I watched the tape back later I saw the letters painstakingly cut deeply across the bottom of my back. ‘B’ ‘I’ ‘T’ ‘C’ ‘H’ To give some credit (where none is due) it was pretty neatly done! At the moment though, it was a bloody mess of deep cuts that would very definitely be with me for the rest of my life, however long that would be. To save me from infection, Psycho threw on some rubbing alcohol to finish off. To say that it hurt would be an understatement, you would have thought I might have produced some sort of coping mechanism by now, but either that didn’t actually happen, or that part of my brain wasn’t bothered about working just yet. As the alcohol hit my broken skin, it was quite clearly audible that instead of screaming I had tried to say; ‘You fucker!’ Although I was surprised Psycho understood my gagged-speak. ‘No YOU FUCKER!!’ he shouted at me, kicking me clean in the cunt with his heavy booted foot. My body shook in distress.

He shoved a piece of card under the spiders new home, and picked him up, moving him out of my sight. I didn’t feel as if I should say goodbye somehow. The driver walked into my new surroundings, and asked how things were going. Psycho explained to him that I had made a little friend, and then added, ‘I think we need to find her some more similar friends’ and I shook with fear at the thought of what they could cook up. The driver left the room to search for more spiders. In the mean time I had to endure more of Psycho’s torments.

Feeling an extreme pain on my clit, I didn’t need to watch the video back later to work out it was another sharpened crocodile clip, this time it had hit the spot dead on, and I was horrified at the feeling. I begged and begged, screaming ‘take it off take it off!’ – in gagged speak. He only attached some thin cord to it and pulled it towards the floor, making me bite my tongue, like I wasn’t in enough pain already?! I then felt something hard press up against my ass hole, and the seconds that followed were pretty horrific. Psycho must have held that stun gun there for at least 15 seconds (maybe I am exaggerating, but it felt like 15 secs?). I thought shit like that killed you, but I am obviously able to take 950,000 volts up my arse, or I wouldn’t be still here. What I do know is that I didn’t take it very well, and I fell unconscious shortly after the jolt was applied. On the video after all this, I watched my whole body jerk around while I was out cold, and continue to do so after he stopped pressing the button. I looked like a dead body.

When I came round, my ass felt like it was on fire and there was still the problem of the clipped clit too. My ass was burning like that due to electrical burns where the contacts had touched me and pumped me full of electricity, screwing up my nervous system and sending the wrong signals to my brain, which left me utterly confused for a good while after. Even as confused as I felt, it didn’t stop me feeling the rather large intrusion making its way into my ass, and as it went in further, it got wider, and wider. I later viewed this and was extremely shocked. It was some sort of metal cone, hollowed out. Actually it resembled one of those half-sized traffic cones only without the markings, it could have been smaller, and I later scolded myself for not taking more notice of the many thousands of small traffic cones I had probably driven by – being kidnapped as I was, you can understand the insane thoughts. My mental health was ruined, not to mention my physical health.

Psycho pushed it into me, not caring about the zero lubrication factor, if he found himself having trouble, he would twist it from side to side. My screams turned into low inhumane groans as I felt my sphincter muscles tear and contract against the enormous object being driven inside me. It didn’t stop psycho though, he carried on driving it into me, then as it really wouldn’t go any further without killing me, he started to fuck me with it, moving it up and down, and of course, side to side. I went into shock at this point, the pain didn’t feel like it was just in my ass, it was my stomach, my back, even my legs! I couldn’t breath and my body went numb, bliss. It felt like a blanket was covering everything, and all I could feel after that were the dull thumps as he drove the monster into me. On the tape I saw him stop as he noticed I wasn’t moving or making any sound. He also checked my breathing and my pulse, which I thought was nice of him. I wondered if they always did that when I was out. After checking my pulse, Psycho shot out of the room and returned very quickly with the driver and Choker and I couldn’t make out what they were saying properly until I saw myself twitch and they all shut up. I groaned and they all breathed a sigh of relief together. ‘Fackin’ell dick head!’ Choker turned to Psycho. ‘She only be in here 30 mins!’ He laughed, as they all did. Choker and the driver left after that, and Psycho pulled the cone out of my ass. I remember that bit.

