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Collected by Djian
updated sep. 5 - 2008

The Dog Mistress
An Accident Leads to a New Position in a Gentleman's Household.

By Falchon ?2001

For: Michele

This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this story are
fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, animals, societies or incidents is
purely coincidental.

Late 1800's. New York City in winter,

They were on their way home from a jaunt in the park. Milli's thinly gloved
hands were numb with cold and her breath steamed out as she walked Bruce, her
landlady's huge dog.

She only looked away for a moment.

With a low 'wuff', Bruce tugged the leather lead from her gloved fingers. Nose
to the ground, he galloped ahead then shoved himself through a pair of
double-doors left partly open and disappeared into a deserted four-story brick
office building.

"Bruce! Come back here!" Milli gasped following the dog. Timidly, she peered
through the opened doors. Her coal black curls straggled free of her bun in the
frigid sunlight, escaping the pins she used to tame the riotous waves. With one
hand she clutched her worn wool coat, buttoned at her slim corseted waist.
Gazing about, she discovered that the building appeared to be completely
abandoned. Whatever business had once occupied this establishment had packed up
and left.

"Bruce!" she called softly as she crept deeper into the empty building. From the
bottom of a wide stair, she could hear his excited panting and his nails
clicking as he raced up the stairs.

Cautiously, Milli clutched her worn, gray wool skirts and climbed the steps
after her errant canine companion. At the turn of the stairs to the next floor,
Milli spied Bruce's honey-brown haunches and slender wagging tail. Her low heels
tapped lightly as she approached the upstairs hallway. It looked as though Bruce
had found something interesting on the floor of the upper landing. He was
licking the spot with great delight.

Trying not to stare, Milli noticed his red, dog cock poking a few inches from
its furry sheath. Then she blushed hotly, unable to look away. It was dripping
and growing larger. 'He must have caught the scent of a female in heat
somewhere,' she mused. She found herself both intrigued and repelled. She had
never really seen a cock of any kind before. Were they all that large?

Milli reached out to grab the fallen lead but Bruce lunged up the stairs to the
next floor, nose down and following a scent.

"Damn it Bruce!" Milli whispered harshly as she followed him up the next flight.
Somewhat exhausted from her climb, she stopped a moment. Had she heard
something? Was someone else there in the building? She froze in breathless
silence, her ears straining. Hearing nothing, she cautiously climbed the last

Panting at the top of the stairs, Bruce turned to the left then trotted down the

Milli followed, passing empty room after empty room. Her strides were long, with
her ground-sweeping skirts swaying from the swinging of her full hips.

She watched as Bruce stopped halfway down the long hall then nosed his way past
a door left slightly ajar into one of the rooms.

"I'm going to talk to Mrs. Fogerty about getting you gelded!" she threatened and
hurried into the darkened room Bruce had disappeared into.

"Bruce?" In the small shadowy office, Milli could barely see. The dirty window
glass showed only the blank brick wall of the building alongside this one.
Winter sunlight was fading fast as full evening approached. The floor was
knee-deep in black shadows, making the room look empty, no desk or bookshelves

Hearing a snuffling sound right in front of her, Milli crept forward. Her
slick-soled half boots slipped on the dusty floor and she tripped forward with a
muffled squeak. She landed with a woof of expelled air, her feet flipping her
skirt up, over her back. Milli found herself stomach down on a cushioned stool
she hadn't seen. The fall knocked the wind completely out of her.

She gasped, stunned for a moment, listening to the click of Bruce's claws on the
floor. Then she felt a cold something on her revealed backside. Still wheezing
for air, she realized it was only Bruce investigating.

Bruce found the split in her pantaloons and she bucked in reaction. His cold wet
nose was in her naked privates. She struggled to right herself and get off of
the stool. Bruce took that moment to reach out and taste her exposed flesh with
a warm wet tongue. It was astonishingly pleasurable and Milli froze in
embarrassed delight.

With a light yip of astonishment and mortification, she heaved back only to be
thrown forward as Bruce lunged atop her. Held down by Bruce's considerable
weight, she shoved back but he gripped her around the hips with his front paws
laying flat against her back with his full weight. His panting filled her ears.

He had jumped up on her to play before but she could normally push him off. This
time he had her pinned over a stool. Her old boots were slick. Try as she might,
she couldn't find purchase to throw him off.

"Bruce! Down!" she tried but he seemed to be intent on playing. His furry
haunches writhed then bucked against her exposed flanks as he clutched her hips
with his front paws. Then she felt something hard, hot and wet poking her like a
finger, probing her exposed backside. Damp was dribbling down her thighs and
into her pantaloons from somewhere as she struggled with the heavy dog. A
strange thrill and excitement was growing in her vitals.

Then Bruce lunged with purpose. His hips hammered rapidly against her rump with
determination. The hot finger speared under Milli's privates and she could feel
it sliding against a part of her that was enjoying it immensely. There was a
tiny bit at the top of her feminine slit that was being stimulated as she had
done with her own fingers late at night, in her virgin bed. A warm delicious
heat filled her belly.

Milli suddenly decided that she liked the feeling and she arched up to get
closer to the source of the enjoyable rubbing. Wetness began to seep from her
slit and Milli began to find it hard to breath as lust swept over her in a heavy
wave. Bruce took that moment to reposition.

The wet finger slid back along her damp slit then speared forward into her tight
virginal hole to an impossible depth. Milli yelped feeling the rip and burn as
her virginity was sundered. She was stretched wide as Bruce mounted her fully
and deeply. The hot finger pulled back then burrowed its way back into her moist
channel swiftly over and over with the force of a hammer blow. She was rocked
forward on the stool as Bruce found what he had apparently sought and plowed his
large slick shaft with incredible speed in and in and in and in.

Milli writhed on the stool as Bruce plunged on. She could feel moisture pouring
from the shaft within her, soothing the hurt then she felt him rubbing against
something deep within. With an abrupt jolt of hot pleasure, Milli realized she
was being hammered toward sudden ecstasy. Her thighs parted to allow the ongoing
intrusion as pleasure boiled in her lower parts then washed over her in building
electric tingles. She heard herself moan helplessly.

She felt her nipples harden and rub against her corset. She grunted rocking on
the stool as Bruce rode her. Suddenly she wanted the pleasure. She wanted Bruce
to hammer into her and take her to that pleasure. She wanted his shaft buried in
her flesh. Her body bucked back against the dog's haunches in animal lust.

That long thick shaft slammed into her and into her. His dog flesh growing,
expanding, filling her, taking her, possessing her, making her the bitch to his

"Oh, God," she moaned softly as she was suddenly overwhelmed with a hard climax
from within. She sighed and sagged on the stool in guilty pleasure.

Bruce grunted as he continued to thrust non-stop into her. Milli felt him work
to push something impossibly wide, like a ball, against her. It rode directly on
her pleasure button, hitting it again and again and again. With a loud moan she
felt a second bolt of pleasure burst over her. She cried out and shuddered with
the violent rapture, collapsing on the stool from her body's greedy pleasure.
Moisture oozed from Bruce's shaft and her excitement seeped from her slit
slithering down her thighs.

Bruce pulled with his paws and hunched, grunting with effort, redoubling his
determination. Milli felt the ball at the base of his shaft slide on their
combined wetness stretching her abused flesh. With a strange soundless pop, it
slid into her slit bringing several more inches of a very hard Bruce along with

She shuddered and moaned as her pleasure button was suddenly stimulated with
every pull and thrust of Bruce's determined haunches. She was filled by his dog
cock to bursting, the shaft impossibly deep and thick within her female flesh.
Milli was suddenly on the verge of another hard wave of boiling release.

Bruce began to whine softly, his shaft moving deeper and with greater speed.
Then suddenly he thrust hard, holding her tight as he burrowed his dog flesh as
far in as he could go. He shuddered over her. He whined, pulling hard and
thrusting deeply once more.