The fog was just starting to lift as I felt a mixture of extreme pain and relief when he took the cone out of me. I tensed my body and hoped he would leave me alone. Any hope I had was lost the minute I approached the van on my way home some nights ago. After removing the cone, my ass was gaping considerably, and he added insult to injury by spitting in it. Psycho plonked his self down next to me and played with his knife, staring into my eyes, which were half closed. ‘No tears this time?’ he spoke to me, and then pressed the tip of his knife onto my cheekbone. This hurt due to the bruising already sustained by the back of his friends hand. He moved the blade quickly away, making a little half cm nick below my eye. I didn’t care anymore. However I was to be proved wrong about that one too.

He got up when he thought he had given me a reasonable amount of time to recover from nearly dying. At this rate it seemed I might be dead sooner than they would like. As if my ass hadn’t had enough, Psycho wasn’t finished with it yet, although he told me that this was to help it heal, I knew this wouldn’t be anything comfortable. On the tape, after he walked out of my line of sight, I saw him put a pair of surgical rubber gloves on. I didn’t notice that now however, and I felt his fingers probe my stretched ass. Then I felt something push past the opening, and lodge itself there. I recognised the feeling of it being inflated, and knew I would be very soon in agony. Psycho didn’t let me down (excuse the pun) He kept on pumping the thing up till he struggled to pump it himself with the pressure. It was different to the one I had experienced in the pit. This one didn’t feel so filling, just stretching me at the opening. I soon discovered why, as I felt the strangest tingling feeling in my bowel. Psycho was pumping as much of the icy cold liquid into me that would fit, and probably then some. He knelt down and reached under me, holding onto my stomach so he could feel it grow as the liquid flooded my system. At first I thought that I didn’t mind, and it wasn’t too bad, but as I filled up, I could feel a pressure building. Soon the pressure became painful, and then after that was just fucking torture. It didn’t seem to take long before I felt the cramping begin, and with every rise and fall of a cramp, each one worse than the last, I started to feel decidedly odd.

My stomach was now pregnant looking, and it didn’t help that Psycho was prodding and poking it, encouraging more agonising cramps to ripple through me. All this was starting to feel rather far away and distant though, and I started to get a warm feeling inside. The next thing I knew, the room was spinning, and I could hardly see! I knew this feeling well. I was drunk. There was alcohol inside my stretched, cramping bowels, and with every breath I took I felt more pissed by the second. Soon, the nice pissed feeling, was replaced by the ‘I’m way too pissed’ feeling, and the room started to spin out of control. I barely felt Psycho untie me as he dragged me into the main garage and threw me into the bath tub, pulling the plug, as it were, on me. He didn’t even bother to deflate the plug before yanking it out of my ass. I’m glad I blanked out the expulsion of something so foul and degrading.

Four hours later, I was in a bad way. I even got the impression that they regretted this one. Having an alcohol enema, apparently diluted, (although I’m not sure Psycho was being entirely truthful about that) and on an empty stomach too, made me want to throw up my actual stomach. I was retching for hours, with no actual vomit, just the sips of water they allowed me and my stomach acid, which burned my throat for days afterwards. In the end though I finally passed out. I always did.

When I woke up, I didn’t open my eyes. I knew it would hurt my head as it was already banging. I could feel more implements of torture in place, but it took me a while to actually acknowledge them. The inflatable gag was tightly established in my mouth, and I knew I couldn’t move. I was laid flat on my back, it didn’t take too long to feel the many straps holding me down to the floor. They were everywhere! Hips, stomach, above my tits, below my tits, wrists, arms, legs, ankles, neck, and even my head! I could only look straight up. But what did feel odd, was the pressure surrounding each of my breasts, and something shoved right up to my cunt, encircling it so that no air could get in or out. When I saw the drivers face hovering over mine it made me jump, but took my mind off my predicament for just a second. He undid the strap holding my head down, lifted my head for me so that I could see my imprisoned body and what was being done to it. He watched my face carefully as he lapped up my reaction.

As I peered at myself, the first things to come into focus were the two glasses, standing upside down over each tit. They were pint glass shaped, only wider at the rims. Each of them was held there with gaffer tape. Probably not the steadiest of set-ups, but they had compensated for that by making sure I was thoroughly strapped down so I couldn’t shake the glasses off me. It only took me another millisecond to see what the glasses contained, apart from each breast. I breathed inwards, knowing my next outward breath would be the worst scream of them all, as the spiders trapped inside the glasses crawled over my nipples, there were around 4 or 5 in each glass I could see, and as soon as I saw them, I felt them. They were some of the biggest spiders I had seen, and they were now at home on each of my breasts, running around on my skin. It was time I let out that scream.

The driver propped my head up with a block of wood so I had no choice than to watch them run around on my breasts, one of them had come to rest on my nipple. ‘They aren’t the worst ones I found either bitch!’ He said as he pointed towards my cunt, And I remembered the strange encircled feeling on my cunt, now accompanied by a light constant tickling as the huge spiders tried to make their escape, running over my clit and resting on my labia. I started to scream. Over and over, my gagged screams filled the room as I watched completely helpless, tears fell from my eyes.

The driver got up and switched on a TV screen in front of me, it was the video from Psycho’s fun filled night, which I starred in too.

‘Enjoy you’re hangover Liz, we’re leaving you like this until tonight.’

I carried on screaming until I had no voice left.

Part 3

I had to adjust to this and calm down. I cried constantly though, this was really bad. I could feel them on my skin, and after a few hours like that, there were many webs formed on my nipples, I could only feel the ones running around on my shaved cunt. The video was quite interesting to watch although I found that I relived the trauma while I saw it. I could almost feel every thud of that cone as I watched it bore into me over and over. I shut my eyes after a while and fell asleep, the spiders made themselves at home.

‘Mmmmph!’ I screamed as a full-force slap round my face woke me up. The driver smiled down at me. I hated him. I braced my whole body as he went to kick me right in the side of the face… shutting my eyes, he wasn’t aiming for my face, only the wooden block propping my head up. The back of my head once more met with the floor. He then went to work, undoing the tape holding the spider houses over my breasts, careful not to lose any of the awful creatures as he dragged them off my breasts, and onto a more flat surface, my stomach. I hardly dare breath, move, or make any sound, terrified one would get out and run all over me. As he manoeuvred the glasses, he forced card underneath one by one, and I breathed out a sigh of relief as they were taken away and placed on the floor next to me. I wished I could brush the cobwebs off my nipples.

The driver un-strapped my body from the floor, and I wriggled around to free myself up, having not moved hardly an inch for hours, I was quite stiff. I struggled when he flipped my naked body over onto its front, trying to get up, he swiftly kicked me in the side a couple of times till I did what he wanted. The handcuffs I knew so well were secured around my wrists again as I propped myself up with my elbows, Then the adjustable spreader bar was attached to my ankles, only this time with heavy irons, not tie-able straps. I had given up trying to work out what they could be doing this time. It was pointless because whatever it was they would do it anyway. I wondered what was going on when he attached the spreader bar to a long chain dangling from a pulley system in the rafters. And I quickly worked out that I was going to be hanging upside down by my feet. The small room I was in was quite tall, and I was pulled clear off the ground by my feet. With all my weight on my ankles with no padding on the heavy irons surrounding them, I quickly became very uncomfortable, and after securing the cuffs to the floor below me, he pulled me up even further so that I was stretched out fully in mid-air, completely upside down. I moaned so much that he started to use my stomach as a punch bag.