Milli almost swooned as a powerful climax slammed through her. She felt sudden
pressure from his hot dog-cum gushing into her belly with the force of a hose.
Bruce had reached his climax and his dog seed was shooting into her as if he had
been riding a bitch in heat. It began to wash down her legs as the sheer volume
of it was shoved back out to slid down and soak her thighs.

She had been violated by a dog and had enjoyed it immensely.

Bruce moved off of Mille. Then she discovered that his dog cock was still lodged
in her and his seed was continuing to spray into her belly. She was literally
stuck until he had completely finished with her.


"Good evening," said the distinguished gentleman, tipping his glossy top hat. "I
must say, that you have a very fine dog there, Miss."

"Good evening and thank you, Sir." Milli looked up in surprise, her violet eyes
blinking through her wire-rim spectacles. She held the worn leather lead with
both hands. Bruce was not behaving himself.

Beside the gentleman stood a fairly large, solid black Alsatian, more commonly
called the German Shepherd. A magnificent collar studded with onyx and ruby
cabochons gleamed in the light cast by the gaslight post they stood beneath. The
dog stood at attention, his ears up with interest, yet completely still, without
pulling on the ornate leather lead in his master's hand. His keen nose trembled
as he drew in a most delicious scent. His tail lifted slightly in challenge.

Bruce growled and strained to stand between her and the gentleman's unknown dog.
The hackles along the spine of his short honey brown coat were raised in alarm.
His large brown head, wide with intelligence, was lowered in challenge and his
floppy ears were laid back flat with intent to do harm. Bruce's dog cock slid an
inch or so out of its sheath, displaying to the knowledgeable gentleman and his
shepherd, that this was his female. His bitch.

"I'm sorry, Sir, Bruce is normally far more polite around strange dogs." Milli
was a little bewildered as well as somewhat mussed after her ordeal less than
twenty minutes ago in the abandoned office building. Her long black mane had
completely fallen from its tidy bun to cloak her shoulders in a riot of shiny
blue-black curls. Bruce had been a very bad dog.

"If I may ask," the gentleman's breath misted from his thin lips in the chill
air, "What breed is your obviously protective Bruce?" The sun had set and the
winter wind had picked up with the fallen night as it raced through the tall
buildings of New York. The gentleman was calm and smiling somewhat, but his eyes
seemed cold to Milli. There was a feral glint in his gaze that she'd learn to
mistrust in the eyes of some men.

"I'm afraid he is merely a cross-breed, Sir. According to his mistress, his
mother was a pure-blooded Great Dane and his sire was a common, Pit-Bull

"So Bruce is not your pet?" The gentleman seemed pleased with this.

"No, Sir, he belongs to my house-mistress. Lately she has been housebound due to
a winter ailment. I'm walking Bruce for her."

"I see." He thought a moment, tugging on his immaculate leather gloves. "And
does your house-mistress know just how affectionate you and Bruce have become?"

"My Mistress knows that Bruce is very fond of me." Milli could not stop the
blushes from her cheeks. She lowered her eyes in shameful embarrassment. 'Oh,
God,' she thought in panic, 'he couldn't possibly know what Bruce did to me in
that abandoned office building!'

"Here is my card. I should like you to call on me first thing in the morning."
He held out a small white card. "Should you decide not to appear, I shall be
obliged to explain to your mistress exactly what you allowed to happen this
evening, while inside my office building."

Milli stared up at the gentleman in shock. 'He knew, he had seen.' She
whimpered, feeling her knees wobble with fear. "It was an accident!" Mrs.
Fogerty would kick her out on the streets if she had any idea that Milli was
less than virtuous. God help her if she ever found out about Bruce.

"I am aware that it was an accident that began it, but your own willingness to
continue was also apparent."

"You are being cruel sir," Milli could feel tears trying to start.

"I am offering you employment. I have need of a handsome girl such as yourself
in my household."

"But, Sir, I don't... I mean, I never... I'm not... I'm a good girl, Sir," she
finished miserably then lifted watery eyes to the gentleman. 'Oh, God, how had
he trapped me so easily?'

"I'm sure you normally are a very good girl." He pulled out a monogrammed
handkerchief then continued in a gentler tone. "That is precisely why I have
need of you. Here, dry your tears. I can be very generous and I guarantee that
you will thoroughly enjoy your new position." His smile was pointed.

"Yes, Sir," she said in defeat, dabbing her eyes with his linen handkerchief.
"Thank you, Sir."

"Now, I expect you at my address tomorrow morning at nine sharp." His tone was
brusque as he pushed the card into her gloved fingers.

"I have to work at the shop! I can't possibly..."

"Yes, you can and you will not need to work at whatever shop you currently find
employment. I will be paying your wages from now on."

Milli looked on dumbfounded as he tipped his hat then walked across the deserted
cobblestone street. The black Alsatian turned back to gaze at her. The
distinguished pair faded into the deeper shadows.

It had gotten very late and hurried down the cracked walk in the not so
fashionable side of town. Her low heels clicked alongside Bruce's nails on the
cracked pavement.

She was in deep trouble.

Bruce leaned his heavy warmth against the worn skirts of her over-coat, relieved
that the other dog was gone. He pushed playfully at Milli, pawing at her skirts.
He looked forward to mounting her again, as soon as he could.


Milli lifted the brass knocker on the door to the gentleman's Brownstone with
trepidation and rapped. Trying to gather her courage for the coming interview,
she tidied her best black wool skirt and adjusted her little feathered Sunday
hat perched atop her snugly pinned black curls.

She had to talk the gentleman out of whatever nefarious plans he had in mind.
She was a good and virtuous girl. She had never even kissed a boy, never mind
anything else. She had to prove to him that she was completely unsuitable for
the mysterious position he was trying to coerce her into.

The massive double doors opened and a stern, formally attired manservant

"Miss Milli, I presume?" he said in grave tones.

"Yes, Sir," she squeaked. 'How did he know her name? She didn't remember ever
telling the gentleman her name.'

"Follow me." With powerful disinterest, the manservant took her coat and hat
then led her through a hall to a large oaken door. "The Master is awaiting you
in the library. Wait here." He knocked once then left. Milli took a moment to
settle her skirts then tidy her best jacket and shirtwaist.

"Come in," called a voice from within.

She opened the door and stepped into a very masculine room crammed with books
and knick-knacks. A small blue damask settee sat against one wall with a petite
matching footstool by one corner. An enormous desk commanded the center of the
room. The gentleman from last night was seated in his shirtsleeves, cravat
impeccably knotted at his throat. He was sorting through papers behind the desk
in a huge red leather wingback chair.

"Close the door and please be seated," he said without looking up.

"Sir, I..." Milli began.

"You will be silent unless I ask you a direct question," he commanded in a soft
steel-bladed tone. "Is that understood?"

"Yes sir," she choked. Milli seated herself on the small uncomfortable chair
before the desk and folded her hands in her lap to wait. She had never been so
frightened in her life.

There was a knock, then a door that Milli hadn't noticed opened. Nails clicked
on the hardwood floor and the black Alsatian from last night, walked around the
desk to stare inquisitively at Milli. Golden eyes watched her from an
intelligent face. His ears were tall and straight up with curiosity. His rich
collar blazed with blood-colored stones amongst onyx in the sunlight streaming
from the window behind the gentleman.

"I would like you to meet Adolphe. He is of a very old, very respected bloodline
of Alsatians," the gentle man announced quietly without looking up. Papers
rustled on his desk.

Milli put out her hand to the sleek animal. Adolphe stepped forward then a damp
nose touched her bare palm. A long pink tongue snaked out and swept her hand
fleetingly. Taking this as assent, Milli reached out and caressed the large head
then scratched behind his ear.

Adolphe moved forward under her hand then shoved his nose in her lap. Milli made
a small noise of surprise.