Unable to cope with this, and with all the blood that had rushed to my head I was very quickly well on my way to passing out. The driver was clearly having a lot of fun though. I soon woke up as usual. And he was squeezing and twisting my nipples as if they were made of playdoe. ‘You have really nice tits’ He snarled. ‘I’m could cut these nipples off, but I wouldn’t have much of you left to torture you worthless piece of shit.’ He knealt down so that his face was right up to mine. ‘Enjoying yourself?’ I rapidly shook my head from side to side. ‘Goodo’

He stood up and walked from the room, returning with some items in his hands, the gaffer tape I recognised, the other thing I couldn’t see properly. All I could do was hang there and sway gently. Fucking hell this was hurting. He stood infront of me, so all I could see were his feet. And I felt him rubbing my cunt and opening it up, suddenly stopping, he decided to show me what he was going to put inside it. Crouching down, he held the 8inch long huge looking speculum to my face, my eyes grew wide. It didn’t look like the speculums I had experienced at the doctors though, this one had the same screw system, but the threads ran above it, not in a handle-like form like they usually were. I estimated the length of that thread to be a whopping 4 inches long! Meaning the speculum could be opened up to 4 inches…

As adrenaline returned, I struggled my feet from side to side, twisting my stretched body, but the driver just steadied me, holding me still as he rammed the whole length of the torture device into my cunt. I could feel it heavily pressing on the neck of my womb it was so long, and I moaned at the dull ache. He set about opening it up. I new he would take it as far as it would go. ‘This speculum is metal, your cunt is skin, the speculum will win.’ He taught.

As he turned the screw, it started to open, wider and wider, until it started to burn with the intense stretching I was being put through. I screamed so much that he stopped screwing, and pumped the gag up even more in my mouth – like there was any room anyway! He then carried on opening my whole cunt up, taking it beyond any natural limits, and into something entirely different. I don’t know if he actually did manage the 4 inches or not, but he could reach down into me with his whole hand and touch the sides on my vaginal wall. I barely noticed though, my eyes were bulging with the agony and I started to wretch. I held on. I had to. The pain was so great I was unable to voice anything as my breathing became short shallow breaths, trying to cope with this level of torment.

The driver laughed at my sorry situation, not caring how much pain I was in, merely enjoying the show he had created. He reached from his back pocket a Stanley knife. Oh fuck no. As he lowered the blade into my wide open cunt, he started to make a series of incisions inside my vaginal wall, not listening to the odd sounds I was making, he carried on, bringing the knife out dripping with blood. ‘Just wanted to ease up the tension!’ I was blind with pain. I just wanted it to all stop. I didn’t care if they killed me, that would be a blessing! ‘Please stop please stop please stop please stop….’ I rambled softly into the huge inflatable ball crushing my mouth from the inside. Tears ran from my face, into my hair. I couldn’t even feel my ankles anymore, even though I knew they were in pain, the pain from my pussy was far too great.

I didn’t see Choker come in, he was just all of a sudden there. He was holding a small wooden box. I instantly thought of the spiders, and shook all over, although I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad if it was, they couldn’t hurt me physically. I was soon to be very shocked. As Choker came down to my level, he showed me what was actually in the box.

‘Mmm!mmm!mmmmm!mmmmm!mmmm!’ I severely protested. What they were about to do to me was unthinkable, no seriously, they cant be about to do this! They were though. And it wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience for any of us, apart from the driver, Choker and Psycho. Psycho had now also come in to watch the show. They were all excited to see this one play out.

As Choker stood up with the box, he slid a little hatch open on the bottom, and placed it over the entrance to the gaping 4 inch wide hole that was my cunt. As the first mouse dropped into me, I could feel the thud, and then the instant searing pain as it panicked and tried to dig its way out of the blood filled cunt which was mine. The second mouse followed, and joined in the digging and gnawing at the insides of me, already torn by the Stanley knife. Occasionally I felt them gnawing on the metal frame holding my cunt so obscenely wide open. The driver pushed choker out of the way, and then covered the opening to their new home with clingfilm. I didn’t quite understand this, but I didn’t care, I couldn’t think of anything else but the agony that was this.

After the clingfilm he placed over it some layers of material, blocking out the light from the mice, and then secured the whole set up with gaffer tape, making a kind of make shift pair of pants for me out of the tape, so that the mice could not get out, even if I was let out of this position…. Which soon followed. This situation was about to get so much worse.