"Make no sudden moves," the gentle man said softly from behind his desk. "Pull
up your skirts slowly, to your waist and let Adolphe do as he wishes."

Milli stared up at the gentle man in surprise. She opened her mouth to protest.

"Do as I ask, or things will not go well for you," he growled, staring at her
coldly from across his desk. His eyes were flint.

Blushing fiercely, she pulled up her skirt and petticoats while Adolphe tried to
work his nose deeper into her lap. She bunched the fabric at her waist and
Adolph buried his nose in the crotch of her silk pantaloons sniffing strongly.

"Open your thighs," the gentleman hissed, no longer pretending to ignore events.
"Have you had relations with a man Milli?" he asked very softly. Slowly, so as
not to disturb the curious dog, the gentleman rose from his chair then walked
around to the corner of his desk.

In acute embarrassment, Milli opened her thighs to the questing dog. Adolphe's
cold nose brushed her short curls as he discovered the opening in her underwear.
His tongue swept out and lapped at her exposed mons.

"Milli, I asked you a question." The gentleman watched the dog's investigations
from where he leaned on the corner of his desk, arms crossed in fascination.

"No, Sir," her voice squeaked in mortification. "I have not." Adolphe pulled his
nose out of her privates and jumped up. His large forepaws landed on her plump
thighs as he stood on the floor. His head towered over hers. He suddenly licked
her face in eagerness. Milli felt a giggle bubble up from within and barely
restrained it. She patted Adolphe who licked her palm again. Then she saw that
Adolphe's dog cock had slid a few inches from its furry sheath. The red flat
head splayed in anticipation.

"Very good, Milli. Now, I want you to slowly get up and come over here."

Milli leaned forward to rise and Adolphe got down. She turned to see that the
gentleman had seated himself on the damask settee. Gathering her skirts, she
rose from the chair and took the few steps toward the settee. Adolphe hovered at
her side and put one paw up on her skirt.

"Give me your spectacles then take off your clothes to your corset," she was
ordered. "Pull the pins from your hair."

Milli froze in terror. 'Take off my clothes? Am I to be ravished?' Suddenly it
was too much. She wanted to go home, she wanted it to be yesterday morning. She

"If you are thinking of leaving, it is already too late." The gentleman smiled
thinly and coldly. "My man of business has already gone to your residence and
settled your account with your landlady, Mrs. Fogerty and my servants have
collected your things. Even now your room is being prepared. You are now in my
employ and subject to my wishes."

"But," Milli began, reeling in shock. "You can't possibly..."

"Should you attempt to leave without my permission," he continued in his hard
voice, "I will arrange to have you arrested for theft. I'm sure something can be
hidden amongst your personal belongings to ensure that you are persecuted to the
fullest extent of the law."

"How could you?" Milli whispered. She felt like dropping through the floor.

"Disrobe. Do not make me ask you again."

Milli was powerless to disobey and meekly did as she was told. Tears slid down
her cheeks as she unhooked her jacket then undid the tapes to her skirt. Her
fingers fumbled with the tiny buttons as she opened her blouse and pulled it
free. She dropped her petticoats, revealing the worn silk finery of her ribboned
chemise and ruffled pantaloons with all her delicate repairs obvious in the
light of his office.

Frightened and acutely embarrassed, she stood in her leather half boots and
black wool stockings. The fine worn silk of her chemise under her best corset
did nothing to hide the fullness of her up-thrust breasts or the pale tint and
hard buttons of her chilled nipples. Nor did the silk of her pantaloons hide the
darkness of her nether curls.

The gentleman held out his hand and took her belongings, laying them across the
cushions of the settee. She pulled the pins from her hair and it fell in dark
shining waves about her shoulders and down her back in a riot of midnight curls.

"That's a good girl, very pretty," the gentleman encouraged. "Now, lay across
this stool as you did last night for your Bruce, facing me."

Kneeling, she positioned herself on her belly across the footstool, her palms on
the floor. Once again, she felt the cold damp of a canine nose as Adolphe
explored the split in her pantaloons. A warm tongue snaked out and tasted her
exposed plump female flesh.