After letting me down, they watched with their mouths wide open at the sight of me writhing around on the floor, the mice were going crazy inside me, contantly gnawing at the flesh and then digging with their two little feet. I didn’t know what world I was in.

I was dragged back into the main garage, struggling and kicking all the way, Choker slumped me up against him and pulled a noose around my neck and I was forced to stand on my own. My strength amazed me. The mice were now both stood on the seal of their cell, but still digging and gnawing at the sides of me. I couldn’t close my legs due to the sheer size I had opened up to, but was still forced onto my tiptoes as the noose pulled me upwards, closing round my throat. I was going to die soon, this was the worst pain I had been in yet.

With my hands still cuffed at the front, I was able to cling onto the noose to take my weight off it a little. The mice carried on in their frenzy to escape from my cunt. The driver approached me and solved the problem of me clinging onto the noose, undoing the cuffs and then forced my arms behind my back to do them up again. I danced around on the spot, unable to keep in once place or I would choke. Psycho suddenly held me still, slightly lifting me off the floor so I was no longer in a constant state of choking. As Choker lifted one of my feet to him, I knew this could be bad. He wrapped barbed wire around the mid section, the barbs instantly dug into the soles of my foot causing me to accidentally kick him pretty hard ‘Fucking bitch!’ There was so much going on now that I wasn’t sure if this was reality or not. Choker let go of my foot, and I stood on my toes so that the barbs around the middle of my foot didn’t touch the floor. And as the mice carried on with their internal unrelenting torture, my other foot was subjected to the same treatment. The barbs cruelly tied around it.

Psycho let me stand on my own, the noose choking me, the mice frantically ripping my massively stretched cunt apart, and the barbed wire tormenting my feet. It could only ever get worse now. But they watched me like this for a while, proud of what they had done to me, how my suffering was their work of art as I danced around.

They took some photo’s, degrading me even further. And then loosened the rope from the ceiling, lowering me down. The barbed wire around my feet was now suddenly the centre of all my pain filled thoughts. The only way I could stop myself from standing on the barbs and having them piece the soles of my feet, would be to hang myself…….

To Be Continued. J

Part 4

Bending over to put weight on my neck, I lost my balance and my heel instinctively fell to the floor, the barbs sunk into the soles of my feet, shocking me into jumping up, and then falling again, only heavily hanging myself. It was then I decided to not bother trying to save myself. This was my only way out. I bent my knees and let my legs fall limp. The rope around my neck made my eyes bulge as it tightened unbearably. Before I shut my eyes I saw the driver shaking his head and walking towards me.

Opening my eyes, the first thing I felt was my cunt still in much the same state. The mice had given up their fight though and were no longer ruining me from the inside, although the speculum was still there and going strong. I was laid in the middle of the main garage with my hands cuffed behind my back, my energy had left the building, and I wanted to sleep so bad. The driver returned into my view and gently pushed me onto my back. I did not resist. My legs fell numbly wide apart, the huge outer part of the speculum clunking on the concrete floor. He set to work getting it out of me, firstly unwrapping the gaffer tape, then removing the two dead mice who had suffocated inside my cunt, but not after trying to dig and eat their way out of me. I moaned in a low tone as he yanked the device out of my gaping hole. His worried face was the last thing I saw as everything faded away.

When I woke up this time, the first thing I noticed was the smell. Instantly I recognised it as a hospital smell, but to confirm this I needed to open my eyes and they appeared to be taped down by two separate pieces of tape. Even so, I could sense the lights were bright, and I felt as if I was in a different place entirely. I didn’t dare think about why. Things had been gradually spiralling further out of control since I was snatched off the street many nights of agony ago. I wasn’t even sure if this was real anymore, although if it wasn’t, I was having a hell of a long dream. A door into the room I was in opened, and I jumped slightly, realising for the fist time that my wrists were restrained together to the top of the bed, and my legs were lashed into stirrups, holding them wide open.