"Good, very good," the gentleman sighed as Adolphe lapped at her with a will.

Milli shivered as warmth began to gather in her belly from the rough dog tongue.
The hot memory of Bruce's dog cock buried in her flesh, his possession of her,
pleasuring her, fucking her, slammed into her thoughts. She could feel
excitement building, making her damp and ready.

"Have you known the carnal attentions of a man Milli?" the gentleman asked
softly. "Ever?"

"No, Sir, never." Milli found it hard to think as her body warmed to Adolphe's
tongue and she let out an unconscious moan. Moisture gathered and pooled in her
nether mouth. Her body wanted this attention, the rising pleasure and the coming
invasion. Without thought, she opened herself wider to Adolphe's explorations.

In sudden eagerness, as though tasting something sweet, the tongue lapped
vigorously and roughly at her sensitive flesh. Adolphe lapped and lapped with
his long coarse tongue, slurping and digging in deep to find more.

"You see," continued the gentleman. "I have discovered that all of my prize dogs
breed well when they are allowed to, shall we say -- fuck? Regularly," the
gentleman said softly. "They also seem to be far more manageable."

Warmth curled in Milli's belly then in a sudden and unexpected rush, shameful
pleasure screamed up from her vitals. "Oh my God!" was startled out of her in a
soft exclamation. She collapsed on the stool in shuddering embarrassed

"You've never been touched by a man. Excellent," said the gentleman. "Now,
Adolphe is a fine and sensitive animal. He needs constant care and attention to
keep him in top breeding form. Constant and regular --sex."

She felt the dog pull away then woofed as his heavy body came down on top of
her. Milli whimpered in mortification, knowing what was going to happen next.
Dreading it. Craving it. Dripping with sudden carnal excitement.

"Unfortunately bitches do not go into heat often enough, nor do I want
un-pedigreed pups, so I have been forced to find another way to keep my dogs in
top breeding condition."

Adolphe's paws scrabbled for purchase then hooked around her corseted waist. His
panting filled her ears. The fur of his quivering haunches brushed the backs of
her thighs. She felt the long heated finger of his dog cock pressing wetly
against the seam of her buttocks. He pulled with his forepaws and she felt his
hot, pointed dog cock poking rapidly against her backside, sliding under,
questing for the entrance to her body. His heated flesh slid in the wetness of
her excitement and spent pleasure. The quivering finger rubbed against her
sensitive pleasure button and she tensed with anticipation.

"There have been several candidates. Several women, carefully trained and paid
very well, to kneel before my prize animals and service them. To our mutual

Milli glanced up and watched as the gentleman unfastened his breeches. With a
sigh he freed himself and Milli saw a human cock for the first time. He spread
his legs wide, and she saw the hairy sack that held his seed. Gently he wrapped
his fist around his shaft then slowly stroked his length. He smiled, his flint
hard eyes narrowed in concentration. The shaft thickened and swelled in his hand
until it was rigid with eagerness. He pulled on it, wetting his palm with spit
and sighed, sliding his fist over the swollen purple head.

"Adolphe, my finest stud dog, however, cannot abide a woman who has been
previously mounted by a human male." The gentleman grunted in slight annoyance.
"Therefore I have been in need of a woman who is basically a virgin, yet someone
who is familiar and perhaps finds pleasure in coupling with a dog. Someone I can
train myself," he paused. "Someone obedient. Such as yourself." He smiled and
licked his lips.

Adolphe repositioned and shoved. Milli felt his dog cock spear into her wet and
very willing body, she choked as he filled her then rapidly hammered her
mercilessly, fucking her body for all he was worth. She rocked on the stool
mewling in combined pleasure and humiliation as Adolphe thrust and thrust and
thrust. His paws pulled her back onto his dripping dog cock, filling her with
his heated flesh, possessing her as his bitch and riding her for his pleasure.