A male voice I didn’t recognise spoke up. ‘I’m going to add some more restraints to your body now Liz, just relax, you’ll be fine’ His bed side manner was gentle and polite considering my situation. ‘What’s going to happen to me? Please let me go now – please’ I croaked weakly. He didn’t answer, only placed tight straps over my hips, stomach, chest and then forehead.

I felt him move between my legs, as he moved closer towards my vagina which was unrecognisable, he softly prodded the opening, viewing the damage. It didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated, and that thought made me wonder how long I had been unconscious for. I heard the unmistakable sound of mental implements on a metal tray. I started to say ‘No no no, please no….’ He cut me off: ‘Stop’ The door opened and someone stood by my head and held my nose, forcing me to open my mouth. It was then stuffed with tissue paper, until my cheeks bulged obscenely, packed in and crushing my tongue. It was secured by some tape. The doctor went back to work.

Yet another speculum was selected and forced inside me. He opened it up as wide as he could and then all I could hear was a series of notes being scribbled until he removed the speculum and left the room. Before the other person departed, he stabbed a needle into my arm and I instantly passed out before I could even contemplate what it was.

I could hear screaming. Who is screaming? Noise filled my ears, my mouth wide open and for the first time I realised it was me. The pain in my cunt oh fucking fuck. Blackness again.

‘Liz’ He slapped my face hard and it only felt numb but I grunted and that was enough. I opened my eyes. The pain in my cunt was still apparent but I felt dizzy and out of it. The driver stood over me in the white room I was in, strapped to the bed. ‘We’ve made your cunt tighter so we can fuck it up again. You were a lucky bitch really, we didn’t want you unconscious during the whole thing so we woke you up and you fucking passed out straight away! You’ll have to pay for that one dear’ I shook my head not quite believing what I was hearing. My cunt throbbed and I shuddered at the thought of anyone touching it ever again. Sadly I knew I should probably accept it now rather than later. The driver released the restraints and just left my wrists cuffed together in front of me. ‘Sit up’ I did what I was told, slowly to avoid any further trauma to my now reconstructed cunt. He pushed a plate of food in front of me. As if I could eat. I shook my head and he instantly burst out laughing. Pushing a button on the wall, he stood smiling with his arms folded across his chest. I got a very bad feeling and immediately grabbed the knife and fork, scooping food into my mouth… ‘Too late whore’ He swooped across with his arm, knocking the tray of food all over me and the wall, I recoiled into the bed, anticipating more blows from him to hit my body, but instead the room filled with two more men dressed in white, one was holding a full set of restraints – the type you see on mental patients. I was quickly tethered to the bed again, whimpering and moaning as one of the orderly’s lifted my head off the bed with the back of my neck, and grabbed my hair forcing it back down to the bed.

I struggled and kicked, I still did not know what they were going to do as my head was held in this position, my chin in the air, my mouth unable to close. I saw the other orderly approach me with a plastic tube which he quickly forced down my throat and then released my head. The feeling was horrible, I wanted to gag but couldn’t. The driver looked on at me. He looked thoughtful and I knew this wasn’t a good thing at all. Before the orderly’s left he told them he wanted to talk to the doctor about an idea he had. He added that he wanted to experiment with something. I couldn’t say a word as I was force-fed.

Days passed as I spent the most of the time in the hospital like room. I ate and drank what they told me to, and didn’t kick up too much of a fuss, at least they were leaving me alone to recover. I wondered where Psycho and Choker were. I have no idea how long I spent in that bed, getting out only to relieve myself using the bucket provided. That morning I was taken for a shower. It was crude and humiliating, my hands chained to the ceiling while both the blank faced orderly’s sprayed jets of cold water onto me and scrubbed me using long handled sweeping brushes. When one of the orderly’s went for my cunt, jabbing the bristles into my stitches, I wailed loudly and the doctor was in the room like a flash looking very angry at the guilty orderly. When the doctor left, I saw the first hint of emotion on that orderly as he smiled at me menacingly.