"And so we come to your position," the gentleman panted as he sought his own
pleasure. The gentleman leaned back, sliding his hips to the edge of the settee.
His hand moved quickly, making an obscene slapping sound as he stroked himself
in time to Adolphe's thrusts.

Milli moaned as she felt the heat of pleasure swell in her belly as Adolphe
fucked and fucked and fucked her. She writhed as ecstasy shivered then cascaded
in electric shocks at the base of her spine. Her back arched to take more, to
have more, to feel more of the dog cock. She was rewarded as she felt the
swelling of the ball at the base of his cock pushing, pushing, and pushing at
her sensitive pleasure point. She almost screamed as she was shoved to the very
edge of ecstatic release.

"You shall be Adolphe's mistress," the gentleman said breathlessly. "His to
possess." His hand flew, pulling and stroking on his own blunt shaft. His back
arched with tension. "His to fuck."

Milli shuddered as Adolphe's thrusts carried her over the edge and she howled as
her pleasure overcame her. Adolphe suddenly increased his tempo, his knot
sliding on the moisture of her greedy shameful pleasure. With a groan he thrust
hard and his knot slipped within Milli's wanton body, adding inches to the dog
cock buried in her flesh.

"Oh, God yes," hissed the gentleman, lost in the sight of the young girl impaled
and shuddering on the hard cock of the large Alsatian. Her violet eyes dilated
with rapture, her mouth open and panting in time to the thrusting animal that
rode her, bitch to his dog. "Being fucked by my dog," he moaned, inflamed by the

Adolphe continued to thrust rapidly even as his buried flesh swelled, pulling on
Milli's sensitive woman flesh until she felt the sudden lightning bolt rise of
pleasure yet again and she trembled. The dog whined over her then shuddered and
froze. She felt the gush of his seed spraying into her. She cried out, pushed
over the edge to her own climax as Adolphe poured his pleasure into her battered

A hand gripped her hair and lifted her face. The gentleman dropped, moaning, to
his knees on the floor then pushed his cock against her tongue. Damp spattered
her lips as the gentleman spewed his seed in long ropes into her open mouth.
Roughly he thrust into her open mouth and poured spray after spray down her
throat. His salty essence dripped onto the floor as Milli choked on her first
taste of human cum.

Spent and spattered with cum from the dog and his master. Milli closed her eyes
and lay across the stool still intimately locked to the heavy Alsatian. The dog
moved and Milli winced. She grabbed the collar to keep him from tearing himself
from her delicate flesh.

"So now you know what your position and duties in my household will be," said
the gentleman. He wiped his hands on a handkerchief and tidied himself as he sat
back on the settee. "You will service Adolphe and occasionally myself at the
same time. In return you shall want for nothing. You will be well paid, well
dressed and have a suite of your own. Adolphe will reside with you in your suite
to mount you whenever he pleases, oh and one more thing..."

Milli raised her head as the gentleman lifted something from the cushions of the
settee. He leaned forward. With great pride he showed her a collar that matched
Adolphe's, encrusted with ruby and onyx cabochons.

"A collar?" she asked in dismay.

"You belong to Adolphe and are his property," he smiled, "but to both of you I
am Master." Kneeling before her, he placed the leather collar around her throat
then fastened it with a tiny padlock. He patted her damp curls then rose. "For
you, I have no other name but Master." He smiled with cruelty. "And Milli?"

"Yes, Master?" she whimpered in humiliation.

"I shall keep your cunt virgin from all other human intercourse, servicing only

"So I am but a convenience for a dog," she whispered softly in despair. Milli
felt Adolphe's knot loose its hold within her flesh and slip out. His copious
dog cum seeped out of her, soaking her stockings, her undergarments and the
expensive rug beneath her. Adolphe turned around and pushed his way under her
arm, and she stroked his sleek head without thought. Gently he licked her face.

"I shall take great delight in presenting the two of you on paired leashes at
the next Breeder's Society meeting. You will make a handsome couple."

"Present us? Together?" she sputtered in shame.

"Of course. Did you think you were the only Dog Mistress?"


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