After some further torture with the bristles, I was marched back to my room, my skin red raw. My room was filled with people and my bed had been made, restraints hanging from every part. I turned and attempted to run, but the orderly’s caught me by the arms and tossed me onto my bed, the stirrups were back too. Terror filled my eyes and I felt like a wild animal as they bound me down – I kept fighting till I was unable to move a muscle. ‘What the fuck are you going to do to me! Fucking tell me!! Please don’t do it please, whatever it is, please just don’t!’ I begged and it fell on deaf ears. The driver, leant up against the wall watched on. When he saw me look at him he brought his finger up to his lips, but didn’t say the ‘shh’ sound. I heard it anyway.

Before they strapped my head down, the orderly’s came at me with the tube. My whole body tensed up as my head was positioned, I still cried out ‘No! I’m eating my food, you don’t have to do this!’ But they did it anyway and once again I was rendered silent.

The doctor moved between my legs, which were tightly secure in the stirrups, the bottom of the bed was dropped so that my cunt and ass were on full show. I felt him prodding at my stitches first, then moving up towards my clit, but not quite. I looked at the faces in my room to get some kind of hint at what was going on. Nothing. My hands balled into a fist as I felt a sharp stab and a sudden urge to piss. He inserted the catheter into my bladder, and turned a little tap so that I couldn’t urinate. I felt more pulling and tugging, until I felt something large and plastic insert into my ass. The doctor seemed to be pushing the tube in forever until he reached the huge inflatable plug that was to keep the tube secure in my ass. He pumped it up till I screamed. He still carried on between my legs though. I found out later that he had attached the catheter tube hanging out of my pee hole to one going into my ass. The plug securing the tube in my ass had a tap on it too, so that I could only let liquid out when the tap was released manually, only the liquid wouldn’t come out of the tube and back into my bladder, they had make shifted the tube to split into two, so it came out of a separate one. I pretty much assumed that would spill out into a bucket. How humiliating. The driver stood and grinned.

A plastic bag was hung and attached to the tube going down my throat. The doctor told me it was water. I felt it draining into my stomach, and when the bag was empty, they replaced it with another. I watched that one drain too, and the next one. It wasn’t long before I started needing to piss. The doctor stopped the flow of water into my stomach and left the room, as did everyone else. Why are they leaving me? Don’t they want to see me humiliate myself by pissing into my own ass? I thought. But that was only part of the fun. The good bit was watching me dying for a pee but unable to go. At first it was uncomfortable, and I was happy because I knew I could handle it. But when they noticed I wasn’t as uncomfortable as I should be, more water was drained into me down my throat, and I could feel my bladder swelling under pressure. I didn’t know that the longer they left me like that, the worse it would get. But it did, and soon, uncomfortable was becoming unbearable, and then unbearable became something else entirely until I was jerking about on the bed, tears streaming down my face. The doctor returned, he pressed firmly on my stomach, making me squeeze my eyes and wish for death. He was smiling at my discomfort. Wasn’t anybody round here not masochistic? I was trying so hard to pee, but the catheter tap wouldn’t allow it, I didn’t care if I pissed myself right then, I just need to go so bad. The doctor finally released the tap, and the relief was huge. At that time, I had no idea the piss would be going straight into my ass, and as soon as my urine started to flow, I felt my bowels fill with my own piss. There was more than I anticipated, and it just kept coming. While my bladder felt relief, my bowels began to stretch with the pressure and I was already cramping before my bladder was empty. This wasn’t good as I began to squirm again, this time with a new type of discomfort. The tap on the plug in my ass was tightened so I couldn’t relieve myself, and the doctor departed again, leaving me alone with my cramps.

It had been longer than 2 hours when he returned. The cramps from my bowels were becoming excruciating, and my humiliation knowing my own piss was filling my ass was about to get much worse. The doctor ran another tube from the one coming out of my ass, he ran it straight from my ass, and into the tube running down my throat. I couldn’t voice my disgust, but I tried as hard as I could to show it. The doctor said nothing as he released the piss from my ass and it travelled straight back down my throat and into my stomach again. I stopped watching and closed my eyes as I saw the yellowy brown water go back down my throat and into my stomach, to start off round two, as the process was repeated.

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